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“Angela Alive” in Abuja, Nigeria Agnes Ijoko, this letter from Sister We recently received e Associates. eetings to all Ursulin gr s nd se o wh , CJ HH it with you. We’re happy to share ria! Greetings from Nige wondering what has I am sure you will be I was sick e of your associates. become of Agnes, on fine id fever, but now I am of malaria and typho ital, I sp ho ain. While in the and up on my feet ag s. I am te Ursulines and Associa remembered all the our house, ss here every day in privileged to have Ma u all. sses very often for yo so I pray and offer Ma more uja Ab of other part I have relocated to an light or r te We hardly have wa interior than the first. sti is ll surviving. The place but somehow we are e principal school where I am th developing and our . is in this part of Abuja ming e under my care is co The school apostolat are We . ks Hopefully that y due to some setbac t up for our students. pu we res tu uc up fine though slowl str l hoste te the classroom and a fruitful apostolate. still trying to comple become a model for uld wo ol ho sc erful group of women e th d an Ursulines are a wond . em th would be done with to s ard reg e Associates? My How are the Ursulin my memory. J, OSUA . Agnes, HHC that can never leave es liv r ou in ail ev pr inue to May God’s work cont


ister Agnes Ijoko, HHCJ (Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus, a Nigerian religious community), arrived at Owensboro Regional Airport to begin her education at Brescia University February 1, 2001. She lived with the Ursuline Sisters at 514 St. Ann Street for four years, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and a certificate in elementary education. Through diligent study and summer courses, she also completed a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction before returning to Nigeria in 2004 to become a school principal.

Far left: Sister Agnes Ijoko signs her lifetime commitment as an Ursuline Associate in the Mount Saint Joseph Chapel in 2004. Left: Sister Mary Irene Cecil is Sister Agnes’ contact sister. They lived together while Sister Agnes was attending Brescia University. Above: Sister Marietta Wethington, Sister Michele Morek (congregational leader) and Marian Bennett pose with Sister Agnes at her lifetime commitment ceremony.

Page 2 Associate Update February 2007

Making Love Visible...

Ecuador medical mission a learning experience


By Dr. Eddie Prunty, OSUA Candidate

his past May I had the opportunity to participate in a medical brigade to the Amazon basin of Ecuador in South America. The trip was sponsored by the Timmy Foundation of Indianapolis. The foundation organizes brigades consisting of medical and pharmacy students with medical professionals to Third World countries. I was invited to participate by Beth Payne, a UL medical student I had met initially in 2000 when we both went to World Youth Day in Rome. A member of her class who had been on a trip before was organizing the trip to Ecuador, but they were in need of a medical professional. My initial response was that it just wasn’t Dr. Eddie Prunty of Central City examines a sick child while on possible due to the length of time I would need to be out of my office (two weeks). I am still not certain how a two-week mission trip to Ecuador in May 2006. Dr. Prunty and his wife, Melinda, plan to make their first commitment as Ursuline I ended up acquiescing to her request, but I am certain associates at a ceremony in April. God was grinning somewhere in that exchange. two physicians, one third-year pharmacy student, and The weeks leading up to the trip consisted in one administrative participant. We flew from Louisville obtaining supplies that we would use while in the to Quito, Ecuador, where we were joined by a Timmy country. The medical students had several fundraising Foundation representative who had activities in order to purchase done the organizing of the clinics we medications and provide for ‘Perhaps my favorite part of would attend while in the country, medical consults for conditions the trip was interacting with the two Ecuadorian interpreters, and a bus beyond our scope of care. children at the end of the day.’ driver for our daily excursions. Through the generosity of two After a brief night’s rest, we local pharmacies, I was able to obtain about $1000 worth of medications, and my local prepared for our trip to Tena. The journey took us through the Andes Mountains down into the Napo Rotary Club sponsored me for $500. River valley, one of the tributaries feeding the Amazon The day finally arrived to leave for Ecuador. I River. While the trip was only about 150 miles, wrote in my journal to start the trip, “The unknown is not a condition – it is an opportunity.” For me to go on because of the condition of the roads it took a total of six hours to arrive at our destination. Our home for the a trip like this was stepping way outside my comfort next eight days was a resort in the town of Missahailli zone, but anticipation helped relieve some anxiety. about six miles from Tena. The town is most famous Our brigade consisted of 14 UL newly finished for the monkeys that populate the town square. The first-year medical students, two nurse practitioners, mischievous mammals are adept pickpockets! Over the next week we attended six clinics, taking Update is published four times a year care of all sorts of medical problems. Our facilities for the Associates of the usually consisted of local school buildings that we Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph improvised into a makeshift area for triage, exam 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356-9999 Phone: 270-229-4103 rooms, pharmacy and waiting area. The typical order Fax: 270-229-4953 of the day consisted of the students dividing up the Website: various duties of triage (obtaining vital signs and E-mail: initial history), pharmacy, or shadowing one of the Co-Directors of Ursuline Partnerships: medical professionals. During a routine day we would Marian Bennett, OSUA / Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU care for about 160 patients. While most of the patients Editor: Sister Ruth Gehres, OSU Graphic Design: Jennifer Kaminski

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February 2007

Associate Update

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had minor illnesses, we also saw two patients with significant heart disorders requiring a consultation with cardiologists in Quito, several hernias requiring repair, and a small child with a severe infection of his spine. The trip also provided for a couple of opportunities to learn more about Ecuador. On the one Sunday we were in Missahailli, I attempted to go to Mass. But the only Mass was Saturday evening. Instead I rose early Sunday and went to the local Catholic church to say the rosary. Afterwards the group hiked into the rainforest to a waterfall. Later that afternoon we took a trip down the Napo River to an indigenous community to see how they provide for themselves. Finally, after traveling back to Quito on the night prior to our departure, we had a very entertaining history lesson of the city of Quito and of Ecuador given by “El Diablo.” As in any new experience, I learned a great deal about myself, my faith, and about medicine. I learned that I do not like cold showers (actually I already knew that but this confirmed it), I don’t like cilantro, and I either need to learn Spanish better or speak only English. (This last discovery came about as a result of trying to wish a patient “I hope you get better” but saying “I hope you die!” Thankfully she couldn’t comprehend my Muhlenberg-accented Spanish.) Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was interacting with the children at the end of the day. The medical students were wonderful, playing soccer with the local

American medical staff on a mission trip to Ecuador teach a circle of children to play, “Duck, Duck, Goose.” The staff played games with the children in the evenings after they were finished seeing patients.

kids, swinging them around, or teaching them “Duck, Duck, Goose.” The latter was especially entertaining. The beauty of these children was that I could see how easy peace could be if we just looked at each other through the eyes of a child. They cared not about our skin color, our affluence, our accent, or our nationality. They responded to us because we showed an interest in them. The heat, the sweat, the dirt, the poverty and our fatigue somehow all melded together to create something beautiful. More significantly, though I learned how it felt to be totally powerless. In my day-to-day world I have control (or at least I like to think I do) of what happens with all sorts of devices and medications that enable me to effectively treat a wide variety of medical illnesses. In Ecuador I had only rudimentary equipment (a stethoscope, an otoscope and an ophthalmoscope), no diagnostic equipment, no lab and an inadequate formulary. I had the knowledge of what to do but not the ability – powerlessness. But out of this impotence came strength. The reality that it really never was my ability, that often it is just touch, patience, compassion, the Left: Mary Danhauer, a family nurse practitioner and Ursuline associate, willingness to be that heals the most. It was in enters her medical clinic in Jamaica. this that I fully realized modern medicine may Above: Sister Suzanne Sims visited heal on one level (physical) but true healing Mary while on a mission to Jamaica occurs at many levels. November 1-8, 2006. In reflecting back since the trip I realize once Associate Mary Danhauer recently returned to Owensboro again that in doing this mission work what I received was inevitably far greater than what from Jamaica for a visit during the Christmas holidays. I gave, that beauty occurs all around us, that While she was here, Mary came to Maple Mount for Mass love knows no bounds, that compassion covers and supper with the Ursuline sisters. After the meal, Mary many injustices, that courage requires action, gave a short presentation to the sisters about her work in the that healing is a gift, and the unknown is an clinic at Maggoty, St Elizabeth, Jamaica. opportunity. n

Jamaica visit

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Associate Update / F

Associate Meetings

Enjoying the Henderson-Union County associates meeting in October were, left to right, Sister Margaret Ann Aull, Dotty Liles, and Betty Christian.

The Grayson County associates had a Christmas party December 8. Some of those in attendance were, left to right, David Mudd (associate candidate), Carol Hill, Coreen Moore, Stella McClure, and Brenda Semar.

The W seate Maso Partn

Hosts Sharon and Don Speaks welcomed Sister Suzanne Sims, center, to the Henderson associates meeting.

Associates in Muhlenberg County met December 13. Above: Wanda Rickard, Alice Powell (associate candidate), and Marlene Monaghan. Right: Marcia Stoller (associate candidate), Bonnie Adams, Eddie and Melinda Prunty (associate candidates), and hostess Kathy Gillis.

Enjoying the festivities at the Grayson County associates Christmas party were, left to right, Father Brian Johnson, Sister Marietta Wethington, Diane Lee (guest), Beverly Harrison (associate candidate), and Willidean Alvey (guest).

The O assoc met i Bresc Abov Fisch Mary cand Bern durin Righ Mich cong for th Sister Marg Helen

February 2007

Western Kentucky associates met in Mayfield December 15. In attendance were, ed: Risë Karr and Betty Boren. Standing: Sister Teresa Riley, Pat Wilson, Sid on (hostess), Sister Karla Kaelin, and Marian Bennett, co-director of Ursuline nerships.

Owensboro ciate group in November at cia University. ve: Sister Helena her dines with y Hartz (associate didate) and nadette Howard ng the meeting. ht: Sister hele Morek, gregational leader he Ursuline rs, sits with gie Hill and n Miles.

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Welcome to our New Associates Elaine and John Wood have been members of St. Mary Parish in LaCenter, Kentucky, since 1968. Married for 41 years, they have five children and eight grandchildren. They are active in parish life by serving on the finance council, and as lectors, cantors and ministers of the Eucharist. In their larger community of Ballard County, they are active in scouting and enjoy fishing, hiking, boating and other outdoor activities. It has been said of Elaine, “She has a way of identifying persons who are searching for meaning in their lives and showing them how God can make a difference for them.” A retired forester for Westvaco, John’s commitment to his parish and community is summed up by, “If there is a need, John is likely to see the need and do something about it.” Sister Alicia Coomes and Sister Suzanne Sims are their longtime friends and contact sisters.

Training in Tucson Sister Marietta Wethington, co-director of Ursuline Partnerships, attended the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction for four weeks at the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, Arizona, last fall. She is pictured (left) with Sister Ann McGrew, who also earned a training certificate. The sisters studied such topics as spirituality, spiritual direction and tradition, interfaith spiritual direction, 12-step spirituality, dreams, supervision, and honoring the feminine and masculine in spiritual direction. Both help facilitate the Spiritual Direction Training Program at Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. There are 12 participants in the current 2006-2008 program.

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Associate Update

Remembering Special Associate Days... March Birthdays:

2 Shearon Harris Diane Wilson 5 Kay Buckman Stella McClure 7 George Horishny 10 Chris Denniston 12 Velma Dees 14 Mary Costello Pauline Goebel Darlene Sapp 15 Diane Hayden 16 Joan McKinnon 18 Camilla Frey Mike Sullivan 19 Carolyn Butler 20 Angelina Glomb 21 Fr. Leonard Alvey Marcy Bufalini Elaine Wood 23 Carlene Braun 24 Catherine Roddy 25 Marcella Critchelow Jodie Fulkerson June Townsend 26 Bea Porter

March Anniversaries of Acceptance:

2 Years Nettie Castle, Shirlene Quinn 2 Laura Smith 20 Years Ann Collins 19 Years Catherine Bockhold, Larry and Jane Denton, David and Gloria Henderson, Don and Maxine Hobbs, Rebecca Leonard Diane Wilson, Pat and Mike Sullivan 18 Years Kevin Karl 16 Years Carolyn Miller 13 Years Fr. Conran Runnebaum 12 Years Anna Lesousky 7 years Audrey Durbin 6 years Inez GĂĄlvez, Patricia Jamett Jolanda Moraga, Carola Pulgar Sonia Pradenas, Evelina Salas Raquel SepĂşlveda 5 Years Fr. Tony Shonis 4 Years Carlene Braun, Catherine Gawarecki Carol Hogan, Mildred McDowell 3 Years Ed and Gloria Cecil, Don and Marlene Monaghan, Debbie Walker 2 Years Lela Buettmann

We encourage you to keep this list and to pray for these associates on their special days.

April Birthdays: 1 2 3 4

Frances Elder Larry Minks Jeanne Miller Joyce Firenza Evelina Salas 6 Marian Bennett Mary Jo Dodson Violet Hamilton Mary Rita Trittschuh 8 Sue Donahue Wanda Gibson 9 Fr. Brian Johnson Doris Kolb-Hopkins 11 Wanda Rickard 14 Lucille Weidenbenner 15 Laura Smith Fr. Richard White 16 Claudette Ford 17 Terry Barnes 21 Jerry Frey 22 Mildred McDowell 24 Fr. Ed Bradley Carolyn Head 25 Rev. Patricia Dawkins Fr. Brian Roby 27 Edna Marnell 28 Michael Lemm Bob Pfeiler

April Anniversaries of Acceptance:

3 Years Winnie Cohron, Ione Deken 2 22 Years Therese Allen Gertrude Tyrala 20 Years Fr. Ed Bradley Adrian Bumpus Anna Dye, Bonnie Marks 19 Years Ada Bader, Betty and Bobby Joe Christian, Cecilia Curtis Bob and Marty Darst Gail Funk, Claudette Ford Ann and John Hancock Irvin Hancock, Nancy Richards, BrendaSauer June Townsend 13 Years Marvin and Murilla Giittinger Ann Hayden 10 Years Lena Dees, Phil and Velma Dees, Isabelle King 8 Years Jean Dowdy, Larry Dowdy 6 Years Dorothy Hughes, Arleen Naglich, Dolores Polson 5 Years Ruth Metschuleit 3 Years Brenda Semar 1 year Anna Conn John and Martha Little


May Birthdays: 1 2 4 5 6 9 11 12 13 14 18 21 22

3 2 24 25 6 2 28 29

Karen Beavers Marie Ritz Murilla Giittinger Lil Wilson Madeleine Bianco John Allen Ruth Wright-Welzen Clarence Kaiser Sonia Pradenas Willa Bloemer Loni Daniels Mike Synk Cecilia McEldowney Loretta Oliver Tracy Strother Maxine Hobbs Sandra Jull Ola Higdon Rose Mary Egli Kevin Karl Amy Payne Sr. Agnes Ijoko, HHCJ Sharon Rose Jean Bertram

May Anniversaries of Acceptance:

3 Years Therese Fraize 2 22 Years Connie Del Muro 21 Years Joan McKinnon, Midge Palm Bob Pfeiler 20 Years Mary Ann Childs 19 Years Margaret Stenger 18 Years Paul Kordenbrock Christopher Walls 17 Years Jeanne Lamastus 15 Years Philomena Bollinger, Dottie Clark Shirley Eckert, Camilla Frey Wilma Howard, Helen Pfeiffer Sandra Jull, Therese Lawson Francis and Jean Steffen Rita Summers 13 Years Judy Embry Anna Mae and Clarence Kaiser Sr. Ann Middlebrooks, SEC Georgann Stuck Sr. Jeannette Touchet, SEC 10 Years George and Lorna Horishny Mary Jo Johnson, Michael Lemm Larry Lynch, Meg and Mike Synk 8 Years June Fowler 5 Years Suzanne Gochenouer Darlene Sapp 3 Years Chris Geary Gary and Sera Mesnier 2 Years Ruth Bittel, Penny Burns Fr. Ben Luther, Elenita McConnell Jean Simpson, Tracy Strother

February 2007

Associate Update

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In Memoriam... Sister Carolita Young, OSU

Sister Carolita Young, 93, died November 29, at Mount Saint Joseph, in her 74th year of religious life. She was a native of St. Mary in Marion County. An educator for 60 years, Sister Carolita taught in Kentucky, New Sister Carolita Young Mexico, Nebraska, and Missouri. She also served as librarian in several schools. After her retirement, she served 10 years part time in the community library at Mount Saint Joseph. Survivors include nieces and nephews, and her Ursuline Sisters.

Sister Mildred (Aloysius Marie) Barr, OSU

Sister Mildred (Aloysius Marie) Barr, 85, died December 12 at Mount Saint Joseph, in her 66th year of religious life. An educator for 45 years, Sister Mildred taught in Kentucky, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Missouri. She taught art at Mount Saint Joseph Academy and many other schools. She Sister Mildred Barr also served in the prayer house at the Mount and was director of the gift shop and of the museum. Survivors include her sisters, Mary Lillian Hamilton, Owensboro, Ruth Ann Mayfield, Philpot, Janet Goff, Rome, and Angela Marie Dillard, Franklin; and brothers, Louis B. Barr and Herman J. Barr, both of Owensboro, and Gerald L. Barr and Frederick A. Barr, both of Whitesville; nieces and nephews, and her Ursuline sisters. Gifts in memory of Sisters Carolita Young and Mildred Barr may take the form of donations to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356.n

Prayer Requests We Extend Deepest Sympathy To: • Lina Trujillo, OSUA and Margaret Trujillo Chavez, OSUA, whose brother, Martin Trujillo, Jr., died November 30 • Annette Thomas Chavez, OSUA, whose sister, Mary Jane Carrico, died October 20

Angela Anew Conference An “Angela Anew” conference in Cincinnati December 27-29 brought together 25 Ursuline sisters and one Ursuline Associate from six communities: Brown County, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo in Ohio; and Louisville and Maple Mount in Kentucky. Reflecting on the charism of Angela Merici, they explored the question, What do Angela’s insights offer us in today’s world...locally, globally, in our Church? Representing the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph were (photo, from left) Sisters Jacinta Powers, Michele Morek, Pam Mueller, Mary Lois Speaks, Kathleen Kaelin, and Maureen Griner.

Have you ever invited anyone to become an Ursuline associate? The Office of Ursuline Partnerships will be glad to send information. Just let us know the name and address of the person who might be interested in becoming an associate.

’ Obedience is straightforward, courageous, respectful, honorable and reverent. Third Counsel of Saint Angela Merici

NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID OWENSBORO,KY 42301 PERMIT NO. 120 Please help us update our mailing list. If there are errors in your address, please inform us so that we may correct them.

Upcoming Events,,, • Saturday, February 10 - Associate Advisory Board, 8:30 a.m., Mount Saint Joseph. Alternate date– Feb. 14 • Saturday, February 17 - Louisville Associates Meeting, 1 p.m., St. Angela Convent, 1731 Edenside Ave. • Saturday, February 24 - Glennonville Associates Retreat, 9–12 noon, St. Theresa Church, Glennonville • March 2-4 - Catholic Charismatic Conference, Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center • Thursday, March 15 - Lecture on torture by Sister Dianna Ortiz, 7 p.m., Brescia University Science Bldg. • March 16-18 - A Women’s Retreat: Mary Magdalene, Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center • Wednesday, March 21 - Muhlenberg County Associates Meeting, 6 p.m., St. Joseph Church, Central City • Wednesday, March 21 - Owensboro Associates Meeting, 5 p.m., Brescia University Dining Room • Saturday, April 21 - Rockin’ the Mount II concert, 5 p.m. • Wednesday, April 25 - Associate commitment ceremony, 4:30 p.m., Maple Mount • May 19-20 - Mount Saint Joseph Alumnae Reunion

ASSOCIATES JOHN AND BERNADETTE HOWARD deliver the day’s laundry to Eddie Tichenor at Harold’s Cleaners in Owensboro. The Howards are volunteers for the St. Benedict Joseph Homeless Shelter in Owensboro. Harold’s Cleaners does the shelter’s laundry at no charge. Other Ursuline associates volunteering at the shelter include Father John Vaughan, Carol Alvey, Gloria Cecil, Father Carl McCarthy, and Ursuline Sisters Marietta Wethington and Suzanne Sims. This shelter began serving the homeless in 2005 when the churches of Owensboro answered the need for clean, secure emergency lodging.

SUNDAY, July 8, 2007 Associates and Sisters Day

Mount Saint Joseph, Maple Mount, Kentucky

UPDATE February 2007  
UPDATE February 2007  

Newsletter for the Mount Saint Joseph Ursuline Associates.