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University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound SUMMER WRAP UP INSIDE THIS ISSUE         

And the Winners Are……………....1-3 Creative Arts Showcase …….......4-5 Center for Puppetry Arts...........6-7 Medieval Times……………...…….....8 Georgia Aquarium…………………….9 CNN Tour………………………….…....10 Georgia State Tour………………....11 ACT Updates…………………….…....12 Senior Spotlight…………….….......13

Summer Wrap Up means an end of the summer residency and end-of-the -summer activities. This issue is more pictures than words—a chronicle of our journey this summer.

July 2016

Mr. & Miss June 30, 2016 Mr. Upward Bound 2016, Abel Lopez Miss Upward Bound 2016, Keandrea Mayfield Creative Showcase Winner 2016, Michael Christian Read more details about this year’s Mr. & Miss Upward Bound competition on page 2.

Melissa Edwards, TRIO Upward Bound Student Development Coordinator, announces the Top Ten contestants with emcees, Sabrasha Osborne and Austin Ryhal. Upward Bound Top Ten (L-R) Michael Christian, Abel Lopez, Noah Moore, Randy Martinez, Keandrea Mayfield, Mya Dixon, Alliyah Underwood, Mary Katelyn Johnson, Alferria Agee, and Epiphany Holifield. The University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound program serves first generation and low income students in Bibb, Chilton, and southern Shelby counties. Our goal is to help students successfully complete high school and navigate college options successfully so that they will earn a four year Bachelor’s degree. University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


Mr. & Miss 2016

From powerful spoken word to intricate instrumentals, amazing displays of art work, creative dance, and vocal and visual presentations to excite the audience—the 24th Annual Mr. & Miss Upward Bound competition had it all. The annual competition is divided into three portions. In Dress for Success, each contestant comes out on the stage, presents a motivational quote, and allows the audience to see his/her poise, posture, and confidence. Next, all of the competitors move to the Creative Showcase, where each student presents some type of talent. Mrs. Melissa Edwards, coordinator of the event, noted the excellence displayed by all of the contestants: “While the talent and unique gifts showcased all of the students, the poise, professional attire, and motivational quotes distinguished students and led to the selection of this year’s Top Ten”. Last is the interview portion. No matter how many times students practice this section, it’s always the most nerve-wracking. The Top Ten contestants are all asked a question on stage and they have to respond to it with clarity, poise, and thoughtfulness. This year, there were some EXCELLENT answers given. 2 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

From there, the TRIO Upward Bound Bridge 2016 class, who just completed their Summer I college courses, took over and entertained the audience with an original script based on their Upward Bound years, “Remember When.” While it Bridge 2016 started out funny, it ended with some heartfelt words that made everyone say, “AWWW!” (Video available on FB). When Mrs. Edwards came back on stage, everyone anxiously awaited the results. First, the winner of the Creative Showcase was announced. For the second year in a row, Michael Christian won for his original dance moves. Next, Mr. Upward Bound was announced. Abel Lopez was awestruck that he was chosen. After the competition, he was heard saying, “Thank you. I am so honored,” several times. Finally, Miss Upward Bound 2016 was announced. Keandrea Mayfield was in tears as she celebrated with the other contestants. Even though she came into the competition thinking she was not going to win, Keandrea recalled how she felt by saying, “I’m blessed”. She was “ecstatic, overwhelmed, and humbled” to have received the honor of being selected Miss Upward Bound.

Mr. Upward Bound 2016—Abel Lopez Miss Upward Bound 2016—Keandrea Mayfield 2016 Creative Showcase Winner—Michael Christian University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


July 1, 2016

4 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

July 1, 2016

University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


Atlanta Adventures July 6, 2016

Muppets, puppets, displays of amazing creations from around the world—the Center of Puppetry Arts had it all. For most of the students, the tour was a pleasant surprise, offering so much more than was expected. Of course, the Jim Henson Collection was one of the highlights, but the tour also featured a history of puppetry in different cultures and some of the newer ways puppets and animation are used in movies, such as Labyrinth. The tour was a lesson in culture since it featured puppetry from around the world, but it also served a reminder of characters from our childhood. The quote by Jim Henson gave all of us reason to pause and remember the goodness of life.

6 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


Food, jousting, and entertainment fit for a king. Medieval Times was our “adventure” for the first night of our trip. And, while we weren’t exactly sure about how we were going to eat without utensils, everyone did just fine—and devoured the four course meal while enjoying the tournaments and very well-staged sword matches. Of course, everyone agreed that the red and yellow knight should have won! 8 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


It’s Your Journey…

Go There!

Atlanta Adventures July 7, 2016

Our large group was divided into two smaller groups and then from that, we took two group pictures to chronicle our journey. The CNN tour took about an hour and we learned about different areas of the CNN newsroom, as well as how to read a teleprompter. 10 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

Atlanta Adventures July 8, 2016

While we DO have fun on our out-of-state cultural trips, we also learn about careers, such as we did at CNN and the Georgia Aquarium. In order to do that, we all know it takes one thing—a college degree. So, one of the highlights of every TRIO Upward Bound trip is a college visit. While in Atlanta, we visited Georgia State University. The campus, located in downtown Atlanta, is quite large within a busy city. We did lots of walking, and then ended up at one of the campus dining halls before we started our trip back to Alabama. In addition to learning about the projected cost and requirements for admission, we also got to see another campus up close and personal. University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


The ACT is a standardized, HIGH STAKES TEST that is required for college admission. The dates are set for the 2016-17 school year. Your scores translate into money and opportunities. Read below for details. If you are a SENIOR, consider this: Is your HIGHEST COMPOSITE ACT as high as you want it to be? Will the score you now have 1) Gain acceptance at local colleges; 2) Qualify you for Bridge 2017; 3) Set you for the next level of merit-based scholarships? Registration Deadline Seniors, if you still plan to improve Test Date your score, you should plan to take September 10, 2016 August 5, 2016 October 22, 2016 September 16, 2016 the September or October test December 10, 2016 November 4, 2016 dates. I will be available to set up February 11, 2017 January 13, 2017 March 3, 2017 individual times to work with you April 8, 2017 May 5, 2017 and MAKE SURE your score comes June 10, 2017 up. It will take work, but most of the time (especially after an intensive summer ACT workout), we can easily raise scores several points in English, Math, and Reading.

For Seniors, we know that higher scores translate into MONEY, and one or two points on the Composite can make the difference as to whether or not you qualify for crucial merit-based scholarships. Juniors, your key dates are December (if you have not already taken the June test), April (when you will take the ACT at your school; no Fee Waiver necessary) and next June with all of the current Sophomores. ACT FEES Fees have gone up, so look at those testing dates CAREFULLY and plan for your future NOW! See Mrs. Buff for Fee Waivers and more details. 12 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

$42.50 (No Writing) $58.50 (Plus Writing) ONLY 2 ACT Fee Waivers available—use them WISELY!

University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound

July 2016

Noah Moore Jemison High School GPA: 4.1333 ACT: 28 College Major: Chemical Engineering How would you describe yourself? I am an intelligent and constantly growing student with limitless potential. What are your interests? Band, Music, and Chemistry. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Having a higher ACT score than any of my older brothers. What colleges are you interested in attending? I intend to apply to Auburn University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Montevallo. What will influence your final decision? The price tag. What tips could you offer to other students who want to be successful? Don’t let distractions get to you, it is very easy to stray from your goals but if you stay on the path, there is nowhere to go but up. What are your career goals? I want to be a chemical or nuclear engineer or even a trumpet player in a state symposium. A favorite quote? Never settle for style, succeed in substance - Wynton Marsalis. This means to me that looking cool isn’t the goal in life; you want to succeed for you and nobody else. Noah was selected for Senior Spotlight because he is focused on success. In addition to having an outstanding GPA and ACT score to start his senior year, he is intent on earning 1st chair trumpet in Honor Band. University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program


DON'T WASTE AWAY THE SUMMER Hopefully, you're starting to catch up on your rest from a busy Upward Bound Summer. UB Seniors, as I mentioned this summer, I need to meet with all of you (plan 1-2 hours of time) sometime this summer BEFORE school starts. During this Senior Strategy Session, we’ll make sure your digital file has what will be needed for many scholarships. We will identify specific scholarships you should qualify for. I will also start your LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION—which you will most likely need for all scholarships. For more information on Senior details, visit 14 University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound—A Federally Funded Program

Grapevine July 2016  
Grapevine July 2016