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Ideas to inspire your threads

Passport Cover

Want to make your own cute passport cover? This easy tutorial will show you how!

Passport of the Month This year, we’re starting a fun new feature called Passport of the Month! Take a crafty trip around the world with this new series of embroidery designs, with a different country visited monthly. Our first stop is England, with a beautiful collage of embroidery combining iconic images in detailed running stitch, with a splash of painterly, layered color. Get this charming England collage design in your choice of five sizes; the elements are available individually, too! It’ll be cute on tote bags, throw pillows, and lots more.

Each part of the design is also available on its own, so you can collage your own looks!

Passport to England

Zip It

Painted Koi

Military Buttonhole

Dress It Up Your embroidery doesn’t have to just sit on pillows and wall hangings. Dress it up and wear it out! Embroidery designs look amazing on tops, tees, jackets, hoodies, purses, even leggings! Don’t be afraid to experiment and show off your favorite designs. Thread snapping every time you try to take a stitch? Check your needle, thread, technique, and more to fix thread breaks. We’ve got a whole tutorial that will help you through the worst headaches when your machine just doesn’t want to behave.

Painted Tiger

Preventing Thread Breaks


Greek Gods

Greek Gods Pack

Embroidery of the Gods Invoke the power and majesty of classical mythology with intricate, colorful designs inspired by ancient Greek gods and goddesses! By popular request, these light, intricate designs bring classical mythology to life in a fresh, contemporary style. These designs are available in NEW larger sizes than were available in the past, so make sure to choose the size that’s best for your machine and project.

Get back to nature with



Invoke the thundering power of


Pan Nyx

Stitch the perfect gift for your favorite warrior woman with


Bring in the night air with



Grab a cup...

But First Coffee

Cold Hands Warm Tea

Coffee Goddess

Piping Hot Teapot

and snuggle up! The beginning of the year is usually a cold one, so there’s no better time to grab yourself some cozy designs. Tea and coffee are a favorite this time of year, as well as anything to do with snuggling!

Cuddle Foxes

Crazy for Crafts We’re all mad here. Celebrate your over-the-top devotion to your crafts of choice with these new Crazy Crafty Ladies! You loved the Crazy Quilt Lady and wanted more, and we’re only too happy to deliver. Her crazy crafty friends have arrived, arms full of yarn, fabric, thread, paper, even sewing and embroidery machines!

Crazy Crafty Ladies Pack


Crazy Crafty Ladies Crazy Machine Embroidery Lady

Crazy Crafting Lady

Crazy Sewing Lady

Embrace the Weird Urban Threads is a little weird, we get it. But hey, you probably are too. Embrace the weird and stitch something special for a friend or sweetie with this sassy sampler design! Maybe you can just stitch it up for yourself and hang it up to let all the other weirdos know they’re always welcome.

You’re Weird Sampler

Hoot Owls Collage

On Repeat These clever owls hold a secret. You can stitch them once as a design, or repeat them with an overlap for a quirky stitched pattern that goes on forever!


Baroque Bear

Creative Color

Get inspired each month with new color inspiration ideas! Creative color combos come out each week on the blog for a new color twist on your stitches. You can even get inspired by the simple tones, like this mostly-white polar bear design. Sometimes less is more!

Lunar Scarf

Carry a bit of lunar beauty with you wherever you go! This tutorial shows you how to craft a unique look with the new Luna embroidery designs, layered over painted fabric. This project is quick and simple to make, and the results are simply stunning! Check it out and start dreaming up your own lovely lunar fashions.

Shoot for the Moon Revel in the beauty of all the moon’s phases with this unique new Luna collection! Seven embroidery designs showcase each phase of the moon in light, intricate style. Gorgeous all in a row on garments and decor alike.



The techniques used in the lunar scarf tutorial can be applied to all kinds of projects! Try circling the moons on a pillow with a wash of dark blue behind for a stunning piece of home decor.

For a Cause

Represent the causes near and dear to your heart with this unique take on the classic awareness ribbon! Hand-sketched lines outline the ribbon shape, while several shades of your chosen color create depth and dimension.

Awareness Ribbon

There’s a ribbon color to represent every cause you can imagine -- here are just a few. Check out various lists across the internet to discover just the hues you need -- this design will adapt to them all!

Brew Crest

Brew It Up Got a beer lover in the group? These grain and hops motifs create an intricate crest design, great for workshirts and more! Perfect for brewmasters and the like, this is one you’ll even get the dudes to happily wear.

Brew Crest UT9117


kate spade crossbody satchel


Get the Look Get the look of this chic Kate Spade Purse for a DIY bargain! The purse above costs nearly $500, but with the magic of your embroidery machine, you can make your own without breaking the bank.


Old School Craft some old school charm with this old school alphabet! These Typewriter Alphabet embroidery designs have a wonderfully dimensional quality satin stitch borders and flat black centers create the look of real typewriter keys.

Typewriter Alphabet Pack


Typewriter Alphabet

Urban Threads Lookbook - Vol 1 Issue 1  

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