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THROUGH THE SEASONS As you may know, I grew up on a farm. One the lessons that farming taught me, is that for everything, there is a clear and distinct season. As the ‘author of Ecclesiastes pens and the Beatles song posits: “for everything there is a season (turn… turn.. turn…) and time to every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted…” You, our funders, volunteers, supporters, advocates and partners are a part of a movement that is committed, and dedicated, to pushing back on some of the most rooted, intractable symptoms of the dis-eased parts of the human condition. This is the work of housing justice – the work that you have chosen to dedicate yourself to as you walk in partnership with us. I wish—deeply, that this work was seasonal; that there was an annual cycle to the work of planting the seeds of justice, uprooting the weeds of racism and discrimination, fear, greed, judgment and hate. , As the seasons of repair, healing and justice take longer than a year’s cycle I find myself wishing they were shorter… a lot shorter. “Weeding” especially, just seems to drag along, as those who have suffered are continually asked to wait. But then there are times when I can’t help but wonder…as to this word “hope” and how it found its way its way into our mission statement. But for hope… “… faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…” (Heb. 11). And it is because of hope that we continue to not only weed, but plant. 2017 was a year of hard, good work. Hard and good—but far from easy. On the farm, harvest was a 24-hour day, 6 days a week. When confronting the issues, challenges, and injustices that Urban Homeworks has committed to face—it feels like it is harvest every day, all day long, every day of every year. Which for those who live without housing, or the stability of a dignified home, their struggle is every day, all day long, every day of every year. Therefore, we fight. We will remain in the tension and in the struggle and we will, with resolve, work as hard and as long as we can for the justice and shalom long sought that we all might enjoy the delight of the seasons—to plant, cultivate, harvest--- and finally to rest.

Chad Schwitters Executive Director

Paula Haywood Board Chair

OUR mission To perpetuate the hope of Jesus Christ through innovative community development that produces equitable, dignified housing, a strategic network of good neighbors, & the redemptive development of real estate.

2002 | Kenny D, one of our very first residents (and longest tenured) residents, welcomes a group of volunteers to a project.

2013 | Our training partnerships & volunteer program were in full swing, which are still an essential portion of bringing UHW projects to completion.

housing for people who would otherwise be without. As many living in Minneapolis and St. Paul face displacement due to absentee landlords, a rising cost of living with stagnant wages and skyrocketing real estate prices, Urban Homeworks is committed to making our communities better. Over the years we’ve sharpened our focus to see that to effect lasting, positive change, it goes beyond places and houses - it is about people; powerful people in stable, solid places. We collaborate within our community to be the most effective tool we can be in building toward change. Together, we are confronting the effects of an economic system that doesn’t work for many of our citizens and responding by building the most equitable, just, and dignified alternatives as we can. Urban Homeworks is not “the hope.” “The Hope” is out there, on the street, in the neighborhood -- we are a tool in its hand. To be the best tool we can be, we do whatever we can to stay close and responsive. We do whatever we can to be a constructive force in building strong platforms for hope-filled agents of change to thrive.


2017 | Thriving communities emerge when neighbors advocate for neighbors, when the many voices that are typically unheard join together to become one amplified voice

Since 1995 we’ve focused on creating


2016 Census










We have sixteen PODs throughout URBAN HOMEWORKS 51 NEAR NORTHPOD MAP Minneapolis and St. Paul. These 35W NORTHEAST are (usually) about one block in radius (4 city blocks), and provide 36 36 36 DOWNTOWN us with the ability to use place- ROSEVILLE CENTRAL EAST based methods to work toward MINNEAPOLIS connecting people and stabilizing place. We are deliberate when 100 35W 51 280 and multi-family purchasing single NNEAPOLIS homes that they have a strategic DOWNTOWN EAST 49 proximity to each other in this POD model. This way, throughout 35W all stages of the housing process, we are working to build a network 12 ST. PAUL of neighbors and a stronger SOUTHWEST POWDERHORN MINNEAPOLIS community.








housing 4











URBAN NEIGHBOR PROGRAM Since 1996 the UN Program has provided a faith rooted experiential learning community that strives for greater cultural awareness and competency. Urban Neighbors sign a one-year lease, and agreement to commit to be a good neighbor, and live in a duplex or an apartment with 2–4 other people in a mixed-income housing model operated by UHW. In 2017 there were a total of 37 Urban Neighbors who attended monthly educational meetings on various social, economic, political and theological topics.

Elise continually praying for the safety of this house. In those twenty plus years the house had never been touched by a bullet or negative encounter. Elise mentioned that the experience of her first morning was humbling because even though she had grown up in the area she realized she was not 100% comfortable in it. Some of the steps she took to build her faith in the community were; building a relationship with Marilyn her neighbor, praying more herself & joining the neighborhood community council.


This is exactly what happened to Elise, who was very familiar with the area she was living but didn’t realize that her thoughts on being safe and comfortable in her community may still need to be explored at a deeper level. Elise then took a few different steps to continue to learn and build faith in the community she called home. After that first morning at her new home, she spoke to Marilyn who lived in the unit below her. She called herself a prayer warrior & told Elise that she had lived there for over twenty years

“...redemption needs to happen all over Minnesota, including the city but the city doesn’t need “saving.” The city needs to continue to build a strong network of people working towards the same goal of a safe and healthy community.” In the four years that Elise has been an Urban Neighbor she has seen neighborhood safety improve, drawn closer to the Lord, and built many blessed relationships. She believes redemption needs to happen all over Minnesota, including the city but the city doesn’t need “saving.” The city needs to continue to build a strong network of people working towards the same goal of a safe and healthy community. She strongly believes that things to not improve by avoiding them or moving away, and that rings true in relationships, the community you live in, work & many other areas of life.

urban neighbor PROGRAM

Elise’s perspective on growing up in South EMERSON CORRIDOR Minneapolis and the experiences she has had as an Urban Neighbor in South Minneapolis make for a unique and insightful story about 6TH growth. Imagine, you just moved to a new duplex apartment as an Urban Neighbor. On your first morning you are settling in and 5 gunshots are fired way too close for comfort. LOVELL SQUARE


VOLUNTEER PROGRAM The Volunteer Program exists to connect individuals and groups to the mission and vision of Urban Homeworks. We’re so thankful for the thousands of groups that have chosen to dig deep with us on-site as we rehabilitate homes in our community.

A COMMITMENT FROM THE HEART A heart-felt promise to being Jesus’ hands and feet in the world has driven St John’s Episcopal Church’s commitment to working with Urban Homeworks over the years. Each monthly workday is its own special experience. Whether it’s knocking down a garage, painting walls, ripping out old fixtures or cleaning who-knows-what, the feelings of camaraderie, satisfaction and fulfillment are always there. And more importantly, we know that by working with Urban Homeworks, we are helping provide dignified homes for people who might not have them otherwise.


St John’s has been a consistent partner with Urban Homeworks because our community truly believes in the mission. Social justice and outreach are in our members’ DNA. Having regular opportunities to work on site, to provide lunch to the work team and to support Urban Homeworks in other ways is a foundational part of our commitment to serve others. Many of us consider Urban Homeworks staff as part of our St John’s family. And who can forget the great POD doodles that find their way into almost every work day?


The stories that are shared at the annual Perpetuate the Hope luncheon usually bring most of the St John’s attendees to tears, as we cheer on the amazing work done to give hard-working individuals and families a chance to live in a place they can proudly call home. We all incredibly blessed and grateful to have the ever-present leadership of John Corlett, one of our members, who connects us with Urban Homeworks in ways big and small. Most of St John’s members have supported Urban Homeworks in some way over the years. Some have rolled up their sleeves to help during a work day. Some have created Thanksgiving baskets for new Urban Homeworks families. Some have donated financially. Whatever the contribution, the commitment remains the same: to do what Jesus would do, by loving our neighbors as ourselves. - St John’s Episcopal Church, 4201 Sheridan Av So, Minneapolis, MN 55410 (written by Barb Nicol, long-time member and UHW volunteer)

QUICKSILVERS CREW A group of individuals (mostly retired professionals) who have chosen to use the freedom of their schedules for the benefit of families seeking stability. They engage in hands-on work and conversation that leads to deeper understanding of poverty in the urban context. They spend anywhere from a half-day to two days each week volunteering on an UHW construction site. Quicksilvers do everything from rough framing to putting the finishing touches on a home.

Why do you keep coming back? Arn


I enjoy being a Quicksilver because I enjoy working with this crew & I enjoy doing this type of work, helping out, fixing places up!

I come because I know that people need help and I’ve got time.

I enjoy coming because I think Urban Homeworks has a really worthwhile mission and I’d like to support it.


Andrew Truckenmiller Bob Haberkorn Craig Freeman Steve Ahrenholz Paul Oman Joel Ostgaard

John Burkholder Mike Butchert Dave Minke Steve Pesavento Joel Jackson John Symington

Frank Weisgram Steve Young Steve Tierney Adam Wardak Dick Nubson Ron Wilson

Gary Volkman Jim Gronvall Larry Swanson Arnie Thorpe Dan Bell Glen Christianson

Hank Breems Roger Madison Russell Redman Ross Moen







Haulin’ it home Haulin’ it Home, is UHW’s annual grain drive. It all started in 2006 when Chad Schwitters, Executive Director, returned to his hometown in Clara City and the surrounding areas. In 2017 our Haulin’ It Home farming friends donated more than $61,000 through truckloads of corn, some soybeans, and cash contributions. Thank you again to Penske Trucking for the donation of the truck and mileage! In 11 years Haulin’ it Home has raised more than $800,000!



Our annual Perpetuate the Hope Luncheon was held on September 26th, 2017 at The Depot in downtown Minneapolis. We heard impactful stories from Carl Billingsley and Nikki McComb, and a powerful message from Troy Kopischke. Chad finished out the event with an emotion filled speech talking about “helping carry another persons pack.” Asking everyone to work toward the positive presence of justice, and asked our community to look inward at what it means to help the “other” and to help with their load.


Urban Homeworks raised over $151,000 in donations at the event. We had over $181,000 in sponsorships at that time of the vent. The Depot was were filled with 576 hearts and minds ready to hear our mission. Learn more at: urbanhomeworks.org/pth


HAULIN’ IT HOME GRAIN DRIVE can reduce the rental housing cost for several working parents for the month.

can open the doors to a safe and warm place to live for a family.

can support hands-on construction skills training and job readiness support.

Catching up with Carl Carl is still the Co-Chair of the Urban Homeworks POD Council. He’s most excited about a new program they are setting up called the Rights of Passage Program for Youth. Like he said in his speech, “It is up to us to help the children reprioritize their passions and lead them by example.” This new program is going to be offered to young (ages 12-18) UHW residents. There will be an education curriculum, introducing them to professions they have interest in and helping to change the Since PTH, Carl continued to have success as a business own- youth’s perspective by taking er as well as growing his role as pride in the positive opportunities that they have available to a community leader. Recently them! he was able to take the leap and start a new business called Above All Property Maintenance Interested in learning more about Above All Property Solutions. This company speMaintenance Solutions? cializes in property turnovers, Contact: painting, flooring and more. aboveallproms@gmail.com Carl believes that it is possible to build and grow the economy right here on the Northside and he continues to be part of that change! Carl Billingsley was the recipient of our inaugural Leadership Award, presented to him at the 2017 PTH Luncheon. This accolade, given to him for his work in catalyzing voices and igniting change, was accompanied by his passionate speech about being inspired to do more for his community. Since then, he has done just that; he lives those values he spoke about at the luncheon. To view his speech visit: urbanhomeworks.org/pth

events 9

2017 Financials 32.09%

Construction Revenue

$6,226,629 TOTAL REVENUE




Rental Revenue


Program Revenue


Real Estate Development



Property Management


Community Engagement


Management & General

13.94% Fundraising

26.43% individuals


2017 financiALS




12.80% corporations

18.82% churches



ASSETS: $19,390,875

LIABILITIES: $13,878,563

board of directors Paula Haywood, Board Chair

Juvenile Probation Quality Assurance Manager – Hennepin County Dept of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation

Milo Arkema, Vice Chair

Consultant – Chima Consulting LLC

Steve Firkus, Treasurer

CEO, Crew2, Inc. | Finance Committee

Calvin Littlejohn, Secretary CEO, Tri-Construction

Collin Barr

President – Ryan Companies, North Region Development & Marketing Committee

Terry Becker

Former President – Riverway LLC Development & Marketing Committee | Chair

Becky Landon

CEO – Landon Group, LLC

Amanda Norman

Executive Director – Thor Foundation Development & Marketing Committee

Kayla Schuchman

Project Manager – CommonBond Communities

Lee Schafer

Business Columnist – Star Tribune


Tom Hansen

Urban Loan, LLC | Finance Committee

Kira Johnson

Kira L. Johnson Marketing Consultants Development & Marketing Committee

Janice Downing

CEO, CommonSense Consulting@Work Finance Committee

THANK YOU We are beyond grateful for all of our supporters for their continued financial support. The below list of corporations, foundations and churches have provided Urban Homeworks with sustaining contributions.


For a complete list of all 2017 donors, please visit: urbanhomeworks.org/donate/donors/donor-list



2017 Donors


Andriana Abariotes Andriana Abariotes Thomas Ademite John and Peggy Ahlquist Erin and Ryan Albu Albert Alexander Danielle Allen Arlyn Alsum Lee and Mara Amiot Kristi Andersen Scott Anderson Merry Anderson Ms. Rachel Anderson Tim Anderson Kenneth and Cheri Anderson Aaron and Margaret Anderson Janet and Rodger Anderson Eldon and Catherine Arden Milo and Jentine Arkema Cathy Aust Martha Baker James and Barbara Barnes Collin Barr Lisa Bartels Art and Lori Bartels Warren Beck Jeffrey and Karyl Beeman Earl and Lynnette Beitzel Daniel Bell and Carolyn Rusch Tom and Kim Bell Robert Belton Paul Berg John and Carol Berg Randall and Vondria Bergen Philip Bickel Nancy Biele and Geraldine Graham Marilyn and Bill Bierden Michael Biggar Patricia Blakely Carl and Laura Bloch Connie and Randall Bloom Britta Bloomberg Ted and Meg Boehne Peter M. Boersma Leslie Boie and Kip Boie Andrew Bonicatto Pam Bookhout Ivy Booth and Heidi Joos Bill and Joan Borchers Patricia and Del Bosacker Andrea Brennan Judith Brink

John and Cathy Bristle Steve and Kim Bristle Tom Brix Lester and Eva Brouwer Bruce Brunner and Donna Minter Phyllis Brynestad Elizabeth Buckley David Buechler Mike Bulthuis Joshua and Laurel Bunker John Burkholder Ethrophic Burnett Sally Bushhouse Michael and Carol Butchert Paul and Tami Butters Dean and Becky Caldwell-Tautges Paul Calvin Suzanne Caquelin Becki Carroll Patricia and Arnold Carver David and Judy Carver Jay Chapman Lisa Clark Maggie Combs James and Delia Conrad Ted and Karen Contag Cheryl Coombs John and Mary Corlett Ronald and Joan Cornwell Richard and Virginia Craven Thaddaeus Dahlberg Marianne and Tom Davis Thomas Davis Dave De Jong Eric and Amy Dearking David and Karen DeJong Leonard and Kathryn Demmon Mr. Charles Deneen Ryan Dieveney Heidi Dodd Ellen Dodds Michael Dominowski Paul Donovan Janice Downing Dawn Dresser Bret and Rosie Dryden Debbie and Mike Ducar Chet and Joyce Duck Tim and Kim Dulas Nate Dungan Jeff and Molly Dykstra Casey and Christina Dzieweczynski Peter and Jane Eichten J. P. Eide Daniel and Rebekah Eikum

Gregory and Elizabeth Engel Jonathan and Kristin Engman Bruce and Nicole Ensrud Peter and Jolene Erickson Steve Erickson Cory and Mary Erickson Michael Ervin Joy Esboldt Gary and Susie Esboldt Maurice and Kathleen Failer John and Gail Falconer Mark and Sarah Femrite Sheila Ferguson Steven and Julie Firkus Jefry Flemmer Justin and Katie Fogel Dale and Sara Forsberg Ron Fraboni Shelly Franz David and Molly Fredrickson Craig Freeman Jeffrey Frush James Gage Gerald and Sharon Garth Rex Gaskill Alan Geiwitz and Mary McMahon Scott and Yvonne Gerdes Nyla Gieseke Lynn Giovannelli Jeanne and Jon Glader Kildow Lee and Kim Glenna Nancy Godfrey and David Lange Robert Grabowski Richard and Marijo Graversen Philip and Ruby Graves Jason Gray Laurence Gray Jason Gray James and Linda Gronvall Mitch and Brittany Grussing John Guenveur Ralph Gustafson Dennis and Nancy Gustafson Ned Gustafson and Jane Barthell Bob and Pat Haberkorn Ron Haberkorn Amy and Scott Hairston Tricia and Chris Hall Alison and Mark Halley Margo and Dean Halverson James and Mary Hammill Terri Hands Dan and Sharon Hansen

Thomas and Joyce Hansen John Hargens Mark and Deb Harless Kevin and Pam Hauer Paul and Ruth Hauge L. Marshall and Wanita Hauger Darlene Haven Scott Hayman and Susan Hield Hayman John and Carol Hendrickson Jason and Julie Hetland Brad and Sue Hewitt Jay Higgins Greg and Kelli Hildebrandt Vern and Ann Hill David and Lisa Hintermeister Sheila Hoffman Brian and Ann Holland Susan and Mark Holman-Sutich Ken and Holli Holtz A. William and Mary Hooke David and Karen Hoops William and Bandi Horn David and Jennifer Horton Ken Howes Bruce and Valerie Howison Roger Howley Michael and Christina Huck Jeff Huggett and Diane Lindquist Lindsey Hunter Ronald and Renee Hunter Mike and Diane Hursh Rashida Jackson Lowell and Cheryl Jacobsen Virginia Jacobson Bruce Jacobson Tim and Mandy Jacobson Frank Janezich Peter and Cindy Jarvis Suzanne Jebe Carol Jensen Marque and Janeen Jensen Brian and Danita Johanneck Kip and Anne Johansen Dale and Wilma Johnson Barbara and Duane Johnson Michael and Nina Johnson Mark and Theresa Johnson Nathan Johnson Mary Johnson David Johnson Nick and Ali Johnson Robert and Nancy Johnson Wayde and Melissa Johnson Paul and Mandy Johnston Tuong

Heidi Joos, M.D. Peggy Joyce-Parlin Jillian Kahn Burch Iris Kaihoi Caleb and Anna Kaihoi Kevin and Christina Kaiser Thomas and Cheri Kamp Dave and Lori Karel Daniel Karl and Jane Schmidt Bob Keller and Ann Orchard Brian Kelley Dan and Amber Kerrigan Dan and Michelle Kersten Paula Keseley Whitney and Daniel Kieffer Thomas King Brian and Jane Kise Ryan and Emily Kjesbo-Johnson Edward Klodt Connie Knapper Matthew and Janelle Knutson Michael and Jeanne Kobs Father Dale Korogi Loren and Linda Krantz Starla Krause Robin Krause Donald and Carol Krebs Patricia Kriha Dan and Amy Krzmarzick Katherine and Dave Kufahl George Kwangware Chuck and Phyllis Landon Rebecca Landon Chris and Resa Larson Sarah Larson Curtis and Patricia Larson Evan Larson Nathan Larson Dan Law Loren and Carol Law Joel and Myndi Lawrence Danyika Leonard Cara Letofsky Matthew LeVere Shawn Lewis Gregg and Amy Lindberg Tyler and Katie Lindquist Calvin Littlejohn Dave and Sarah Long Margaret Longlet Ramsey Louder Mark Lucke Jonathan and Aimee Lundberg Daniel and Joanne Lundberg Marina Lyon Stephen and Shelagh Macleod

Bradley and Lisa Madison Roger and Donna Madison Richard and Diane Magnuson Sean and Ashley Mahoney Angela Maki Susan Manrodt Chris and Lisa Manrodt Elizabeth Mansfield Fudenberg and Brian Fudenberg John and Sallie March Susan Marsh Margaret Marshall Alexandra Marsolais Erin Mathern Michael and Fran McCloskey James and Karen McConkey Keith and Barbara McCormick Tom and Deb McCullough Karen Mckinney Bill and Amy McKinney Roger and Colleen Mehrer Robert and Mary Melander Douglas and Ashley Mensing Roxann Metz Michael and Allison Miedema Mark Miles Brian Miller David Minke Donna Minter Buzz and Shirley Moen Ross and Elaine Moen Brian Mogren David and Sarah Moore Tim and Britt Moore Bruce and Tracy Mooty Colleen Morgan and Kelly Dahlin Michael Morrow and Katherine Mackinnon David and Kate Mortenson Deral Mosbey Johanna and Jon Moseng Jacqueline Mosio Shellae Mueller Jessica and Tom Mueller Jud and Elizabeth Murmie Brian and Michelle Murray Bill and Susan Myrick Timothy and Kristi Nasby David and Mari Kay Nelson Bob Nentl Gretchen Nicholls Jessica Nickrand and Nick Borger Barbara Nicol Jill Noack Patrick and Carla Nolan Jennifer and Robert Nordstrom

Paul Oman Richard and Dianne Ongna Bethany Opsata Ann Orchard Bill and Karen Osterbauer Joel and Carol Ostgaard John Ottaviani Walter and Pam Pappas Brigitte Parenteau John Parkos Daniel and Ruth Parten James and Evonne Pedersen Brad Pepin Jason Peterson Robert and Herta Pike Shannon Plourde Ben and Jes Post Paul and Pat Post Chris and Amanda Postma John and Jody Potts Kirsten Pratt Jacob and Samantha Quant David and Jenna Rains Eva Rasmussen L. H. Rathert Michael and Beth Reed William and Joanne Reiling Josh Reimnitz Suzanne Renwick and J. Donald Burns Todd Rhoades Sharon and Scott Rhodes Mary Rixmann Keith Roberts Kent and Kitty Rodelius Heidi Rodgers Adam and Tracie Rodriquez Scott and Cindy Roelofs Judith and Jamie Romanowich Smith Erik Rorvick Jeff and Elizabeth Ross Barry and Sandy Ross Jim Roth Lester Royal Chris Royal Matthew Runion Colleen Rusch Sheelagh Russell Pat and Ann Ryan Don and Sondra Samuels Douglas Sandahl Daniel Sandberg Allen and Jan Saunders Ann Schaber Lee Schafer Katherine Schafer

Mary Schatzlein Dave and Laura Scherf Beverly Scherrer Andrew and Krista Schimelpfenig Cody and Erica Schimelpfenig Mark and Cindee Schimelpfenig Susan Schirber Deborah Schirber Tess Schlicksup Robert and Karin Schmidt Dave Schroeder Paul Schuster David and Rachel Schwandt Delly and Liz Schwitters Lowell and Marcia Schwitters Joyce Schwitters Mitch and Laura Schwitters Jerry and Brenda Schwitters Lenny and Michelle Schwitters Wayne and Jan Schwitters Barry and Katherine Schwitters Bob and Sharon Schwitters Chad and Sheila Schwitters Joy Schwitters Jason and Stacy Schwitters Robert Seavey and Sarah Parker Benjamin Seim and Victoria Estrellado Brady Sells Lee Sheehy and Cathy Lawrence Aimee and Leith Simpson Merrie and Aaron Sjogren Mark Slade Lynn Slifer Steven Slings Donald and Judith Smith Victor and Mary Spaulding Michael and Charlyn Spicer Peter Spokes Gordon and Dee Sprenger Robert Spuit Peter Spuit and Kaydee Kirk Richard and Gail Stanghelle David Stanton Alan Starks James Steel Theodore and Sue Steen Ashlee Steinke Robert and Patricia Strickland Daniel and Kendra Struck Brian Sullivan Joe and Laura Svoboda Thomas and Genny Swanner Russell Swansen Larry and Judith Swanson Stuart and Janice Sybesma Jerome and Marcia Taatjes

Margaret Taylor Gary and Vicky Terwisscha Jori Thibodeaux Lisa Thompson Bryan and Alyssa Toft Nathan and Kim Toldt Steve Treichler David Truckenmiller and Lois Kapteina Jay and Lisa Tschetter Stacey and Dale Turnquist Dan Tveite Steven Uggen John Valusek Tracie and Derek Vandenburgh Audrey Vermilyea Mark Vesta Gary and Sandra Volkman Mor Vue Laura Wagner and Richard Wagner Jami Wagner Teresa and Brooks Walbon Janelle Walker Michael and Stacy Walters Marti and John Ward Tom and Barbara Warner Blaine and Breann Waters Peggy Weber Ann Webster David Wellington Gary and Sue Wennerberg Scott and Roberta Wheeler Keith and Carrie White David Wiese Barbara Williams Todd and Molly Willihnganz David and Holly Willis Justin and Gail Wilson John and Dori and Dori Wozniak David and Rhonda Wynia Steven and Susan Young Dave Young Alex and Kelly Zabel Tyler Zabriskie

For full finanacials, contact 612.724.9002, or emailus@urbanhomeworks.org