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Ursulines Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph

Fall 2008

Freeing and Nurturing Women and Children

Volume 7, No. 1

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Bluegrass Ursulines of Paola, Kansas merge with Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph

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From our Congregational Leader Dear Friends, Christmas may be two months away, but this issue of Ursulines Alive is about gifts. We all love gifts — the surprise of them, the beauty of the wrapping, the thrill of discovery as we open them, and the renewed joy we experience each time we look at them or use them, as we think of the love with which they were given. We Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph soon will receive the amazing gift of 23 new sisters, as the Ursuline Sisters of Paola, Kansas, become one with us. We look forward to the surprises to be found in shared stories, Sister Michele Morek the joy of experiencing the beauty of each person, the excitement in discovering the talents they bring, and our continued amazement at their generosity, trust, and love. Even though at the time of this writing the merger process is not complete, it gives us great pleasure to introduce our new sisters to you in this issue. We think you will agree that — besides all those wonderful personal gifts — they come with an amazing history and a pioneer spirit. We hope that soon you will have a chance to meet them in person. Also in this issue we celebrate gift in the person of our donors: all the names in that long list represent people who are participating in our mission and ministry by their donations to support a particular ministry, or to help build up our retirement fund, or just in appreciation of a “special sister.” If we added to them all our Ursuline Associates who minister with us in prayer and good works, and those who volunteer throughout the year (over 700 on picnic day alone) we would not have any room for news! We lift up these names and each of you in gratitude every day to our generous God, the source of all love and of all good gifts. May each of you be gifted with what you need most!

Sister Michele Morek, OSU

Cover: Sister Michele Morek, left, is the congregational leader for the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph while Sister Kathleen Condry, right, is superior of the Ursuline Sisters of Paola. The two communities will officially merge this year. Sister Barbara Jean Head, left, an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph, enjoys talking with Sister Marie William Blyth, an Ursuline of Paola, during a visit by the Paola sisters to Maple Mount in 2006. Ursulines Alive is published by the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, Maple Mount, Ky. Three issues are published each calendar year. EDITORS: Director of Mission Advancement/Communications.........Dan Heckel Communications Specialist/Graphic Design.......................Jennifer Kaminski Communications Specialist/Web Design............................Tiffany Orth MISSION ADVANCEMENT STAFF: Director of Ministry Development.....................................Sister Suzanne Sims Director of Mission Effectiveness.......................................Sister Rose Marita O’Bryan Director of Spiritual Formation..........................................Sister Marietta Wethington Director of Ursuline Partnerships.......................................Marian Bennett, OSUA Administrative Assistants....................................................Melanie Sears Christi Bowman 2

In this issue Merger with Paola Ursulines................3 The Ursulines of Paola will soon join the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph in their spiritual journey Christmas Scarves..................................7 Casa Ursulina in Chile filling orders for scarves and shawls for Abbey Press catalog Associates and Sisters Day..................10 New Saint Joseph Villa Director.........10 Obituary...............................................10 Donors and Benefactors............... 11-15 Soli Deo Gloria ...................................16 We rejoice in the gifts of our sisters, given for the kingdom of God

Our Mission We, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, sustained by prayer and vowed life in community, proclaim Jesus through education and Christian formation in the spirit of our founder, Saint Angela Merici.

Our PURPOSE Freeing and Nurturing Women and Children

OUR CORE VALUES • Prayer • Service • Empowerment • Justice • Contemplative Presence the spirit of Saint Angela Merici

Contact Us Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph 8001 Cummings Road Maple Mount, Kentucky 42356 270-229-4103 Fax: 270-229-4953

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Paola Sisters feel a kinship to Mount Saint Joseph

By Dan Heckel, Mount Saint Joseph Staff

After Rome approves the merger, some of the Paola Ursulines will begin arriving at Maple Mount in May 2009

superior of the Paola Ursulines. A March 2005 letter from rsuline Sisters have long used the Paola Executive Council to the sisters explained the the counsel of Saint Angela to bravely face rationale for seeking merger: “As our numbers diminish change. It’s in this spirit that the 23 Ursuline and our members age, it is clear that we will need to merge Sisters of Paola, Kansas, put their full faith in God and Saint with a larger group in order to continue to flourish. The Angela and unanimously asked to merge with the Ursuline Mount Saint Joseph congregation has sisters throughout Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. the United States, including the Kansas City area, has the On July 17, the sisters at Maple Mount gave a resounding closest motherhouse to Paola, “yes.” Upon approval from and seems to be very compatible Rome, the number of with us in spirit.” Ursuline Sisters of Mount The Ursuline Sisters of Paola Saint Joseph will increase occupy a 64,000 square-foot from 163 to 186. About half convent in the town of 4,500 of the Paola sisters will arrive people about 20 miles off I-35, in Maple Mount in the south of Kansas City, Kansas. spring, with some staying in It’s about a nine-hour drive from their ministries near Paola Maple Mount. They also foresaw and others awaiting the call a day when maintaining the to their next role. It means picturesque campus would be Ursulines of Mount Saint The leadership team from the Ursulines of Paola, Kan., too much for their sisters. Joseph will now minister met with the Leadership Council at Mount Saint Joseph in January. Front: Sisters Pat Lynch,* Cheryl Clemons, Kathleen In a letter to the sisters in in eight states (Kentucky, Dueber,* Maureen Griner, Michele Morek. Back: Sisters March 2005, Sister Kathleen laid Illinois, Tennessee, Kansas, Helen Smith,* Ann McGrew, Jane Falke,* Kathleen Condry,* the groundwork for prayer and Louisiana, New Mexico, Barbara Jean Head. * Ursuline Sister of Paola discussion of a merger. This is an Missouri, and Minnesota), excerpt from that letter: the District of Columbia, Chile, and Jamaica. “When Angela Merici gathered our first members and “We are delighted that the Paola sisters will be joining us,” founded the Company of Saint Ursula, she must have known said Sister Michele Morek, congregational leader at Mount that she did not have a lot of time left. I believe she saw the Saint Joseph. “When you add even one new ingredient to a Company as a way to carry her ministry into the future even recipe, it has the potential to change the flavor of the dish. after she was gone. … She probably had moments when she “As a community they will expand the range of our wanted to just close up shop and reminisce. Luckily for us ministries into Kansas and perhaps point the way toward new and for the Church, Angela looked for a creative, effective possibilities for service,” Sister Michele said. “Each of the way to continue what she had started. Paola sisters brings her unique personal gifts that will enrich “Like Saint Angela, we as Paola Ursulines have two our community — gifts of personality, talent, spirituality, choices: we can grow less and less vibrant until we finally fade and ministry. As a community they are women of prayer, and away, or we can find a creative, effective way to live on. … have a wonderful fun-loving, playful spirit. They have already I sense that we all realize the time has come when we need affected us by their example of courage and openness to the to do something differently, yet we are reluctant because we will of God, in the face of this enormous change in their do not know how a change would affect our daily lives. It is lives.” normal to be a little bit The two communities are members of the Ursuline afraid of what we do Society, a group of autonomous congregations that share If, according not know. We must be fellowship, prayer, and similar interests. One such group, the to times and cautious, however, not Ursuline Sisters of Belleville, Ill., merged with Mount Saint circumstances, to allow fear to paralyze Joseph in 2005. the need arises us before we even know “One day, Sister Michele said, ‘If you ever want to talk to make new rules the answers to our about (merger), we’re open’” said Sister Kathleen Condry, or do something questions.” differently, do it The Paola Illinois prudently and community sent a letter with good advice. Paola, to Mount Saint Joseph Maple Kansas ~Saint Angela Merici to begin a merger Mount, Ky. Missouri Saint Angela statue at Paola that will be conversation in January brought to Mount Saint Joseph in 2009

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Above: The Paola Motherhouse. Right: Sister Amelia Stenger, right, was among a group of Maple Mount visitors in Paola Aug. 11-14. Sister Emerentia Wiesner shows her a sewing project.


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2006. Over the July 4th weekend in 2006, nearly the entire Paola community came to visit the Mount Saint Joseph Motherhouse for three days, further convincing sisters from both communities that they shared much in common, Sister Michele said. One Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph already knew of the bond. Sister Rita Klarer ministers in Kansas City, Mo., and met the Paola sisters several years ago. “It was easy to feel at home with them, because their spirit is so much like ours,” Sister Rita said. “They worked so easily and appreciatively with the women and men who shared their labors. Long before ‘merger’ talks emerged, both sides knew that we really felt at home with each other.” Sister Annalita Lancaster, a former superior at Mount Saint Joseph and a sister for 65 years, said she was moved by the Paola Sisters’ openness to the spirit. “When I got their

letter saying why they wanted to do this, I had never had anything touch me so deeply,” she said. “Their spirit and their trust in the future is overwhelming.” Some of the Paola sisters have begun a pen pal relationship with sisters at Maple Mount. Each day the sisters draw a name of a Mount Saint Joseph sister to pray for, and Sister Emerentia Wiesner, a Paola sister for 66 years, matches the name with a photo. The Sisters at Maple Mount also pray daily for the Paola sisters. There are similarities between the two communities. Both sought their independence from the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, and became known for their excellence as teachers. After changes brought on by Vatican II, both expanded into other service ministries. Both had to face the tough decision to close the academies they’d begun in their earliest days. There are also differences, and not just over who has the better college basketball team. Ursulines came to Paola to teach in the diocese’s schools, and throughout their history they have not strayed far from eastern Kansas. Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph began teaching in distant lands in 1918, when they arrived in Nebraska. The Ursuline Sisters of Paola also proved they were not afraid of change or controversy when shortly before Thanksgiving in 1964, their superior, Mother M. Charles McGrath, told two sisters they could experiment with designs for something other than a habit to discuss with the community. Instead, the sisters started wearing their new clothing in public, leading to a maelstrom of complaints from some of the public and national news stories. This became known in Paola as the “yes heard round the world,” because it precipitated the habit revolution for all women religious around the country.n

Many paths led the current sisters to Paola rsuline Sisters taught some of them, while others found another reason to come. One became a sister at 15, another not until she had grandchildren. One was held as a baby by the community’s first mother superior, another didn’t even grow up Catholic. Yet they and others found their calling in being Ursuline Sisters of Paola, Kansas. They are teachers, or work with the poor, elderly, or mentally challenged. Soon, they will bring their special gifts and spirituality to Maple Mount, when they become the newest Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. “From the time I was knee-high to a duck I wanted to be a sister,” said Sister Rita Redmond, who grew up in rural southeast Kansas and has been a sister for 59 years. “My mother was an invalid (with arthritis) and my dad was insistent I have a Catholic education. It was a miracle, the Ursulines needed a farmer. He came (to Paola) when I was 14, and I could go to school here.” 4

Sacred Heart shrine at the Paola Convent

Sister Kathleen Condry grew up in New Orleans, but moved to Kansas when her father sold his business. Sister Kathleen attended Bishop Miege High School in Shawnee Mission, a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas, where Ursuline Sisters taught. She remembers the sisters who got her involved in social activism, of working with the poor and Hispanics, and her French teacher who wrote her letters solely en francais. Sister Martina Rockers grew up in Scipio, Kansas, and attended a public school where all the teachers were Ursulines. She came to the Ursuline Academy at 14 as a “pre-candidate” and received the habit at 15. This is her 63rd year as a teacher, and her 51st year to teach science at Bishop Miege. “Biology has always been my love,” she said. Sister Rita Lavigne is from Topeka, Kansas, where the Sisters of Charity taught her. “I was working for an insurance company and made a women’s retreat at age 28. I had never heard of the Ursulines,” she said. “I liked the camaraderie and the sisters were so friendly.” She joined two years later. The Sisters of Charity in Denver taught Sister Marie William Blyth. “I wanted to be a teacher. I sent away for a Continued on page 5

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Former Louisville Ursulines had rocky road to Paola The following information was taken from “The Yes Heard Round the World,” a history of the Ursuline Sisters of Paola from 1895-1975. he Ursuline Sisters of Paola are returning “home” to be with their Kentucky cousins at Mount Saint Joseph. Both communities got their start in Louisville, where Ursuline Sisters from Straubing, Bavaria, established a motherhouse in 1858. It was the same Louisville bishop who helped the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph gain their independence, the Most Rev. William McCloskey, who also helped the Paola sisters break free. A small group of Louisville sisters was teaching in the German school in St. Louis in the early 1890s when the priest who’d invited them suggested they start an independent community rather than face resistance from the Louisville Motherhouse. Sister Maurice Albert was the leader of a group of 13 sisters who wanted to stay in St. Louis, but knowing she needed more moral and financial help, she recruited Sister Jerome Schaub, an Ursuline Sister for 18 years who was teaching music in a school in Cumberland, Md. She would come to be known as “Mother Jerome” the rest of her days. All did not go smoothly with the sisters’ attempt to separate from Louisville. The superior in Louisville, angry about the splinter group, recalled all the sisters teaching in St. Louis. The vicar general in St. Louis, who did not like what was happening to the schools, told the sisters seeking to separate they could not remain in St. Louis. Bishop McCloskey brought the 13 sisters to Shelbyville, Ky., a small town near Louisville, to establish an independent community in 1893. While there they received a letter of encouragement from Fr. Paul Joseph Volk, who had been instrumental in starting Mount Saint Joseph Academy and supporting an independent community at Maple Mount. The sisters continued their efforts to return to teach in the St. Louis schools, and in 1894, they were allowed to do so. Bishop McCloskey suggested they be prepared to teach in English-speaking schools in St. Louis, and they did so for the first time at St. Cronin’s in the fall of 1894. With resistance still strong to forming an independent community in St. Louis, Mother Jerome spoke with Bishop Louis Mary Fink of Kansas, who was happy to have the sisters come to his diocese along the Kansas-Missouri border. He had a place ready in Scipio, Kansas, where he was in need of teachers, and was open to having them establish a motherhouse in his diocese. On Dec. 8, 1894, the sisters arrived in Paola to investigate a possible new home. The motherhouse was established in 1895 on five acres of a former cornfield on the east edge of town. Ursuline Academy was built in 1896, and served students until it was closed in 1971, due to declining enrollment and a lack of sisters to teach. Mother Jerome was officially elected superior in 1901, and served in that role at various times for more than 30 years. She died in December 1942. book on religious orders, learned about the Ursulines and picked this address,” she said. “I decided this is where I wanted to be. It’s the closest Ursuline order to Denver.” Sister Beth Akins has the most circuitous route to the Ursulines. “I had a great aunt who was an Ursuline, and I always went to school where Ursuline Sisters taught. I thought about joining when I was young, but I wanted to go to college and date first to be sure,” Sister Beth said. She met her husband, Edward ‘Mac’ Akins, while attending Kansas State University. They were married for 27 years, and Mac had two daughters from a previous marriage. They ran a restaurant in Tampa, Fla., then moved back to Kansas, where Sister Beth worked at a craft store, eventually becoming manager and moving to Tulsa, Okla. Mac died of lung cancer Jan. 28, 2002. “I worried that I had ignored a call from God,” she said. “I waited 2 ½ years to go through the grieving period.” She talked to her parish priest and contacted three orders. “God knew I’d do better with the Ursulines,” she said. “They had the better balance of prayer and activity. The Ursulines always seemed like real people to me.” This Saint Ursula and her companions window Continued on page 6 will be brought from Paola to Maple Mount.


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Pictured: Ursuline Sisters of Paola

Sister Beth

Sister Susanne

Sister Marie William


Sister Emerentia

Sister Grace

Sister Virginia

Sister Helen

Sister Marcella

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She has five grandchildren by her two stepdaughters. Sister Pat Lynch lived in Pennsylvania until her mother died when she was 5. The family moved to Kansas City, where her grandmother lived. Eventually, her father could not work and take care of her and her siblings, so they spent time in an orphanage. You’d never know of such a rough childhood by the smile that’s always on her face. “I was shaped by many religious women,” she said. “When you have God in your life you can get through anything.” Sister Ann Marie Scherman’s grandparents lived next door to the Paola convent, and her grandfather drove the sisters to doctor appointments in Kansas City. Mother Jerome Schaub, the first superior of the Paola Ursulines, held her as an infant. “When I was 4 years old, they dressed me in the (sister’s) head dress,” Sister Ann Marie said. “I always knew I’d be a sister.” Sister Delores (Dee) Long got the call to become a sister when she was 11 or 12 — and she wasn’t even Catholic. Five years after converting, she joined the Ursulines. “I always feel the Lord calls you where he wants you.” Sister Helen Smith was a graduate of one of the bigger classes at the all-girl Ursuline Academy, 30 students. “When I was 6 I wanted to be a teacher. When I was 7 I wanted to be a nun and a teacher,” she said.

Sister Ann Marie

Sister Martina


Sister Kathleen Condry

Sister Raymond

Sister Kathleen Dueber

Sister Jane 6

Like other Ursuline communities, the Paola Sisters were first teachers, mostly concentrating in the greater Kansas City area and at St. John School in Bartlesville, Okla., 180 miles away. The first school they began was Ursuline Academy in 1896. It closed in 1971, due to low enrollment and the rising cost of education. A junior college was begun in 1924, but it closed in 1957. The sisters were a teaching presence in the town of Greeley, Kansas, from 1899 until 2002, and completely staffed a public school in nearby Wea for many years. Both the grade school and high school in Wea closed in 1970, but the people in the area demanded a school be built, Sister Helen said. In 2000, Holy Rosary School opened with Sister Helen as principal, where she served for five years. Sister Susanne Bauer is serving as a preschool aide there this year. The greatest legacy many sisters believe the Ursulines leave behind is the Lakemary Center. In 1969, the Ursuline Sisters, led by Mother M. Charles McGrath, came together with parents, community members and friends to create a safe, nurturing environment for children with developmental disabilities. “The biggest, best thing we did was the Lakemary Center,” said Sister Rita Redmond, who spent 26 years teaching special education at Lakemary. Adults served by Lakemary live in apartments and homes, and most are employed at work centers or in community jobs. In 1985, LMC Industries in Paola was founded to provide vocational training and teach adult living skills. Continued on page 7

Sister Angela Marie

Sister Helen

Sister Mildred

Sister Rita Lavigne

Sister Dee

Sister Rita Redmond

Sister Judith

Sister Pat

Sister Celine

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Access to Casa Ursulina products expanded! By Sister Ruth Gehres, OSU CHILLÁN, Chile – In mid September, after a weeklong break for our spirited Independence Day celebrations, normal life began again at Casa Ursulina. More than 150 women are registered in about 17 classes and workshops, which will continue until mid December, the beginning of summer in Chile. Among the most productive courses this year are spinning and weaving, taught by Sister Mimi Ballard, Casa Ursulina founder and director. Many of the women have a natural gift for these arts, Members of the Casa Ursulina community on a typical mailing day: and their products have found profitable markets from left, Sister Mimi Ballard and Julia Romero display some of in the United States. Donated wool from this area Julia’s handspun wool yarn; Sister Ruth Gehres wears one of the comes to Casa Ursulina right from the sheep. Then scarves made for sale through Abbey Press; and Nora Cea shows the bright Christmas scarf also designed for Abbey Press. Packing boxes it’s washed, cleaned, carded, and spun by a group and transporting them to the downtown post office by bus or cab of talented and industrious women. The beautiful are a part of the weekly activities at Casa Ursulina. handspun yarn is purchased and resold by three support of their families. More than 70 percent of these fiber shops in western Indiana. women are mothers raising their children alone and Bright, beautiful scarves and shawls are being unable to find work. The opportunity that Casa Ursulina produced by an especially gifted group of weavers for gives them to learn new skills and to make marketable shipment to markets in the States. Since production began in March, Abbey Press at Saint Meinrad, Ind., has products is a source of empowerment and self-esteem for these marginalized – and determined – women. ordered more than 1,000 items, both scarves and prayer All of us at Casa Ursulina are deeply grateful for so shawls. (See, search word casa, many good friends who have supported us since this for these items, including an original Christmas scarf in ministry began 11 years ago. We do need continuing bright red, green, and white – see photo above.) We are monetary support to continue and expand our work. also selling handcrafted angels and nativity scenes, as We also need to find new markets for our handspun well as scarves and shawls, through Handcrafting Justice yarn, hand-woven scarves and shawls, and the other ( and Heartbeats crafts that you can see on our Web page (www. ( We just got our first Contact us with any ideas you may European order – for angels – from Rome! have: or Profits from all of these items go to the women who We thank you most of all for the support of your make them, providing much-needed income for the prayers, as we continue to work in our community’s dedication to freeing and nurturing women and children.n PATHS From page 6 Sister Pat got a degree in speech pathology, and worked in that role for eight years at the Lakemary Center, then for five years as principal. No sisters work in the program now, but she and Sister Jane Falke serve on the board. Another service to the community began in 1973, when the Paola Association for Church Action was chartered. One function is the PACA food pantry, which began operating out of the Paola Motherhouse. Sister Rita Lavigne has been working in the food pantry for 10 years. “I like to meet people,” she said. “I get a call from one of the churches, and I pack up food for a family.” The food pantry will move from the Motherhouse in December. n

“Our mission is to let people know that God loves them.”

-Sister Kathleen Dueber of Paola

See more quotes and stories about the Ursulines of Paola on our Web site: Sister Kathleen Dueber 7

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Faustine Wabwire, left, is greeted by Ursuline Sister Alicia Coomes in July after arriving from Nairobi, Kenya. Faustine, 29, is spending a year in Owensboro taking classes at Brescia University and discerning a possible call to join the Ursuline Sisters. She has a bachelor’s degree in social development and a master’s in international development.


Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph kneel in prayer in front of the body of their founder, Saint Angela Merici, on a pilgrimage to Italy in May and June.


Above: Sisters Pam Mueller, Mary Celine Weidenbenner, Mary Lois Speaks and Dianna Ortiz attended a 24-hour peace vigil for the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition June 27-28 in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park. Right: Sister Dianna at the vigil. 8


Center’s National environmental award The Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center was honored in June as Kentucky’s representative in the Sierra Club’s National Faith Appreciation Report, which highlights one exceptional faith-based environmental initiative from each of the 50 states. Environmental education is one of the hallmarks of the Center’s philosophy, along with nurturing spiritual and personal growth, advancing the arts, and promoting lifelong learning. The Center hosts more than 500 schoolchildren each year to tour the 750-acre farm to understand better how crops and livestock are used in the production of food. For the second year, the Center planned a GREENing Western Kentucky Expo, which stands for “Getting Renewable Energy Education Now,” at Brescia University (see photo above). The Center is raising funds to build Casa del Sole, which means “House of the Sun,” near a lake on the Motherhouse grounds. The home will be built with all renewable, reused or recycled material, and will be used as an educational tool to display how energy efficient products and procedures can be used in homes and businesses. The focus on the environment began 15 years ago with an environmental audit of the grounds, which resulted in a 10-year Environmental Action Plan. The goals met thus far include installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems and other energy-saving features; best farm management practices such as no-till cropping and other soil conservation measures; perennial flower beds and other low-maintenance plantings; recycling and composting. Former and current Mount Saint Joseph Retreat Center directors take part in a tree planting ceremony at a 25th anniversary Center rededication Aug. 10. Pictured: Sisters Amelia Stenger, Mary Matthias Ward, Marie Goretti Browning, and Darlene Denton, along with Larry Hermann, Center maintenance director.


F a l l


SHRINE WALK CALIFORNIA Right: Sister Catherine Barber had her face painted at the Sept. 7 picnic. Far right: Sisters Marietta Wethington, left, and Emma Anne Munsterman place raffle tickets in a drum.

2 0 0 8

Left: The Spiritual Direction Institute Class of 2006-2008 “graduated� at Maple Mount on Aug. 1. Included in the class was Sister Julia Head, fourth from front. SDI team members pictured: Sisters Ann McGrew, Elaine Burke and Marietta Wethington. Sister Amelia Stenger is Center director.

Ursuline Associates and Sisters from the Owensboro area visited sacred sites at the Mount on June 23. Above, Sister Emma Cecilia Busam at the memorial wall.

Left: Sister Fran Wilhelm, left, visited with alumnae and associates in California in June, including Sue Hudon, OSUA, in San Jose.


Above: Sister Annalita Lancaster at the 38th annual picnic. Right: Sister Alicia Coomes makes funnel cakes. Far right: Sisters Clarita Browning, Rose Jean Powers, Mary Irene Cecil, Marie Carol Cecil (back) and Mary Celine Weidenbenner take a break. 9

U r s u l i n e s


New Health Care Administrator Randy Shelby joined the staff at Mount Saint Joseph Aug. 11, taking over for Sister Betsy Moyer, who started a new ministry in Jamaica. Randy spent 17 years as administrator of the Residential Care Center in his native Paducah until that personal care and independent living facility closed in June 2007. Randy was a member of the Spiritual Randy Shelby Direction Institute class here at Maple Mount when he suddenly joined the job market. He learned of the opening here in early July and was hired Aug. 1, the day he graduated from the Spiritual Direction Institute. Jean Allen, staff administrator, said Randy’s involvement in the Institute gave him a good understanding of Saint Angela, but his strongest asset is a communication style that allows him to make decisions with both the individual employee and the community in mind. Randy is responsible for all facets of St. Joseph Villa, its roughly 30 employees, and the health care needs of all sisters on campus. Randy has a bachelor’s degree in theology. He has also worked for the American Red Cross blood services in Paducah and the Paducah Housing Authority. In his free time, Randy participates in re-enactments of the French and Indian War (1755 against the British) because he has a love for history. Randy has four grown children.

New Ursuline Sisters DVD Available A new DVD that illustrates the many ministries in which the Ursuline Sisters serve is now available. “The Journey Makes Us One” will be distributed wherever a sister is serving, and will be shared with all Ursuline Associate groups as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. For more information, call 270-229-4103, ext. 200

Associates and Sisters Day 2008

Left: Sister Rose Marita O’Bryan, left, shares a laugh with Ursuline Associate Shirley Hagman on Associates and Sisters Day July 19. Right: Associate Ed Cecil talks to Sister Mary Lois Speaks.

In 1983, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph embarked on an exciting opportunity to invite laity and clergy in their quest to continue the mission of Saint Angela Merici. The Ursuline Associates had humble beginnings, but 25 years later, more than 400 women and men throughout New Associate Karen the world have joined. On July 19, Siciliano is pinned by about 175 Ursuline Associates and Sister Mary Celine Sisters came together at Mount Saint Weidenbenner. Joseph to celebrate 25 years of ministry. The day began with prayer and song. This was followed by a presentation written by Sister Cheryl Clemons titled, “Scrapbooks, Lighthouses, and Spaceships.” Due to the death of Sister Cheryl’s father, Sister Michele Morek and Marian Bennett offered the presentation. The afternoon session was highlighted by a ceremony that recognized the eight women who have served as director of the Ursuline Associates. All of the directors were present at this celebration. They are: Sister Fran Wilhelm, Sister Mary Lois Speaks, Sister Elaine Burke, Sister Marie Bosco Wathen, Sister Marita Greenwell, Cecilia McEldowney, Sister Marietta Wethington, and Marian Bennett. The day ended with Mass celebrated by Fr. Tony Shonis, which included a ceremony for eight people making their temporary commitments and 10 others making their lifetime commitments as Ursuline Associates.

In the joy of eternal life Sister Joseph Adrian Russell, 94, an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph, died Aug. 3 at Mount Saint Joseph, in her 75th year of religious life. She was a native of Louisville. She had a smile that could light up a room. An educator for 48 years, she taught at St. Elizabeth School, Curdsville (1935), St. Paul School, Leitchfield (1947-50), and St. Raphael School, Daviess County (1952-53). She taught in other Kentucky schools, in Missouri, and in New Mexico, where she ministered for more than 30 years. She also served in the Mount Saint Joseph Shop (1986-89), and as tutor and outreach minister for Christ the King School and Parish, Madisonville (1992-2001). She retired in 2001. Survivors include two sisters, Isabel Clark and Martha Riedling, both of Louisville, several nieces and nephews, and the members of her religious community. The funeral Mass was Aug. 7, at Mount Saint Joseph, with burial in the convent cemetery. Gifts in memory of Sister Joseph Adrian Russell may take the form of donations to the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount, KY 42356. 10

F a l l

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Ursuline Partners in the Teaching Mission of Jesus Your generous spirit compels us to thank God — and you Each of you named here holds a special place in the hearts of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. Without your generosity, the sisters could not fulfill their mission of freeing and nurturing women and children through the many ministries in which they serve. Their efforts as a community of women dedicated to furthering the kingdom of God would suffer. Simple words cannot express our gratitude, but we hope they suffice when we say, “Thank you for joining us on our journey.” The following names represent those who donated during the fiscal year July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008. If any of this information is incorrect, please contact Dan Heckel, (270) 229-4103, or Benefactors ($10,000 - 24,999) Barbara and George Coleman

Patrons ($5,000 - 9,999) Peg Eileen Bourke C ‘48 Keres Consulting, Inc. Timothy J. Chavez J.C. Malone Genevieve Stelmach Mike and Pat Sullivan TASSC Titan Contracting & Leasing Co., Inc. Michael E. Horn Nancy Wilson

Investors ($2,500 - 4,999) Steve and JoAnn Boone Rev. Bernard Leo Craycroft Greg and Colleen Lang Bennett U and Mary Sue Ligon Saint Joseph Parish in Bardstown, Ky. Specialty Food Group, Inc. Harry S. Vittitow Robert and Clara Zoeller

Providers ($1,000 - 2,499) Beverly A’58 and Richard Boeckmann, Sr. George and Faye Briel Flavio Chavez Rebecca J. Donahue Phyllis and Daryl Henry Emil and Joan Hofman A’51 Dorothy Hughes Knights of Columbus #1315 Carolyn Larocco Mark J. Lazzo Anne McCowen Gene J. Meyer Helen Miles Stella Montoya John and Sally Newcomb Raymond V. U and Nina Nichols Owensboro Grain Company Saint Edward Parish in Jeffersontown, Ky. Willa K. Stein Bertrand and Barbara Trompeter

Sponsors ($500 - 999) Alles Brothers Furniture Co., Inc. Herman Alles Mike and Paula Burke Ed and Gloria Cecil Philip and Karie Cecil

Carolyn Marie Curran Sandra Elder Paul and Po Goebel Karen and Tom Goebel Chris and Mary Gomez S. Lewis Guthrie Molly Jacques Emil A. Kaelin Kappa Delta Phi Mary Kay Bell Therese Martin Lawson Rachel and Richard A. Levine Roger and Stella McClure Dennis J. McFarland Robert E. McGlynn James and Joan Meyer Jon A. Meyer Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center Leroy and Ann Mudd David Mudd Julieanne M. Ray Susan Reiss Suzanne E. Reiss Juergen Schindler Dianna and Donald E. Skeeters Commercial Service of Perry, Inc. Carl Stukenholtz Monica L. Thompson A’71 Ursuline Sisters of Paola Ken Williams

Supporters ($250 - 499) Col. Robert L. and Margaret Mary Algermissen Ottie Ballard Eddie and Rachel Ballard Nancy and David F. Bell Robert and Janet Burns Jayne and George Flynn Ruth C. Gunsolley Heartbeats Sisters of the Humility of Mary Bruce Horrom Tom and Mary Hunter Aurelia and William Inkret, Jr. Donna Jordan Mary E. Lyne Anna C. Mattingly A ‘66 Barret-Fisher Co., Inc. Jess Mattingly and Mark Mattingly Bettye and Arnold Moody Gary and Mary Helen Riney Marianna Robinson A’60 Rosemary Rosendale James M. Ruschell Mark and Eileen Schmelzel Dr. Naseeb L. and Mary Jo Shory Karen Siciliano Philma Siciliano Francis and Jean Steffen Paula Anne Stephenson

Cyril Uhing Mary Dell Wimsatt Gene and Pauline Wink

contributors ($100 - 249) Renea Akin Alice Albus Jose and Jane Arellano Larry and Midge Ballard, III Teena T. Barber Barbara Bath Mary Berger A ‘55 Alice A’68 and Jerry F. Biscopink Marian E. Boone George and Dorothy Boone Jill and Shannon Bowerman Amos and Jeanne Brashear Phyllis A’66 and Ed Bresnik Jim and Mary Jane Brey Orline and Ronnie Briney Joel and Faye Morris Bruce A ‘77 Bill and Sally Buford A’64 Phyllis E. Burgan James E. Burke Martha Frances Campbell C ‘41 Bob and Ann Caspar A’62 David and Sharron Castelan A’68 Carolyn Sue Cecil A ‘73 Mary Ruth Cecil A’51 Easie C’50 and Thomas Cecil, Jr. Dwayne and Marilyn Clemons Nancy and Michael J. Collins Betty Abell Constantine A ‘53 Robert and Deedie Cooper Beth Corbett Michael and Doretha Corbett Ruth Carolyn Crawford Jim and Martha Crisp Betty C. Culver Anita M. Davis Ann A’52 and Samuel De Capua Mary Jo Osborne DeAngelis A ‘41 Brenda A’59 and Robert H. Deibel Paul and Carol Deringer Judith Donley A ‘65 Joyce C. Dougherty Msgr. Maurice F. Driscoll Mary Kathleen Dunkel Tony and Linda Dunkel Charles P. Easley Mary Ruth and Donald Elder Dr. Rosemary Emmick Doug and Michelle England Catherine J. Evans Kay W. Fecher Alma and Walter Ferrier Joseph and Dora Fidel Thomas and Janice Foster Rose and Bill Foushee Chuck and Alberta Fox John Gallo Jacinta C. Garinger A ‘47

Jack and LaVerne Genetti Tom and Mary Gipe Joyce A’56 and Bernard Grady Rev. Joseph T. Graffis Phil and Anne Gramelspacher Dale Gray Norman Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Greenwell Aline and Donald L. Greer Gerald L. and Janet Griffin A’56 George and Andrea Hagan Phil and Kim Haire A’79 Judith and Roscoe M. Hamilton Marie and Joseph Allan Hancock Bill and Kay Hardin Cecilia and Phillip Harnden Mary Louise Hayden Karen Hayden A ‘69 Catherine and Bernard Hayden Donald A. Hayden Margie Hill Michael and Teri Hintz Holy Trinity and Saint Joseph Parishes in Aztec, Nm. Doug and Dorothy Hood Earl and Carolyn Howard Dr. Philip and Mary Beth Hurley Carol A. Imlach Thomas and Sharon Jablonski Dr. Angela L. Jarvis Walt Jordan Margaret and Neil Kallman Carol Kalvelage Catherine Keene Thomas and Patti Keough Betty L. Kleinegger Knights of Columbus #817 Joyce M. Koozer Rev. George J. Kramer Gertrude Kurz C ‘50 Sandy and Anthony Lanham Rev. John B. Lenahan Rose A’58 and Richard Lewis Raymond and Shirley Lindle Judith A. Lish John and Martha Little Darlene Livers Mark W. Luckett Bob and Lorraine Luken Sarah Jane Lynch Larry Lynch, Jr. Larry and Gene Lyon Rev. John E. Magel Ann H. Maney Irene Marich Carolyn Mattingly Romano and Helen Mazzoli James and Mary McKinzie Rev. William Medley John and Mary Medley, Jr. Mary Emma Mellen John and Cynthia Mesnier Lola M. Miles UDeceased


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Rev. Joseph Mills Erv and Coreen Moore Iris Moreno-Brown Aniela G. Morgan Jack and Betty Morgan Frances Mouser Jeff and Edna Murphey Murphy Excavating, LLC Gary and Angie Murphy Mike Newcomb Ann and Theodore W. Nichting O.D. Tom and Betty Norrenberns Jane and Ray Nugent Greg and Laurel Padgett Joe and Rosemary Park Jim and Debbie Peak Irene K. Phelps Maggie and Kenny Pierson Orthopaedic Surgical Specialists Drs. Joseph and Felicity Polio Mike and Betty Pontarolo A’66 Shannon J. Powell Ronald Presser Nancy and Daniel J. Purdy Steve and Pam Raleigh Ruth and Emmett A. Ratterman Ella Bert Reams James G. Riley Rev. Phil Riney James M. Robinson Bob Rogers Rusher Construction Co., Inc. Katherine Rutherman Saint James Church in Elizabethtown, Ky. Leo Schammel Mary Ann Schianchi Susan J. Scott Rosemarie and Daniel T. Sedillo Rev. Martin Siebenaler Janet L. Simmons Paul and Julia Sims Rex Sims Ann and Joseph A. Sipes Phyllis Sirotko Floyd Sorquist Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Ralph and Ernie Stanley Jennie Staugas James and Marie Strickler William B. Sturgis Cissy and Ron Sullivan Peggy and Edward Tasaka Ann Teaff Rev. Theodore G. Tempel Texas Gas Transmission, LLC Dan and Sandra Thomas Teresa B. Thompson Ray Tretter Thi Thi Truong David R. Vowels Melissa Vowels Peggy J. Wade Velma Warren Ken and Barbara Whelan Don and Lois Whelan Rosella A’49 and Tom Whitsett John and Patricia Williams Rev. Albert L. Wilson Mary and Joey Wimpsett Mary Teresa Wimsatt John and Elaine Wood Wright Implement Ben Wright Julie and William H. Zink

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Marietta Alvey A’47 Robert and Mary Ann Alvey Pamela Arnold Ruben and Caroline Avila Joan and Kenneth E. Aylor Ada Bader Martin and Darlene Baeza Alice Bagot James and Lois Ballard Mary L. Ballard Marianna B. Barber Bernice and Orville Barr, Jr. Albert and Dorothy Barth, Jr. Carol and Dave Bauer Imelda and Bob Beam Ronda and Daniel Beck Mary and Gabe Becker June D. Bell Malcolm and Nancy Bell Michael and Margaret Bennett Marian Bennett Robert and Roberta Berry Robert Blandford David and Ann Blanford Jo Ann and Charles J. Bonow, Jr. Mary and Luke Borger Diane and Tom Bowers Doris Clements Bowman John and Virginia Bradford Nick and Candance Brake Sue and Ed Brodt Robert and Anita Brooks Marie S. Brossart Anna Brown Betty and John R. Brown Brenda K. Brown Bob and Rebecca Brown Don and Sharon Brown Josephine Browning InfoServ, Inc. Kevin L. Bruner Patricia S. Bueter A’61 Carol and Gene Burns Joseph and Emilia Burns Keith and Tamara Cain Imogene Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Benson W. Campbell Carolyn and Patrick Cason Norvin L. Casper, Jr. Marcia Cassady Bob and Mary Caster Dale and Lisa Cecil Jack Cecil Betty and Bobby Joe Christian Gene and Nancy Clark David and Dee Clark Mildred Payne Clark A’46 Paul and Alice Coomes Paul and Liz Coomes Richard and Denise Corcoran Margaret and Anthony Cox Mary C. Cravens Barbara R. Cummins Elaine M. Currier Tom and Rose Curtsinger Nancy and Clifton Daugherty Mary Joan Delcher Dorothy Denniston A’65 John and Lyndia Dew Mary and Gerald T. Dickerson Christine Digregorio Ralph and Diane DiTucci David and Charlene Diver Dr. Peter and Lelia Doll Lance and Monica Donald Virginia Dorsten Patrick and Ann Doyle Rosemary and John Duncan Dennis Durbin Chester and Kay Edwards John and Shirley Egan

Saint Angela Merici Heritage Society We are deeply grateful to these persons who, in life or in death, have named our community as the recipient of a planned gift. These generous benefactors of bequests, annuities, or estate gifts are great signs of faithful stewardship, providing for our mission into the future. Saint Angela Merici, bless them with your prayers, as we pledge our own: Anonymous (5) Joe Paul U and Kay Buckman Rev. Bernard Leo Craycroft Rev. George P. Craycroft U Adelia C. Ewers U Jane Fulton U Paul P. Gannon U José Gomez Msgr. George H. Hancock Dorothy Hughes Helen and Freddie U LeBlanc Rev. Joseph A. Lyon

Rev. Carl McCarthy Roger and Stella McClure Raymond V. Nichols U Cletus and Dee Oberst Msgr. Joseph A. O’Bryan U Henry U and Dody Payne Hughleen A’45 and Kelly Riney Rev. C. Phillip Riney Joe and Sue Riney A’42 Mary C. Thompson A’61 Barbara and Bertrand Trompeter Susan J. Scott Cartmell Wheeler U

Bequests These men have been faithful stewards of God’s manifold gifts. They have shared God’s abundance with us. Now they share God fully. May they “shine like bright stars for all eternity.” (Daniel 12:3) Rev. George P. Craycroft Raymond V. Nichols George Elder Shurilda and Joe Embry Paul and Mary Jo Enderle Becky and Alan Englehart Norma and Jerry T. Erwin Judy and Eddie Espy Gary and Beverly Estes Lorraine Fader Gerald A. Fanning Alvina Feldmann James E. Fitzpatrick Mary L. Fontana Deborah Foushee Rick and Patricia Fox Carol A. Frerman Steven and Trisha Frey Joseph and Mary Fuhrmann Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fulkerson Teresa H. Fulkerson Dolores Gallegos Robert and Maria Galles Gladys and Paul Gaudette Dick and Margie Gehres Stephanie George Rev. John B. Gephart Bob and Mildred Gilles Nancy Gillespie Donna Marie Goetz Larry and Marcia Goetz Sue Gough Mary Graf Greenwell-Chisholm Printing Co. John C. Greenwell Marjorie Greenwell Veronica Grellner Pamela Gress Betty Guenther Josephine A. Guerrant E. Jean Gutierrez

Dr. Gilbert and Margaret Gutierrez Ruben and Kim Gutierrez Habitat for Humanity Mary Jean Hagan Raymond D. Hagan Dove Ann Haire Carol Haleman Clara C. Hall Dorothy Ann M. Hall David Hancock Kenneth and Jeanie Hanks John and M. Catherine Hannah A’79 Antoinette M. Hanson Jean Harrison Rev. William C. Hartlage Elizabeth Thompson Hayden A’57 Emmalene Hayden Joe and Rosie Hayden Robert L. Hayes Mary Cora and Cyril B. Head Frederick C. Head Diane Head Joe and Nancy Hendricks Jerome and Bernadette Henning A’62 Sr. Rose Henry Higdon A’35 U Thomas D. Hewlett William Higdon Mary Higgins Susan Hightower Mary Brenda Hines Elizabeth Hobbs Elizabeth Hobby Ed and Karen Hodskins Doug and Debbie Hodskins Rudolf and Myra Hoecker Dr. Jeffrey and Lynn Hofer Sara Holden A ‘68 Marianne and Leonard Holt UDeceased

F a l l James and Barbara House Edward and Susan Horvat Barry P. Howard Doris and Robert C. Howard Phil and Sandra Hoy David and Betty Huber Sharon Hudson Stephen and Susan Hunt John Hurm Darlinda Hurst Emma Lee Hutchins Henry and Therese Jablonski Barbara G. Jackson Jenkins Farm Horace E. Jenkins Mary Jo Campbell Jenkins A’42 Patricia Jobe Herbert and Audeline Johnson Kathleen Johnson Wilbur Jones Nadine and Sylvester Kaelin, Jr. Carole Kanith Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Psi Rho Chapter - Janice Gnagy Stephen Keene Mary Keller Imelda and Jay Kelly Mary C. Kelly A’54 Paul and Beverly Keyser Mary Jo A’63 and Donald G. Kirby Ed Kirkpatrick Nola Kisters Charles and Patricia Knott Ingrid E. Kokinda Bernice and Mary Ann Kollros Rev. Tom Kramer Rosemary Kranz A’50 Mildred Krapf Marian L. Krausz Jean and Clifford Kreifels Kurtz Auction & Realty Co. Bill Kurtz Dorothy Lachowecki Charles and Terri LaHugh Mary C. Lawhead Louise Leasor Ollie Lee Mary Lynn Legel Dotty Liles Victor and Donna Lobato Betty J. Logsdon Mary Lovato Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Lubchenco, Jr Michael and Diana Lush Bertha M. Lutz

Carole and Colby MacQuarrie Terry and Paula Malone Mary Margis Ellen M. Marquart Sheryl and Fred Marsh Jacqueline Marshall Freddie Martinez Matilde G. Martinez Lisa Mattingly Opal Mattingly Janet and Kenneth G. Matyk Patricia Maupin Gertrude Hall Mayhew A’49 David and Anita McBride Rowena McCabe Doris McCrary Edward McDonnell Cecilia Medley Geneva G. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Neil Merrion Alma Middelton Joseph Allen Millay Merici Millay Dave and Sharon Miller Maria Miller Gloria J. Mingus Mary P. Mohr A’77 Joan Moore Betty Moorman A’58 Jack Morris Patsy Morris Steve and Becky Morris A’71 Dan and Sandy Morris Joan P. Morse Pat Mouser Virginia Moyer Pauline and Victor Mudd John and Cathie Necaise Rose Mary Neff Ernest Nelson Carl and Barbara Nett Alice E. Newton Lori Dempsey Nicholas Beverly E. Niemeier Mary Loretto O’Bryan Steve Oelze Gloria S. O’Hara Don and Cecilia Olinger Rose Olinger Sharon and Leon J. Olinger Rebecca Rodgers Oliver Steve and Karen Osgood Katherine Osowicz Mary E. Overright

Carolyn Panchyshyn Ramelle Patterson Denise Paul Geraldine Pennington John and Linda Perri Rev. Gerald Peterson Margaret Peterson Rev. Louis Piskula Theresa and Terry Potts Robert D. Purdy Bill and Jenny Pyland Ron and Cathy Ramsey Eleanor T. Rapier Gerald Ray Mary Regan Mary Patricia Reynolds Jeffrey Lee Rhinerson Margaret B. Riney Martha Riney Phil and Jennifer Riney Joe and Sue Riney A’42 Thomas B. Riney Lawrence H. Robbins Eldred and Eulaine Robertson Aggie Roehrig Alex and Elizabeth Romero Marianna Romero Margaret and Joseph Norman Ryan Geraldine Saiz Council of Catholic Women of St. Catherine’s Saint Henry Parish in Hardin, Ky. Saint Romuald Parish in Hardinsburg, Ky. Saint Stephen Parish in Cadiz, Ky. Margie Salerno Carole A’68 and William H. Sanders Patsy A. Sanders LTC Jose Flavio Santillanes Stanley and Rose Sauer Mary Schanuel Dave and Pam Schechinger Mary Hagman Schelling Connie and Ed Schickel Robert and Donna Schmidt Joyce and William C. Schneider Joe and Shirley Schneringer Rev. Ed Schnur Rita O’Bryan Schrecker C’41 Charlann and Joe Schwan Norma and Richard E. Scott Scott and Marilyn Shanks Brenda Sheets Virginia Sherrard Barbara and Donald Shipley

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Give with PayPal™ Now available at Betty Shrader Lale and Hanri Sidem Dr. James and Sheila Sills Mary A’69 and Theodore S. Sils, Jr. Lora and Anthony Simning Nicholas X. Simon Jim and Patsy Simpson Geraldine and Michael H. Simpson Lois and Bob Sims Ed and Cecelia Sims Stephen and Paula Skrivan Bob and Marge Slack A’53 Beverly A’63 and John Paul Smith Laura A’50 and Bill T. Smith Norma Snedeker Josephine M. Spalding Laverne and Charles E. Speaks Leta Speaks A’39 Sandy Stahl Barbara Stallings Grace Steinberger Mark R. Stelling Deborah Stevens Pat and Marnita Strehl Susan Ann Struna A’66 Lois A. Tashjian Nancy and Phillip R. Tatum Pat and Waitman Taylor, Jr. Joseph A. Thomas Michele B. Thomas, Ph.D Pat Thomas Richard and Linda Thomas Mike and Cloa Thompson Charles and Noretta Thompson Jim Thompson Mary Ann and Bernard Thompson Thomas H. and Cecelia Thompson Francis and Dolores Thomson C’50 Dorothy Thornburg Dorothy E. Tipmore Harold Travis Glynda Turner Pam and John Tyndall Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Sr. Martha A. Jacob Otis and Mary Vance James and Nadie Vance Gene and Carolyn Vandeven

In-Kind Gifts Anonymous (2) Applebee’s Grill & Bar Autry’s Septic Tank Service Baker’s Rack Barret-Fisher Co., Inc. Bent Creek Golf Dan and Ann Klaffer Ed and Gloria Cecil Anna Conn Mary M. Costello A ‘65 Crosley Radio Corporation Bo Lemastus Tracy Culberson Rose and Thomas Danhauer Danhauer Florist & Gifts Dorothy Dehart Stanley and Carma Duvall Excursions Jayme Moseley Executive Inn-Rivermont Face Forward Carrie Fulton

Pete and Marilyn Fronczkiewicz General Glass Company, Inc. G & G Landscape Nursery & Florist Elsie Lambert Glenn Funeral Home Gordon’s True Value Hardware Suzanne Gochenouer Great Harvest Bread Greg and Aimee Garrard Hugh and Therese Higdon Janie Howard Hobby Lobby Hollywood Video Instant Products Stephen and JoAnn Boone Jasper Seating Co. Mike Eckstein Kimberly Clark Michaeline and Steve Joiner Kuntry Kutter Brenda Millay Joe and Kathy Lowe

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Sr. Mimi Ballard William Leslie Keene, Jr. Ursulines from Belleville Rev. Robert B. Flannery Sr. Agnes Irene Bickett Mary Teresa Wimsatt Sr. Vivian Bowles Bob and April Mitchell Sr. Charlesine Bowling George and Dorothy Boone Joy M. Brown Beth Corbett Sr. Elaine Burke Mike and Paula Burke Sr. Lennora Carrico James and Barbara Carrico Sr. Mary Irene Cecil Margie Anne Hardesty Sr. Mary Jude Cecil Nancy and Michael Collins St. Stephen Church Saint Stephen Parishioners Isabel Clark Amos and Jeanne Brashear Sr. Philomena Cox Margie Anne Hardesty Sr. Vickie Cravens Margie Anne Hardesty

Sr. Mary Durr Aurelia and William Inkret, Jr. Sr. Marie Julie Fecher Kay W. Fecher Margie Anne Hardesty Sr. Anita Flaugher Don and Donna Oberhausen Sr. Mary Cabrini Foushee Paul and Patricia Alexander Mary Ann Schianchi Sr. Ruth Gehres Rev. Martin Siebenaler Linda Marie George Skip George Sr. Sara Marie Gomez Keres Consulting, Inc. Timothy Chavez Sr. Marita Greenwell Margie Anne Hardesty Tony & Kristin Greenwell Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Greenwell Sr. Maureen Griner Larry Lynch, Jr. Sr. George Mary Hagan Doug and Tammie Beasley Sr. Jane Miriam Hancock Teresa and Gary Clifton Sr. Barbara Jean Head Joe Tamme Sr. Dorothy Helbling Donna J. Christen Mary Ann Cox Mark and Eileen Schmelzel Sr. Mary Sheila Higdon Barbara Bath Sr. Michele Ann Intravia Thomas and Sharon Jablonski John and Cynthia Mesnier Sr. Clara Johnson Cecilia and Phillip Harnden Sr. Karla Kaelin Anita Hayden Sr. Rita Klarer Margie Anne Hardesty Sr. Mary Elizabeth Krampe Mary Ann Schianchi Florence Lindle Raymond and Shirley Lindle Sr. Lois Lindle Rev. Paul A. Scaglione Sr. Amanda Rose Mahoney Philip and Annette Skees Marion Mulligan Mattingly Barret-Fisher Co. Inc. Jess Mattingly and Mark Mattingly Sr. Frances McDonagh Tim and Mary Cronin Sr. Mary Patrick McDonagh Tim and Mary Cronin Robert E. McGlynn Sr. Miriam Medley Diane and Jim Cambron, II Mark and Diane Kemper Sr. Rose Emma Monaghan Mary and James J. Campbell Sr. Michael Ann Monaghan Keres Consulting, Inc. Timothy Chavez Sr. Marie Montgomery Stella Montoya John and Sue Mudd David Mudd Sr. Susan Mary Mudd Tammy and Mark Thomson Sr. Dianna Ortiz TASSC Sr. Jean Madeline Peake Mary J. Thompson

Saint Angela Heritage Society Rev. George P. Craycroft (left) served the Archdiocese of Louisville in many parishes before his retirement in New Haven, Ky. Father Craycroft died in 2007. Fr. George valued the life and mission of the Ursuline community as he planned his estate. We pray for him and for the surviving members of his family, especially our own Sister Rose Marie Craycroft – Fr. George’s sister – and their brother, Fr. Leo Craycroft. Fr. Leo is also a member of the Saint Angela Heritage Society. May God reward you for your good works, Fr. George, and may you rest in peace. The Ursuline Sisters are grateful for your life of service to others in priestly ministry. A memorial plaque honoring Fr. George will soon hang in the reception area of Saint Joseph Villa. Fr. Phil Riney Patricia Cheshire Margaret B. Riney Sr. Joseph Adrian Russell Phyllis and Daryl Henry James B. and Mary Russell Juergen Schindler Doris M. Schutz Richard and Linda Thomas Sr. Rita Scott John and Cynthia Mesnier Sr. Suzanne Sims Gertie Frey Stephen and Pamela Raleigh Jeffrey Lee Rhinerson Rex Sims Sr. Jean Richard Stukenholtz Thomas H. Wigington Sr. Rosalin Thieneman Margie Anne Hardesty Dolores Ann Mudd Thomson Tammy and Mark Thomson Sr. Marie Brenda Vowels Keres Consulting, Inc. Timothy Chavez Martin and Donna Wisehart Sr. Mary Matthias Ward Genny Alley Bruce and Margaret Lincoln Sr. Ann Victoria Wasylina Marian and Forrest A. Heintzman Sr. Mary Bertha Wethington Bruce and Margaret Lincoln Sr. de Chantal Whelan Margie Anne Hardesty Betty and DeanU Whitehouse Terri Whitehouse Helen and Amos Whittaker Jim and Martha Crisp Sr. Dorothy Marie Willett Tony and Linda Dunkel Doris Willett Trapp A ‘48 Sr. Margaret Ann Zinselmeyer Larry Lynch, Jr.


Sr. Frances Marie Abell Marge McLaughlin Sr. Mary Damien Abell Marthadene Howe A ‘69 Marge McLaughlin

All Ursuline Teachers Sr. Ursula Siebert Clarence, Carrie and Wendell Alvey Leon Alvey Ray Bartholomew Catherine Bartholomew Beaven and Blair Families Joe and Cecily Blair Mary Jane Morgan Beuth Jack and Betty Morgan Christine and Louis Bickett Thomas E. Buckman Herman and Dorothy Bickett Patricia A. Lewis Antoinette Birge Cyril Birge Sr. Marie Bernadette Blandford Doretha and Michael R. Corbett Joseph Bill Boone Marian E. Boone Irene Bowling Frances Mouser Msgr. Robert Bowling Irene Marich Sr. Charlesine Bowling Joe and Sue Riney Sr. Pierre Brady Henry Huckeby Sr. Victoria Brohm Mary M. Heng-Braun Sr. Mary Denise Brown Marianna B. Barber James and Dorothy Ann Buckman Thomas E. Buckman Mary Ann Burke James E. Burke Martha Campbell Col. Garnett C. Brown, Jr. Peggy L. Schweinhart Sr. Martha Ann Cargile Rosemary Payne Sr. Carmencita Carrico Rebecca Andriot Joyce C. Dougherty Sr. Mary Corda Carrico Rebecca Andriot Joyce C. Dougherty Joseph and Irene Cashen Ray and Betty Cashen Sr. George Ann Cecil Robert Cecil Delfinita Chavez Flavio Chavez Sr. Joseph Ursula Cissell Don and Ursula Metzger Jim and Debbie Peak UDeceased


F a l l


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and Nut ur i



Sr. Jean Catherine Purdy Dan and Nancy Purdy Robert D. Purdy Sr. Dolores Purdy Dan and Nancy Purdy Robert D. Purdy Sr. Ephrem Purdy Dan and Nancy Purdy Robert D. Purdy Sr. Mary John Purdy Dan and Nancy Purdy Robert D. Purdy Cooper and Dorothy Ray Betty Johnson Joseph L. Rudy Evelyn V. Rudy Sr. Mary Henry Russell Phyllis and Daryl Henry Juergen Schindler Richard and Linda Thomas Sr. Magdalen Schammel, OSU Mary Ann Cox Leo Schammel Jon and Angie Verlinde Aloysius Joseph Schlosser Roger and Julie Gstalder Joseph M. Seaton Yvonne Seaton Fred and Margaret Shaw Jean Harrison Sr. Mary Ethel Sims Paul and Julia Sims Mary T. Sims Delores Turnage Sr. Jamesina Spain Ken Williams John and Orilla Stone Mike and Paula Burke Dave and Virginia Sullivan Dan Naylor Earl Thieneman Mary Lynn Legel Sr. Mary David Thomas Vickie Bickett Gibson A ‘74 Anna R. Leonard Mark W. Luckett Richard E. and Norma Scott Paula Anne Stephenson Pat Thomas George and Betty Webster Sr. Mary DeSales Thomas Emil A. Kaelin Sr. Joseph Therese Thompson Ed and Connie Schickel William H. Thompson Teena T. Barber Sr. Bartholene Warren Thomas H. and Cecelia Thompson Sr. George Ann Warren Thomas H. and Cecelia Thompson Pauline and Marvin Wathen Ann and Richard Lewis Sr. George Marie Wathen Norvin L. Casper, Jr. Sr. Lucian Wathen Peggs Electronics Greg Wathen Sr. Dorothy Ann Whelan George and Faye Briel Sr. Mary Emily Whelan George and Faye Briel Bernadette Willett James A. Trapp Gary Trapp


Sr. Mary Kaelin Emil A. Kaelin Ellen Lancaster Kellenaers George and Mary Sawyer Cecilia Bowling Kirkpatrick Frances Mouser Jim Kirkpatrick Frances Mouser John Donald Klarer Joni Dugan Marita S. Neichter JoAnne Somerville Frances Hustedde Labiche Dr. Henry M. Labiche, Jr. Bobby Lang Jim and Martha Crisp Maria Lang Greg and Colleen Lang Frederick E. LeBlanc Helen LeBlanc George V. Liddy Bill and Sally Buford Rose Mary Cecil Lucas Rose Therese Cecil A ‘44 Robert Lukasik Rita Kelly Isabella Mammen Mildred Krapf Mike Marshall Jacqueline Marshall Sr. Joetta Mattingly Michelle and Douglas England Margaret Fowler Sr. Mary Lucy Mattingly Bill and Phyllis Emmick Margaret Fowler Shirley Hagman Sr. Charles Catherine Medley Diane and Jim Cambron, II Mark and Diane Kemper Dunn Miller Beth Corbett Sr. Eileen Mullen Nancy Lee Austin Ralph and Diane DiTucci Ruth C. Gunsolley Carol A. Imlach Rev. George J. Kramer Anne McCowen David and Sara Mullen Bernadette Muus Sr. Joseph Cecelia Muller Beverly A’58 and Richard Boeckmann, Sr. Sr. Bertha Marie Nally Rick and Cecilia Nally Hite and Shelley Nally Paula Anne Stephenson Mother Agnes O’Flynn Robert O’Flynn, Jr. Francine L. Onley Mike and Betty Pontarolo Sr. Mary Cecilia Payne Robert O’Flynn, Jr. Sr. Helen Marie Pfohl Sarah M. Bowling Paul and Julia Sims Carolyn and Paul Tapp Sr. Basil Pike Betty Sue Aubin A’44 Thomas Earl Powell James H. Bruton Thomas D. Lambert William Dale Lambert Peggy J. Wade


Mary Grace Crisp Jim and Martha Crisp James Pat Davis Edward and Monica Breitholle Hugh and Florence Derby Joan D. Rasmussen Sr. Adela Diller, OSF Sr. Mary Jude Cecil, OSU Anna Catherine Donahue Rebecca J. Donahue Sr. Jane Francis Donahue Mary Huberta Cecil Rebecca J. Donahue Sr. Mary Beatrice Donahue Mary Huberta Cecil Rebecca J. Donahue Sr. Rose Catherine Donahue Mary Huberta Cecil Rebecca J. Donahue Sr. Mary Constance Eberle Robert E. McGlynn Roberta Mattingly Edelen Joseph and Margaret Bowling Ann M. Browning Anne Cope Mary Sue and Michael J. Doran, Sr. Habitat for Humanity Kim Sarka Lake Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. McKiernan W. Terry Ward Elisabeth Young Wilfred Fettig Frances Stallings Mahoney C ‘43 William J. Frey George and Margaret Frey Jody Gates George and Jo Ann Gates Mary Frances Hancock Joseph Allan and Marie Hancock Mary Carol Hanekamp Jim and Martha Crisp Charles Hayden III Donald A. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hayden, Jr. Donald A. Hayden Sr. Mary Wilfrid Hayden Donald A. Hayden Karen Hayden A ‘69 Sr. Charles Irene Hayden Donald A. Hayden Karen Hayden A ‘69 Neal Head James Farmer Jack Helbling Betty Helbling Juanita Hinton Betty Abell Constantine A ‘53 Mickey B. Horrom Bruce Horrom Joan Hume Robert D. Hume, Jr. Sr. Mary Ivo Mary Berger A ‘55 Robert D. Jobe Patricia Jobe Jim Jones Jim and Martha Crisp Ann M. Jordan Walt Jordan Alma Buechler Kaelin Emil A. Kaelin Alma Catherine Kaelin Emil A. Kaelin Flora Ann Kaelin Emil A. Kaelin

en a Child nd


Your gift strengthens our mission! Sr. Rosita Willett Doris Willett Trapp A ‘48 James A. Trapp Gary Trapp Lee and Nancy Williams Ken Williams Robert Lawrence Williams Melanie Williams Sr. Agnes Catherine Williams Margaret A. Guilford Michael and Teri Hintz Mildred Krapf Evelyn Marie McKune Msgr. Joseph A O’Bryan U Paul and Frances O’Bryan Monica Payne Thomas M. and Mary Riney Joe and Sue Riney Francis and Jean Steffen Mary Ruth Warren A ‘44 Tina Wolken Ray Wilson Jim and Martha Crisp Sr. Carolita Young Aileen Young UDeceased

Have you considered . . .naming the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph in your will or

other estate plans? Please call Dan Heckel at 270-229-4103 if you would like to discuss these possibilities. 15

NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE PAID OWENSBORO KY PERMIT NO. 120 8001 Cummings Road Maple Mount, Kentucky 42356-9999 270-229-4103

Soli Deo Gloria

We rejoice in the gifts of our sisters, given for the kingdom of God Sister Karla Marie Kaelin returns to St. Mary of the Woods Parish in Whitesville, Ky., as director of religious education for about 140 kindergarten through 8th grade (Confirmation year) students. “Twenty-three catechists and helpers have committed themselves to sharing their faith and Catholic Christian example with these students,” Sister Karla said. “I am so grateful for each and every one of them in their excitement about working with the classes.” Previously pastoral associate for St. Joseph Parish in Mayfield, Ky., Sister Karla also served as outreach to the Benton, Ky., area since 2003. She ministered at St. Mary of the Woods for two years in 2000 as pastoral associate. Sister Marie Goretti Browning will be taking over outreach to the Benton, Ky., area.

Sister Martha Keller, former pastoral associate at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Owensboro, Ky., is the new pastoral associate at St. Francis de Sales Parish, Paducah, Ky. Sister Martha is leading a bible study with focus on the writings of Saint Paul to celebrate his jubilee year, coordinating Christian Initiation for groups, responding to the day-today pastoral needs, and visiting the hospitalized and homebound. A new adventure for her is bereavement ministry. “I am loving Paducah and my parish ministry here. I am enjoying the delightful parish staff and pastor with their areas of competence and expertise. An added plus in this area is to be surrounded by other Ursuline Sisters in our bonded community and the fabulous group of associates of western Kentucky,” Sister Martha said.

Sister Nancy Liddy has accepted a new ministry as director of liturgy and adult formation at St. Teresa parish in Belleville, Ill., after ministering as pastoral associate at St. George Parish in New Baden, Ill., since 2005. Sister Nancy has ministered in parishes across Owensboro, Paducah, and Browns Valley, Ky. Sister Joan Riedley is the new parish minister for St. Helen and St. Denis Parishes in Louisville, Ky. After serving as parish minister in St. Matthias Parish since 1992, she accepted this new ministry when the Archdiocese of Louisville merged St. Matthias with St. Helen in June. “Merger with four parishes, St. Basil, St. Denis, St. Helen and St. Matthias, has truly been a challenge. Each parish has its own unique personality, struggles and gifts,” she said. “It’s been fun being in the ‘music mix’ since I’ve led Church music for the past 40 years.” The four parishes will eventually become one: Mary Queen of Peace.

Sister Rose Jean Powers retired from her position as director of residential life at Brescia University this July. Sister Rose Jean has been involved with education and the campus community at Brescia for 35 years. “Brescia’s contribution to society is through our students, and we have a solid contribution to make,” Sister Rose Jean said. “I do appreciate the university taking the time to acknowledge the continued service of the Ursuline Sisters at Brescia.” She remains active on campus as a volunteer tutor for English as a Second Language students and as a bookstore assistant and Sacristan for the chapel. Sister Betsy Moyer and Sister Jacinta Powers have announced their new ministries in the Mandeville Diocese in Jamaica. Sister Betsy, who was health care administrator for Saint Joseph Villa in Maple Mount since 2004, will teach religion and assist the principal at Mount Saint Joseph Prep School in Mandeville. Sister Jacinta, a registered nurse and also former health care administrator at Saint Joseph Villa, will have a health care role in the diocese. Both sisters departed for Jamaica on Sept. 23.

Ursulines Alive Fall 2008  

The magazine of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph

Ursulines Alive Fall 2008  

The magazine of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph