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Offerings, Selections, Chef’s Specials and Exotic Tastes for the Discriminating Business Owner in Search of Success.

2010-111 Rate Information


Was that an alarm i just heard? They say the first meal is the most important of the day. It just might be for your business, too! Get a fast start on building traffic and top-of-mind awareness at the beginning of each semester.

Starting Things Off Right:

Packages designed to put your name, logo, message, specials into the hearts and minds of ALL USU students and staff by hitting the first weeks of each semester with a big, effective bang.

Plan 1:

• 8 Print Ads during the first three weeks of school Fall Semester and Spring Semester •1 Web Ad during months of September and January •2 e-mail ads during Sept., 2 during Jan. •2 Newsrack Ads during first 3 weeks of semester 1/4-Page Ad: $1250** 1/2-Page Ad: $2150* Full page ad: $3150* 1/3-Page Ad: $1400*

Plan 2:

Applies to ads less than 1/4-page in size

• 8 Print Ads during the first three weeks of school Fall Semester and Spring Semester •2 e-mail ads during Sept., 2 during Jan. •1 Newsrack Ad during first 3 weeks of semester 1/8-Page Ad: $750** Less than 1/8: Let your rep cook you up a special!

Plan 3:

• 3 pre-printed inserts any dates during first 3 weeks of either semester: $800 (reg. $990) $1500 both semester! (reg. $1980!)

** black/white ad. Color may be extra. * color charge included!

Blue Plate Specials

Advertising spots that are so popular, so inexpensive, so well-received they have to be RESERVED in advance. A homey chef’s special that will have you licking the plate!

The Back Burner

This is the one you’ve probably heard about... by word of mouth. The back cover of The Statesman is the calendar of events for that week on campus, the first page of the paper many students go for. Here’s your ad with calendars, comics, weather ... and thousands of eyeballs. Yes, we take reservations for this one. We have to.* $325 for one, $300 ea. if reserving space for more than one.

Super Strips Take advantage of the opening pages of the Sports Section, the World & Nation Section, the Feature Section or the Opinion Section by placing your Super Strip Ad across the bottom of page. A real eye-grabber on some of the most exciting pages in the entire paper. Yes, by reservation only. Place 3-in-a-row for even deeper discounts. Yum! * $125 ea. 3-in-a-row $330

r u o y e v er s e R : r ll be a m e y e m h e t R re o f e b y l r a E s e t da fill up!

Ask about our special CORNER COVERAGE options for Super Strips! * Full Color always Included in Blue Plate Specials!

Prime Cuts

If you’re serious about keeping your business at the forefront of all that students think about, we’re serious about the menu items that will help you .

Top Sirloin - For Top-of-Mind Coverage

•40 Quarter-Page Print ads each Semester •1 Web Ad Section Sponsorship (sports/opinion/features) • E-mail ad on all blasts of “Bfreaking News” alerts • E-mail ad on regular news alerts, 3 times monthly • Newsrack Ads during December Break & Spring Break • All special section ads Half Price, Choice of location (back cover) for any Special Section ads.

T-Bone Traffic Builder - Get Your Name Out! •10 weeks or 30 1/8-Page Print ads each Semester •Free Super-Size upgrade each Friday* • E-mail ad on all Friday news alerts, during semester • Newsrack Ads each Friday during semester* • One Free Coupon Clipper when you buy one!

* When ad is run on Friday. Color charges may be extra with these packages.

More Meat & Potatoes More menu packages designed to reward you for wanting USU students to be a part of your marketing mix.

New York Strip •1 Super Strip ad* each week of school year-you pick the day of week. •1 Web Ad (home page banner) posted any four months of school year (you pick the months) • E-mail ad on regular news alerts, 6 times each semester. • 6 Newsrack Ads** for half price anytime during year. Total package: $4600

Prime Rib -- All You Can Eat! • 5 Full-PAge Ads any dates during semester***, get Free color on all • Sixth Full-Page ad is ‘on the house!’ • E-mail blasts on date of all Full-Page ad publication

1/2-Page option:

• Six half-page ads (except during first 3 weeks of semester) and get FREE COLOR on 3. • Full-page ad for half-page price in Stress Breaker, Car Care, and Basketball Preview or Dining Guide supplements. (total of 3)

1/2-Page option: $2450

Ribs and Sauce

Full page option: $2500

Let our representatives design a package Just for You! We will work in as many discounts as we can for ANY SIZE ad, giving you a marketing package that is as smooth as memphis bbq sauce. * Full Color Included!

**If available ***Non-consecutive


A little extra ‘Something’ to top off your best advertising messages: Special Sections geared to your business & message. Sweet!

Special Sections planned for 2010-11:

Orientation Issue - 08/1

Mailed to the homes of incoming freshment and transfer students. Contains feature stories and up-to-the-minute information provided by all the academic departments and services on campus. Read by students, family, friends; mailed three weeks before Fall Semester begins. Deadline: July 15

Fall Menu & Dining Guide - 09/10 Published in mid-September, just as students are starting to establish some patterns of eating out. Publish your complete menu, along with an advertising message, in a special pull-and-save section of The Utah Statesman. This guide will also be available on the Web all year long for review. Deadline: Sept.

Fall & Winter Car Care 10/20

Published just as the first snow flies, the car care issue presents information on snow tires, preparation for winter, cooling and heating systems and new car news .. and more. Deadline: Oct. 15

Aggie Basketball Preview 10/18

Northing is more exciting that basketball in the Spectrum. And thousands of screaming fans can’t wait to get their hands on the season preview, published the first week NCAA men’s basketball teams are allowed to practice. Lots of photos, schedules ... and your message to Aggie fans. A win-win winner. Deadline: Oct. 15.

Stress Breaker, 12/10 & 4/29

Published on the last day of class AND during Finals Week, this issue if full of comics, puzzles, humor and fun, to relieve the stress of semester’s end. Put your special in there to add to the relief. Extra low prices on this one. Deadline: Dec. 7, April 26

Bride’s Guide & Wedding Planner 1/’11 By the time they graduate, more than 50 percent of USU students have tied the knot. Engagements, weddings and all that go with them are a big deal with USU students. Make your wedding-related business a big deal with students, too. This issue is inserted into The Statesman and also presented at newstands all Spring Semester long. Deadline: Jan. 10.

Renter’s Guide 2/’11

Printed in a handy “back-pocket” format, you can have basic listing or show off all that you have for housing. Deadline: Feb. 1

Dessert Plan 1: Pick any Three Special Supplements. Half

page ad in all three: $475* Full page ad in all three: $675* *includes color charge, if present

Dessert Plan 2:

Special sections are also included in some other packages presented. Watch for them! Want more than 3? Ask your rep for more deals!

Ala Carté

If a discounted package doesn’t meet your needs, sure, we can serve up what you want. Easy as pie. • Full PAge Ad: $500 • Half Page Ad: $300 •Quarter-Page ad: $160 •One-Third Page ad: $220 • Eighth-Page ad: $85 • Four-color add-on: $70 •Local Column Inch Rate: $5.75

Ala Carté Discounts: • Three-in-a-row: 100%, 75%, 50% of cost. (Must be consecutive, does not have to start on a Monday. Any Size, message remains the same.)

• Quick-Pay Discount: 10% Off. (Pay at time of insertion or by 10th of following month to get 10% off total bill. Applies only to ala carte orders )

• Insert Special: Run more than one insert per month and watch the rate drop. As low as $44/thousand possible.

Tasty Nuggets • Pre-printed Inserts: $55 per thousand • Front-Page Stickie Notes: $75 per thousand • NewsRack Ad posters (approx. 30): $200 each publication day

Super Size Me!

• Just say ‘Super Size Me!’ and on any Friday, get your ad super-sized (one column wider, two inches in depth) for only $20! Regardless of what loss we take on the deal! Friday only

Sponsor a Feature!

• Put your ad on a crossword, a Sudoku or one of our other popular features. Cheap! Get 1000’s of eyeballs!


Some extra added-value opportunities, including Web, Mobile, Coupons. • Big Blue’s Coupon Clipper, USU’s Favorite Coupon Book: $250 for two semesters, $150 for Fall only. • Web Page Banners and Buttons: $125/mo. • Web Page sponsorships (sports, opinion or feature page): $50/mo. • Video Spotlight sponsorship: $50/mo. •E-mail headline (newsletter to thousands of registrants) ads: $50 per week

www. “The Place Where Aggies Meet!” • Breaking News •Updated Campus News •Sports • Opinion • Arts & Entertainment • Videos, slide shows, multimedia • Job Board • Free Classified ads for Students •Photo contests •Archives • USU’s master calendar... and YOUR AD!

Our Modular Ad Sizes Full PAge 120 col. in. 10.975” x 20”

1/2 Page (horiz)

1/2 Page (vert.)

60-63 col. in.

60 col. in.

10.975” x 10-10.5”

5.4” x 20”

1/3 Page

1/3 Page

1/3 Page

1/4 Page (vert)

40 col. in

40 col. in

40 col. in

30 col. in

7.3” x 10”

9.2” x 8”

3.55” x 20”

5.4” x 10”

1/4 Page (square)

1/8 Page

Super Strip

30 col. in 7.3” x 7.5”

15 col. in 3.55” x 8” (vert) or 5.4” x 5” (horiz)

6 col. by 4 inches 10.9” x 4” on any section opening page

Column widths:

1 col: 1.7” 2 col: 3.55” 3 col: 5.4” 4 col: 7.3” 5 col: 9.2” 6 col: 10.975” (any size ad is available, even triangular! Ask your Rep! We Can Do it!

May We Take Your Order? UtahStatesman









16 23 29

24 25 26 27 28 30 Aug.31 30 - SPECIAL Welcome Back Issue!

10homes Aug. 1 -- our Orientation Issue is MAILED to the 11 12 that's 13 14 15 of new students! Now a GREAT IDEA! (Deadline 17 19 20 21 22 July 15) 18 Students love their first issue! FIRST DAY of CLASS!

SEPTEMBER ’10 S 5 12 19 26

M 6 13 20 27

T 7 14 21 28

W 1 8 15 22 29

T 2 9 16 23 30

F 3 10 17 24

S 3 10 17 24 31

M 4 11 18 25

T 5 12 19 26

W 6 13 20 27

T 7 14 21 28

F 1 8 15 22 29

S 1 7 14 21 28

S 5 12 19 26

S 4 11 18 25

OCTOBER ’10 S 2 9 16 23 30

NOVEMBER ’10 M 1 8 15 22 29

T 2 9 16 23 30

W 3 10 17 24

T 4 11 18 25

F 5 12 19 26



6 13 20 27

7 14 21 28

W 1 8 15 22 29

T 2 9 16 23

F 3 10 17 24

S 6 13 20 27

S 4 11 18 25

JANUARY ’11 S 9 16 23 30

M 10 17 24 31

T 4 11 18 25

W 5 12 19 26

T 6 13 20 27

F 7 14 21 28

S 8 15 22 29

Taggart Center 105, Utah State University • Logan UT 84322-0165 •Phone (435)797-1775 FAX: (435) 797-1760 • email:

EjWa^XVi^dcHX]ZYjaZ 9ZVYa^cZh

For Monday Publication — Friday, 10 a.m. Wednesday Publication — Monday, 11 a.m. Friday Publication — Wednesday, 11 a.m. Please help us out by meeting these deadlines. Many ads placed on deadline may not have the opportunity to be proofed ... so please


Please note University Holidays: Sept. 6, Oct. 15, Nov. 24-26, Jan. 17, Feb. 21, March 7-11. Special Sections Planned: •Dining & Menu Guide: Sept. 20 •Basketball Preview: Oct. 18 •Fall & Winter Car Care: Oct. 20 • Fall StressBreaker Dec. 10, 13 •Bridal Guide Jan. 26 •Housing Guide Feb. 16 •Career Guide Feb. 23 •Spring Stress Breaker April 28 FEBRUARY ’11 T W T F S

S 6 13 20 27

M 7 14 21 28

S 6 13 20 27

M 7 14 21 28

S 3 10 17 24

M 4 11 18 25

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23

3 10 17 24

4 11 18 25

MARCH ’11 T W T F 1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24 31

APRIL ’11 T 5 12 19 26


W 6 13 20 27

T 7 14 21 28

5 12 19 26

4 11 18 25

S 5 12 19 26

F 1 8 15 22 29

S 2 9 16 23 30

The Fine Print

We love our Aggies!

Utah State University is a land-grant institution, a public-supported, residential, research university founded under the the Lund Act in 1888. USU is overseen by the Utah State Board of Regents and a local Board of Trustees. Utah State University is located 90 miles north of Salt Lake City in the city of Logan, the county seat of Cache County. Logan is the religious, educational, commmercial and leisure center of a tri-state area of Northern Utah, Southern Idaho and Western Wyoming. USU consists of eight academic colleges and a School of Graduate Studies. Many USU departments are nationally prominent, including the Space Dynamics Laboratory which has had more student experiments put aboard the NASA Space Shuttle than any other university-sponsored program. Utah State University employs 2,950 full-time employees and 288 part-time employees (contract employees, not students ... an additional 5,000-plus students work part-time on campus), making it Cache County’s largest employer. The cumulative effect of USU’s purchases, payroll and employee’s expenditures provide approximately 31% of the wages and 22% of the jobs in Cache Valley ... students by themselves pour more than $30 million into the local market ... Local non-payroll expenditures exceeded $135,000,000 in the last fiscal year.

And They Love Their Statesman!

nBroadsheet format nFrequency: Three times weekly (M-W-F), following the semester academic calendar. No issues published during Finals Week or Holidays. nPress run: 6,000 (some special issues may be more), distributed free high-traffic campus locations by 8 a.m. day of publication and to selected downtown Logan sites. n24-hour self-serve classified site: or for placement in both online and paper editions. No tear sheets provided on classifieds. nAdditionally, be aware that:

1. The subject matter, wording, illustration of all advertising are subject to the approval of the student ad manager and editor. If you have questions, ask your sales rep in advance. 2. Page placement is neither sold nor guaranteed, with the exception of the Back Burner, SuperStrip and classified page. Requests will be acknowledged and honored whenever possible. 3. All pre-printed inserts must be seen and approved IN ADVANCE. Client is responsible for all pre-print copying charges & delivery to printer (Bear River Publishing, Preston, Idaho). 4. The advertising director must be notified by the advertiser within 4 working days for any “makegood” ads to be considered. The Statesman cannot be responsible for copy changes made or mistakes after proofs are approved. Minor spelling errors will not qualify for 100% makegood. Adjustments will be determined by conference with advertiser, ad representative and Statesman publisher, as needed. 5. Statesman business office will attempt to have all invoices mailed by 1st business day of each month. All invoices paid in advance or by 10th of the month will receive Quick-Pay 10% discount. Accounts may be assessed 6% month service charge for more than 90 days outstanding. 6. Payment in advance may be required for businesses who have no credit history with The Utah Statesman. Once a pattern of payment is established, billing can be applied to ROA advertising. All new businesses are eligible for pre-pay 10% discount. 7. All invoices are to be paid within 30 days. Any advertiser with outstanding balances beyond 60 days or at dollar level to be determined by the Statesman publisher may have his or her advertising privilege with The Utah Statesman put in jeopardy and may also be turned over to collection and/or legal action. All balances more than 90 days overdue will be subject to 6% interest/finance charge. 8. For questions regarding billing not answered by your sales representative, call 797-1775, or 797-NEWS.

...and the Bold Print! 92% of USU students Read The Utah Statesman three times each week.

Rate Information, 2010-2011  
Rate Information, 2010-2011  

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