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Associates and Sisters share in Spirituality of Work John Laker, an associate from Belleville, Ill., tells his story of experiencing spirituality in the workplace on June 8 at Mount Saint Joseph. Other panelists, from left, are associates Mary Danhauer, Phyllis Troutman, Charlotte Paez and Joyce York. The final panelist was Associate Bob Greene, pictured below talking to Associate Betty Girten.

By John Little, OSUA of Owensboro, Ky.

This year’s Associates and Sisters Day on June 8 took on special meaning as we commemorated the 30th anniversary of the formation of the collaboration between Ursuline Sisters and Associates. Starting with just a few members, the program has grown to include more than 400 associates in more than two dozen states. The topic for the day was “The Spirituality of Work.” Sister Amelia Stenger, director of Development for the Ursuline Sisters, began the day by talking about being raised on a cotton farm. She told how exciting it was to begin picking cotton as a little girl. She had no idea that the cotton would provide clothing, bandages and other essential commodities of our society. She grew into the understanding of what this work meant and how it truly benefitted God’s people. Sister Amelia cited 10 Disciplines on how to make work spiritual: 1) Surrounding yourself with sacred objects 2) Living with imperfection 3) Assuring quality 4) Giving thanks and congratulations 5) Building support and community 6) Dealing with others as you would have them deal with you 7) Deciding what is “enough” and sticking to it 8) Balancing work, personal, family, church and community responsibilities 9) Working to make “the system” work 10) Engaging in ongoing personal and professional development Father Tony Shonis, associate pastor of Holy Name Church in Henderson, Ky., led the second discussion. Father Shonis began by telling the story of Moses going to Mount Sinai and being instructed by God to build a temple and to build it according to God’s plan. The story reminds us that we need both “a vision” and “a plan.” One without the other will be fruitless. Father Shonis emphasized that the word “Mass” comes from the Latin “missa” or dismissal. Our

weekend worship is simply to give us the strength and tools to leave the Church, go out into our lives (including the workplace) and live spiritually. We do not have to outwardly evangelize in the workplace, but if we work hard, be a team player, use our talents and have the right attitude, we will naturally be a witness to Christ and our faith. One of my favorite moments of the day was right after lunch. As I sat on a swing taking in the magnificent grounds of Mount Saint Joseph, I watched a bird build a nest in a bush. She came out time after time to pick up another twig so as to build a home for children. It was the “spirituality of work” shown by the simplest of God’s creations. The day’s third session was a panel discussion consisting of six Ursuline Associates Susan Reiss and Brenda Semar Associates: hold hands as do others during the blessing on Continued on page 3

Associates and Sisters Day on June 8.

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Associate Update

August 2013

A Note from Marian... Dear Associate Sisters and Brothers, During his talk at Associates and Sisters Day, Father Tony Shonis asked an important question. Anniversary “What is the most important minute of the Mass?” We’ve shared a sign of peace and received the body and blood of Jesus. Then what happens? Before we head for the door, before we plunge back into our busy lives, the priest says, “The Mass is ended, now go DO it!” Sister Judith Ann Gomila, M.S.C., echoes this thought: “At Mass, Eucharist doesn’t end when we leave the building. It is only the beginning.” We associates have accepted “the call” to be Ursuline Associates. Now it’s our turn to “go do it.” And here’s a good opportunity to do just that. On Wednesday, Oct. 23, we will have the chance to celebrate the culmination of our 30th anniversary year. That’s the date of the Fall Associate Commitment. Associate commitment is a dialogue, a PUBLIC declaration of our intent to support the sisters and our fellow associates as we work to widen Jesus’ gospel message. On Associates and Sisters Day in June, we were pleased to welcome three new associates and five associates making lifetime commitment. This fall, we anticipate a large number of new associates will make their commitments. I encourage you to support them in person or in prayer. The ceremony begins at 3:30 p.m. in the Motherhouse Chapel and concludes with supper at 5 p.m. May the spirit of Saint Angela live in us and guide us. Marian Bennett, OSUA, Coordinator of Ursuline Partnerships ASSOCIATE Update is published four times a year for the Associates of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356-9999 Phone: 270-229-2006 • Fax: 270-229-4953 • Email: Coordinator of Ursuline Partnerships: Mrs. Marian Bennett, OSUA Coordinator of Spiritual Formation: Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU Director of Mission Advancement/Communications: Dan Heckel, OSUA Communications Specialist/Graphic Design: Jennifer Kaminski, OSUA Coordinator of Mission Effectiveness: Sister Rose Marita O’Bryan, OSU Administrative Specialist/Website: April Ray Director of Development: Sister Amelia Stenger, OSU Mission Advancement Assistant: Sister Catherine Barber, OSU

ASSOCIATE MISSION STATEMENT We, the associates of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through the actions of our everyday lives. We commit ourselves to living the charism of Saint Angela Merici in union with and in support of the Ursuline community of Mount Saint Joseph.

The Owensboro associates met on May 20 in the Lourdes community room. They try to meet once a year at Maple Mount. About 25 Ursuline Sisters and Associates were in attendance. The lesson, led by Associate Martha Little, was “Everyday Response to Jesus.” Marian Bennett, left, accepts Michelle Hayes’ donation of 3,000 rosaries on July 14 for distribution to Catholic students and families. Michelle creates the rosaries as a ministry to encourage devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Michelle is a member of the Muhlenberg County, Ky., associate group.

Formation lessons will focus on spirituality of work On Associates and Sisters Day, Sister Amelia Stenger shared highlights from Gregory Pierce’s “Spirituality at Work: 10 Ways to Balance Your Life on the Job.” These 10 ways will be the background for the four formation lessons Ursuline Associate groups will discuss in the coming year. Pierce describes the spirituality of work as “a disciplined attempt to align ourselves and our environment with God and to incarnate God’s spirit in the world through all the effort (paid and unpaid) we exert to make the world a better place, a little closer to the way God would have things.” For the spirituality of work to become a reality in our lives, we have to develop a way of practicing it, a set of disciplines that we can follow right in our workplaces without people even recognizing what we are doing, Pierce said. His criteria in developing disciplines are:  Practice the discipline in the workplace  Practice the discipline without disrupting your work  Practice the discipline regularly and consistently  Practice the discipline without anyone in the workplace knowing what you are doing The Associate Advisory Board will develop the formation lessons based on these 10 disciplines as the year unfolds.

August 2013

Associate Update

Page 3 New lifetime associates who made their final commitments on Associates and Sisters Day on June 8, from left, are Norma Jean Witten, Marianna Robinson, Randy Shelby, Melissa Tuley and Betty Girten.

Lifetime Commitments WORK

First Commitments New associates in the first row, from left, are Jacqueline Sommers, Joan Teder and Kelly Roe; second row are their contact companions, Associate Jean Simpson, Sister Amelia Stenger and Associate Lisa Day.

RIGHT: Associate Father Ed Bradley shares a laugh with Associate Coreen Moore in the Retreat Center on Associates and Sisters Day. Father Bradley presided at Mass for the gathering.

from front

Mary Danhauer, Bob Greene, John Laker, Charlotte Paez, Phyllis Troutman and Joyce York. Each panelist shared how they live and see spirituality in the workplace. Each story was unique and inspirational. Father Ed Bradley, an Ursuline Associate, presided at Mass, which also consisted of three initial commitments into the Ursuline Associates and five members making their lifetime commitment. The day may best be summed up by a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King – “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all of the hosts of heaven and earth will pause and say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”n

Mary Hartz believes in gospel living By Suzanne Gochenouer, OSUA

Lifetime Associate Mary Hartz, along with her three siblings and parents, converted to Catholicism on a long-ago Christmas Eve at Immaculate Conception in Earlington, Ky. They lived in a churchowned house behind the school, where, Mary Hartz she fondly remembers, the Ursuline Sisters played in the yard with the family. Following that early experience with the sisters, Mary enjoyed working with Sisters Jacinta Powers and Claudia Hayden during her 32 years as a registered nurse at Daviess County Hospital. Since retiring, she’s volunteered in social justice issues and the associates’ jail ministry. She worked at the St. Benedict Homeless Shelter for a while and currently takes part in the Thursday prayer service. In addition, Mary participates in scripture study

and cares for her disabled oldest daughter. Mary became a Third Order Franciscan in 1989. Although called to this prayer life, she felt isolated, as there were few local professed Franciscans. Discovering that Angela Merici was also a secular Franciscan, Mary felt an affinity for Angela’s message to go forth in service to others. Mary especially admires Angela’s gutsiness and that “she didn’t back down” when there was a need for her service. Mary made her lifetime commitment in 2010, with Sister Suzanne Sims serving as her contact companion. Finding a deeper, focused prayer life within the associates, Mary says, “I’d rather serve than be served. Whatever talents I have, I pray God will show me how to use them to benefit His Church.” Mary and her husband of 44 years, Joseph “Dean,” are parents to four living children, while one has preceded them to heaven.

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Associate Update

Welcome New Associates! Kelly Roe, a New York native, moved to Centertown, Ky., following her 1978 marriage to her husband, Mike. A retired registered nurse, she serves on the boards of several Ohio County community organizations, including the United Way of the Ohio Valley, Together We Care Community Coalition and the Ohio County Hospital. She is a member of the Owensboro Diocesan Review Board and is lector and serves on the building and planning committee at St. Joseph Church, Central City. She is also a tireless member of the Saint Joseph Parish Silent Auction team at the Mount Picnic. Kelly and Mike, a recent convert to Catholicism, have a son and daughter and one precious granddaughter. Kelly was introduced to the Ursuline Associates by Lisa Day, Mike’s cousin. She is described as “a true example of one who strives to live her life as Christ wants us to do.” Her desire as an associate is “to repay what the Ursulines give so freely.” Sister Rose Karen Johnson and the late Sister Rose Theresa Johnson are her contact companions. Jacqueline Sommers grew up in Morganfield, Ky., taught at Saint Joseph School in Central City and recently retired from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) after almost 30 years of service. Known for her tenacity and problemsolving abilities, Jackie revived the parish picnic as a means to fund parish youth activities, serving as chaperone, fundraiser and cheerleader for many years. When it became apparent that the church steps were preventing some parishioners from attending Mass, she spearheaded a drive to purchase and install a covered lift which bypasses those steep stairs. She is described as “a real leader and so willing to help the poor and needy.” She is devoted to the Ursuline Sisters, loves working at the Mount Picnic and “wants to share the spirit and mission of the Ursuline Community and assist in sharing their goals.” Associate Jean Simpson, her contact companion, tells us, “She never complains” and does all things “with a smile.” Eleven members of the Young Daughters of Saint Angela from Kansas joined six of their contemporaries from Whitesville, Ky., for the second Y-DOSA Summit on June 13-15 at Maple Mount. The first summit in 2012 took place in St. Louis.

August 2013

Joan Teder of St. Charles, Mo., is a medical records coder at St. Luke’s hospital. Her roots at Mount Saint Joseph go deep. She is Associate Mary Teder’s daughter, Sister Amelia Stenger’s niece and a frequent helper at the Mount Picnic and other events, such as the recent “Elvis is in the House” dinner. She is a quiet worker, always ready to lend a hand. She is a member of her parish Stitches for Life Committee, where she makes prayer shawls for the sick and sews lap quilts for nursing home patients. In 2008, Joan went on a St. Cletus Parish mission trip to San Salvador, El Salvador. She looks forward to returning to help complete the library and medical clinic. She sponsors a child in El Salvador for her education and collects school supplies, hats, gloves and coats in winter for the disadvantaged. It is said that Joan “lives her faith each day” and will be a “wonderful asset.” She wants to help the sisters to serve their missions in any way she can. Sister Amelia is her contact companion.

Rev. Carol Owen joins Associate Advisory Board The newest member of the Associate Advisory Board is Carol Owen, a retired Methodist minister and former teacher. She became an Ursuline Associate in 1997 at the invitation of Sister Rebecca White. She is a spiritual advisor, participates in Contemporary Woman classes and serves as covenant church chairperson on the Habitat for Humanity board. In accepting the invitation to join the Advisory Board, Carol stated, “Since becoming an Associate, I have always considered it an honor and privilege to be involved with Mount Saint Joseph and the Ursuline Sisters in a variety of ways. I look forward to serving with the wonderful members of this board as we work together to spread Angela’s message in the world. “ The Advisory Board supports the coordinator of Ursuline Partnerships in planning associate goals and activities. Other board members are Sister Barbara Jean Head, Sister Nancy Murphy, Carol O’Keefe, Joan Perry and John Wood. Dan Heckel, Sister Marietta Wethington and Marian Bennett serve as ex-officio board members.

Carol Owen, the newest member of the Associate Advisory Board, reads part of the opening prayer on Associates Day on June 8.

August 2013

Associate Update

Reflective Moments Moments Reflective

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In Weakness We are Made Strong By Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU

As I am writing this reflection I am living in Saint Joseph Villa, our motherhouse infirmary, while I recuperate from an allergic reaction to medication that I took for atrial fibrillation. As I thought about a topic I recalled Saint Paul’s words to the Corinthians when he told them that in weakness we are made strong. Most of us do not like our weaknesses – physical or otherwise. I don’t like mine. I especially don’t like the one I am experiencing now. It is not easy for me to receive. I’d rather give. I’m not used to being cared for – I’d rather be the caregiver. During this time I have been cared for in a very special way. I am so grateful. I have reflected a lot on what I have learned from this experience. One of the things I have learned is that I

cannot always be in control. I must surrender that control to God. I must admit that as my body ages I can no longer do what I once did. I can no longer be who I once was. Hopefully, I am a stronger, deeper person interiorly as I let go of the strength I once had exteriorly. God is teaching me through this experience to be more open to the goodness of others. Through the goodness of others, the goodness and beauty of God has become more vivid. Maybe God even delights in this weakness of mine because I keep struggling to allow God to make me into the person God wants me to be, not who I would like to become. I can’t fix my atrial fibrillation and all the implications that has for me but I can learn to rely on God who loves me – and each of us – more than we can imagine.

Reflection: When has God used your weakness to make you strong? Express your gratitude to God in whatever way you wish. • Read Saint Paul’s Letter: 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 Join us as we pray for one another! Send your prayer requests for friends and loved ones to the Email Prayer Network. Write the Ursuline Partnerships office, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356 • Call 270-229-2006 • Email •

Y-DOSA spreads some cheer, readies for Centennial

Loving and Giving ...

Dear Associates, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” This short sentence is certainly something all of us can think about as we go about our daily work or other activities. While attending a meeting in San Diego a number of years ago, a group decided to cross over into Mexico for an afternoon. As we went through the customs gates, we were confronted with children asking us to buy things from them. They couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old. One child was selling Chiclets while the mother was taking care of a baby who was lying in a cardboard box covered with a dirty blanket. We all gave something to those children even though we had been told we shouldn’t. We didn’t have a relationship with them nor did we love them, but we gave to them because of their need or the need of the people who were making them sell the candy. We gave without loving. As we prepare for the 43rd annual picnic for the retired sisters in September, we realize every day how much our retired sisters are loved. Many of you come to help us before, during and after the picnic. You help us sell tickets, bake cakes and bring items for the booths. You give in so many ways and we feel your love and care. Your support as associates and coworkers truly is a sign of the love Jesus showed to all as He shared the Good News. Thank you for your love, concern, hard work and continued support. We love you, too. We hope to see you in September. Sincerely,

Sister Amelia Stenger, OSU

Director of Development, Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph

Sister Marie Bosco Wathen laughs with Grace Dant, the daughter of employee Whitney Dant. Sister Marie Brenda Vowels smiles in the background. Residents and staff of Saint Joseph Villa enjoyed a “Day at the Beach” on May 14 as part of a Long Term Care Week celebration.

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Associate Update

August 2013

Happy fall Birthday, Associates! September 2 6 8 9 10 11

Judy Embry Fr. Joe Mills Betty Christian Gene Tritsch Melissa Tuley Anna Mae Kaiser Peggy Clark Brenda Semar 13 Mary Ann Childs 14 Di Ann Jenkins Joanne Mason Donna Szurgot 15 Judy Gray Laurie Hicks 16 Jackie Sommers 18 Jennie Barthol Meg Synk Jody Ziegler 19 Nellie Coffman Mike Haughton 20 Serafina Mesnier 21 Priscilla Archunde Francis Steffen 23 Barbara Hasenstab Nancy Richards Cathey Seaton 24 Beatriz Dansdill Rosann Whiting 25 Gerry Hasenstab Eileen Locke Kelly Roe 27 Sheila Blandford Joan Minks Sharon Speaks 28 Fr. Freddie Byrd Charlotte Paez Janet Rockers 30 Maxine Beavin Eddie Prunty You are invited to the Owensboro Associates’

Day at the Lake! Sept. 29 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

Hosted by Debbie & Kenny Lanham at their lake property in Hawesville near Knottsville, Ky.

Contact Marian Bennett 270-229-2006

October 1 3 4 5 6 8 9 11 12

Janet Kuper Patty Wernel Jean Gutierrez Betty Girten Jane Denton Patricia Jamett Margaret Chavez Tom Payne Lena Dees Catherine Gawarecki Kriste Pickert Therese Allen Margaret Brasuel Carol O’Keefe Pat Wilson 13 Mary Ann Schilling 14 Alice Albus Margie Hill 15 Marie Hauser Betty Stone 16 Robert Greene, Jr. 17 Catherine Bockhold 18 Anna Conn Shirley Hagman 19 Jean Yackle 21 Mariita Rodriguez 22 Ada Bader Margaret Gallegos 23 Lee Jerome 24 Alice Blazina Linda Lattus 25 Evelyn Kehder 26 JoAnne Horstmann 29 Benjamin Head 31 Audrey Durbin Mary Lyne Jean Steffen

The Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph invite you to our 43rd annual November 1 Ed Cecil Mel Howard Louise Leasor 2 Dolores Polson 3 Claire Buckley Bobby Smyth 4 Will Payne 5 Fr. Phil Riney 6 Odelean Hill 7 Joan DeBauge Karen Lasher 8 Raqúel Sepúlveda 9 Lorna Horishny 10 Kathy Kiper 13 Valentino Simpao Mary Ann Stewart Marilyn Terry 15 Carol Alvey 16 Lois Clark 17 Al Coleman 18 Annette Stokes 23 Dorothy Coatney 24 Donald Adams 28 Annette Chavez Randy Shelby Sr. Jeannette Touchet, SEC 30 Shirley Palmer

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PICNIC Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013 For the benefit of the retired Ursuline Sisters

Serving barbecue pork, mutton, chicken 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Yard Sale! Silent Auction! Crafts made by the Ursuline Sisters and Friends! Cake Wheel • Bingo Pull Tabs • Adopt-a-Pet Hog Wild • Plants and Flowers • Inflatables Bottle Pitch • Holiday Decor • Ice Cream Burgoo • More!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! Call 270-229-4103 ext. 260

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If you have Silent Auction or Yard Sale items that you could donate for our picnic, please let us know! We can also use new handmade crafts for our Crafts booth.

Associate Update

Associate Update

In Loving Memory... Sister Frances Miriam Spalding, 94, died May 9 in her 73rd year of religious life. She was a native of Bardstown, Ky. Sister Frances Miriam never slowed down and was always available to help anyone in need. She was the contact sister for Alice Blazina, Cecilia Curtis, Rose Mary Egli, Ann Ruth Hayden, Paul Kordenbrock, Lorraine Luken and Christopher Walls. She was a teacher or principal in Kentucky and Missouri for 39 years, 1942-81. She served in parish ministry and outreach in western Kentucky from 1985-2003, when she came home to the Motherhouse to serve as activities director for the senior sisters until her retirement in 2007. She was director of transportation and assistant local superior at the Motherhouse from 1981-85. She was buried in the convent cemetery, where she was reunited with her sister, Sister Marie Spalding, who died in 1943. Sister Francis Joseph Porter, 79, died July 7 in her 51st year of religious life. She was a native of Owensboro. Sister Francis Joseph was very prayerful and loved the beauty of nature. She ministered in the Mount Saint Joseph Post Office for 28 of the past 29 years, most of those years as postmaster. She was director of food services at Maple Mount (1980-84), a teacher at Mount Saint Joseph Academy (1967-68) and elsewhere in Kentucky. Survivors include her sister, Betty Lou Abel, of Jacksonville, Fla., and her brother-in-law Mike Cecil, Chicago. NOTE: Memorial gifts for a sister may take the form of donations to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356. Dr. Robert Panchyshyn, 85, died June 23, in Bowling Green, Ky. His wife, Associate Carolyn Baseheart Panchyshyn, died Aug. 7. (Due to press deadlines, her obituary will be in our next issue). A Minnesota native, Dr. Bob taught in the School of Education at Western Kentucky University. He became an associate on July 10, 2012, with Sister Suzanne Sims his contact companion. His goal was to be “a worthwhile contributing associate,” and his life was true to that goal. Together, he and Carolyn were active members of Holy Spirit Church, attending daily Mass, and praying the Divine Office faithfully. He was described as “a humble man” and “a man of great intelligence, quick wit and a deep commitment to spiritual growth.” In his obituary, Bob is lauded as a “fourth degree member of Knights of Columbus and the Honorable Order

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We Extend Deepest Sympathy To: • Sister Anne Michelle Mudd, whose niece, Danissa Mudd Lewis, died April 24 • Sister Lois Lindle, whose brother, Louis Franklin Lindle, died April 30 • Therese Fraize, whose sister-in-law, Phyllis Scott, died April 30 • Sid Mason, whose sister-in-law, Pat Hewitt, died April 30 • Sister Jean Gertrude Mudd, whose sister, Angela Mudd Peterson, died May 2 • Mike Sullivan, whose brother-in-law, Ray Kloss, died May 2 • Carol Hill, whose sister-in-law, Nivatta Smith, died May 6 • Therese Martin Lawson, whose brother, Joe Lawrence Thompson, died May 6 • Sister Nancy Murphy, whose mother, Mary Helen Hamilton Murphy, died May 21 • Jennifer Kaminski, whose uncle, Marion Strange, died May 22 • Sister Susan Mary Mudd, whose sister, Mary Clarissa Kelly, died July 2 • Sister Rose Marie Craycroft, whose brother, James Craycroft, died July 30

of Kentucky Colonels. He served on the board of St. Vincent de Paul, as well as volunteer and representative at Greenview Regional Hospital Board.” Survivors include a son, Joseph; daughters, Joy and Constance; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Bob was too ill to make his lifetime associate commitment this year. Sister Suzanne wrote, “Bob will intercede for us now with Saint Angela by his side!” Robert D. Whiting, Associate Rosann Whiting’s husband of over 40 years, died July 3 in Boston, Mass. Survivors include a son, Andrew, and a grandson, Roy Robert Whiting. Rosann and Bob lived in Paducah from 1991-2007 where he was a businessman and she was principal of Saint Mary Middle and High School. They relocated to Dedham, Mass., where they were living at the time of Bob’s sudden death. The couple made their lifetime commitments on Aug. 5, 2001, with Sister Mary Celine Weidenbenner their contact companion. As associates, their goal was to “help the Ursulines achieve their goals ... through physical, spiritual or financial help.”

’ For the angels of eternal life will be with us, that is, in so far as we share in an angelic life. - Prologue to The Rule

Saint Angela Merici

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2013-14 Quilt Club

Calendar of Upcoming Events...

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Now is the time to purchase your Ursuline Sisters’ Quilt Club membership for only $20. You get 12 chances to win a homemade quilt! New monthly drawings begin Oct. 4, 2013.

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• Sunday, Sept. 8.......... Mount Saint Joseph PICNIC to benefit retired sisters • Thursday, Sept. 12...... Study of the Catholic Catechism at Retreat Center • Saturday, Sept. 28...... Associate Advisory Board meeting • Sunday, Sept. 29........ Day at the Lake sponsored by Owensboro associates • Thursday, Oct. 10...... Associate Group Coordinators at Mount Saint Joseph • Thursday, Oct. 10....... Study of the Catholic Catechism at Center • Week of Oct. 14......... New Spiritual Direction Training Program begins • Saturday, Oct. 19....... Jail Ministry visit sponsored by Owensboro associates • Saturday, Oct. 19....... Yarn Spinning gathering at Center • Monday, Oct. 21........ Feast of Saint Ursula • Wednesday, Oct. 23.... Fall Associate Commitment • Oct. 26-27................ Marian Retreat with Msgr. Bernard Powers at Center • Saturday, Nov. 2......... Alumnae Memorial Mass • Thursday, Nov. 14....... Study of the Catholic . Catechism at Center Associate Ruth Bittel-Nunez, third from left, • Saturday, Nov. 16....... discusses the Holy Spirit at the June 13 study of the Catholic Catechism at Mount Saint Joseph Thomas Merton Retreat Conference and Retreat Center.

Update August 2013  
Update August 2013  

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