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Ursuline Society Associate Directors get together at Mount Saint Joseph By Marian Bennett, OSUA Co-director of Ursuline Partnerships

Associate directors of the Ursuline Society shook off the early fall chill to gather at Mount Saint Joseph for their second annual meeting October 24-26. Attending the meeting from Ohio were Sister Maureen Grady, Cleveland; Marion Jordan and Sally O’Connell, Toledo; Sister Therese Rich, Youngstown; Nancy Brockman and Sister Pat Brockman, Brown County. Other participants were Sister Dorothy Helbling, Belleville, Illinois; Carol O’Keefe and Sister Marie William Blyth, Paola, Kansas; Sister Sarah Stauble, Louisville, Kentucky; and Sister Margaret Ann Hagan of Louisville, coordinator of the Ursuline Society. Hosting the gathering were Mount Saint Joseph codirectors Sister Marietta Wethington and Marian Bennett. Building upon the enthusiasm of our first meeting in December 2004 at Paola, we spent our three days together swapping ideas, encouraging one another and sharing prayer. Sister Margaret Ann Hagan facilitated the meeting and guided us through a wide range of topics

Representing Ursuline Society communities on October 24-26 were, Row 1: Sister Maureen Grady, Sister Marietta Wethington, Sister Marie William Blyth; Row 2: Sister Therese Rich, Sister Sarah Stauble, Sister Pat Brockman, Carol O’Keefe; Row 3: Marian Bennett, Sally O’Connell, Sister Dorothy Helbling; Row 4: Marion Jordan, Nancy Brockman, Sister Margaret Ann Hagan.

supporting our efforts to enrich the spiritual life and formation of Ursuline associates. You will see some results of that idea sharing inside this issue of Update. Plans for our future work include continuing to design a brochure to be used as an educational tool for acquainting associates with the Ursuline Society. Picnic Veterans As Sister Marie William wrote, “Angela was certainly in Associate Marcella Wimsatt Critchelow (left) and her sister, our midst, steering us as she Margaret Wimsatt Corbett, both of always has, solidly united in Our Mother of Sorrows Parish in efforts that will overflow to all Louisville, pose for a picture at the our programs.” September 11 Mount Saint Joseph Picnic. Margaret has attended 33 Energized and enriched by of the last 35 picnics, and Marcella our time together and has attended 34. Marcella only acknowledging the benefits of missed the first one because she face-to-face collaboration, we didn’t know about it. agreed to meet again in fall More picnic photos inside. 2006 in Louisville. n

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Associate Update, November 2005

Making Love Visible...

Sister Ann Middlebrooks tells her story By Sister Ann Middlebrooks, SEC, OSUA Associate Superintendent, Diocese of Shreveport, Louisiana

The day after Hurricane Katrina, I, along with Sister Carol Shively, OSU, volunteered to set up the Hirsch Coliseum Red Cross Shelter in Shreveport for a maximum of 1100 evacuees. This meant registering carloads and busloads of people, blowing up mattresses, handing out blankets, holding babies, giving weary parents a reprieve, searching for missing loved ones on the national Red Cross registry, aiding those needing medical assistance, and simply doing whatever was necessary to comfort and assist the victims of this disaster. We would arrive after work each day and return home around midnight, feeling tired but content because we felt that we made a contribution, no matter how small. After two weeks, the shelter population began to decrease. Families reunited in other places, moved into available housing in the area, or moved to another state for a really new start. The resilience of these people from total loss, from a poverty never before experienced, and the adventure to move on to a possibly better and brighter future, was so life-giving and so inspiring for those of us who were shelter volunteers. We were inspired to see Ms. Vee smile a beautiful smile when, after 12 hours on a bus, she arrived in Shreveport and found out she was still in Louisiana. She said, “The Lord will take care of me, all 350 pounds. He’s been so good because of people like you he brought into my life. I thought life was good before Katrina. It will only get better. I lost everything I ever owned. I could just cry, but why when I see and feel so much good happening? I say ‘thank you, God.’” Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, new arrivals continued to seek shelter in the Diocese of Shreveport. The Sisters of the Holy Family, about 70 in number, arrived at the Catholic Center with only a weekend amount of travel supplies in tow. They, too, were homeless victims of Hurricane Katrina, having lost their motherhouse, St. Mary’s Academy, and nursing home. They are divided into three groups, with a number of the elderly residing at Holy Angels Home, an assisted living facility, others at the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows Convent, and the rest at the Catholic Center. It didn’t matter how little they had, or where they were physically located now, but to what extent could they begin to minister –– truly putting their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to work. They volunteered at the shelter, and the connecting with lost friends and family was healthy and healing for

Sister Ann Middlebrooks, left, an Ursuline associate, helps distribute toys to children who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina at the end of August. The photo was taken at the shelter in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the children, all from New Orleans, had just started attending classes at The Cathedral School in Shreveport.

all. Remember, up to this point, my personal experience was simply that of a being a shelter volunteer. Three sisters in my religious community [Sisters of Eucharistic Covenant] live in Lake Charles, located in the heart of southwest Louisiana, the landfall of Hurricane Rita. So I prepared to go to help. I bought six cases of water, a new chainsaw, boots, gloves, first-aid necessities, mosquito spray, and an ice chest full of sandwich food. Four days after Hurricane Rita, I could legally enter Lake Charles. Going through the maze to get to the sisters’ house was frightening, as downed electrical wires and damaged trees decorated the roads. With outside help from friends and family members who were not victims of Rita’s wrath, seven large trees were removed from the house. Most severe damage was limited to the garage, back porch, hallway, kitchen, and spare bedroom, thus making the house habitable barring another hurricane. Every day, I call the sisters to check on them. They reassure me they are still better off than most in the city. They have electricity for basic needs (no land phone, no television) and water. They have all gone back to work trying to minister to those in greater need than they. Our Hirsch Coliseum Red Cross Shelter has closed, hopefully for good. The people who lived there are now starting life again in housing of their own. I pray for them daily and ask God to continue to allow them to be a source of strength for others. Despite their devastation, their spirit and love for life continues as a ray of hope for many, definitely inspiring me in my call and my service. n

Associate Update, November 2005

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Welcome to our New Associate Dr. Marshall E. (Eddie) Prunty, a physician from Greenville, Kentucky, is a member of Saint Joseph Church in Central City. He serves his parish as lector and eucharistic minister and teaches high school religious education with his wife, Dr. Eddie Prunty Melinda, who is also in the process of becoming an Ursuline associate. He is described as “universally esteemed and respected in our community,” “a man of good character,” and “a very spiritual person.” He and Melinda are the parents of daughters Kaci, Lindsay and Hillary. His contact sister is Sister Elaine Burke.

New lending library for spiritual reading Kelly May, administrative assistant for the Office of Mission Advancement at Mount Saint Joseph, catalogs a collection of books now available for free checkout through Ursuline Partnerships. The books can be checked out by associates and returned at their leisure. The books and materials are located in the Office of Ursuline Partnerships in St. Angela Hall.

Here are some of the books available for checkout at the Office of Ursuline Partnerships (sorry, we just can’t mail them!):

Welcome, Belleville Sisters For several years, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph and the Ursuline Sisters of Belleville, Illinois have been in conversation about an evolving relationship between the two communities. On August 1, 2005, the Ursulines of Belleville were given approval from Rome to merge with the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. The merger will be celebrated on November 25, when members of the two communities will come together at Maple Mount for a festive liturgy the day after Thanksgiving. And what an appropriate date! On this day 470 years ago, Saint Angela Merici and her followers began the Company of Saint Ursula. We welcome the Sisters from Belleville and their covenant (associate) members.

Charlene Altemose, MSC - Praying with Scripture During Advent Peter G. Breeman, SJ - As Bread that is Broken Raymond Brown - A Coming Christ in Advent Raymond Brown - An Adult Christ at Christmas Sean Caulfield, OCSO - The Experience of Praying Richard Chilson - The Way to Christianity Joan Chittister - In Search of Belief Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - The Future of Man Lucien Deiss - Come Lord Jesus Viktor Frankl - Man’s Searching for Meaning Cynthia Glavac, OSU - In the Fullness of Life Anselm Grün - Images of Jesus David Haas - Praying with the Word Elizabeth Johnson - Consider Jesus Joseph Kopp - Teilhard de Chardin George Maloney, SJ - Prayer of the Heart

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Adventurous Hearts DVD The Story of the Flatboat Adventure of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph AND

Act, Move, Believe CD or Cassette Words of Saint Angela set to orginal music, sung by the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph Available at Mount Saint Joseph Book and Gift Shop or by calling (270) 229-0200

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Associate Update, November 2005

Grayson County Ursulines and Associates By Coreen Moore, OSUA

The Grayson County Ursulines and associates met for a home cooked breakfast hosted by Stella McClure on October 14. Those attending were, from left to right, seated: Sister Mary Louise Knott, Jean Gutierrez, Ola Higdon, Catherine Gawarecki, Carol Hill. Back row, standing: Mary Jo Dodson, Stella McClure, Violet Hamilton, Father Brian Johnson, Sister Clarence Marie Luckett, and Coreen Moore. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful morning of food, fun, and lots of fellowship. We look forward to monthly gathering on the second Friday of each month at Stella’s house. All members are most welcome to attend.

Owensboro Area Associates By Jean Bertram, OSUA

On Tuesday, October 11, the sisters and associates gathered at Brescia University to share a meal and evening meditation. Sister Marietta Wethington gave us an article by Rev. Ron Rolheiser, OMI, comparing the Eucharist to a kiss. We broke into small groups, reflected on the article, and shared our thoughts. On the way home I pondered the experience of being with my sisters and brothers and what the Eucharist meant to me. I saw the way we all came from our daily lives and then left them at the door. I Jean Bertram laughs saw from table to table the while attending the October 11 Owensboro love and encouragement associates meeting. that we all seem to give each other. I thought of the Last Supper and how they were sitting there and breaking bread together as well. Then I thought about the kiss and saw the most precious sight I could behold: the love that had inspired it. I realized that the Sister Fran Wilhelm talks to associate candidate Connie Caceres at same love permeated the air that evening. See the October 11 meeting. Sister Helena Fischer and associate you at the next quarterly gathering! Florence Thompson stand behind them.

Associate Update, November 2005

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Western Kentucky Associates The fall meeting of the Western Kentucky associates took place at Sid Mason’s home in Mayfield on October 21. Sister Marie Celine led the group in a reflection on the words of Saint Angela. Back row, standing: Pat Sullivan, Pat Wilson, Sister Mary Celine Weidenbenner, Sister Teresa Riley, Mike Sullivan. Front row, seated: Marian Bennett, Sister Karla Kaelin, Sister Mary Jude Cecil, Sister Marietta Wethington, Sid Mason.

Henderson/Union County Associates Associates from Henderson and Union County attended a meeting at the home of Betty and Bobby Joe Christian in Henderson on October 28. The focus of the evening was reflection on the words of Saint Angela.

Above, from left, Betty Christian, Sharon Speaks, Don Speaks and Wanda Gibson, all from Henderson. Pictured at right are Bea Porter and Nellie Coffman, also from Henderson. Also present were Ann Conn of Morganfield, Bobby Joe Christian of Henderson, and Sister Marietta Wethington and Marian Bennett, co-directors of Ursuline partnerships.

Many Ursuline

Photo by Francis Steffen

Above: Peeling and cutting up potatoes comes easy for associate Lorraine Lueken, Dody Farmer, Sister Diane Marie Payne, associate Coreen Moore, Erv Moore, Sister Dolorita Robinson, Sister Elaine Burke, and associate Jean Steffen. Right: Associates Gary Mesnier and Bonnie Marks cut up cabbages on Saturday. This was Gary’s first picnic. Bonnie was the chairperson for the picnic from 2002-2004.

Left: Sister Joseph Angela speaks to Bishop (and Ursuline associate) John McRaith and Mike Thompson as they tour the picnic grounds in a golf cart. Top left: Associates Mary Helen and Gary Riney, seated, discuss lunch ticket sales with Sister Cheryl Clemons on picnic day. They also gave out fans to help beat the heat. Top center: Francis Steffen helped with picnic preparations on Saturday, September 10 and took lots of photos. Top right: Sister Lennora relaxes at a Saturday night social after helping with the picnic.

Far Left: Associate Laura Smith organizes labels for the Silent Auction. Left: Sister Emma Anne and Associate Carolyn Butler cut up potatoes that will be served to hungry patrons at the picnic.

Associates Volunteer

Associates Ed and Gloria Cecil sign in to volunteer on picnic day.

Associates Marian Bennett and Mike Sullivan discuss the picnic on Saturday with Sister Agnes Catherine Williams, who turned 100 this year.

Photo by Francis Steffen

Above: An overview photo of food preparation on Saturday shows how many volunteers are needed to pull off a successful picnic! The work took place near Paul Volk Hall. Left: Never too young to volunteer at the picnic...Two-year-old Helen Brown, great-niece of Sister Amelia Stenger, is doing her share of sweeping at the Mount on Saturday, September 10.

Associate Linda Lattus introduces her grandson, Lee Blom, from Brighton, Tennessee, while helping with picnic preparations on Saturday.

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Associate Update, November 2005

Remembering S pecial D ays... DECEMBER Anniversaries of Acceptance: 20 Years Juanita Burke, Claire Buckley 19 Years Perla Pike, Richard White 18 Years Janet Kuper, Ray and Barbara Weidenbenner, Linda Lattus, Donna Szurgot, Lucille Weidenbenner 17 Years Terry Barnes 13 Years Sharon Rose 11 Years Frances Elder, Bob and Rosann Whiting 9 Years Patricia Wilson 6 Years Madeleine Bianco 2 Years Mary Jo Dodson, Violet Hamilton 1 Year Sr. Agnes Ijoko

JANUARY Anniversaries of Acceptance: 23 Years 22 Years 21 Years 20 Years 19 Years 18 Years 16 Years 13 Years 11 Years 4 Years 2 Years

Isabel Crenshaw Martha Matthews, Sarah Bowling Edna Marnell, Florence Thompson, Debby Ludwig Rev. Phil Hoy Janet Matyk, Mary Leda Rice, Dr. Brett Stallings Shearon Harris Lois Bell Raymond and Jo Morelli, Leonard Pfeiffer Bob and Marilyn Beam Karen Beavers Wanda Rickard

FEBRUARY Anniversaries of Acceptance: 21 Years Sr. Theresa Murphy, Diane Hayden, Shirley Hagman, Linda Perri 18 Years Ruby White 13 Years Stella McClure 11 Years Mildred Shrewsbury 8 Years Dr. Rosemary Schiavi 4 Years Jody Ziegler, Maxine Beavin 3 Years Coreen Moore

DECEMBER Birthdays: 3 6 7 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 24 25 26 28 29 31

Bobbie Nell Smith Bishop John McRaith David Grant Larry Lynch, Fr. Meldon Hickey Marvin Giittinger Jean Lonergan, Hita Merchant Fr. Ben Luther Arleen Naglich, Don Monaghan Carola Pulgar Randy Lamastus, Mary Teder Pat Claussen Winnie Cohron Bob Whiting, Brenda Sauer Ruth Metschuleit, Fanny Gonzalez Betty Boren, Bonnie Adams, Ann Hayden, Joan Perry John Howard Leon Donahue, Andy Chavez Janice Miller

JANUARY Birthdays: 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 14 15 16 17 19 21 23 24 25 26 27 29 31

Mary Helen Riney, Janet Matyk Fr. Aloysius Powers Therese Fraize Coreen Moore, Lois Bell Sheila Clark, John Hancock Debbie Walker Paul Gray, Penny Burns Maria Galles Edith Whitechurch Mary Margis, Georgann Stuck Isabelle King, Teressa Hayden Paul Kordenbrock Linda Perri Carolyn Miller, Bernadette Howard Pat Davis Dorothy Hughes Pauline Hayden Midge Palm Barbara Weidenbenner Marilyn Beam, Phyllis Troutman Polly Mouser, Jolanda Moraga

FEBRUARY Birthdays: 2 5 6 9 10 13 14 15 16 20 21 22 23

Sarah Payne Rev. Phil Hoy June Irizarry, Florence Thompson Therese Lawson Teen Robinette Fr. Bernard Powers Fay Higdon Gloria Henderson, Mary Kennedy, Anna Lesousky, Gloria Cecil Margaret Tasaka Dr. Rosemary Schiavi Dr. Brett Stallings Marlene Monaghan Cecilia Curtis

Associate Update, November 2005

Page 9 Left: Edna Marnell (center), renewed her lifetime associate commitment and received her associate pin during ceremonies November 2 in the motherhouse dining room. As she read her commitment, Edna was joined by her two sisters, Lee Andriakos (l.) of Long Island, New York, and Sister Fran Wilhelm, OSU. A number of sisters from the community were in attendance and participated in the ceremony. Below: Sister Marietta Wethington, co-director of Ursuline partnerships, places the associate pin on Edna’s collar.

Upcoming Meetings and Events Wednesday, November 16 Fall Associate Commitment Mass 4:30 p.m. Saturday, November 19 Associate Advisory Board Meeting 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday, December 5 Owensboro Associate Meeting Saint Stephen Cathedral 6:30 p.m. Vespers Potluck snacks following meeting Friday, January 13, 2006 Grayson County Associates Meeting Friday, January 27, 2006 Henderson/Union County Associates Meeting Friday, January 27, 2006 Western Kentucky Associates Meeting

Associate renews lifetime commitment Edna Marnell, OSUA, Hereford, Texas, renewed her lifetime commitment during a visit to the Mount in November. Edna received her invitation to become an associate 21 years ago from her sister, Fran Wilhelm, OSU, who was the first director of associates. “Being an associate of the Ursulines is very dear to me because you all have been a great part of my spiritual life through the years, especially my aunts, Sisters Ancilla Marie and Mary Edgar Warren, and my sister, Fran. Thank you for your intercessory prayers and the faith community you share with us,” Edna wrote. Thank you, Edna, for your 21 years of prayer for and faithfulness to us.

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Associate Update, November 2005

A Tribute to Father Bernard Barnes OSM By Sisters Rose Marita O’Bryan and Annalita Lancaster

Born September 21, 1920, John Barnes was one of five children of a Chicago Irish family. In 1946, professing solemn vows as a Friar Servant of Mary, he received the name Bernard. He was ordained a priest in 1948. On April 5, 2005, his family, brother Servites, Servite Sisters, Ursuline Sisters, and many friends gathered at Resurrection Life Center, Chicago, for his funeral Mass and traveled in procession to Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois, for his burial. Each person present, both deeply saddened and profoundly grateful, carried sentiments of love and friendship for this holy man of God who had uniquely graced their lives. In life, and in the life that is changed not ended, Father Barnes is one of the Ursulines’ best friends. For those who knew him intimately he seemed, always, to have attempted to live out of his best self. His homespun wit and teasing blue eyes conveyed a sense of playfulness that made serious people loosen up on contact. Oh yes, he could be firm and even unbending in matters of theological significance; but he listened with an open mind and warm heart to those whose personal views differed. As pastor of the parish community of Seven Holy Founders in Affton, Missouri, where we Ursulines first came to know him, he worked to establish the principle tenets of Father Bernard Barnes Vatican II — an extremely difficult and sometimes impossible endeavor. But, with the support of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, who were teachers and administrators in Seven Holy Founders School, he kept persisting. In those days, the groundwork was laid for the wonderful parish family that exists there today. A family man, Father Barnes cherished the Barnes family, his religious community, and the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. As chaplain at Mount Saint Joseph, Father Barnes coupled his lighthearted approach to life with his deep love for God. His witness of loving care for our community could be seen in his ice-cream stands on All Saints Avenue, fireworks on the Fourth of July, generous contributions to the Ursuline mission, and faithful visits to our aged and infirm sisters. His hours before the Blessed Sacrament in the wee hours of the morning inspired us to persevere in finding “our refuge at the feet of Jesus” as Saint Angela counseled. He embodied the Ursuline charism of simplicity, hospitality, and deep faith in God as Lover of us all. Father Barnes, wear your Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph Associate pin and speak to God on our behalf. And until we meet again, may you be held in the palm of God’s own hand.

May He Rest in Peace...Associate and Activist Bill Moore William Thomas “Bill” Moore OSUA, 80, of Owensboro, died October 4, 2005. Born in Greenville, South Carolina, he graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a bachelor of divinity degree and a theological master’s degree. He pastored two churches in South Carolina, one in Tennessee, and Home Mission Board in New Orleans, and was an instructor of seminary studies for Union Baptist College in New Orleans and a director of North Tulsa Baptist Center for six years. A director of interracial work for the Baptist State Convention of Michigan, he was also a liaison with the African-American Baptist Convention for 17 years. One of the founders of Habitat for Humanity in Owensboro, the he had served on the Photo courtesy of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America Human Relations Commission and the Greenwood Brother Bill Moore, right, is shown in this 1998 photo protesting outside The Cemetery restoration committee. Defense Institute for Hemispheric Security Cooperation (The School of the “Brother Bill” — as we knew him — authored two Americas) at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. To his right is Sister books on race relations, a Bible study on the Lord’s Rosemary Keough, an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph. They were Prayer, and numerous articles in Baptist publications. He protesting the teaching of torture techniques. made seven mission trips to Jamaica, Botswana, the Czech Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Liberia. He also served on the Kentucky Disaster Relief Team in two states, Florida and Kentucky. He was an avid gardener, providing fruits and vegetables for a host of people, and a runner and jogger. A cabinet full of ribbons, medals and trophies was prominent in his home for many years. Survivors include his wife of 55 years, Jean Burdette Moore; two sons, Allen Moore of Boulder, Colorado, and Wayne Moore of Owensboro; a daughter, Pamela Sue Schoon of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and three granddaughters. Brother Bill Moore became an Ursuline associate in 2000. Sister Rosemary Keough was his contact sister. - Adapted from the obituary in the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

Associate Update, November 2005

IN MEMORIAM ... Sister Martin Gertrude Mattingly, 97, an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph, died September 18, at Mount Saint Joseph, in her 77th year of religious life. A native of Knottsville, she was the daughter of Martin Spalding Mattingly and Sarah Gertrude Bowlds Mattingly. An educator for over 50 years, she was principal and teacher at St. Martin School, Rome (1970-71), and served as librarian at Sister Martin Gertrude Immaculate (1979-81) and Cathedral (1981-82) Mattingly schools, Owensboro, and at Mary Carrico School, Knottsville (1982-83). She was teacher, and often principal, in many other schools in the Diocese of Owensboro and the Archdiocese of Louisville. She retired to the Motherhouse in 1984. Survivors include two sisters, Merici Millay and Margaret Payne and a brother, Vincent E. Mattingly, all of Owensboro; nieces and nephews, and members of her religious community. Henry Whitechurch OSUA, 77, died June 23 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A former Passionist priest who left the order for health reasons, Henry, with his wife, Edith, (a former nun), operated an English language school for children and adults (Centro de Cultura Inglesia). Henry is survived by his wife and his daughters, Eileen and Maureen. A man of great faith, Henry (Enrique Jose) lived through many years of social and political Henry Whitechurch unrest in his native country but never lost sight of the belief that everything happened according to God’s providence. Regarding his commitment as an Ursuline associate, Henry wrote in 1985, “I am more than delighted to be an Associate Member and to have entered the community of prayer and love with the Ursuline Sisters. It is a very special grace, and, believe me, it has already given its fruits in a tremendous grace the Lord has granted me.” Henry made his lifetime commitment as an Ursuline associate in 1989. His contact sister was Sister Fran Wilhelm.

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Prayer Requests OUR SICK: Carlene Braun, OSUA Joyce Carter, OSUA Annette Chavez, OSUA Fr. Meldon Hickey, OFM, OSUA Tracy Strother, OSUA Marilyn Terry, OSUA Lucille Weidenbenner, OSUA Dave Cook, brother of Mary Jo Dodson, OSUA Jennifer Lundquist, granddaughter of Mary Jo Dodson, OSUA Mary Michael Towney, daughter of Phyllis Troutman, OSUA Robert Young, father of Brenda Semar, OSUA

MAY THEY REST IN PEACE: Brother Bill Moore, OSUA Henry Whitechurch, OSUA Les Alvey, brother-in-law of Violet Hamilton, OSUA Terry Dant, brother of Sheila Blandford, OSUA Lorena Schum Felhoelter, mother of Marilyn Terry, OSUA Forrest (Speck) Marnell, husband of Edna Marnell, OSUA Lucille Swihart, mother of Shirlene Quinn, OSUA

ANGELA ANGELA’’ S CORNER Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to him with all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvelous things, if you direct everything to the praise and glory of his Majesty and the good of souls. - From The Counsels of Saint Angela Merici

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Sending A Special Greeting to Our...

rsuline ssociates

The Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph wish all their Associates a joyful holiday season and blessings throughout the New Year

UPDATE November 2005  
UPDATE November 2005