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this momentous occasion with a special gift

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It seems like just yesterday that your cadet was preparing for Inprocessing at Doolittle Hall, but soon your loved one will graduate and become the newest member of the Long Blue Line! Commemorate this momentous achievement with one of the gifts now available!

Life Membership

The gift that will serve your graduate now and forever. Your cadet will always want to be involved with the Academy. Membership in the Association of Graduates keeps your loved one connected no matter where life takes them. Save hundreds when you purchase Life Membership today!

Gift s

for you, the new 2nd Lieutenant, or the sponsor family!


Wearable Art

The new Shades of Blue line is handcrafted to tell the unique story of the USAFA community. Each piece is made to order and incorporates the symbols of the United States Air Force Academy, including a falcon wing, a lightning bolt, and the words Integrity and Service. This gift is sure to be treasured by your graduate, parent, sponsor family, or spouse for years to come!

Tags and Emblems of Honor Just as the Sterling Silver tags are hand-forged and hardened, so too, are the men and women who graduate from the Academy. Integrity, Service and Excellence become the very fiber of their being.

Gift s

for you, the new 2nd Lieutenant, or the sponsor family!

The USAFA gift shop at features USAFA watches, including world-renowned watch brand TAG Heuer, stylish USAFA jewelry, fine USAFA glassware, and many more commemorative USAFA gifts. All products are specially branded with the USAFA crest and are officially licensed by the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Sterling Silver and More

Gift s

for you, the new 2nd Lieutenant, or the sponsor family!

Unique gifts from J. Christopher White


Wall mount or mounted on a pewter finished easel Black marble plaques mounted on a pewter easel can be engraved with a variety of poetry specifically written for USAFA cadets, their family, and their sponsor family.

Determined Series

Bronzewood meld sculptures of a life-sized Peregrine Falcon. Each sculpture in the series is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Upward Call Series

A stylized ascending falcon mounted on polished stone. These beautiful polished sculptures are available in pewter, bronze, and sterling silver.

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for you, the new 2nd Lieutenant, or the sponsor family!

Air Force Academy Chapel Architectural Paper Model

Inspired by the seventeen spires on the Chapel itself. This structure is made up of 100 identical tetrahedrons. This model looks as beautiful on your mantle as the real thing does on the grounds of the Air Force Academy. It’s amazing how people who have never seen the actual Chapel, are mesmerized by the architecture of the building just by looking at this model.

United States Air Force Academy Diploma and Certificate Frame From Church Hill Classics

Saber Cases by R+R Woodcrafts

Gift s for the new 2nd Lieutenant!

United States Air Force Academy Class of 2014 Graduation Print

By Stan Stokes

Gift s Long Blue Line Wines are a custom-made, collectible series of wines developed by graduate-owned Blanchard Family Wines. Each special-label wine is a limited production item. A great gift for anyone!

Gift s

for you, the new 2nd Lieutenant, or the sponsor family!

A Year In Blue

Experience the first ever feature length documentary dedicated to the Air Force Academy. Over three years in production, the documentary is the most realistic portrayal of the cadet journey ever filmed. For a limited time, the DVD has been released exclusively to the AOG at the discounted price of $29.95. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary offer which ends April 30, 2014. Order your DVD today! Orders will be shipped in early May.

Class Momentos

Gift s

Gift s

to Commemorate the Graduation for Yourself Remember the big day with a cachet that includes a cancelation on May 28th from the Cadet Post Office!

Pre-order by sending a check for $10 per envelope to: Postmaster 5136 Community Center Dr. USAF Academy, CO 80840-9998 Include a return envelope, or the address to which you want the envelopes mailed.  Graduation envelopes may also be purchased the day of graduation at the Cadet Post Office or the USAF Academy Main Post Office at the Community Center.

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for the new 2nd Lieutenant!

American Flag Flown at Doolittle Hall Commemorate Graduation Day with an American Flag flown at Doolittle Hall. Your graduate can take this flag with them throughout their career.

US Air Force Academy Graduation Gifts  

Celebrate this momentous occasion with a special gift for your Air Force Academy graduate!