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Wow! It is September and summertime is close to being a memory as the days get shorter. I hope that everyone had a safe summer and I hope that you have enjoyed your vacations. It is a great feeling to be able to spend time traveling and visiting family, friends, and the parks, but let us not forget to remember that we are still faced with a virus that is still part of our daily lives. My friends and readers, please make sure to get your vaccinations, if you have not had a vaccination wear a mask. Even if you have had a vaccination, please wear a mask. We can beat this virus, but we need the whole village to help win the battle. Let us not forget September 11, as this was a day that forever changed this country. Let us not forget the people who lost their lives and the families who lost love ones and friends. Let us not forget!

Bridgette Alfred

C. NaTasha Richburg



Yvonne Medley

Anita Davis-DeFoe



Stacey Henry-Carr

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This month I would like to introduce you to Annabel Quintero. I hope that you will enjoy her story, a story that will truly touch you. Ms. Quintero is a survivor of the 9-11 attack. Her story is one strength and courage. Her story will touch your heart and soul. This issue also features a plethora of great stories that are filled with heart- warming sentiments and words of encouragement. We are excited for you to turn each page and enjoy the articles from front to back. We are striving to be a favorite magazine to readers around the world. We are reaching homes across nations and sharing stories of empowerment, inspiration and entertainment from the film, music and literary industries. In keeping with our broad approach to bringing you the very best information in a highly professional manner, we are striving to be the best. We value the feedback from our readers because it helps us to grow. Please email us at reginald.kearney@marylanddailyexaminer.com with your feedback. If you would like to advertise with us, send an email with the word ‘Advertise’ in the subject line. Like us on FaceBook at The Urban Sentinel, follow us on Twitter at @ UrbanSentinel and you may follow us on Instagram at @theurbansentinel . Visit our website at www.UrbanSentinelMagazine.com . I invite you to view our new show, ‘Urban Sentinel Live’, which can be viewed on Facebook @UrbanSentinelLive on Monday nights at 8:30pmET. It is a half hour show that features guests that have been featured in the Urban Sentinel magazine.

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High End vs Drugstore

Rod Lopez





The Power and Tenacity of Friendship


High End Vs Drugstore


Kristen Speller: Victim Elevated to Survivor


It Is Time to Upshift With The Franchise Enterprise


Tranquility through Tragedy


Everyone Matters in The Fight Against the Pandemic


Rod Lopez: NewStyle Independent Pictures


Securing Copyrights for Dancers


Spreading the Love


Third Chances


Why Are College Cost Out of Control


Sérgio - My Story


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The Power and Tenacity of Friendship by Corretta Doctor for urban sentinel The world is filled with opportunities to be kind.

and off the grid. The second, Anita DavisDeFoe, is an extraordinary person with

I am being intentional in my actions to show empathy,

an infinite reach into the souls of women

compassion, and kindness. In business you have to know how

around the world. These two ladies are my

to pair your positive momentum with your business acumen.

friends, and my colleagues. Friendship and

In your personal life you have to know how to manage

business relations are often regarded as

your mood, behavior, and attitude when you are projecting

impossible, or tough to navigate, but I can

positivity into the atmosphere. Everything you do gives you

assure you that the three of us, C. NaTasha,

an opportunity to show your good side. When you have

Anita, and I, are forces to reckon with in

experienced so much negativity, bad vibes, raw emotions,

the boardroom or any room. We are complementary to each

insensitivity, and straight-out pain, you know what it is like

other’s skillset and expertise.

to need something good to come your way. On a trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates we worked, and we I respect the power of friendship. Friendship is one of the

played, and we laughed, and we cried….ok, well it was me that

most powerful relationships that people can foster, and

did the crying, and it was them that stood in the gap for me.

friendship is really necessary during these uncertain times.

I witnessed the power of friendship as we shared the journey

You have to develop a tenacity of being a friend and you have

of being three African American women working together

to be friendly at all times. I work alongside two women that

in the middle east. I found myself in the center of a personal

are the epitome of the word friend.

storm and my colleagues stood tall and never let me fail. I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed that a part of my personal

The first, C. NaTasha Richburg, is an amazing talent- on 4

life was interrupting my business plans. I did feel empowered

to step aside and allow my colleagues to keep the work moving

I remember going back to our hotel and realizing that these

while I took a self-care moment to gather myself. Time does

ladies not only cared about themselves, but they really

not wait. We had an obligation to stand before several rooms

cared about me. They did not focus on my “sad story”, they

of school aged children and with my emotional break, I was

focused on how my “glad story” is what got us to Dubai and

not in a position to speak to the school children as planned.

how successful our trip had been, NOT because one of us

But what would the school officials think? We had traveled

came and did well, but because the three of us contributed

thousands of miles across the Atlantic ocean and I was not

to the overall success of the trip. Each of us understand the

able to step up to the microphone and talk. Dr. Anita and

importance of being empathetic to the emotional needs of

C. NaTasha took over. One spoke while the other managed

one another. Each of us understand what compassion is and

to capture the work we were doing on video. They did not

how to leverage that compassion with encouragement. We

ridicule me, nor make me feel unworthy. They built me up

all express ourselves through random, and intentional acts of

through their encouragement.

kindness in all that we do for each other.



Kindness exists. Without a doubt, no matter what my

Gone are the days of separating work from play. Know what

colleagues experience, good or bad, I am positioned to

your mission is and understand whose on your team. Know

support them and cheer them on. I have a great appreciation

the boundaries and respect them. Grow your friendship by

for the power of friendship in business. Life is going to

respecting the work you have to do together. Grow your

happen. It does not discriminate. Gather a circle of people

business by respecting the personal relationships you build

that you can trust with your personal life while entrusting

with your team and colleagues. It can work.

them with your business life. It really is possible to have friendship among colleagues.


Every opportunity to be kind belongs to you.

C. NaTasha Richburg taught me to turn into the spin. Mrs.

Dr. Anita Davis DeFoe teaches me about self-care. Dr. DeFoe

Richburg provides 360 degree services for indie artists to

is an Author, a Global Educator, a Business Professional, a

include, music production, touring, talent management,

Social Entrepreneur, and a strong advocate for mentorship

video production, film production, artist development and

in women and children. She is a world traveler, and she is a

life coaching services. She is an excellent celebrity writer,

friend and colleague to me. We have traveled to France and

and she is a friend and colleague to me. We have traveled to

Dubai together. Visit her websites at www.UpshiftGlobal.com

Germany, France (twice), Dubai, and England together. Visit

and http://www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/anitadavisdefoe .

her website at www.cnatashaproductions.com




HIGH END VS DRUGSTORE IS IT WORTH IT? by Olympia Kent for urban sentinel Does it really matter? I have tried and tested a ton of products that range from high end to drugstore. There are plenty of drugstore products that I keep going back to. It makes you think, in this billion-dollar industry, are the more expensive products always better? The truth is, not always. Sometimes you may be paying for the brand and the packaging more than for the product itself.

better quality ingredients than their drugstore counterparts. Frequently, high-end makeup has cleaner ingredients, fewer fillers, and a range of shades to suit your skin’s individual needs, and they may have a performance advantage over drugstore makeup (less-expensive products that are like high-end versions), but truth be told I have achieved great makeup looks with both high-end and drugstore makeup.

Not knowing whether it is worth it to spend the money on certain products is sometimes overwhelming. Not all makeup products are created equal and not all high-end products are worth the price tag. With the emerge of smaller brands, clean brands, drugstore brands, and the higher end brands, it is not always clear on when or where to make the investment. I’m here to break it down for you and tell you what’s worth the big price tag and what isn’t.

Nevertheless, a quick look through your Instagram feed shows makeup fans everywhere achieving incredible looks with drugstore brands as well. In the battle of makeup types, which type reigns supreme?

We all have our go to high- and low-end makeup brands. How to decide between drug store beauty brands and highend beauty brands is the question? A rule of thumb, I always live by is to spend more money on products you do not have to replace or use all the time. Foundation is a product I will always spend money on. With most foundations a small pea to dime size depending on coverage is all you need…it will last you a long time.

Additionally, many drugstore lines have professional makeup artists test and promote their products after they have launched in store. With high-end cosmetics, it’s not uncommon for them to have artists involved in the formulation of each collection from start to finish.

Beauty products with a short shelf life I spend less on – yes, believe it or not all makeup products have a shelf life. Check out some of your makeup products and you will see a picture on all your products. That is the date of expiration once your product is opened! Are higher end beauty products always worth the price? High-end makeup companies often claim their products have

Here’s my personal makeup confession: I buy almost all my beauty products from department stores or high-end retailers.

Drugstore brands formulate their products with affordability in mind. High-end products, on the other hand, are formulated to better suit an individual’s preference and goals, meaning the products serve more specific functions in your beauty routine. There are lots of drugstore beauty products that I love. Some of my favorite beauty products actually come from the drugstore. They are affordable and do their job really well even better than their expensive high-end competitors!



Kristen Speller

VICTIM ELEVATED TO SURVIVOR by C. NaTasha Richburg for urban sentinel Marvin developed and marketed conscious, clean makeup for the immediate needs of individuals who experience domestic violence. Once out of that abusive home, Kristen never looked back. Kristen escaped her ex and went into hiding. Kristen said, "I lived behind military steel locked gates with four dogs and two guns every day.” Kristen describes hiding as "four long, arduous years." Before leaving for work, Kristen recalled, "I lay the towel on the ground because I had on my work clothes, then got on my stomach and looked under the gate even though there was just a tiny little window. I would go out; I would look over my shoulder." Nobody could penetrate the gates, yet the memory of the abuse stayed in her mind There are times when the pursuit of happiness appears to be a

in full throttle. Kristen was determined not to let

distant fairy tale when domestic abuse reigns as the norm in

her ex find her. "I remained in the Safe at Home Program for

the family home. When horrifying elements in the house play

victims and survivors of domestic violence in Los Angeles

out in real life, it’s worse than any scary movie. We run from

(L.A.)," according to Kristen. It took a Herculean effort for

the bad guy on the Hollywood sound stage because we want

Kristen to get away from her ex, and makeup was a tool used

to live to see a new day. Kristen Speller, an 11-year survivor of

to cover bruises.

domestic violence, has a story of steadfast hope and resiliency to speak truth to power about her former life behind closed

The normalcy of makeup usage was not problematic

doors with her ex-husband. Her life, free of the past, yields

for Kristen until one day in 2009. While at the doctor's

a story with a clear message that we can all escape domestic

appointment, she learned makeup could be harmful. The

violence. Kristen survived domestic violence to use lessons

doctor suggested that Kristen participate in a Paraben study

learned from the horrific experience in advocacy work. To

to investigate the potential correlation between neurological

help survivors of abuse, Kristen and her current husband

trauma and makeup ingredients. According to Tasha Stoiber,


Ph.D., Senior Scientist, "…studies suggest that parabens

effectively." So, as victims move to become survivors, healthy,

can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and

clean makeup can help them feel good about themselves.

reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the

"Feeling dignified," according to Kristen, is vital to a survivor

risk of cancer. They can also cause skin irritation." Kristen's

of domestic violence; "that's why makeup is needed to cover

study results came back a year-and-a-half later, inconclusive.

bruises." The covering of bruises elevates negative feelings in

At the time, Kristen said, "I didn't know anything about

victims into new possibilities of becoming a survivor. "I was

clean and conscious beauty back then, but it was enough to

a hospital department administrator while hiding personal

get my wheels turning." Kristen and Marvin invested time,

trauma with makeup to maintain a lucrative job as a hospital

energy, and resources in starting up a socially conscious,

administrator," said Kristen. Getting away from the abuser

clean makeup business, Doubledown Cosmetics, in 2017.

was a cause for celebration. Kristen wrote a new song and felt

Founded by the couple in Los Angeles, CA, the company is

an elevation in life when she performed the song in front of

a non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, and cruelty-free cosmetic

a live audience.

and skincare brand. Doubledown represents a conscious, clean beauty product that doesn't include parabens. Rise like the Phoenix In 2016, Kristen released an anthem on Now Kristen is gratefully living an exuberantly wonderful

the day after she finalized divorce papers. Her single "Phoenix

life married to Marvin, her husband, for ten years. Kristen

Rising" garnered critical acclaim and received a Global

brings us a story of how she was a Victim Elevated to

Peace Nomination for Best Rock/Pop Song. Next, in 2018

Survivor. Kristen will continue to Rise like the Phoenix with

Kristen was awarded the Global Peace Song Award in Los

music that motivates us to rise from the ashes into a new

Angeles, CA. She was also honored by Mayor Thomas Hoye

life. She offers lessons on the benefits of working on yourself

in Taunton, MA, and was awarded the Key to Taunton for

and learning not to be scared of a person who means harm.

her musical and philanthropic efforts. An 8-time Grammy ®

Kristen is grateful for her husband, Marvin, who helped her

contender, including nominations for Best Rock Song, Song

learn to look forward and not worry about the abuser who no

of The Year, and Best New Artist, Kristen reminds us in song

longer controls her future. Kristen's story is about celebrating

how to rise from the ashes to live freely outside of the metal

possibilities and opportunities with messages of hope for


everyone. Grateful to remarry and have her life turn around. Kristen Victim Elevated to Survivor Kristen says regarding

said, "a lot of people say, oh there's no good men out there,

Doubledown cosmetics, "people know when they shop with

and that's not true. I want to encourage women that if they

us, we're a community-conscious mission-lead business.

feel like they will never find someone, it will never happen."

It's more than just makeup; the purpose is to move the

Kristen's life is grateful to have found someone to love her.

community to a realm of socially conscious, clean products.”

Kristen went to therapy for three years since she didn't want

Sometimes Kristen and Marvin go to court with other victims.

to be scarred by the bad experience with her ex. "I was not

Kristen reflected on her time at court: "I've been privileged to

born to be scarred by abuse," Kristen said. Grateful to have

have experiences with judges who have made very horrific

a "phenomenal" husband in Marvin, Kristen has learned to

vile comments about women's bruised appearances, and

love again.

so I learned to cover up people's wounds with makeup


11 11

With Marvin, Kristen also founded the Glam Up Program, which provides free makeovers to the domestic violence and homelessness communities of Los Angeles. As a professional musician, Kristen donates her music to various shelters in Los Angeles and across the country. Kristen also advocates for shelter residents who want to work on legislation. Kristen is proud to perform her music live in places such as the House of Blues, Whisky a Go-Go, the Cape Verdean Festival, and more. Tried by fire, Kristen and Marvin have risen from the ashes to impact the community positively. The couple is exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to help other victims of domestic violence learn to elevate themselves to become survivors.

Website: www.doubledowncosmetics.com




It Is Time To Upshift

The Franchise Enterprise by C. NaTasha Richburg for urban sentinel According to a PriceWaterhouse study, 30.8 percent of franchise businesses in 2021 are owned by minorities. This growth represents franchise purchases. While overall franchise ownership is on the increase, the percentage of minority business owners who are creating and building franchises showcasing their own products and services is dismal. Franchise creation is a proven strategy, a business model that can foster the generational wealth and a pathway to jobs and opportunity. By comparison, just 18.8 percent of non-franchise businesses are owned by minorities. “The franchise business model has solidified its place in our economy as a stable job producer and opportunity engine. Franchising is uniquely situated to create serious economic opportunity in local communities by generating employment and ownership opportunities for those who need them most,” says former International Franchise Federation Association President and CEO Robert Cresanti. “The franchise business model is already working to meet the future challenges of a rapidly growing and diversifying franchise sector with shifting demographics, instituting a business model that achieves a dream for hundreds of thousands.” Well, for the visionary entrepreneur looking to expand, there is a company especially designed to provide solutions to all Meefranchising needs, The Franchise Enterprise.


The Franchise Enterprise is the pre-eminent, minority owned franchise development firm. Although established in Detroit, it has grown its market internationally. The firm has over 40 -years of experience in helping companies expand their brand. It has done so regionally, nationally and internationally. TFE has fostered relationships with key people in over 30 countries. The companies core values are Build. Broker. Manage.,which distinguish us from other development companies. The Franchise Enterprise provides a comprehensive, consultative service. We steer our clients through an 8-step process for their development. As a result of this process, the business emerges as a fully registered franchise. The Franchise Enterprise also provides training and assistance with on-boarding new franchisees. With purpose and patience, the Franchise Enterprise is on a mission to increase the number of minority and women franchisors. The organizations aims to "level the playing field" by providing resources, knowledge, and opportunity to those businesses that historically did not have access. Many companies are challenged with growth due to the lack of finance, man-power and resources. The Franchise Enterprise offers an effective strategy that meets the needs of businesses at all levels. Meet the Leadership Team, Visit www.thefranchsie enterprise.com

MEET OUR LEADERSHIP Dr. Sherri Henderson - President Michael Dorsey - Executive Vice President LaShunda Thomas - Vice President Nilda Thomas - Regional Director - Detroit Andre Foster - Regional Director - Detroit Andrea James - Regional Director - LA

Learn More About the President and CEO of The Franchise Enterprise


Latisha Gambril - Regional Director- Atlanta Dr. Linda Avery - Regional Director - Atlanta Kyra Hardwick - Regional Director - Houston Aleke Efe - Regional Director - West Africa Dr. Anita Defoe - Regional Director - Florida Lauren HIcks - Broker William Khaliq - Broker Donna Werner - Broker Dr. Sherri Henderson - President Michael Dorsey - Executive Vice President LaShunda Thomas - Vice President Nilda Thomas - Regional Director - Detroit Andre Foster - Regional Director - Detroit Andrea James - Regional Director - LA Latisha Gambril - Regional Director- Atlanta Dr. Linda Avery - Regional Director - Atlanta Kyra Hardwick - Regional Director - Houston Aleke Efe - Regional Director - West Africa Dr. Anita Defoe - Regional Director - Florida Lauren HIcks - Broker William Khaliq - Broker Donna Werner - Broker

Dr. Henderson is an international business leader. She is the president of The Franchise Enterprise and the founder of Global Business Development Firm. The Franchise Enterprise was founded to teach black and women owned businesses how to create a national and international franchise with their brands. Dr. Henderson has a national and international client base, representing a variety of industries. She is the chair of MI Trade Summit Committee. She serves as the Global Business Director for the Global African Business Association (GABA), the president of the Michigan Association of Female Entrepreneurs (MAFE) and the CEO of the LandBridge 501 c3. She empowers women of all ages and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. As a philanthropist and native Detroiter, she has dedicated her life to humanitarian efforts and ministries around the world, traveling and completing projects in over 20 countries. She provides strategic planning, operational guidelines and marketing management for municipalities, small businesses and educational institutions around the word. She began her career as an elementary school teacher in Lansing, MI and Adjunct Professor at Spring Arbor University. She is a graduate of Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, Ashland University Seminary in Ashland, OH and completed continuing education courses at Stanford University, Harvard Business Institute and Yale University. She was appointed by a NGO with consultative status to the United Nations to serve as global ambassador. Dr. Henderson has over 25 years of professional experience in developing and growing businesses. She was recently recruited by the World Bank to work as an International Business Consultant to advise nations around the world in the areas of Business Development and International Franchising. Additionally, she is a Board Member of the Global Black Women's Chamber of Commerce



Annabel Quintero 16

TRANQUILITY through TRAGEDY A Story of Real-Life Survival

by Shonda N. Redden-Drake with Corretta L. Doctor for urban sentinel I can hardly believe that it has been twenty years! Let’s think back on a day that we will never forget: September 11, 2001. Meet Annabel Quintero. Annabel is a best-selling author, consultant, and holistic mindset coach that emphasizes the mind-body-emotion connection and provides fertile soil for individuals to create their own life dynamic. Annabel is also a survivor of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. 19 militants associated with the extremist group al Qaeda took over four airplanes and carried out suicide missions that included two planes flying into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, one plane flying into the Pentagon in the Washington, D.C. area, and one plane crashing into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Just under 3000 people died that day and on the 20th anniversary of the tragic day that most refer to as ‘9/11’ we send our prayers, sympathy, and warm thoughts to the families of the men and women that lost their lives in all of the attacks that day. We send our prayers of comfort to the survivors and their families and to all of the emergency support personnel that endured the treacherous work of rescue and recovery efforts during one of the most disastrous times imaginable. Prior to 9/11, Annabel had a regular routine of meditation. She started meditating four years before the 9/11 tragedy. You will soon find out why the preceding sentence is monumental. Annabel started her workday on the morning of September 11, 2001 just as she did any other day however that particular day turned out to be drastically different. Annabel arrived at work, and she started reading the Wall Street Journal. She also exchanged morning greetings with her colleagues. The day was off to a great start. It was just after 8am in the morning and Annabel was at her desk preparing for her tasks. Then, boom! She heard a distinct, loud crashing sound that she will never forget, it sounded as if something hit her building. Not only did she hear the



loud noise, she felt the rumblings and movements that came

people needed emergency care to get out of the falling tower.

immediately after the echoing boom sound. To Annabel's

The firefighter’s eyes looked so calm and peaceful. , Annabel

dismay, it turns out something did hit her building. An

looked through his eyes and saw more than what his facial

airplane intentionally collided into the Twin Towers, World

expression was revealing. He gave a chilling look of no return,

Trade Center building one (1 WTC) at 8:46am and then

as if he knew he would never come out of the burning tower.

building two (2 WTC) was hit 17 minutes later at 9:03am.

Annabel was aware of her situation but through her practice

Both towers were statuesque 110 story buildings. In a panic

of meditation, she allowed the peacefulness of God to keep

Annabel knew she had to escape but she could not think

her strong willed and faithful enough to survive.

clearly at all because in a matter of moments, her entire life was consumed with sheer terror. In just one hour and fourty-

On the 20th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack, we

two minutes both of the Twin Towers collapsed.

celebrate the life and experiences of Annabel Quintero. Her experience is a branch on the tree of her life. She provides

To escape the unknown chaos there was only one logical way

an umbrella of services to help people that have been dealt

to try to exit out of the building before it fell and that was the

a blow of trauma or tragedy. Her experience and healing

stairway. By staying in the stairwell Annabel could look up

is an extension of her positive journey. It was not an easy

and see the outside skies but once again she began to think

discussion to have. Annabel took 15 years before she could

and wonder how she could escape alive. She shares, “There

share her story on a public platform.

was no fire alarm or announcement, and then the rumbling started. I looked back from the window, and everything was

Stay the course. Maintain healthy control of your mind

grey. I was mortified with fear and remembered that in an

and stay focused in your quest to be whole in life. With the

earthquake I was supposed to get under a desk. Instinctively,

Coronavirus pandemic and the residual effects of it, we are

as I looked back at the once sunny office, now a deathly grey,

faced with challenges never seen before. Allow your mind to

I asked God ‘Hay Dios Mio, Que Hago? Dear God, what

shift towards the positive.

should I do?’ After thinking to herself, “Wait! I am 46 floors up. I need to get from under this desk and see what is going

Meditation teaches one how to pay attention to the breath

on.” She did. Annabel regrouped, stopped, took a deep

as it goes in and out of the body and teaches you to notice

breath during this difficult time, and used her meditation

when the mind wanders from the task. Annabel is a holistic

skills. She had to come to terms with the realization that she

mindset advisor today and she helps people translate life

was forced to think about her choices. She had to want to

experiences into growth of mind, strength of body, and

live or die trying. Annabel wanted to live. Annabel had to

emotional wellness. Annabel offers resiliency training that

courageously step, step, and then jump from the ledge of the

is geared toward business professionals of all levels, military

steps to get to each lower floor. As she proceeded to escape

veterans, refugees, and people who are tired of hiding and

the fiery fury, she was met by firefighters. Annabel forced

downplaying themselves. To engage with Annabel please

her way downwards, 46 flights, while going downward on

consider joining her Facebook community at Step Step Jump,

the right side of the staircase while the rescue professionals

and visit her website at www.stepstepjump.com.

were going upwards on the left side of the staircase. Annabel recalls a chilling moment. She locked eyes with one firefighter as he propelled upwards to the higher floors where many







Everyone Matters in The Fight Against the Pandemic by Arlette Thomas-Fletcher for urban sentinel About 100 years ago in 1918, the spread of the Spanish flu was estimated to kill 20 to 50 million people all over the world. This occurred between 1918 and 1919 which happened during the end of World War I. In 1918 the city of Philadelphia had a parade that killed thousands of people. This was because they decided to ignore the warning of influenza among soldiers preparing for a World War I march. The march which was to support the war effort drew a crowd of people of 200,000. The people were all crammed together in the streets to watch the procession of the soldiers. Three days after the march all the beds in Philadelphia’s 31 hospitals were filled with sick and dying patients that had

been infected by the Spanish flu. At week’s end over 4,500 people were dead due to the outbreak. This epidemic would later claim up to 100 million people’s lives worldwide. The Spanish flu pandemic was considered the deadliest affliction on society in history. Reference: 2021 Quartz Media, Inc. (https://qz.com/1816060/a-chart-of-the-1918-spanish-flushows-why-social-distancing-works/) With the current occurrences in our world such as the recent economy and the labor market being impacted by this major pandemic, all our lives have been turned upside down. Many of us have suffered loss or near loss of loved ones. There are so many views about how we all should be handling our current crisis. But amid the mask covering and the social distancing we need to remember that we are responsible not just for ourselves but also others. Yes, we are our brother’s keeper. Many questions are circling our lives every day, “should I get vaccinated or not?” There have been multiple debates over this issue. The concerns are real. We have a lot to consider when it comes to how a vaccine affects one human being over another. But wearing a mask does not impact most people’s health according to the Centers for Disease Control. Nor does staying six feet apart from a person in public. Change and


crisis are hard things to have to face at the same time. We can

your voice and the kindness of your spirit can be felt. We must

overcome this pestilence if we open our hearts and realize

work together to reach those that are hurting in our world

that we are all in this together. If we are willing to make

whether it is financial or emotional. During this pandemic

some concessions to allow our society to heal it will make a

we have lost so many great people. Doctors, bus drivers, trash

difference. We are facing a calamity of hard situations today.

workers, supermarket workers, ministers, celebrities and so

Our homeless rate and mortality rates are very high all over

many more. This virus has no respect of persons it can harm

the country.

anyone. So, we must make our own decision about how we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. That means

We have real problems in our world as so many are

we must be reasonable and take the precautions necessary

facing multiple destitution while trying to meet financial

to heal our world. Whether it is wearing a mask, staying six

responsibilities. Therefore, as a society we need hope and

feet apart, or getting vaccinated. What will you do to make

human kindness. It does not take much to just give a kind

things better?

word to someone in passing. A mere hello and smile with a “good morning” and a “how are you?” still works to lift a

For more information about Arlette Thomas-Fletcher go to

person’s spirits. Even if you are wearing a mask the tone of






NewStyle Independent Pictures by C. NaTasha Richburg for the urban sentinel In a time when COVID -19 has changed the

professionals, is open for business.

common business expression, "Location, Location, Location" to "connection, connection, connection,"

Working with a trusted team of professionals

businesses are positioning themselves to access

who understand visual media's role in enhancing

new far-reaching target markets. A company with

potential business growth opportunities is a plus.

robust social media platforms bursting with quality

Rod relentlessly enriches his knowledge of the latest

content is an efficient way to reach new markets.

video/film equipment, pre-and post-production

An engaging social media platform offers an

processes to ensure a visually excellent product. The

avenue of connection to potential customers that

outcome of superb video/films results in positive

may eventually establish global relationships. Rob

readouts of data analytics on social media pages

Lopez, the Director, Filmmaker, Producer, CEO of

identified by the length of time a customer views

New Style Independent Pictures (@NewStyleIP),

content. The question, "Is posting video content

has a new Studio located in Towson, Maryland,

on social media important?" is addressed by the

ready to serve companies with his new in-house

Lemonlight blog by Alexa Nizam, dated January 1,

media production capabilities. According to Rod,

2021, which says:

The Studio is a real live Television Studio. We can do many things ranging from TV Shows, podcasts, YouTube shows, Late Night TV, Interviews,

• "58% of consumers visit a brand's social media pages before visiting their website. (Animoto)

Live Streaming, and photography. The Studio is

• 24% of consumers are making more purchases

equipped with state-of-the-art 4K Cinema cameras,

due to ads on social media than last year. (Animoto)

Production Switchers, and LED Lights. We can

• 60% of consumers who purchased a brand found

customize each set to match each production. We

out about them on social media. (Animoto)"

can customize background lights to display any color required for the production. Some of our

The Lemonlight findings illustrate social media

clients include local celebrities, national brands

platforms avail a front-row seat to tie businesses

as well as local artists and businesses. The new

to potential customers. Rod's expertise as a video/

@NewStyleIP Studio, with its trusted team of

film industry content provider afforded him a



knowledge base of what the consumer wants to see on social media. Rod knows "people don't want to read tiny text," they would prefer to watch a video. Trends in social media identified in the Cyber Click blog titled, "Video Marketing trends and benefits on social media," by Laia Cardona, dated August 29, 2019, says: • Today, the average user consumes 66 minutes of audiovisual content per day. The hours spent viewing videos on YouTube per month have grown 50% compared to last year. • In 2019, 80% of all traffic will be video content. • A person would need 5 million years to watch all the videos uploaded in just one month of this year." Additionally, the Profitwork blog says: "a social media strategy helps you build brand awareness and reputation." An excellent video on social media can be one strategy used to open the door for customers who want to know more about your company. One @NewStyleIP client's testimonial expressed the sentiment of many when he said:

"I have worked on many commercials with Rod and have always been impressed by his creativity, professionalism, and willingness to do what it takes to produce an effective Television ad. More importantly, the clients have been equally impressed."— Victor Mudrick, Local Account Executive, Comcast Spotlight A former minor league baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles, Rod brings a sportsman-like team-focused mentality to each project that yields excellent, predictable outcomes.

He understands that collaboration

brings out the best of all players on a team. Rod promises clients that "…we will do our best to earn your business and, ultimately, your final approval once your project is completed." Under the leadership of Rod Lopez, the new @NewStyleIP Studio has social media video/film production capabilities that meet industry standards and has the expertise required to meet corporate needs regardless of budget size. The new @NewStyleIP Studio is a place every company can realize its video/film aspirations. Visit New Style Studio's website at: http://newstyleip.com/




Securing Copyrights for Dancers by Brandee Johnson for the urban sentinel Think about the last iconic dance video you witnessed. For some people, a number of Michael Jackson’s music videos may come to mind; after all, who wasn’t excited to dance like Michael after watching “Thriller” or “Remember The Time?” Maybe the last iconic dance video you watched was Usher’s “U Remind Me”, or Missy Elliott’s “Work It”. And who can forget about Beyonce’s iconic music video for “Single Ladies?” No matter what music videos come to your mind, what always stood out to you was the amazing choreography.

Credit: Image taken from www.cnet.com. Link: Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' will soon scare you in 3D - CNET

Credit: Image taken from www.wikipedia.com

Dance choreography is an art form that is grossly underrated. Artists’ performances can be enhanced due to the work of the choreographer. Unfortunately, choreographers have little to no protections for their choreography. Although dance choreography is a form of intellectual property, it is very difficult for choreographers to legally enforce their rights. One of the main reasons why it is difficult for choreographers to copyright their work is because until 1976, dance choreography was not legally recognized as intellectual property. Prior to the Copyright Act of 1976, the only type of choreography that was protected under copyright law was choreography created under the category of drama. Thanks to the revision added in 1976, any choreography that is registered can be protected under copyright law as long as the choreography is “fixed”. Choreography is defined as “fixed” when the choreography has become tangible, i.e. the choreography is properly documented through video or written down or taught to other dancers. Although the dance choreography is considered copyrighted


once it is created, choreographers will not be able to enforce their copyrights until their choreography is registered with the Copyright Office. Because the registration process is so comprehensive, it would be best for choreographers to register their work either during the creative process or before the work is premiered. Confirmation of registration can take between six to 13 months. Even though the registration process is tedious, taking complete ownership of one’s art is always worth it. If you don’t believe me, take a page out of JaQuel Knight’s book. Chances are if you are not aware of who JaQuel Knight, you are more than familiar with his choreography. Knight is the creative behind the choreography for videos such as “Single Ladies”, “Formation”, “Diva”, “2 On”, “All Hands on Deck” and “Body” with Megan Thee Stallion; and that is just the tip of the iceberg. He has also choreographed for various events such as Beyonce’s Coachella performances, The X Factor, The Voice, and Dancing With The Stars. As impressive as Knight’s body of work is, he continues to be a pioneer for choreographers and securing ownership of their work. In addition to becoming the first commercial choreographer to successfully copyright his work, he is paying it forward by teaching other Black content creators how to secure their own copyrights, particularly on platforms such as Tik Tok where the contributions of Black content creators have been repeatedly stolen and unacknowledged. Hopefully, Knight’s actions will be the catalyst for many Black choreographers to follow suit and ensure the copyrights that they rightfully deserve.

Credit: Image taken from www.iwantmypopculture.com. Link: Video Review: Missy Elliott “Work It” – I Want My Pop Culture

Credit: Image taken from Usher - U Remind Me watch for free or download video (music-videos-only.icu)

Credit: Image of JaQuel Knight taken from www.billboard.com




Spreading the

by Claudia Newby-Tynes for urban sentinel

article "Spreading the Love" inspires me on many levels. September, the ninth month of the year, symbolizes birthing...and would you know, September is my birth month. Celebrating good times...come on!


my month for celebrating me, even as I am being celebrated, and I can celebrate however I choose to...you think?


down, Claudia, you're moving too fast, you got your hands in the air with your feet on the gas...." says R&B Artist Indie Arie in her 2002 release "Slow Down." Listening to the lyrics in songs is a favorite pet peeve of mine, more so than listening to the high pitched stringed instruments, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. No not just for some, but for everyone." Some of you may remember this song. Wow! I am sure enough dating myself with this song, You see, I was a 15year old teenager when this song was released in 1965 by Jackie DeShannon. My high-school sweetheart, now hubby of 50+ years, and I didn’t meet until 1966. Isn't it obvious from a world's perspective that love is the missing ingredient lacking in the world? The title of this


musical chords and upbeat tones. Another favorite song of mine is "It's a Colorful World” by CeCe Winans. One stanza in her song says: "Celebrate all our differences Instead of building these lasting fences What's in the heart matters most of all." Chorus: “It’s a colorful world; it's a beautiful world that we live in. It's a colorful world." And finally, remember this song? "Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world, Red and yellow, black, and white

They are precious in His sight

(aka), the inner man, the core or center of man. The Spirit

Jesus loves the little children of the world."

of God dwells in the heart of the believer. During my research, I found this quote by The Heart Based Institute.

Are you seeing the theme interwoven throughout this

It reads, "The heart is universal and non-denominational.

article now? I am celebrating my birthday by spreading

We believe our spiritual heart transcends belief systems

the gift of life and love everywhere my authentic voice

and cultures." (www.heartbased.org).

is heard either through the written word or the spoken word. Spreading the love of God is my gift to you.

God is Love... He has given His people many platforms

While Labor Day, September 6, 2021, is one of the most

for His love to flow through them and reach those who

celebrated days in September, there are two other notable

are hurting, lost, and in need of love and encouragement.

days of awareness that stood out for me that occur in

Are you a carrier of God's love? Do you spread His love

September too.

everywhere you go?

1. The "National World Heart Day" which is September

As God's Kingdom Communicator and Scribe, He has

29, 2021. The "National World Heart Day" basically

provided many platforms for me to spread His love. On

brings awareness concerning the human heart i.e.,

January 3, 1999, I penned this entry in my journal:

cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and how to control

"Once you know and have experienced the divine love of

the diseases to negate how they will impact the world

Jesus, then and only then can you experience human love

globally, see

to its highest."

(www.world-heart-federation.org). You see, it’s all about our relationship with God. When 2. As stated earlier, I am celebrating my birthday on

our relationships are aligned with God...Who is Love...

September 30, 2021. Celebrating my earthly birthday is

His Love flows everywhere we go. And while I am

a gift of life and love from the creator of the universe.

celebrating my birthday, I am still on assignment; I'm

And how I celebrate my life on earth is my gift to God

spreading His love too.

and others.

See (www.claudiatynes.com).

Now this is the perfect segue (segway) to illustrate the

The world is waiting on us. So come on and let's get

theme, "Spreading the Love." So let's go on a love-fest

on board of the love train and let the love-fest begin.

joy ride....

Celebrate the gift of life and love and enjoy the ride as you are spreading His Agape (unconditionally) love

First, what's in your heart matters most of all. We have a

everywhere you go

human heart which is a muscular pump responsible for carrying blood throughout the entire body. "For the life

The O Jays says it like this: "People all over the world

of the flesh is in the blood." Your life and my life are

(everybody), join hands, start a love train, love train...."

in the blood according to scripture (see Leviticus 17:11)

I'm already on board, what about you?



Second, believers have a spiritual heart or new heart







Third Chances.....

S P I RI T UA L NO U RI S H M E N T B RO U GH T TO YO U B Y THE URBAN SENTINEL AND UPSHIFT GLOBAL by dr. anita davis-defoe for urban sentinel In roughly 122 days, many of us will be toasting in the New Year with family and friends, probably most through virtual celebrations, as COVID 19 and the Delta variant continue to pose global health threats. In roughly 122 days, the process of making New Year’s resolutions will begin, and many of us will once again decide which aspects of our lives we hope to improve during the months of the New Year; this time the year will be 2022, but this time vow to do things differently. Time sure flies whether you are enjoying your life or not. Since January 2020, all of our lives have been filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and disbelief. Some of us have clung to hope, while far too many of us have chosen hopelessness. With your gift of these next 122 days, 2928 hours, what will you do? As you look to the future, what are your plans? With that in mind, it is much better if you exert energy passionately pursuing all of your possibilities, instead of allowing yourself to become derailed and stuck at the pity party table.. I have decided to choose joy, and I urge you to do the same. I have decided to reach for the chance to create the life that I want and to dig deep within my spirit and seriously seek to uncover my most heartfelt desires. I sincerely urge you to please consider doing the same thing; certainly, it is time for you to be true to yourself. Spend a few days, even a few weeks for that matter, and earnestly make some decisions about the path you want your life to take. Reflect on your talents, your gifts and those things that bring you pure joy. These are your personal roadmaps to happiness. Once you have identified this personal vision for your life, commit seven to ten goals to paper, and do it now. Do not wait for New Year’s Eve, and do not make the excuse of waiting for the

New Year to start fresh. Each day that we wake is a new opportunity, each day is another chance, a fresh start; each new day is yet another opportunity for each of us to seek joy in our work and personal lives. Far too many of us let the past hold us back. Broken hearts, broken promises, past mistakes, and past failures too often dominate our daily thoughts. Letting go and moving on is difficult but necessary if we are really going to enjoy today; the present. Straddling the fence between the past and the present is difficult, not to mention draining. Vow to leave the past where it belongs, back there. Learn from it, grow from it, but refuse to dwell in it. A chance is a likelihood that something will happen; a real opportunity to make something happen. Often we hear people say, “If only I had a second chance.” Well, the truth of the matter, your chances to achieve your goals are limitless; in fact your chances only cease when you choose to give up. Herein is where the problem lies; the majority of humankind gives up far too soon, and definitely too often because of some mental snapshots of events from the past. The list of common barriers that can hold us back are many, but often the simple removal of just one of these barriers can end up making the difference in our quest for personal progress. 1. Unclear or No Goals. Define your goals and write them down. Make a plan listing the things you need to do to accomplish your goals, and then simply work your plan. Revise your plan as needed and add new goals as you achieve goals already on your list. URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER


2. Limited Attitude Regarding Your "Chance for Success". Believe that you can achieve your goals; having a can-do attitude and being persistent will bring you success every time. 3. Lack of Commitment. Commitment means doing everything possible to bring about success in a certain area or endeavor. Be totally committed to achieving your goals and do not let obstacles break your spirit. 4. Lack of Accountability. The highest form of accountability is self-accountability. Make yourself accountable for pursuing your dreams, for the quality of your life. 5. Procrastination. Do not wait; do not put it off until tomorrow. You know what you want, so go for it!!! Embrace a now mindset, that is, no opportunity wasted. 6. Effort. You will reap what you sow, and you are your own gardener. Do not let the weeds overtake your spirit and choke your dreams. 7. Lack of Vision. Without a vision, some idea what you want out of life, you will probably end up with whatever someone chooses to give you or with nothing at all. 8. Lack of Concentration. Concentrate on your life and focus on your goals daily. Refuse to sleepwalk through life; decide instead to be an active participant in the course of events in your life. Remember do not let these common barriers rob you of your personal joy. Choose to take action now because what ever you desire, you are the only one that can make it happen. Remember chances are that whatever you visualize in your mind, believe in your soul, and actively purse with vigor will eventually come to pass. Take that third chance if you need it and use a fourth if necessary. Enjoy this journey we call life, and learn to relish the beauty of each and every day.




WHY ARE COLLEGE COSTS OUT OF CONTROL? by bridgette m. alfred for urban sentinel A. Introduction: 1. Physical: Over the past two decades,



plans in the mind of a man, but it

educational models. These problems

is the purpose of the Lord that will

are deeply ingrained in America’s





reversing them will take work.


increased in price more than any


B. The Student Loan System: 2. Spiritual: Proverbs 15:22 (TPT):

other good or service besides ongoing

1. Physical: In 2009, after the Great

Your plans will fall apart right in

COVID-19 epidemic could make

Recession, states started investing less

front of you if you fail to get good


in universities and colleges because

advice. But if you first seek out

they were also facing an economic

multiple counselors, you’ll watch

crisis and had other more mandatory

your plans succeed.


care. education




unaffordable. Some 56% of students feel they

financial priorities, like health care

can no longer comfortably pay

and social security benefits.

C. Conclusion:

2020 survey, which polled more

Roughly 62% of college graduates in

1. Physical: As entry-level jobs

than 10,000 current freshmen,

2019 took on some student debt and

increasingly require undergraduate



owed on average a total of $28,950.

degrees, colleges are competing with

200-plus colleges and universities

This is slightly down from the 2018

each other and, as a result, are making

across the country. The survey

average of $29,200, according to the

changes on campus to increase the

also found that 7% of respondents

Institute for College Success and

value of the student experience.

have had to unenroll to find full-

Access. The average U.S. household

This means hiring more faculty,

time employment or alternative

with student debt owes $47,671,

building more dorms, making other

education options.


types of capital and technological

their tuition, according to a June






improvements. These are very real

household debt study.

costs that colleges are taking on,

But even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States,

All colleges must be accredited

and unfortunately, they put more

the cost of college was beyond

to access federal aid, but the

responsibility on the students to

reach for many. Today, the average

accreditation system is typically

meet those costs.

private school costs $48,510 per

hostile to new players. Accreditors

year, and public universities clock

often judge schools based on factors

2. Spiritual: Proverbs 22:26-27 (CEB):

in around $21,370.

such as curriculum and faculty

Don’t shake hands to guarantee a

rather than whether they achieve

loan. If you can’t repay, why should


better student outcomes for a lower

they be able to take your bed from

(ESV): Listen to advice and accept

price. This system disadvantages


instruction, that you may gain

schools with newer and cheaper

wisdom in the future. Many are the














SÉRGIO DOS CÉUS NELSON My name is Sérgio dos Céus Nelson, born on January, 23rd, 1994. I'm from Mozambique. In 2011 I was the protagonist in the play “The Passion of Christ”, a theatrical performance presented at the Catholic Church. In 2014 I was trained in writing scripts. Since then I have written screenplays and have until now eight International nominations, having been a Finalist in New York Cinematography Awards, Semifinalist in Hollywood Casting and Film - Screenplay Competition, Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards, among others. Last year I won the “Black Lives Matter Scholarship”, which allowed me to study “Acting for Film” at the American Arts & Film Academy (AAFTA). In 2016 I studied “Video Production” at the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (INAC). I have a Diploma in Film Studies: The French Masters and Classic Hollywood Cinema. I’m a Photographer and participated in International Photo Competitions like 35awards - International Photography Awards (Russia). In 2019 -2020 I worked as Chief Operating Officer for Sustainable Media, Corp (From Miami). My tasks were to Develop scripts, Manage Sustainable Media's Blog, Select new contents for our unique global digital distribution formula. I speak or understand ten languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin and five local languages.





Pages 3, 25, 26 and 27: Photo’s By Rod Lopez Pages 10 and 12: Photo’s By Kristen Speller Pages 3 and 9: Photo’s By Jerry A. Barnes


Cover, Pages 16, 19: Photos By John Curry and Barbie Hull




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