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Sept. 2013

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Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

Drugs by Gender: Who Uses More? The 2013 Tidal Tribune is Tyler Cobb, Brackin Lambert, Annastacia Harsh, Samantha O’Donnell, Cameron Thomas, Jessica Taylor, LeAndrea Nienke Taylor Johnson, Amanda Lane, Jason Benninger, Bailey Schorr, Derek Dewosky, Poppy Miller, Caroline Thee, Ja’Keris K. Porter Faculty Advisor: James A. Duffy Questions, Comments, and Story Proposals for the Tidal Tribune can be sent to the Editorial Staff at:

- Ja’Keris K Porter, Columnist LSD. Marijuana. Alcohol. MDMA (Molly). Even Adderall. The presence of drugs in collegiate life is a bit of an open secret. Rules prohibit them, but everyone knows they are there. According to the National Survey on Drug Use in 2012, about one quarter (24.9 percent) of male full-time college students aged 18 to 22 were current users of illicit drugs. Also reported by the NSDU, was that 19.4 percent of female full-time college students between the ages of 18 to 22 used illicit drugs. It is worth noting, however, that in males these percentages dropped from 25.8% in 2011 for males, where the rates for females

rose from 18.9%. So that begs the question of whether men or women abuse drugs more? The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that, “Men are more than likely to have the opportunity to use drugs, but men and women given an opportunity to use drugs for the first time are equally likely to do so.”

men to every woman.” he continued with, “In the past few decades, we’ve seen the same trend with prescription drugs. Although men still fall victim to prescription drug overdose more often, the number of women losing their lives to prescription drug overdose rose 400 percent between 1999 and 2010 (compared to 250 percent for men).”

Board certified addiction psychiatrist David Sack reported on The Blog that, “Decades ago, addiction was thought of as primarily a man’s disease. Alcoholism, for example, affected roughly five men for every women in the 1980s. Despite the fact that women are twice as likely to die from alcoholism, by 2002 the ratio had shifted to 2.5

Even here on the USCB campus the change is felt. According to records kept by DPS, the percentage for underage drinking on campus is split at a shocking 50 percent between male and female offenses. Compare this to last year’s statistic where 60 percent of males and 40 percent of females were charged with alcohol violations

Annastacia at Large: Sparks in Savannah - Annastacia Harsh, Nicholas Sparks, the author of eleven best-selling novels which include: The Notebook, The Last Song, Dear John, and Safe Haven will be stopping in Savannah as part his 2013 book tour. Sparks will beat the Trustees Theater on October 8, 2013 at six pm to discuss his latest novel The Longest Ride, in stores September 17, 2013, and to take part in a meet and greet session. While, Nicholas Sparks will not be signing copies of his novel at the event, there will be pre- signed copies available for purchase at the theater on the day of the event which will allow for individuals to greet Mr. Sparks after the initial discussion. Tickets for this event are on sale online or by phone through the Savannah Box Office for $10.00

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

In Memoriam Dr. William Hurt

In the week before classes started this fall, USCB lost a member of our family as Dr. William “Bill” Hurt passed away. The announcement was greeted with shock and surprise, as most of the faculty staff and students had been gone for the summer, and many were unaware that his health was at risk. Bill announced that he would be unable to teach in the fall, but had been planning to resume his teaching schedule in the spring. Optimism, to say the least, was Bill’s specialty. Dr. Hurt, while well-liked and popular among both students and faculty, was very private about

his personal life, and his passing took many of us here at USCB by surprise. His thoughts on media and the development of on-campus media inspired many who spoke to and worked with him. While he often spoke of what we can do as members of our community, he rarely spoke of what he had, somewhat spectacularly, already done. Dr. Hurt served the State of Missouri in the Division of Human Services and the Missouri Court of Appeals, as well as the Missouri Bar Association. He would then go on to serve our country as an International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce, service for which he earned the U.S. Commerce Gold Medal Award

for expanding the U.S. health trade industry and investment in Russia. Here at the University, Dr. Hurt taught speech and media studies courses to hundreds of students in the early days of the Hilton Head Gateway campus’ development, and served as the Faculty Advisor for the Republican Student’s Club, which began with only 2 members in 2009. He would have been moved by the outpouring of grief and memorials posted and tweeted by his former students to their various social media outlets.

Dr. Marshall Kremers Dr. Kremers had retired as Associate Professor of English at New York Institute of Technology before he moved to Bluffton and got involved at USCB around the year 2000. He taught many classes here, and he taught many of your professors at USCB how to use Blackboard (and taught us a lot about many things). He was everywhere engaged. We have missed him and will continue to miss him, and we are so grateful that he chose to share so much of his humor and passion for life and writing with us.

Here at USCB Marshall worked to drag some of us kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, as he pioneered the way for other educators in the field of Distance Learning, developing uses for existing online tools that could be adapted for coursework for the first year student, as well as for our graduating seniors. Where Marshall taught courses that revolved around the technical issues of composition, his ideas transcended the machine, focusing on style and grace, rather than keyboard and monitor.

Marshall is survived by his loving wife of twenty-five years, Paula Kremers, daughter Molly Kremers Williams (husband, Jeffrey), son Benjamin Montgomery Kremers, twin sister Margery (husband, John), brothers David (wife, Vicki) and Robert (wife, Maureen), grandchildren Kathleen Yates Williams and Tanner Benjamin Williams, stepson William Wagner, stepdaughters Susan Wagner and Wendy Bouse (husband, Cornell), and stepgrandchildren Clint Van Nostrand Bouse, Bridgette Elizabeth Bouse and Nicole Rae Bouse.

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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On the Road with Kappa Sigma - Contributed by: C. Salmeron

Sept 2013

Sigma Tau Delta - Alyse Bingham, Special Writer The 3rd Annual Induction for Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Sigma Sigma chapter will be held Thursday October 3 at 6pm in the Hargray Lobby. We will have nine new members joining us: Nicole Kustak, Maria Negron, David Goff, Maribeth Stone, Charles Johnson, Rob Hammet, Adam Carter, Victoria Hilton and Sarah Doty.

A group of men who are determined to bring USCB its first Fraternity has begun a movement that will be impossible to bring down. These men want to change the negative stereotype people have about fraternities and give the campus a spark it has been missing since expanding to the South campus. A fraternity at USCB can have a ripple effect that will inspire women to bring the very first sorority to campus. The modern day Kappa Sigma (KΣ) Fraternity was established at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869; but this was only the founding of the fraternity in the United States. Kappa Sigma’s original founding was in 1400 at the University of Bologna in Italy and ever since then fellowship, scholarship, and leadership have been some of the main principles which guide the lives of KΣ’s brothers and friends.

KΣ also encourages all brothers to serve both the university as well as the general community. Some of the benefits universities gain from having fraternities and sororities on campus is that they encourage students to excel academically, as well as promote students’ involvement within the community, and also facilitate the process of networking. According to the National Greek Life statistics, nearly 76% of congressmen and senators belong to a fraternity, so KΣ diligently promotes the development of leadership and character among the brothers. There are plenty of renown brothers but to mention a few Craig Barrett, the former CEO of Intel Corp who gave an endowment of $10 million to Arizona State University; Dr. Denton Cooley, famous for the first implantation of an artificial heart and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom; and Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

These are a few of the countless KΣ brothers that have made an impact in their communities. Another major commitment all KΣ chapters have made is the one to the Military Heroes Campaign, where each chapter will donate $1500 to this cause. Unfortunately, over the past few years many fraternities and sororities have received mass media attention due to their hazing practices. Although hazing is prohibited in all fraternities and sororities, it happens in a small percentage of groups. The image of Greek Life has been shattered because the media only shows the negativity that occasional fraternities or sororities commit. However, the benefits of Greek Life outweigh the small negative outliers. --Cristian Salmeron (Jonathan Ballo contributed to this article. )

Sigma Tau Delta is an international Honors Society comprised of those who have earned a 3.0 GPA overall as well as a 3.0 in English courses. They have completed at least three or more semesters of college work and have declared English as a major or minor. Sigma Tau Delta was founded in 1924 at Dakota Wesleyan University, and is focused on contributing to the scholarly community, local service to enrich the community as a whole, and social events for those on campus. In the past, our local Alpha Sigma Sigma chapter has volunteered at Literacy Volunteers of the Lowcountry as well as holding a book drive for donations to the local Boys and Girls Club. We look forward to welcoming our new members and would be honored if you’d join us in congratulating them! For more information about events Sigma Tau Delta will be hosting, see Taylor Johnson’s article on Page 10: “Sigma Tau Delta Meets ‘The Great Gatsby”

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

Take Off Your Hats for Cranford What comes to mind when you hear the words “Lowcountry Stomp”? Cranford & Sons, soon to be “Cranford Hollow”, of course! John Cranford (Vocals and Guitar), Eric Reid (Fiddle, Banjo, and occasionally guitar), Phillip Sirmans (Bass), and Julius DeAngelis (Drums) will surely have you stompin’ away. And, with their unique sound and attire, how could you not come back for more? I was recently able to speak with John Cranford on the future of the band that is quickly acquiring fans all across the southeast. Q: When was Cranford & Sons formed?

Cranford: Cranford and Sons was formed in September of 2011. Q: What are you currently most excited about for the future of the band? Cranford: The biggest thing we are excited about is the direction the band and the music are going both artistically and professionally. The “Hollow” record is a new place sonically for us and is a different venture from what we have been doing, while maintain some of our original sound. And professionally I like where we are with the venues we play at all over the southeast

and the distance we cover, including our tour to Colorado this December. Q: Are there any addition local musicians on your upcoming record, “Cranford Hollow”? Cranford: There were many additional musicians who played on the new record including: Martin Lesch, John Wilkins, Scott Evans, John Sturm, Chris Russell and our good buddies John Ruxton and Jesse Watkins (Treble Jay). Angie Aparo and I also did a track together called “Closer”, which is a pretty big departure from the original Cranford & Sons sound.

Q: What are the best ways fans can stay in touch with the band? Cranford: Visiting Facebook page and coming to our shows. Q: Is there any additional information you would like readers to know? Cranford: The “Cranford Hollow” CD release party is October 25th at Riptides on Hilton Head Island. Upcoming Shows: Friday, October 11, 2013 @ 7:30 PM, Charleston Music Hall Friday, October 25, 2013 “Cranford Hollow” CD Release Party, Riptides, Hilton Head Island,

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

Professor Profile: Edward D’Antonio - Jessica Taylor, Columnist This fall semester, our pleasant campus welcomes two new additions to our faculty and staff, husband and wife Dr. Edward and Dr. Jennifer D’Antonio, Ph.D. Both are settling into the Natural Sciences Department. I spoke and emailed Dr. Edward D'Antonio to get a closer look into the life of one of our new professors. My first question was what courses Dr. D'Antonio would be teaching and he stated that this semester he will be instructing a General Chemistry laboratory and is supervising two students in his research. Being new to the campus I wanted to ask him a few questions of what he thought of our campus. When asked he said that “USCB in Bluffton is a small campus that is definitely scholarly. The students are very respectful, hard working, enjoyable to teach, and intelligent. My colleagues are highly motivated, intelligent, friendly, collaborative, and enjoyable to be around. It makes a great environment to be productive. Also, as a researcher, it is critically important to have a good library. Our library is an excellent facility because we have instant access to many journal articles online, which is not always the case at principally undergraduate institutions.” It is flattering to know that our campus is admired and appreciated by new-comers and will inspire us to continue forward with excellence. I then asked what encouraged Dr. D’Antonio to work at USCB, he stated that the campus has excellent facilities both in the classroom and in the research laboratories and was also impressed

with the faculty. Being a published and well known researcher in his field, this was indeed a compliment to our facility. Both professors have research published in Biochemistry, molecular biology, and biophysical chemistry involving “Functional Consequences of the Creation of an Asp-His-Fe Triad in 2 3/3 Globin”,”Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Investigations of Dehaloperoxidase B fromAmphitrite ornata”, and many more. Dr. Ed. D'Antonio has also done intensive and excellent research in X-Ray Crystallography to Explore Structure-Assisted Drug Discovery which just recently he spoke at one of our USCB seminars on September 19th as a guest speaker. This is not his first time speaking publicly, he has also spoken as a guest speaker in Fall 2009 at Millersville University on “Mutagenic Engineering of Peroxidase Function into the Hemoglobin Dehaloperoxidase from Amphitrite ornata.” Since Dr. Ed. D'Antonio is a seasoned veteran in the Natural Sciences I was curious in knowing how it all started. I asked what got him interested in the Natural Sciences and he said that it started all the way back from elementary school; his passion for chemistry and biochemistry started when he reached college even though his first chemistry course was taught in the tenth grade of high school. I wanted to ask some basic information so that I could better understand his background and learned that he is originally from King of Prussia, PA. He also received his B.S. in Chemistry with a Biochemistry Concentration at Millersville University.

He then received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC) in 2010. With this impressive amount of education and degrees the question on my mind was where did he go next? After he received his Ph.D. from NC State, he immediately started working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania in the department of chemistry. There he worked on the X-ray crystallography of metalloenzymes implicated in disease. In the Spring of 2013 he was an adjunct professor, in which he taught General Chemistry at Gloucester County College in Sewell, NJ. With such an impressive resume I wanted to know how his current work down south in our lowcountry college compared to his previous employments. He stated in terms of the research component, it compares well to my postdoctoral term at Penn because he has made his laboratory similar. With respect to the teaching component, this position will be an advance from the community college level because community colleges are typically two-year degree granting institutions that do not offer Biochemistry in their curricula. Biochemistry is generally given in year-three so he said that he is looking forward in teaching this. He also said that he was interested in teaching other upper-level courses. Having the opinion of our campus from the Mr. I wanted to know the opinion of the Mrs. I asked what Dr. Ed. D'Antonio thought Dr. Jennifer D'Antonio thought of her time so far here.Apparently she loves teaching chemistry at USCB and she enjoys using the excellent teaching resources.

Dr. E. D’Antonio She is overall impressed with our academic environment. With both professors excelling in their fields at our new campus I wanted to know what would make this a successful year for them. Having publication that reveals the X-ray crystal structure of a neglected disease enzymetarget complexed with a new drug candidate that was thought about in lab would be a mark of accomplishment for the year. Also sending one of his students to a national conference on tropical diseases to present a research poster and then having a student win a Magellan Scholar award would make this a very successful year in his career. What are his goals for the future? He plans to become an accomplished independent investigator in his research and to inspire students to continue their education in graduate school or medical school so that they can become excellent scientists or doctors that study and work on solutions to diseases. Speaking with our new mentors I can confirm that we are in great, educated hands.

Fall 2013 Issue 1

Sept 2013


GET YOUR FIN ON! 2013 Homecoming is Here - From Staff Reports Homecoming is a time where former students of the University of South Carolina Beaufort come home and reminisce about their time here as sand sharks. It is also a time where current students of USCB can release the school spirit that’s burning inside them by participating in various events and fun activities. Seeing as, fun activities and group nostalgia are liked by many, Homecoming tends to be well-enjoyed by everyone involved. This year’s Homecoming will be taking place between Monday, September 30th, and Saturday, October 5th. Each day will have its own events and activities and Homecoming itself, will have the theme, “Get Your Fin On”. Mania and Spirit Items: Homecoming Mania will begin with Manic Monday on September 30th. On Manic Monday, there will be a “Shark Crew” roaming campus, and if students are seen wearing sand shark gear by the Shark Crew, they will win a special spirit item. So wear some sand shark stuff, why on earth would you say, “no” to a spirit item? Banners! Tons of Freaking Banners! The second day of Homecoming will see a Banner Competition. Competitors will decorate their banners with the theme of, “Get Your Fin On” and the students whose banner is best or most creative, will be the victors. The banners will be hung from trees in the quad; it’s expected to be awesome.

Competitors will not have to bring their own sheets, sheets will be provided. We promise. Prepare the Halls. On Wednesday, October 2nd, students and faculty will decorate the entire campus during the “Deck the Halls” competition in hopes that USCB’s campus will become visible from space. Those with the best decorated offices, departments and spaces will receive prizes and fairly creative trophies. Last year’s theme of, “Catch the Fever” saw many posters and decorations that featured anything catchable, ranging from actual fevers, to Pokemon from the Anime Club to, fish – and very spirited fish at that. A Day of Kickball, Chili and Cans Thursday, October 3rd will see the third annual Kickball Kick-Off game between the students and the faculty. It has been made apparent in past games, that Gen-X and the Baby-Boomers have some sort of knack for Kickball, as the faculty has never lost this event and certainly aren’t planning on it this year. They’re like animals. But students should not despair, as the urge to defeat the old and wise at literally everything is a powerful one indeed. The winning team will receive bragging rights, and the losing team will receive a big, hot cup of nothing, plus a pie in their captain’s face.

Banner Competition

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

And a Really Big (FREE) Show - Continued from previous If you are looking for a spirited activity less dangerous and violent than the student-faculty kickball game, you may want to check out the event, “CAN-struction”. In this activity, competitors will bring canned goods and create frighteningly-elaborate constructions with them. In the end, all cans will be donated to the Child Abuse Prevention Fund. There will also be a Chili Cook-Off that will be taking place on Thursday as well. For a measly $2, you too can revel in delicious chili that was made with the sole purpose of being better than everyone else’s chili. You can also test the chili if you bring a canned good to be donated, and in all honesty, would you rather have canned tomato soup, or competition chili? College Shirt Swap Do you not have any USCB attire? Do you have a shirt from a different college that isn’t USCB and you don’t see the point of having it anymore because you don’t go there? Well if, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Friday, October 4th, you are seen on campus wearing a shirt from some other college, USCB will swap that shirt for a new sand shark shirt The Game On Friday, October 4th, USCB’s soccer team will face Thomas University’s at Fin Land Field. Feel free to paint yourself wild colors for the game. Or feel free to not paint yourself, but why wouldn’t you? Paint is cheap and memories are forever.

At halftime of this game, the winners of Homecoming King and Queen, the Banner Competition and Deck the Halls will all be announced. Homecoming Concert Featuring Eric Hutchinson This year’s homecoming will feature a concert performed by artist, Eric Hutchinson. Eric Hutchinson is known for his folk-pop style and has been compared to other musicians such as Justin Nozuka and Jason Mraz. This will be the first time the University of South Carolina Beaufort has ever held such an event and Eric Hutchinson will be the most successful musician to ever perform for an event at the University.

Headliner Eric Hutchinson

The concert will be held at USCB’s South Campus in the Brantley Plaza on the North side of the Hargray Building on Friday, October 4th at 7:30 PM. Tickets to the event will be absolutely free to all USCB students, and can be reserved in the Cashier’s office, inside the Hargray building, any day leading up the event. In order to reserve a ticket, a student must show student ID and there will be a limit of one ticket per ID. General admission for the concert will be $15 for non-students. Tickets for children under the age of twelve will cost $5. Please bring a towel, or blanket, or chair or some apparatus on which to sit.

Winning and Losing Teams Together

Fall 2013 Issue 1

Page 10

Sept 2013

Sigma Tau Delta Meets “The Great Gatsby” - Taylor Johnson, Senior Writer Evening, Old Sport. Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honor Society) is set to hold a campuswide 1920’s-themed costume and film screening “Gatsby Party” around the 25th of October in the Lazy Lounge here at USCB. At a recent meeting, I heard the most shocking thing. The society discussed some really fun and interesting ideas for the party’s events and decorative vibe. Guests are inclined to look as classy as possible. Gentlemen, it’s time to put on your suit and tie and leave it all on the floor that night. Ladies, be sure to have your flapper dresses and skirts ready and decked with plenty of accessories to make yourself look like you’re full of money. As for the decor, who knows what you may see. Mansions, confetti, glitter, balloons, singers, dancers, actors, music- there have been so many stories about this event. There’s no telling what or who could be there. Perhaps, you may even see this Gatsby fellow that everyone’s been going on about. One thing is certain though, it’ll be a fun party no matter what happens. For those who don’t know, The Great Gatsby is a famous novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that was hailed for decades as the single greatest body of work to fully embody and express the culture of the roaring 20’s and jazz age. The novel tells the story of Nick Carraway’s time spent with the mysterious and dashing Jay Gatsby and Gatsby’s romance with the married Daisy Buchanan. In a non-stop downward spiral of parties, booze, sex, class, and murder that grips the reader all the way through to the final words of the story, it is no wonder that the novel

has had such an alluring quality to it that still grips audiences today. The most recent film adaptation of the novel had a leading cast of actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, and more, beautifully gracing the screen with Baz Luhurmann’s loud and extravagant directing, and Jay-Z and other musical talents’ masterful scores setting the tone as well for this blockbuster hit. You won’t want to miss this upcoming event. There have been those who say that we cannot repeat the past glitz and glamour of the roaring 20’s, and to them we simply say, “Why of course you can!”. Trip




Cost ?


Friday, August 23

10:00 pm – 1:00 am

Station 300 - Bluffton


Sand Gnats Baseball Game

Saturday, August 24

5:00 PM

Savannah, GA


Friday, August 23

Jet Skiing

Saturday, September 7

3:oo pm – 5:00 pm

Hilton Head Island


Friday, August 30

Old South Golf Links


Friday, September 13

Charlotte, NC


Wednesday, October 16

Saturday, Golf Outing September 3:00 PM 21 Saturday, October 26 – OverScarowinds Sunday, night October 27

Register By? Show up with your student ID

Jacksonville Zoo

Saturday, November 9

10:00 am – 6:00pm

Jacksonville FL


Friday, November 1


Saturday, November 23

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Hunting Island, SC


Friday, November 22

To register for trips, contact Lindsey Logue in room 118 of the Campus Center or

Fall 2013 Issue 1


Sept 2013

USCB Golf in “Fall” Swing - Poppy Miller, Sports Columnist As head coach Chris Cuneo leads his Men’s Golf team into their sixth season of golf here at USCB. They are already off to a flying start with Junior, Ryan Clancy wining the Massachusetts Golf Association’s Amateur Public Links Championship by six shots.

TT:What are you most excited about looking into the 2013/14 season? CLANCY: I’m most excited about winning events as a team. We would love to have a National Championship trophy for the school and on paper we are the team that has the best chance of doing so.

This was a huge personal success for Clancy due to it being the course where he grew up. With the home advantage and friends and family nervously watching from the sides Clancy was able to bring home the first title of the season for the Sand Sharks trophy wall.

TT:What is your favorite golf course to play on? CLANCY: My favorite golf course to play on as of now would be TPC Sawgrass in Florida, only because I haven’t been over seas yet.

TT:Congratulations on your recent victory at Massachusetts, how did it feel to win such a big title on your home course? CLANCY: I can’t even explain how I felt walking off the 18th hole on the last day of the tournament. Because it was at my home course I had a crowd of people following me and cheering me on, it was surreal. My caddy and head pro at my club Andy Ingham kept reminding me to “stay in the moment” and not to pay attention to people watching, as it was difficult to focus. There were a couple tears shed that day because that was the second tournament my dad had come to watch me play and for him to see it was the most important for me.

TT:Is there any particular country or part of America you would love to travel too? CLANCY: Absolutely. I am yet to leave the country and first on my list would be Ireland because of family heritage and of course the golf. TT:What should we expect from the new freshman golf recruits? Is there any that have really stood out? CLANCY: These kids are extremely talented. Alan Cooke has stood out substantially, for him to win the first qualifier for our Tournament at Sea Island is outstanding. TT: Could give this years freshman one piece of advice? CLANCY: Don’t let your social life get the best of you, partying is great but there is a time and a place for it.

Fall 2013 Issue 1

Page 12

South Carolina Gamecocks Season Football Tickets

Ticket Prices for Individual Games 8/29/13 vs. UNC - $44 9/14/13 vs. Vanderbilt - $36 10/05/13 vs. Kentucky - $36 11/02/13 vs. Mississippi St. - $40 11/16/13 vs. Florida - $52 11/23/13 vs. Coastal Carolina - $24 11/30/13 vs. Clemson - $60 Price for Season Tickets: $292 Interested in purchasing tickets? Contact Lindsey Logue in the Campus Center room 118 Must present a valid USCB ID to purchase tickets  Limited to two tickets per person Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved via email 

Sept 2013

Fall 2013 Issue 1

Page 13

Sept 2013

The Tidal Tribune in the World Cameron Thomas, Columnist Having recreational pastimes on campus provides the opportunity for everyone, including non-student athletes, to get together for clean and athletic fun. As seasons come and go, new recreational activities arise and become active on campus. Throughout the whole year however, students are actively engaging in other intramurals such as 8-ball, basketball, volleyball, kick ball, ping pong, wiffle ball, cornhole, flag football, and more are scheduled to come. “I think the growth of the intramurals at USCB is exciting,” freshman July Konkgeo explains in an interview. “These activities attract many students and make it great for meeting new people through the sports people enjoy.” Thursday, September 12 a kickball game was held down on the soccer field where teams of students divided up into groups and played against each other. One team consisted of the RA’s, and an opposing team obliterated them. Nicolas Jenkins, a participant of the kickball game, supported Kongkeo’s statement about meeting new people, “I had to cooperate with my teammates and met a lot of new people that way.” USC Beaufort is still a young school meaning the intramural program is still young. Recreation DirectorLindsey Logue, have worked hard to keep the program up, running, and expanding. To register for intramurals, see the bulletin board in the Student Lounge in the Campus Center or contact Lindsey Logue at

*FALL I: Registration starts Thursday, August 22* Sport 8-Ball Singles Tournament 3 vs. 3 Basketball Sand Volleyball Kickball

Day/Time Schedule own matches Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM Thursdays @ 8:00 PM

League Dates September 9 27 September 10 – October 8 September 11 October 9 September 12 – October 10

Location Campus Center Lounge Campus Center Courts Campus Center Lawn Fin Land

*FALL II: Registration starts Monday, October 7* Sport Ping Pong Tournament Wiffle Ball Cornhole Flag Football

Day/Time Schedule own matches Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM Wednesdays @ 4:00 PM Thursdays @ 8:00 PM

League Dates October 21– November 18 October 22 – November 19 October 23November 20 October 24 – December 5

Location Campus Center Lounge Fin Land Campus Center Courts Fin Land

*Register on the bulletin board in the Student Lounge of the Campus Center* Contact Lindsey Logue for more information – Room 118 in the Campus Center or 843-208-8360

Fall 2013 Issue 1

Page 14

Sand Shark Soccer #neversatisfied - Brackin Lambert, Columnist The University of South Carolina Beaufort’s women’s soccer team third season is in full swing; at eight games into the regular the Sand Sharks have compiled an 3-4-1 record so far this season before opening opening conference play against Florida Memorial and St. Thomas this past weekend. Coach Ed Heberling has put a lot of faith in some of the incoming freshman early on this season as defenders Shannon Blair, Poppy Miller, midfielder Megan Benosit, and forwards Brittany Lorentz and Bridgette Noonan have been tasked with playing a very fast passed game that Heberling has installed here at USCB. Returning are some key members of the Sand Shark’s 2012 team who went 9-10 and made it into the Sun Conference tournament ultimately losing in the first round to St. Thomas. Forward Jessica Tooley (Sun Conference Player of the Week), midfielders Stephanie Moldenhauer, Alexa Muffley, defenders Claire Kennedy, Emily Mentrup, and goalkeeper Chelsie Mummert have all played a strong part in the early success of the Sand Sharks this season. Sinead “The Big Deal” Byrne, the lone senior for the Sand Sharks this year has upped her game to the highest level and has been a leader both on and off the field. Byrne along with Muffley have been named the captains of this year’s team.

During the season’s first weekend the Sand Sharks opened play without a lost, but after playing two top 25 caliber teams in Milligan and Hastings, USCB went on the road for the first time in 2013. The rough stretch for the Sand Sharks did not stop there; while facing sister school, USC Aiken, the Sand Sharks were blanked for just the second time all season. Hoping to get back in the win column at Fin Land field against Brewton-Parker USCB’s offense put two goals in the back of the net in route to a shutout of the Barons, the offense exploded in the game against Division II opponent Erskine scoring four goals, two by sophomore Jessica Tooley. After a hard fought battle to fight back into the game, the Flying Fleet could not get passed the mistake made while the Sand Sharks were attacking. Lorentz was pushed down from behind and the referee immediately called for a penalty kick. Heberling then called upon the all-time goal scorer for USCB, Stephanie Moldenhauer to take the penalty kick. With a beautifully placed ball in the back right corner of the net, Moldenhauer put the Sand Sharks up by two goals at the time. Though the Flying Fleet made a strong effort cutting the deficit to just one goal, time was not on their side as the clock ran out and USCB had their first winning streak of the year. USCB took on their first NCAA Division I opponent when they took on Alabama State on the road. Being away from Fin Land so far this season has not been a good thing for the Sand Sharks as they

dropped their second straight road game. But the team feels that playing these tougher teams early on in the season will get them ready for the national powers of the Sun Conference, Embry Riddle and Northwood. The Sand Sharks return home for their first home conference weekend of the year against Thomas University and Embry Riddle. USCB will spend the next four games on the road, three of which are conference games until finally returning home to wrap up the regular season against Southeastern and Ave Maria. USCB will be looking to make the postseason for the second straight season.

Sept 2013

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

Athletics - Bailey Schorr Date 9/28 10/11 10/26 11/9 11/23 9/27 9/29 10/4 10/6 10/11 10/13 10/18 10/20 10/24 10/26 9/30 10/7 10/21 9/30 10/14 10/28 2/2 3/10 3/17 3/27

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Men’s and Women’s Cross Country The Citadel Invitational Charleston, SC Queens Royal Invitational Charlotte, NC Sand Shark Invitational Hardeeville, SC The Sun Conference Championships Hardeeville, SC NAIA National Championships Lawrence, KA Women’s Soccer Florida Memorial University Miami Gardens, FL Saint Thomas University Miami Gardens, FL Thomas University Bluffton, SC Embry-Riddle University Bluffton, SC Webber International University Babson Park, FL Warner University Lake Wales, FL Savannah College of Art and Design Hardeeville, SC St. Andrews University Laurinburg, NC Southeastern University Bluffton, SC Ave Maria University Bluffton, SC Women’s Golf Converse Valkyrie Fall Invitational Spartanburg, SC (Carolina CC) Charleston Southern Wendy’s Invitational Charleston, SC (Rivertowne CC) Scad Fall Invitational Savannah, GA (Wilmington Island Club) Men’s Golf Thomas University Invitational Valdosta, GA (Kinderlou Forest GC) Johnson & Wales Adamonis Invitational Hallandale, FL (Diplomat Golf Resort & Spa) Southeastern Fall Invitational Lakeland, FL (Eagle Brooke GC) Scad Spring Invitational Savannah, GA (Club at Savannah Harbor) Sand Shark Classic Okatie, SC (Oldfield GC) Embry-Riddle Eagle Invitational Daytona Beach, FL (LPGA International Champions Course) Marine Federal Credit Union Intercollegiate Camp Lejeune, NC (Gold & Scarlet Courses)

Fall 2013 Issue 1

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Sept 2013

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