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ASTERING her craft over a career spanning twenty years, she’s played well in front of the camera, behind the camera and in the boardroom as a decision maker. A jam-packed schedule will make 2015 one of her busiest years to date. With a presence on several networks, Niecy makes and hits her comedic, supporting and unforgettable marks as a bonafide actress. From reprising her role as a super-honest nurse Didi Ortley on Season 2 of the HBO hit show Getting On, to recurring appearances on Fox’s The Mindy Project as Dr. Jean Fishman and feisty wife Lolli Ballentine on TV Land’s Soul Man (entering it’s fourth season), her career trajectory keeps diversifying. Playing a critical part in Ava DuVernay’s epic civil rights movie, Selma, which hit the big screen on December 25th, Nash taps into her serious side as she takes on the role of the late Richie Jean Jackson. At the pinnacle of the civil rights movement, Jackson’s home (with her husband Dr. Sullivan Jackson) served as headquarters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a safehaven for other activists during the 1965 voting rights campaign. Needless to say, this role is one that she is grateful to have been hand-selected for. Always looking to be challenged, she is on a constantly evolving mission to show fans, peers and her family that she won’t stop. On another spectrum, she’s also working on continuous projects with the Ford Motor Corporation. ON LOVE . . . “Love is the one thing that we were created for, yet it is the place where we struggle the most.” While not claiming to be an expert on relationships and matters of the heart, her book, “It’s Hard To Fight Naked” is an in-your-face reality check for women in all walks of their love lives. Noting that she has played every position possible in relationships: wife, exwife, girlfriend, chick on the side and baby-momma, Nash gives transparent accounts of her experiences. Because it comes natural to her, encouraging love and elevating positive relationships is something that in another lifetime, she’d do for free. “It’s Hard To Fight Naked” embodies the philosophy that when you are naked it is hard to fight anything or anyone, literally and figuratively. When you are naked, figuratively you are vulnerable, exposed and telling your truth from a pure place. In the literal sense when a conversation gets too heated she suggests, “...removing your shirt and applying lotion to your elbows”—as nakedness changes the dynamic of most any situation. The best-seller carries Niecy’s expected humorous spin. There are

valuable take-aways, much like the golden nuggets and eureka moments from a sister-to-sister conversation. HER BALANCING ACT . . . Her children Dia, Donielle, Dominic and Romallis are the apples of her eyes. With the world in crisis, she feels that the parents’ job has increased and spends a lot of time talking with her children about real-world occurrences. Motherhood is about more than just hearing about mean girls at school or checking for fevers. Every single child requires something different, thus she customizes her mothering style. And for those who know, her kids are not to be confused with spoiled, typical Hollywood children. She and her husband Jay simply keep them grounded by telling them one simple word, no. She doesn’t give them everything but will equip them to gain everything. She’s proud to be raising her children to be who they’ll be once they’ve left the warmth of her wings. Her marriage to Jay Tucker (her second husband) has been her answer to the meaning of a love worthy of waiting for. Her voice smiles as she explains that she’d go through all of her failed relationships, broken bonds and heartbreak all over again, as long as it led her to him in the end. Her love for people reaches outside the home as she has teamed up with The Juice Foundation to fight cancer and promote healthy lifestyles. Founded by NBA star Juwan Howard’s wife Jenine, the organization holds an annual Fashion For A Cause show in which Miami Heat players and child models participate. Having lost an aunt to the disease, she holds this mission close to her heart. Can you have it all? Niecy says yes! When you have a lot on your plate, inevitably something is going to fall through the cracks, you’ve just got to make sure it’s not the same thing repeatedly. She’s ok with not being the master of all things but finds that the trick is communicating and understanding. Feeling braver and sexier than ever, she gives thanks for her stylist Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins for inviting her to try new avenues in fashion. While embracing her career, she looks forward to new projects, opportunities to make an impact, personal growth and continuing to live her wildest dreams. For more information on all things Niecy, visit: and follow her socially at @NiecyNash on twitter and @NiecyNash1 on Instagram. Photo: Kat Goduco



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