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The first month of the year is behind us, which seems amazing because we just finished celebrating the holidays. A new beginning took place in January as President Joe Biden was sworn in as our 46th President of the United States. This was an awesome event, which should allow all of us to take in a breath of fresh air and rid ourselves of the toxicity of the previous administration. This month’s cover features the “Love King”, Raheem DeVaughn. Raheem DeVaughn is a three-time Grammy nominee who has just released a new album titled “What A Time To Be In Love”. This album is filled with soulful tantalizing lyrics like ‘You make me feel something tantric, something fantastic, wild, and orgasmic’: this is what his fans have been waiting for. As we prepare for another Valentine’s Day, Raheem DeVaughn is keeping love alive during a time of confusion and chaos. This issue also features a plethora of great stories that are filled with heartwarming sentiments and words of encouragement. We are excited for you to turn each page and enjoy the articles from front to back. We are striving to be a favorite magazine to readers around the world. We are reaching homes across nations and sharing stories of empowerment, inspiration and entertainment from the film, music and literary industries. In keeping with our broad approach to bringing you the very best information in a highly professional manner, we are striving to be the best. We value the feedback from our readers because it helps us to grow. Please email us at reginald.kearney@marylanddailyexaminer.com with your feedback. If you would like to advertise with us, send an email with the word ‘Advertise’ in the subject line. Like us on FaceBook at The Urban Sentinel, follow us on Twitter at @UrbanSentinel and you may follow us on Instagram at @theurbansentinel . Visit our website at www.UrbanSentinelMagazine.com . I invite you to view our new show, ‘Urban Sentinel Live’, which can be viewed on Facebook @UrbanSentinelLive on Monday nights at 8:30pmET. It is a half hour show that features guests that have been featured in the Urban Sentinel magazine. Thank you for your continued support. The Urban Sentinel magazine and talk show are great ways to share amazing stories about amazing talent. We thank you in advance for sharing our brand with your fans, family, and followers. We hope you enjoy all of the great stories in the Febuary 2021 edition.



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A Dark White Day


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The 2021 Leadership Skill Shifts


If Love Finds You, Just Say Thank You


Raheem DeVaughn: What a Time to be in Love


Coming Full Circle in Love and Marriage


Raise Your Hand


Franck Millie: A Modern-Day Renaissance Man


4 Principles of Effective Leadership Part 3


Robert Williams: Music Chose Him


Kenneth and Mamie Clark: Psychology’s Power Couple


The Greatest of Love of All


For Your Health: What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus


Be My Valentine


The Speakers Speaker


Trenace' K. Carter



A DA RK W H I T E DAY : JA N UA RY 6 , 2 0 2 1 , T H E DAY W E W I T N ES S E D T H E AT T I T U D E T H AT B R O U G H T S L AV E RY TO A M E R I CA’ S S H O R ES A N D W I S H ES I T W E R E S T I L L H E R E by Jay Arrington for the urban sentinel It should come as no surprise that many of the insurrectionists

like euphemism for patriotism. Be they fairy tales, wives’

who barnstormed the US Capitol January 6th of this year

tales, mythical tales, historical tales, or stories of war, white

see themselves as patriots. After all, slave holding so-called

Americans always somehow manage to rub just enough

patriots drafted the US Constitution. And did not another

stink off of themselves to come out smelling like a rose.

faux patriot, US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B.

Men like John Wayne and Cary Cooper defending white

Taney, author the infamous Dred Scott decision, which

womanhood from indigenous peoples whose land they

decided that African Americans “had no rights which the

stole just two of many examples.

white man was bound to respect.” Taney’s statue in the Capitol remains to this day one of the most fiercely debated

So too Ron Ely as “Tarzan”, a fantastical farce about


a white man who just happened to be raised by apes but magically after a few years could speak ape better than the

White America has long portrayed itself as ‘heroes’, a God-


ape itself and communicate better again with the animals

Credit: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/25-unbelievable-photos-from-the-us-capitol-riots

than the indigenous people who had lived with the very

most unsolvable crime, or the disgraced engineer/geologist

same animals for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. And

who is called upon to save the world from an out-of-control

of course, every week Tarzan is the conquering hero.

meteorite. Somehow the sins of your past don’t matter if you’re white.

But this is the attitude. We’re better than everyone else, everything else, anywhere else.

Oh, and did I mention real life cops that murder (on video) in one city, get fired, and then get hired in another city. No

And even when whites know the stink is on them, they

one witnessed O.J.’s alleged crime and yet, despite being

expect that their whiteness serves as some sort of cleanser,

found not guilty O.J. remains to this day a pariah in the

a moral disinfectant if you will that exempts them from

eyes of white folks.

blame, allows them to blame someone else, absolves them of responsibility, and most audacious of all, entitles them to

But this is the attitude. No matter how high you climb the

forgiveness from those whom they have harmed.

ladder of success, as a black person in America you’re still beneath us. If we say you’re guilty. You’re guilty.

Case in point. In the 1958 drama film “The Defiant Ones” two escaped prisoners, one black and one white (Sidney

Make no mistake folks. These are the very attitudes that

Poitier and Tony Curtis) are shackled together and are

brought slavery to the shores of America. The delusional

forced to co-exist in harmony in order to survive. While

paranoid attitudes that would not object if slavery were still

chasing a train Poitier is able to board but then jumps off

in America. These are very same attitudes that gave rise to

when he realizes that Curtis won’t make it. Author and

what we all witnessed on January 6th. The fear that trailer

activist James Baldwin addresses this absurdity in the

park whiteness is no longer viewed as better than ghetto

posthumous documentary “I Am Not Your Negro.”


Baldwin says in the documentary, “while

Not convinced yet? Perhaps this will do it. Below is what

white liberals may have been relieved,

one insurrectionist was overheard saying to some of her

black audiences were yelling,” “Get back

fellow seditionist.

on that train, you fool!” Baldwin added: “The black man jumps off the train in

“This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her

order to reassure white people, to make

voice shaking. She was crying, hysterical. “They’re shooting

them know that they’re not hated.”

at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.” A man, possibly her husband, comforted her:

But this is the attitude. So, what if we

“Don’t worry, honey. We showed them today. We showed

stole your land, raped you and murdered

them what we’re all about.”

you in your sleep? So, what if we enslaved, raped, and murdered you? Our

Yeah, you did. But most of us already knew.

whiteness entitles us to your forgiveness. Think of all the movies where a rogue alcoholic cop is tasked with solving the




LaShonda Schofield

DELIVERANCE OF LOVE by Stacey Henry-Carr for the urban sentinel She is a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice. LaShonda Schofield embodies love with her artistry in singing and songwriting. This grounded singer and songwriter has a message for the world that transcends the listening ear. She has a message for your soul! As a Black Woman in music which is a primarily male-dominated industry, LaShonda knows that her journey is one that requires great leadership and responsibility. She is willing to follow the framework of the greats before her such as Teena Marie, Angela Winbush, Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman, Sade, Joyce Irby, Barbara Weathers and Sharon Bryant of Atlantic Starr. She is a student of life, pillar of strength, and inspiration who is destined to transfer greatness to the world using her music. She said she was a huge fan of Melba Moore and had the opportunity to share that with the singer. LaShonda remembers when she first heard the song “The Other Side of the Rainbow”, she wanted to hold the note at the end of the song just as Melba Moore did. She wanted to emulate the vocal styles of the artists she admired, and so she would listen to their songs repeatedly, read the liner notes, and practice singing like them. Her singing style is a hybrid of Pop and R&B with male artist influences such as George Michael and David Bowie LaShonda Schofield is a singer, songwriter, and the CEO of the record label 3 OH! 9 Music Group, LLC. She writes songs for multiple genres which were birth from her love of Pop, Rock, Country, and R&B of the 1980s and 1990s. LaShonda was born in Valdosta, Georgia, but now lives in Houston, Texas. She started singing at the young age of three years old and the story of her first singing experience that opened this artist to her musical abilities was divine. It was at her mother’s bridal shower that three-year-old LaShonda

made her debut when she sang George Benson’s classic, “The Greatest Love of All” for her mother’s guests. Her memory of this moment was vivid, and she was clear that she did not want to sing but sang through the fear. LaShonda was a shy child and after that first performance, it ignited the desire to sing, which she did secretly to imaginary audiences. LaShonda’s fictitious audiences turned real as a young child she sang in ensembles and competed in numerous Talent shows. At the young age of 11 years old she wrote her first song “Candy Treat, which paved the way for her writing songs and recording vocals at some of Maryland’s top recording studios at the age of 17 years old. It was at the age of 19, she officially ditched her phantom performances of her eightyear-old self and became a recording artist managed by the legendary jazz flutist, Bobbi Humphrey. She learned early in her career the importance of surrounding herself with the best. One of whom she refers to as her writing mentor the late legendary songwriter, Joseph Jefferson. She got choked up as she told stories about their interactions, his guidance, and her lessons learned. Jefferson wrote timeless hits like, “Sadie”, “One of A Kind Love Affair”, and “Brandy”, so he had a plethora of knowledge and experiences that he imparted to LaShonda. Looking back, she recognizes the gems of the true art of songwriting, and the accurate nature of the music business she learned from her mentor. LaShonda worked hard to sharpen her skills and master her craft. She shared the times she traveled by train from Maryland to Greenwich Village, New York for voice lessons. She recognized that there were voice coaches in closer proximity, but she wanted the best. She excitedly remembers the lessons she gleaned from her great vocal instructor



Lorraine Ferro, a Rock singer who looked like Madonna. When I asked her what it meant to be a Black Woman in music she said, “It’s a sense of freedom and responsibility. I have to create a blueprint for the younger girls who are looking up to me, including my daughter.” LaShonda is “a strong boss chic” as she is often referred to by people she encounters and a force in this independent artist music business, just listen to her songs, “Free To Love (featuring MIG)”, “Calamity”, “My Rhythm, My Blues”, “Wash That Man”, and experience this force for yourself. Life has a way of teaching us lessons, and LaShonda has had her share of ups and downs, but she was not built to break and continues her lyrical journey. It is through these life lessons that she can write from the soul and sing with passion. When I asked her to tell me what her superpower was, she said I have the “Patience of Job.” Her patience became the root and cornerstone of her life and helped sustained her to this point. She said, “I feel like I am living another life. I am thriving after being married, divorced, and heartbroken. I have learned how to let go and genuinely believe in myself, execute on my plans, and see the fruit of my labor.” LaShonda “DatGurl” as she is nicknamed understands that God has been preparing her for this moment since the day she sang for her mother’s guests, and so she continues her musical journey. A highlight of some of this talented artist's work is the tip of the iceberg to her genius and capabilities. She has partnered on songwriting projects with Tasha Larae of Arrested Development. She is a featured vocalist on “Light Up the World” featuring DJ Kemit. Her first single, “Wash That Man” was featured in Corta Ishman’s indie film titled, Shattered Love, and she is the host of the Power Muzic Radio show “Love, 8

Life, and Homework.” LaShonda is mixing songs for her upcoming EP project titled Salt and Sugar scheduled for release in Spring 2021. The lead single for the EP project is her newly released single, “Free to Love” which is a blend of a perfect melodic groove with a fusion of R&B and Afrobeat genres. In the song, LaShonda pays tribute to the classic man. LaShonda blends Swahili, traditional Namibian languages, and English and the song serves as a lover’s anthem. As we talked, I could feel that this artist with a jovial, and happy demeanor is rooted in love. She said, “I will continue to write songs of deliverance to bring the world together, provide a platform to listen to the things they are afraid to say.” LaShonda shows up in the world with the spirit of love. She said, “I don’t perform my songs, I feel them.” LaShonda Schofield’s brand is LOVE. This independent artist is the epidemy of strength, leadership, and always have something inspiring to say. She wants younger women in leadership to know that they are celebrated. She wants to continue to set an example, serve as a resource and mentor to other young songwriters and artists in the music industry. This statement had a resounding ring of leadership and love. On the day of our interview, our country was experiencing a threat to the Constitution, and although we did not discuss it much, when I asked LaShonda if she had a billboard what would it say, she replied, “Democracy is Love” and she wanted it illuminated day and night. Website: lashondaschofield.com IG: @lashondaschofield Twitter: @datgurlcanwrite Facebook: @lashonda(datgurl)schofield



Arielle Davis is the Founder and Visionary

behind the Look Good Live Luxe brand and the Luxe Lashes Beauty Studio empire. Offering luxury services and health and beauty products and education, she is a licensed Esthetician and Master Eyelash Extension Technician, licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artist and Microblading Specialist, Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist, and Beauty Educator. Getting her first taste of the beauty industry by landing her first beauty gig at Sephora in high school immediately following her eighteenth birthday, her love of the beauty industry paired with a heart for making women feel beautiful has quickly elevated her brand. Arielle graduated high school with honors and received a two year scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University as a Forensic Biology major. She quickly realized that she wasn’t fulfilled and instead and set out to follow her passion for the beauty industry. At 19 years old, Arielle dropped out of college to step out on faith, despite the uncertainty of her future and naysayers insisting she get a ‘real job’, to pursue her passion and began her mobile beauty business out of the trunk of her car. At 21, she opened her first 500 sqft. beauty studio, Luxe Lashes, and hired her first employee. At 24, she opened her first Luxe brick and mortar location in Richmond’, VA’s Carytown shopping district, and recently at age 26, expanding to a second 2400 sqft. Luxe Lashes Beauty Studios location at Richmond’s Stony Point fashion Park, anchored by Dillard’s, Tiffany’s, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue, where she continues to build her brand and lead her beauty team, spearheading beauty trends from major cities like L.A. and NYC, as Richmond isn’t particularly known for being a trendsetting capital. Although Arielle is a Queens, NY native, she currently resides in Richmond, Virginia with her 10

beautiful baby girl, Bella. While following her passion for beauty, Arielle has also found her purpose. She has been able to mentor women from all walks of life and provide them with training and employment opportunities and provide them with the tools to succeed in their beauty careers. Arielle has also been blessed with the opportunity to give back, often volunteering her time to rising Cosmetology and Esthetics students and graduates of LB Beauty Academy in Richmond, Va and offering complementary services to survivors during Breast Cancer Awareness month. As a domestic violence survivor, Arielle also volunteers as an advocate for Brushed Not Broken’s Beauty & Wellness Advocacy in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems Forensic Nurse Examiners and Project Empower where 100% of proceeds are donated to benefit Project Empower's Crisis Fund For survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence. In May 2019, Arielle was awarded the Commitment to Excellence Award at Inspired by L Johnson’s Inaugural Power Brunch in Brooklyn, NY for her drive and determination as a female entrepreneur. Nominated two years in a row for Makeup Artist of the Year, Woman on the Rise, and Educator of the Year, Arielle was also awarded ACHI Magazine’s 2019 Makeup Artist of the Year award. Featured in several publications, Arielle can also be seen giving expert beauty advice on a full page spread of the B Collective Magazine, the Huffington Post, ABC News, and the Posh PR Blog.

www.lookgoodliveluxe.com @lookgoodliveluxe




THE LEADERSHIP SKILL SHIFTS by Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe for urban sentinel

The year 2020 demonstrated to us all the impact of stellar

isolates others. This season, leaders from the faith and

leadership versus slimy leadership!! Organizational

nonprofit community based organizational sectors, from

crisis, governmental chaos, and business challenges were

government and corporate sectors have faced so many

tremendous during 2020, and without question we all

unknowns, so many occurrences that required strong

have learned Something!!

communication skills. As a leader, when you demonstrate empathy you beeter connect with people, and when you

As we each reflect on last year, and reignite our spirits in

connect authentically people strive harder to give their

these early days of 2021, we must recognize the evolution

all. So don’t just communicate, connect! When followers

that is occurring in the world of work, how we learn,

feel that a leader cares, they work tirelessly to achieve the

connect, and communicate. Now leaders must often lead


from the den, the kitchen table, the home office, the car, shared work spaces, even from under the covers zooming

2) Emotional Intelligence to Emotional

into a meeting. These disruptions in the typical ways


of work certainly require shifts in skills and leadership

Emotion intelligence is a vital life and workplace skill,

approaches. These upheavals challenge every leader to

and now more than ever, even in the face of challenge,

elevate their leadership styles and approaches to include

demonstrating an ability to adapt to situations and

three growth mindsets, which are:

circumstances with calm has become an essential skill.

• Shifting From Just Communication to Empathy

Thus, an ability to be aware of and control your own

• Displaying Both Emotional Intelligence to

emotions is an critical skill for an impactful leader.

Emotional Agility • Demonstrating Time Management to Context Management

Emotional agility goes beyond awareness and control. As leaders become more emotionally agile, they will quickly understand not just the intent of their actions, but the

1) Communication to Empathy

impact they want to have. When intent and impact are

Effective communicators and productive leaders are

aligned, communication is clear and emotions are not


triggered. And even when they are, leaders can swiftly

Remember communicating without

connecting, and communicating without empathy 12

recognize this and adjust accordingly.

3) Time Management to Context Management: Working remotely will be around for quite some time,, and we have now come to recognize the need to both manage our time and mastermind both content and its context. Cramming meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions into zoom calls simply won’t suffice. The current flipped workplace required that leaders must consider how to best get the work done, and whether it should be performed synchronously vs. asynchronously; when it is necessary to come together for meetings, and who needs to be in the meeting; what is the agenda for those meetings, and what, if any, decisions are being made:? Do all meetings need to be on video? When can the team safely go to the office, what meetings would be better in person? Designing our days and our cultures for our new hybrid workplace is still evolving and this leadership skill will require ongoing development for us all All leaders are embarking on a novel journey during this season and leadership shifts are a must! Empathy, emotional agility, and context management are becoming skills every impactful leader must strive to master. Embrace the leadershift!!



If Love Finds You Just Say Thank by Catherine Tyson for urban sentinel

For Valentine’s Day I want to ask some serious questions. If you are currently in the market to find love, do you find that you spend a lot of time worrying about the packaging a lot more than you should? He’s not tall enough or he’s too dark. She’s too plain and or too tall. How much education does she have? What kind of job does he do? Maybe, just maybe we are kidding ourselves thinking that the perfect person actually exists. Take a moment and just stop what you are doing right now and go look in the mirror. Did you happen to see a perfect person there in that mirror? Now if there was not one there in that mirror, where we thought one was, then where in the world are we to find one? I think life is a lot simpler than we make it and we often make it more complicated than it should be. When it comes to love, we have to start thinking for our self and when it calls then we might just need to answer. There are even times when we worry what people think about someone more than what we actually think and don’t even realize it. When we are seeking love or stumbling upon it, as is the case a lot of the times, the packaging may not fit the description that we had dreamed up in our head. But is that the most important thing? I mean who cares about the packaging if the person is who we need them to be or who fits us. There are many people in relationships who can attest to not even being attracted to a person at first sight and eventually fell insanely in love with them after getting to know them. I mean in this day of internet dating where you don’t even really know what someone looks like, this is even more plausible. Sometimes we think the timing isn’t right, but if the stars line up then maybe you can adjust to the dream that we had conjured up in our heads and simply just receive the blessing. Being blessed to find someone who you can relate to and who has your back is simply a blessing. There are some people who don’t want to be in a relationship and that is fine too but for those of us who want to be in love and who lament about love and who cry about love, I say stop whining and just look around. Love is not going to come 14


to your door and knock and say “here I am, the love you are looking for”. Sometimes we have to go out and see what’s out there or when we’re out there, we might just have to pay closer attention. Maybe you have been passing it day in and day out so focused on "finding" it. Maybe it is the single guy at your local grocery store who always remembers you when you go by the juice stand or the girl who works at the print shop who helps you print your materials. You never know where love is "hanging" these days. Maybe it is even in your own neighborhood, walking right by your house for their evening exercise. Just follow your heart and let it lead you. Now do not get me wrong, I am absolutely not saying that you should go out and grab the last person standing because a biological clock is ticking or anything ladies or marrying that hot little number you met at the bar and later wonder why they always want to be at the bar! You should also know the difference between Mr. or Mrs. Right, and Mr. or Mrs. Right Now! Some people come into our life for the wonderfulness of what they bring or represent right now and that’s it. Maybe they come into it to give us attention and make us feel special and realize our worth for that moment. They might even come into our lives to help us raise the bar; which is always a good thing. But if you are lucky to find someone that you love and loves you back, then thank your lucky stars that you found them. And if you currently have love and it is rich and full of hearts and songs most of the time, regardless of the packaging, say thank you, but if it isn’t and it is bad more times than it is good, then look around, see the lesson, learn what you need to learn and then love that person with all your heart and wish them well. Love is nothing to scoff at or plan. Good love is out there, waiting for you and when it comes, in whatever form, just take it and say thank you! Remember to connect with me on Facebook at Catherine Tyson and Instagram @ realcatherinetyson. Until next time, say thank you for love and Happy Valentine's day.







What A Time to be In



W H AT A T I M E TO B E I N L OV E by Saadia White for urban sentinel The “Love King” and three-time Grammy nominee has done it again, igniting souls on fire with his new album What a Time to be in Love. With soulful tantalizing lyrics like You make me feel something tantric, something fantastic, wild, and orgasmic, this is what his fans have been waiting for. Raheem DeVaughn is keeping love alive during a time of confusion and chaos. A native of Newark, New Jersey, Raheem DeVaughn remembers how much he enjoyed singing as a child. Legendary greats such as Bob Marley, Earth Wind and Fire, and Marvin Gaye were his musical inspirations. Having such strong influences in his life such as his mother and grandmother, Raheem inherited a very socially conscious perspective of life and lives each day that way. Known to produce songs with a colorful euphoric tone, he is known as a “light-bearer” in the music world, embracing his audience with a message of healing. His music dates back to 2005 when he dropped the first album The Love Experience. Prior to that, Raheem would be the first R&B artist to break out with a mixtape The Street Experience, volumes 1-5. The new wave of marketing at the time gave Raheem DeVaughn a core connection to a raw and real audience in “the streets.” He has gone on to create songs invoking social awareness and social justice such as Lord help me, DeVaughn says speaks to everything going on in the world right now. Songs like Marvin used to Say pays homage to the late great Marvin Gaye. The What a Time to be in Love album empowers movement and intertwines collaborations with spoken word artist R.A. Brown creating a metaphorically soulful vibe throughout the album with songs like Black Fist Café and Motions. Each song throughout the album gives a perspective to what the “Love King” feels in real-time.


Raheem DeVaughn is a family man raising four boys to be men and although he keeps his personal life very private. He holds himself accountable for the type of music he creates. As a three-time Grammy nominee with multiple chart-topping releases, his resiliency as an independent artist for almost ten years has been challenging for him. He has always remained true to his identity and music and has chosen to not conform to industry norms. He realizes that being a nonconformist has limited opportunities throughout his career: I never took time out to figure out who the industry wanted me to be. When you know who you are you move accordingly. Being overlooked for certain opportunities that you feel you may deserve, you do not understand why you do not get the calls for certain things. But when you understand the politics of the business and all that comes with it…Its easier to navigate and keep it moving. I would not change anything…At the end of the day, it’s about standing with my integrity and morals… Ultimately, what is for Us is for Us! I have had tunnel vision on the things that I set out to accomplish and whether I get offered another huge project. I understand these things take time. During the quarantine, Raheem’s music career took a hard hit and he had to find innovative ways to connect and keep the connection with his fan base and musical audience. Like most artists, he engages now more than ever through his social media platforms, pivoting from in-person concerts to online concerts with platforms like StageIt which gives exclusivity to his fan base. He has intentionally dedicated certain days to personally speak to his fan base through Instagram lives and through the app Clubhouse, where he has officially created his own room. I financially lost millions…It was a hard hit, but you regroup and keep it moving. One thing about us as a race and as a culture, we are very resilient. I remind myself of that daily!

Even though the pandemic has caused a million-dollar financial loss for him, Raheem continues to succeed and was recently appointed the Director of A&R for his label SRG/ ILS. Some of his first signings to the label are jazz saxophonist Michael Phillips and R&B singer Brave Williams. Having the opportunity to preserve the culture of R& B and scout and hire new artists has always been a passion of his. He attributes this new position to always having a gift of an eye and ear for new talent. Not only can we expect to see Raheem DeVaughn’s new talent, but we can also watch him as he breaks into the movie industry. He was recently seen in the Netflix movie Love Dotcom and he has another role in the upcoming movie Develop a Wife. His musical legacy extends to giving back as Raheem DeVaughn is a philanthropist with a heart of giving and founded his global non-profit organization The LoveLife Foundation in 2014. The LoveLife Foundation has been instrumental in fighting to bring awareness to issues surrounding women’s rights, domestic violence, education, and HIV/Aids Awareness. Although none of these issues have ever hit home for him, Raheem believes that “you don’t have to go through it to speak out against it and do something about it.” Raheem DeVaughn continues to persevere and does not have time to look back at what should have been. He continues to remain spiritually strong and grounded through meditation, conserving his energy, and realigning his chakras, with an understanding that happiness requires selfishness. “If ever there were a time to reinvent yourself, now is the time.” Follow Raheem DeVaughn and stay tuned of his recent updates and developments at: • Instagram @raheem_devaughn • Twitter @Raheem_DeVaughn • Clubhouse @raheemdevaughn • Facebook @Raheem DeVaughn




in Love and Marriage by Claudia Newby-Tynes for urban sentinel

February is Black History Month. It's the month where we celebrate the achievements of African Americans pioneers and trailblazers from all walks of life. We celebrate Valentine's Day or Sweetheart's Day on February 14th. Eros (romantic love) is on full display and in the hearts of lovers. Retail stores and florist shops sell those gorgeous red roses by the dozens. Red heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, fine and exquisite dining are the order for this day too. Did you know that purchasing of engagement rings are in high demand on Valentine's Day? It’s the day for popping the question, “Will you marry me?” Watch your social media 20

posts on this day or tune in to the evening news on your local television networks. You will see and hear the phrase, "She said yes!" Are you wondering how the title of this article ties in with black history and Valentine's Day? This article gives you a different spin on black history for 2021. You see, our significant day is in February too. February 27, 1971, is the day I married my high school sweetheart. On February 27, 2021, we will celebrate our Jubilee (50th Year) Wedding Anniversary. Whew! Now that's a long time, and I am still married to the same man. We've seen it all (the good, bad,

ugly), and our best is still yet to come. This article gives snippets of our black history love story of coming full circle in love and marriage. Our 50-plus year love story started in 1966 as high-school sweethearts in the small rural town of Smithfield, Virginia. Recently, I read a statistic that said in today’s society, only two percent of high-school sweethearts marry and continue as a couple. My book, Say So! Speak Up! Put Me in Remembrance of My Word, was published in July 2019. In Chapter 4 "Finding Intimacy in Your Marriage" I penned, "Our journey continues, and in February 2021, we will celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss. If the Lord says so, we will say "I Do" all over again." What was I thinking...I should have known that anytime you put a God-challenging word in the atmosphere; there are adversarial forces in place to make your spoken or written word null and void. Those opposing forces came out of the woodwork...but somebody say, "I believe God!" On our journey of coming full circle in love and marriage, we left the Virginia area in 1968/69 respectively. We lived in the District of Columbia (5 years) and Suburban Maryland (42 years) for a combined total of 47 years. Now let's fast forward within those 47 years; we married in February 1971. Our one and only son (Rodney) was born in 1973. We were employed with multiple governmental and private agencies from 19692012. As a young married couple, we became first-time homeowners in 1976. We were living the American dream. We partied hearty and loved hard as if nobody was watching. In the next few decades, reality set in. Living our lives without God threw us some crushing blows. Job losses and other disruptions in life wreaked havoc that are too numerous to name individually. Giving our lives to God was the best decision we ever made. Was everything hunky dory with our lives in Christ? Absolutely not! But having God in our lives made all the difference. He gave us a new hope and a proper perspective in life. During this phase, we found local churches in the areas where we worshiped, prayed and learn the Word of God. We discovered how to apply the Word of God in our situation. His Word generated His manifested promises in our lives. Now as we fast forward to 2015, we are retirees, doing life together and enjoying the fruits of our labors while on our

journey. We hear a familiar still small voice, “It’s time to move.” Destiny is calling our names again. God says, "It's time to move." After much thought and prayer, hubby and I (notice it's hubby and I with emphasis) decided we are moving to Williamsburg, Virginia. Our search for homes in the Williamsburg, Virginia area began in November 2015 and concluded in March 2016. Every effort we made to relocate in Williamsburg was futile. You see this is where we wanted to go; it's not where God had orchestrated for us. The moment we opened our hearts, listened and obeyed God, we found our home in our now quaint hometown of Smithfield, Virginia in March 2016. Every phase of our home/selling and home/ buying process went forth without a hitch. Now that's God! On May 28, 2016, 47 years later, we have come full circle in love and marriage. And on May 28, 2021, we will celebrate our 5-year relocation here in Smithfield, Virginia. Now listen up! This is not the end of our story. Here is the awesomeness of our coming full circle in love and marriage. For our Jubilee (50-year) wedding celebration on February 27, 2021, we are planning a photo shoot that will include a tour by horse-drawn carriage through the historical downtown of Smithfield, Virginia. We will pause and have a "do-over." You've heard it right here! We will say "I Do" all over again at the gazebo/pavilion across from The Smithfield Times Newspaper Building. Afterwards, we will continue our carriage ride tour to our alma mater, the former Westside High School, now aka Westside Middle School campus. We met here in 1966 and had our first kiss. From that moment we became high-school sweethearts. On this campus again, as African Americans, we will seal our love story with a kiss: this is our black history...this is our story of black love. We will return from our horse-drawn carriage photo shoot listening to one of our favorite love songs, "Love Ballard by Jeffery Osborne," playing in the background as we look forward to doing life together for another 50 years. How romantic is that! Our coming full circle in love and marriage is a testament to the Word of God, Ecclesiastes 4:12, "...and a three-fold cord is not quickly broken." It also embodies the motto "Virginia is for Lovers!" I encourage you during the month of February to celebrate the Agape love of God and your black history and black love story!



RAISE YO for the Musician, Chef, Writer, Fashion Designer:


OUR HAND “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



by Sarah Jefferis for urban sentinel Some of us can recall our elementary teachers in a blink. Mine told me I would never be a writer because I couldn’t spell and I had buck teeth and smelly clothes. Little did she know those problems fueled my desire to create characters who might inspire the world. But for a while I believed her— that writing and success was beyond my reach. Have you ever had a teacher offer a limiting belief, and you choose to take it on as your own idea? Sometimes we do that, and then the Universe reminds us of who we are made to be. JDVNL- pronounced as J. Daniel -knows who he was made to be, and believes that “creativity is a gift from God to effect change-whether it be locally or globally.” But when he was a kid, his teacher’s aide was something else. She once asked, “Who can dance?” And he raised his hand. “Who can sing?” JDVNL’s voice was amazing all the way back then, and he raised his hand again. “Who here can draw?” And again, John raised his hand. Now I know you all can see it, this teacher raised her bushy eyebrow, cocked her hip to the left, and said: “John, please stop raising your hand. Surely you can’t do all these things.” And though he knew he could; he withdrew his arm and began to doubt himself. The thing about doubt, is that it acts as a traitor spitting on high volume, again and again. And as kids, its hard not to believe what our teachers may tell us about our gifts. But JDVNL- who was born John D. Wiggins II had a father who thought differently. His dad- the first John Daniel Wiggins, played jazz and trumpet. And his mama was always singing. Music was in his bloodstream- in his DNA. His grandmother would create something from nothing every day. His grandfather—with a 3rd grade education, sustained a business and all his days with 20 children. What we make, makes us who we are. What has been made for us, can teach us how to love, and how to be. His family really practiced the great Maya Angelou’s idea that “one can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” When JDVNL was little, maybe six or seven, he told his mama he had a song he wanted to share. He came out in the living room and turned on the karaoke machine. His song began


like this: “The Hands of Jesus are moving in my life, oh what a change in me.” His mama asked him where he learned it, and he told her it arrived in his dream. His dreams are huge these days with a little one at 5 months, an amazing wife, the beginning of a career as a children’s book author, and a music career, even with the limitations of the pandemic. JDVNL is a soulfully impassioned singer, songwriter, and visual artist making a name for himself on the NYC night scene. With R&B, gospel, and funk as his core influence, there is no wonder his music is described as soul stirring. He has a way of masterfully bridging classic soul with the smooth Lush style of contemporary R&B. He carefully crafts his lyrics to unfold like beautiful written page-turners; brought to life by the timber of his voice. His work calls to mind that of the golden Motown Era, reminiscent of a passionate young Marvin Gaye. His song, “Here I Stand” tells the story of the moment when you see a past lover and regret that you were not able to be the best person for them at that time. His other songs remind us of how relationships can break or heal us. “I am a creative who uses music, visual art, fashion &design to tell the stories of our generation.” He did have moments of doubt. Then after a heart to heart with his father, JDVNL chose to speak over his life and honor his worthiness as an artist, claim his birthright as a creative, and declare his success: Give it all to God and Let Go. And doors flew open. Indeed, JDVNL went to school for design, has owned a fashion company called J. Daniel, and another called BOOJUU. He runs his own pastry company called: Maggie and Ease, www.maggieandease.com, a company that literally began when his friends recorded themselves eating the banana pudding he had made. After a post on social media, he woke up to orders from California, NY, NJ and Ct. He was shocked. He emptied his fridge, filled it with ingredients and began delivering. At the first pop up- he sold 1000 jars in less than five hours. Later the company was able to work with huge clients like Apple—wanting his desserts for their events.

And faith is stronger. The diligence, well that too, came from his parents. As a kid, before he was allowed to play outside, he had to read an article, or design a new invention or draw up a prototype. He would present this to his parents, and this process strengthened his imagination muscle. His parents helped him understand that creativity was one of his gifts from God, and to ignore it was disrespectful to his purpose. Creativity strengthened his connection back to the divine and to those he loved. And now JDVNL and his beautiful wife have baby Izzy. Izzy and Crystal inspire him to be a better more compassionate, more creative man. He is intentional about the memories he creates for his wife and his son. “I will tell Izzy that creativity is within him, it can motivate him toward his purpose. And not to let anyone-not even me--limit him, to live his life fully.” There are no limits in the imagination of JDVNL. In the acorn, says Emerson, lives a forest. In JDVNL, there is a forest of creative possibilities that will offer us all oxygen. Something we all need in this world right now. You can find him at jdvnl.com. Or at byjdvnl@gmail.com

Currently, he is writing fantastic children’s books where animal characters face wild challenges in the Savanna, and the smallest animal rises to the top. Other fantasy stories include a beautiful artist and a princess who fall in love despite their differences. JDVNL speaks of himself as a perfectionist, who when he has a moment of doubt, relies on research and diligence and faith to pull him through. These days, doubt lasts for about sixty seconds. Or less.






Franck Mille,

A Modern-Day Renaissance by Olympia Kent for urban sentinel How I First met Franck Mille. Due to my great love for fashion,

He told the whole room that I would be over makeup for the

art and first for industry knowledge, I signed up for freelance

show. I had no words, and I could not believe what had just

work with various fashion shows. I went online looking for

happened. so, I just did what I knew and made sure the turn

all kinds of fashion shows to perfect my makeup skills, build

out would be great. Not only did I do a great job, but I also

speed and a bit of networking. My teacher Gwyniss Mosby

built a long-term relationship. As the week of the event went

would always say, “makeup speed and fashion shows go hand

on, Frank would come in to check on us and we would have

in hand”. As I was online looking for fashion shows, I came

small talk conversations as he learned about me. I was also

across Eventbrite with a show called Bovtiqve Fashion Week.

learning who he was and the rest is history!

I was very impressed at what I had seen so I signed up to be a volunteer MUA. I was shocked at how fast they responded.

“We sometimes try to impress people we just met by not

They told me that I had been accepted as a volunteer MUA in

trying to impress them”. (Mokokoma Mokhonoana)

no time. The week of the event was very surprising because

This was my encounter with this gentleman, Franck Mille,

they kicked off with a red carpet meet & greet evening with

who has an artistic side that he seems to constantly cultivate

style and class.

being goal oriented. He displays the accomplishments in my eyes of a modern-day Renaissance Man.

Everyone was so inviting and sweet, the energy was amazing, and it was very well put together. The next day was the first

Frank was born a “military brat “to Shaakira Saffir in

showcase and it was my time to work (at least that is what I

Killeen,TX. His entire childhood was spent traveling the world

thought). I would defiantly be on face duty all day. When I

until he graduated high school. During high school, Franck

arrived I was told to go see the hair & makeup director over

excelled in athletics which led him to a four-year basketball

the hair department Dallas Christopher. (Creative Designer,

scholarship. Along with Franck’s love for basketball was his

Celebrity Stylist Day Maker) at Paul Mitchell The School

affinity for the fashion & entertainment industry. His passion


in the industry had eventually outgrown sports. That would be the last time he played professionally organized basketball

I had already known Dallas from a previous show and he

after graduating college.

remembered I was a student of Gwyniss. He took one look at me and said, “I have the perfect job for you!” He took me to

The young dapper began his journey as a men’s wear blogger

a room full of models, hair and makeup students. It had to be

for some big names in the fashion industry like GQ, Stacey

around 75 models and about 15 hair and makeup students.

Adams, and Aldo shoes to name a few. Franck specializes


in social media marketing, event curation, logistics, branding, talent development and relationship building. He used his education, people skills and social media to enhance Pretty Fly Society’s popularity and establish a reputation of excellence. His passion for entertainment and fashion along with some college friends would birth an idea that would change all their lives forever. Post college and basketball, Franck crafted a lifestyle and fashion company Called Pretty Fly Society with longtime friend Angelo Díaz and others. Pretty Fly Society, LLC an events and promotions company that specializes in fashion, arts, entrepreneur development and content creation. Pretty fly Society seemed to not only be a brand or a fly by night name. It looked to become a whole movement in the fashion industry with gentlemen from all walks of life who all love and share the same interest in the industries. Franck built a nationwide art showcase named the Creative Canvas tour (@Cr8can) and partnering with Paul Mitchell Atlanta to produce Bovtiqve Fashion Week. Bovtiqve Fashion Week is sponsored by Paul Mitchell The School. It’s a partnership of independent fashion designers, boutique owners, merchandisers, producers, influencers, and models. Bovtiqve Fashion Week was created to establish a foundation of fashion and business trade, increase the economic and creative development in the areas of fashion design, clothing, merchandising, event production and modeling. BFW is held twice a year during the months of February and September. “If you’re serious about what you do, obstacles don’t exist”. -Franck Mille







4 P rin c ip le s

E ff e c t iv e L e a d e r s h ip of

PA R T 3

by dr. sharon h. porter for urban sentinel In the December and January issues of the Urban Sentinel, I discussed the first two principles of effective leadership; Integrity and Execution. In this month’s issue, I will discuss the third principle; Competency. Competency is defined as “the quality of being competent; adequacy; possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity.” “ Trust is a function of two things: character and competence. Character includes your integrity, your motive and your intent with people. Competence includes your capabilities, your skills, and your track record. Both are vital.” - Stephen Covey Depending on your career industry, organization, or business, there should be defined competency requirements for those in leadership positions. The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) identifies 16 key leadership competencies within three categories (Leading the Organization, Leading Others, and Leading Yourself) that are critical for success. I want 32

to focus on five of these competencies: Strategic Perspective, Decisiveness, Change Management, Building Collaborative Relationships, and Self-Awareness Strategic Perspective Strategic Perspective is about the big picture. In order to develop a strategic perspective you must consider all parts of your business or organization. Your perspective cannot be static, it must evolve as the organization evolves. Through diverse perspectives, you can identify inefficiencies and strategize to address them. Decisiveness

Decisiveness is key for effectively executing and achieving desired outcomes. As a decisive leader, seeking the appropriate information in order to make the best decisions is important. Knowing when decisions are more important or more urgent than others is also important. Prioritizing becomes extremely beneficial in this case. Being aware of how you usually approach decision-making will help you with how you should approach decision-making. Change Management Change is inevitable. Effective change management drives results and positive outcomes. My model of improvement is “Act, Assess, and Adjust”... The Adjust in this model symbolizes change. According to Prosci, change management is “the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success.” Organizational change only happens when individuals change. There first must be an awareness of the need for change, a desire to support or participate in the change, knowledge of how to change, the ability to demonstrate new skills and behaviors, and a reinforcement to sustain the change. The 7Rs of Change Management that you should be able to answer in order to effectively implement change. 1. Who RAISED the change? 2. What is the REASON for the change? 3. What RETURN is required from the change? 4. What are the RISKS involved in the change? 5. What RESOURCES are required to deliver the change?

6. Who is RESPONSIBLE for implementing the change? Building Collaborative Relationships Good relationships are key to getting things accomplished. I am a believer that we cannot do this work alone. No matter what “the work'' is for you. You must be skilled in facilitating the contribution of all parties involved to reach common goals. Encouraging collaboration must include communicating effectively, establishing team goals, leveraging the strengths of team members, fostering cohesion between team members, and encouraging innovation. Self-Awareness Self-awareness is having an understanding of ourselves. Development and growth occurs when we can recognize what we do well and what areas of growth exist. Self-awareness is key to personal growth. There must be a reflection of your values, feelings, abilities, and interests. Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident, more creative, and more effective as a leader. In conclusion, leadership competencies represent the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) that you should be able to effectively demonstrate as a leader. Many organizations have developed competency models that are used for selection of talent as well as assessing and evaluating. “If you want to be successful, don’t seek success-seek competence, empowerment; do nothing short of the best that you can do.” - Jaggi Vasudev



Robert Williams "MUSIC CHOSE HIM" by C. NaTasha Richburg for urban sentinel There comes a time in life when we meet someone who is overflowing with knowledge. And that knowledge resonates and serves as a lighthouse that guides us toward our destiny. Especially in the music business, the number of dishonest business people who act as sharks to negatively taint the dreams of young artists is enormous. Theses less-than-honorable people are willing to steal the talent of young artists who unknowingly sign on the dotted line. The dotted-line thievery is like the malice of a loan shark who gives large sums of money to novice artists who don’t fully understand the enormity of the debt. Money advances may serve as a loan to support a new artist’s dreams of stardom while obligating the artist to work off the debt through the never-ending production of mix tapes, singles, EPs or albums. Unfortunately, that story of the good guy doesn’t always rise to reach the glow of headlines. It's something about the good guy that goes “unsung,” sometimes for years. The good news is, not everyone in the music business has evil motives to hurt people or steal royalties. This is a good news story about a “good guy” in the music business. Since the year 1999, Robert L. Williams Jr. has had a role in the music business as CEO of TMarquise Entertainment, LLC, a onestop shop for Artist Management, Marketing, and Promotions. Born in Bronx, New York to a loving family, Robert had a father who was a trumpet player in various clubs throughout New York City and his mother played the piano at church. From an early age, Robert loved music. He particularly liked the rhythmic style of 34

James Brown along with the Motown sound. Known as

the many music seminars along with opportunities to

“Bobby” at the time, Robert would go to the pool hall

mingle with established Philadelphia artists.

with his father and waited for adults to invite him to dance like James Brown. Being that little kid who made

Robert worked in the retail side of the music business

adults laugh and smile motivated Robert to find his way

while at G-Force Records and Tapes in Atlantic City,

into the world of music. Robert played trumpet in the

selling everything from CDs, music tapes, and vinyl

Pleasantville High School marching, concert, and jazz

records to clothing. Robert was also a graphic artist for the

bands along with fellow members who went on to play

“streets.” He designed/printed mixtapes, CD covers, and

music professionally.

business cards. He is also the former Executive Director of SOSAFRIK International, a 501(c)3 non-profit youth

In the mid-80s when computers were all the rage,

services and advocacy organization committed to

Robert pushed music to the back of his mind to attend

developing programs that improve education, health

a computer school. However, his love for music never

awareness, and underprivileged children's rights in the

ended. One day, a phone call came in from a customer

US and Africa.

who needed a computed fixed. The company happened to be a professional recording studio that ultimately offered

A highlight of Robert’s music career is when his artist,

Robert a career detour. In 1998, Robert became business

Barbara Sheree, recorded the 2009 song “Together” that

partners with the owner of that Atlantic City professional

reached #37 on the Billboard chart and stayed on the chart

recording studio, Platinum Sound Recording Studio.

for 10 straight weeks. Robert has continued to operate

That business venture opened the door for Robert to

his business with integrity and purposefully treated his

enter into the field of artist management.

artists in the spirit of honesty and respect. Eleven years after “Together” hit the charts, Robert realized both he

In 1999, Robert gained a deeper foothold in the music

and Barbara were due to receive a Billboard plaque for

business when he became the Director of Marketing and

the song. After reaching the proper authorities in at

Publicity for Critical Records. Next, learned a lot about

Billboard, both he and Barbara were awarded a plaque

the music business, which later formed the premise for

as a form of their well deserved recognition.

his company, TMarquise Entertainment LLC. Over the years, Robert worked with Wendy Day, an icon in the

Robert’s story is an inspirational tale for all who work in

music business that according to her website has “25 years

the music business wondering if it’s worth it. According

of experience in building rappers from unknown artists

to Robert, “Music isn’t a life you choose; it chooses you.”

to stars.” In the 2000’s Robert expanded his business

Congratulations, Robert for a job well done!!

operations into artist management that helped him form lasting music business connections in concert with having

Website: www.tmarquise.com

an 18-year membership with the Grammy Association. The Grammy organization allowed Robert access to URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY


t r e b o R 36

s m a i ll i W




Psychology’s Power Couple

by Brandee Johnson for urban sentinel

With Black History Month in full effect, I wanted to pay homage to one of the most influential couples who played a monumental role in the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. After meeting and falling in love at Howard University, Kenneth and Mamie Clark became an unstoppable force in psychology. Their research methods on racism and its effects on the self-esteem of young Black children are still referenced to this day.


Professor Sumner had a profound effect on Kenneth; not only did he introduce to Kenneth the method of psychological study that provided insight into racism, but he served as a model and standard that Kenneth would strive for throughout his professional career. In 1935, Kenneth obtained his B.A. and his M.S. degree in 1936. In 1937, he was in a graduate program and was working as a teaching assistant at Howard University in the Psychology department when he met a Miss Mamie Phipps. Mamie was born Mamie Phipps in 1917 to Harold H. Phipps and Kate Florence Phipps in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her father was a physician, and her mother assisted in his practice. Unlike Kenneth Clark – who attended desegregated schools from elementary to junior high school – Mamie attended Kenneth Bancroft Clark was born in 1914 to Arthur Bancroft Clark and Miriam Hanson Clark in the Panama Canal Zone. It wasn’t until the age of five that Kenneth, his mother, and his two-year old sister moved to Harlem while his father stayed behind to continue working with the United Fruit Company

segregated schools from elementary to high school. Despite living in the Jim Crow South, Mamie had a happy childhood and had plans to follow in her parents’ footsteps of seeking higher education. She graduated from Langston High School in 1934, and chose to attend Howard University.

in Panama. Kenneth came of age in Harlem during the 1920s – and what a time to come of age! Kenneth had the opportunity to experience the cultural and social influence of the Harlem Renaissance. Throughout his childhood, the seeds of Black pride and intellectualism were sowed into Kenneth – from Black poets and writers such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Countee Cullen to Kenneth’s mother, who advocated for her son to attend George Washington High School instead of taking the traditional route and enrolling into a vocational educational program. Kenneth graduated in the year 1931 – the same year he became a naturalized citizen – and enrolled into Howard University. Kenneth’s passion for fighting racism followed him throughout his journey at Howard. He would lead demonstrations opposing racial segregation. In his sophomore year, he switched his major to Psychology due to the influence of Professor Sumner – the first Black American psychologist.

Mamie entered Howard University as a Mathematics and Physics major; however, due to the lack of support she was shown from both departments – and encouragement from Kenneth – she switched her major to Psychology. Shortly



after, the two began dating. There were certain obstacles that

In addition to the Clarks’ numerous research methods,

Kenneth and Mamie had to deal with in the beginning of

Thurgood Marshall also used a paper Kenneth Clark and

their relationship, such as the disapproval of Mamie’s father

others created titled “The Effects of Segregation and the

who just wanted his daughter to focus on her education;

Consequences of Desegregation: A social science statement”

however, love prevailed, and the two students eloped during

in his arguments. The Clarks’ research was cited by the court

Mamie’s senior year in 1937. Their marriage was kept a secret

as the “modern scientific authority” and was the deciding

from their families and school faculty until Mamie completed

factor in the Supreme Court ruling that segregation in public

her B.S. degree.

schools was unconstitutional.

Just like Kenneth, Mamie had her own moment of inspiration

As the saying goes, the rest is history. Kenneth and Mamie Clark

while pursuing her master’s degree. She worked as a secretary

continued to achieve great milestones in their professional

in the law office of William Houston in the summer of 1938,

careers, becoming the first (and second) African-American

and had the chance to witness legal activists such as William

students to earn doctorate degrees in psychology from

Hastie and Thurgood Marshall prepare civil rights cases. This

Columbia University in New York, and continued to make

inspired Mamie to examine racism’s effects on Black children’s

a difference for their communities throughout their lives. It’s


inspiring to see that a husband-and-wife team from Howard University made great strides in the field of Psychology, and

From 1939 to 1950, the Clarks worked hard to become experts

that their contributions were so influential. The results from

in the field of racism and its effects on the self-esteem of

the Clarks’ research methods not only challenged segregation

Black children. In 1939, Mamie completed her master’s thesis

from a legal perspective, but displayed the damaging effects

“The Development of Consciousness in Negro Pre-School

segregation had on the personality development of young

Children”. Her thesis asserted that Black children became

Black children. Thank you, Kenneth and Mamie Clark, for

aware of their racial identity around age three, and acquired

using your love of the community to make a difference in

a negative self-image as a result of segregation. To test her

your professional careers.

thesis, the Clarks conducted one of the most instrumental experiments in psychology: the “doll” test. In this experiment, young Black children were presented with identical black and white dolls and asked which doll they would prefer. The results revealed that the Black children preferred the white doll over the black doll. The NAACP Legal Defense and Education fund asked that the couple testify in several court cases challenging segregation in public schools, including Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. During this landmark case, Thurgood Marshall’s game plan was to prove that legal segregation was causing actual harm to schoolchildren; and the Clarks’ findings were the irrefutable proof that Marshall needed.




The Greatest of Love Of All S P I RI T UA L N O U RI S H M E N T B RO U GH T TO YO U B Y THE URBAN SENTINEL AND UPSHIFT GLOBAL by dr. anita davis-defoe for urban sentinel While sometimes complex and even illusive, love is a tremendous gift, a mysterious blend of emotions. Although most of us feel uncomfortable admitting it, we crave love. In fact, love excites our entire being as it floods our hearts and brightens our lives. Love can also be a source of pain when we lose it. For some of us, a love lost cripples us for life.

Without self-love and self-awareness, we are without purpose and we are constantly ambivalent. Each of us has a desire to feel confident in our abilities, to feel hopeful about achieving our dreams, and certainly to feel personal value. If we were to be honest, we all have a deep longing to feel comfortable in our own skin.

There are all forms of love; love for family, love for friends, love for one’s mate or significant other, and love for humanity. Generally, when we think of love and being “in love” immediately we tend to think of sharing love with another person, the giving of kindness and consideration to another individual.

Until a person learns to love and accept all aspects of their being, including the acknowledgement of those traits and habits that he or she would like to change, it is virtually impossible to truly give and receive love, or successfully accomplish personal goals. Without making a genuine connection with your true “self ”, it is tremendously difficult to recognize and develop your true potential. Once we take off our masks and “get real” we are able to move forward in matters of love and life. When we fail to do this, our existence becomes filled with sadness, doubt, anger, hopelessness and eventually our spirits become so broken we waste all of our talents and our potential is lost.

Learning to have healthy, loving relationships with others is indeed an important aspect of our lives, simply because relationships are a key component of the human experience. Even still, until we experience the greatest love of all, our ability to love others is significantly impacted. What is the greatest love of all? It is self-love. Do not confuse self-love with selfishness or an inflated ego. In its purest state, self-love is merely the desire for personal happiness, the care and nurturing of self, the act of being as kind and accepting to yourself as you are of others. In today’s world, there is much discussion about selfesteem; do you have any, is your self-esteem high or low, how do you repair it, even how do you define it. Self-esteem and self-love are companions; they share a common unique space deep within our spirits. Together, they propel us onward in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. Although through the masks that we wear many of us project a happy image to the world, inside we are suffering; we are miserable, we are filled with despair. In quiet moments when we are alone, our true feelings surface, and too often these feelings are dominated by self-hatred, personal loathing.


Decide that you will spend just as much time getting to know and love yourself as you spend getting to know and love others. Decide to celebrate all of your personal strengths and talents and be courageous enough to work on those areas of your life you know require improvement. Decide from now on that on a daily basis you will relish the greatest love of all. Decide to get to know that person whose reflection greets you in the mirror every morning. Decide to know and love yourself, for self-love is the key that unlocks the door to endless possibilities.

FOR YOUR HEALTH WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS PART 1 by Dr. Lenore T. Coleman for the urban sentinel

As of January 10. 2021, worldwide there have been 90,363,015 total cases, 1,939,040 deaths and 64,634,913 people that have recovered. In the United States, 22,734,762 total cases, 381,804 deaths and 13,395,752 people that have recovered. Keep in mind these are reported cases, deaths and recovered figures. We know that based on many experts there is a good chance that we are UNDER REPORTING the actual numbers. The impact of this worldwide epidemic has been devastating to the both the physical, emotional and financial health of our nation. Now that effective vaccines are available, every citizen of the United States must sign up to receive the vaccine as soon as it is available to them. This article is designed to answer some of the most common

questions and concerns regarding the SARS-CoV-2 also known as COVID 19. At the end of the article we provide several references and resources you can use to keep up to date with the ongoing research and medical management of this deadly virus. What are viruses? A virus is a microscopic parasite that can infect living organisms and cause disease. It can make copies of itself inside another organism's cells. Viruses consist of nucleic acid and a protein coat. Usually the nucleic acid is RNA; sometimes it is DNA. Viruses are much smaller in size than bacteria and cannot reproduce (replicate) or survive outside of their host’s body. URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY


to multiply and then moves into your upper respiratory passages in your lungs. The virus has been shown to spread to other body tissues.

What are coronaviruses? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause respiratory illness in humans. They get their name, “corona,” from the many crown-like spikes on the surface of the virus. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and the common cold are examples of coronaviruses that cause illness in humans. So far, scientists have identified 7 coronaviruses that can infect humas. COVID 19 is a zoonotic virus. It is the third zoonotic virus after SARS and MERS. A zoonotic virus means that the infectious disease was transmitted between species, from animals to humans. The SARS-CoV outbreak in 2002 originated from bats in China and the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) outbreak in 2012 came from dromedary camels, although there is data that links its transmission from bats. There have been reports that the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) outbreak game from a wet market in Wuhan China but that has not been confirmed.

COVID-19 is likely spread: • When the virus travels from the infected person through coughing, sneezing, talking, singing, and breathing in respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, sings or breathes near you (within six feet). Study have shown that the virus can travel on infected droplets for 6 feet which is why it is important to maintain a social distance of 6 feet. • When the virus travels through a cough or sneeze, it can linger in the air for minutes to hours. This method of spread is especially seen when you are in enclosed spaces (i.e. bars and small restaurants) with poor ventilation. • From close contact (touching or shaking hands) with an infected person. • By touching hard surfaces that the virus has landed on, then touching your eyes, mouth, or nose before washing your hands. This is the least likely method of transmission. How do you prevent the spread of COVID -19? Until everything about COVID-19 is fully understood, the best advice from healthcare providers to prevent getting COVID-19 infection is to: • Stay six feet away from others whenever possible. • Wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose when around others. • Wash your hands often. If soap is not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. • Avoid crowded indoor spaces. Bring in outdoor air as much as possible. • Stay self-isolated at home if you are feeling ill with symptoms that could be COVID-19 or have a positive test for COVID-19. • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

How does the new coronavirus (COVID-19) spread from person to person?

Do I need to wear a face mask and if so what type?

COVID-19 virus enters your body through either nose, mouth or eyes. The virus is transmitted on airborne droplets that can travel through the air. The virus travels to the back of your nasal passages and mucous membrane in the back of your throat. Once attached the virus begins

According to the CDC, wearing a face mask may limit exposure to respiratory droplets of COVID-19 and may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus. Face masks protect both you and the people around you. Cloth face masks are being recommended because we now know individuals with COVID-19 could have mild


or no symptoms, while still spreading the virus to others. The cloth face coverings have been found effective but are not quite as good as medical grade surgical masks and N95 masks which should be reserved for healthcare and some essential workers (ambulance drivers, police) that have maximum exposure. Remember that maintaining at least six feet of distance between yourself and another person is the best preventative measure. How long is a person infected with COVID-19 considered contagious? Researchers are still learning about COVID-19. What IS known is that people infected with COVID-19 can spread the virus to others before experiencing symptoms themselves (while people are still “asymptomatic”). Once you do have symptoms, the CDC says you are no longer contagious 10 days after your symptoms began. How soon after becoming infected with COVID-19 will I develop symptoms?

hospitalizations and deaths. Many researchers feel that the higher rate of the severe complications of COVID-19 in minority populations are due to many factors including: • Living in urban cities with dense population area. Many minority families live in multi-generational households with children, parents and grandparent. • Many African Americans and Latinos have jobs in the retail or leisure work sectors where they have close contact with consumers. • Using public transportation (i.e., buses and subway trains) to get to work which increase exposure to the COVID-19 virus. • Having more pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, asthma, and heart, liver and kidney diseases. We find this issue very common in the elderly population. • Being more likely to have health insurance and access to care in order to received COVID- 19 testing and outpatient treatment.

This so-called “incubation period,” the time between becoming infected and showing symptoms, can range from two to 14 days. The average time before experiencing symptoms is five days. Symptoms can range in severity from very mild to severe. In about 80% of patients, COVID-19 causes only mild symptoms. Who is most at risk for getting COVID-19? • People who live in or have recently traveled to any area with an active spread of new cases. • People who have had close contact with a person who has a laboratory-confirmed or a suspected case of the COVID-19 virus. Close contact is defined as being within six feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. • People over age 60 who have pre-existing medical conditions or a weakened immune system. Have certain ethnic groups been harder hit by COVID-19? African Americans and the Latino-Hispanic populations seem to have disproportionate higher rates of the severe COVID-19 infections resulting in higher rates of URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY


BE MY VALENTINE by bridgette m. alfred for urban sentinel A. Introduction: widespread in the United States, of

however, until the 1850s, when

in someone’s life where love should

Valentine's Day is clouded by various

Esther A. Howland, a Mount Holyoke

be, that emptiness is magnified by

legends. There are some suggestions

graduate and native of Worcester,

expectation. Take the time to express

that the holiday's roots are in the



love to those who feel unlovable.

ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia,

producing them. Today, the holiday

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of how

celebrated annually on February 15.

has become a booming commercial

we have been loved and who has

Once Christianity started spreading,

success. According to the Greeting

loved us.

the day came to be known as St.

Card Association, 25% of all cards

Valentine's Day. But it was only

sent each year are valentines.






Yes, make Valentine’s Day special, but more importantly, make all your

during the 14th century that St. Valentine's Day became definitively

2. Spiritual: John 13:34 (NIV): A

relationships special throughout the

associated with love.

new command I give you: Love one

entire year. Express your love by

another. As I have loved you, so you

being patient and treating others with

must love one another.

genuine respect and honor. If you

2. Spiritual: 1 Corinthians 16:14

focus on truly loving from a Biblical

(NIV): Do everything in love.

B. Valentine’s Day Card:

C. Conclusion:

perspective, the love and fulfillment you will get will far exceed anything

1. Physical: If you’re trying to

you could hope for.

1. Physical: Over the centuries,

figure out what to do on Valentine’s

the holiday evolved, and by the 18th

Day, just know that there are no rules.

2. Spiritual: 1 John 4:7 (NIV):

century, gift-giving and exchanging

It’s a new era, and you can celebrate

Dear friends, let us love one another,

handmade cards on Valentine's Day

the day of love however you want,

for love comes from God. Everyone

had become common in England.

even if it’s just through self-love.

who loves has been born of God and

Hand-made valentine cards made of

Watching a movie at home, cooking

knows God.

lace, ribbons, and featuring cupids

a fancy meal at home, or hosting a

and hearts eventually spread to the

Zoom Valentine’s Day party are some

American colonies. The tradition

of the great ways to celebrate.

of Valentine's cards did not become On Valentine’s Day, if there is a void 46








Speaker Angela Heath


by Reginald Kearney for the urban sentinel Recently the Urban Sentinel had the opportunity to

conferences and sales approaches online. She hosted the

interview the “The Speakers Speaker”, Angela Heath. Angela

Virtual Speaker Summit and launched the Virtual Speaking

is a life-long, award-winning keynote speaker, trainer and


author. After twenty years of running a successful consulting practice, Angela nearly lost it all when she had to stop

Urban Sentinel: So Angela, you are a speaker correct?

working to join her young son’s battle with leukemia. Angela

Angela Heath: Yes I am.

leads by example when it comes to priorities. Faced with a tough road ahead, Angela and her 12 year old son walked it

Urban Sentinel: Angela, do you consider yourself a

together. Now, at age 24, she knows what life can look like

motivational speaker given the fact that you work with a

from many angles and teaches others to be ready for life, no

number of corporations and you also do training?

matter what it may look like.

Angela Heath: Yes, I am both, a corporate trainer and I am a motivational speaker.

Not one for giving up or giving in, Angela’s inner hustle kicked in and she was able to build another company with

Urban Sentinel: How did you come up with the idea of

very few resources and no clue about working online.

starting your own company? Angela Heath: Well my story is a little unusual, given the

The new company she birthed, TKC Incorporated prepares

fact that I started my first company when I was in my late

executives, teams and individuals for the seismic shift in

twenties, early thirties. I always knew that I wanted do

the world of work (freelance and remote work) which is

consulting, so I got a job with one of the beltway bandits so

impacting staffing innovation and leadership around the

I could learn how to do consulting, and I got fired after six



Has COVID-19 stopped Angela’s work? The answer is

Urban Sentinel: So why do you think you got fired?

no because she began volunteering for businesses and

Angela Heath: I was told that I could not write, I was not a

ministries that were struggling with bringing their messages,

team player, and that I was not an independent thinker. I



think what actually happened was that I was the Manager

virus. A customer commented on how good I was at

of External Affairs and they had a Manager of Internal

public speaking and training people online, so I saw a new

Affairs who was fired. They brought in a Senior Consultant

opportunity which became the “Virtual Speaking Academy”

who became my Supervisor, but no one never told me, so

which is done online.

I continued to report to the Vice-President. A couple of months later the supervisor decided to evaluate me and I was

Urban Sentinel: How is your son doing?

shocked. She gave me such a horrible evaluation and at the

Angela Heath: He is doing great. He is twenty-four years old

bottom of the evaluation she cc’d the customer since it was

and he just graduated with a

a federal government customer. I also wrote the customer

Master’s in Bio-Medical Engineering.

and sent mine, but the supervisor never sent hers because she sent hers to the file, and that was it. But it turned out

Urban Sentinel: With your “Virtual Speaking Academy”, will

to be the best day of my life because I had a book contract,

you be offering classes?

and I had not written the book because of time constraints.

Angela Heath: The first promotional event has been held,

I wrote the book and I did consulting work, and I didn’t

which was a virtual speaking summit. There were eighteen

make much money the first year, but I did finish the book.

speakers and about 354 views. Appearance and the technical

Another publisher came across my book, and I wrote three

portion is very important with you presentation, as

books in five years. I never wrote a book proposal because I

everything has to be right. I also had people tell me tosell my

didn’t know that you were suppose too.

system that I created called GEMM, which stands for: 1) Get the gig, 2) Excite and delight your audience, 3) Monetize,

Urban Sentinel: Given the success of your book, what were

and 4) Maximize your efforts. With this Academy I plan to

your next steps after you wrote the books?

have a faculty and I already have plans of offering a six week

Angela Heath: I learned how to do consulting, and I had that

certificate program to certify speakers.

company for over twenty years. Things were good and my child at twelve runs in my room and tells me that they were

Given the climate of the industry, it is vital to maximize the

having a hot flash, note that my child was a boy. A week

opportunity to reinvent yourself. Angela is a perfect example,

later he was diagnosed with leukemia. After this happened

and great motivator, of a world where human capital is very

I closed my business, and I did not work for two and a half

replaceable. Angela knows how to take the lessons that she

years, as the treatment was for three years. Needing to work,

learned and share with her clients in a way that will teach

I began to look at doing something online and about eight

them real word experience in pivots and monetization.

years ago I looked at my skills and the market and I started a new company which was focused on people age 45+. I did

Angela has created a blueprint for success through her books

a fourth book two years ago which was self-published titled

and her academy. For more information on Angela and to

“Do the Hustle Without the Hassel” which focused on the

get her contact information, please go to her website:

gig online marketplace. This book was written for people


45 and older and shows them how to start their own online business. My next challenge came with the COVID-19




Trenace' K. CARTER

written by Corretta L. Doctor No one will ever forget the global shift that occurred in our lives last year. When the world paused in early 2020, Ms. Carter slowed down but did not stop. She speaks to Urban Sentinel Magazine and dives deep and boldly into her future plans for 2021 while candidly sharing her 2020 year in review. Trenace’ K. Carter, a Houston, Texas resident (and Chicago native), is no stranger to hard work. A full time workpreneur, Trenace’ balances her life by starting each day with a plan to be astoundingly great. She is busy and busy is a good thing when your productive efforts propel you to success. Trenace’ is a successful Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Goal Success


Life Coach, Mentor, Published Author, Celebrity Writer for an International Magazine, Talk Show Host, and Founder of ‘1 Authentic Woman’, an empowering organization that journeys with clients as they take the steps to become their Personal Best Self as they rediscover their Authentic Self. “Every action, reaction, decision, habit, practice, and plan are a choice,” says Trenace’’. It is the belief of Trenace’ that some of the things that happen to us are tied to our choices and our choices are made based on our mindset. Trenace’ teaches the practice of establishing a ‘Next Level Mindset’ filled with positive, thriving thoughts. 1 Authentic Woman is an organization formed to nourish and nurture authenticity, reset, renew, and breathe life into stalled

dreams, and when necessary, embrace the new normal.

living fully off of the lessons she learned in her past. Amidst a few bumps in the road, Trenace’ was given

Trenace’ tells us, “My 2020 was actually not that bad,

an upper hand in life because she was raised by women

considering how bad it could have been!” The rampant

that became her roadmap to thinking positive about

Coronavirus wreaked havoc across the globe and did

what was ahead of her in life. Raised on the west side

not discriminate on who it impacted. Placed on a

of Chicago, Trenace’ had the strongest support system

shelter-in-place order, Trenace’ created a place of solace

a young girl could ask for. Trenace’ was raised by three

and never fell deep into the world of depression that

generations of women: her mother, grandmother,

engulfed so many people. She remained busy, creative,

and great grandmother. Trenace’ was reared in a

and found value in the down time. Trenace’ tells us

two-parent home, with her two younger sisters until

that she rebranded her business, started a new book,

her parents divorced when she was seven years old.

launched several new projects, such as ‘Queendom

The children learned different lessons from all three

Conversations’, a talk show that focuses on Mothers

women who spanned decades apart in age. Some

and Daughters that featured conversations that

things were taught, and some were an inherent transfer

were not typically held at the dinner table, but were

of knowledge through conversations held among the

conversations that needed to happen. They included

grandmothers and granddaughters. Trenace’s mother

topics such as Infertility, Marriage, and Living with

made sure she and her siblings had a great education.


Trenace’ would often travel with her school for various activities that gave her cultural experiences outside of her community, city, and state. Everything

Trenace’ is working on her 2021 flagship project titled,

Trenace’ encountered as a student helped to expand

‘Lady in Waiting’ and is also releasing a book titled the

her knowledge base and social skills that culminate

same. She has invested months talking with women

into the woman she is today. This is the foundation of

that are in waiting for missed opportunities and other

which she mentors and teaches her clients from.

life changes that they want to see come to fruition; this also includes women that are preparing for their

Social skills and the ability to network effectively

husband and living their life fulfilled with the promise

were important to Trenace’ at an early age. She was

of what the Bible teaches about a husband and a wife.

in 4-H Club, played softball and interacted with

Trenace’ is a five-time published Author and it is no

students at her Catholic school, staying involved and

doubt that her new book will be a best seller.

learning everything she could. Her ability to identify and mitigate social issues among young women helps

Trenace’s focus is on being the best she can be in all

Trenace’ remove emotional barriers that are halting

that she does. She is crystal clear in her purpose to

her client’s emotional well-being. Talking saves lives

share her testimony with others. She understands the

and Trenace’ uses open communication to bring out

value of educating and inspiring others with clarity.

the issues being held within. Trenace’s grandmother

She did not always have it easy, nor was her road paved

always told her to be socially adept and know when

in gold. None of that matters because today she is

to say what. That statement resonates profoundly



because not everyone is equipped to listen with the capacity and desire to help others heal. As a listener, you may not know what to say, or when to say it but it is important to allow people, especially youth, to freely expel their pain through their words. Trenace’s great grandmother was a great storyteller and she taught Trenace’ the importance of sharing. Not just sharing physical and material things but sharing in the exchange of emotions and situations. If you find yourself unable to help someone, never turn them away, just refer them to a coach or counselor that is specialized in life coaching. Coach Trenace’ is your answer. One of the most important jobs that Trenace’ has is mentoring. She has a special place in her heart for youth, and young women in particular. Many of us have heard a variation of ‘sayings’ that tell us how broken children, without therapy and emotional rehabilitation, become broken adults. There is a level of truth in that statement, and there is also an opportunity to break that generational threat by focusing on the young, interrupted mind of a broken child. 1 Authentic Woman is firm in their process. Trenace’ identifies the seed of any issue by asking questions and listening carefully to understand the root of the problems. She is determined to provide answers on how to manage the core issues that her clients are facing. She cannot guarantee that she will find answers to every problem, but she can teach her clients how to manage the information they have and use a healthy approach to balance the cards they are dealt. They work together to focus directly on the problem without shying 54

“Every action, reaction, decision, habit, practice, and plan are a choice,” - Trenace' K. Carter

from the pain. She understands how to remove the

share their experiences with her audiences. Her vast

emotion to be able to start the healing. It is a gradual

array of guests show how a person can be their best

process that results in clients leaving her appointments

version of themselves and be highly achievable in their

feeling empowered. Empowered women know how to

efforts to live their best life. Everyone can see more,

affirm their greatness by loving their authentic selves

be more, and do more. The next level is right there

and living their authentic life, without regret.

waiting for you.

Trenace’ uses her ability to engage in effective

Trenace’ K. Carter is phenomenal. Her plans for 2021

communication. She hosts a series of diverse

are rooted deep in her ability to serve others. A new

conversations with men and women on her talk show,

book, new talk show, multiple new projects, a series

“Next Level with Trenace”. The show talks to guests

of magazine publications and much more! Visit

that have faced a myriad of childhood trauma, sexual

www.1AuthenticWoman.com to connect with Trenace’

trauma, abuse, addiction, and have since overcome.

K. Carter and join her email list to stay connected.

She also talks to entrepreneurs that are working to take their businesses to the next level. She talks to business owners and authors that have reached success and URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY



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