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VOL. XV, NO. 1

Associates & Sisters Day 2009: Celebrating the Future! By A. Karen Siciliano, OSUA


n June 27, more than 170 Ursuline Associates and Sisters gathered at Mount Saint Joseph to close the 25th anniversary year of the Mount Saint Joseph Ursuline Associates. With this closure, the associates and sisters embarked on an exciting new adventure: celebrating the future. Together we prayed and reflected on the ingredients needed to celebrate the future in its fullness. We began with prayer focused on the melding of three communities – the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, Belleville, Ill., and Paola, Kan. – into one community. Our prayer was a celebration of Left: Associates Paul our strengths, gifts, and commonalties, and an Gray and Barbara expression of our gratitude as we move into Goldsmith of Memphis talk during Associates and the future. Soils from the various associate Sisters Day June 27. communities, our own “lands of Angela,” were Above: Mary Ann brought forward and mingled as a sign of our Schilling, of Hancock unity. Members of the three communities turned County, Ky., pins a Mount Saint Joseph Associate pin and watered the soil, and planted three sprigs on Harriet Jack, of Paola, of a vine from the birthplace of the Ursulines Kan. – Brescia, Italy. How do we celebrate the future as Ursuline Associates and Sisters? Mary-Cabrini Durkin, our featured speaker and author of “Angela Merici’s Journey of the Heart,” addressed that question by pointing out that we’re living Angela’s future. In the 16th century, Angela’s life and words encouraged all types of people to embrace their future. In the same way, Angela invites us, her daughters and sons, to celebrate our future. If we look to Angela’s relationships with God and others, we will discover in Angela a model for our own future: ever-deepening relationship with God, with one another, and service to our world. To help us know Angela better, Mary-Cabrini addressed four areas: Angela as a Throne for God, Glowing with God; Angela as a Cultivator of Relationships; Jesus and Angela: Love Flowing Outward; and Celebrating the Future. MaryCabrini’s presentation focused on the ingredients needed to nourish life both within our Ursuline circles and in the world beyond ourselves. Mary-Cabrini quoted Gabriele Cozzano’s description of Angela as “a throne for God,” a blazing furnace of God’s love. Her whole purpose for being was to embody God and manifest God to the world. In her presence people were compelled to say, “God is here.” To celebrate ‘We will discover in a future, we must seek the grace to live as a throne for God, to manifest the One who Angela a model for must be first in our hearts and our lives. We must tend the fire of our own intimacy with God, and not be shy about letting that light shine. our own future: everMary-Cabrini noted that Angela was a farmer; working in her vineyard, she learned deepening relationship to hope in a life-giving future. She cultivated relationships with people from all walks with God, with one of life. The future will not exist unless we invest ourselves for it and one another. To another, and service to celebrate the future, Mary-Cabrini encouraged us to be farmers, to cultivate as Angela did, and to treasure and celebrate the goodness within ourselves and others. our world.’ Mary-Cabrini reminded us that we are called to serve, to put God first and pour out Continued on page 2

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Associate Update

August 2009

Letter from the director...

Mary-Cabrini Durkin, author of “Angela Merici’s Journey of the Heart,” was the keynote speaker at Maple Mount June 27.

Bishop Emeritus John McRaith, left, an associate, speaks with associate Tom Payne. RIGHT: Stephanie Render, a new Grayson County associate, looks at spiritual books being given away on Associates Day.


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our lives for others. We must serve with respect and lead by example. To celebrate a future, like Angela, we must ground ourselves in the Gospels and seek there the inspiration for our service in the world. To celebrate our future, Mary-Cabrini encouraged us to hope, pray, share, and serve as Angela did. Angela invites us to cultivate the vine she planted nearly 500 years ago in Brescia. Let us, associates and sisters, continue to “turn the soil” in hope and confidence. n


Marian Bennett, OSUA, Ursuline Partnerships Director Sister Maureen Griner, OSU Martha Little, OSUA Sister Nancy Murphy, OSU Carol O’Keefe, OSUA Suzanne Reiss, OSUA Mike Sullivan, OSUA Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU, Spiritual Formation Michael Ziegler, OSUA

The board supports the director of Ursuline Partnerships in planning and executing associate goals and activities.

Dear Associates and Friends, The celebration of our 25th year is past. Associates and Sisters Day 2009 has come and gone. Now we face the future together. On Associates and Sisters Day, Mary-Cabrini Durkin said, “We are living Angela’s future.”That future is our world today. A theme for the year 2009-2010 is CHARISM. What is charism? What is Angela’s charism? How do we live it? How do we embrace it? Where do we begin? Our desire as associates is to grow each year, to explore the call of our baptism to holiness. The Partnerships staff is designing a 12-month program of study and action. All of you willhavetheopportunitytostudynewlydevelopedformation materials. In addition, a resource library of supplementary enrichment programs will be available upon request. Another theme this year is LEADERSHIP. We think it’s appropriate to share the responsibilities of leadership, so we’re looking for leaders of regional groups to serve a two-year term, with a chance to be chosen again for an additional two years. In pursuit of this goal, we will provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and to enhance formation and spiritual growth through leadership training. Enriched and emboldened by Angela’s guiding spirit and firm conviction, we are poised at another beginning. As we end the past, and begin the future, let us pray to Saint Angela to guide us forward to celebrate our future together. Mrs. Marian Bennett, OSUA, Director of Ursuline Partnerships ASSOCIATE Update is published four times a year for the Associates of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356-9999 Phone: 270-229-2006 • Fax: 270-229-4953 Web site: E-mail: Director of Mission Advancement/Communications: Dan Heckel Director of Ursuline Partnerships: Mrs. Marian Bennett, OSUA Director of Spiritual Formation for Ursuline Partnerships: Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU Director of Development: Debra Noble Communications/Graphic Design: Jennifer Kaminski Administrative Specialist/Web Site: Tiffany Orth



e, the associates of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through the actions of our everyday lives. We commit ourselves to living the charism of Saint Angela Merici in union with and in support of the Ursuline community of Mount Saint Joseph.

August 2009

Associate Update

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Lifetime Commitments


Gail Davenport (left) brings soil from Muhlenberg County, Ky., while Gary Mesnier (right) brings soil from St. Louis during a ceremony on Associates Day June 27. Right: John Wood, an associate from Ballard County, Ky., pours soil from his community into the bowl. Below right: Marcy Bufalini, of Silver Spring, Md., brings soil for associates from across the country who are not part of groups. BOTTOM: Carol O’Keefe, a Paola, Kan., associate, cultivates the mixtures of soils. Afterward, Sister Marie William Blyth of Paola, Marian Bennett, director of Ursuline Partnerships at Mount Saint Joseph, and Sister Catherine Kaufman, a former Ursuline of Belleville, Ill., planted a vine that came from Brescia, Italy, into the newly mixed soil, melding the three communities and their associates.

Seven Ursuline Associates made their lifetime commitments on June 27 at Maple Mount. First row, from left, Michael Ziegler, Martha Little, Chris Denniston; back row, Sue Scott, Ruth Bittel-Nunez, John Little, and Bonnie Adams.

Associates from Paola, Kan., made lifetime commitments as Associates of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph June 27. First row, from left, Janice Lawless, Lu Sheehan, Doris Rommelfanger; back row, Joyce York, Carol O’Keefe, Eileen Locke, Roxanne Bollin, and Harriet Jack.

Find more Associates and Sisters Day photos online... FOUND on Associates and Sisters Day - June 27, 2009 An olive-green sweater. To claim, call 270-229-2006

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Associate Update / A

Welcome, New Assoc

Right: Owensboro, Ky., Associates had a prayer service for female inmates at the Daviess County Detention Center on May 28. Below: Muhlenberg County, Ky., Associates had a fundraiser for the Pathway of Hope pregnancy center.

Associates Day of Caring

Grayson County, Ky., Associates attend monthly Mass at Spring View nursing home, Leitchfield.

Those making their first commitments on June 27: First row, Bob and Sally Greene; second row, Valentino Simpao and Pam Brickler; third row, Martha House, Lisa Day, and Stephanie Render; back row, Dan Heckel and Alice Powell.

As a final tribute to the 25th anniversary year of the Ursuline Associates, associate groups participated in a Day of Caring, or otherwise continued their current outreach ministry. At each meeting of the Western Kentucky Associates, members bring food items or money for area food pantries. The first recipient was the St. Mary LaCenter Community Food Pantry in Ballard County. Sister Teresa Riley and Elaine and John Wood presented six cases of vegetables and cereal, and $50, to food pantry director Shirley Marshall. Muhlenberg County (Ky.) Associates minister in the community through St. Vincent DePaul, Pathway of Hope pregnancy resource center, and a food pantry. They also helped many people without power in the January ice storm. A baby shower was held May 20 to raise donations for Pathway of Hope. In Grayson County, Ky., associates routinely make inspirational cards for patients in hospitals and nursing homes, and attend monthly Mass at Spring View Health and Rehab Center, Leitchfield. Louisville Associates raised donations for the Sister Visitor Center, which offers food, clothing, and help with utilities to poor families in Louisville’s northwest neighborhoods. Five Ursulines work at Sister Visitor. Owensboro Associate Bonnie Marks, a teacher who traveled to an impoverished area of Jamaica with Ursuline Sisters in 2008, helped her school support an 11-year-old Jamaican girl with their Advent and Lenten collections. Owensboro Associates had a prayer service for female inmates at the Daviess County Detention Center on May 28. Associates in Memphis, Tenn., hosted a reunion picnic June 20th with families who have lived in the Dorothy Day House. The Dorothy Day House provides a A Day of Caring PowerPoint is online: place to live for families who are homeless.

Welcome to our New Associates...

PATRICIA A. BRICKLER is a teacher at St. Rose of Lima School in DeSoto, Mo., and lives in French Village, Mo., with David, her husband of 40 years. They are members of St. Joseph and St. Anne Parish and have two sons and five grandchildren. She teaches 6th, 7th and 8th grade social studies and language arts, as well as 8th grade religion, including preparation for Confirmation. Pam brings energy and generosity of spirit to the Ursuline Associates. It’s been said, Pam “has a natural way of carrying her faith with her wherever she goes.” Her contact person is Sister Michele Intravia.

August 2009


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LISA C. DAY is a retired registered nurse and health sciences teacher. She and her husband, Mike, are members of St. Joseph Church in Central City, Ky., and make their home in Belton, Ky., with their two daughters. Lisa volunteers at the Mount Saint Joseph Picnic, the Muhlenberg Community Library, and is treasurer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Described as a woman whose“beauty starts from her soul,” Lisa helped to raise her three sisters after their mother’s death and is especially close to Sisters Luisa Bickett and Pauletta McCarty. Sisters Rose Karen and Rose Theresa Johnson are Lisa’s contact persons.

ROBERT W. and SALLY B. GREENE, of Memphis, are members of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Both are lectors and choir members. Bob is also a cantor, and he has extensive experience in the area of lay ministry and has served as instructor for the Diocese of Memphis’Institute for Liturgy and Spirituality and Level II Lector Training. Sally is active with RCIA and is committed to community service and known for her work in “the cause of peace.” Sally is a health practice administrator, while Bob is a rehabilitation physician. The Greenes are deeply involved with the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality. Sisters Maureen Griner and Margaret Ann Zinselmeyer serve as the couple’s contact persons. DANIEL A. HECKEL is a native of Louisville and graduated from DeSales High School. He and his wife, Sherri, and their son, Max, are members of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Owensboro. Dan is director of Mission Advancement and Communications at Mount Saint Joseph. Described as a “prayerful man of God,”Dan serves on the Owensboro Catholic Schools Education Council, and is a lector for both his parish and Mount Saint Joseph. Sister Barbara Jean Head serves as Dan’s contact person. MARTHA K. HOUSE is a registered nurse and member of St. Stephen Cathedral Parish, Owensboro. She regularly attends Sister Cheryl Clemons’ annual retreat at Mount Saint Joseph and is eager to be involved in the Owensboro associate group. It is said of Martha, she is a “steady witness of a loving God…every day.” She volunteers at the St. Benedict Homeless Shelter, the Free Clinic of Owensboro, and with the parish social justice committee and has participated in mission trips to the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica. Martha’s contact person is Sister Suzanne Sims. ALICE M. POWELL is a member of St. Joseph Church in Central City and is a retired LPN and prolife center director. A native of Winter Haven, Fla., Alice lives in Greenville, Ky., near her son. She and her late husband, Gene, were married for 58 years and had 10 children. She was recommended as a person with a“deeply humanitarian nature constantly guided and supported by her love of God.” Her contact persons are Sisters Rose Karen and Rose Theresa Johnson. STEPHANIE L. RENDER and her husband, Gary, live in Caneyville, Ky., and have two children and six grandchildren. Stephanie became a Catholic in 2006 and is a member of the St. Joseph Church, Leitchfield, outreach and social concerns committee, as well as a Eucharistic minister, lector and member of the altar society. She works for a property management company in Leitchfield and is known for her thoughtfulness and kindness to others. Sister Clarence Marie Luckett is her contact person. VALENTINO S. SIMPAO retired in 2008 after practicing medicine for 50 years. A native of the Philippines, Valentino emigrated to the United States on July 4, 1958, and began his Muhlenberg County medical practice in 1971. Described as“a man of many virtues”and a “powerhouse for prayer,” he raised his five children in the Catholic faith and is now enjoying his retirement and the opportunities for study, travel, golf, and spending more time with his family. Sisters Rose Karen and Rose Theresa Johnson are his contact persons.

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Associate Update


Happy Birthday To These Ursuline Associates!

November Birthdays

September Birthdays

October Birthdays

2 Judy Embry 3 Ann Wilson 5 Sue Hudon 6 Fr. Joe Mills 8 Betty Christian 9 Gene Tritsch 10 Gail Funk Anna Mae Kaiser 11 Peggy Clark Brenda Semar 13 Mary Ann Childs 14 Joanne Mason Donna Szurgot 15 Judy Gray 18 Jennie Barthol Meg Synk Jody Ziegler 19 Nellie Coffman 20 Serafina Mesnier 21 Priscilla Archunde Clarice McKenna Francis Steffen 23 Barbara Hasenstab Nancy Richards Cathey Seaton 24 Betty Dansdill Rosann Whiting 25 Gerry Hasenstab Eileen Locke 27 Sheila Blandford Joan Minks Sharon Speaks 28 Fr. Freddie Byrd Charlotte Paez Janet Rockers 30 Maxine Beavin Mary Billingsly Eddie Prunty

1 Janet Kuper 1 Ed Cecil Patty Wernel Mel Howard 2 Albert Hayden Louise Leasor 3 Jean Gutierrez 2 Dolores Polson 5 Jane Denton 3 Claire Buckley 6 Patricia Jamett Bobby Smyth 8 Margaret Trujillo Chavez 4 Will Payne Tom Payne 5 Fr. Phil Riney 9 Lena Dees 6 Odelean Hill 11 Catherine Gawarecki 7 Joan DeBauge Kriste Pickert Al Massoth 12 Therese Allen 8 Raqúel Sepúlveda Margaret Brasuel 9 Lorna Horishny Carol O’Keefe 10 Kathy Kiper Pat Wilson 13 Valentino Simpao 13 Mary Ann Schilling Mary Ann Stewart 14 Alice Albus Marilyn Terry Margie Hill 15 Carol Alvey Pete Pfeiffer 16 Lois Clark 15 Marie Hauser 17 Al Coleman Betty Stone Bob Darst 16 Robert Greene, Jr. 18 Annette Stokes 17 Catherine Bockhold 20 Arturo Mejia 18 Anna Conn Gary Riney Shirley Hagman Luetta Sheehan 19 Jean Yackle 23 Dorothy Coatney 21 Mariita Rodriguez 24 Donald Adams 22 Ada Bader 28 Annette Chavez Margaret Gallegos Sr. Jeannette Touchet, SEC 23 Lee Jerome 30 Shirley Palmer 24 Alice Blazina Victoria Cecil Lifetime Commitment Anniversaries Linda Lattus for all Ursuline Associates can 25 Evelyn Kehder now be found on our Web site... 26 JoAnne Horstmann 29 Benjamin Head Rita Summers Click Associates, then Lifetime Commitments. 31 Audrey Durbin Save our site as one of your “favorites!” Mary Lyne Jean Steffen

39th Annual Mount Saint Joseph Barbecue PICNIC Sunday, Sept. 13

Serving BBQ Chicken - Mutton - Pork 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Booths - Silent Auction - Crafts - Games Grand Raffle Prizes include $3,000 (Tickets are $2)

Picnic proceeds benefit the retired Ursuline Sisters. To volunteer or to order raffle tickets, contact Tiffany

270-229-4103 ext. 278

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August 2009

Associate Update

Page 7

In Loving Memory... Irvin Hancock of Waverly, Ky., 91, died May 10. He was a lifelong member of St. Peter Catholic Church, active in the annual parish picnic and the Knights of Columbus. He was an avid cattleman, horseman, and baseball fan. Irvin’s mother, brothers and sisters were taught by Ursulines, and he Irvin Hancock once wrote, “The Ursuline Sisters have been the most influential factor of my life.” He made his lifetime associate commitment in October 1990. His wife of 59 years, Mary Frances, preceded him in death in 2000. His survivors include five children, 13 grandchildren and nine greatgrandchildren, as well as eight brothers and sisters, including Sisters Jane Irvin and Jane Miriam Hancock - his contact sister. Mildred McDowell, 64, died July 4. A member of St. Joseph Church, Leitchfield and lifelong resident of Grayson County, Mildred is survived by her son, Jeffrey, four grandchildren, a sister, and two brothers. Mildred was known as“a warm, loving person, generous with her time and energy,”and had Mildred been called by many“a woman of prayer.”She McDowell made her lifetime commitment in July 2006 with Sister Ruth Mattingly, her contact sister. Sister Theresa Murphy, SCN, 82, died June 12. She grew up just a mile from the Mount and was taught by Ursulines at St. Alphonsus School and Mount Saint Joseph Academy (A’46) and Junior College. She entered the Sisters of Charity at Nazareth, Ky., in 1947 and ministered as teacher and Sister Theresa principal for 62 years in Kentucky, Ohio, and Murphy, SCN Maryland.Shemadeherlifetimecommitment in March, 1988, with Sister Fran Wilhelm, her contact sister. She is survived by a brother, Murray Murphy, of Owensboro.

We Extend Deepest Sympathy To:

• Annette Thomas Chavez, whose sister, Suzy Thomas Logsdon, died May 25 • Jane Denton, whose sister, Joeann Tillerson, died April 25 • Sid Mason, whose brother, Tom Hewitt, died July 1 • Nancy Mills, whose aunt, Mary Maudwena Holland, died April 29 • Marcia Stoller, whose brother-in-law, Eugene Yoder, died April 20 • Fr. Tony Shonis, whose father, Anthony Shonis Sr., died July 2 • Marilyn J. Trechter, whose aunt, Louise Trechter Burns, died May 28

Mary Rose Shoemaker of Owensboro, 87, died May 20. A teacher and medical librarian, Mary Rose graduated from Mount Saint Joseph Academy (‘41), Brescia College (‘54) and St. Louis University (‘64). She was a member of St. Stephen Cathedral Parish and was an active volunteer and Eucharistic Mary Rose minister for many years. In her later years, Shoemaker Mary Rose lived at the Carmel Home in Owensboro, and attended daily Mass and many holy hours eachweek.SheenjoyedvolunteeringattheBresciaPhonathon and the Mount Saint Joseph Picnic. A dedicated letterwriter, Mary Rose read both Brescia and Mount Saint Joseph publications immediately upon arrival and never failed to call with her encouraging words, “The best one yet!” Mary Rose made her lifetime commitment in 1998 with Sister Margaret Ann Aull as her contact sister. She donated her body to St. Louis University Medical School, where she was a volunteer. Sister Theresa Margaret Hite, 94, died May 4 at Mount Saint Joseph, in her 74th year of religious life. A native of Owensboro, Ky., Sister Theresa Margaret had a great love for small children, and was a very prayerful person, with a devotion to the apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Sister Theresa Medjugorje. She was very artistic, making Margaret Hite beautiful thank you scrolls for the sisters. She ministered at several convents, and was an educator for 47 years, teaching in the Archdiocese of Louisville, the Diocese of Owensboro, Nebraska, and Missouri. She retired to Mount Saint Joseph in 1994. Survivors include nieces and nephews, and the members of her religious community. The funeral Mass was May 7 at Mount Saint Joseph, with burial in the Motherhouse cemetery. Gifts in memory of Sister Theresa Margaret Hite may take the form of donations to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356. Stay up-to-date on Mount Saint Joseph Ursuline news with The Pilgrimage, our monthly e-newsletter! If you would like to receive The Pilgrimage, send your name and e-mail address to


Live in harmony, united in one heart and one will. - 9th Counsel

Saint Angela Merici

2009-10 Quilt Club

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Mary Teder, OSUA

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Are you a quilter? We could use volunteers who want to quilt or make other crafts to sell!

The Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph are busy making beautiful quilts. A new quilt is raffled each month. You get 12 chances to win a quilt with our “Quilt Club” annual memberships. To purchase your Quilt Club membership for only $20,

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Special events • Owensboro Associates Jail Ministry, Sat., Aug. 22 & Nov. 21, 9 a.m., Daviess County Detention Center • Paola Summer Luncheon & Social, Aug. 30, 11 a.m., Queen of the Holy Rosary – Wea • Mount Saint Joseph Picnic for the Retired Sisters, Sept. 13, serving begins 11:30 a.m. • Associate Advisory Board, Sept. 21, 5:30 p.m., MSJ • Associate Fall Gathering, Paola, Oct. 11 • Associate Fall Commitment Mass, Nov. 4, 4:30 p.m. • Alumnae Memorial Mass, Nov. 7, 10:30 a.m. Associate meetings • Hancock: Thursdays: Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 12 • Muhlenberg: Wednesdays: Sept. 16, Oct. 21, Nov. 18 • Grayson: Wednesdays: Sept. 23, Oct. 28, Nov. 24 • Owensboro: Mondays: Aug. 17, Nov. 16 • Louisville: Saturdays: Aug. 17, Nov. 21 • Memphis: ??? hold space • Paola (Wea): Mondays: Aug. 17, Sept. 21, Oct. 19 • Paola (south): Wednesdays: Aug. 19, Sept. 16, Oct. 21 • Western Kentucky: Fridays: Oct. 9, Nov. 6 Note: to include your event on the associate calendar, e-mail

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