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2014 Annual Report For the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014

Contents A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors.4 A Message from the President and CEO. . . . . . . . . . . . 5 The Up with People Story...It Began with a Quest. . . . . . 6 Global Community Impact in 2014. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Global Leaders Circle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Donors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Alumni Donors by Cast Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Alumni Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24


Corporations and Foundations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 In-kind Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Memorial Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Endowed Scholarships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Honor Gifts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Financials. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Board of Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

Mission Up with People exists today to spark people into action in meeting the needs of their communities, countries, and the world while building bridges of understanding as a foundation for world peace.

The need for our mission has never been so acute, and I believe that today’s generation of young people has the power to ignite positive change. - Dale Penny (‘71A) President and CEO Dale Penny was appointed as the new President and CEO of Up with People on March 13, 2014 and began his tenure in September 2014. 3

A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dear Alumni and Friends, Everything that we do is because we believe that the youth of today can make a difference in the world of tomorrow. This is why, for the past year, I chose to serve as Up with People’s interim CEO as we searched for our next leader. Like many of you who have contributed to furthering the mission of Up with People, I find myself humbled at the accomplishments that have taken place during the last twelve months. We have much to be proud of and it is thanks to you: our donors; sponsors; and volunteers who have made it possible for us to serve and advance the mission of Up with People. It is not the activities that our cast members did or the cities they visited, but the impact they left on each and every person they met. From sharing the lyrics of our current show, Voices, to giving the gift of compassion to an elderly person during a community service project or bringing the world to a small Mexican town where its people would otherwise not be exposed to different cultures; your support has been critical in making this possible. On behalf of UWP’s Board of Directors, UWP’s staff, and the students of our program, I thank you for your steadfast belief that Up with People is as relevant today as ever before. I look forward to sharing with you in our future accomplishments, as our new CEO, Dale Penny (‘71A), continues to move Up with People forward. For now, I simply extend my sincere gratitude to you for your support. Thank you!

Charles Jarrett (‘74A) Chairman of Up with People’s Board of Directors


A Message from the President and CEO Dear Alumni and Friends, Our 2014 fiscal year was an exciting year for Up with People during a time of transition, and as I begin my tenure I want to thank a number of key people for their extraordinary commitment and leadership throughout the year. First I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Chuck Jarrett for his dedication as our interim CEO while continuing to serve as Chairman of the Board through the year. Thanks also to Up with People’s international staff and Board of Directors who invested their time, energy, and enthusiasm in advancing our mission and ensuring the continued success. Perhaps most importantly, I offer my appreciation to our donors, sponsors, alumni, and friends. Your investment in our mission during this past year has enabled the Up with People students to travel internationally, learn from and share their cultures with a wide variety of people in each community we visited and inspire thousands of youth to make a difference in the world. In the context of current global events, the mission of Up with People has never been so relevant and because of the efforts of the full UWP community last year the organization is poised to continue building on the past, extending the reach and helping forge a more peaceful world.

From left to Chuck Jarrett,right : Dale Penny, UWP’ founders, at UWChairman of Board of Dis new CEO, and his wife rect Mindy, pose P’s third annu with al Gala in Denvors, and Blanton and Betty er. Belk, UWP’s

Dale Penny (‘71A) President and CEO


The Up with People Story...It Began with a Quest

In 1965 – a turbulent time in the United States – J. Blanton Belk and others sought to create a positive vehicle for young people to speak to the youth of America and the world. Up with People was founded as a vehicle for young people to deliver a message of hope and peace to a world torn apart by war and conflict. Up with People became a song, a conviction and the name of an organization that would become a worldwide force, bringing people together for common good despite ideological, political, ethnic and religious differences. Today we find our world still facing the same challenges. Our message remains relevant, our impact is powerful, and our music continues to touch the lives of many around the globe. Each semester, an Up with People cast of young people come together from more than 20 different countries. Over the course of a six-month semester, a cast of 100 participants travel together to three continents, becoming fully integrated into new cultures by living with host families and sharing their message for the world through the international language of music. Up with People students travel with a purpose, perform for thousands, and impact communities all over the world.


Since UWP began almost 50 years ago... An estimated

22 million people

across the globe have been

directly affected

by Up with People

Students have volunteered more than

3 million hours of community service

500,000 host families

have participated in the program


22,000 alumni

have served in the program from

102 countries

4,500 communities have been visited in

42 countries 7

Global Community Impact in 2014

Performed in ten countries on four continents for 52,430 people 8

Engaged 51,692 youth across the globe

Volunteered 28,868 hours of community service at 252 different locations

Cast B 2013 Highlights: • Initiated the Stand Up Now positive peer relationships community service project in Billings, MT; Auburn, WA, Seattle, WA; and on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Lame Deer, MT.

Cast B 2013 and other recent alumni traveled to Rome to be received by Pope Francis in December 2013. One of the songs that the cast performed was an UWP favorite called “What Color is God’s Skin?”

• Performed for Pope Francis, shared our message of world peace to more than 70,000 people in St. Peter’s Square, and provided more than 1,000 hours of community service alongside Caritas, a social service organization supported by the Vatican. Since 1969, UWP has been received by the Pope more than 15 times in its history. • Visited the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Lame Deer, MT learning more about the tribe’s culture and way of life.

Cast A 2014 Highlights: • First cast to travel to Israel for a two-week tour that included two public performances and 588 hours of community service with five organizations. • Packed 58,600 meals with Outreach, a food packaging program in Des Moines, IA. Cast A 2014 traveled to Israel in June 2014 for the first time in the organization’s prolific history. Here they pose with the UWP banner in front of Damascus Gate, an entrance into the Old City of Jerusalem.

• Helped build a learning center for individuals with autism in Colima, Mexico.


Global Community Impact Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Lame Deer, MT “Several host families took their 15 students to a sweat lodge after their last performance. The leader of the prayers began the ceremony by thanking the students for all that they have brought to the reservation. While thanking the students multiple times, he broke into tears because he was so thankful for all that the students have given during the week. I told the students and other host families, “…Every time we go into the lodge from here on out, when we pray, you will be in our thoughts and our prayers because of the positive impact you left in our community.”” - Ernie Robinson (host family, Lame Deer, MT)


Stand Up Now When UWP cast members volunteer at schools in the community, they work to: • Increase students’ perspectives and appreciation of our global interconnectedness • Engage students in open dialogue to encourage the understanding of differences and the celebration of diversity • Raise awareness about cultural differences, focusing on interpersonal communication an how those differences affect others at the individual, cultural, and global level

“I just attended the show in Sioux Falls, SD. Your show, through the spoken and sung words, just reached my heart which has it overflowing with emotion and questions of why. Why is our world the way it is? Why does war continue to steal our children’s youth? Why can’t we find harmonic peace? And yet, your group speaks a different language that demonstrates that it CAN be done and that we can go beyond the barriers that exist. I have attended your performances many times throughout my youth. I think your main message has always been the same and yet, at this stage in my life, it affected me differently. Maybe because I am more aware of the news headlines and can see through a different lens. I am beyond the age limit to join your organization but have been touched and feel called to go out of my comfort zone to make a change, speak out, and join my voice with others to make a difference. - Heidi Streit

6th Grade Teacher at Harrisburg North Middle School Sioux Falls, SD


Partners Richard Andreas Salvesen Study Abroad Participant Cast: 2013B and 2014A Hometown: Drobak, Norway Age: 20 “To me, the study abroad program gave me some different perspectives on things, and I learned more from my UWP experience overall. I’m currently studying music at a university in Norway, and I feel like the study abroad program really prepared me for the busy student life.”

Study Abroad Program

The program now provides the option for students to study abroad for one full year UWP's Study Abroad program offers the possibility for students to take classes for the full year. The academic courses now differ in the fall and spring semesters so students can earn 24 upper level university credits in the year-long program (or 12 credits in the semester-long program). UWP Study Abroad, administered with our partnering school of record, Florida Southern College (FSC), is growing steadily in its second year. Cast B 2013’s cohort includes 12 students from five countries. Courses are taught in a hybrid format: a combination of face-to-face class time with the professors, and online course methods like discussion boards, Skype calls, and communication regarding assignments through FSC’s student portal. At the beginning of each semester there are five days of classroom sessions with the two professors. The professors visit the cast again mid-tour, and at the end of the semester.

We often hold culture fairs in Mexico with local youth, bringing the world to young people who otherwise would not be exposed to different cultures Our cast members are trained during their semester(s) of travel to be leaders in their communities, helping to expose fellow community members to different cultures, perspectives, and new ways of thinking. 12


Camp Up with People Partners with the Boys & Girls Club

During the summer of 2013 we had 66 campers from 10 countries and 18 U.S. states participate in Camp UWP. This was a 16% increase from the previous year. Camp UWP cemented its partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, VA, raising over $3,000 through block ticket sales to the Camp UWP shows, which will help fund scholarships for their Boys & Girls Club Members to attend future Camp UWP programs. It was also the inaugural of the Camp UWP REMIX program where we taught campers age 6-11 at our sister camp, Camp Horizons. They learned about respect, cultural awareness and anti-bullying.

Partnership with Kiwanis International As a global service organization, Kiwanis International is a perfect fit with Up with People UWP’s newest partnership is with Kiwanis International, the global service organization. Launched in March 2014, UWP and Kiwanis International will celebrate their 50th and 100th anniversaries respectively in 2015. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Up with People. Since our organizations share a passion for helping others, I know the partnership will be a great fit.” Stan Soderstrom

Kiwanis International Executive Director

During that important year, the organizations will unite through cultural exchange experiences, volunteer projects, and the internationally renowned UWP show. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Up with People,” said Kiwanis International Executive Director Stan Soderstrom. “Since our organizations share a passion for helping others, I know the partnership will be a great fit.” UWP is partnering with Kiwanis International to create promotional, volunteer, and fundraising activities through its international cast visits to Kiwanis communities around the world. Additionally, UWP offers a unique cultural exchange and service experience to act as a bridge for Kiwanis’ youth organizations – Circle K and Key Club – to remain engaged in the Kiwanis family.

CUWP campers on a challenge course which broadened their comfort zones! 13

Global Leaders Circle The Board of Directors and staff of UWP extend our deepest gratitude to all of our individual donors who made annual supporting gifts between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. UWP is fortunate to receive your support to advance our mission.

Diamond Star Partners $50,000+ Anonymous 1

Anonymous 2

Platinum Star Partner - $10,000 - $49,999 During this past year UWP established the Global Leaders Circle that recognizes the dedication demonstrated by a special group of donors who have made annual, cumulative contributions of $1,000 or more. During this inaugural year, members were recognized based on gifts given from July 2010 to March 2013. These leaders share their commitment to see UWP prosper as a spark for people to meet the needs of their communities, countries, and the world while building bridges of understanding as a foundation for world peace.

Neil & Amy Ayotte Arch & Laura Brown Daniel & Gail Cook

Thomas Cruikshank Carey A. Ford & Jens Mammen

Gold Star Partners $5,000 - $9,999 Art & Rita Aughey Susan Baker Lynne March-Baptista David & Sharon Baudler J. Blanton & Betty Belk

Renee Byrd-Lewis & Tim Lewis Therese Cekola Sandra & J Mark Clark Casey Cortese

Silver Star Partners $2,000 - $4,999 Tim Andersen & Randy Faiai Marc & Megan Barbeau John & Christine Coffin Marybeth & Charles Cunningham George Daranyi Mark & Louisa Davis Sam Detrick & Audrey Embs Detrick

Geert Fierens Chris Flaherty Erik Frandsen Keith & Pamela Frohreich Barry & Julie Gore John L. Hall Jennifer & Chris Hamilton Mark & Lee Harris Ric Harshman & Julie Feagler

Jack & Barbara Fowler Robert & Jan Marbut Chris & Marcee Mygatt

Marco Sessa Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Thomas Paul & Isolde Woidke

Julie & Michael Erusha William J. Hall & Ingrid DeSanctis Herbert Kai Dominique Lunt

Shirley MacDonald John & Ann Parker Christian Scott Michael & Suzanne Shaw Kamika Smith

Troy Strawhecker Debbie Wilpolt

Robert & Katherine Hogan Jill C. Johnson Al & Janice Kivel Vickie & Bill Law Eric & Jill Lentz Mary Jane Loevlie Robin & Bojan Lokerman Aubrey Lucero Richard & Kimberly Matteson

Paul Meeusen & Marie-Kristine Nys Isaac & Gretchen Mertes Mark & Kelly Via Mollison Retta & Brad Overturf Jill Pedicord Peterson & John Peterson Dale & Mindy Penny Amy & David Petersen Frank & Gladys Ritter

Martha Runnette James & Christine Scott Tom & Joan Scott Tracy & David Tolmie Paul Whitaker Peter & Yukiko Young

Bronze Star Partners $1,000 - $1,999 Gary & Cris Aboussie Eric, Rebecca, & Etta Anderson Kenny & Kim Betts Michael Bowerman & Kelli Butvilofsky

David & Ann-Michelle Burton Jim & Vicki Click Robert & Anna Cygnaeus Barry Daniel Jug & Colleen Eastman

Thank you to our Global Leaders Circle Members!

David Eaton & Jennifer Scully-Eaton Bruce & Linda Erley Michael Evans Michael Falzon

Patrick Flynn Dave & Debra Freyer John & Jeannie Fuller Anne Gallagher Hunter Gresham

Through their generous contributions, 115 Global Leaders Circle partners contributed more than $579,000 in annual leadership gifts of $1,000 or more in support of UWP between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of this list. If you find an error or omission, please accept our sincere apology and contact UWP’s Office of Advancement so that we can correct our records. Thank you. 14

Bronze Star Partners $1,000 - $1,999 (Continued)

Norman Hadsell Jacquie Hall Floyd & Kathy Hammer Edward & Helen Hintz Charles & Virginia Johnson Connie & Kurt Johnson Jeff Johnson Lindsey Johnson-Suddarth & John Suddarth

Amy Jordan Russ & Christopher Russ William & Crystal Kent Jeff & Sammie Kinder Brittain & Donna Jean Kisshauer Kevin & Zona Kreidle Tim & Charlotte Lane Stephanie Laite Lanham Wayne Leiss

$500 - $999

Suzie Burke Ron Buss & Susan Dunn Terry & Lindsay Adams Barbara Butierez Randall Anderson Kenneth Ashby & Maris Segal Darrick & Beth Christopher Kerri Cole Elisheva Basseri & Allison Collins Stefan Heymanns Ted & Mary Colwell Leemann Baumschulen James Berry & Gavin Headlee Michael Diana Kathleen & Dave Dunnewald Paul Boisselle Guadalupe Esparza Chuck Buell & Tim & Caryn Flanagan Linda Manassee Buell

$250 -$499 Kevin Abernathy Greg & Lisa Aigner Herb & Jane Allen Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Tracy Arnn Grant & Gretchen Axton Carmen Beck & Sandra Rousse Cleofas Elina Benitez Ibarra Kathi Jo Betsinger Marie Booren Ashley & Michael Borden-Williams Carol W. Borden

Rodney Brennen Colleen Burgh Jim Buszkeiwic Jennifer & Leo Carrillo Gary Chapman Theresa Chase Cyd & Geoff Cimmiyotti Beth Clay Mark & Jeanie Conzemius Angel & Jenelle Cortes Jennifer Covarrubias Elaine Crepeau Nirav & Jennifer Dalal Charles & Leslie Damiano-Nittoli

Erick Long Eric Lundeen Ryan Lympus David & Cindi Manley Andres Martinez Vargas Sean McCarthy Cindy M. McCoy Greg & Megan McDonald Scott Nelson Margaret Ordway

Robert Phillips Ruthann Pozez Jennifer & Dan Rabold Hannah & Joe Robson Aaron & Anne Rodriguez Saul Rojas Montes Oscar German Roman Portela Tim Romo Tom Rupp

Maja & Daniel Salmon Elizabeth & Michael Schlax Homer Scott Jerry & Stephanie Shelsta Shawn Snelgrove Bill & Pamela Steel Shan & Kathy Thomas Dr. Matt & Jennifer Thompson Reed & Jennifer Thompson

Meg Gehl Robert & Patricia Glassner Jon Griffin Erik Grossnickle & Brett Herman David Hall Thomas & Liselot Hallowes Fred & Joyce Heismeyer Cal & Loretta Isaak Scott Johnson Nathan Kafka

Heather & Read Kerr Frank Liffers Kent MacLennan & Jennifer Parkhill Paul & Kristen Morel Barbara Morgan Cyndy Morrealle Jay Nance Todd Nickoley Timothy & Molly Niessen David Penny

Glen Renwick Jimmy Rhodes Lisa Rice Molly & Timothy Ruhlman Mary & Alan Steinkamp Mark & Talin Sullivan Sandra Suzor Susan Swain Pete Taylor David Van Hooren Dawn Vlahos

Donald & Frances Diones Scott Hanson Rich Ehrman Lars Hassel Erle Katina Engelstad Fossum David Hercher Scott & Ellen Enebo Susan Hill Bruce & Donna Evans Joshua & Sarah Hirsch Ellen & Mike Flynn Barry & Arlene Hirschfeld Renita & Joaquin Fonseca Emily & James Hodgman David Fox Tobi Hoff Scott Freeman Tammy & Mark Hoffman Wendi & Derek Fuller Kathy & Leo Jaschke Rande Garnett Deborah Jenkins Karin Gibbs Christy Jordan & Chris Little Dan & Sue Graham Deborah & Nissan Joseph Jeffrey Grossaint Paul Kartcheske Edward Halbert & Carol Bowar Jens & Alicia Kirkeby

Maria Trodella Karen Isaak Valdez & Tom Valdez Craig & Connie Weatherup Linda Weil Jeff Zadroga

Rick Von Feldt David & Janet Walker Patrick Walloch Brian & Julie Walsh Daniele Walther Steve & Terry Woods Christine & Jeff Wynveen

Christopher Knowlton Karin Palmer David & Julie Kochevar Terry & Tad Patterson Kipp Kramer & Jennifer Nash Ron & Sandra Pequette Jill & Bill Kunstle Alissa Puckett Leigh Kurland Quarforth Heather Reilly Kent Lemburg & James Baack Larry & Sandra Rodeck Annalisa Maione Margaret & Paul Root Liesbeth Mathijs Phil & Pam Rosenblum Jason Miller Matthew Royal Sam & Patricia Morse Anita & Charlie Russell Christine Myers-Baker Stacy Sacco N.G. Newman Rosie Saldivar Gary & Jo Ann Oakley Timothy Schuetz & Carlos Ordonez Anna Phelan Kathleen O'Sullivan Rajean & Stuart Shepherd 15 15

Donors $250 -$499 Continued

Katie Wurtz Lynn & Allan Zanotti Sandy Zbinden Keith Ziegler Patricia Zur-Dreyfuss Chris Abel Ramona Abella Mary Lou Abernathy Albert Adams Carol Adams Peter Adams Eduardo Aguirre-Lazareno David Alden Melissa Allard Frank Allen Whitney Allen Kerri-Ann Appleton Ann Arabian Jose Armendariz Jane Arnoldi Donna Asnani Gifts by Source Marc & Anne Audelin Beverly Ausfaul John Ayer Deborah Ballard Alumni & John & Louise Barrie Board of Directors Ellen Bartel 78% Kimberly Bellanti-Bartho Todd Bavaro Friends Shari & John 13% Beckett Jeanie Bell Institutional Susan Bellotti Giving Daniel & Sue Beluk 9% Gerald Benedict Celine Bennetts David Bentley Ruthie ShimabukuroPritchard & Jeff Pritchard Matthew Shupp Richard Small Jennifer & Michael Stein Dorothy Stermer Jonathan & Julie Stone Robin & Edward Tashjian Marilyn & Brian Truwe Bob & Donna Veatch Lee & Deborah Walker Christian Walton William & Robin Welsh Bret Whissel Larry & Barbara Wilson Nadine Winkelhaus Jody & Elizabeth Wright

Claire Bernis Conor Bertrand Robert Bertrand Kevin Bespflug James Biggar Richard & Dawn Binford Andrew & Kari Blackman Kristi & David Blanchard Dominique Blanchet Katarina Boberg Anne & David Boccignone Maureen Bogutz Kim Bolt Gwen Bourque Angela Bove David Brannon Maureen & Gary Brogan Virginia W. Brophy-Hennesy Cindy & Jim Brooks O’Leary Mark Brown Nicky Brown Jessica Brown Ramirez Christina Brunje Janice & Nicholas Budzen Vicki Buening Stoney Burt Nancy Button Robert Cadzow Richard Calabrese Tara Calhoun Bevin Carithers Stephen Carp Audrey Carroll-Joanides Craig & Kelley Carter Benjamin Caswell Dominique Cavalli Joseph & Katherine Cayen Teri Chadbourne

Anne & Winslow Chadwick Bradley Chambers Raybon & Carlene Chambers Kimberly Chandler William Chapin Aimee Charlton Linda Chatterton Henry & Sara Chisholm Laura Christiansen Melissa Clapper Robert Clapper Keith & Kathy Clark Mary Clark Elizabeth & Christopher Clausen Mark-Alan Clemente Andrea Clements Enrique Coello Stephanie Collins Marcie Colpas Paul & Catalina Colwell Ralph & Debbie Colwell Steve & Lynn Colwell Duane Conroy Kerry Cosneau Richard Costabile Demetri & Kim Coupounas Denis Cournoyer Kathleen & Daniel Coursen Allen Lee Cowgill Sharon & Alan Cox Kent Craghead Lise Ann & Scott Craig Delinda Crampton Jill Croteau Sari Dahl

Lori Dahlberg Scott Daigre Eric Daly Timothy Daly Shaun & Greg Daniel Jason & Heather Daniels Kristine Danzinger Stephen Davis Danilo de Simone David Dennison Cecile Derny Kenneth Des Lauriers Lance & Shawn Descourouez Barbara Deswood Michelle DeVaughn Anna-Marie & Michael Devine Janice Dickensheets Gary Dionne Robert Dixon Marianne Doherty Scott Donnelly Jeffrey & Julia Douglas Christopher Douville Ella & Gene Duma Alan Hubbard & Mike Duran Janet Durckel Michelle Eargle Carolyn Eastham Kristen Eastman Linda & Brian Eastment Matthias & Niki Eggert Laura & Andrew Ehrkamp Richard & Cindy Eickhoff Andreas Ekstrom & Lisa Kirsebom Robert & Anne Eldridge

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of gift level and donor names unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you. 16 16

James & Christine Endicott Emmy Eoff Melissa Farrell Norma Ferriz Faith Ferry Lisa Flair Barbara Flasch Andrea Flewelling Cori Flocken Pierre Fontaine Ann & Richard Fredrickson Ken Frye Sharon Füller Jane Gallagher Elizabeth Garcia Ken Gardner Christine Geissler Brenda Geitz Danielle & Mark Gentry Jennifer Gifford Malcolm & Anna Gill Michael Gloor Richard & Judy Goddard David Goldberg Mark Goldfogel Jessica Gonzalez Jose Armando Gonzalez Perez Adele Gordon Bonnie Gordon Eric & Cheryl Gould Renee Grabert Tara Gratz Kathleen Gravens Andrew & Jayson Grayot Charles Green Ellen Greene Claire & Ian Griffin

Duane Grischow & Tamara Haughey David & Pamela Grossman Janine Guinn Lynette Gustafson Tim & Angela Habben Brian & Sue Hall Carol Hall Lynda & Charles Hamadi Stephanie Hamilton Edward & Donna Hansen Christine Hanson Jarvis & Nancy Harriman Douglas Hasler Kellee Hasler Helene Haugedal Magdalena Hecht Kim Helminen Cheyenne Heltemes Janice Henderson Peg Heyman Daniel Hickey & Nicole Allen-Hickey Kelli Hickman Sara Hidalgo Kenneth & Kim High Kevin & Kathy Hilkey Samantha Hill Suzanne Hinton David & Elaine Hofius Stephen & Mary Holloway Vic Hooper June Houghton-Kingsbury Laura Housley Brent & Susan Hubele Timothy Huckaby Carol & John Hughes Annie Huot Robert Husek Anita Hutner

Walter Imhoff Sheri & Mark Ingalls Thomas & Isabelle Ingram Robyn Jackson Kerry Jahn-Drone Fred Janowski Lisa Jansen-King & Kevin King Mari Jenefsky-Titus Peggi Jenkins Bruce Jennings Jessica Johnson Joseph Johnson Margaret Johnson Richard Johnson Scott & Myriam Johnson Tammye Johnson William & Dana Johnston Melissa & Bill Jones Soren Jorgensen Vicky Joslin Brigitte Kammer-Schertenleib Wendy Kapiloff Kathryn Kasewurm Debbie Keesling Lisa Keeter Adam Kegley John & Mary Keilbach Kathleen Kelly Thomas & Nancy Kelly Bethany Kempfer R. Steven Kestner Kelsey Kiernan Carol Kines Jocelyn King Robert & Cathy King Julie Kintzing Bruce Kirking William & Deborah Kitchin Amber Kitching Kerry & Debra Klotzman

Betty & Mike Knott Trayci & Dori Knowles Ryan Koch Nancy Koefoed Astrid Koh-Stenzer Virpi & Jussi Koivumaa Maura Kolinsky Oluf & Betty Kongshaug Gary Kounkel Frans Kox Larry Kroshus Vanessa Kunz Patricia Kurth Debbie Lagomarsino Gert Lambrecht Sophie LangkjaerOhlenschlaeger Leif & Kirsten Larsen Isabelle Larsen-Walther Ronda Larson Gijs Laureys Robert Laurie Daniel & Debbi Lawrence Shenoa Lawrence Paige & Todd Leblanc Jared Lee Kathy Lee Ken Leist Owen & Kathleen Lentz Lori Lepore Emily Lewis Timothy Lewis Jeffrey & Dena Logan Bruce & Florence Long Kyra Longfellow Heidi Lopez Kenneth & Susan Luebke Monica Lundin Gene & Judith Lynch

Howie Mack Angelene Murillo Ingvild Magnus Stacey Murphy Mitch & Kim Majerus Brian & Jennifer Mygatt Lena Malmberg Richard Navarro Amy Mancini Greg Nelson T.J. Mannix Sommar Nelson Amanda Mark Sherryl Nens Marisa Marken Carrie & Jeff Newman Barry Marlow Richard Newman Jane Marsh Susan Niedringhaus Sofie Martinsson & Marjorie Nitz Phillip W. Woods Christina Noel Michael McCabe Erick Nordling Chris McElvain Christopher & Drew Norris Frank & Helen McGee Kim Nottingham & Terry Nolan Tonya McKenna Trabant Gayle Oade Valerie McKenzie Terry O’Brien Joanne McLean Cindy & Alberto Ochoa Judy & Shawn McLeran Anke & J. Oldeman-Arnoldussen Sandra & Patrick McMullen Nancy Olmstead Brent McNabb Mary & Bob Orben Candice McNair Frances Owen Timothy Meagher Astrid Oyo-Hoffmann Gifts by Designation Curtis & Patricia Merrill Gillian Meuris Kristin Meyer Ronald & Jean Meyer UWP Fund Janet Millar 38% Judith Miller Mark & Karin Miller Tanya Miller Endowment Lucy Mims 11% Global Eileen Moloney Scholarship Loly Monreal Fund Barry Moon Designated 37% Bradley Moon Funds Tracie Moore 14% Meghan Moorhouse Casey Morrow-Harding Howard Moyes 17 17

Donors Kelly Paluso Chelsey Panchot Randall & Susan Parsell Robert Pattinson Polly & Robert Pattison Thomas & Leigh Pechillo Didge Pedicord Jennifer Peek Dianne Pellegrini Jacqueline Perger Jan & Pete Petersen Dennis Peterson Lee & Kelly Piepmeier Amber & Ben Pinter Barbara Pitts Elaine Plante Gary & Laura Poisson Sheila & Tom Polk Timothy Poore Melinda Porter Tove Post-Roberts & John Payne Shane Prevost Betsy Prey Collett Pruitt Robert Prytherch Laurinda Queen Burleson Donna Quigley Guy Quintino Mark Raming Shuree & Luis Ramirez Fran & Steve Ramsey Nicole Rancourt Arlene Rapal Eva Ravenel David Rawls Duane Reeder James & Peggy Reinert Andrew Reising Neal Reynolds

Willie & Shirley Richardson Dave Riddle Heather Riley Juan Rivas Espinosa Liz & Bill Roberson Michael & Kimberley Rohlf Esther & Ronald Rook Helena Roos Eric Roster Laurie Roster Bruce & Kate Roudebush David & E. Clare Rutlin Connie Rydberg Brian Sager Miyako Sakai Andrew & Meghan Saladino Victor & Luz Santos Kevin & Cathy Satchell Kerry & Matt Scarry Terence & Kristina Schade Isabelle Schiess Patricia Schmid Brian Schmidt & Paula Gaughan Evlyn Schmidt Jennifer Schmidt Wayne & Anne Schmieg Joseph & Paige Schott Frank Schultz Scott Schwartz Robert & Jean Seaton Joannie Secrest Mary Sensibello Madge Sentiwany Casey Shank John Sharpe Dale Shaver Hewitt & Paula Shaw Colleen Sheehan Glen & Debra Shepherd

Patrick Singler Linda Sjoberg Marcus Skarin Julie & David Smail Andrea Smith Clint Smith Jennifer Snead Chavez & Chris Chavez Nora Sonntag Josh Spinner Diane Springer Brian-Douglas Stanwood Jack & Beverly Starks Dorothy & Mark Steel Troy Steely Steven & Andronika Steitz Wes Stevenson Helen Stewart Anne Stonington Martha & Harold Storie Judith Stowers David Stright Julie Strunk Gary Sturdivant Jim Suba Sallie Suby-Long Maren Succo Koen Suidgeest Michael Sullivan Mitchell Swatez Satomi Takamatsu Dana Teahan Joseph & Ellen Thomas Veeta & Andrew Thomas Sledd Andrew & Stephanie Thompson Joseph & Elizabeth Thro Jonas Thun Ami Younger Thomsen William & Christina Toomajian

Lisa Townsend Bruce & Nancy Wiley Bradley & Ayako Tritle Bert Williams Denny & Linda Truhn Nora Wiltse Charles & Jane Tucker Janet & Jeffery Winger Linda Tupper Andrew Wingfield David & Kelli Turner Lisa & Nick Woehle Ronald & Teresa Turner Karma Wolski Jeanne Ulmer Alva & Stella Wood Rebecca & Thomas Ulmer Phil & Leigh Ann Worcester Charles & Joyce Urban Philip Worcester Nancy Utley Allen & Mary Wright Victoria Alejandra Valdes Rodriguez J. Don & Bev Wright Scott Van Derveer Scott & Corrine Wright Miryam Van Horn Mia Yates Amber Vance Noriyuki Yoshida Stephanie & George Villegas Andrea Zern Peter & Josephine Voevodsky Sheila Zinn Remco Voogd-Klomp Heather Wade In-kind Donors Martin Wagner Kevin Abernathy Jim Waldrop Marc & Megan Barbeau Michael & Kay Walker Beth & John Bosio Bill & Karen Waller Richard & Pam Bridger Laurel Waller Therese Cekola Joy Walsh Scott & Ellen Enebo Kyle & Karen Walton Bruce & Linda Erley Shelley Wambo Alyson & Joe Helgeson Adam Ward Amy Jordan Russ & Sandy Warner Christopher Russ Christy & John Wasem Mark & Tibbie Kinner Ema Watanabe Mary Jane Loevlie Howie Wayne Ryan Lympus Alfred & Nancy Wellnitz Rick Machle Kevin & Laura Weston Chris & Marcee Mygatt Deborah & David White Todd Nickoley Mike & Ellie White John & Ann Parker Karre Whitney Amy Rome Stephanie & Kenneth Wilbanks Paul Whitaker Henrik Wilenius

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of gift level and donor names unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you.

18 18

Alumni Donors by Cast Year 1960s 1965A Ramona Abella Herb Allen Jane Allen Catalina Quinn Colwell Debbie Cornell Colwell Mary Caughey Colwell Paul Colwell Ralph Colwell Steve Colwell Ted Colwell Richard Johnson Betty Irwin Kongshaug Oluf Kongshaug Kirsten Andersen Larsen Leif Larsen John Parker Polly Beal Pattison Madge Edwards Sentiwany Steve Woods 1965B Janet Millar 1966A Lynn Hutner Colwell Stephen Davis Bonnie Gordon Frank McGee Brent McNabb Ann Mitchard Parker Lee Piepmeier 1966B Pamela Gearhart Frohreich Nancy Harriman Vickie Henthorn Law Hugh Soest Terry Reeves Woods

1966C Keith Frohreich Kelly Piepmeier Tove Post-Roberts 1967A Jarvis Harriman Carol Daffern Hughes Debbi Watts Lawrence 1967B Tara Martin Calhoun Donna Sherman Hansen Howie Surrey Mack Wes Stevenson Patrick Walloch 1967C Kenneth Ashby Ellen Bartel Malcolm Gill Christine Duffy Hanson Patricia Ulberg Kurth Daniel Lawrence 1968A Stoney Burt Marcie Colpas Kathleen Kelly 1968B Vicki Ferrell Buening Raybon Chambers Duane Conroy Robert Glassner Peggi Saul Jenkins Debbie Axel Lagomarsino Christine Myers-Baker 1968C Shari Knerr Beckett Elaine Crepeau Margaret Stokes Johnson Liz Scott Roberson

1969A David Bentley Cindy Brooks O'Leary Richard Newman Evlyn Wright Schmidt Joannie Thompson Secrest 1969B Richard Costabile Patricia Berry Glassner Kathleen Lawrence O'Sullivan 1969C Christian Walton 1970s 1970A Faith Ferry 1970B Peter Adams Curtis Merrill 1971A Vic Hooper Robert Laurie Richard Navarro Dale Penny Laurinda Burleson Queen 1971B Jacqueline Bagnara Perger 1972A Gary Aboussie Linda Manassee Buell Lucy Wells Mims Terry Tate Patterson Reed Thompson 1972B Daniel Beluk Linda Chatterton Barry Daniel Louisa Crockett Davis

David Hercher Nancy Olmstead Larry Rodeck 1972C Jerry Shelsta 1973A David Grossman Maura Kolinsky Sheila Sullivan Polk Eva Ravenel David Rawls Hannah Davis Robson Stacy Sacco Veeta Thomas Sledd 1973B Cris Fowler Aboussie Lee Cowgill Bruce Erley Guadalupe Mendez Esparza Thomas Kelly Jeff Kinder Kerry Klotzman Kelly Via Mollison Sandra Soest Rodeck Jennifer Winge Stein Jennifer Fisher Thompson 1974A Charles Jarrett Myriam Keyser Johnson Dennis Peterson Collett Warren Pruitt William Welsh Stephanie Olson Wilbanks 1974B Colleen Burgh Theresa Chase Barry Gore Deborah Melton Jenkins

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of cast years and letters for the first year of travel by alumni unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you.

Leonardo Guarnieri Alumnus Cast: 1972A Hometown: Rome, Italy “Up with People continues to impact my life every day. As an archeologist in Rome, I have been fortunate to speak and interact with presidents and dignitaries from around the world. It is due to Up with People that I gained the education, language skills and professionalism that has afforded me this privilege. I learned how to build relationships, understand others, and speak foreign languages. I live my life in a unique way because of Up with People and in many ways I feel the hearts of many beating with mine.”

Leonardo Guarnieri (‘72A) has proven instrumental for many of UWP’s visits to Italy, specifically our most recent visit in December 2013. UWP is grateful and appreciative to Leonardo for his dedication to advancing the organization’s mission. 19

Alumni Donors by Cast Year Gary Sturdivant Kevin Weston 1974C Stephanie Cruz Shelsta 1975A Barbara Smith Butierez Fred Heismeyer Jim Suba 1975B Vicky Daly Joslin Lori Eramo Lepore Erick Nordling Robin Gooder Welsh 1975C George Daranyi Wendy Wilner Kapiloff Betty Kalil Knott Charlotte Sander Lane Tim Lane Mindy Church Penny Tracy Via Tolmie 1976A Ann Pfaff Fredrickson Janice Henderson Stephanie Laite Lanham Retta Bellamy Overturf 1976B Ann Pedersen Arabian Amy Jordan Russ


Debra Shepherd David Stright Bob Veatch 1976C Cori Jones Flocken Shawn Snelgrove Michael Sullivan Phil Worcester 1976D Brenda Colegrove Geitz Susan Swain 1976E Tracy Church Arnn Susan Bellotti John Coffin Kevin Hilkey Brittain Kisshauer Trayci Knowles Mary Jane Gilbertson Loevlie Glen Shepherd Linda Weil Bruce Wiley 1977A Janice Budzen Robert Dixon Geert Fierens Amy Hoffbauer Petersen Fran Ramsey Richard Small

Leigh Ann Koussa Worcester 1977B Ruthie Shimabukuro-Pritchard 1977C Gary Chapman Mari Jenefsky-Titus Monica Wiklander Lundin 1977D John Sharpe 1978A Lynne March Baptista Laura Hagemann Christiansen Karen Isaak Valdez Laurel Turner Waller Keith Ziegler 1978B Sallie Suby-Long David Turner 1978C Robert Cygnaeus Stu Shepherd David Goldberg Robin Beard Tashjian 1978D Sari Rattner Dahl John L. Hall William John Hall Lindsey Johnson-Suddarth 1978E

Sandra Clark Linda Lowe Erley Rajean Luebs Shepherd 1979A Mark Conzemius 1979B Katarina Boberg Robert Clapper Michael Evans 1979C Greg Aigner Frank Allen 1979D Audrey Embs Detrick Cindy Fuller McCoy Neal Reynolds Patricia Zur-Dreyfuss 1979E Marie Saracino Booren Cindy Barnes Ochoa Paul Woidke 1980s 1980A Barbara Flasch Bret Whissel 1980B Michelle DeVaughn

Kathleen Perry Dunnewald Tammy Carmack Hoffman Laura Weinger Housley 1980C Jeanie Flayhan Conzemius James Reinert Peggy Grieshaber Reinert Brian Sager Maris Segal 1980D Anne Criswell Boccignone 1980E Suzanne Duryee Hinton 1981A Terry Adams Tim D. Andersen Emmy Eoff Kathy Lee 1981B Shawn Watts Descourouez Heidi Van Voris Lopez Michael Rohlf 1981C Michael Bowerman Scott Freeman Cheryl Chambers Gould Lisa Keeter Jill Lundeen Kunstle Chris Mygatt

Alumni Donors by Cast Year Rick Von Feldt Lisa Woehle 1981D Angel Cortes Sammie Kinder Robin Lokerman 1981E Richard Binford Nancy Pardue Button Craig Carter Kelley Ward Carter Janet Major Durckel Rande Nelson Garnett Brian Hall David Hall Crystal Prouse Kent William Kent Barbara Hemberger Morgan Susan Niedringhaus Dorothy Heavner Steel Nancy Marcussen Utley 1982A David Baudler Connie Mueller Johnson Kim Nottingham 1982B Mark Brown Janice Dickensheets Bruce Kirking Michael McCabe Patricia Wisner Morse Jill Pedicord Peterson Dianne Tarolli Pellegrini Rosie Saldivar Shan Thomas 1982C Celine Ruder Bennetts Timothy Daly

Dave Riddle Nancy Miller Wellnitz 1982D Kent Lemburg Bruce Roudebush Kate Van Bogaert Roudebush 1982E Carol Adams Dawn Binford Lena Malmberg 1983A Elizabeth Clausen Carolyn Tobin Eastham Alicia Olivares Kirkeby Kimberly Clark Matteson Robert Phillips Terence Schade 1983B Sharon Inglert Baudler Lance Descourouez Valerie McKenzie Timothy Meagher Ben Pinter Troy Steely 1983C Bradley Chambers Gary Dionne Carey A. Ford Lynda Sullivan Hamadi Nancy Goodman Koefoed Barry Marlow Elaine Daigle Plante 1983D Scott Johnson Barry Moon Kevin Satchell 1983E Anne Allain Chadwick

Ken Frye Donna Brown Veatch Martin Wagner 1984A Denis Cournoyer David Eaton Soren Jorgensen Deborah Stricker Joseph 1984B John Ayer Mark-Alan Clemente Gayle Oade Janet Smith Winger 1984C Pierre Fontaine Julie McCabe Gore Deborah Moline Walker Lee Walker Deborah Simpson White Henrik Wilenius Jeff Zadroga 1984D Lindsay McGregor Adams June Houghton-Kingsbury Joseph Johnson Jens Kirkeby Judy Rahn McLeran Clint Smith Bill Steel Pamela Bard Steel David Walker Janet Friedlander Walker Katie Wurtz Mia Yates Sheila Creeden Zinn 1984E Eduardo Aguirre-Lazareno Michael Falzon

Astrid Oyo-Hoffmann Christine Cullum Wynveen 1985A Lori Plunkett Dahlberg Joanne McLean 1985B Rodney Brennen Joseph Cayen Ellen Wilfong Greene Jill Johnson Jocelyn Dugas King Deborah Benton Kitchin Brian Mygatt 1985C Scott Daigre Scott Hanson Sandra Lisle McMullen Aaron Rodriguez 1985E James Berry Kenneth Des Lauriers Douglas Hasler Gert Lambrecht Scott Nelson 1986A William Chapin Peg McKee Heyman Lisa Jansen-King Christopher Norris Noriyuki Yoshida 1986B Jennifer Rawcliffe Covarrubias Stephanie Hamilton Christopher Knowlton Ayako Yamamoto Tritle Kelli Munn Turner 1986C Emily Kissel Lewis

1986E Danilo de Simone Lisa Rousse Flair Eric Lentz 1987A Grant Axton Gretchen Van Dusen Axton Dale Shaver 1987B Therese Cekola Mark Goldfogel Sean McCarthy Timothy Poore 1987C Renee Byrd-Lewis Richard Calabrese Eric Lundeen Howard Moyes Frank Schultz 1987D Stephanie Varco Collins Paige Meyer Leblanc Wayne Leiss Peter Young Yukiko Watanabe Young 1987E Richard Matteson Kamika Smith 1988A David Alden Maureen Rush Bogutz Kent Craghead Kenneth High Eric Roster 1988B Jennifer Smith Mygatt

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of cast years and letters for the first year of travel by alumni unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you. 21

Alumni Donors by Cast Year 1988C Helene Heim Haugedal Melissa Ellsworth Jones Mark Raming 1988D Jennifer Porter Carrillo Guy Quintino 1988E Dominique Blanchet Paul Boisselle Robert Cadzow Casey Cortese David Fox Jon Griffin Scott Johnson Paul Kartcheske Paul Meeusen Margaret Morford Root Koen Suidgeest Pete Taylor Bradley Tritle Daniele Walther Scott Wright 1989A Ingrid De Sanctis Isabelle Blondeau Ingram Thomas Ingram Jennifer Snead Chavez Troy Strawhecker Paula Gaughan 1989B Duane Grischow Jennifer Scully-Eaton 1989C Michelle Senn Eargle Paul Morel Brian Schmidt 1989E Eric Anderson 22

Dana Drew Johnston Frans Kox 1990s 1990A Marc Barbeau Andrea Wathen Clements James Endicott Sheri Anderson Ingalls Christina Noel Kerry Freyne Scarry Linda Ragland Sjoberg Ema Chikira Watanabe 1990B Elizabeth Cotter Schlax 1990D Shane Prevost 1990E Julia Hector Douglas Jeff Johnson Todd LeBlanc Carrie Wernick Newman Maurice Salth 1991A Randall Anderson Ann-Michelle Walker Burton Darrick Christopher Delinda Higinbotham Crampton Connie Treptow Rydberg Joseph Schott Julie Clifford Smail 1991B Jeffrey Douglas Christine Geissler Lars Hassel Erick Long T.J. Mannix 1991C Jennifer Moore Hamilton

Shuree Ramirez Martha Runnette Andrew Saladino 1991E Andrew Blackman Kari Thompson Blackman 1991F Robyn Jackson Jonas Thun 1992A Renee Grabert Bruce Jennings Tammye Runyan Johnson Tim Lewis Gretchen Schmidt Mertes Greg Nelson Robert Prytherch Heather Reilly Timothy Schuetz Karma Chenard Wolski 1992B Wendi Taylor Fuller Melinda Porter Andrew Reising 1992C David Brannon Lise Ann Tellier Craig Adam Kegley Leigh Kurland Quarforth Gary Poisson Arlene Rapal 1992D Edward Halbert Sara Winston Hidalgo Patricia Huber Schmid 1993A Sharon Fueller Michael Gloor Ronda Larson

1993B Marc Audelin Dominique Cavalli Beth Marshall Christopher Sharon Premo Cox Jennifer Badger Dalal Laura Tupper Ehrkamp Andreas Ekstrom Melissa Farrell Elizabeth Garcia Danielle Charest Gentry Claire Guidry Griffin Lynette Christian Gustafson Kim Helminen Astrid Koh-Stenzer Jussi Koivumaa Isabelle Larsen-Walther Gijs Laureys Mark Miller Tanya High Miller Anke Oldeman-Arnoldussen Leigh Newton Pechillo Jennifer Rabold Duane Reeder Esther Van Den Berg Rook Victoria Alejandra (Valdes de Martinez) Valdes Rodriguez 1993C Jason Daniels Thomas Hallowes Brigitte Kammer-Schertenleib Ken Leist Jill Warner Lentz Jason Miller Karin Jessen Palmer Alissa Puckett Maja Hoppe Salmon Jeanne Ulmer 1993D

Eric Daly Daniel Hickey Brian-Douglas Stanwood 1993E Nicky Brown Tara Swanson Gratz Bradley Moon Terry O’Brien Jennifer Parkhill Marco Sessa Heather Wade 1994A Kathleen Coursen Allen Patrick Flynn Juan Rivas Espinosa 1994B Nicole Allen-Hickey Kimberly Chandler Lisa Kirsebom 1994C Kyra Hyser Longfellow Kristen Speta Morel 1994D Bevin Carithers Read Kerr 1994E David Burton Kristine Danzinger Kerry Jahn-Drone Helen Stewart 1995A Melissa Allard Shenoa Lawrence Marisa Montoya Marken Maren Succo Marilyn Miller Truwe 1995B Jessica Brown Ramirez Laurie Valent Roster

Alumni Donors by Cast Year 1995C Amanda Poole Mark 1995D Jimmy Rhodes 1995E Tonya McKenna Trabant 1996A Casey Morrow-Harding Judith Stowers 1996B Anne Krohn Audelin Michael Shaw 1996C Todd Bavaro Jessica Gonzalez Ryan Lympus Maria Trodella 1996D Kristi Messick Blanchard Erik Grossnickle Sherryl Brightwell Nens 1996E Virpi Rautiainen Koivumaa 1997A Renita D’Souza Fonseca Amber Kitching Greg McDonald Megan McDonald Meghan Murray Moorhouse Jennifer Nash David Van Hooren 1997B Kevin Abernathy Andrea Farrar Flewelling Jennifer Klimstra Schmidt Rebecca Devenport Ulmer Scott Van Derveer

1997C Claire Bernis Angela Linton Bove Christina Fox Brunje Audrey Carroll Carroll-Joanides Allison Collins Kerry Pfarner Cosneau Barbara Hartzog Deswood Scott Donnelly Matthias Eggert Niki Stewart Eggert Ellen Schmieg Enebo Scott Enebo Erle Katina Engelstad Fossum Norma Ferriz Andrew Grayot Jeffrey Grossaint Magdalena Goette Hecht Stefan Heymanns Tobi Hoff Annie Huot Ryan Koch Sophie Langkjar-Ohlenschlaeger Frank Liffers Aubrey Lucero Ingvild Magnus Annalisa Maione Liesbeth Mathijs Angelene Malone Murillo Stacey Scott Murphy Sommar Jastorff Nelson Timothy Niessen Carlos Perez Ordonez Kelly Paluso Jennifer Miles Peek Nicole Rancourt Helena Carlsson Roos

Matthew Royal Molly Ruhlman Miyako Hosoe Sakai Isabelle Schiess Matthew Shupp Nora Sonntag Julie Sapp Stone Satomi Kobayashi Takamatsu Lisa Townsend Miryam Serrano Van Horn Dawn Leonard Vlahos Remco Voogd-Klomp Shelley Hillard Wambo Nadine Winkelhaus Sandy Zbinden 1997D Ashley Borden Williams Kristin Meyer Marcus Skarin 1997E Enrique Coello Cecile Derny Nora Wiltse 1998A Kevin Bespflug Christian Scott Christy Bone Wasem 1998B Teri Chadbourne Kyle Walton 1998C Kathi Jo Betsinger Hunter Quillen Gresham Gillian Meuris Suzanne Finn Shaw Amber Vance Vance 1998E

Elisheva Basseri Anna-Marie Broback Devine Dana Dodson Teahan 1999A Erik Frandsen Joshua Hirsch Jared Lee Heather Faucher Riley 1999B Aimee Charlton Anna Phelan Scott Schwartz Casey Shank Adam Ward 1999C Kerri-Ann Appleton Kimberly Bellanti Bartho Gwen Bourque 1999D Brett Herman 1999E Janine Guinn Guinn Bethany Zachow Kempfer Joy Walsh

Patrick Singler 2007C David Penny 2008A Beth Clay Sofie Martinsson Philip Worcester 2008B Benjamin Caswell Phillip W. Woods 2009A Kristen Eastman 2009B Jessica Johnson Sanders Kelsey Kiernan Timothy Lewis Andrew Thompson 2010B Samantha Hill 2012A Conor Bertrand 2013A Mary Clark

2000s 2000A Cheyenne Strube Heltemes 2000C Jennifer Gifford Nathan Kafka Ami Younger Thomsen 2004 Andrea Gorss Smith 2007A Jose Armando Gonzalez Perez Kelli Buck Hickman

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of cast years and letters for the first year of travel by alumni unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you. 23

Alumni Giving Alumni and Friends Exceed $500,000 Challenge Match The challenge was made… and YOU responded! In December 2013 a generous alumni donor issued a challenge match to UWP. The donor pledged to match any gifts of $1,000 or more up to $500,000 as long as gifts were received by June 30, 2014. The donor also agreed to match any cast efforts to establish an endowed scholarship as long as they raised the minimum of $10,000 to fund their respective endowments. In all, 177 donors participated and exceeded this challenge. We are tremendously grateful for the exemplary leadership and faith demonstrated by this anonymous donor. The response by everyone who participated in the challenge made it possible to have a direct impact on our ability to deliver our mission. Thank you to everyone who participated.



Alumni giving is


399% higher

more alumni


$776,742.87 more

gave this fiscal year than last fiscal year.

than last year

Third Annual Gala a Major Success for the Global Scholarship Fund YOU helped raise more money than ever for scholarships UWP hosted its third annual Gala, A Glimpse Behind the Curtain, on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at the Denver Marriott City Center. More than 500 alumni and supporters attended the fundraiser presented by Coldwell Banker in association with Elite Brands, and supported by NRT Insurance and Creative Strategies Group. The 2014 Gala grossed more than $500,000 in support of the Global Scholarship Fund. A special thank you to our Gala Host Committee, led by Bruce (‘73B) and Linda (Lowe) (‘78E) Erley.

Corporations and Foundations Diamond Star Partners $50,000+

Up with People International Alumni Association

We are thankful for the many foundations, corporations, and businesses who believe in our mission and supported UWP between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Whether you are a sponsor for an UWP visit to your community, or provide meals to our cast during their tour, the financial and in-kind support received makes a tremendous impact.

Platinum Star Partners $10,000 - $49,999 Buffalo Bill Kiwanis Club of North Platte, NE Cast E81 Catholic Family Services Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Gold Star Partners $5,000 - $9,999

Argyle Foundation Bellevue Overlake Rotary Club Billings Kiwanis Club Bozeman Lions Club Chagrin Falls Education Foundation Drake University

Silver Star Partners $2,000 - $4,999 Bodesa Sapi de CV Burien White Center Rotary Service Foundation Cali Gas De La Paz, S.A. DE C.V. CBHL Mortgage Services - Coldwell Banker Home Loan Centros Educativos Chapultepec Chagrin Falls High School & PTO Chief Dull Knife College Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Bronze Star Partners $1,000 - $1,999 Brainstorming a la Mode Cargill Channel 2 - KWGN-TV & Fox 31 KDVR Archie Cochrane Motors, Inc. Corporativo Alerta, S.A. DE C.V. Creative Strategies Group Eagle Valley High School First Community Bank in Ashland Fuller Family Fund of The Denver Foundation

Eagle County Colorado First Interstate BancSystem Foundation First National Bank in Omaha Homer A. and Mildred S. Scott Foundation

Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia Theater Elckerlyc Vzw

The Extended Scott Family Rotary Club of Seattle #4

First Interstate Bank of Billings First Interstate Bank of Bozeman The Mollison Charitable Gift Fund of Ayco Montana Rescue Mission Outreach, Inc. Principal Financial Group

Rotary Club of Seattle Dan & Jeanne Scott Family Foundation Montana State University Billings Tandem Productions Teton Orthopaedics - Dr Heidi Jost Terrell's Office Machines, Inc.

Town of Gypsum, CO UnityPoint Health University Rotary Club YMCA of Greater Des Moines

Coppel Elde College Elite Brands of Colorado Enumclaw Rotary Foundation The Gallegos Corporation Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona Kwik Stop Nassauchisen Bank/Naspa Organizacion Y Servicios Desa, S.A. DE C.V.

Premier Chevrolet The Progressive Insurance Foundation Giving Together Revolucion Radio SA de CV Rotary Club of Auburn, WA Rotary Club of Covington Senda Del Rio Shoreline Rotary Club Foundation SOS 700 Southcenter Rotary Foundation

St. Labre Indian School United Way of Yellowstone County, Inc. Universidad de Colima Urbanizadora Horacio Cervantes S.A. DE C.V. VB International Western Energy Company

Fundacion Sociedad Educadora De Sinaloa Fundacion UdeCo Guardian Title Grace Ammunition Susan Scott Heyneman Foundation Instituto Escolar Monte Corona A.C Janus Foundation Johnson Storage & Moving Lake Forest Park Rotary Club Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Maja Salmon Little Women's Fund J.P. Morgan Chase Bank MXP Industrial SA de CV NCI Northern Cheyenne Development Corporation Orange High School Orange Schools Foundation Proyecto Kometa IAP The Brian Ratner Foundation

Rotary Club of Fremont Service Master Teton County, WY Town of Jackson, WY Truist - ING Foundations Vail Valley Cares Thrifty Shops West Bank Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.


Corporations and Foundations Gifts under $999 Agencia Aduanal Vejar, S.A. DE C.V. Alimentos Kay, S.A. DE C.V. America's Charities Ameriprise Financial Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts Program Anonymous AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Automotriz Rancagua S.A. DE C.V. Avances Tecinicos en Informatica SA de CV Bank of the West Cafe El Marino, S.A. DE C.V. Clear Creek Business Park Comercializadora MegaPrint DailyGood-GoodSearch Dell Employee Giving DIF Guaymas Eagle Valley Elementary School Erickson's Furniture Company Familie Bellersheim Farmacias De Mazatlan Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The First National Bank in Sioux Falls GE Foundation Gobierno Municipal Los Mochis Grupo Iberri Gasolineras, S.A. DE C.V. Guadalupe De Guaymas, S. DE P.R. DE R.L. Gypsum Creek Middle School iGive.com Integradora De Apoyos al Comercio Exterior SA DE CV Isaak Bond Investments, Inc. John L. Barrie Revocable Trust K II K Properties LLC Kiwanis Club of Hardin K'N'K Clark Electric Lame Deer Courtesy Cash Store Lander Circle Kiwanis Club Laurie Slaughter - Berkshire Hathaway Home 26

Services Lepore Family Trust Linda C. Spence Revocable Living Trust Lower Valley Energy Maz Industrial, S.A. DE C.V. Medtronic YourCause, LLC - Trustee for Medtronic Foundation Meldpunt Facilitair Microsoft Giving Campaign Network for Good NorthWestern Energy Onze Lieve-Vrouwecollege Operadora De Empresas Guzman, S.A. DE C.V. Operadora Maritima Del Pacifico, S.A. DE C.V. Osolot Consulting People's Partners for Community Development Pescaharina De Guaymas, S.A. DE C.V. Petroplazas, S.A. DE C.V. PMA De Sinaloa, S.A. DE C.V. PPL Montana, LLC Range Telephone Cooperative Red Hill Elementary School PTO Redstone Project Development Reifen Specht Handels - GmbH Robyn L. Erlenbush Real Estate Rossway Moore Taylor & Swan Schaaf Steel GmbH Sempra Energy Employee Giving Network Servicio Guzman Y. Gonzalez, S.A. DE C.V. Servicio Insurgentes De Mazatlan, S.A. DE C.V. Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. SkiProphet Stahlbau Westerwald GmbH

Tema S.A. DE C.V. The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Centers for Families and Children The Lord's Foundation, Inc. The Stephen S. Carp Revocable Trust Thrivent Financial Tim Blaede Trucking Ulmer & Berne LLP

United Way - Greater Twin Cities United Way California Capital Region United Way of Central New Mexico United Way of King County Vail Valley Jet Center Wal-Mart Stores Inc. - Distribution Center 7018 Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

In-kind Donors 9th Door Ace Hardware Action Karting Albertson-Jackson Alstromergymnasiet Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Aspen Music Festival and School Auburn High School Avenue Theater Bagel Boy Bagel Works Best Western Big Time Trampoline Fun Center Bladium Sports & Fitness Club Blue Moon Event Center Boca Raton Resort & Club Boondocks Fun Center Borjessons Bil Boulder’s Dinner Theatre Breathe Studio Colfax The Broadmoor Bubba’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant Bungalow TEC Milenio Casa Elina Charging Horse Casino & Bingo Restaurant Chilepino’s Chipotle City Market Clyfford Still Museum Coca Cola Colorado Symphony Comedy Works Costco Creative Strategies Group

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House Denver Art Museum Denver B Cycle Denver Firefighters Museum Denver Museum of Nature and Science Denver Zoo Domino’s Pizza Donovan Pavilion Downtown Denver Aquarium Dunkin’ Donuts Eagle County Transportation Authority Eagle Diner Elitch Gardens Elitch Lanes Elite Brands of Colorado Elway’s Envogue Salon Fiesta’s Cafe & Cantina First Hotel|Grand Alingsas Five Star Colorado Flash Burger Flower Power Frackelton’s Front Range Anglers Fun City Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop Gobi Mongolian Grill Godfather’s Pizza Golftec Goteborg & Co. Gothenburg City Cultural Department Gran Hotel Imperial Great Harvest

Green Valley Ranch Golf Club Heidi’s Deli Hilton Garden Inn Denver/ Cherry Creek Hotel Juraica Hunan’s ICA MAXI Icelantic Skis and First Degree Boots Inca Mexican Restaurant The Inverness Hotel Java Moon Jimmy John’s K & K Cafe Kelo-Land Television KKCH - FM Kmart KOTA Territory KQSE - FM Kwik Car Wash La Cour Bistro & Art Bar Lakewood Cultural Center Lakewood Heritage Center Le Pain Francais LEY Liseberg Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument The Living Room Coffee House Local Joes Longhorn Barbecue Los Guachos Luso Food and Wine Mackenzie River Pizza The Makery Marko’s Pizzeria Marriott Courtyard Seattle Federal Way

Massage Envy Cherry Creek Rock’n & Jam’n Master Pizza Rosa’s Pizza Matthew Morris Salon Rosebud Grocery and Skincare Runza McDonalds Salvation Army Meyer Creative Sample Transportation Minnehaha Country Club San Pedro Authentic Molly Brown House Museum Mexican Food Museum for Contemporary Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort Art Denver & Spa Noodles and Company School Bus, Inc. North Platte Jaycees Sheridan College Northern Cheyenne Head Start Sheridan Media Program Sidewinders American Grill Oliva’s Kitchen LLC Sipping ‘n Painting Olive Garden Snow King Hotel The Original Jackson Hole Popcorn Sodexo Company Sola Cafe Osteria SouthFork Hunting Lodge The Outdoor Learning Center Starbucks at Horizons Subway Pablo’s Coffee Sushiko Palacio Chino Sweetwater Bakery Paragon Lodging Taco Taco Pazzo’s Pizzaria The Corner Office & Starbucks Pepsi The Fresh Fish Company Performance Now Theatre Tootsies the Nail Shoppe Company Town and Country Foods Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Twin Creek Agriculture Pinky G’s Pizzeria Universidad Vizcaya de Pony Grill and Bar las Americas Powder River Pizza Vail Resorts Proyecta Music Vasttrafik Qdoba Mexican Grill Walmart Quality Inn & Suites Pacific Yours Truly Racine’s Restaurant Youthful Skin Club Remington’s at The Powder Horn Zoup! Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of cast years and letters for the first year of travel by alumni unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you. 27

Memorial Gifts Cast 1983 C Diana MynesAllen Memorial Scholarship Lynda & Charles Hamadi Barry Marlow Martha & Harold Storie Cast 1997 A Dorte Dee Ronne & Deborah De Blam Memorial Scholars Renita D'Souza Fonseca Chuck & Stephanie Jarrett Amber Kitching Greg & Megan McDonald David Van Hooren Gaby Bedolla ('93B) Scholarship Fund Marc & Anne Audelin Marc & Megan Barbeau Dominique Cavalli Darrick & Beth Christopher Sharon Cox Laura Ehrkamp Andreas Ekstrom & Lisa Kirsebom Missy Farrell Elizabeth Garcia Christine Geissler Danielle Gentry Claire Griffin Duane Grischow & Tamara Haughey Lynette Christian-Gustafson Kim Helminen Astrid Koh-Stenzer Jussi & Virpi Koivumaa Isabelle Larsen-Walther Gijs Laureys Mark Miller Tanya Miller 28

Loly Monreal Anke & J Oldeman Arnoldussen Leigh & Thomas Pechillo Jennifer & Dan Rabold Duane Reeder Esther Rook Jonas Thun Linda Tupper Victoria Alejandra Valdes Rodriguez Rick Von Feldt Randy Bellamy ('78E) Retta & Brad Overturf Michael Carter ('77B) Craig & Kelley Carter Anna Ftorek ('08A) Beth Clay Dave Penny Alessandra Guarnieri Paul Whitaker Jerry V. Jarrett Albert T. Adams Jane Arnoldi The Centers for Families and Children Henry & Sara Chisholm Mark & Jeanie Conzemius Elaine Crepeau Richard & Cindy Eickhoff Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ken Gardner Kathleen Gravens Norman W. Hadsell Chuck & Stephanie Jarrett Mr. R. Steven Kestner Robert & Cathy King Jeff & Dena Logan

Bruce & Florence Long The Lord's Foundation, Inc. Judith Miller Tracie Moore J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Mary & Bob Orben Frances Owen Robert Pattinson Dale & Mindy Penny The Brian Ratner Foundation Robert & Jean Seaton Mary Sensibello Hewitt & Paula Shaw Jack & Beverly Starks Steven & Andronika Steitz Anne Stonington Joseph & Ellen Thomas Joseph & Elizabeth Thro William & Christina Toomajian Ulmer & Berne LLP Larry & Barbara Wilson Alva & Stella Wood Allen & Mary Wright J. Don & Bev Wright Samuel Lanham ('70A) Up with People International Alumni Association Shauna Malone Kemp ('92B) Wendi & Derek Fuller Dr. Morris Martin ('69C) Christian Walton Betty McDonald John L. Barrie Revocable Trust Marybeth & Charles Cunningham Virginia W. Brophy-Hennesy David & Elaine Hofius Carol Kines

Barbara Pitts Rossway Moore Taylor & Swan Linda C. Spence Revocable Living Trust Christian Rodin ('92A) Bruce M. Jennings Gretchen & Isaac Mertes Greg Nelson Jennifer Lynn Small ('90E) Deborah Ballard Melissa Clapper Mark & Jeanie Conzemius David Dennison Robert Husek Kathryn Kasewurm Carrie & Jeff Newman

Marjorie Nitz David & E. Clare Rutlin Diane Springer Denny & Linda Truhn Michael & Kay Walker Marc Anthonly Thomas ('84C) Pierre Fontaine Chuck & Stephanie Jarrett Up with People International Alumni Association Jeff Zadroga Anne & Tom Via Mark & Kelly Via Mollison N.G. Newman Tracy & David Tolmie

Endowed Scholarships Five new endowed scholarships established

Jubrandly Thielman Marc Anthony Thomas Scholarship Recipient

UWPIAA Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by the Up with People International Alumni Association

Cast: 2013B and 2014A Age: 24

Recipient Preference: Preference shall be given to students who represent UWP’s traditional underrepresented constituencies of male performers, ethnic minorities, and musicians. Contributions were made by many donors to the UWPIAA over a lengthy period of time. J&M Jarrett Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by friends and in memory of Jerry and Martha Jarrett Recipient Preference: The Jarrett scholarship fund is to support African-American students.

Hometown: Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Representatives of the UWP International Alumni Association (UWPIAA) from the Tucson, AZ area present Marc Barbeau (‘90A), Vice President of Advancement, with a $50,000 check for the UWPIAA Endowed Scholarship. From left to right: Elaine Crepeau (‘68C), Phil Worcester (‘76C), Richard Small (‘77A), Marc Barbeau, and William Holmes (‘75C).

Total E 1981—Global Citizenship Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by Cast 1981 E

“I can’t tell you how good it felt to have the opportunity to travel the world and help thousands of people. To be a part of this great program taught me that whatever you are doing and whatever you want, you can achieve it as long as you work hard. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Recipient Preference: Preference shall be given to a student who demonstrates financial need and a history of giving to his or her community via direct support of charitable works. E88 Legacy Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by Cast 1988 E Recipient Preference: Preference shall be given to students from Mexico, New Zealand, or Australia -in that orderwho demonstrates financial need and a strong sense of independence and leadership skills based on a history of community involvement. Makan Diarra Memorial Scholarship Endowed Fund Established Cast 1997 C in memory of Makan Diarra. Recipient Preference: Preference shall be given to students who are from countries that are typically underrepresented in Up with People with attention being given to the continent Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of cast years and letters for the first year of travel by alumni unless otherwise requested. If you find an error or omission, please contact Up with People’s Office of Advancement at 720.407.5523 or LMotooka@upwithpeople.org so that we can correct our records. Thank you. 29

Honor Gifts Cast 1979B Scholarship Fund Michael Evans Cast 1984D Scholarship Fund Judy & Shawn McLeran Sheila Zinn Cast 1993C Scholarship Fund Jason Miller Cast 2008B Scholarship Fund Stewart Caswell Phillip W. Woods Steve & Terry Woods Molly Clark ('13A) K'N'K Clark Electric Marybeth & Chuck Cunningham Jan & Pete Petersen Lowell Embs Sam Detrick & Audrey Embs Detrick Amy Jordan Russ ('76B) Ann Arabian Kim Bolt Leslie Kleiman ('09B) Alvin & Janice Kivel Philanthropic Fund Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona Dale Penny ('71A) Barry & Arlene Hirschfeld Jeff Zadroga Jill Pedicord Peterson ('82B) Kim Bolt Karen Valdez ('78A) Kim Bolt Jeff Zadroga ('84C) Scholarship Fund Grant & Gretchen Axton Chuck & Stephanie Jarrett Jeff Zadroga 30

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$792,658.00 $6,836,444.00

Board of Directors Board of Directors for the 2014 Fiscal Year

Honorary Lifetime Board Members

Charles E. Jarrett, Chairman (‘74A) Chief Legal Officer, Progressive Insurance, OH Neil Ayotte, Vice Chairman Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Medtronic Inc., MN Carey Ford, Secretary (‘83C) Chief Producer, Ford Project Management Group, IL Dale Penny (‘71A) President and CEO, Student Conservation Association, VA Tim Andersen (‘81A) Vice President of U.S. Operations, McDonald’s U.S.A., LLC, IL David Baudler (‘82A) President, Cargill AgHorizons US, MN Angel Cortes (‘81D) President and CEO, Overdrive Direct Marketing, FL Louisa Crockett Davis (‘72B) Retired CEO, Specialty Food Holding, WA Robert Cygnaeus (‘78C) CEO, KIBI Software Solutions, Sweden Guadalupe Esparza Mendez (‘73B) Principal, DCH KnowWho, Mexico Keith Frohreich (‘66C) President, Up with People International Alumni Association, CA W. John Hall (‘78D) Founder and President, Endless Horizons, VA Stuart Shepherd (‘78A) Executive Director, University of Nebraska 4H Foundation, NE Dr. Matt Thompson President and CEO, Kansas Wesleyan University, KS

J. Blanton Belk, Chairman Emeritus Founder, Up with People, AZ Captain Eugene Cernan, Honorary Chair, Houston, TX Manuel Arango Mexico City, Mexico Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Denver, CO Spencer Christian San Francisco, CA Dan Cook III Dallas, TX Tom Cruikshank Dallas, TX John Fuller Denver, CO Barry Hirschfeld Denver, CO

Lawrence Lunt Greenwich, CT Robert G. Marbut San Antonio, TX John Parker Denver, CO Shoichiro Toyoda Tokyo, Japan Hugh Soest Jackson Hole, WY Pieter van Vollenhoven Apledoorn, The Netherlands Peter Voevodsky Tucson, AZ Frances Wolfson Naples, FL

Executive Management Team Charles E. Jarrett (’74) - Interim President and CEO (Aug. 2013 to Sept. 2014) Dale Penny (‘71A) - President and CEO (Named Sept. 2014) Anne Gallagher - Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Paul Whitaker - Senior Vice President Eric Lentz (‘86E) - Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Eric Anderson (‘89E) - Vice President of Admissions Marc R. Barbeau (‘90A) - Vice President of Advancement


World Headquarters 6830 Broadway, Unit A Denver, CO 80221 USA Telephone + 1 303 460 7100 Fax + 1 303 225 4649 Toll-Free + 1 877 264 8856 Europe + 32 26 46 26 36 Mexico + 52 (55) 4613 8356 info@upwithpeople.org www.upwithpeople.org www.facebook.com/upwithpeople www.youtube.com/uwpontour www.upwithpeople.org/blog

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