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University of South Carolina Beaufort Request to Reserve Student Lounge, Sandstone Building, Beaufort Student Lounge, Hargray Building, Bluffton The student lounge is reserved for student use whenever the building is officially open. Students have full use of all kitchen equipment and vending machines. Users of the facility are also expected to utilize the trash and recycling receptacles placed within the facility. The lounge is also available for scheduling club and organization meetings and/or programs during the academic year and summer term(s). To schedule the room, this form should be completed and submitted. Organization Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Contact Person: ____________________________________________ Home Phone:___________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Activity Title: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date(s) requested: _______________________________________________________________________________ Time requested (including set-up time): _______________________________________________________________ Description of Event:______________________________________________________________________________ _ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Will food be served?: Yes________



If yes, please indicate the name of the person responsibly for cleanup: ________________________________________ Special Needs: ___________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________





This information should be submitted a minimum of one week in advance of the event. Allow two days for a response. The contact person will be contacted regarding the request. When a reservation has been approved for a student organization, a sign will be posted on the doors of the lounge the morning of the reservation, noting when the lounge has been reserved for this event.

Please return completed form to: USCB Student Life Office * 115 Hargray * One University Blvd * Bluffton, SC 29909 Phone: 843.208.8115 Fax: 843.208.8290 Email:

Student Lounge Reservation Form

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last update 8/24/2005