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The Y-Frame combines innovative design with state-of-the-art construction to produce

light, is incredibly strong. The adaptable load bed allows for

numerous possibilities. Durable folding boxes, heavy-duty waterproof bags

and lockable aluminum boxes

are our three standard options,

but this versatile trailer will accept

a wide range of commercial containers.

The Y-Frame also comes with a range

of options to make life easier. Hand cart handles or longer tow

arms increase the

flexibility of use.

Y-Frame large: this big beauty, with its huge 90 kg load capacity, makes life more “car-free” than before

The simple aluminium frame, although very

Y-Frame small: small but perfectly formed, the 45 kg load capacity makes light work of even the heaviest load

one of the most flexible bike trailers you can buy.

Add to this the benefits of

easy storage (the wheels and handle “Quick-release” in seconds), what you have is one of the most affordable, versatile trailers on the market today.

Y choose any other? Carry surfboards, kayaks, dogs, beer, beds, shopping, flowers, lawnmowers, film cameras, folded bikes, suitcases & lots more


Y frame promo1

Y frame promo1