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Gardiner Bench; Hertz Wall Clock; Reindeer Sleigh Rides Bucket; Jerome Toss; Becca Sherpa Throw; Doherty Accent Rug

2 – Holiday 2019

Warm up your winter Growing up, the holidays were all about going over the top. Transitioning into modern spaces and city living, I learned that sometimes less is more. That’s why my favourite holiday accents bring warmth and softness that works with existing décor. More textiles in cozy fabrics, a well-placed vignette or two, and ornaments that tie in accent colours around the room. When in doubt, add warm twinkle lights — they go with everything. This year, you can give back when you shop one of our favourite winter trends. For every vegan faux fur blanket purchased, we’ll donate $5 to animals in need. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or everyone on your list, let’s make the season stylish and warm. SÉBASTIEN FAUTEUX ̶ Creative Director

Holiday 2019 – 3

Merry m ru A happy meeting of function and style.

Make beautiful furniture the backdrop for your holidays at home, with family-friendly textured wood, simple silhouettes and cozy textures.


4 – Holiday 2019

modern ustic

Ironside Ext. Dining Table; Ironside 2 Drawer Console Table; Garvin and Hershel Dining Chair; Crofton Glazed Dish Set and Serving Platter; Midtown Wine Glass; Hammered Cutlery Set; Boca Tapas Set; Beaumaris Chambray Stripe Placemat; Lyla Table Lamp; Merida Wreath; Grasslands Wall Art; Tannon Tree; Isidora Basket Set; Doherty Accent Rug; Lance Rug

Holiday 2019 – 5

White Glove Delivery Leave the heavy lifting to us urbanbarn.com

Brewer Leather Sofa; Coleman Recliner; Grant Coffee and Side Table; Volta Wall Clock; Karter Floor Lamp; Kodi Table Lamp; Emmaline and Michah Vase; Ezrah Frame; Michah Candle Holder; Gather Block; Bailey, Glenn Plaid, Haven Faux Fur, Homestead, and Woody Wagon Toss; Betina Throw; Kinsley Dish Set; Marsten Panel; Bentum Pouf; Boca Slate Coaster Set; Corde Basket; Twinkle Star, Blizz Snowflake, Rolf Stag, and Rimple Bear Stocking Holder; Lottie Knit and Flora Faux Fur Stocking; Banff Tree Décor; Tic Tac Toe Game; Victor Rug

6 – Holiday 2019


Holiday 2019 – 7

8 – Holiday 2019

BLANKET theCOUNTRY Give back with the ultimate cozy gift. For every vegan faux fur throw or bedspread you purchase, we’ll donate $5 to animals in need. More information at urbanbarn.com

Starlet Faux Fur Bedspread and Throw; Damarco Armchair; Arden Duvet Set; Diesel Dog Ornament

Holiday 2019 – 9

10 – Holiday 2019

Pet Friendly Furniture made for your whole family at urbanbarn.com


Sydney Bed, Dresser and Nightstand; Dolly Armchair; Lucy Ottoman; Marsten Panel; Darcy Duvet Set; Haven Faux Fur Bedspread and Toss; Christina Throw; Viggo Floor Lamp; Lyla Table Lamp; Jones Wall Mirror; Lost and Found Wall Art; Myah Smooch Bears; Calman and Ceres Frame; Sena Grass Potted; Cosette Rug

Holiday 2019 – 11

12 – Holiday 2019


McKay Leather Relaxer Sofa; Bateman Armchair; Isabelle Cabinet; Bronson Coffee Table; Archibald Ottoman; Viggo Floor Lamp; Habitat Faux Fur Throw; Calvet, Habitat, and Glenn Plaid Toss; Damara Tray; Midtown OF Glass; Marsten Panel; Ariella Ball; Jedda Vase; Monserrat Lanterns; Demeter Frost Tree Décor; Rousseau Rug

Holiday 2019 – 13

Contem glo

Monteray Storage Bed and Nightstand; Terri Accent Table; Lost Wall Art; Maika Table Lamp; Amarante Duvet Set; Flora Faux Fur Bedspread and Toss; Gwyn and Gianna Vase; Rosette and Sienne Tealight Holder; Mikel Candle Holder Set; Markle Rectangle Jewelry Box; Mattea Frame; Ruta Artichoke Balls; Oakley Wreath; Rousseau Rug

14 – Holiday 2019

mporary ow Brighter touches for cooler months.

Keep the season stylish with holiday accents in unexpected colours and moments of sparkle and shine throughout the room.


Holiday 2019 – 15

16 – Holiday 2019

Monteray 6 Drawer Dresser; Terri Accent Table; Maika Table Lamp; Alacrity Wall Art; Amarante Duvet Set; Flora Faux Fur Bedspread and Toss; Rosalind Throw; Mattea Frame; Verity Soy Candle Jar; Mikel Candle Holder Set; Markle Rectangle Jewelry Box; Gianna Vase; Rosette Tealight Holder

Holiday 2019 – 17

18 – Holiday 2019


Berg Sofa Chaise and Ottoman; Darwin Coffee and Side Table; Teon Table Lamp; Aime, Cashmere, Ines, Solange Sequin, Starlet Faux Fur, and Tinsel Tree Toss; Rosalind and Starlet Faux Fur Throw; Flora Faux Fur Stocking; Flora Faux Fur Tree Skirt; Donatella Décor Ball; Cassa Candles; Monserrat and Chilton Lantern; Rife Candle Holders; Gwyn Vase; Tannon Tree; Clementine Frame; Roan Pinecone Stocking; Charlize Mirror Tray; Bliss Glassware; Pascale and Francine Book Box; Marsten Panel; Victor Rug

Holiday 2019 – 19


Milan Ext. Dining Table, Bench, and Sideboard; Harvey Dining Chair; Tremblay Pendant Lamp; Mystify Wall Art; Crofton Glazed Serving Bowl; Bliss Glassware; Carrara Tapas Set; Carlile Vase; Octavia Candle Holder; Cassa Candles; Lilith Tealight Candle Tray; Bradner Panel; Twinkle Tree LED; Demeter Frost Tree Décor; Merida Wreath; Rousseau Rug

20 – Holiday 2019

Holiday 2019 – 21

Mid-cent che Modern entertaining with vintage spirit.

Serving classic cocktails, home-cooked meals or curling up on the weekends. Timeless details put an inspired spin on the happiest time of year.


22 – Holiday 2019

tury eer

Gilbert Sofa; Atwell Side Table; Olivier Floor Lamp; Clementine Frame; Sienne Tealight Holder; Becca Sherpa Throw; Bailey, Cashmere, Polar Bear Family, and Starlet Faux Fur Toss; I’m a Gift Block; Lariviere Rug

Holiday 2019 – 23

24 – Holiday 2019

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Gilbert Sofa; Laurel Swivel Chair; Atwell Coffee and Side Table; Olivier Floor Lamp; Veil Wall Art; Nieva Tree; Becca Sherpa Throw; Bailey, Cashmere, and Habitat Faux Fur Toss; Cascadia Wine Glass; Clementine Frame; Anais and Sienne Tealight Holder; Joffre Tree Décor; Demeter Frost Garland; Willow Tree Collar; Damara Tray Gold; Myles Lanterns; Esen Panel; Lariviere Rug

Holiday 2019 – 25

26 – Holiday 2019


Asher Dining Table and Sideboard; Archie Dining Chair; Olivier Pendant Lamp; Nieva Tree; Ambience Wall Art Set; Crofton Glazed Dish Set; Hammered Cutlery Set; Westport Plaid Placemat; Shailene Wine and OF Glass; Esen Panel; Constanza Round Tray; Arista Glitter Garland; Cassa Candles; Robinson Rug

Holiday 2019 – 27

28 – Holiday 2019

Easton Wine Cabinet; Midtown Wine and OF Glass; Sena Boxwood Potted; Eli Pinecone Ball

Holiday 2019 – 29


30 – Holiday 2019

Accent update:


New trends for the upcoming year Stacey Grasty, Buyer

1. Textured Glow Statement lighting is definitely in. There’s a fabulous influx of mid-century and contemporary designs that mix with any aesthetic. Look forward to more pieces with asymmetrical shapes, textured elements and unique details.

2. Upsized Art Undeniably one of the easiest ways to update your space. Don’t shy away from an oversized piece. Whether you hang it or lean it against the wall, an extra-large painting brings maximum effect with just a little effort.

3. Trending Time Clocks have grown over the years, literally. Our upcoming pieces play with contemporary and traditional elements — think Roman numerals on sleek metal, or modern numbers with weathered wood.


4. Modern Vessels Speckled patterns are fresh, organic and easy to style. These modern details contrast nicely with natural greenery or faux foliage and make it easy to layer different vases together on a table or shelf.

3. 4.

Brenton Pendant Lamp; Verve Wall Art; Mendel Wall Clock; Gwyn Vases; Monserrat Lanterns; Demeter Frost Tree Décor; Kinsley Dish Set

Holiday 2019 – 31


Tanner Storage Bed, Nightstand, 5 and 6 Drawer Dresser; Samuel Table Lamp; Starlet Faux Fur Bedspread and Toss; Arden Duvet Set; Hillary Frames; Bailey Panel; Gianna and Gwyn Vase; Anais Tealight Holder; Damara Tray

32 – Holiday 2019

Holiday 2019 – 33

Ind mag

Crete Coffee Table; Ferris and Nolin Counter Stool; Gleason Counter Table; Crofton Glazed Dish Set and Serving Bowl; Shailene Glass; Draven and Gwyn Vase; Romilly Décor Balls; Mystify Wall Art; Lance Rug

34 – Holiday 2019

dustrial gic

Black metal highlights in every room. Mix edgy elements with warm details like channel stitching, natural wood tones and soft fabrics to keep you and yours comfortable.

Holiday 2019 – 35

TOP-GRAIN LEATHER at urbanbarn.com


Florence Sofa; Crete Coffee Table; Damarco Leather Armchair; Archibald Ottoman; Ferris Counter Stool; Teri Accent Table; Bailey Panel; Draven and Emmaline Vase; Boreal Candle; Sena Grass Potted; Romilly Décor Ball; Clooney, Eugene, Idina Velvet, and Rosen Toss; Nicaila Throw; Crofton Glazed Dish Set; Midtown OF Glass; Lance Rug

36 – Holiday 2019

Holiday 2019 – 37

38 – Holiday 2019


Izadore Bed; Stapleton Nightstand; Maxwell Bench; DeLaurier Tuck Table; Atmosphere Wall Art; Kenton Table Lamp; Palmas Striped Duvet Set; Sadler Bedspread; Calvet, Clooney, and Sadler Toss; Rosalind Throw; Calman Frame; Romilly Décor Ball; Sena Boxwood Potted; Marsten Panel; Robinson Rug

Holiday 2019 – 39

Your Holiday happy hour The true centrepiece of the season.

For guests in search of festive drinks or a generous pour, our bar cabinets and stools are the perfect gathering place.

40 – Holiday 2019

Nolin Stool is available in Brown Ash and Black.

Stapleton Counter Bar; Shelton Bar; Nolin Stool; Shailene Glassware

Holiday 2019 – 41

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Urban Barn Holiday 2019 Lookbook  

Urban Barn Holiday 2019 Lookbook  

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