Richmond Law - Spring 2002

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Interpreting Islam Professor Azizah al-Hibri helps journalists and officials understand the Muslim world

Since the terrorist attacks ofSept.11, Dr.Azizah

She was invited with other American Muslim leaders to meet President George W. Bush the week after the World Y. al-Hibri has become one of the most reliable and authoriTrade Center and Pentagon attacks. A photograph appeared tative experts on Islam for U.S. journalists and government in newspapers of al-Hibri standing next to Bush (see inside officials. front cover). After that, her phone didn't stop ringing for Al-Hibri, a professor of law at the University of Richmond months. School of Law where she has taught since 1992, already had She was interviewed by print and broadcast journalists an international reputation for her work in the area of human around the country. She was quoted in publications such as rights and her expertise in Islamic jurisprudence. Newsweek, USA Today and 1be New Yorker, and could be That reputation has grown only brighter - and her voice heard on National Public Radio. more familiar - since 9/ 11. Since the first meeting with President Bush, she has "After Sept. 11, I felt I had a public duty to perform," returned to the White House and the Old Executive Office al-Hibri said during an interview in her office in late January. Building for other meetings with senior officials. She has "But I've reached the point of exhaustion. " dined with Secretary of State Colin She put a book project on the back Powell and Attorney General]ohn burner and shoehorned even more By Bill Lohmann, R'79 Ashcroft. She has spoken at the U.S. interviews, meetings and speaking RKhmond T1m<:s-Disp<1tch feature unter Department of Justice. She has engagements into her schedule. 14