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Annual Fund 2013 honor roll

The Annual Fund supports: Student Scholarships Student & Faculty Research Campus Maintenance & Beautification Areas of Greatest Need

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President’s 1 Alumni.................pages 2-10 Parents................pages 10-16 Friends...............pages 16-18 Faculty & 18 Note: This publication recognizes gifts to the Annual Fund made by February 28, 2013. If you made a restricted gift or gave to the Annual Fund after the date above, it is deeply appreciated. All gifts received by Ursinus College in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013) will be acknowledged in our 2013 Donor Report.

Thank you for your support! It all adds up.


t is my pleasure to acknowledge our 2012-2013 Ursinus College Annual Fund donors as of February 28, 2013, whose gifts touch every corner of the campus. Our highly-regarded academic programs are strengthened by your generosity. The Annual Fund enables our professors to live out their commitment to student engagement and achievement, which fosters strong faculty/ student relationships that endure beyond graduation. Your gifts help create a dynamic campus life, including more than 100 student clubs and organizations,

a myriad of arts and cultural activities, a robust athletic program, and flourishing opportunities for civic engagement and leadership. At Ursinus, we believe that educational excellence stems from exposure to a diversity of perspectives. By providing crucial support for student scholarships, the Annual Fund helps ensure that talented students from all backgrounds have access to the Ursinus experience. An Ursinus education equips graduates to think critically, communicate effectively,

work collaboratively and act ethically. Because you have given to the College, you have invested in their futures and the contribution that they will make as leaders in work and life. Please accept my wholehearted gratitude for supporting the mission of Ursinus College. If you have not yet contributed, there is time to add your name to our donor rolls before our fiscal year ends on June 30th.

President Ursinus College

Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013. A special thanks to our President’s Circle donors who made gifts of $1,500 and above to the College by February 28, 2013. Irene Fryer Paul Gambka Michael J. Gannon ’79 Margaret Hewitt George ’49 Marilyn Durn Chapis ’56 Eric R. Giler Nicholas J. Chapis ’55 Kim H. Giler Janet Stewart Claman ’57 Susan Mantz Gotwals ‘71 Hunter R. Clouse ’74 William R. Gotwals ’69 Barbara Rose Compton ’69 Vincent Gravina III ’71 Robert L. Compton, Jr. ’68 Gary R. Griffith ’74 Nancy P. Conger Carol K. Haas ’70 Carol Corson Marilyn Reed Hagy ’69 John E.F. Corson Doris Felty Hallman ’46 Ruthann Connell Couch ’73 Ray Hamilton ’57 Winnifred Berg Cutler ’73 Norman P. Harberger ’50 Jane Baxter Daggett Deborah Yohn Hardy ’76 William O. Daggett, Jr. ’62 Michael W. Hardy ’76 John R. Danzeisen ’70 Michael Harper ’87 Nancy Bare Davis ’51 Bobette Harris Sally Raskob DeAngelo ’84 Jerrold Burr Harris Susan A. DeCourcey ’88 Evelyn deVore Hebden ’44 Helene Fennimore Delaney ’83 Constance Hopkins DeSieghardt ’43 Marie Kassab Helfferich ’75 William Ursinus Helfferich III ’75 Joseph M. DeSimone ’86 Judy R. Hoak Suzanne DeSimone Carl B. Hoffman ’43 J. Glenn DeWane Susan Scherr Hoffman ’61 Mary Ellen Oehrle DeWane ’61 Dalton R. Hunkins ’62 Rick G. DiFeliciantonio Kathryn O’Donnell Jorgensen ’63 Deanne Farese Donia ’58 Jeffrey R. Jowett ’77 Joseph C. Donia ’57 Lehman E. Kapp, Jr. ’68 Martin L. Dresner ‘61 Christina W. Kearney David John Drzewicki ’12 Robert E. Keehn III ’70 Lane R. Dubin ’90 Keith Schaefer Kemper ’79 George E. Dupont ’70 Nancy Knauer Brooks Eden Adam M. Kohler John Epps Amie L. Kohler Shirley Epps Gerard C. Kramer ’82 David M. Epstein Howard L. Kriebel Judith Nagle Eshleman ’59 Martha Bean Kriebel ’56 Sandra Holl Evens ’62 Audrey Kriegman Lintz Fernando Fajardo Henry P. Laughlin ’38 Robert C. Fernandez ’62 Robert E. Leech ’67 Susan Peiffer Fernandez ’64 Robin Lefebvre-Ricci ’88 Bobby Fong Judith T. Levy Suzanne Fong Robert Levy Sandra Finkelstein Foreman Michael J. Lewis ’67 Spencer Foreman ’57 David I. Lintz ’66 John N. Forrest, Jr. ’60 Caroline Schea Lloyd ’68 Joel R. Freedman ’82 Anthony L. Lobo George R. Freeland ’67 Teri A. Lobo Charles E. Fryer ’68 J. Robert Lovett ’53



Sandra Miller Lovett ’55 Annette V. Lucas Thomas Lucas Phyllis Stadler Lyon ’56 Ann Helfferich Mackenzie ’77 Graham C. Mackenzie ’74 Gerald P. Malick ’59 Sydney Biddle Malick ’58 Benjamin J. Maliken ’54 James T. Manacher Mary C. Manacher Michael C. Marcon ’86 Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78 Lois J. Martyn ’58 Thomas M. McCabe ’59 Sue Berger McCoun ’58 G. Edward McFarland, Jr. Edna May McGarvey Francis J. McGarvey Thomas F. McGowan Linda Giunta Michaelson ’87 Jayne Sugg Miller ’66 H. Paul Millinghausen, Jr. ’74 Sharon L. Millinghausen Joe Mooney Eugene T. Morita ’58 Christopher E. Nagel Joyce F. Nagel Linda K. Nixon ’67 Dorothy Garris Nofer ’51 Deborah Olsen Nolan James D. Nolan Nancy White Opalack ’71 Richard T. Padula ’57 Anne Stauffer Papa ’66 Donald Ewart Parlee ’55 Joan Bradley Parlee ’57 Henry W. Pfeiffer ’48 Michael Theodore Piotrowicz ’78 Pamela Kelley Piotrowicz ’80 Suann Pontius ’61 Thomas Quay Dennis J. Quinn ’65 Bruce B. Rambo ’63 David Allen Reese Robert A. Reichley ’50 Sara Worley Reichley Christine Freed Reid ’61 Jane Reifsnyder ’46 Marjorie Ross Reinhardt ’55 Ronald J. Reinhardt ’56

Barbara GG. Rheiner William H. Rheiner ’57 David M. Ricci ’88 Newton C. Ruch ’58 Deborah A. Ryan ’75 Adam J. Sager ’90 Lawrence S. Sager ’63 Phyllis B. Sager Stephanie Sager Steven Karl Schirk ’80 Susan Hoffman Schirk ’80 Kelly Knapp Schmidt ’00 Daniel F. Scholl ’87 Amanda R Schwartz ’10 Leslee Silverman Tabas ’76 Raymond L. Smith ’62 J. Linford Snyder Christian P. Sockel ’93 Jane A. Statzell ’80 Ellen Jean Staurowsky ’77 Andrew G. Street ’60 Richard H. Sykes ’69 Vickie Marie Tavis-McFarland John W. Tomlinson ’58 Helen Pearson Turnbull ’60 Robert B. Turnbull ’60 Nancy Kiefer Van Saun ’68 William A. Van Saun ’68 Sheldon P. Wagman ’59 Earle Noble Wagner Thomas M. Wendel ’60 June Davis Wesbury ’57 Stuart A. Wesbury, Jr. Gladstone T. Whitman Sally Whitman Roger V. Wiest ’62 Sandra Wood Wilkes ’71 Lucien T. Winegar William A. Withers ’50 Barbara Gattiker Wood ’61 Irwin B. Wood Janet Reese Young ’67 Jan E. Zanger ’80 William John Zimmer, Jr. ’63

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Jessanne Ross Fitzgerel ’44 Evelyn deVore Hebden ’44 David B. Heller, Sr. ’44 Classes of 1936-1939 Luvenia Brooks Scott ’44 Abner I. Rappoport ’36 Margaret Heller Stirton ’44 Harold A. Goldberg ’37 Lillian Wright Ashenfelter ’45 Marjorie Shaffer Krug ’38 Mary Bressler Cruz ’45 Ruth Heinly Francis ’39 Frances Tisdale Dreisbach ’45 Margaret Lucker Gross ’39 Lois Manning Hillman ’45 Gene Fillman Hauseman ’39 Barbara Djorup Keen ’45 William E. Wimer III ’39 Frederick P. Knieriem ’45 Robert R. Geist ’46 Classes of 1940-1949 Doris Felty Hallman ’46 Elizabeth Usinger Paisley ’40 Grant E. Harrity ’46 Catherine Hahn Gregory ’41 Irene Suflas Jameson ’46 Jean Clawson Newman ’41 William W. Lander ’46 Martha Evans Ronan ’41 John E. Miller, Jr. ’46 Victor D. S. Troxell ’41 Jane Reifsnyder ’46 Frank A. Wood, Jr. ’41 Robert B. Stewart ’46 J. Russell Bishop ’42 Elaine Loughin Tredinnick ’46 Richard R. Gay ’42 Janet Shoemaker Wickerham ’46 Natalie Hogeland Whiting ’42 Ruth Strathmeyer Wimbrow ’46 Frank J. Curtis, Jr. ’43 Jeanetta Reneberger Bicking ’47 Constance Hopkins De Sieghardt’43 William C. Cochran ’47 Jane Kanwisher Femmel ’43 Katherine L. Esterly ’47 Robert Ihrie ’43 Nancy Jeanne Talcott Everest ’47 Florence Knoll Streich ’43 Dorothy Kleppinger Henke ’47 Nancy Landis Wood ’43 Carolyn Howells Johnson ’47 Emma Hartman Barclay ’44 John G. Kristensen ’47 Anita Hess Cress ’44 David A. Levitsky ’47


Jeanne Loomis Miller ’47 Doris Sponaugle Riley ’47 Leona Bechtold Souser ’47 Harriet Conner vonderTann ’47 Emma Snaidman Dalsimer ’48 Louis G. Graff ’48 James A. Halkins ’48 Grace Neuman Kelley ’48 Kenneth M. Kron ’48 Carol Fawthorp Kulp ’48 Millard S. Leute ’48 Anita Mann Masters ’48 Ruth L. McCarty ’48 Forrest W. Miller ’48 Henry W. Pfeiffer ’48 Mary Ann Ballantyne Porter ’48 Elaine Schober Rode ’48 Susan Bellis Tischler ’48 Leander P. Tori, Jr. ’48 Edith Calhoun Brooke ’49 Betty Crouthamel Coyne ’49 Walter D. Dalsimer ’49 Frances Wilson DeLuca ’49 Jane Brackin Donnelly ’49 Elizabeth Hahn Fink ’49 James W. Howse III ’49 Betty Moyer Keene ’49 Winifred Mutchler Leute ’49 Deborah Norton Marsteller ’49 Martha Jacobs Mathias ’49 George Molden ’49 Jeanne Miller Oglesby ’49 Emily Smith Poole ’49 Robert Poole ’49 Edith Parry Reinhart ’49 Kenneth G. Reinhart, Jr. ’49 Ruth Strassburger Strasbaugh ’49 Isabelle Shaw Tamburri ’49 Peter A. Tenewitz ’49 Vera Wanger Turner ’49 Rita Lieb Wagner ’49 Pauline Mathers Wanner ’49 Herbert Weiss ’49 Richard H. Whitney, Sr. ’49 Classes of 1950-1959 H. Russell Bernd, Jr. ’50 Estelle Marcon Boyer ’50 William C. Brown ’50 Charles T. Coyne ’50 Margaret Denham Dennet ’50

Joanne E. Duncan ’50 Elizabeth AuWerter Graff ’50 Norman P. Harberger ’50 Richard H. Harris ’50 Norma Sears Huemmrich ’50 Richard D. Kropp ’50 Joan Kahn Miller ’50 Wayne E. Pearson ’50 C. Laurence Piersol ’50 Robert A. Reichley ’50 George E. Saurman ’50 Donald E. Smith ’50 Albert E. Teske ’50 William A. Withers ’50 Mary Jane Kraft Witmer ’50 Robert T. Wolford ’50 Willard E. Baxter ’51 H. Germaine Roughton Cooke ’51 Donald W. Cumpstone ’51 Nancy Bare Davis ’51 Barbara J. Dawson ’51 Margaret Simcox Geary ’51 Fred C. Geiger, Jr. ’51 F. Mabel Faust Johnson ’51 Kathryne Haney Lord ’51 Russell K. Lord ’51 Janet Hunter Mahoney ’51 Robert L. Smith ’51 Charles E. Strasbaugh, Sr. ’51 Natalie Johnson Walls ’51 William L. Walls ’51 Nelson A. L. Weller ’51 Elizabeth Rilling Williams ’51 Doris Fite Baum ’52 Joanne Kuehn Brown ’52 Richard A. Buckwalter ’52 Barbara Crawford Carter ’52 James DeLuca ’52 Dorothy W. Detwiler ’52 Lane K. Dewees ’52 Paul L. Doughty ’52 Polly French Doughty ’52 Harry M. Downs ’52 Barbara Stagg Eccker ’52 H. Jay Ely ’52 Watson A. Gutowski ’52 John P. Irwin ’52 Patricia A. Kiebler ’52 Katharine Loman Meckelnburg ’52 Robert L. Meckelnburg ’52 E. Jane Perreten Shinehouse ’52



Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Frances Rose Sternberg ’52 Charles R. Summers ’52 Charles W. Swartley ’52 Elaine Kerr Weller ’52 Bruce M. Anderson ’53 Fred C. Baas ’53 Joyce Berger Broecker ’53 William C. Faltermayer ’53 Joan Sapp Freimuth ’53 Richard A. Gellman ’53 Roberta Scheffler Haberern ’53 Genevieve Tiedeken Haines ’53 Gretchen Showalter Johnson ’53 Sarah Grater Lambert ’53 J. Robert Lovett ’53 Ellie Unger Smith ’53 Rolf Sternberg ’53 Dolores De Sola Tugwell ’53 Barbara Witt Van Horn ’53 Janet L. Vart ’53 Joanne Heller Horton ’54 Nancy Morrell Andrews ’54 Robert E. Armstrong ’54 Isobel Helffrich Beaston ’54 Sheldon C. Brown ’54 Howard L. Davis, Jr. ’54 Richard E. Eshbach ’54 Floyd G. Fellows ’54 Clarence Foreman, Jr. ’54


Erich J. Freimuth ’54 Katharine Hood Gellman ’54 Rita Farquhar Gerardine ’54 Harold S. Gold ’54 Dorothy A. Griffith ’54 Robert O. Guth ’54 Mary Willet Hinchliff ’54 Fue Lun Wong Hom ’54 N. Franklin Kolp ’54 Robert C. Lange ’54 Philip G. Lewis III ’54 C. Walter Long ’54 Benjamin J. Maliken ’54 Mary Anne Helweg Moore ’54 Bevolyn Syvertsen Oliver ’54 Nancy Laib Ruff ’54 Richard G. Sharpe ’54 Joan Kacik Townshend ’54 George H. Voegel ’54 Kathleen A. Wagner ’54 Julius J. Yaeger ’54 Richard David Baltz ’55 Nicholas J. Chapis ’55 Roland W. Dedekind, Jr. ’55 Beverly Tyrrell Dubee ’55 William H. Freeman III ’55 Peter David Hottenstein ’55 Marilyn Freeman Lamb ’55 Sandra Miller Lovett ’55

Janet E. Miller ’55 Marguerite A. Montgomery ’55 Bernard S. Orsini ’55 Donald Ewart Parlee ’55 Ethel Lutz Pollock ’55 Norman H. Pollock ’55 Marjorie Ross Reinhardt ’55 Joseph H. Rosen ’55 H. Ralph Schumacher, Jr. ’55 Marvin N. Schwartz ’55 Harold C. Smith ’55 John H. Westerhoff III ’55 Barbara A. Witzel ’55 Larry F. Zartman ’55 Patricia Condon Allen ’56 Patricia Ann Burns ’56 Marilyn Durn Chapis ’56 Eleanor Rapp Clark ’56 Margaret White Craft ’56 Peter V. Earle ’56 John A. Edson ’56 Wayne E. Engle ’56 Lillian Kyritsis Eshbach ’56 L. Carol Loper Evans ’56 Vinton D. Fisher ’56 Jeanette Yeager Foreman ’56 Lewis Russel Grebe ’56 Maury Hoberman ’56 Sue Holmes Hottenstein ’56 Kathleen Fretz Hutchinson ’56 Martha Bean Kriebel ’56 Mary Frantz Lange ’56 Arlin D. Lapp ’56 Phyllis Stadler Lyon ’56 T.J. McNeill ’56 Richard B. Millham ’56 Jean E. Moore ’56 James E. Morris ’56 Earl J. Rehmann ’56 Ronald J. Reinhardt ’56 Hazel Okino Ritchey ’56 Myron E. Rosenfeld ’56 E. Kenneth Shelly ’56 William F. Tull ’56 Dean W. Bankert ’57 Floyd K. Berk ’57 Janet Stewart Claman ’57 Joseph C. Donia ’57 Spencer Foreman ’57 Allen T. Frank ’57 Robert Grenitz ’57

Ray Hamilton ’57 Genevieve Bryson Jenkins ’57 Barbara Anne Hunt Millward ’57 Richard T. Padula ’57 Joan Bradley Parlee ’57 Marilyn Kuebler Pinkerton ’57 William H. Rheiner ’57 George Albert Ritchey, Jr. ’57 John R. Schumacher ’57 Betty L. Tayes ’57 W. Scott Taylor ’57 Marylou Adam Weber ’57 June Davis Wesbury ’57 Helen Balthaser Zern ’57 Anne McKey Batchelder ’58 Jerrold C. Bonn ’58 Donald Bretzger ’58 Jerry C. Crossley ’58 William P. DeLany, Jr. ’58 Deanne Farese Donia ’58 James B. Geyer ’58 Kenneth W. Grundy ’58 Sandra Cummings Holton ’58 John N. Idler ’58 Marie Cairo Idler ’58 Leonard A. Lubking ’58 Judith Berry Maestrelli ’58 Sydney Biddle Malick ’58 Lois J. Martyn ’58 Sue Berger McCoun ’58 Eugene T. Morita ’58 Harry E. Nelson ’58 Irene Rawcliffe Nelson ’58 Stanley F. Peters ’58 Jerold H. Price ’58 Charles W. Reid, Jr. ’58 Warren A. Rybak ’58 Robert C. Sharp ’58 Arthur W. Stanley ’58 Lois Molitor Stanley ’58 John W. Tomlinson ’58 C. Ross Westley ’58 Thomas R. Zern ’58 Merle Thomas Baisden ’59 Millie Hartzell Bankert ’59 Elizabeth Wheeler Beaver ’59 Robert Beaver ’59 Elsie Catlett Boehm ’59 Robert F. Bond ’59 Penelope Hill Brosious ’59 J. Robert Burns ’59

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Judith L. Bushay ’59 William H. Carson, Jr. ’59 Rodolfo Celis ’59 Anthony P. Cianci ’59 Walter R. Christ ’59 Carolyn Carpenter Clarke ’59 Ted V. Clisby ’59 Margaret Follet Cristofalo ’59 Richard W. D’Eustachio ’59 Judith Nagle Eshleman ’59 Reigh Xman Harrison IV ’59 George R. Herman, Jr. ’59 Diane Owen Iverson ’59 James M. Kriebel, Jr. ’59 Raymond C. Maestrelli ’59 Gerald P. Malick ’59 Thomas M. McCabe ’59 Nancy Gilmore Miller ’59 William D. Miller ’59 Ray M. Paine ’59 V. Miller Preston, Jr. ’59 Patricia Patterson Rech ’59 Robert C. Schmoyer ’59 Joyce Gilbert Sipple ’59 Cherrie L. Soper ’59 Rosalie Bellairs Thompson ’59 Carol Schreiner Toewe ’59 James W. Vlahos ’59 Wayne D. Williams ’59 Carol Williamson ’59 Classes of 1960-1969 Carol Ann Gingery Achilles ’60 Marla Shilton Batchelder ’60 Carol Davis Bond ’60 Linda Foard Burns ’60 Naomi Herre Burns ’60 George W. Busler, Jr. ’60 Barbara Romig Covey ’60 John J. Deisinger ’60 Faye Bardman Donovan ’60 Carolyn Forry Eckert ’60 John N. Forrest, Jr. ’60 A. Lynne Graburn II ’60 Martha Paxson Grundy ’60 Robert G. Hunsicker ’60 John E. Innes ’60 Sandra Henne Innes ’60 Margaret Smith Jackson ’60 Charlotte Weiss Jinks ’60 Laverne R. Joseph ’60

Sara Lesher Kafer ’60 Joanne Scholl Kistler-Gruver ’60 Beverly Garlick Koch ’60 Joyce V. Krasley Joyce ’60 Katherine Scheffley Leblanc ’60 Beverly Kallenbach Lutz ’60 Joseph W. Lutz ’60 Lucretia Magness ’60 Barbara Brecht Parsons ’60 George Polins ’60 Alice Mills Rizzo ’60 Judith Sanders ’60 Robert O. Scheideler ’60 Sydney J. Small ’60 Louise B. Sperber ’60 Sara Abel Stover ’60 Andrew G. Street ’60 Helen Pearson Turnbull ’60 Robert B. Turnbull ’60 Thomas M. Wendel ’60 James W. Wenhold ’60 Marlene White Williams ’60 Richard Curtis Bachman ’61 Rita Conger Banning ’61 Dorothy Hagerty Barlow ’61 Michael W. Blewett ’61 Patricia Hoehl Bramwell ’61 Joy Kline Busler ’61 Edward R. Carle ’61 Gillian R. Carter ’61 David A. Crisman ’61 Joan Grace Deisinger ’61 Mary Ellen Oehrle DeWane ’61 Martin L. Dresner ’61 Martha Evoy Fidler ’61 Guy E. Fincke ’61 Alice Epting Floge ’61 Elizabeth Heale Grady ’61 Jay Wayne Heckler ’61 Susan Scherr Hoffman ’61 Richard R. Hubert ’61 Margaret B. Hunt ’61 Catherine Nicolai Johns ’61 Dominick Misciascio ’61 Vernon W. Morgan ’61 Carole Mallick Mucha ’61 George Pasfield, Jr. ’61 Barbara Rachunis Piffat ’61 Suann Pontius ’61 Barbara Swope Powell ’61 Elaine Heasley Quick ’61

Christine Freed Reid ’61 Peter S. Shults ’61 Lorraine Schaumberg Steen ’61 Barbara Dean Wilder ’61 Barbara Gattiker Wood ’61 Jay B. Bosniak ’62 James Cartey Bowman ’62 Robert J. Broselow ’62 William O. Daggett, Jr. ’62 Sandra Holl Evens ’62 Ruth Ann Fatscher ’62 Judith Byrnes Greenhalgh ’62 Kathryn Draeger Hall ’62 John G. Hope ’62 Jo-Ann Lewis Horner ’62 Carole Smith Hoyer ’62 Brenda Berlitz Kershner ’62 Elisabeth Keps Klarwasser ’62 Lawrence L. Koch ’62 Lynne Maloney Kurz ’62 Harold Wallace Leight ’62 Mary Ann Lozier ’62 Arlene Andrews McLean ’62 Beverly Zinger O’Brien ’62 Elmer G. Reiter, Jr. ’62 Marie A. Schumacher ’62 Raymond L. Smith ’62 Marcy DeStefano Sullivan ’62 Jane Walter Suman ’62 Emily Kelley Thomas ’62 Peter L. White ’62 Roger V. Wiest ’62 Brett P. Wilder ’62 Peter Chapman Wise ’62 David W. Allen ’63 David W. Bonner ’63 Janice M. Boyer ’63 H. Jane Mikuliak Breck ’63 Marshall Cabe, Jr. ’63 Raymond D. Cameron ’63 Pauline Moock Cassel ’63 Cynthia Morris Cherny ’63 Robin A. Clouser ’63 Lucyann Metcalf Ennis ’63 Murray S. Feldstein ’63 Susan Eble Fialer ’63 Carol Glessner Haeussner ’63 Charles F. Haeussner ’63 Charles R. Hentz ’63 Marion Behler Hentz ’63 Jo Anne Schwarz Horn ’63

Jane Smith Hunt ’63 R. Walton Johnson ’63 Susan Prindle Jones ’63 Joan Schmoock Mackin ’63 Francia Barr Marshall ’63 Dorothea Detwiler Osmun ’63 Lois Hartzell Owen ’63 Paul E. Poehlman ’63 William C. Pratt ’63 Bruce B. Rambo ’63 Grace Folwell Reindle ’63 Lawrence S. Sager ’63 Clarence W. Scheuren ’63 Barbara Shearer Ullrich ’63 Craig B. Zaehring ’63 William John Zimmer, Jr. ’63 Leslie M. Alford ’64 William H. Barnaby ’64 Ralph V. Barndt ’64 James P. Barrett ’64 Cyrus E. Beekey, Jr. ’64 Joan Bauerle Beekey ’64 W. Eugene Bertolet ’64 Diane Williams Blewett ’64 H. George Bonekemper ’64 Alton L. Brintzenhoff, Jr. ’64 Jill Selgrade Cameron ’64 Carol Lehman Coffey ’64 Kenneth B. Conner ’64 Florence Worster Coulter ’64 Marie E. Devine ’64 George W. Ennis ’64 Virginia Gross Gilner ’64 Mark W. Gordon ’64 MaryAnn Haas Gregory ’64 Alan H. Hakanson ’64 James H. Hake ’64 Donna Cooper Hanke ’64 Arlene Vogel Hunt ’64 Richard Paul Hurff ’64 Louise Wagner Kempka ’64 Robert B. Kenschaft ’64 David R. Kohr ’64 Patricia Hill Kohr ’64 Walter S. Korenkiewicz ’64 Eric F. Kwiecinski ’64 Lorraine Kinces Lee ’64 William J. Lobley, Jr. ’64 Patricia Kasinger Lumma ’64 Patricia Born McNamara ’64 Elaine Schweitzer Pavlick ’64



Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Betteanne Moore Priest ’64 David J. Rau ’64 Maryann A. Rozsas ’64 Richard W. Sanders ’64 David W. Weisel ’64 John H. Wert ’64 Barclay M. Wilson ’64 Helen Hutcheson Zartman ’64 Diana Wright Barlow ’65 Lucille Steinman Barnes Weaver ’65 John R. Barr, Sr. ’65 Pamela McDonough Blake ’65 Gary P. Boens ’65 Joyce Maloney Boens ’65 Natalie Spahr Bush ’65 Keilah Doolittle Coon ’65 William R. Cooper ’65 Timothy T. Cope ’65 Nancy Fraser Day ’65 Judith E. Fryer ’65 Harland G. Fullam ’65 Marilyn Cronmiller Hastings ’65 Henry F. Hofmann, Jr. ’65 Glenn H. Landis ’65 Cynthia Weiler Laubach ’65 George W. Lilley, Jr. ’65 William J. Miller III ’65 Thomas Z. Minehart III ’65 Linda Potteiger Moyer ’65 John C. Parker ’65 Dennis J. Quinn ’65 Joseph E. Rhile, Jr. ’65 Valerie Moritz Smith ’65 Diane Eichelberger Tamarkin ’65 John C. Wirth, Jr. ’65 Judith Smiley Wolstenholme ’65 Lee S. Zelley ’65 James W. Allen, Jr. ’66 Deborah Glassmoyer Beck ’66 Craig H. Bennett ’66 Susan Yost Bergner ’66 Karen S. Billings ’66 Robert M. Blackson ’66 Bruce L. Burns ’66 Lynne Shadle Carter ’66 Mary Anne Holmgren Clausen ’66 Michael Csanady III ’66 E. Kathryn Schaeffer DeWane ’66 James E. Evans ’66 Sharon Lettinger Gish ’66 Christine Bergey Greenhalgh ’66


Roger A. Hahn ’66 Janice Kelley Heebner ’66 Richard P. Hermann ’66 Margaret Gray Holliday ’66 Georgia Brenner Koenig ’66 Paul E. Leiser ’66 Martin R. Lentz ’66 David I. Lintz ’66 Ann Willever MacMullan ’66 Norman D. MacMullan, Jr. ’66 Marianne Murphy Martino ’66 Marion Walenta McCullough ’66 Barbara Brown Miller ’66 Jayne Sugg Miller ’66 Cathie Malise Minehart ’66 Joanna Showalter Oberholtzer ’66 Anne Stauffer Papa ’66 Harry S. Polsky ’66 Robert D. Reid ’66 Janet Kuntz Shaffer ’66 Robert Shaw ’66 Walter P. Smith ’66 Paul Rodney Thompson ’66 Frank C. Videon, Jr. ’66 Carol Aldinger Votto ’66 Barbara Stevenson Watson ’66 Lee A. Weidner ’66 Donald S. Weinstein ’66 Paul J. Winters ’66 Gail Glasser Wotring ’66 Mary Auer Ziegenfus ’66 James K. Abel ’67 Elizabeth Flint Bullock ’67 Patricia Russell Earhart ’67 Jane Shufeldt Fertig ’67 John W. Fertig, Jr. ’67 George R. Freeland ’67 Nancy Schlosser Garabed ’67 Robert Paul Gilman ’67 Marilyn Diecks Hahn ’67 Allen F. Helwig ’67 Jeanne Reid Hermann ’67 Carol Snyder Heubeck ’67 Carol Svenson Jennings ’67 Susan J. Jensen ’67 Wendy Edmiston Jones ’67 Marvin H. Kriebel ’67 Robert E. Leech ’67 Michael J. Lewis ’67 Judith Maxwell Luzak ’67 Peter D. Martin ’67

John M. McCullough, Jr. ’67 Joyce Demcher Moran ’67 Anthony W. Motto ’67 Leon P. Moyer ’67 Linda K. Nixon ’67 Jane Tillotson Nyiri ’67 Cynthia E. Powell ’67 Gwendolyn Faust Punchard ’67 Rita Houk Sneddon ’67 Barbara Bachmann Sutton ’67 Jonathan S. Swope ’67 Judith Heiss Tornwall ’67 Diane Valleau Tucker ’67 Carol Guest Videon ’67 E. Alan Wadlinger ’67 Marilyn Johnston Watson ’67 Janet Reese Young ’67 Karen Wanner Zelley ’67 Diana Van Dam Zembrzuski ’67 David L. Allebach, Jr. ’68 Sandra Donahue Allebach ’68 Johanna Lysinger Benner ’68 Gary S. Bronson ’68 Michael E. Callahan ’68 Jeanne Johnston Cias ’68 Diane Bosch Coates ’68 Nancy E. Coleman ’68 Robert L. Compton, Jr. ’68 Wayne R. Cromie ’68 Janice Everly Darab ’68 Anne Detwiler Eagle ’68 James H. Earhart ’68

John F. Esbenshade, Jr. ’68 Sharon Groff Fagley ’68 William C. Giannattasio ’68 Lehman E. Kapp, Jr. ’68 Emma G. Levering ’68 Caroline Schea Lloyd ’68 Ainslie Armstrong McLees ’68 Joan E. Moser ’68 Raymond R. Ritting ’68 R. Lee Roberts ’68 Richard L. Sands ’68 Donald W. Scott ’68 Pamela Green Shuman ’68 Kay Bergstresser Somers ’68 Susan S. Spohn ’68 Patricia Trinley Stahlman ’68 Nancy Kiefer Van Saun ’68 William A. Van Saun ’68 Charles W. Yerger ’68 John H. Addicks, Jr. ’69 Cheryl Lenich Auman ’69 Perry Benson, Jr. ’69 Glenn W. Cannon ’69 Edward Cias, Jr. ’69 Barbara Rose Compton ’69 William R. Gotwals ’69 Marilyn Reed Hagy ’69 Linda Richtmyre Hay ’69 Cliffert F. Herring, Jr. ’69 Nancy Sibley Hontz ’69 Thomas E. Judd, Jr. ’69 Susan Koss Kreiner ’69

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Laraine Davis Lach ’69 Thomas P. Lapsa ’69 Andrew J. Larsen ’69 Robert J. McDonald ’69 Barbara Bingaman Newbury ’69 Joseph A. Orosz III ’69 Rachel King Orosz ’69 Madeleine Humbert Poole ’69 Kathleen Hunter Reynard ’69 Robert B. Robinson ’69 Jeanne Eyer Rupp ’69 Susan Kegerise Sands ’69 Jill B. Simone ’69 Larry K. Spaid ’69 Gwen Steigelman ’69 Arthur W. Suman ’69 Richard H. Sykes ’69 Janet Houska Wylie ’69 Paul S. Zamostien ’69 Kenneth E. Zollers ’69 Classes of 1970-1979 Betty Ann Brandt Anderson ’70 J. Scott Blackman ’70 Thomas H. Brown ’70 Frederick Brian Callahan ’70 Karen Day Callahan ’70 Jeffrey A. Crandall ’70 John R. Danzeisen ’70 Bruce Todd Dunlap ’70 George E. Dupont ’70 G. Thomas Fagley, Jr. ’70 Nancy Romney Fitzgibbons ’70 Carol K. Haas ’70 Harry S. Hartshorn ’70 Karen Thomas Henneberg ’70 Luanne Pumo Jaconia ’70 Kathy L. Kasley ’70 Robert E. Keehn III ’70 Michael E. Mangan ’70 Warren E. Mauger ’70 Gretchen Myers Motts ’70 Donald E. Moyer ’70 Nancy Jane Myers ’70 Ruth Fawcett Nomura ’70 Laverne Wilhelm Passman ’70 Robert A. Peddle ’70 Sue Trexler Radcliffe ’70 Ruth Allen Rogers ’70 Stephen E. Sacks ’70 Kenneth L. Schaefer ’70

William T. Shelly ’70 Peter J. Shuman ’70 Jean D. Stettler ’70 David L. Strunk ’70 Frederick J. Tischler III ’70 Hollace Twining-Fisher ’70 Charles F. Wolf II ’70 James M. Wylie, Jr. ’70 Susanne Y. Yamamoto ’70 Bruce M. Albert ’71 Edna Ball Axelrod ’71 Ellen Francis Bolar ’71 Bonnie Scott Connolly ’71 Frances Tyler Crandall ’71 Susan Robinson Fehsinger ’71 Judith Ramp Fischer ’71 Patricia Griffin Fox ’71 Susan Mantz Gotwals ’71 Vincent Gravina III ’71 David C. Jacob ’71 Jerome W. Loux ’71 Edward J. Lyons, Jr. ’71 Karen Richardson Martin ’71 Alan P. Novak ’71 Nancy White Opalack ’71 Carol Silzle Ramsey ’71 Joseph W. Rodgers, Jr. ’71 Robert William Sassaman ’71 Janet Floyd Schaefer ’71 April Godwin Shuman ’71 Carolyn Downes Stake ’71 Cheryl A. Stewart ’71 James U. Todd, Jr. ’71 Mary Ellen Tomasco Trueblood ’71 Karen Leicht Weiland ’71 Karl Weiland ’71 Sandra Wood Wilkes ’71 Lois Pilkerton Witters ’71 Peter W. Allen ’72 Francis X. Buschman, Jr. ’72 Aralene Doan Callahan ’72 Robin G. Cash ’72 Emily E. David ’72 Earl L. Decker ’72 James R. Derstine ’72 Christian J. Eilers ’72 Trudie J. Ellenberger ’72 Robert S. Hanlon ’72 Janet Anastasia Hardy ’72 Robert H. Hartzell ’72 Carol Wasserman Heinsdorf ’72

Eileen Ternove Hinks ’72 Christine Treiss Hunt ’72 Douglas O. Hunter ’72 Robert D. Johnson ’72 Anne Fuhr Ozimek ’72 Harvey Bruce Passman ’72 Elaine Hansen Rodgers ’72 Gary G. Schaal ’72 Ned W. Schillow ’72 Trudy Schwenkler Horrocks ’72 Susan Seel ’72 Robert W. Shmihluk ’72 Robyn E. Talley ’72 David R. Trishman ’72 Alvin J. Banker, Jr. ’73 Carole Sue Bishop ’73 Karen Darrah Burt ’73 Joan Fowler Buschman ’73 Cheryl Moran Cassidy ’73 Richard C. Collier, Jr., P.P. ’73 Ruthann Connell Couch ’73 Winnifred Berg Cutler ’73 Cynthia Heller Detering ’73 Maryann Davenport Johnson ’73 Robert E. Kessler ’73 Kenneth V. Klejbuk ’73 Alan B. Krach ’73 C. Irene Schlosser Krohnemann ’73 Carol Clark Lawrence ’73 Karen Davidock Shmihluk ’73 Sally A. Tomasco ’73 Frieda Toews Allen ’74 Sally Beth Anderson ’74 Jesse H. Bacon ’74 Philip G. Bear ’74 Lou Ann Dolan Bugg ’74 Deborah Rahn Clemens ’74 Hunter R. Clouse ’74 Helen Fennell Dean ’74 Gary R. Griffith ’74 Bruce R. Kerr ’74 Jeannette Bakalian Keshishian ’74 Robert M. Lintz ’74 David M. Masiak ’74 H. Paul Millinghausen, Jr. ’74 Elsie Van Wagoner Nicolette ’74 Nancy Lecrone Nonini ’74 David P. Ochocki ’74 Marc Panepinto ’74 Alison Dunlop Rudolf ’74 William E. Slack, Jr. ’74

Jan M. Smith ’74 Carol E. Spooner ’74 Rene Cronin Wasserkrug ’74 Florence H. Weiss ’74 Paul B. Weller ’74 Elaine Rapp White ’74 Barbara Jo Winans ’74 Catherine LeCleire Wright ’74 Dennis L. Alderfer ’75 Harold L. Beyer ’75 Dale E. Buonocore ’75 J. Timothy Clemens ’75 Nancy Windeknecht Dashcund ’75 Anita C. Deasey ’75 Mark A. DeVoe ’75 Linnea Landis Engel ’75 Louis J. Eni, Jr. ’75 Linda Leute Givens ’75 Kate Swanson Haakonsen ’75 James W. Haring ’75 Margaret Deker Haring ’75 Marie Kassab Helfferich ’75 William Ursinus Helfferich III ’75 Marilyn Harsch Jackson ’75 Ruth Marsden Kelley ’75 George P. Kinek ’75 Rodney D. Kratz ’75 Andrea E. Martin ’75 John B. Martin ’75 Eva J. Morgan ’75 Donna Last Riebling ’75 Nicholas Rodia, Jr. ’75 Susan Miersch Root ’75 Deborah A. Ryan ’75 Randy Sargent-Lee ’75 Barbara Mancini Scott ’75 Ann L. Shallcross-Wolfgang ’75 Pamela Ricci Shannon ’75 Courtney Solenberger-McNeill ’75 Patricia Miller Swartwood ’75 John C. Winter ’75 David R. Wolfgang ’75 Betty Ruth Yerger ’75 Susan Aileen Benner ’76 John Gunars Berzins ’76 Donna Loeffler Brosbe ’76 Robert J. Brosbe ’76 Elizabeth Tibbitts Buonocore ’76 Timothy P. Cash ’76 Tracey Lyon Curtis ’76 David H. DeRemer ’76



Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Jonathan Edward Detwiler ’76 Walter R. Dutton ’76 William J. Fries ’76 Frank H. Furman ’76 G. Mathew Gordon ’76 Joan Ottaviano Green ’76 Robert A. Green ’76 Deborah Yohn Hardy ’76 Michael W. Hardy ’76 Patricia Alexander Kratz ’76 Cynthia Ann Leurck ’76 Richard J. Manning ’76 Raymond J. McErlean III ’76 Lily Look McGee ’76 William James Morgan ’76 Drew A. Nagele ’76 Jeffrey A. Okamoto ’76 Kurt G. Olson ’76 Leslie Lovett Olson ’76 Francis J. Przechacki ’76 Charles A. Reese ’76 Leslee Silverman Tabas ’76 Judith Turner Baxter ’77 Christian L. Bean, Jr. ’77 Janice Hassinger Berdahl ’77 Diane Raczynski Brant ’77 Robert Lewis Brant, Jr. ’77 Carolyn Estes Williams ’77 Debora K. Gifford ’77 Edward N. Gilroy ’77 Jeffrey R. Jowett ’77 Nancy Ann Kupar-Page ’77 Samuel S. Laucks II ’77 J. Steven Neyer ’77 Thomas A. Ruth, Jr. ’77 Joseph J. Saraco, Jr. ’77 Howard Smith, Jr. ’77 Bruce R. Walbert ’77 Nancy Zurn Bernardini ’78 Laura M. Burk ’78 Lee-Ann Kitchen Carney ’78 Robert F. Collins ’78 Judith A. Crawford ’78 Francine Trzeciak Cwyk ’78 Ann Weibezahl Durden ’78 Rita A. Falcone ’78 John T. Flahart, Jr. ’78 Robert A. Fritz ’78 Claudia Stevenson Geltz ’78 Barry J. Hostetter ’78 Craig M. Hoyer ’78


William C. Hutchins, Jr. ’78 Christine Gerace Johnson ’78 Karl M. Kraus ’78 Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78 Cynthia J. Martin ’78 James C. O’Day ’78 Candis Russell Parry ’78 William M. Perless ’78 Michael T. Piotrowicz ’78 Cynthia Poots-Remington ’78 Wayne D. Remington ’78 Lewis F. Small ’78 Robert R. Tucci ’78 George A. Woodward ’78 Stephanie Dent Al Otaiba ’79 Jan Galen Bishop ’79 Janet Brown Brown ’79 Deborah Moister Browning ’79 Garret L. Browning ’79 Carrie L. Campbell-Wood ’79 Laura Haig Darling ’79 Lisa Marx Falco ’79 Michael J. Gannon ’79 Mary Skrzat Hutchins ’79 Thomas J. Isban ’79 Keith Schaefer Kemper ’79 Mariann L. Lindquist ’79 Paul D. Metrione ’79 Deborah Kuterbach O’Dell ’79 Paul A. Patterson ’79 Clifford D. Reinert ’79 James K. See ’79 Carol Fitzgerald Stringham ’79 William M. Sutherland ’79 Linda Yeager Theurkauf ’79 J. Randy Whiteford ’79 Sandra Wesner Wood ’79 Jane Harris Zaiss ’79 Classes of 1980-1989 Diane Baglin Barton ’80 Charles D. Crandall ’80 George H. Engelke, Jr. ’80 Nancy Kriebel Gaugler ’80 Richard J. Greco ’80 Patricia Laloup Guernsey ’80 Janet Knauerhase Keyser ’80 Dorothy Crosson McGlynn ’80 Patricia Naab Patterson ’80 Pamela Kelley Piotrowicz ’80 Jeffrey L. Plunkett ’80

Mark A. Primrose ’80 Patricia Davis Reynolds ’80 Gail Steinberger Ruth ’80 Steven Karl Schirk ’80 Susan Hoffman Schirk ’80 Jane A. Statzell ’80 James Casey Thompson ’80 Richard Kevin Underwood ’80 Kenneth E. West, Jr. ’80 Irwin H. Wolfert ’80 David F. Wood ’80 Jan E. Zanger ’80 Patricia Ann Babe ’81 Barbara Mojta Bassett ’81 Michael J. Chiarappa ’81 Lawrence P. Davis ’81 Harry A. Dochelli III ’81 Valerie Luciano Furman ’81 Gregory R. Gifford ’81 Rebecca Dunn Jaroff ’81 Jayne Walling Jason ’81 Ronald R. Kasznel ’81 Kevin J. McCormick ’81 Patricia Cox McGregor ’81 Joseph Paesani ’81 Gary L. Pearson ’81 Jeffrey R. Quay ’81 Robert E. Randelman ’81 Kevin E. Readman ’81 Martin Sacks ’81 Laurie Holmes Sutherland ’81 Barbara Scott West ’81 Debra L. Brackett ’82 Patti Schaebler Brown ’82 Thomas J. Dunn ’82 Patricia Del Femine Gitt ’82 Karen Jannetti Hester ’82 William D. Hutchinson, Jr. ’82 G. Scott Jacoby ’82 Donna McKay Kasznel ’82 Laurie A. Lewis ’82 Craig S. Little ’82 Helene Bigo Marshall ’82 Andrea Rosenberg Martinez ’82 Kimberly A. Monti ’82 Carolyn Annis Nevels ’82 Melanie A. Newman ’82 Susan K. Ruoff ’82 Paula A. Scelsi ’82 Raymond D. Snyder ’82 Thomas J. Taraschi ’82

Diane Shaffer Torrance ’82 Patrick Benjamin Walker ’82 Helene Fennimore Delaney ’83 Jay L. Dinerman ’83 Joseph M. Giammarco ’83 Michael E. Lees ’83 Christine Furstnau McCormick ’83 Leo J. McCormick ’83 Theresa Pavletich Miller ’83 Dean A. Mioli ’83 Lawrence Freed Muscarella ’83 Carol Lisinski O’Brien ’83 Robin J. Ruby ’83 William A. Willauer, Jr. ’83 George M. Anders ’84 Roger A. Arsht ’84 William N. Bothwell ’84 Neil S. Brown ’84 Carl V. Buck III ’84 Carole Johnson Butler ’84 Sally Raskob DeAngelo ’84 John R. Doerr ’84 Dawn Egolf Freeston Smith ’84 Amy Angst Frekot ’84 Georgeann R. Fusco ’84 Christine Giulini ’84 Beth Jenkins Gronet ’84 Karen Reese Henderson ’84 William A. Henderson ’84 Allison Larkin Hilton ’84 Ellen Thoman Hirt ’84 James Edwin Hirt ’84 David M. Laucks ’84 Barbara A. Mathers ’84 Merideth Krug Mueller ’84 Mark R. Muller ’84 Tamara Mosher Rush ’84 Eric K. Schultheis ’84 Julie Strizki-Armstrong ’84 Kenneth C. Taylor, Jr. ’84 Maria Storino Taylor ’84 Jeffrey S. Wasmuth ’84 Lisa Hendren Webster ’84 Marjorie Early Arnold ’85 David M. Bravo ’85 Susan Johnson Bravo ’85 Timothy Cosgrave ’85 David W. Dinella ’85 Raine MacKinstry Fussner ’85 Carolyn M. Gretzinger ’85 Gael Webber-Elliott Hahn ’85

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Cynthia Neiman Harris ’85 Sharolyn Mierzejewski Hessenthaler ’85 Paul Ronald Hope ’85 Carl J. Kuebler ’85 Linda Troutman Magargee ’85 John S. Reichley ’85 Ellen Gallagher Ruby ’85 Jeannine Louise Stuart ’85 Dean A. Yannarell ’85 Dean L. Altemose ’86 Clara Swenda Amodei ’86 Linda Giragosian Bohdjelian ’86 Joseph M. DeSimone ’86 Sandra F. Eidle ’86 Patrick J. Fennimore ’86 Catherine Rosato Florek ’86 Thomas L. Kershner ’86 Michael C. Marcon ’86 Michelle Richards-Babb ’86 Robert L. Richardson ’86 Judith A. Rippert ’86 Sara A. Scanlan ’86 Maura Beaudry Sutherland ’86 David G. Wilson ’86 Susan Daniels Zammar ’86 Karen L. Ziegler ’86 Susan Pileggi Bathon ’87 Beth Bingaman-Hook ’87 Michael Harper ’87 Gwendolyn Getter Jackman ’87 Lesley F. Katz ’87 Linda Giunta Michaelson ’87 Norman H. Ritter, Jr. ’87 Donnalee Sorenson ’87 Andrew Standeven ’87 Jeffry T. Zern ’87 Mary Anne Lessig Decker ’88 Susan A. DeCourcey ’88 Jay Allen Fink ’88 Jill Griffiths-Keller ’88 Robin Lefebvre-Ricci ’88 David M. Ricci ’88 Michael C. Sokol ’88 Laurie Tinkham Bleickardt ’89 Lynne Lawson Czech ’89 David G. Durst ’89 B. Timothy Evans ’89 Christopher W. Everleth ’89 Paul Frassinelli ’89 Robert E. Hartzell, Jr. ’89 Michael R. Kalady ’89

Lisa C. Kates ’89 Melissa Kuriger Leonard ’89 Sheree Curley Majer ’89 Rachel Rambo McCool ’89 Patrick J. O’Connor ’89 Timothy J. Percarpio ’89 Donald H. Ruth II ’89 Timothy J. Seislove ’89 Eileen Rafferty Swartz ’89 William A. Szabo ’89 Mark R. Vandergast ’89 Classes of 1990-1999 Christopher S. Basile ’90 Megan Hamilton Basile ’90 Katherine Barrett Batson ’90 Jeffrey H. Culver ’90 Lane R. Dubin ’90 Todd E. Duffy ’90 Jill Hanna Dunscomb ’90 Mark H. Dunscomb ’90 Barbara Weber Forbes ’90 Lida Kent Gifford ’90 Carol Skinner Kimmel ’90 Ronald E. Kimmel ’90 Susan Fleming Masciantonio ’90 Joseph V. Matassino, Jr. ’90 Michele McFadden Porreca ’90 Adam J. Sager ’90 Anupy Singla ’90 Jean E. Taylor ’90 Bryan H. Wert, Jr. ’90 Julian Brown ’91 Patricia Coyne Chipman ’91 John S. Dermond ’91 Susan Soltesz Ellison ’91 Michele Pacific Fischetti ’91 Constance Gappa-Richey ’91 Nancy Koch Hafer ’91 Michael R. Heath ’91 Margaret R. Hermann ’91 Jennifer Seitz Kintner ’91 Richard J. Laracy, Jr. ’91 Wendy S. Manko ’91 Linda Kline Percarpio ’91 John M. Salzman ’91 Neil A. Schafer ’91 Sharon Festa Secki ’91 Michele Kelley Turner ’91 Eric W. Bleickardt ’92 Shannon Aileen Cleary ’92

Gregory P. Cuculino ’92 Jeanine Schiano Cuculino ’92 Jolene Prowse Driscoll ’92 Daniel E. Flickinger ’92 Jean Gaudet Flickinger ’92 Gerard V. Fox ’92 Bonnie L. Gilmour ’92 Tavio R. Hunsicker ’92 Charles J. Kehs ’92 Jeanette S. Kriebel ’92 Marc J. Lowenberg ’92 Jennifer M. Mauer ’92 Megan Chmiel Patruno ’92 Dina Plasha Schott ’92 Christopher E. Stanton ’92 Zane R. Stauffer ’92 Amy Curran Steele ’92 Thomas G. Steele ’92 Donna Lorenzo Toleno ’92 Laura Zobel Torsone ’92 Ralph L. Torsone III ’92 Jeffrey Walbridge Turner ’92 Douglas E. Weilnau ’92 Agostino Ingraldi ’93 Megan A. Love Sakhleh ’93 Christian P. Sockel ’93

Douglas H. West ’93 Christopher M. Chipman ’94 Anne Ulmer Clayton ’94 Jennifer Norris Forster ’94 Myles J. Hannigan ’94 Bryan M. Heron ’94 Tatiana Kononov Kelly ’94 Kyle D. Mansfield ’94 Edmund F. Markowski, Jr. ’94 Erik A. Moore ’94 Monica L. Norris ’94 Joy Ann O’Grady ’94 Janice C. Radford ’94 Rachel L. Sargent ’94 Scott C. Savett ’94 Satsuki L. Scoville ’94 Jennifer Simmons ’94 Frederick P. Woll III ’94 Deborah Williamson Alvino ’95 Daniel J. Barry IV ’95 Michelle Lyons Carney ’95 Andrew H. Helfer ’95 Douglas C. Hovey ’95 Cindy A. Hudson ’95 Kathleen Kane McSorley ’95 Jamie M. Trout ’95


Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Robert E. Trout ’95 Elaine D. Zelley ’95 Maria A. Aumick ’96 Carolyn McNamara Barry ’96 Andrew W. Bonekemper ’96 Carol A. Brewer ’96 Justine Boettger Buschman ’96 Samantha K. Caggiano ’96 Patricia C. Daley ’96 Brian W. Delin ’96 Kristen Jensen Delin ’96 Christine Eichelberger ’96 Edward C. Gildea ’96 Kimberly Miller Hatfield ’96 Erin Burke Hovey ’96 Francis X. Knebels ’96 Stuart E. Kukla ’96 Mark E. Leiser ’96 Melanie McMullin Matakonis ’96 Michael F. Matakonis ’96 William K. Mullan ’96 John Noone, Jr. ’96 Mark R. Romano ’96 Cathleen Malone Rose ’96 Michael K. Tucci ’96 Michael R. Alvino ’97 Michael Edward Antonio ’97 Keith A. Beaulieu ’97 Jonathan P. Grady ’97 Cecylia T. Kelley ’97 Orie V. Kristel IV ’97 Jeffrey David Lehman ’97 Joan D. McGuigan ’97 Allison Snyder Petersen ’97 Michael A. Podgorski ’97 Joel Martin Schofer ’97 Wendy Sands Schofer ’97 Daniel Michael Simon ’97 Carol A. Taggart ’97 Laura Seidel Thompson ’97 Amy Davenport Tucci ’97 Emilia Feniak Andrews ’98 Amy Canfield Gagliardi ’98 Patricia Pettine Haws ’98 Thomas F. Haws, Jr. ’98 Christine Pili Luetzen ’98 Sarah Fielding Nemitz ’98 Christian C. Rice ’98 Marie Pat Githens Romano ’98 Bonita O. Seeders ’98 Megan Brown Smith ’98


Amy Garber Heim ’02 Daniel John Heim ’02 Michelle Janelsins-Benton ’02 Meghan Parris Lowe ’02 Jessica Anne Saggers ’02 Neil Ashvin Shah ’02 Deborah Jean Stickney ’02 Brittany Mentzer Stofko ’02 Maura Colleen Strauman ’02 Kristine Swartz ’02 Richard Joseph Toth, Jr. ’02 Eboni Jeanine Woodard ’02 Katie Mullen McCoy ’03 Ari B. Nepon ’03 Paul Edward Schmidt ’03 Ryan Albert McLeod ’04 Classes of 2000-2012 Andrew W. Miller ’04 Taryn Brackin Barrett ’00 Nina Simoncavage Moser ’04 Stephanie Sullivan Beisser ’00 Jay Edward Richards ’04 Ara Carlos Brown ’00 Fallon Marie Szarko ’04 Stacy Lynn Dennery ’00 Stephanie Restine DerOhannessian ’00 Nathan Christopher Uber ’04 Erin Elizabeth Brand ’05 Lori Oldrati Ellis ’00 Mary Ann Murrow Group ’05 Salvatore Raymond Ferrarello ’00 Kelsey Marie McNeely ’05 Erin Golembewski-George ’00 Theodore P. Piotrowicz ’05 Leslie Anne Kraft ’00 Maureen Elizabeth Smeltz ’05 Scott Michael McCoy ’00 Thomas Patrick Group ’06 Janel Reppert Rice ’00 Lisa Injaian Hoover ’06 Cara Riley-Wineburg ’00 Brian Edward Schultz ’06 Kelly Knapp Schmidt ’00 Courtney Root Schultz ’06 Hadley Ann Schmoyer ’00 Sarah E. Tax ’06 Jennifer Hansen Schreiter ’00 Owen Thomas Weaver ’06 Matthew James Wiatrak ’00 Michael Lawrence Antonelli ’07 Terri Savidge Wiatrak ’00 Amanda Mary D’Amico ’07 James Claiborne Wilkes III ’00 Patrick James Gasda ’07 Christy Lynn Barilotti ’01 David Charles Kiefer, Jr. ’07 Marissa Pappas Barletta ’01 Michael Barry Lichtenstein ’07 Richard Thomas Barrett III ’01 Alexander John Miron ’07 Lee Craig Brodowski ’01 Carly Chiriano Piotrowicz ’07 Vicki H. Chapman ’01 Charles E. Weyhmiller ’07 Dawn Terece Chavous ’01 Megan Lin Helzner ’08 Nola-rae Flynn Cronan ’01 Daniel Kensinger Witmer ’08 Katherine Welsh Ferrarello ’01 Meghan Elizabeth Bouvier ’09 Michael Mason Kochler ’01 Mollie Jill Cherson ’09 Scott Alan Meyers ’01 Laura Ng Ellwood ’09 Stephanie Ott-Inslee ’01 Danielle Jae Indelicato ’09 Julian Dean Wells ’01 Laura Jane Patton ’09 Lauren McNamee Wilkes ’01 Sarah Katherine Brant ’10 Michael Paul Wineburg ’01 Abbie R. Cichowski ’10 David Michael Brown ’02 Eric A. Farris ’10 Heather Potts Brown ’02 Gianna Nicole Paone ’10 Margaret Christine Dresher ’02 Gregory E. Urban ’98 Cristin A. Veit ’98 Natasha Bzdil Young ’98 Tricia M. Beatty ’99 Jody Brooks-Hartzell Fink ’99 Jacquelyn M. Hickey ’99 Erica Heil Lucas ’99 Ellen Mueller Mansfield ’99 Nicole Vickers Matz ’99 Geoffrey David Mills ’99 Ryan B. Nicholl ’99 Andrew M. Paparella ’99 John M. Sears ’99 Laurence M. Wood ’99

Amanda R Schwartz ’10 Justin Timothy Avery ’11 Kathleen Frances Callahan ’11 Laura C Hultzapple ’11 Saumya Mohanadas Kurup ’11 Danny Arango ’12 Katherine Banas ’12 Daniel Alejandro Beneventano ’12 Timothy P. Blaine ’12 Molly K. Blew ’12 Michael Edward Bloom ’12 Elizabeth A. Burns ’12 Thomas Joseph Caggiano ’12 Elisabeth Anne Clarke ’12 Natalie R. DelBusso ’12 Andrea L. DeToro ’12 Daniel Jacob Devlin ’12 Stephanie T. Donatone ’12 Eryn P. Fennelly ’12 Katherine McCarthy Gelinne ’12 Gerald Nicholas Glover ’12 Lauren Leigh Goldstein ’12 Maria Linder Gray ’12 Katherine Joy Greco ’12 Benjamin K. Gresh ’12 Alexandra C. Hall ’12 James Therlow Harper ’12 Jane Elise Helmick ’12 Theodore Edwin Hirt ’12 Daniel Joseph Horowitz ’12 Eleanor Bradley Jones ’12 Katherine J. Kehoe ’12 Jessica Turner Kemper ’12 Joseph Nicholas Kost ’12 Jeffrey E. Landau ’12 Robert Emile Lavoie ’12 Katharine Anne Lechleitner ’12 Alyssa Elaine Luck ’12 Tegh S. Matharu ’12 Douglas Edward McAndrew ’12 William Alexander McGeorge ’12 Lauren Rebecca Mermelstein ’12 Katelyn Mae Miller ’12 Benjamin Eric Mosher ’12 Alexandra Hartshorn Neal ’12 Chelsey Leigh Nehila ’12 James Francis Noebels ’12 Jessica Ashley Porcelan ’12 Ryan Battista Pugliese ’12 Samuel Einar Rinde ’12 Elizabeth Marie Roth ’12

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Christopher Frank Salaga ’12 Michael Anthony Schmidt ’12 Margaret Caroline Schweitzer ’12 James Clinton Shelton ’12 Abigail C. Sido ’12 Karissa M. Smith ’12 Paloma C. Sonzogni ’12 Jennifer Lauren Sroba ’12 Brandon James Sullivan ’12 Jacquelyn Thomas ’12 Alina Tinjala ’12 Morgan Erica Vandermast ’12 Rachael Marie Vietheer ’12 Sue-Jean Sylvia Yu ’12 Christopher D. Zinn ’12

PARENTS Kingsley Achiaw Mabel Achiaw Maria Grace Ackerman Melville John Ackerman Ercol O. Acri, Jr. Jane C. Acri Michael James Acton James B. Adams Robert K. Aikens Michele Allen Richard D. Allen Christopher Almy Susan Almy Pablo Alonso Mary A. Altamuro Raymond H. Altamuro Bernice Brown Althouse Michael Eric Althouse Charlotte Amuquandoh Joseph Amuquandoh James Anderson Janet Anderson Lorrie R. Anderson Bernardo L. Arango Maria A. Arango Nancy Archer Ann Marie Argentine Louis Argentine, Jr. Catalina A. Arocena Bernice Arricale Michael C. Arricale Anne Patricia Ashley John William Ashley

Lisa Jean Avitabile Knowles Janet Bajor David G. Barber Joyce E. Barber Jane Barker-Hunt Daniel H. Barlekamp Jean A. Barlekamp Katherine Barnard Donna K. Barndt Thomas G. Barndt John R. Barr , Sr. ’65 James P. Barrett ’64 Mary Worthington Barrett Richard Thomas Barrett, Jr. George Edward Barringer Nancy Elaine Barringer Ruth M. Barrow Heidi L. Batdorf Mary Virginia Bean Stuart Cover Bean Rita Beth Benezra-Obeiter Bridget Bennett Deborah A. Bennett Ronald G. Bennett Thomas Bennett Jacqueline K. Bera John P. Bera Frank H. Bergmann Jill Z. Bergmann K. Roland Bergner Susan Yost Bergner ’66 Jeannette Berkley Ilze Rekis Berzins John Gunars Berzins ’76 Daniel R. Biemesderfer Gary L. Bishop Lynn H. Bishop Robert J. Bisler Jeffrey T. Bitzer Joan L. Bitzer Robert Neal Black Sandra Vranson Black James Donald Bloom Susan Katherine Bloom Aviva Boedecker Karl Boedecker Carol A. Bogle William F. Bogle, Jr. H. George Bonekemper ’64 L. Anne Bonekemper Andrea Bonner

Hugh Bonner III Norma Bouchard John Anthony Bove Marsha Lynn Bove Kevin Joseph Bowen Leslie Beth Bowen Estelle Marcon Boyer ’50 John R. Bralla Mylinda B. Bralla Diane Raczynski Brant ’77 Robert Lewis Brant, Jr. ’77 Conant Brewer Marylou Rainone Bricker Robert Donald Bricker Robert Brill Kathleen M. Brogan Margaret Y. Bromley Janet Brown ’79 Alison Patricia Bruno Anthony S. Bruno Phyllis S. Buckwalter Richard A. Buckwalter ’52 Julian Marshal Budzowski, Jr. Mary Jo Budzowski Carol Ann Budzyn Edward Joseph Budzyn John HC Bye

Dennis Eugene Cabral Janice Ann Cabral Aralene Doan Callahan ’72 Frederick Brian Callahan ’70 Karen Day Callahan ’70 Michael E. Callahan ’68 JoAnne Bowman Callanta Toni E. Cantalupo Kyle M. Carney Leila Hope Carter Michael Lloyd Carter Jacqueline M. Carty James J. Carty Brigid Casey-Godfrey Pauline Moock Cassel ’63 Barbara A. Castanzo Thomas P. Castanzo Larry S. Catron, Jr. Tracey L. Catron Christine H. Cavalier Steven M. Cavalier Patrick Michael Cermignano Tina Louise Cermignano Patricia Louise Chambers Terri E. Chapman Lisa P. Ciminello Alexia Cuddy Clancy

URSINUS COLLEGE | Annual Fund 10

Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Kevin Daniel Clancy David Lance Clark Jan David Clarke Teresa B. Clarke Anne Ulmer Clayton ’94 C. Hopeton Clennon Shelia Monica Clennon Kurt W. Coble Sarah S. Coble Daniel George Cogswell Margaret Mary Cogswell Michelle Erlich Cohen Phyllis Beth Cohen Barbara Jean Coleman Jeffrey A. Collett Camille Colombini Francis Colombini Barbara Rose Compton ’69 Robert L. Compton, Jr. ’68 Kelly Adair Cook Deborah M. Coombs Susan H. Cooper Thomas N. Cooper Zalene C. Corey Francis X. Cornely Lisa M. Cornely Carol Corson John E.F. Corson Patricia Richards Cosgrave Frank Rutledge Cosner, Jr. Patricia Ann Cosner Margaret Thompson Cowen Stephen Wesley Crandall Tonie Camardese Crandall Jeffery C. Crawford Anita Hess Cress ’44 Margaret Follet Cristofalo ’59 Richard L. Cruz Donald W. Cumpstone ’51 James Henri Curry Nancy Sanderson Curry Howard M. Cyr, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Cyr Jane Baxter Daggett William O. Daggett, Jr. ’62 James J. Daloisio Michele Cairo Daloisio Deborah Larkin Danz Roy Edward Danz Beatrice M. Darab John D. Darab


John Anthony Deegan Rosemary Lorraine Deegan Linda Del Greco Diane DelloBuono Robert DelloBuono Marguarite M. DeLuca Richard P. DeLuca David M. Demcher Stacy S. Demcher Ilda Deming Raymond C. Deming Alan N. Dennis Paula R. Dennis Rodney Derstine Tracy Derstine Joseph M. DeSimone ’86 Suzanne DeSimone J. Glenn DeWane Mary Ellen Oehrle DeWane ’61 Lane K. Dewees ’52 Gail K. Dewey Kenneth C. Dewey Roxanne E. DeWitt Deborah Ann DiCaprio Joseph Gerald DiCaprio Gretchen S. Dieck Biemesderfer Wendy Diller Mary J. Dinella Roger P. Dinella Karen J. DiPasquale Thomas G. DiPasquale Erminia DiSanto Robert DiSanto Eugene William Dixon Joyce Ann Dobisch Kathleen M. Doghramji Paul P. Doghramji Helen Jura Dohm Peter Francis Dohm Faye Bardman Donovan ’60 William W. Donovan Thomas G. Dotzel Tina L. Dotzel Elizabeth Ann Dougherty James Brian Dougherty Matthew J. Downs Angela L. Drebushenko Keith A. Drebushenko James Driscoll Deborah Ann Drost Ronald Allan Drost

Lawrence J. Duffy John Sydney Duke Kathleen Regan Duke Susan M. Dunnigan Barbara Durant Carroll Allen Durham Cynthia Lynn Durham Linda Shuman Durst Steven Mark Durst David Henry Duryea Lisa Anne Duryea Michelle Dyer-Gomez Gale Aileen Eachus Barry R. Edwards Susan A. Edwards Catherine Elliott-Shaw H. Jay Ely ’52 Dinah Engel Harry Engel Lewis J. Eron Louis A. Evangelista Lisa Panarisi Evans William C. Faltermayer ’53 Andrea L. Farkas Matthew J. Farkas Jeanne Fegan Robert Fegan Lisa Feick Patrick J. Fennimore ’86 George W. Ferguson Grace Ferguson

Robert Grayson Ferrante Patti Ferro Rick Ferro George M. Fida Jane I. Fida John E. Fielding Louise C. Fielding Glenn Anthony Figueroa Tina Marie Figueroa Michael E. Finnegan Valerie Finnegan Susan C. Fishgold-Molishever John T. Flahart, Jr. ’78 Diana M. Flanagan Michael S. Flood Adriene Jeanine Fluharty Mark Andrew Fluharty Joyce F. Fogel Robert J. Fogel Merando Forsythe Ricardo Forsythe John Albert Foster-Bey Richard Bruce Fox Susan Frankenbach Martha Jean Frase Annette C. Frawley Michael M. Frawley John F. Fredo Mary Fredo Barbara LaCava Freeman Glenn Allan Freeman

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Robert Frekot Thomas C. Freund Dale A. Fronheiser Dorothy A. Fronheiser Martha C. Frost John Joseph Fuoco Kathleen M. Furlong Robert J. Furlong Frank H. Furman ’76 Valerie Luciano Furman ’81 Robin Arlene Gane Fei Gao John Dominick Gardus Linda Ann Gardus Dina Marie Gares Gerald Merle Gares David C. Gasda Jane M. Gasda Silvana Gaudino David Bruce Gelinne Deirdre McCarthy Gelinne Matthew N. Generotti Sharon L. Generotti Frank Michael Gennaro Nancy Falivena Gennaro Chris Allen George June Marie George Steven L. Georges Aleksei V. Gershun Lori K. Gershun Mary Ghassemzadeh Gregory R. Gifford ’81 Mary Agnes P. Gifford Eric R. Giler Kim H. Giler Daniel Gillen Elizabeth Gillen Kathryn Jean Giovanetti Edmond Gary Giroux Teresa Maxine Giroux Linda Leute Givens ’75 Katherine D. Glowacki Mark A. Glowacki Teresa Ann Gochal Mark Godfrey Amber Dinnocenti Gofus Russell Jay Gofus James Henry Goldcamp Nedda Noren Goldcamp Judith Stern Goldstein Michael H. Goldstein

David P. Goll Tina C. Goll Cletus Gomez John Joseph Goncalves Blanca Nubia Gonzalez Loren D. Good Lori M. Good William R. Gotwals ’69 Carol Anne Gough Alonso Denise L. Gratkowski Robert J. Gratkowski Thomas H. Graven Patricia Lynn Green Christine Bergey Greenhalgh ’66 Christopher Gregory Carol Lee Griffith Richard Alan Griffith Gary Lynn Group Kathy McNaughton Group David C. Harmon Richard H. Harris ’50 Verlee Margaret Harris Dane L. Harwood Marilyn Cronmiller Hastings ’65 Gene Fillman Hauseman ’39 Jennifer H. Haussner Leslie A. Heimbaugh Timothy E. Heimbaugh David M. Helms Joan M. Helms Paula K. Helzner Steven Jay Helzner C. Dallett Hemphill Jule Anne D. Henstenburg Robert B. Henstenburg Jeanne Reid Hermann ’67 Richard P. Hermann ’66 Carole Heyl Elizabeth Ann Hickey Timothy Michael Hickey Ismael J. Hidalgo Margarita Hidalgo Iris Hill John Hill John S. Hill Christina J. Hilsee Ellen Thoman Hirt ’84 James Edwin Hirt ’84 Joyce Hoberman Maury Hoberman ’56 Shirley J. Hoeppner-Crawford

Andrew Karl Hoff Regina Coeli Hoff David R. Hoffman Diane McCoy Hoffman Richard Buchanan Hollaman, Jr. Paul Ronald Hope ’85 Sandra Maria Hope Gary Paul Horowitz Edward A. Horvath Guenter K. Hubert Kathleen A. Hubert Tricia Humphrey Russell B. Hunt Douglas R. Hurlbert Sue Ann B. Hurlbert Dwayne L. Immel Karen A. Indelicato Mark S. Indelicato Karen C. Ingwersen Lisa Ann Irvine Michael Francis Irvine , Sr. John P. Irwin ’52 Craig Lynn Janes Lisa Ray Janes Barbara Ann Janowski Thomas Patrick Janowski Linda L. Jessup Peter G. Jessup Catherine H. Johnson Joyce Johnson R. Walton Johnson ’63 William Johnson Jayne E. Johnston Robert L. Johnston Cynthia P. Jones Edward J. Jones Honore M. Jones Keith T. Jones Lisa Germaine Jones Rawle R. Jones Robert Francis Jones Christopher John Jordan Sandra Lynn Jordan Ronald S. Joyce Mary M. Kaiser Thomas G. Kaiser Kathleen Kajmo Paul C. Kajmo David Kalkstein Gary Kalkut Donna A. Kalovcak

John Kalovcak Houghton Kane Karen Ann Kane Michael John Kane Nancy D. Kane Allen L. Kanter Valentina Kanter Lawrence I. Katin Patricia M. Katin Martin E. Katz Suzanne H. Katz Eve Kazakauskas Karen M. Keegan William E. Keegan Jr. Betty Moyer Keene ’49 Katherine B. Kehoe Albert W. Keller III Lucille Keller Amity B. Kelley John Paul Kelley Paul J. Kelley Tory Michel Kelley Melissa Jo Kellogg Joseph Vincent Kelly Theresa Ann Kelly Keith Schaefer Kemper ’79 Jeanne Anne Kennedy John Howard Kennedy Therese M. Kennedy Thomas N. Kennedy Kathleen Gaynor Keough William A. Keough, Jr. Janet Knauerhase Keyser ’80 Steven A. Keyser Elizabeth Hoffman Kilduff James Arthur Kilduff April Kilner James Jay Kilner David Warren Kimble RoseMarie Kimble Nancy J. Kimmons David Roy King Eunice Searles King Joanne Scholl Kistler-Gruver ’60 Carl Frank Klingler Earlaine Coleman Klingler Susan J. Knight Richard M. Knowles Adam M. Kohler Amie L. Kohler Josephine Finocchiaro Kolp

URSINUS COLLEGE | Annual Fund 12

Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

N. Franklin Kolp ’54 Soula G. Koniaris Ellen B. Kornfeld Eric Kornfeld Joseph Stephen Kost Natalie Ann Kost Alfred H. Koster Gloria W. Koster Jeffrey Peter Kovacs Karen Jayne Kovacs Michael J. Kozior Tamela S. Kozior Joyce V. Krasley Joyce ’60 Cathy Slobodzian Kress Kenneth Robin Kress Barbara F. Kriebel Howard L. Kriebel James M. Kriebel, Jr. ’59 Martha Bean Kriebel ’56 Donna J. Kringler Joseph G. Kringler, Jr. Daniel J. Krolikowski Lucrezia L. Krolikowski Richard D. Kropp ’50 James D. Kubicek Patricia A. Kubicek Cheryl B. Kuhn William P. Kuhn John Edston Kyner Tracie Renee Kyner John J. La Ratta Stephanie M. La Ratta James Steven Labeck Lori Jean Landis Debraann Lang William H. Lang Andrea S. Langton John Langton Nancy D. Lapera Patrick J. Lapera Diane Lapidus Robin Lapidus Michael Vincent Laraia Theresa Ferrer Laraia Cynthia Weiler Laubach ’65 William S. Laubach Jeanne Laucks Samuel S. Laucks II ’77 Thomas Lauher Mary Margret Lavoie Robert Emile Lavoie


Benson Le Sylvia Le Laura Jean Lederer Nancy N. Lee Philip L. Lee Louis E. Lefevre Rosemarie Laub Lehner Thomas Alfred Lehner Nancy I. Leiser Paul E. Leiser ’66 Donald Stephen Leitner Carl A. Lemp Martin R. Lentz ’66 Veronica M. Lentz Frank C. Lenzo Jayne G. Lenzo John Paul Lesky Kimberly Ann Lesky Mark J. Lesser Frank Lettieri Sharon Lettieri Millard S. Leute ’48 Winifred Mutchler Leute ’49 Jennifer B. Levin Laurence M. Levin Lydia Christine Lewicki Mary Beth Lewis Michael J. Lewis ’67 Robert Ellery Lewis Carolyn Helen Lichtenstein Jeanne Linden-Fox Douglas Lindley Joan Lindley Christopher S. Lipsett Jennifer Lipsett Valentina Lisachenko Vladamir Lisachenko Anthony L. Lobo Teri A. Lobo Christine S. Lord Kathryne Haney Lord ’51 Kenneth Simon Lord Russell K. Lord ’51 Joseph Lusardi Valerie Lusardi Kerry Lynady Robert Lynady Diane Staley MacFeeters Michael John MacFeeters Judy A. MacRone Richard MacRone

Patricia Lynn Mahaffey Irene D. Malagari Gerald P. Malick ’59 Sydney Biddle Malick ’58 Annette H. Maltin-Jones James T. Manacher Mary C. Manacher Margaret A. Mandato Philip A. Mandato , Sr. Cynthia A. Manganaro Kimberly Joan Manganaro Stephen A. Manganaro Nancy Warner Manning Richard J. Manning ’76 Christine A. Manns John L. Manns Elisabeth Mansson Hans Mansson Marie Marano Robert Joseph Marano Imelda J. Marks Van Anthony Marks Jaime F. Marquez Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78 Thomas A. Martin Susan C. Martusus Frank J. Maselli Sandra M. Maselli Anthony C. Mastoris Margaret L. Mastoris Madeline Matakonis Amarjit Kaur Matharu Davinder Singh Matharu James Matt Patricia A. Matt Mindy Jones May Robin Rolland May Douglas M. McAndrew Rosemarie R. McAndrew Allyson McCarron Richard Herbert McCarthy Christine Furstnau McCormic ’83 Karen L. McCormick Kevin J. McCormick ’81 Leo J. McCormick ’83 Hamilton J. McDermott May C. McDermott John Walter McGee Mary Margaret McGee Linda Lee McGinty Timothy J. McGinty

Dorothy Crosson McGlynn ’80 Stephen J. McGlynn Diane Francis McGonigle Paul McGonigle Patricia Cox McGregor ’81 Todd Andrew McGregor Frank W. McGuigan Joan D. McGuigan ’97 Douglas Scott McIllwain Edward Richard McKinstry Linda R.B. McKinstry Nancy Jean McNabb Robert Allen McNabb Sharon Wanda McVeigh Catherine Panis Mease Marc Alfred Mease Kenneth Robert Mellus Theresa Louise Mellus James Albert Mercer, Jr. Susan Mercer Martha H. Mermelstein Steven B. Mermelstein Jay R. Merves Stephanie D. Merves Charles A. Messa John Anthony Meyer Lucille Lanni Meyer Herman Joseph Michael Eileen Marie Micklos Richard Paul Micklos Joseph P. Miller Lisa M. Miller Rhian Miller Sharon L. Millinghausen Barbara Anne Hunt Millward ’57 Ann E. Minnick Curtis W. Minnick Randy L. Mintz Joseph Paul Mirabile Rose Marie Catherine Mirabile Ellen Louise Miron Nicholas John Miron Jay S. Molishever Ella Molnar Kathy W. Morrison Mark E. Morrison Peter J. Moses Kim Marie Muchowski Michael Joseph Muchowski Irene Murnane William Murnane

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Christopher E. Nagel Joyce F. Nagel Deborah L. Nebel Martin J. Nebel Douglas Andrew Neuman Kelly L. Neuman Elizabeth W. Neumann Gail Nevins Carol A. Nichols Joseph C. Nichols

Nancy A. Overton Argyro Nicholas Pagan Douglas Louis Pagan Elizabeth Usinger Paisley ’40 Leo M. Pall Rosemary R. Pall Amelia S. Parks Christopher C. Parks Robin R. Parris Stephen G. Parris

Eric Peter Niedmann Joseph Noah Susan A. Noah David Matthew Nobiletti Ingrid Louise Nobiletti Deborah Olsen Nolan James D. Nolan William L. Noland Robert David Obeiter Anita D. Ocampo Donna M. O’Donnell Francis A. O’Donnell Margaret Ann O’Donnell Kathleen Olwell Heather M. O’Neill Michael A. O’Neill Efrain Ortiz Janette Ortiz Robin L. Ott

Candis Russell Parry ’78 John C. Parry IV Susan Disney Patrick John William Pendergast Sharon M. Perfidio Thomas V. Perfidio, Jr. Judith L. Perless William M. Perless ’78 Charles J. Perry Lynn Michael Perry Nathan David Peters Paula Susan Peters Janice Petersen Ronald Petersen Douglas Gene Pfeiffer Liane Bailey Pfeiffer Dianne Rita Pierpont John Trowbridge Pierpont Susan Frances Pingel

William Ernest Pingel Michael T. Piotrowicz ’78 Pamela Kelley Piotrowicz ’80 Jakob O. Plemenitash Seka Plemenitash Janet M. Plyler Deborah Ann Polekoff Jay William Polekoff Emily Smith Poole ’49 Robert Poole ’49 David W. Porter Donna P. Porter Thomas Potash Julie A. Power William A. Power Richard H. Presant Lynn M. Primrose Richard A. Primrose Edward Francis Pullman David Howard Putscher Jane Zippe Putscher Lawrence Fletcher Quillian Susan Keith Quillian Lucy Ann Quinn Timothy Edward Quinn Bruce Robert Ragin, Jr. Gloria Cook Ragin Mary M. Rajala Bruce B. Rambo ’63 Donald Ranck Virginia Ranck Pamela Haffner Randelman Robert E. Randelman ’81 Karen E. Randolph Alice June Rapkin Fred J. Rapkin John Carl Rasmussen Robert A. Reichley ’50 Sara Worley Reichley Maria N. Reid Robert D. Reid ’66 Barbara C. Reilly Vincent E. Reilly Jeanne E. Reppert Kenneth F. Reppert, Jr. John V. Reynolds Martin E. Reynolds Patricia Davis Reynolds ’80 Rachel E. Reynolds Joseph E. Rhile, Jr. ’65 Mary E. Rhile

Charles Rice Laura D. Richards Philip C. Richards Maria Rieck William Albert Rieck Carla M. Rinde Jonathan E. Rinde Heide Lee Rink Thomas William Rink Lorraine A. Ripley John Robinson, Sr. Theresa Robinson Martha Evans Ronan ’41 Siobhan Marie Rondolone Vincent Patrick Rondolone David F. Rosenberg Elaine S. Rosenberg Myron E. Rosenfeld ’56 Rhonda Dianne Rowland Robert Byron Rowland Francis C. Rowles Margaret A. Rowles George T. Rowlyk Ellen Gallagher Ruby ’85 Robin J. Ruby ’83 Kathleen P. Russo Brenda I. Sabastro Lori E. Sachs Paul H. Sachs Amy Sacks Martin Allen Safer Lawrence S. Sager ’63 Phyllis B. Sager Candice Rose Salaga Gary Frank Salaga Lori Hope Salomon Michael Roy Salomon Diana P. Sandberg Jonathan S. Sandberg Kathleen A. Sapok Richard H. Sapok Joseph J. Saraco, Jr. ’77 Laura H. Saraco Dawn D. Sarchiapone John F. Sarro Susan L. Sarro Rita Jean Savinski Michael Timothy J. Saxon Sara A. Scanlan ’86 Lisa M. Scaramuzza Robert J. Scaramuzza

URSINUS COLLEGE | Annual Fund 14

Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Kimberly Dianne Schardt Timothy Howard Schardt Alice Kay Scheib Kevin Ronald Scheib Judith W. Scheideler Robert O. Scheideler ’60 Matthew D. Schelly Sylvia M Schelly Steven Karl Schirk ’80 Susan Hoffman Schirk ’80 Kermit L. Schleifer Christine Ann Schmidt Dolores Scholl LeRoy Scholl, Jr.

Shaun David Serfass Richard Shaw Ballard Earl Shelton Betty-Jane Shelton Karen Wurzbach Shelton Michael Joseph Shelton Theresa A. Shelton Beth Colleen Shimer William Wilson Shimer Mark J. Shimrock Therese L. Shimrock Alvin R. Shipley Konrad Laine Shisler Lynne Marie Shisler

Stephen B. Schott Tina L. Schott Henry Schrandt Valerie Lynn Schrandt Edwin Charles Schroeder Larissa Bucchi Schroeder Joseph D. Schroeter Josephine M. Schroeter Sharon K. Schultz Christi Schwartz David Schwartz John Robert Schwemin Sharon Lee Schwemin Elisabeth C. Scott Susan Seel ’72 John O. Senior Beth Ann Serfass

Darlene Sidie James M. Sidie David Simon Sheryl Simon Henry John Simoncavage, Jr. Phyllis Marie Simoncavage Francis J. Sirch Joyce A. Sirch Diana Celeste Sisler Raymond Andrew Sisler Debra Lynn Sivo Richard Alan Sivo David John Skelton Donna Toth Skelton Elaine H. Small Sydney J. Small ’60 Marion Smedberg


Michael Smedberg Brian K. Smith Christopher V.B. Smith Deborah Kay Smith Donna M. Smith Elizabeth Smith Howard Smith, Jr. ’77 Jennifer Towell Smith Julie A. Smith Marc Stephen Smith Marilou Smith Miriam Wallker Smith Robert F. Smith Roger Lowell Smith Sandra Risner Smith Scott E. Smith William R. Snyder Donald M. Solenberger Johanna Lee Javens Spangenberg John Wadhams Spangenberg Leigh B. Sparks William Donald Sparks II Bray Watson Stahller Mark Wayne Stahller Barbara J. Stary Richard D. Stary Ferne M. Steckman Edward J. Stemmler Joan K. Stemmler Kevin Andrew Stierer, Sr. Tracey Landis Stierer Francoise Alice Stine Robert John Stine Karen J. Stolle William C. Stolle Francine M. Stone Patricia Eileen Stone Roger Ray Stone Charles E. Strasbaugh, Sr. ’51 Ruth Strassburger Strasbaugh ’49 James F. Straub Yoshimi Tanaka Straub Francis X. Strauman Maria T. Strauman Florence Knoll Streich ’43 Alan M. Stricoff Karen A. Stuckey Joseph A. Stumpo Lisa G. Stumpo Laurie Holmes Sutherland ’81 Maura Beaudry Sutherland ’86

William M. Sutherland ’79 Ethne M. Swartz Catherine T. Swenson Robert A. Swenson Darlene Szablewski Susan Price Szarko Vincent Bernard Szarko, Jr. Carol A. Taggart ’97 Stephanie Talbot-Hudson Donna Marie Talerico Steven David Talerico Cheryl Heller Taormina Anna Panici Teti Nicholas F. Teti John Henry Thompson Lydia M. Thompson Michael Thomas Thrasher Susan Bellis Tischler ’48 Alma C. Tobias Saturnino T. Tobias Sandra Kaye Todorow John W. Tomlinson ’58 Joseph S. Torg Gail B. Trachtenberg Craig S. Tucker Phyllis K. Tucker Helen Pearson Turnbull ’60 Robert B. Turnbull ’60 Vera Wanger Turner ’49 Martin Tuzman Denise B. Tyler Ernest R. Tyler Connie Lou Uber Amy Uhrbach Barbara Shearer Ullrich ’63 George W. Ullrich Maryanna Duncan Urbano Ron Anthony Urbano Theresa Anne Valencia David Van Horn, Sr. Denene Jodon Van Horn Karen F. Vanderlaan Helen Rita Vazquez Mark Emil Vazquez Carol Susan Venter Barbara Ann Virtue Ann C. Vogt Brad C. Vogt Charles Joseph Wacker, Sr. Nina Ann Wacker Keith A. Wagner

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Linda M. Wagner Bertha Bayton Walker Craig B. Walker Pamela Ann Walsh Timothy Walsh Ying Wang Carrie C. Ward Frank B. Ward Rene Cronin Wasserkrug ’74 Richard M. Wasserkrug Jacqueline Atiya Waters Barbara Stevenson Watson ’66 John N. Watson Louise P. Weaver Lynn M. Weaver William F. Weaver Louisa A. Weber Karen Leicht Weiland ’71 Karl Weiland ’71 Anita Weilnau Douglas E. Weilnau ’92 Wolfgang Johannes Weise Jamie Welby Nancy Welby Brenda Estella Wertman William Walter Wertman III Laraine West Warren Henry West Kie Norman Westby Laura Ann Westby John F. Westermeier Laura Jean Westermeier Dorothy Westlake James Westlake David Richard Weyl Karen Denise Weyl Susan Marie Whalen Marianne Whelan Thomas James Whelan Elaine Rapp White ’74 Stephen L. White Charles E. Whitehead Janet Shoemaker Wickerham ’46 Sandra Wood Wilkes ’71 Cynthia White Williams Glenn Edward Williams Jeffery W. Williams Kelley A. Williams Janice C. Wilson Philip K. Wilson Tom Wilson

Marlise W. Wind Thomas S. Wind Diane C. Winters Dianna Sue Winters Paul J. Winters ’66 Beth Amy Wittcoff Jane M. Witwer Jay C. Witwer Maria C. Wojciechowski Michael J. Wojciechowski Andrew M. Wolf Anne M. Wolf Denise Marie Wolf Frank A. Wood, Jr. ’41 Nancy Landis Wood ’43 Elizabeth A. Woodruff Milton F. Woodruff Joan B. Worgan Catherine LeCleire Wright ’74 Ian L. Wright John N. Wright Lorraine M. Wright Edward G. Wyshock Wendy D. Wyshock F. Victor Yannessa Virginia Brown Yazbeck Wajih N. Yazbeck Calvin Lynn Yoder Lorie Beth Yoder Dennis M. Yoo Paula H. Yoo Lisa Young Randy Young Joan Yurick William Yurick Stacey B. Zaremba Helen Hutcheson Zartman ’64 Karen Wanner Zelley ’67 Lee S. Zelley ’65 Helen Balthaser Zern ’57 Thomas R. Zern ’58 Deane R. Zieser Michelle M. Zieser Gary Duane Zinn Janine Marie Zinn James Zurn Karen M. Zurn

FRIENDS Carol K. Abbadessa William Adams Judith Anderson Peter C. Anderson III Ryan Angleow Ellen Anthonisen George Anthonisen Karen K. Arsenault Barbara R. Ashenfelter Horace Ashenfelter Juliette A. Aurora Janet L. Autenrieth Fred Bachman Thomas W. Bailey Nicole L. Bannick Christopher B. Barletta Denise Barnett Michael W. Barnett Robert J. Barnett Mildred A. Barr Jean E. Barry Jane Ann Barth Loyd Bastin James Battaglia Lois E. Beekey Angelo Bellucci Gail Bergin Nancy M. Berman Mary Ann P. Bernacki Judith Bettelheim Michelle Biscoveanu Philip M. Bissonnette Alan J. Blamey Alan Bloch William Blubaugh Teju Bose Les Bowen, Jr. Cynthia M. Brach John H. Breck Arleen M. Breen Richard S. BreMiller James Brennan Noreen Brennan Sarah R. Bright Peter Brinckerhoff Carol Brogan Elizabeth A. Brown Susan M. Buchingham

Ann F. Buckley Thomas E. Bullock Patricia K. Burnley David W. Burns Donald A. Burns Gregory Burns Paul C. Burns Deborah Butterfield Samuel F. Buttner Marybeth Bynon Beverly Cannon Doreen Capik Irene M. Capuano Rosario Carannante Sally D. Carrier Michael Cassidy George A. Chapman Dorothy Chatburn Kevin Chatburn Peter J. Cissone Kathleen Clark J. Davis Clarke Noriko Clement Lynn Clendenin Michael Clendenin Thomas J. Clendenin Loretta F. Cleveland Ruth M. Clouser Mary Lou Cohen Nancy P. Conger Susan V. Connelly Paul C. Cook, Jr. Samuel J. Cooke Andrew Cornell Christopher N. Corso Michael W. Cosner Florence Cuerou Raymond E. Dahl Randy Repetto Davis Joseph De Angelis Mary Dearden Louis A. DeCatur Meagan M. DelBaggio Victoria M. Devlin Edward J. Didonato Morgan Dissin Patricia L. Dodge June S. Donato David C. Drewes W. Christian Drewes Susan D. Duffy

URSINUS COLLEGE | Annual Fund 16

Make your Annual Fund gift by June 30, 2013.

This list represents the donors of gifts made to the Ursinus Annual Fund by February 28, 2013. If you have given after that date or haven’t made a payment on your pledge, your name is not included in this list. All donors who have given a gift by June 30, 2013, will be acknowledged in the 2013 Donor Report.

Dorothy P. Duncan Cindi Dvornicky David Edelson Brooks Eden Janos Elbogen Josephine A. Emburgia John Epps Shirley Epps David M. Epstein Wilbur F. Evans Fernando Fajardo Paul J. Farris Paul M. Felton Katia E. Figueroa Daniel T. Fitzpatrick Suzanne Fong Sandra L. Foreman Lori L. Fox James C. Frail Michael L. Fraley George E. Franke Stephen M. Frith Irene Fryer Patrick K. Fullam Paul Gambka John D. Gambone William C. Gannon, Jr. Linda M. Garganio Arduino Giangiulio Patricia Gibbons Michael Giuliani & Family Eileen H. Goldstein Sandra Gonzales Thomas E. Gooding Philip A. Gottshall David F. Grady Donald Greenberg Frank Greenhalgh Sheila Grenitz Kathryn M. Grey J. Lawrence Grim, Jr. Margaret K. Groening Brian S. Groff Catherie E. Grogan Barbara Grossman Anthony Guma Debbie Haas Roger J. Hahn Lisa T. Hanover Lee S. Hansen Carl O. Hardy


Eileen M. Haring Ned Hark Helen M. Harrington Bobette Harris Jerrold Burr Harris Joan Harsch George W. Hartzell, Jr. Wendy Hasara Walter H. Hatch Louise A. Havens Peter H. Havens Harold Daehler Hayes Lori Henhaffer Maureen A. Hennessey Charles Higman Mari A. Hill Judy R. Hoak Gerald J. Hoff, Jr. Jacob M. Horney Patricia A. Horney John A. Horvath Frank Hotz Robert Hotz Geoff Huguely Rowland A. Hutchinson Christin Iacono Linda Iacono Nancy Joseph Ihrie Mary Sue Ingrassia Matthew Innes Bernard P. Jablonski Barnett C. Jackson, Jr. Nancy B. James Anna F. John David E. Johnson Vivian A. Johnson Debrah Jospe David J. Kane Christina W. Kearney Ethel B. Kennedy William J. Keohane John H. Kerr Kevin Klaw David C. Kleiner Nancy Knauer Pamela Jane Kohler Bernard Kotyuk Mary Koufakis Sophie Koufakis John H. Krasley Kevin M. Krause

Audrey Kriegman Lintz Praphul Krottapalli Dennis M. Kurtz Jack J. Kushner Jeremy Kushnier Pamela Lacey-Casella Leroy T. Lambert Joseph Larnaitis Richard N. Larsen Richard B. Lasher Robert V. Levine Judith T. Levy Robert Levy Barbara B. Lipes Jeffrey S. Lippe Dominic A. Lorenzo, Jr. Annette V. Lucas Thomas Lucas Robert K. Lundberg Edward Lynett Rebecca Magistad A. Bruce Mainwaring John J. Mallon John P. Mallon Milton Margulies John P. Markunas Anita G. Maroon Judith Marsh Marvin Marsh Gregory R. Marshall Kim Martinez Ellen Y. Matten Frederick H. McCoy Doris S. McCullough Bernadette R. McDonald George McElroy Carole W. McFarland Joseph M. McGarvey Thomas F. McGowan Glenn McGrath Steven R. Medlin Evelyn M. Melchiorre Brandon Miller Helen Mirkil Heather Mitchell Anthony P. Moccio Adriana Moise Angelo Molinaro Robert K. Momyer Joe Mooney Ashley A. Morgan

Don T. Morrison Jeannine Morrison Barry L. Moyer Diane M. Moyer James C. Moyer Connie L. Murphy Anthony G. Naab Francis X. Naab Russell Nelson Lawrence Newman Frances C. Novack Stephen J. Oberhholtzer Kathleen F. O’Dea Christopher L. O’Gorman Judy Ann Orsini Michael Panayi Dominick Paraschak Nicole Patla Michael J. Patrykus Lawrence Pavlik Rosemary C. Pearson Norman B. Pender Rachel Pendragon Peter F. Perreten Jason Pessel Harry B. Pettengill III Esther Phillippi Kenneth Phipps Michael D. Phipps Janet Vultee Pietsch Jane Plumeri J. Randall Plummer Elizabeth S. Poehlman Brian Poehlmann Gloria Popeck Daniel C. Poust, Jr. Christopher M. Procopio Theresa M. Quatrani Thomas Quay Arthur G. Quinn Michael J. Reardon David Allen Reese Frederick W. Reichert Sandra L. Reinert Carol S. Repetto Barbara GG. Rheiner Tanya Rice Angela F. Richards Terry A. Riley Raymond Rizzo Thomas Rizzo

Every gift helps us reach our $1.8 million goal. Each of these generous donors helps us reach our goal. Are you on the list yet? There’s still time to be counted! Carolyn Fisher Rosen Del Laura Rubley Leslie A. Rutkowski Tracey Ryals Stephanie Sager Matthew F. Santangelo, Jr. Hudson B. Scattergood Nancy G. Scattergood Craig Scheckner Lorraine Schneider Martha Schneider Ray K. Schultz Elizabeth S. Schumacher Marthena Scollon

Daniel C. Sweeney Jessica R. Swierczek Richard L. Tavis Brian D. Thomas Sue Thomas Allison R. Thompson Schelby U. Thompson Frederick H. Tribolet Curtis C. Troutman Pamela L. Vanselous-Forsythe Samuel A. Varano Mihaela V. Vava Karen Velocci Edward F. Veres

Mark J. Williams Ben D. Wilmot Lisa Ann Wilner Alice Wimer Brent Paul Windsor Helen K. Wolfe Irwin B. Wood Timothy A. Woods Elisabeth Wraase Richard G. Wright Patty Wysong Frederick J. Yannessa Thomas Zdanowski


James R. Sellman, Jr. Karen Shaffer-Rockey Catherine M. Shetler Virginia S. Shreve Chuck Silver Todd M. Sisca Robert J. Slongwhite Greg Small Sandy L. Smith Daniel K. Snyder J. Linford Snyder Andrew C. Spinelli M.E. Stefano Glenn Steinhilber Robert C. Stern Dorthe A. Struer Tom Styer

Chris Voss Joseph D. Wacker Earle Noble Wagner Antoinette Walsh Richard M. Walsh Carolyn D. Ward Paul Wason Scott Wehr Stuart A. Wesbury, Jr. Ann L. Whelan Gladstone T. Whitman Sally Whitman Margaret M. Whittaker Richard P. Whittaker Erlis Wickersham John W. Wieder, Jr. John W. Wieder III

Laura J. Armstrong Maura J. Brookes Anthony S. Bruno Elizabeth A. Burns ’12 Douglas M. Cameron Maria R. Carosella Mollie Jill Cherson ’09 Abbie R. Cichowski ’10 Hugh R. Clark Marcia A. Clouser Robin A. Clouser ’63 Brie Conley Mary Ann P. Conway Maureen A. Damiano Rick G. DiFeliciantonio Andrew B. Feick Richard Floyd Bobby Fong Judith E. Fryer ’65 Victoria Giammarco Wendy Greenberg C. Dallett Hemphill Diane S. Hoffman Heather Holiday Erin Burke Hovey ’96 Holly J. Hubbs Rebecca Dunn Jaroff ’81 Houghton Kane Francis X. Knebels ’96 April Cheri Kontostathis Anthony L. Lobo Teri A. Lobo Peter D. Luborsky Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78

Susan Fleming Masciantonio ’90 Gabe Moliken Laura Moliken Deborah O. Nolan Heather M. O’Neill Rosemary R. Pall Sharon E. Pearson Charles Rice Christian C. Rice ’98 Carla M. Rinde Kelly C. Sakmar Kenneth L. Schaefer ’70 Sylvia M. Schelly Michael Joseph Shelton Robert Viggiano John M. Wickersham Jeffery W. Williams Kelley A. Williams Lucien T. Winegar Mohammed Yahdi

Note: This publication recognizes gifts to the Annual Fund made by February 28, 2013. If you made a restricted gift or gave to the Annual Fund after the date above, it is deeply appreciated. All gifts received by Ursinus College in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013) will be acknowledged in our 2013 Donor Report.

URSINUS COLLEGE | Annual Fund 18

601 East Main Street, Collegeville, PA 19426

Last year, 6,034 individuals made a gift to the Ursinus College Annual Fund, including 3,058 alumni and 2,192 parents. More than 2,500 of those gifts were $250 or less. It all added up and helped us exceed our goal. Your gift, no matter the size, counts!

Please give today. Go to to make a gift online. To be included in our list of donors for 2012-13, be sure to give before June 30th.

Ursinus College Annual Fund 2013 Honor Roll  

lists annual fund unrestricted gifts through February 28, 2013