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COLONEL HARTLE REGISTRATION Class Officers Nominated And a Few Elected ,SPENDS CUMMER IC MOUNTING .:J .:J IN f RANCE of Supply School Battie Sectors of

Weslem Front In Great War.

Made Famous

War Volume By Scoville P~ees Seven

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~!~u~:::n~~c;~::~e ~~:s:~:~:a~~I= Ye Ed wanted you, gentle student. to know about It. The elusive "Kernel" waa at lunch on three occaalona, on viBlta to Salt Lake twice and addreulng the local Rotary Club on still another. But perserverance was rewarded 88 per the Orison Sweet Marden theory and the seventh time be was found. Chronologically this Is how the Colonel spent bis time: June 6 ho sailed from New York for Breat, France, where he landed June 16th. At BrE'BBthe and some 200 other offtcen between the rank or captain and.. colOllel wu. organ.1%cd into • achool and put aboard a hospital train bound (or St. Nar.atre, one of the chief embarkation points tn the great war. From hero they proceedcd to Bordeau whore a study or the Service of Supply was commenced. Continuation or the atudy led them along the llnea or the S. O. s. to Glovea, In the Intermediate zone, thence Into the advance sector. tn cars tho school wont to St. Mlhlol and studied the battle grounds, Next, a day was spent in

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Class spirit

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th 1 at ~cn6~10:: 1 cln1& meetings classes partlnll)·


11 \:::;d8;.

dent Will Rest Chiefly Upon The Teacher. A Model Farm Homestead to Be Constructed in The A. C. Build:\::-a Once more a new crn dawns for ing at The State Fair This 0 ;~:t:~:t conspiring for slurf ers. The attendance committe e Year.


~:s°1~~:!• :r::t!:ate;

over the erring

d aw:\;: In Tsha~t~~~eex~\lt:1\~: thy:::a:e ~a;: 0 11 8 1001,.Btepa or all something entirely new. The bulld-

tr!~=~=· new power beatowed upon 18 8 committee or tlve with Ray B. West 88 chalrm1Ln. When 8 student absents hlmsolr r h t 1 I0 c:;:b~ec :;~,a~a~;: t! ::e ::ac::; or that clnu, olthor berore the absonce or Immediately nrter As long does efficient class 88 the student work and his excuses for his absence

= ~-~~==~=-==~--



lntho main hallway

f\oo, nnd ,omc-


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Or. Thatchc>r, Major Cnmpbell, LIPUtenant S<"Oltand GU}' Cardon.




THE IDEA IS To nu Its pafl'.C'IIwith mnttC'r that will make a heart-rending a 11pf'R\ to l'Very Jovl'r or good literature, and every 811d iwrs~•~0 1~=~t:t~o;e~::.d~~ 1~/~:~-~


a dol!:~a::1:t~o/enr's 1 1 su~::,:: ;;;; ~::~:;: 0 :~:na~1~:1: the past few days. Thia prevented hla being at the Commercial Club di Pr but not his presence on the fo:~.j 1 fleld every nl,c:ht. Mr. A. W. Ivins. PrHldent or th"' Board or Truatef's or the College, Dr E. O. Petenon, Dr. 0f'Orl('.e R. Hill and or. E. B. Broaeard are maklnR an lntpeetlon or altl'lcultural condl lion ■ In Uinta county thl• week.

Ol'R SPECIAL PREl'tlIUM For the next thirty daya and (rom that time 011 lmlcflnltely, whoever will bring one- dollar nnd flrty cents to Student Lire effl<'t- will he entered on the list of aubscrlben for one no.~ i:;1~;~~~C'h:;:/oturned to 11


rooms charge of the M. c.

Merrill. Prof. John T. Caine, Prof. O. W. Israelsen. Pror, Byron Alder, Prof. R. J . Becraft and MIBBMoen. The object or tho exhibit Is to raise tho standards and Ideals orthe people of the state In everything that pertnln1 to the homr, and Its envlronment. A model farm homestead bas boon constructed: walks, Ja,vns nod flower beds laid out; bnrna, machine sheds. and nJI other buildings 11rranged In an Ideal manner . Growing plants will be used, and a large painting will form the background, Prof , M. C. Merrill hns Immediat e charge of this exhibit with Prof. R. n. wost, Prof . .George Stowart, Prof. T. H. Abell and Mr. Emil Hansen. Prof . A. J. Hansen supervised the construction or th e buildings, which 8 1 ::~e~:nocf :ut~~ 1~ · 11:u:: nnd garden wl\l be shown, one In J;ood ta ste and nrrangentont, the oth_ er In bad tast e and In n manner common to most town lots In the stntc. Prof. Byron Alder w\11 have lm-


cha,go of on lnotrnctl,o


Quality Characteriz es All Ex- Pr:~~s:s;1o;~~t:~:~s w~t::v:r:hn:;: hibits ,Vhich Have an Educa- of \nsrtuctlve exhibits for women .

;~:~~to ;:~~o: :;: 0::::g: 1a:: 111 C'lected In the near future and then an organlzo.tlon will be Immediately JlNfected nnd the ,vork wlll bC' rushed with all the force which the Juniors' pent up enthusiasm can give It. Get the Idea now that you are golnR to order a 1920 Buzzer.

la :v:,•,1_1<;~1.:',.'.k~~;d11:~~~s~:~01:v~o~:nn1~~h, ,._ " long rett want that does not appear, by lhe W81)~,sn~b~:. altogether

provement ovor the dark used In prevloua years. Prof. Colvin Fletchor bas of tho exhibit and la chairman committee composed of Pror.




exhibit ts to be newly decorated, been ftnlshed ln beJng a great lm-

hlblt showing n. modern pou}try plnnt In contrast with that usually found \n country bock ynrds.

Out and la back at his work to make up nn esta.bllshed precedent and did not


Ing In which tho shown bas been painted, and baa light colors, thle


Jy Injured hta left Jeg. Joe reposed Realizing that Inst year was an otr In bed for over three weeks, and suf- yerir, bellevlng thnt this year will (ercd much pain from hie Injury. be, tho greo.test In A. C. history, and




~;::::::·n:de;~~~lln:t::r::~~:!e~~ 88 we present, studonts and local townsmen, Orvol Adami acted Bid to:st~;:;:~ a nd responses were mn e Y Bullen. Colonel Hartle, PreleB1or Frank West, Mr. A. G. Barber of th0 Boa rd or Tru st oea, Mr. Sloan, Capt "A nd Y" Mohr of th0 Vanity. Prof ~::di!r.~::~C'~tac:od:en;~:~lde~~'.

fd!!u:: I


LittleJoeHavertz Juniors Talk oflssu1na IsBack OnThe Job An An al nu Of QUa1·t Iy

be:.te:~,~~e; t~n::;; ...:;: l:eOI:!~~~ tlona that a dearth or young men la evident In France: that the devastatlon or the Hun la almoat beyond conception. that a spirit of Industry la marked among the women or the country; that the blow or the war 1° ltaCaered France that ahe bas hardly 7et got on her li:ne1>stoward recovery, rcontlnued on page t111o·o1


er last year has closed Its records. Its

n.re acce1>tcd by th e teacher, he la not lntor(cred with but 11llowe1d to go his own way. But as aoon as his class work tolls be low the standard, whether It be the result of absences, lndlfrerenco, or ll1ca11aclty, his namo Is banded to the attend1rnce commltt ee who will call him In for a lit• tlo Informal trial. The student pleads his case while the committee acts as pros ecuting attorney, juorors and jud ge , They may acce1>t or reJcct tho student's. testimony but tho student w\11 In all cases be required to giv e his pledge to reform .. Only lhe lmrden ed coses will come before lhls committee. and It Is hoped that , uth cases wl\l be very rare this yc,ar. This commltteo will nlao make UIJ 0 The best little janitor that the The Juniors Intend to create a ~~:0 : 8~:~c!:~: f:;.e:l~e .~:~ the Utah Agricultural College has ever keen demand ror the College Annual pins nnd honorable mention . had la "back on the Job" again. Joe this year. They also Intend to make It rfnvcrtz. general Ju\·orlte with the tho greatest and most unlquo yearstudents because of his obliging and hook yet Issued by the achoo!. gonlnl dls1ioaltlon, was Injured Aug. Orlglnnllty nnd qunllty are to be the I 11, when he sllpiied through a hole big central Ideas around wlllch all I

an~:u:~)~ a;<!n:c:~t:::r~t~at!:~~b had sPnl him over he was returned to this rountry In time to report here for the opC'nlng or school. ThP foregoing might serve as Rn Introductory paragraph to a book on the travC'la of the Colonel. On September 17th he ap(mt an hour with tho Logan Rotary Club telllng or Fran<'e and the Frt-ncb. To the humble author hereof ho devoted tblrt)• minutes making observations on thf'> country or the rod wine and blood.

--A baalnNS meeting 0;1r1d~•,.,1-:;~~i:ir ~~ 1 at r'"ur o'clock In the Rnt Room I at tha Collep, Many matten I ::.:m.~'::C:.:!1'•c~~ 1 ..U tbe m■ml,ar,-, to 11nuraent I atn l1 luued for • ruU 11t- 1 •• ._,;_ _______ _.

Responsibility For Attendance And Scholars hip of The Stu-

be effect.

::~°:\, ~~\t,~::~:

0 8 Right With Elaborate Dinner ~; 11~ 8~::d :C~o'::. a!e°:e gl:C'at~: In Honor of Our Gridiron bulwark of tho Janitorial force. The Teams. (H'PPOrY little broom m11nlpulator seems Just as chl:lerful as of yorC', and says he's feeling flne again, now he's th Tuuday night Commercial "bnck on the Job." Club gave one or th01r annual --"spreads" which llvC'BIn th e mlu d s of Tura Aldous and Thatcher Allred th8 Aggie gridiron man long after wMe here meeting friends last week. peeled shins and broken bones have ---------------------~ boon forgotten. -------------------The dinner was at Mu rd °CkB. The Varsity and Frosh football teams, the Commercial Club, President E. G

::e:~~ !



~::;~ \he soiihs seem to hove any 110 held and amount or material to choose rrom, organized. Only na shown by the number of nom-


First Meeting of The Facul Women's Lea



;;:~ ~~u~tut~t t::;:\e Al~:~~nea:or! fourteen day leave to view London



The excessive reglatratlon which ~:: 1;: 1~~:~ u~~:rsco°:~let:~P!~~e::; 1 was forecut earl)' last week la still has taught them to net quickly and meeting. Those continuing. Each dB)' sees 8 score dcclalvol)•. One short seaalon only pretldency are J. R. Barber, Hilton 8 0 :: 0 ; 00,: 0 :::e•~r t::~e~:•~::~gfo;::: :~:: r:~::tde;~:: Pc~ta~o:~ltha ~::::: :::~ear 8 ~~~re~t~;e:na Cl:: ; 1va~o;!~ registration committees. Old stud- WE1lla as hla ,1ce_presldent, while vice-president. For secretary the 1 1 1 ents who Celt It their duty to give :;~; ~ 11::;~lato ':::tr~~e~:d ru~c;:oa:sd ; : 1:;slo:~ ~y~~li°~1:r/:t:~eo\v ~~:: 11 lbe tlrat week or registration over the sacred records of tho claas. Porter. J,Jlther Jennte Reece or to those who are being Initiated Into Russell Croft Is the executive com- Laurine Anderson will determine tho sacred order ot committees ror mltteeman who wlll represent the tho social pace or th'e clnsa. Irwin tbe first time, are now making their senior clnss on tho Student Body Crandall nnd Joseph Maughan are lntluences felt around the halls. council. nominees tor athletic manager. The middle or the week showed n Lack or mnle members preventThe spirit alrelld)' shown by the registration or nearly five hundred ed organization or tho junior class. Freshmen gives promise o( great and stlll more ore being added to! Since this class has the greatest things to come Those \\ho have the number. At no time In t110 responslblllty or en>' class In school a responsibility (or leadership are 0 0 :::~;;[, 0 :r b::: ::h 1::~eb~:r~== ;.: :~ w:\e\: ~/:s~ 0 ~; 0:e~::n°:~t~~:; ~:;~k!~cr,,~,nu~~::c,\~e:~•a~a;ant: 1: ~ second week. It 11 estimated that m!mbers of {he clan ret,urn, The leby nod Jack Wrlgh~, who a~e lho enrollment Is thirty-five per Junior Prom, If It la to be In keep- oomlnees ror resident. Blanch cent more than It hna been In any In with the atmosphere or the Worle. Maurice ~onro, Ruth Wost other yea r nt this stage of the •e~r. must be tho best on recortl tor RIHI ~lnrJorle Turner>, havo ho cs game. :he School. Also the managing o( f<'-" vice-president. Those wh:m All classes are unusually large. the Buzzer, which I undoubtedly the class thot bold enough 10 exSomo have been entirely too Jorge the biggest thing nny class hna to trnct dues nre Maurice Linford, Al(or one Instructor to manage nblllty !red Cherry. Fred Pllolo and Clar80 perform, reQulres tho best that dh'lslona have been neceB1nry. In the claBI. Since 80 fow of the once Loose. When nil classes nrt' The popularity of some or the Eng- olcl membC'rs or the claBB nre back, rompletely organized the ontlr ~ \lsh professors have been the cause It was decided to elect Clyde \\'or- Studt'nt Bo<ly will b!l ready for th e llr some dh•laloos. An exceptlonall) ley as temporary chairman, uutll •be-st time It ever hnd. large number of the men are reglstered for agricultural work and " • " • • tho heads or thC' t~\·O schoo ls or Ag. rlculture are atlll busy registering Ulf, more atudeaUI. N'p time la bc>lng lost by the Aft. men. Already Se\'era field trips have been taken by ___ _

!::e~:~::~.::!~: :~e:~rl~u:h:nie~s°: ::~tu~~re:::t r:~:t:~tme\~~:k'." Argonne region, famous to all botnny clnssC's nre exploring t·t11,hn11tor who.tits staunch Mormon (Continued on Pogo Two). sons did there. Offlcen who had been In thta action told their leas fortunat<' collPguea how they drove the Huns about. offlcen proceeded to Toun where tho achoo! broke up, Colonel Hartle bPlng detailed to serve with the Gen-


Seniors Elect Complete List of Officers-Juniors Appoint Temporary Chairman-Lower Classes Nominate Officers And Will Elect at Future Date.

Over 500 Have Registered-A Thirty.five Per Cent Increase

In Senice He Visits


tional Value-All By Students.

Work Done :~1~r~8:;nt1a:~ea;~e:!~~~ 1~~o:~~gd!;;:.

The College exhibits nt lhe Count)' Fair this year, though not ext cnslvC', nr~ high In quality and artlstlcallr n.rrnnged. The commltteo In charge of exhibits at the respective (airs ha,·e concentrated their ent.1rbles UJ,· on maklnR the State Fnlr exhibit an flpoch-maklng ono, and hence the local exhibit Is subsidiary. The visitor at the County Fair la 11truck with the very excollont quality

and also exhibits In good and bad wr.ya of ffoedlng and clothing child· ren. Model pinna and drawings of homes will be contrastecl with photogro.phs and drawlnJl'.S of poorly planned homos. There w\11 bo num ero us charts of home Industries a nd drawln~s of nil departments In th8 home. Prof. J. S, Powel} has charge of furnishing n model living room 8nd 11 model kitchen, rull s\:r:c> Tlhs 1• the first year that an exhibit of th 1s kind has been attempted.

Sc'1ence Clubo·mes El at Hote I cces

~l~ee;:1~:g:,r~l:~e f':·;~c!e~:r~!::~ 11!: 0 unique educational vnluC'. For Instanc<', tho iron work. machine models ond forging exhibits were nil made b)' students, and the latter Il1ustrate11 a compl1:1te set or exercises Tho Science Club held !ta first 111 a course lu forging. All castings ahown were made In the foundry at mooting of tbe year Friday evonlng, SC'pt. 19. at the Hotel Eccles. Dinner 11 Or. and j1 furnlshln,:a C'Xhlblt com- was served to thirty-two. prls<'S art\C'lea of (urnlture which Mrs. e. M. Duggar of St. Louis were ,·rrC' 11...ritto the> World's F:xpoal- specll guests or honor. lion at Snn Francisco In I 914 Thia Short talks were mode by Pro(. R c:dilblt Illustrate• good and bod B. WeAt. the Prrsldent or the Club, lnSIC' In househo ld rurnlahlnp;a. and by Doctors G<>orgeR. HIil and C. There la a department of house- N. Jensen. Or. Duggar gave the prlnlu,ld r,qulpment, which Illustrates n elpnl address of the evening on the <'ourse In homf' nursing. nnd house,- "Ideals of Resenrch In American Instltutlons." holcl <'onvenlenees. An lntrr<>stlng fenturEI la thC' leathDr. R. J. Evans went to OgdNI N work, china painting, m<>tnlwork. I {bot-h silver and copp<1r} stonclllng, Tuesday to nttc,nd the Webrr Cottntr work In t<>xtll<'Bnnd basketry, a ll Fnrm Bureau picnic. l'Xf'CUt(ldb)' students or intereat to airlrulturlats arC' u,,.. John T. Caine 111 spl'nt part of PXhlblta o( Injurious lllSC'l'tB,noxious this Wf'f'k at th<' Idaho State Fnlr In (Continued 011 Page Two). BolsP, Judging cattle.








SP ~~ 1~;'e's this matter of College "1p lrl t ," for exa mple. 1 1 18 :::: : ~: r!~ 1~to:a:: \~ ,:! ; ~o; fo: ~~:~r~ t.~' e Rt: r: :'t ~~ S T UDENT U FE nnd storms and l)lows-otr, a nd he th rea tens nn d b o•1 Published Weekly by th e Stud ents of the Uta h labors anti de nounccti th o 1t ud e nte ror bein g a bun ch or moss-bnckR wit h no r ed bloo d co un lng down th e ir Agr icult ura l College. nrw r les, l)ecause he helleves he has t h o ge rm or a n --· Printed by t h o Ear l &. Eng land P ubll ah tn g Co. Idea In his hea d that t hey ha ven' t eno ugh "s pirit ." Du r ing t ho fo r e 1mrt of t l1e yea r Loga n, Ut ah. Perhaps they have n 't, but most or th e ti me t h ey have., Pr ofe11or Hogentio n r esig ned bis Ma)•be he's lacking In the "right 1pl r lt ," hi mse lf . We position as State Lende r In Jun ior Entered ns second-claBB ma ll matter Se ptember 19, know that A. C. s t uden t s nr o not dcflcle11t "s pi r it edl y." Exten1lon Wo r k to acce pt th e poal1908, Ill Logan, Utah, under tho Act of March 3, 10 even Ir we were so h1clln<>d, the re wo uld be no need 1 t lo n as di r ector of Ins titut es und e r 1897 Acceptance for mn lll ng at s 11oclal ra t e of post- to rako them up and down t ho back for bei ng a ga n g o r the di rection of t h e !'~tens ion Dh •age provided to r In Sec ti on 11 03, Ac t or Oct obe r 3, gran dpas 11ud grandmas T hey 're dem ons trati ng today slon Professor IIOg<>n1011hn1 ha tl 1917, autho r ized August 22, 1918. t hat "Agg ie sl)lr lt Jl\' CB" And whe n th e firs t whl 1tl o charge or th e 80 )8 nu•! (.l!rls' Clu h blows on t he footba ll field, an d t here comes th a t mo-1 \1ork In l tn h s ince Its l nn u gura t lon li:Dl'rORIAJ ~ ment of tenseness Jus t l)ofore th o plun ge In t o th o tra y, and Is r <>1p ons ll)le ror l h e e n,ln ble GEO RG E P. BAR BE R Ma nag ing Edit or then yo u ,1 m see Aggie 'sp iri t" fo r t y-fold rep uta t ion th a t It h old a thr o ugh out E. W. ROB INSON .. Bus lnes1 Manage r the notio n . KINN IE CAI NE ...... Unde r Th e " A" THE Y' RE LIVE TO THE CORE A wor t h y successor 10 Pr ofesso r SORABA ....... Such Ia L ife We mnke no exce11tlon- Log11n h as t he 11,·eat Com- llogenson has bee n tou nd In Doctor NADINE FOUTZ. Society Editor ml'rclnl Club of any town In the state. He r e's a n il l. H. Har r is. Doctor Harris' life 11 0 1 11 Ll lC ILE TALMAG~N Tm nu;c;~: A. HEXDRICl(S ;;~; ~ !:11~:~ ::0 1~~~ :.:~kRrO~!); _t~~p~~:d Gr!~7 wr:; n~I= El~NA MI LLER Lfo;TTIF.: RI C'H nhlllty thnt the r e wo ul d bo ln1u fflc lent ncco m moda tl ona h1wlng ll\'Cd In mnny aect lona or It, B~\\~A;~sn for tho students, Logan busl ne88 me n go t toget h e r a nd he k nows, first hnnd, t ho pro l)lems V1'JRNAL II. W I LL I F. co-oporat('d wit h t he Co llege to re lieve t h e sit ua t ion . lo be met. Suc h II ltr e te nds to era__________ M_A_u_n_ic_ s_i_,1._NF_o_n_n_ g~~~e:v~~u t: : lrn:~~~1::c:~ 1~~~ t~: r u:~e 0 ta~::~c: ~!~ dlc;::1~:c~~ 1: ;:;s gr adu11tod from t ho


~ As Never

Before You Must Buy Quality Known as the B e s t





~: ~;:~a:~ hpr:~~





The Best Known Moderately Priced, Value Consid ered Colors Guaranteed.


Number 2. Fri day, Sept ember 26, 1919.

Vol. XV III .

An d t h nt ts11't nil . They b11nqu ct t he to otbn 11 t ea m h al f D. y_ l'. lie lhen s 11ent three yc:i.rs n dozeu times a year. T hey' r e back of th e st ude nt s, [ dolng missiona r y wo r k 111 Germany. ll'flth and toe-nall. In ever)' student ac ti vity t b nt t ho He returned from Germany Just be• In. They make poss ibl e th is stu de n t rorl' the war started. On nrrl\· lng In The common, dopornblo nnd lne:s:cusnble te ndency latter participate (;nlor the ne,w and Inexperienced editor of a college wcok ly publication, and othera, with t hei r nd\'ertl1ements .. T hey America he entered Columbia Is to attempt and endeavor, In hl1 first editoria ls, a dlg down In their Jeans wh en occnslo n a ri ses a nd b r ing ,·ers\t)" and took out his M. S. In rt.'formntory. revolutionary nnd dictatoria l dl11ertn- forth the coin. They have no soltls b motive In doing Sociology and his doetor's degree In They're tu ll ot good, red-b looded Aggie , Economics. tlon upon some 11hnse of coll ege li fe, which he, oft en It, either. In h l1 sublime and unpnra le ll cd Igno r ance, t hi nk& s1ilrlt; t he,.·re a bunc h of goo d 1por ts and l oya l t o tbo l Dr. Ha r r is spent th r oe yeara tench ll<'NIIJ nn airing. schoo l and a ll t hat It rep r ese nts. Ing In t he city of Now Yor k Co ll ege --nnd for some ti m e wn1 director of As a ru le his well monnt but wordy hnrnngues or hoys· club work nt Tom uk lna Squa r e, nd,•lce ore not sw11llowod l,)y lhe atudeuts for the pu re WHY NOT AN "A" Fo r Be,·era l years t he r e h ave been wbltipere d ta lk Nl'W York City nm! tilmple reason thnt we a ll bate to be preached to. The- Editor fee ls to depnrt, occasionally, from this old nnd time.worn t'ustom for t he reason that "Variety la lh<>spice of li fe," nnd "A llttlo nonsense now and . then la relished b)• nil co llege men," ns tho poets sa>•, ther(', ne ither can we wis h It up the r e, bu t "''0 can C'lubs and of his futu r e 11111118 b~1lld It up there Ir ?n ly t ho moveme nt Is 1to.r ted. The puriioses or c lub work, acthe Editor Included. DIHenters with t his edltorlal pollc)· will gladly be glve11 tipace In t hetie va luab le " nke u1i Aggies; lot• go. At least put the outll nes up , cording to Dr . Harris arc to ntte rupt th l1 y{'ar nnd finis h t h o Job next. T he to wn Is beh ind to stem the cltyward o,·oment 0 : oolumnti lo which to 1et rorth their con t rary opin ions. 111 the mo\'ement, why not yo u ? B. E VANS. t he country youths nn d to rnlie t he

First National



Logan, Utah A






~~::•;:' ::!~:;,'~::·:,}'.:~~·:~ : ,~~i::::.'::: i~:~ :•:: ~;'.l~::~::;::i::~~:.::•~'~ti:~l\~;

Such is Life --

tiny fo r the gnrne.



1-~1vom inu t es to

t housand

t h roa t s Jo in ed l11! ~:~t1 .~;~:. :rn:n~;:/:~~'~/n:u~

Ito ru r al !Ue.

~>';:::h~;~! ~:on l~r;:c: . :"r:sw!:n=:e abne~ t he Aggie l·l )•mn:

~~~:::: ~I~~ ~~: I :~~::e YOU, No wa ll togethe r , Smash them and break t hrough."

THt, J F A.Dl,E O F T HE SPI R ITl ,ES S rore the whistle which sends the COI..LEGE DOY team down 1111' flcld nrtor the soarIng pigskin. Th e r er<> reos and cap1 11 B y " Sor nbn" ~:~:do~ntl;~\\ ~~::: ~: t~: ::te:o:;

the field and then returned to their . respoctl\'e" stations Tho whist le hie,, 'T'h ey were ofT The blue and white cheer lender rntaed his h uge megaphone to his mout h tlirei, up his arms Jumiicd In the nlr a nd t h e crashing roar or, Fight Em A gles


the old Aggie spirit





\\ '11rehom10 and OJllce , S outh Mnln Stroot

It Is a well known fact that It 111 no harder work to hoe 1uga r bel't1 than 11lay bnse hull. The 11uq1ose or 0





; lt


20,000 Square Feet Floor Space

Cache Valley Commission ti:~ Jt'====================::!J


~:::e~t~, :Sth~!u:a·u~: 8 t; 11: : 08~~: LOGAN UTAH pin} bnae b11IIand ln JeN It Into hoe _i lug beets The) ha,e found thnt the - ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,; lnce11t110 Is com 11otltlon and pnrtlct_l r,: 1mtlo11 In tho r esults that fo llow I n order to ruJect these 11unlltl<'B lntu rnlilng sugnr beets and Into nllled farm Industries the bo)s nnd gl r ls LOGAN, UTAH 8 1 1 8 :~,:l~el~n~;~: ;:~r~ln::dh~:c;ig~e :a:ome nine t een Fight Em" the battle cr) org the :; 0:~l.w~~ ~ 0 ~ :;e~~a~~~~e F;::h b::: ~;e ~!~:n 8~1 1 NEW UP TO DATE FIREPROOF 1 0 1 lrn Ind \\US born lo the fnlr city t't?ol~t:: 1~e ::;m~lp;;~ioe:cr;!~o~~: sortly repented tho Aggie Hym n t'hnrg<' of the proJC(t llnd nr<' sul)Jet't 100 ROOMS WITH CONNECT ING BATH or C'loudburat on the Fox River lie chalk-marked field The yell died It \\Os t ho old Aggie Spi r it, t ho onl) to the ad,•lce or the club lea.tier Ha tes from $1.50 to $3.00 per day th \\&a one of e principle titr eet ,,.nlk- do,,n and Clnrflnce imlled to h im- gl1ost ot an hundred tamouti, ,or nnd are ghen the entire 11ronts In Special " 'int er weekly rates now in effect 1101 1 C'larence \\BB born In the year 1900 A D as our moat famo us hist_orlnnti \\Oud BR) \\'Ith the aid of a Mllllo~nlre C'110ulntor nnd nn exlromol) snnJlll) hrnln comhlnod 1,lth n tosto for mnthem11llcs nnd II col lege educntlon, It mig ht be 11osalblc to





$6, Satisf


t•he Big Blue Te~ m went O\'er th e lntit )nrd ror tho \\Inning cou nt t he \\hlst lo ble 1, for the e nd of t h ll g11me Clarence, his eyes mo is t li ke th o othera n~ound him, nil his 'aplendld Isolation cn1t from him, linked hie









!:8{ ;;11

~:~ios bo!:~ge~hl:re~:~


~!:te::~:b. i:~c~m~~ma:i'!


11; 0 ;e~~

tho main Club of the to\\n 1



bra 1, ' I.e11gue ' ns President or ppression the C'loudhurst for the su of <'R;l> .r etiring, and Secretno o_r the to \II Shlmmle S)mpnthlr.era so 18 so that It eBti) the 1 88 to ice ththat young fellah ' one of e chosen ~~'\ ~o hold U ke) to the t0\10 hnll of


s~lf W hat wer,e tllo,•e hoobs going b:,u1;~n;';~dc, so craz> about "h> ah ou ld t hey mnke suc h too ls or t hemse lves ns to again th 118 11 )ell about such n tng little IIJ:( , l!'IT H~~

~:u:: 1

1~:.\ 1:~to ,t •• h" •1h,1,",'•"',,'",u\;:~ ~::P:~~,:~;~~lop :b~ 11 0 10lu,~ "' ~· 1 leaclorsh\ii 1 te~~~ ~heD~~~~;~~la~: f~~~;:d~: 1; 0 1

:\IOl S 'J'IW t

:~:~h: l~r!n;e::i~:~: =~h:~! 1 ~: (Conti nued--- From -Page One) 1 fll~f;~em \!,: ~It:: sf:: 1:~ 1~ ~0 sfs::re co~~ {'a111pus The <'ommerclnl rooms nre \\OIi 1 11 ::~i~rot: 11;a;~l~e 0 ;: :ia:h~:; 1~tl~t~:: filled at all hours of the da) The I t I lk 8 b r I t 11 co1mopolltan ntmotiphere or the Col• I OT; 0 O\e a W BPC: h IPge II 8 l,)lg dra1,lng card to thoao

Exce llent Dining Room and Count er Ser vice. Popular P rices and Quick Service. Barb er Shop and Billard Room in Connection. E specially att ractive for Auto Parties M. S. ECCLES, Pre s. LYMAN HYDE, l\lgr.





I s tartn long ne\\feltpa11er papt,,r lll r, need This and ,1111 be \\the 1111

olll<'lal paper of tho dt.'lmrtment It \Ill b~ divided Into throe departments,., (ll the count} agent (.?) tho home demonstrntore and (3) i the Boys' and Glrl1' Club \Ii Ork. In 1 11 1 :uo,~ul~~·nme to pa.BBthat t he said scor; tt!:maet :~v:~ s~~. ;~: ~1;] ~:~ 1:m':::1~~ ~1~0 /:~.rsu: 0 :;:r\~~:. \ ~~' :~:~cels:~\~! ~ ~~ ; ~/~;·se\: ;~~ 1 11 1 ('\n r on<'o decided to enroll nt the Dlue team had met Its matc h at last., str uctors luwe heon emp loyed nn d 1Jhaso of rural \\fe. snme C'ollogo In whic h you anti O\'Oll• Tho two strugg li ng lines or tiweatlng, are 1ucceed lng wel l In feat uring t he: ----+ -10 I are at present enro lled, llkewlso , panting me n sw11ycd f rom one end departments 88 one of the more Im• nnmel)L the Utnh Agricultural Co l- or the flel<l to tho other. Five mo r e 11ortnnt ones of the school. 0 ~ t:·e:~1:t;1~~~ t:~ ~~e\\~!~110~~:1~1~: ;;~nr~tosw:~ l)l:t~·ll rem~l~~~d D The e,·o~ l)~plulnr ';lome Economic , 1 1 1 th ~;: a~;d ~e~:n~~:~ ~!::u~',:a~cr: 0~b~~e :n~gg~~o~ar~:; !°:f):~:~:::ecr::%: 0~· ; 1





In the town or Illa choice did not mnkt' him 10 tar su11crlor to the a\'ornt::e run or the student, that he 1 1 1 1 ;~·1: :;;: .i::u~:ct:~ : 1~ 1•:;~~~: ;~,t~! or the common Johnnie t)•11e In n simila r pos ition oil the 101, or tht.' known nnd Justly famous C'o\lege f-1111.He nlso hnd to pnH 1hrou11;h the common r outine of rl'KIBl.erlng or " Th l' Fl\'e Day's Lnbor-- o r the IJnst Stra,1" Flnnll) he wna sll{n<'d u11 for !I\. 1-{<'ncrous course In Typt,,wrltlng, ·ilnll, C'nf<'lerln, Tennla 2, nnd Rest Room (Ach·nnced ('ourses .) Right th<>n his lntereat In the school died n ra11ld nnd cruel death. He kept to hhn st•U 1rnr aulng n poll<'Y or S11\on1lld Isolntlon or Non C'ontnmlnntlon of His Sacred Presence 111' wn ■ thrown In the ('anal 19 times for nou t'onformnnce to the lnw of the Sopho. 8 1 11 8 ;;~~,. 1~:t,;;;e:r;a rl,):dou,~I th :~;<'~



A dedI Goldthorpe u f Cswar h I h.



~ ~T6 ~ t o~n~ ~ !~;,ni~:~tJ~ e~'::1;: ecf!e~ 1 ee. ln ,i: of E ) e:s and FltUn)C o f Glaa or o~ ~o~een: rcr~::.1olu:11~!! e~n:n~tor~





(T T 01 , \ SS 1•0 t; NT \IN U:'llBH E T,I, \ S :\IES II R:\ Gi;.

place d In a n hnn r Mnk e n ~~~~:n~ly Of :lno ~~pair~~ ionacl• : : d o~:o~~ r ce~per le n~e '~!~ e mc~':bl~ed t! rb~ll~r gi~ tor us a la r ge an d ?.Oil pl eH &d clleot e lle



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ende boe



ta~\~::~~::~:~: • l.!c::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::._ O • C OafS Ip


53 Ea~: w; ~~r N~: : ~" Str ee t

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TR\' Ol'R

of the

Dopondab tllt y In a crcnm se pn r ntor 18 t•spec la ll y n eceBBar y durl11g wa r m wcnt lwr whe n th t' mil k s hou ld he taken cnro ot in th e s horte at postilblo t ime. T he De Ln,·n l Cren m Separato r la depc ndah le, a nd with ordlnar-y care It wlll 0111II)' IHt 11 lif etim e ..


Ames and Allem



ground. 1qulrmed t hrough the op- hom: l'ho ld •ndmlnlst.rntlon departAnother A. c. gr ad uate, Haro ld c._ 11oslng men, nnd \\Ith n elenr fl'lill n•cnt nro nlh•e with gi r ls who are Goldlhor iie, hns l)een gh•en n tich olarbefore him, s 11od for n touchdown. strl\'lng to keep up the roputntlo n ahlp by t he Un iversity or Ch lcngo.

:hi::wo;: ::t::~n;i a~~d t~i~: :::~ or /he Do1mrtment or Home EconMr. Go}dt :io; pe ~c:o :vod /1~sm len second man, st r nlnod every om Cl. grl'e In Bnt~~ ~~ 0 ; : ~c~ 8 1 11 19 16 • muscle to accomplish t h e seeming ly Ln r fl'C claSB('S are t he featu r e or Agrlcu lt ura o ego o Impossib le. At Inst tho Aggie hero th~ dtrterent aclence clAsses. T ho Since that time ho b as h ~~l po•~~ wns wit hin n r oil of tho li ne but t ho <'h<'ml1try bulldl ng has It! shnre of tlon ot nHl1to.nt In Bae r 8Y speeding enemy wn, with in one the studl'nts. Lriborator}' work 11 the Co llege. His work has been a l,·a.rd of him. The tack ler made a long well under war In nil departments. together In research flt.'l ds anti the dh•e, wrapp<>d his nrmi around t he A1 regt strnt\on dlrrlcultles are be- care and oxact n e88 whic h ehn r acterl<'KB of the pounding Aggie and Ing soh•NI and the studenta are bocom lznl h is efforts wore dou btl e11 r ehr('ught him to the earth with a Ing nc11uatntt>d with each other nnd 1po ns\ bl e for h is !111\'lng had tho sickening thud. Thfl r:inme Jlttlo with their ln1tructors. Ever)"thlng 1cho lnnh lp conferred UJ>on him Qun r torbnck mndo n squirming fight ! Is 111 good working o r d e r for th e Whl le In the Bac t e r iol ogica l d efor rroedo m 1111( 1 eraw ll'd ano th e r complete fulfll lme nt of th e l'romlsei I 1m r tmont o f th o Co llege ho wo r ke d I d th yard to the gon l, but stlll 8 scant mo. o by e Dir ecto r s o r t h o' In t he flelds or so il c hem ist r y nnd J'llrd eepnratod hi m fr om t he li ne Schoo l when t bl'y mo d e 1:" s.tntl'-' soi l Bacte r lo log)", pay ing espec ia l atand ,•lctory for t h e Aggies. Su dden ly ment th nt th e yenr 1 919 --0 \\Ould tentlon to t he Inf luence or 1Blt s on st atte nd ance on re- bact<>r la l activity , and nlt r ogl'n-fb:nth<> little Qunrter fe ll weak l y to t he set.' t h o lnri:r<> ground and lny Ump and quivering. co rd for th e College. tlon. li e was Joint autho r o f 11pape r 1 0 11 1 :~~ 8:~: ;:~ b~::h:: :~ ' ~~a•~;k~el: ., . ('. 1-:x 1t1~~ <·ot·s n · F. \ln ~7::::e~ ~~cc:;i°u~:t~: 1~ • ~; t :~:/l~ ro~~ gulatlon cap of 1·erdnnt color pnt- an,1 tackler. The llttle Quarter waa (Continued From Page Ono). which was printed In Th o J ou r na l or tern sugfl:;eath'e o f pnatu re1 In the ,:i;ronnlng and tremb li ng with pain. weeds, t h o common a nd ma r ket vn- Agr icult u ral Researc h . sprln,: with the Innocent little Dnlile1 The Doctor was sent speClll ng to t h o rlet\ea ot whont llnd corn . T ho acho ln rs hl p w hi ch Mr . Gol dlll'eplng their CO)' little hends from scone anti prono unced tho t act to P r ofeB1or F le t cher 18 chnlrmnn of t bo r pe rece ive d car ri es with It out of t he frosh cow1llp1. tho waiting 11\ayers t hat t ho lit tl e tho commlttt'e In c harge or elth lb lts $600.00 a yea r . It Is n \'Or y p opular Oyoubot! Clarence w111 n portcct Qunrtl'r's back wna b r oken. He wns nt tho Co unty F nlr nnd Pro fcBSor scho lars hip , nn d th o fo ct th at In sp it e student. So democ r l\tlc and !\Very- llfted tondt,,r lr a nd carried sem i- Becra ft hnd Im me diate cha r ge o r a ll o f seve r e comp eti ti on It was glvo n t o th ing. He dear ly loved his little conscious from the field stll\ fighting arra ngements. 1111A. C. g ra du at e d\s tl ng ul shc1 t h e companions at the Big Srhool on tho to be loft In the gnme. lnd l\'ldua l a nd r e flec ts cred it on th e Hillock. As he was carried past the s ilent CO U )S J.: I, 11 \ RT l ,E S Pl ~YD S $ ( 1;11- I' Institu ti on. And then one day the Awake ning atnnds the students hea r d a faint ,11,:n " ' PH.A !'<I T I~ Wh il e a t th e Unl ventty of Chi cago t'ame. Follow closely, denr readergaaplng \'Olce repenting monotono u1--Mr . Gol dt hor pe will study Phys lol ogU you nro et lll reading, nnd T hope ly, "Just one more yard, Just one fCon tln uod F r om Page On o ) . tcn J C'homlst r r an d Dnc t or tol ogy. you nre---nn!l I shall clt'scrlhe It morc--rnrd." Thl'n sile nce. A and thnt with eac h succeedi n g day In - - ---- --thu11. sob arose from t h e stnnda, t hen-as F rance gr<>nt<>r love ro r Amer ica ,----- ---: T he elands 011 t he old hntt l<>flc ld the flght\ng Qua r te r ot t he Blue co mrs. 11nn11ped In the br lak hrl'M:t' f r om I Tea m wns t<>n der lJ' place d In t he the So' Sou' wost. Th<' October tiky, nmbulnncr-• the crowtl arose na ·onri. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Harwa r d vltillod wn1 hl ut' as the blue on the pt,,1111a nta I mnn In a zipping. crn1h\ng "Nine achoo l Jn11t F r ldny. T hey le ft Monand the neec)' c louds w{lre scudding for the Litt le QuartN!" T hen-j dn)' tor CnJlrorn ln wh e r e t11c)· wlll before t n o breeie. I t WllB an Idea l I with hats off'-tht' band leading tiot t- atwnd schoo l t hi s winter . 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET



~; ;tl~ ES STL\' ERWARE

T he De l,n\'I\ I capac it y ra tin g 11 depe n da bl e. Eac h s ize excee ds Ill advertise d ca 11nclty u nder or din ary, and ove n und e r unt a voroble, cond iti ons.

and w~r


Do Lava l Ser\' lce Is de pe nd a hlo. Flrt y th ou1and a ge nts the world over ace t o It that Do Ln\'a l Se para t ors n ro pr o pe rly se t up, op e rated nnd to.ken enro or. Anti . a bove a ll, th e I) ~ Ln \'al Compau y Is depe ndable - th e old es t an d l)y far th e lar ges t cr<>aru 1opn rat or ma nufn ctur er a In t h o wo rl d.


More De LAVALS in use than or all other makes combined.


S i't'


"' DeSa


lh c locnl l)e \\tilt



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don't know

lo lh e llt"nre!<t Dt • .l.n,111 oRkc


bel o w.


Sf.1W \ '.OUK

:!O J.:1, .. 1 ~llldl110h Slf'('('C



61 Deale Ht.re«










In II---■- far

.Under the •A•\ Crandal~ath

Price are

back to attend

Yoar R.a&b, D


BeaaoNa the Caue of DINuc, omoeAri.mo Block. Pbon. 111 R•. 119 W. HoUH calls b7 appointment.

II B~te


1chool. ___ ff R I.I

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Reuben L. Hill


Weekly BJography

,__ _____


Society ....; ___



1 Dr Reuben L HIii la one or the --1mo1t recent and most Hlluable ac-1 On Tuesday afternoon the glrl'a/ qulaltlona or our chemlatr) depart_ ran Hellenic entertained for all lbe 1188 , ~:;\ ~;b, , b:~e:lr::~e. bare()• girls .In C'ollege nt an Informal re-I 10 I tamou■ tor hla smile, his :out!~~ h::, ceptlon In the Women's gymnasium, doctor's degree, and the wny bis! rrom nve to seven o'clock. The muatc, I hair grow ■. dancing, punch and promiscuous In-'. The story ot hla lite 18 a rapid I troductlona were greatly enjoyed by I Eucceulon or adventures and am-lall. · bltlons attnlned, which would make' • • • Ian lmpro1&lve last chapt er In .A tow bits of Interesting news . "Llvoa of our Proaldenta", or "Auto- have reached ua during tho past tew 1


AdaJtene Barber, Tice president ot the Student Body, entered achoo! this week. --Chapel ezerclaea will be held Tues• day, Sept. 30, at 11 o'clock In the College chapel. --biographies or Great Men.", Marriages and Miu Goldie Faus spent Tueada~ Beginning at the end. (which la have always furnlahod In Ogden &t the Weber County Boys not such a bad place to begin) he for gossip.








>;;"~t old, baa an I



Club exhibit.



--. Ken Browning and Stan Bischel or Ogden vlalled aehool and watched tootba\l practice Saturday.




Satlsfaelion Guaranteed




59 North Main Utah

and Finl

nu. ....... , ..... ,,. Open Dar and Night.



COMPANY PREHC'RIPTIO!li" DRl"GGISTS A Full Line of Druaw and Tollt'l Artlcle-111 ('OllFORT K IT8 ANH('() C'.OIER.\R A.ND SUPPLIES l"ae Cqko Paper and Ansco Fllma For Beat Reeults l,oa:an 87 North Main St.









BEST IN TOWN ,_ _________


a scientific






Harley Davidson a.p.1r1ns

De Sanders Bicycle

and Mot.orCo. We Fill Mall Onkn

D. c.


A ~




I :h1:h ::r:\:!I

o!n~he :::




e:: 1:;c~::


World War. EYery service man who sculpture. and son·ed thla •Ide or the other abould last addition la write Mr. A. 0. McLeod, Manager realliat\on or Hlatorlcal Agency, 2470 Hudson Some, or the Avenue, Ogdon, Utah, gtTlng the date urM arc llated :!.n~I.• 0er~~~\r;_~~!~.d~:e;! born, and age.


71:ie Bluebird \!.,lt: Pre-eminently Superior CANDIES.

c; :;

12 West Center Street

Satisfaction In Furniture "I S OIVF.N AT


Flmnoe at the





STUDENTS: our C'om11Jcto l,lnCI! of Stoves, Rn115tea, Furn.I• Lhioolcum. '.l'hoy Plen.so bccnuso they nro tho Beat.

) 'O U


2nd door west o r First National




& Larsen

40 W. 1st N.


\\ 'e Call and Deliver.

lat North


Phone 258

Prompt Service Absolutely Guaranteed Special Attention to Students

Leonard Hill F.111..'l'avlng,Wat ch, Clock nnd Jewelr)'





On Center Street Students Knitwear, Mackinaws, Athletic Goods Made to Measure. Your Registration Card entitles you to a 20 per cent Discount.




See The========

Cache Valley Electric Co. 020

t26 ~forth nth F.a.."t FANCY GROC'EHIES Stationery Tnhlet.8 and NotlOIIM

or Crouching:

Phone 53





Mr.lfflnr)'Ober;:oale;la•pendlnJC tbl• '111'1.'ek at the packing hou■ e In Provo lnve■ Ugatlog the b•t method, meat In the home.

For Your Electric Wants




Moder1i BarberShop CARLISLE & OUOlfUNDSON Proprleton 13 Weal Center Street Logan



CLEANING, PRESSING and REPAIRING. Most Up-to-Date Dry Cleaning Plant in City.


MERCHANT TAD.i()RS Repairing and Ory Cleaning.


Phone 171

~-h~~: P:~ll~d r~; I where she wl~a~ouae

Th~~;Jr:>~7~phf:·o!y t~:uJ;:~ntnln the lnnocenta, Pnrl•. Two antique torso■• 1!


Mother. 1 00 he feels fhBt this or. w. E. Carroll la back at schoo l ! a big step toward the after Judging at the County Fairs In , hla plan. Iron. Sanpete and Sevier counllea. more lm11ortnnt rig- . below. 1




20 W. lat. North.

I I 33 West


at can be Mrs. Emma Roso Wallace of Salt t 11 working to- Lake haa arrived at Sorosla houae

Kl~;lg~::: 11~~e:!~u~~rl:~~\~:i:~~;· Orlp:lnal at the Loune, Paris. , Morning and Evening, by Michel , Angelo. ·1 Or,,:lnal from the tomb of Lorenio de Mldlcl. Medici's chapel,




1:t~::n~~st:~~ ot the school, according to present lndlcntlona. George Bnrbor. president ot the dub. brletly outlined the alma and pinna for the coming year.. The Ag. ('lub Is traditionally one ot the Uvest nnd most Influential clubs at the College, and thla year It expects to I kee11 up traditions. The usual Ag. 1 Club Ball. one or tho big aocla l events of the school year, will be held November 'I. Peanuts at the "buat" lw ll\ be more l'lbundant and gaa will be more plentiful on the annua l excuralon to points ot ngrlcultural ln-1 torcat In the ,·alley. To help nrouae col\ogo spirit and to work for a united student body, the Ag. Club w\11 appoint a cheerleader, to aid In becoming a band of efficient rooters. A.11 aludents registered In the achoola of agriculture and11 agrlcul1 !bl t 1 :;~be~::.;_eer ng arc e g e ol

d~=ha:..'ae~ Fa~;;p:l'::'aiP;;x~~e~eaCa~~:~~:~) Muaeum, Rome. Bacchante, dancing. CG.qeek.)

of curing




:!1:~~=~~:dr~:ro!~c;:~ta~ 0;ht~ret or Marine Corpe, and ProtoHor Powell

.... ~---------------==lJ C



d D & So reas ["'eterson ns Shoe Fitting Experts


:: le B~I~~~::"' ho~!


Th AgClbPl I SERVICE, e . u ans d y Fora Recor ear


o tthe A. C. U. That'll

Orlp:lnRI at the






The home ofbetter footwearfor all occasions. ,j.




Jewelry Co.



Logan's Only Exclusive Shoe Store Quality.




Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pens



Laying aa ld e all rules of aaleamanship and practicing pronteerlng to 'thfl fullest extent. Soros!■ Sorority made a complete auccesa ot their Bnzanr and House \Vnrmlng Monday , night. By way ot diversion, a quilt nnd morning Jack<"t were raffled off I

t~:d Brtl:; ~:!~:e:ad:

Mr. and Mn. Ebenezer John KirkHe will de\'Ote one-1\tl.lr of bis ham and little "Eh" will leave[tlme to work at the Experiment shortly for Salt Lake where they wlll: Station, the rest to research work make their home. Mr. Kirkham will Ian_d tht making or hundreds ot AS· work for the New York Lite Insur• i gll'a Into auperlor chemists. ance Co. --+---Prof. William Peterson spent part!ARJ of this week at school. He . baa recently been wllh n party appraising coal and phosphate Janda In Piute. county; making reports of sulphur ;beds In Weber county, and retestingAn oxtensl~nt of plnater flo"·lng well• In Millard county. Prof, figures has been receh·ed this week Peterson baa a leav e ot absence tor by the a rt department. and Installthe rail quarter ao that he can do ed In tho atudlo. There la a wide this apeclal work. range of subjects and alzea. and the --group helps to supply n decided A War Hlatory of Cache, Bos:elder need In this direction. and Rich countle• 11 being complied The pieces are all while, most of by the A. L. Scovllle Preaa ot Ogden. them are tbe same Bile as the or, The book wlll contain a brief history. lglnals, and all are ot very superlolr of the World's war from 1914 to the quality. They were obtained from



Kd O aks


For Health, Pl.... are and Convenience :~::1:n::m:.il!t:::~; 1 Iver Johnson and the Army, Nnvy Pierce Bicycles Tire RarpllNI

In the

, , ,

and chances sold brandcaat thru the th rough I crowd. Nancy Finch and Kinnie




Royal Bakery


Best Qua11·tyAlways




I:: •••

S ~rter



Dry G00 ds.. womens' Apparel

AJI 1tudenta lntereated In the, went to the Agricultural ExperlRhodes Scholarahlp are re((ueated to ffi('nt Station In Maryland. meet In the office of Prealdent Peter- I In Hll8, Dr. HIil donned the olive aon on Monday, Sept. 29, at 4 o'clock. drab ond sll,,or bars or 11 rtrst l ___ Let us Show ---, lhmtennnt. u. s. A., and worked 88 Last Tuesday, following clasa tu re, Rup: nnd Arch Egbert, a former A. C. tool-. a nutrition officer ror L'ncle Sam mootlngs, tho Ag. club mot to con- I ball atar, spent one dny ot last week, until April, .1919. sider plnns for the current year.1 1 here. He waa on hla way to Idaho I Ho Joined his fnmlly In Logan, Prospects are brighter than ever where he has a po■ ltlon na county I and on May lat became a member before for nn unrh •alled Ag. Club.


.... ...







• •


Mr. w. H~t Idaho Fall•;:::~:~!ur:,~ Bca:1~:f:rs o;eg~!:\e~::chnnce "Soroals" and won the quilt spent the early part ot the week In In 1912 _ tor the Theta Hou se. Tho Jacket Logan vlaltlnll,' with hla daughter waa won by Helen Woodruff, a popuMaude In the meantime, ao absorbing Jar freshman. Cnkea and candy wore · • • • lnterru11tlon had ed him down to aold while they lasted. The decora• l',lra. w. J. Kerr and Mt 88 Gonleve IMexico, whore he did some serenad- alone, black-eyed Suanne, suntlowera Kerr of Covallla, Oregon, spent aev-jlng In real Spanish style, and r('- and marigolds, carried out the soror _ eral days ot Jaat week vtaltlng In turned with the llttle girl who had Uy colors ot gold and black. 1 Logan. once sat next to him nt school, Mrs. • • • Theresa Snow HIii. Mlss esa Able Smith and Hilma Mr. Franlr: C'oray, a graduate of Mr. HIil became Doctor HIU at Matbewa entertained the act1Ve1· 1916, ,·lalted school Sept. 26. Frank Cornell Uulverslty. He took his members of the Beta Delta Sororlt)" managing B bg ranch' at Blacck_ Ph. D. In 1916. He had been last Sunday at a alx coune dinner. 8 1 root, Idaho :;;~; 1:::hl~~\n~n~:~ ~!-eno;:::t::~ ~:~;:• ~~:r:lxt:~r:~u:e~; ·1slatant I nlhe department or chem- decorated with cut flowora or lav• 1 A farewell teatlmonlal will be glv-. latry; now he waa made Instructor. r1nder and while. A musical evenen for Sterling Harris and Carmen . lie later resigned to accept a POii- Ing followed the dinner. Daines In the Firth ward hall Frl- 1 tlor . ~• phyalo),>glcal chomlat at - -day evening. the l 1 , S. Bureau ot Chemlatry at

::::::::::::::::::::::: 's Cafe Herman And Bakery


for It.



It:~h~r t7if\J.I °;

According to Protea■ or Johnson students desiring to take choir ma;

$6.00 to $12.00




Brown or Black



~ ~

11!======= =

He WU born In Ogden, March 24, 1888 · The ramll)· soon moved to Sprlngvllle, where he spent his boyhood. He must have apent a f lltte boyhood-bis 110 01 Mr. S. L. Mendenhall of Spring-. b It t or chem!S t ry would 1 1 vll)e hu been here vlaltlng hla r:r ~~t:ncen w:::n:::bl~ at times, daughter, Blanche Mendenhall. not rla h b b scults would ___ poison. e, or t e aby swallowed




1 r::~~11:t:~.

Shoes For



of Mlaa Barbara





ot Illness,



ongagomenta good topics

Dr. B. J. step progresalon of p~ansa~:..d~n~a:;Larson of Brigham City to Mr. rd rd Frederick baa been unable to attend wa rd a bigger and better A. C. - 1;:~e:n!~~ba ot Wllla baa been school until thta week. Dr. Hill I a Utahn-born, raised d --au marred here--and although Mlaa Heh;n Bacon, Sigma Theta Hugh Sutton and Heber Morren. th e PRll ton years have found blm'Phl, waa married recently In Callare among the old students who hav e In _old Mexico, at Cornell, at Wash-1 torula to Mr. Richard R. Dalton. ·j1 registered thla week. ln1,ton. D. C., lo Maryland, and In • • • Georgia, he 1• now home again, and Anthony (TORY) Potoraon, former Frog. McDonald and Doug Cannon, Mrs. HIil a nd th e tour little HIiia' Aggie student, waa married recently d :;vr::i:~:~ 1::et~I• proapecta' ~~:e ~:~~~~ni:!~-~elf lnteo to! to Ulsa Marie Taylor from Lehi.

On acconnt


The engagement



Ice Creams, Sherbets, Candies. The Best Lunches in the City.

Dance and Banquet Hall

..... lb================:=!!




"Thestudent who gets just as much


un in p utti ng two dolla rs In the bank as In spending it is already a financier" -- providing he pu ts it in THE B ANK.


FarmersandMerchants Savings Bank

Many Enter S m i t h-H u g h es Work-Some Coach in High ' Schools-A ll Are Offered Good Positions.

• Is cr1mmage

w_hoco did tho mlgl:ty


s ract1c e tart s




Loveland Quality Portraits We're proud of them So are


l 'OU'RE

cus tomers NEXT

$1111dn)'8 b)' llJl[)Oln t.me nt

LOVEL AN DSTU DIO Phone 35 1 '-_::::::::::::::::::::



G• W LINDQUIST Fres h F lowers fo r E v e r y Occas ion

backs who over donn ed mole sk ins for the College. "Chick" Hor t and Elnor Oleson nro also fBSt and nt lln e plunging, ·worley pr omises to hecome a new spec ies or batt e ring ram . "Fat'' wl)I be able to ca rr y a whole lino by hlmaelf when b e gets th o knack or charging a little low e r. It might be mentioned, also, that he Is goi n g to make seve r a l t ea ms In th e


~:~:· ~~:~:\,"P



a nd ca- ::t~:!'



"Where Do We 00 From He r o," Ruby, and made the claBB or famous. From hero s he went to 19 S rln ville, ns t cnchor In Domcsllc A~ts. g You will always find ou r ,

!al';!~n l "it tos Illt Ou<; 0 hitched



ltlo ns o/ ::upot ~nnce. I



TORGESON IQ STUD "::::::::::::::::::::~


Pianos, Player P ianos Grafonolas Victrolas LATE ST RECORD S EAOH MOXTII \' ICTOH AXD C'OLUMBlA


Music Co.

(Q u11llty Deul cni) 30 Sout h )lnln St. l .ognu Utah ::::::::::::::::::::~

LL are striving for the Best. We claim lo have lhe best Plumbing Shop in the Slate.


A H. PALMER & SONS 186 N. Main St.








':.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:; ,----

Wi lliam Currell ('rht• ne,u ll Triu 111 ter \\Inn) Ca lla Anawored Promptly. Ph one "Re,:.all Store" No. 1 or I 878 W,

~~~:::• :i:!:~:~~~J~o,i::nn. lllnh




. .



bee n

ample whi c h nil atudenta.wlll

,." ox-

And ru s, Conroy and Seigfried. Line s- to follow-that ot gottln,& out every men who arc 11howlng up well aro night and chee ring th o boys along, Hyde, Woodward, Humpb e rl ea , Ed· wards, Evan a. Parkinson. Christen"Bla cki e " Deo snya this crawling

ngnlns t tho Varsi t y In th olnst wee k nnd these


Potoc,o n hao "t





best parcels are tlono up In tho nnd yo u're tho first one thnt's sma ll est 1mcknges." Student Lire iila lu od!" wishes "Sou l" wore back. "Such la




126 N. MAIN



·--• -

Rmoug them .

nre very close." told. and It may be no lie tr t h ey arc pretty, not such n pit)':

110I put It nil down In n r ow. ('Reh Item th' other below,


clo11cr the

~:: ;::~Y



1u ,,x;wricn<'"

8.50 yu kno.

l~.1,plc,ymC'nt commltt,,I'






A. C. Men Are Esteemed At Salina Expt. Station




TROTMAN'S \l'cst Ce nter Street




P l,.-\ ~1'


1111 ' TO\\''lo'

CACHE VALLEY FLORAL CO. :H fo'edcru l .h·cuuc

Rolfsen Sporting Goods Co. 2 1 W. Isl Nort h

n1ul will tn


:;::,!' ;~\~ P. O. Box 195


theC'ol ~•" lot tbanct,· tentlallr

' Tllu~ m



~!~: ~~::e~~

Fr o m Rf'ubE'n11 Rln=~e~. ~~o!e:~ :t:~1:nut1;n:~: :~:~


P!IM&nd Uest ml Gtllt

•1tN:1t kllb,11 .I.Ltltct 'Ul1fa,•

•htrtb -~~!Dis

l'trtJrl b !l1tt fo1111

rkuta ''Th


TbL111 ~r. Tl Utt1tudt •'Qlf'le ,


d11n, 161

llrtl'd Ill U.t1rc10

'ittborto1 111t hf.. ,

Tb.1th fl?o1"11 8-111,1 lie,••

Phone 87

Thomas Is teaching nt Pny1on and 1«ocd f('IIOWII nntl W(' ha,·e enjoyed I nlso try to Sl'eUt(' ti:lrls t o respond to B"i<slf" i\lorrlaon at li ('bE't. If wo' ha,·lni::-thE'm with 111. I should be glad thE' v11rlou11ca \11 tor ap,•rlal sorvlco knew wherf' thC' tC'Sl werC' wt•'fl tell Mr. C' D. ;~hyslologlsl as lh nl are mn1l0 to tile Coll, r,tC' . 111 to hn,·1• tht •m, or ac me others ,·ou. Rest assurer! the)' nre len,IC'rB, goo d, nl'xt 1mmm<1r. Thnt students ma,· know when nnd ~8 AK!!:les hn\'e n1wnys led. charge of Poisonous Pinnt lnv eatlgn "I ,·err mufh t<'Rtl'l that Riter had whC're to find the ~embers or tho • - t\01111, Salina Eii;perlmcnt Stntlon, lo IHI through nn ap11011dlclt1s c>,:.pC'rj rommltt('o certain definite office HEADQUAR TERS FOR Ri1C'C'lf'J"f!',who won thE' Llvf'lltock Sn lln n. t:tnh, wrlt111g to Prof. ;\I. C. lt>1•<'C1, but 11orhaps this wns ns good n hours will be mal11tnlnf'd In tho Rf'at ront<>st at tho c lub 11c ltool h eld hero' MMrlll, snya: plnri, as any ror him to be . Room l'OCh day. Mrs. Morrill may be COLLEGE STUDENTS Inst spring , Is back to attend 11chool. ,. 1 wish l o CXJltC'~!Ilo you my anti s" I s hould lik e to keep Tingey until found either In tho RC'st Room or tho 111 111 11 We H.-11 EYCl")"th lng to r 8J)Ol"UI Whf'n onf' hp~,;-11-,,-1-ob bC'cRuse faction with the men whom you sent· ~~~o;;r C'l~t=~~/ 1! :its ::~ 1 1:; ; ; 1~:~ ~ : 1~;: :~ A,rt'n lJI t or Wooda:tock TJpewrfNn ,,,0~ {~;/~ 1~ :~~irhd~~n~\, bo&B , to work ror us this s ummer. W, E. Kf'rtou,111\· lnwrrere with Ills college Llbrnrr. and Mra. HII\ na her homo 0 , 11 nr 1 ('!qr, upon his jinx. lllltl'r nntl D. C. Tingey. Th ey nreiwork.' !nl 566 Ea1t Firth North ,_ ____ _ ____ ,.


I !




I trouble of any kind that the women j stude nts may hav e, tlil a committee ·, will be desirous or helping In eve r)· 'possi ble way. Th e Women's Ad-

hi s calllng. And ~'hon SHE comes, F.. Stnnle)' L. Wo are wlll g o. 'TIii then ho will tarry-at I But thE' bookstore. •Tw('te

Oeoqi:C" Ar•

Colltft 11ld:

Oppo11lte Po11tofflce



..,. 1berpl

Books, Maga zines and School Supplies, Fine Statione ry , etc.






yu know.


The Best Place to buy your

Advisor y Comm ittee f w f ed or omen orm UTAH






Wc>st on n ho r se 's hnck. She mak<'S n to.II young mlBB had candy, It PR)' n.nd enjoys It. "It suits me," "la be a &Lude?" sho sez, " have some, It's dandy," ,\ now faculty _commltt co has r e.X E W AND USED GOODS she> aars. "No." sez I "I'm n dunce, cf'n tl r been appoi nted by th o Presl• Bought, Sold and Exchaaiaed Mecham hnllod from M!'xlro nnd "Whr nr o you 80 sure?" I' ll try nnythlnk onct, dent and Is designated th o "Wo• 29 West },,lrst North has returned to thnt aeU-snme pince "Oh, I was lo his room. Thero Is 11l('ze give men snrk11v candr," men's Advisory Committee." Il a LOGAN UTAH His Is th<' hlenl or scn·lr<' to hla fol-· no So 1ll<'mher Morn pictures th ere function wlll b o to look artor th o 1 low mf'o. He has a broad field In No co11Yor Snap 1lY Stories. Ho h as She had on sa le n rug, soncra l welfare of th e women 11tuMC" xlco. no !louse Rules hanging o n th e wall. I sez. "I'd like to hu g dents of lh e ln atltutlon . Go To The 1-:111,nwas one or tho "8 year The r o were several co1iles or Llle~nry you.·• Sez tho spr ightl y miss, Tho person ne l of tho committ ee la STAR CLOTHING CO. clan." Her laug h wna Jolly nnd Dlgesl and no ash lr ays. '' hot "I'll give yu II klBB, as follows: Mrs. Amy L. Merrill, '1'o nu,- Wulko,·cr Shoe9, llil en'a hiff'CllouP . lier hobblE'B w!'re t wo more do you want?" u you' Jl bny three quilts, 'n lh' rug ." rhnlrman: Miss J eBBe Whitacre nnd I SI) le11l11s So i 18, Hats and tn numb.:r, English and mlllchlng -Exc hange. [ Miss ll ntll e Smith. All representing F11r11l,ihl11,n1 pennies. She's orga ni zing n schoo l --I coul<I rite uv th' doln'a right s mart, the Faculty \\ 'o men's League, Mrs. STAR CLOTHING CO. l)npe r 8l Heber. First St ud c: " Ho w con yon study . but th ' edltur soz, "be short," George R. HIii Is nlao a me mb e r of North Mnln Street Smit h \s the most populnr nnmc, when )'our ro omlc Is typewrltlrig nll wo've got Iola uv 11tufl' tho comm itte e. both In the telephone book nnd at the, lim e?" lo run. call )'Ct bluff. The mombcre or this committee <'c-1\cc-c. T he l'lass of '19 was blessSecond Srndc: "0, thal'a easy; 1 •11 drag 1,enc ll 'n paper apart." • will bc glad to render aBBlstnncc at od wit h n,·e: Olona, Ir ene, WlnnL r end a ch n11tor between cllcks." an)· time to the women 11t11dents all{I tred Ivy nod Dn,•ld. Al nrc on• ( Ed. Nolc· Ho 11111 ;;1. u,ac Ow huutl 80 when I go l rcdy to go, It \a h oped that the at11dent11 wlll be gng~d In the t.,achlng profeBBlon. 1•ll'c'k sp, te m,) three gn l11s to od In n r ow . fr('f' to dl acuBB tbelr prob lom11 with 1 1 1 1 th;·~:~;t:~~ ~1\ :~~~~:g~~l:~\'Ot ~ en~: "Wome n are- .. -,.-.,. -, ~~l: ~egnnr:\:::P:/!~ 1°11, : ~:=~~Y \:~~; orc:~~i~1°::~. •u~:ntt;; th<')' lotnled





j ,"h,lo',,."u',,lmmm"ugcol, "'•~cotmlcloslnpg,om,ol•,•t•b•tlol ,



Old. Ttret.


{ material

I want Lo buy 'em."

tt t o

;r\: 8~~~~: \~a:u:!~n! worki ng s mo ot hly In tho barn eBB nl• readr. Though n green bunch, tho y stack u11 we ll ngnlnst the VnrBll)' nnd

co m_ hu ng lh lngs made uv lnco, Ill) ' gos h! 'twuz n s we ll afnlr.

~}r ?~~;~: ;m;

lt'8. n11_111:h e gn m<'. boy.

sha ll a ;, 11:ve • to hand


~r: ::~~==~~ :::~:::~~ :~

For a mnn or bis ph ys ica l progorlions. "Fat" Worl oy hits It ofl' pretty well In the nnal llltl e s print that ) winds up the day's prn ctlcc>. tt mnkea 'e m a ll hump to k ee p a t tho big boy' s heels. • • • i;:alck doesn 't lik e th e "n rmr rrrlng pan" pada on tho ald ea of hi s footba ll pants. Too much of n good tiling, eh , Luke? we







c::=:--• i:':~

~~d l'[agnotoea, fiel d u d

~~=;~ ~~~:\::e

He's kidd in g 'om along ove r '23· , I w~w lnt er under• ~:~r:a~:u~;:t~~:s attot~t\ 1ogo11r l,o r c, th Cacho In 0. WR)' nt c1oth e.s." they hande d me cake, 0 1 t 1 "The Girl rrom the Golden Wea " b~!~~''; ~oonn~;·~,·nntto ~ :Y :~: ~;. c:at ::~':uo r e. ren;




do we ll




ha lf n day In good atlfl' aerlmmage It'll tim e to ca ll a baUt . Never mind "Blackie,"

tnklng tho kinks out o r th o men and alao g lvca th o conc h ca an opportunltr to got a lin o up on th e ir charges. Thn sc hed ul e ot gn mea fo r th e Int nnts hns not been c\rawn up yet but Conch Scott expecta to bnve a few open dntea as many 1cbools are clamoring for games wit h the milk!Inga.




scrimmages hav e f urn-

Bo:::;,ir~~ ~&~::\::::.




punts ou t In gr eat shape.




Falck and Dee are alternating at quar t e r, nnd are working well In that position. Either Is capable of run nlng th e t ea m, and bot h get th ei r

Sam 011 teach•

tho l..ogan High School,



A college student (to hotel clerk) hy re ube n 1 1 "So ul" Barber holds tho sc hool ~·~~ ~,~~ts:nrono:;:.~. towe l you hn,·c In I went t o l110 soros la buzzarr, 1 rocord ror being tho, smalle11t who Clerk: "Wh)', Ill)' dea r air , over th' bo)a'n gnls wuz t hor o 'ere donned cn11 nnd gown. "Tho rtrty people have used that towel, !rum every d orn cd 1i lace,

~!:~e:( ~::



Sport Notes

s lg; ~;:11~: a~ar~~~nadg :n; :~Y~he F r osh so ;h :e rr;r :; : Bl~:~:·


Oldest and Largest Bank in Cache Valley


t,~:ln• :~~~;slanl~ . c oars P rom Andru11, "Jo,rog" McDonald, Rugh Beloved or all men was Lora. In Sutton and "Dad" Gleason hav e just commo n parlance we term her the last week yet nre O 1iut on suits "b r ick .. She'a telling the women working In mldseason form. Thes e or the peach county how to make men llre all compnrntl\'e ly lnoit11erbread and tend the chickens and , lonced players with th e excep tion of doing It efficiently too. "Mo hawk" Sutton" who played f or Now Senior Chn~el 18 o,•er, thero'a tho Blue nnd White In 1916, and mnn)' 0 Junior who regreta he didn't McDonald who played grea t football hear Sam's last speech. Sam . It on the Montana high sch ool teams must be acknowledged. hns a babll 80 1 1 11 ~~~~~/~~;~ h ;:, : ~ e ~ 10~~ ~~ NEAR HUMOR

have O 1919 Y l1r Buzzer Negatives -Let us print you pictures from them ~/ YOUPROSRTFROARJTFSINE ~~c~0 '~~:~ 0 ~:._securcd lJTF. yy-;



Nov. 15.-Co lorndo Aggies at Fort , '-============ Co llln s. 1. No. 21.-U. or W yo ming a t Logan . Thonkaglvlng Dny- U. of U. at Salt L nko. Ji'rosh Prospcc:t8 Good President Petoraon was down to Coac h Scott baa a 1quad of•tblrty Adams Field Saturday night to men bnttllng for berths on the fr es h• wa t ch the "Big Blu e •1'ea m" lino up man team. Many of thes e have had and run off their slguala. Th e Prestcon alderab lo experience on high d en t is a ke e n student of th e game 11 0 b~sn~ oo~ == :~:: 1~ 1:1~ ~~~~ 1~:~: · 10 :~~i !\!!~ :~Yll ~:~~::~a~tltbtae~:;ldlng


H odel



11~,:~n C~awa::~· '~. n;l: k.~ Is bringing Into the lim elight some his wngon to O star and now linesmen who are r apidly

~~en~ ~toy

Cream and Candies

~~~::~a~nea ;~~n::

laa n:::w:r~~;o~~a~v=:~e~I!~ fore In paat )'Cara bas an Aggie squad s h own tho early-season form that It displays this year. Every mnn is In the pink or conditio n, and the squad aa a whole la working with a prc'cl11\on th a t brings joy to the h ear t o f e vory Aggie on Coll ege

too Into play. Ho'• getting th o long positi on,


The Best in Ice


an d nlri ght, that's a ll r ight. Perfectly prope r . Success, Mrs. Parklnscon. Blllle's on a mlBBlon. Goody , goody! Bil l wil l make a corking missionary with his alto voice nnd fingers nlwnys Itching to tick le th0




:r~: t~~e ~:~: ~e;:k~~I:! ~:ort~a~e:;: . Aggie FootbnU Sch ed ul e: nolBBour to see that tho Blu e and Oct. 4-Alumnl at Logan. White hav o an unu s ually strong lin eOct. 11.-U. of l1foho at Logan. up or pigskin chasers. Oct. 18.-U. or Mo ntana at Logan . Early seaso n dope Indi ca t es that Oct. 25.-Montnna State Co llege th o Aggies wl\l havo a fna t nnd at ~ogan. 1 amns hlng ba ckfi eld . Falck, Doe and Nov. 1-0 p en dat e. Han so n ore thr ee ot th e spe ed ie s t Nov. 8-U. of Col orado at Bou lder.


Ph one J0-532


:~o~~n°:~v : 1~: 11:;:\ndu:•; 0 ,~.~:t~nl! $1800 a yea r . Pr eii;y Hatch was a cnplta l chap. He has n bouncing baby boy. Wo met him on the str eet th e other day. Looks flue. Lur ed by the big pny a n A. C. grad. com mand s, he Intends to teach nt Wellsvllle t hi s winter.

a lma


If )'OU b uy )OUr l~all SuJt rr om Ufi- 1,000 pattern&--AnJ

c:nc~en~Dl:~·:,gr~dod~a~:;: aho uld bo ab le to ta k e th e sh in e otf of any football aggrega ti on In th e lnt crmountaln region. It Is 1111 parent to a ll who ba,•e aeon the squa d work that It Is r o undlu g Into ahnpo with a dlapatch never beroro eq uall ed In the annals of Aggie rootballdom. Sc r immage

Ivories. 1 ,, ;': r:l! ub~~t: :ns:y!n~r~~~~

Say it wit h Flowers




was a c lass to be pr oud o r. They wore a virile, r od-blooded bunch, even th ougJI predomlnnntly benediet. There wn,; "Stubb}'" ror example. All aludent,; remember "Stubby." Fie was a littl e cuss and run of POP· por. Th e most l>OPulnr man of hie time, WWI ',Stub." Wo mlBB hi s bow

. . I Karma we nt and got married didn't change her name. That's

, n. ooo


In Th e Aggi e F ootb a/1 Camp

s, ..1ocs go? I

T;i~~ numb ered elxt)-a ix, lh o c ln11S Vars ity Will Have a Speedy, Smas hing Backfield- New Men Are 9 · Wben th e Inst boll so und e d Nig htl y Appearing - Reg ulars And Fros h Tang le at Close they le ft these clW1atc ha lls or Quarter s. knowledge with hend11 erect, choat11 --puffed out, a nd eye11 and thougbta Tho first rootbnll game of th e 11ea- and la a brilliant end and backfi e ld upon new worlds to conque r . 1011 co mes on Oct. 4 when tho man. Though rew In nunib f'ra, that Varsity pl ays the Alumni, and by that Conch Romney la giving bis 0


Memb<"T FOOern l Rc,ic.-rve &Dir. 1 100,000.


~;~:~t !

I ~~=~~!:~t:~ ~= !~:

Profile for USU Libraries

Student Life, September 26, 1919, Vol. 17, No. 2  

Student Life, September 26, 1919, Vol. 17, No. 2