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From The Desk of The Editor Wow! It is August and summertime is almost a memory. I hope that everyone is

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having a safe summer and I hope that you have enjoyed your vacations. It is a great feeling to be able to spend time traveling and visiting family, friends, and

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the parks, but let us not forget to remember that we are still faced with a virus that is still part of our daily lives. My friends and readers, please make sure to get your vaccinations, if you have not had a vaccination wear a mask. Even if you have had a vaccination, please wear a mask. We can beat this virus, but we need the whole village to help win the battle. This month I would like to introduce you to Johnnie Davis who is a CEO and a great influencer. Davis is a world renowned business, wealth, and success coach

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who is helping others to WIN at life. I hope that you will enjoy his story, a story that will truly motivate you. This issue also features a plethora of great stories that are filled with heart-

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warming sentiments and words of encouragement. We are excited for you to turn each page and enjoy the articles from front to back. We are striving to be a favorite magazine to readers around the world. We are reaching homes across nations and sharing stories of empowerment, inspiration

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Male Grooming

Tikima Bowers


Freddy Greene



Darick Spears - Milwaukee’s field of Dreams


The Steps to Male Grooming


A Tribute to Booker Wright


Celebrity Designer- Delise’Ana Parker


I’m Still Here


Setoria is “Back to Me”


The Power of Forgiveness


Let’s Talk About Freedom


Tikima Bowers - American Actress, Model & Entrpreneur


Go Global


Increase in Elderly Abuse


Street Genie: How Freddy Greene Honed his Craft


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Darick Spears Milwaukee's field of dreams by C. NaTasha Richburg for urban sentinel Darick Spears is a husband, father, rapper, musician, record producer, author, and book store owner that sells 100 plus books he authored. Known by his friends as "the best-kept secret," Darick grew up in and currently resides in Milwaukee, the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. Many characterized Darick as young, gifted, and black with supportive parents, two older brothers, a younger sister, and a younger brother. He experienced the residual effects of his urban neighborhood that contained pockets of violence and participated in school busing programs surviving the push and pull between two 4

entirely different worlds. Youth in Darick's neighborhood had the same opportunities, yet many lacked the ambition to excel academically. Benefiting from the outpouring of love from his supportive family, Darick was blessed to present his poetry to audiences who unknowingly provided him a boost to rise above the abyss of teenage depression. Darick's faithbased background wholly connected with his belief in God that he typically acted on publicly by speaking aloud to God, expecting, and receiving an informed response. God's quiet voice provided insight for Darick to explain his spiritual gifts

to others who often stood in disbelief, calling him "weird." Forever the unwavering writer, Darick authored stories, songs, and poems that speak to various circumstances. He carries a notebook everywhere, never to miss documenting thoughts. Darick fondly reflects that his parents sensed he had unique spiritual gifts though those gifts, along with academic achievements, caused teasing by peers. The peers taunted Darick for so-called "acting white" and called him an "Oreo,' while white kids at the school Darick got bused to call him the "n-word." Ultimately, the teasing gave Darick the impetus to expand his intelligence, become a brilliant thinker, wittier writer, and more ambitious than anyone else he knew. Darick's story offers a spotlight of hope for those who dare to be different. Darick's story I just didn't fit in anywhere. Everywhere I went, and people let me know I was different. I didn't know what they meant. Finally, however, they told me I was odd. So, I became a suicidal teenager. I felt suicidal when I got cut from the basketball team. I got teased; my brother made the team; I didn't make it. Everybody else I knew made the team. Though chubby at the time, I knew I was better than all of them. I felt like a failure. I didn't like the way I looked at the time. The good news is I didn't commit suicide because something inside of me connected to God and my purpose. I just knew I had a sense of something good happening if I continued to live. I would dream, and I would see myself doing great things. Things that other people in my neighborhood had never done. I would see myself around a massive crowd of people who would follow me. That dream was blurry. My dream was never super clear, so I wondered if I kept going what I would become. I realized; I would be just fine. So, I thought that if I committed suicide, I would be a quitter. -- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours 800-273-8255 Darick continued to walk to the beat of his own drummer using a cadence unfamiliar to most. He earned 3 degrees and enjoyed a fulfilling job. Suddenly, forced from his job, Darick's confidence plummeted into a downward spin. Married for nearly 15 years with three daughters, the eldest of the three is autistic; Darick took on full-time care for his daughters. Peers taunted Darick for his 10-year job as a stay-at-home dad. He learned from teenage bouts with depression to never stop dreaming. Darick refused to hold onto negative feelings trying to mount into his psyche. All bottled-up emotions lead to him publishing over 100 plus books, writing poetry, producing music, and recording rap songs.

Why did you open a bookstore to sell your books? I was having a conversation with God; I heard a voice say, 'you should open up a bookstore where you wrote and published all of the books.' I said that's crazy. No one did that before, but it fit me so well at that moment; it was almost like a moment of clarity. I wanted to have a physical store. My mom and dad happened to come across this building while out on a drive. They had a conversation with the store owner about me possibly leasing the space. They gave me the building owner's phone number. So, I called the guy; he's an older, 80-year-old Caucasian guy. When we met, we started walking around. The entire store was empty, but I could see the whole bookstore in my imagination. It was the weirdest thing. The store owner walked with me outside of the building, and he looked at me. He said, 'you know, I turned down 20 people, but I'm not going to turn you down.' He looked up and looked at me, 'you just got to have a leap of faith sometimes.' And I caught shivers. The guy leased the building to me. Did the store kick-off go as planned? The store opened, and the pandemic hit. I felt panic; I'm sitting out there feeling like, 'oh my, I'm so nervous. I'm ready to throw up.' I felt like, 'oh my God. Why you want me to open a book store?' A month or two later, I got a call from the news station that played in Milwaukee. I also got calls from CBS News. The news stations wanted to know if they could do a story on my book store. Before meeting the news reporters, I shared a photo of himself sitting in front of my bookstore. I was depressed. I put the picture on Facebook. In three days, the Facebook post was shared almost 1000 times. Suddenly, my bookstore started kind of moving a little faster. Ironically, I saw a vision of myself being on every News Channel wellbefore it happened. Between the local tv news station reporting and Facebook posts, the news flash of Darick's different type of book store become the talk of the community. The many years of writing books were the building blocks for life for Darick after acting on the call from God to open a book store. Darick's quest to open the store is reminiscent of the experience shown in the 1989 movie "A field of Dreams. [In the movie] Iowa farmer Ray (Kevin Costner) hears a mysterious voice one night in his cornfield saying, "If you build it, he will come," he feels the need to act. [Ray built the baseball field] Despite taunts of lunacy." Darick trusted God's voice to move forward in life, and to confidently let others know what he heard God say. His store “Darick Books,” affords a space to record music and finalize film production -- being more than just shelves for books. URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | AUGUST


Which of your Books best represents who you are? The Book that best describes me is my book "The World's Greatest Poet: Volume 1." I feel like I am the most significant poet/writer ever; I respect all authors/ artists – but the Lord gave me a gift like no other, and I use it every day. So, when they mention the most outstanding poets/writers in history – they won't have a choice but to put me at the top of the conversation. I am just that confident in my gifts from God. What are the names and genres of your top 5 albums? What are the titles of your work streaming on Amazon? • Milwaukee – Hip Hop • The Cares Pack- Hip Hop • The Mad Scientist – Instrumental • The Beatsmith Vol – New Age/Jazz • Here Comes Trouble – Spoken Word/Rap Amazon Prime Video • Darick Spears Presents: Secret Success Stories (Season 1) • Pastor Howard: The Legacy • Miraculous While some people view making it out of an urban community as a form of success, Darick Spears stayed. Teased when he took on the role of stay-at-home dad, Darick felt the pain of being "weird" that resurrected into adult taunting when he became a stay-at-home dad. The bottled-up words of a stay-at-home dad blurted onto the pages of his notebook to become books that would later rest on the shelves of the first of its kind book store. Darick's story is a testament to families with a bright child who does not fit anywhere because of exceptional academic abilities. Darick's mind contains an adoration for word usage that affords enlightenments of possibilities yet seen by others. In other words, he has the foresight to realize the consequence of situational outcomes. Darick's achievements give us pause to stand and notice kids who walk to the beat of their own drummer on paths yet traveled. As long as the route has positive possibilities, let's not make fun of the dreamer. Darick's Books is located at 2877 N 76th St, Milwaukee, WI 53222, or visit the website(s) at: www.darickspears.com www.darickbooks.com


The Steps To Male Grooming



The Steps To Male

Grooming Guys need love too! by Olympia Kent for urban sentinel

Should men have a daily skincare route? The answer to this question is yes men should have a skin care routine just as women. It is vital for men to cleanse their faces regularly. men’s skin tends to be oilier than that of women due to the increased presence of sebaceous glands. Additionally, these glands tend to be larger in men, resulting in enhanced production of oil. Ideally, you should wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Any more than that and you risk drying your skin out too significantly. The only exception should be if you sweat substantially throughout the day and need to remove sweat and oil more often. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin. Under ideal circumstances, your skin’s able to get rid of the cells on its own, but sometimes, it does not shed completely. You should exfoliate your skin after you have cleaned it, after that, gently apply the facial scrub to your skin with gentle massage motions. Men with beards should spend a little extra time applying the scrub. You want to make sure the substance can bypass your facial hair and help the skin. You can wash the scrub off using lukewarm water. Keeping facial hair clean with regular washing, manicured with diligent trimming and shaping, and soft with the right oils, balms, or conditioners to suit your hair type is optimal.


“Shorter beards benefit more from beard balm for perfect styling, while longer and thicker beards may benefit more from beard oil to keep it well-conditioned. A facial serum should be applied twice daily. You should put it over your face in the morning and in the evening to help replenish nutrients you end up losing over the course of the day. You should know the importance of drinking enough water during the day. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of day can do a lot of good for helping your skin, but if you need an extra boost, then consider adding a moisturizer to your regimen. You should apply a moisturizer after every time you wash your face, which means twice daily. Keeping up with this process regularly helps protect your skin from environmental harm. You should apply the moisturizer while your skin is still damp. This way the product traps moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated. It is also a good idea to moisturize after every time you wash your hands. While a lot of men focus on their facial skin’s

health, it is just as important to pay attention to other parts of your body as well. Additionally, your hands are more likely to be exposed to irritants than your face, and they could use the extra protection. No one wants to deal with pimples. While the blemishes are often associated with teenagers, they can absolutely follow you into adulthood. When they pop up, you need to be able to treat them accordingly. It should be a gradual experience "First you crawl, then you walk, then you run—it’s the same with makeup! In terms of achieving natural-looking coverage with concealer and/or foundation, starting with a lightweight, buildable product, such as a BB cream or light weight foundation, so that you can control the intensity as you apply and blend it with your

fingers or a tool, such as a brush or Beauty Blender sponge. finding a pitch-perfect shade match is ideal and for those with a beard or mustache, facial hair, you need to match a shade close to your natural skin tone because it will show between your beard hairs. After building your canvas, you can further enhance your complexion by shading and highlighting. A swipe of tawny bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks will add warmth and definition to the face, while blending a fresh highlighter on the highs of the temples will attract light for a lit-from-within effect. Applying a rich, clear lip balm. And remember to keep up your skin-care regimen for both a smooth canvas and cumulative results.



ABOOKER TributeWRIGHT to by Brandee Johnson for urban sentinel what it was like to live as a Black person in that state. That man’s name was Booker Wright. Who was Booker Wright? Booker Wright was an entrepreneur from Greenwood, Mississippi who placed an importance on education. He owned and operated his own restaurant named Booker’s Place during the day, and during the night he would work at a Whites-only restaurant called Lusco’s on the other side of town. In 1965, Wright came across the opportunity to participate in an NBC documentary highlighting the racism in Mississippi. Once Wright agreed to be interviewed for the documentary, it changed the trajectory of the rest of his life. Prior to starring in the NBC documentary titled Credit: Image taken from www.acriticalreviewofthehelp.wordpress.com. Link: Finding Booker’s Place Among The Green Book | A Critical Review of the novel The Help (wordpress.com)

Mississippi has been known as one of the most racist states in the South. To say that Black citizens in Mississippi were terrorized in the early twentieth century would be an understatement. After all, it was during this month in Money, Mississippi that 14-year-old Emmett Till was brutally murdered for allegedly whistling at a White woman in 1955. While Emmett Till’s murder was the spark that ignited the Civil Rights Movement, there was another Civil Rights hero that would emerge from a neighboring city in Mississippi ten years later. This man would give his contribution to the Civil Rights Movement by making the decision to appear in a documentary about Mississippi and tell the honest truth of


Mississippi: A Self Portrait, Booker led a sad and interesting childhood. He was born in Mississippi to a mother who worked for a White family called the Russells. When Booker was two or three years old, the Russells separated Booker from his mother by forcing her to relocate with them up North. Because of the strenuous workload they predicted would await her, the Russells told Booker’s mother to leave him with a family member and send for him in a few months once the work was completed. Unfortunately, when Booker’s mother returned months later to pick Booker up, she soon realized that he was sent to a plantation. She was told by one of the men who worked for the plantation owner that she would have to pay for Booker, her own child, to bring him back. She returned back to the Russells, received the money to pay for Booker, and returned to Mississippi only to be met with the same resistance from the plantation owner. No

matter how many times Booker’s mother returned for Booker, the plantation owner would not allow Booker to be reunited with his mother. In fact, Booker’s mother was warned by another plantation worker that the plantation owner would whip her if she continued to come back for Booker. Just like thousands of other Black people, Booker was trapped in the sharecropping system. At 14-years-old – the same age Emmett Till was murdered – Booker moved out to Greenwood, Mississippi and started working as a waiter for a Whites-only restaurant called Lusco’s in 1940. To discourage Black patrons from dining in the establishment, Lusco’s did not carry menus. This was a tactic the owners of the establishment used to get away with discriminating against Black patrons by charging them ridiculous prices. Instead of carrying menus, waiters were required to recite the menu to each customer. As ridiculous as this standard was, Booker became a natural at Lusco’s because of the way he would recite the menu. He possessed a certain rhythm and charisma that made him popular with his White customers and coworkers. In fact, a man by the name of Frank De Felitta was so entertained by Booker’s recital that he asked if he would be interested in being interviewed for

Credit: Image taken from www.nytimes.com

character that he was willing to tell the truth about how Black people are treated in Mississippi – especially during a time where White people in Mississippi were trying to convince the rest of America that Black people were fine with the way

his documentary about race relations in Mississippi.

things were in Mississippi.

Instead of being intimidated, Booker embraced the

Not surprisingly, the backlash that resulted from the NBC

opportunity. He agreed to be interviewed and requested that the interview take place in his own restaurant. With his wife, a waitress, and the news crew present, Booker began his interview with the recital of Lusco’s menu. What followed after was one of the most raw and authentic depictions of a Black man’s experience in Southern life. Without giving too much away, Booker talked about how he endures the vile behavior that White patrons display towards him to give his children a better life than he had. No matter how nasty or how pleasant his White customers treat him, he makes sure to work to the best of his ability while keeping his smile. Even though racial tension always existed in the state of Mississippi, Black people were typically not vocal about expressing their true feelings towards White people for fear of retaliation. It was a real testament to Booker’s courage and

documentary once it aired nationwide in 1965 was instant. The night that the documentary aired was the last night that Booker worked at Lusco’s. The white patrons were visibly upset and began to request that someone other than Booker wait on them. Booker took it upon himself to speak with one of the owners about leaving, claiming that he believed it was his time to leave. Ending his 25-year run at Lusco’s was the least of his concerns. His restaurant, Booker’s Place, was firebombed; and he was constantly harassed by White police officers, so much so that one police officer with a known history of harassing Black citizens pistol whipped Booker and left him with serious injuries. Regardless of how Booker was terrorized for speaking the truth, one of his best qualities that he was known for was his URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | AUGUST

11 11

resiliency. Even before he was interviewed for Mississippi: A Self Portrait, he continued to search for his mother and was successful in being reunited with her. He used the same resiliency to continue to provide for his family and pursue his passions. He reopened Booker’s Place after being firebombed and continued to operate it. He also started a Head Start Program for Black children in Greenwood and purchased a bus to pick up the children and take them to and from school. No matter how much the White community terrorized him, Booker was adamant about making a change in Mississippi. Sadly, in 1973 Booker’s life was cut short. One Saturday night at Booker’s Place, a young man by the name of Lloyd Clork entered the restaurant harassing the customers.

Credit: Image taken from www.politico.com

Booker confronted him, and the two began to argue. The altercation turned physical quickly as Booker hit Clork with the butt of the gun he would keep in his restaurant. Later in the night, Clork returned with a sawed-off shotgun and shot Booker. Unfortunately, Booker succumbed to his injuries and died. Lloyd Clork was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Booker Wright. When Clork took Booker’s life, he took away a father, a son, and an activist for his community. Booker’s story and legacy, however, does not end with his murder. He is survived by his two daughters and his

Credit: Image taken from www.pinterest.com

granddaughter, Yvette Johnson. Both of Booker’s daughters have followed in his footsteps and have pursued careers in business and education, and his granddaughter continues to keep her grandfather’s memory alive by sharing his story through multiple outlets. You can read Yvette’s novel The Song and the Silence to learn more about her journey in learning more about her grandfather, and to hear more about Booker Wright and witness his bravery in full force, you can view the documentary Yvette Johnson co-produced called Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story.


Credit: Image taken from www.pinterest.com




Celebrity Designer

Delise’ Ana Parker by Keisha Esprit for the urban sentinel

Delise’ Ana Parker is a Gullah native of Beaufort, South Carolina. Parker realized her eye for fashion at an early age. Her designs and unique style were recognized in high school, when she was voted most creative student. While completing her Bachelors degree in Marketing from South Carolina State University, the designer opened a custom gown boutique in Orangeburg, SC. This boutique show cased the first official clothing line entitled Delise' Ana Fashions. Delise' Ana is the combination of the designer's Grandmother's, Mother's, and Self name. Together, Delise' Ana defines wisdom, strength, and courage. After graduation Delise'Ana decided to take a leap of faith, and relocated to Los Angeles where she attended fashion design school. Since then the designer has participated and been recognized in international fashion shows, magazines, and music videos combined. Delise' Ana’s talent has also been noted by many famous stylists, fashion industry leaders, and International artists. Parker’s custom garments have been worn by talents such as Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, LaLa Milan, K. Michelle, Faith Evans, Danai Gurira (Black panther & The Walking Dead), to name a few. Delise' Ana’s designs have been showcased at Paris Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. You can also see her designs in magazines such as MarieClaire, Fashion Bomb Daily, Elle, Glamour, LA Apparel News, and many more.




davis e r e H ll i t S m ' I





I'M STILL HERE by Myeka Johnson for the urban sentinel Johnnie Davis is a world renowned business, wealth, and

Johnnie’s business success, his personal experience of

success coach helping others to WIN at life by teaching

achieving the impossible allowed him a unique perspective

them how to transform their minds and utilize their

on how the proper mindset can help one to literally create

resources to achieve success. Johnnie Davis or “JD” is a

miracles and any level of success they desire. Dedicated

graduate of Rutgers University School of Business with

to helping others succeed, Johnnie combined his personal

a B.S. in Marketing. He entered the network marketing

experience and his business knowledge to begin coaching

industry in 1996 and learned incredible wealth building

others on how to WIN at every area of their life. In the

strategies, personal development, and success tips that

last two decades, he has helped create multiple six-figure

enabled him to retire from corporate America at age 31. In

income earners who have gone on to retire from their

his previous career, Johnnie developed an organization of

corporate careers while helping thousands of others create

over 14,000 associates between the U.S. and Canada that

part-time income using his success principles. In 2016

generated over 100 million dollars in revenue.

Johnnie launched “The Winners Circle”, an interactive educational platform that allows people from all over the

A Walking Miracle, Teaching Others to Succeed

world to gain access to Johnnie’s life-changing success

In 2012, Johnnie overcame his battle with heart disease

principles while receiving the coaching, motivations, and

to rebuild his body, wealth and lifestyle after suffering

support they need to WIN at life. Johnnie Davis continues

Sudden Cardiac Arrest on Christmas Eve that rendered

to be one of the most sought after speakers and trainers

him clinically dead for over 16 minutes. Johnnie’s amazing

in the wellness and wealth industry. As a success coach,

story of faith, mental toughness and courage is an

Johnnie works with individuals to provide them with

inspiration to millions. He is the definition of a survivor

practical tools, motivation, and strategies to overcome

and warrior. As a brand partner with Isagenix and his

adversity, change their mindset, set goals, create real

work with the American Heart Association, Johnnie uses

wealth, build successful businesses, and truly WIN at life.

his personal success story to inspire others to transform their minds to take control of, not only their health, but

He's the author of his #1 Amazon best selling book I'm Still

their lives. As one of the most sought after trainers in the

Here From Heart Failure To Heart of a Champion and co-

health and business industry, Johnny is also the recipient

author of Cardiac Athletes. He's a keynote, inspirational

of the prestigious Heart of Isagenix Award in 2015, and

speaker with a powerful message that will transform your

he and his wife Rachel were featured in the 100th edition

mind and ignite your life!

of Success From Home Magazine in 2016. Along with






eS tori by C. NaTasha Richburg for the urban sentinel

Setoria is a self-described confident woman who knows what she wants. She is also a singer/ songwriter, curvy model, and a former producer of the internet radio show, Black Gold Radio Show. Born in Florida as a young girl, Setoria's mother received military orders to move the family to the DMV (Washington metropolitan area known as the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). Setoria remained in the DMV as an adult, though southern values remained rooted in her spirit. "It's nice being a southern girl," Setoria says with a smile. "Southern girls understand that hospitality and kindness is the southern way of life." Wherever Setoria lives in the world, she is that southern girl at heart.

Setoria started singing in the church, moved on to sing with her high school chorus, and later advanced to singing in showcases and open mics while learning the nuances of stage presence during every phase of her professional progression. She also explored theater, where she participated in many musical plays while adding another layer of experience to the stratum of professionalism required to entertain an audience. Setoria has a deep love for multiple genres of music such as Gospel, Hip hop, Go-go, R&B, jazz, rock and



IS"BACK2ME" classical. They simulate who she is as a songstress today. In school, Setoria had a great love for English literature. Her use of the written word carried thoughts she otherwise found difficult articulating orally. Although having no problem using her speaking voice to relay her feelings, Setoria would also express herself by writing poetry. As a teenager, she enjoyed using poetry as a creative way to play with words and rhymes. “I loved to read Shakespeare,” Setoria confessed. That style of storytelling also inspired me to write some of my earlier pieces as an adolescent. In her monologues, Setoria eventually discovered that a pen and pad were complementary instruments of communicative manifestation. Ultimately, when Setoria’s lyrics entwine with breath passing over her vocal cords, they exhale into the microphone to belt out life-changing songs that speak truth to power. Setoria ultimately became a singer/ songwriter/ entertainer with a story to tell. The soul of Setoria's musical delivery grips instinctively with the vibes of Go-go music accompanied by her sultry delivery reminiscent of Jill Scott's expressionistic melodies. Regarding the importance of Go-go music's influence, Setoria embraces Go-go music. Rhome Anderson, DJ and music producer, says, "Go-go was our indigenous music and … had the heart of any kid who grew up in DC." According to: "TV One on the genre, traces the founding of go-go music in DC to a formative moment in a club called the Maverick Room in the city's Edgewood neighborhood sometime around 1974. A musician named Chuck Brown was grooving with his band, the Soul Searchers, and decided he wanted his percussionists to continue playing in between songs, so the dancing never ceased."-- https://washington. org/visit-dc/gogo-music

In the world of independent artists, the Josie Music Awards is "The Most Sought After and Revered Award Show in Independent Music Industry". Most noticeably, the space of the Josie Awards is where independent artists feel loved. Setoria was awarded 2016 and 2017 R&B/Soul Artist of the Year at the annual Josie Music Awards. She received the 2018 Josie Music Awards for R&B Song of the Year, "Say My Name" as well as Best Music Video in 2019 for the sultry “Say My Name” single. Setoria is a singer with a passion that resonates with the soulful delivery moving freely with the beat of the music that lies at the heart of her DMV upbringing. Thus, an audience who experiences Setoria’s live show can escape into the array of heights given by her vocal ability. She has the gift to bend musical notes in ways unique to her view of lived experiences. Setoria's music career slowed during the COVID-19 period, where personal trauma and darkness brought on the substantial weight of the pandemic. Now in the aftermath of the dark place, she felt empowered to take a personal stance to rise from the depths of depression to complete her 2021 single, "Back to Me." The single represents a form of liberation for Setoria to look at herself beyond the fragment of herself that had given up. “This time, I remembered that dark place and didn’t want to go back there.” Setoria lost her father in 2019. The lack of community togetherness due to COVID-19 in 2020 helped contribute to what Setoria describes as a “‘downhill tumble.’ I had a moment of reflection during the shutdown due to the pandemic. This reflective moment led to my writing the song “Back to Me”. “What makes me happy now is giving back to people by penning the verses that helped me to overcome my sorrow.” The song “Back to Me” is a feel-good reflection of what it means to enjoy the person we have grown to become. Setoria is happy and ready for the world to discover all that is good about her rediscovered life. Visit Setoria’s website at: https://setoria.net/



a i r o eS t 24



The Power of Forgiveness

S P I RI T UA L N O U RI S H M E N T B RO U GH T TO YO U B Y THE URBAN SENTINEL AND UPSHIFT GLOBAL by dr. anita davis-defoe for urban sentinel Imagine walking through life with a hundred pound bag of mangoes and a two hundred pound bag of

this characteristic enables us to move forward even in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

coconuts on your back. Wonder if you had to sleep with this burden, bathe with it; sit down at the table for a snack

Granted, we are all products of our life experiences,

with it attached securely to your back. Sooner than later,

our personal histories, and we can easily allow these past

most of us would find a way to rid ourselves of such a

events to impact our current thoughts and feeling in either

limiting burden.

a positive or negative manner. If we allow it, unpleasant, unfair, and unkind actions by others can remain in our

Although some of us may not realize it, but that is

minds and spirits for a lifetime. People, even those who

exactly how we are living our lives daily, weighed down

say they love and care for you, can sometime be cruel, and

by baggage that we simply refuse to discard.

this treatment may in fact dictate anger on your part. The trick is to communicate your anger in a healthy manner,

Far too many of us are journeying through life carrying

forgive the person and move on. Being upset is not the

the emotional and psychological anguish, strain, stress,

problem; the problem lies in never letting the issue go,

and strife from numerous past hurts. Whether it is anger,

choosing to relive the event over and over.

resentment, or bitterness against a parent, relative, mate or friend that has wronged us in the past, the past is long

Each of us has a choice to make, do I stay “stuck in the

gone and the only thing it can do for us now is teach

mud,” or do I choose to move on and “enjoy the gift of life

us how to live better in the present, and “mo better” in

and the beauty of the sunshine each day.”

the future. Holding on to negative attitudes, feeling and experiences have a direct effect on our health, well-being and ability to personally flourish.

The power of forgiveness sets our minds, souls, and spirits free. Whether we realize it or not, it takes more energy to maintain the anger than it does to resolve the

Learning to forgive both others and ourselves is one of

matter and rid ourselves of the negative and unproductive

the most powerful personal traits a person can possess.

feelings that hold us back from the blessings that seek to

The power to forgive gives way to personal resiliency and

come our way.


Bitterness is a dangerous destructive force that can eat away at your very spiritual core. Don’t stifle your life or block your blessing because you refuse to forgive others. The inability to forgive destroys people and relationships, and it can make us prisoners of our hurts and hatred. Choose to focus on what makes you grateful or hateful, hone in on the gain not the pain, always opt to get better not bitter. Forgiveness can even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting or excusing the harm done to you or making up with the person who caused the harm. Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you go on with life. Decide today to wipe the slate clean and even if it means that you take the first step, let all of that old bitterness go, and unleash the power of forgiveness in your life.




FREEDOM by Claudia Newby-Tynes for urban sentinel

I began writing this article in June for submission in the

Historians throughout the ages have (on purpose) been

magazine’s July issue. Since the June/July issues were

selective and intentional on how they records and interprets

combined, numerous events have occurred since its

American history and Black history. The costs some people

publication. My initial thought was to write on something

paid for freedom were (and still are) astronomical. People

else, but here I am still tweaking and building upon this same

from all races, cultures, and creeds gave their lives and

article from June.

sacrificed human suffrages. They paid with their lives. They paid with great droplets of blood oozing through torn and

Let’s Talk About Freedom. We know that freedom is not

sweaty flesh. They paid with salty tears running down their

free. The cost of freedom is somewhat bittersweet depending

cheeks into the corners of their mouths. Why am I painting

on whose perspective you view. People exercising their rights

this suffrage portrait with words? Words can create peace

for freedom of speech and voting rights were not free in the

and harmony in the world or they can cause calamity and

past. They are still being violated, restricted and threatened

destruction. Words can heal or start wars. Scripture teaches

for some of the same rights in this 21st Century. As of this

life and death are in the power of our tongue (Proverbs 18:21)

writing lawmakers are rewriting voting rights laws to the

As stated earlier, this article was partially written in early

detriment of black, brown, and indigenous people just to win

June before Juneteenth Day became a celebrated Federal

elections and keep people in bondages.

Holiday. But many African Americans celebrated it in lieu of July 4th. On Thursday, July 17 2021, President Joe Biden

The United States of America gained its independence from

signed the bill into law after both the Senate and the House

Great Britain on July 4, 1776. According to recorded history,

of Representatives unanimously passed it.

this day was known as Independence Day. The (USA) celebrated its 245th Independence Day from Great Britain

So let’s recap Juneteenth Day. It originated on June 19, 1865;

on July 4, 2021. As Black Americans and believers, there

two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence

are reasons for us to celebrate for some liberties gained in

(Emancipation Proclamation) which declared all slaves were

the past; but we still have a long ways to go in gaining total

free in the confederate states of the south. But if truth be told,

equality and equal justice.

all slaves were not free. Slave owners deliberately kept the news from them. The final decree, Order No. 3 for freeing of


all slaves, was delivered in Galveston, Texas by U.S. General

in full. The biblical cost of freedom in the Word of God is

Gordon Granger on June 19, 1865.

for all people. The only requisite is to receive His finished work. For a non-believer, the option is to chose the freedom

The Declaration of Independence reads, "... all men are

that Jesus gave His life as a ransom. Kingdom freedom is for

created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with

life, and it comes with life-time benefits too. These lifetime

certain unalienable rights... life, liberty, and the pursuit of

benefits include:

happiness...." Abundant Life – “...I came so they can have real and eternal When we recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States

life, more and better life that they ever dreamed of.” (John

American Flag, we say "...one nation under God, indivisible,

10:10, Message Bible)

with liberty and justice for all." Whether we say it aloud, mimic it in our hearts, take a knee or turn our backs to the

Victorious Life – “You are from God, little children, and have

flag; we know that the freedom that the world offers is not a

overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he

free-for-all, get-out-of-jail card. This freedom is not a one-

who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4, New American Standard

size-fits all. Yet this fight for racial justice and equality has

Bible NASB)

continued. We may have gotten some accountability issues resolved; but we are far from winning the battles for justice

Long Life – “Honor thy father and mother; which is the first

and equality and diversity and inclusion. So these battles

commandment with promise;

continue as we fight on.

That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.” (Ephesians 6:2-3, KJV)

Many years ago Verizon offered us a "Freedom Essentials" package as one option for unlimited long-distance calling.

Eternal or Everlasting Life – “For God so loved the world

With this package, we could make calls within the continental

that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth

United States as well as International calls too. But remember

in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John

what I said earlier, "Freedom is not free. Freedom costs."

3:16, KJV) Wow! Now that’s freedom and living the God

Even though Verizon offered us the package, we could not

kind of life.

use it until we paid the allotted fees and monthly costs they offered in order to benefit from it. Now let's recap. We've

As you can see, both the world and the Kingdom of God offer

learned that great sacrifices and costs were (and still are)

freedom packages. The good news is that the Kings of Kings

being made for racial equality and justice for freedom. We've

and the Lord of Lords (Jesus) has paid ALL of our debts in

learned that the freedom the world offers is not free.

full. And who the Son has set FREE is totally FREE indeed. All we have to do is accept His freedom package and walk it

Now let’s switch gears and contrast the freedom that the

out as we fight the good fight of faith. Word up!

world offers to the freedom offered in the Kingdom of God. As citizens in the Kingdom, we have kingdom benefits too. In Galatians 3:13-15, "Jesus bought and paid for us with His own shed blood on Calvary's Cross. Our sin debt was paid





AMERICAN ACTRESS, MODEL & ENTREPRENEUR by Keisha Esprit for urban sentinel Tikima Bowers is an American model, actress and entrepreneur. She is known for her eye popping beauty, sensational smile and talent, with which she captivated audiences early on in her youth. There is no doubt she will continue to have the world hooked. Her fondest memories as a kid were family trips to New Jersey. Her passion for fashion and performing arts grew as Tikima and her cousins created dance choreography. They lip synced, and played dress up on her Grandma Lorraine's front porch. After graduating from high school, it became her aim to work in theater, television, film, and as a fashion model. Tikima studied Theatre at the South Carolina's Governor's School of the Arts and University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she received her BA. She continues training and workshops with coaches in both Los Angeles & Georgia. The talented Tikima is profoundly grateful to have landed her first speaking role as a co-star in "Mr. Mercedes." Since then, she has been casted in several films "The Next Assignment", "Tax Season", The Black Revenger", "Fatal Attraction", Spring Chicken", "Human Evolution", "The Anti", "Justice Through Redemption", and commercial for Asdis Tea. In 2019, she played the lead in the stage play "When My Life Changed."

Tikima has been in some of the most exotic photo spreads in the south eastern part of the country and featured in several runway shows with celebrity designers such as Hope Wade, Project Runway's Rafael Cox, and House of chic LA. Most recently she became the face of The Brow Company Beauty & Lash Spa. When she isn't on the runway or in front of screen, she is spending time with her 8 year old son Zion and maintaining a profitable, successful insurance company, Tikima Bowers Agency LLC which she launched back in 2017. The entrepreneur is an active member of NAACP and her local church Agape Word of the Promise Ministries. She is immensely appreciative of her parents for always letting her pursue her dreams, her mother particularly who instilled a faith in God, independence, empathy for those less fortunate, and how to love.




Go Global by Dr. Anita Davis DeFoe for urban sentinel

Going global” is defined as the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications

What is the primary benefit of expanding your local business

integration. The concept of globalization can be traced

into a global operation? The primary benefit of expanding

back as far as the Roman Empire. Some sixteen years ago,

your business operations beyond your borders comes down

the concept was popularized by Thomas L. Friedman in his

to numbers. Operating in more countries means access to

book The World Is Flat, in which he argued that the pace

more customers, which means more revenue and profit. If

of globalized trade, outsourcing, and supply-chaining was

you sell goods, higher volumes can reduce costs. If you're

speeding up and that its impact on business organizations

in the services sector, you have the opportunity to hire

and business practices would continue to grow in the 21st

more talent, which can bring in new ideas and can open


even more opportunities — opportunities you haven't even considered yet and opportunities you had been unable to

We all are witnessing the world becoming flatter each

access in the past. When you take your company global,

day, global interconnectedness more and more apparent

especially when you strategically partner with others, the

in all aspect of our lives no matter where you live. We see

company’s global footprint and its trail grows and leads to a

the world getting smaller with the passing of each day.

host of business treasures.

International trade agreements, faster and more efficient shipping, supply chains that traverse from country to

Operating in global markets is also a good way to reduce

country and the heavy reliance on the internet across the

risks and to leverage new opportunities. If you are working

globe are just a few of the factors that are contributing to a

in a different country with its own economy, it can serve

rapid expansion of a global economy, and global business is

as a buffer should there be a lag, let alone a recession, in

at the center of it all.

your own country. Additionally, if there is a change in the market there, like a new product or service or a competitor

Commerce has always been linked to exploration,

pulling out, you already have a foothold there, and you can

innovation and collaboration and even though there are

move quickly to take advantage of that change.

no new lands left to be explored, the quest to explore new markets is seldom ever fully satisfied. If your company isn't

While there are certainly risks in opening your company to

looking to expand in new markets, you can be certain your

new markets with different cultures, languages and buying

competition is doing so on a daily basis. When a company

habits, these risks are not too different than when your

chooses to operate in a number of countries, this unlocks

company opened its doors in your first market. You cannot

the door to opportunity and offers the possibility of new

take foreign markets for granted any more than you could

customers as well as an increase in sales.

take your own market for granted when you first started.



Expansion requires a lot of research and the development

local products. Will the market buy your product? Consider

of new management skills.

market opportunity/sizing. How big is the market and how long will it take you to capture your targeted sales?

Global management includes managing employees and operations in different countries, different time zones,

2. Develop a Strategy and Business Plan

different languages and different cultures. It also includes

Each market has its own nuances due to economic, cultural,

managing the risks and opportunities that arise by crossing

governmental, and market conditions. It is important

national borders, working under different laws and working

to develop a localized strategy and business plan that

with different currencies.

drives local success while remaining integrated with the overall corporate strategy and objectives. Set reasonable

Global business management also includes knowing your

goals to measure progress and cost/benefits. Define goals,

different markets as well as the differences and similarities

objectives, and success metrics. Complete the business

in different regions. The first step in global management is

model and structure. Decide if you set up a separate

ensuring that there will be a need for your product or service

company, a branch, or a sales office.Develop a top-down

in a new market and knowing exactly what competition

annual budget. Develop a tactical project plan with commit

you will face there.


When planning your global moves, assess these potential

3. Establish a Team

exposures among others:

Many global companies try to launch with executives from

• Transaction exposure: Converting foreign money can be a benefit or a detriment depending on exchange rates.

the parent company or rapidly build a local team from scratch. This is time consuming, risky, and slows time to

• Economic exposure: Changes in the economies of

market. Using proven senior interim executives allows

different countries can cause changes in currency exchange

the company to hit the ground running, quickly validate


assumptions, and drive key readiness initiatives while you

• Translation exposure: Depending on when you translate

work to assemble a team.

foreign currency to your home currency, your profits could go up as well as your tax liability. • Tax exposure: Tax obligations can increase due to income from foreign currencies.

4. Product Readiness Based on the product gap analysis, take the necessary steps to market-ready your offerings to achieve highimpact product differentiation. Review government- and

As you plan for your company’s global expansion,

industry-specific regulations to ensure that compliance

considonsider completing the following strategic execution

and certifications are obtained if needed. Determine if any


localization of the product is needed. Pay close attention to the translation of the name of your product in the local

1. Perform a “Deep Dive” Due Diligence

language. Initiate a patent and trademark review—some

Before going global, work to understand what the full

countries are known for “copying” good ideas.

impact on your business will be. Prepare a market segmentation analysis to determine if your product will sell

5. Organizational Readiness

in the local market. Prepare a product gap analysis against

Cultural differences, whether it is language, regulations, or

local products. Is there a demand that is not satisfied

customs, requires a firm to be flexible in the policies and

by a local company? Perform a SWOT analysis against

procedures implemented in an international operation to

competition. Your product will likely be higher priced than

ensure employees are engaged and executing your strategy.


6. Establish a Go-to-Market Strategy

When asked about the power and promise of doing

The effective selling and marketing of your products or

business globally, Dr. Marcia Brandon, the Founder and

services requires a comprehensive, cohesive strategy that

Chief Entrepreneurship Expert at the Caribbean Center of

addresses sales strategy, sales delivery, branding/value

Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods based in Barbados

proposition, marketing strategy, marketing programs, and

shared, “Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought

pricing, which together create clear market differentiators

numerous challenges to the business sector, it has also

that propel market acceptance and revenue growth.

brought tremendous opportunities. Most entrepreneurs are busy finding new markets, additional capital and other

7. Legal Readiness

resources. One way to find new markets, thanks to the

It is critical that strong legal processes are put in place

accelerated digital revolution which has arrived because

to minimize unnecessary commercial risks. Being

of the pandemic, is to go global. Going global is indeed a

proactive does require money upfront, but this more than

power-filled way of expanding your brand, widening your

offsets downstream risks and liabilities.Create localized

businesses’ culture, revamp your products/services and of


course multiple your profits.




regulations to ensure compliance and certifications are obtained if needed.

Continuing, Dr. Brandon saod. “While you must strategize before going global, it is easier more than ever now. There

8. Tax and Finance Readiness

are numerous digital platforms, efficient communication

The proper tax and finance infrastructures need to be set up

applications and tools as well as e-commerce platforms and

early on to ensure that you are receiving timely reporting

payment methods which helps businesses to advertise their

and that your foreign entity is adhering to local corporate

products/services and deliver them to customers across the

policies and procedures.

globe. Armed with due diligence, research and people who have done it before aka mentors and experts in the field of

9. Prepare Your Final Budget Preparation

global business, this approach is one which can offer you

Results from the above steps should provide sufficient data

new business models and sustain your business.”

for stakeholders of the foreign company to develop a final budget that is aggressive yet attainable, and one that will be

Businessita CEO, Soha El Baklawy, which is a Business

owned by your local team.

Accelerator based in Caior Egypt commented, “The world is now one community, so not going global is like staying in

10. Establish Close Relationships with Local Businesses

your apartment rather than communicating with the whole

Gain a strong competitive advantage by creating a supporting

building complex!”

ecosystem of complimentary products and services, which can come via third-party relationships. These relationships can support the scaling of the organization while inimizing the financial risk. While going global is not for the fainthearted, but for most businesses it will be inevitable as global markets offer greater opportunities for growth. By paying attention to details and outsourcing administrative functions, the difficult job of “going global” can produce great results. URBAN SENTINEL MAGAZINE | AUGUST


INCREASE IN ELDERLY ABUSE by bridgette m. alfred for urban sentinel

A. Nurses and other healthcare

professionals care for more adults over the age of 65 than any other patient population, and the care of the elderly should be one of our nation's top priorities. Unfortunately, recent studies indicate elderly abuse is on the rise, and there are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons abuse occurs and continues to be underreported is because the elderly, due to their deteriorating health and their mental and physical conditions, may be the least able to communicate physical or emotional abuse. The elderly also may be unable to recognize the signs of abuse or lack the ability to stop and prevent the abuse. Because of this, many elderly are simply left to suffer in silence.

B. The Most Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Include: 1. Physical: a. Physical Abuse b. Sexual Abuse c. Psychological Abuse d. Financial Exploitation e. Gross Neglect 2. Spiritual: 1 Timothy 5:1-5, 8 (NLT): Never speak harshly to an older man, but appeal to him respectfully as you would to your own father. Talk to younger men as you would to your own brothers. Treat older women as you would your mother and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters. Take care of any widow who has no one else to care for her. But if she has children or grandchildren, 36

their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them. This is something that pleases God. Now a true widow, a woman who is truly alone in this world, has placed her hope in God. She prays night and day, asking God for his help. But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.

C. Signs Of Serious Neglect Can Include: 1. Physical: Signs that a loved one may be the victim of neglect can include bedsores, unexplained weight loss, poor personal hygiene, unsafe living conditions, unsanitary living conditions (bugs, soiled linens, lice or fecal matter present) or unexplained broken bones, bruises, bleeding, or fractures. Signs of emotional neglect can include depression, silence, or change in mood. 2. Spiritual: Philippians 2:3-4 (CEB): Don’t do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves. Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others.

D. Reporting Signs Of Neglect: 1. Physical: Any signs of elderly neglect or abuse should be reported immediately. Each state has an Adult Protective Services (APS) agency which investigates all reports of elderly abuse. APS will take action to

assess the safety of the elderly person and rule out the possibility that abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation has occurred. Next, they will ensure that the elderly person has options to eliminate their vulnerabilities. If the neglect rises to an illegal abuse, such as physical or sexual assault, law enforcement may also be notified and conduct their own investigation of the complaint. If the neglected elderly patient resides in a nursing home or long-term care facility additional investigations may be done by the state's long-term care ombudsman, which is responsible for investigating nursing home complaints. 2. Spiritual: Titus 2:6-8 (TLB): In the same way, urge the young men to behave carefully, taking life seriously. And here you yourself must be an example to them of good deeds of every kind. Let everything you do reflect your love of the truth and the fact that you are in dead earnest about it. Your conversation should be so sensible and logical that anyone who wants to argue will be ashamed of himself because there won’t be anything to criticize in anything you say!

E. Conclusion: Willful and shameful abuse in a living facility is generally wellpublicized. However, neglect and abuse oftentimes occurs in the elderly person's own home or in a relative's home.




Street Genie How Freddy Greene Honed his Craft by Tyler Cunningham for urban sentinel

Words and photography by Tyler Cunningham

stage of Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater twice — street playing is his sacred space. Here, he has found a

“It’s on the street where I feel like I’m actually living,”

raw and powerful connection to his audience for more

says Freddy Greene. “I’m not boxed in at all.” You’ve

than four decades. He is drawn to its simplicity: the

probably encountered Greene on Fayetteville Street or

direct line between musician and listener, where he can

at his favorite Raleigh perch, in front of the Memorial

see and feel how his music lands.

Auditorium as a performance lets out. The 63-year-old harvester of sounds leans into a relaxed boldness with

Hailing from humble roots in Franklinton, Greene was

piercing hazel eyes, often hidden behind his signature

born into a life of music. His first home had once been

shades, and locs falling well below his shoulders.

a neighborhood juke joint known as the Chicken Shack, where sharecroppers and the agrarian working class

Nicknamed the “Street Genie” for his ability to make the

would gather to unwind and reconnect through music.

melodies of his beloved saxophone dance and bend, some

Those storied walls were the foundation, and music was

say Greene is Raleigh’s longest-running street musician.

woven into the fabric of everyday life. If Greene wasn’t

While Greene has played with the likes of gospel greats

listening to his mother sing or his uncle play the guitar,

Shirley Caesar and Percy Sledge — and even graced the

he was running down to his grandma’s house to play



one of his idols, B.B. King, and took his velvety soprano sax to the street. There, he found refuge from the daily pressures of tests and school loans and the future that he would need to create for himself. In the movement and pace of the people, Greene could let the world melt away while he painted the air with his languid, long notes. Perhaps the greatest influence on Greene’s life was his mother, Flora, a talented artist and seasoned storyteller. She told a tale throughout his childhood about a young boy who strayed from the right path and was saved from danger by a street musician and his magical horn. Flora’s story wrapped Greene in a blanket of comfort and hope as he left college and struggled with homelessness in his 20s. “When I look back, I think that story was telling me how to save myself with my horn,” says Greene. “So I would just play. I would practice and practice, for hours and hours, eight, 10 hours a day. I dropped out of society.” her piano. Music, he discovered, was not only a form of self-expression, but a way to bear witness to the world around him. After high school, Greene studied music at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh and then North Carolina Central University in Durham. “I had to get serious, to play catch-up,” Greene shares, reflecting on the talent surrounding him, “but first I had to get the girls out of my head!” Greene followed in the footsteps of


But Greene never forgot his mother’s story, and used her words to fuel him as he fought his way through those dark years. On one of those long days in the late 1990s, Greene was playing on the corner of Historic City Market when chef Harvey Yancy was walking to his job at a nearby restaurant. Yancy heard Greene before he saw him. “I was like, Wow, man, this cat is really playing!” Yancy recalls. “The world was walking by Freddy, but they didn’t see who he really was.”

As Greene’s audience has widened, he remains as Yancy didn’t hesitate. He told Greene that as soon as he

connected to the path behind him as he is focused on

got his own place, Greene was going to play there. Within

the one ahead. “I wouldn’t change anything,” he says.

a year, Yancy opened his Cajun restaurant and jazz club,

“I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says

Yancy’s, and Greene was its first entertainer. “Freddy was

about you. It’s what you think about yourself.”

the house band!” Yancy says. The gig was Greene’s first, and soon he was forming his own trios and quartets and

Those words are particularly poignant when paired with

playing venues throughout

the title track from his latest

the state.

album, Ain’t I Somebody? With a tension to his

This is when Greene met


Stefan Youngblood, founder

this rhythmic and reflective

of When Grace Happens,

musical narrative about the

a Raleigh nonprofit that

inherent value of all people.

supports and




homeless “Freddy plays from his soul

under-resourced. powerful

and he’s playing because

vocalist and pianist, invited

he’s trying to reach another

Greene to collaborate for

soul,” says Yancy.

an upcoming event. Several

So the next time you’re


meandering the streets of






homeless, a reality that had


been Greene’s just a few years

Raleigh, pause and listen


for the sound of magic happening.



This was a full-circle moment

Greene’s musical storytelling



draws you in, let the notes

others who were on a journey

wash over you and carry

with so many parallels to his

you to a peaceful place of

own. It allowed him to share



his riffs and phrases with an intimacy and vulnerability that served as a magnet to his audience. “Freddy’s a

Permission to reprint was given by the Walter Magazine,

sociologist playing the sax; he studies people while we

Raleigh, NC

study him,” says Youngblood. “He’s more than a musician — Freddy is deeply spiritual with a compassionate heart. A listener. Freddy’s the real deal.”



Freddy Greene This saxophonist has played the Apollo — but feels most connected to his listeners when he plays on Raleigh sidewalks.





Pages 4,6 Photo Credits - Darick Spears Pages 22, 24 Photo Credits - Wood D DC cover photo - Setoria Live Concert: Cell Phone Pages 14, 15 Photo Credits - Craig Bennett


Pages 3,7, 9 Model-Lamar Fletcher, Photographer - Kevin Arnold Golden Crown Studios, LLC.