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Fall 2005 Volume 3, No. 1

Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph Proclaiming Jesus through Education and Christian Formation

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From Our Congregational Leader Sister Michele Morek, OSU

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Dear Friends, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were life-changing experiences, even for those of us who live far from the Gulf Coast. The two events have underscored for me the connectedness of all things – ecologically, economically, sociologically…. They made me think about the power of networks: communication networks, computer networks, human networks. As soon as the New Orleans disaster struck, Ursuline sisters from all over the world were contacting the leader of the New Orleans Ursuline community, offering resources and shelter. As our Sister Carol organized her mission to open the Catholic schools of Shreveport to survivors’ children, we watched it develop from an idea to reality on our computer screens. With one keyboard stroke, I notified all the leaders of Ursuline communities in the United States that Carol needed financial help hiring teachers. Sister Carol needs backpacks? Voila! Backpacks begin pouring in from schools and corporations and private groups all over the country (and still are coming). Sister Larraine and her traveling crew need shelter for the night? Contacts in Kentucky and Arkansas reach out to network with Catholic parishes and religious communities in Louisiana. Wow — do we really appreciate the power we have? This power to network is one of the great gifts we humans have to offer the world. Too bad we wait for a disaster to mobilize it! With so many good and generous people in the world, surely we could harness that power and really make a dent in the problems of hunger, war, and poverty.

Act, Move, Believe ......................... 3 In the spirit of Angela Merici, Ursulines reach out to hurricane survivors Soli Deo Gloria ................................ 7 We rejoice in the gifts of our sisters, given for the kingdom of God Ursuline Partners in the Teaching Mission of Jesus ............................... 8 Your generous spirit compels us to thank God — and you In the Joy of Eternal Life Our sisters go before us in faith ..... 14 Joining the Network of Compassion ... 15 Ursulines and co-workers respond to the needs of God’s people Coming Together ... Reaching Out .... 16 Photos from our ministry to hurricane survivors

Thank you for being part of our network…we love and appreciate you, and ask God’s blessings on you and your loved ones. Sister Michele Morek, OSU Congregational Leader, Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph OUR MISSION Ursulines Alive is published by the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, Maple Mount, Kentucky. Two Issues __ Spring and Fall __ will appear during the year 2005. Editor: Sister Ruth Gehres, OSU Photography and production assistance: Jerry Birge, Kelly May, Melanie Sears, Jennifer Kaminski Mission Advancement Staff:

Sister Suzanne Sims, Director of Mission Advancement Sister Rose Marita O’Bryan, Director of Mission Effectiveness Sister Pam Mueller, Director of Vocation Ministry Jerry P. Birge, Director of Marketing and Communications Marian Bennett and Sister Marietta Wethington, Co-Directors of Ursuline Partnerships Sister Ruth Gehres, Associate Director of Communications Melanie Sears, Kelly May, Administrative Assistants Jennifer Kaminski, Administrative Assistant/Graphic Designer

We welcome your response to Ursulines Alive. Contact us at: Ursulines Alive, c/o Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount KY 42356. Phone: (270) 229-4103. Fax: (270) 229-4953. E-mail: Web site: Cover photo: Nigel Cardriche is one of more than 500 new students in the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Shreveport, Louisiana. Superintendent Sister Carol Shively, OSU, shown here with Nigel, opened the schools to all children displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. This issue of Ursulines Alive focuses on Sister Carol’s ministry, on the medical mission organized by Sister Larraine Lauter to assist the people of south Louisiana, and on the many collaborative efforts of Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph to respond to the needs of God’s people in the midst of disaster. 2

We, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, sustained by prayer and vowed life in community, proclaim Jesus through education and Christian formation in the spirit of our founder, Saint Angela Merici. OUR VISION As Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, we will: • Commit ourselves to simplicity, hospitality, justice and service; • Reverence the values of our founding rural heritage; • Live and minister contemplatively as women of hope; • Witness gospel values through the charism of Saint Angela Merici; • Bind ourselves to one another in charity, celebrating and respecting the uniqueness of each person; • Invite and mentor new members; • Respond to the signs of the times and the needs of the Church and the world through collaborative relationships; and • Stand in prophetic witness to the world by living in right relationships with the earth and the human family to effect justice through systemic change.

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Act, Move, Believe In the spirit of Angela Merici, Ursulines reach out to hurricane survivors by Jerry Birge

Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to him with all your heart, for without doubt, you will see marvelous things if you will direct everything to the praise and glory of His Majesty and the good of souls. Saint Angela Merici, Introduction to the Counsels


n the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Sister Carol Shively, an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph and superintendent of Catholic Schools in northern Louisiana, began receiving calls from anxious families evacuated from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to the Shreveport area. They wanted to know what they could do about their children’s education. “It just came as an inspiration to me,” she recalls. “I felt we had to do something. It was going to be very expensive, but we were going to do it no matter what.”

PHOTO from Shreveport

Sister Carol opened the schools of the Shreveport Diocese to all children affected by the disaster. There would be no tuition, no fees, no charge for supplies and no charge for uniforms. They were also to receive free lunches and, in some of the schools, free breakfasts. Her memo to the hurricane victims was simple: their children were all welcome in the diocesan schools. They would be expected to participate fully in the schools’ spiritual life, academic life, and social life. Catholic school officials felt “blessed to be able to reach out” in this manner, she stated.

Sister Carol Shively and Susan Belanger, principal of St. Joseph School, Shreveport, welcome a New Orleans couple seeking to enroll their two children.

Enrollment of new students and hiring of additional teachers began immediately. The Ursuline Community at Mount Saint Joseph pledged to provide a teacher’s salary for one year to help with the new expenses taken on by the Catholic school system.

Sister Amelia Stenger, director of the Conference and Retreat Center at Mount Saint Joseph and a former school superintendent in Louisville and Owensboro, had scheduled a vacation in Shreveport that week for some rest and relaxation with her longtime friend and fellow Ursuline, Sister Carol. Instead, she found herself working, helping to enroll hundreds of evacuees into the Shreveport schools during the day and working in the shelters at night. “We could see so much concern in the eyes of the parents who came to enroll their children,” Sister Amelia recalls. “Getting their children enrolled in a Catholic school appeared to bring some sense of security to them.” “They wanted and needed a sense of belonging and family spirit, and they found it in the Catholic school community.” Even with the increased workload of finding classroom space and teachers for an additional 595 students in her schools (and after Hurricane Rita, even more), Sister Carol still found time to work every day in the local shelters, helping mothers adjust to the stresses of their new way of life and assisting them with their young children. Sister Carol quickly discovered a communications problem in the shelters. Volunteer workers, including doctors and nurses, were having difficulty communicating with the Hispanic evacuees.

Sister Amelia Stenger talks with two new students at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Academy in Shreveport. continued on page 4


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Act, Move, Believe continued from page 3

Loyola Catholic Prep in Shreveport welcomed more than 150 students evacuated from the flooded areas. Uniforms above are from Jesuit, Mount Carmel, Ursuline, and Dominican high schools, all in New Orleans. At front left is Loyola principal Frank Israel. The Catholic school system in the Shreveport Diocese includes one high school and three elementary schools in Shreveport and one high school and two elementary schools in Monroe. There is also an early childhood development center in each city.

A New Mission Unable to locate interpreters in the Shreveport area, Sister Carol placed a call to her friend and fellow Ursuline, Sister Larraine Lauter in Owensboro. Sister Larraine, who speaks Spanish fluently, is founder and director of La Plaza Immigrant Community Center in Owensboro. “I e-mailed Sister Carol that I would love to come down and help with the translating,” Sister Larraine recalls. “And when Father Fid [Father Fidelis Levri, a nurse and a Glenmary priest who works at La Plaza] learned of my plans, he said he wanted to come and help.” Mount Saint Joseph provided Sister Larraine with a van — and gas — for her new mission in Louisiana. She began planning her trip, which included a call for financial help and some basic, over-thecounter medical supplies. Sister Mary Jude Cecil, a teacher at St. Mary High School in Paducah, presented Sister Larraine’s call for help at a parent-teacher conference, telling those present that contributions were welcome. A woman at the meeting said she had been collecting baby items for the Katrina victims. Would Sister Larraine take them with her? She also knew of two doctors from Mayfield who had signed up to volunteer in Louisiana and were looking for a way to get there. 4

“When I learned of all this, it dawned on me to do a medical mission,” says Sister Larraine, who has headed a number of medical missions to Honduras in recent years. “It was pretty obvious that God was opening another door to me.” She made contact with Mayfield doctor Melissa Whitson and Sarah Ihrlbeck, a pediatric respiratory therapist, and began putting her medical team together. A number of phone calls and e-mails later, Dr. Jeff Carrico of Mayfield, Arnie LeMay, a hospital engineer from Eminence, Mayra Ambrocio, a nurse from Owensboro and La Plaza, and Letty Mendoza, a translator and registration coordinator from Owensboro and La Plaza, had come to complete the team. “Sister Carol informed us we were no longer needed in Shreveport and that we should go farther south,” said Sr. Larraine. The La Plaza Immigrant Community Center mobile clinic departed for Louisiana on September 6. Following Angela

Mobile medical clinic team members include, front from left, Father Fid Levri, Mayra Ambrocio, Letty Mendoza, and Arnie LeMay. Back row, Dr. Melissa Whitson, Sara Ihrlbeck, Sr. Larraine Lauter, and Dr. Jeff Carrico.

Throughout history, Ursulines have followed Saint Angela’s own actions in understanding and adapting to the signs of the times. These were very difficult times in Louisiana, and Sisters Carol Shively and continued on page 5

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Act, Move, Believe continued from page 4

Larraine Lauter met the challenges before them with the prudence necessary to get the job done. But they couldn’t do it alone. They both issued calls for help, and in the coming weeks the power of prayer and the spirit of Saint Angela spread from Louisiana to Tennessee, to Kentucky, to Indiana, and beyond. Caring children, adults, churches, banks and businesses made love visible as they contributed in many ways to the two missions. The Catholic schools of the diocese of Owensboro began a fundraising drive for the evacuee students in Shreveport. Students in the 19 diocesan schools collected $39,701. Other donors added $4,942, bringing the total to $44,643. “I was amazed at the support and love that came from the Diocese of Owensboro,” said Sister Carol. “I’m extremely overwhelmed with the students and schools who have shown such outreach. The Catholic schools have certainly achieved their mission. I am thoroughly amazed.” Brescia University in Owensboro also responded to the call, collecting and driving a vanload of school supplies to the Shreveport Catholic schools. The outreach went far beyond the diocese of Owensboro and Brescia University. As the new students arrived at the Shreveport schools, it became apparent that they all — especially those living in shelters — needed backpacks for taking their books to and from school and for keeping them in a safe place in their temporary living quarters. A call for backpacks was posted on the Mount Saint Joseph web page. Two young girls in Zionsville, Indiana, saw it and collected 67 backpacks in their neighborhood. As their mother was talking about her daughters’ good deed at her workplace, Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis, one of her employers overheard. The company responded with 330 backpacks from their promotional department. Sister Diane Marie Payne, who spent a week in Shreveport volunteering at the schools and local shelters, was present the day the Carrier backpacks were distributed to the students. “One of the kids cried out, ‘This is better than Christmas!’ Two of the kids helped us carry them in off the truck. They were all smiles and so appreciative to see so many backpacks,” she recalls. Sister Diane Marie spent most of her volunteer time in the shelters, helping the women and children make their beds, getting them clothing and, when needed, giving them encouragement. “Most of them were very appreciative of everything we did,” she recalls. “Their attitudes were all so very positive. One of them told me, ‘we may not have anything, but we have our lives.’” Members of the Class of 1957 of Schulte High School, a now closed Catholic school in Terre Haute, Indiana, learned about Sister Carol’s call for help on a “Class of ’57 message board” on the Internet from a continued on page 6

Students Open Hearts, Hands To Those in Need Seniors at St. Mary High School, Paducah, Kentucky, help to fill a U-Haul trailer with supplies for the medical mission to Louisiana led by Sister Larraine Lauter. Pictured are (from left) Greg Mason, Matt Garrett, Eric Darnell, Blake Cvengros (above Eric), James Hunt, and St. Mary teacher Sister Mary Jude Cecil. Students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff of the Saint Mary School System raised over $9000 to send to the diocesan pool to aid evacuees in Shreveport. Sister Mary Jude describes a “system-wide fund drive” that included raffles, bake sales, prizes for classes raising the most money, and car hopping to ask for donations as parents came to pick up students. As Sister Larraine Lauter and her caravan began the journey south (see main story), Candace Riehl — mother of a ninth-grade student — mounted a one-woman campaign to collect medical supplies and recruited three medical professionals to join the group. Principal Rosann Whiting invited the group for a hot lunch in the school cafeteria, followed by a blessing on their journey. Brescia University students Ariel Gadea, left, and Francisco Wen — both from Argentina — were part of a group who loaded 250 backpacks, 150 gallon bags of school supplies, and other items collected for evacuee children in Shreveport by students, faculty, and staff. Father Larry Hostetter, associate professor of theology, cited the university’s “strong sense of mission” as a Catholic institution in explaining the decision to “try to do something to make a difference.” Sisters from Mount Saint Joseph and teachers and children from West Louisville Elementary School (near the Mount) added monetary and material donations. After a Mass for the hurricane victims and a blessing of the materials, Father Larry and associate professor of art David Stratton drove the cargo van to Shreveport. Brescia University plans further collections and a possible volunteer work project in Louisiana during spring break. 5

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Act, Move, Believe continued from page 5

posting by an Owensboro classmate. A number of them responded with cash gifts and backpacks, some coming from far away as Florida and California. The Medical Mission The La Plaza mobile clinic headed south with no clear destination. “We weren’t able to get in touch with anyone from FEMA or the Red Cross,” Sister Larraine explained, “so we headed for Baldwin, Louisiana, on the advice of the International Relief and Development Organization which I had contacted on line.

Sister Larraine (center, holding young girl), and members of the mobile clinic assist Laotian evacuees from Hurricane Katrina’s destruction in New Orleans. This shelter was located in a Laotian temple in Coteau, Louisiana. Clinic team members are Dr. Jeff Carrico (r.) Sara Ihrlbeck (second from r.), Father Fidelis Levri (white shirt, center),and Dr. Melissa Whitson (administering to patient, front center).

“We prayed together and really bonded as we drove south. We couldn’t find anyone from that organization in Baldwin, but after making contact with a retired priest in Lafayette, we settled into a Vietnamese Red Cross shelter in New Iberia. When we arrived, the woman running the shelter said, ‘You’re an answer to our prayers!’”

The pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in nearby Franklin allowed the La Plaza group to establish a permanent clinic in a wing of the church. They treated over 500 patients from all walks of life, with needs minor and great. “There was a free and simple mix between volunteers and evacuees that was good to see. Sometimes it was hard to know who was who. African-American, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Cajun, whatever. Everyone recognized that the same human heart was suffering and responding.” The La Plaza group felt the far-reaching generosity radiated by the Ursulines taking on the challenges of today — as urged by Saint Angela four and a half centuries ago. Close to ten thousand dollars in cash was raised and donated to their cause, the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph provided them with a van and gas, the Diocese of Little Rock gave them free accommodations one night on their trip to Louisiana, and numerous groups and individuals from throughout the diocese of Owensboro donated medical and other supplies. “We are especially grateful to all those who made this possible through their generosity,” says Sister Larraine. “We give glory to God, for everything we needed for this work was provided, and more, from near and far away.” Shreveport: Looking to the Future

Nurse Mayra Ambrosio checks the blood pressure of a clinic patient at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Some of the families with students attending schools in Shreveport and Monroe have found their own places to live, but most of the students are staying with their families in shelters. How long will this last? “It may go beyond the school year,” says Sister Carol. “The families may be in tent cities before it’s over.” Plans are to continue free services until November 1. Then, Sister Carol says, “it is our desire that they begin paying a portion of the tuition, with tuition assistance as needed.” Because many families will have little or no means to pay, the schools are continuing to seek and receive donations. continued on page 14

Ursulines Reach Out to Holy Family Sisters More than 75 Sisters of the Holy Family of New Orleans are now in Shreveport, living in facilities made available at the Catholic Center, at Our Lady of Sorrows Sisters Residence, and at Holy Angels Residential Facility for handicapped children. These sisters arrived with little more than the clothes they were wearing. From Sister Carol Shively, the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph learned that the sisters had not been able to bring their office books needed for their daily prayer. About 50 copies of Christian Prayer, a book formerly used at Mount Saint Joseph, were found and sent to the sisters in Shreveport. A second request came for white blouses, jumpers, and black skirts for the sisters. The Ursulines searched their closets for garments they could share with those in need. Several boxes of clothing went from the Mount to Shreveport. The Sisters of the Holy Family have been welcomed by the Shreveport community, and several of them are now working in schools and other ministries. In the photo, Sister Sheila — temporarily working as Sister Carol’s assistant — and Sister Angela Merici unpack the clothing from Kentucky.

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Soli Deo Gloria We rejoice in the gifts of our sisters, given for the kingdom of God

Sister Helen Leo Ebelhar, together with her sister, Beverly Ebelhar, was a recipient of the Sophia Award during a Mass at St. Stephen Cathedral on September 25. Sister Helen Leo and Beverly were nominated by members of their parish, St. Mary Magdalene, Sorgho, Kentucky. The Sophia Award recognizes senior citizens who are outstanding in their parishes and communities. An Ursuline Sister for 53 years, Sister Helen Leo ministers as a companion to her sister and assists with the transportation needs of the motherhouse. The parishioners who nominated her described her as “a very giving person who is always there when someone is in need...a person who reflects the compassion of Christ.” Sister Sharon Sullivan spoke on “ADHD and the Realities of the Catechetical Setting” at the April 2005 meeting of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership in Louisville. Sister Sharon, who is chair of the Brescia University School of Education, has 30 years’ experience in special education. She is often called upon for presentations on educational issues as well as on topics related to evangelization and environmental stewardship. After 11 years as community librarian, Sister Carolita Young retired July 31, at the age of 92. An Ursuline Sister for 73 years, Sister Carolita enjoyed a 60-year ministry as a teacher and school librarian before assuming the parttime position in the motherhouse library. “In all the places she ministered, Sister Carolita has been known for her wonderful smile and gentle spirit,” said Sister Michele Morek, congregational leader of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. Sister Marie Michael Hayden, pastoral associate/DRE for St. John the Baptist Parish, Fordsville, Kentucky, received the 2005 Bishop John J. McRaith Award on June 6. The award recognizes outstanding catechetical ministry. In her 50 years of religious life, Sister Marie Michael has served in education and pastoral ministry. She was diocesan director of religious education in the dioceses of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Owensboro, Kentucky. On September 25, she was also a recipient of the Sophia Award given by the Owensboro Diocese to honor outstanding senior citizens.

The parish community of Holy Redeemer, Beaver Dam, dedicated a prayer garden in gratitude for Sister Luisa Bickett’s ministry in Beaver Dam and Horse Branch in Ohio County, Kentucky. The surprise ceremony took place at the closing Mass of Vacation Bible School on July 29, with students, parishioners, and members of Sister Luisa’s family present. A statue of St. Francis adorns the garden. A plaque reads: “This garden is dedicated to the honor and glory of God in recognition of the faithful service of Sister Luisa Bickett, OSU. May all who pray here know the love, peace and joy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” Many parishioners made donations to the fund for the poor, which Sister Luisa administers. She has served in outreach ministry in Ohio County for more than 20 years. Sister Lois Lindle, newly appointed local community life coordinator at Mount Saint Joseph, began this ministry on August 1. In her new position, Sister Lois will coordinate the spiritual and communal needs of the sisters living at the motherhouse. She has ministered as a teacher and pastoral minister for 46 years, most recently as a member of the Catholic Pastoral Care Team at Baptist East Hospital, Louisville. Sister George Mary Hagan has been appointed associate local community life coordinator. She will assist Sister Lois in leadership of the motherhouse community. She is also part-time DRE for St. Alphonsus Parish. Sister George Mary served as director of religious education at Fort Knox for 19 years. Sister Jacinta Powers has been named to the Steering Committee of the Ursuline Society, representing the Western Triad that includes Ursuline communities in Belleville, Illinois, Paola, Kansas, and Maple Mount, Kentucky. The appointment was made by the congregational leaders of these communities. The Ursuline Society is a united effort of the nine independent congregations in the United States to “create a new model of Ursuline community together,” and to “establish new patterns of relationshiop among us that will take us beyond collaboration and toward integration.” A registered nurse, Sister Jacinta has served in community leadership and health care administration. She is now providing education and assistance for the people of the Diocese of Owensboro in the area of Medicare and Medicaid. 7

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Ursuline Partners in the Teaching Mission of Jesus Your generous spirit compels us to thank God — and you All of you who are listed within these pages have contributed — between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005 — to the success of the Ursuline mission of teaching and Christian formation. Your own stewardship of God’s gifts to you is an inspiration to us. We thank you and pledge that every unrestricted dollar you donate goes for the continuation of that mission through the ministry of consecrated Ursuline women daring to reach out to those most vulnerable in our society and world. We, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, continue our sincere promise of daily prayer for you and your families. If you find an error in this listing, please let us know so that we can correct it. We apologize if any names have been incorrectly placed or omitted.

Sister Suzanne Sims, OSU, Director of Mission Advancement + (270) 229-4103, extension 284 BENEFACTORS Mark Hyland** PATRONS Basilica of Saint Joseph, Bardstown Peg Bourke C’48 Mary Sue and Bennett Ligon Jr. Genevieve Stelmach Georgia Tipmore INVESTORS Sr. Mary Regina Boone, OSU** Nora A’32 and Joseph Smith Bertrand and Barbara Trompeter Nancy Wilson PROVIDERS Anonymous Beverly A’58 and Richard Boeckmann Al and Mary Bowling Ann Bresler Faye and George Briel Commercial Service of Perry, Inc., Carl Stukenholtz Rev. Bernard Leo Craycroft Nora and Felix Darcy Ann A’52 and Samuel De Capua** Robert and Katheryn Dockson** Rebecca Donahue Rev. Alcuin E. Greenburg* Gerald and Mary Harris Andrew and Karen Hyland Independence Bank** J. Gerth Meyer+ Helen Miles Leroy and Ann Mudd Newcomb Oil Co. Owensboro Catholic Schools, 4-6 Campus Owensboro Grain Company Rev. C. Phillip Riney** Sr. Joseph Adrian Russell, OSU, A’32** A. Karen Siciliano* Bobbie Nell Smith Michael and Patricia Sullivan Benjamin Willett James Williams Robert and Clara Zoeller SPONSORS Allstate Insurance, Paula Hayden Janet and Robert Baker Jane Barber Jerry and Mag Birge Carolyn Butler Cambron Chevrolet-Buick, Inc.** Christian Ladies Sodality, Saint Aloysius Church, St. Louis


Kathleen and Charles Daugherty* H. Dempf Rev. Charles DeNardi J. and Carol Deringer E.M. Ford & Co. Dr. Christopher and Jennifer Glaser* Karen and Thomas Goebel* Dr. William and Aurelia Inkret Thomas and Sharon Jablonski Molly Jacques Kappa Delta Phi William and Ann Lawrence Therese Lawson** Rev. Joseph A. Lyon** Martin Custom Building, Inc.** Anna Mattingly A’66** John Monaghan+ Mount Saint Joseph Alumnae Mary and Joseph Offerman Frances Pionke Drs. Joseph and Felicity Polio** Saint Gabriel School, Louisville Donald and Dianna Skeeters Ray Smith Dolores Stallings Teresa Thompson U.S. Propeller Club, Inc. Cyril Uhing Mary and Otis Vance Sr. Agnes Catherine Williams, OSU, A’23 SUPPORTERS Mike and Paula Burke** John Cooper* John and Robyn Davenport Kay and Mark Fecher Rose and William Foushee** Dr. Martha Frost A’67* Glenmary Sisters Paul and Wilma Goebel** S. Lewis Guthrie** Sr. Jane Miriam Hancock, OSU, C’43 George and Lorna Horishny** James and Kathy Houlihan Eloise Hughes Mary Anne Kevil A’58 Paul Kuerzi Rachel Kunert Raymond and Shirley Lindle Adele Lohman A’42** Gary and Serafina Mesnier James and Joan Meyer Ramelle Patterson Christopher and Janet Reid Suzanne Reiss and Donald Moser Susan and Louis Reiss J. Gary and M. Helen Riney

Saint Angela Merici Heritage Society A very special group of persons have set aside part of their estate as a gift to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. We are humbled by your belief in us. The sisters thank God each day for the way in which you have shown such faithful stewardship. As we strive to invite new members into our community, the challenges become magnified as more of our members must retire from active ministry. Your gift of bequests, annuities, and other planned gifts are signs of God’s provdential care for our mission into the future. Anonymous Anonymous Rev. Leo Craycroft Joe Gomez Msgr. George H. Hancock Rev. Joseph Lyon Roger and Stella McClure

Raymond James Maras Cletus and Dee Oberst Henry and Doty Payne Rev. C. Phillip Riney Kelly and Hughleen Thompson Riney A’45/C’47 Sue Thomas A’42 and Joseph C. Riney Susan J. Scott Bertrand and Barbara Trompeter

Thanks to a Special Friend Susan Scott, a member of the Saint Angela Merici Heritage Society, is a longtime friend of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. A native of Louisville, Susan works as an accountant for ResCare. In addition to the great affection Susan has for her canine housemates, Peanut and Angel, Susan enjoys photography and oil painting. For several years, she has served as an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Louisville. The photo of Susan (left) was taken in Louisville during a recent visit by Sister Suzanne Sims.

Have you considered naming the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph in your will or other estate plans? Please call Sister Suzanne if you’d like to discuss these possibilities.

F a l l Marianna A’60 and Larry Robinson** Rolling Hills Nursery, Rob Stanfa Rusher Construction Co., Inc. Mike and Janice Scherm Mary Ann Schilling** South Central Bank Gerald Stith** Ron and Cissy Sullivan** Ernest and Shirley Taliaferro* Martin Thieneman Pamela and John Tyndall** Katherine Van Hooser Sr. Mary Paul Walsh, OSU, Brown County Pauline and Gene Wink Arthur and Mary Zinselmeyer** CONTRIBUTORS Col. Robert and Margaret Algermissen John and Therese Allen Edna and Maj. James Angle* Mary Aughe* Barret-Fisher Co., Inc.** Frederick and Margaret+ Barton Barb Bath Charlotte Baumgarten C’46 Mary Berger A’55 Stephen and Jean Berry** Rev. Tony Bickett JoAnn and Steve Boone Marvin Boone Joe and Pam Bowling** Sharon and Don Brown Josephine Browning Joseph and Kathryn Buckman** Lela Buettmann* David and Selwa Bunch Phyllis Burgan Gerald Burke James and Mary Ann Burke Juanita Burke A’50* Thomas and Pamela Burns** Business and Professional Women’s Club Rosemary and Leonard Byrne Martha Campbell C’41** Thomas Carson Bonnie Case Cheryl and Gordon Casebier* Michael and Anna Cecil Ed and Gloria Cecil Bobby and Betty Christian** David and Jane Clark* Dwayne and Marilyn Clemons Ann Collins C’45** Betty Constantine A’53 Eleanor A’56 and George Cooke Robert and Deedie Cooper Michael and Doretha Corbett John and Vickie Cotthoff* Kay and Daryl Curran Mary and Kenneth Dean** Larry and Jane Denton Dr. Bobby Deweese John and Virginia Dink, Jr. Rev. Charles Duman Tony and Linda Dunkel* Lawrence and Geraldine Durbin Keith Durbin Charles Easley

Jeffrey and Margaret Ebelhar Raphael Ebelhar Dr. J. Jerome+ and Paula Fargen Joyce Firenza Mark and Andrea Fitzmaurice George and Jayne Flynn Lula Foushee Drs. Vicki Frey and David Thompson Louise Fowler Gaddie A’45* John Gallo Ann A’55 and Albert Gibbs** Gibbs Die Casting Corp. Mildred and Robert Gilles Rev. Donald Goetz Joe Gomez Joyce A’56 and Bernard Grady Dale Gray Diana Gray Norman Greenberg P. Aline and Donald Greer**

Ingrid Kokinda Joyce Koozer Joyce Kotarek Raymond and Catherine Kress Gertrude C’50 and Richard Kurz Dr. Henry Labiche Jr. Carolyn Larocco Leigh Land Surveys George Liddy Wilson Logan Michael and Diana Lush* Neil and Dianne Manias John and Karen Manning Elizabeth Martin C’37** Joseph and Thelma Mattingly Gertrude Mayhew A’49* Romano and Helen Mazzoli** Denise and Mike McCoy David and Mary McJoynt Mary and James McKinzie**

Bequests Several members of the St. Angela Heritage Society have died during this last year. Their lives of faith are a tribute to their commitment to Christ, now sharing eternal life with them. They have been faithful to their baptismal call as good stewards of God’s manifold gifts, and we thank God for the witness of their faith and for the strength of their Ursuline spirit. May they “shine like bright stars for all eternity” (Daniel 12:3). Maura B. Cambron Frances and Bernard Head Margaret Hycner-Nealon Eugene Kollros Janet A’56 and Gerald Griffin Lura Habich Kimberly A’79 and Philip Haire Rosco and Judith Hamilton Violet Hamilton A’54 Robert and Ann Hancock David W. Hancock Joseph and Marie Hancock* Joe Hardesty Cecilia and Phillip Harnden Robert and Michelle Harris Karen Hayden A’69** Gerald and Susan Hayden** Donald Hayden Stephen and Janet Hayden* Rebecca Hayes** Robert Hayes** Marie A’62 and Jerome Henning** Phyllis and Daryl Henry Morton and Margaret Holbrook Holy Name School Sr. Patricia Homan, OSU Bruce and Mildred Horrom Robert and MaryLou Hoskins Jenny and Todd Inman* Jerry and Sue Johnson Dr. John and Margaret Johnson** Walt Jordan Joseph L. Greenwell Funeral Home** Emil Kaelin Margaret and Neil Kallman Raymond and Catherine Kamer** William and Carol Kirby

Mary Schuster Edna Sheeran Lt. Col Catherine M. Thompson A’30

Rev. Arnold Meiring Francis and Mary Mellen John and Cynthia Mesnier Ursula and Donald Metzger Brenda and Carl Millay Kenneth Minton Robert and April Mitchell Clara Mitchell Stella Montoya Dr. Iris Moreno-Brown Rebecca A’71 and Stephen Morris** Charles and Joan Morse** Virginia Moyer** Delia A’48 and Charles Murphy Mary Murray Arleen and Mike Naglich* Mary and Joseph Nugent Cletus and Dee Oberst Ruth and Robert O’Flynn* Marianne O’Rourke A’67 Laurel and Phillip Padgett Rev. Julian F. Pank Jeff and Janet Parkes Peggy and James Paxton Ron and Denise Payne Ruth and Robert Pritchard* Profiles Inc., Mary Lou Ray Emmett and Ruth Ratterman Mary Regan* Rev. Matt Rehrauer Kathy Reynolds Shawn and Angela Riedling Lawrence Robbins

2 0 0 5

Norma Robinette A’54 Sam and Edith Rosen William Russell Saint Mary Middle and High School Saint Patrick Parish Joann Sattler Rose and Stanley Sauer Joseph Schmitt Barbara and Frank Schnapf Rev. Martin Siebenaler Linda and T. Skeeters Betty and Rondle Skimehorn** Debbie and Daniel Smith Laura A’50 and William Smith James and Sylvia Speak St. Mary’s Catholic Church Sodality Committee Maggie and William Stadtlander State Farm Insurance Co., J. Todd Inman Pat and C. Waitman Taylor Jr. ** Mary Thompson** Lesley and Velma Thompson Lisa Thompson Martha Thompson Monica Thompson A’71 William and Betty Ulrich Underwriters Safety & Claims, Inc., Mark Hahn Ursulines of Brown County David Vowels Mary Wahl A’41 Margaret Walker Marty and Martha Warren Velma Warren Catherine Welle C’49** Robert and Ann Wethington Cecilia Wheatley William and Patricia Whelan Donald and Lois Whelan** Charles and Barbara Whelan** Anthony and Deborah Whelan Carol and Richard Whelan Geneva and Ben White** Carrie Wieder Donald Williams M. J. Williams Wayne and Diane Wilson Mary Wimsatt** Laura Wimsatt Martha Wolfe Terry Woodward William and Shannon Wright Mary Joan Zink Dr. Mary Rose Zink FRIENDS Doug Abbett Shari Abshier Ronnah and Tracy Alexander** Betty A’44 and George Allard John Allgeier Jeanne Allin A’44* Arnida A’63 and Jerry Altman Bernard and Jo Ann Alvey Carol Alvey Robert Alvey Stella Anfuso Dr. Cecilia Arbuckle Caroline and Ruben Avila Sherry Bailey George and Kathryn Baird Ruth Baird** Patricia and Roger Baker* Sr. Sharen Baldy

KEY TO DONATION LEVELS AND ANNOTATIONS Founders: gifts of $25,000 or over Benefactors: gifts of $10,000-24,999 Patrons: gifts of $5,000-9,999

Investors: gifts of $2,500-4,999 Providers: gifts of $1,000-2,499 Sponsors: gifts of $500-999

Supporters: gifts of $250-499 Contributors: gifts of $100-249 Friends: gifts of $1-99

*Mount Saint Joseph Center Donor

**Community and Center Donor



U r s u l i n e s


Thomas and Mary Ballard Walter and Margaret Ballenger Bob and Shirley Barber Ike and Marianna Barber Bert Barker Marcella and John Bartley Carolyn Baseheart Lola and Willard Basham Charlene and Harry Baumgarten Imelda and Bob Beam Tammie and Doug Beasley James and Sheila Beaven** Mary and Gabriel Becker Malcolm and Nancy Bell Margaret and Michael Bennett** Mike and Jean Bertram A. Joseph and Evelyn Besendorf Philip and Linda Beyke Dennis Bickett Jr. Judy Bickett Cyril Birge Harold and Wilma Bittner Fannie Blackburn* Shirley and Francis Bland Janet Blandford* Joseph and Claudine Blandford* Mary and Don Blandford Robert Blandford** Blessed Mother Parish, Owensboro Marian Boone Martha Boone Richard and Faye Booth Nancy Bosler Lynne and Joseph Bowling Sarah Bowling Harry and Lucille Bowman** James and Mary Brey Dr. Tristan Briones Nancy Brock Sue and Edward Brodt*

Marilyn and Joseph Brookman Bob and Rebecca Brown Brenda Brown Rebecca and William Brown Carolyn Brumfield Ernestine and Kenneth Bueter F. Adrian Bumpus* Alfred Burke Colleen and William Burke Joann and Denny Burton Joseph and Carole Cada Wanda Cain Imogene Caldwell* Mary Calhoun Tammy Calhoun Edwin and Theresa Callahan Benson Campbel lJ. Robert and Barbara Carrico James P. Carrico** Elgene Carter Ray and Betty Cashen Norvin Casper Jr. Peter and Octavia Casper* Robert and Mary Caster Dale and Lisa Cecil* Donald and Charlotte Cecil Mary C’50 and Thomas Cecil Sr. Mary Jude Cecil, OSU, A’50 Raymond and Diane Charette* Andrew and Annette Chavez Shannon Christian Geraldine Cissell Mike and Rose Clark Rose and Al Clark Sylvester and Pat Clark Bryan and Martha Claycomb Sharon and Jerry Clayton Beth and John Clements* Carmel and Odaline Clemons** Ruby and James Coater*

Doris Colgate Lowell Collard Nancy and Michael Collins Patsy Collins** Walter and Sheila Collins** Joseph Conkling Bobbie Conkright James Conrey Kyle and Karen Cook Alice Coomes Liz and Paul Coomes Mary C’40 and Bernard Corbishley* Anthony and Margaret Cox Lynda and Neil Crawford Ruth Crawford Thelma and Ben Crump Lisa and Sammie Crutcher Elaine Currier Thomas and Rose Curtsinger Jacqueline Dale Nancy and Richard Danzeisen Nancy and Clifton Daugherty Daughters of Isabella, Circle No. 241* Ila Dearey Rev. Robert Deig Dorothy Denniston A’65* Rev. Roy Dentinger Evelyn Denton* Laura and Steve Dilliha Angela DiMeo Diocese of Owensboro* Paula and William Donahoo Francis and Sue Donahue Rosemary Hagan Donohue* Patrick and Ann Doyle Francis and Jane Duerr Eddie Dugas Jr. Mary Dunkel Ronald and Jane Dunn* Otho and Mary Durbin

Alice Dusenbery Angela and Phillip Dwane Daniel and Sharon Ebelhar Shirley Eckert Ruth Edmondson Kay Edwards Rosalie Edwards John and Shirley Egan Michael and Patricia Egan Larry Elder M. Bonnie Elder Mary Elder Carol Embry Dr. Rosemary Emmick William and Phyllis Emmick Alan and Rebecca Englehart Gary Estes Jesse and Louella Evans* Lorraine Fader Marguerite Fadhl Alice and John Faulkner Pauline Fay* Kevin and Judy Fee Clara and Otto Fest Joseph and Dora Fidel* Pamela Fleitz Focolare of Chicago Rose Fogle Mary and Dennis Fontana Regina Forler Deborah and Ronald Foushee June Fowler Keith Franey Gary and Jennifer Frey George and Margaret Frey** Gertie Frey Joan and Vince Frey William and Helen Frey Thelma Friderich John and Liz Froehlich

Special Recognition: In-Kind and Matching Gifts, Foundations In-Kind Gifts Many persons, businesses, and families bring gifts to us at Picnic time and year round to provide for so many of our needs for goods and services. Our hearts overflow with prayers of thanks for all of you. 3-C Electric Co., Inc. Advanced Auto Parts American Connection/RegionsAir Applebee’s Grill and Bar Atlantis Health Club, Inc. Baker’s Rack Helen P. Barnes Barret-Fisher Co Inc Batteries Plus Bent Creek LLC Alice and Jerry Biscopink Bluegrass Interiors Sr. Vivian Marie Bowles, OSU, A’57 Braden & Associates CPA Brite-Way Trophy Sales Carpets Unlimited Carolyn Sue Cecil A‘73 Clemons Custom Car Cleaning Robert B. Coutant, M.D. Crosley Radio Corporation Danhauer Drug Co Dempsey’s Ornamental Iron


Kathy and Sam DunLany, M.D. Sr. Helen Leo Ebelhar, OSU, A’51 Essentials Salon Etc... Even Steven Market Excursions Executive Inn-Rivermont Melvin A‘47 and Maxine Fleischmann Marilyn and Pete Franczkiewicz Jennifer and Gary Frey Joan and Paul Fritz Gallery 412 Garden Gate Nursery & Florist, Inc. Alma Gaw Gene’s Health Food Glenmary Sisters Suzanne Gochenouer Great Harvest Bread Jean Gutierrez Hagan’s Outdoor Equipment Hayden’s Furniture Hobby Lobby Home Depot Jeannie Howard Mike Huber James H. Davis Funeral Home Jasper Seating Company Jennie Lynn’s Florist & Gifts Kentucky Mirror and Plate Glass Co. Koch Development Corporation Koehler’s Bakery Krempp Lumber Company Lincoln Amphitheatre Lic’s Ice Cream & Deli

Ed Lohman, N.D. J.C. Malone Ruth Metschuleit Carl and Brenda Millay Moonlight Bar-B-Q Alma Mullican Barbara L. Nelson NTA Custom Jewelers Oasis Tanning O’Charley’s Restaurant Office Depot Ohio Valley 2-Way Radio, Inc. Owensboro Heart & Vascular Packages Plus Party Paper Place Peak Bros. Bar-B-Q Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Sr. Clara Reid, OSU Kenwyn Riddle Patricia Riordan Norma C. Robinette, A‘54 Roger I. Jones, O.D. Shoney’s Simple Elegance Sr. Suzanne Sims, OSU, A’66 Sandy Stahl Stallings Chiropratic Center, LLP Staples the Office Superstore Pat and Mike Sullivan Sun Tan City Tammy’s Cake & More Target Taylor’s Bar & Grill Texas Roadhouse

Paul and Jean Thieneman Georgia Tipmore Transitions Wellness Center Phyllis and Mike Troutman TWO Theatre Workshop of Owensboro Judith Faye Ward A’60 Terry A. Ward, DMD What A Country Theatre Ann Wink

Matching Gifts Your gift to the Ursuline Sisters can be doubled if the company you work for has a matching gift program. Please take the time to check with your employer about this possiblity. Twice blessed is twice served. We are grateful for the following foundation, which matched donations during the 20042005 fiscal year. Whirlpool Foundation

Foundation Gifts Hundreds of private and corporate foundations provide grants to enhance the mission and programs of religious communities and other not-for-profit organizations. We are grateful to the following foundation, which has assisted us during the past year. Sisters of Charity Ministry Fund, Cincinnati, Ohio

F a l l Carlene and John Gabe Maria and Robert Galles Jena Gallo* Ethel and Louis Gant Jacinta Garinger A’47* John and Janis Garrett Stephanie George William and Concetta George Rev. John B. Gephart Ellen Gilles Martha Gipe Thomas and May Gipe Elaine A’66 and Gene Glenn Marjorie Godecker Donna Goetz Mary Goetz A’37 Leo Gomez Barbara and Patrick Gorman Robert and Mary Gossett Robert Grady Hallie Graham Rita and William Graham Carl and Molly Greenwell* John Greenwell Leah Greer* Dr. Roger and Julie Gstalder Margaret Guilford Dr. Gilbert and Margaret Gutierrez* Thomas Gyurik George and Andrea Hagan Mary Hagan** Mary and Wilfred Hagan Raymond and Kathy Hagan Shirley and Dan Hagman Clara Hall David and Mary Hall Joan Hamlyn Ruby A’54 and David Hampton ** Irvin Hancock Rev. Walter Hancock** Kenneth and Delores Hanks** Mary A’79 and John Hannah Sr. Phyllis Hannon, SCN Margie A’45 and Michael Hardesty Thomas and Delphine Hardesty Ann Hardman A’52 Carnnie Harmon Deborah and Ronald Harper Jean Harrison Jennifer and Steve Haworth Charles and Virgie Hayden Robert Hayden Sr. Marie Michael Hayden, OSU Vince Hayden Barbara Hays Cyril and Mary Head Henry and Charlene Head Karen and Thomas Heilers Forrest and Marian Heintzman** Jennifer and David Heintzman Beth A’70 and William Henderson David and Gloria Henderson Roy Henry Thomas and Valerie Hewlett Rev. Meldon Hickey Jr., OFM Sr. Rose Higdon, SL, A’35+ Anna Hines Maxine Hinton George and Vi Hoffman Helen Hollenbeck C’40* Barbara Houk* Marie and John Hourigan Barbara A’53 and James House Martha House Alice and Charles Howard Earl and Carolyn Howard Robert and Doris Howard* Marthadene Howe A’69* Jean and Mark Hubbard Mary Hulse

Dr. Robert and Kathleen Hume John Hurm Darlinda Hurst Barbara A’71 and David Hutchins Emma Hutchins Daniel and Marlona Ice Dr. William and Lisa Inkret Chico and June Irizarry Brian and Ann Jacobs Mary Jo Jenkins A’42 Jenkins Farm** Mayo Jeter William and Patricia Johnson Elizabeth+ and A. J. Kaelin+ Leonard and Mary Kaiser Bob and Sanya Kalbfleisch Richard Kamuf Kappa Delta Phi, PSI Gamma Chapter Sr. Catherine Kaufman, OSU Anna Keenan Steve Keene* Anita A’40 and Naiff Kelel* Gerald Keller Martin Keller Mary A’54 and Elmer Kelly Rita and Charles Kelly Mark and Diane Kemper Victor and Virginia Kerperien Beverly and Paul Keyser Margaret and Thomas Kimmel Mary Kissel Sr. Rita Klarer, OSU, A’41 Margaret Knight Patricia and Charles Knott Catherine and Arthur Kopp Leon Kowalski Raymond and Mary Kramer* Kurtz Auction & Realty Co. Phyllis Lambert Helen and Fredrick LeBlanc Jean Lonergan Beatrice Lennox** Anna Leonard Catherine Lewis C‘41 Mary Lewis C’41** Mary Liebert C’49* James and Margaret Lincoln Donna and Victor Lobato Jean Lorton Lou Lovell Edwardine and Charles Luckett Mike and Ginger Luescher Patricia Lusk Lawrence Lynch Jr.** Mary Lyne David and Jennifer Lyons Cecelia Madura Sr. Alfreda Malone, OSU Jacqueline Marshall Jeannette Marshall Margaret Martin Rev. William Martin A.I. Matsumoto Barbara Mattingly A‘59 Carolyn and Junie Mattingly Christy Mattingly Dolores and Mack Mattingly Kelly Mattingly Mildred and Marvin Mattingly Modella Mattingly Janet and Kenneth Matyk Cyril Mc Cauley James McCarter Becky McCarty A‘70 Diane and James McCauley Elenita and Jasper McConnell** Teresa McCowen Jeanette McCroy Ernest and Mary McCubbin Dennis McCullough

James McDaniel Doris McGill Joshua McGuire Esther McMahon Betty McQuillen Betty and James McVey James and Sarah Medley Ruth Metschuleit** Jane and Charles Metzmeier Hugh and Margaret Mills Shirley Minton Mischel Monuments, Inc. Mary and Michael Mohr* Claresia Montoya Betty Moorman A’58* Kathleen Mooser Jack and Betty Morgan* Virginia and Jerry Morgan Angela Morris Michelle Morris Patricia Morris Frances and J. Mouser Sr. Susan Mary Mudd, OSU* William Muller Edna and Jeff Murphey Dick and Donna Murphy Donna A’79 and Kevin Murphy Gary and Debbie Murphy Johnny and Mary Murphy Jacqueline Murray Kenneth Musial Susan and Jack Mutter Raymond and Jane Naber* James and Vivian Nall Joe and Renee Nally* Patti Nash Marita Neichter Ronald and Catharine Nelson Margaret and Mert Netherland Carl and Barbara Nett Dianne Newcomb Mike Newcomb Walter and Thelma+ Newman Bro. Andrew Nguyen Patricia Noe Steve and Deborah Noland** Anna O’Bryan Elizabeth O’Bryan Frances A’44 and Paul O’Bryan Joseph and Maggie O’Bryan Margaret O’Bryan* Linda O’Connell Edward O’Daniel Jr. H.E. O’Daniel Steve Oelze Don and Cecilia Olinger Mary O’Neill A’42 Rita Opekan Roger and Kathryn Ordal* Edward and Nola Osborne Vickie and David Osborne Clare A’46 and John Owdziej Charles and Mary Payne Eileen and Vincent Payne M. Ethel Payne A’43* Martha Payne Sr. Mary Gerald Payne, OSU Sherman and Charline Payne* Stephen and Beverly Payne*

2 0 0 5

Debra and James Peak* M’Lea and James Peak Sr. Jean Madeline Peake, OSU* Cathy Pedigo Marea Pendel Margaret Pendergast Geraldine and James Pennington Linda and John Perri Rev. Gerald Peterson Barbara Pfeiffer William and Beverly Phelan Edward and Grace Pickett Kenneth and Maria Pierson Rev. Louis Piskula** Deborah and Charles Plummer Rueben Poore Dr. Robert and Lynne Pope* Lisa Prendergast* Ret. SGM Charles Puckett* Andrew and Evelyn Pulito Daniel and Nancy Purdy** Jenny and Bill Pyland Sammie Quiggins Rose Radzelovage Pam and Steve Raleigh Ida Raley Marie Ramsperger Joan Rasmussen Antonella and Weldon Ray Gerald and Lucille Ray* Becky Reisz A’62 Juliana Renfro** Arlene and Francis Renn Hal Renshaw Mary Patricia Reynolds Allan Rhodes Mary Rhodes Jeff and Tammy Rice Marcia Richardson Margaret Richmond Joseph Rigel* Mary and Joseph Riggs Dayle Riley Larry and F. Benita Riney Margaret Riney Martha Riney Michael and Faye Riney** Robert Riney, Jr.* Sue A’42 and Joe Riney Thomas Riney Sr. Judith Nell Riney, OSU, A’65* Patricia Riordan A.H. and Carmen Robertson* Eulaine and Eldred Robertson** James Robinson Betty A’70 and Mike Rogers Karen Rohrer Mary Roscoe Mary and James Roy John and Ruth Royster Eugene and Mary Russell Bob Ruxer Dan and Dorothy Ryan Pat Ryan Saint Alphonsus Parish*, St. Joseph, Ky. Saint Bernard Parish, Rockport, Ind. Geraldine Saiz Margie Salerno June and William Salsman

Center Listings to Change Due to an administrative change, this is the last issue of Ursulines Alive that will include listings of donors to Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. Beginning with the 2005-2006 fiscal year, names of Center donors will be published in the Mount Saint Joseph Center News, a quarterly publication.



Honoring the Living U r s u l i n e s


Donations were made in honor of the following persons during the 2004-2005 fiscal year. It’s such a joyful feeling to give and receive “flowers while we are living.” It’s another way of giving thanks to God for the life and ministry of those who have touched one’s life in a positive way. Congratulations to all in this list as they give God the praise. Joan Altman Patsy Morris Sr. Margaret Joseph Aull, OSU Mary Wimsatt Mrs. Frances H. Bickett Martha Frost A’67 Sr. Vivian Bowles, OSU Bob and April Mitchell Sr. Elaine Burke, OSU Juanita Ann Burke, A’50 Sr Emma Cecilia Busam, OSU Bernard and Jo Ann Alvey Lillian Calhoun Tammy Calhoun Sr. Martha Ann Cargile, OSU Doris Ann Colgate Sr. Lennora Carrico, OSU Evelyn and Roy Henry Sr. Mary Jude Cecil, OSU Nancy S. Collins Sr. Alicia Coomes, OSU Jane and Larry Denton Jeannette W. McCroy Sr. Philomena Cox, OSU Dr. Mary Rose Zink Sr. Mary Durr, OSU Doris Ann Colgate Dr. Willliam C. and Lisa Inkret Sr. Marie Julie Fecher, OSU Margaret and William Stadtlander, Jr. Dr. Mary Rose Zink Sr. Ruth Gehres, OSU Kay and Daryl Curran Bob and April Mitchell Sr. Maureen Griner, OSU Larry Lynch, Jr. Sr. George Mary Hagan, OSU Doug and Tammie Beasley Ruth Ann Edmonson Sr. Jane Miriam Hancock, OSU Ann Collins Irvin Hancock Rev. Walter Hancock Sr. Theresa Margaret Hite, OSU Rosie and Leonard Byrne Sr. Mary Clarentia Hutchins, OSU Marita S. Neichter Sr. Michele Ann Intravia, OSU Sera and Gary Mesnier John and Cindy Mesnier Dorothy Tipmore Sr. Rose Karen Johnson, OSU Bobbie Nell Smith Sr. Rose Theresa Johnson, OSU Bobbie Nell Smith Elmer and Alma Kaelin Emil A. Kaelin Margaret Ann Kaiser Mary and Leonard Kaiser Sr. Walter Louise Lush, OSU Michael and Diana Lush

Patsy Sanders* Simon and Patricia Sanders Gary and Patricia Satterwhite** Lester and Helen Schaick* Edward and Connie Schickel Joseph and Gladys Schmidt Joseph and Shirley Schneringer Rose Schoenbachler Rita Schrecker C’41**


Sr. Amanda Rose Mahoney, OSU Annette and Philip Skees Marion Mulligan Mattingly A’38 Jess and Mark Mattingly Sr. Miriam Medley, OSU Dorothy Denniston, A’65 Sr. Michele Morek, OSU David and Mary McJoynt Sr. Rose Marita O’Bryan, OSU Mary and Gerald Harris Dr. Mary Rose Zink Amy Payne Donna and Dick Murphy Sr. Jean Madeline Peake, OSU Sheila and James Beaven Beth and John R. Clements II Patricia Noe Linda O’Connell Cathy Pedigo Karen Rohrer Annette and Philip Skees Sister Teresita Pionke, GHMS Rita Operkan Msgr. Bernard Powers Daughters of Isabella Circle No. 241 Sr. Patricia Rhoten Pam and Vance Wilson Sr. Joseph Adrian Russell, OSU Patricia and Michael J. Egan Phyllis and Daryl Henry Shirley and Raymond L. Lindle Sr. Grace Simpson, OSU Geraldine and Michael Simpson Sr. Suzanne Sims, OSU Tavie and Pete Casper Sr. Laurita Spalding, OSU Holy Name School, Henderson, Ky. Sr. Mary Lois Speaks, OSU Darlinda Hurst Mary Regan Teachers of Sts. Joseph and Paul Robert L. Hayes Sr. Mary Agnes VonderHaar, OSU Mary and Gerald Harris Sr. Joan Walz, OSU Mary and Gerald Harris Sr. Mary Matthias Ward, OSU Raymond and Diane Charette Rebecca A. Hayes Jeff and Jant Parkes Sr. Ann Victoria Wasylina, OSU Marian and Forrest Heintzman Sr. Mary Bertha Wethington, OSU Thomas S. Carson Mrs. H. R. Dempf Sr. Dorothy Marie Willett, OSU Tony and Linda Dunkel Sr. Agnes Catherine Williams, OSU Jeanne F. Allin A’44 Mary Wimsatt Sr. Margaret Ann Zinselmeyer, OSU Larry Lynch, Jr. Mike and Linda Schuette Sr. Martha Schuler, GMHS+* Doris Schutz Susan A’62 and David Schwerdtfeger James and Agnes Scully Robert Scully William and Betty Seay Joan and Raymond Senninger Joan and Donald Sermersheim

Pamela A’66 and Dan Shepherd Margaret Shouse C’39 Hanri and Lale Sidem Dr. James and Sheila Sills** Mary Kelly A’69 and Theodore Sils * Nicholas Simon Michael and Geraldine Simpson Ed Sims Joseph and Ann Sipes Sisters of Mercy Philip and Annette Skees William and Mary Skees Stephen and Mary Paula Skrivan Betty Smith* Kathleen Smith Marcella and Theodore Smith Lauren and Tim Smith Floyd Sorquist Laverne and Charles Speaks Leta Speaks A’39 Sr. Mary Lois Speaks, OSU, A’62* Marion and John Spiess** Gabby and Keith Springs Margaret and William Stadtlander Jr. Sandy and Steve Stahl Gertrude Stallings Ernestine and Ralph Stanley George Stanley Jennie Staugas Francis and Jean Steffen Dorothy A’41 and Emil Steinmetz Bernard and Joyce Stenger* Lorena Stephen Mary and L. W. Stevens Mary and Jim Stevens Lahoma and Joseph+ Stinnett Vicki Stogsdill Alec Stone Susan Struna A’66* Agnes Stuart A’46 Imogene Stull A’54** Mary Sutter Wesley and Nancy Swann Carolyn and Paul Tapp Phillip and Nancy Tatum Jennie and Richard Temple Bill and Marilyn Terry* Christine Thomas Dr. Michele Thomas Kathy and Kenneth Thompson Randy and Doris Thompson* Dolores C’50 and Francis Thomson * James Tidwell* Dorothy Tipmore June Townsend* Harold Travis Andre and Louise Trawick Ken Tripp Ann Trompeter Kathy Trompeter Jerome Vandeven Johnathan and Sara Veeder Willliam and Mary Agnes Vessels Jr. John and Dianna Vittitow Martha Vittitow Mark Vollman Sr. Mary Agnes VonderHaar, OSU, A’52 Tom Voss Victoria and Mark Vukcevich Sr. Mary Catherine Vukmanic, OSU Mary Elizabeth Ford Vuncannon A’55 Trista and Thomas Walk Anna and Thomas Walker Steve and Elizabeth Walker Louis Wallis* Nancy and John Walsh Sr. Joan of Arc Walz, OSU, A’49 Cheryl Wanya Arthur and Delores Warnecke Bromme and Teresa Warren

Mary Ruth Warren A’44 Jeani Wathen Patricia Wathen Thomas Wathen* David and Helen Watson Betty and George Webster Raymond and Barbara Weidenbenner* Tom and Jennifer Welch* Joe and Kathy Welden Frank and Sandy Wethington Jean and J.W. Wethington Mary Wethington Richard Wethington Darleen and John Whelan Sr. Mary Emily Whelan, OSU, C’39 Mila and Marcus Whitler Rosella A’49 and Thomas Whitsett Mary Whittaker Annabelle Wight Ann Wilson Jennifer and James Wilson Vance and Pamela Wilson Mary Wimsatt Rosella and Isaac Wimsatt Linda A’59 and Charles Winchell James and Elizabeth Witten Elaine and John Wood Richard and Mary Woody William Wooldridge** Catherine and Russell Wright Georgia Wyatt Artelia Wylie* Claire and Charles Yarber Kathy A’70 and Harold Young Gloria and Fred Zinobile

Memorial Gifts If your heart leads you to write your obituary — or that of a loved one — to include the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph as a beneficiary of a memorial, please let us know. We have brochures with sympathy cards and envelopes enclosed — if these materials would be helpful to you at the death of a loved one. Wherever you live, we will be happy to ship the materials to you, or directly to the funeral director of your choice.

Remembering Ursuline Relationships If you are an Ursuline Associate, or an Alumna of Mount Saint Joseph Academy and/or College, you can help us at the time of your death if your obituary mentions these relationships. Please consider talking with family members in this regard.

F a l l

Book of Remembrance The names of the deceased whose lives have inspired gifts to the Ursuline Sisters are written in a large Book of Remembrance in the Motherhouse Chapel. In this way, the sisters are reminded by name to pray for your loved ones who have died. Once each month, the Book of Remembrance is placed near the altar during a Mass offered for all whose names are written in it. Sr. Mary Damien Abell, OSU Marthadene Howe A’69 Raymond and Kitty Kress McKay Ballard Jacqueline B. Dale Margaret Kurz Barton Fred and Margaret Barton Lawrence B. Bickett Martha Bickett Frost A’67 Henry Bickett Lucille O’Neill James and Mary Blandford Robert Blandford Sister Marie Bernadette Blandford, OSU Doretha and Michael Corbett Mary Ann Blandford Ray and Catherine Kamer Joseph Bill Boone Marian E. Boone Ricky Boone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Smith Sr. Rose Ann Boone, OSU Mary Whittaker Sr. Karl Melanie Brill, OSU Adele Lohman A’42 Sr. Victoria Brohm, OSU Marian and Forrest Heintzman Kenny Butler Jean and Mike Bertram Mary Bea Blandford Tammy L. Calhoun Friends Doris and Martin Keller Margaret Knight Bill Kurtz Margaret and Hugh Mills Jacqueline Murray Judy Carrico James P. Carrico Sr. Joseph Ursula Cissell, OSU James and Debra Peak Megan Marie Clark Rose Clark Sr. Charles Marie Coyle, OSU Judy Bickett Geraldine Saiz Joann Sattler Sr. Charles Ann DeNardi, OSU Rev. Charles DeNardi Sue and Joe Riney Mildred DiDonato Mary Catherine Lewis C’41 Anna Catherine Donahue Rebecca J. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Leon Donahue A.I. Matsumoto Margaret R. Pendergast Sr. Colletta Drury, OSU David and Barbara Hutchins Sr. Pia Dunbar, OSU Clara M. Mitchell Sr. Christina Eckmans, OSU Margaret Stodghill Shouse C’39 Barry Embry Betty L. Smith Sr. Robert Angela Fleischmann, OSU Melvin A’47 and Maxine Fleischmann Mary and James R. Roy

Sr. Mary Clara Floyd, OSU Joyce and Ray Leigh Celso and Juan Gomez Molly Jacques Mrs. Joseph Albert Grant Margaret and George Frey Mary Rose Greenberg Norman Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hancock, Sr. David Hancock Murry Hardy Clare and John Owdziej Sr. Charles Irene Hayden, OSU Carole and Joseph Cada Doris Ann Colgate Karen Hayden A’69 Henning and Huffine Family Bernadette and Jerome Henning Sr. Rose Jean Hochstein, OSU Nora and Felix Darcy Regina Hulse Mary Jean Hulse Joan Hume Dr. Robert D. Hume, Jr. Jeanette Hutchison John C. Greenwell Sr. Agnes Mary Johnson, OSU Doris Ann Colgate Ann M. Jordan Walt Jordan Flora Ann Kaelin Emil A. Kaelin Kress Family Raymond and Kitty Kress Bradly Kuhn Nancy and Wesley Swann Joseph E. Lancaster Anonymous Martha and Bryan Claycomb Althea Lauterwasser Bobbie Conkright Rev. Robert A. Deig W. T. Franey Sr. Marie Michael Hayden, OSU Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McCullough Harold and Vivian Nall Tim and Lauren Smith Sr. Johanna Lechner, OSU Mary Schuster Sr. Mary Anna Mattingly, OSU Barbara Jo Mattingly Shirley Ann McCarter James McCarter Sr. Mary Celeste McCue, OSU Nancy Marsh McGovern Family Raymond and Kitty Kress Sr. Charles Catherine Medley, OSU Kathleen and Charles Daugherty Diane and Mark Kemper Germaine P. Black Metzger Sr. Mary Jude Cecil, OSU, A’50 Dave Mudd Gerald Wayne Smith John Edward Monaghan John Monaghan Sr. Joseph Emma Morris, OSU Mary C. Thompson Thomas Murray Mary E. Murray

Anna Kathryn Ward Newcomb Mike Newcomb Sr. Agnes Leo Newton, OSU Doris Ann Colgate Gerald Oberst Rose and Joseph Clark Paula Donahoo Ellen M. Gilles Mildred and Bob Gilles Mary Eulalia Goetz A‘37 Hallie V. O’Bryan Graham Mary and Wilfred L. Hagan Vince Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Dale Irvine Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Irvine Margaret Irvine Gerald and Joy Keller Mary Jane Kissel Dianne Newcomb Elizabeth O’Bryan Joe and Maggie O’Bryan Cletus and Dee Oberst Hal and Eleanor Renshaw Marcia G. Richardson Vicki and Jack Stogsdill Todd and Ona Ruth O’Flynn Ruth and Robert O’Flynn, Jr. Sr. Mary Angelina Payne, OSU Margaret Stodghill Shouse, C‘39 Bill Pennington Wilma and Paul Goebel Sr. Helen Marie Pfohl, OSU Carolyn and Paul Tapp David and Edward Pickett, Jr. Ed and Grace Pickett Gail Puckett Ret. SGM Charles A. Puckett Sr. Dolorosa Purdy, OSU Nancy and Daniel Purdy Sr. Ephrem Purdy, OSU-L Nancy and Daniel Purdy Sr. Jean Catherine Purdy, OSU Nancy and Daniel Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Len Riney Reverend Phil Riney Sr. Mary Leon Riney, OSU Mary B. Aughe Mrs. Joyce Robbins Lawrence H. Robbins Ruby Roberts Gerald and Susan Hayden Sr. Mary Victor Rogers, OSU Jean and David Hall Mary McCubbin Gary and Mary Helen Riney Sue and Joe Riney Yvonne Rudd Gerald and Susan Hayden Sr. Mary Henry Russell, OSU Phyllis and Daryl Henry Shirle E. Sagona Eddie J. Dugas, Jr. Sr. Eugenia Scherm, OSU Adele Y. Lohman A‘42 Joy Louise Collard Schmitt Joe and Evelyn Besendorf Mr. and Mrs. James G. Conrey Jane and Francis R. Duerr William J. Frey Jon and Joan Hamlyn Marie and John Hourigan Sanya and Bob Kalbfleisch Doris McGill Edward L. Osborne Joseph J. Schmitt Bill and Betty Seay Marcella Smith Mary A. Stevens James and Elizabeth Ann Witten Mary E. Woody

2 0 0 5

Herman E. Schrecker Rita O’Bryan Schrecker C’41 Felix Signorelli Jeff and Edna Murphey Sr. Mary Ethel Sims, OSU Bob and Margaret Mary Algermissen Sr. Agnes Marie Smith, OSU Antonella and Weldon Ray Margaret Helen Thomas Smith Mary Catherine Lewis C‘41 Dot Tidwell Jim Tidwell Ursuline Sisters Educators Mary and Otis Vance Ursuline Sisters in Nebraska Rev. Charles Duman Ursuline Teachers who taught in Nebraska Rev. Alcuin E. Greenburg Dr. William P. VonderHaar Dr. and Mrs. Bob Deweese Victoria Vukcevich Sr. Ancilla Marie Warren, OSU Joyce M. Koozer Velma Warren Sr. Bartholene Warren, OSU Raymond and Kitty Kress Stella Montoya Marita S. Neichter Susan and Louis Reiss Suzanne Reiss and Donald Moser Agnes Warren Stuart A‘46 Lisa Thompson Elaine A‘66 and Gene Glenn Mary Ruth Warren A‘44 Georgia B. Wyatt Claire and Charles Yarber Sr. George Ann Warren, OSU Lisa Thompson Sr. Mary Edgar Warren, OSU Velma Warren Joyce M. Koozer Sr. George Marie Wathen, OSU Doris Ann Colgate Jeani and George Wathen Thomas A. Wathen Maria Stallings Welder Dolores Stallings Sr. Barbara Westrick, OSF Sr. Mary Jude Cecil, OSU, A‘50 Jessie Whelan Carol and Richard Whelan Trish and Bill Whelan Sr. Charles Asa Williams, OSU Carol Alvey Rev. Charles Duman Shirley Eckert Diana Gray Margaret A. Guilford Jean and David Hall Jean Lorton Frances and Paul O’Bryan Sue and Joe Riney Patricia Riordan Angela Wimsatt Therese and John Allen Jane Barber Mary and Al Bowling Ann and William Lawrence Rose Ann Radzelovage Laura Wimsatt Joseph William Wimsatt, Sr. Laura Wimsatt Lorene Yarbrough Gerald and Susan Hayden Sr. Margaret Louise Yates, OSU Raymond and Kitty Kress


U r s u l i n e s


Act, Move, Believe continued from page 6

The students are adjusting to their new surroundings, but they still miss their old schools. “Everyone here has been so nice to us,” says Maraih Jolley, a sixth grader from Stuart R. Bradley School in New Orleans, “but I still miss my old school.” Nigel Cardriche, a sixth grader from St. Joan of Arc School, echoes Maraih’s words: “I like it here, but I hope I can go back to my own school again.” Trinity, a sixth grader at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Academy in Shreveport, believes all of the students are in a win-win situation: “We have something they need, but they are giving us something we need too, by letting us get to know them and help them. They’ve lost everything, and if I have something they like, I can give it to them.” In addition to opening its schools to the student Diocese of Shreveport Catholic Schools evacuees, the Shreveport 3500 Fairfield Avenue Diocese has welcomed 75 Shreveport, LA 71104 Sisters of the Holy Family who were driven from their La Plaza Immigrant Community Center motherhouse in New Orleans. 1221 Moseley Street More than 40 of the sisters are Owensboro, KY 42303 being housed at the Catholic Center, a former convent and high school with a generous supply of guest rooms. The rest, including the aged and infirm sisters, are living at other facilities in Shreveport. (See related story on page 6.) Six are assisting as teachers or aides at Blessed Sacrament. Two are working as assitants in the Catholic schools office. CONTACT INFORMATION

Prior to their first day of classes, Sister John Mary heard Sister Carol refer to an evacuee student named “Nigel.” She exclaimed that back in New Orleans, where she had been principal, she had a favorite

In the Joy of Eternal Life The union of prayer which exists among us continues after we enter eternal life. Through prayer, the bond of love which unites us forms a vital link with those who have died. (From The Ursuline Way of Life) Be consoled; do not doubt; we want to see you in our midst in heaven, for the Lover of us all wants this too. And who is there who could resist him, whose light and joyful splendor of truth will surround you at the moment of death, and will deliver you from the hands of the enemy. (St. Angela Merici, Last Legacy)

Sister Charles Asa Williams died June 5, 2005, less than two days short of her 103rd birthday. A native of Owensboro, she was in her 84th year of religious life. She was an educator for 56 years in Kentucky, Nebraska, and Missouri, including service as principal of Mount Saint Joseph Academy. For seven years, she worked in parish outreach ministry. She is survived by her sister, Sister Agnes Catherine Williams of Maple Mount, nieces and nephews, and the members of her religious community.

New students and teachers in Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Academy in Shreveport include, from left, Trina Goins, Brandy Montgomery, Sister Francella, Maraih Jolley, Sister John Mary, and Nigel Cardriche. Sister John Mary, who was Nigel’s principal in New Orleans, now teaches fifth grade at Blessed Sacrament.

student named Nigel, but she had given up hope of ever seeing him again. She said they had a special relationship, and it would almost be a miracle if this Nigel happened to be the same child. There hadn’t been many happy moments in Louisiana after Katrina’s wrath, but what followed moments later was something those present will never forget. As Sister John Mary walked into the classroom, Nigel jumped to his feet, let out a cry of happiness, and, with tears in his eyes, ran into the arms of the sister he thought he’d never see again. His joy — and his tears — were shared by everyone in the room. Nigel is 12 years old. He’ll never forget the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. But he’ll also never forget the love made possible that afternoon by those who followed the challenge of Saint Angela in responding to the need of God’s people in our own time. n Jerry Birge is director of communications and marketing for the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph.

Sister Mary Victor Rogers, 84, died June 15, 2005, in the 66th year of her religious life. A native of St. Thomas in Nelson County, she was a music and classroom teacher for 50 years in Kentucky and Missouri. From 1985-92, she was director of the Suzuki violin program at Brescia College. She also served as director of the museum at Mount Saint Joseph. She is survived by nieces and nephews and the members of ther religious community. Sister Martin Gertrude Mattingly, 97, died September 18, 2005, in her 77th year of religious life. A native of Knottsville in Daviess County, she ministered for 50 years as principal, teacher, and librarian in Catholic schools throughout Kentucky. She is survived by two sisters, Merici Millay and Margaret Byrne, and one brother, Vincent E. Mattingly; all are of Owensboro. Survivors also include nieces and nephews and the members of her religious community.

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Joining the Network of Compassion Ursulines and co-workers respond to the needs of God’s people In many ways, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph have been privileged to be an active part of the network of compassion in response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The list below gathers together some ways in which our sisters and those with whom they minister have brought God’s love to our sisters and brothers in need. l





The sisters living at the Motherhouse filled bags with personal items — toothpaste, tooth brushes, combs and brushes, shampoo, tissues and wipes — for persons made homeless by the storms. In the photo at left, Sister Pauletta McCarty helps to fill the bags. l The retired sisters in Saint Joseph Villa sent boxes of stuffed animals to the children who had lost their toys along with their homes. These animals — donated by our good friends Maggie and Kenny Pierson — were to be used a prizes for the weekly bingo games in the Villa. The sisters decided to re-donate them to the hurricane victims. l Besides its response to the needs of the Shreveport Catholic schools and its support of the medical mission to south Louisiana, the Ursuline congregational leadership, in the name of the community, has responded to many direct requests for assistance from storm survivors in the areas served by our sisters, and the sisters themselves continue to respond to the needs of those who come to them. l In Van Buren, Missouri, where she is pastoral associate, Sister Mary Sheila Higdon worked with the community to prepare a Baptist Youth Camp for the arrival of evacuees. “Donations poured in,” Sister Mary Sheila reports. “ The storage room was loaded.” As it turned out, the Red Cross arranged permanent housing for the evacuees, who did not come to Van Buren after all. The materials collected were sent to an area where many homeless people were being assisted. At Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Gallup, New Mexico, director Sister Mary Matthias Ward also stood ready to offer shelter to any evacuees who might come to western New Mexico. Three parishes in Ohio and Butler counties in Kentucky offered housing — if needed — for an evacuee family. Several local Baptist and Pentecostal churches offered to help. Although evacuees have not yet come, the three parishes — St. John, Fordsville, Holy Redeemer, Beaver Dam, and Holy Trinity, Morgantown — took up collections to assist Catholic Charities in serving those in need, according to Sister Marie Michael Hayden, pastoral associate/DRE in Fordsville. Sister Teresa Riley, pastoral associate at St. Mary of the Fields Parish, La Center, Kentucky, reports that her parish of 95 families raised over $2000 for hurricane relief. Tim and Laverne Cann, Laverne’s sister Doyna, and the 15 At St. Charles Borromeo School in Albuquerque, where Sister Clara children of the two families — evacuated from Slidell, Reid is a third-grade teacher, the students designed a “Cutest Pet” Louisiana — were welcomed for a night at the Dorothy Day contest. Over 200 pet photos were entered at a dollar per entry, with an House in Memphis. “Because the house is undergoing additional voting fee of 25 cents. About $800 from this project went renovation and is not officially open,” explains Sister Maureen to a veterinarian working to save pets in the flooded area. Another Griner, “we could not house them longer.” The sisters, $800 was raised by the National Junior Honors Society and the associates, and other volunteers helped move the family to a Builders Club (a Kiwanis subsidiary) through a car wash and a schoolwide collection. This amount went to assist Sister Carol Shively and the facility opened by Catholic Charities and met their basic Shreveport Catholic schools in their ministry to students from the needs, including a refrigerator. Sister Margaret Ann affected areas. n Zinselmeyer shared the abundance donated to Hope House,

Anyone wishing to offer financial suppport to the Ursuline Sisters and their co-workers for hurricane relief ministry may send donations specified for this purpose to: Office of Mission Advancement, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356.

her ministry, by sending diapers and baby formula to a local church that was helping hurricane survivors. Several members of the Cathedral Choir have taken evacuees into their homes, Sister Maureen reports. The Ursuline Sisters sent a significant donation to Catholic Charities in Memphis, which is a major relocation site for evacuees. In the photo, Ursuline associate Judy Gray is in the doorway, center.



COMING TOGETHER . . . REACHING OUT Many old and new friends came together in ministry to hurricane survivors. These photos introduce you to just a few of them.

Above: Brianna Matthews and Trez Goins, new students from New Orleans, concentrate on computer work at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Academy, Shreveport.

Above: Ursuline Sister Patricia Rhoten speaks with sixth-grader Ryan Carlson and his father about Ryan’s class with her at the Cathedral School in Shreveport. Sister Pat is a junior high teacher at the school.

Above: Dr. Melissa Whitson checks a youngster’s ears at the clinic in Coteau, Louisiana.

Above: Laotian children at the clinic in Coteau find Dr. Jeff Carrico and his instruments more entertaining than the moment, at least!

Above: Sister Ann Middlebrooks, SEC, holds toddler Sharde Brown while welcoming her siblings — Daija, Destinie, and David — to the Cathedral School. In the background at left is Rachel Gallion, already a student at the school. Sister Ann is associate superintendent for child nutrition and curriculum in the Shreveport Catholic schools. She is also an Ursuline associate. Left: Sister Carol Shively enjoys a light moment with a group of volunteers. From left, Scott McCain, Jennifer Birge, and Mag Birge. Scott and Mag are from Owensboro. Jennifer, daughter of Jerry and Mag Birge, took time off from her job in New York City to volunteer in Shreveport.

Ursulines Alive Fall 2005  

The magazine of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph

Ursulines Alive Fall 2005  

The magazine of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph