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Man of Steel ¬oshua Howe Design. The designer Joshua Howe says it’s his job to “flush out the most

pure state” of a component, to strip it down to its essentials. His work—lighting fixtures, furniture, and what he calls “effects” (steel trays, power bricks with dimmers)—finds the sleek side of industrial while adding a warmth from natural elements. Those steel trays, for instance, come with either leather or bungee cord handles. His hors d’oeuvres cart, made of acid-treated steel with a lacquer and wax finish, includes a warm, wood butcherblock insert. The O-Votto Chandelier, made of two types of steel, resembles a hanging branch with its long arms. Howe often uses concrete, that most basic of architectural elements, finding its grace and shine. His studio is in Chatham. A VAILABLE AT SEVERAL HUDSON SHOWROOMS, OR JOSHUAHOWEDESIGN.COM


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Upstate House, Fall 2014  

The Fall 2014 issue of Upstate House magazine.

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