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Reflective Moments Moments Reflective May 2007

The purpose of Reflective Moments is to offer you a way to incorporate the spirit of Saint Angela into your own lives. We hope that it enriches you spiritually.

To pray the Rosary is to communicate with God

The following was a talk given by Msgr. Bernard Powers, OSUA, at the blessing and dedication ceremony of the Rosary Walk at Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center in October 2006. Msgr. Powers is with the Diocese of Owensboro, and he gave us permission to offer it to you for your own reflective moments.

In 1874,

a group of Ursuline Sisters stood within a few steps of this spot. Their purpose: to establish a school. Their dream: to educate well. Over the years they labored to fulfill their dreams. Young women, well educated and prepared for life, stepped forth from these grounds of Mount Saint Joseph. But dreams are never completely fulfilled. There is always the challenge to keep climbing. In 2002 Pope John Paul II pointed out to the world the need again to learn the art of prayer. A special school was needed – the school of Mary. Today the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph respond to this apostolic call, the call to educate in the art of prayer. This ceremony this afternoon is one of the ways of establishing the school of Mary where the art of prayer can be learned. To know the Rosary is to know Mary, and to know Mary is to know Jesus. To pray the Rosary is to pray deeply, and to pray deeply is to communicate with God. To have a devotion to the Rosary is to promote the values of the Gospel, and to promote the values of the Gospel is to live well. May you, the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph, continue to be great educators. May you graduate many from this school of Mary.n

For Your Reflection

• • •

Who or what has facilitated your learning the art of prayer? What part does Mary have in your learning? How does the way you live promote gospel values?

Prayer for the Canonization of Angela Merici God of our past, our present, our future, as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Angela Merici, we are grateful for your call to be her daughters as we carry out the mission of Jesus in our lives. Give us a contemplative heart, a lively faith, a deep trust, and the courage to extend ourselves with the same selfless love as she gave in ministry to your people. As we take refuge at the feet of Jesus, Our Lover, may we learn to witness to the gospel in the spirit of Angela and to blend contemplative prayer with apostolic service as we strive to build a world of justice and love for all peoples. - Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU

An Intentional Minute... We invite you to join together in daily prayer for the needs of our world.

GRATITUDE for GOD’S GIFTS Gratitude for the gift of TIME to share ourselves with those in need Gratitude for the gift of BEAUTY to appreciate and protect our world Gratitude for the gift of CHALLENGE to stretch us to the greater good Gratitude for the gift of SILENCE to hear the Spirit’s urgings and guidance Gratitude for the gift of HANDS to work, to caress, to praise Gratitude for the gift of WEAKNESS to remember God is our strength Gratitude for the gift of FUN to refresh us for the journey Join us as we pray for one another!

Send your prayer requests for friends and loved ones to the E-Mail Prayer Network. Write the Ursuline Partnerships office, 8001 Cummings Road, Maple Mount KY 42356. Call 270-229-2006 • E-mail

UPDATE Reflective Moments May 2007  

Reflective Moments insert featured in the Ursuline Associate UPDATE newsletter

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