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AnnualR Report A



s I write this annual letter, I am deeply grateful to be president of our University at this special time in our history. Despite one of the worst economic climates any of us can remember, Southern Miss has continued to grow in size, accomplishment and prestige. We have enjoyed another record-setting year. In the fall, we welcomed the University’s largest enrollment ever, including the most academically talented freshmen class in the history of the institution. As we continue to enrich our climate for academic success, we can point to myriad accomplishments of our students, our faculty and our staff. Over the past year • Marie Holowach Ferderer was named a Truman scholar (only the second in University history); • Tori Bowie, a long jumper from Sand Hill, Mississippi, became the University’s first NCAA champion; • Construction student Garrett Wright became one of only 20 students in the country honored as a Pearson Prize National Fellow for his community service; and • We won conference championships this year in baseball and football and (as of this writing) basketball is looking good. Our faculty had another strong year in research. Research expenditures were up almost $3 million in a shrinking and brutally competitive environment. Our faculty continues to solve practical problems. For example, Jeff Wiggins and his team in the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials are minimizing the risk of injuries for NFL players and student-athletes through the development of stronger, improved helmets. Our College of Business was nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report and earned AACSB re-accreditation. We are removing financial barriers to our students’ success by providing more scholarships. We have renegotiated our

contract with Barnes and Noble to include a much-needed textbook rental program to assist our students in reducing costs. Recent significant gifts from the Chuck Scianna family ($5 million), the Luckyday Foundation ($4 million) and the Asbury Foundation ($4 million) boosted the USM Foundation to the highest level of new gifts and pledges in a single year, and will help provide for a new building for our College of Business, modern residence halls for our students and new facilities for our School of Nursing. Our visibility grew as the rest of the country and the world has learned just how good we are. Over the past year, total media hits (excluding athletics) were up 22 percent with national media hits up 48 percent. We were named one of the top 20 most popular universities by U.S. News & World Report. Our connections with community are ever more strengthened. New industries are being recruited to the area, in large part, because of our economic development efforts. Student volunteer hours and service learning hours increased again. Our campus community is enjoying more green space, a new parking garage, great progress on the restoration of the Gulf Parl campus and more visitors than ever attending our arts events. I could go on and on…but I think you get the point. Southern Miss is a great university. While it is true that state appropriations are declining, we have good relationships with our legislators. We have enjoyed amazing support from our Congressional delegation. The state is bonding buildings for us for the first time since the mid90s. We are raising private money. Our researchers are winning highly competitive grants. Our campus is more beautiful than ever. Our students are winning prestigious awards, and the new governor of the state, Phil Bryant, is a Southern Miss alum. Going forward, we will lead with quality. Academic quality is our best competitive

tool. Public, private and proprietorial universities are in fierce competition for precious resources. But, at the end of the day, the university that prepares students best will win. We must recruit, and keep, the brightest and best employees. The future of the University depends on good hiring and professional development opportunities. Remember that facilities do matter. We continue to strive for state-of-the-art facilities, but we must be good stewards. From this point on, we are committed to endowing our buildings. Ten percent of the cost of every new building will need to be raised privately and invested in order to preserve and upgrade as needed. I urge you to continue to invest in Southern Miss…and expect a good return.

Martha D. Saunders, Ph.D. President The University of Southern Mississippi

2011-12 Board of Directors Executive Committee 1. Gee Ogletree President 2. Fred Drews Vice President 3. Bob Pierce Secretary and Executive Director 4. Reed Allison Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair 5. Abb Payne Member-at-Large 6. Rex Kelly Policy and Bylaws Committee Chair 7. Lou Ann Poynter Investment Committee Chair 8. Raymond VanNorman Immediate Past President









eing born into the Powell Ogletree family, Southern Miss and the USM Foundation are part of my DNA. Perhaps for that reason, it is exciting for me to join other USM Foundation volunteers pursuing the opportunities for the University and the Foundation that are present today, almost two-and-one-half decades since my father retired as director of the Southern Miss Alumni Association and executive secretary to the USM Foundation. The Foundation closed the calendar year on an all-time high, recording more gifts than in any other year to date as it led campaigns to fund significant buildings, scholarships and other endowments. The College of Business Building Better Business Campaign is approaching its $10 million fundraising goal thanks to Chuck Scianna, who made the largest one-time gift commitment received from a Southern Miss alumnus with his $5 million gift.


Ex-Officio Martha Saunders President of the University

A second major initiative, the $8 million School of Nursing Building Campaign, achieved a significant fundraising milestone with the $4 million commitment from the Asbury Foundation of Hattiesburg. Scholarship endowments continue to be created and grow, including the $600,000 bequest for geography scholarships following the completion of probate of the estate of Arthell Kelley, longtime chair of the Geography department at Southern Miss.

Alvin Williams President of the Alumni Association Spencer Adams President of the Athletic Foundation Jerry DeFatta Executive Director of the Alumni Association Richard Giannini Executive Director of the Athletic Foundation

The Luckyday Foundation strengthened its ties to the University with a recent commitment of $4 million to help support the construction of the Luckyday Citizenship Hall as part of an overall $50 million residence hall complex. This brings the total of the Luckyday Foundation’s gifts and pledges to the USM Foundation to approximately $20 million.

Denis Wiesenburg Executive Director of the Research Foundation

Board Members Dawn Beam

Ric Corts

Shane Loper

Tracy Powell

Charlie Sutherland

Trey Bobinger

Tom Estes

Alan Lucas

Mike Ratliff

Clay Thames

Jeff Bowman

Dave Estorge

Chip McArthur

Susan Riley

Charles Thomas

Hope Broome

Julie Gresham

Sean McGee

Kathleen Shaughnessy

Gilbert Van Loon

J.R. Brown

Robert Jackson

Lynn McMahan

Adam Spicer

Thad Waites

Mike Collins

Julie Lennon

Mike McMullan

Mary Ann Stewart

Although these headline announcements make us all proud, much of the growth of the Foundation and the cornerstone of its success depend upon annual gifts and small contributions to the many University fundraising initiatives and the more than 680 endowed funds. Due to the generosity of our donors, more than 1,600 students received scholarships from the USM Foundation.

As Gayle Wicker, wife of United States Senator Roger Wicker, reminded us when she gave the December 2011 commencement address, one of the great things about this country is that the United States is “a land of second chances and many, many opportunities.” Many of us can give a young person a second chance and tremendous opportunities by endowing a named scholarship for as little as $15,000 or making a substantial gift to an existing scholarship or campaign. With today’s declining state appropriations for all state universities, it is imperative that each of us make a financial contribution to ensure the University will continue to give scholarships, endow chairs and professorships, build buildings and continue research and worthwhile programs that enrich the lives of the Southern Miss family. We would not be successful without the hard work and dedication of Bob Pierce, executive director of the USM Foundation, and his professional staff. In 2011, Bob’s second year in this position, we completed a development audit by Arthur Alley Associated, LLC as the first step in grasping greater opportunities for the Foundation. In 2012, we will undertake a strategic planning process to develop a plan of action and specific direction for the short-term future. I hope you enjoy this annual report and that you are as optimistic as I am about the future of our beloved University and the USM Foundation. It is an exciting time for Southern Miss and, as my dad would always say, “It is great to be a Golden Eagle!” Southern Miss to the Top!

Gee Ogletree President The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation

"With today’s declining state appropriations for all state universities, it is imperative that each of us make a financial contribution to ensure the University will continue to give scholarships, endow chairs and professorships, build buildings and continue research and worthwhile programs that enrich the lives of the Southern Miss family."

Building Better Business Campaign Nears Completion


he University of Southern Mississippi Foundation, in partnership with the University’s College of Business, announced a $10 million fundraising campaign on March 29, 2011, to aid in the construction of a new on-campus business school facility.

The new College of Business building will be located on the eastern edge of the Hattiesburg campus between the Trent Lott National Center and Oseola McCarty Hall.

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Annual Report 2011 | 9


ith “Building Better Business” as its goal, the 90,000-squarefoot structure, at a total estimated project cost of $33 million, will stand next to the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and will benefit 2,200 College of Business students, more than 65 faculty members and 17 staff members. As a project funded completely by private donations and state bonds, the new facility will increase the square footage dedicated

technology with which business education is delivered to Southern Miss students. “The College of Business has simply outgrown the size and technology of Joseph Greene Hall,” said Dr. Lance Nail, dean of the College of Business. “With our enrollment growth and demand for classroom space across campus, we have almost maxed out our classroom capacity and will be forced to turn away students in the near future without the additional capacity of the new building.”

Ann Poynter of Hattiesburg, a $1 million gift commitment from alumni Tom and Jana McDonnell of Madison and a $5 million gift commitment from Chuck and Rita Scianna of Houston, Texas, to name the proposed building Scianna Hall. Scianna views his gift as an investment in the future of business education at Southern Miss. “I am interested in making an investment that the University and the state will benefit from,” said Scianna. “Dr. Saunders and Dr. Nail are committed to making the College of Business at Southern Miss the number one business school in the country, and I want to be a part of that. We will get a greater return on this investment than on any other in the quality of education, curriculum and graduates we produce.” The University received $11 million in state bonds from the Mississippi Legislature in 2010 and an additional $15 million from the Mississippi Legislature in state bonds for 2011. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, a driving force behind the $26 million in-state appropriations for the building, addressed the need for educated young businessmen and women in our state.

Southern Miss alumnus Chuck Scianna encourages members of the Southern Miss community to join him in making an investment in the future of the College of Business at a luncheon for the Building Better Business Campaign held in July 2011.

to the College of Business by 50 percent, house the Center for Healthcare Sales and Marketing and the Center for Financial Services, provide students with study and gathering spaces and improve the

Southern Miss Vice President for Advancement Bob Pierce noted that as of December 2011, $7.8 million had already been committed, including a gift of $250,000 from Southern Miss alumni Louis and Lou

“We have a tremendous plan for growth in Mississippi―business enhancement of not only locally owned businesses but nationally owned businesses as well. To keep up with that global demand, we need the best and brightest minds in Mississippi to be well-trained. I believe that with this new building, the College of Business can not only be number one in the state but also number one in the nation,” said Bryant. “The College of Business is a premier program at Southern Miss,” said University of Southern Mississippi President Martha Saunders. “When completed, this new

"For me, this is a both a ‘thank you’ to those that helped shape my future many years ago and an investment in something my kids will hopefully enjoy as undergraduates in the years to come.”

- Todd Buchanan building will provide our students stateof-the-art business tools and a distinct advantage for real-world business experience in a global marketplace.” Todd Buchanan, a senior vice president with VALIC Financial Advisors and member of the Building Better Business Campaign Steering Committee, added, “As I reflect on the things that have made me successful in business, much of it points back to my days at Southern Miss, and the College of Business played a big part in that. For me, this is both a ‘thank you’ to those that helped shape my future many years ago and an investment in something my kids will hopefully enjoy as undergraduates in the years to come.” Buchanan and his wife Babsie, both Southern Miss alumni, were also in the initial group of donors to the campaign with a gift of $25,000. The College of Business is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Over the past three years, the Southern Miss College of

Chuck Scianna and his wife, Rita, admire an artist’s rendering of the College of Business building that will bear his name alongside President Martha Saunders, second from right, and Dr. Lance Nail, dean of the College of Business.

Business faculty has generated more than 50 publications in ranked high-citation journals―equaling or surpassing the quality research productivity of doctoralgranting colleges in the region. In 2010, the College of Business entered the U.S. News & World Report rankings for business programs for the first time, placing it in the top 15 percent of business programs in the United States. Following the campaign announcement, Carlos Tolosa challenged students and faculty to continue the academic excellence. “I hope that this building will serve to spur students, alumni and faculty to live up to the school’s 100 years of tradition and accomplishments in nurturing students to become adept business leaders all around our very small world. We are ranked today in the top 15 percent of business schools in the country. Let’s make it to the top 100 schools by the year 2020.”

The Foundation is attempting to raise the final $2 million to complete the campaign by May 2012. State funding of $26 million for the building is already in place, and the construction documents are being finalized. The University administration hopes to break ground on the new site by mid-May 2012. For more information about the College of Business fundraising campaign, contact the USM Foundation at 601.266.5210 or visit

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Annual Report 2011 | 11

Passion for Service Provides Golden Opportunity


lizabeth Winton’s passion for community service began at the young age of five when she joined the Girl Scouts as a Daisy in her hometown of Columbia, Miss. Now a freshman public relations major at The University of Southern Mississippi, Winton attributes her love for service to the Girl Scouts, which ultimately led her to receive the Jean Capps Girl Scout Scholarship at Southern Miss. “Being a part of the Girl Scouts encouraged me to do as much community service as I could,” said Winton. “It really laid a good foundation for me and influenced me to have a good attitude about helping and serving others.” During her senior year at Columbia High School, Winton applied for the Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. The application process requires the applicant to create a project on a community issue and commit 80 hours of community service to leading the project. Winton decided to help promote tourism in Columbia by taking pictures of historically and culturally important places throughout the city. After presenting her project to her Girl Scout council, Winton donated the photographs to the local library in hopes that it would help showcase all that the city has to offer.

Elizabeth Winton, recipient of the Jean Capps Girl Scout Scholarship, uses her involvement in organizations on campus, such as Dixie Darlings, to fulfill her passion for community service.

established by her husband, Ret. Lieutenant Colonel William R. “Corky” Capps, to serve as both a memorial to Jean and an opportunity for a senior Girl Scout with a Gold Award to obtain financial assistance at Southern Miss. Jean Capps began her lifelong career with the Girl Scouts in 1949. For nine years, Capps was on the National Board of Girl Scouts USA and Jean Capps attended world conferences. She served the Girl Scouts in eight states and three foreign countries. She was also a member of the Baden Powell Society, an international organization that gives financial support to the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. In 1977, Corky and Jean Capps relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where Jean became involved in the Gulf Pines Girl Scout Council. In November 2003, she passed away from injuries resulting from an automobile accident.

In August 2011, the Southern Miss Office of Admissions selected Winton as the inaugural recipient of the Jean Capps Girl Scout Scholarship.

“It means so much that I was selected as the recipient of a scholarship that honors such an admirable woman,” said Winton. “I know that Girl Scouts meant the world to Jean Capps, and I greatly appreciate Mr. Capps recognizing the importance of such a great program in his wife’s memory. I feel special that I was chosen to represent his wife and her life of great achievement.”

The scholarship endowment, created in memory of lifetime Girl Scout and troop leader Sarah Jean Baldwin Capps, was

Without the financial aid the scholarship provides, Winton would not be able to continue pursuing her passion for service.

“In my situation, if I hadn’t received scholarships, I would have had to get a job to help pay for my education and wouldn’t have the time to be involved in community service,” said Winton. “I am grateful that I am able to serve others through the organizations I am involved in on campus." Winton is a member of the Dixie Darlings, Delta Delta Delta sorority and the Luckyday Foundation Citizenship Scholars Program, all of which provide her with an outlet to serve the community. After graduating from Southern Miss, Winton hopes to continue her commitment to service working in public relations for a nonprofit organization.

“It means so much that I was selected as the recipient of a scholarship that honors such an admirable woman.”

“Helping others has become a part of who I am,” explained Winton. “I could never not be involved in community service. I volunteer as much as possible because I enjoy the feeling of giving back to those in need.” For more information on the Jean Capps Girl Scout Scholarship, contact the USM Foundation via phone at 601.266.5210.

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Annual Report 2011 | 13

The Asbury Foundation Board of Directors

Seated: Doris Miller, Bill Ray, Tom Shows, Glenn Galey Standing: Keith Hagenson, Raymond Dearman, Harry McArthur, George Komp III Not pictured: Carey Revels

The Asbury Foundation of Hattiesburg, Inc. committed $4 million to the School of Nursing Building Campaign, a gift that will name the proposed building Asbury Hall. The new facility will be located on the western edge of the Hattiesburg campus.

Asbury Foundation Commits to the Future of Nursing at Southern Miss


ince 1999, the Asbury Foundation of Hattiesburg, Inc. has committed more than $6.6 million to programs and scholarship endowments at The University of Southern Mississippi. The overwhelming generosity of the organization has helped Southern Miss continue to thrive in its support of students and the community. The Asbury Foundation’s total gift commitments include $4 million to the School of Nursing Building Campaign, a gift that will name the proposed building Asbury Hall. The state-of-the-art facility, which

will be located on the western edge of the Hattiesburg campus, will increase the square footage dedicated to the School of Nursing by 135 percent, providing much-needed space for faculty and students and replacing a facility that can no longer meet the minimum requirements of nursing education. “It is difficult to find words that will adequately express the significance of this gift to the future of the School of Nursing its faculty, alumni and future students,” said Dr. Katherine Nugent, director of the School of Nursing. “We are honored that

the Asbury Foundation has chosen to invest in The University of Southern Mississippi School of Nursing and its future. Southern Miss School of Nursing is a dynamic and vibrant program that is poised to meet the future health care needs of the state. This substantial gift from the Asbury foundation will facilitate the realization of that vision.” Established in 1984, the Asbury Foundation is a private grant-making organization that strengthens education and health in the Pine Belt and throughout Mississippi. When Bill Ray, the Asbury Foundation’s

president and CEO, moved to Hattiesburg in 1977 to head Wesley Health System, he worked toward the goal of moving the hospital across town. When the hospital was sold in 1997, $35 million was invested in the Asbury Foundation as the surviving not-forprofit corporation. The funds contributed to Southern Miss are generated from the earnings on the invested assets that are the product of the sale of Wesley Health System. “The Asbury Foundation chose to give back to the counties in Mississippi that supported us as a hospital,” said Ray. “As the product of a health care entity, we are partial to supporting health care initiatives because we know there will always be a need for medical personnel.” Over the past 11 years, the Asbury Foundation has impacted Southern Miss by providing more than $1.1 million in gifts for scholarships, as well as support for the DuBard School for Language Disorders and building projects on campus. Since its establishment in 2002, the Asbury Scholarship Endowment in the USM Foundation has awarded 69 scholarships to students at Southern Miss. “The Asbury Foundation is a significant partner in the success of the University,” said Dr. Martha Saunders, University president. “The private funds provided by the Asbury board have supported important programs at Southern Miss, and we are sincerely grateful for Asbury’s involvement with the University.”

The Asbury Foundation’s support of the DuBard School has been extensive, including $350,000 in funding for the program’s building expansion in 1999 and an additional $500,000 in 2006 to subsidize classroom and staff needs. In 2000, the Asbury Foundation provided funding for the Institute for Learning in Retirement, now the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, to help meet the needs of the growing organization. The Asbury Annex was added to the existing facility, allowing the Institute to expand its classroom space and increase membership from its original 94 charter members in 1991 to more than 500 active members in 2008. “If it had not been for the significant gift from the Asbury Foundation, we would not have been able to go forward with our goals,” said Sue Pace, former director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Miss. “Their gift was the impetus for others to come forward and give.” In 2002, the Asbury Foundation established the Asbury Foundation Distinguished Professorship in Nursing Endowment with a gift of $250,000. The endowment provides support for the recipient to work collaboratively with the Institute for Disability Studies in areas including research and support services. “Every university needs friends like those Southern Miss has in Bill Ray and the Asbury Foundation’s Board of Directors,” said Bob Pierce, vice president for advancement and executive director of the USM Foundation. “The Foundation’s gifts to Southern Miss and

local community improvement efforts are strong evidence that the Asbury Foundation board cares about the Pine Belt and wants to see it prosper. Southern Miss is blessed to have him and the Asbury Foundation in our community and state.” The $4 million gift commitment to the School of Nursing Building Campaign represents 50 percent of the private funds needed to make the facility a reality. In addition to the $8 million in private contributions and $4 million in federal grants, the University will be requesting state appropriations through bond funding during the next two legislative sessions to complete the financing of the construction project. The USM Foundation will work to raise the remaining $4 million in private funds. Founded in 1967, the School of Nursing at The University of Southern Mississippi became the second baccalaureate nursing program in Mississippi with the enrollment of 70 students. Today, the School of Nursing is continuing the tradition of providing innovative nursing programs through the extensive use of clinical simulation to enhance the acquisition of educational and decision-making skills. The school boasts an average of 485 students in the baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral programs and 500 students in the prenursing program. With a strong mission to enhance the health and well-being of the people of the state of Mississippi, the Southern Miss School of Nursing is producing graduates who are prepared to advance the profession of nursing through education, scholarship and service. For more information on the School of Nursing Building Campaign, contact the USM Foundation by calling 601.266.5210 or visiting

Marie Holowach Ferderer, recipient of the O.L. and Marie B. Sims Presidential Scholarship, spent three semesters volunteering at the DuBard School for Language Disorders as part of her efforts to spread advocacy and awareness for autism spectrum disorders.

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Annual Report 2011 | 15

With a passion for advocacy and awareness, Marie Holowach Ferderer makes great strides to impact her community


erderer, a senior speech-language pathology major from Madison, Miss., is an O.L. and Marie B. Sims Presidential Scholar at Southern Miss, National Merit Finalist and member of the Honors College with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Her most recent accomplishment is being selected in April 2011 as one of only 60 Harry S. Truman Scholars in the United States. The Truman Scholarship, named for the 33rd president of the United States, awards scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding potential and plan to pursue a career in public service. Ferderer’s passion for public service comes in the form of raising advocacy and awareness for autism spectrum disorders, which takes on special significance because she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 14. In high school, Ferderer created Daniel’s Voice Candles – a nonprofit organization that raises money to send autistic children to an adventurestyle summer camp – in honor of her cousin Daniel, who also is autistic. It was that organization that led Ferderer to learn about the opportunities the Truman scholarship had to offer. “One day while I was selling candles on campus, I was approached by Robin Curtis, officer of national scholarships and fellowships in the Honors College,” recalled Ferderer. “She informed me of the scholarship and offered unwavering assistance during the rigorous application process.” Still remembering what it was like to be the middle school student who was

considered defiant and uncooperative, Ferderer used that experience in the Truman Scholarship’s required policy proposal on an issue affecting society. Her proposal – “Autism Bullying Prevention” – proposes an elementary school curriculum to teach about autism, with hopes of reducing the bullying of autistic children. “Marie is simply a joy to have in the Honors College,” said Dr. David Davies, dean of the Honors College at Southern Miss. “She’s brought an energy both to her studies and to her service projects that reflects the very best of what our students can do. She’s a remarkable young woman in her commitment to helping and serving others. She truly epitomizes the best qualities of our many outstanding Honors College scholars.”

“She’s brought an energy both to her studies and to her service projects that reflects the very best of what our students can do.”

Ferderer is the founder of Mississippi’s first college chapter of TEAAM – Together Enhancing Autism Awareness in Mississippi – which works to promote autism awareness and to raise money for families affected by autism. “When it comes to autism, prevalence is increasing, and education is lacking,” explained Ferderer. “Most people are going to come into contact with autistic individuals at some point in their lives. There is a lack of understanding of what

the condition is and how to treat someone with autism. By educating people, I hope to improve the quality of life of people who are on the autism spectrum.” Ferderer is the recipient of the O.L. and Marie B. Sims Presidential Scholarship, established in 1990 by Ray and Harley Sims in honor of their parents. She is grateful for the support this scholarship has provided that has allowed her to devote her extra time to raising awareness for autism. “Because of the Presidential Scholarship, I have been able to focus on my academics and extracurricular activities without having to worry about the financial burden of my education,” said Ferderer. “It has been an enormous relief to not have to worry about how I will pay for school.” Part of Ferderer’s extracurricular activities includes volunteering at the DuBard School for Language Disorders for three semesters, where she was able to go into the classrooms and work with children with severe language-speech disorders. As Ferderer looks to her future, she hopes to put her passion into practice after going to graduate school in a speech pathology program. “I would like to open a private clinic that specializes in autism spectrum disorders to provide communication and social therapy for people with autism,” she declared. “I would like to make schools and the education system more supportive for autistic students. I want to be able to use my insights and experiences to make our society a more user-friendly place for people with autism.”

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Annual Report 2011 | 17

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Financial Statements Consolidated Statements of Financial Position June 30, 2011 and 2010

The Friendship Oak, located on the front lawn of the Southern Miss Gulf Park campus in Long Beach, Miss.

Consolidated Statement of Activities Year ended June 30, 2011

Consolidated Statement of Activities Year ended June 30, 2010

Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows Years ended June 30, 2011 and 2010

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation


he University of Southern Mississippi Foundation was chartered in 1959 as a Mississippi nonprofit corporation with Powell G. Ogletree serving as its first executive director and Moran M. Pope Jr. as its first president. The USM Foundation is also recognized as a 501(c)(3) taxexempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Since being charted in 1957, the USM Foundation has grown to include more than 680 endowed funds and reported net assets of almost $89 million at the close of its 2011 fiscal year on June 30, 2011. The Foundation is led by a 39-member Board of Directors and is supported by a 25-member professional staff.

Location and Office Hours

The USM Foundation staff is located on the third floor of the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship on the Hattiesburg campus. Alumni, friends and donors are invited to visit the Foundation’s offices during regular business hours from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Honor Club

The philanthropy of The University of Southern Mississippi’s most generous benefactors is recorded through the names of individuals and organizations enrolled in its Honor Club. Established in 1985, the USM Foundation Honor Club was created as the major gift recognition society to honor those donors whose vision and passion for Southern Miss inspired them to support the University with a significant financial gift. Honor Club members have long been celebrated for their loyalty to Southern Miss. They have created countless opportunities for students, faculty and staff through their generosity. Whether establishing a lasting legacy through an endowed scholarship or supporting faculty excellence, these patrons have helped to make Southern Miss the premier research university of the Gulf South.

Honor Club membership is achieved when a donor reaches $10,000 or more in charitable contributions to the USM Foundation. The Honor Club consists of eight giving levels ranging from Associates for Excellence, recognizing those who have contributed at least $10,000, up to the Gallery of Benefactors, honoring those whose cumulative gifts have topped the $1 million mark. As of December 31, 2011, the Foundation boasted nearly 1,750 active members in the Honor Club.

Donor and Scholarship Lists

In an effort to “go green” and serve as good stewards of its donors’ generosity, the USM Foundation donor and scholarship lists can be found online by visiting www.

Gift Information

To make a gift to the USM Foundation, please contact the Foundation office via telephone at 601.266.5210. Gifts can also be made online by visiting www.usmfoundation. com/giving. The minimum amount required to establish an endowment with the USM Foundation is $15,000. This endowment minimum does not affect membership in the Honor Club, which is awarded to individuals who have given cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more to the USM Foundation. Endowment funds are permanently restricted accounts that are maintained in perpetuity by the USM Foundation. The amount contributed, or corpus, is invested on a long-term basis to provide continuing financial support for

the area of the University designated by the donor. In a typical year, Foundation endowments generate a spending allocation of approximately four percent of the fund’s value to benefit Southern Miss students, faculty and programs. These funds can assist virtually any area of the University and can include scholarships, chairs, professorships, development funds and others. Endowed funds are an excellent way to memorialize a donor, professor, colleague or family member while providing long-term support for the mission of the University. If you have questions about an existing endowment, or for more information on establishing a new endowment, please contact the USM Foundation.

Contact Information The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation 118 College Drive #5210 Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39406-0001 T: 601.266.5210 F: 601.266.5735 Email:

The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation Staff


he mission of The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation is to build relationships with alumni and friends in order to secure private funds and other resources for the benefit of The University of Southern Mississippi. As a nonprofit organization, the Foundation receives, invests and distributes private gifts in support of the University’s mission. The Foundation provides service to our donors, our University and our community by encouraging commitment and investment in the future of the University.

Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the USM Foundation Bob Pierce


Financial Services

Associate Director for Development Mike Bonnette

Chief Financial Officer and Associate Director for Administration Jennifer Boucher

Executive Assistant Lindy Miller

Assistant Director for Fundraising and Planned Giving Russ Willis

Advancement Services Associate Director for Advancement Services Sarah Sims

Manager of Communications and Annual Giving Amy Martin

Manager of Information Systems Dawn Higdon

Development Officer and Annual Giving Jessica Cloud

Manager of Research Pam Gibbs

Development Officer Katye Ainsworth

Research Specialist Karyn Dew

Development Officer Jason Hudson

Gift and Data Processing Coordinator Crystal Coats

Development Officer Markus Jones

Pledge Specialist Nichelle Cole

Development Officer Brian Morrison

Data Specialist Jerry Kaye Parker

Coordinator of Donor Relations and Special Events Meg Jones

Data Specialist Shawn Carpenter

Administrative Assistant MaryAnn Parrish

Senior Accountant Stace Mercier Manager of Financial Services Leslee Smith Donor Relations Accountant Belinda Taft Account Specialist Cindy Hodge

AnnualR Report A


AA/EOE/ADAI UC 65850.5210 1.12

118 College Drive #5210 | Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39406-0001 T: 601.266.5210 | F: 601.266.5735 | Email:

2011 USM Foundation Annual Report  

2011 USM Foundation Annual Report

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