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2006-7 Student Life Activities Survey Name: ________________________________

Email: ______________________________

Phone #: _______________________________

Major: ______________________________

Please check as many of the following activities in which you might be interested in participating: Clubs/Organizations ___Student Government Association ___African-American Student Association ___Business Club ___Education Club ___History Club ___Psychology Club ___The Shrimp, student newspaper ___Chi Delta Chi, national organization for veterans ___Anime Club ___Drama (Roges & Vacaboundes) club ___Hospitality Management Association ___Human Services Student Organization ___Campus Activities Board ___Resident Community Government ___Student Ambassadors ___Circle K (Community Service Organization) Intramurals and/or Club Teams ___Golf ___Softball ___Basketball ___Bowling ___Tennis ___Volleyball ___Flag football ___Lacrosse ___Soccer

Recreation ___ Billiards ___ Kayaking ___ Horseback Riding ___ Step Team ___ Dance

Trips/excursions ___Environmental day trips (Pritchards Island, etc.) ___Overnight trips (camping, etc) Campus events/programs ___Outdoor movie ___Musical performances ___Celebrations/socials ___Fairs/festivals ___Lectures/presentations ___Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) ___Educational field trips (museums, historical sites, etc.) ___ Arts & entertainment trips (galleries, museums, performances, etc.) Other: (anything else in which you’d like to participate or in which you are interested) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________