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Friday, March 29th

Please join us to hear Christopher Davies, MUSC, Charleston speak on: " Developing antibiotic resistance while preserving essential function – a balancing act negotiated by N. gonorrhoeae penicillinbinding protein 2." From 1:30-2:30 pm in Room 136 Science & Technology, HHG Campus (Bluffton).

Our list of speakers for the rest of the semester include: 5 April

Dr. Stephen Borgianini, USCB: “Cost of Living Differences Among Fiddler Crab Populations Along a Tidal River.”

12 April

Dr. Erik Sotka, College of Charleston: "Genetic adaptation of marine populations to a warmer ocean."

19 April

Dr. Alan Harvey, Georgia Southern University: “Rough times for rolling tigers: larval ecology of the Southeastern beach tiger beetle Cicindela dorsalis media.”

26 April

Dr. Eric Montie, USCB: “This is a Sea Lion Brain … This is a Sea Lion Brain on Domoic Acid”