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THE CLOSETED COLOUR LOVER Meet Sebastien. He’s the man responsible for the overall creative vision of Urban Barn’s seasonal collections and the guy who introduced the pink Buddha to the world. As you can imagine his travel schedule is brutal. Nonetheless, we convinced him to sit down long enough to take a photograph and ask him a few questions about what you’ll find at Urban Barn in the coming months: What inspires him? What annoys him? And, at least one thing he says way too often. As you can imagine, Sebastien is a visual man so the image to your right is a visual exploration of what inspires him.

What is the most important furniture purchase? A sofa that fits your room, your needs and the needs of your family. Think of all the options available. Configuration, covering, colour. What is the simplest way to make a big change in a space? Easy peasy. In your bedroom. Change the bedding, add toss cushions and a throw. It is a makeover in split seconds. Who are your design heroes?

“Super Cute!” I cannot stop saying it when I get excited about new products.

Nobody does colour like Kate Spade. I am also a big fan of John Varvatos - rock star chic at its best. In the design and interior design world, Jonathan Adler is on top of my list.

OK I’ll bite. What are you excited about this fall?

What is your favourite piece in this catalogue?

Everything of course. I particularly love our new Chateau Dining Collection. I love the colour, the feel, the practicality. I love it all. The Sideboard is super cute. You see, I can’t stop myself.

Me obviously.

We have to know, what do you say way too often?

Do you have a favourite colour for this season? I used to be a “closeted colour lover”. I am still a big fan of greys and whites, but this season I love the teal and purple colour combinations. What inspired you the most about the fall collection?

Touché. What is your favourite piece of furniture in this catalogue? The Fillmore Sofa is fantastic. Our lighting is amazing this year and our colour palette is so fresh and bold. Just like you. Exactly like me.

The raw timber. Picture me chopping wood and examining the wood grain. There is also a retrovibe that is vintage Palm Springs.


Bradley Leather Chair $999 30”W x 20”D x 37”H Custom Absolute Shag Rug in Parchment Starting from $150 As shown $908 Hollywood Floor Lamp $199


Toulouse Platform Bed - Queen $1,399 88”L x 66”W x 52”H Toulouse Nightstand $399 19.75”W x 17.75”D x 27.5”H Better Than Sisal Custom Rug in Beige Starting from $52 As shown $206 Marina Pouf - Ivory $129 Ailani Table Lamp - Blue $119 Zinc Lantern $29 Jubilee Mosaic Candle Holder $19 Blanka White Queen Duvet Set $139 Sailor’s Post Toss Cushion $29 Floating Feathers Toss Cushion $29 Davidson Throw - Indigo $59

BRING THE LAKEHOUSE INTO YOUR HOUSEHOUSE Made from reclaimed timbers, this collection is inspired by the homes dotting the shores of the Great, and smaller but still great, lakes across Canada.

You’re reading in bed. You’re sleepy. And you keep reading the same sentence. And you keep reading the same sentence. And you keep reading the same sentence.

I T’ S PER FECT F OR EV ERY TH I N G Allow us to point out several features you can clearly see in the picture. Like the handy cutting board extensions, 20 bottle wine rack, towel racks and black granite top. Now, what you can’t see are the handy pass-through cupboards, two-way drawers and the fact that it is made out of reclaimed timber. One more thing, casters make it is super easy to move around.

Cutting board extension. Great for cutting long stuff on.

Black granite top. No really it is.

Wine rack for wine.

Chateau Kitchen Island $1,299 45”L x 23.5”D x 37”H


Ainsley Jack Toss Cushion $32 Tessa Pleated Cushion - Emerald $39 Ainsley Stripe Toss Cushion $32 Zsa Zsa Toss Cushion - Grey $36 Phoenix Toss Cushion $29 Glasses Toss Cushion $29 Clooney Toss Cushion - Tangerine $36 Downtown Fall Toss Cushion $32 Mongolian Toss Cushion - Teal $79 Happy Toss Cushion $36


A WELL -TRAV E LLED R O O M Look at that Bradley Chair. It has an air of confidence bordering on smugness. Not to mention the Capone Sofa. Even the pillows in this place are well-travelled. If only women didn’t have to wear funny underpants‌

Custom Capone Sofa in Warren Shale Starting from $1414 As shown $1589 93”L x 42”D x 33”H Bradley Leather Chair $999 30”W x 20”D x 37”H Ashby Coffee Table $699 46”L x 29.5”D x 19.75”H Ashby Side Table $299 17.75”W x 17.75”D x 23.75”H Eva Panel - Mocha $59 Notice Ladies on Beach Sign $36 Custom Turin Rug in Grey Starting from $328 As shown $887 No 2 Tray $19 Belle Lantern $19 The Idiot Book Box - Small $12 The Trial Book Box - Medium $16 Athena Table Lamp $149 Traveler I Book Box - Small $9 Mongolian Toss Cushion - Grey $79 Stamps Toss Cushion $29 Map Toss Cushion $32


S PEAKING O F ACCENTS Place making is as much about the little touches as it is about the big ticket items like sofas, chairs or in this case, a clock shaped like a pocket watch.


Compass Wall Clock $199 Come Back and Kiss Me Keybox $39 Raquel Candle Holder - Small $16 Paris Storage Box $19 Crown Bookends Set of 2 $49 Vintage Mirror Tray $39 Oval Basket Small $12 Vintage Pillar Candle Holder - Large $26 Vintage Pillar Candle Holder - Small $19 Hotel de Paris Wall Plaque $49 Authentic Wide Canister $12 Traveler I Book Box - Small $9 Traveler III Book Box - Large $16 Belle Lantern $19 The Idiot Book Box - Small $12 Gone With The Wind Book Box - Large $19 Does Not Play Well Block $22 Let It Be Block $22 Bird Cloche $16

LIV E IN THE S TYLE Y OU SH O ULD BE A C CUSTOMED TO This is the super chic Fillmore Sofa. A modern interpretation of a traditional tufted chesterfield made from a polyurethane fabric that looks like a million bucks for under $1000.


Fillmore Sofa $999 86”W x 34.5”D x 30.75”H Custom Devon Chair in Burnaby Snow Starting from $752 As shown $789 30”W x 34.25”D x 32.5”H Rivet Bar $599 35”L x 18”D x 31.5”H Rivet Coffee Table $699 43.5”W x 23.5”D x 15.75”H Twista Side Table $189 12.5”W x 12.5”D x 16.5”H Shakespeare $349 Norah Taper Candle Holder Large $12 Norah Taper Candle Holder Small $9 Raquel Candle Holder Small $16 Skull Money Bank - White $19 Raquel Candle Holder Large $19 Hilton Table Lamp $129 Wing Bookends Set of 2 $29 Glasses Toss Cushion $29 Ombre Throw - Grey $49 Zsa Zsa Toss Cushion - Grey $36

SUBTLE IN A METAL STUDS K IND OF WAY They say you are what you eat. Well, you could eat stale bread on the Henley Dining Collection and call it caviar. And just for the record, stale bread is called a crostini when served on the expandable, black glass top Henley Kitchen Table.

Henley Kitchen Table $499 29.5”H x 35.5”W x 39.5”L (63.25”L extended) Drake Dining Chair $279 19”W x 31”D x 37”H Rivet Bar $599 35”L x 18”D x 31.5”H Custom Neptune Calling Rug in Grey Starting from $229 As shown $459 Lise Table Lamp $149 Vintage Mirror Tray $39 Lani Double Old Fashioned Glass $7 Juan Vase Short - Topaz $59



Custom Groove Chair in Kendal Topaz Starting from $927 As shown $1047 29”W x 33.5”D x 35.5”H Custom Portia Sofa in Murdoch Pearl Starting from $1750 As shown $1750 86.5”L x 35”D x 33”H Flynn Ottoman - Bordeaux $249 25.5”W x 25.5”D x 17.5”H Bordeaux Side Table $249 17.75”W x 15”D x 25.75”H Bordeaux Coffee Table $549 57”L x 19.75”D x 20.75”H Hayworth Mirror - Tall $299 Porter Rug - Taupe $349 Hoot Ceramic Statue - Dijon $79 Bogota Table Lamp $129 Raquel Candle Holder - Large $19 Birdcage Lantern Short $19 Birdcage Lantern - Tall $49 Crown Bookends - Set of 2 $49 Geo Diamond Toss Cushion - Berry $29 Mongolian Toss Cushion - Purple $79 Ainsley Jack Toss Cushion $32


You. May sit on me.


Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the designiest of them all?

Calypso Queen Poster Bed $1,199 64”W x 90”D x 84”H Calypso Nightstand $499 28”W x 18”D x 29”H Calypso 5 Drawer Chest $1,099 40”L x 18”D x 54”H Lattice Grey Queen Duvet Set $99 Wave Queen Sheet Set $119 Clooney Toss Cushion - Teal $36 Mongolian Cushion - White $79 Tessa Pleated Cushion - Silver $39 Tallulah Throw - Charcoal $49 Custom Manhattan Shag Rug in Sailor Starting from $45 As shown $458 Marina Pouf - Charcoal $129 Twilight Panel - Grey $39 Hayworth Mirror - Rectangular $199 Standing French Bulldog - Silver $39 Era Mosaic Vase - Short $39 Lise Table Lamp $149 Rafael Vase Short - Emerald $29 Chic 3 Drawer Jewellery Box $35


L IG HT S ! C ER A M I C S ! A C T I O N ! In Hollywood, as in your home, lighting makes the scene. That is to say; great lighting is a key component of creating a great space.

Lola Shelf $179 16”W x 16”D x 32”H Tray Chic Accent Table - White $79 17.75”W x 17.75”D x 18.5”H Lola Rectangular Table $229 26”W x 14.75”D x 33”H Lola Round Accent Table $169 15.75 x 15.75 x 30”H Bogota Table Lamp $129 Hilton Table Lamp $129 Athena Table Lamp $149 Hollywood Floor Lamp $199 Lise Table Lamp $149 Atlas Floor Lamp - White $279 Skull Money Bank - Silver $19 Thai Buddha Head White $39 Parrot Statue - White $29 Rhino Head - White $149 Robot Money Bank - Silver $19 Zen Cat Statue - White $39 Skull Money Bank - White $19 Hoot Umbrella Stand - White $69 Standing French Bulldog - Silver $39 Marina Pouf - Ivory $129



Brighton Sofa - Turquoise $999 81”L x 34”D x 33”H Brighton Arm Chair - Purple $699 40”W x 34”D x 33”H Pure Coffee Table $399 43.5”W x 23.5”D x 15.75”H Tray Chic Accent Table - White $79 17.75”W x 17.75”D x 18.5”H Watercolour Wall Art $159 Atlas Floor Lamp - White $279 Custom Manhattan Shag Rug in Sailor Starting from $45 As shown $458 Marina Pouf - Dark Plum $129 Mongolian Square Cushion - White $79 Hoot Umbrella Stand - White $69 Standing French Bulldog- Silver $39 Robot Money Bank - Silver $19 Zen Dog Statue - White $39 Naya Lattice Toss Cushion - Plum/ Emerald $39 Zag Throw Purple/Emerald $42

MAKE IT POP Team the Pure Coffee Table up with the Brighton Sofa and Chair in retro-cool colours like teal and purple and you’ve got a combination that’s reminiscent of Palm Springs in its hey-day wouldn’t you say?

T W O HEA DS ARE BE TTER THAN ONE We love furniture. We live for it. Sofas. Chairs. Tables. Beds. But, we’re suckers for unique accents and accessories like these two friendly faces.


Rhino Head - White $149 Antelope Head - White $149

MO N S T ER O F D ES I GN Calm down paleontologist Pete. We know it’s a T-rex. But rather than get hung up on taxonomy let’s talk about this table. Talk about an instant conversation piece.


Dino Accent Table - White $199 19.75”W x 19.75”D x 22.25”H

TRAY C H IC Finally a decent pun. But this pun is funny because it’s true. We debated using Tray Cool because this chic little table turns in to a super cool serving tray.


Tray Chic Accent Table - White, Purple and Orange $79 each 17.75”W x 17.75”D x 18.5”H


Marina Pouf - Charcoal, Ivory, Tangerine, Linen and Plum $129

OU R CUSTO M PRO G RA MS BEG IN S WHERE MO S T EN D At Urban Barn you can design and create almost any kind of sectional you can imagine. So go ahead, let your imagination run wild(ish) and create a sectional that fits perfectly in your space. How it works: 1. Select the sofa, sectional or chair of your choice. 2. Choose from hundreds of upholstery choices. 3. Re-jig and reconfigure practically anyway you want. 4. Select your accouterments like rivets, feet, trim, pillows and more. 5. Bask in the warm glow of your creativity. Visit your favourite Urban Barn store to learn more about our Custom Program.


Custom Liberty Sectional in Lyric Silver Starting from $2737 As shown $4508 1-Arm Loveseat Return: 68”L x 37”D x 33”H Armless Sofa: 79.5”L x 37”D x 33”H End Chaise: 37”L x 78”D x 33”H Prima Leather Ottoman - White $599 47”W x 29.5”D x 18.5”H Tray Chic Accent Table - Orange $79 17.75”W x 17.75”D x 18.5”H Eco Ride Set of 2 Wall Art $299 Mingling Wall Art $229 Gallery Frame 11X14 - Black $24 Kaden Panel - Oyster $49 Custom Manhattan Shag Rug in Milk Starting from $104 As shown $1484 Atlas Floor Lamp - White $279 Zen Cat Statue $39 Montreal Tray Large - Cool Grey $59 Clooney Toss Cushion - Tangerine $36 Ainsley Stripe Toss Cushion $32 Mongolian Toss Cushion - Orange $79 Mongolian Toss Cushion - Teal $79 Ainsley Jack Toss Cushion $32 Ombre Throw - Grey $49


Urbania Wall Art $199 Upstream Wall Art $179 Earhart Wall Clock $129 Life Is Too Short Wall Art $159 Altitude Mantle Clock $149 Stakeout Wall Art $129 Vegas Wall Art $99 Street Life Wall Art $179 Watercolour Wall Art $159

THE WOR L D IS BUT A CANVAS What an inspiring and beautiful sentiment. However, the real world is but an endless to-do list. So, for those of us in the real world, we offer a vast selection of gallery quality wall art and photography, and some of it is even on canvas.

Even if you put your face really close, really, really close you still cannot feel the fan.

T HANKS T O T E C HNOL OG Y T HE M US IC NE VE R ST OP S The best part of musical chairs is when you get to sit down on one of our fabulous dining chairs. There are over thirty different styles of dining chairs and stools on So check them out.

Drake Dining Chair $279 19”W x 31”D x 37”H Chateau Dining Chair $239 17”W x 18”D x 40”H Mason Leather Dining Chair White $289 20”W x 21”D x 38”H Tempo Dining Chair $179 15”W x 20.5”D x 33”H Cassidy Leather Dining Chair - Grey $279 21.5”W x 24.5”D x 38.5”H Street Life Wall Art $179 Gabor Panel White/White $49


IT’S L I K E HA N G IN G O U T W ITH T H O U SAN D S O F SUPER ST Y L I S H PEO PLE. SUPER ST Y L I S H PEO PLE W ITH EX CEP T IO N A L TA S TE. Join us on Facebook and catch up on our newest offerings, in store antics, current trends and insider information. Follow us on Twitter and be first to know when the stuff that’s worth knowing first comes out. @urban_barn Show off your impeccable taste and pin it to your board.

Who needs words when you have pictures?


Brighton Arm Chair - Turquoise $699 40”W x 34”D x 33”H Custom Absolute Shag Rug in Parchment Starting from $65 As shown $908




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OH C A N A DA WE M A K E ROOMS B EAUT I F U L F OR T HE E We first opened our doors in BC in 1990. The Urban Barn name came from the look of one of our original stores, which boasted rustic wooden floors and doors that were reminiscent of an old barn. We now have over 40 stores, servicing customers across Canada. We carry a host of great quality furniture, home dÊcor and accents sourced locally and abroad, and travel extensively overseas to bring home unique styles you simply won’t find in other stores.

Fall 2013 Catalogue  

Fall 2013 Catalogue