Utah State University Commencement, 2015 – Main Campus

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Utah State University



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128 th


May 1st & 2 nd

Utah State University

128 th


May 1st & 2 nd

Utah State University is one of the nation's premier student-centered land-grant and space-grant universities. We foster the principle that academics come first; we cultivate diversity of thought and culture; and we serve the public through learning, discovery and engagement.


Friday, May 1, 2015 :)ING CEREMONY


12:30 p.m. Assembly of candidates, Nelson Field House 1:00 p.m. Academic procession from Nelson Field House to Dee Glen Smith Spectrum 1:30 p.m. Ceremony begins, Dee Glen Smith Spectrum


Saturday, May 2, 2015 I PL 8:30 a.m. Students and Faculty assemble on the University Quad A(A[

9:00 a.m. Taggart Student Center and University Quad to Dee Glen Smith Spectrum '::EMENf CEREMONY 9:30a.m. Dee Glen Smith Spectrum


01 E( 12:00 noon College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences - Kent Concert Hall, Chase Fine Arts Center College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Dee Glen Smith Spectrum College of Science - Evan N. Stevenson Ballroom, Taggart Student Center 2:00 p.m. Caine College of the Arts - Kent Concert Hall, Chase Fine Arts Center Jon M. Huntsman School of Business - Dee Glen Smith Spectrum S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources - Evan N. Stevenson Ballroom, Taggart Student Center 4:00 p.m. Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services - Dee Glen Smith Spectrum College of Engineering - Kent Concert Hall, Chase Fine Arts Center Associate's Degrees in General Studies - Evan N. Stevenson Ballroom, Taggart Student Center





---Friday, May 1, 2015


DE 1:00 p.m.

I I Nelson Fieldhouse to Dee Glen Smith Spectrum

Mace Bearer, Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith USU Scotsman Pipe and Drum Corps Director: Dr. James Pitts 1:30 p.m. C

C I\

USU Brass and Percussion Ensemble Conductor: Dr. Thomas P. Rohrer

Air Force and Army ROTC

"The Star Spangled Banner;' Francis Scott Key Shalayna Guisao CT J Mark R. McLellan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

Doctoral Candidates by College Dean and Major Professors Master's Candidates by Graduate Council Members


\IrEt' 11\i C lEGREt: Stan L. Albrecht, President OJ G RKS Mark R. Mclellan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies




Saturday, May 2, 2015 President Stan L. Albrecht, Conducting

9:00a.m. USU Scotsman Pipe and Drum Corps Director James Pitts, Associate Professor of Biology Pipers: Matthew Earl, Justin Tueller, Mara Ferrin, Joshua Musselman Drummers: Emily Ashcroft, James Ferrin, Grant Ferrin

9:30a.m. "Highland Cathedral;' Traditional; arr. Chad S. Steffey Featuring USU Scotsman Pipe and Drum Corps USU Wind Orchestra, directed by Dr. Thomas P. Rohrer USU Chamber Singers, directed by Jaron Putnam Mace Bearer, Douglas Jackson-Smith, Faculty Senate President

Air Force and Army ROTC

"Star Spangled Banner;' Francis Scott Key Shalayna Guisao

Stan L. Albrecht, President

Stew Morrill

Stan L. Albrecht, President

Stan L. Albrecht, President Crystal Call Maggelet, citation read by Ronald W. Jibson, Trustee Stew Morrill, citation read by Jody K. Burnett, Trustee Richard Lyle Shipley, citation read by Suzanne Pierce-Moore, Trustee

Morgan J. Hughes, Valedictorian - S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources




Noelle E. Cockett, Provost

Stan L. Albrecht, President

Stan L. Albrecht, President

"Go Rest High on That Mountain;' Vince Gill, arr. Cory Evans USU Chamber Singers, directed by Jaron Putnam Dale Kynaston, soloist featuring Laura Waters, U.S. Grand Master Fiddler Champion "Alma Mater Hymn;' Theodore M. Burton USU Chamber Singers and USU Wind Orchestra, directed by Dr. Thomas P. Rohrer

"Regal Procession;' Clifton Williams USU Wind Orchestra, directed by Dr. Thomas P. Rohrer


The top of the mace depicts a flame of crystal tinted with Aggie blue and modeled after the "lamp of learning;' the classical symbol of knowledge and freedom. Imbedded within it is a brushed copper disk emblazoned with the University's seal. The copper bezel below this crystal has 13 sunstones set into it. These symbolize the 13 presidents who guided the institution through its first century. The white oak shaft comes from wood that was originally part of the banisters of Old Main and rescued from the building after the fire of 1983. The base consists of limestone provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints and taken from the same quarry that was used to build the Logan Temple. Thus, the mace represents the essence of our land-grant institution: seated in the bedrock of our community, striving and growing ever higher, crowned by the light of learning.


Maces have long been part of academic heraldry, though their function was not always ceremonial. Originally weapons of war, maces are featured often in ancient Egyptian art where kings are shown ritually smiting their foes. This original function has not been entirely lost. Campus officials in the Middle Ages more than once kept students in line by employing their university's mace in a manner recalling its primitive function. Even in the modern age, it is not unknown for a university mace to be used in this way. For instance, during the commencement ceremonies at Cornell in 1973, when a professor of medieval studies who was carrying the university's mace in a procession was confronted by protesters, he wielded his academic training and the mace in its original fashion. But university maces today are, for the most part, treated as decorative emblems symbolizing the institution's authority. Seen most often at commencement and other solemn occasions, they remind those in attendance of the deep traditions inherent in a student's journey through university studies. Like the word for the ceremony itself, "commencement:' -which admonishes its participants to remember that this is a celebration of beginnings, not endings-the mace turns the eye forward to the life to come by recalling the rich academic heritage of higher learning and the promise of attainment that comes through education and selfbetterment. Our mace, thus, combines elements of both the old and the new, traditional features like gems and stone enhanced with modern designs such as arcs of faceted crystal. Both an impressive work of art and a hallmark of the university's history, this mace brings to light everything that is best about Utah State University.


The history of academic heraldry reaches back into the early days of the university. A statute of 1321 required that all "Doctors, Licentiates and Bachelors" of the University of Coimbra wear gowns. In England, in the fourteenth century, the statutes of certain colleges forbade "excess in apparel" and prescribed the wearing of a long gown, necessary, no doubt, for warmth in the unheated buildings frequented by medieval scholars. Hoods were used to cover the head until replaced by the skull cap and later academic caps. Both Cambridge and Oxford have made academic dress a matter of university control down to the most minor detail; and in Oxford during the seventeenth century any tailor who changed the authorized design "even by a nail's breadth" was punished by the vice-chancellor of the university. When American colleges and universities decided to adopt some suitable system of academic apparel, it seemed best to agree on one that all might follow. Accordingly, there was held on May 16, 1895, at Columbia University, a conference of representatives of the boards of various interested institutions. From that meeting came a code of academic dress for the colleges and universities of the United States, which most institutions of higher learning have adopted. GOWNS The academic gown fort he bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves and is designed to be worn closed. The gown for the master's degree has an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist. The sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong shape is square cut, and the front part has an arc cut away. It is designed this way so that it can be worn open or closed. The gown for the doctoral degree has bell-shaped sleeves and may be worn open or closed. COLORS For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctoral gowns, edging of hoods and tassels of caps, the colors associated with the different academic disciplines are as follows:

The white ribbon with the Greek key on the robe of a graduate identifies an inductee into Phi Kappa Phi, the National Scholastic Society. Those wearing gray collars and a medallion are Mortar Board Senior Honor Society members. A gold braided cord draped over the cowl distinguishes a graduate of Honors. HOODS Academic hoods are worn by recipients of advanced degrees. The master's degree hoods are three-and-one-halffeet in length and are lined with the official color or colors of the college or university conferring the degree, which at Utah State University are navy blue and white, displayed in a heraldic chevron. The doctoral hood consists of a larger and longer assemblage of institutional color draped over the recipient's shoulders and falling well down the back. The binding or edging of the hoods is of velvet or velveteen, three inches wide for the master's degree and five inches wide for the doctoral degree. CAPS Academic caps come in two forms: the traditional mortarboard (from Oxford) or square cap; and a soft cap that resembles an oversized beret (from Cambridge). The mortarboard used by Utah State University is worn with a tassel. Black tassels designate the graduate's major field of learning, and gold tassels indicate doctors and the governing officials of institutions. ACADEMIC PROCESSION The commencement procession originates at the University Quad and the line of march proceeds to the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. The procession is composed of three divisions: ( 1) color guard, University President, Regents and the Board of Trustees, administrative officers and special guests; (2) the faculty; and (3) candidates for degrees. The procession stops at the tunnel entrance to the Spectrum, the first two divisions dividing so that the candidates for graduation pass between them and enter the hall first.

Agriculture and Applied Sciences, Maize Arts, Brown Business, Drab Education and Human Services, Light Blue Engineering, Orange Humanities and Social Sciences, White Natural Resources, Russet Science, Gold-Yellow School of Graduate Studies, Black Associate's Degrees in General Studies, Black



ongratulations, graduates, on the many things you have accomplished to reach this special occasion. Today, you both complete an important life journey and embark on another. For some, that will mean beginning a new career; for others it will mean continuing graduate or professional school training. I wish you great success in whatever comes next and trust that your experience at Utah State University has prepared you well for what is ahead. You graduate today from one of America's fine universities, one that has achieved balance among the three "pillars" of the landgrant university system -learning, discovery, and service. Your learning has been enhanced by daily exposure to an outstanding teaching faculty. You have been participants in the discovery process through your involvement with world-class researchers, scholars, and artists from disciplines across the university. You have given much back through your engagement in a broad range of service activities. You are prepared to make the kind of positive impact on your world that proud Aggie graduates before you have made and continue to make.


TI1ese commencement ceremonies are, for me, an affirmation of human potential, an affirmation of hope for communities everywhere. A world-class faculty has helped you !earn the details of your chosen professions. But in addition to that critically important preparation for your life's work, we hope we have also instilled in you other ideals, as well. I hope we have fanned the fires of caring, of giving, of taking responsibility. I hope we have cultivated passion, adventure, and understanding. You are a different person today than you were four or more years ago when you first walked across the Quad in front of Old Main. We hope you see yourself as a better person as well.




tew Morrill's name is synonymous with Aggie Basketball after going down in Utah State University history as the most successful head coach to ever walk the court of the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. Coach Morrill, who patrolled the Aggie sidelines for the past 17 years, closed one of the greatest chapters in USU's men's basketball history when he retired March 2015 after guiding the team to 17 straight winning seasons, including 12 of the top 13 seasons in school history. The veteran head coach has an impressive tenure of success leading the Aggies to 13 consecutive postseason appearances including eight National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament bids. Aggie fans grew accustomed to conference titles winning four straight Western Athletic Conference titles from 2008 to 2011.


most out of them both on the court and in the classroom. His emphasis of academic importance earned the team a graduation rate of close to 95 percent and individually generated 21 players over the years who earned academic all-conference honors a total of 37 times. Success on the court prevailed as well with four players earning All-American honors five times and three players who were named Western Athletic Conference Players of the Year. Fans in the Spectrum remember Coach Morrill for his incredible success in the arena, but off the court he is known for his contributions to the Cache Valley area. Coach Morrill and his wife, Vicki, raised four children during their time at USU and have taken more than 90 foster children into their home.

Throughout his career, Coach Morrill achieved his share of individual awards, earning five conference coach of the year honors and the 2011 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year by Collegelnsider.com. He also earned the distinction ofbecoming the 14th active Division I head coach to notch his 600th career victory during the 2013-14 season.

Coach Morrill graduated from Gonzaga in 1974 with a bachelor's degree in sociology after transferring from Ricks (Idaho) Junior College. Following his collegiate career, he played professionally for one season in France before beginning his coaching career as an assistant at Gonzaga. He went on to become an assistant at the University of Montana, later becoming head coach at the same institution. Coach Morrill moved to Colorado State where he served as head coach for seven seasons before coming to USU in 1998.

While Coach Morrill's accolades are many, it is the accolades for his team and for his students that are most rewarding. His focus has always been about his team, his players, and getting the

For his legendary contribution to Aggie Basketball, Utah State University is proud to bestow upon Stew Morrill the honorary degree, Doctor of Education. 9


rystal Call Maggelet has overcome incredible obstacles and risen to become a successful leader in the business world. Since taking on the responsibility of overseeing her company, FJ Management, Ms. Maggelet has seen the company through ups and downs; and today, it is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Ms. Maggelet worked hard for her success. After attending Utah State University for two years, she transferred to Pepperdine University where she earned a bachelor's degree in business. She then moved to Harvard to obtain a master's degree in business and began her career as a national salesperson for a small credit card company in Connecticut. Moving back to Utah, Ms. Maggelet partnered with her father, Jay Call, to build the first Crystal Inn that opened in 1994. It was during this time that she founded a hotel development, ownership and management company, MacCall Management, with her husband, Chuck Maggelet. The company would eventually own and operate 14 properties, including 11 Crystal Inns. Ms. Maggelet's early success led to increasing business opportunities and she was appointed chairman of the board of FlyingJ, the company her father had founded. Then, in December 2008 she was told that Flying J was in "free fall bankruptcy:' Ms. Maggelet's vision ofleadership includes having the confidence to rise to the occasion, and she did just that by becoming CEO of the company and working to oversee a restructuring plan that would include a merger with Pilot. The merger allowed Flying


J to keep a minority stake in what would become Pilot Flying J and allowed Ms. Maggelet to keep several other businesses intact and headquartered in Utah. Today, Ms. Maggelet serves as chief executive officer and presidentofFJ Management, Inc., formerly FlyingJ, a diversified family business that includes Maverik, a 270 convenience-store chain; Big West Oil, a petroleum refinery; and an industrial loan bank. Her success allows her to give back and she founded the FJ Management Center for Student Success at USU's Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. The center brings together various student services including recruiting, student advising and career development under one organizational structure to create a "one-stop shop" for students seeking academic and career advising. Ms. Maggelet currently serves on the Huntsman School of Business National Advisory Board. Her family also supports USU students through the FJM Impact Fund, a Vanguard Donor Advised Fund, which funds scholarships. Ms. Maggelet works hard to create a healthy work-life balance and juggles all of her vocational responsibilities while raising four children. Despite her obligations, she contributes to her community by serving in a variety of roles including serving on the YWCA advisory board, JA City Advisory Board, and as a member of the NACS Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council. For her integrity and drive to become an example of success in the business world, Utah State University is proud to bestow upon Crystal Call Maggelet the honorary degree, Doctor ofBusiness.


tah State University is a vital part of Richard Shipley's life. His dedication and commitment to the university is unwavering and is evident in the many ways he generously gives of his time, expertise and financial resources to the USU community. Mr. Shipley was a member ofUSU's Board ofTrustees, where he served as chair for two terms and currently serves as a Trustee of the Utah State University Research Foundation. Previously, he served on the Advancement Board for the former College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. He has supported the USU Department of History's Leonard J. Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture, funded archaeological research and provided for an endowment in the Anthropology Museum, all located in what is now the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. To assist students with attending USU, Mr. Shipley and his wife, Joyce, established a recently expanded scholarship endowment for students from Preston High School in Idaho. Raised in a family of modest means, Mr. Shipley's parents were both music educators who attended USU and who would eventually send him, along with all his siblings, to the university. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees from USU and then continued his graduate studies at the UniversityofUtah. In 1990 he completed a three-year program at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

the company, with offices in Utah, Texas, Washington D.C., and Switzerland, has allowed Mr. Shipley to give back in many capacities. Since retiring in 1994, Mr. Shipley has been engaged in public service. He served as special assistant to former Utah Governor Michael Leavitt, helped organize the Utah Foster Care Foundation and participated in the Governor's Health Policy Commission. He was named Small Business Person of the Year for Utah by the Small Business Administration in 1992. Mr. Shipley is deeply committed to his family and enjoys spending time at his summer home in Idaho. He serves others by mentoring young men from his church and has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America. His lifelong love for music prompted him to serve as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for eight years. He enjoys taking fishing trips to Alaska and is an archaeology buff. Mr. Shipley lives in Farmington, Utah, surrounded by five married children and eighteen grandchildren. By the year 2016, Mr. Shipley will have seven grandkids at USU. For his tireless efforts of supporting the institution in numerous ways, Utah State University is proud to bestow upon Richard Lyle Shipley the honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters.

Shipley Associates, an international communication training firm, was founded by Mr. Shipley in 1972. The success of 11


r. Alvan C. Hengge, professor and head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Utah State University, is the recipient of the 2015 D. Wynne Thorne Career Research Award. He is the fourth chemist in the past seven years to earn the accolade. Named after USU's first vice president for research, the award is given annually to an individual who has completed outstanding research in his or her career. Yet, it is noted that Dr. Hengge's unorthodox background demonstrates in real terms his dedication to teaching and his ideal of the inseparability of teaching from research. Dr. Hengge grew up, completed his bachelor's and began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, for someone who has completed multiple doctorates, his career did not take an expected trajectory - Dr. Hengge spent the first seven years after his undergraduate degree teaching high school chemistry and physics. Over time, he continued his eclectic training, which included undergraduate chemical engineering, organic chemistry in graduate school and biochemistry as a postdoctoral fellow. This background led him to unique perspectives in his research. Dr. Hengge's research focuses on the field of phosphoryl transfer, a process that is of major biological importance and has

consistently generated important insights into the mechanisms of enzyme function. Carrying a strong international reputation, Dr. Hengge is recognized as one of the leaders in his field worldwide, with a well-cited body of literature to his credit. Having published some 121 peer-reviewed articles, which have been cited 2,600 times, he is prolific in his field. Invitations for him to present his research have come from prestigious universities, including Albert Einstein, UC-Davis, the Mayo Foundation, McMaster, Utah and Case Western. His recognition has international aspects as well, with invitations to speak most recently from Spain, Australia, UK, Brazil and China. Dr. Hengge has been asked to review articles submitted for publication to more than 20 journals, some of them the most prestigious in chemistry, includingJACS, JOC, Biochem, PNAS, Inorg Chem, Chem Revs and Protein Sci. He has also received nearly $3 million in research grants throughout his career. At USU, his exceptional performance has already been well documented: He is the only professor in USU's College of Science to receive all three annual awards for outstanding researcher, teacher and undergraduate research mentor. And, part of that success comes from his early teaching career.


r. David Britt is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Engineering with research interests in nanotechnology, molecular self-assembly and biomaterials. Dr. Britt joined Utah State University in 2002 and helped build a new undergraduate biological engineering curriculum. He was principal investigator on an NSF Education grant focusing on redefining the biological engineering curriculum and restructuring courses to provide an experiential, hands-on learning environment in the classroom and teaching laboratories. Dr. Britt shares his passion for biomaterials and nanotechnology in his undergraduate- and graduate-level biomaterials courses. He also developed a first-year course to provide new students with the core skills needed to enter into faculty research labs early in their academic careers. For these continuing efforts he has been awarded multiple "Outstanding Advisor" and "Outstanding Teacher" awards from the Biological Engineering Department and College of Engineering. In addition to developing new courses, teaching laboratories, and undergraduate research projects, Dr. Britt has maintained a robust research program with more than 50 peer-reviewed publications stemming from research funded by the National Science Foundation; the U.S. Department of Agriculture; the American Heart Association; Dairy Management, Inc.;

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Fresenius Medical Care, North America. Dr. Britt's research continues to focus on nanoscale phenomena at interfaces, with strong outreach in each research proposal to develop courses and laboratory modules that prepare students for the rapidly evolving field of biological engineering. Dr. Britt enjoys involving students in his research and has 15 research publications with undergraduate students as co-authors. Dr. Britt is a co-organizer of the annual Nano Utah Conference that brings together faculty and students from the three major research institutions in Utah. He and his undergraduate students provide demonstrations at Nano Days to engage and educate the general public on nanoscale phenomena relevant to everyone. He received bachelor's degrees in chemistry and materials science and engineering from the University of Utah in 1992 and completed his doctorate in bioengineering from the same institution in 1998. Dr. Britt was awarded a National Science Foundation-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship in 1998 to continue his research at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gottingen, Germany.





hawn Olsen is the epitome of what an effective Extension professor should be. He is invested in his work as an agriculture faculty member and is dedicated to the mission and goals of Utah State University Extension.

beyond normal business hours is expected and Professor Olsen enthusiastically attends many evening and Saturday activities. He is a calm, effective leader, mentor and teacher to many across Utah.

Professor Olsen is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is willing and able to communicate that knowledge with others. He is a strong advocate for strengthening Davis County and its surrounding communities, having served as Davis County Extension director for 29 years. He has facilitated meetings with many city, county and state officials and is very comfortable in this setting, always providing meaningful input. He is a natural moderator and is able to easily manage difficult situations.

Professor Olsen provides stability, senior leadership and integrity to USU Extension. He is not one to seek notoriety and is a true team player. He understands the importance of establishing and stewarding long-lasting relationships. His consistency, diplomacy and stability are perhaps his greatest strengths.

As someone who works well with the public, particularly volunteers, Professor Olsen has managed dozens of volunteer projects at the USU Botanical Center, including many Eagle Scout projects. As is common with Extension outreach, work


Never speaking disparagingly or inappropriately of colleagues or situations, Professor Olsen always strives for positive outcomes and solutions. He is most deserving of this award to recognize his outstanding service. It is fitting that Shawn Olsen be honored for his long-standing dedication to USU Extension by receiving the 2015 E.G. Peterson Extension Award.

TEACHING XCELLENC AWARDS Through an extensive selection process involving both students and faculty in the various academic colleges, eight members of the faculty have been designated for special recognition for excellence in teaching representing the eight colleges of the University: Agriculture and Applied Sciences; Caine College of the Arts; Jon M. Huntsman School of Business; Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services; Engineering; Humanities and Social Sciences; S. J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources; and Science. From the eight colleges, The Eldon J. Gardner Teaching Award recipient is chosen; the seven remaining follow:

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Dr. Ryan Bosworth is a faculty member in the Applied Economics Department in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Utah State University. As such, Dr. Bosworth has been active as a research mentor for his graduate students and has assisted them with authoringjournal articles. He also enjoys serving on the committees of graduate students from various departments at the university including Applied Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Ecology, Political Science, and Economics and Finance. Dr. Bosworth's teaching activity at USU has included courses in econometrics at both the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as courses in environmental and natural resource economics and mathematical economics. He serves as the advisor for the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Club, where he is overseeing a club project to perform a benefit-cost analysis of the new vehicle emissions testing program in Cache County. Dr. Bosworth's research interests are in applied econometrics, environmental and health economics, transportation economics, and education economics. A native of Preston, Idaho, Dr. Bosworth attended Utah State University from 1996 to 2001, earning both bachelor's and master's degrees in economics. After graduating from USU, he studied environmental economics and econometrics at the University of Oregon, completing a doctorate in economics in 2006. After spending four years on the faculty in North Carolina State University's School of Public and International Affairs, Dr. Bosworth returned to USU as a faculty member in the Applied Economics Department. Dr. Bosworth lives in Smithfield with his wife, April, and their three children. His hobbies include tennis, chess, golf and autocross.


Caine College of the Arts

Assistant professor Richie Call has been a faculty member in the 'TI1eatre Arts Department in the Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University since 2010. In that short time, Professor Cali's teaching has impacted the department and many students. And, in a way, by joining the department, he has returned to his roots. He received his bachelor of fine arts in performance from USU in 2006, then went on to earn a master of fine arts degree in acting from Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts in 2009. Coming from a long line of educators, Professor Call now teaches in the same department where his grandfather, W. Vosco Call, was a long-time faculty member and department head. His father, Richard Call, is a dedicated theater professional who spent a career in public education. Professor Call believes that the first responsibility of the actor is to learn to say "yes." Actors must learn to reclaim that ready and nimble ability they enjoyed as children to transform in an instant. As a teacher and director, he endeavors to foster environments where receptive imagination and willing engagement - this playing - can flourish. Getting back to the basics is what Professor Call believes nurtures his students and allows them to use their imaginations. In both his beginning and advanced classes, Professor Call seeks to arm actors with the tools necessary to live truthfully in plays. In addition, he works closely with Professor Shawn Fisher and the Fusion Theatre Project to provide opportunities for students to experience ownership and empowerment in the creative process. Asan example for his students and to continue honing his craft, Professor Call remains active in his acting career, with recent credits at Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake Acting Company and Salt Lake Shakespeare. He is also a co-artistic director of the Lyric Repertory Company where he has worked as an actor and director for 14 seasons.

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business


t-J LU


Professor Paul B. Fjeldsted, Chartered Financial Anaylst, is a senior lecturer in the Department of Economics and Finance in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. Professor Fjelsted joined the USU faculty in August 2008 and teaches the corporate finance, financial institutions, fixed income, fundamentals of investing and investing practicum courses. Professor Fjelsted is the faculty advisor to the USU Finance and Economics Club and became a Chartered Financial Analyst Institute charter holder in September 2011. He pioneered the use of Bloomberg Data Services at the Huntsman School and advises students managing the $5 million Zions Bank Student Bond Portfolio and the $50,000 DA Davidson Student Investment Portfolio. After graduating from Utah State University in 1986 with a bachelor's in liberal arts Professor Fjelsted started his career as a credit analyst at Citibank in New York City,


where he worked for two years prior to beginning an MBA program at Harvard Business School, where he graduated in 1990. Professor Fjelsted rejoined Citibank in 1990 and became a founding member of the firm's emerging markets derivatives business. In 1993, Professor Fjelsted was hired by Salomon Brothers as a vice-president and trader in the emerging markets business. Salomon was subsequently acquired by Citigroup and he was promoted to managing director in 2005 and retired from Citigroup in August 2008. Professor Fjelsted is a board member of Wasatch Social Ventures and the Sunshine Terrace Foundation. He has been an active volunteer for the CFA Institute and is a case reviewer for Harvard Business Publishing. His wife, Patricia, is a fellow USU graduate (bachelor's degree in English, 1984; master's degree in social work, 2014). Their oldest, Hannah, graduated from USU in 2013 and is now attending law school. Their son, Jack, is a sophomore at USU and their youngest, Emma, is a junior at Mountain Crest High School.

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

SARAH S. U AN E Dr. Sarah Tulane is a clinical assistant professor in the department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. She has taught a range of classes, both online and face-to-face, including balancing work and family, human development across the lifespan, infancy and child development, middle childhood, adolescence, research methods and family life education methods. Dr. Tulane enjoys working with students in her online family life education methods class and with students completing their senior capstone project to develop skills for adult education and teaching in the community. She has helped students develop teaching materials, gain confidence in presentation abilities and find the best ways to work with their target audiences to facilitate learning. Dr. Tulane believes in a hands-on approach to education and tries to give students in all of her classes the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practical ways. For example, she assisted with the organization of a parent education night for the community and guided students through lesson plan development and presentations in workshops on topics related to child development. She also enjoys mentoring graduate students in teaching faceto-face classes and developing online course materials. Dr. Tulane's research interests include learning and teaching processes coupled with her love for human development. For her master's thesis, she focused on graduate teaching assistants and the processes by which they learn to teach. Dr. Tulane received her doctorate from USU in family and human development with an emphasis in adolescence. Her research interests include both media use by adolescents and adult education. Current projects focus on the fusion of her passions, including the development of a parent education program focusing on technology use by adolescents.


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

I.) II-\



Dr. Diane Calloway-Graham is an Associate Professor and Field Practicum Director in the Social Work Program with the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology at Utah State University. Dr. Calloway-Graham is an energetic, innovative, and student-centered teacher who believes that to teach is to touch a life forever and is highly invested in influencing and mentoring students to become professional social workers. She is responsible for the administration of the field practicum education component of the curriculum, making possible the placement of undergraduate and graduate majors in community social service agencies. She regularly teaches theory and practice-oriented courses preparing students to identify as a professional social worker as they enter the field practicum component of their education. Dr. Calloway-Graham is an expert in utilizing technology in the classroom to enhance the essential interpersonal communication skills of students. She is engaged in presenting many national workshops helping educators in social work to integrate technology-based teaching and collaborative learning applications into their teaching methodology. She has published a book chapter article entitled, "Rural Field Education: A Model of Development, Delivery, and Evaluation" and a narrative article entitled, "My Life as A Practicum Director in Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping:' Student feedback throughout the years has validated her approach as a student-centered teacher including comments like, "Dr. Calloway-Graham has a gift to be able to see each and every student's abilities and she makes this a priority;' "I feel that you have been the single most powerful influence in my academic career;' and "you have taught me a lot about life as well:' Outstanding achievements recognizing her dedication to teaching excellence include awards from the Utah Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers Social Work Educator of the Year (2003 & 1998), Teacher of the Year (College of HASS, Social Science Division, 2003 & 2007), Academic Advisor of the Year (College of HASS, 1997), and Faculty Shared Governance of the Year Inaugural Award (Robins Award, 2012). Dr. Calloway-Graham started working at Utah State University in 1990 and received her doctorate and master of social work degrees from the University of Utah.

S. J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Undergraduate majors from all departments in Utah State University's Quinney College of Natural Resources are required to take WILD 4750: Monitoring and Assessment of Natural Resources and Environment Management. The math-intensive course provides a critical foundation for further study, but it is difficult and time-consuming. Teaching the course is also a challenge,as Wildland Resources faculty member Dr. Kari Veblen discovered during her first foray with the course. But she listened carefully to student and peer evaluations, dug in and crafted a class that combined collaborative and experiential learning with practical experience. "In just a few years, Dr. Veblen has turned th is course from one of the most despised into one of the most valued in our department;' said Karen Mock, associate professor in Wildland Resources and QCNR associate dean. "It has become a cornerstone of the curriculum in all of our degree programs." "This is a senior-level monitoring and assessment course that constitutes students' first substantive exposure to field methods and data collection, field data processing and the application of statistics and study design to natural resource problems;' Dr. Veblen said. To broaden the appeal and applicability of the class, she includes weekday and Saturday field trips, which enable students to collect data in the field and participate in realistic and meaningful projects. Undergraduate Timothy Bateman said Dr. Veblen inspired him "to push myself in new directions:' Because of her, he got involved in undergraduate research and he cannot imagine a better candidate for Teacher of the Year. Student Chase Allred admits he was struggling and "almost flunked out of school" before enrolling in Dr. Veblen's WILD 4750 course. "I am continuing my education as a graduate student and getting to do things I never thought were possible, thanks to Dr. Veblen;' Allred said.

College of Science

"Just do your best" was the mantra Bradley Davidson heard growing up, whether it was applied to his schoolwork, his music or his outdoor sporting adventures. As the middle of three sons to educator parents, there was never any question Dr. Davidson would pursue higher education. Growing up in the small southern Oregon town of Ashland was not especially difficult for Dr. Davidson, but it was interesting in the '70s era of experimental education and provided a solid academic foundation. His school's "flex schedule" taught Dr. Davidson how to organize his time and focus his efforts. These were skills he constantly needed, after missing many days of school while traveling around the Northwest as a ski racer. It is the dedication, determination and responsibility learned during this time that helped him move through life. Ski racing took Dr. Davidson to Montana State University, but it was chemistry that took him on an eastward adventure to graduate school at Cornell University where he studied under the fathers of chemical ecology: Jerrold Meinwald and Thomas Eisner. They showed him how organic chemistry could be used to understand the behavior of living organisms. From insects, he moved on to postdoctoral research at the University of Utah to study marine invertebrates. He marveled at their ability to produce complex organic chemicals used for signaling and defense that can also be exploited by humans for biological studies and medicine. After six and a half years as a faculty member at the UniversityofHawaii, Dr. Davidson moved to Utah State University at the beginning of 1997 where his career has continued to evolve, leading to his self-discovered passion for teaching chemistry.


Dear Utah State University Graduate: Congratulations on your graduation from Utah State University! Your degree is a significant accomplishment representing years of hard work and sacrifice. Your degree will be awarded during the "Commencement" ceremony, which means "beginning." Why do we call the end of your formal schooling the "beginning"? I think it is because the educational process is, and should be, a lifelong proposition. This also marks the beginning of a new phase in your life - the beginning of a new career, the opportunity to apply what you have learned, or perhaps the beginning of an advanced degree. All of which are new beginnings. Another important beginning is your lifelong connection to Utah State University. Let it be the commencement of a commitment to a lifetime ofcontinued association with USU. The Utah State University Alumni Association seeks "to enhance the Utah State University experience through lifelong engagement:' I invite you to take full advantage of all Alumni Association benefits. For example, we have initiated two exciting programs: First, is the Alumni Career Service, which will be of benefit to you not only as you look for that first job but through the coming years as well. Second, the Aggie Alumni Network, which is a group of alumni representatives throughout the country who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise about their careers and the companies for which they work, the communities in which they live and their personal experiences as an Aggie since graduation. Going forward, efforts are being made to create focused networks, such as legal, business, medical, engineering, and so on all across the country. With your continued involvement in the Alumni Association you will have access to these networks, and likely will have an opportunity to serve future graduates. These are just a few examples of Aggies helping Aggies. For all of this to work, we must have current contact information for you. Please visit our website at www.usu.edu/alumni and update your information now and each time it changes. We want to hear from you too. Let us know what you think about our new programs. Please give us a call at 1-800-297-ALUM, or stop by the David B. Haight Alumni Center. As many commencement addresses have emphasized, it is important to serve a cause greater than ourselves. I hope you are inspired to engage as an alumnus. We all have much to offer to the USU community. Please continue your involvement with Utah State and find simple ways to "give back" to your alma mater. Your support will ensure that we can continue to live by the motto of "Stand Up. Get Involved. You're an Aggie!" Good luck and much success. Proud to be an Aggie,

Stephen F. Noel Utah State University Alumni Association President, BA '94.



May 2, 2015




12:00 noon DISTINGUI c-lFD RmE ORO THE YEAR Donald McMahon Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences

Diane Jensen




fEkl ft'r Ryan Bosworth Applied Economics


Brian Warnick, Associate Dean

Collegeof Agriculture and Applied Sciences

p Bob Ward

Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences lJNUE ~GRADL,A~E ~E.SEARCHME''-rOR

Allison Osborn

Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences Valedictorian Faculty Escort: Rebecca Charlton, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice c:,


Jeanette Norton

Plants, Soils and Climate Jr-,. H.R( RA::.>UATF


Kenneth L. White, Dean

Rusty Stott

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences

2015 GRA:::>LAT \J





Clay Isom

Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Diane Jensen





Edward Reeve

School of Applied Sciences, Technologyand Education

Casey Major

Applied Economics



May 2, 2015

2:00 p.m. Richie Call

1azz Orchestra Jon Gudmundson, Associate Professor of Music, Director Nick Lilly, Ben Bowen, Andrew Nicoll, Rayna Bell, Edwin Butterfield, Saxophones; Marcus Tarr, Stephanie England, Keri Hunter, Justyn Hall, David Smith, Trumpets; Eric Walker, Sean Anderson, Blaine Pack, Brandon Pedersen, Trombones; Emily Pack, Keyboard; Alfredo Balcacer, Gavin Nichols, Guitar; Whitney Eliason, Bass; Michael Burnham, Drums

David Wall

Carsten Meier

Dan Murphy

USU Scotsman Pipe and Drum Corps

Steven Mansfield

James Pitts, Associate Professor of Biology, Director Matthew Earl, Pipe Major Emily Ashcroft, Drum Sergeant Justin Tueller, Mara Ferrin, Joshua Musselman, Pipers James Ferrin, Grant Ferrin, Drummers

Kathy Puzey

Jill Hoffmann-Cox Craig Jessop, Dean



Suzanne Fluty


Steven Mansfield, Senior Lecturer, Art & Design

Janette Blackmore


Shasta Krueger

Nicole Martineau

l1CflON OF RI( ll C

HAR Megan Cook

Craig Jessop, Dean Andrea Thomas Brandley Richie Call, Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts



Cameron Mumford

Bonnie Slade

R COC t-- I Jt-- >FlG AN> ( CAL UREA E. )f:GR




Department of Art & Design Bonnie Barrett, Elizabeth Hart, Tyler Swain Department of Music

Craig Jessop, Dean t Ct '>'>IOt--AL


Erik Horne, Sara Mason, Jaron Putnam

Department of Theatre Arts Sydnee Fullmer, Kaitlyn Terry, Joshua Winkler


DH. C: E




2:00 p.m.


VALEDICTORIAN Tanner Boden Escort: Dr. Chris Fawson

Douglas D. Anderson Dean, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business





Tanner Boden

Michael Bills

CO JMt t\JCf U l Crystal Call Maggelet President & CEO, FJ Management Inc.

GRADU.l Tc RE L ~ HER OF TH!:.YEAR Jonathan Medrano N



Bree Arnold and Rachel Rawlings LE-G/

Douglas D. Anderson Dean, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business


Lucien Butler )I<; INGU15

Al UW-NU<; Duane Shaw AR


Paul Fjeldsted t rll R Dr. Scott Findley



R /I Dr. Benjamin Blau


~ACUL-Y ADVISOR OF THE YFAR Dr. Richard Price F THEY EMP 0 Donette Sorenson






TEACHER OF THE YEAR Dr. Sarah Tulane, Family, Consumer, & Human Development


UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCHMENTOR Dr. Travis Dorsch, Family, Consumer, & Human Development

Edith Bowen Laboratory School Honor Choir ,. Choral Director: Jill DeVilbiss "Read Me a Memory" "The Scotsman"

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCHEROF THE YEAR Michael King, Family, Consumer, & Human Development

PRESENTATIONOF DIPLOMA COVERS Beth E. Foley, Dean Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Kim Corbin-Lewis Family Consumer and Human Development Scot Allgood Health Physical Education and Recreation Richard Gordin Psychology Gretchen Peacock School of Teacher Education and Leadership Mary Roe Special Education and Rehabilitation Ben Lignugaris-Kraft



SCHOLAR OF THE YEAR Analise Barker, Psychology RESEARCHEROF THE YEAR Dr. Christian Geiser, Psychology UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING FELLOW Janell Amely, Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences COLLEGESENATOR Shelby Warren, Health, Physical Education and Recreation *The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services expresses deep appreciation to the Emma Eccles Jones Foundation and to the Sorenson Legacy Foundation for their support. **The US. News and World Report has ranked the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services 33rd on its annual list of "Best Graduate Schools of Education" in the nation. The College took the No. 12 spot on the list for research funding, receiving $39.7M to support research, training, and service projects that benefit our students, community, state, and nation. USU is the only School of Education in Utah to place in the top fifty.






WELCOME Dr. Christine E. Hailey, Dean INTRODUCTION OF VALEDICTORIAN Dr. Laurie S. McNeill VALEDICTORY ADDRESS Ren J. Gibbons, Civil Engineering

RESEARCHEROF THE YEAR Dr. David G. Tarboton TEACHER OF THE YEAR Dr. David W. Britt OUTSTANDING SENIOR Sean K. Bedingfield, BiologicalEngineering

WORDS OF INSPIRATION Ronald W. Jibson, President and CEO of Questar and Chair of

USU Board of Trustees AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS BiologicalEngineering Dr. Jagath J. Kaluarachchi, Interim Department Head

Civil & Environmental Engineering Dr. Paul

J. Barr, Interim Department Head Computer Science

Dr. Daniel W. Watson, Department Head

Electrical & Computer Engineering Dr. Todd K. Moon, Department Head Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Dr. Robert E. Spall, Department Head CLOSING REMARKS Dr. Christine E. Hailey, Dean






ACH R OF HEY AR Sociology,Social Work & Anthropology


Diane Calloway-Graham,

James M. Drake, Professor (Retired)

Department of Music [ Evelyn Funda, English





John C. Allen, Dean



Department of PoliticalScience


Vt [



Lezlie Branum, English

l ATL? AR YER OFT Kaylee Johnson, PoliticalScience



Kaylee Johnson

T L Rebecca Walton, English


Crescencio Lopez Gonzalez, Languages, Philosophy

& Communication Studies


TE.J'.\I Diane Calloway-Graham

Kathy McKee, Languages,Philosophy& Communication Studies

RE.COGNTIOl\i OF 2015 CAl\iDIDA~fS F-OR EsA(CALAUREA E DEGRtE. Suzann Winn, Languages, Philosophy

& Communication Studies John C. Allen, Dean


>W R

Ct AWARD Frances Titchener, History

Andrew Burger, Sociology,Social Work & Anthropology

James Singer, Sociology,Social Work & Anthropology



David Rich Lewis, History

Kaylee Johnson, PoliticalScience

David Matthew Stewart, journalism & Communication



VALEDICTORIAN AND ESCORT: Morgan Hughes, Wildlife Science Escorted by Dr. Fee Busby Professor, Department of Wildland Resources WELCOME Dr. Chris Luecke VALEDICTORY ADDRESS Morgan Hughes RECOGNITION OF GRADUATES WORDS OF INSPIRATION Dr. Nat Frazer RECESSIONAL




PROCESSIONAL USU Scotsman Pipe and Drum Corps Director James Pitts, Associate Professor of Biology WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS Lisa M. Berreau, Interim Dean INTRODUCTION OFT. CARSON JESSOP, VALEDICTORIAN Nicholas Dickenson, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department VALEDICTORY ADDRESS T. Carson Jessop AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS Lisa M. Berreau, Interim Dean Biology graduates announced by Alan Savitzky, Department Head Chemistry and Biochemistry graduates announced by Alvan Hengge, Department Head Geology graduates announced by W. David Liddell, Department Head Mathematics and Statistics graduates announced by Richard Cutler, Department Head Physics graduates announced by Jan J. Sojka, Department Head Interdisciplinary Studies and General Studies graduates announced by Richard J. Mueller, Associate Dean






Joshua Musselman 2015 Graduating Class Procession into Performance Hall WELCOME

Noelle E. Cockett, Executive Vice President & Provost CONVOCATION


Amberley Snyder 2015 Graduate in Agricultural Education School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences RECOGNITION OF 2015 GRADUATES

Noelle E. Cockett, Executive Vice President & Provost CLOSING REMARKS

James D. Morales, Vice President for Student Services RECESSIONAL

Joshua Musselman


SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES Dr. Mark R. McLellan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

DOCTORAL DEGREES COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES Brungard, Colby Wayne Longmont, Colorado Doctor of Philosophy Soil Science Dr. Janis L. Boettinger Dissertation: Advancing Digital Soil Mapping and Assessment in Arid Landscapes Christensen, Rachael Grace Lewiston, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Dr. Jong-Su Eun Dissertation: Improvement of Nutrient Utilization Efficiency, Ruminal Fermentation, and Lactational Performance of Dairy Cows by Use of Birdsfoot Trefoil Coulibaly, Lassina Bamako, Mali Doctor of Philosophy Economics Dr. Paul M. Jakus Dissertation: Household Demand for a Reliable Public Water Supply: Three Essays Deyton, Bryan E. Cokeville Wyoming Doctor of Philosophy Ecology Dr. Ralph E. Whitsides Dissertation: Introducing Two New Weed Control Tools: A "Smart" Spray Wand and a Wildland Weed Treatment Time Model


Kutbi, Hebah Alawi Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Doctor of Philosophy Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Ronald G. Munger Dissertation: The Role of Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension in Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Birth Defects Lv, Ling Datong, China Doctor of Philosophy Soil Science Dr. Scott B. Jones Dissertation: Linking Montane Soil Moisture Measurements to Evapotranspiration Using Inverse Numerical Modeling Meeks, Huong Dieu Hanoi, Vietnam Doctor of Philosophy Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Ronald G. Munger Dissertation: Maternal Nutrition and Genes Associated with Orofacial Cleft Birth Defects in Utah Ortakci, Fatih Karabuk, Turkey Doctor of Philosophy Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Donald J. McMahon Dissertation: Contribution of a Novel Obligatory Heterofermentative Nonstarter Species to Late Gassy Defect in Cheddar Cheese Ye, Yubin Beijing, China Doctor of Philosophy Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Silvana Martini Dissertation: The Effect of High Intensity Ultrasound on the Functional Properties of Shortenings

EMMA ECCLESJONES COLLEGEOF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES Akers, Jessica Visalia, California Doctor of Philosophy Disability Disciplines Dr. Thomas S. Higbee Dissertation: An Evaluation of Group Activity Schedules to Train Children with Autism to Play Hide-and-Seek with Typically Developing Peers Benjamin, Curtis Sparks, Nevada Doctor of Education Education Dr. Steven P. Camicia Dissertation: Understanding Student Silence During Classroom Discussion of Controversial Issues: An Insight Regarding the Role of Teacher Positionality Boyle, Megan Ann Wausau, Wisconsin Doctor of Philosophy Disability Disciplines Dr. Timothy A. Slocum and Dr. Andrew L. Samaha Dissertation: A Translational Investigation of Positive and Negative Behavioral Contrast Boyles, Raymond E. Bellevernon, Pennsylvania Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Gary A. Stewardson Dissertation: An Investigation of the Change in Motivation of Fifth-Grade Students on Writing Activities after Being Taught Computer Programming Using Similar Teaching Strategies

Brodhead, Matthew Thornton Harbor Springs, Michigan Doctor of Philosophy Disability Disciplines Dr. Thomas S. Higbee Dissertation: The Use of a Discrimination Training Procedure to Teach Mand Variability to Children with Autism Bunnell, Eric B. St. George, Utah Doctor of Audiology Dr. Jeffery B. Larsen Clinical Research: Balance Testing in Young Athletes Buttars, Chalese Mary Lewiston, Utah Doctor of Audiology Dr. Jeffery B. Larsen Clinical Research: Balance Testing in Adolescents and Young Athletes Post-Concussion Card, Quinlin T. Kaysville, Utah Doctor of Audiology Dr. James Blair Clinical Research: Word Recognition Practices of Private Practice Audiologists Dehlin, John Parkinson North Logan, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Psychology Dr. Renee V. Galliher Dissertation: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, Identity Conflict, and Psychosocial Health Amongst Same-Sex Attracted Mormons George, Benjamin Hollis Logan, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Dr. Brett E. Shelton Dissertation: Identification of the Constraints and Barriers to the Adoption of Distributed Design Education

Grizzell, Saara T. Salt Lake City, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Disability Disciplines Dr. Julie F. Smart Dissertation: The Use of Feedback in Group Counseling in a State Vocational Rehabilitation Setting: A Pilot Study Hamblin, Carolyn J. Kanab, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Scott L. Hunsaker Dissertation: How Arizona Community College Teachers Go About Learning to Teach Hartzheim, Daphne U. Duesseldorf, Germany Doctor of Philosophy Disability Disciplines Dr. Ronald B. Gillam Dissertation: A Comparison of the Neurological Activation Patterns of Children With and Without ASD When Verbally Responding to a Pragmatic Task Hatch, Lance Tee Vernal, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Sarah K. Clark Dissertation: Expert Rural Elementary School Teachers' Planning for Effective Instruction Hayden, Angela Jean Brookline, New Hampshire Doctor of Audiology Dr. Lauri Nelson Clinical Research: The Effectiveness of Commercial Desiccants and Uncooked Rice in Removing Moisture from Hearing Aids Hill, Melanie Marie Los Alamos, New Mexico Doctor of Audiology Dr. Karen F. Munoz Clinical Research: Hearing Aid Use for Children with Hearing Loss: A Literature Review

Homan, Kendra J. LeMars, Iowa Doctor of Philosophy Psychology Dr. Michael P. Twohig Dissertation: Five-Year Prospective Evaluation of the Development of Borderline Symptoms in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Adolescents Who Engage in Deliberate Self-Harm and SuicideRelated Behaviors Jorgensen, Marcus E. Orem, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. J. Spencer Clark Dissertation: Barriers to Curricular Change in General Education Mathematics at a Large Public Institution Kunnavatana, Soraya Shanon Sylmar, California Doctor of Philosophy Disability Disciplines Dr. Timothy A. Slocum and Sarah E. Bloom Dissertation: Manipulating Parameters of Reinforcement to Reduce Problem Behavior Without Extinction Larsen, Andrew Shayne Smithfield, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Brian K. Warnick Dissertation: Who Cares? Developing a Pedagogy of Caring in Higher Education Longhurst, Max L. River Heights, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Suzanne H. Jones and Dr. D. Todd Campbell Dissertation: Adoption, Adaptation, and Abandonment: Appropriation of Science Education Professional Development Learning


Parent, Robin A. Logan, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Amy A. Wilson Dissertation: A Feminist Examination of How Girls and Women Engage with a Female Protagonist in Dystopian Young Adult Literature Porter, Brandon Derrick Kaysville, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Michael K. Freeman Dissertation: Religious Educators' Experiences with Self-Directed Learning in Professional Development: A Qualitative Study Proffit, Gregory Max Park City, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Michael K. Freeman Dissertation: Sources of Authority for Leadership and Instructional Technology Coaches' Diffusion of High Access Teaching and Learning Robinson, Trevor Paul Caledonia, Ohio Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Gary A. Stewardson Dissertation: The Development of an Instrument to Measure the Self-Efficacy of Students Participating in the Vex Robotics Competitions Sermon, Tracy E. American Fork, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Martha T. Dever Dissertation: A Case Study of Preservice Teachers in an Associate of Science Degree Early Childhood Teacher Education Program: Perceptions of Professional Preparation

Smith, Glori Hodge Provo, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Sherry Marx Dissertation: Learning from the Teaching Practices of Successful Teachers of Latina and Latino Students Snyder, Christine Marie Rogers, Arkansas Doctor of Philosophy Psychology Dr. JoAnn T. Tschanz Dissertation: Dementia Caregiver Personality Traits and Coping Strategies: Association with Care Recipient Outcomes Stewart, Robert C. Rexburg, Idaho Doctor of Philosophy Family and Human Development Dr. Jeffrey Dew Dissertation: The 2007-2009 Recession, Employment, and Housing-Related Financial Stressors, and Marital Outcomes Talbot, JenneLyn Lefgren South Weber, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. J. Spencer Clark Dissertation: An Investigation of the Interaction of Beliefs and Behaviors in the Classroom Twitchell, Ronald A. Provo, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Amy B. Brown Dissertation: Common Themes Associated with Teacher-Identified Obstacles to Implementing Change in Mathematics Instruction Attributable to Participation in Mathematics Professional Development Warcup, Robert D. Lehi, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Education Dr. Edward M. Reeve Dissertation: Paths to Becoming a Lean Organization in the Construction Industry


White, Haleigh Ann Layton, Utah Doctor of Audiology Dr. Karen F. Munoz Clinical Research: Speech Perception Performance in Preschool Children Utilizing the Phonetically Balanced Kindergarten (PBK) Test: Factors Influencing Change over Time


Alminagorta, Cabezas Omar Huanta, Peru Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. David E. Rosenberg Dissertation: Systems Modeling to Improve Water Management for Environmental Purposes Ancajas, Dean Michael Iligan, Philippines Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering Dr. Koushik Chakraborty Dissertation: Design of Reliable and Secure Network-on-Chip Architectures Gregory, Stacie LeSure Indianapolis, Indiana Doctor of Philosophy Engineering Education Dr. V. Dean Adams Dissertation: African American Female Engineering Students Persistence in Stereotype-Threatening Environments: A Critical Race Theory Perspective Harris, Jeff Robert Smithfield, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Mechanical Engineering Dr. Barton L. Smith Dissertation: Computational Fluid Dynamics Validation Experiment for Forced and Mixed Convection on a Vertical Heated Plate

Jensen, Colby Bruce Preston, Idaho Doctor of Philosophy Mechanical Engineering Dr. Heng Ban Dissertation: Bridging the Nano- and Macro-Worlds: Thermal Property Measurement Using Thermal Microscopy and Photothermal Radiometry--Application to ParticleIrradiation Damage Profile in ZrC Khodier, Mohanad Ali Jordan Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Blake P. Tullis Dissertation: Weir-Baffled Culvert Hydrodynamics Evaluation for Fish Passage Using Particle Image Velocimetry and Computational Fluid Dynamic Techniques Kim,Daeha Seoul South, Korea Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Jagath J. Kaluarachchi Dissertation: Water Management for Agricultural Production in the Sevier River Basin Utah: A Multi-disciplinary Approach Kumarasamy, Karthik Bangalore, India Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Michael J. McFarland Dissertation: Risk Characterization from Multipathway Exposure Associated with Land Applying Biosolids by Accounting for Multimedia Mass Loss Lewis, Clayton Scott Marriott-Slaterville, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Christopher M.U. Neale Dissertation: Evapotranspiration Estimation: A Study of Methods in the Western United States

Li, Zhouyuan Shanxi, China Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering Dr. Bedri A. Cetiner Dissertation: Parasitic Layer-Based Reconfigurable Antenna and Array for Wireless Applications Mejia, Joel Alejandro El Paso, Texas Doctor of Philosophy Engineering Education Dr. Amy A. Wilson and Dr. V Dean Adams Dissertation: A Sociocultural Analysis of Latino High School Students' Funds of Knowledge and Implications for Culturally Responsive Engineering Education Meng, Xianyu Tianjin, China Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Joan E. McLean Dissertation: Redox-Controlled Biogeochemical Processes Affecting Arsenic Solubility in Sediments from a Basin-Fill Aquifer in Northern Utah Meyer, Matthew R. North Ogden, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Engineering Education Dr. Ning Fang Dissertation: A Retention Analysis for Engineering Undergraduates at a Public Research University Mopidevi, Hema Swaroop Visakhapatnam, India Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering Dr. Bedri A. Cetiner Dissertation: Reconfigurable Antennas for Public Safety and Wireless Gigabit Alliance Applications Napan, Katerine Lurin, Peru Doctor of Philosophy Biological Engineering Dr. Ronald C. Sims and Dr. Byard Wood Dissertation: Distribution of Heavy Metals from Flue Gas in Algal Bioreactor

Raza, Ali Kot Usman Khan, Pakistan Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science Dr. Stephen W Clyde Dissertation: Improving Reuse and Maintainability of Communication Software with Conversation-Aware Aspects Ryu,Seungkyu Paju, South Korea Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Anthony Chen Dissertation: Modeling Transportation Planning Applications via Path Flow Estimator Schmadel, Noah Matthew Flagstaff, Arizona Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Bethany Neilson Dissertation: Use of Semi-Analytical Solutions to Examine Parameter Sensitivity and the Role of Spatially Variable Steam Hydraulics in Transient Storage Modeling Soltani, Sobh Ali Tehran, Iran Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Kevin P. Heaslip Dissertation: Transportation Economics and Energy Song, Zhuorui Shuangfeng, China Doctor of Philosophy Mechanical Engineering Dr. Heng Ban Dissertation: Electrokinetic Flow in a Nanochannel with an Overlapped Electrical Double Layer Swaminathan, Swathi Pondicherry, India Doctor of Philosophy Biologcial Engineering Dr. Yue Cui Disstertation: Bio-Inspired Materials and Micro-/Nanostructures Enabled by Peptides and Proteins


Tejada, Pedro J. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science Dr. Minghui Jiang Dissertation: On the Complexity of Collecting Items with a Maximal Sliding Agent Van Opstal, Jonna D. Zoetermeer, Netherlands Doctor of Philosophy Irrigation Engineering Dr. Christopher M.U. Neale Dissertation: Irrigation Management Strategies in the Past Present and Future - What Leads to "Real" Water Savings? Xiao, Lifu Hunan, China Doctor of Philosophy Biological Engineering Dr. Anhong Zhou Dissertation: Molecular Sensing and Imaging of Human Disease Cells and Their Responses to Biochemical Stimuli Yook, Donghyung Suwon City, South Korea Doctor of Philosophy Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Kevin P. Heaslip Dissertation: Models and Solution Algorithms for Asymmetric Traffic and Transit Assignment Problems


Abel, Karin M. Midvale, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Sociology Dr. Christy M. Glass Dissertation: Welfare State Context and Individual Health: The Role of Decommodification in Shaping SelfPerceived Health

S. J. & JESSIEE QUINNEY CO LfGF OF NATU~AL RESOURCES Ferreira, Rodrigo Barbosa Brasilia, Brazil Doctor of Philosophy Ecology Dr. Karen H. Beard Dissertation: Ecology, Behavior and Taxonomy of Frogs at Brazil's Atlantic Furesl Millard, Nathaniel Miles Arroyo Grande, California Doctor of Philosophy Ecology Dr. Steven W. Burr Dissertation: Cultural Entropy: A Grounded Theory Study of Early Childhood Experiences in Nature in the Arroyo Grande Creek Watershed Poessel, Sharon A. Hamshire, Texas Doctor of Philosophy Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management Dr. Eric M. Gese Dissertation: Ecology and Behavior of Coyotes in Urban Environments al Broad and Fine Scales Ranglack, Dustin H. Murray, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Ecology Dr. Johan T. du Toit Dissertation: American Bison Ecology and Bison-Cattle Interactions in an Isolated Montane Environment Roman, Dobarco Mercedes Cadiz, Spain Doctor of Philosophy Ecology Dr. Helga Van Miegroet Dissertation: Influence of Stand Composition on Soil Organic Carbon Stabilization and Biochemistry in Aspen and Conifer Forests of Utah

Wheeler, Kit Valdosta, Georgia Doctor of Philosophy Ecology Dr. Todd A. Crowl and Dr. Scott W. Miller Dissertation: The Ecosystem Role of Fishes in Lotic Environments

COLLE.GE. OF SCIENCE Addison, Audrey L. Chugiak, Alaska Doctor of Philosophy Mathematical Sciences Dr. James Powell Dissertation: Beetles, Fungi, and Trees: A Story for the Ages' Modeling and Projecting the Multipartite Symbiosis Between the Mountain Pine Beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, and Its Fungal Symbionts, Grosman11ia Clavigera and Ophiostome montium Bakelar, Jeremy Winston Price, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Biochemistry Dr. Sean ). Johnson Dissertation: Binding Interactions of (R)- and (S)-Hydroxypropyl-CoM Dehydrogenases and the Zinc Knuckle Proteins Air! and Air2 Duffy, Aaron M. Logan, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Biology Dr. Paul G. Wolf Dissertation: Synthesizing Research and Education: Ecology and Genetics of Independent Fern Gametophytes and Teaching Science Inquiry and Content Through Simulations Hata, Kazuya Osaka, Japan Doctor of Philosophy Mathematical Sciences Dr. Zhi-Qiang Wang Dissertation: Multiplicity Results of Periodic Solutions for Two Classes of Nonlinear Problems

Jones, Justin A. Nibley, Utah Doctor of Philosophy Biology Dr. Randolph V. Lewis Dissertation: Aqueous Solvation Method of Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins Kessler, James A. Houston, Texas Doctor of Philosophy Geology Dr. James P. Evans Dissertation: In Situ Stress and Geology from the MH-2 Borehole, Mountain Home, Idaho: Implications for Geothermal Exploration from Fractures, Rock Properties, and Geo mechanics Lomidze, Levan Tbilisi, Georgia Doctor of Philosophy Physics Dr. Ludger Scherliess Dissertation: The Role of Thermospheric Neutral Winds in the Mid-Latitude Ionospheric Evening Anomalies McCurdy, Alexander T. Huntington, Indiana Doctor of Philosophy Biochemistry Dr. Lance C. Seefeldt Dissertation: Microbial-Derived Oils and Value-Added Products: Biosynthesis and Applications for Biofuel Production Odei, James Beguah Accra, Ghana Doctor of Philosophy Mathematical Sciences Dr. Juergen Symanzik Dissertation: Statistical Modeling, Exploration, and Visualization of Snow Water Equivalent Data

Rodriguez, Juanita Bogota, Colombia Doctor of Philosophy Biology Dr. James P.Pitts and Dr. Carol D. von Dohlen Dissertation: Molecular Systematics, Historical Biogeography, and Evolution of Spider Wasps (Hymenoptera:Pompilidae) Saunders, Garrett Hawkins Boise, Idaho Doctor of Philosophy Mathematical Sciences Dr. John R. Stevens Dissertation: Family-Wise Error Rate Control in Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Mapping and Gene Ontology Graphs with Remarks on Family Selection Sitton, N. Spencer Mesa, Arizona Doctor of Philosophy Mathematical Sciences Dr. Ian M. Anderson Dissertation: Geometric Analysis of Systems of Three Partial Differential Equations in One Unknown Function of Three Variables


Hagloch, Emilee Marie West Bountiful, Utah Educational Specialist Psychology Dr. Donna Gilbertson Thesis: Teaching Bystander Skills Through Fluency Training Papa, Lesther Anthony Hanapepe, Hawaii Educational Specialist Psychology Dr. Melanie D. Rodriguez Thesis: The Impact of Teaching and Academic Self-Efficacy on Student Engagement and Academic Outcomes

MASTER'S DEGREES COLLrGE OF AGRICULTURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES Balls, Tyson Afton, Wyoming Master of Education Career and Technical Education Bascom, Graydon William Provo, Utah Master of Landscape Architecture Dr. Keith Christensen Thesis: Transportation Related Challenges for Individuals with Disabilities

Barnes, Charity Deanne Cedar City, Utah Educational Specialist Psychology Dr. Donna Gilbertson The Effect of a Class-wide Training on Prosocial Bystander Behaviors

Binder, Christopher M. Ridgefield, Connecticut Master of Landscape Architecture

Cottrell, Joseph Mads Vernal, Utah Educational Specialist Psychology Dr. Courtenay Barrett Thesis: Teacher Professionalism: A Study of Professionalism for Religious Educators in the Seminary and Institutes Department of the Church Educational System

Christensen, Zane L. Richmond, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education

Byrne, Betsey C. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Landscape Architecture

Christley, Holly Howard Erda, Utah Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture


Clark, Jason Daniel Morgan, Utah Master of Science Climate Science Dr. J.Earl Creech Thesis: Yield and Quality of First-Year Corn Silage Following Alfalfa Stand Termination as Affected by Tillage, Herbicide, and Nitrogen Fertilizer Clayton, Daniel Bradley Grantsville, Utah Master of Science Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Donald J. McMahon Thesis: Stability ofWl/O/W2 Double Emulsion Made with Milk Fat and a Simplified Make Procedure and Its Use in Reduced-Fat Cheese Cluff, Thomas S. Lehi, Utah Master of Landscape Architecture Cook, Megan Savannah North Logan, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education Dennis, Elliott J. Carlsbad, California Master of Science Economics Dr. DeeVon Bailey Thesis: Stochastic Tests on Live Cattle Steer Basis Composite Forecasts Duong, Hang T. Hanoi, Vietnam Master of Science Plant Science Dr. Roger Kjelgren Thesis: Deficit Irrigation of Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) in Intermountain West Urban Landscapes Fonnesbeck, Brook B. Mendon, Utah Master of Science Soil Science Dr. Janis L. Boettinger Thesis: Digital Soil Mapping Using Landscape Stratification for Arid Landscapes in the Eastern Great Basin, Central Utah


Fosu, Boniface Opoku Kumasi, Ghana Master of Science Climate Science Dr. Simon Wang Thesis: Bay of Bengal: Coupling of Pre-Monsoon Tropical Cyclones with the Monsoon Onset in Myanmar Hatch, Jessica Oliver Pleasant View, Utah Master of Science Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Heidi J. Wengreen Thesis: Self-Learning DVD-Based Education Versus Traditional Education Approaches to Improve the Safety of Warfarin Use among Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Jenkins, Jennifer K. Vernal, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education Kelley, Alexandra Windley Lindon, Utah Master of Science Animal Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Dr. Jong-Su Eun Thesis: Physiological Impacts and Lactational Performance of Dairy Cows Fed Brown Midrib Corn Silage During Dry Period Through Early to Midlactation Khan, Abdulla Vijayawada, India Master of Science Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Karin E. Allen Thesis: Effects of Processing and Packaging Modifications on the Quality and Shelf Life in Meats King, Brandon R. Vernal, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education

Knudsen, Trevor D. Hyrum, Utah Master of Science International Food and Agribusiness Dr. Kynda R. Curtis Thesis: Economic Assessment of Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Conventional Peach Production Methods in Northern Utah Litchford, April Tremonton, Utah Master of Science Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Heidi J. Wengreen Thesis: Implementation of Online Tutoring Program to Increase University Student Information Retention Maughan, Zachary F. Providence, Utah Master of Landscape Architecture Dr. Sean E. Michael Thesis: Concentrated Use Areas: Characteristics and Management Strategies on the Unita-Wasatch-Cache ational Forest Moreno, Karla Oxnard, California Master of Dietetics Administration Moscardini, Leo A. Safety Harbor, Florida Master of Science Applied Economics Dr. Arthur J.Caplan Thesis: Estimating the Effectiveness of a Seasonal Gas Tax for Controlling Episodic PM 2.5 Concentrations in Cache County, Utah Muntz, Helen Elaine Logan, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education Nelson, Mikella Centerville, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education


ll 11



Ostler, Megan Jane Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science Nutrition and Food Sciences Dr. Heidi J. Wengreen Thesis: The Triad Trial: Online Education for Coaches on the Prevention of the Female Athlete Triad Pace, Michael R. Salem, Oregon Master of Landscape Architecture Pitcher, Lance Reed Smithfield, Utah Master of Science Plant Science Dr. Jennifer W. MacAdam Thesis: Measuring Enteric Methane from Pasture Grazed Cattle Using the SF6 Method Porter, Joseph Eagle Mountain, Utah Master of Science Technology and Engineering Education Rich, Leah Joy Logan, Utah Master of Science Agricultural Systems Technology Roner, Kevin Clifford Vale, Oregon Master of Science Technology and Engineering Education Rudes, Bryan P. Manlius, New York Master of Education Career and Technical Education Rumana, Kashifa Hyderabad, India Master of Science Soil Science Dr. Scott B. Jones Thesis: Novel Techniques to Determine Soil Evaporation Rates: Heat Pulse Probe and Automated Microlysimeter

Saunders, Christopher S. Logan, Utah Master of Science Animal Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Dr. Jong-Su Eun Thesis: Growth Performance, Ruminal Fermentation Characteristics, and Economic Returns of Growing Beef Steers Fed Brown Midrib Corn Silage-Based Diet

Wakefield, Megan Provo, Utah Master of Education Career and Technical Education

Scharton, Dionna Phelan, California Master of Science Animal Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Dr. Brian B. Gowen Thesis: Antiviral Activity of Favipiravir (T-705) Against Lethal Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection in Hamsters


Silva, Carlos Guilherme Belo Horizonte, Brazil Master of Science Applied Economics Dr. Paul M. Jakus Thesis: Calculating Willingness-to-Pay as a Function of Biophysical Water Quality and Water Quality Perceptions Simons, Bethany Noelle Hudson, Wisconsin Master of Dietetics Administration Sittner, Kristin K. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science Agricultural Systems Technology Smith, Aaron Lee Logan, Utah Master of Landscape Architecture Michael L. Timmons Thesis: The History of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University Tibbitts, Spencer Andrew San Jacinto, California Master of Science Plant Science Dr. Bruce Bugbee Thesis: Effect of Silicon on Wheat Growth and Development in Drought and Salinity Stress

Wheaton, Adrea Logan, Utah Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture

Belliston, Lauren Gayle Hyde Park, Utah Master of Music Conger, Holly Providence, Utah Master of Fine Arts Art Diehl, Kevin Bruce Brigham City, Utah Master of Music Kunz, Krystal Riverton, Utah Master of Music Marchant, Katharina Erika Landstuhl, Germany Master of Fine Arts Art Price, John Daniel Sandy, Utah Master of Music Shakespear, Audrey A. Logan, Utah Master of Fine Arts Art

JON M. HUNTSMAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Alder, Michael Anthony Kaysville, Utah Master of Accounting Allen, Joseph Cyrus Mesa, Arizona Master of Business Administration


Alluri, Akhil Reddy Hyderabad, India Master of Management Information Systems Andersen, Rhett Midway, Utah Master of Business Administration Anderson, Erin Christine Logan, Utah Master of Business Administration

Arvapaly, Nandakishore Logan, Utah Master of Management Information Systems Baesler, Macy Pleasant View ,Utah Master of Business Administration Bangaru, John Manoha Sangareddy, India Master of Science Management Information Systems Barksdale, Kirsten Arnoldsen Orem, Utah Master of Human Resources Barnard, Thomas C. Nibley, Utah Master of Management Information Systems and Master of Human Resources Bentrude, Jaron D. Draper, Utah Master of Business Administration Beyene, Kanaen Y. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Master of Business Administration Bills, Michael Theodore Orem, Utah Master of Accounting


Carter, Sidney R. Layton, Utah Master of Business Administration

Bird, Bradly Scott Logan, Utah Master of Business Administration

Chafin, Joshua W. Paradise, Utah Master of Accounting

Bird, Brent G. Riverton, Utah Master of Business Administration

Champlin, Brock R. Logan, Utah Master of Business Administration Master of Human Resources

Bjornn, Eric D. Lehi Utah Master of Business Administration

Anderson, Kyle Ellis South Jordan, Utah Master of Human Resources Arnold, Dusty R. Idaho Falls, Idaho Master of Business Administration Master of Human Resources

Biornstad, Rachel J. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Business Administration

Checketts, Melinda M. Vernal, Utah Master of Business Administration Master of Human Resources

Bladen, Jay A. Hyde Park, Utah Master of Human Resources

Christensen, Jordan Bountiful, Utah Master of Accounting


Bodily, Matthew Elko, Nevada Master of Business Administration Master of Human Resources


Boyne, David Michael Loveland, Colorado Master of Business Administration Broadbent, Tyler J. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Business Administration Master of Human Resources Brown, Reese T. South Weber, Utah Master of Business Administration Master of Human Resources

Clark, Paul M. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Accounting



Bruya, Adam Timothy Colfax, Washington Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Butler, Abraham Lucien Monticello, Utah Master of Accounting Byrd, Isaac C. Delta, Utah Master of Business Administration Cannon, Bradley James Kaysville, Utah Master of Science Financial Ecomonics

Christensen, Justin Tremonton, Utah Master of Business Administration

Cleverly, Cody J. West Valley City, Utah Master of Business Administration Cook, Kevin Paul Taylorsville, Utah Master of Accounting Crosbie, Riley S. Providence, Utah Master of Accounting Curtis, Weston E. North Logan, Utah Master of Accounting DeMann, Jason Alan Murray, Utah Master of Bu;iness Administration DeMotte, Michael West Jordan, Utah Master of Business Administration Deva, Anand Battula Naga Hyderabad, India Master of Management Information Systems



Dickson, Shannon S. Ogden, Utah Master of Human Resources

Gaston, Christopher Jake West Jordan, Utah Master of Human Resources

Hoggan, Robert Morn Clearfield, Utah Master of Business Administration

Dixon, Martin Daniel Logan, Utah Master of Human Resources

Ge,Li Harbin, China Master of Management Information Systems

Hsu, Wen Hsin Taipei, Taiwan Master of Business Administration

Driggs, Andrew Thomas Syracuse, Utah Master of Accounting Duke, Riley Ogden, Utah Master of Business Administration Dupree, Katherine Mary Rexburg, Idaho Master of Business Administration Ebert, Todd M. Cottonwood Heights, Utah Master of Human Resources Eliason, Brian John Providence, Utah Master of Human Resources Evans, Terry B. Battle Ground, Washington Master of Human Resources Fang, Chao Jilin City, China Master of Management In formation Systems Finley, Wendy K. Nibley, Utah Master of Accounting Finlinson, Timothy N. Spanish, Fork Utah Master of Business Administration Flynn, Stephanie Stolworthy Riverton, Utah Master of Business Administration Frye, Spencer W. Napa, California Master of Business Administration Garner, Emmalee Logan, Utah Master of Business Administration

Giacoletto, Charles Carrera Helper, Utah Master of Human Resources Gines, Ana Maria I. Logan, Utah Master of Accounting Gleed, Adam Michael Nibley, Utah Master of Management Information Systems Gonzalez, Luribel De la Rosa Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Gu, Hong Suzhou, China Master of Business Administration Guo, Jinglin Luoyang, China Master of Accounting Harper, Thomas Mercer Blackfoot, Idaho Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Harris, Taylor Alan Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Business Administration Hartung, Joshua Brian West Jordan, Utah Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Hastings, Derek Torrance, California Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Hoffman, Gordon M. Stanwood, Washington Master of Human Resources

Hunt, Aaron Glen Salt Lake, Utah Master of Business Administration Jakkaraju, Mayur Hyderabad, India Master of Science Management Information Systems Jensen, Derek R. Ferron, Utah Master of Business Administration Jensen, Jordan C. Layton, Utah Master of Accounting Jensen, Kamron Paul West Valley City, Utah Master of Science Financial Economics Johnson, Adam Corey Orem, Utah Master of Business Administration Johnson, Corey Glen Richmond, Utah Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Karren, Shan M. Scottsdale, Arizona Master of Business Administration Kelly, Nita M. Renton, Washington Master of Human Resources Koberstein, Camille Woods Cross, Utah Master of Accounting Kushwaha, Ranveer Singh Bhopal, India Master of Management Information Systems


Lallas, Salisbury Amanda North Ogden, Utah Master of Human Resources

MacArthur, Garret S. Spanish, Fork Utah Master of Business Administration

Petersen, Amy Jo Wellsville, Utah Master of Accounting

Layton, Jason C. Sandy, Utah Master of Business Administration

Mahan, Sean P. Somerset, New Jersey Master of Human Resources

Qiao, Yu JiLin, City China Master of Management Information Systems

Lefebvre, Sital Los Altos, California Master of Human Resources

Manepally, Pramod Satya Narayana Murty Hyderabad, India Master of Management Information Systems

Li, Lingxiaoyan Kunming, China Master of Business Administration Lillywhite, Joshua Centerville, Utah Master of Management Information Systems

Medrano, Jon North Ogden, Utah Master of Accounting Meldrum, Jenalyn Ann Kaysville, Utah Master of Accounting

Lind, E. Clark South Jordan, Utah Master of Management Information Systems

Miles, Matthew Gary Riverton, Utah Master of Accounting

Lind, Gerald V. South Jordan, Utah Master of Business Administration

Miller, Kevin Tyler Layton, Utah Master of Business Administration

Livingston, Matthew H. Kanab, Utah Master of Business Administration

Morgan, Julie F. Roy, Utah Master of Business Administration

Livingston, Tyler Glen Junction City, Kansas Master of Accounting

Muirbrook, Cody C. North Ogden, Utah Master of Business Administration

Loaiza, Andrew M. Centerville, Utah Master of Accounting

Noall, Daniel Kenneth Wellsville, Utah Master of Business Administration

Lovesee, Brandon P. Paola, Kansas Master of Management Information Systems

Noorlander, Andrew J. Kaysville, Utah Master of Business Administration

Lundskog, G. Todd Hooper, Utah Master of Business Administration Ma,Li Logan, Utah Master of Business Administration


Olsen, Robert John Bluffdale, Utah Master of Business Administration Peck, II, Sharik L. Richmond, Utah Master of Science Financial Economics

Quero, Hipolita M. Bronx, New York Master of Human Resources Quinn, Jessica A. McCammon, Idaho Master of Business Administration Reasch, Nate Rex Sandy, Utah Master of Science Financial Economics Reddy, Divya Bharathi Raghuram Bangalore, India Master of Management Information Systems Rhodes, Michelle L. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Business Administration Richards, Cole Peter Weston, Idaho Master of Accounting Risenmay, Matthew G. Lehi, Utah Master of Business Administration Rodriguez, Tawny L. Spanish Fork, Utah Master of Human Resources Ryser, Spencer Kary Sandy, Utah Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources Sahu, Pushpak Saugor, India Master of Management Information Systems Sang, Xiaomeng Beijing, China Master of Business Administration

Schmidt, Marcus J. Mountain Home, Idaho Master of Management Information Systems

Thacker, David Bradley Magna, Utah Master of Management Information Systems

Severn, Kyle Glenn Naperville, Illinois Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources

Thurgood, Todd G. Holladay, Utah Master of Business Administration

Sheard, Richard S. Riverton, Utah Master of Business Administration Shirk, Ryan G. Logan, Utah Master of Accounting Smedley, Tyler Mark Kaysville, Utah Master of Management Information Systems Smith, Clint Jay Garland, Utah Master of Accounting Sorensen, Conner Raegen Chatsworth, California Master of Management Information Systems Sorensen, Kendall LeRoy South Jordan, Utah Master of Business Administration Sorenson, Christopher S. Farmington, Utah Master of Human Resources Sorenson, Jessica D. Sandy, Utah Master of Human Resources Sparks, David Darren Rexburg, Idaho Master of Human Resources Stringham, Trevor Greg Blanding, Utah Master of Science Economics Sturgeon, Davis Layton, Utah Master of Human Resources

Trunnell, Anthony Orem, Utah Master of Business Administration Vaidya, Kaustubh Bhopal, India Master of Management Information Systems Vance, Taylor Barry Kaysville, Utah Master of Accounting Venkatavaradan, Sriram Chennai, India Master of Management Information Systems Vickrey, Victor Vincent Draper, Utah Master of Human Resources Vu,B. Hanoi, Vietnam Master of Business Administration Wade, Bradley Robert Clinton, Utah Master of Business Administration Waltman, Alexander Jay Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Master of Human Resources Wang, Xueying JiLin City, China Master of Management Information Systems

Wimmer, Trenton M. Payson, Utah Master of Business Administration Wolf, Buck I. North Logan, Utah Master of Business Administration Woolf, Eric Orem, Utah Master of Business Administration Yao, Ye Shanghai, China Master of Business Administration Yates, Tyson Lewis Tremonton, Utah Master of Business Administration Zhang, Yu Taiyuan, China Master of Science Financial Economics Zhu, Dan (Jude) Hubei, China Master of Business Administration


Abbott, Nathan T. Orem, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Adams, Mary Anne Alpine, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education Alberts, Rachel Belnap Kaysville, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Ward, Douglas Jaye Farmington, Utah Master of Accounting Williams, Chad Sandy, Utah Master of Management Information Systems


Alderete, Jacque M. Murray, Utah Master of Science Family, Consumer and Human Development Dr. Kay Bradford Thesis: Exploring Extension Facuty Members' First-Time Experiences with Funded Couple Relationship Education Allred, Kathryn E. Midvale, Utah Master of Education Psychology Amundsen, Ashley Danielle Bow, New Hampshire Master of Science Health and Human Movement Anderson, Elisha Logan, Utah Master of Education Psychology Anderson, Emma Marie Rexburg, Idaho Master of Science Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Anderson, Joseph Lucio American Fork, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Anderson, Shelly Nephi, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Bailey, Eric Dee Von Logan, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership Balls, Melia D. South Jordan, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Barker, Cassandra Marie Hudson, Wisconsin Master of Marriage and Family TI1erapy Barson, Brad Taylor Rexburg, Idaho Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Bartiss, Kristen Leigh Kinnelon, New Jersey Master of Science Health and Human Movement Dr. Richard D. Gordin Thesis: The Multifaceted Interaction of Pain Perception in Collegiate Athletes Bartschi, David J. St George, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Beus, Benjamin R. Sandy, Utah Master of Science Special Education Dr. Thomas S. Higbee Thesis: Conditioned Reinforcement and the Value of Praise in Children with Autism Beveridge, Ashley C. North Salt Lake, Utah Master of Education Psychology Bill, Tami Smithfield, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education Bleazard, Brian M. Duchesne, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership Bly, Sherisa Dawn Provo, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Bodily, Katie Riverton, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Bogoev, Bistra K. Hyde Park, Utah Master of Science Psychology Dr. Andrew L. Samaha TI1esis: An Evaluation of Demand Functions for Attention and Food in Children with Autism Bounds, Roenna Margo Layton, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education Boynton, Thomas A. Taylorsville, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Bright, Aubrey Anna Draper, Utah Master of Learning Technologies and Instructional Design Broadbent, Weston Lynn Midway, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Broderick, Krystal Napina Smithfield, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling . Brown, Annemarie Ivins, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Brown, Erin A. Vernal, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Brown, K. Michelle Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Bruya, Shalese Harrisville, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Bryson, Courtney Rae Ogden, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Buchanan, Marie Jackson Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Psychology Burdett, Britta Kim Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Burke, Elizabeth K. Orange County, California Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Byington, Leslee Hunter West Haven, Utah Master of Education Psychology Byrne, Kathryn Lacey Missoula, Montana Master of Science Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Caldwell, Claire C. Ogden, Utah Master of Education Psychology Camerlingo, William R. Blairstown, New Jersey Master of Education Physical and Sport Education Cardenas, Samuel Agustin Springville, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Cardon, Benjamin S. Brigham City, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Carlsen, Chalyce Packer Smithfield, Utah Master of Health Promotion Carlton, Alexandra L. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Cataldi, Joseph William Las Vegas, Nevada Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Celik, Ibrahim Reyhanli, Turkey Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Chase, Trisha Kennewick, Washington Master of Science Psychology Checketts, Becky M. Clearfield, Utah Master of Health Promotion Chesley, Elizabeth Renee Richmond, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Christensen, Keely Marie Layton, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Christensen, Ryan G. Logan, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Clement, Sarah Lynn Madison, Wisconsin Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Cockerham, Pierco Ann Cornish, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Cole, Jill Ashly Red Oak, Texas Master of Science Health and Human Movement Collett, Robert Vernie Farmington, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Corrington, Eric Nibley, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Cottrell, Joseph Mads Vernal, Utah Master of Science Psychology Craig, Jacque P. Bountiful, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Daines, Emily Logan, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Dance, Victoria Idaho Falls, Idaho Master of Education Psychology Davis, Allison Ann Green River, Wyoming Master of Education Psychology Dean, Alysson Uintah, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Deaver, Priscilla Anne Roosevelt, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences DeWitt, Daniel M. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling


Dickamore, Molly J. Bellevue, Washington Master of Education Psychology

Flores, Joshua Anthony Logan, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Goddard, Devin Wayne South Weber, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Draus, Dawn M. Castle Rock, Washington Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Foltynowicz, Jacqueline Montgomery, New York Master of Rehabilitation Counseling

Godfrey, Nicole Christina Mendon, Utah Master of Fitness Promotion

Foreman, Alisha K. Kaysville, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Gomez, Ortiz Flor M. San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico Master of Rehabilitation Counseling

Durrant, Angela Santaquin, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Dymock, Julie Lambert Kamas, Utah Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Erwin, Tracey Park City, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Escalante, Wesley R. Stansbury Park, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Evans, Jessica Marie Roosevelt, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Fowler, Chenika C. Houston, Texas Master of Education Psychology Frenzel, Anthony Mark Pleasant Grove, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Frost, Julie E. Riverwoods, Illinois Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Fryer, Sydney Lauren St. George, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Gornati, Becheli Mariana Sao Paulo, Brazil Master of Education Secondary Education Graham, Dallin K. Kennesaw, Georgia Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Green, Adrie Anne Riverton, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Haddow, Shaylee Marie South Jordan, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education Haggan, Lacey Shantell Twin Falls, Idaho Master of Marriage and Family Therapy

Fausett, Breana B. Heber City, Utah Master of Science Special Education Dr. Timothy A. Slocum Thesis: The Effects of a Treatment Package Combining Contingency Contracts and Video Prompts on Social Skills in Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

Gee, Jared R. Sugar City, Idaho Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Hales, Kimberly Ann Farr West, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Fiefia, Tevita Tauteoli South Jordan, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education

Gilson, Alyson Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Hamilton, Megan Roy, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Field, Destiny L. Morgan, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Glenn, Jeffrey K. Provo, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Hamner, Lance Dalton Franklin, Indiana Master of Education Psychology


Gardner, Cameron Spencer Honeyville, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education

Hagloch, Joseph B. West Bountiful, Utah Master of Science Health and Human Movement

Hanson, N. Mari Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling

Hoffmann, Audrey Nelson Blackfoot, Idaho Master of Science Special Education Dr. Robert L. Morgan Thesis: The Effects of High-Tech Stimuli and Duration of Access on Reinforcer Preference and Efficacy

Hayes, Jacqueline Marie Townsend, Montana Master of Education Psychology

Holley, Jaime Sadleir Auburn, Washington Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Hendrix, Ariel Lanae Henderson, Nevada Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Hoover, Jr., James Paul Vermilion, Ohio Master of Science Health and Human Movement

Hanna, Lance M. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Herde, Lindsey Ann Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Hermansen, Julia Anne Logan, Utah Master of Science Special Education Dr. Thomas S. Higbee Thesis: Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in a Day Program Setting Using Activity Schedules Hernandez, Nelson E. Logan, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education Hess, Laura Marie Cheyenne, Wyoming Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Hicken, Jaclyn J. Roosevelt, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Hopper, Joel W. Elsinore, Utah Master of Science Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Horlbeck, William Tomlin Boulder, Colorado Master of Science Health and Human Movement Howard, Jessi Tracy Farr West, Utah Master of Education Psychology Hugie, Randy A. Nibley, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Hunsaker, Jacob Christian North Logan, Utah Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Ingram, Pamela J. North Logan, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education Jenkins, Paula Jane Pierce Bluebell, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Jensen, Becky L. Tremonton, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Jones, Jennifer Day Stansbury Park, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Jones, Laurie K. Olympia, Washington Master of Education Secondary Education Jones, Lisa K. Hyrum, Utah Master of Education Psychology Knudsen, Koryn Monticello, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Kunz, Tessa S. Orangeville, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Kwon, Dongjin Daegu, South Korea Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences La Beau, Shauna Logan, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Larson, Kevin Brent Elwood, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Larson, Lindsey Garland, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Law, Brooke Logan, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Mantz, Joanna F. Smithfield, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Lee, Jalila Logan, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Marshall, E. Clark Provo, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Limas, Jose G. Brigham City, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Lind, Chelsea Fain Lakewood, Colorado Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Lindow, Jessica Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Lish, Petra Mantua, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education Lister, Stephanie A. St. George, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Longmore, Morganne Riverton, Utah Master of Health Promotion Luke, Katherine Elizabeth Logan, Utah Master of Health Promotion

Maughan, Emily Kaysville, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Maughan, Page Roberts Austin, Texas Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Maughan, Tabitha A. Grantsville, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling McDonough, Kristen Kaysville, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership McEvoy, Melanie Farmington, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership McFarland, Victoria Ann Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education McKinnon, Julie Logan, Utah Master of Education Psychology

MacDonald, Jean Marsee Layton, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling

Mclachlan, Lisa Logan, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Mamanakis, Steven Logan, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Mecham-Williams, Jayne A. Green River, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education


Melven, Brian G. Weatherford, Texas Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Mencias, Leah M. Ogden, Utah Master of Education Psychology Meyerhoffer, Michele A. Ogden, Utah Master of Education Psychology Michael, Dolores North Logan, Utah Master of Science Family, Consumer, and Human Development Dr. W. David Robinson Thesis: Exploring the Lived Experience of Couples Making the Transition to Parenthood and the Meaning They Ascribe to Brief, Couple-Focused, Preventative Interventions Miller, Benjamin J. Denton, Maryland Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Mitchell, Mark Owen St. George, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education Miura, Erica Kanagawa, Japan Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Moeller, Jill Rock Springs, Wyoming Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Moore, Jenna Lee Fayetteville, Georgia Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Morris, Courtney M. Lewisville, Idaho Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Olsen, April Ann Logan, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Phillips, Charles Emerson Kalispell, Montana Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Moulton, Kurt L. Mantua, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Olsen, Jenna A. Richfield, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Murdock, Danielle Morgan, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Olson, Linda Marie West Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Special Education

Pierce, Benjamin Gregory Vancouver, British Columbia Master of Science Psychology Dr. Courtenay A. Barrett Thesis: The Intersection of School Ethnic Composition and Structure: Predicting Social and Academic Outcomes Among Latino Students

Nelson, Lynn M. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Olson, Michael W. Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Poulsen, Lee D. Levan, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Niedrich, Jamie Felix Hyde Park, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Parker, Jesse P. Kamas, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education

Powell, Jamie L. Olympia,Washington Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Nigohosian, Philip Park City, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Patterson, Matthew Lewis Brigham City, Utah Master of Education Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Nixon, Bobbie Michelle Eagle Mountain, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Perazzo, Jacob David Fallon, Nevada Master of Education Physical and Sport Education

Norman, Amilyn Paradise, Utah Master of Family and Human Develoment

Peters, Shannon Michelle Saint Louis, Missouri Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Nyborg, Zachary Michael Centerville, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education Oberoi, Joseph Smithfield, Utah Master of Science Health and Human Movement Odekirk, Desaray J. Ogden, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling

Peterson, Kindy J. Lyman, Wyoming Master of Science Health and Human Movement Peterson, Rachel Logan, Utah Master of Science Psychology Dr. Jamison D. Fargo Thesis: Educational Experiences and Goals of Homeless Youth and Barriers to Reaching These Goals

Ragan, Casey James Idaho Falls, Idaho Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Rasmussen, Bjorn Fillmore, Utah Master of Science Health and Human Movement Reamer, Melissa Ann Spokane, Washington Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Reeder, Steffanie Logan, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Rees, Rebecca Bingham Brigham City, Utah Master of Science Family, Consumer and Human Development Dr. Shelley L.K. Lindauer Thesis: Beginning Teachers' Perceptions of Their Novice Years of Teaching Reutzel, Pamela C. Logan, Utah Master of Science Elementary Education Dr. Kathleen A. J. Mohr Thesis: An Investigatory Study of Relationships of Selected Theoretical Components of Letter-Writing Fluency Richardson, Sallie Anne Layton, Utah Master of Education Special Education Ringle, Sydnie W. Spokane, Washington Master of Science Psychology Roberts, Aaron S. Logan, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Robins, Selena Highland, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Rodeback, Joshua M. Payson, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Roemen, Brynn Marie Tea, South Dakota Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Ross, Laurie M. Kearns, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Roundy, Bo M. Logan, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership

Shunn-Mitchell, Melissa Tustin, California Master of Education Elementary Education

Roundy, Zachary Andrew Kaysville, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Silva, Emily Rose Ripon, California Master of Science Health and Human Movement

Roylance, Rebecca Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Skeie, Terri L. Castle Rock, Washington Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Ruhling, Hilary Powell Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Smith, Lauren Farmington, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Sanderson, Caroline R. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Savage, Melody Kaysville, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education Saxton, Sheryl Lynn Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Smith, Lori M. Mona, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Sorensen, John Paul Hillmand Grantville, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership Sorensen, Shay North Ogden, Utah Master of Education Physical and Sport Education

Shaw, Jared Leon Rexburg, Idaho Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Sova, Scott D. Cato, New York Master of Family and Human Develoment

Shea, Kerry Owatonna, Minnesota Master of Education Special Education

Spicker, Elizabeth Anne North Ogden, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Sheldon, Megan Rancho Santa Margarita, California Master of Science Family, Consumer, and Human Development Dr. Lisa K. Boyce Thesis: Linking Marital and Parenting Quality

Sproul, Matthew Cameron Heber City, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Stock, Nikyla Maria Providence, Utah Master of Education Instructional Leadership Strahan, Stacey Smoot, Wyoming Master of Education Psychology Taylor, Kimberlee Ann Hooper, Utah Master of Science Psychology Dr. Jamison D. Fargo Thesis: Self-Reported Psychopathology Correlates of Homeless Youth in Utah

Wadsworth-Anderson, Erin A. West Jordan, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Wilson, Amber Jo-An Perry, Utah Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Waldron, Alicen Irene Tampico, Illinois Master of Education Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Winger, Letha Lei Mumford Richmond, Utah Master of Education Secondary Education

Walker, Alexandria K. Idaho Falls, Idaho Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Terry, Rachel Nicole Cameron Park, California Master of Education Psychology

Wallin, Lynn Ann Providence, Utah Master of Education Elementary Education

Tesch, Aaron F. Liberty, Utah Master of Education Psychology

Walsh, Mari E. Saranac Lake, New York Master of Science Health and Human Movement

Thatcher, Katelyn Hanny Shelley, Idaho Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

Wheatley, Rikki Kae Logan, Utah Master of Science Special Education Dr. Richard P. West Thesis: The Effectiveness of an Intervention Designed to Increase the Positive to Negative Ratio of Instructor Interactions During Afterschool Programming

Trumble, Ralph E. Logan, Utah Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Turley, Jeffrey Craig Providence, Utah Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Wada, Rebekah E. Livermore, California Master of Science Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Dr. Sandra L. Gillam Thesis: Clinician Recasts and Production of Complex Syntax by Children With and Without Specific Language Impairment

Whiting, Aubrey Helen Myton, Utah Master of Education Special Education Williams, Rachel B. North Ogden, Utah Master of Science Family, Consumer, and Human Development Dr. Scot M. Allgood Thesis: Expressive Writing and Marital Satisfaction: A Writing Sample Analysis

Woodbury, Megan Rae Bountiful, Utah Master of Education Psychology Wu, Yexiang Danyang City, China Master of Science Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Yoshida, Claire Munsell Westminster, California Master of Arts Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Abu-Ramaileh, Allia Maher Bountiful, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Joan E. McLean Thesis: The Influence of a Fluctuating Water Table on Arsenic Mobility in a Western U.S. Aquifer Amely, Thomas D. New York, New York Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Bagley, Colin M. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Beck, Trent William Bluffdale, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering


Bennion, Edward Ogden, Utah Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. Jason C. Quinn Thesis: Life Assessment of Microalgae to Biofuel: Thermochemical Processing Through Hydrotherma Liquefaction or Pyrolysis Biswas, Bidisha Kolkata, India Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Ryan M. Gerdes Thesis: Analysis of False Data Injection in Vehicle Platooning Bowler, Chase W. West Jordan, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Braithwaite, Christopher Stephen Cloverdale, California Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Brewer, William L. South Ogden, Utah Master of Science Computer Science Budge, Michael S. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Steven L. Barfuss Thesis: Effects of Froude Scaling on Velocity-Induced Vortices in Physical Models

Thesis: Optimization of Wastewater Microalgae Pretreatment for Acetone Butanol and Ethanol Fermentation

Chambers, Brandon E. Providence, Utah Master of Science Computer Science Chandrappa, Niranjan Pune, India Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Chase, Brent E. Glendora, California Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Chauhan, Apoorva Bhopal, India Master of Science Computer Science Dr. Amanda L. Hughes Thesis: Online Media Use and Adoption by Hurricane Sandy Affected Fire and Police Departments Chauhan, Ruchir Gwalior, India Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Ryan M. Gerdes Thesis: A Platform for False Data Injection in Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Chitta, Subrahmanya Venu Madhav Vijayawada, India Master of Science Computer Science

Cable, Jacob Dale Ogden, Utah Master of Science Mechanical Engineering

Colgan, Brit Arvid Corvallis, Montana Master of Science Mechanical Engineering

Castro, Yessica Altagracia Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Master of Science Biological Engineering Dr. Ronald C. Sims

Curry, Eric Daniel Waterville, Maine Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. William J.Doucette Thesis: The Effect of Deposition from Static Rocket Tests on Immature Corn, Alfalfa, and Winter Wheat


Diallo, Oumou Greensboro, North Carolina Master of Science Biological Engineering Dr. Foster A. Agblevor Thesis: Effect of Poultry Litter Biochar on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Growth and Ethanol Production from SteamExploded Poplar and Corn Stover Dietrich, Justin Robert Bluffdale, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Dosi, Harsh Indore, India Master of Science Computer Science Dr. Nicholas S. Fiann Thesis: Pathway Finder: A Web-Based Metabolic Network Layout Extension Draper, Neil Isaac South Jordan, Utah Master of Science Biological Engineering Dr. Anhong Zhou Thesis: Microfabrication of BioAnalytical Devices: Microelectrode Array and Traveling- Wave Electrophoresis Dutson, Brent J. Hyde Park, Utah Master of Science Computer Science Dr. Nicholas S. Fiann Thesis: Information and Hardness Quantification of Graphs: A Computational Study Farr, Daniel Ogden, Utah Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Charles M. Swenson Thesis: Resolving the Temporal-Spatial Ambiguity with the Auroral Spatial Structures Probe

Foust, Nickolas R. West Valley City, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Marvin W. Halling Thesis: Statistical Models of the Lambert Road Bridge: Changes in Natural Frequencies Due to Temperature

Hurst, Dane C. Blanding, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering

Larson, Joseph A. Spanish Fork, Utah Master of Science Computer Science

Jensen, Daniel Fredrick Mantua, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lewis, Andrew Taggart Brigham Cty, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fuentes, Antonio Cedar City, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Kevin P. Heaslip Thesis: An Analysis of Sensitivity in Economic Forecasting for Pavement Management Systems

Joaquin, Pimentel Darwin J. La Vega, Dominican Republic Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Bedri Cetiner Thesis: A New Low-Cost Microstrip Antenna Array for 802.l lad-Compliant Technologies

Lo, Wing Hong Hong Kong Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Paul J.Barr Thesis: Shear and Flexural Capacity of Four 50-Year-Old Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Girders

Goodrich, Steven D. Riverton, Utah Master of Science Computer Science

Jones, Isaac R. Preston, Idaho Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering

Grandhi, Rahul Vijayawada, India Master of Engineering Computer Engineering

Judson, Jr., Michael I. Lindon, Utah Master of Science Aerospace Engineering Dr. Stephen A. Whitmore Thesis: Direct Electrical Arc Ignition of Hybrid Rocket Motors

Lopez, Jose Carlos Peoria, Arizona Master of Science Aerospace Engineering Dr. Rajnikant Sharma and Dr. R. Rees Fullmer Thesis: Cooperative Localization Under Switching Network Topologies

Guzman, Duran Sarah J. Moca, Dominican Republic Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Hathaway, Kelly Don Oak City, Utah Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Hoffer, Nathan Von Midvale, Utah Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. R. Rees Fullmer Thesis: System Identification of a Small Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Flight Data from Low-Cost Sensors Hoffman, Cameron K. Cokeville, Wyoming Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kallakunta, Sahith Gannavaram, India Master of Science Computer Science Keddington, Megan Bountiful, Utah Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. Warren F. Phillips Thesis: Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Oscillating Wings and Comparison to Lifting-Line Theory Keizer, Jr., Richard Allen Hayward, California Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Lakinepally, Anirudh Logan, Utah Master of Science Computer Science

Madsen, Cameron David Millville, Utah Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Mallick, Saptarshi Kolkata, India Master of Science Computer Engineering Dr. Ryan M. Gerdes Thesis: Physical Layer Detection of Hardware Keyloggers Malpally, Deepthi Rao Bangalore, India Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. Leijun Li Thesis: Uncertainty Analysis of Mechanical Properties from Miniature Tensile Testing of High Strength Steels Manjrekar, Kush Dewoo Indore, India Master of Science Computer Science


Marchant, Kurt B. Beaver, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ownby, Pete Sandy, Utah Master of Science Computer Science

Pratha, Sirisha Mumbai, India Master of Science Computer Science

Martinez, Elizabeth Col. Esperanza, Mexico Master of Science Biological Engineering

Pakrashi, Anushka Kolkata, India Master of Science Computer Engineering Dr. Thidapat Chantem Thesis: Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm Design on Stochastic Processors

Pulla, Harshitha Andhra Pradesh, India Master of Engineering Computer Engineering

Martin-Hidalgo, Julio Palma de Mallorca, Spain Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Charles M. Swenson Thesis: Sequential Quadrature Measurements for Plasma Diagnostics Mugleston, Andrew D. Syracuse, Utah Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Nahar, Darshan Dilip Pune, India Master of Science Computer Science Dr. Nicholas S. Fiann Thesis: Multi-Scale Modeling of Microbial Defection in the Presence of Antibiotics Nyendu, Guevara C. Logan, Utah Master of Science Biological Engineering Dr. Foster A. Agblevor Thesis: Non-Catalytic CoGasification of Sub-Bituminous Coal and Biomass Ostler, Chad Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science Computer Science Oswal, Vipul Kantilal Pune, India Master of Science Computer Science Dr. Nicholas S. Fiann Thesis: Pathway Pioneer: Heterogeneous Server Architecture for Scientific Visualization and Pathway Search in Metabolic Network Using Informed Search


Palmer, Cole R. Syracuse, Utah Master of Engineering Computer Engineering Parrish, Jason R. Avon, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Pena, Ramos Dahiam J. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Master of Engineering Electrical Engmeering Perkes, Jordan Tyler Smithfield, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Pettigrew, Christopher Scott Logan, Utah Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Paul J. Barr Thesis: Flexural Shear and Punching Shear Capacity of Three 48-Year-Old Prestressed Lightweight Concrete Double-Tree Bridge Girders Pound, Andrew E. Sparks, Nevada Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Jacob Gunther Thesis: Exploiting Sparsity and Dictionary Learning to Efficiently Classify Materials in Hyperspectral Imagery

Quezada, Villalona Ivan Tomas Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Richardson, Jacob M. Mesa, Arizona Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. R. Ryan Dupont Thesis: Impact of Organic Matter Composition from Urban Streams and Storm Water on Oxygen Consumption Rates in Receiving Waters Ruben, Nathan E. Murray, Utah Master of Science Electrical Engineering Salmon, Colby R. Brigham City, Utah Master of Science Computer Science Samuels, Marina A. Dublin, California Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. R. Rees Fullmer Thesis: The Design and Testing of a Three-Degree-of-Freedom Small Satellite Simulator Using a Linear Controller with Feedback Linearization and Trajectory Generation Saxton, London Thale Wellsville, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering

Schreiner, John Nicholas Derry, New Hampshire Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. R. Rees Fullmer Thesis: A Neural Network Approach to Fault Detection in Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control Systems Sharma, Vishal Lucknow, India Master of Science Computer Science Dr. Curtis E. Dyreson Thesis: MulitverseJava<Temporai> Spackman, Brian P. Syracuse, Utah Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. Thomas Fronk Thesis: Effect of Manufacturing Processes on the Loss Factor and Other Mechanical Properties of Kenaf Fiber-Reinforced Composites Tariq, Salahuddin Lahore, Pakistan Master of Science Electrical Engineering Dr. Reyhan Baktur Thesis: Two Types of Conformal Antennas for Small Spacecrafts Taylor, Trenton Riley Bicknell, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Thota, Raghu Ram Kanchikacherla, India Master of Science Computer Science Thurgood, Rhen D. Meridian, Idaho Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Blake P. Tullis Thesis: Common Themes Associated with Teacher-Identified Obstacles to Implementing Change in Mathematics Instruction Attributable to Participation in Mathematics Professional Development

Vanderwerf, Adam R. Tracy, California Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Vanfleet, Jacob L. Layton, Utah Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Vanka, Aditya Hyderabad, India Master of Science Computer Science Vuong, John Brigham City, Utah Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering Ward, Sherissa A. Washington, Utah Master of Science Biological Engineering Dr. Anhong Zhou Thesis: The Effect of Polydimethysiloxane (PDMS) Substrate Modification on Human Epithelial Lung Cancer (A549), Cell Morphology, and Biomechanics


Ahmed, Saleh Dhaka, Bangladesh Master of Science Sociology Dr. Douglas B. Jackson-Smith Thesis: Spatial Patterns of Rural and Exurban Residential Settlement and Agricultural Trends in the Intermountain West Atkin, Kroek Aliza M. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Second Language Teaching Atwood, Sandra Bartlett Smithfield, Utah Master of Science American Studies Dr. Lynne S. McNeill Thesis: Understanding Myth and Myth as Understanding: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Mytho-Logic Narration

Warnes, Juliann Ogden, Utah Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering

Beason, Alanna Cameron Clinton, Washington Master of Arts History Dr. Victoria Grieve Thesis: Claiming the Best of Both Worlds: Mixed Heritage Children of the Pacific Northwest Fur Trade and the Formation of Identity

Wilde, Bradey Lee Price, Utah Master of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bishop, Matthew J. Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Science English

Work, Dalon Grant Canyon, Texas Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Dr. Aaron Katz Thesis: Numerical Examination of Flux Correction for Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations on Unstructured Meshes

Blanchard, Shawna Kay Brigham City, Utah Master of Social Work

Young, Jason G. Santaquin, Utah Master of Science Computer Science

Bleazard, Jill Peterson Laie, Hawaii Master of Arts American Studies Bogdan-Holt, Michelle Logan, Utah Master of Science American Studies


Bowden, Whitlock Amber North Ogden, Utah Master of Arts English Brunson, Dora Y. Chia-yi, Taiwan Master of Second Language Teaching Casaretti, Olga Catania, Italy Master of Arts History Dr. Tammy Proctor Thesis: Fascism and Culture in Sicily: The Centennial of Vincenzo Bellini's Death Chen, Chong Sichuan, China Master of Science Political Science Dr. Colin Flint Thesis: Negotiated Settlement and the Durability of Peace: Agreement Design, Implementation, and Mediated Civil Wars Christiansen, Anna P. Ogden, Utah Master of Arts American Studies Dr. Lisa Gabbert Thesis: The Underground Gang: A Study of Cyclist Group Identity as Expressed Through Folk Art, Folk Events, Narratives, and Community Spaces Conerly, Melyssa Rose West Haven, Utah Master of Social Work Cook, Brian Lee Vernal, Utah Master of Science English Dr. Jennifer Sinor Thesis: Shallow Bones

Cravins, Candice Lynn Bakersfield, California Master of Science Anthropology Dr. Judson B. Finley Thesis: An Exploration of Object and Scientific Skills- Based Strategies for Teaching Archaeology in a Museum Setting

Halling, Shelly Stock Hyde Park, Utah Master of Science American Studies Dr. Steven B. Shively Thesis: Propaganda Powers Social Reform: The Visual Rhetoric of Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, and Norman Rockwell

Crowford, Chelsea McKell West Jordan, Utah Master of Social Work

Hawke, Anastasia Lea Logan, Utah Master of Arts English

Davis, Cameron John Logan, Utah Master of Arts History Dr. Norman L. Jones Thesis: John Chrysostom's and Philip Melanchthon's Views of Justification (t.IKAI.rn:n:), with Special Attention to How Their Respective Intellectual Environments Influenced Their Interpretations Dotson, Patrick S. Cedar City, Utah Master of Social Work Dougherty, Jessica Anne Boise, Idaho Master of Science Anthropology Dr. Steven R. Simms Thesis: Ceramic Technology, Women, and Settlement Patterns in Late Archaic Southwestern Idaho Erickson, Caitlin M. Holladay, Utah Master of Arts English Dr. Jennifer Sinor Thesis: Tilt Haber, Trisha Jo Fruit Heights, Utah Master of Arts English Haertel, Jennifer J. Bountiful, Utah Master of Science American Studies


Holmstead, Jamilee E. Elko, Nevada Master of Science Sociology Dr. Steve Daniels Thesis: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: 2014 Farm Bill Insect and Disease Provision--True Gift or False Hope? Hussein, Mohammed Adel Abdrabou Egypt, Cairo Master of Second Language Teaching Hutchings, Kristen R. Cottonwood Heights, Utah Master of Arts American Studies Lan, Xiangyun Liu Zhou City, China Master of Science Sociology Dr. Peggy Petrzelka Thesis: Chinese People's Perceptions of and Preparedness for Democracy Larsen, Kevin M. Orem, Utah Master of Arts English Dr. Jennifer Sinor Thesis: A Painted Void Larson, Candace Lynne Bothell, Washington Master of Science English

Latham, Samantha J. Mount Juliet, Tennessee Master of Arts English Leavitt, Liz North Salt Lake, Vtah Master of Arts English Dr. Joyce Kinkead Thesis: Dream's End Lee, Lori J. Bountiful, Utah Master of Science American Studies Muala, Domingos Joao Gorongosa District, Africa Master of Arts History Dr. Christopher A. Conte Thesis: Gorongosa: A History of an African Landscape, 1921-2014 Niaz, Aina S. Chicago, Illinois Master of Science Political Science Dr. Colin Flint Thesis: Representations of VS Acts of Extra-Territoriality as Illustrated in Pakistani-English Political Cartoons

Potterf, Jebadiha Elvis Las Vegas, Nevada Master of Science Sociology Dr. Peggy Petrzelka Thesis: Framing Fracking: Media Coverage of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development in South Texas

Thalman, Erik Kent North Logan, Vtah Master of Science English Dr. Jennifer Sinor Thesis: The Legend the Madman and the Prophet: A Memoir about Fathers and Sons

Saunders, Chad Bruce Harrisville, Utah Master of Second Language Teaching

Turnbow, Angela C. South Jordan, Vtah Master of Arts English Dr. Christine F. Cooper-Rompato Thesis: Midwife, Young Maiden, and Physician: Image and Authority in Karen Cushman's Female Healers

Schulthies, Michela Riverton, Vtah Master of Arts English Shell, Christine Virginia Draper, Utah Master of Science American Studies Dr. Melody Graulich Thesis: "Wires and Lights in a Box": Fahrenheit 451 as a Product of Postwar Anxiety about Television Sitton, Christina Marie Lake Osweto, Oregon Master of Arts English Dr. Michael Sowder Thesis: A Strange Kind of Dying

Nicholls, Arden Andrew Providence, Utah Master of Arts Political Science

Spencer, Andrea K. Franklin, Idaho Master of Science English

Pack, Kendall Garrison Layton, Utah Master of Science English Dr. Charles Waugh Thesis: Killers/Blood-Spillers: A Novella

Stephens, Crystal Patricia Fair Yakima, Washington Master of Technical Communication and Master of Arts American Studies

Poole, Frederick J. Peyton, Colorado Master of Second Language Teaching

Walker, Christon R. Logan, Utah Master of Technical Communication White, Scott A. Springfield, Missouri Master of Science American Studies Dr. Lisa Gabbert Thesis: Severed Hands as Symbols of Humanity in Legend and Popular Narratives Widerburg, Mary Ann Rexburg, Idaho Master of Arts English Dr. Jennifer Sinor Thesis: This Grief I Cannot Hold

Stephens, Eric James Finksburg, Maryland Master of Arts English Stockett, Matthew L. Murray, Utah Master of Arts American Studies Dr. Shane Graham Thesis: Examining How A Vietnam Veteran Copes with Trauma



Croft, Jennifer Maye Republic, Washington Master of Natural Resources

Mullins, Matthew Boyd Salt Lake City, Utah Master of Natural Resources

Britton, Justin Michael Poto, Illinois Master of Science Ecology Dr. James N. Longa Thesis: Factors Influencing the Successful Regeneration of Aspen in Southern Utah, USA

Elmore, Logan R. Athens, Alabama Master of Science Watershed Science Dr. Sarah E. Null Thesis: Effects of Environmental Water Transfers on Stream Temperature

Nolan, Nicole E. Middletown, New York Master of Science Ecology Dr. Karen H. Beard Thesis: Activated Carbon Decreases Invasive Plant Growth by Mediating Plant-Microbe Interactions

Camp, Reid Jason Arlington, Washington Master of Science Watershed Science Dr. Joseph M. Wheaton Thesis: Short Term Effectiveness of High Density Large Woody Debris in Asotin Creek as a Cheap and Cheerful Restoration Action Cardinal, Casey J. Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Master of Science Wildlife Biology Dr. Terry A. Messmer Thesis: Factors Influencing the Ecology of Greater Sage-grouse Inhabiting the Bear Lake Plateau and Valley, Idaho and Utah Consolati, Florence Naomi Eureka, California Master of Science Watershed Science Dr. Joseph M. Wheaton Thesis: The Role of Beaver in Shaping Stream Channel Complexity and Thermal Heterogeneity in a Central Oregon Stream Cook, Avery AIieron Woodland, California Master of Science Ecology Dr. Terry A. Messmer Thesis: Greater Sage-Grouse Seasonal Habitat-Use Models, Responses to Conifer Reduction, and the Effects of Capture Trauma on Vital Rates in Northern Utah


Esplin, Martin Richfield, Utah Master of Natural Resources Frost, Scott M. Monticello, Utah Master of Science Forestry Dr. Michael K. Freeman Thesis: Mitigating the Potential for Large Fires--Evaluating Fuel Treatment Alternatives at Army Garrison Camp Williams Using Empirical Fire Behavior Models and Climate Data Hull, Tara! S. Logan, Utah Master of Natural Resources Jones, Jason D. Ogden, Utah Master of atural Resources Langton, Alicia Marie Grand Junction, Colorado Master of Science Ecology Dr. Eugene W. Schupp Thesis: Factors Contributing to the Conservation of Phacelia submutica (Boraginaceae), A Threatened Species in Western Colorado: Reproductive Biology and Seed Ecology McCulley, Brendan Eric Roanoke, Virginia Master of Science Watershed Science Dr. Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh Thesis: Factors Affecting the Toxic Cyanobacteria Nodularia spumigena in Farmington Bay of Great Salt Lake, Utah

Pedder, Samantha Jo Greensburg, Pennsylvania Master of Natural Resources Roadman, Adrian Argie Murrysville, Pennsylvania Master of Science Ecology Dr. Shandra N. Frey Thesis: Ringtail Distribution, Dermatoglyphics, and Diet in Zion National Park, Utah Sisson, Aaron R. Carlisle, New York Master of Natural Resources Strohm, Deanna D. Logan, Utah Master of Science Ecology Dr. Phaedra Budy Thesis: Matching Watershed and Otolith Microchemistry to Establish Natal Orgins of an Endangered Desert Lake Sucker Turnblom, Kevin Wayne Ogden, Utah Master of Natural Resources Wing, Brian R. Payson, Utah Master of Science Wildlife Biology Dr. Terry A. Messmer Thesis: The Role of Vegetation Structure, Composition, and Nutrition in Greater Sage-Grouse Ecology in Northwestern Utah

COLLEGEOF SCIENCE Banks, Russell K. Enterprise, Utah Master of Science Statistics Dambrink, Katie Mccall Fayette, Utah Master of Mathematics Foley, Danika Erin Vernal, Utah Master of Mathematics

Reehl, Sarah Marie East Helena, Montana Master of Science Industrial Mathematics Snyder, Michael A. Palmdale, California Master of Science Mathematics Dr. David E. Brown Thesis: Network Applications and the Utah Homeless Network

Jensen, Christopher Ryan Price, Utah Master of Science Geology Dr. W. David Liddell Thesis: Sequence Stratigraphy Depositional Environments and Geochemistry of the Middle Cambrian Bloomington Formation in Northern Utah Jordan, Scott G. Pocatello, Idaho Master of Science Mathematics McDonough, Hannah L. Rochester, New York Master of Science Geology Dr. Thomas E. Lachmar Thesis: Groundwater and Surface Water Contributions to Metals Loading in the Bayhorse Creek at the Abondoned Ramshorn Mine Site near Bayhorse, Idaho Mecham, Dennis S. Roseburg, Oregon Master of Science Statistics Meeks, Huong Dieu Hanoi, Vietnam Master of Science Statistics


Departmental Honors A valedictorian has been selected by each college of the University. Each valedictorian has selected a faculty escort.

Collegeof Agriculture and Applied Sciences Allison Osborn Escort, Rebecca Charlton

Presented annually to the graduating senior female and male student who best portray high traits of character, scholarship and citizenship. Makayla Mills Jacob Scott

Caine Collegeof the Arts Janette Blackmore Escort, Steven Mansfield

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Tanner James Boden Escort, Chris Fawson

Emma EcclesJones Collegeof Education and Human Services Jonathan C. Rich Escort, Amy Odum

Collegeof Engineering Ren James Gibbons Escort, Laurie McNeill

Collegeof Humanities and Social Sciences Kaylee Britton Johnson Escort, Damon Cann

S. f. & JessieE. Quinney Collegeof Natural Resources Morgan Jaromilla Hughes Escort, Fee Busby

Collegeof Science Terry Carson Jessop Escort, Nicholas Dickenson


Honors in University Studies Analise Barker Sean Bedingfield Samantha Beirne Sara Calicchia Hayden Campbell Nicholas Decker Michael De Filippis Josh DeFriez Kade Downs Kalley Ellis Allison Fife Ren Gibbons Brooke Hansen Natalie Homan Morgan Hughes Andrew Izatt Kaylee Johnson Austin LaBau Dylan Lassan Samuel Mitchell Madalyn Page Michelle Pfost Christopher Ransom Jamie Reynolds Trinity Smith Cambri Spear Austin Spence Laura Taylor Ryan Taylor Karen Tew Marilize Van Der Walt

Brandi Allred Janell Amely Gracie Arnold Katrina Bliss Joseph D. (JD) Borg Wendy Bosshardt Madison Bradford Taylor Bybee Alex Daines Joanna Daines David Gage Makda Gebre Mark Groberg Melanie Faustino Hansen Antonia Keller Kevin Kennedy Scott Laneri Cooper Larsen Shay Larsen Jorgen Madsen McKay Mattingly Matthew Munsee Rachel Nydegger J. Daniel Obray Rachel Rawlings Melinda Reay Jonathan Rich David Youd

Law and Society Erin Davies Jess Shawn Harrison Marina Hernandez-Leon Dustin McKnight Ayanna Morazan Erica Dawn Pound

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Elliot Scheelke Elsa Christine Schneider

Museum Studies Norian Yanet Cruz Tameraz Service Learning Scholars Jake Downs Landon Hillyard Ryan Hirschi Hannah Hodgson Elizabeth K. Sodja Sharon Lyman Kristy Meeks Evan Pool Tanner Price Jennifer Sapp Claire Warburton Hillary Webb

Preston Alder Joshua Cruzan Kirk Dial Vincent Donnelly Michael Emery Chase Hicken Tyndall Nelson Jeffrey Stenquist Austin Stott Todd Whiting Benjamin Yunker

Brady Barton Dustin Flores Katrina Bliss Zachariah Dau James Gardiner Gabriel Sharp Tanner Smart Michael Welch


HONOR GRADUATES The quality of performance in academic work enables the following to be graduates with distinction. Those who have met the residence requirement and have maintained a grade point average of 3.95 to 4.00 are graduated Summa Cum Laude; those whose average is 3.80 to 3.949, Magna Cum Laude; and those whose average is 3.50 to 3.799, Cum Laude. High Honors and Honors apply to those receiving Associate's Degrees or Certificates. Those who have maintained a grade point average of 3.75 to 4.00 are graduated with High Honors; those whose average is 3.5 to 3.749, Honors.

SUMMA CUM LAUDE Abrahms, Carri Lyn Anderegg, Renee Andrews, Sonya Padgett Apuli, Chad Michael Asencio-Acevedo, Ivanisse Coraly Ayers, Melissa Marie Bailey, Alysse Baker, Jessica Marie Barclay, Dakota Brooke Barrow, Joshua Michael Barton, Brady Mitchel Barton, Rhett R Bates, Amy Nicole Bedingfield, Shayna Kay Berrett, Ashley Billings, Kathryn Therese Blackmore, Janette Bly, Cheryl Anne Boden, Tanner James Bond, Mallory Bosshardt, Samantha Jo Bowles, Marti C Brady, Alyssa Morgan Brady, Michelle Leigh Brown, Ginny Lynd Brown, Keshia J Burgess, LaCretia June Burov, Heather Bushnell, Justin K Butterfield, Zackary Lance Bybee, Taylor Chad Calicchia, Sara E Callaway, Charlotte Lynn Cardenas, Christina Lauren Christensen, Aubrynn Kate Christensen, Ellen Adele Clawson, McKenzie S Cline, Jaclyn LeAnn Colvin, Danielle Aleece Cook, Paige Blackburn Cordis, Kari Marie Cottrell, Quinn Kris Creager, Amy Ann Creech, Kimberlee Cross, Jenette Lee


De Filippis, Michael Antony De Leon, Lisa Camille De Smidt, Lauren Murphy Dietrich, Nicole Gummow Dilg, Rebecca Ann Dimalanta, Karel Delfin DiPippo, Veronica Frances Duersch, Maggie Taylor Edwards, Seanna Marie Edwards, Tesha Ann Enclade, Hillary Xanthe Essig, Alexandra Fabricius, Devin William Fife, Allison Ruth Finley, Cory Fox, Nathan Robert Fullmer, Sydnee Dyan Gage, David Charles Garlich, Alicia Paxman Gerstner, Ryan Scott Gibbons, Ren James Gillentine, Deborah Renee Gines, Ana-Maria Joana Gonzalez, Megan Josephine Goodlander, Sandra Renee Gordon, Madison Elise Graham, Nadine Hall, Kristin N Halverson, Karson David Hansen, Kallie Hansen, Sheriden Moon Hanton, Justin Marcus Haslam, Andrea Hastings, Craig A Hawryluk, Rebecca Jean Hayden, Candace Marie Heaps, Jasilyn McKay Hobbs, Mark Edward Hoffman, Daniel Wayne Holmes, Emily Anne Homan, Natalie Hopkins, Mark R Humphreys, Amy Lynn Hunt, Phillip Spencer Ikehara, Nancy Noriko Jacobsen, Jared Jenkins, Taylor Michelle

Jensen, Jane Elizabeth Jessop, Terry Carson John. Cornelia Ann Johnson, David Vere Johnson, Kaylee Britton Jones, Mone' Christensen Jorgensen, Elizabeth Kay Joyce, Maria Theresa Karegeannes, Kyra Jean Kendal, Dermot Patrick Kennedy, Kevin Scott Kilmer, Haley Kim, Annie Jin Klein, Eric Slater Lambert, Megan Lynne Leal, Shannon Noelle Lee, Brian Lightbourn, Sophia Lindley, Carson Beau Lubowicz, Megan Elizabeth Lyman, Sharon MacDonald, Erin Charlotte Madsen, Cameron D Margala, Michal Lorraine Marinoni, Carla Patricia Mason, Sara Kathleen Maxwell, Carly Colleen McDonough, Eric Wayne McGannon, Elizabeth McKee, Kelsey L McKenna, Kyle Glenn Mewborn, Melissa Miller, Alison Emily Mlikota, Selma Montoya, Cory Lynn Moorehead, Wendy Elaine Morrison, Ashley Brooke Mott, Rebecca Murphy, Diane Dawn Nelson, Kathleen Karen Netzley, Susan M Niebergall, Alyssa Nielsen, Brianne Noorda, Steven Lawrence Norian, Ashley Michelle O'Donovan, Lindsey Anne Oliver, Mary Lee

Olson, Jennifer Morgan Ortiz, Jennifer Arlene Osborn, Allison Ovard, Gina Sue Pabst, Mackenzie Paget, Mickensi Parker, Taylor Allen Eugene Parry, Erin Pearce, Tara Petersen, Haley Marie Peterson, Heidi Jo Pfost, Michelle Phillips, Brittney Nicole Phillips, Samantha Lyn Poppitz, Bridget Michelle Pound, Benjamin Arnell Rackley, Cathleen Leah Rawlings, Rachel Ann Rawlins, Wesley William Rayburn, Carlyn Reed, Deborah Regacho, Ingrid Reimer, Janet Louise Rich, Jonathan Clark Robinson, Sara Jean Rodriguez, Federico Carlos Romero, Sarah Jane Rush, Hannah Arlene Russon, Hannah Joy Salas-McCarty, Helen Schoenefeld, Erica Glazier Seaby, Candace Michelle Shelton, Rachel Ann Shirley, Starshine Margarita Simister, Marilyn C Singleton, Jeannette Smith, Colleen A Smith, Elinor LaRee Snyder, Samantha Marie Sondrup, Samantha M Soule, Tahnee N Spackman, Jesse Mark Spence, Austin Reid Spielmaker, Amy K Stewart, Cami Wilde Stewart, Tyce Alden Stillman, Kelsey Louise Stosich, Karee Lynn Summers, Natasha Lynn Tanner, Tevyn E Taylor, Erika Taylor, Jenica Leigh Thornton, Stacey Anne Tran, Chatasha Travelstead, Celeste Diane Tufford, Christina Estelle

Ulibarri, Melinda Ann Vasquez, Amanda Katherine Vosper, Theresa Lee Voye, Julia A Wadsworth, Natalie VeRee Ward, Chase Hansen Warenski, Shannondoah Warsinske, Alice Marilyn Weight, Jennifer Bell West, Gabriel William Wigington, Rebekah Marie Wilburn, Jennifer Ann Wilson, Shonesia Marie Woodard, Celeste Dianne Woodings, Marlene Elizabeth Wynn, Camille Jane Yi, Gloria Younsoo Zombola, Jennifer Lynn Zurcher, Crystal Rupp


Abbott, Ethan Jay Acord, Shanna Lee Adams, Lacey Angel Adams, Rachel Elizabeth Adams, Sharon Renee Ahlin, Makelle Allen, Brieanna Kalie Allen, Dashielle Mortensen Allen,Lena Aller, Madeline Alley, Elizabeth Allred, Brandi Jensen Allred, Isaac John Andersen, Laura Jean Andersen, Mercedes Eleena Anderson, Ashley Aletha Anderson, Megan Don Anderson-Beames, Pauleen J Andreasen, Kyle Don Asay, Madison A Ashcraft, Mark Allred Atherton, Amy Averett, Jason Sanders Backus, Pandi Joell Baker, Edye Deloa Balcacer Manzano, Alfredo De Jesus Ballam, Jordan H Barrett, Bonnie Grace Bassett, Laura Bassett, Lauren Ann Baucom, Kaela Paige Bawden, Rachael Nicole Baxter, Kiersti Lynn

Bean, Katelyn Bedingfield, Sean Kyle Behunin, Terek Ashton Berlage, Julia Noelle Bernard, Susan M Berry, Jami Brookes Beukers, James Robert Bian, Zhuolin Bierman, Tasha Anne Bing, Tucker L Bonar, Blake Wesley Borg, Joseph Dale Bosshardt, Wendy Bradford, Madison Brewer, Cassandra Sue Briggs, Michelle Lyn Brooks, SaRene Brown, Benjamin Ryan Brown, Caitlyn Sage Brunsvik, April Michelle Bryan, Hayley Jan Buentello, Tatiana Buhler, Megan Bullock, Lindsey Mickelsen Burrows, Samantha Jeanne Busey, Blake Eldon Bushman, Brittani Butler, Abraham Lucien Butler, Jessica Von Butterfield, Jacob B Bybee, Erin Catherine Cable, Jacob Dale Cai,Xi Callison, Katherine Callister, Kelsi Barbara Campbell, Alexandria Hayden Cannon, Emily Ann Canonico, Allyson Rae Carlsen, Ryan Wayne Carter, Kyle Ryan Cassidy, Jennifer Elyse Chamblee, Sharla Snider Champlin, Spencer Don Chan, Elaine Sue Christensen, Chaylynn Mae Christensen, Dallin Val Christensen, Jacob M Christensen, Kelli Dawn Christensen, Thomas Ray Christensen, Zachary Charles Church, Stacy Dawn Clark, Kadie Michelle Clark, Kelly Anne Clark, Rashel Lee Clarke, Megan Elaine Clayburn, Marianne Evans


Cockey, Sarah Elizabeth Colton, Rebecca Ann Compton, Nicole Diane Cook, Cameron Dean Cook, Jordin Nicole Cook Hitch, Cheryl Lynne Cooper, Erica Corbridge, Dillon Paul Cortez, Sarah Melissa Cox, Justin Neil Cox, Trudy Allred Cranney, Skye T Crockett, Mariah Kathleen Crosbie, Riley Stevens Cummings, Paisley Rose Dalebout, Tarah Leann Damele, Deanna Marie Davila, Christina Davis, Brynne Deakin, Douglas Duane Decker, Nicholas Payne DeFriez, Joshua Gregg DeVilbiss, Ethan Andrew Diamond, Jessica Anne Dickman, Bethany Breeann Dillard, Cassandra Skyway Dirk, Brian Lorne Dischner, Patricia M. Dixon, Deanna Lee Dokhoyan, Lusine Downs, Kade R Dressman, Michael Keith Duke, Wendy Lee Dunn, Daniel D Dyer, Holly Sue Egan, Merit Daniel Eldredge, LuJean Elliott, Mark Robert Ellis, Jonathan Hart Ellis, Kalley Nicole Ellis, Shawnee Elwood, Lindsie Elizabeth Esplin, Bruce W Estrada, Megan Aleen Evans, Diana Eyre, Daniel Butler Fairbourn, Evan James Farr, Brooke Johnson Faustino, Melanie Ann Fernelius, Clint Hayes Fertig, Sarah Kathryn Field, Tyson Lindsey Fife, Andrea Caroline Finlayson, Dylan James Finlinson, Ariel Serrell Folkman, Caitlyn Chandler


Powers, Korbie Fowles, Kaycee Hatch Frampton, Emily Sue Francis, Brad James Frank, Lorelle Jeanne Freebairn, Adam Joseph Froz, Guity Fry, Jedediah Micah Fullmer, Adam Jeffrey Funtanilla, Joel Gabriel Gallagher, Megan Christopher Gardner, Paige T Garrard, Melanie Getz, Megan Marie Gibb, Amanda Sue Gittins, Gregory Bruce Gledhill, Katelyn Jane Godfrey, Tanner Cole Griffin, Elyssa Francine Gubler, Mark Donald Halgren, Sarah Elizabeth Hall, Megan Halling, Alexis Halloran, Amanda £line Hamberlin, Salena Hanny, Austin Mitchel Grant Hansen, Charee Hardman, Kori E Hardman, Rebecca Yvonne Harmon, Jill Harris, Erin Michelle Harris, Jacob Eli Harris, Jenifer Connie Harris, Kyle Lucas Hart, Elizabeth Ariel Haslam, Niccole Leigh Hathaway, Delanie Hays, Hillary Blythe Heaps, Christopher Nyle Heaton, Candice L Hedin, Addison Henricksen, Kristiann Hepburn, David Stewart Boswell Hernandez, Alexandra Higham, Charles Tanner Hill, Heather Marie Hill, Josey Lyn Hilton, Jordan Reid Hirschi, Ryan Shane Hobbs, Jocelyn Renae Hocanson, Molly M Holladay, Aaron C Holladay, Rachel Holyoak, Derek Lovell Homan, Diane Cathryn Horne, Erik Kevin

Hortin, Cristina Hortin, Joshua Michael Houston, Emily Howard, Bailey Howell, Katherine Palmer Hudson, Samuel Duke Hughes, Halle Imran, Aazeen Ingalls, Teresa Lynn Isaacson, Kyle Jeffrey Israelsen, Nathan D Ivory, Korinne Nicolle Izatt, Andrew Dana Jacobsen, Makelle Jarvis, Jeremy Wilson Jennings, Melissa Marie Jensen, Joseph Morgan Jensen, Nore!! Kirsten Jensen, Patricia Smith Jensen, Savannah Marie Johansen, Noelle Brianne John, Alyssa Marie Johnson, Alisha Jenai Johnson, Alyssa Danielle Johnson, Jalynn Johnson, Katherine Ena Johnson, Kylie Brea Johnson, Nephi Ross Johnson, Rauni Arlene Johnson, Travis Bingham Jonas, Justin Ronald Jorgensen, Misty Dawn Jorgensen, Whitney Judd, Jaci Judd, Matthew Stirling Julian, Jennifer Marie Kadera, Kathleen Jane Ke, Yiling Kidd, Jonathan Mckitrick Kimball, Ryan Samuel King, Jori Savannah Kinjo, Tomomitsu Kisner, Angelica H Knudsen, Melissa Campbell Lancaster, Jessica Lee Larsen, Bryce Larsen, Lindsay Ruth Larsen, Shay C Lasson, Dylan Kay Leavitt, Chase Barton Leavitt, Logan Richard Lee, Christopher Jerold Leung, Mei Mei Lewis, Maggie Jane Liechty, Caitlyn Rose Lindley, Sheii K

Litchford, Wendy Michelle Loaiza, Andrew Manuel Long, Mckenzie Loomis, Amy Nicole Loveless, Cherylee Lowder, Camille Dawn Mackenzie, Derek Alan Madden, Mackenzie Nicole Madsen, Jorgen Peter Martineau, Nicole Suzanne McCauley, Jessica Rae McCombs, Kimberly Jo McKinney, Leslie Ann McRory, Jenna Marie McRory, Shawn David Meeks, Kristy L Mendenhall, Emeline Everitt Messick, Caitlin May Metzger, Sara Christine Meyerhoffer, Ronald S Miles, Matthew Gary Miller, Evan D Miller, Katelyn Rozella Mills, Dusty Christine Mills, Trevor Brian Millsap, Saige Miskin, Aaron Taylor Mitton, Stephen LeRoy Montgomery, Deyette Montgomery, Duren Gene Moore, Kristina Marie Moore, Russell Aaron Morazan, Ayanna Maria Morgan, Alexis Jenson Morgan, Sarah Elizabeth Moughamian, James Matthew Mouritsen, Brandy Dawn Moustafa, Hadeal Murdock, Marcus Lee Murie, Madison Nef, Jeremy Kent Nelson, Erica Mary Nelson, Kelsey Caroline Nelson, Kirsten Nelson, Wendy Lynn Nestegard, Nathan Jerry Nicholas, Shalissa Niebergall, Megan Marie Nielsen, Kaylee Alyse Nielson, Bethany Nieuwlandt, Kimberly Christine Noble, Mariah Nolte, Chloe Angela Nydegger, Rachel Kim Oakden, Riley G Obi Shaaim Maa, Sen Mett

Oborn, Sara Marie Ohotto, Natalie Rose Oshiro, Aimi Pamela Palmer, Benjamin Douglas Palmer, Sasha Ann Park, Jessica Nicole Park,Morgan Van Parker, Kelsey Ann Parker, Landon Pare! Patterson, Jessica Denele Payne, Aubree Anna Paynter, Lacey M Perkes, Jordan Tyler Peterson, Amanda Pett, Kyle Michael Pett, Logan Robert Plaizier, Christina Alicia Pluim, Esther Klaaske Porter, Amy Nichole Price, Jared McKay Pugh, Courtney Elizabeth Purser, Annelise Rasmussen, Barbara Backman Rasmussen, Katie Callister Rasmussen, Mitchell Thomas Rasmussen, Tyler J Raymond, Joslynne Brianne Redlin, Erika Dawn Reidhead, Alyssa Shaelyn Reidhead, Nathan Parker Remund, Colton Glen Rencher, Amber Jo Reyna-Provencio, Renee Reynolds, Holly Stimmler Reynolds, Jamie Rhodes, Jake Slater Riding, Autumn Jannette Ritchie, David Todd Robbins, Wayne Sheri Roberts, Steven M Robinson, Randi A Rogers, Jesse Matthew Rosier, Angela Roxas, Wendy Asako Russell, Tiffany Lane Salerno, Gage Michael Sanders, Adrian Didrik Savage, Laurel Johnson Schena, Michael Luigi Schott, Nathaniel R Sheaffer, Laura Elizabeth Sheikh, Sonia Shelton, Christopher Todd Sirois, Elizabeth Jane Smart, Lindsay Ann Smith, Hadley Rebecca

Smith, Jalena Smith, Konnon Smith, Marie Smith, Trinity Nicole Snyder, Bonita Shereen Snyder, Christopher Kevin Solomon, Leah Spackman, Kyle Rex Spalding, Jamie Lee Spear, Cambri Alexis Stalworth, Sheri Stevens, Spencer James Stokes, Mckenzie Fullmer Stringham, Sarah Jenae Strong, Sarah Ford Sullivan, Katherine Lynn Swain, Katelyn Dee Swain, Tyler Earl Swainston, Kristi Tait, Elizabeth Velein Tanaka, Trisha Lynn Tarasyeva, Aleksandra Tarbet, Caroline Ann Taylor, Cree Angelica Taylor, Erin Catherine Taylor, Lindsey Johnson Taylor, Ryan David Tenney, Molly Rose Thixton, Claire Elise Thomas, Carrie Lynn Thompson, Cami Thompson, Priscilla Lyn Tigh, Jeremy Edward Tolman, Tyler James Tonks, Amber V Tripp, Tanner Michael Tuttle, Brandi Van Wagoner, Parker Bentley Vance, Crista Rasband Vance, Dylan Nicole Vanfleet, Elizabeth Vanfleet, Jacob Leslie Vargelen Woodley Jr, Elif Vincent, Teresa Nancy Brown Wade, Abigail Wagner, Klare Wagner, Rebecca Anne Ward, Jennifer Lynn Warr, Rickie Jet Warren, Neicca Marie Watson, Kalvin Reid Weber, Caitlin Eileen Westover, Austria! Whittle, Kayla T Wilde, Bradey Lee Williams, Christopher D


Williams, Luisa M Wilson, Deanna Elizabeth Wilson, Lynsey Grace Wilson, Marc A Wilson, Megan Wilson II, Christopher Aaron Wood, Tyler Brent Woodcox, Jared Harry Woodruff, Darrel Todd Woodward, Barbara Cristina Woolstenhulme, Logan B Youd, David

CUM LAUDE Abbott, Erica Abbott, Rebekah Jenae Acevedo, Danielle Adams, Lindsi Agle, Avery DeeAnn Alder, Michael Anthony Allen, Brandon Kyle Allen, Brendon Lawrence Allen, Jamie June Allen, Julia Laura Allen, Tanner James Allred, Keera BreAnn Allred, Rachelle Ellen Allred, Ryan Jay Allred, Sarah Elizabeth Amely, Thomas David Anaya-Gonzalez, Debra Anderberg, Morgan M Anderson, Aaron Allan Anderson, Anna Lee Anderson, Emily Jean Anderson, Joy Ella Anderson, Kelsey Ann Anderson, Kurtis Scott Anderson, Lisa Young Anderson, Mitchel Ryan Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Andreasen, Luke Clifford Angeli, Misty Anne Aoki, Kolby Thatcher Armstrong, Megan A Armstrong, Rachel D Arnold, Gracie LeeAnn Arnold, Justin Darren Ashby, Brittani Kaye Ashcroft, Emily Aste, Jordan Elizabeth Astle, Koriana Elizabeth Attwood, Cheryl Atwood, Avery Camille

Audd, Alyssa Marie Bagley, Colin McKay Baker, Lisa Ara Baker, Logan C Baldwin, Andrea Jean Baletka, Jennifer Lynn Balls, Colby Dell Balls, Misty Dawn Bank, Leslie Lynn Barker, Alex Raymond Barker, Jo Anne Maureen Barkle, Fredrick Lucas Barkley, Lorilei Isabel Barnes, Justin Eugene Barnett, Nicole Barson, Joshua T Bartholomew, Jacob Leon Bartholomew, Natalie Bass, Sean P Batty, Dain Tyson Bauer, Alyssa Kristene Baxter, Taylor Brynn Bayles, Kirsten Julianna Bean, Taylor Wayne Beckstead, Taylee Alice Beirne, Samantha A Bell, Chaelianne Belnap, Camille B Belnap, Shandee Bennett, Amber Lee Bennett, Jessica Anne Beorchia, Maury S Bingham, Michelle Bishop, Hailey Bishop, Michael 0 Bixler, Joel Andrew Black, Jordan Michael Blad, Brittney Nadine Blad, Jade A Blair, Daniel Bruce Blaisdell, Bethany Blakely, Cole D Bodily, Brianna Bodily, Jared Paul Bosshardt, Davina Lei Bou, Emiliano Boudrero, Dustin A Bown, Brooke Tolman Box, Matthew James Boyance, Bianca Boyko, Kayleb Boyle, Chenese Braegger, Britney Marie Braithwaite, Hope Brandley, Jordan Michael Braucht, Joanna Ruth

Brenay, Sarah Brenchley, Reed J Brereton, Ryan Burgoyne Bringhurst, Heidi Noel Brinkerhoff, Coylene Sonja Brown, Alexandra R Brown, Devin Michael Brown, Emily Marie Brown, Jason Scott Brown, Michael J Brown, Neil Jordan Brown, Patrick Gerald Brown, Riley Evan Brown, Robert Wayne Browning, Cynthia Joy Buckwalter, Gina M Buhrley, Blake Ronald Bulloch, McCall Burke, Diann Louise Bury, Cynthia Marie Butler, Braden Scott Butterfield, James Ammon Butterfield, Shalice Ann Butterfield, Sierra Cahoon, Caprice Christensen Call, Logan Dean Call, Thomas Ross Cannon, Anna Hustedt Cannon, Brendan Taz Cannon, Kimberly Joy Capener, Bradon Lee Capilouto, Alexis Davida Cardon, Marianna I Carlson, Tina Rebecca Carreno, Luz Maria Casey, Alex Donald Castle, Michael Scott Catalino Quinones, Steven Miguel Cato, Elizabeth Challis, Mariah Chamberlain, Laurie Lynne Chambliss, Alyssa Gayle Chen, Congyun Chesnut, Stephanie Chidester, Justin Richard Choy, Erica Christensen, Bonnie Mae Christensen, Carlie Ann Christensen, Dustin Von Christensen, Jennifer Lee Christensen, Jessica Christensen, Jordan Douglas Christensen, Kirsti Christensen, Kylie Mikale Christensen, Rachel U Christensen, William Charles

Christiansen, Joanelise Verle Christiansen, Julie Ann Christiansen, Peter Joel Christianson, Chandler Christo, Kathleen Christoffersen, Megan Chung, Seonme Cisney, Heidi Kaye Clark, Jessica Marie Clark, Katelyn Rowley Clark, Steven B Clure, Jennifer N Coburn, Brennan M Cole, Alyssa Kaye Cole, Tyson J Condie, Adam Jensen Cook, Adam David Cook, Becky Wai Kuen Cook, Kasey Scott Cook, Kevin Paul Cook, Tiffani Coon, Collette Coonen, Andrew Thomas Corbell, Don Costanza, Adrianna Corynne Cowan, Stephanie Cox, Callista Jaynie Cox, Chaundra Louise Cox, Jody D Cox, Levi Steven Coy, Tyler K Crail, Stephanie Crane, Marci Crane, Morgan Marie Cranney, Garrett Val Crapo, Madisen Mae Crossette, Nicholas Crowther, Deserey Crudele, Denver Thomas Cruz Tamarez, Norian Yanet Cruzan, Joshua Ted Daines, Corey Roy Daines, Joanna Dance, Tanner Tessmer Darrington, Cody Kenneth Davidson, Ailina Smith Davis, Bailey Jane Davis, Harmony Davis, Scott Michael Debry, Britney Lynn D'Elia, Giancarlo Antonio Deters, Tyson Jeff Dexter, Angela Diamond, Bradley Michael Dibb, Kylie Dickman, Jeffrey Steven

Dietrich, Benjamin Tyson Dietrich, Justin R Ditto, Matthew Thomas Dixon, Brian Wayne Dobson, Nicole Allyse Donaldson, Anna M Douglass, Mckadee Marie Downs, Dylan Virginia Downs, Jacob Dee Doxey, Makae Draper, Genevieve Draper, Heather Draper, Neil I Duarte, Shari Mitzi Dudley, Ryan Scott Duree, Travis James Dursteler, Saesha Diane Echavarria, Katie A Eckman, David J Edens, Katrina Anne Edwards, Kristalyn Elder, Wesley D Ellingson, Elizabeth Ann Ellison, Seth J Elmer, Andrew Richard Elwood, Kambria Embleton, Katherine Rose Emery, Michael Morrell Engelby, Andrew James Ercanbrack, Shelbi Lynn Erickson, Robert James Erni, Chantelle Esquer Heredia, Hector Jose Evans, Mckell Fagnant, Lauren Elizabeth Farnsworth, Olga Sergeyeuna Fecowycz, William Rhone Feitz, Alex Joseph Fenton, Timothy D Ferro, Teresa Lynn Fife, Tony Scott Fillmore, Leah Kamille Finch, Katelyn Ann Fish, Karli Ann Fisher, Dexter David Flaherty, David James Flannery, Cathie Flannery, Shanae Kara Flecha, Chloe Alexandra Fleming, Austin D Fletcher, Sarah Dawn Flint, Chelsea Anna Florang, Robert Flynn, Conor Kelly Folkman, Marshall Ottosen Follett, Spencer Curtis

Fonnesbeck, Trel Troy Force, Samuel Ammon McFern Ford, Preston Lee Fotheringham, Brianne Amanda Foust, Nickolas Ryan Fowles, Ashley Brianne Freeman, Morgan Tani Lynch Freitas, Leslie Fry, Sarah Louise Galindo, Linda Alejandrina Galloway, Bobi J Gao, Yuan Garcia, Carmen Kasandra Ruth Gardner, Brandon John Gardner, Nicole J Garff, Blake Leland Garvin, Kayli Chambers Gebre, Makda Solomon Geddes, John T Gillaspy, Kristen Lynn Gillins, Sarah Aubrey Gines, Halee Dora Goaslind, Mallory Godfrey, Mosiah Joseph Godfrey, Steven D Gonzales, Paula R Good, Nicole Dawn Goodell, Kali Gorin, Livia Innes Grant, Andrea Taylor Grayson, Kieryae Green, Elias Sean Green, Katelyn Greenfield, Sydney Marie Greenwell, Joshua Ross Greenwood, Kelsi Jo Griffin, Brandon Spencer Griffiths, Aaron J Grisenti, Tyson George Groll, Bryan Paul Groll, Jessica Gudmunson, Ryan G Guiley, Carissa Nichole Gunnell, Laura T Gunnell, Sarah Elizabeth Guzman, Beatrice Haggan, Sheree Lanette Hall, Jason Ronald Halverson, Chase David Hammon, Mary Ann Hammond, Kelsey Kristine Hampton, Ashley Jean Hancock, Scott Christopher Hanks, Niccole Hansen, Alexis Jolynn Hansen, Aliandria

Hansen, Brooke Nichole Hansen, Garrett S Hansen, Janalyn B Hansen, Melissa Harding, Charles Philip Harrington, Grant Ian Harris, Andrew Michael Harris, Kara Larson Harris, Kent B Harris, Scott Sayer Harrop, Alyssa Shae Harvel, Mallorie James Harvey, Anthony Blair Harwood, Kathryn Marie Hastings, Blake William Hastings, Chase Miles Hastings, Kayla Marie Hatch, Courtney Anderson Hathaway, Amanda Hathaway, Kelly Don Hathaway, Ryan M Hauber, Ashlee A Havnes, Carly J Hawkes, Nicole Hays, Cody Robert Heal, Jeffrey David Heaton, Mindy Brooke Hefley, Charissa Heiner, Mark Call Hellstrom, Emily Helquist, Brad L Helquist, ShayLee Bell Henderson, Scott Eric Hendricks, Hannah J Hernandez, Cynthia C Hernandez-Leon, Marina Marisol Hess, Brian Howard Hewkin, JulieAnn Hicken, Camille Jean Higham, Kiri Ann Hilburn, Kathleen Elizabeth Hill, Kimberlee Hill, Linda Therese Hillyard, Jacob Roy Hillyard, Jenica Paige Hillyard, Landon Wayman Hinkson, Tiffany Marie Hirschi, Jamie R Hix, Kathleen Anne Hock, Lauryn Amber Hoddy, Clarissa Anne Hoffer, Erika Yvonne Hogge, Joshua Ryan Holgate, Calvin Riley Holmes, Tyler Jeffrey Holt, Lacie J


Hope, Mia Levanger Horner, Markell Marie Horrocks, Sidney Robert Hortin, John Charles Horton, Alexandria Deborah Hotchkiss, Belinda Houskeeper, Katrina L Howell, Sarah Elaine Hu,Xin Hu, Yifan Hudson, Rachel Ardella Hull, Austin T Hull, Kevin R Humberger, Olivia Renee Hunsaker, Jennifer Hunter, Dacia Payge Hunter, Samantha Janean Hurd, Brenda Lee Hurst, Dane C Hutchison, James Joseph Hyde, Michelle Alese Ibarra, Jessica Ibrahim, Jeehan Ingram, Caitlin Camille Ingram, Dustee Lynn Irwin, Mary Schaelling Islas, Veronica Isom, Cortney Israelsen, Kellie-jo Ivie, Wendel Tyre! Jackson, Danielle Jackson, Lisha Mikelle Jacobsen, Breanne Jacobson, Adam Michael Jacobson, Michael Colten Jafarkhani, Mesha Nicole Jairl, Kimberly Ann James, McKell Ila Jaojoco, Kathleen Ann Uy Jelmini, Erin Elizabeth Jensen, Austin Bennett Jensen, Emily Anne Jensen, Megan Sarah Jewett, Zella Ann Jewkes, Tayler Nicole Jex, Christopher Michael Johnson, Anthony Lowell Johnson, Cassie Ann Johnson, Christopher Steven Johnson, Kyle Rye Johnson, Lauren Mara Johnson, Maria Johnson, Marisa Louise Johnson, McKenzie Marie Johnson, McKinsey Maurine Crabb Johnson, Misty Moore

Johnson, Ryan Joe Johnston, Meagan Elizabeth Johnston Ayala, Nicole C Jones, Jared Michael Jones, Kiley E Jones, Michael Allen Jorgensen, Joseph M Juhala, Rebekah Ann Juhasz, Kelly Dean Jurgens, Emily Elizabeth Kane, Zachery Thomas Kantor, Shie Kapp, Katie Kearl, Teresa C Kehoe, Kenneth William Keizer Jr, Richard Allen Keller, Akira S Kendell, Shalyse Kennedy, Karlie Marie Kerns, Andrea Jo Khorshidpanah, Cindy Kidd, Daniel Taylor Kiddy, Spring Viann Kimball, Laurel Skye King, Katie Israelsen King, Kyle W King, Spencer William King, Whitney Norton Kingdon, Rebecca Lynn Kinney, Brittany Jo Kinney, Dustin Levi Kirby, Joan Marie Klomp, Austin Jeffrey Knighton, Christy M Knudsen, Alma James Knudsen, Jonathan Darius Kong, Jing Kranendonk, Emily Kunz, Trevor D Kutbi, Hebah Alawi Lambert, Eryn Lambert, Ryan James Lamborn, Parker John Laneri, Steven Scott Laney, Samantha Beverly Langston, Mandy Larsen, Brooke Elizabeth Larsen, Cami Marie Larsen, Cooper P Larsen, Rebecca Ann Larsen, Riley L Larson, Curtis Guy Larson, Zachary Richard Latislaw, Jake Ryan Laughbon, Dyjana E Law, Dayton Dee

Law, Loryn Elaine Lawanto, Stephanie Odelia Lawson, Kylie Maria LeBeau, Jennifer Lee Lee, Audrey Anne Lee, Lindsey Lee, Marvee Legg, Tiffanie Lauren Lemon, Meghan Elaine Lemon, Sarah Elizabeth Levitt, Katherine Voilet Levkoff, Phillip Lewis, Abigail Lewis, Tyler Lee Li, Qiuhui Li, Qiuyue Lindhardt, Tyson Jeffery Lindsey, Madeline Mary Liu, Yichen Livingston, Tyler Glen Lloyd, Keisha Alyse Lo, Wing Hong Louis Loader, Ryan Scott Lockwood, Diana Nichole Love, Shacy Leigh Lovelady, Nathaniel Kyrum Lowe, Mathew Allan Lowery, Joshua David Luebke, Michael Alan Lundberg, Whitney Marie Lundgreen, Jeffrey Dana Lunt, Susan Dawn Lutz, Cody John Lynn, Megan Marie Lyon Jr, Jerry William Madden, Alexandria Noelle Madsen, Michael Earl Mangum, Cathy Larene Mann, Kevin Richard Mann, Micail Manning, Craig James Manning, Jessica Anne Mansanarez, Duane John Mansell, Rachael Ann Marchant, Kaitlyn Marsaw, Alexander Roy Marshall, Amber K Martin, Christina Ellis Martineau, Ryan Jensen Mascarenas, Traci D Mattingly, Mckay Stevens Maw, Jaden Clark Maxfield, Haley Ence Maxfield, Jill Maxfield, Russell Scott May, Sadie J

McCrorey, Amanda Leigh McCurdy, Anna Lyn Mcllrath, Meredith McIntyre, Sherri Wheeler McKee, Emily Mckeever, Sarah McKell, Heather Louise McKnight, Dianna McQuivey, Yvonne J Mecham, Abby Lee Medina, Rhiana Noel Meline, Kaitlin N Merrill, Seth Martin Meyers, Kristen Ashley Michaelis, Teri Nanette Coon Mick, Katrina Migliori, Kensie Lee Milar, Holly Christine Millar, Kathleen Elizabeth Miller, Ali Mace Miller, Natalie Rose Miller, Rachel Mills, Amy Linett Moffet, Kyle A Monnett, Kendall Monteza Farfan, Monica Liliana Montgomery, Alek M Montgomery, Nathan L Montoya, Mary Frances Moore, Katherine Aileen Moore, Krista Moore, Madison Mary Moreno, Idulvina Morgan, Christina Marie Morgart, Jonnie Rebecca Morrical, Keeley S Morrill, Jarrett Logan Morrison, Abigail Marie Mortensen, Kristie Ann Mortimer, Michelle Moss, Kenan Gonen Mugleston, Andrew David Munsee, Matthew Lee Munson, Tracey Nicole Murdock, Katherine Elise Muribrook, Megan Kay Murphy, Taylour A Murray, Zinna D Mutua, Lilian Syokau Naisbitt, Kyle C Nance, Pearl Naumann, Melanie Neilson Neal, Hannah Needham, Nathan Joseph Neeley, Danielle Alexia Neff, Jessica Amber

Neilson, Rachel Ann Anderson Nelson, Alexa Leigh elson, Ariel icole Nelson, Elizabeth Renae Nelson, Heather Ann Nelson, Janea Vicki Nelson, Sarah M Neves, Paige Irma Newman, Jacob Randy Newman, Kristina Marie Newton, Hillary Ng, Chun Kwan Nie, Xinming Nielsen II, Jeffrey Edward Nielson, Logan Taylor Nilsen, Tracey Parker Noorda, Mckyla Julie Norman, Heather Ann Nuttall, Kylee Nicole Nyman, Larissa Bingham Obray, James Daniel O'Brien, Jessica Raaum Okabe, Kan Oldroyd, Anna Kristine Olsen, Bree Anne Olsen, Jordyn McCall Olsen, Kendall E L Olsen, Marisa Allen Olsen, Sarah Ann Olsen, Savanah Elisa O'Neal, Charles Jordan Onkes, Mitchell Ortiz, Cory James O'Shura, David Austin Otterby, Dawn Michelle Owens, Heather Shelley Ozmun, Kyle Hale Page, Melissa Palmer, Breanne Pambianco, Dan Michael Parker, David Spencer Parker, Shelby Nicole Parrish, Karli Reveau Passey, Emily Grace Patch, David Bradley Patterson, Timothy Daniel Patton, Shayna Marie Paxman, Bailey D Payne, Kasandra Lynn Payne, Nelson David Perez, Brenda Petereit, Teralin A Petersen, Adam Ray Petersen, Shaoling Theresa Peterson, Evan Kurt Peterson, Lisa Marie


Peterson, Shanna Pevey, Minden Le Phillips, Jenelle Alice Phillips, Saren Pickering, Cody Kim Pieper, Mark Andrew Pitt, Michelle Platt, Robert Tyler Pontsler, Jefferson Aaron Pope, John Michael Porter, Elizabeth K Potter, Landon Kyle Potter, Riley Grant Poulsen, Gerald Parker Powell, Jedd Castleton Pratt, Kimberly A Pratt, Megan L Prescott, Karly Prettyman, Elizabeth Davis Pridgen, Jennifer Probst, Kiana Pugmire, Emmalynn Purser, Paul Chadwick Pyle, Carol Livingston Qiu, Yuqing Ransom, Christopher Corey Rasmussen, Kristal Dawn Rasmussen, Kyle Bruce Rasmussen, Matthew Hans Rawlins, Kim Susan Ray, Kelsey Raymond, Bonnie Pyper Reagor Smith, Kristen Susanne Reay, Melinda Paige Redmon, Caitlyn Jimyl Reeves, Samantha Florence Rice, Marlen Craig Rich, Judd Ross Rich, Samantha Jasmine Richards, Courtney Grace Richards, Lisa Laurel Richardson, Brianne Richardson, Candie Marie Richardson, Jake Edward Richardson, Krystal Ann Rigby, Tamara Ringle, Andrew D Rios, Vaughan F Roach, Kyle Walker Robbins, Kylie Ann Roberts, Emilee Jane Roberts, Marisha Roberts, Melanie C Robertshaw, Stefan M Robinson, Chelsey Rogers, Marshall Steven


Roose, Jennifer L Ross, Ashlee Jean Rounds, Jenna L Roy, Stephanie Ann Ruben, Nathan E Rupp, Jordan Craig Rutgers, Jeanne Ryan, Shiree Mclff Salas, Eric Joseph Saleh, Adel Qaed Sanchez Cabrera, Melody Sanders, Breanne Sanders, Cherly L Sandoval, Maria Genoveva Sannes, Jerrica Santana frrnandez, Jose Ivan Sapp, Jennifer Nicole Saunders, Stephen Richard Saxton, Mikel Casey Scheelke, Elliot Rutledge Schevenius, Makena Rae Schick, Kaitlin Scott, Elizabeth Jane Searcy, Nathan Spencer Searle, Clayson Clifford Seeley, Jennifer Lynne Sessions, Kaley Shaffer, Jess Roy Shah, Ahmad Abbas Sharp, Gabriel John Shelley, Jason Don Shepherd, Luke Lawrence Shock, Matthew David Shook, Michelle Shreeve, Tamralyn Joanne Shuler, Crystal Anne Shum, Sze Yan Shumko, Julia Lee Siddoway, Gage Michael Silcott, Christina M Silcox, Austin John Silos, Martha Lynette Simmons, Jaycee Lynn Simmons, Lindsay Carlea Singh, Cynthia A Skarzynski, Monica Charlotte Skidmore, Tymon Jay Skidmore, Van Claine Skinner, Brian Lee Slade, Emily Stewart-Cook Slatter, Sara Nichole Smart, Quinn Michael Smedley, Jessica Leeann Smith, Dana Marie Smith, Jaron Russell Smith, Kailey Anne

Smith, Leslie C Smith, Molly Ann Smith, Nathan Smith, Raquel Melissa Smoot, McKinley Isaac Snider, Eileen Snijman, Matthew Cade Snook, Jerrin K Snyder, Amberley Lana Sorensen, Taylor James Sorenson, Sara Soto, Mikki Ann Spence, Andrew Jay Spencer, Kayla Spendlove, Danica Leah Sprouse, Kaitlyn M Squire, Megan Sharolyn St Amant, Brent Gerard Stapley, Katie Anne Pace Stats, Callie Kathleen Steenblik, Gail Stevens, Christina L Stewart, Aimee Elizabeth Stewart, Sommer Lee Stodart, Logan DeSiree Stowell, Katy Elaine Strain, Michael Bryan Stradinger, Nathan John Stringham, David Jace Stringham, Mariah Sun, Xuyan Sutterfield, James Nathaniel Swan, Phillip Dale Swensen, Andrew M Sylvester, Kristin L Talbot, Ariel Tang, Fangwen Tarn, Tammy Taylor, Eric David Taylor, Phillip Andrew Taylor, Samuel A Teague, Nicole Kathleen Tew, Karen Elizabeth Thatcher, Christopher John Therianos, Emil Marvin Thomas, Annie NaDean Thomas, Briana Thompson, Bayley Thompson, Colton Vear! Thompson, Megan Karen Patricia Thompson, Rachel Elaine Thomson, Jessica Ivy Thomson, Kirsten Thorpe, Chelsea Jeann Thurgood, Jenifer Jackie Thurgood, Rhen D

Tigh, Hailey Luraine Timothy, Joshua D Tirado, Alexander Tomas Toloso, Glorya Avalon Tompkins, Chanel Alexi Torres, Katie Lynn Tovar, Ibis Dumet Treadwell, Jessica Dawn Treasure, Trevor James Tueller, Tyler R Turner, Brock Daniel Tye, Kristen Janet Udy, Tarah Antonia Uttech, Katherine Michelle Van Der Walt, Marilize Van Noy, Alix James Van Wagoner, Mark Steven Vanderhorst, Carly Nichole Vanhoff, Kaitlyn Sue VanNatter, Anthony B Vassar, Sarah Kathleen Veater, Raddison Mark VonNiederhausern, Cindie Vonniederhausern, Hans William Wagner, Amy Elizabeth Waldron, Colton Blair Walker, Heather Alyce Wall, Kelsie Wall, Nicholas Jason Wallace, Jessica Christianne Wallentine, McKena Dee Wanberg, Jenni Ann Wang, Shuaiqun Wang, Yuhan Wangsgard, Ryan Warburton, Jacklyn Claire Warburton, Michael Jeffrey Ward, Amber Colleen Ward, Sherissa Ann Ware, David Anderse Warren, Chaleesa K Waterlyn, Calyn Rachael Watson, Andrea Jeannine Webb, Hilary A Wei, Xiaozhe Weigand, Kecia Lynette Weight, Heather Wertman, Shannon Vergene West, Gwenlynn Lucille West, Jarom Darrell West, Mckenzie Christine Whicker, John Joseph Whitaker, Mackenzie Brown White, Nathan James Wigglesworth, Derek Okujiro Wilde, Judy S

Wilkins, Heidi Colleen Wilkins, Jessica Lyn Willden, Trisha Willey, Caitlin Williams, Christopher Leigh Williams, Lea Patton Williams, Terry Matthew Willis, DebraLee Willis, Emily Barbara Wilson, Chelsea Jensen Winger, Lindsay Nichole Winn, Michelle Amanda Winn, Nicholas William Winn, Sheri Ann Woehle, Brittany Wood, Jason Alan Wood, Tracie M Woodard, Makenzie Sue Woodward, Braque! Work, Carston Peter Wortley, Cason James Wyatt, Bailey Jane Xue, Ying Yardley, Krista Yates, Bryce James Yee, Lauren W Young, Michelle Dawn Zent, Camille Elizabeth Zhang, Cen Zhang, Xu Zhou, Peifang Zhuang, Yating

HIGH HONORS Allison, Abigail Nicole Allred, Kimra Arias, Melissa Lizeth Bailey, Traci Banks, Erin Emery Banner, Tyson K Barlow, Brian James Barlow, Kacy Wolfe Barrus, Patrick Kent Bealer, Alayna Jean Bell, Kellen Carson Bentall, Ryan Oliver Bird, Alexander James Black, Jacob Leland Bouwhuis, Justin Larry Brandley, Rachel Joy Brimhall, Libby Brinkerhoff, Tyson James Brown, Megan Sonntag Carlisle, Erin L

Carman, Alton Jonathan Cash, Tyler Ray Chamberlain, Kassidy Rose Christensen, Sarah Ann Christiansen, Samuel Paul Christy, Mckenna Anne Clark, Camille Clark, Dakota Rylie Connary, Shalese Marie Cox, Briah Shalyse Cox, Brian J Cox, Justin M Crossley, Tate C Crump, Jacob K Curry, Bailey Dayley, Melissa A DeMille, Keith L Dent, Sara Deters, Tyson Jeff Downs, Lauresa Annette Dudunake, Taylor John Durfee, Candice Eborn, Kayla Marie Edwards, Paxton Moses Erekson, Crystal Aileen Farber, Addison Mark Farfan, Monica Farnsworth, Amanda Jo Fowles, Kaycee Hatch Gallagher, Kristine Slaughter Geiger, Erin Marie Goff, Cayson Crane Gonzales, Julisa Goodrich, Rachel Goodwin, Katrina Lyn Grundvig, Bethany Ann S Haderlie, Maranda Lee Hammons, Moira Ann Hansen, Alynn Hansen, Hillary Sheralyn Hansen, Kaylie Nichole Hansen, Riley Rod Hansen, Sheriden Moon Hansen, Shyla Rose Harrison, Ben Kimball Hart, Celia Shae Hartley, Robert Jason Harville, Courtney Kathleen Hassell, Michael W Haymore, Natalie Erin Hemsley, Brooke J Henrie, Levi Warner Hicken, Melanie Lucille Hilton, Rachel Hopkin, Christopher Issac Horrocks, Gordon Seth

Horton, Andrew Michael Huntsman, Lexus McKayla Hutchings, Kasen Reed Hyte, Kaitlin Ashley Jackson, Kristine Lorraine Jackson, Laura L Jensen, Danika Marie Jessen, Christine Marie Jewett, Spencer Willard Joham, Kimberly A Johnson, Alicia Johnson, Danny August Johnson, Hannah Johnson, Sarah Arianne Johnson, Tracy-Ann Eirinn Jonas, Jordan Hamp Kleeb, Kaitlynn Noel Klemm, Kiera Anne Knighton, Joshua Jay Kunz, Emily Larsen, Daniel Paul Limb, Colby Lane Lincavage, Angelica Debra Macdonald, Kellie Mahoney, Brenna Donna Maxwell, Julie A May, Erin Michelle Mayes, David Rodney McGarvey, Jessica Marie McMurray, Kenna Rachel Miller, David Christian Mohler, Jennifer Nicole Molloy, Tina Morgensen, Candace Morrison, Joseph Scott Mortensen, Matilyn Kay Murphy, Mandi S Nelson, Janelle K Noall, Joanna Carol Norton, Spencer C Oldroyd, Robert K Olsen, Sarah Jane Olson, Jordyn Nicole O'Neil, Trevor L Orchard, Samuel Evans Ovard, Gina Sue Palmer, Melinda Parker, Austin Wade Paskvan, Thomas Maxwell Pedersen, Kristiane Washburn Pedersen, William Earl Petersen, Amy Petersen, Tanner Lawrence Peterson, Amy S Poffenberger, Keirstin Julie Pollmann, McKenzie Nicole

Pope, Janessa Ann Porter, Orit Powers, Alison B Prochnow, Cheridyn Marissa Pyfer, Katelin Christensen Rasmussen, Amanda Rasmussen, April Rasmussen, Brinli Ann Reed, Ryan C Rockwood, Kaitlyn Marie Rogers, Carrie Ann Rosell, Charlotte Jamaemah Roundy, Anastasia R Salmon, Candice Marie Secrist, Cody Ryan Simmonds, Matthew Dillon Skousen, Kimberly Jean Smith, Brockston Joel Smith, Cheyenne Trav Smith, Laralyn Sodja, Eric Paul Song, Gunhee Stafford, Jennifer L Stanworth, J D Sterr, Shane Troy Stewart, Kaelee Alair Stodtmeister, Paige Jolynn Tatton, Samantha Taylor, Kelly Fi1lingim Taylor, Tarah Royce Thompson, Nicole A Thurston, Caitlin Marie Toone, Carlee R Tucker, Brandon L Tucker, Nicole Marie Van Lent, Ivie Montgomery Van Noy, Marissa Jane Varela, Krysta Michelle Velasquez, Tami Wallace, Amberley Christine Wardell, Vicki Warren, Amber Nichoel Weaver, Elise Mikella Wellbaum, Randall Lee Whisenant, Jessica Whiting, Jacqueline Marie Whitlock, Chandler McRae Whittle, Kyle Christopher Whitworth, Josiah Merrill Wilkins, Madalyn Helene Winegar, Regina Winters, Connor Jack Wood, MaCail Florence Woodruff, Dixon T Woolsey, Emily Clarice Yost, Megan

Young, Derek Alan Young, Dustin Todd Young, Sandra Kay

HONORS Abrams, Shawn William Allen, Katelin Jean Anderson, Caitlin Jade Anderson, Janie! Anderson, Joshua Donel Andriushchenko, Iryna Argyle, Porter McNeil Banks, Matthew A Bee, Cheyenne Mist Bellusci, Kaytlyn Kay Belnap, Camille B Bills, Haleigh Chantelle Blackburn, Remi M Boeser, Vanessa May Bonham, Tess R Boring, Megan Michele Briggs, Madeline Kachel Broadbent, Logan Michele Browning, David Michael Bunting, Kristen Amanda Butts, Joshua S Cardall, Shelby Ann Carter, Colin Cevering, Jessica K Chowning, Alexis Lynn Christensen, Cory Michael Coleman, Lanette Monica Coles, Richard Jacob Conover, Corinne Marie Cook, Amanda Drew Corbridge, Caitlin Cunningham, Cassandra Currie, Kristen Bernadine Curtis, Jonathan David Davis, Holly Edna Day, Trisha J Dean, Jaime Lynn Delgado, Laura Lidia DeSandre, Heidi E Dokos, Peter James Douglas, Jazmine Lei Dowden, Mary Jane Downs, Dylan Virginia Draper, Jody M Dymock, Elihu Reed Eddy, Forest Rose Eggett, Mckaylee Embleton, Katherine Rose Errington, Chelsea Patricia

Etherington, Cameron Kelly Evans, Autumn Beth Evans, Danee Florin, Kortney Marie Fotheringham, Brianne Amanda Fowlks, Alyssa Anne Gale, Corey James Gordon, Amber Hardy Griffith, Lauren Ann Grover, Jesse Glen Gundersen, Sydney Hall, Ashley Henseler, Sharma Lee Herd, Jamie Susanne Hiatt, Heidi Sarinda Hicken, Matt S Ho, Ka Hong Holloway, Edward Martin Hope, Samantha Marie Horrocks, Kara Christie Huber, Erica Hunsaker, Matthew L Hurd, Andrea L Jefferies, Oak Benjamin Jenkins, Jacob Michael Jensen, Jay Kaden Jensen, Shanae Johnson, Brady Morton Jolley, Brooklyn McKenna Jones, Chelsea Leone Jones, Jared Michael Jones, Jordan E Jones, Kristi L Kayembe, Diane Ling Kelley, Marissa Anne Kirchhoefer, Kayli Rae Koller, jenny Lynn Lambert, Kristi Jill Lange, Whittney J Larkin, Arianna Larned, Elizabeth Anne Lawrence, Melissa Kroff Leavitt, Kirstie L Limb, Benjamin Blair Lindsay, Joseph Amoroso Mair, Arlene M Martineau, Elizabeth Anne Martinez, Dionna S Maughan, Marie Katherine McCuistion, Jodi McDaniel, Katelyn May McIntire, Beth B Merback, Mackenzie Rose Merkley, Rachel Ann Messerly, Brittanye N Montgomery, Jessica Lauren

Montgomery, Robert Jacob Morris, Kelcie Ann Munford, Mica Berrett Nelson, Elise Nan Nixon, Meghann Elizabeth Olsen, Anna Marie Olsen, Julie B Oman, Danielle Marie O'Pray-Nichols, Eve Earle O'Shura, David Austin Pabst, Loren C Parker, Shelby Nicole Pedersen, Kristiane Washburn Pedigo, Jacob Britt Perkes, Marcella May Petersen, Kyle R Petersen, Raquel Marie Peterson, Kaitlin Lee Petrova, Simona Reeder, Megan Ashley Roberts, Michael Gordon Robinson, Daniel Ray Rowell, Nichelle Kensie Russell, Jennifer Ruth Rutherford, Carrie L Rutledge, Jessica Lyn Searle, Elisha Beth Sellers, Richard Alton Shaw, Benjamin D Shorts, Janelle Pauline Shumway, Amanda Dene Simmons, Alicia McKell Slaugh, Ali-Shay Smith, Brandon 1 Smith, Jaron Russell Smith, Mekynzee Tame, Samantha Casey Thorson, Jessica Mecham Tryon, Alex J Tullis, Hannah Camille Villanueva, Kylee Cerila Wardle, Camille Dawn Whitney, Emily Elizabeth Wilde, Nicholas Jamie Wilhelm, Elizabeth Wilkins, Brooke K Winsor II, Richard L Wood, Anne Birgitte Wood, Chalyse Woodland, Morgan Darlene Young, Cameron Young, Chloe


CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION Names listed in the program do not constitute graduation.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES Kenneth L. White, Dean Applied Sciences, Technology and Education Abdallah, Joseph Paul, BS Abrams, Shawn William, CC Allen, Dustin Bart, BS Alien, Lena, BS Axtell, III, Jerry Lee, BS Baker, Jessica Marie, BS Barrow, Joshua Michael, BS Bowen, Benjamin Edward, BS Brady, Alyssa Morgan, BS Brown, Douglas M, BS Buhrley, Blake Ronald, BS Burgos Martinez, Osnel Josue, BS Campbell, Colby Larry, BS Capener, Joshua Richard Lawrence, AAS BS Carpenter, Jared Vincent, BS Chambliss, Alyssa Gayle, BS Chaney, Amanda Jean, BS Christensen, Skylar, BS Clark, Jessica Marie, BS Clements, Benjamin Roger, BS Cook, Nelson Daniel, BS Craig, Jacob Daniel, BS Creamer, Nicholas LaMar, BS Cronquist, Katie Lynn, BS Crouse, Kevin Scott, BS Crudele, Denver Thomas, BS Dabb, Kelly A, BS Dawson, Taylor J, BS Donnelly, Vincent Eric, BS Durrett, Kellam McCaa, BS Eldridge, James Scott, BS Estrada, Armando Jesus, BS Fife, Tony Scott, BS Flaherty, David James, BS Fletcher, Sarah Dawn, BS Gailey, Joshua A, BS Gardner, Brandon John, BS Gardner, Jennifer Ellen, BS Garrison, Kyanna S, AAS Gill, Aly Ann, BS Granata, Chance I, BS Guymon, Tyler Dale, BS Hanni, Kimberlee Sue, BS Hansen, Bradley Scott, BS


Harper, Jonathan Thomas, BS Harrop, Alyssa Shae, BS Harvey, Anthony Blair, BS Haslam, Niccole Leigh, BS Hassell, Michael W, AAS Hawkins, Chari Wanda, BS Hicks, David Misel, BS Hillyard, Devin John, BS Hull, Austin T, BS Hull, Kevin R, BS Jenkins, Taylor Michelle, BS Johnson, Jesse T, BS Judkins, Jill Marie, BS Juhasz, Kelly Dean, BS Kane, Zachery Thomas, BS Kapp, Katie, BS Kleinwaechtcr, Thomas Mike, BS Kofford, Kelly C, CC Lamborn, Chris L, AAS Landgren, Kevin Bruce, BS Latislaw, Jake Ryan, BS Luna Jr, Alfonso, BS Malan, Desiree Dawn, BS Mason, Joshuah P, BS Maualaivao, Brianna Kalolina, BS McPherson, Erica Dawn, AAS Munk, Kelly R, BS Natter, Carson, BS Nelson, Erica Mary, BS Nelson, Randall Price, BS Nicholas, Chet J, BS Nyman, Larissa Bingham, BS Okabe, Kan, BS Ortiz, Cory James, BS Otterby, Dawn Michelle, BS Owen, Daniel Wayne, BS Parker, David Spencer, BS Paxman, Bailey D, BS Peterson, Adam Kelly, BS Porter, Elizabeth K, BS Redd, Charles Travis, BS Reed, Silas, BS Reeder, Megan Ashley, AAS Rich, Willis Steven, BS Roath, Kasey Shoat, BS Robinson, Travis Trent, BS Roche, Thomas P, BS Rogers, Marshall Steven, BS Rosier, Angela, BS Schevenius, Makena Rae, BS Seeholzer, Autumn, AAS

Shaffer, Jess Roy, BS Siddoway, Ashley Dawn, AAS Simmons, Jaycee Lynn, BS Simonsen, John Robert, BS Snyder, Amberley Lana, BS Snyder, Christopher Kevin, BS Staggie, Krista Joye, AAS Steele, Monica Ann, AAS Stull, Tyler Lenard, BS Toone, William Carl, AAS Tucker, Brandon L, CC Vanderhorst, Carly Nichole, BS VanNatter, Anthony B, BS Vasquez, Sandra Milena, BS Wallentine, McKena Dee, BS Walton, Tyler Matthew, BS Warren, Chaleesa K, BS Watt, Jordan T, BS White, Jordan Grant, BS Whittington, Jeremy J, BS Whittle, Kayla T, BS Wilcox, Daniel Levon, AAS BS Winsor II, Richard L, AAS Wood, Travis Scott, BS

Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Anderson, Jordon Thomas, BS Atkinson, Jordan R, BS Barrow, Joshua Michael, BS Bates, Elizabeth Ann, BS Benson, Alyssa Marie, BS Bliss, Katrina Dawn, BS Breton Guerrero, Eric Ruben, BS Brooks, Rachel Lynn, BS Calicchia, Sara E, BS Call, Melissa Anne, BS Carlson, David Preston, BS Clegg, Seth James, BS Cox, Nicholas K, BS Crane, Marci, BS Croft, Andrew James, BS Crowton, Erika Jean, BS Crozier, Scott Lloyd, BS Davis, Haden Thomas, BS Durrant, Raegen Lee, BS Fielding, Sadie Lynn, BS Fisher, Kellan Louise, BS Fleming McCullagh, Sally J, BS Flint, Craig Garrett, BS Frewin, Aspen Melinda, BS

Fry, Sarah Louise, BS Gibb, Bryce Brinker, BS Grisenti, Tyson George, BS Hayes, William Tyler, BS Jewett, Zella Ann, BS Kinney, Dustin Levi, BS Kleinwaechter, Thomas Mike, BS Lake, Justin E, BS Langston, Mandy, BS McClimans, Rikki Ann, BS Miller, Angela Croft, BS Moody, Sean L, BS Morris, Britney Lynn, BS Nelson, Ariel Nicole, BS Newbold, Jessica C, BS Newman, Kristina Marie, BS Petersen, Jesse L, BS Peterson, Evan Kurt, BS Porter, Laura Ann, BS Pugsley, Flint Rex, BS Raddatz, Jason Douglas, BS Reed, Andrea Sara, BS Richardson, Candie Marie, BS Richardson, Raye! Sorenson, BS Richins, Kendra Shaye, BS Sansing, Bryce Everett, BS Schmidt, Nichole Leigh, BS Sharp, Jacob D, BS Siddoway, Jennifer, BS Simmons, Lindsay Carlea, BS Sornsen Fowler, Sara, BS Spackman, Casey Newell, BS Stott, Brenna T, BS Tobler, Emily Anne, BS Veater, Shanda Dean, BS Villarreal, Christopher Andrew, BS Warr, Rickie Jet, BS White, Amy Camille, BS Wilkey, Jazz Lee, BS Williams, Bridget Rae, BS Williams, Michelle Elizabeth, BS Woehlecke, Hannah Josephine, BS Wright, Ralph David, BS

Applied Economics Baldauf, David Wayne, BS Bean, Taylor Wayne, BS Beltre De La Cruz, Merinely Vanely, BA Brackett, Ruby Lee, BS Brough, Jordan Wilde, BS Dyer, Holly Sue, BS Foster, Kendell Brown, BS Hayes, Leah, BS Lutz, Cody John, BS Monnett, Kendall, BS Potter, Landon Kyle, BS Rolfe, Sam Roger, BS

Schiess, Jacob Daniel, BS Taveras Abreu, Yeudy Henry, BA Thompson, Montana Preston, BS Wageman, Dustin H., BS Westover, Austria], BS Woodward, Jessica, BS Young, Caitlin, BS

General Studies Getz, Chance Taylor, BS Hansen, Dillon R, BS Harris, Spencer Russell, BS Krause de Arruda Palmeira, Matheus, BS Krambule, Hollie Michelle, BS Kunzler, Eric Jeffrey, BS Snaza, Maxwell Swenson, BS Walker, Jessica L, BS Wardell, Hannah Marie, BS Interdisciplinary Studies Allen, Mandy Marie, BS Bird, Troy Robert, BS Brennan, Erin Elizabeth, BS Case, Austin Brett, BS Christensen, Melinda Esther Weaver, BS Engelby, Nikki Michele, BS Ewert, Kyle Lane, BS Maxfield, Laura Ann, BS Miller, Madisen, BS Nethercott, McKenzie Jo, BS Nye, Katharine Mary, BS Snider, Eileen, BS Wardle, Joshua Michael, BS Weiss, Ryan Andrew, BS Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Christiansen, Joanelise Verle, BLA Cleverly, Nike, BLA Crosson, Dana, BLA Decker, Nicholas Payne, BLA Gibby, Devon Lambert, BLA Glabau, Cara J,BLA Green, Elias Sean, BLA Gunnell, Sarah Elizabeth, BLA Hancey, Kendall James, BLA Hanks, Niccole, BLA Harris, Scott Sayer, BLA Janssen, Bradley Mark, BLA Jaramillo, Nathan K, BLA King, Seth Woolstenhulme, BLA Lindley, Carson Beau, BLA McRory, Jenna Marie, BLA Morrison, Layne Charles, BLA Peterson, Shanna, BLA

Sorensen, Abram Woodrow, BLA Taylor, Samuel A, BLA Thorpe, Rebecca, BLA Wigglesworth, Derek Okujiro, BLA

Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences Arslanian, Lena, BS Axtell, Chris Trent, BS Barlow, Clayton Scott, BS Bedingfield, Shayna Kay, BS Berrett, Ashley, BS Beus, Madeline, BS Bodily, Forrest Lee, BS Bringhurst, Heidi Noel, BS Brooks, SaRene, BS Bryan, Hayley Jan, BS Cardinal, Michael Gerard, BS Clark, Rashel Lee, BS Creech, Kimberlee, BS Fabiszak, Anna Elaine, BS Franson, Leah Katee!, BS Gardner, ToniRae, BS Gillins, Sarah Aubrey, BS Harwood, Kathryn Marie, BS Higham, Charles Tanner, BS Joiner, Nida Janise, BS Kimball, Laurel Skye, BS Kutbi, Hebah Alawi, BS Lefevre, Joshua Steven, BS Marshall, Heidi Marie, BS Marshall, Melissa A, BS Mazeika, Julie A, BS McCullam, Lauren Dawn, BS Munson, Tracey Nicole, BS Neilson, Rachel Ann Anderson, BS Nelson, Tyler James, BS Newman, Jacob Randy, BS Osborn, Allison, BS Reidhead, Alyssa Shaelyn, BS Shelton, Rachel Ann, BS Spielmaker, Amy K, BS St Amant, Brent Gerard, BS Stewart, Cami Wilde, BS Szpindor, Ethan B, BS Weight, Jennifer Bell, BS Whiting, Chelsea Lynnae, BS Wilson, Melanie Dawn, BS Yardley, Krista, BS Yates, Bryce James, BS Plants, Soils and Climate Adam, Naseem Y, AAS BS Allen, Amanda Brook, CERU Andersen, Trevis Donnie!, CERU Anderson, Brik Christopher, BS Augustine, Laura M, CERU


Barlow, Brian James, CERU Beebe, Cambria, BS Belnap, Camille B, CERU AAS Blair, Christopher H, CERU AAS Bouwhuis, Brady Michael, CERU Boyko, Kayleb, CERU Boudrero, Jeffrey L, BS Briggs, Dyke Dalan, CERU Broadbent, Juliana, BS Buhler, Megan, BS Carman, Alton Jonathan, CERU Christensen, Kade Kelly, CERU, AAS, BS Crapo, Jeremy Jeff, BS Cunningham, Lenni Knaus, AAS Dailing, Craig, BS Davidson, Ailina Smith, BS Dozier, Jefferson Coleman, AAS BS Embleton, Katherine Rose, AAS BS Ewell, Bryson J, BS Fagg, Brittany L, AAS Forest, Jennifer Shenae, BS Fowler, Jenna Eve, BS Fowles, Kaycee Hatch, AAS BS Freitas, Leslie, BS Freebairn, Adam Joseph, BS Getz, Megan Marie, BS Gonzales, Paula R, CERU Gundlach, Taylor Lee, BS Hafen, Shelbi Hill, BS Hansen, Sheriden Moon, BS Hansen, Sheriden Moon, AAS Harris, Albert Henry, BS Haskell, Christopher Jack, BS Hastings, Danielle Christine, CERU Hawks, Amanda Katrina, BS Hix, Kathleen Anne, BS Howland, Jim Moare, AAS Hubert, Benjamin A, AAS Humphrey, Thomas H, CERU Hurd, Andrea L, CERU AAS Jenkins, Brandon Scott, BS Jerome Greer, April Robin, CERU Jensen, Alexa Lunt, BS Jones, Jared Michael, BS Jones, Jared Michael, AAS Jones, Jon William, BS Keough, Jennifer Loy, BS Kidd, Landen Don, BS Kinney, Brittany Jo, CERU Koller, Jenny Lynn, CERU AAS Kunzler, Eric Jeffrey, CERU Laney, Samantha Beverly, CERU BS Lawson, Kylie Maria, BS Leavitt, Logan Richard, BS Lowder, Camille Dawn, BS Matkin, Angela Lynn, BS Meyerink, Aaron Peter, CERU


Millar, Kathleen Elizabeth, CERU Mitchell, Julia Tracy, CERU Moote, Justin Lee, CERU Naulu, Dallin Ray, CERU AAS BS Nielson, Chase Fredrick, BS Oliver, Mary Lee, CERU Olson, Jennifer Morgan, CERU O'Shura, David Austin, AAS BS Ovard, Gina Sue, CERU AAS Overson, Michael Jay, CERU AAS Page, Jacquelyn Ann, CERU Palmer, Breanne, BS Parker, Taylor Allen Eugene, BS Parslow, Bridget Tew, BS Pedersen, Kristiane Washburn, CF.RU AAS Peterson, Brian Grant, BS Pieper, Mark Andrew, BS Poole, Scott Clifford, CERU AAS Poulsen, Gerald Parker, CERU Pressley, Jesse Samuel, CERU AAS Puett, Brandon David, BS Rasmussen, Barbara Backman, CERU Rhoades, Thomas Clinton, AAS BS Robison, Jonathan Douglas, BS Sagers, Joseph K, BS Schoenefeld, Erica Glazier, CERU AAS Shelley, Jessica Margaret, BS Simister, Marilyn C, BS Singh, Cynthia A, CERU Skidmore, Alana Rebecca, BS Staker, Nathan Scott, AAS Stalworth, Sheri, CERU Steenblik, Gail, BS Sutherland, James Fisher, AAS BS Taylor, Tyler Joseph, BS Van Dyke, Emily May, CERU Van Wagoner, Mark Steven, CERU Werkhausen, Lisa, CERU AAS Whipple, Nathan Richard, BS Williams, Amalia Jane, BS Woodland, Jonathan Sylvester, BS Young, Svevolod K, BS



CraigD. JessopDean Art and Design Allen, Dashielle Mortensen, BFA Allred, Ryan Kirk, BFA Amely, Janell Angela, BFA Anderberg, Morgan M, BA Anderson, Ashley Aletha, BFA Anderson, Megan Bruner, BA Armstrong, Rachel D, BFA Ashton, Ruth Wiser, BFA

Auger, Jessica Sharon, BID Auman, Katelin Louise, BS Babbitt, Chelsea Lynn, BFA Baker, Lisa Ara, BFA Barnett, Nicole, BID Barrett, Bonnie Grace, BFA Bassett, Laura, BFA Bean, Katelyn, BFA Bekker, Tyson Rich, BID Black, Jordan Michael, BA Blackmore, Janette, BID Blakely, Courtney Dianne, BS Bradford, Madison, BFA Brenchley, Reed J, BFA Burns, Dallin Steven, BFA Calderwood, Karl Grant, BS Campos, Eduardo, BS Cannon, Lies! Anne, BS Canonico, Allyson Rae, BFA Catalino Quinones, Steven Miguel, BFA Caulford, Amy, BID Christopherson, William David, BS Chung, Seonme, BID Clark, Loren Jay, BFA Cole, Tyson J, BFA Costanza, Adrianna Corynne, BID Cruz Tamarez, Norian Yanet, BFA Davis, Benjamin Mark, BFA Dodd, Madeline, BS Ernst, Shannara Marie, BFA Farr, Brooke Johnson, BFA Findlay, Brandon Graham, BFA Fox, Carolynne, BFA Fuller, Maren Anne, BFA Gallagher, Megan Christopher, BS Gardner, Paige T, BFA Geddes, Victoria, BS Grish, Paul Theodore, BS Hall, Makenzie, BS Hansen, Charee, BID Harman, Alisha Allison, BID Harmon, Jill, BID Hart, Elizabeth Ariel, BFA Hart, Samantha Kaye, BID Hellstrom, Emily, BFA Higham, Kiri Ann, BS Holladay, Rachel, BFA Houskeeper, Katrina L, BFA Hudson, Rachel Ardella, BFA Jensen, Aubrey Lynn, BFA Jensen, Chelsea L, BFA Jensen, Savannah Marie, BFA Johansen, Kristin Lynn, BFA Jolley, Ashley Marie, BS King, Kamisha Faye, BS Lambert, Eryn, BID Lamborn, Parker John, BID

Lankford, Rachel Elizabeth, BFA Larsen, Jonathan Jacob, BFA Lasson, Dylan Kay, BFA Law, Loryn Elaine, BS Levitt, Katherine Voilet, BFA Mackenzie, Derek Alan, BID McDonough, Eric Wayne, BA McKell, Heather Louise, BID Miller, Denise Marie, BS Miller, Rachel, BID Millsap, Saige, BFA Moulton, Caitlin Marie, BS Nelson, Alyssa Jane, BFA Nelson, Chance Owen, BS Newton, Hillary, BA Oldroyd, Anna Kristine, BFA Pluim, Esther Klaaske, BFA Prows, Adam Paul, BS Quigley, Kilee Anne, BFA Resare, Jennifer Marie, BS Revilla, Roxana Guadalupe, BFA Rivera Pagan, Gabriel Antonio, BA Robinson, Sean Reilly, BA Ryser, Grace Leigh, BFA Sanchez Cabrera, Melody, BFA Seeley, Jennifer Lynne, BFA Shepherd, Jenny Lee, BFA Shepherd, Zachary Earnest, BFA Skinner, Katherine Nicole, BID Slade, Emily Stewart-Cook, BFA Smith, Justin G, BFA Sprouse, Kaitlyn M, BFA Stacy, Nicole Lee, BFA Strong, Sarah Ford, BFA Swain, Katelyn Dee, BFA Swain, Tyler Earl, BFA Taylor, Laura Joy, BID Taylor, Shawn Christopher, BS Tevis Jr, Philemon Duane, BID Thomas, Sara Hawkes, BA Travis, Brooke Anne, BFA Tye, Kristen Janet, BFA Vanhoff, Kaitlyn Sue, BFA Wardell, Stephen Daniel, BFA West, Jarom Darrell, BS Wiarda, Peter Roy, BFA Willey, Caitlin, BFA

General Studies Hewkin, JulieAnn, BS Music Ashcroft, Emily, BM Bailey, Alysse, BM Baker, Chloe Raquel Murri, BM Balcacer Manzano, Alfredo De Jesus, BM Beckstead, Taylee Alice, BM

Benjamin, Ashley Annette, BM Bennett, Megan Loraine, BM Bowles, Marti C, BS Brenay, Sarah, BM Brown, Benjamin Ryan, BM Campbell, Karrie Y, BM Cardon, Marianna I, BM Christensen, Kelli Dawn, BS Clawson, McKenzie S, BM Crowther, Austin, BM Daley, Jared Matthew, BM Engle, Stephanie Marika, BM Goodrich, Jack Ytac, BM Gubler, Mark Donald, BM Guisao, Shalayna Monay, BM Hansen, Aliandria, BS Harris, Allison, BM Horne, Erik Kevin, BM Ivie, Wendel Tyre!, BM Ivory, Korinne Nicolle, BS Johnson, Marisa Louise, BS Keisel, Aubrey Rasmussen, BM Lee, Audrey Anne, BM Lee, Lindsey, BM Linford, Linda Marie, BM Long, Celsie Ann, BS Mason, Sara Kathleen, BM Massey, Jesse Daniel, BM McKenna, Kyle Glenn, BM Mitton, Stephen LeRoy, BM Morgan, Sarah Elizabeth, BM Nelson, Elizabeth Renae, BM Nelson, Heather Ann, BS Olsen, Sarah Ann, BS Ordonez, Omar, BM Parrish, Karli Reveau, BS Pratt, Anthony 0, BM Prettyman, Elizabeth Davis, BM Richards, Clifton Jay, BA Richards, Lisa Laurel, BM Santana Fernandez, Jose Ivan, BM Seegmiller, Brynn, BM Shepherd, Luke Lawrence, BM Shuler, Crystal Anne, BS Sidwell, Chelsea Lee, BM Smith, James Alan, BM Smith, Marie, BM Smith, Noah Michael, BM Spjute, Jacob Calvin, BM Tait, Elizabeth Velein, BM Taylor, Bradley Blaine, BM Taylor, Jenica Leigh, BS Tenney, Molly Rose, BS Tew, Kellen T, BM Wolford, Sarah Anne, BM Woodworth, AnJeanette, BM Wright, Samuel Louis, BM

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Evans, Samuel B, BS Gagon, Michael David, BA Geddes, Jess W, BS Gines, Ana-Maria Ioana, BA Gittins, Gregory Bruce, BS Godfrey, Mosiah Joseph, BS Goodin, Bryce Charles, BS Griffeth, Sean Michael, BS Griffin, Callee Marie, BS Halling, Sean Brian, BA Hamblin, Tyler Jade, BS Hampton, Ashley Jean, BS Hancock, Scott Christopher, BA Harris, Erin Michelle, BS Haueter, Jacob Mark, BS Irwin, Mary Schaelling, BS Jackson, Christy Hollie, BS Jensen, Matthew James, BA Kelley, Paul Douglas, BS Knudsen, Jonathan Darius, BS Laird, Dallin Paul, BA Lattin, Adam Stewart, BS Law, Jaxon R, BS Lee, Christopher Jerold, BA Li, Sibo, BS Lindsey, Ryan Scott, BS Livingston, Tyler Glen, BS Loaiza, Andrew Manuel, BA Lund, Eric Steven, BS Lundin, John Martin, BS Martinson, Skyler Steven, BA Mecham, Abby Lee, BS Miles, Matthew Gary, BS Mortensen, Kristie Ann, BS Musil, Matthew James, BS Nelson, Adam Orval, BS Nelson, Janea Vicki, BS Nicholas, Shalissa, BS Nuttall, Christopher Aaron, BS Paskett, Taylor Ward, BA Petersen, Adam Ray, BS Potter, Riley Grant, BS Preece, Matthew Semling, BS Preston, Austin James, BS Rambo, Joshua Ray, BS Raymond, Bonnie Pyper, BS Reese, Ryan Delmer, BS Rich, Judd Ross, BA Roach, Kyle Walker, BS Robbins, Wayne Sheri, BS Roberts, Melanie C, BS Robison, Connor Mitchell, BS Rosemann, Jace Thomas, BA Rutledge, Jeffrey Scott, BS Sanders, Adrian Didrik, BS Shangguan, Weina, BS Smart, Quinn Michael, BS


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Almansoori, Rashed Mohamed, BS AlMansouri, Saad Hamad, BS Almari, Mohammad M, BS Almarri Sr, Jaber Hamad, BS Almohannadi, Ali, BS Almuhannadi, Halal, BS AlNuwaysir, Ammar, BS AlShahrani, Meshal Abdulrahman, BS AlShawy, Ayman Abdullah, BS Althobyani, Mana, BS Anderson, Stephanie Kay, BS Andreasen, Kyle Don, BS Andrus, Brandon H, BS Araujo Ynoa, Stephany Alejandra, BS Arnold, Justin Darren, BS Au, Lai Sze, BS Bai, Xue, BS Bailey, Mark J, BA Baker, Logan C, BS Ball, Paul Casey, BS Beltre De La Cruz, Merinely Vanely, BS Bian, Zhuolin, BS Bing, Tucker L, BA Bodily, Shannon Marie, BS Borg, Joseph Dale, BS Bradshaw, Tyler Lynn, BS Brandley, Jordan Michael, BS Buckley, Andrew John, BS Butterfield, James Ammon, BS Cai, Xi, BS Cao, Bowei, BS Cardon, Marianna I, BS Carias, Josue David, BS Chak, Wai Nga, BS Champlin, Spencer Don, BS Chan, Ho Sum, BS Chan, Wing Hong, BS Chan, Yin Lun, BS Chang, Kar Lok, BS Chau, Ka Kin, BS Chau, Si Yin, BS Chen, Wei, BS Chen, Yang, BS Chen, Yourong, BS Cheung, Ka Wai, BS Cheung, Ngai Yiu, BS Ching, Man Lok, BS Chu, Ho Yan, BS Clark, Steven B, BA Coburn, Brennan M, BS Colby, Alex J, BS Cooper, Adam C, BA Cottrell, Quinn Kris, BS Cui, Boyang, BA Cui, Yiwen, BS Dance, Tanner Tessmer, BA Day, Jared S, BA BS

Dayley, Bret Ivan, BA Dean, Kristina, BS DeFriez, Joshua Gregg, BA Ditto, Matthew Thomas, BS Dreyf ous Matos, Karla Pamela, BS Du, Mengyang, BS Du, Xuan, BS Du, Yicong, BS Du, Yiming, BS Dudley, Ryan Scott, BS Ellison, Seth J, BA Erickson, Robert James, BS Fang, Xiaohan, BS Pang, Zirui, BS Feng, Huajie, BS Fenton, Timothy D, BS Fife, Allison Ruth, BA Finlayson, Dylan James, BS Follett, Allan Orion, BS Forbes, Jennifer Grimm, BS Freckleton, Jaren Charles, BA Fu, Di, BS Fu, Hannan, BS Fullmer, Adam Jeffrey, BA Fung, Kin Bon, BS Gao,Shang,BS Gao, Yuan,BS Groberg, Mark Charles, BS Gu, Yifan, BS Guo, Peng, BS Guo, Shimeng, BA Guo, Yining, BS Guymon, Robert William, BA Hai, Tsz Ping, BS Han, Jinpeng, BS Han,Lu,BS Hanny, Austin Mitchel Grant, BS Hansen, Garrett S, BS Hao, Jingyu, BS Harmon, Michael Keith, BS He, Gongwei, BS He, Jia, BS He, Yang, BS Hendricks, Lance Forrest, BS Herzberg, Abigail Rose, BS Higham, Leonard Stewart, BS Hislop, Jared M, BS Hu, Lun, BS Hu, Xin, BS Hu, Yifan, BS Hu, Yuchen, BS Huang, Laiming, BS Isom, Cortney, BA Izatt, Andrew Dana, BA Jensen, Chelsea Ann, BS Jensen, Justin McNeil, BS Jex, Christopher Michael, BS

Ji, Meiyu, BS Jiang, Haiyang, BS Jiang, Wenjuan, BS Jim, Chor Ying Jessie, BS Jimenez, Lisa Lynde Lashae, BS Jin, Songhua, BS Jin, Xin, BS Jin, Yang Yang, BS Johnson, Alyssa Danielle, BS Jurinak, Preston Everett, BS Ke, Yijin, BS Ke, Yiling, BS Keller, Cory James, BS Kinjo, Tomomitsu, BS Kong, Jing, BS Kong, Ping, BS Lai, Kin Shing, BS Laneri, Steven Scott, BS Larsen, Cooper P, BS Larsen, Riley L, BS Law, Hung Chun, BS Lee, Yoo-Eun J, BS Leung, Shing Him, BS Leung, Wing Yan, BS Li, Chanchan, BS Li, Kai, BS Li, Mengyuan, BS Li, Peining, BS Li, Qiuhui, BS Li, Qiuyue, BS Li, Shangbin, BS Li, Songyang, BS Li, Wendi, BS Li,Xi, BS Li, Yajie, BS Li, Ye, BS Li, Yijing, BS Li, Yuchen, BS Li, Yuzi, BS Li, Ze, BS Li, Zhengzhi, BS Lieberman, David Edward, BS Lin, Fenfen, BS Lindley, Sheii K, BS Liu, Dongxue, BS Liu, Jianan, BS Liu, Shaohua, BS Liu, Wei, BS Liu, Wenxiao, BS Liu, Xi, BS Liu, Xianglin, BS Liu, Yichen, BS Liu, Zhuoxing, BS Lo, Wai Shan, BA Loaiza, Andrew Manuel, BA Lovell, Joseph, BS Lu, Hanye, BS

Luo, Yuhan,BS Lv, Xin, BS Lv, Xuemin, BS Lyu, Si, BS Ma, Minzhi, BS Ma, Rong, BS Ma, Yuanze, BS Ma, Zhanyuan, BS Meier, Shalee Nicole, BS Mitchell, Anthony Jonathan, BS Moffet, Kyle A, BA Mok, Shiu Fung, BS Moran, Michael Joseph, BA Mosman, Daniel Craig, BS Mou, Chunting, BS Mu, Di, BS Murdock, Marcus Lee, BA Musil, Matthew James, BS Ng, Kwan Sing, BS Ng, Kwun Hon, BS Ng, Pui Shan, BS Nie, Xi, BS Nie, Xinming, BS Niu, Chaoran, BS Olsen, Jameson David, BA Orme, Natalie Lynne, BA Otterby, Dawn Michelle, BS Pan, Mengnan, BS Pan, Teng, BS Papageorgiou, John H, BS Perkins, Kameron Ross, BA Phillips, Keegan Thomas, BS Pope, John Michael, BS Proffit, Jake Jeffery, BS Qi, Mengdi, BS Qiao, Dan, BS Qin, Chengming, BS Qiu, Yuqing, BS Ransom, Christopher Corey, BS Rawlings, Rachel Ann, BA Rees, Welby Lyle, BS Ren, Yu,BS Reyes Guzman, Nicolle Susana, BS Rhodes, Jake Slater, BS Rix, Trevor Scott, BS Robbins, Wayne Sheri, BS Roberts, Emilee Jane, BS Rosemann, Jace Thomas, BS Rupp, Jordan Craig, BS Russell, Taylor Marie, BS Saleh, Adel Qaed, BS Savidge, Jacob Daniel, BS Shen, Lewen, BS Shen, Zhuoran, BS Sherman, Matthew Clinton, BS Shi, Rongyu, BS Shock, Matthew David, BS


Shum, Sze Yan, BS Siddoway, Gage Michael, BS Singh, Love Preet, BS Smith, Nathan, BS Smith, Trenton Espenschied, BS Song, Yang, BS Song, Zhuowei, BS Song, Ziyan, BS Sorenson, Cecily Mave, BS Steck, Kevin E, BA Stevens, Spencer James, BA Stoddard, Jake Richard, BS Strong, Cuyler Lawrence, BS Sui, Junting, BS Sun, Jialin, BS Sun, Mei, BS Sun, Xuyan, BS Swainston, Dallin H, BS Swan, Phillip Dale, BS Tan, Bo, BS Tan, Zhenlong, BS Tang, Shuai, BS Tang, Yangyang,BS Tao, Yuan, BS Taveras Abreu, Yeudy Henry, BS Taylor, Ryan David, BA BS Thatcher, Chelsey Kathleen, BS Thompson, Sterling W, BA Tian, Yanyang, BS Tirado, Alexander Tomas, BA Treasure, Trevor James, BS Turley, Alexia Lachelle, BS Van Wagoner, Parker Bentley, BA Viator, Steven Wayne, BS Wang, Bo, BS Wang, Daiyang, BS Wang, Hanfei, BS Wang, Hao, BS Wang, Jialiang, BS Wang, Lijuan, BS Wang, Liqiao, BS Wang, Mandi, BS Wang, Shuaiqun, BS Wang, Xiaoyu, BS Wang, Xueqiong, BS Wang, Yifei, BS Wang, Yimo, BS Wang,Yuanzhen,BS Wang, Yuhan, BS Wang, Zhanbo, BS Wang, Zhaolin, BS Wang, Ziyi, BS Wei,Di, BS Wei, Ruoxi, BS Wei, Xiaozhe, BS Wiberg, Jess Aaron, BS Wight, Jared S, BS


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Baxter, Kiersti Lynn, BS Bennion, John Russell, BS Betts, Kaitlyn ichole, BS Bing, Tucker L, BA Bitton, Blake Aaron, BS Blad, Jade A, BS Boden, Tanner James, BS Bosshardt, Wendy, BS Boudrero, Dustin A, BA Box, Matthew James, BS Boyle, Jordan D, BS Brewer, Cassandra Sue, BS Brog, Matthew Blake, BS Brown, Jonathan Owen, BS Brown, Makena Rae, BS Brown, Neil Jordan, BA Bullen, Mitchel Del, BA Burrows, Samantha Jeanne, BS Burtenshaw, Austin Fugal, BS Butterfield, Sierra, BS Calder, Madison, BS Caldwell, Jesse Walter, BS Call, Kenzie Nicole, BS Campbell, Marissa Taylor, BA Capener, Bradon Lee, BS Cardon, Shane B, BS Cazier, Lindsey Ann, BA Christiansen, Seleste Elaine, BS Clark, Kelly Anne, BS Condie, Adam Jensen, BS Cook, Walter Lee, BS Corbett, Adam W, BA Crockett, Mariah Kathleen, BS Crompton, Kory Jon, BA Cummings, Paisley Rose, BS Cutler, Matthew Wayne, BS Davidson, Derek S, BS De Filippis, Michael Antony, BS Deakin, Douglas Duane, BS Diaz, Christopher Nicholas, BS Dickman, Bethany Breeann, BS Dryden, James Dean, BS Duke, Wendy Lee, BS Eckman, David J, BS Egan, Merit Daniel, BS Ellis, Jonathan Hart, BS Erickson, Colton Luke, BA Erwin, Mark D, BS Evans, Sarah Elizabeth, BS Fabricius, Devin William, BS Fiefia, Douglas Kaleikini, BS Finch, Spencer Gerald, BS Frischknecht, Daryn Kaye, BS Frodsham, Jeffrey Duane, BA Fronk, Jared Lee, BS Fukui, Dallin James, BS Fultz, Jordan David, BS

Garner, Taylor Jake, BS Gasser, Peter Mark, BS Gates, Cody Lee, BS Gonzalez, Trevor D, BS Gordon, Daniel Joseph, BS Green, Kevin Raymond, BS Griffin, Brandon Spencer, BS Groberg, Mark Charles, BS Groll, Bryan Paul, BS Haigh, Garrett Lee, BS Hammon, Grant Jay, BS Hankins, Nathan Michael, BA Hansen, Alexis Jolynn, BS Harrison, Jacob Richard, BA Harward, Scott Allan, BA Hastings, Blake William, BA Hastings, Chase Miles, BS Hatfield, John Brenden, BS Haws, James Wilson, BA Heinrich, Stephanie Kay, BS Henze, Alison McCall, BS Hilton, Jordan Reid, BS Hoffer, Sierra Parker, BS Holmes, Tyler Jeffrey, BA Hopkins, Mark R, BA Hortin, John Charles, BA Humphrey, Ryan Larry, BS Huston, Matthew A, BS Hutchison, James Joseph, BA Ingram, Dustee Lynn, BS Isom, Cortney, BA Jacobsen, Mitchell Ryan, BS Jarchow, Andrew Christian, BS Jelmini, Erin Elizabeth, BS Jensen, Lacey E, BS Jensen, Shane Michael, BA Jeppesen, Alex J, BS Jeppesen, Lendel B, BS Johnson, Austin A, BS Johnson, Gavin J, BS Johnson, Hannah Shea, BS Johnson, Kyle Rye, BA Johnson, Michelle Amalia, BS Johnson, Nathan Kory, BS Johnson, Ryan Joe, BS Jorgensen, Joseph M, BS Kisner, Angelica H, BS Knight, Annie Rebbecca, BS Larsen, Bryce, BS Larsen, Cooper P, BA Larsen, Kurt Ryan, BA Larsen, Tanner Gary, BS Lindley, Sheii K, BS Lindsey, Ryan Scott, BS Lusk, Brenton Keller, BS Mansanarez, Duane John, BS Marsaw, Alexander Roy, BS

Martinez, Taelor Karlie, BS Matthews, Jacob Mark, BS Meacham, Joshua C, BS Merrell, Justin Lowell, BS Merritt, Curtis R, BA Mills, Amy Linett, BS Miskin, Aaron Taylor, BS Mitton, Steven Ray, BA Montgomery, Nathan L, BS Moody, Derrick Franklin, BS Morris, Courtney Janelle, BS Moss, Jeffrey Marc, BS Muir, Ryan T, BS Myers, Elisa Marie, BS Nelson, Alex P, BS Nelson, Bryce Darwin, BS Nettles, Amanda Kay, BS Newman, Curtis Jay, BS Nickerson, Andrew Nathan, BS ielson, Andrew Kyle, BA Nilsen, Tracey Parker, BS Nyberg, Stephanie Ruth, BS Oar, Jeffrey Ryan, BS Olsen, Christopher, BA Olsen, Kendall EL, BA Olson, Tyler Rex, BA O'Neal, Charles Jordan, BS Pantigoso, Miranda Susana, BA Pappas, Andrew Dino, BS Payne, Nelson David, BS Perez, Brenda, BS Peterson, Daniel J, BS Peterson, Stewart Lee, BS Peterson, Tiera Ann, BS Pett, Logan Robert, BS Pohl, Alexander Fleming, BS Porter, Emily, BS Pratt, Megan L, BS Pugmire, Emmalynn, BS Qiu, Junjie, BS Rambo, Joshua Ray, BS Rasmussen, Kyle Bruce, BS Rasmussen, Tyler J, BS Rawlings, Rachel Ann, BA Richards, Chad H, BS Rickson, Derek Tyler, BS Riddle, Trenton E, BS Rigby, Zachary Devin, BS Robertshaw, Stefan M, BS Robertson, Jacob Kirk, BS Saif, Dima, BS Sato, Aaron, BS Sawyer, Brett Arlin, BS Saxton, Mikel Casey, BS Sessions, Kaley, BS Sharpe, Tranner Allen, BS Short, Samantha Jean, BA

Siddoway, Landon Clark, BS Skillicorn, Shaylee Pearl, BS Smedley, Christopher Dane, BS Smith, Korban R, BS Spence, Andrew Jay, BS Stewart, Benjamin McKay, BS Stodart, Logan DeSiree, BS Stodtmeister, Kyle Max, BS Stokes, Mckenzie Fullmer, BS Stowell, Katy Elaine, BS Syndergaard, Kaitlin, BS Taylor, Joshua Aaron, BS Taylor, Ryan David, BA Thomas, Annie NaDean, BS Thompson, Logan J, BS Tompkins, Steven W, BA Tueller, Kaleb Danford, BS Tuttle, Brandon Lee, BS Van den Akker, Jacob McClure, BS Vance, Layne C, BS Virgi, Nico Paul, BA Wagner, Klare, BS Wagstaff, Chase William, BS Walker, Breanne, BS Walker, James J, BS Wallace, Garrett Charles, BS Wangsgard, Ryan, BS Warburton, Michael Jeffrey, BS Wardle, Riley Drew, BS Waters, Kenneth Seth, BA Watterson, David Chase, BS Weber, Caitlin Eileen, BS Webster, Kelsie Fern, BS Weight, Heather, BS Wen, Shenghuan, BA West, Mckenzie Christine, BS Weston, Adam Whitaker, BA White, Brian Nolan, BA White, Nathan James, BS Wilkinson, Shannon, BA Willey, Layne Westwood, BS Williams, Jessica Marian, BS Wilson, Chelsea Jensen, BS Wood, Tyler Brent, BS Woodward, Braque], BS Young, Benjamin B, BS Zarate, Luis Samuel, BA

Management Information Systems Alderete, Albeano Oscar Roque, BA Allen, Brendon Lawrence, BS Allen, Ivan R, BS Allen, Jeffrey Scott, BS Allred, Brett Ross, BA Anderson, Jacob D, BS Anderson, Matthew Duane, BS Balls, Michael LeRoy, BS


Barkle, Fredrick Lucas, BS Bartholomew, Andrew Keith, BA Brady, Michelle Leigh, BS Brereton, Ryan Burgoyne, BS Broadbent, James D, BS Buhler, Michael Ben, BS Call, Nathan Thead, BS Call, Peter Evan, BS Carter, Adam M, BS Carter, Paul Joseph, BS Cassity, Sean Burton, BS Childs, Jeffery Lynn, BS Crandall, Jesse, BS Crandall, Tyler J, BS Croshaw, Aaron R, BS Dahl, Jordan L, BS Duncan, Sean Evan, BS Florang, Robert, BS Gilbert, Robert Brian, BS Gonzalez, Trevor D, BS Harris, Kyle Lucas, BS Harris, Mckay Joseph, BS Haueter, Robin Nicole, BS Jackson, Zachary Robert, BS Jones, Braiden Scott, BS Karren, Andrew T, BS Kato Jr, Ryan Ted, BS Kendall, Craig, BS Kesler, Nicolas Jay, BS Labosky, Jalyne A, BS Lane, Robert William, BS Laverty, Jesse James, BS Lichfield, Marcus Aaron, BS Lowe, Mathew Allan, BS Luhavo, Maniero, BS McDonald, Christopher Taro, BS Mcfall, Timothy, BS Merrell, Craig Rey, BS Moody, Eric Ray, BS Nielsen II, Jeffrey Edward, BS Nielson, Korry 0, BS Ozmun, Kyle Hale, BS Randall, Jason Ryan, BS Sanders, Adrian Didrik BS Skidmore, Tymon Jay, BS Spencer, Kayla, BA Swainston, Kristi, BS Tang, Fangwen, BS Thompson, Ty Richard, BS Turner, Gabriel Scott, BS Wall, Nicholas Jason, BS Warren, Stefan Andrew, BS White, Kevin Erik, BS Winters, Parker Christian, BS Woodard, Makenzie Sue, BS


EMMA ECCLESJONES COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES Beth E. Foley,Dean Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Abrahms, Carri Lyn, BS Aguilar, Maritere, BS Alaniz, Roxanna, BS Albergottie, Andrea Michelle, BS Alberti, Vanessa, BS Anaya-Gonzalez, Debra, BS Anderegg, Renee, BS Andrews, Sonya Padgett, BS Asencio-Acevedo, Ivani~se Coraly, BS Atherton, Amy, BS Attwood, Cheryl, BS Ayers, Melissa Marie, BS Bagley, Melissa, BS Bagwell, Adrienne Leigh, BS Baker, Karen Ann, BS Bank, Leslie Lynn, BS Bassett, Lauren Ann, BS Baugh, Andrea Forsgren, BS Baxter, Taylor Brynn, BA Bean, Allyson Rambo, BS Beecher, Gisell Joi, BS Bernard, Susan M, BS Berry, Hollis Kim-mee, BS Berumen, Dennis J, BS Billings, Kathryn Therese, BS Bingham, Michelle, BS Black, Leah Danielle, BS Bly, Cheryl Anne, BS Bond, Mallory, BS Borrego, Dora Lee, BS Boyance, Bianca, BS Braucht, Joanna Ruth, BS Brooks, Sheivon R, BS Brown, Caitlyn Sage, BS Brown, Callie Beth, BS Brown, Emily Kate, BS Brown, Ginny Lynd, BS Browning, Cynthia Joy, BS Buentello, Tatiana, BS Burns, Elizabeth Mary, BS Burov, Heather, BS Butler, Jessica Von, BS Bybee, Erin Catherine, BS Call, Thomas Ross, BS Callaway, Charlotte Lynn, BS Callison, Katherine, BS Capilouto, Alexis Davida, BS Cardenas, Christina Lauren, BS Cardenas, Danae Christen, BS Casey, Louise, BS

Castro, Jessica, BS Cato, Elizabeth, BS Caudell, Christina Catherine, BS Chai, Sora J, BS Chamberlain, Laurie Lynne, BS Chamblee, Sharla Snider, BS Chan, Elaine Sue, BS Choy, Erica, BS Christensen, Aubrynn Kate, BS Christensen, Carlie Ann, BS Christensen, Chaylynn Mae, BS Christensen, Thomas Ray, BA Christo, Kathleen, BS Clarke, Megan Elaine, BS Clements, Hannah Jane, BS Cockey, Sarah Elizabeth, BS Colbert, Cherise L, BS Coleman, Candice Hart, BS Cook Hitch, Cheryl Lynne, BS Cortez, Sarah Melissa, BS Cota, Alyssa Nicole, BS Crail, Stephanie, BS Cromer, Tamika Tienne, BS Crowther, Deserey, BS Daffer, Christine Ann, BS Damele, Deanna Marie, BA Darby, Chealsy Marie, BS Davila, Christina, BS De Leon, Lisa Camille, BS De Smidt, Lauren Murphy, BS D'Elia, Giancarlo Antonio, BS Deshotel, Maribeth Molina, BS DeWulf, Dawn Renee, BS DiPippo, Veronica Frances, BS Dischner, Patricia M., BS Dixon, Deanna Lee, BS Dominguez, Genevieve O'Brien, BS Eggers, Kimberly Ann, BS Ellis, Kalley Nicole, BS Enclade, Hillary Xanthe, BS Escareno, Megan Elizabeth, BS Estrada, Briana Cristen, BS Estrada, Megan Aleen, BS Fecowycz, William Rhone, BS Ferri, Alicia Rose, BS Finley, Cory, BS Fitzgerald, Christian Volpe, BS Flannery, Shanae Kara, BS Flecha, Chloe Alexandra, BS Flores, Belinda, BS Ford, Shenise, BS Foss, Jillian Clare, BS Froz, Guity, BS Fuentes, Griselda, BS Furlong, Erin Kathleen, BS Galindo, Linda Alejandrina, BS Garlich, Alicia Paxman, BS

Gillaspy, Kristen Lynn, BS Gillentine, Deborah Renee, BS Gomez, Luz Angelica, BS Gonzalez, Laura Leticia, BS Gonzalez, Megan Josephine, BS Good, Nicole Dawn, BS Gorin, Livia Innes, BS Graham, Nadine, BS Grayson, Kieryae, BS Griffin, Elyssa Francine, BS Griffin, La'Keya R, BS Guiley, Carissa Nichole, BS Gurrola, Lydia, BS Guzman, Beatrice, BS Halgren, Sarah Elizabeth, BS Hamberlin, Salena, BS Hammon, Mary Ann, BS Hansen, Janalyn B, BS Hansen, Krista Lee, BS Harris, Kara Larson, BS Hawk.ins, Kaylin, BS Hawryluk, Rebecca Jean, BS Hayden, Candace Marie, BS Hayes, Sheila Renee, BS Heaton, Candice L, BS Hefley, Charissa, BS Hendricks, Chelsea Elizabeth, BS Hernandez, Cynthia C, BS Hilburn, Kathleen Elizabeth, BS Hill, Linda Therese, BS Hinojosa, Margarita, BS Homan, Diane Cathryn, BS Horn, Kimberly Ann, BS Hotchkiss, Belinda, BS Humphreys, Amy Lynn, BS Hunsaker, Jennifer, BS Hunt, Emily, BA Hunt, Mackenzie Allison, BS Huntsman, Alison, BS Ibarra, Jessica, BA Ibrahim, Jeehan, BS Ikehara, Nancy Noriko, BS Imran, Aazeen, BS Ingalls, Teresa Lynn, BS Islas, Veronica, BS Jafarkhani, Mesha Nicole, BS Jaojoco, Kathleen Ann Uy, BS Jasmin, Karen Marie, BS Jensen, Jane Elizabeth, BS John, Cornelia Ann, BS Johnson, Katherine Ena, BS Johnson, Lauren Mara, BS Johnston, Meagan Elizabeth, BS Joyce, Maria Theresa, BS Juhala, Rebekah Ann, BS Julian, Jennifer Marie, BS Jurgens, Emily Elizabeth, BS

Kadera, Kathleen Jane, BS Kalafat, Cara Bircher, BS Kantor, Shie, BS Keep, Linda Lou, BS Khorshidpanah, Cindy, BS Kilmer, Haley, BS Kim, Annie Jin, BS Kindlespire, Lindsay Marie, BS King, Jori Savannah, BS King, Samuel Dakota, BS Klein, Eric Slater, BS Knott, Christina, BS Kolodchak, Krystal Jo, BS Kute, Maria, BS Lambert, Megan Lynne, BS Lambertsen, Melissa Wiggin, BS Landin, Veronica, BS Leal, Shannon Noelle, BS Lee, Brian, BS Levkoff, Phillip, BS Lightbourn, Sophia, BS Lilly, Kaylyn, BS Linares, Roxanne Suzanne, BS Long, Mckenzie, BS Loomis, Amy Nicole, BS Los, Michelle Anne, BS Lubowicz, Megan Elizabeth, BS Lyon Jr, Jerry William, BS MacDonald, Erin Charlotte, BS Manser, Heidi Christena, BS Margala, Michal Lorraine, BS Marinoni, Carla Patricia, BS Marshall, Amber K, BS Martin, Christina Ellis, BS Martinez, Rosa Isela, BS Masko, Hannah M, BS Maxwell, Carly Colleen, BS McAllister, Janice, BS McCarrey, Heather, BS McCauley, Jessica Rae, BS McClune, AnnaGene, BS McCrorey, Amanda Leigh, BS McGannon, Elizabeth, BS Mcllrath, Meredith, BS McKee, Emily, BS Mckeever, Sarah, BS McKnight, Dianna, BS McTeer, Matthew Clayton, BS Medina, Amanda Elizabeth, BS Meeks, Kristy L, BS Meline, Melissa Anne, BS Mewborn, Melissa, BS Miller, Alison Emily, BS Miller, Shara Lacy, BS Moniz, Melissa Amber, BS Monteza Farfan, Monica Liliana, BS Montoya, Cory Lynn, BS

Montoya, Mary Frances, BS Moore, Katherine Aileen, BS Morales, Denise, BS Moreno, Idulvina, BS Morris, Kandace Ashley, BS Morrison, Ashley Brooke, BS Moustafa, Hadeal, BS Muelleck, Hillary Anne, BS Mutua, Lilian Syokau, BS Nance, Pearl, BS Neal, Monique E, BS Nef, Jeremy Kent, BA Nelson, Wendy Lynn, BS Neves, Paige Irma, BS Nieuwlandt, Kimberly Christine, BS Norian, Ashley Michelle, BS Obi Shaaim Maa, Sen Mett, BS O'Donovan, Lindsey Anne, BS Ohotto, Natalie Rose, BS Olsen, Megan Ann, BS Orji, Comfort, BS Ortiz, Jennifer Arlene, BS Ortiz, Kerri Lee, BS Oshiro, Aimi Pamela, BS Paredes, Katherine M, BS Parker, Shelby Nicole, BS Parry, Erin, BS Passey, Emily Grace, BS Pearson, Ryan Nord, BS Peters, Laura Marian, BS Petersen, Shaoling Theresa, BS Peterson, Ane Christine, BS Phillips, Brittney Nicole, BS Pohle, Courtney Ann, BS Poppitz, Bridget Michelle, BS Porter, Amy Nichole, BS Prasad, Keshuv, BS Prevatte, Megan Smith, BS Price, Tanner Egan, BS Pridgen, Jennifer, BS Puente, Maria De Jesus, BS Pugh, Courtney Elizabeth, BS Purcell, Holly Ann, BS Quiroz, Rigoberto Porraz, BS Rasho, Dalia, BS Ray, Kelsey, BS Rayburn, Carlyn, BS Raymond, Joslynne Brianne, BS Reagor Smith, Kristen Susanne, BS Redlin, Erika Dawn, BS Redus, Jordan Ashlee, BS Reece, Kathryn, BS Reed, Deborah, BS Regacho, Ingrid, BS Reimer, Janet Louise, BS Reyna-Provencio, Renee, BS Reynolds, Holly Stimmler, BS


Rios, Vaughan F, BS Rivera, Priscilla, BS Robinson, Sara jean, BS Rodriguez, Elizabeth, BS Roose, Jennifer L, BS Roxas, Wendy Asako, BS Roy, Stephanie Ann, BS Ruiz, Maria F, BS Russwurm, Nicole Schmoll, BS Rutgers, Jeanne, BS Salas-McCarty, Helen, BS Sanchez, Tina Marie, BS Sanders, Cherly L, BS Sandoval, Maria Genoveva, BS Sano, Heather, BS Sarvana, Aisha, BS Schmutz, David Lehn, BS Schweizer, Belinda Lynn, BS Seaby, Candace Michelle, BS Sheaffer, Laura Elizabeth, BS Sheikh, Sonia, BS Shirley, Starshine Margarita, BS Shofner, Brianna Alysson, BS Silveira, Melissa, BS Simpson, Heather Ann, BS Sirois, Elizabeth Jane, BS Skarzynski, Monica Charlotte, BS Smith, Colleen A, BS Smith, Dana Marie, BS Smith, Katherine Nicole, BS Smith, Keyonia Reese, BS Smith, Molly Ann, BS Smith, Raquel Melissa, BS Snijman, Matthew Cade, BS Solomon, Leah, BS Sorensen, Jacob Pierce, BS Soto, Mikki Ann, BS Spalding, Jamie Lee, BS Stevenson, Mark Joseph Steel, BS Stewart, Hilary Rae, BS Stillman, Kelsey Louise, BS Sullivan, Katherine Lynn, BS Tanaka, Trisha Lynn, BS Tarasyeva, Aleksandra, BS Tarn, Tammy, BS Taylor, Erika, BS Taylor, Lindsey Johnson, BS Teague, Nicole Kathleen, BS Thixton, Claire Elise, BS Thornhill, Erica Windley, BS Thornton, Stacey Anne, BS Torres-Stewart, Joanna Christine, BS Tran, Chatasha, BS Tran, Kimloan, BS Travelstead, Celeste Diane, BS Trenchfield, Andrea Maria, BS Tufford, Christina Estelle, BS


Uttech, Katherine Michelle, BS Valenzuela, Nicole, BS Van Leishout, Carli, BS Vargelen Woodley Jr, Elif, BS Vasquez, Amanda Katherine, BS Villasenor, Ebony Dominique, BS VonNiederhausern, Cindie, BS Vosper, Theresa Lee, BS Vossler-Welch, Colette Brianna, BS Vredenburgh, Danielle Elizabeth, BS Wade, Abigail, BS Wagner, Amy Elizabeth, BS Wagner, Rebecca Anne, BS Walker, Heather Alyce, BS Wall, Kelsie, BS Warburton, Jacklyn Claire, BS Ward, Jennifer Lynn, BS Warsinske, Alice Marilyn, BS Watson, Andrea Jeannine, BS Wescott, Melanie Jordan, BS Whicker, John Joseph, BS Wilburn, Jennifer Ann, BS Wilkins, Heidi Colleen, BS Willett, Bridgett, BS Williams, Brianne Nicole, BS Williams, Luisa M, BS Wilson, Shonesia Marie, BS Winger, Lindsay Nichole, BS Woehle, Brittany, BS Woodard, Celeste Dianne, BS Woodings, Marlene Elizabeth, BS Woodward, Barbara Cristina, BS Woolstenhulme, Logan B, BA Wynn, Camille Jane, BS Yee, Lauren W, BS Yi, Gloria Younsoo, BS Zangrando, Stefanie Rae, BS Zombola, Jennifer Lynn, BS

Family, Consumer, and Human Development Abbott, Erica, BS Allen, Jamie June, BS Allen, Julia Laura, BS Allred, Camille, BS Anderson, Lisa Young, BS Atkins, Mary Katherine, BS Atwood, Avery Camille, BS Baldwin, Andrea Jean, BS Balls, Misty Dawn, BS Bankhead, Britta Shiquille, BS Barkdull, Christine Lynne, BS Barlow, Lindsay Rachel, BS Bartholomew, Natalie, BS Baucom, Kaela Paige, BS Blad, Brittney Nadine, BS Blaisdell, Bethany, BS

Bosshardt, Davina Lei, BS Bosshardt, Samantha Jo, BS Boyle, Chenese, BS Brinkerhoff, Coylene Sonja, BS Brown, Alexandra R, BS Browning, Beau Jason Daniel, BS Brunsvik, April Michelle, BS Bundy, Mikelle, BS Burke, Diann Louise, BS Burnett, Megan A, BS Bushman, Brittani, BS Call, Logan Dean, BS Callister, Chabre Nicole, BS Callister, Kelsi Barbara, BS Campbell, Kassidy Anne, BS Carter, A'Lyssa Claire, BS Carter, Kelcie Jordan, BS Challis, Holly, BS Challis, Mariah, BS Chesnut, Stephanie, BS Chidester, Justin Richard, BS Christensen, Bonnie Mae, BS Christoffersen, Megan, BS Clark, Katelyn Rowley, BS Clayburn, Marianne Evans, BA Clure, Jennifer N, BS Colton, Rebecca Ann, BS Colvin, Danielle Aleece, BS Conetah, Jeremy Michael, BS Daniels, Teasha Jean, BS Davis, Harmony, BS Diamond, Jessica Anne, BS Doty, Kathryn, BS Douglass, Mckadee Marie, BS Edens, Katrina Anne, BS Edwards, Kristalyn, BS Eiman, Lillian Vilate, BS Farnham, Janet L, BS Findlay, Clarissa, BS Flores, Ashleigh Regina, BS Flores, Sariah Lynn, BS Fonda, Melinda Pyle, BS Forbush,Lauren,BS Forman, Emilee Lena, BS Forsyth, Kristina Fay, BS Gereau, Stephanie L, BS Gines, Halee Dora, BS Hall, Kristin N, BS Hansen, Melissa, BS Harker, Emily Marie, BS Harmon, Tylee, BS Harris, Jenifer Connie, BS Haslem, Janessa L, BS Hauber, Ashlee A, BS Hauber Jr, John William, BS Hawkins, Gary S, BS Haws, Michelle, BS

Hendricks, Sara Elizabeth, BS Hicken, Camille Jean, BS Hobel, Jessica Shannon, BS Hoopes, Samuel Connor, BS Houston, Emily, BS Ipson, Lindsey J, BS Jackson, Lisha Mikelle, BS Jennings, Melissa Marie, BA Jensen, Kade Martin, BS Johnson, Alisha Jenai, BS Johnson, Maria, BS Jones, Kylee Ann, BS Jones, Madalyn L, BS Jones, Megan, BS Jorgensen, Whitney, BS King, Katie Israelsen, BS Kirby, Joan Marie, BS Knighton, Christy M, BS Kranendonk, Emily, BS Laforce, Autumn S, BS Larsen, Cami Marie, BS Law, Loryn Elaine, BS Leung, Mei Mei, BS Longmore, Rachel Mckenzie, BS Love, Shacy Leigh, BS Lundberg, Whitney Marie, BS Maestas, Rhonda Kay, BS Magleby, Kristy Clayton, BS Mann, Misty Jean, BS Maughan, Stephanie Bailey, BS McAllister, Valerie, BS McKee, Kelsey L, BS Medina, Rhiana Noel, BS Merrill, Hillary Paige, BS Messick, Caitlin May, BS Migliori, Kensie Lee, BS Miller, Hayley Catherine, BS Miyashiro, Mari Akemi, BS Moore, Krista, BS Moore, Russell Aaron, BS Morgan, Christina Marie, BS Muribrook, Megan Kay, BS Murie, Madison, BS Murphy, Diane Dawn, BS Naegle, Brittani Nicole, BS Neal, Hannah, BS Neves, Paige Irma, BS Niebergall, Alyssa, BS Nielson, Lauren Noelle, BS Noakes, Natalie Page, BS Noorda, Mckyla Julie, BS Norman, Heather Ann, BS Nowell, Sarah Clayton, BS Ozmun, Kylie Nicole, BS Pace, Kimberley, BS Pace, Kylie, BS Pollard, Maurielle Alyse, BS

Prescott, Karly, BS Redmon, Caitlyn Jimyl, BS Robinson, Chelsey, BS Rogers, Ashlan Rose, BS Rosales, Laura, BS Russell, Tiffany Lane, BS Ryser, Emilee Ann, BS Salvesen, Jamey Anne, BS Sannes, Jerrica, BS Saunders, Aurellia Mara Quinlan, BS Silos, Martha Lynette, BS Simcox, Katherine Rebecca, BS Smart, Lindsay Ann, BS Smith, Leslie C, BS Smith, Susana Yvette, BS Spendlove, Danica Leah, BS Stats, Callie Kathleen, BS Stewart, Leah, BS Stosich, Karee Lynn, BS Stuart, Karli Ann, BS Thornton, Savannah Hatfield, BS Thurgood, Jenifer Jackie, BS Tlrnrston, Camille Johnson, BS Tisdale, Samantha Ann, BS Tonks, Amber V, BS Torres, Katie Lynn, BS Tovar, Ibis Dumet, BS Trombley, Carly McCall, BS Vance, Crista Rasband, BS Vincent, Teresa Nancy Brown, BS Waldron, Colton Blair, BS Wanberg, Jenni Ann, BS Watts, William S, BS Webb,TeddiLyn,BS Wilcox, Austin Jan, BS Wilcox, Kia Kiamarie, BS Wilkey, Elizabeth Ann, BS Wilkins, Jessica Lyn, BS Williams, Julia, BS Willis, Emily Barbara, BS Wilson, Laurin Aurelia, BS Woodward, Chelsey Mae, BS Woods, Becky Ann, BS Wuthrich, Arianna Dawn, BS Young, Michelle Dawn, BS Zimmerman, Dusty Christine, BS

General Studies Carlson, Kristen Nicole, BS Cross, Amy Nichole, BS Del Vecchio, Sarah Joan, BS Devilleneuve, Melinda Micki, BS Devlin, Peter J, BS Fertig, Sarah Kathryn, BS Geister Jr, John Regan, BS Godfrey, Alexandra, BS Green, Makell Hymas, BS

Guel, Joanna, BS Hadley, Mandy Jean, BS Hodges, Quinesha Denise, BS Hudson, Heather Day, BS Hunter, Rachel, BS Jones, Kiley E, BS June, Lindsay Ariel, BS Larson, Sarla Marie, BS Lorentzen, Christina M, BS Mccallson, Ambryn Elizabeth, BS Okhomina, Justin E, BS Roberts, Amanda Suzanne, BS Robinson, Krisandra Lynn, BS Rollins, Mitchel Roy, BS Schiess, Vanessa Ann, BS Sherman, Troy, BS Spencer, Michelle Ferguson, BS Stratford, Jacie Kaye, BS Thompson, Jamie Dawn, BS Volpe, Alexis Paloma, BA Wilkins, Damen David, BS

Health, Physical Education and Recreation Abbott, Ethan Jay, BS Acevedo, Danielle, BS Acord, Shanna Lee, BS Adams, Sharon Renee, BS Ahmed, Jawahir Jamal, BS Allen, Brieanna Kalie, BS Allen, Casey Scott, BS Allen, Jordan Del, BS Anderson, Ashley Lisa, BS Anderson, Kelsey Ann, BS Anderson Sr, Teniele L, BS Arata, Nicole Kawai'anuenue, BS Astle, Koriana Elizabeth, BS Aufiero, Breyanna Trinidad, BS Babbitt, Brandi Louise, BS Bair, Lindzee M, BS Balle, Shalleen Ann, BS Balls, Colby Dell, BS Barton, Brady Mitchel, BS Bawden, Jonathan James, BS Bayles, Kirsten Julianna, BS Beckstead, Glen Alan, BS Beckstrand, Danelle, BS Behl, Natalie Meera Krishna, BS Behl, Samantha S.K., BS Beorchia, Maury S, BS Bergstrom, Chelsea Rae, BS Bingham, Carly A, BS Bixler, Joel Andrew, BS Bollwinkel, Chaz David, BS Boudrero, Michael Tanner, BS Brown, Patrick Gerald, BS Bryner, Thomas W, BS


Burke, Kelsey Frances Fasone, BS Butler, Kassandra, BS Butters, Shelbi, BS Cahoon, Caprice Christensen, BS Calderon, Fabian Camilo, BS Call, Skyler Daniel, BS Campbell, Sean Reed, BS Cantwell, Casey Elisabeth, BS Carling, Isaac Steen, BS Carpenter, CeAnn Des, BS Carpenter, Cody J, BS Castillo, Ana Laura, BS Chaus, Anastasia Eleni, BS Chavez, Daisha Ruth, BS Chea, Anne-Claire, BS Christensen, Kirsti, BS Christiansen, Julie Ann, BS Christofferson, Jacob Lynn, BS Clark, Amanda Carol, BS Clayson, Shelby Ann, BS Cook, Adam David, BS Cook, Kasey Scott, BS Corbell, Don, BS Cornelius, Lindsay Ploeger, BS Court, Jefferson Hunter, BS Croshaw, Tanner L, BS Daines, Blake B, BS Daines, Emma Margaret, BS Davis, Mckenzie Marie, BS Dibb, Kylie, BS Diederich, Rachel Jane, BS Ditto, Matthew Thomas, BS Donaldson, Anna M, BS Duncan, Brittany, BS Egbert, Jessica Kendall, BS Elmer, Kathryn L, BS Elwood, Kambria, BS England, Scott Stewart, BS Evans, Danielle Croft, BS Evans, Mckell, BS Peitz, Alex Joseph, BS Field, Tyson Lindsey, BS Flitton, Travis Allan, BS Ford, James R, BS Fors, Meaghan Anne, BS Fowles, Ashley Brianne, BS Freeman, Morgan Tani Lynch, BS Gardner, Nicole J, BS Garrett, David G, BS Gilbert, Taylor Renee, BS Gilmore, Kendra Muhlestein, BS Glade, Sydnee Janet, BS Green, Casey McKay, BS Griffin, Samantha Lee, BS Groll, Jessica, BS Hager, Erin Ardella, BS Hancock, Kurtis Ronald, BS


Hastings, Kayla Marie, BS Hatch, Aaron Terry, BS Havnes, Carly J, BS Hawkes, Nicole, BS Hawks, Michael Charles, BS Heaps, Amy Marie, BS Heaton, Mindy Brooke, BS Helm, Stephen M, BS Henricksen, Blake Kalwies, BS Henricksen, Kristiann, BS Hickenlooper, Spencer L, BS Hill, Heather Marie, BS Hill, Josey Lyn, BS Hillyard, Jacob Roy, BS Hoffman, Angelic Christina, BS Holmes, Stacee Harris, BS Holt, Madison Lauren, BS Housley, Courtney Lee, BS Howell, Sarah Elaine, BS Hudson, Christopher Steele, BS Humberger, Olivia Renee, BS Illu, Seth M, BS Ingraham, Charissa A, BS Jackson, Danielle, BS Jacobsen, Danielle Lynn. BS Jenkins, Braden T, BS Jenkins, Layne Ellis, BS Jensen, Norell Kirsten, BS Jessup, Kellie Rae, BS Johnson, Alexander James, BS Johnson, Cassie Ann, BS Johnson, Hanah Alisha, BS Johnson, McKenzie Marie, BS Jordan, Jeremy David, BS Jorgensen, Kilee Kae, BS Kaneshiro, Kelley Ann, BS Karren, Jens Scott, BS Keller, Derek, BS King, Kameron Michael, BS King, Spencer William, BS Knowles, Schon Thomas, BS Knudsen, Alma James, BS Kridelbaugh, Lidia Vladimirovna, BS Lamoreaux, Kellie Marie, BS Larsen, Aslynn Elizabeth, BS Larwin, Paige Leilani, BS Law, Tyler Andrew, BS Lee, Kelsey Juanita, BS Liechty, Jared Ryan, BS Lincoln, David Michael, BS Little, Ashley D, BS Lloyd, Keisha Alyse, BS Madsen, Morgan, BS Manning, Jessica Anne, BS May, Sadie J, BS McGahee, Nicole Keller, BS McRory, Shawn David, BS

Meidell, Matthew Christian, BS Meszaros, Paige Marie, BS Metzger, Sara Christine, BS Meyers, Kristen Ashley, BS Miller, Jordan Layne, BS Miller, Natalie Rose, BS Miller, Samuel Aaron, BS Moore, Grayson Thomas, BS Morgan, Alexis Jenson, BS Murdock, Katelyn Maree, BS Murray, Elise Nicole, BS Myers, Kodey Wayne, BS Needham, Nathan Joseph, BS Niebergall, Bruce William, BS Niebergall, Megan Marie, BS Nielsen, Jordan Lennis, BS Nielson, Logan Taylor, BS Nielson, Samantha L, BS Noall, Daniel K, BS Noorda, Steven Lawrence, BS Nye, Christina McKenna, BS Ormond, Resa Lynette, BS Orozco, Ambur Lyn, BS Orr, Rachel Lynne, BS Paget, Mickensi, BS Park, Morgan Van, BS Parker, Kelsey Ann, BS Parrish, Alissa Paige, BS Patterson, Devin S, BS Patton, Shayna Marie, BS Paul, Tracie, BS Perigo, Sotero Leon, BS Peterson, Justin K, BS Pope, Sierra Lyn, BS Popoca, Erick, BS Porras, Anthony William, BS Pratt, Parker Riley, BS Rees, Michael David, BS Reese, Conor Kennedy, BS Reeves, Samantha Florence, BS Reilly, Sean Patrick, BS Richardson, Hazel Mary Ann, BS Ringle, Andrew D, BS Robinson, Randi A, BS Roche, Tyler F, BS Rush, Hannah Arlene, BS Sayer, Nicholas Andrew, BS Schick, Kaitlin, BS Schiffman, Garrett 0, BS Shaughnessy, Kayleigh Anne, BS Shreeve, Tamralyn Joanne, BS Sieggen, Andrew Thomas, BS Simpson, Preston Oliver, BS Smith, Jaron Russell, BS Smith, Savannah, BS Smith, Zachary P, BS Snook, Jerrin K, BS

Snyder, Sadie J, BS Sondrup, Samantha M, BS Sorenson, Sara, BS Spear, Jeffrey Scott, BS Spruell, David Michael, BS Stacy, Jacob Garrett, BS Staley, Casey Ray, BS Stewart, Tyce Alden, BS Stout, Kylee Janae, BS Stringham, Mariah, BS Sugiura, Rikki Raye, BS Sylvester, Kristin L, BS Taylor, Tessa Elizabeth, BS Teahan, Brittan Eliza, BS Thompson, Cami, BS Thompson, Colton Vear!, BS Tremea, Addam T., BS Turner, Haley Phippen, BS Ward, Bradley David, BS Ward, Samantha Mae, BS Wells, Michael B, BS Western, William Michael Thomas, BS White, Alexandria, BS White, Jesse David, BS Whitehead, Ryan Murray, BS Whitworth, Allison Kane, BS Wigington, Rebekah Marie, BS Wilson, Megan, BS Wilson, Travis Tyrell, BS Winn, Sheri Ann, BS Wolfley, Harlee Pakootas, BS Worley, Jordan K, BS Wright, MaRae Lynn, BS Young, Tanya Shaw, BS

Interdisciplinary Studies Alisa, Jamaica Moana, BS Anderson, Megan Don, BS Andrew, Weston R, BS Baldwin, Joshua Kam, BS Bell, Sara Kathleen, BS Betts, Reeda April, BS Brown, Karla Dee, BS Butterfield, Katherine Marie, BS Clingan, Michelle, BS Collins, Theodore Basil, BS Cox, Chaundra Louise, BS Crane, William James Russell, BS Day, Lauren Debora, BS Denton, Michele LeRee, BS Eastwood, Jessica Erin, BS Eddington, Alexis Deone, BS Ensign, Jonathan Luke, BS Fairey, Monica, BS Flannery, Cathie, BS Francis, Morgan Sipherd, BS Froton, Hailey Breanna, BS

Gensel, Janaea Leigh, BS Godfrey, Heather R, BS Haberstock, Kathryn Louise, BS Hansen, Angela Dawn, BS Hartshorn, Kaylee L, BS Hawks, Stephanie Marie, BS Heslop, Melanie J, BS Hill, Joseph J, BS Holland, Nickolas Robert, BS Hollingshead, Kellee Charele, BS Huesser, Mark Steven, BS Hyde, Erin Thunell, BS Jenkins, Chelsey Lynn, BS Johnson, Shaan Corey, BS Kiddy, Spring Viann, BA Kolan, Samantha, BS Koons, Jolene Nicole, BS Lane, Courtney Erin, BS Lansdell-Lopez, Heaven Marie, BS LeBeau, Jennifer Lee, BS Lombard, Lindsey Lea, BS Lytle, Whitney L, BS Mauvais, Ronna Donecia, BS McBride, Aubrey J, BS Mcmillian, Tavaris Edward, BS McQuivey, Yvonne J, BS Mecham, Diana Lynn, BS Nelson, Nicholas Lee, BS Niccoli, Andrew Joel, BS O'Brien, Jessica Raaum, BS Olsen, Jordyn McCall, BS Owes, Nydia Ann, BS Peters, Kakela H, BS Phillips, Cathrine Vilate, BS Platt, Robert Tyler, BS Platzek, Timothy, BS Porter, Amy Lynn, BS Privett, Shane Randall, BS Riano, Jennifer Marie, BS Rondinelli, Vincent Robert, BS Roundy, Lauren E, BS Salmans, Sydney C, BS Sanderson, Dionne Lea, BS Scott, Elizabeth Jane, BS Shaw, Jarred Dwayne, BS Sluznis, Natalie Marie, BS Stewart, Sommer Lee, BS Taylor, Danielle, BS Thomson, Kirsten, BS Tobyne, Mackenzie Mariah, BS Toro, Kayla Belen, BS Tucker, Jessica K, BS Vaaulu, Frances Lemalie, BS Van Wagoner, Brock, BS Waegner, Mark Douglas, BS Ward, Allison Daines, BS Whimpey, Shaylee Nicole, BS

White, Marianne, BS White, Whitney Hope, BS Williford Jr, Xavier Clinton, BS Winn, Michelle Amanda, BS Zern, Makenzie Anne, BS

Psychology Andersen, Mercedes Eleena, BS Aoki, Kolby Thatcher, BS Ashcraft, Mark Allred, BS Bagley, Michael C, BS Baker, Edye Deloa, BS Bales, Tiffany Marie, BS Barker, Analise, BS Bates, Amy Nicole, BS Berry, Jami Brookes, BS Bingham, Rebekka, BS Bosshardt, Wendy, BS Brown, Logan, BS Bushnell, Justin K, BS Butterfield, Zackary Lance, BA Carlson, Tina Rebecca, BS Christensen, Jacob M, BS Christensen, Rachel U, BS Christianson, Chandler, BS Cisney, Heidi Kaye, BA Clark, Haley Marie, BS Clark, Kember, BS Cochran, Brittanie Marie, BS Compton, Nicole Diane, BS Cook, Paige Blackburn, BS Daines, Joanna, BS Davenport, Billie Catherine, BS Davenport, E Parker, BS Davies, Erin, BS De Horta, Chelsie Elizabeth, BS Deuel, Kirstin LaRee, BS Domery, Brayden Andrew, BS Downs, Kade R, BA Drake, Logan Nicholas, BS Draper, Jacy, BS Dressman, Michael Keith, BS Duersch, Maggie Taylor, BS Egbert, Monique Rochelle, BS Evans, Diana, BS Everhart, Kayla Nichole, BS Fairbanks, Jennifer Michelle, BS Farnsworth, Olga Sergeyeuna, BS Faustino, Melanie Ann, BA Ferguson, Mark Lin, BS Firth, Brianna Yvonne, BS Flitton, Travis Allan, BS Fonnesbeck, Trel Troy, BS Force, Samuel Ammon McFern, BS Freeman, Benjamin Dean, BS Ghazaryan, Gayane Artur, BS Goodell, Kali, BS


Green, Eileen Barlow, BS Ha, Sun Min, BS Hales, Cami Elizabeth, BS Hall, Megan, BS Hansen, Caitlin H, BS Hansen, Nicole Marie, BS Harris, Andrew Michael, BS Haslam, Andrea, BS Helquist, Brad L, BA Herrera, Julian Hector, BS Hess, Brian Howard, BS Higgins, Daniel David, BS Hoffman, Daniel Wayne, BS Hoffman, Lindsey Amber, BS Howard, Bailey, BS Howard, Tiffany J, BS Hughes, Tanner G, BS Hunter, Samantha Janean, BS Ivory, Rickie Daniel, BS Jarvis, Jeremy Wilson, BS Jenkins, Sydnee, BS Jensen, Mary Annette, BS Johnson, Christopher Steven, BS Johnson, Misty Moore, BS Johnson, Rachel LaRue, BS Kalinin, Chelsea Rey, BS Kearl, Teresa C, BS Kidd, Jonathan Mckitrick, BS Kimball, Ryan Samuel, BA Kirby, Joan Marie, BS Knowles, Joshua Gardiner, BA Kotter, Russell Shannon, BS Lambert, Ryan James, BS Larsen, Devin Sinclair, BS Lee, Jason Tyler, BS Longmore, Alyssa Ann, BS Lowery, Joshua David, BS Lucas, Liberti Ann Mae, BS Lundgren, Ashton Leigh, BS Madden, Mackenzie Nicole, BA Madsen, Michael Earl, BS Manning, Taylor Chad, BA Mattingly, Mckay Stevens, BS McDonald, Markie E, BS McIntyre, Sarah Lynne, BS Miller, Susan Elizabeth, BS Morgan, Emelina H, BS Morgan, Kileigh A, BS Morrill, Jarrett Logan, BS Mosman, Jonathan Roy, BS Muller, Eunicia Stephanie Valera, BS Nelson, Havila Nicole, BS Nielsen, Derek James, BS Nielsen, Kaylee Alyse, BS Obray, James Daniel, BS Olsen, Chandler Jay, BS Patch, Cameo Lynn, BS


Payne, Aubree Anna, BS Pevey, Minden Le, BS Phillips, Samantha Lyn, BS Poirier, Brittaniya, BS Pratt, Kimberly A, BA Price, Jared McKay, BS Reeder, Amanda Diane, BS Rich, Jonathan Clark, BS Richins, Camille Clawson, BS Ritchie, David Todd, BS Romney, Carly Ann, BS Sanders, Anthony H, BS Shah, Ahmad Abbas, BS Smith, Andrew Thomas, BS Sorensen, Megan Danese, BS Sorenson, Chelsey Jayleena, BS Tanner, Tevyn E, BS Thomson, Savannah Dianne, BS Topik, Lori C, BS Traveller, Riley Del, BS Trumble, Jynese Kaye, BS Underwood, David Kim, BS Vance, Dylan Nicole, BS Warenski, Shannondoah, BS Whiting, Cody Scott, BS Willis, DebraLee, BS Wilson, Kara Ashley, BS Wilson, Wendy Ann, BS

Special Education and Rehabilitation Adams, Lacey Angel, BS Adams, Lindsi, BS Ambriz, Amber, BS Anderson-Beames, Pauleen J., BS Aste, Jordan Elizabeth, BS Baum, Jerold Brent, BS Bou, Emiliano, BS Buckwalter, Gina M, BS Carroll, Janessa Louise, BS Church, Stacy Dawn, BS Cowan, Stephanie, BS Cox, Trudy Allred, BS Davis, Brynne, BS Debry, Britney Lynn, BS Dennison, Sarah Samantha, BS Dimalanta, Karel Delfin, BS Dinkel, Trudy, BS Dobson, Nicole Allyse, BS Eldredge, LuJean, BS Fagnant, Lauren Elizabeth, BS Fife, Andrea Caroline, BS Finch, Katelyn Ann, BS Forsyth, Chelsey Ann, BS Fotheringham, Brianne Amanda, BS Garrard, Melanie, BS Gillette, Deanne George, BS Goaslind, Mallory, BS

Greenwood, Kelsi Jo, BS Gunnell, Laura T, BS Heileson, Cori Lynn, BS Henrie, Suzanne Mara, BS Hock, Lauryn Amber, BS Hurd, Brenda Lee, BS Ingram, Caitlin Camille, BS Jacobson, Michael Colten, BS Johnston, Michelle, BS Jones, Mone' Christensen, BS Kennison, Alanna Renee, BS Lewis, Abigail, BS Loveless, Cherylee, BS McIntyre, Sherri Wheeler, BS McKinney, Leslie Ann, BS Miller, Ali Mace, BS Moorehead, Wendy Elaine, BS Munk, Blair Ann, BS Murphy, Taylour A, BS Murray, Zinna D, BS Nielson, Bethany, BS Olsen, Marisa Allen, BS Owens, Heather Shelley, BS Page, Melissa, BS Palmer, Sasha Ann, BS Pearce, Tara, BS Peterson, Amanda, BS Porter, Ruth Ann, BS Powell, Amanda Marlene, BS Richardson, Krystal Ann, BS Singleton, Jeannette, BS Slatter, Sara Nichole, BS Smith, Hadley Rebecca, BS Thompson, Bayley, BS Williams, Carol Jean, BS Young, Courtnie Lynn, BS

Teacher Education and Leadership Adams, Lindsi, BS Agle, Avery DeeAnn, BS Ahlin, Makelle, BS Andersen, Laura Jean, BS Anderson, Joy Ella, BS Angeli, Misty Anne, BS Asay, Madison A, BS Ashby, Brittani Kaye, BA Austin, Kallyn Victoria, BS Averett, Jason Sanders, BS Backus, Pandi Joell, BS Barclay, Dakota Brooke, BS Barker, Jo Anne Maureen, BS Barkley, Lorilei Isabel, BA Bartel, Jessica Rae, BS Bauer, Alyssa Kristene, BS Bawden, Rachael Nicole, BS Bell, Chaelianne, BS Bennett, Amber Lee, BS

Benson, Natalie, BS Buchanan, Bryanna Paige, BS Butterfield, Shalice Ann, BS Cannon, Kimberly Joy, BS Carrell, Natasha Kerrin, BS Carroll, Amanda Marie, BS Cates, Rebecca Annette, BS Christensen, Ellen Adele, BS Christensen, Jennifer Lee, BS Christensen, Jessica, BS Clark, Elora, BS Clark, Kadie Michelle, BS Cline, Jaclyn LeAnn, BS Colton, Kayla Marie, BS Cook, Jordin Nicole, BS Cook, Tiffani, BS Coon, Collette, BS Corbett, Sara Janet, BS Cox, Jody D, BS Crane, Morgan Marie, BS Creager, Amy Ann, BS Crook, Jamie, BS Dalebout, Tarah Leann, BS Dalton, Bailey Rae, BS Daugs, Alison Maria, BS Dexter, Angela, BS Dietrich, Nicole Gum mow, BS Dillard, Cassandra Skyway, BS Downs, Jacob Dee, BS Doxey, Makae, BA Draper, Heather, BS Dunn, Amanda Elizabeth, BS Edwards, Jessica, BS Ellingson, Elizabeth Ann, BS Ercanbrack, Shelbi Lynn, BS Eshenroder, Chandra Nicole, BS Farber, Alexandria Justine, BS Fenton, Anthony Alan, BS Flinders, Hailey Lyn, BS Folkman, Caitlyn Chandler, BS Fowers, Korbie, BS Galloway, Bobi J, BS Gledhill, Katelyn Jane, BS Glenn, Kimberly Genevra, BS Gordon, Madison Elise, BS Grant, Andrea Taylor, BS Gubler, Nicole Christensen, BS Hansen, Kallie, BS Hardman, Kori E, BS Hardman, Rebecca Yvonne, BS Harvel, Mallorie James, BS Hays, Hillary Blythe, BS Hedin, Addison, BS Helquist, ShayLee Bell, BS Henderson, Scott Eric, BS Hernandez, Alexandra, BS Hewlett, Megan, BS

Hinkson, Tiffany Marie, BS Hirschi, Jamie R, BS Holladay, Aaron C, BA Holt, Lacie J, BS Hope, Mia Levanger, BS Hopkinson, Samantha Jo, BS Hortin, Cristina, BS Horton, Alexandria Deborah, BS Howell, Chantel Marie, BA Howell, Katherine Palmer, BS Howell, Lauria Elizabeth, BS Hughes, Halle, BS Hulet, Stephen Dale, BS Isbell, Kaeley Anne, BS Jackman, Sydney Dawn, BS Jacobsen, Makelle, BS James, McKell Ila, BS Jensen, Emily Anne, BS Jensen, Megan Sarah, BS Jewkes, Tayler icole, BS Johnson, Amy Lynne, BS Johnson, Rauni Arlene, BS Johnston Ayala, Nicole C, BS Jones, Caitlin Elizabeth, BS Jorgensen, Misty Dawn, BS Judd, Jaci, BS Kendal, Dermot Patrick, BS Kendell, Shalyse, BS Kennedy, Karlie Marie, BS Kidd, Jonathan Mckitrick, BS Kidd, Jordan Alexis, BS Kingdon, Rebecca Lynn, BS Knudsen, Melissa Campbell, BS Lancaster, Jessica Lee, BS Larsen, Rebecca Ann, BS Lee, Marvee, BS Lemon, Meghan Elaine, BS Lemon, Sarah Elizabeth, BS Lockwood, Diana Nichole, BS Lunt, Susan Dawn, BS Lynn, Megan Marie, BS Marchant, Kaitlyn, BS Maxfield, Haley Ence, BS Merrill, Stan Glacus, BS Mick, Katrina, BS Montgomery, Deyette, BS Montgomery, Duren Gene, BS Moore, Madison Mary, BS Morales, Courtney Nichole, BS Mortensen, Stephanie Ann, BS Mott, Rebecca, BS Murphy, Tyler James, BS Nelson, Alexa Leigh, BS Nestegard, Nathan Jerry, BS Netzley, Susan M, BS Nolte, Chloe Angela, BS Oborn, Sara Marie, BS

Palmer, Katherine, BS Park, Jessica Nicole, BS Paynter, Lacey M, BS Petersen, Adam R, BS Petersen, Haley Marie, BS Peterson, Heidi Jo, BS pfost, Michelle, BS Phillips, Saren, BA Price, Ty Steven, BS Probst, Kiana, BA Pyle, Carol Livingston, BS Rasmussen, Katie Callister, BS Rasmussen, Kristal Dawn, BS Reay, Melinda Paige, BS Richardson, Brianne, BS Riding, Autumn Jannette, BS Rigby, Tamara, BS Robbins, Kylie Ann, BS Roberts, Marisha, BS Robinson, Kayla Anne, BS Ross, Ashlee Jean, BS Rounds, Jenna L, BS Sanchez, Nicole Shelese, BS Savage, Laurel Johnson, BS Sepulveda, Micah Joseph, BS Shaffer, Cristina K, BS Smedley, Jessica Leeann, BS Smith, Jalena, BS Snyder, Bonita Shereen, BS Sten, Cher-Ami Rae, BS Stenquist, Haley, BS Stock, Elizabeth, BS Stucki, Ashley Danielle, BS Taylor, Lisa Page BS Thiele, Michael David, BS Toloso, Glorya Avalon, BS Treadwell, Jessica Dawn, BS Tuddenham, MacKenzee Paige, BS Vassar, Sarah Kathleen, BS Wadsworth, Natalie VeRee, BS Ward, Amber Colleen, BS Warren, Neicca Marie, BS Whitaker, Mackenzie Brown, BS Willden, Trisha, BS Williams, Kayla Nicole, BS Wyatt, Bailey Jane, BS


Biological Engineering Allred, Sarah Elizabeth, BS Bedingfield, Sean Kyle, BS Bone, Sydney, BS Bullough, Mitchell T, BS Christensen, Dallin Val, BS


Draper, Neil I, BS Engelby, Andrew James, BS Harding, Charles Philip, BS Isaacson, Kyle Jeffrey, BS Israelsen, Nathan D, BS Lawanto, Stephanie Odelia, BS Mansell, Rachael Ann, BS Morley, Jordan Matthew, BS Moss, Kenan Gonen, BS Plaizier, Christina Alicia, BS Pontsler, Jefferson Aaron, BS Rodriguez, Federico Carlos, BS Ward, Sherissa Ann, BS Williams, Spencer E, BS

Civil and Environmental Engineering Albert, Allison Grace, BS Andersen, Erin Ruth, BS Anderson, Aaron Allan, BS Andreasen, Luke Clifford, BS Andrus, Trent Randolph, BS Bagley, Colin McKay, BS Bodily, Jared Paul, BS Braun, Kody M, BS Brown, Michael J,BS Carlisle, Cami Lynn, BS Carlson, Tonolio, BS Clawson, Bradley Coleman, BS Coons, Russell Edward, BS Coy, Tyler K, BS Deters, Tyson Jeff, BS Dial, Kirk T, BS Dietrich, Justin R, BS Fisher, Dexter David, BS Fjeldsted, Erik Bryant, BS Foust, Nickolas Ryan, BS Fox, Nathan Robert, BS Frazier, Samuel Brent, BS Gibbons, Ren James, BS Greer, Austin Lee, BS Guzman Gomez, Delio Guarionex, BS Hansen, Keith Brodey, BS Hansen, Tyler Mark, BS Harrington, Grant Ian, BS Hillyard, Jenica Paige, BS Hoffman, Cameron K, BS Hogge, Joshua Ryan, BS Hortin, Joshua Michael, BS Hurst, Dane C, BS Jensen, Daniel Fredrick, BS Johnson, Kristopher Ray, BS Johnson, Nephi Ross, BS Keizer Jr, Richard Allen, BS Laprevote, Joseph Paul, BS Law, Dayton Dee, BS Lo, Wing Hong Louis, BS Lundgreen, Jeffrey Dana, BS


Marchant, Kurt B, BS Mcfarlane, Joseph Jedidiah, BS McGarvey, Parker Kale, BS Mcleod, Ryan J, BS Miketta, Kevin Lee, BS Morrill, Jake Leroy, BS Morris, Tyler Daniel, BS Nichols, Gilbert A, BS Nummelin, Marc Allen, BS Patterson, Timothy Daniel, BS Pendleton, Tyler Scott, BS Perkes, Jordan Tyler, BS Perry, Suzanne, BS Plaizier, Joseph Franklin, BS Powelson, Phillip Sterling, BS Prettyman, Johnny Brett, BS Rasmussen, Mitchell Thomas, BS Richards, Andrew Scott, BS Saxton, London Thale, BS Six, Philip D, BS Smith, Grant Bowman, BS Sorensen, Taylor James, BS Stenquist, Mark Kinney, BS Tax, Joshua James, BS Taylor, Trenton Riley, BS Thurgood, Rhen D, BS Torres Guzman, Victor Jose, BS Vanderdoes, Scott James, BS Wilde, Bradey Lee, BS Willard, Andrew Tim, BS Wright, Bradley Dean, BS Zaugg, Benjamin David, BS Zollinger, Thales D, BS

Computer Science Austin, Jordan, BS Blakeslee, Stephen R, BS Butterfield, Jacob B, BS Carter, Kyle Ryan, BS Christensen, Fredrick A, BS Coffin, Christopher Michael, BS Collings, Nathan Gregory, BS Cronquist, Jason, BS Dixon, Brian Wayne, BS Edwards, Cameron, BS Flamm, Dale Stauffer, BS Flitton, Spenser Tyre!, BS Furman, Josh Philip, BS Geddes, John T, BS George, Connor Vincent, BS Harris, David E, BS Hawkins, Kevin R, BS Hawley, Brenton Garth, BS Heaps, Christopher Nyle, BS Johnson, Anthony Lowell, BS Johnson, Bryan Scott, BS Johnson, Douglas Val, BS

Larsen, Christopher Sidney, BS Lindhardt, Tyson Jeffery, BS Lopez Valdes, Miguel Angel, BS Mann, Kevin Richard, BS Matos, Mario Arismendi, BS Maughan, Ethan Kade, BS Maxfield, Russell Scott, BS McQuivey, Jeremy Lynn, BS Meline, Jacob Paul, BS Moore, Cameron Dallas, BS Muchmore, Kyle Andrew, BS Nelson, Bryce E, BS Nelson, Kirsten, BS Ng, Chun Kwan, BS Oakden, Riley G, BS O'Hearn, Zachary David, BS Oliver, Melodi C, BS Oliver, Robert Mark, BS Parkinson, Kenneth David, BS Parrish, Jason Neil, BS Peterson, Stacy, BS Pope, Kenyan Lee, BS Profaizer, Justin Charles, BS Ramirez Espinal, Maurier Wilson, BS Rasmussen, Matthew Hans, BS Rogers, Jesse Matthew, BS Saunders, Stephen Richard, BS Sorensen, Scott William, BS Teahan, James Samuel, BS Thatcher, Christopher John, BS Turner, Brock Daniel, BS Wertman, Shannon Vergene, BS West, Gabriel William, BS Wilson, Lynsey Grace, BS Wood, Michael Davis, BS Wray, Ryan Christopher, BS Yunker, Benjamin William, BS

Electrical and Computer Engineering Amely, Thomas David, BS Anderson, Aaron V, BS Anderson, Kyler Adam, BS Anderson, Ryan Dell, BS Beukers, James Robert, BS Butikofer, Tyler Hyrum, BS Bybee, Taylor Chad, BS Chugg, Derrick Evan, BS Cocar Garcia, Isaac Enmanuel, BS Cox, Justin Neil, BS Diamond, Bradley Michael, BS Dunn, Daniel D, BS Elliott, Mark Robert, BS Fernelius, Clint Hayes, BS Finlinson, Phillip Shaun, BS Folkman, Marshall Ottosen, BS George, Connor Vincent, BS Guest, Steven Brian, BS

Harris, Joshua Lewis, BS Hathaway, Kelly Don, BS Hathaway, Ryan M, BS Herman, Christopher Urban, BS Herndon, Cody Ray, BS Jensen, Austin Bennett, BS Jensen, Derek Landon, BS Johnson, Dorothy Peacock, BS Jonas, Justin Ronald, BS Keller, Christopher Dachota, BS Kennedy, Kevin Scott, BS Kunz, Trevor D, BS Lamoreaux, Ryan David, BS Luke, Jorden Rodney, BS Lunt, Jeffrey, BS Macy, Jason A, BS Madsen, Cameron Blake, BS Madsen, Cameron D, BS Manning, Craig James, BS McDougal, Amber Kay, BS Mugleston, Andrew David, BS Nyman, Sean Carl, BS Petersen, Scott Chandler, BS Reimer, Michael James, BS Rice, Jacob W, BS Richards, Courtney Grace, BS Ruben, Nathan E, BS Searcy, Nathan Spencer, BS Spencer, Nathan Shawn, BS Thomson, Quinn, BS Tolman, Tyler James, BS Travis, Tyler Alan, BS Vanfleet, Jacob Leslie, BS Ware, David Anderse, BS Wecl<ler, Daniel Inti, BS Weight, Justin Travis, BS Welch, Michael Joseph, BS Williams, Jeffrey D, BS Yin, Li, BS

Pre-Engineering Allen, Zachery J, APE Dickinson, Thomas L, APE Hansen, Ryan, APE Hicken, Matt S, APE Hinrichsen, Mark Patton, APE Knighton, Joshua Jay, APE Lindsay, Joseph Amoroso, APE Moody, Cade Aubry, APE Scott, Chance J, APE General Studies Hinkson, Bryan Kent, BS Reeder, Matthew Brent, BS

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Atwood, Kyle R, BS Blakely, Cole D, BS Braithwaite, Christopher Stephen, BS Brown, David Daniels, BS Cable, Jacob Dale, BS Caldwell, Samuel Wilson, BS Campbell, Todd Sanford, BS Casey, Alex Donald, BS Chadwick, Scott K, BS Christensen, Zachary Charles, BS Christy, Travis D, BS Crook, Thomas John, BS Deans III, Royce Elliott, BS Donohue, Christopher Ryan, BS Elder, Wesley D, BS Eldredge, Jaden A, BS Emery, Michael Morrell, BS Ethington, Richard Mark, BS Fife, Corey Tucker, BS Fish, Davis Kenneth, BS Fleming, Austin D, BS Ford, Preston Lee, BS Forsythe, Michael Cannon, BS Fry, Jedediah Micah, BS Funtanilla, Joel Gabriel, BS Garff, Blake Leland, BS Garn, Blake Homer, BS Griffiths, Kenneth R, BS Gumucio, Logan Martin, BS Halverson, Chase David, BS Halverson, Karson David, BS Hanson, Robert C, BS Harris, Jacob Eli, BS Harris, Russell Reed, BS Harvey, Ryan Anthony, BS Hastings, Craig A, BS Heiner, Mark Call, BS Hicken, Kevin Robert, BS Hillyard, Landon Wayman, BS Hinrichsen, Michael L, BS Hoffman, Bruce Marion, BS Hoopes, Benson Pratt, BS Hymas, Kyle R, BS Jacobson, Adam Michael, BS John, Alyssa Marie, BS Jones, Michael Allen, BS Joseph, Alan, BS Kendall, Ben Glade, BS Larsen, Matthew Rex, BS Lewis, Jeffrey Adam, BS Lewis, Tyler Lee, BS Li, Longze, BS Lichfield, Michael Eric, BS Lindstrom, Jay Leonard, BS Liyanage Don, Rajeewa Channaka, BS

Lopez, Michael, BS Luebke, Michael Alan, BS Mander, D Corbin, BS Mansell, Karl William, BS Martin, Colin Andrew, BS Martineau, Ryan Jensen, BS Moser, Alex C, BS Moughamian, James Matthew, BS Munsee, Matthew Lee, BS Naisbitt, Kyle C, BS O'Dell, Jason Richard, BS O'Donnell, Mark Brian, BS Onkes, Mitchell, BS Palmer, Christopher John, BS Parker, Landon Pare!, BS Parrish, Jason Neil, BS Perez-Soto, Cesar Eduardo, BS Perry, Katie Louise, BS Petty, William Lewis Winter, BS Phillipps, Lisa Darlene, BS Pickering, Cody Kim, BS Pope, Zachery, BS Price, Raymond Dirk, BS Reidhead, Nathan Parker, BS Remund, Colton Glen, BS Richins, Matthew Dan, BS Roberts, Colten Reed, BS Rojas, Ignacio Agustin, BS Salas, Eric Joseph, BS Salerno, Gage Michael, BS Savage, Tracy Garin, BS Schneider, Bryce Edward, BS Schott, Nathaniel R, BS Schultz, Jonathan 0, BS Shelton, Christopher Todd, BS Simpson, Skyler Gregory, BS Smith, Cameron D, BS Spackman, Jesse Mark, BS Spackman, Trevor Brady, BS Spurrier, Charles Lofton, BS Staker, Nickolas Laurent, BS Stott, Austin Lynn, BS Stringham, David Jace, BS Taylor, Phillip Andrew, BS Terry, Landon Bradley, BS Terry, Michael Douglas, BS Thorpe, Roger C, BS Trumbull, Christopher Thomas, BS Tryon, Christopher Stephen, BS Tucker, Blake Leon, BS Watkins, William Reynold, BS Webb, Zachary Gaylen, BS Weiss, Samuel Chase, BS Williams, Logan Trimble, BS Willis, Ryan Scott, BS Zhang, Daxi, BS


COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES John C. Allen, Dean English Adams, Rachel Elizabeth, BS Aimone, John Carter, BS Alexander, Monica Leah, BS Allred, Courtney Walker, BS Anderson, Kathryn Michelle, BS Aure, Kristin Leand, BS Beaman, Kelsey Ann, BA Beck, Susanna Claire, BS Benson, Brittany D, BA Bergeson, Dillan Lars, BA Briggs, Michelle Lyn, BS Brown, Tessa Gay, BS Burgess, LaCretia June, BS Chapman, Katie Lynn, BA Christensen, Peter Forsgren, BS Clifford, Kamille A, BS Cole, Micaille Marie, BS Compton, Amanda Kay, BS Cooper, Erica, BA Crossen, Daniel Ryan, BS Davis, Kamille Elise, BA De Los Santos, Yessica Maria, BS Dedow, Alexandra Kay, BA Dunn, Kaylee Ann, BS Echavarria, Katie A, BS Egbert, Megan, BS Fausett, Shelly Louise, BS Fish, Karli Ann, BS Flores, Dustin Kealii, BA Francis, Brad James, BS Frank, Lorelle Jeanne, BS Godfrey, Steven D, BS Gray, Elizabeth Kelly, BS Green, Katelyn, BS Hager, Logan Michael, BS Hanni, Riley Jo, BS Hatch, Courtney Anderson, BA Hawk, Mitchell Vernon, BA Heaps, Jasilyn McKay, BA Holmes, Emily Anne, BA Homan, Natalie, BA Horner, Markell Marie, BS Horrocks, Sidney Robert, BS Howlett, Kearsten Lee, BS Israelsen, Kellie-Jo, BS Jackson, Taija Re, BS Jairl, Kimberly Ann, BS Jensen, Jacob Eric, BA Jones, Karess Adare, BS Jorgensen, Katherine J, BA Karegeannes, Kyra Jean, BS Kissel, Amanda Valentine, BS


Koeven, Kevin Joseph, BA Kunz, Leisha Marie, BA Lange, Bethany Hope, BS Larsen, Shay C, BS Larson, Zachary Richard, BS Lasson, Dylan Kay, BS Lovato, Ismael, BS Madden, Alexandria Noelle, BA Mann, Micail, BS Maynes, Brady J, BS Monson, Jared A, BS Moore, Kristina Marie, BS Morgart, Jonnie Rebecca, BS Morris, Kayla Kristine, BS Mullen, Brooke Aaron, BS Murdock, Katherine Elise, BS Neff, Jessica Amber, BA Nicolaides, Tessa E, BS Nivison II, William Howard, BS Ostler, Shantell, BA Palmer, Benjamin Douglas, BS Patterson, Jessica Denele, BS Payne, Kasondra Lynn, BA Rice, Laurel Lynn, BS Rich, Samantha Jasmine, BS Rincon, Katie Marie, BS Rowley, Angela V, BS Sanders, Breanne, BS Scheelke, Elliot Rutledge, BA Smith, Ann Marie, BS Smith, Elinor LaRee, BA Spear, Cambri Alexis, BA Stapley, Katie Anne Pace, BS Strain, Michael Bryan, BS Stringham, Sarah Jenae, BS Sutton, Autumn Dawn, BS Swensen, Andrew M, BS Talbot, Ariel, BS Tarbet, Caroline Ann, BA Tarbet, Timothy J, BS Taylor, Cree Angelica, BS Taylor, Jeffery Paul, BS Thompson, Andy, BS Thompson, Priscilla Lyn, BA Thorpe, Chelsea Jeann, BS Tigh, Hailey Luraine, BS Timm, Aaron Irene, BS Timmerman, Sarah Amanda, BS Tompkins, Elise, BS Tuttle, Brandi, BS Van Val ken burg, Rachel Elizabeth, BS Wagstaff, Jennifer Lynn, BS Wallin, Zachary Quinn, BS Waterlyn, Calyn Rachael, BA Webb, Hilary A, BS Weeden, Emily Anne, BS Whitby, Brandon John, BS

Wilkes, Katriel Mishell, BS Williams, Travis Colton, BS Wood, Andrew J, BS

General Studies Mower, Reilly E, BS

History Abbott, Rebekah Jenae, BS Allen, Melissa Ann, BA Bezzant, Jacqueline M, BS Bishop, Hailey, BS Bittner, Elizabeth, BA Black, Monica Paige, BA Burbank, Rebecca, BA Cannon, Emily Ann, BA Cannon, Stacie Lynne, BA Corbridge, Dillon Paul, BS Cordis, Kari Marie, BS Cranney, Skye T, BA Draper, Genevieve, BA Eck, Jordan Terry!, BA Esplin, Bruce W, BS Fife, Allison Ruth, BA Green, Cliff, BA Hansen, Ashley Ila Mary, BA Harrison, Kami! Chandler, BA Henderson, Scott Eric, BS Hurd, Leslee Ann, BS Iverson, Taylor Lyn, BA Jacobsen, Breanne, BA Klingler, Jerrica Dawn, BS LaBau, Austin C, BS Lembke, Shaundra C, BS Long, Daedree Camille, BS Mansfield, Majen, BS McFarland, Jessica Egon, BS Miller, Dustin J, BS Miller, Katelyn Rozella, BA Nelson, Kelsey Anne, BA Price, Quinnten Lorenzo, BA Rhodes, Zeke D, BA Smith, Jeremiah Hawkes, BS Smoot, McKinley Isaac, BA Sorensen, Heidi Laree, BS Soule, Tahnee N, BS Stewart, Aimee Elizabeth, BS Stradinger, Nathan John, BA Strazzo, Wyatte Catherine, BA Thomas, Sara Hawkes, BA Timmins, Ashlee Kay, BS Watson, Walter Sam, BS Webb, Kyler James, BA Williams, Christopher Leigh, BA Williams, Taylor Wright, BA Youd, David, BA

Interdisciplinary Studies Anderson, Gregory Jarom, BS Anderson, Trudy Lanae, BA Babcock, Jamie Diane, BS Baletka, Jennifer Lynn, BS Bennett, John Martin, BS Bergeron, Erin Michelle, BS Berlage, Julia Noelle, BA Beus, Daniel Michael, BA Bradley, Michael John, BS Branham, Nancy E, BS Butler, Ronald Raymond, BS Cannon, Anna Hustedt, BS Christensen, Spencer Kevin, BA Cole, Charity, BS Cole, Jody Kae, BS Cook, Becky Wai Kuen, BA Cook, Cameron Dean, BA Cragun, Caitlin Margaret, BS Dimitricoff, Cristian Gonzalo, BA Evans, Heather N, BA Farnworth II, James Rodger, BS Farr, Michael Ray, BA Farr, Sarah Anne, BS Fie'eki, Julia Angelica, BA Freiley, Karen Marie, BS Gambino, Jessi Rose, BS Goings, Sam Scott, BS Goldsberry, Darin Dee, BS Haberstock, Kathryn Louise, BS Harris, Anna Jane, BA Hedin, Matthew Craig, BA Hoddy, Clarissa Anne, BS Holmgren, Cannon Scott, BS Jenkins, Chelsi M, BS Jensen, Cole, BS Keith, Macy Marin, BS Kelaidis, Mika! Emmanuel, BS Kelley, Stephanie Joy, BS Knecht, Michelle Lee, BS Larson, Amy Lynn, BS Larson, Trevor Stewart, BS Larson, Zoey Christena, BS LeBaron, Tyler Joshua, BA Legg, Tiffanie Lauren, BS Limburg, Rebecca A, BS Malanga, Grace Kinde, BS Mascarenas, Traci D, BS McKnight, Kasidi Dawn, BS Mejia, Nicolas L, BS Meyerpeter, Melissa Marie, BS Moon, Jeremy V, BS Moore, Lysandra M, BS Neeley, Danielle Alexia, BS Nelson, Kathleen Karen, BS Nelson, Kirby, BS Nielsen, Kaitlin Joy, BS

Ojeda, Tabitha Joyce, BA Oldham, Tyler Reese, BA Perez, Samantha, BA Perkins, Joshua David, BA Peterson, Brooke, BA Pitt, Michelle, BS Price, Jon Eugene, BA Prisk, Evan Charles, BS Psalto, Kinli Rae, BS Rackley, Cathleen Leah, BS Raymer, Jonathan M, BS Robie, Candra Jean, BS Schmaltz, Grahm B, BS Silcox, Jeanna, BS Simmons, Michelle Diana, BA Smith, Benson T, BA Smith, Jessica, BS Snow, Garrett Leon, BA Stauffer, Jesse Kevin, BS Stewart, Brandy Lane, BS Strikas, lngrida, BS Summers, Laura, BS Taylor, Alexander Steverson, BS Taylor, James Richard, BS Triptow, Chase Christopher, BS Trujillo, Luis Efrain, BA Tucker, Elizabeth Anne, BS Uribe-Cardenas, Zenaida, BA Vavau, Bill, BS Voye, Julia A, BS Webb, Dawna Jean, BS Western, Gabrielle Pettit, BS White, Thomas Andrew, BA Winn, Suzann P, BS Wood, Tracie M, BS

Journalism and Communication Bodily, Brianna, BS Borunda, Ileana Xiomara, BS Bradley, Tmera, BS Bulloch, McCall, BS Burtenshaw, Kori Ann, BS Cardon, Victoria Elizabeth Hepworth, BS Carter, Katelyn, BS Checketts, Cory, BS Christensen, Skylar, BS Christensen, William Charles, BA Dau, Zachariah Gordon, BA DeVries, Steven Blake, BA Eisenhower, Rebecca Dean, BS Ensign, Kelsy, BS Fletcher, Whitney, BS Fonda, Brandon Davis, BA Gee, Elisabeth, BS Griffiths, Aaron J, BS Gudmunson, Ryan G, BS

Handy, Lauren, BS Hansen, Hanna, BS Hendricks, Hannah J, BS Hinrichs, Jessica Joyce, BS Hodson, Jill, BS Hyde, Kristopher C, BS Italasano, Tessa Lynn, BS Johansen, Noelle Brianne, BA Jorgensen, Elizabeth Kay, BS Kohler, Landon Ken, BA Larsen, Brooke Elizabeth, BS Larsen, Christopher T, BS Merrill, Seth Martin, BS Millburn, Madeline Samantha, BS Miller, Alexis Rae, BS Noble, Mariah, BA O'Sullivan, Sean Michael, BA Otterby, Dawn Michelle, BS Pambianco, Dan Michael, BS Rice, Sarah Anne, BS Rogers, Mackenzie Michelle, BS Romero, Sarah Jane, BS Skabelund, Matthew M, BS Smith, Tyson William, BS Swain, Katelyn Dee, BS Thorley, Anna James, BS Waxler, Zachary Logan, BS Wells, Bradley Donald, BA West, Amanda Cara, BS Woodcox, Jared Harry, BA

Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies Allen, Ashley Jordan, BS Allred, Isaac John, BA Allred, Ryan Jay, BS Anderberg, Morgan M, BA Andersen, Rhett Lawrence, BS Anderson, Angela Marie, BS Andrews, Abigail, BS Andrews, Geoffrey Paul, BA Armstrong, Megan A, BA Audd, Alyssa Marie, BS Baker, Sarah Ann, BS Berrett, Braygan Jo, BA Bertolio, Vanessa L, BA Bird, Brock R, BS Blair, Colton Nash, BS Boudrero, Dustin A, BA Brasseaux, Ashleyann, BA Brice, Michael Steven, BA Busey, Blake Eldon, BA Cannon, Elizabeth Jenne, BA Cannon, Emily Ann, BA Carmack, BJ William, BS Castillo, Ana Laura, BA Chiu, Nga Ting Candy, BA


Christensen, Suzanne Michelle, BA Christofferson, Rebecca Jo Drake, BS Cruzan, Joshua Ted, BA Cockrell, Connor Stanley, BA Corria!, Miguel Angel, BA Cross, Jenette Lee, BA DeLeon, Nadia Garcia, BA Deutsch, Robert James, BA Dickman, Jeffrey Steven, BA Dietrich, Benjamin Forbes, BS Eborn, Justin Adam, BA Edwards, Aaron Joseph, BA Edwards, Seanna Marie, BS Edwards, Tesha Ann, BA Eschler, Trevor John, BA Faustino, Melanie Ann, BA Finlinson, Ariel Serrell, BA Flynn, Conor Kelly, BA Follett, Spencer Curtis, BA Garcia, Diana Elizabeth, BA Goettsche, Megan Diane, BS Groff, Jordan M, BA Grossen, Gentry E, BS Guadarrama, Maria T, BA Haggan, Sheree Lanette, BS Hancey, Kassondra Lynn, BA Harris, Chase Dee, BA Harris, Scott Sayer, BA Harris, Victoria Josephine L, BA Harrop, Mason Brett, BA Hart, Jordan Ray, BA Hernandez, Sonina Carolina, BA Herrmann, David Nicholas, BS Hicken, Chase Cummings, BA Hill, Natasha, BA Holyoak, Derek Lovell, BA Homan, Natalie, BA Izatt, Andrew Dana, BA Jacques, Megan Lee, BS James, Robin Jennifer, BA Johansen, Noelle Brianne, BA Johnson, Chance Gregory, BS Jones, Chelsea Rebecca, BA Keller, Morgan James, BA Kennedy, Trenton William, BA King, Whitney Norton, BS Larsen, Paul S, BA Lefevre, Joshua Steven, BA Lindsey, Madeline Mary, BS Liu, Shanshan, BA Lyman, Sharon, BA Maddox, Samuel Luke, BA Martin, Colin Andrew, BA Maw, Jaden Clark, BA Maxfield, Jill, BS McCurdy, Alex, BA Meyerhoffer, Ronald S, BA


Mills, Trevor Brian, BA Mlikota, Selma, BA Morrison, Trent Mark, BS Morse, Selina Seyfi, BA Moss, Madison Dae, BA Naumann, Melanie Neilson, BA Naylor, Marnie Ariana Melanie, BS Nelson, Tyndall Marie, BA Olsen, Bree Anne, BA Olsen, Jameson David, BA Olsen, Savanah Elisa, BA Pace, Jared, BA Page, Briton James, BA Perry, Justin, BS Pett, Kyle Michael, BA Pevey, James C, BA Phillips, Jenelle Alice, BS Purser, Annelise, BA Purser, Paul Chadwick, BA Rencher, Amber Jo, BS Rice, Cassidy Kaylynn, BS Rich, Jesse Thayne, BA Salvador Perdomo, Lilibeth Mercedes, BA Scott, Jacob Allen, BS Seegrist, Jacob E, BA Seegrist, Jezek D, BA Shaw, Rocky D, BA Shreeve, Tamralyn Joanne, BA Simmons, Whitney Alexander, BS Skidmore, Van Claine, BA Smart, Derek J, BS Smith, Breeanna Kjerstin, BS Smith, Randy Lee, BA Stephens, James Weston, BA Summers, Jackson B, BA Takos, Madison, BA Teeples, Tyson Roger, BA Timothy, Joshua D, BA Tolman, Joshua Roger, BA Vance, Miranda Michelle, BA VanDyke, Logan Winston, BA Veridian, Paul Hanson, BS Vershynin, Oleksandr Juriyovich, BA Warren Hughes, Taylor James, BA Watson, Kalvin Reid, BA Whiting, Todd Jake, BS Williams, Lea Patton, BA Wilson, Helen Jean, BA Wilson, Luke Owen, BA Winn, Nicholas William, BA Winn, Sheri Ann, BA Wolin, Jacob Allen, BS Wortley, Cason James, BA Zurcher, Crystal Rupp, BA Pett, Kyle Michael, BA

Liberal Arts Boyce, Taylor Beth, BA Christensen, Suzanne Michelle, BA George, Camrie Dawn, BA Holgate, Calvin Riley, BA Jones, Chelsea Rebecca, BA Snyder, Samantha Marie, BA Political Science A!Bakri, Mohammed Ahmed, BA Al-Dalee!, Hend Mansoor, BA Aller, Madeline, BS Anderson, Zachary James, BS Andreasen, Kyle Don, BA Arce Rivera, Michael, BA Barnard, Kaitlyn Marie, BA Barnes, Justin Eugene, BA Bedingfield, Jessica Merrell, BS Bishop, William Jashon, BS Bittner, Frederick Robert, BS Bodily, Brianna, BS Bonar, Blake Wesley, BA Brown, Keshia J, BS Bundy, Nathaniel Philiip, BA Cannon, Brendan Taz, BS Carroll, Caleb Eyre, BA Castor, Jon Price, BS Clark, Sarah Ann, BS Corbridge, Dillon Paul, BS Cordis, Kari Marie, BS Cox, Callista Jaynie, BA Crossette, Nicholas, BA Daines, Corey Roy, BS DeFriez, Joshua Gregg, BA Duree, Travis James, BS Durfee, Adam Douglas, BS Eyre, Daniel Butler, BA Forbush, Nathan R, BS Galdamez Villa, Cesar Rodrigo, BS Gammon, Seth Stockwell, BS Garrett, Rebecca, BS Goodlander, Sandra Renee, BS Guh, Vivian June, BA Gutierrez, Ana J, BA Harris, Victoria Josephine L, BA Hathaway, Amanda, BS Hernandez-Leon, Marina Marisol, BS Herzberg, Abigail Rose, BS Hilton, Nicholas S, BS Hirschi, Michael Alan, BA Jensen, Joseph Morgan, BA John, Justin Craig, BS Johnson, Kaylee Britton, BS Johnson, Travis Bingham, BA Jordan, Matthew A, BA Keller, Akira S, BS Leak, Jason Alan, BS

Lee, Jooyoung, BA Linares, Alexis, BA Martinez, Samanta, BS McCutcheon, Kevin Ashby, BS Miles, Mariah MaKenzie, BS Mirza, Zeeshan Ahmed, BA Montalvo, Christopher Ryan, BS Morrison, Abigail Marie, BA Mortimer, Michelle, BS Moss, Madison Dae, BA Nielson, Blake James, BS Olsen, Kendall E L, BA Pierucci, Andrew Steven John, BS Petry, Brittni Jo, BS Pratt, Kaitlyn Janessa, BA Preece, Terrill Roy, BS Ransom, Christopher Corey, BA Rose, Caleb Collin, BA Sanders, Jacob N, BA Sorensen, Dylan David, BS Soule, Tahnee N, BS Strazzo, Tyler Nolan, BA Summit, John Robert, BS Sutterfield, James Nathaniel, BS Sweet, Jennifer, BS Takos, Madison, BA Taylor, Jeremy Marcus, BS Thomas, Tristan Lindsey, BA Timm, Aaron Irene, BS Urie, Teresa Janette, BS Vaughn, Drew Sterling, BS Walsh, Jerusha Dawn, BS Yanagisawa, Chisato, BA Yang, Yeosub, BA Zent, Camille Elizabeth, BS

Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology Allen, Brandon Kyle, BS Alley, Elizabeth, BA Allred, Brandi Jensen, BS Allred, Rachelle Ellen, BS Anthony, Ethen Troy, BS Arvanitas, Jared Jason, BS Baker, Alayna K, BS Barrus, Travis Neil, BS Barson, Joshua T, BS Bartlett, Natalia, BS Beckstrand, Tyler Grant, BA Beecher, Nicole T, BS Ben, Jurea Jane, BS Bills, Laura R, AC Bodini, Marco Antonio LR., BS Boehm, Heidi Elaine, BS Bown, Zachary Cecil, BS Braegger, Britney Marie, BS Brown, Hillery Mate!, BS

Brown, Robert Wayne, BS Bryant, Mariah Tatyana, BS Bullock, Lindsey Mickelsen, BS Bury, Cynthia Marie, BS Byington, Brock, BS Cain, Julie Anne, BS Carreno, Luz Maria, BA Chavez, Monica R, BS Christensen, Kylie Mikale, BA Corbridge, Jessie Rose, BS Cox, Cody Mark, BS Crapo, Madisen Mae, BS Cressall, Cameron Craig, BS Crookston, Natasha Vanessa, BS Cummings, Paisley Rose, BS Dallin, Jennifer Ann, BS Davies, Erin, BS Davis, Bailey Jane, BS De Jong, Kacie, BS Downs, Dylan Virginia, BS Draper, Carlee Sue, BS Dursteler, Saesha Diane, BS Ellis, Shawnee, BS Elwood, Lindsie Elizabeth, BS Erni, Chantelle, BS Essig, Alexandra, BS Evans, Stuart John, BS Fairbourn, Evan James, BS Fox, Prairie Cheyenne, BA Fuchs, Katrina Kae, BS Garcia, Carmen Kasandra Ruth, BS George, Audrey Anna, BA Gerstner, Ryan Scott, BS Gibb, Amanda Sue, BS Gibson, Jessica, AC Gilbert, Kaylee S, BS Gotberg, Nicole M, BS Greenhalgh, Christy, BS Harold, April Rachelle, BS Harris, Kent B, BS Harrison, Jess Shawn, BS Harvey, Cherish, BS Hays, Benjamin Albert, BS Heaton, Michael Snow, BS Heinsohn, Katherine Ruth, BS Hernandez-Leon, Marina Marisol, BS Hill, Alan R, AC Hill, Kimberlee, BS Hill, Telane Alicia, BS Hobbs, Jocelyn Renae, BS Hobbs, Mark Edward, BS Hudson, Samuel Duke, BS Hyde, Michelle Alese, BS Jensen, Rachel, BS Johns, Sara Elaine, BS Johns, Tyler Anthony, BS Johnson, Charity Dawn, BS

Johnson, Jalynn, BA Johnson, McKinsey Maurine Crabb, BS Jones, Alexandra, BS Jones, Amy, BS Jones, Camille L, BS Jorgensen, Whitney, BS Kerns, Andrea Jo, BS Khachikyan, Anna, BA Kitchens, Mia A, BA Kranwinkle, Amber Lee, BS LaBau, Austin C, BS Lancaster, Liesje Chantal, BS Larmay, Joshua Andrew-Gareth, BS LeBaron, Bryce Joseph, BA Leishman, Fridy James, BS Liechty, Caitlyn Rose, BA Locke, DeLayne Marie, BS Lowder, LaDawn A, BS Lowham, Kaylee, BA Madden, Mackenzie Nicole, BA Mangelson, Brittany, BS Martino, Vanessa Stella, BS McCombs, Kimberly Jo, BS McCurdy, Anna Lyn, BS Mcknight, Dustin Quinn, BS McPhie, Taylor Jaelen, BS Measom, Chalyse, BS Mendenhall, Emeline Everitt, BS Michaelis, Teri Nanette Coon, BS Middleton, Makenzie, BS Milar, Holly Christine, BS Miller, Taylor M, BS Morazan, Ayanna Maria, BS Morgan, Michelle Lyn, BS Morrical, Keeley S, BS Mouritsen, Brandy Dawn, BS Murdoch, Angela May, BS Nelson, Kelsey Caroline, BA Nelson, Sarah M, BS Nielsen, Brianne, BS Oka, Camie M, BS Olea, Alicia Mary, BS Oliverson, Megan Ann, BA Olsen, Britta Ann, BS Pabst, Mackenzie, BS Page, Madalyn R, BS Palma, Andreina J, BA Palmer, Ember Dawn, BS Paz, Christina Cavazos, BS Peterson, Caisie Cariline, BS Peterson, Lisa Marie, BS Peterson, Mariah, BS Petrash, Jonathan Lowe!, BS Porter, Jasmine M, BS Pound, Erika Dawn, BS Powell, Jedd Castleton, BS Poyer, Florinda Lynn, BS


Pyle, David Jeffrey, BS Quintana, Brittany A, BS Robertson, Jennifer J, AC Robinson, Breanna Lilly, BS Rodriguez, Samantha, BS Rohm, Felicia Shantel, BS Russon, Hannah Joy, BS Ryan, Shiree Mclff, BS Sandlin, Sharon Ann, BS Sapp, Jennifer Nicole, BA Sealy, Tenille, BS Smart, Tiffany Ann, BS Spencer, Brittney Kaye, BS Sperry, Shawnica Rey Ann, BS Spigarelli, Amanda L, BS Staples, Mekenzi Jayne, BS Stoddard, Alex B, BA Stream, Michael Anthony, AC Summers, Natasha Lynn, BS Talbot, Audrey Marie, BS Thomas, Carrie Lynn, BS Thompson, Kristie Lee, AC Thornley, Nina Marie, AC Todachinnie, Trienna Dawn, BS Tovar Menjivar, Evelyn Patricia, BS Townsend, Jared Nathan, BS Udy, Tarah Antonia, BS Uhl, Malauri Renae, BS Van Tassell, Naomi Ruth, BS VanSweden, Kimberly K, BS Wagstaff, Jennifer Lynn, BS Walker, Mallory S, BS Walker, Rebecca Lynn, BS Ward, Chase Hansen BS Ward, Harold Jay, BS Ware, Reigan Esther, BS Watters, Traci Ana, BS Wheat, Jr, Alex Lamont, BS Whitehorse, Angelina, BS Wilcox, Candice Jean, BS Wilkins, Ciara Noelle, BS Williams, Sarah, BS Williams, Terry Matthew, BS Wilmoth, Shane, BS Wright, Mackenzie Kathleen, BS Zeleny, Dana Anne, BS

Case, Grant Brady, BS Croft Jr, Garth Blake, BS Davis, Scott Michael, BS DeVilbiss, Ethan Andrew, BS Dial, Heather Lynn, BS Flint, Chelsea Anna, BS Garvin, Kayli Chambers, BS Halloran, Amanda Eline, BS Hancock, Abigail Christine, BS Hastings, Danielle Christine, BS Hays, Cody Robert, BS Hocanson, Molly M, BS Holden, Colton John, BS Jones, Tyler, BS Jugler, Carly Ann, BS Kirkham, Elizabeth Anne, BS Knight, Jacoby Gallego, BS LeBaron, Samantha Brye, BS Long, Zachariah David, BS Mead, Jaydon B, BS Morrone, Peter Andreas, BS Petereit, Teralin A, BS Rogers, Colton Glenn, BS Sovine, Michael James, BS Stein, Devin T, BS Weigand, Kecia Lynette, BS Wilder, Lacey Elizabeth, BS Wilson, Marc A, BS Woodruff, Darrel Todd, BS Yardley, Kayli, BS Yelinski, Ryan Joseph, BS

General Studies Carson, Haydn, BS Hojohn, James H, BS Pool, Evan Christopher, BS Sheue, Eric R, BS Wofford, Ellen Patricia, BS Wright, Joshua T, BS

Interdisciplinary Studies Jensen, Corbin R, BS Litzsinger, Alexandra Mittelstedt, BS Spuhler, Jonathon, BS Thomson, Jessica Ivy, BS

Watershed Sciences S.J. AND JESSIEE. QUINNEY COLLEGEOF NATURAL RESOURCES Chris Luecke, Dean Environment and Society Blair, Daniel Bruce, BS Boughner, Colin Patrick, BS Brian, Steaven Guy, BS


Brady, Colin Ward, BS Edwards, Cody Wayde, BS Gilbert, Jordan T, BS Gilbert, Joshua David, BS Hudson, Jonathan E, BS Rasmussen, Chantel King, BS Richards, Carson Mont, BS Saunders, John Michael, BS

Wildland Resources Aho, Mick, BS Anderson, Colton Larry, BS Bailey, Rhett E, BS Bateman, Timothy, BS Beirne, Samantha A, BS Braithwaite, Hope, BS Brown, Jason Scott, BS Burnham, DaShell Alice, BS Butler, Cody James, BS Cobia, Katelyn Charlene, BS Coonen, Andrew Thomas, BS Davis, David Earl, BS Farrer, Nykalos Bruce, BS Forsgren, Cari, BS Godding, Heather G., BS Hanton, Justin Marcus, BS Johnson, Brittany Louise, BS Kittle, Emily Nicole, BS Lanier, Zachary Michael, BS Merrill, Stephanie Marie, BS Morrison, Caleb Jeremiah, BS Nuttall, Kylee Nicole, BS Olsen, Casey Thomas, BS Reed, Tree Curtis, BS Reynolds, Jamie, BS Sherwood, Samuel Prescott, BS Silcox, Austin John, BS Smart, Tanner Kenneth, BS Smith, Benjamin J, BS Smith, Konnon, BS Smith, Trinity Nicole, BS Smith, Wayne Earl, BS Squire, Megan Sharolyn, BS Taylor, Erin Catherine, BS Todd, Kyle Fredrick, BS Tuckett, Rachael Ann, BS Wood, Jason Alan, BS

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Lisa M. Berreau, Interim Dean Biology Alder, Preston K, BS Allen, Tanner James, BS Allred, Henry R, BS Amoaning, Teddy, BS Anderson, Emily Amy, BS Anderson, Mitchel Ryan, BS Arrive, Jamie A, BS Ballam, Jordan H, BA Bateman, Shad Thomas, BS Behunin, Terek Ashton, BS Bierman, Tasha Anne, BS Bown, Brooke Tolman, BS Brown, Aimee Lou, BS

Bullock, Shane N, BS Butler, Braden Scott, BS Campbell, Alexandria Hayden, BS Castle, Michael Scott, BA Christensen, Chad Daniel, BS Christiansen, Peter Joel, BS Christy, Stacia Yvonne, BS Condie, Rebecca, BS Cox, Levi Steven, BS Cranney, Garrett Val, BS Curtis, Cynthia S, BS Darrington, Cody Kenneth, BS Del Toro, Travis, BS Eggleston, Morgan Breanne, BS Ellis, Wade Jay, BS Ermer, Andrew Manuel, BS Esquer Heredia, Hector Jose, BA Ewell, Helen Louise, BS Ferro, Teresa Lynn, CC Fife, Joseph Michael, BS Fillmore, Leah Kamille, BS Fonnesbeck, Dallas Fredric, BS Gage, David Charles, BS Gebre, Makda Solomon, BS Greenfield, Sydney Marie, BS Greenwell, Joshua Ross, BS Hall, Nicholas Clark, BS Halling, Alexis, BS Hansen, Brooke ichole, BS Harvey, Melissa Vernon, BS Hepburn, David Stewart Boswell, BS Hoffer, Erika Yvonne, BS Hunter, Dacia Payge, BS Jensen, Taylor Gospill, BS Johnson, David Vere, BS Johnson, Kylie Brea, BS Kidd, Daniel Taylor, BS Klomp, Austin Jeffrey, BS Largo, Samson, BS Larsen, Jordan William, BS Larsen, Lindsay Ruth, BS LeCheminant, Peter J, BS Madsen, Jorgen Peter, BA Mangum, Cathy Larene, BS Martineau, Nicole Suzanne, BS McNeil, Alexis Jade, BS Meador, Griffin Andrew, BS Montgomery, Alek M, BS Nelson, Tyler Merrill, BS Nielsen, Kyle Darwin, BS Packard, Brittany Charlotte, BS Pontifex, Nicholas John, BS Poston, Marlayna Eliza, BS Pratt, Allison Pinegar, BS Rawlins, Kim Susan, BS Rhoads, Brianna M, BS Rice, Marlen Craig, BS

Richardson, Jake Edward, BS Roberts, Steven M, BS Saffron, Steffen Lawrence, BS Salazar, Alfonso Jr, BS Seely, Spencer Owen, BS Shook, Michelle, BS Singleton, Marcus G, BS Skidmore, Spencer Elliot, BS Smith, Kailey Anne, BS Spence, Austin Reid, BA Stokes, Ashley Marie, BA Taylor, Eric David, BS Tew, Karen Elizabeth, BS Thorup, Michael Robert, BA Tigh, Jeremy Edward, BS Tolman, Trevor Nathan, BS Tucker, Andrew D, BS Utley, James Darrin, BS Van Buren, L Donelle, CC Van Der Walt, Marilize, BS Veater, Raddison Mark, BS Vest, Braden L, BS Vonniederhausern, Hans William, BS Walker, Amanda Rose, BS Ward, Russell G, BS West, Gwenlynn Lucille, BS Winberg, Jordan David, BS Wolfley, Graey Mathys, BS Workman, Aubree, BS Young, Mitchell Brent, BS

Chemistry and Biochemistry Anderson, Emily Jean, BS Anderson, Jessica M, BS Apuli, Chad Michael, BS Carlsen, Ryan Wayne, BS Corless, Elliot I, BS Davenport, E Parker, BS Duarte, Shari Mitzi, BS Frampton, Emily Sue, BS Ghaffari, Kamran Hunter, BS Godfrey, Tanner Cole, BS Hirschi, Ryan Shane, BS Hodge, Kelsey, BS Hole, Chelsea Michelle, BS Jacobsen, Jared, BS Jessop, Terry Carson, BS Kemp, Brayden Joseph, BS McNeil, Alexis Jade, BS Meline, Kaitlin N, BS Miller, Evan D, BS Mills, Mikayla, BS Morgan, Michael R, BS Morris, Daniel DeSoto, BS Pulleyn, Timothy David, BS Rydalch, Jenna Lee, BS Salazar, Alfonso Jr, BS

Sharp, Gabriel John, BS Tripp, Tanner Michael, BS Tueller, Tyler R, BS VonGermeten, Jeffrey Raymond, BS Watkins, Thomas Brad, BS Webb, David Glen, BA Williams, Christopher D, BA Wortley, Cason James, BS

General Studies Anderson, Taylor Anne, BS Christensen, Dustin Von, BS Dufford, Kendra Viola, BS Farnsworth, Earl Roy, BS Hatch, Casey Don, BS McQuivey, Jocelyn Arynne, BS 'Thomas, Rosemary, BS Geology Bayles, Andrew M, BS Brinkerhoff, Garrett Lee, BS Butz, Robin James, BS Draper, Mark Tyson, BS Felix, Sarahi, BS Garfield, Kamren Boyer, BS Ingersoll, Sean Riley, BA Jenkins, David William, BS Kehoe, Kenneth William, BS Nutt, Dallas F, BS Oakeson, Justin Russell, BS Olsen, Shawna Evelynn, BS Parslow, David A, BS Skinner, Brian Lee, BS Strange, Michael Allen, BS Wearmouth, Curran Davis, BS Wood, Taron Brian, BS Interdisciplinary Studies Paulson, Heidi Jo, BS Mathematics and Statistics Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth, BS Barton, Rhett R, BS Bishop, Michael 0, BA Brandley, Jordan Michael, BS Buck, Camylle, BS Cassidy, Jennifer Elyse, BS Chen, Congyun, BS Dietrich, Benjamin Tyson, BS Elmer, Andrew Richard, BS Fillmore, Jhereg Wayne, BS Hammond, Kelsey Kristine, BS Heal, Jeffrey David, BS Huang, Jiasi, BS Jensen, Patricia Smith, BS Judd, Matthew Stirling, BA King, Kyle W, BS


Larson, Curtis Guy, BS Laub, Andrea Lynne, BS Leyland, Rachel Christine, BS Lovelady, Nathaniel Kyrum, BS Meyer, Noelle, BS Mygrant, Karma Hart, BS Olsen, Savanah Elisa, BS Oviatt, Shawn, BS Page, Joshua Brent, BS Phillips, Elizabeth, BS Rasmussen, Soren Christian, BS Rush, Hannah Arlene, BS Searle, Clayson Clifford, BS Silcott, Christina M, BS Stenquist, Jeffrey Winters, BS Stevens, Christina L, BS Stone, Rachael Lyn, BS Thatcher, Christopher John, BS Thomas, Briana, BS Thompson, Rachel Elaine, BS Vanfleet, Elizabeth, BS Weatbrook, Joshua Mark, BS Weathers, Brandon James, BS Welch, Michael Joseph, BS Whittle, Kayla T, BS Williams, Trevor Kenneth, BS

Physics Allred, Isaac John, BS Apo, Heath, BS Archibald, Brad S, BS Bafford, Jonathan Stephen, BS Barker, Alex Raymond, BS Barton, David Lee, BS Bell Jr, Larry Duane, BS Benowitz, Jarod Phillip, BS Berry, Michael Aaron, BS Carlsen, Ryan Wayne, BS Cassidy, Sariah, BS Christensen, Justin Eugene, BS Davis, Harrison Dell, BS Erickson, Gregory, BS Finlayson, Dylan James, BS Gardiner, James Daniel, BS Hawkes, James M, BS Hunt, Phillip Spencer, BS Jones, Jacquelyn Anne, BS Knorr, Matthew Eric, BS Lee, Ryan Ming, BS Lewis, Maggie Jane, BS Lovelady, Nathaniel Kyrum, BS Mortensen, Collin Jeffrey, BS Nydegger, Rachel Kim, BS Osborne, Kelly Erin, BS Peterson, Kelby Talisa, BS Pound, Benjamin Arnell, BS Price, Jonathan, BS


Rawlins, Wesley William, BS Wadsworth, Robert Steele, BS Work, Carston Peter, BS

PROVOST'S OFFICE Noelle E. Cockett, Provost General Studies Adams, Dustin D, AS Adams, Kiersten, AS Adams, Latrisha Jeanne, AS Allen, Alicia Marie, AS Allen, Danielle Ellis, AS Allen, Dee Laney, AS Allen, Joshua Dee, AS Allen, Katelin Jean, AA Allen, Larry Paul, AS Allen, Steven B, AS Allen, Thomas James, AS Allen, Zachery J, AS Allison, Abigail Nicole, AS Allred, Kimra, AS Allred, Matthew D, AS Allred, Megan, AS Alvarado, Lenin Ismael, AS Amerson, Kendahl Daejuan, AS Amundson, Vivian Leigh, AS Anderson, Angela M, AS Anderson, Caitlin Jade, AS Anderson, Catharina, AS Anderson, Janie!, AS Anderson, Joshua Donel, AA Anderson, Samantha Michelle, AS Anderson, Trudy Lanae, AS Andrew, Christopher R, AS Andriushchenko, Iryna, AA Aoki, Tyson R, AS Argyle, Michael Scott, AS Argyle, Porter McNeil, AS Arias, Melissa Lizeth, AS Arnold, McKenzie Renae, AS Arreola, Esmeralda Blanca, AS Asay, Kay Cee Elizabeth, AS Ashby, James Moroni, AS Ashworth, Tanner Boyd, AS Austin, Lee Jacob, AS Ayala, Miriam, AS Baggoo, Mathew Anthony, AS Bailey, Traci, AS Bair, Neal D, AS Ballam, Whitney, AS Banham, Tristton D, AS Banks, Erin Emery, AS Banks, Kiri Taylor, AS Banks, Matthew A, AS Banner, Tyson K, AS

Baran, Steven Michael, AS Barber, Lindsay M, AS Barker, McKinsie, AS Barlow, Kacy Wolfe, AS Barnum, Erin M, AS Barrett, James A, AA Barrus, Patrick Kent, AS Bateman, Cecy, AS Battles, Katelyn Elizabeth, AS Bealer, Alayna Jean, AS Beaubien, Samantha Lynn, AS Bedolla, Ana Maria, AS Bee, Cheyenne Mist, AS Bell, Jordan Kent, AS Bell, Justin Lee, AS Bell, Kellen Carson, AA Bellusci, Kaytlyn Kay, AS Benally, Wahnonah T, AS Benson,Charlen~AS Bentall, Ryan Oliver, AA Bentley, Christopher John, AS Benward, Chassity, AS Berg, Erin Marie, AS Bergeson, Hannah, AS Bergstrom, Monica Evans, AS Bertagnolli, Kailee, AS Bertuzzi, Jessica Rae, AS Biesinger, Andrew Scott, AS Bills, Haleigh Chantelle, AS Bingham, Alexis, AS Bird, Alexander James, AS Bischoff, Karl Jay, AS Black, Abbie, AS Black, Claressa Jo, AS Black, Jacob Leland, AS Black, Monica Paige, AA Black, Teisha Cay, AS Blackburn, Breanna Kristine, AS Blackburn, Remi M, AS Blackham, Ashley Noelle, AS Blanchfield, Jonah B, AS Bluemel, Kaitlin, AS Bochinclonny, Amaris N., AS Boelter, Lindsey Kaye, AS Boeser, Vanessa May, AS Bond, Katheryn Teresa, AS Bonham, Tess R, AS Booth, Clarissa Cheryl, AS Boring, Megan Michele, AS Baskett, Lauren Marie, AS Bouwhuis, Justin Larry, AS Bowers, Jamie Louise, AS Boyce, Tristan Michael-John, AA Bradbury, Graydon M, AS Bradley, Collin Raye, AS Bradshaw, Corinne, AS Braegger, Nicolas Allen, AS

Brandley, Rachel Joy, AS Bridges, Abigail Kristine, AS Briggs, Madeline Rachel, AS Brimhall, Libby, AS Brinkerhoff, Tyson James, AS Broadbent, Logan Michele, AS Brown, Megan Sonntag, AS Brown, Peter William, AS Browning, David Michael, AS Bulugahamulle Pathirannehalage, Dhananjaya Prasad Pathirana, AS Bunting, Kristen Amanda, AS Burdette, Lewis Scott, AS Burnett, Samantha, AS Burns, Elizabeth Mary, AS Burrell, Trahmier, AA Bushman, Ashlyn, AS Buttars, Creg D, AS Butts, Joshua S, AS Buxbaum, Blake, AS Byington, Jordan Spencer, AS Cain, Sidney Nicole, AS Call, Megan, AS Callaway, Kimberly Mechelle, AS Cameron, Justin Michael, AA Cannon, Kyle Garth, AS Carda!!, Shelby Ann, AS Carling, Preston R, AA Carlisle, Erin L, AS Carter, Breeana M, AS Carter, Colin, AS Carter, Emily R, AS Carter, Krysta Danette, AS Carter, Ruger Parry, AS Casey, Alyssa Korrie, AS Cash, Tyler Ray, AS Caudle, Brinna Leigh, AS Cavasos, Megan Michelle, AS Cervantes, Eva Adriana, AA Cevering, Jessica K, AS Chamberlain, Kassidy Rose, AS Chamberlain, Robert Gordon, AS Chambers, Abigail Ann, AS Chen, Wuji, AS Chen, Xiaobei, AS Chen, Xusheng, AS Cheney, Ashley Nicole, AS Chiara, Dana L, AS Chlarson, Kellie Ann, AS Chlarson, Kenneth Jay, AS Chowning, Alexis Lynn, AS Christensen, Ashley Sanders, AS Christensen, Cory Michael, AS Christensen, Holly Lyn, AS Christensen, Jeremiah Wayne, AS Christensen, Sarah Ann, AA Christiansen, Samuel Paul, AS

Christy, Mckenna Anne, AS Claphanson, Cynthia Rachelle, AS Clark, Alora Elizabeth, AS Clark, April Marie, AS Clark, Camille, AS Clark, Dakota Rylie, AS Clark, Haley Marie, AS Coats, Jennifer Faith, AA Coleman, Lanette Monica, AS Coleman, Shane Clifton, AS Coles, Richard Jacob, AS Combe, Melissa Kae, AS Conder, Brittany Polly, AS Connary, Shalese Marie, AS Conover, Corinne Marie, AS Cook, Amanda Drew, AS Cook, Thomas J, AS Coombs, Amanda, AS Corbridge, Caitlin, AA Corbridge, Jillian, AS Cordon, Amy Kathleen, AS Cordova, Virginia Lee, AS Cornia, Braxton Q, AS Cosper, Lloyd Franklin, AS Cottrell, Tucker Ray, AS Cowboy, Raynard, AS Cox, Amy LeEtte, AS Cox, Briah Shalyse, AS Cox, Brian J, AS Cox, David Michael, AS Cox, Justin M, AS Crandall, Stephanie Kidd, AS Crismon, Cyri, AS Cromarty, Breanna Lynnlee, AS Crook, Chase Terry, AS Crossley, Tate C, AS Crowell, Preston Nelson, AA Crump, Cami R, AS Crump, Jacob K, AS Cuff, Ocea Lynn, AS Cunningham, Cassandra, AS Cunningham, Kalie Ann, AS Currie, Kristen Bernadine, AS Curry, Bailey, AS Curtis, Jonathan David, AS Dalton, Kylee Breanne, AS Dan, Britanya C, AS Daniels, Joshua Thomas, AS Dansie, Josie Lyn, AS Davidson, Taunie Kay, AS Davies, David M, AS Davis, Holly Edna, AS Davis, Kendra Lynn, AS Dawson, Taylor J, AS Day, Trisha J, AS Dayley, Melissa A, AA Dean, Cody J, AS

Dean, Jaime Lynn, AS Dean,TauniLou,AS Deans, Heidi Marie, AS Dearing, Joshua Kennith, AS Delgado, Laura Lidia, AS DeMille, Keith L, AS Dent, Sara, AS DeSandre, Heidi E, AS Deters, Tyson Jeff, AS Dever, Sherri, AS De Vries, Hannah McCall, AS Diaz, Lisa Miller, AS Dick, Krystal Dawn, AS Dickson, Britli Makae, AS Dickson, Samantha Joyce, AS Dirie, Abshiro, AS DiScuillo, Jocelyn Hikari, AS Dixon, Kylee Amelia, AS Dmitrich, Alex Steven, AS Dokos, Peter James, AS Dominy Jr, Donnie Ray, AA Doonan, Ashlee May, AS Dorando, Lorena E, AS Dory, Sienna Elizabeth, AS Douglas, Jazmine Lei, AS Dowden, Mary Jane, AS Downs, Dylan Virginia, AS Downs, Lauresa Annette, AS Draper, Jody M, AS Dudunake, Taylor John, AS Duersch, Hannah, AA Duke, Camille, AS Duke, Jessica, AS Dunn, Aubrianne Marie, AS Durfee, Candice, AS Durrant, Chandler Thomas, AS Dyches, McCall, AS Dymock, Elihu Reed, AS Eborn, Kayla Marie, AS Eccles, Liani Lourdes, AS Eddy, Forest Rose, AS Edwards, Paxton Moses, AS Egbert, Holly, AS Egbert, Jennifer, AS Eggett, Mckaylee, AS Eggleston, Makelle K, AS Eiman, Lillian Vilate, AS Eliason, Alicia Jo, AS Ellis, Courtney Ann, AS Ellis, Devon K, AS Engberg, Tonya Bethany, AS Engle, Sierra Anne, AS Erb, Lauren Elise, AS Erekson, Crystal Aileen, AS Erickson, Kevin J, AS Erickson, William, AS Errington, Chelsea Patricia, AS


Eskelsen, James A, AS Esquibel, Kelly Alyse, AS Etherington, Cameron Kelly, AS Evans, Autumn Beth, AS Evans, Danee, AS Evans, John Dylan, AS Evans, Michelle Christina, AS Evans, Robert Maris, AS Everill, Lindsey Brooke, AS Eves, Madison Anna, AS Farber, Addison Mark, AS Farfan, Monica, AS Farnsworth, Amanda Jo, AS Farris, Marissa L, AS Fawson, Emillie Jill, AS Federico, Sitara Marie, AS Ferguson, Christopher John, AS Ferris, Fallon E, AS Fifer, Kevin David, AS Florin, Kortney Marie, AS Fong, George Kent, AS Ford, Kirsten Amber, AS Forte, Justin Chase, AS Fotheringham, Brianne Amanda, AS Foust, Lindy Michelle, AS Fowlks, Alyssa Anne, AS Francis, Shaina L, AA Frost, Lindy, AS Fullmer, Nicholas Michael, AS Gale, Corey James, AS Gallagher, Kristine Slaughter, AS Gallagher, Sarah Lynn, AS Garner, Devon Marshall, AS Gatchell, Ian Jensen, AS Geddes, Stephen Garner, AS Geiger, Erin Marie, AS Gibas, Katie Vivian Ann, AS Gibbs, Madison, AS Gibson, Jessica, AS Gifford, Kallie C, AS Gilbert, Megan Amber Bingham, AS Gillespie, Matthew Caleb, AS Gillies, Elliot Kay, AS Gillman, Ashley Dawn, AS Ginens, Sam, AS Glenn, Kelli Anne, AS Godfrey, McKall Kimberley, AS Goff, Cayson Crane, AS Golding, Edwin Travis, AS Gomez, Angelica, AS Gonter, Cassidy Tate, AS Gonzales, Julisa, AS Gonzalez, Myranda Jo, AS Goodall, DaLayn, AS Goodman, Heather Lee, AS Goodrich, Rachel, AS Goodwin, Katrina Lyn, AS


Gordon, Amber Hardy, AS Gordon, Bryleigh Anna, AS Gordon, Jodilyn, AS Gourley, Garrett Floyd, AS Graham, Cody T, AS Graham, Matthew, AS Gray, Cassia Aspen, AA Gray, Kristofer Michael, AS Green, Melissa MaShea, AS Greene, Steven P, AS Greer, Linda Joel, AS Gregory, Christopher Michael, AS Griffin, Kiersten Melissa, AS Griffith, Lauren Ann, AS Griffiths, Westyn Brent, AS Gross, Garrett G, AS Grover, Jesse Glen, AS Grover, Matthew LaMar, AA Grundvig, Bethany Ann S, AS Guadarrama, Ulvia, AA Gundersen, Sydney, AS Gunderson, Jessica, AS Gustafson, Michael D, AS Haderlie, Maranda Lee, AS Haire, Lauren Ashley, AS Hale, Kamari G, AS Hales, Brent Ray, AA Hall, Ashley, AS Halversen, Lauren Ashley, AS Halverson, Audrey, AS Halvorsen, Deven Talan, AS Hamatake, Sarah M, AS Hammer, Austin MW, AS Hammons, Moira Ann, AS Hancey, Joshua S, AS Hancock, Cody Blaine, AS Hanks, Carla Jean, AS Hannah, Torie Miko, AS Hansen, Alynn, AS Hansen, Austin James, AS Hansen, Brady K, AS Hansen, Daniel Hans, AA Hansen, Daniel Thomas, AA Hansen, Denver N, AS Hansen, Hillary Sheralyn, AS Hansen, Jessica, AS Hansen, Kaylie Nichole, AS Hansen, Riley Rod, AS Hansen, Ryan Brett, AS Hansen, Shyla Rose, AS Hardy, Kellie Dee, AS Harker, Cory Alan, AS Harmer, Camille, AS Harmer, Hannah Marie, AS Harper, Karlee Naomi, AS Harris, Lynzie Nicole, AS Harrison, Ben Kimball, AS

Hart, Celia Shae, AS Hart, Miles Tyrone, AA Hartley, Robert Jason, AS Harville, Courtney Kathleen, AS Harward, Kathryn Janette, AS Hase, Jenna Lynn, AS Hawker, Rachel Ann, AS Hawkes, Curt Ray, AS Haymore, Natalie Erin, AS Heiter, Heather Kay, AS Helwig, Mallory Lynn, AS Hemsley, Brooke J, AA Henderson, Mallory Michelle, AS Hendricks, Lance Forrest, AA Hennessy, Amanda, AS Henrie, Levi Warner, AA Henry, Wendell L, AS Henseler, Sharma Lee, AS Hepworth, Nathan Edmund, AS Herd, Jamie Susanne, AS Hiatt, Heidi Sarinda, AS Hicken, Melanie Lucille, AA Hill, Daren Isaac, AA Hill, Jonathan David, AA Hill, Kami, AS Hill, Volenda N, AS Hilton, Rachel, AS Ho, Ka Hong, AS Hobbs, Tasha, AS Hoffman, Kelsie Shaelyn, AS Holbrook, Kathleen, AS Holland, Kyle Ray, AS Hollberg, Amelia Rose, AS Hollingsworth, Landon M, AA Holloway, Edward Martin, AS Holmgren, Shaina Elizabeth, AS Holt, Skyler Michael, AS Hope, Mitchell Leonard, AA Hope, Samantha Marie, AS Hopkin, Christopher Issac, AS Hopkin, Kylee Marie, AS Horrocks, Gordon Seth, AS Horrocks, Kara Christie, AS Horton, Andrew Michael, AS Howell, Alecia, AS Huber, Erica, AS Huber, Rebecca Lynn, AS Hughes, Kristen Walker, AS Hunsaker, Matthew L, AA Hunt, Brynne, AS Huntsman, Lexus McKayla, AS Hutchings, Jamie Dawn, AS Hutchings, Kasen Reed, AS Hyte, Kaitlin Ashley, AS Ipaktchian, Morgan A, AS Irvine, Jonathan William, AS Jackman, Keith J, AS

Jackson, Kaden R, AS Jackson, Kristine Lorraine, AS Jackson, Laura L, AS Jackson, Leighann M, AS Jackson, Taija Re, AS Jackson, Zachary Robert, AS Jacobson, Jordyn Lee, AS Jacobson, Robert Rulon, AS Jacobson, Zachary D, AS Jang, David Daehan, AS Jefferies, Oak Benjamin, AS Jenkins, Erika F, AA Jenkins, Jacob Michael, AS Jensen, Danika Marie, AS Jensen, Jay Kaden, AS Jensen, Matthew Howard, AS Jensen, Shanae, AS Jeppson, Joshua David, AS Jepsen, McKenna Blaire, AS Jessen, Christine Marie, AS Jessup, Dallas Blaine, AS Jewett, Spencer Willard, AS Joham, Kimberly A, AS Johnson, Alicia, AS Johnson, Brady Morton, AS Johnson, Brandon Dale, AS Johnson, Caroline Grace Virginia, AS Johnson, Charles Eric, AS Johnson, Connor Burton, AS Johnson, Danny August, AS Johnson, Drew Lewis, AS Johnson, Hannah, AS Johnson, Hayley Maree, AS Johnson, Jenna E, AS Johnson, Leslie Gladys, AS Johnson, Sarah Arianne, AS Johnson, Tracy-Ann Eirinn, AS Jolley, Brooklyn McKenna, AS Jonas, Jordan Hamp, AS Jones, Chelsea Leone, AS Jones, Jason Alexander, AS Jones, Jessica Elizabeth, AS Jones, Jordan E, AS Jones, Kristi L, AS Jones, Lacey Marie, AS Jorgensen, Alexis Nielsen, AS Jorgensen, Andrew Seth, AA Joy, Leanne Victoria, AS Judd, Eric Hyde, AS Kapp, Mikayla Erin, AS Kayembe, Diane Ling, AS Keady, Sarah Michal, AS Kelley, Marissa Anne, AS Kendrick, Randi Lee, AS Kennedy, Trevor J, AS Kidd, Brittany Morgan, AS Killian, Tasha Mae, AS

Kimball, Alyssa, AS Kimpel, Clifford Ethan, AS King, Tyrell Brian, AS Kirchhoefer, Kayli Rae, AS Kittle, Emily Nicole, AS Kleeb, Kaitlynn Noel, AS Klemm, Kiera Anne, AS Knighton, Joshua Jay, AS Knocke, Sara A, AS Knoppel, Kendra Lee, AS Knudsen, Rachael, AS Kodel, Jana Lin, AS Kohler, Tyson Arlin, AS Kozlowski, Jenette Merie, AS Krebs, Kolten Quinn, AA Kulick, Deanna Lynn, AS Kummer, Katherine Jean, AS Kunz, Emily, AA Kunz, Timothy Walter, AS Kwok, Anthony Chi Keung, AA Labrum, Cortney Lyn, AS Lambert, Kristi Jill, AS Lamborn, Cami LaRue, AS Lange, Whittney J, AS Lantis, Anna Louise, AS Larkin, Arianna, AS Larned, Elizabeth Anne, AS Larsen, Abigail Kathryn, AS Larsen, Daniel Paul, AS Larsen, Rue Joseph, AS Larsen, Sharilynn, AA Larson, lay Stephen, AS Lasater, Preston Bradley, AS Lawrence, Melissa Kroff, AS Lawson, Chloe J, AS Leavitt, Kirstie L, AS Lee, Jordan Jay, AS Lefler, Whitney Shain, AS Leishman, Derek Paul, AS Lewis, Eric James, AA Lewis, Keith Edward, AS Li, Shuo, AS Li, Simeng, AS Limb, Benjamin Blair, AS Limb, Breshae, AS Limb, Colby Lane, AS Lincavage, Angelica Debra, AS Lindmark, Erin, AS Lisman, Blake Robert, AS Litchard, Collett Lee, AS Little, Rebecca Jo, AS Liyanage, Don Rajeewa Channaka, AS Long, Abbie Joan, AS Long, Caitlin Alverda, AS Lorenc, Miranda Skye, AS Lougy, Lilly, AS Lucas, Stephen James, AS

Lundell, Kari Ann, AS Lundell, Phillip Keith, AS Ma, Xiang, AS Macdonald, Kellie, AS Madsen, Angel, AA Madsen, Brock Larkin, AS Madsen, Ian Andrews, AS Magnuson, Thomas Joshua, AS Mahoney, Brenna Donna, AS Maile, Victoria Veronica, AS Mair, Arlene M, AS Mamo, Crystal Ann, AS Manarite, Samuel A, AS Marquez, Edward Arthur, AS Marshall, Austin James, AS Martin, Castalia, AS Martin, Tyler J, AS Martineau, Elizabeth Anne, AS Martinez, Dionna S, AA Martino, Vanessa Stella, AS Matheson, Sarah Elizabeth, AS Matthews, Kamille Nisha, AS Maughan, Andy, AS Maughan, Marie Katherine, AS Maurer, Jade K, AA Maxwell, Julie A, AS May, Erin Michelle, AS Mayes, David Rodney, AS McBride, Bryce Adam, AS Mcbride, Shaun A, AS McClure Steiger, Emily Marie, AS McColl um, Ashley Nicole, AS McCollum, Lexa Roze, AS McCuistion, Jodi, AS McDaniel, Katelyn May, AS McEntire, Lori L, AS McGarvey, Jessica Marie, AS McIntire, Beth B, AS McKelvie, Derick M, AS McKenna, Kyle Nathan, AS McMurray, Kenna Rachel, AS McPherson, Madyson D, AS Merback, Mackenzie Rose, AS Merkley, Rachel Ann, AS Merrill, Kavic Wallace, AS Messerly, Brittanye N, AS Meyer, Angelica Lynn, AS Mickelsen, Angela, AS Mieure, Chelsea, AS Miles, Malarie, AS Miles, Tiffany Kari, AS Miller, David Christian, AS Miller, Hayley Catherine, AS Miller, Phillip D, AS Minnoch, Mikkell Marie, AS Mitton, Makell, AS Mohler, Jennifer Nicole, AS


Molloy, Tina, AS Monago, Crystal, AS Mondragon, Meagan Lynnae, AS Montgomery, Jessica Lauren, AS Montgomery, Robert Jacob, AS Moody, Cade Aubry, AS Moore, Thomas Leo, AA Morgan, Michael Lane Gray, AS Morgensen, Candace, AS Morris, Kelcie Ann, AA Morrison, Joseph Scott, AS Mortensen, Matilyn Kay, AS Morwood, Emily, AS Mosqueda, Alexander, AS Mower, Thomas Austin, AS Muncy, Raquel, AA Munford, Carrie Jane, AS Munford, Mica Berrett, AS Murphy, Kevin D, AS Murphy, Mandi S, AS Naumann, Jay M, AS Naylor, Grant C, AS Neely, Jaleni M, AS Neilson, Nicole, AS Nelson, Caitlin Marie, AS Nelson, Elise Nan, AS Nelson, Janelle K, AS Nelson, Kamee M, AA Nelson, Kasey Erika, AS Nessler, Anabelia, AS Newton, TaKelle J, AS Nichols, Breanna Lynn, AS Nicholson, Lauren Leona, AS Niebergall, Bruce William, AS Niebergall, Kyle DeLoy, AS Nielsen, Aaron Kent, AS Nielson, Christopher J, AS Nielson, Courtenae Irene, AS Nielson, Samantha Rae, AS Nilson, Erik Randall, AS Nixon, Meghann Elizabeth, AS Noall, Joanna Carol, AS Norman, Dustin Iver, AS Norton, Charmaine, AS Norton, Spencer C, AS Nunez, Jesus, AA Nunley, Rachael R, AS Odle, Colton David, AS Oldroyd, Robert K, AA Olsen, Anna Marie, AS Olsen, Braccen John, AS Olsen, Dallas Kirk, AS Olsen, Julie B, AA Olsen, Kevin Matthew, AS Olsen, Morgan, AS Olsen, Russell D, AS Olsen, Sarah Jane, AS


Olsen, Todd Ross, AS Olson, Jordyn Nicole, AS Olson, Kathryn Ann, AA Oman, Danielle Marie, AS O'Neil, Trevor L, AS Oplinger, Kerington, AS O'Pray-Nichols, Eve Earle, AS Orchard, Samuel Evans, AA Orton, Brynne, AS Orton, Miles Lee, AS Osborne, Chandly Lance, AS Osborne, Teddy Nicole, AS Owens, Douglas Wayne, AS Pabst, Loren C, AS Pacheco, Alvilda Olivia, AS Padigimus, Paige B, AS Page, Demiree Lindsey, AS Painter, Derrick, AS Pali, Zackary Brent, AS Palmer, Alex Robert, AS Palmer, Ivy Ann, AS Palmer, Katie S, AS Palmer, Kyle Steven, AS Palmer, Melinda, AS Parker, Austin Wade, AS Parker, Katelyn Ann, AS Parker, Megan Rose, AS Parker, Shelby Nicole, AS Parrish, Mitchell David, AS Parry, Cameo Cristin, AS Parry, Hank, AS Parsons, Benjamin James, AS Paskvan, Thomas Maxwell, AS Patten, Chelsey Kim, AS Pavlov, Viktor 0, AS Payne, Annica Lu, AS Peart, Emmalee, AA Peck, Christian Shaun, AS Peck, Shalee L, AS Pectol, Sherri Ellen, AS Pedersen, William Earl, AS Pedigo, Jacob Britt, AS Pegram, Jodi Lynn, AS Pendleton, Amber D, AS Perkes, Connor John, AA Perkes, Marcella May, AS Perkins, Haylee Janelle, AS Perry, Jared Johnson, AA Pessetto, Travis Thomas, AS Petersen, Amy, AS Petersen, Ashling Valerie, AS Petersen, Eli Reese, AS Petersen, Kyle R, AS Petersen, Raquel Marie, AS Petersen, Shelby Lynn, AS Petersen, Tanner Lawrence, AS Peterson, Amy S, AS

Peterson, Daniel Scott, AS Peterson, Kaitlin Lee, AS Peterson, Miranda Kay, AS Petrova, Simona, AS Pettis, Haylee Lynne, AS Petty, Mickell C, AS Picon, Magdalena, AS Piechowski-Begay, Alexander, AS Pillot, Lauren M, AS Pinnock, Chelsea Marie, AS Pitcher, Jesse Ronald, AS Pocock, Alexis Ann, AS Poffenberger, Keirstin Julie, AS Polito Jr, Elias, AS Pollmann, McKenzie Nicole, AS Pollmann, Zachary Alan, AS Pope, Brittany Anne, AS Pope, Janessa Ann, AS Porter, Amy Lynn, AS Porter, Orit, AS Poston, Ty Patrick, AA Potts, Katie Rose, AS Powell, Johnathan Lorimer, AS Powell, Tyler Eugene, AS Powers, Alison B, AS Prettyman, Stephen David, AS Price, Darian Kristin, AS Price, Travis Douglas, AS Prochnow, Cheridyn Marissa, AS Psalto, Taylor Joette, AS Pyfer, Katelin Christensen, AA Quinton, Andrew S, AS Racker, Katelyn, AS Rasmussen, Amanda, AS Rasmussen, April, AS Rasmussen, Brinli Ann, AS Rasmussen, Cashe Christian, AS Rathbone, Sean Carling, AS Redmond, Aubree Diane, AS Reed, Ryan C, AS Rees, Abby Angeline, AS Reese, Alison Marcia, AS Reese, Lexie R, AS Reisewitz, Shannen Michelle, AS Reynolds, Bradley S, AS Rich, Jordee Blake, AS Rich, Lonnie T, AS Rich, Morgan LaRee, AS Riches, Robyn Michelle, AS Ricks, Sarah M, AS Riding, Kylei Marie, AS Rindlisbaker, Nathan B, AS Roark, Andrea Lane, AS Robbins, Candis Kai, AS Roberts, Michael Gordon, AS Robinson, Daniel Ray, AA Rockwood, Kaitlyn Marie, AS

Rodriguez, Bryan, AS Rodriguez-Garcia, Alexis, AA Rogers, Carrie Ann, AS Rosell, Charlotte Jamaemah, AS Rosier, Rachel Kathleen, AS Ross, Derek Sylvan, AS Roundy, Anastasia R, AS Rowell, Nichelle Kensie, AS Rule, Kelsey Marie, AS Rumsey, Dyllin Credence, AS Runyan, Jordan Douglas, AS Rushton, Tiffany Ann, AS Russell, Jennifer Ruth, AS Russell, Timothy J, AS Rutherford, Carrie L, AS Rutledge, Jessica Lyn, AS Saddler, Mckenzi Nicole, AS Salinas, Stephanie, AS Salmon, Candice Marie, AS Sangster, Rebecca Caitlin, AS Sargent, Bailey Anne, AS Saunders, DeBryn Kaye, AS Schaub, Ashley Nicole, AS Schenk, Britten Steven, AS Schick, Brenda, AA Schmidt, Jared Wheatley, AS Schultz, Megan Cheryl, AS Schumann, Quinton H, AS Scott, Jessica Ann, AS Scovill, Cassidy C, AS Scovill, Shanna L, AS Searle, Elisha Beth, AS Seckletstewa, Janelle M, AS Secrist, Cody Ryan, AS Sellers, Richard Alton, AS Shaw, Benjamin D, AS Shaw, Sierra, AS Sheehan, Erica Suzanne, AS Shields, Kylee Rose, AS Shoop, Garrett Gabriel, AS Shorts, Janelle Pauline, AS Shumway, Amanda Dene, AS Shumway, Sally May, AS Sillin, Heather Lyn, AS Simmonds, Jenette Russell, AS Simmonds, Matthew Dillon, AS Simmons, Alicia McKell, AS Simpson, Arielle, AS Singer, Eric Thomas, AS Singleton, Mandy Lynn, AS Skabelund, Adam Gregory, AS Skidmore, Jelisa, AS Skinner, Scott Adam, AA Skousen, Kimberly Jean, AS Slaugh, Ali-Shay, AS Smith, Brandon I, AS Smith, Brielle Hannah Jensen, AS

Smith, Brockston Joel, AS Smith, Cheyenne Trav, AS Smith, Clara, AS Smith, Courtney, AS Smith, Damon Marc, AS Smith, Jamie Lorayne, AS Smith, Jaron Russell, AS Smith, Jesse Jake, AS Smith, Jessica Michelle, AS Smith, Kathleen M, AS Smith, Kishia Eileen, AS Smith, Laralyn, AS Smith, Mekynzee, AS Smith, Michael A, AS Smith, Raiven Cherelle, AS Smith, Todd D, AS Smoot, Ashley Kathleen, AS Smuin, Brittany Ann, AS Sodja, Eric Paul, AA Soelberg, Andrew Mark, AS Soelberg, Matthew William, AS Sommerfeld, Hailey Brooke, AS Song, Gunhee, AS Song, Wenda, AS Sorensen, Dylan David, AS Sorensen, Mary, AS Sorochuk, Jerica, AS Southward, Shande K, AS Southwick, Landon Jon, AS Speirs, Ashley Ann, AS Sprague, Prescilla Ann, AS Stafford, Jennifer L, AS Stafford, Sarah Neas, AS Staley, Miranda, AS Stallings, Shelby Elizabeth, AS Stanley, Jamie, AS Stanworth, J D, AS Steadman, Jessica Marie, AS Stembridge, Aubrey Ann, AS Sterr, Shane Troy, AA Stewart, Cassandra Veronica, AS Stewart, Kaelee Alair, AS Stewart, Tara Byrnae, AS Stillman, Holli Cassidy, AA Stodtmeister, Paige JoLynn, AS Stoker, Tanesha Lyn, AS Stoll, Mark Aaron, AA Stone, Jacob R, AS Stone, Rachael Lyn, AS Stosich, Clinton Van, AS Stream, Michael Anthony, AS Stromberg, Amy Marie, AA Strong, Camille, AS Struchen, Bailey Ray, AS Sumsion, Jordan Robert, AS Swain, Sarah Katherine, AA Swallom, Jaclyn L, AS

Swapp, Angus Alexander, AS Sweet, Cassandra Marnae, AA Swett, Nelson Earle, AA Tagg IV, John, AS Tame, Samantha Casey, AS Tanner, Cindy, AS Tatton, Samantha, AS Taylor, Kelly Fillingim, AS Taylor, Tarah Royce, AS Thacker, Malcolm Lane, AS Thompson, Michelle A, AS Thompson, Nickolas Tyler, AS Thompson, Nicole A, AS Thornock, Clarissa Ann, AS Thorpe, Hadley D, AS Thorson, Jessica Mecham, AA Thurston, Caitlin Marie, AS Thurston, Jessica Lyn, AS Tietjen, Melanie Christine, AS Tilley, Kate Marie, AS Tipton, Nathan Paul, AS Todachinnie, Vivian, AS Todachinnie, Vivian, AS Tolman, Jacob Hunt, AS Tomlinson, Adam, AS Toone, Carlee R, AS Tregeagle, Tanner, AS Tribe, Chelsea, AS Tryon, Alex J, AS Tucker, Brandon L, AS Tucker, Nicole Marie, AS Tuckett, Anna Elizabeth, AS Tullis, Hannah Camille, AS Turner, Caitlyn Laree, AS Turner, Kyle William, AS Ulrich, Rachel Leigh, AS Utter, Naatalgaii EM, AS Vallette, Amber Marie, AS Van Dyke, Kasey, AS Van Lent, Ivie Montgomery, AA Van Noy, Marissa Jane, AS Vanderkuyl, Livina Imo, AS Vanenkenvoort, Kory J, AS Varela, Krysta Michelle, AS Vega, Fransheska Ross, AS Velasquez, Tami, AA Vera, Aaron K, AS Vera, Benjamin Ascencion, AS Vernon, Jessica, AS Vernon, McKenna Nahealamaikalani, AS Villanueva, Kylee Cerila, AS Villicana, Enrique T, AS Vincent, Allie Patricia, AS Vo, Tammy, AA Wade, Dustin J, AS Wall, Michael Allen, AS


Wallace, Amberley Christine, AS Wallen, April Dawn, AS Wallentine, Tiffany, AS Wallis, David Bert, AS Walquist, Debra Jenkins, AS Walters, Zachary Jacobson, AS Walton, Blake John, AS Wamsley, Sheena Marie, AS Wang, Zhanbo, AS Wanner, Lyssa Jo, AS Wardell, Vicki, AS Wardle, Camille Dawn, AS Warren, Amber Nichoel, AS Watkins, Sean D, AS Watters, Kaitlyn Cahoon, AS Watters, Nelson Kolbey, AS Weaver, Elise Mikella, AS Wellbaum, Randall Lee, AS Welling, Carly Ann, AS Wells, McKenzie, AS Wences, Iveth Ramirez, AS West, Joseph Brian, AS West, Telia Mikkell Everett, AS Western, Kamren James, AS Western, Kenzie Marie, AS Weyerman, Joseph Hans, AS Wheelwright, Austin Lewis, AS Whetton, Mandy Elizabeth, AS Whisenant, Jessica, AS Whitaker, Adam Harper, AS White, Dacota J, AS Whitehorse, Shawna A, AS Whiting, Jacqueline Marie, AS Whitley, Brandon James, AS Whitlock, Chandler McRae, AS Whitney, Emily Elizabeth, AS Whitney, Sarah L, AS Whittle, Kyle Christopher, AS Whitworth, Josiah Merrill, AS Wiarda, Jessica Nicole, AS Wilcox, Amanda Marie, AS Wilcox, Darin T, AS Wilde, Jackson, AS Wilde, Nicholas Jamie, AA Wilhelm, Elizabeth, AS Wilkins, Brooke K, AS Wilkins, Madalyn Helene, AA Wilkinson, Jared Erastus, AA Williams, Shabazz, AS Willsey, Krista Dawn, AS Wilson, Kyle Wayne, AS Wilson, Pamela P, AS Winegar, Regina, AS Winters, Connor Jack, AA Winward, Cassandra, AS Womack, Jorlin, AS Wood, Anne Birgitte, AS


Wood, Chalyse, AS Wood, MaCail Florence, AS Wood, Rulon Sean, AS Wood, Sabrina, AS Woodland, Morgan Darlene, AS Woodruff, Dixon T, AS Woodward, Nathaniel, AS Woodworth, Legrand F, AA Woolf, Elizabeth Jean, AS Woolsey, Emily Clarice, AS Wright, Edgar, AS Wright, Kristopher Ryan, AS Wright, Nicole Marie, AS Yadon, Sean Kent, AS Yardley, Robert Lane, AS Yeager, Brittany Redawn, AS Yost, Megan, AA Young, Cameron, AS Young, Chloe, AS Young, Derek Alan, AS Young, Dustin Todd, AS Young, Kaili Shae, AS Young, Sandra Kay, AS Young, Timothy Edward, AS Zhang, Fan, AS Zhao, Yilun, AS Zhao, Zhibin, AS Zipf, Dannielle Diana, AS

UTAH STATEUNIVERSITY SENIOR GIFT 2015 The following graduating students have joined with their classmates in support of Utah State University. The individuals listed under each student's name are those whom these students wish to thank for their help and encouragement. *True Blue Pledge Donor **Senior Legacy Pledge Donor

Kristi & Miles Braithwaite

Carri Lyn Abrahms

Kacie De Jong** Andy & Debbie De Jong

My Husband & Daughter

Michael J. Brown Roxanna Alaniz*

Wendy Brown

Sarah S. Dennison**

Braden S. Allen*

Paige Buchanan** Jim & Jana Buchanan

Jessica Diamond

Henry R. Allred

Isobel & Kris Stringham

Brad Diamond & Debra Hanson

Matthew Ditto*

Lee Anna Etch berger

Larry Daniel Bucio* Jason Ellis*

Janelle Amely* Samantha Jeanne Burrows

Tommallama The Amazing Dr. Debbie

Daniel Butler Eyre** Cynthia Marie Bury

Thomas Amely** Dad Rafael & Wife Janell

Kids & Parents SW & BFF

Trienna Dawn Arthur**

Bradley Robert Buswell*

Alyssa Audd

Thomas Buttars

Mitchell & Christine Eyre Amy Eyre

Mark Lin Ferguson**

Kyle, Aubrey, & David Stephanie Stallings & Kenneth

Mom & Dad Dr. Maria Norton

Douglas Kaleikini Fiefia* eal

Shalice Ann Butterfield Cory Fife

Brandi Louise Babbitt** Damien & Brookelyn Babbitt

Thomas Ross Call

DJ Sortor

Ana Castillo

Brad James Francis Candace Francis

Shannon Wilkinson

Jeffrey Duane Frodsham**

Andrea Jean Baldwin** Sharla Chamblee

Bruce and Heidi Frodsham

Anastasia Eleni Chaus

Camryn D. Froerer

Dr. Laura Foley

Candace Child*

Kenneth Fryar-Ludwig*

Alysse Barfuss

Jessica Christensen

Michael Gagon**

Rhett Barton Dr. John R. Stevens

Alex J. Colby** Gina & Jordy Colby

Peter Gasser*

Sean P. Bass**

Ms. Nan Coon**

Ren James Gibbons

Melodi & Aisley Bass

Frank & Teri Coon Austin Michaelis

Laurie McNeil!

My Parents & Husband Melaleuca Wellness Co.

Joanne M. Barker**

Kristin & Bill Gagon

Cara J. Glabau

Danelle Beckstrand* Miguelangel Corria!**

Mallory Goaslind**

Samantha A. Beirne Neil Hengee

Garrett V. Cranney**

Rich & Michele Goaslind

Janette Blackmore

Amy Nichole Cross**

Tanner Godfrey*

Matthew Timpson


James & Paula Godfrey

Cole D. Blakely

Tarah L. Dalebout

Mark C. Groberg**

Christopher Stephen Braithwaite**

Bret I. Dayley**

Ashlyn Ila Mary Hansen


Cherish Harvey** Gerald & Cora Harvey

Adam Lattin

Phillip Sterling Powelson Lezlie, Brent & Margo Powelson

Josh S. Lefevre* Richard Harvey*

Elizabeth Davis Prettyman** Andrew Levine

Mrs. Mindy B. Heaton** Michael & Aubeny Lance Forrest Hendricks** Sid & Carol Hendricks Kiri Ann Higham Mr. Bruce M. Hoffman** Alyssa & Mark Hoffman

Ms. Whittney Price Tyler Livingston Professor Richard Price Mrs. Daedree C. Long** Eric & Heidi Holmes Dr. Norman Jones Jessica A. Manning

Wesley William Rawlins** Neil & Chris Rawlins Jake Rhodes** Jennifer Rhodes Jonathan Miner Rogers** David & Heather Rogers

Kaitlyn Marchant Lauren Ann Holtom Joshua M. Hortin** Michelle Hyde Kris Miller & Tyson Hyde

Ms. Brynn Seegmiller Mr. Dustin Q. McKnight** Ashley, Des & Jane McKnight Emeline Everitt Mendenhall Kids, Parents SW & BFF

Eric R. Sheue Thom, Dawn, Adam & Jillian Sheue Katherine Rebecca Simcox Dave Robinson

Caitlyn Jacobson* Joyce Jarrett

Katrina Mick Robert Mick

Joseph Morgan Jensen** Cindy & Greg Jensen Morgan & Shirley Jensen

Matthew Lee Munsee

Kade Jensen Coach Steve Reeder

Alex P. Nelson

Rachel Jensen** Val & Phyllis Stay Melissa, Joseph & Erin Anthony Lowell Johnson** My Earthly & Heavenly Families Justin Ronald Jonas** Jordan Jonas, Ron & Denise Jonas Ms. Hollis Kim-mee Jones** Shane Dale Jonson Tamralyn Joanne Kelly Donna Gordon

Jessica Nelsen*

James B. Odei USU Math & Stat Dept

Riley L. Larsen


Ms. Stephanie Stallings My family

Katy Elaine Stowell Katy & Barbie Stowell Ashley Danielle Stucki Mom & Dad

Cory Ortiz** My Parents, Brother & Wife

Karen Elizabeth Tew

Andreina J. Palma

Mr. Christopher John Thatcher

Samantha Perez Rick Prell Jose Perez

Jacob Van den Akker*

Cesar Eduardo Perez-Soto Tiera Ann Peterson

Justin E. Lake**

Cami Spackman** Kendall Spackman & My Parents

Spencer Stevens* Mr. Gilbert A. Nichols** Thanks Dad for the Truck

Ranveer Singh Kushwaha Dallin P. Laird ** Dallin & Amanda Laird

Mr. Tyson W. Smith**

William L. Petty** Emily Petty Andy Pierucci** Dr. Damon Cann Steve Sharp

Brandon James Weathers** Dr. Christopher Corcoran Dr. John Stevens William Michael Thomas Western** William Western & Cher-Ami Sten Carston Peter Work**

U f AH STA E BOARD OF REGENTS Daniel W. Campbell, Chair, Provo France A. Davis, Vice Chair, Salt Lake City Jesselie Barlow Anderson, Salt Lake City Nina R. Barnes, Cedar City Bonnie Jean Beesley, Salt Lake City Leslie Castle, Salt Lake City Wilford W. Clyde, Springville James T. Evans, Orem Brady Harris, Farmington Marlin K. Jensen, Huntsville

Robert S. Marquardt, Salt Lake City Jefferson Moss, Saratoga Springs Jed H. Pitcher, Bountiful Robert W. Prince, St. George Harris H. Simmons, Salt Lake City Mark R. Stoddard, Nephi Teresa L. Theurer, Logan Joyce Valdez, Salt Lake City John H. Zenger, Midway David H. Buhler, Commissioner of Higher Education

UTAH STATEBOARD OF TRUSTEES Ronald W. Jibson, Chair, North Salt Lake Scott R. Watterson, Vice Chair, Logan Jody K. Burnett, Salt Lake City Linda Clark Gillmor, Cottonwood Heights Mark K. Holland, North Salt Lake Susan D. Johnson, Clearfield J. Scott Nixon, Salt Lake City Stephen F. Noel, Eden Trevor S. Olsen, Logan Frank Peczuh Jr., Price Suzanne Pierce-Moore, Park City Sydney M. Peterson, Secretary to the USU Board of Trustees

COMMFNCEME:N f C.OMMITTEE Sydney M. Peterson, Chief of Staff, Chair Maren Aller, Public Relations Specialist, Public Relations and Marketing Teresa Denton, Senior Staff Assistant, President's Office Cecile Gilmer, Director of Alumni Events, Alumni Relations Douglas Jackson-Smith, President, Faculty Senate Andi McCabe, Assistant Provost, Provost's Office Mark R. McLellan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies Joan Rudd, Admissions Counselor, School of Graduate Studies Marci Smith, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office Risa Smith, Manager, USU Campus Store Roland Squire, Registrar Shane Thomas, Team Coordinator, Media Production

COLLEGFCOMMFNCEME.NT Rf.PRESENTATIVES Lisa Allen, College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences Mykel Beorchia, S. J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources Lisa Christensen, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Susan Haddock, Associate's Degrees JanaLee Johnson, College of Science Kimberly Larson, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Elaine Olson, Caine College of the Arts Scott Robinette, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Sarah Wallace, College of Engineering



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Al- ma Mat-er,

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Score produced by Mark Anders Emile 2006