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Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Terence Nolan *+

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Foley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. O’Connor *+

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fox

Mary Ellen Haley O’Dea ’63 *

Dr. and Mrs. John Fraone

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Ollerhead

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Gallagher + Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gately *+

Daniel and Ginger O’Malley

Global Contracting Services, Inc.

Catherina Raffa Osterman ’83

Kevin and Teresa Goyette Ms. Annmarie Grant *+

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Patterson Colleen Conners Peters ’95 *+

Catherine Hapenney ’74 *+

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powell

Cindy and Ronald Harrington *+

Mr. and Mrs. Sunil Prasad

Attorney and Mrs. H. James Hartley

Attorney Rosemary Purtell

Mr. and Mrs. William Hawkins III *

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Quinn Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew (Amanda McCartney ’89) Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. James Ragazzo *

Ms. Maryann O’Neill

Katelyn Hunt ’97

Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education *

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jay *

Mr. and Mrs. James Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Jones *+ Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Kahler *+

Mr. Kenneth L. Rice and Ms. Maggie McDonough-Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kavanaugh *

Meghan Kavanaugh Rich ’96 *

Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Ruth Cantwell ’78) Keeley * Patricia Murphy Kelly ’87 +

Timothy and Kathleen Riordan Mary Creeden Risio ’64 * Linda M. Robinson ’86 *+

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kennedy

Suellen Walsh Rother ’85 *

Peggy Keteltas ’84 *

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rouse Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Saccone *+

Mr. and Mrs. James Kilroy Jane King ’61 + Mr. and Mrs. William Lawler Legg Mason Michael and Beth Lewicki + Mr. and Mrs. Rich Lewis Anne Favaloro Liddy ’93 Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Lowney * Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Luciano + Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (Mary Connolly ’78) Luniewicz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lynch Linda Gray MacKay ’57 * Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Malinn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Malkasian Manley Electric Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Manley III Marsh & McLennan Companies Paul and Mary McAleer * Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. McDermott * Mr. and Mrs. James F. McGrail *+ Nancy Devine McLaughlin ’76

“Ursuline offers many empowering opportunities to young women and instills values that encourage their intellectual and spiritual growth. I spoke with several students at my recent reunion, and I was very impressed with their ability to be successful in all their activities, whether it be academics, after school activities or community service.” Sarah Newman O’Donnell ’78

Mr. Raymond Sepe and Ms. Donna Lamberti * Mr. and Mrs. John Sheppard + Mr. William J. Skerry and Ms. Melinda J. Ordway

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Black + Norah Cantwell Blaney ’74 *+

Cristina Catenza Oliver ’91

Maribeth Burnham Bluyus ’94 +

Luisa Tosi Claeys ’63 *

State Street Corporation

Patricia Kelley Borchert ’79

Carol Eastman Cleary ’62

Attorney and Mrs. Kurt Steinkrauss +

Andrea Boudreau ’91 * Nicole Bourassa ’96 *+

Janet Comiskey Giannini ’65 *

Ms. Diana Bradley and Mr. Arthur O’Malley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Corthell Kerry Costello ’67 *+

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Spring Dr. Sheela Venkatesh and Dr. Venkatesh Srinivasa *+

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stranberg Mr. and Mrs. Vinayak Subramanian *

Rosemarie Fiore Bragdon ’78

Patricia Sullivan ’74 *

Lillian Pompeo Breen ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Susi + Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sutherburg Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thorn *

Mr. and Mrs. David (Constance Messina ’65) Breslin *

Margaret Lannon Thorne ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Buchanan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Treseler

Audrey Gaquin Buck ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Walsh*

Elaine Buckley ’78 *

Jennifer Gorman Memmott ’97 * Thea Fabio Merrill ’72 *+


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Milonopoulos

Bernadette Michaud Adamo ’92

Kathleen Lynch Moncata ’77

Attorney and Mrs. Timothy S. Ahearn *

Dr. Catherine Muldoon

Mr. and Mrs. James Alden

Mr. Andrew T. Murphy Jr.

AXA Foundation

Mrs. Barbara Murphy *

The Baupost Group LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Murphy + Attorney Sonya Nersessian ’72 *+

Lee Anne Murphy Beausang ’78 +

Nancy McGinn Nisonson ’65 * Mr. Paul J. Nolan +

Mr. Greg Bettinger Ms. Lisa Bires *+

Claire Kelly Bench ’65 +

Green and White Circle: $250 to $499

Jane McGinn Burke ’59 *

Margaret Gleavey Detch ’84

Ciarna McGill DiPlacido ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Djusberg Dr. Robert Dolan and Dr. Janemarie Dolan *

Kara McGann Cafasso ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cahill

Mr. and Mrs. John Donlon

Ms. Pat Callahan ’62

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Doran

Mr. and Mrs. John Canale

Ms. Teresa Dow

Mr. Robert G. Carpenter *+

Ms. Anastasia Dowling +

Mr. Scott Cartwright * Mr. Thomas Carty and Ms. Patricia Griffin-Carty *

Century Circle: $100 to $249

Ann Leary DeSimone ’80 *

Mr. and Mrs. Mark DiMartino

Elizabeth Costello Burke ’62

Michael and Anna Caruso

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dauwer Jr.

Frances Crowe DiDonato ’95

Elaine Burke ’88

Absolute Builders, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. David Dalzell *

Michael and Maureen Dewey

Marie P. Buckley ’76 *

Century Circle

Mr. and Mrs. James Coughlin * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crispi + Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dailey *

Elizabeth Brennan ’06 *

Mary Beth Hunt McMahon ’82 *

Benefactors Circle: $500 to $999

Dr. and Mrs. John Cooney *

The Bradley Family

Karen McDonald Sullivan ’86 *

Denise DeBassio Champagne ’84 *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dowling Mr. and Mrs. John (Catherine Bechet ’83) Downey

Friends Circle: $1 to $99 7

Ursuline Academy Annual Report 2012-2013  

Ursuline Academy Annual Report 2012-2013

Ursuline Academy Annual Report 2012-2013  

Ursuline Academy Annual Report 2012-2013