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February 15, 2017

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February 15, 2017

Letter from the Editor Loving Readers, I hope you’re all well-rested from our winter break, although I’m sure these first few weeks have already taken their toll and our bodies have returned to their caffeine-dependent, corpse-looking state. (No? Just me?) Well, hopefully I’m not alone because this was the motivation behind this issue’s feature section: Health and Wellness. We’re tired. But we’re trying to be healthy. But we don’t get more than four-to-five hours of sleep a night. But we work out so it’s OK! And the “buts” keep piling on. Our health is important, and no matter if the word “health” makes you think of physical, mental or spiritual, we’ve got you covered. Take time to take care of yourself.



As usual, I hope that you enjoy this issue as much as my staff has enjoyed working on it. We’ve noticed that you, our beloved readers, enjoy more informative, heavyhitting pieces rather than pop culture, so we’re transitioning to give you what you want – for if it wasn’t for you, we would have no purpose to publish. As long as I have you reading this, I’m going to do a not-so-shameless plug: make sure to follow our social media accounts for daily doses of world news, entertainment, university news, photography and much more. (We also do giveaways, and who doesn’t love free crap?) We’re on Facebook under “USF Encounter” as well as Twitter and Instagram with the handle @USF_Encounter. If you’re interested in writing for our paper or online platform (www.usfencounter., come swing by at our next sign-ups! We’ll be in the Uno Lounge on February 21 and 22 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and we’ll have Homecut Donuts. You don’t even have to sign up for something to get a donut, simply show you that you “like” or “follow” our social medias and your belly gets blessed with some Homecut! And with that, I present you our first issue of 2017. Cheers!

Best regards, Hannah Tadey

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SGA Briefs

Courtesy of SGA President Jeremy Grachan


Updated Solidarity Statement: “Respect, Service, Compassion and Integrity are all core values at the University of St. Francis. Our Franciscan hearts value diversity and will stand with all of our brothers and sisters who are facing racism and discrimination. We believe that human rights are rights for all people, regardless of the color of the skin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and citizenship. “Therefore, SGA stands with respect, integrity, and compassion by accepting students’ differences and helping students that face such things in their life. SGA stands with service because we will do anything in our power to support our students who have experiences with discrimination. SGA stands with the student body of the University of St. Francis as we are a welcoming community for all.” Since the beginning of the semester, SGA has passed a legislation to help improve vending on all campuses. We will be looking into machines that allow for credit cards and/or dining dollars and possibly food like pizzas and sandwiches.

About the Student Government Association:

Student Government Association strives to bring the voice of all students to administrators, faculty, staff and trustees to create cohesion and address all issues pertaining to student life on campus. The success and effectiveness of SGA relies on students actively participating in Senate and Committees.

Where to Find Us:

Office: Motherhouse 145 Office Hours: Various times Monday-Friday, call for information. Phone: 815-740-3442 Email:


Come to General Body meetings! SGA holds regular General Body meetings open to the entire student body every other Monday at 8 p.m. in San Damiano Hall, located in Donovan Hall. During these meetings, students are invited to listen in as SGA elected officials report on their initiatives, and are encouraged to get involved by addressing their issues and concerns. Legislation is also proposed and voted on during these meetings.

Upcoming Meetings:

February 20, March 13, March 27, April 10, April 24


February 15, 2017

SPRING 2017 IMPORTANT DATES February 6 - Budget proposals open March 1 - Proposals due at five p.m. March 24 - Award packets due April 10 - SGA vote on budgets April 17 - SGA Banquet April 22 - Club elections are encouraged to be complete April 27 - End of semester reports due

WCSF-FM Seeking Music Donations by: Andrew Finein, staff writer

WCSF 88.7-FM is collecting donations for its second annual Mega Music Rummage Sale in the spring. All donations of music and memorabilia including, but not limited to, vinyls, 8-tracks, audio equipment and instruments are welcome. All donations are taxdeductible and proceeds will be used to support the educational mission of the station.



To schedule a drop-off or pick-up, contact Jessica Stevens at 815740-3697. For more information about the station or the rummage sale, contact station manager Anthony Musiala at 815-740-3645.

Synovia Shuttle App Information Tracking down the shuttle bus has never been easier with the new Synovia app by Synovia Solutions! • Available on both iOS and Android devices • Simply download, log in and see where the USF shuttle buses are in real time. Use this information to log in: • Email: • Password: usf • Account number: 84481

Photo credit: Ashley Montgomery Photo courtesy of



USF Health Update by: Sara Michalowicz, News Editor In May of 2016, the Illinois Department of Public Health that oversees universities and colleges in the state made proposals to update the requirements for students. USF’s on-site nurse, Phyllis Peterson, explained that previously, a student could submit a TetanusDiphtheria (TD) vaccine administered within the last 10 years and the documentation would be accepted, but the new requirement is the Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (TDaP) vaccine administered within the last ten years. This would be the reason behind many students having medical holds on their accounts.

These amendments are to align college vaccination requirements with current accepted clinical practices as recommended by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Academy of Family Physicians (AFP).

This change is potentially tied to the increase in whooping cough in the U.S. and was a reasonable request to keep our community in good health. Per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), based on 2014 statistics, nearly forty-thousand cases of Pertussis were reported to the CDC, a 15% increase from 2013. Another requirement change was the addition of the Meningitis vaccine after the age of 16. The CDC has recommended that a Menactra or Menveo vaccine be given between the ages of 16-23. Although most students already have this requirement, it was found some did not receive it within that age range. Bacterial Meningitis, specifically, can be life threatening and requires immediate attention.

Join us for the 2017 Career & Internship Fair Thursday, March 16, 2017 9 a.m. - Noon

For questions contact: Maribeth Hearn (815) 740-3384


February 15, 2017

Scan the QR code with your phone to take you to the registration pagee

Register at:

College Democrats by: Abigail Blome, staff writer

Are you a college student? Do you consider yourself to be a Democrat? Are you passionate about instigating change at a local and national level? Then College Democrats of America is the place for you! College Democrats is a new edition to the University of St. Francis, having become an SGA-funded club in the fall 2016 semester. The chapter has big plans of taking part in protests, hosting speakers, assisting campaigns and helping to enact positive social change in any way possible. Members of the club will also be able to attend conferences regionally and nationally where they can meet and connect with other college students with the same political passion. The chapter has already taken a group trip to Chicago to take part in the Women’s March on January 21. In regards to the club trip to the Women’s March, club officer Fatima Babana stated, “I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all the women and, yes, even men that participated in the march . . . Thank you especially for standing in solidarity with women around our globe in supporting our rights and showing our leaders that we are here, that we will not stand passive when our rights are threatened or transgressed.” The club is currently working on scheduling two speakers in February: Representatives Will Guzzardi and Joe Carlasare of the Will County Board.


Club Spotlight:

the ideals of the Democratic party. Member Raquel Montoya said, “We believe in equality and equity!” Due to the active role that the club takes, many internship opportunities are available to the members who wish to get more involved in politics, especially locally. College Democrats of America is a nationwide organization with over 100,000 members in chapters across the country. The president, Grayson Barnette, expressed during a chapter meeting that he hopes one day USF will also have a College Republicans club so that both sides are represented. However, in the meantime, Barnette stated that the club is welcoming of “all political beliefs to our meetings to engage in respectful political debates.” For more information on the club, events and meeting times, contact Grayson Barnette at

The members of College Democrats are very passionate about their cause and desire to have an active role in furthering


World News by: Hannah Tadey, Editor-in-Chief

Russian Man Builds “Snow Chapel” A Siberian villager spent the past two months building a church entirely out of snow. The snow chapel, which will vanish with the season, is the only religious building in the village. Snow chapel creator Alexander Batyokhtin spent every day for 60+ days to build the chapel and built throughout all weather conditions, including when temperatures dropped below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The construction took 12 cubic meters, or 424 cubit feet, of snow to complete. When asked how he created it, Batyokhtin stated, “The main thing is to say a prayer and keep a fast for some time, then just go and do it.” He also noted that the church “means a lot to our hearts and souls,” despite its temporary stay in the village.

Putin’s New Law Reduces Punishment for Domestic Battery Nicknamed the “slapping law,” Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that lessens the punishment for some forms of domestic violence. This law decriminalizes the first offense of domestic violence that does not seriously injure the victim, making it a less serious administrative offense, explains CNN. The new punishment now only carries a fine of up to 30,000 rubles (roughly $500 USD), a 15-day arrest or 120 hours of community service. Repeat assault offenders will now face a fine of up to 40,000 rubles (roughly $675 USD), six months of community service or being held under arrest for 90 days. Putin did not decide this himself, though. More than 85% of Russia’s Duma legislators approved the bill last month. Russian Duma law supporter Vitaly Milonov told CNN: “I don’t think that we should violate the rights of family and sometimes a man and a woman, wife and husband, have a conflict…Sometimes in this conflict they use, I don’t know, a frying pan, uncooked spaghetti, and so on…Frankly speaking, what we call ‘home violence’ is not home violence – it’s sort of a new picture of family relations created by liberal media.” This all comes to light as Putin drives to appease conservative “traditional family values.” Though the government strongly leans towards this conservative state, Human Rights Watch has called the law “dangerous and incompatible with Russia’s international human rights obligations.”


February 15, 2017


13,000 Secretly Hanged in Syrian “Slaughterhouse” Last week, human rights group Amnesty International reported that thousands of people have been hanged at a Syrian prison. The group believes that as many as 13,000 people have been executed in a “hidden campaign” authorized by senior regime figures. The report, titled “Human Slaughterhouse,” states that

prisoners are moved in the middle of the night and told they are being transferred. However, they are taken to the grounds of the prison and hanged, “likely unaware of their fate until they feel the noose around their neck.”

German Magazine Sparks Controversy with President Trump Cover German magazine “Der Spiegel” has made headlines after illustrator Edel Rodriguez designed a magazine cover that depicts U.S. President Donald Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty. The illustration also shows Trump holding a bloodied knife while it drips fresh blood onto the floor. No text appears on the cover other than the publication’s name, three feature article’s titles and the words “America First” next to the president. These two words mock the president’s slogan from his campaign trail as well as his inaugural speech: “From this moment on, it’s going to be America first.” Rodriguez designed this cover in response to the world’s anger over Trump’s executive order regarding a travel ban. “It’s a beheading of democracy, a beheading of a sacred symbol,” Rodriguez told the Washington Post. Rodriguez also explained that he used beheading as his choice of slaughter for he wanted to draw a link between ISIS and Trump: “Both sides are extremists, so I’m just making a comparison between them.” Der Spiegel’s cover is just one of several that have taken this route and featured and questioned Trump’s image. This magazine hit stands on February 4.

Photos courtesy of,, and



February 15, 2017



President Trump Update:

by: Julie Kitzer, staff writer

Reactions vary from hopefulness to concern in the response to the flurry of executive orders President Trump has signed in his first weeks in office. In addition to the controversial travel ban, executive orders also include directives to begin construction of an expanded border wall with Mexico. President Trump has been in office for nearly a month; here are some actions our 45th president has taken so far. Within the first 24 hours of his presidency, President Donald J. Trump signed his first executive order. This order is aimed at minimizing the economic burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.” What this actually does remains to be seen, but it may make it so that enforcement of that original mandate of the ACA is not enforced as strongly as it is today. This would likely be the precursor to the complete repeal of the ACA. The recently inaugurated Trump Administration has stopped a cut to the FHA mortgage insurance premium that was announced by the Obama Administration during Obama’s final days in office. This was signed on January 20, and “The Department of Housing and Urban Development said that the reduction to the annual mortgage insurance premiums borrowers pay when taking out government-backed home loans has been ‘suspended indefinitely,’” according to CNN. President Trump also signed Senate Bill 81 on January 20. This bill is a waiver for Defense Secretary James Mattis. Normally, one would need to wait seven years after leaving the military before becoming Defense Secretary. However, Trump signing this waiver has made it possible for Mattis to become Defense Secretary after three years out of the military. Trump signed the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations and Agreement on January 23. This will withdraw the US from a large trade deal that was negotiated by the Obama Administration. However, this has not yet been ratified by Congress. The TPP was never officially enacted, so this is considered a highly symbolic move for President Trump.

Photo courtesy of

Keeping to his campaign promise on January 25, President Trump also instructed the Department of Homeland Security to begin immediate construction of a 1,900-milelong wall along our country’s shared border with Mexico. The start of this construction will be made possible by existing federal funds. Along with this, also stated, “Protection, shall take all appropriate action to hire 5,000 additional Border Patrol agents, and all appropriate action to ensure that such agents enter on duty and are assigned to duty stations as soon as is practicable.” On January 25, yet another executive order was signed; this one aims to tackle the issue of undocumented immigrants through deportation and tripling resources for enforcement with 10,000 additional immigration officers. The order also targets supposed “sanctuary cities” across the United States which “willfully violate Federal law in an attempt to shield aliens from removal from the United States.” On January 27, President Trump signed an executive order halting all refugee admissions and temporarily banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries. This ban was made in efforts to protect the U.S. against foreign terrorist entry. The affected countries include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. This vetting process set widespread chaos and was quickly halted by a Washington state judge. According to ABC, “After a federal judge in Seattle issued a nationwide restraining order halting parts of the executive action signed by President Donald Trump that temporarily bars some immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the White House promised to appeal the ruling ‘at the earliest possible time.’” These are just some of the actions President Trump has put in motion within his first few weeks in office. While we will not see immediate results of the actions made or executive orders signed, it does appear that our new president is trying to make good on all of his campaign promises.


2017 Movie Reboots:

Oh, My God,

They’re Back


by: Clarice Swanson, Feature Editor


February 15, 2017


This year is set to be a strong one for revamps of some very good films. Here are a few of the great movie restorations fans can look forward to in the upcoming year.

Beauty and the Beast: March 17, 2017 This movie is probably the most anticipated of the movie remakes, continuing Disney’s new streak of highly successful live-action films. Since the original animated film was released back in 1991, “Beauty and the Beast” has been a favorite among Disney fans. With a cast packed with stars including Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Ian Mckellen and Emma Thompson, this film is set to make magic in the box office.

The Mummy: June 9, 2017

The 1999 “Mummy” has become somewhat of a cult film among adventure movie-lovers. The remake in comparison seems to be on a whole new level of intense, crossing into the genres of action, adventure and horror. The new film starring Tom Cruise will follow a similar plotline to the original, with new twists here and there.

Jumanji: December 22, 2017

This much-awaited film will be facing some tough criticism as fans of the original, particularly fans of the late Robin Williams, are extremely excited for the movie and are hoping not to be disappointed. The new version, which acts as a reboot and almost sequel instead of a remake, will take on the story of four teenagers getting sucked into the world of Jumanji, and will star Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

IT: September 8, 2017

Classic horror fans are very excited for this one. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, the original “IT” served as a twoepisode TV series and featured all the cheesy and kind of creepy film effects of 1990s horror films. The new movie will reboot the story of the creepy shape-shifting clown in all its terrifying glory and all the terror of modern day visual effects, which will make everything about this story all the more fascinating for horror movie fans.

Power Rangers: March 24, 2017

Welcome to the movie all 90s kids have been waiting for. The 2017 “Power Rangers” movie will be the first feature film of the franchise to be released in theaters. The story will go back to the start and follow the original story of the Power Rangers, giving all fans a look back into a classic story of how a group of teenagers got super powers and were destined to defeat an alien race.

Baywatch: May 26, 2017

Not many people were expecting this revamp of the popular TV show. The TV show-turned-film features the same main storyline of goodlooking life guards protecting a beach. However, based on the trailer, the movie seems to be a lot more action and comedy-based than the original show. Another movie staring Dwayne Johnson alongside Zac Efron, this movie could be either a major hit or miss with critics. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, fantasy or all of the above, movie viewers are in for an excellent selection of reboots of some of their favorite movies and shows. Photos courtesy of, and


815 W. Jefferson St. - and 1317 E. Washington St. Joliet, IL PHONE: (815) 727-3511

Open 24 Hours/7 Days (815 W. Jefferson St. Location Only)

Joliet’s Favorite Since 1966

3 to Degree at USF


February 15, 2017

Earn credit toward UG and Masters Degrees Finish 1 year after UG Pay only $21,700 or less!

by: Nicholas Pillish, staff writer

Enjoy some downtime by indulging in some beautiful musical performances at the USF Performing Arts Center this spring. USF students are always free. Adult admission is only $10.00 a ticket or $7 a ticket for senior citizens aged 65 and older. You can purchase tickets online at Be sure to check out these exciting performances!


Music at Moser - Spring 2017

Concert Chorale’s Spring Concert | Saturday, April 8 | 7:30 p.m.

Upper high school students and adults will perform a concert of African-American spirituals. This performance is directed by Willard Thomen. The spring concert will take place in the Sexton Auditorium in Tower Hall. Tickets required.

Maxwell Street Klezmer Band | Sunday, Feb- Spring Student Recital I | Tuesday, April 11 | ruary 26 | 3 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Enjoy an afternoon of world music featuring lively Eastern European and Jewish folk music. Located in the Sexton Auditorium in Tower Hall on the main campus. Tickets required.

Senior Recital (Chloe Miller, Viola) |Thursday, March 2 | 7:30 p.m.

Enjoy a performance by fellow USF student, Chloe Miller. Admission to this concert is free.

Vocal Jazz Ensemble feat. the USF Swingin’ Saints | Friday, March 24 | 7:30 p.m.

Check out this American vocal jazz repertoire under the direction of Jessie Pellowski. This enjoyable evening will take place in San Damiano Hall in Motherhouse on the main campus. Tickets required.

USF music students will be performing solo repertoire for voice, piano, guitar and orchestral instruments. This event is located in the Sexton Auditorium in Tower Hal. Admission is free.

Spring Student Recital II | Thursday, April 20 | 7:30 p.m.

Another recital will feature USF music students performing a variety of pieces. This event is located in the Sexton Auditorium. Admission is free.

Joliet Symphony Orchestra’s “Romeo and Juliet” | Saturday, April 22 & Sunday, April 23 | 3 p.m. This showcase of music is inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic love story under the direction of Alexandra Dee. Located in the Sexton Auditorium in Tower Hall. Tickets required.

Spring Musical: “Godspell” | Thursday, March 30 through Saturday, April 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 2 at 3 p.m. Schola Cantorum & Singing Saints | Friday, Come out and see this talented bunch as they perform a series April 28 | 7:30 p.m. of skits and songs about Jesus and his disciples. This 1971 musical is based on the book by John Michael Tebelak and features songs by Stephen Schwartz. Directed by USF’s Ernest Ray, the show will be performed in the Sexton Auditorium in Tower Hall. Tickets required.

Come out and see the final performance of the spring. Performances will include the masterworks of Dunstable, Mozart, Brahms, Faure and others. Listen to vocal rags, parlor songs and work songs that were popular in the 1890s. Why not make it out to see this delightful performance? This concert is located in the Sexton Auditorium in Tower Hall on the main campus.



February 15, 2017


An Aussie Review:

Sushi Ya Asian Cuisine by: Iain Morison, PR Specialist

Tucked away in Stadium Plaza on Jefferson Road is a criminally overlooked restaurant that provides one of the best sushi eating experiences I have ever had. “Sushi Ya” is an Asian cuisine and sushi bar that offers an interesting twist to the sushi restaurant experience. While they do have a main menu that gives you the option of ordering individual rolls of sushi, appetizers, udon and Teriyaki options, the real value is in the all-you-can-eat option. Just $15.99 for lunch and $20.99 for dinner, it is a great value for price. The all-you-can-eat menu has 29 specialized sushi rolls to order at your own speed and the best part is you can get as much as you want. There is also a large variety of sides and appetizers that are included in the price. I would highly recommend choosing the all-you-can-eat option if you decide to eat at “Sushi Ya” because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The staff was friendly and pleasant. I never had to wait a long time when ordering another round of sushi, but it did take a while to reach my table. However, the long wait was understandable as the sushi is always prepared fresh at “Sushi Ya.” Being a sushi bar, you can see the chefs prepare your food. This is a nice touch because you know you are getting the freshest food. Being a big fan of sushi, it was hard to pick a favorite. Eventually I decided that the best sushi is the Las Vegas Roll, but there are plenty of options for all different kinds of palates. The key to getting your money’s worth is to stay over a reasonable amount of time. As college students, we all like to make sure that we are getting the best value, but do not fret. After your third and fourth roll, you’ll realize that you have probably eaten about 20-30 dollars’ worth of sushi for about half of that price. As a college student, that makes the price tag worth it. Hours: Monday-Friday: 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Saturday: 12 p.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday: Closed Photos courtesy of

Location: Sushi Ya Asian Cuisine 2721 W. Jefferson St. Suite 120 (Stadium Plaza) Joliet, Ill, 60435


““La La Land” - 2017


February 15, 2017

Movies to Watch Before the Awards by: Mat Tuck, Entertainment Editor

Awards season is always a fun time to be a movie fan. Even if you’re like me and you don’t care about who wins, award nominations are a great way to find out which movies are worth your time. And if you do like to watch award shows, then this is your chance to get caught up on some of the biggest films of the year. After reviewing some of the nominations, I’ve compiled a list of some must-watch movies to binge before the award season heats up.

La La Land

“La La Land” is the film currently dominating the awards season. This musical cleaned house at the Golden Globes and broke the record for most Golden Globes when it won all seven of the awards it was nominated for. These included Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Screen Play and Best Score. Leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling also won Best Male and Female Acting awards for their roles in this film. The Oscars are on their way and “La La Land” is nominated for over half of the awards with 14 nominations. The only other movies in history to receive this many nominations were “Titanic” and “All About Eve.” If you’re a fan of romance, music or comedy, you should watch this one.

for a directing award while Andrew Garfield is nominated for Best Leading Actor. The film is also nominated for Best Picture, Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. This is Kevin O’Connell’s twenty-first nomination for Sound Mixing for a film. He holds the record for the most Oscar nominations without a victory. I’m personally rooting for him to get his first Oscar this time around.


Although “Deadpool” has not received an Oscar nomination, its fan-favorite status and amazingly hilarious performance by Ryan Reynolds has been noticed by many award organizations. The dark comedy received two Golden Globe nominations in acting and Best Motion Picture. “Deadpool” won two Broadcast Film Critics Association awards, two MTV Movie awards, a People’s Choice award and more. Unfortunately, “Deadpool” was not able to break the streak of superhero movies not being included in the Oscars. A comic book movie hasn’t been recognized at the Oscars since 2008 when Heath Ledger was given Best Supporting Actor in “The Dark Night.” Nevertheless, this movie has done well for a superhero film when it comes to awards despite its R-rating. If you’re a superhero movie fan this film is a must-see.



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Moonlight “Rogue One” continues the age-old “Star Wars” tradition of raising the bar in visual effects. “Rogue One” has managed to receive two Oscar nominations for Sound Mixing and Visual Effects. Though “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” received five nominations last year, it failed to bring home an Oscar for the franchise. However, “Rogue One” has a very good chance of being the first “Star Wars” film to win an Oscar since “Return of the Jedi” in 1983. Having seen this movie, I can say that I think “Rogue One” really deserves the Visual Effects award. This movie, without a doubt, has some of the most impressive graphics I have ever seen. The digital recreations of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin and Carrie Fisher as young Princess Leia alone are enough to win in the visual effects category. Many people failed to realize that Grand Moff Tarkin was a CGI character in this film. The visuals of this movie make it stand out above the rest of the films nominated for the award.

“Moonlight” is perhaps the second most critically-acclaimed movie to make this list. This film was nominated for six Golden Globes and won for Best Motion Picture. It has received four BAFTA Award nominations, three Screen Actors Guild award nominations and an outstanding eight Oscar nominations. There is no doubt that Hollywood is impressed with this movie. This film currently holds a score of 99% on Metacritic and a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins knows that the award buzz will help spread awareness for this film. Jenkins said in an interview with ABC that the award nominations “mean someone else who was maybe on the fence about watching [the film] or heard about it is more likely now to go see it.” This article may indeed be proof of this.

Hacksaw Ridge

This inspirational, gritty war film stars Andrew Garfield as a soldier in World War II who refuses to kill people in battle. “Hacksaw Ridge” seems to be a return to the good graces of Hollywood for director Mel Gibsonq since his controversial remarks a few years ago. It seems that all is forgiven ever since “Hacksaw Ridge” received three Golden Globe nominations and won two Critics’ Choice awards. Mel Gibson is nominated

Photos courtesy of and


To Sport or Not to Sport:

A Calendar of Events for Sport-less Individuals Ever since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in October, it seems that all of Illinois has gone sports crazy. There have been endless discussions of baseball, football, hockey, basketball and blah blah blah, so for the people who are tired of hearing about sports, here is a list of events you can look forward to that have nothing to do with a ball.

Chicago Theatre Week | Thursday, February 9 Sunday, February 19

Chicago Theatre Week is a celebration of Chicago’s world-class theatre scene. You have the opportunity to choose from more than 100 productions. Participating theatres range from downtown venues all the way out to the suburbs. For more information, visit And don’t worry about breaking the bank; you can find $15 and $30 tickets (or less!).

Chicago’s Best Wingfest | Sunday, March 5 | 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Wingfest-goers can enjoy four categories of chicken wings (mild, hot, BBQ or exotic) that are judged by fellow patrons and Chicago celebrities. Meanwhile, the crowd gets to munch on as many wings as they’d like while being entertained by live music. Prizes are given out via numerous raffles, and beads and T-shirts are tossed throughout the event. General admission is $50 while VIP admission is $100. UIC Pavilion 525 S. Racine Ave. Chicago, IL

Baconfest | Friday, March 31 & Saturday, April 1

This fest is a tasting event featuring the most creative bacon dishes from the best chefs in Chicago. The finest local restaurants prepare and serve small plates starring bacon. The best mixologists and brewers quench thirst with refreshing bacon-based and bacon-inspired cocktails and brews. Since 2009, Baconfest has raised over $300,000 enabling partners like the Greater Chicago Food Depository to distribute more than 924,000 meals to hungry people in the area. General Admission Tickets: Early Bird Price: $75 + fees (limited quantity!) Full Price: $100 + fees VIP Tickets: Early Bird Price: $175 + fees (limited quantity!) Full Price: $200 + fees *You can avoid all fees (except the $1 / ticket Facility Charge) by purchasing tickets in person at the UIC Pavilion Box Office UIC Forum 725 West Roosevelt Chicago, IL


February 15, 2017

C2E2 | Friday, April 21 - Sunday, April 23


by: Liz Venerable, PR Manager

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is a comic book and pop culture convention spanning the latest and greatest from the world of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. C2E2 gives fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators and celebrities and delivers a weekend of pop culture and fandom in the South Building of McCormick Place in downtown Chicago. To purchase tickets, visit C2E2. com General Admission Tickets: Three-day: $70 Friday: $30 Saturday: $40 Sunday: $35 Show Floor Hours: Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Panel & Screening Hours: Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday: 10:45 AM – 5:00 PM

Maifest | Friday, May 19 - Sunday, May 21

Chicago’s Maifest is the annual kick-off event for summer our festival season. Maifest features an amazing beer garden offering some of the best (ice cold) beverages. This event is known for displaying some of the best music, entertainment and cuisine in all of Chicago. Admission is only $10. 3100 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL

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February 15, 2017

Health & Wellness


It’s something that we’re always thinking about. Whether you’re trying to tone up, slim down, eat better, sleep longer, calm your anxiety or hide your depression, it’s always in the back of your mind. Even when you don’t necessarily make it a priority, health posts manage to make their way to you on every social media. Instagram is notorious for suggesting fitness models with six-packs and bikinis or weight-lifting competitions, Facebook is flooded with healthy food videos and everybody uses Twitter to vent about their health dilemmas (shout-out to literally every USF student tweeting about stress at one point in their college career). Though we’re somewhat doing the same by shoving a Health and Wellness feature section in your face, we want to show that it’s something worth focusing on. Your body is the only one you get: take care of it. Your mind is constantly running: give it a break. You’re sick from all the stress and lack of sleep that comes with signing up for college: eat healthy and give your body the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. You are worth it, and your mind, body and spirit are all connected, so if you want to be well, make sure to take care of all three aspects of your health.


Mind and Body:

They’re More Connected Than You Think by: Hannah Tadey, Editor-in-Chief


February 15, 2017

My point is that no matter who you are, chances are that at this time of year, you’re focused on some aspect of your health. What might have not been as obvious though, is that recent studies have shown that your mental and physical health are highly connected and require balance. Even the World Health Organization defined physical the term “health” as “a state study: mental(WHO) healthhas balances of complete physical, mental and social well-being” and the health organization’s first Director-General shepherded the notion that “without mental health, there can be no true physical health.” Still a little skeptical? The Canadian Mental Health Association recently published an article titled “Connection Between Mental and Physical Health” where the researchers explained the deep connection between the two. In the end, three statements can summarize the association’s findings: (1) Poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical conditions. (2) People with serious mental health conditions are at high risk of experiencing chronic physical conditions. (3) People with chronic physical conditions are at risk of developing poor mental health.

But as our nation continues to progress in a plethora of ways, we have neglected to place importance on something essential: our mental health. Decades ago, WHO adopted a new strategy for preventing and controlling non-communicable disease – any medical disease that is not caused by an infectious agent – and mental health failed to appear on the list. Once the action plan was updated to reflect 2008-2013, a footnote appeared justifying the exclusion of mental health: WHO believed that mental health did not share risk factors with the other illnesses included. Once 2013 rolled around, mental health started to become less of a hush-hush topic in society, so it comes with no surprise that people started asking why it wasn’t being treated adequately. Ironically enough, it was WHO that conducted several studies that ultimately showed the connectedness between body and mind. For instance, it was found that up to 50% of cancer patients suffer from a mental illness, especially depression and anxiety, and treating symptoms of depression in cancer patients may actually improve survival time. Mind over matter, ring a bell? WHO also found that patients who are depressed have the risk of having a heart attack twice as much as the general population and depression increases the risk of death in patients with cardiac disease. However, treating the symptoms of depression after a heart attack has shown lower mortality and re-hospitalization rates. Coincidence?

Health & Wellness

During the cold winter months, you’re most likely one of two people: option A is that you’re a little sad. The winter blues are a real thing, seriously. Search seasonal affective disorder. The holidays are over, so your outlook on the weather has transformed from “winter wonderland” to “hell frozen over.” It’s more difficult to get out of bed for work or class and you have no motivation to do anything other than the necessary tasks. Option B is that you’re focused on your physical health: New Year New You! (How’s that going for you?) You’re watching what you eat and/or going to the gym and trying to finally get that summer bod you’ve missed out on for… ever.

So how does one take care of, or balance, both his mind and body? The Mental Health Organization of the United Kingdom explains that you need to keep active, eat well and drink sensibly… But this all should be common practice. Once these three are successfully applied to your daily routine, make sure to remember that it’s OK to ask for help. Everybody needs it; why wouldn’t you? Do something you’re good at. Do you prefer meditation over the weights? Do that! Take a break. Yes, the homework needs to get done, but those dishes will be waiting for you tomorrow – I guarantee it. Finally, remember to accept who you are, and know that only you can create any change you would like to see. Take care of yourself: you deserve it.


Five Most-Common Mental Health Challenges in College Students by: Clarice Swanson, Feature Editor

T he stigma around mental health and treating it as a “hush-hush� subject has been seriously altered over the past few years. Mental health challenges are becoming more talked about and recognized as a problem. Research from the American Psychological Association shows that across the nation, college health centers report that 21% of students have serious mental health issues. Here are some of the major mental health issues that have been recognized in the college student population.


February 15, 2017

2. Anxiety: According to a 2014 survey performed by Penn State, 21.9% of college students reported anxiety affecting their academic performance. There are also several types of distinct anxieties affecting students, including General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. Symptoms of anxiety include muscle pain, trouble concentrating, consistent irritability, irregular heartbeat, stress and dizziness. 3. Suicidal Thoughts/Tendencies: Much like depression is more than sadness, suicidal thoughts go beyond the extent of depression. Suicidal thoughts can be recognized through similar signs as depression, such as avoiding social activities and negative mood, but also have more serious warning signs including sudden changes in behavior, drop in academic performance, talk of killing oneself and sudden calm after long periods of depression. Many actions or conversations might also be consistent in a suicidal individual, including risky behavior, self-harm, talking about death, talk of being trapped and withdrawal from family and friends. Although signs are not present in every suicidal person, keeping an eye out for these signs can make it possible to recognize a problem before someone’s life is on the line.

4. Eating Disorders: While eating disorders are a physical issue, they stem from a certain unhealthy mindset: thinking that withholding nutrients from one’s body will help you reach a certain physical image. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 90% of those who have an eating disorder are between the ages of 12 and 25. The main three categories of eating disorders are (1) anorexia nervosa, a fixation on thinness that causes disruption in eating behaviors, (2) bulimia nervosa, involving frequent episodes of binge eating followed by purging, and (3) binge eating disorder, which is categorized by constant cravings followed by binges of eating. The upside, however, is that the physical signs are much more apparent, such as excessive exercise, refusing to eat in public and drastic change in physicality. If you notice these being a consistent issue in a loved one, eating disorders are a topic you may want to approach. 5. Addiction: Addiction, similar to eating disorders, are a physical and mental issue combined. Our culture has made a norm out of alcohol and drugs, and due to this, abuse and addiction have become normalized as well. After falling steadily for the past decade, consistent drug use in college students is on the rise again. According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol still tops this list, as about 80% of college students drink, and two out of three of these students binge drink. This can be a slippery slope, which leads to the problem of addiction. Ways to recognize addiction in peers is suspicious behavior, sudden financial crises, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Taking precautions for yourself and others, and knowing limits and the laws around drug use, can keep usage from becoming addiction.

Health & Wellness

1. Depression: Depression is the leading problem among college students with 44% of college-age adults reporting having symptoms of depression. While many people assume depression is simply feeling sad all the time, it is much more than that. Depression causes loss of interest in activities you once loved, anger for no reason, thoughts of death and suicide, as well as sadness and unhappiness. Luckily, it can be recognized in a friend if they are experiencing constant negative reactions, stop attending social outings or no longer enjoy activities they once loved. The same goes for oneself. If you experience these symptoms and/or if you know your family has a history of depression, it might be a good time to talk to a counselor or professional.

Though these five issues are at an all-time high, it is possible to combat these problems. By recognizing signs and symptoms and getting rid of the idea that mental problems should be kept to oneself, better mental health can become a possibility for college students across the globe.


Beating the Winter As the winter months carry on, many people may be noticing the familiar sense of sluggishness taking over their daily routines. With the holidays over and the excitement of the new year wearing off, people are more likely to be feeling the winter blues. Dark days make it easy to lose sight of goals. In fact, research shows that as sunlight decreases during winter, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

While I am not a doctor, I have done a fair amount of research on different ways to beat the winter blues. To begin with, because SAD is reoccurring, one can take steps to prepare for the winter months, such as planning a vacation to look forward to. In addition, there have been endless studies on the effect of light therapy which have proven to have a positive effect on people’s moods. Below is a list of ways to deal with feeling down during the winter months.

As the acronym accurately describes, people who struggle with SAD experience unhappiness as well as low energy during the months with less sunlight. Other symptoms may include trouble concentrating, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety or an increased desire to be alone.

Vitamin D – Studies show that lack of Vitamin D can be asso-


February 15, 2017

ciated with depression. Vitamin D is mainly obtained through sunlight, but it can also be found in different food products such as juices or dairy products. A healthy level of Vitamin D will help diminish the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

by: Patti Raspolich, PR Specialist


– This can help with many feelings associated with the winter blues, such as low energy, anxiety and weight gain. While working out, our bodies release endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Exercise is not only for reducing weight gain, but can also help improve sleep and boost self-esteem.

Light Therapy

– Because there is a lack of natural light during the winter solstice, our bodies and minds can suffer from the limited exposure to sunlight. The process of light therapy involves a full-spectrum bright light that is used in treatment sessions to increase light exposure. If you are able to wake up earlier and get more natural sunlight, take advantage of this gift from nature and enjoy the sunlight.

Eating Healthy – A healthy diet is essential for op-

Health & Wellness


timum mental and physical health. By eating the right foods, we can boost our moods, give ourselves energy and balance our cravings throughout the day. By maintaining a healthy food regime, people are able to be more active, thus increasing endorphin levels and lowering the chance of seasonal affective disorder. These are just a few ways to handle the seasonal blues that approach every year. As we long for the warmer months ahead, it is important to remember to stay focused on our goals. By following these tips, spring days will be here before we know it.


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February 15, 2017

Food Hacks With the new year comes a new you, and with that comes healthy eating. Despite popular belief, eating healthy as a college student is not as hard as one may think. Easy healthy eating options include foods high in protein, such as meats and eggs, vegetables and fruits, white rice and similar grains and substituting sugary drinks with water and tea. According to NerdFitness, for meats, chicken is the best option if looking for a cheaper yet still quality meat while eggs are good for supplying necessary nutrients and making you feel fuller. Livestrong explains that eating these kinds of energy foods will lead to increased energy over long periods of time and improved concentration, getting you through assignments and tasks more timely and efficiently. A resident student can easily stock up on foods such as fruits, vegetables, granola and nuts/trail mix in his or her room. By always having these healthy choices within your immediate reach, it is more likely that you will stick to your goal of eating healthy. Even though you are stuck on a meal plan, you can still look for some of these healthier options at school, like cooked vegetables, salad bars and grilled chicken. You can also look at the nutritional information of what is available before you go to get food, located on the Sodexo website, StFrancis.

by: Skyler Kern, staff writer

Commuters can bring foods with them to school in prepackaged containers. By having items like grapes, snacking cheese, granola or other vegetables and fruits ready in your backpack, you will be able to make better food choices without resorting to fattening or sugary snacks from a vending machine. A fun way to do this is to pack healthy foods in a mason jar the night before. Some snack options might include whole wheat pretzel sticks with a nut butter to dip them in, granola with Greek yogurt or homemade trail mix. For options on campus, you can go to the Three Oaks Bistro to get healthy snacks, such as fruit cups with cheese or 100% fruit juices. For healthier meals, one option is to opt for the yogurt when getting a combo at the Bistro instead of chips, or if you do decide to get the chips, look for chips that are baked rather than deep-fried. Another option is to be creative and ask to add or take away items from the sandwich or salad that you ordered to make it a new experience. You can add more vegetables, switch the sauce for a lighter option, switch the type of bread or even change the type of meat on the sandwich. Doing so will help you maintain healthy habits while still having satisfaction in what you are eating. By keeping up with heathy snacking, you can easily keep up with you’re healthy eating goals throughout the school year.

Health & Wellness





Health apps

to download

Immediately by: Hannah Tadey



February 15, 2017

Tested, tried, proven. From fitness instructions to sleep trackers, here’s a list of Encounter-approved apps to download right this minute.

Fitness Sweat with Kayla $19.99/month Available on the App Store and Google Play Apple Watch compatible Sweat with Kayla is the world’s largest female fitness community and focuses on body confidence. Though this app is one of the few with a somewhat hefty monthly subscription fee, your $20 a month pays for more than the mere app (not knocking the app at all!). Those who work out with the Sweat app are also part of the community mentioned previously – thousands of women around the world are in Facebook groups, take part in fitness gift exchanges, have local meet-ups (where the women work out and go out to brunch together), have accountability buddies and much more. As for the app itself, reviews are low but it has since been improved. A food planner, work out planner, progress center and education module are all included, and work outs can be completed at home. The best part? Work outs are only 28 minutes each! Blogilates Free with in-app purchases Available on the App Store and Google Play YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho kicks her workouts up a notch with her free app, Blogilates. While Cassey’s YouTube videos are still free, having everything in one place makes working out so much more convenient. In-app purchases can add up quickly, with options such as a workout calendar, beginner’s calendar, timer and multiple targeted workouts available for $0.99 or $1.99 each per month. However, with the standard features you get with the free download, you’re still getting a steal even with all the add-ons. With workouts on the longer side (averaging 45 minutes per day), you’re sure to feel sore in the morning! Sworkit Free with membership upgrades Available on the App Store and Google Play Short for “Simply Work It,” this app hit a major break when the creators brought it to ABC’s “Shark Tank” and billionaire Mark Cuban invested $1.5 million. You get everything you could want with the free version – the only upgrades available are a lower tier which eliminates ads and a higher tier which provides you with a personal trainer. The app offers a variety of workouts including strength, cardio, yoga and stretching. Another added bonus is that, unlike most workout apps, you select the amount of time you have to work out.

right? Well, when you download ResQwalk, you raise money and resources for an animal welfare organization of your choice. Corporate sponsors provide cash, which is put into a “ResQpool” of cash. From there, you walk for your animal organization to get a portion of the pool each month! No money required on your end. To this day, over six million miles have been walked across North America and over $130,000 has been donated to 3,800 different animal rescues. Though it’s not app-related, feel free to check out their website and sport some ResQwalk gear as you walk your way to fitness.

Food and Nutrition Rise $14.99/week Available on the App Store and Google Play For those of us who have trouble eating right, Rise is at the top of our “to download” list. This app partners you with a certified nutritionist, and you’re forced to send pictures of the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day (I say forced because I’m pretty ashamed of some of my so-called “meals”). Though $14.99 a week may seem a little pricey, it’s significantly cheaper than seeing a nutritionist in real life. MyFitnessPal Free with in-app purchases Available on the App Store and Google Play Don’t skip over this one just because you’ve seen it thousands of times! Yes, MyFitnessPal is the most popular nutrition app in the world, but its contents defend that title. The app’s database now includes more than six million foods, making it easy to track everything you put into your body. This app is definitely worth the download for the person looking to lose weight or just looking to be a tad healthier.

Health & Wellness

No matter what type of motivation or help you’re looking to get, it’s safe to assume that there’s an app for it. But in a world where an App Store search for “Health” results in an endless scroll of possibilities, how do you decide which one is best for your needs?

Mind and Brain Meditation Studio One-time fee of $2.99 Available on the App Store When it comes to guided meditation, the App Store has a plethora of options. However, this one sticks out because it guides users through a specific type of meditation catered on their needs. Whether you suffer from anxiety or need help being grateful and finding happiness, this app has over 160 different meditations for you to try. 7 Cups Free Available on the App Store and Google Play If you’re the person who calls or texts friends at 3:30 in the morning looking to vent just to be left hanging, this app is worth the (free) download. 7 Cups offers users a safe space to vent, and the people on the other end are trained listeners. Talk your mind without feeling judged and without having to bring your BFF an apology coffee in the morning.

ResQwalk Free Available on the App Store and Google Play ResQwalk (pronounced “rescue walk”) should be mandated by law to be on everybody’s phone – seriously. You walk,

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Side by Side: Workouts

Morning by: Kamari Jordan, Commentary Editor It is ironic that I, the queen of sleeping in, am writing this article about why morning workouts are more beneficial than evening workouts. In those moments when your alarm goes off and you must decide to get up or stay down, choose to get up. We all tell ourselves we will get our workout done later in the day so we can sleep in, but how many times do we end up flaking out and skip our workout for the day? Waiting until the last moments of the day to work out often leads to skipping the workout altogether. As you go through the day you become fatigued, less motivated and distracted by other priorities such as friends and family. Working out in the morning allows you to have time set aside for unexpected activities or obligations that may come up during the evening and time for friends and family. Your workout also goes by faster when done in the morning. Gyms are less crowded in the morning, which means you don’t have to wait for someone to finish with your favorite equipment. You are also less likely to see a lot of people you know that could distract you from completing your workout. Working out wakes up your body, which means whether you are going to work or school, you will be more focused. Hormones that help you build muscle mass, such as testosterone, are higher in the morning than at night. Taking advantage of these hormones while they are at their peak will ensure that you get the most out of your workout. Your metabolic rate also receives a boost after working out which means you will be burning calories for the rest of the day. This is called EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Something I personally experience after a morning workout is an improvement in my mood. I have a sense of accomplishment knowing I have completed a major part of my day before my day has even started. Working out early creates opportunities for me to do other things I enjoy throughout the day and relaxes me. I also feel as though I have less to do and it takes a lot of stress off. The USF Women’s Basketball team captain Nelly Reed says, “Working out in the morning has more benefits than people think. You can do absolutely nothing else the rest of the day and still feel accomplished. It stimulates the mind to be productive. It also encourages healthy eating habits for the rest of the day.”


February 15, 2017

by: Gracie Plese, staff writer Although there are many upsides to waking up at the butt-crack of dawn, the nighttime holds valuable benefits to a solid workout as well. As a CrossFit athlete, I asked my coach – and the owner of CrossFit Mokena – Christie Neighbors, her opinion on the matter. She reported, “We seem to have more of a crowd in the nighttime because it fits more schedules.” Among that crowd stands a 5-foot 7-inch woman named Gracie Plese (that’s me). I used to be an avid workout-in-the-morning type of girl, but once I experienced a night class, it was hard to go back. Being a college student, the stress tends to pile mile-high and any one thing can set you off during the day. Stepping outside of my dorm room and going to CrossFit at night has helped me release the tension and irritation that has built up throughout the day.


Evening Another thing that was hard for me was getting a quality night of sleep when I would have to wake up at 5 a.m. to go work out. Not only was the time frame hard, but a study found that those who completed a lifting exercise in the nighttime had a higher quality and longer length of sleep than those who completed the same workout in the morning. It also makes your mornings less cluttered and calmer. When you try to squeeze in a workout in the morning, you are set on a very tight schedule. Don’t snooze your alarm for one second or else your whole schedule will be thrown off. As I mentioned before, there is more of a social crowd that attends night workouts. I always know I’ll see someone I know that I can talk to or work out with, which motivates me to get my butt to the gym. Not only will night workouts help your sanity, they also prove to help build your muscles more efficiently. Muscle strength and function peaks in the evening time, while there are high levels of cortisol in the morning. This can prevent proper muscle growth. The workout also becomes increasingly more challenging at nighttime since performance peaks nearly 11 hours after an individual wakes up. When you go harder, faster and stronger, the pay-off will certainly come quicker.


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February 15, 2017

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Why You Need to Watch “Drunk History”

RIGHT NOW As millennials, especially those of us enrolled in college, we have those dry moments. In those moments, all forms of communication and entertainment are boring. No one is calling or texting you because you are either super single or you and your significant other are so comfortable they make your phone dryer. Your DMs are empty; you keep refreshing your timeline and Snap Stories hoping something interesting will pop up. Finally, a little time to yourself after a long week of classes or during a well-deserved study break and you have nothing to keep yourself entertained. This is a solution to the dryness or boredom in general. There are plenty of TV shows, movies, games, etc. that you have no idea exist, but will keep you entertained for hours. A great TV show to indulge in during study breaks and times of boredom is “Drunk History.” “Drunk History” is an American television comedy produced by Comedy Central and based on the “Funny or Die” web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007. Every episode features three historical events narrated by intoxicated comedians. Struggles to recollect the events, drunken rants that distract the drunken speaker and vulgar yet hilarious dialogue make this series interesting, entertaining and yes, educational.

by: Kamari Jordan, Commentary Editor

Wilson’s stroke, Season 3 Episode 4, “Spies,” where Harriet Tubman provides military intelligence to the Union Army and Season 4 Episode 6, “Siblings,” where Katharine Wright helps her brothers build an airplane. These hilarious videos can be watched on Comedy Central UK’s YouTube channel, and Hulu. I recommend “Drunk History” because it is historically accurate, but when paired with the dialogue of an intoxicated comedian and the hilarious re-enactment, can be very entertaining. Some actors you will recognize in this series are Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, Terry Crews, Steven Yeun, Octavia Spencer, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Olsen, Ronda Rousey and John Cho. Check it out, learn something new and have a good laugh.

Some of my personal favorites are Season 2 Episode 8, “Philadelphia,” where John Adams and Thomas Jefferson campaign against each other, Season 2 Episode 10, “First Ladies,” where Edith Wilson runs the country after Woodrow


In My Not-So-Medical Opinion: Medical Knowledge from Someone Who’s Definitely NOT a Doctor

by: Andrew McDilda, staff writer

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor; I am not a science major or even good at math. I’m actually as far from being scientifically inclined as humanly possible, so most of what I have to say about medicine means nothing. Now, let’s move on. Let’s start with a simple exercise. Picture the word “Trump.” Do you see red, or how about blue? I’m not talking politics (for once). I’m talking about synesthesia. This is the story all about how I found out I apparently have synesthesia and how not everybody else does. What is “synesthesia?” Synesthesia is an odd and rare blending of the senses (sight, hearing, taste) in which the stimulation of one type triggers a predictable and reproducible effect in another type, according to wikiHow. For example, someone with synesthesia can hear colors, feel sounds and taste shapes. I personally “see” words in my head (I’m not crazy) and as I do, each word has an assigned color of its own. Certain words are much more vibrant than others, such as days of the week, months and even numbers. How does one discover they have synesthesia? Speaking from personal experience of course, I did not learn about synesthesia until I was ridiculed for telling someone that “Monday” is literally blue. When I was questioned again, I explained that blue is the color that I see the word “Monday” in. Well, to someone who doesn’t have synesthesia, that’s apparently pretty weird, so I decided to do some investigating. How common is synesthesia? According to Web MD, as many as one in 200 U.S. adults may have synesthesia, making it a pretty common occurrence. According to a study done in the U.K., however, as few as one in 100,000 may


February 15, 2017

have it. I’m not a math major or a scientist, but those numbers don’t quite add up to me… unless evolution decided to make Americans “synesthetes” (the actual term for those who have this condition). What causes synesthesia? Scientists believe synesthesia is caused by either an unusual crosswiring in the brain and/or more neural connections than other people without the condition. It is also believed that all individuals may be born with synesthesia, however, as an individual matures, the neurological connections in one’s brain become more segmented and the person loses the condition, generalizing them into society and stripping them of any individuality. All of that may not be true, of course. Some cool facts about synesthesia (are you tired of saying the word “synesthesia” yet?): 1. Researchers believe that people with synesthesia more commonly than not possess higher intelligence. 2. Synesthesia appears to be hereditary, transferred through the X chromosome. If someone in your immediate family has it, you are 40% more likely to have it yourself (shout-out to Alex McDilda). 3. Women are eight-times more likely to have synesthesia than men. This is according to the same study as in the U.K. that reported as few as one in 100,000 may have it. 4. No two people with synesthesia have the same exact condition. If I see Mondays as blue, you may see Mondays as blue, however you won’t see every word in the same color as me. So… What color is “Trump?” Well, no pun intended, but to me, “Trump” is orange. Keep in mind that synesthesia is considered a rare neurological “disorder” (I think it’s cool as hell) and if you think you have it, you may want to consider speaking to your doctor. Photo courtesy of

by: Christian Hoeger, staff writer


Rants & Raves The powers at our lovely Encounter have somehow deemed it okay for me to have my very own commentary section starting with this issue. Anyone who knows me knows I will rant and rave about anything and everything I feel, even if I have only the slightest emotion towards the subject. With that being said, I must also remember we are a family-friendly publication and I must contain some of my more controversial comments and emotions. Therefore, I have decided the theme for this article and all future commentary pieces will be simple: “Don’t Get Fired.” Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get to the important stuff.

something worthwhile with the basic foundation of the dog filter of condiments. When interviewed about the backlash against ketchup by Chicagoans by the Chicago Tribune, Bill Savage, a professor of Chicago Literature at Northwestern University, gave my favorite quote about barbecue sauce and ketchup when he stated, “Barbecue sauce is just ketchup with a Ph.D.” Condiments deserve to be so much more and the greatness of barbecue sauce really shows how useless ketchup is as a whole.

I dislike Henry J. Heinz. Historical accounts point out that he was a quality human being and treated his workers fairly while building a successful business that still runs to this day. I do not dislike him because he is a third cousin of President Trump, no; I dislike him because he is almost solely responsible for the creation and popularity of the modern condiment: ketchup.


In parting, grow up people, use a real condiment and add something worthwhile to your next meal.

In the beginning, ketchup could refer to any number of sauces made from various ingredients (like mushrooms), but Americans decided to take a versatile and interesting concept and simplify it to a bland mix of tomatoes, vinegar and some spices. This is where I should mention, ketchup is without a doubt the most OVERRATED condiment of all time. Between the rise of the burger joint and the dumbing down of the American taste palate, this sweetened version of tomato paste became an acceptable part of food culture here at home. Ketchup brings nothing extra to a dish, and that is what I argue a good condiment should do. If it’s there just to be there, what is the point? I have two major points to help back me up in this crusade to end the reign of ketchup. My first point is that the unarguable best way to eat a hotdog, “Chicago style,” has very specific rules to not include ketchup in any capacity. This reaches all the way to the top though, as National Hot Dog and Sausage Council president Janet Riley once said that people “have to grow up sometime” and stop putting ketchup on hot dogs. Your parent or guardian put ketchup on your hot dog or other dish because it’s made with sugar and we are naturally pulled towards sugary things at a young age. So basically, dear reader who’s reading these words and thinking “but I love ketchup,” you are a child. Plain and simple. The second major point comes from a close relative of ketchup, barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce is generally made the same way as tomato ketchup except some culinary genius decided to make Photo courtesy of


#OneGoal: A Look at the Blackhawks Season Thus Far by: James Thorpe, Sports Editor

As the world outside begins to warm up around February and March, things on the ice inside of the United Center are heating up as well. The Chicago Blackhawks are in a tight race for the NHL Western Conference Central Division with the Minnesota Wild. The Blackhawks are ultimately looking to win another championship at the end of the season and the Chicago team is headed into the all-star break with a 30-16-5 record. The team was looking to use the break as a time to rest and recover for the remainder of the season, although four Blackhawks did make the all-star team: forwards Patrick Kane (15 goals/ 34 assists/ 49 points) and Jonathon Toews (9 goals/ 19 assists/ 28 points), defenseman Duncan Keith (4 goals/ 29 assists/ 33 points) and goalie Corey Crawford (18-11/ 2.57 Goals Against Average/ .918 save percentage).

break activities used the break as a way to recover and prepare their bodies for the playoff push. One player who took the all-star break in from the comfort of his own home was second-year forward Artemi Panarin, who has been on fire this year. He has played in 51 games before the hiatus and amassed an impressive 17 goals, 27 assists and 44 points. Artemi Panarin has been active for the Blackhawks off the ice, as he and teammate Brian Campbell, have started their own comedy web series called “Soup and a Sandwich” which had two episodes released before the all-star break. Panarin has been compared to his teammate not only in his appearance but also in how effective and lethal he is when he is on the ice. They both are extremely talented players who came into their own as youngsters and can change a match the moment they set foot on the ice.

The Blackhawks went into the all-star break trailing Minnesota by four points, but Minnesota had three games in hand before January 31’s All-Star Game. The Blackhawks that did not participate in all-star

Three Blackhawks forwards (Kane, Toews and Panarin) have amassed a combined total of 41 goals, 80 assists and 121 points


February 15, 2017


before the all-star break. Artem Anisimov (18 goals, 16 assists and 34 points) and Marian Hossa (18 goals, 12 assists and 30 points) also contribute up front for the Hawks. There are only a select few teams in the NHL that, going into the all-star break, have as lethal scoring threats combination up front as the Blackhawks with the Pittsburgh Penguins coming as one of the top rivals thanks to the work of Sidney Crosby (28 goals/ 27 assists/ 55 points), Evgeni Malkin (22 goals/ 32 assists/ 54 points) and Phil Kessel (15 goals/ 31 assists/ 46 points). The Blackhawks went into the all-star break on a dip in form but have come out of the break rested and recuperated and are ready to make another challenge for a championship. The Chicagoland area is ready to support the team to another trip to the Promised Land and another Stanley Cup.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

A Cubs and Sox Season Preview by: James Thorpe, Sports Editor

As we begin to say goodbye to winter 2016, we are looking forward to spring 2017 and sports fans know what that means: baseball. Spring Training garners more excitement for some Americans than Christmas or their own birthdays. This is especially true for the fans of the Cubs, who finally ended their 108-year drought for a World Series crown last November when, in case you haven’t heard, they won in dramatic fashion in Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians. The Cubs are now coming into the season as the team to beat and will be playing with a target on their backs. They have a lot of the same team members from last year but have lost a few key pieces from last year’s team. The big loss in the outfield was Dexter Fowler (.276 BA/ 13 HR/ 48 RBIs) who has signed with the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs lost two pitchers as well: left-handed closer Aroldis Chapman (1-1/ 1.01 ERA/ 16 Saves) left for the New York Yankees on a five-year $86 million deal and starting right-handed-pitcher Jason Hammel (15-10/ 3.83 ERA/ 166.2 Innings Pitched) who is currently a free agent. Another face that will be missed on the field for the Cubs is catcher David Ross (.229 BA/ 10 HR/ 32 RBIs). Ross retired after last season’s World Series win. The Cubs did bring in a couple of players to help fill the void, with Jon Jay (.291 BA/ 2 HR/ 26 RBIs) being the sole position player brought in and three pitchers joining the team.

Notable Arrivals RHP Wade Davis CF Jon Jay RHP Koji Uehara LHP Brian Duensing LHP Caleb Smith

45 G, 27/30 SV, 1.87 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 16 BB, 47 K, 43.1 IP 374 PA, .291/.339/.389, 26 2B, 2 HR, 26 RBI, 49 R, 2 SB 50 G, 18 HLD, 3.45 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, 11 BB, 63 K, 47.0 IP 14 G, 1-0, 4.05 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 3 BB, 10 K, 13.1 IP 27 G, 3-5, 3 SV, 3.96 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 20 BB, 70 K, 63.2 IP

Notable Departures CF Dexter Fowler 551 LHP Aroldis Chapman RHP Jason Hammel C David Ross OF Jorge Soler LHP Travis Wood RHP Trevor Cahill RHP Joe Smith OF Chris Coghlan


PA, .276/.393/.447, 25 2B, 13 HR, 48 RBI, 84 R, 13 SB 59 G, 36/39 SV, 1.55 ERA, 0.86 WHIP, 18 BB, 90 K, 58.0 IP 30 GS, 15-10, 3.83 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 53 BB, 144 K, 166.2 IP 205 PA, .229/.338/.446, 6 2B, 10 HR, 32 RBI, 24 R 264 PA, .238/.333/.436, 9 2B, 12 HR, 31 RBI, 37 R 77 G, 12 HLD, 2.95 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 24 BB, 47 K, 61.0 IP 50 G, 4 HLD, 2.74 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, 35 BB, 66 K, 65.2 IP 54 G, 7 HLD, 3.46 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 18 BB, 40 K, 52.0 IP 128 PA, .252/.391/.388, 7 2B, 1 HR, 16 RBI, 21 R, 1 SB

February 15, 2017

Sports On the Southside, the mood looks a bit like a downward pointing arrow as the White Sox (78-84) get used to their new stadium name and seek to rebuild for the future this season. Under the helm of new manager, Rick Renteria, they look to improve on what was a season defined by Chris Sale’s dislike of retro uniforms and not the play of the team. The team is looking to improve upon last year’s failures and hopes to compete in the American League for a playoff spot. The players expected to lead the team are leftfielder Melky Cabrera (.296 BA/14 HR/ 86 RBIs), first-baseman Jose Abreu (.293 BA/ 25 HR/ 100 RBIs) and third-baseman Todd Frazier (.225 BA/ 40 HR/ 98 RBIs). Jose Quintana (13-12/ 3.20 ERA/208 IP) looks set to be the ace for the White Sox after Chris Sale’s offseason departure to Boston. The White Sox have acquired six players that have been named to MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 Prospects. The team hopes to rain on the Cubs’ championship parade this year as the teams play two games at home and two games at Wrigley, July 24-27, during the Crosstown Cup series.

Notable Arrivals RHP Lucas Giolito RHP Reynaldo Lopez RHP Dane Dunning RHP Michael Kopech RHP Victor Diaz INF Yoan Moncada OF Luis Alexander Basabe

#12 prospect on the Top 100 Prospect List for #46 prospect on the Top 100 Prospect List for #10 prospect currently in the White Sox organization #16 prospect on the Top 100 Prospect List for Previous top prospect in MLB #2 prospect on the Top 100 Prospect List for (#9 prospect currently in the White Sox organization)

Notable Departures RHP Chris Sale OF Adam Eaton

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32 G, 17-10, 3.34 ERA, 1.037 WHIP, 45 BB, 233 K, 226.2 IP 619 PA, .284/.362/.428, 29 2B, 14 HR, 59 RBI, 91 R


Athletic Profile USF was starting a bowling program and was looking for bowlers to recruit. Once meeting with a counselor at USF, Sara learned of the Communication and Media Arts department, which was the field that she had wanted to go into. She knew that because of the new bowling program and the communication department, USF was the perfect fit for her. She will be graduating in May with Cum Laude honors and her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Arts with a concentration in Media Arts and Broadcasting, or MAB. (Her communication friends literally call her “MAB.”) Ever since she was four-years-old, Sara has been in the bowling alley; she’s been bowling for about 19 years now. Her mom put her and her siblings into bowling leagues when they were young. She started bowling competitively when she was 16 and her high school had started an inaugural bowling program. Just like in high school, Sara is also a part of USF’s inaugural bowling program. While Sara admits that it isn’t easy to juggle academics, bowling and her job at a bowling alley – where she works 20 hours a week – she manages to stay organized and keep her grades up. Sara’s secret to organizing all her responsibilities is to write to-do lists and she does her homework as soon as she can. She also always brings her homework with her whenever she travels to a tournament. Sara practices with her team three times a week where she works on honing in on her skills as well as learning how to improve her mental game. She also practices at her Friday night league with her personal coach to make herself the best bowler she can be. Sara believes that the most difficult aspect of bowling is moving from lane to lane after each game. She says that you never know how each pair of lanes will differ after the oil pattern has been bowled on by other teams.

Sara Michalowicz by: Katie Nork, Print Assistant Editor Sara Michalowicz came to the University of St. Francis in the fall of 2013 from Bloomingdale, Illinois. Sara is a graduate of Glenbard East High School where she was the team captain of the girl’s bowling team and a three-time All-Conference medalist. Sara chose to come to USF because a friend of hers told her that


February 15, 2017

When asked what her favorite part about being on the bowling team at USF is, Sara noted the lifelong friends and memories she has made. She says that she and her teammates always have fun when they’re at tournaments and she likes to be able to share her passion with others. Her favorite memory with her team is from her sophomore year when the team placed third at both the NAIA Nationals and the Intercollegiate Team Championship Nationals, at which time the team was only in its second year as a program. The team’s goal this year is to win the national tournament. “Thank you to those who have supported us unconditionally from day one when we began this program three and a half years ago.” Sara said in her final reflective thoughts. “It has been one heck of a ride but I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to bowl collegiately and that we were able to succeed in the ways that we have as such a young program.”

Jeffry Nichols by: Sara Michalowicz, News Editor Jeffry Nichols came to the University of St. Francis in 2013 from Tinley Park, Illinois. He has been bowling since he was very young and realized he could excel in the sport when he was 14. He then began to take it more seriously as he started at Tinley Park High School and went on to be a three-year letter winner, two-year captain and the MVP during his senior season. In addition, Jeff earned All-South Suburban Conference accolades in each of his final three seasons as a Titan and was conference champion in 2011-12. Although Jeff chose USF mainly for bowling, he has grown to love the family atmosphere and small class sizes the university offers. It has given him the opportunity to connect with his professors and get the one-on-one help and advice to better himself for life after college. Jeff will graduate this May with a double-major in Marketing and Transportation & Logistics Management.

put together in the next few months. This team is full of the best talent the men’s team has had thus far in program history and it is also the final year for those who were part of the inaugural team when it first began in 2013.


Women’s and Men’s Bowling After graduation, Jeff is excited to be going on the International Business Trip to Ireland just three days after the commencement ceremony. When it comes to a career, Jeff has prepared himself enough in his four years here and is well-rounded that he has a few different paths to choose from and look into. When asked for his final thought, Jeff said, “to my team, thanks for being my second family. Love ya fam! To my coach, thanks for the opportunity to get an education and continue to bowl at the next level. I am truly grateful for everything. Finally, St. Franny…Thanks for the four years of fun, it has been a blast!”

In his time at USF, Jeff has given his free time to clubs and organizations around campus. He is currently the president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), he is a Saints Ambassador and a distinguished leader in the Student Alumni Association. When it comes to bowling, Jeff explained that it “is so much deeper than a lot of people think it is.” It can be difficult to remain consistent when equipment, oil patterns, bowling centers and your competitors all play a part in the difficult challenges faced at each tournament. To prepare himself for these challenges, he works hardest at making improvements to his mental game. Although there is always something to work on physically, the mental game is often much more difficult to improve. Jeff ’s favorite part about being on the team here is how close the team is and the lifelong friends that he has made through the program. He explained that he likes “how all the team shares passion for each other’s successes.” Jeff stated that he has always performed better in a team setting and that’s ultimately what brought him to bowl collegiately. The seven guys he has on the lanes with him at tournaments are his biggest motivation to do the best he can as well as the drive to prove to himself that he can succeed. This season, the men’s team shares one common goal: to be national champions. Jeff is very excited to see what the team can Photos courtesy of USF Athletics


USF Winter Sports Review by: James Thorpe, Sports Editor

The University of St. Francis winter sports teams have been hard at work this summer and it is paying off in their performances this winter. The USF Women’s Basketball team is currently ranked no. 1 in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Division 2 (D2) rankings with an undefeated (24-0) record which includes wins against the then no. 3 St. Xavier (80-70), no. 7 Davenport (68-56), no. 14 Purdue Northwest (80-67), no. 16 Cardinal Stritch (63-56) and no. 23 Olivet Nazarene (109-91). The Lady Saints average 78.9 points per game while holding opponents to on average only 59.0 points per game. The Lady Saints shoot 44.1% from the field but shoot 36.5% from behind the arc. Sixth man Kaitlyn Aylward leads the team shooting 61% from the field and Nicole Davidson is just behind her with a 56.3% field goal percentage. The Lady Saints look to clinch a regular season Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) South Division championship as they currently sit atop the standings at 15-0 in conference play but both no. 15 Purdue Northwest (12-2) and no. 24 Olivet Nazarene (10-4) are close behind the leaders. The Lady Saints are looking to clinch a conference championship and move on to the NAIA national tournament for a second year running. They want to go into the tournament with confidence and are one of the favorites to walk away with a national championship.

started out the season going 1-3 in their first five games including a loss to the then no. 8 Cornerstone. The Saints have bounced back though, going 14-6 since November 27 and will be looking to keeping the wheels moving in the right direction as they currently sit atop the CCAC South Division standings with a 9-6 record. Purdue Northwest (8-6) and Holy Cross (8-7) are both close behind the Saints. The Saints are averaging 81.5 points per game and are holding opponents to 78.7 points per game. They are shooting 45.1% from the field and are led by Dusko Despot who is shooting 61.6% from the floor and Iain Morison who is shooting 56.3% from the field. Dusko Despot has been shooting 45.5% from behind the arc (5-11 3PT made) but Jojo Ballestero is close behind with 41.1% from treyball-land (67-163 3PT made). The Saints look to finish the season on a strong note and try to claim a CCAC tournament title, which would see them return to the NAIA national tournament for a third year running.

The University of St. Francis bowling teams have been in action since October 1 and will compete in 10 total regular season tournaments over the course of the season. The Saints also compete in USBC Intercollegiate Team Sectionals March 11-12, if they place in the top four, they will advance to the USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships April 19-22. Both the men’s and women’s The University of St. Francis Men’s Basketball team teams are getting ready for a run at a national championship (17-9) will be looking to keep its momentum going after at the NAIA Invitational Team Championships March 31 bouncing back from a slow start this season. The Saints – April 1.


February 15, 2017

Sports Women’s Basketball




February 2017