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ith a new year, changes occur. Some of these Our Team changes are bitter sweet. Over the years this magEditor azine has one through a Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman series of changes. It was birthed as Urban Centric Magazine in the SumColumnists mer of 2010. It started off as just a one person Nakeisha “Moca” McDaniel blog and from there we started getting people Roger “Danger Man” Tinsely* who were interested in writing for us all acrosss the globe. Our first writer was Jude Nebo in Contributors Nigeria! From there we received contributions Tamara Jackson from writers from Atlanta, New Orleans, Detroit Curl J. Louis and Los Angeles. We have been blessed to have Shannon Morris dedicated and committed contributers who have a passion for writing. International Contributors In the beginning of 2012, Urban Centric Jude Nebo birthed a new name and 3rd website. SophistiSeyon Festus* cated Urban Minds was born to cultivate and better represent what we were about, shaping Photographer the minds of youth and young adults in a busiCalvin McDaniel ness and creative sense. 2012 brought great news for all of us on staff, from new careers, graduate Supporters programs, new additions to the families and a Ashley Jackson host of other life changing events. This also Antonio Shalom slowed down the bi-weekly process of the magaMarque Mugrove zine online. We have all become too busy to keep up with updating the magazine every two weeks, so we will no longer be doing the bi-weekly version of the magazine online. Don’t get sad though. We still want to have a positive outlet for our youth and to assist in showcasing their talent, so we will continue to do a quaterly, digital issue of the magazine. And we *All those these individuals did will start opening the magazine up to our teen not have an article in this edi- and undergraduate youth in college so that they tion of the magazine, they have can submit their work. We are only progressing. written several other articles in previous issues. Peace and Blessings, Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman

Letter from the editor

What are you looking forward to this year?

Reader’s Opinion

Jocelyn Sida (Fontana, CA) “New experiences in both personal life and career world...because it is the only way yo make 2013 memorable just like I will never forget what 2012 set for me.”

Jody Mack (Morenp Valley, CA) “Much success. I like starting new ideas at the beginning of the year and see where I end up at the end.”

Shawntae Johnson (Demopolis, AL) “Im looking forward to moving so I can start a new and better life journey!” Ace Fillmore (Los Angeles, CA) “Looking forward to future business meetings.”

Vanessa Eastland (Riverside, CA) “I am looking forward to graduating from CBU and starting my accounting career.” 10 Sophisticated Minds

Breyone Campbell (Carson, CA) “Starting my children’s clothing line .I am a fashion major in college. I ‘m so happy. I also look forward to serving God to the fullest and my health.” Richard Contratres (San Bernardino, CA) “I want my lost city of SAN BERNARDINO to find itself again.”

M O C A ’ S It’s Time: Do Different. Get Different. Be Different

that erupted on Social media sites a few weeks ago. Let me start by saying that there is ALWAYS 3 sides to every story, your side, their side, and the truth. NO ONE but God will ever know what really happened. Now, I’ve read a few aratching someone’s life be destroyed on ticles, seen a few posts on Facebook and Twita national level gives me so many ter, even listened to the 911 call and my verdict emotions…. shocking, frustrating, sad, is it was a misunderstanding that got a little but most of all unbelievable. Every day I am out of hand BUT was definitely NOT worth the amazed at how the majority of our society just publicity nor the destruction of life that foldoesn’t care for the next man. The selfishness lowed the media outburst. You see the media and stubborn nature of this entire country has hypes things up and I don’t completely blame placed us in a dire situation of self-destruction radio and TV because that’s their job. To bring just to claim self-preservation. Yeah, it makes you the news whether it’s leading, all facts, or a no sense because there is absolutely none becomplete fabrication. I do hold them accounthind it. The fact that less people see the bigger able for what they decide is news and then I’m picture before acting or reacting clearly shows holding YOU accountable for sucking it in and the mindset of the ‘microwave society’, instant spitting it back out with ignorance. This situagratification or results. Nobody is to blame but tion is why domestic violence is still a real US, as a nation we have become FOLLOWERS issue in this country. People take something as instead of LEADERS. Just listen to the music small as a grape, make it a plum, and before on the radio today, it ALL sounds alike. Then you know it, it’s a full bottle of wine being when you turn on the TV what do you see, mul- thrown at someone. By that point nobody retiple REALITY shows that surprisingly have members the grape it’s all just entertainment the same REALITY. now. Just like the situation with Chris Brown Now, how does that work? I mean, if I’m and Rihanna. Everyone went all in on Ocho living MY LIFE in MY LANE and you are and Chris but no one noticed that Domestic Vidoing the same how is it that the life you porolence organizations around the country were tray mirrors the life I portray. If you know me NOT asking for Rihanna or Evelyn to be then you know my stance on Reality TV…I do spokespersons for their cause, you know why, NOT support it. I don’t understand WHY peobecause their situation was a misunderstandple take money to be on a show with created ing situation that got out of control, an isolated situations that result in you showcasing your incident that went too far. Meanwhile there are ignorance repeatedly NOT your growth, your women out here that deal with abuse on a maturity from a situation, or even the lessons daily, sometimes multiple times a day that can in no way relate to these women and still see you have learned. Instead it gives you a platform to stay ignorant, angry, and uneducated. I no reason to get help from their situation. So say all of this to speak on MY OPINION of the while they are eating up the limelight by releasing albums, selling books, staring in reality Evelyn and Ocho domestic violence situation


12 Sophisticated Minds


TV shows, and doing interviews real victims of abuse are still suffering and probably thinking that it’s a joke to everyone else. So, here we are, a man that has no repetitive behavior of abuse, and yes I know about the incident with his ex over 10 years ago, he has been arrested, lost his job, and daily loosing his source of income to provide for his family being labeled as a ‘woman beater’ by the media and others. Evelyn is gearing up to do an interview with Oprah and taping the next season of Basketball wives. No one sees the real problem here? I’m not blaming Evelyn but I am holding her accountable for her actions before, during, and after. I in NO WAY agree that a man should harm a woman physically!!!!!! No ifs, ands, buts, or situation will warrant that type of behavior. I do hold US accountable because money talks and ignorance prevails while values are lost and people want to blame it all on a society that WE created. I’m so ready for this era to be over so that can we handle substance and learn how to agree to disagree without the death of someone. WAKE UP and start LIVING OUT LOUD it’s time for educated, unbiased, with no agenda voices to be heard!!!!!!!

13 Sophisticated Minds

Unknown Future Moca,

It’s the start of a new year and we both know how people use this as a time to set goals and make life changes. Well, I don’t really want to make any New Year’s resolutions because I never seem to follow through with any of them. There are things I want to do but I’m not sure if I will be able to complete them this year. So many of the people I hang around have been talking about their plans for 2012 and I have just been quiet. Not because I don’t have any, but because I don’t want anyone asking months from now what happened to that business you were suppose to open or what happened to those 30 pounds you were suppose to lose? How do I make it through these conversations without making promises I’m not sure I can keep? Unknown Future, Jackson, MS


Well, to be honest sweetie, I’ve never really got into the New Yeats Resolution thing. While I understand the concept of a new year brings the start of new things, the timeline of it all is what gets me. You see we create timelines and sometimes don’t take into account that God has His own timeline. When things don’t happen the way we planned them then we tend to get discouraged. So, what I suggest is speak in general when talking to family and friends. Such as, ‘I plan on working toward opening my own business or I’m going to start eating healthier.” Notice that neither of those statements had a specific date or the amount of weight to be lost. These types of statements should allow you to participate in the conversations about New Resolutions without feeling like you are being put on the spot. Now, while setting Resolutions is not something I do, I do set goals and I suggest you do the same. Short-term goals once accomplished usually leads to long-term goals. The issue that most people have is the timeline. You see, we set ourselves up by saying things like in 3 months I’m going to clean up my debt. Because what happens in those 3 months, you might have to spend a couple hundred dollars to fix your car or maybe you had a medical emergency that set you back. Then we feel defeated like we can’t accomplish our goal or that we just can’t get our head above water. But life happens, so what we should be doing is setting the goal to clean up our debt and then actively working toward that, if it takes us 3 months great, if it takes us 6 months great, if it takes us a year, great. The important part is that we were actively working to achieve that goal and we did.

I know you have heard people say, “If you ever wanted to hear God laugh tell him your plans.” I threw out my timeline on life when I was in college. You know when we were kids we played the game M.A.S.H that told us who we were going to marry, what type of living arrangements we would have, what type of care we would drive, how many kids we would have and so on. Then as we got older, in high school, we started plotting our ‘REAL LIFE’ I will finish college in four years, I’ll start my career immediately after, I’ll get married 2 years after that, then 2-3 years later we will have our first child, a few years later we will have our second child, and live happily ever after. The funny thing about life is that it happens whether we like it or not and because of that a timeline can actually stall progress if you are stuck to it.

I’m saying all this to say that setting goals and working to achieve them is what you should do. Getting caught up in the hype of New Year’s Resolutions and timelines can sometimes hinder people from accomplishing their goals. Know that just because it doesn’t happen in your time doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Keep the faith that in God’s time all will be made clear. It’s also a good idea to write your desires down and tell someone you trust about them. A lot of times when we are held accountable for things we push harder to achieve the final results. I set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. And each works toward my ultimate goal of being an outstanding God Fearing woman who is successful in what I LOVE and being with the one I LOVE raising the kids I LOVE and taking care of my family that I LOVE. I plan on doing it all while LIVING OUT LOUD!!!!!

If you have a siutation or need advice that you would like Moca to address please send all inquires to Remember all submissions are anonymous.

15 Sophisticated Minds


Community News outh in Action

ost teenagers have the reputation of being selfish and only thinking about themselves, especially when it comes to their birthdays. When teenagers turn sixteen they think about getting their drivers license so that they can start driving and not depend on Mommy and Daddy to take them every where.

However, not all teenagers are like this. One teenager in particular from Loma Linda, California didn’t think of yourself on her sweet sixteen. Ariana Vega was thinking about her cousin and what she could do to make his life better.

When Ariana Vega's cousin Josh Richtertal was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 it was difficult for the whole family. Josh was rushed to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital overnight when a doctor found a tumor on his brain. Living an hour and a half from Loma Linda finding ways to stay with Josh would have been difficult and expensive. The LLRMH became their home away from home allowing Josh's parents and siblings to stay with him for all of his treatments and surgeries. Josh is now completely cancer-free and as happy as could be.

Ariana turned 16 earlier this month and she always knew that she wanted a big sweet 16 party that would be unforgettable. Ariana didn't want presents for her party though, she wanted a more unique celebration. Ariana asked all of her guests to donate to the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House in lieu of bringing a gift.

"I have everything I could ever want and more. I'm so happy that I could give back to my community and the Ronald McDonald House.

17 Sophisticated Minds

Just the feeling of knowing that I can help the Ronald McDonald House and show them my thanks for all they've done is definitely better than any present I could have received. If it weren't for the Ronald McDonald House, I don't know how my family could have stayed with Josh. I am so grateful and appreciative for all that the Ronald McDonald Houses do for us and all the support they give. I'm happy that I finally found a way to show my appreciation and give back to them."

Ariana raised over $900 at her birthday party and is donating it to the LLRMH to support other families during a most difficult time. Ariana will also be volunteering at the LLRMH once a month now that she meets the age requirement.

Do you know a teenager who is making a difference in his or her community? Do they deserve to be spotlighted? If so please send us an email to

Community Spotlight: Jasmine Crowe

“Giving back to the community” Written by.

Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman

In today’s economy more and more young people graduating from college who are starting their own businesses. Some are starting them because they can’t find work, so they find other means to make a living. Others do it because they want that control. They want to control their own money and to enjoy going to work. Being an entrepreneur takes time, and when you’re first starting out it can be stressful, but in the end it will be worth it.

One great benefit of starting your own business is when you are able to give back and help the community. Jasmine Crowe is one of those entrepreneurs who is giving back and acknowledges those who are giving back who’s deeds get overlooked within the media. 18 Sophisticated Minds


he business world is changing day-by-day tral University. Upon college graduation, and minute-by-minute, which means Crowe launched MystJazz PR in 2006 after her that people must keep up by finding stint with the Phoenix Suns, where she specialways to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. The ized in spots, entertainment and brand public saying, “You won’t get rich as long as you are relations. This is when she realized that her working for someone else,” has been repeated a passion and purpose in life was to give back to countless number of times, which is why more the community through work with non-profits and more college and post-college graduates are and social responsibly endeavors. venturing off and creating their own busiIn 2010, she re-branded her organization nesses. and launched The Jasmine Crowe Agency Jasmine Crowe, 27-Year-old MBA gradu- where she successfully created events and ate, decided to make the world a better place by fundraising initiatives for non-profit organizastarting her own agency entitled The Jasmine tions, which include The Boys and Girls Club, Crowe Agency (JCA). JCA focuses on social re- All in For a Cause,, Mack’s sponsibility and non-profit branding by fosterMiracle’s and The Miss Black Arizona Scholaring change and creating awareness on the ship Foundation. socioeconomic issues, which include, but not Aside from her work with non-profit orlimited to: poverty, health, education and enganizations, she has executed events across the ergy. The goal of JCA is too strategically align Unites States for prevalent venues, brands and corporate America, celebrity influencers, and acts including Studio 54 (MGM Grand Las the community with non-profit organizations to Vegas); Hip=Hop icon Common; Soulja Boy; boxing champion Wink Wright; NFL Proraise funds and create insight on inescapable Bowler Marcus McNeill; former NBA All-Star issues. Crowe, born in Texas, grew up as a mili- Allen Iverson; Peter Kent Luxury Leather tary child and since then has resided in Texas, Handbags; Belvedere Vodka; Cadillac; Vitamin Water; Hummer; Nike; and Tiffany and ComOregon, New Mexico, Arizona and North Carolina. She graduated from North Carolina Cen- pany. 19 Sophisticated Minds

Celeberity Spotlight

Ciara Joins Get Schooled Campaign


list A-list partners to the cause.” elebrity superstars One Direction, Ciara, Get Schooled has also recruited some of and Rise of the Guardians star, Chris the nation’s most innovative entertainment and Pine have lent their voices to encourage educational gaming companies to support the middle and high school students to boost their Fall Attendance Challenge including Dreamattendance. Their participation offers motivaworks Animation, Game House, The Jason tion and support to millions of students strugProject, iCivics, College Board, MTV and Cable gling to get up and get to school every day. in the Classroom. According to a 2012 study by Johns HopThe winning school – with the highest kins, 7.5 million students in the United States attendance gains and highest levels of engagemiss a month or more of school, putting them ment – earns a Celebrity Principal for the Day. at risk for potentially dropping out of high Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, school. In a Get Schooled poll of middle and Ciara, is acting as the ‘face of the challenge.’ high school students released last month, stuWhile finishing her upcoming album, One dents said celebrities, along with parents or a Woman Army, she is using her voice to encourtrusted teacher, are most likely to get them on age schools and students to get active in the a path to getting to school every day. challenge and in their education. Additionally, an unprecedented 225 mid“Music has always been my passion, but dle and high schools – reaching 215,000 stuschool was always my priority,” said Ciara. dents in 80 cities and 28 states – are “Education is the building block for everything participating in Get Schooled’s Fall Attendance we will do in our lives, without it, it is hard to Challenge, a ‘friendly competition’ to boost stu- say where any of us would be. I’m proud to be involved in a campaign that inspires and redent and school engagement and attendance minds today’s youth to get up, get out of bed rates. and ‘Get Schooled!’” “Educators recognize we need to bring The Challenge launched October 1 and new energy and excitement to motivate students to get to school and focus on their educa- runs through November 30. To see a full list of tion,” said Marie Groark, Executive Director of schools participating, including current leaders Get Schooled. “We are thrilled to have so many go to schools participate in our challenge and to en21 Sophisticated Minds

In Search for My Father By Jude Nebo


22 Sophisticated Minds


he story of Shan George in Nollywood began as early as 1996. She made her acting debut when the late Jenifer Ossai gave her a script that landed her a sub-lead role. Today, Shan George, who has starred in over 100 flicks and still counting, has emerged as one of the most prominent faces that dominated the movie scene for most of the late 1990s and 2000s. But controversy seems to be her middle name. From allegedly describing actresses as prostitutes to staging an all girl bikini parties, and to serial marriages, the actress it would seem just can’t avoid controversies. Beyond that, light-complexioned Shan is also a hard working mother of two boys, and with over 20 movies to her production credits, Shan has surely come a long way. In a recent chat, Shan opens up on the scandals that have rocked her career and disclosed that these days, she no longer gives a hoot when negative stories are published about her; “I concentrate on my passion and don’t bother about what people say. If you are a TV personality and you don’t have people trying to scandalize your name then you haven’t even started. When they come after you, it means you’ve gone far so these days I have stopped worrying, I laugh with them,” she declares. Childhood Shan’s life’s story began decades ago when she was born at Ediba, Cross River State-Nigeria, to an English father from Manchester, England, and a Nigerian mother from the Niger Delta. Today, she has become a Nollywood icon radiating glitz and glamour with a strong fan base. 23 Sophisticated Minds

Despite losing her dad at age five, she never felt his absence because in the typical African setting where she grew up, she had many uncles and aunties who stood in for her father. What was it like growing up under a protective mum? “My mum thought me humility and never to believe that I am too much and get carried away. She taught me to always be down to earth. Acting, Shan hit Nollywood in 1996 after she got admission to study at University and with 16 years under her belt, Shan has seen and done it all, and remains very passionate about her career. According to the actress, some of the greatest challenges confronting Nollywood are the issues of financing, marketing and distribution. If there’s one challenge the Shan has learnt to live with, it’s the fact that she might never find her father or his family members. For years she has traveled to the UK and all attempts to trace her dad or family members have failed. Recounting the experience, Shan had this to say; “I tried looking for my dad to be sincere. I went to the company where he worked. I tried to look for his file but there were no records. The total sum of it is that I searched and searched but couldn’t get enough data to locate his family but I got enough to know that my dad was from Manchester and lived in Nigeria as an expatriate. At a point, I just gave up. But I know who my father was. I remember him with my five year-old eyes and mind. He died, he didn’t abandon my mum and I.” Any regret about acting? “Not at all,” Shan says conclusively.


Davido Advises Graduating Students


By Jude Nebo



Nigerian senstation Davidomade a suprise visit to the son of Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi.

ews going round town about teen has reportedly been involved in some controversinger, Davido also known as 'Omo sies, reportedly addressed the students of the baba olowo' is that he recently paid a school. There was also an autograph session. surprise visit to Chineye Odua Igwe, son of Avi- The principal of the school, Mrs Fadipe was reation Minister, Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi, at portedly excited about the whole scenario. his graduation ceremony held in Lekki, Lagos. You will recall that Davido was earlier The young chap of Stella graduated from this year, 2012, reportedly involved in a mess PineField College, Lekki and Davido gave him with a groupie while on his way to Ghana. Just a surprise graduation gift by breezing through days ago, news went viral that he allegedly the school to celebrate with Chineye. Davido re- beat up one of his girlfriends and a cab driver portedly made a short performance from his that reportedly made an attempt to assist the helpless girl. popular songs. Wonders happened when the singer, who 24 Sophisticated Minds


Nigerian Artist 2Face Invests in Naira Homes

frica's music star, Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly known as 2Face has just acquired two multi-million Naira houses. The ace music artist announced this yesterday via his Twitter account. "Just bought me 2 HAVEN homes courtesy 3invest, Ruthobih. The Lord is good," 2Face tweeted. Also celebrating with the Idoma-born music icon was his wife, Annie Macaulay. The mother of one also took to same social media

25 Sophisticated Minds

By Jude Nebo

platform to show her happiness on the acquisition of the two houses by her husband. The Nollywood actress tweeted, "Thank U father. Awesome God! We are grateful Ruthobih, 3invest. Una 2 much! More blessingz baby, 2face Idibia." These two additional will make likely make 2Face's house become five. 2Face once told Teju Babyface when he was a guest on his 'Teju Babyface Show' that he has three houses; each in Abuja, Lagos and Benue States.

Glitz & Glam Fashion Show 2012


Photos by Calvin McDaniel

n November 15, Sophisticated Urban Minds photographer Calvin McDaniel had the opportunity to cover the 2012 Glitz & Glam Fashion Show. The show took place at Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI. The host of the evening was J Michelle and designers who featured their clothing were B Fly Creations, Jaiden Shepard, Diana Berry, Rinaco Styles, Rana Maroof, Camille Jeaney and Unique Styles.



Zig Zag High Neck Dress $19.90

Whether you’re going to work, to a business luncheon church, out with friends or on a date, this dress fits any occassion and is perfect for the chilly, cold winter weather.

Plush Faux Suede Boots $36.90

You can’t have a fly dress without the fly shoes to go with it. To keep everything simple, but also sophisticated and eye opening, these suede boots are perfect and will definetly keep your feet and legs warm during the winter and early spring months.

Macrame Belt $9.90

To bring a little more flair to the dress, this belt will do the trick and for under $10. 34 Sophisticated Minds



Sweater (V-Neck) $19.95

Men are more simple than women, so a sweater that is under $20 that keeps them warm will do; however, men still like to be a little stylish as well so a v-neck will do the trick, and the women will love it. (smile).

Scarf $12.90

To keep up with the stylish look, scarfs have become very popular among men during the colder months.

Relaxed Low-cut jeans $49.95

To comerate with the sweater and scarf, light color jeans work out best, preferably a light gray.

35 Sophisticated Minds

Photo by Naomi MzNay Bonman

Photo by Naomi MzNay Bonman

Photo by Naomi MzNay Bonman

Photo by Naomi MzNay Bonman

Feature Story

e c i R ” i u Q “ qui a J g n i c u d Intro

By Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman

40 Sophisticated Minds

41 Sophisticated Minds


Qui learned the value of strong work ethic at ately we’ve been highlighting people who an early age while watching her father, NFL are well known in the entertainment in- Hall of Fame legend Jerry Rice. From there she dustry, but this time we wanted to started singing the national anthem at the age switch it up and spotlight someone who we of 11 at professional football and basketball found while browsing the net who we feel that games, she stated that is when she found out is an inspiration to youth. This young woman is that she loved performing in front of large one the few who has defined the difference of crowds. It pumps her adrenaline. breaking into the music business and making Her first formal experience with the your voice heard above the thousands of talmusic industry occurred at the age of 15 when ented artists working on getting discovered. We she joined a ten quartet called Sorella, the Italintroduce some and probably re-introduce oth- ian word for ‘sister’. They performed up and ers to Jaqui “Qui” Rice. down the California coast during the summers Born in Mississippi and raised in San and at showcases and festivals in Florida and Francisco, Qui strives to be a positive inspiraTexas. The group later signed with JJR Entertion to those around her and those who listen to tainment, an Indie music label launched by her music. Her love for music began while Qui’s mother, Jacqueline. Unfortunately, four years later the group went their separate ways. growing up listening to her grandmother sing in church and to her parents’ oldies records. However that was not the end for Qui. She began pursuing her solo career. Her parFrom there she started playing piano at the ents instilled a “can-do” spirit which equipped tender age of five. She also performed with a Qui to balance her education at Georgetown variety of dance teams and wrote poetry University with her singing career. She has throughout high school. 42 Sophisticated Minds

43 Sophisticated Minds

Lord. Qui’s newest project is the result of this been blessed with opening up for Jagged Edge time, in which she wrote and arranged her new at the Capital City Classic and graduated with songs along with Firestorm Productions. her Bachelors of Arts degree in government Her musical style is sure to tap into unwith a minor Bachelors of Arts in Spanish in chartered territory within her market. “I realMay of 2010. ize that a career in music goes hand-in-hand In addition to singing, Qui is also a with being a role model,” Qui remarks. “That is gifted dancer and has worked with renowned a responsibility I will take very seriously. Bechoreographers Laurie Ann Gibson and cause I want to always make sure that my Bethany “Peanut” Strong. music doesn’t have a negative influence on anyWhile working on her album, Qui felt a one and I want to inspire the youth of today to calling on her life that guided her towards accept who they are spiritually”. sharing her talent in the contemporary ChrisQui currently resides in Brooklyn, NY tian market. After being accepted into law continuing to pursue her craft, writing for varischool, she embarked on a one-year “hiatus” in ous talented artists and connecting with producers and thinkers in her community. order to explore her new found identity in the 44 Sophisticated Minds

Entertainment Spotlight


By Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman


ophisticated Urban Minds (SUM) is pleased to introduce and re-introduce to others Ms. Juanita Johnson, better known simply as JUANITA. She is a multifaceted individual with a very diverse background as a singer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and mental health advocate. JUANITA is just who we need to help motivate our youth to succeed and continue to push them forward through the midst of any storm. JUANITA has been in the entertainment industry for several years and her resume includes dancing, modeling and singing. She has appeared in several music showcases, fashion shows, events, music videos, magazines and was a finalist in the Miss Black World New York Modeling and Beauty Pageant. JUANITA has performed her original music, as well as covers across the United States and abroad. She refers to her music as Sophisticated S-O-UL, which is a fusion of R&B, Soul and Jazz. JUANITA is always pushing herself and striving for excellence, and her hard work has definitely been paying off. The year 2012 was a huge year for her, and 2013 will only bring BIGGER and BETTER blessings for Ms. JUANITA. Sophisticated Urban Minds would like to give our readers a sneak peek of what is in store for JUANITA in 2013.


SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): What are your goals from now to the next five years?

JUANITA: I am constantly looking for opportunities to grow personally and professionally. My current goals are working and building my foundation towards financial retirement.

SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): What advice do you have for youth who are undecided about what to do after high school and/or college?

JUANITA: I think it is very important to be surrounded by positive, and knowledgeable people. Everyone needs a support network. Also, each person should take an active approach to their life and seek out information and/or others to provide guidance.

SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): I know 2012 was a big year for you. Can you highlight some of the major accomplishments and events that you were involved in? And what is in store for JUANITA in 2013?

JUANITA: WOW, I can’t believe it’s already a new year! Last year was truly amazing and I am so blessed. I had so much going on last year. I released a single for “I Already Love U” which was featured on a Women in Jazz compilation CD/iTunes and was very busy with launch parties, events, shows, and music collaborations. Also, my song “Better Dayz” was featured in a new campaign for suicide prevention.

For 2013, I will release new music, perform live shows, continue my mental health/suicide prevention outreach and remain open to other op49 Sophisticated Minds

Stay focused, don’t be discouraged by setbacks, and keep moving forward. The lessons are in the journey itself, not only the destination.

more about JUANITA.

SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): When you do get some free time, what do you enjoy doing?

SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): Are there any mottos or quotes that you live by? If so, how has it helped you grow personally JUANITA: Honestly, I enjoy sleeping! Sleep is a luxury. (LOL). I also enjoy traveling, working and professionally? out at the gym, reading, watching TV, networkJUANITA: “We can’t always control everything ing, and recently cooking. Also, I appreciate that happens to us, but we can decide how we being with my family and friends. will respond.” SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): This has helped me both personally and profes- We would like to thank JUANITA for taksionally, because it is your attitude that directly ing a few minutes out of her busy schedimpacts your choices and lives. There have been ule to make this edition of SUM many ups and downs on my journey, but I had significant and mind boggling for our to make a conscious CHOICE and decide youth and young adult readers. whether I was going to stay down when life threw curve balls or was I going to stay in the We look forward to seeing JUANITA’s game to WIN. As Alan Kay states, “The best way 2013 endeavors unfold, and we will most to predict the future is to invent it”. definitely keep SUM readers up on what is going on with Ms. JUANITA. SOPHISTICATED URBAN MINDS (SUM): How have you grown in your career since you Follow JUANITA first started to where you are now? TWITTER: @GotLuv4JUANITA Facebook: Personify Entertainment JUANITA: This is a great question!!! It is quite a blessing to actually see my own growth and development and this is what I strive for. I have traveled extensively, lived in several places, had many diverse career opportunities, I am older, wiser and stronger. My music has grown up with me as my sound is more mature, my vocals are deeper and I have “found my voice”.

I believe when I was starting my career, I was trying to sound like artists I admired. However, I am comfortable with my own sound and do not focus on sounding like anyone else. Also, I have opened up a little bit more in my music and have shown more vulnerability which is expressed in “I Already Love U”. Most of my material are very strong “empowerment anthems”, which I think are great, however, I can show my softer side too. This was a huge change in direction for me musically because I am a very private person and I often struggle with emotional transparency. However, I am going to continue to challenge myself and let my fans get to know 50 Sophisticated Minds

Emering Artists of 2013 EQ Live: EQ is now ready to go LIVE. They’ve up their game. The music is main stream and hotter than ever. You can look forward to seeing them everywhere in a city near you. They are on top their music game right now. EQ Live is also writing for some of the biggest names in game. But what you need to know is that EQ live will be dropping their first single and video entitled “Rosa Parks/Party Bus” late summer/early fall. Keep your eyes and ear open...More to come! Angel Haze: Between the successes of Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks, the past few years have been a windfall for the once endangered female MC, but Angel Haze still stands out from the pack. The Detroit-raised rapper and singer conquered 2012 with two widely praised mixtapes last year, Reservation and Classick, a handful of slick videos, and an ice-cold verse at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. 2013 better watch out.

52 Sophisticated Minds

Luke James: You’ve already heard and seen New Orleans singer Luke James, even if you don’t remember his name. He’s sung backup for Tyrese, written for Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Chris Brown, appeared in Beyonce’s “Run the World” video and made his first televised appearance at the 2012 BET Honors. But 2013 looks like a tipping point year for James: Not only will he release his debut album, Made to Love, via Def Jam, but he landed a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance with his single “I Want You.”

Aluna George: London duo AlunaGeorge’s futuristic blend of electronica and R&B is already winning accolades in the U.K., where they were shortlisted for the 2013 Critics' Choice BRIT Award off the strength of their breakthrough song, “Your Drums, Your Love.” With new single “Diver” setting off new waves of buzz, they’re perfectly positioned to build off the success of fellow left-field soul introverts The Weeknd and Frank Ocean with their Island Def Jam debut next summer. 53 Sophisticated Minds



y e l r a M rs J D ate W

elebrity DJ Marley Waters stepped into the music world as a professional street dancer on MTV’s Americans best dance crew & America’s with Status Quo. You have probably seen him, while flipping through the channels, performing on "Good Morning America" and on several major networks such as ABC, MTV, BET and recently TLC’s "Strange Addiction." DJ Marley is taking the entertainment word by storm by introducing everyone to take a voyage into Marley's World...Ready? DJ Marley Waters welcomes all to take a journey into Marley’s World. Marley’s World, a party experience like no other, wild music that creates ear orgies as he mixes and scratches the turntable with only the exclusive melodies. DJ Marley Waters started dj-ing without even realizing his craft. He was always known for his urban collection of beautiful women; wherever he went they would follow. In Marley’s world, he rolls up, the crew turns up, and he starts mixing as he provides the life of the party. This became routine, every time DJ Marley Waters mixed, the parties would last until the next morning or the morning after. A musical renaissance man is best to describe DJ Marley Waters. From songwriting to producing some of the top rated on the billboard charts, to capitalizing on his artistry as a musician, he has an advantage in the DJ realm. With a background in music, DJ Marley Waters decided to benefit from his industry connects by spinning the most exclusive unreleased music. In Marley’s world the crowd can always witness an era like never before, from walking in the club to allowing the music to

take over their brain and fist pump until arms fall off. DJ Marley Waters has always admired and studied the style of David Guetta & Afro Jack. It comes to no surprise that he is a combination of the two, house with a touch of electro and melodic. DJ Marley Waters is known for creating the worldwide sound, progressive, trap step, and super bass 808 sounds to the beat of drums. He gets the people dancing to the rhymic sounds like their singing in the shower. The only DJ with a music playlist that has a variety of music for events, such as an erotic pelvis thrusting party to a black-tie tuxedo gala. He learned by his mentors that versatility would take you everywhere. DJ Marley Waters knows being creative with the music is important, which is why he is able to adapt to all genres. One can catch him hunting for the perfect mix, and the smoothest transition for everyone to feel free though the sound waves of music. Nowadays, his typical week consist of visiting the major labels in Los Angeles for production and songwriting to hearing the newest sounds and making the transition to the turntables. On the rise to becoming an internationally know DJ, that is able to travel the world to bring exposure to the 2070 generation. Dj Marley Waters can be seen mixing for the exclusive venues to BMI showcase headliners.

“I will have the power of the people; I am the leader of the 2070 Generation. Welcome to Marley's World. Musical hours of sex, drugs, pop & roll. You know freedom of mind.” – DJ Marley Waters

Artist Spotlight


aron Merriner aka “Lee Elkins” was born September 3, 1992 in Gardena, CA. His musical inspirations come from artists such as Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, Jay-Z, and Drake to mention a few. "The Opening Act” a Southern Smoke Edition Mix CD will be Elkins' first official project that will drop in the summer of 2012, hosted by: #1 DJ Smallz from Canada. Elkins has performed opening acts in Nov 2011, Machine Gun Kelly of Bad Boy Entertainment at The Key Club in Hollywood, and March 2012, Game also at The Key club. Elkins has several creative surprises in store for his fans. Get ready for Lee Elkins, He is taking Southern California from the underground to mainstream, and mainstream across the World. Q & A Session with Lee Elkins

Describe your Style of Music? Ha Ha my style is undefinable. tune in: Lee Elkins Music

How long have you been in the industry? I've been in the industry for four years.

Introducing Lee Elkins

By Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman

tributed to/in? Volunteer at Salvation Army in Ontario (California) and I donate, assist and cook for homeless children on Thanksgiving.

Why is giving back to the community important when you have reached a point in your career where you are able to give back? Always remember your routes and its important to your fans and surrounding community understand that you can relate to them.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? To be in the position as Wiz Khalifa, a young star on the rise building his own franchise.

When you are not in the studio and/or working, what are some the things that you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies? I am a music lyricist, always looking for the latest music, whatever is fresh and hot.

What advice do you have to youth who want to pursue a career in music? Ignore all the negativity and take the time to make the sound u want to create. Only successful artist are the determined ones.

What are some of your favorite highlights and memories that you have from being in the industry? Is there a motto or quote that you live by? Opening for MKG (Machine Gun Kelly) at the There is no such thing as perfection only preferHollywood Key Club in February of last year ence. (2012). How can people reach you? Who would you like to work with? @leeelkins youtube/leeelkinstv Meek Mills & Juel Santana reverb/leeelkins fb/leeelkins What community events have you con56 Sophisticated Minds

10-Year Old Fashion Designer Launches Her One-of-a-Kind Children Fashions at Her Photo Shoot Launch Party



Essynce and her assistant Naomi sampling fabrics for the approaching Essynce Couture event....a Photo Shoot Launch Party, kid networking, and information on kid entrepreneurship. ssynce Moore has been seen on Uncle hard work. Majic the Hip Hop Magician's CommerEssynce Couture clothing collection has cial, Bored to Death on HBO, and she carved out a niche in the fashion industry behas been in numerous Fashion Shows and Pag- cause the line is designed by a child, for chileants. This 10 year old entrepreneur, fashiondren, with ONLY children in mind. The ista, "local" celebrity, actress, and motivational clothing is recognized for its unique styles that speaker phenomenon is branding herself onto are colorful, fun, and made exclusively for chilthe fashion and TV scenes. Since then, Essynce dren. . Moore has become a trendsetter in her school, The piece irresistible of the collection is amongst her peers, and capturing the attention Essynce Couture's signature business wear for of children everywhere. children and her geekly chicly line. This gives Essynce Moore, who has been designing children the opportunity to present themselves clothes since six years old as a hobby at first is in a professional manner at meetings, speaking now focusing on fashion as a business, and her engagements, and events. inventions will include clothes for children, a Each piece in Essynce Couture's collecbody product line for children and maybe acces- tion is crafted by hand, often with sketches or sories in the near future. She has been buzzing embroidery. Despite these meticulous details, on her social websites via Twitter, Facebook, the fashions sell at lower prices than those of competitors. and Instagram. Essynce Couture, LLC finds education Founded in 2012, Essynce Couture, LLC recently held a a Photo Shoot Launch Party very important; therefore they will allow chilwhere children took pictures in some of the new dren to upload their certificates, report cards, designs and learned about entrepreneurship. and other rewards to one of the social sites. In return and as kudos some children will receive ( an Essynce Couture incentive for their good 57 Sophisticated Minds

Natural Hair Styles Becoming More Popular Among African American Woman


ecent survey data is showing that the number of black women sporting natural hair has increased substantially in recent years. “Natural hair has been a movement for several years. What we’re seeing now is a confirmation that this is a lifestyle that is very important to a lot of women,” says Cyntelia Abrams, marketing coordinator for Design Essentials, a company that commissioned a study on the topic. The number of black women who claim that they don’t use chemical relaxers or straighteners has risen to 36% in 2011, which is a significant increase from 26% in 2010. At the same time, sales of relaxers have dropped by 17% over the last five years. Last year, 29-year old Rochelle Ritchie, a reporter in West Palm Beach, Florida, went natural on the air. She said that she “grew tired of “the financial burden” and “feeling like I was covering up.” Chime Edwards from, 59 Sophisticated Minds

is a natural hair care expert whose Youtube videos have received hundreds of thousands of views. Edwards speaks regularly about ways in which the transition to natural hair is far less burdensome than some would like to believe. She also discusses the relationship challenges of making the change to natural hair, even openly asking if women should secure their partner’s support before undergoing the change: “You can ask a man to describe his ideal woman and he will likely spit out the most vivid and detailed description. Usually, natural hair is not mentioned. This could be why so many women are so apprehensive to go natural; many fear that their lovers will hate their new ‘do,” said Edwards in a recent article on the topic. Famous women with natural hair include: Grammy-winning artist Esperanza Spalding, singer Corinne Bailey Rae and actresses Wanda Sykes and Raven-Symon. The change appears to be well underway.

Athlete Spotlight

Shaun Fenner Interview by Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman

better and play basketball. As I got older in high school and college I picked up by myself carrying those inspirations to get better on my own.

SUM: What accomplishments have you made throughout your basketball career? Shaun: Through my career I have accomplished several championship trophies for many leagues in different states, and back at home. In 2010 I won Championship for the FASA league (Professional Filipino-American Sports Association Basketball league) in California.

"Basketball is very enjoyable and passionate sport to me. The sport hits me at home where my heart is being i have played my whole life." -Shaun Fenner


SUM: What your goals that you want to accomplish from now to the next five years? Shaun: To maintain my profession as a basketball player, as an overseas player every year on a team, working hard to take care of myself, my family back home, and the people who care for me who helped me along the way with my accomplishments.

SUM: Who is you all time favorite baskethaun Fenner, Point Guard, also known as ball player and team and why? Shaun: My favorite basketball player is Tim a Pure Point Guard, is extremely quick Hardaway. He has been my favorite to watch with good scoring ability. He has supewhen I was growing up, along with Allen Iverrior ball handling and passing skills. He has son, who is also my all-time favorite player excellent shooting technique, great knowledge of basketball and ability for being the leader of since we grew up and came from the same place, Newport News, Virginia. his current team. Sophisticated Urban Minds has an exclusive interview with Mr. Fenner. So we introSUM: When you are not on the court what duce and reintroduce to some Mr. Shaun do you enjoy doing? Shaun: I like eating, socializing with my close Fenner. friends and relaxing at home. SUM: How long have you been playing basketball? What inspired you to start SUM: What is your advice to youth who want to pursue a career in sports? playing? Shaun: Don’t listen to critics, and don’t listen Shaun: I started playing basket ball late, but caught on quick. I started playing in 7th grade. to people who are telling you what you can’t do My inspirations came from my older brother because you can actually do what they say you who put the ball in my hand and my cousin can’t do. Maintain and be respectful in school Marcus who showed me a video of Michael Jor- to your instructors, mentors, guardians to dan (“Come fly with Me") at the age of 7. My maintain obtaining successful ethics for the rest brother Ben gave me the push the play to get of your life. 60 Sophisticated Minds

University vs. Santa Barbra College. I am still SUM: What has been your most memosuccessfully growing and will obtain many rable highlight of your career? Shaun: Last year (2011) I played in a college more memorable moments within my career tournament and I scored 15 points in 3 min in years to come. the second half playing for American Sports 61 Sophisticated Minds


Breaking the Cycle: Date Rape, How to Protect Yourself at Social Gatherings By Shannon Morris

hile a date rape scenario can go both ways, it is a fact that a woman is more vulnerable to attacks when in social gatherings, especially if she is alone or with a man she is just getting to know. Date rape is a serious issue that is not widely talked about as much as it should be. Yet, it is a very common situation: a man and a women go out and he tries to force her to engage in sexual activity. So ladies, here are some tips to help you stay safe when you are out and about with your date: 1. Try to arrange a “double date.� If you are going on a date with someone who you just met, try asking a close friend if she is willing to bring a date with her and you all go out as a group. That way, you have an outlet should you feel the need to vent. If you are separating, make sure you keep your friend informed on.

if you are young or old, or if this is your first date or you tenth date, always let someone close to you know where you are going to be for safety purposes!

6. Try not to drink too much. This is especially important for three reasons. First off, ladies, it is okay to have a glass of wine while you're out, but getting drunk on the first date is never a good look. You are going on a date to get to know your partner, not to get wasted. Secondly, it leave you vulnerable to a sexual assault more so than if you were sober. Lastly, if you chose to drive to the location, you will need to be sober to drive home safely. Please exercise common sense and caution when drinking around strangers! Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts, because if something doesn't feel right, then it isn't!

2. Do not allow him to pick you up on the first date. Yeah, this takes away from that picture perfect, romantic scene where the guy pulls up in front of his date's house and escorts her to the car. These days, you can never be too sure who you are getting involved with, and hopping in the car with someone you barely know is not a safe decision.

3. Have some extra cash for emergencies. Self -explanatory. Anything could happen.

4. Carry a weapon. Should you feel the need to protect yourself, carry a small tube of mace for protection. Before you purchase, always make sure that there are no legal laws against public use of mace for personal protection in your state.

5. Inform loved ones about your whereabouts. This is similar to the first tip. It doesn't matter 63 Sophisticated Minds

Chlamydia without even knowing it. According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, over 11,000 cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed this year, but the number has been declining. Women regularly get Pap Smears, but men are less likely to go to the doctor. As a result, the number of HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer cases will rise to 8,700, with 7,400 of those cases in men. The disease then festers within the mouth and throat of the victim, causing cancerous sores to emerge for those who are undiagnosed. discusses the epidemic in more detail. Get tested.


The New STD That Can Kill You

t appears that there is a new STD that is killing men and its related to oral sex. The Human papillomavirus (HPV) was once believed to have no effect on men, but it’s now found to be harmful to men as well as well as women. In fact, giving someone unprotected oral sex or receiving it from them if they are infected can seriously jeopardize your health. A new study has found a rapid increase in the number of throat and neck cancers over the last 12 years, with thousands of new cases occurring every single year. discusses the issue in more detail, noting that throat, mouth and neck cancers were once caused by tobacco use. But although the use of tobacco has declined, the rates of certain cancers related to HPV have been on the rise. The rate of STD infection is even greater in the black community, where a lower marital rate has led to an increase in the number of sex partners. One researcher at a major university told YBW that he randomly tested 20 men in a barbershop and found that half of them were infected with 64 Sophisticated Minds


It’s Not Him or Her, It’s YOU!

66 Sophisticated Minds

fter cleaning up the empty tissue boxes and throwing out the ice cream containers time and time again, you have to ask yourself, is it them or you? Often, we place blame on the other person. The relationship did not work out because he/she was too needy or clingy. They wanted more than you could give. They did not meet everything on the proverbial “list.” We never take the time to examine ourselves to see why we end up in so many failed relationships. Is it really the other person every time? In some cases, it may be the other person, but it may by YOU. Think back to each of your relationships and how they have ended. Is there a pattern? Do you seem to hear the same complaints about yourself? Are you the same in each relationship? You cannot apply the same action and expect a different result. This is not science. It is love. It is emotion. It is great sex! Granted, each person is different, which means we all react in different ways. First, you have to know and love yourself before you can be the person that your partner needs you to be. In the beginning when you are courting it is exciting. You are getting to know one another. It is like buying a new car. The new car smell is great, but after a while the scent wears off and you are left with the same old funk. Now you are driving around looking at other new cars remembering when that was you, and wishing it could be you all over again. That does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the car, but the excitement has dwindled down. Are you just chasing the feeling or are you really looking to be in a relationship? Well, sometimes it can be that you always read way too far into thing; over reacting and ana-

By Queen & Cam’Ryn

lyzing over every little detail because of your own insecurities. This does nothing but make you stressed, miserable and up tight; you ultimately end up sending yourself to an early grave. We are all guilty of bringing our baggage from a previous relationship into our new one. This act is unhealthy and unfair to both of you, as well as your union. Here are some solutions: 1. It can be a humbling experience to stop yourself in your tracks when you hear that voice of reason. It is important to listen to it and ask yourself if your behaviors are likely to help or harm the relationship. Be willing to approach your partner and acknowledge any wrongdoing. Apologize when you were wrong. 2. You will likely find that it will help settle disagreements much faster. You will likely cause less damage to the relationship. You will also find that when you start behaving more rationally, faster, you think more clearly and become more productive. 3. When a situation arises, think things through, everything is not always as it seems. 4. Try to see things from the other person’s perspective. 5. Many of us are taught to believe that therapy is evil, and there was no need to tell your business to people, but it helps to have an unbiased opinion or perspective on things. 6. Communication and honesty are keys to a healthy and happy relationship. 7. Perhaps that person is just not the right person. Maybe you are not right for that person. You cannot always look at things one-sided, thinking that you have to find the right person for you. You have to remember that the other person is searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right just like you.

Following the Guidelines


hat is wrong with these male athletes getting stopped and arrested for doing and making boneheaded choices with their lives and the lives of others? Do they realize how stupid that they look doing things such as getting DUI's, resisting arrest, altercations outside of clubs? To top it off, they then want to issue halfhearted unsympathetic apologies to the team and fans. There comes a time in life when these individuals need to grow up and start to take responsibility for their actions. Adults should know right from wrong, regardless of how much money they make, the cars they drive, or the houses they live in. It seems as if the more money one makes and coming from nothing, the smaller that person’s logical and thinking process becomes. If you want to go out to celebrate on a night on the town and plan on drinking, be responsible and call a cab, or since you have money to blow get a driver, or here is a better idea invite some friends over to your house to drink; therefore, you won't have to issue an apology for a DUI that could have been avoided if you took one moment to think. Just

67 Sophisticated Minds

By Curl J. Louis

because you can make some catches, or break some tackles, sack the quarterback, and people call you a superstar does not for one minute make you above the law because you are not. Once you sign your name on the line, your life and every move you make is put under the microscope with the cops and media. These pro athletes have to make better judgment calls and surround their selves with people looking out for their well-being, not with people trying to come up off them that disappear when they are at the bottom. Not everybody you meet is there for you or have your best interest at heart. Youth look up to athletes as role models and want to mock their every move, but also these same players have youth who will one day hear how their father was a good player but his off the field problems stopped him from being a great player. You give some of these boys trying to be men millions of dollars and they lose their minds trying to do the same things they use to do hanging with the same crowd. They have to realize and learn that there are some things you can no longer do. As the bible says, "As a child I did childish things, but as a man I ceased my childish ways and behavior.�


1. transition friend: A person that brings together 2 or more people that would otherwise not actually hang out . He acts as the transition friend between them, making hanging out possible. Without that specific friend there, the two people would not hang out alone until multiple hanging out sessions with the transition friend.


2. Google Girlfriend: An imaginary girlfreind whom one would brag about to his friends and use a picture of "said girl" from google. 3. Driving Dirty: Operating an automobile without proper proof of insurance.


4. Google Smart: When someone has to google a topic, then post the information, as if they came upwith it all on their own.

5. Touron: A combination of a tourist and a moron.

6. The 11th Hour: Used to describe the final moments of a given event, or situation where change isstill a possibility.

7. Deligious: A food or beverage that is so delicious that ingesting it is akin to a religious experience.

8. Last Minute Helper: That person whom shows up AFTER everything else is done and offers to do something AFTER everything is already finished.

9. Familiated: To be humiliated in front of ones family.

10. Stoplight Stagger: That way you stagger your car at a stoplight so that your window isn't lined up directly with the car next to you so as to avoid awkward eye contact and /or open-window singalongs.

68 Sophisticated Minds




C o n t r i b u t e r s

Our magazine wouldn’t have been able to be as successful as it has been within the last few years if it were not for a team of talented writers who contribute to educate and inform our readers of current and upcoming events/issues.

Top row: Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman, Editor-in-Chief & Founder; Nakeisha “Moca” McDaniel, Columnist (Atlanta, GA); Curl J. Louis, Contributer (New Orleans, LA); Tamara Jackson, Contributer (Atlanta/Savannah, GA); and Jude Nebo, Contributer (Nigeria-Africa).

Bottom row: Calvin McDaniel Sr., Photographer and Contributer (Detroit, MI); Shannon Morris, Contributer (Atlanta, GA); Queen & Cam’Ryn, Contributers (Atlanta, GA); Roger “Danger Man” Tinsley, Contributer (Los Angeles) and Seyon Festus, Contributer (Nigeria--Africa).

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Photo Credit Naomi ‘MzNay’ Bonman

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