Urban Sentinel (June 2020 Edition)

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out of a situation that you were once in yourself. Trenace was given an upper hand in her life because she was raised by women that became her roadmap to thinking positive about what was ahead of her in life. Raised on the west side of Chicago, Trenace had the strongest support system a young girl could ask for. Trenace was raised by three generations of women: her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Trenace was reared in a two-parent home, with her two younger sisters until her parents divorced when she was seven years old. The family lived in an apartment building owned by Trenace’s grandmother. Just 15 minutes away her grandmother owned a two story, multifamily building and lived on the first floor; her great grandmother occupied the second floor in the building. Trenace and her siblings visited their grandmothers daily after school. The children learned different lessons from all three women who spanned decades apart in age. Some things were taught, and some were an inherent transfer of knowledge through conversations held among the grandmothers and granddaughters. Trenace’s mother made sure she and her siblings had a great education. Trenace would often travel with her school for various activities that gave her cultural experiences outside of her community, city, and state. Everything Trenace encountered as a student helped to expand her knowledge base and social skills that culminate into the woman she is today. Social skills and the ability to network effectively were important to Trenace at an early age. She was in 4-H Club, played softball and interacted with students at her Catholic school, staying involved and learning everything she could. Her ability to identify and mitigate social issues among young women today helps Trenace remove emotional barriers that are halting her client’s emotional well-being. Talking saves lives and Trenace uses open communication to bring out the issues being held within. Often a person will reveal their feelings to someone outside of their home, so seeking assistance is an option that families must not be afraid of. Many homes maintain an iron clad rule about “what goes on in this house must stay in this house” and that limits the expression of feelings and problems that may exist. Old ways of doing things have to change with the times. Trenace’s grandmother always told her to be socially adept and know when to say what. That statement resonates profoundly because not everyone is equipped to listen with the capacity to help heal. As a listener, you may not know what to say, or when to say it but it is important to allow people, especially youth, to freely expel their pain. Trenace’s great grandmother was a great storyteller and she taught Trenace the importance of sharing. Not just sharing physical and material things but sharing in the exchange of emotions and situations.


If you find yourself unable to help someone, never turn them away, just refer them to a coach or counselor that is specialized in life coaching. Many of us have heard a variation of ‘sayings’ that tell us how broken children, without therapy and emotional rehabilitation, become broken adults. There is a level of truth in that statement, and there is also an opportunity to break that generational threat by focusing on the young interrupted mind of a broken child. 1 Authentic Woman is firm in their process. Trenace Carter identifies the seed of any issue by asking questions and listening carefully to understand the root of the problems. She is determined to provide answers on how to manage the core issues that her clients are facing. She cannot guarantee that she will find answers to every problem, but she can teach her clients how to manage the information they have and use a healthy approach to balance the cards they are dealt. They work together to focus directly on the problem without shying from the pain. She understands how to remove the emotion to be able to start healing. It is a gradual process that results in clients leaving her appointments feeling empowered. Empowered women know how to affirm their greatness by loving their authentic selves and living their authentic life, without regret. Trenace uses her ability to engage in effective communication. She hosts a series of diverse conversations with men and women on her talk show, “Next Level with Trenace”, a podcast that airs each Saturday at 5pmCST. The show talks to guests that have faced a myriad of childhood trauma, sexual trauma, abuse, addiction, and have since overcome. She also talks to entrepreneurs that are working to take their businesses to the next level. She talks to business owners and authors that have reached success and share their experiences with her audiences. Her vast array of guests show how a person can be their best version of themselves and be highly achievable in their efforts to live their best life. Everyone can see more, be more, and do more. The next level is right there waiting for you. Trenace is a five-time published Author, talk show Host, Mentor and Life Coach. She has recently appeared on television on PCTV-21, as a guest on “Inner City Perceptions” a community-based show that focuses on topics that impact all communities. Additionally, Trenace has been interviewed on the BJ Murphy Report, a Charlotte, NC based talk show where she discussed moving your business to the next level and she appeared on Awesome God Radio hosted by Antoine Jefferson discussing “Authenticity”. Trenace loves seeing others succeed, but she loves helping them to succeed even more! Visit www.1AuthenticWoman.com to connect with Trenace Carter and join her email list to stay connected.

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