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Welcome Back


AUG. 29, 2017 Located in Engineering East

A buffet dining consisting of chef’s gourmet specials available to faculty, staff, alumni, friends, guests and partners of the University.

Monday - Friday Lunch served at 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (last seating 1:30 PM) for the menu please visit fau.edu/fauclub/menus

11 A.M. - 2 P.M. Join us at the Atlantic Dining Hall for some music, games, giveaways, & delicious barbecue food to start off the Fall semester!

AUG. 24, 2017 7 P.M.-10 P.M.

costume contest | drinks | games giveaways | music | food specials

UNIVERSITY PRESS August 15, 2017 | VOL.19 | #1


Thomas Chiles


Ivan Benavides EDITOR IN CHIEF Joe Pye

MANAGING EDITOR Kerri-Marie Covington CREATIVE DIRECTOR Celeste Andrews WEB EDITOR Richard Finkel NEWS EDITOR Benjamin Paley SPORTS EDITOR Hans Belot Jr.

CONTRIBUTORS Nicole Pujazon, Ross Mellman ADVISERS Neil Santaniello, Ilene Prusher, Michael Koretzky COVER ILLUSTRATION BY Ivan Benavides COVER PHOTOS BY Alex Rodriguez


WANT TO JOIN THE UP? Email universitypress@gmail.com Staff meetings every Friday at 2 p.m. Student Union, Room 214 WANT TO PLACE AN AD? For national/regional ads contact: Mike Anderson MediaMate, LLC. 1-888-897-7711 ext. 128 manderson@mymediamate.com For local ads contact: Von January BV Media Solutions, LLC. 954-495-1150 von@bvmediasolutionsllc.com PUBLISHER FAU Student Government The opinions expressed by the UP are not necessarily those of the student body, Student Government or FAU. ADDRESS 777 Glades Road Student Union, Room 214 Boca Raton, FL 33431 561.297.2960

Letter from the EDITOR Dear incoming freshmen and transfer students,


hen you hear people talk about FAU, it’s not exactly painted as a great university. If we’re looking at public Florida schools alone, it’s usually ranked lower on the list behind bigger, older schools with better funding like UF or FSU. And while you’ll hear students complain about it plenty during your next couple years, don’t let someone else’s perspective of a university shape your own. From my time here, I’ve learned that you get out what you put in. When I first got to the Boca campus, I was a transfer student from a community college and I didn’t know anyone. I would drive to school, go to class and then drive back home. After my first semester here, I started to panic, realizing I was less than two years away from getting my bachelor’s degree with limited extracurricular activities to put on my resume. I quickly decided to get involved with student media as I’m a journalism major. After broadcasting a weekly news radio show for the Owl Radio station, I found myself at the University Press. It was really refreshing hanging out with like-minded people who loved news and journalism as much as I did. And that’s what it’s all about, finding a place where you belong on campus. Joining an organization helps you make new friends right away, builds your resume and creates a network for future jobs. The more people you know, the more options you’ll have. On-campus organizations are always looking for new members to carry on their legacy because people graduate every semester. There are organizations for nearly every major, interest and hobby.

August 15, 2017



And even if you join an organization that isn’t related to your major, you’ll still be bettering yourself in the long run. You’ll learn to work with others, pick up new skills and hopefully make some friends in the process. (Trust me, wait until retirement to binge watch Netflix. It isn’t worth it during a time when you have so many opportunities to grow as a person.) Getting involved with student media without a doubt saved my university experience. I could’ve graduated with just my degree and no outside experience, which wouldn’t have looked great on a resume. Now I have multiple positions and stories under my belt to show a future employer that I didn’t just go to class and go home afterward. Yeah FAU may not be as prestigious as UF or FSU, but here’s a reminder: We’re currently part of building the university’s legacy. And even though it’s a younger institution, it’s on the rise. We really are the building blocks of this school. So why should you, a student graduating in a few years, care if it becomes a more respected university? Because as this school becomes more and more credible, so does your degree. You should care because in the future, a possible employer interviewing you will see that you went to FAU and say, “Great, FAU!” rather than, “FAU, what is that?” Just put a little bit of passion into this place and I swear it’ll give it right back. What do you have to lose? After all, you’re paying to be here, so you might as well take full advantage of it. I’m excited to see new faces in the fall, and I hope you use this issue as a guide to your next couple years as an Owl. See you around campus.

Thomas Chiles

Thomas Chiles • Features Editor


FAU may be swarming with commuters on a daily basis but there’s still parking to be found. Thomas Chiles | Features Editor Photos by Alex Rodriguez



he Boca campus is notorious for its lack of parking and statistically it makes a whole lot of sense. There are over 38,000 registered parking passes on campus with just 11,403 total parking spots. The good news is that students leave throughout the day to either go home, get lunch or find parking elsewhere. And while the lots are busiest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the week, if you avoid certain ones but stick to others during these hours, you won’t be stuck looking for parking for long. And just some advice: When you have class during those peak parking hours, you most likely won’t find a spot right outside your building. I recommend getting to class an hour early during your first week to weigh the different parking options and figure out what works best. Otherwise, you’ll start out the school year stressed and with a lessthan-stellar attendance grade.

Parking Garage I

Living Room Theaters Lot

This is the parking garage located near the Student Union and Wimberly Library. Parking Garage I is the first lot to fill up on campus, primarily because of its centralized location and it being the first garage that commuters see when they pull through the main entrance of FAU. This garage is almost impossible to find parking in during mid-afternoon, filling up to capacity by 10-11 a.m. (A sign at the nearby traffic light lets students know if the garage is full or empty.)

Although the on-campus movie theater has parking spots open to the public, students are prohibited from parking here during the day. This gives patrons of the theater (who tend to be elderly) easy and accessible parking. Students who park in this lot with an FAU parking permit will receive a ticket.

Student Union - Parking Lot 16

The lot outside Wimberly Library is tough to park in at anytime because there are so few spots available to begin with. Students who are running late to class and are looking for a quick spot to grab: Save some time and avoid this lot.

The lot outside the Student Union is almost always full during peak hours and as the day draws on, your odds of finding a spot aren’t exactly high. This is caused by the fact that people are constantly coming and going from the Student Union and the nearby Student Support Services building (which shares the parking lot with the union).

August 15, 2017



Library - Parking Lot 19


PARKING LOTS TO CHECK OUT Glades Road Soccer Fields Lot 17 Just as you pull onto the FAU Boca campus through the main entrance on Glades Road, the first parking lot you will see is Lot 17, located directly outside the soccer fields on your left-hand side. If the Student Union lot is packed, and you need to get to the union or the Student Support Services building, consider parking here. It’s a short walk to either building and not too many students seem to be aware of it.

Outside Parking Garage II Lot 27 and Lot 28

Athletic Field - Lot 15

These are essentially overflow lots for Parking Garage II. If the garage fills up during peak hours or you don’t feel like driving up and down it looking for a spot, there are always open spots in one of these two lots.

If you have class on the west side of campus, the parking lot located outside the baseball fields and swimming pool is a great choice if you can’t grab a spot at the Student Union. It’s also a good alternative if you need to get to the Wimberly Library or the College of Education.


Parking Garage II Located on the east end of campus near Parliament and across from University Village Apartments, many commuter students forget about Parking Garage II. This is the perfect lot to park in if you have classes in the Arts & Letters building, the Social Science Building, the College of Nursing or even General South. Parking Garage II, perfect for classes in the Arts & Letters building, the Social Science Building and the College of Nursing.

College of Education - Lot 9 Outside the College of Education is Lot 9, a great alternative when Parking Garage I is full. This parking lot provides access to many buildings such as the College of Business, the Wimberly Library and the Rec Center. It’s also much less stressful to look for a spot here in comparison to Parking Garage I.



The parking lot outside Wimberly Library is tough to park in because there aren’t many spots.

August 15, 2017



S K R E P E G E L L O C r you we o f y k c u l , e is expensiv e g e f just for l f l u o t c s t p e a r e c h e s c It’s no free and d n fi n a c u o y know where ent. being a stud CONDOMS

ON-CAMPUS FREE STUFF HIV TESTING Owls Care Health Promotion Student Services Building (SS-8) Room 222 (561) 297-1048 HIV testing, without an appointment, is available during the fall and spring semesters every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Results are provided in 20 minutes. The testing is conducted by Genesis Community Health, a nonprofit that’s partnered with Owls Care Health Promotion. For questions, call 561297-1048. The office is above the Breezeway food court and open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. It’s closed on weekends.


Owls Care Health Promotion Student Services Building (SS-8) Room 222 (561) 297-1048 Dental dams, lubricant and male/female condoms are available in the Owls Care Health Promotion office. Owls Care is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and closed on weekends.

Student Health Services Clinic Student Services Building (SS-8) Room 240 (561) 297-3512 Both latex and non-latex condoms are offered in a bowl in the waiting room of the clinic, found above the Breezeway Starbucks. The clinic is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. On Saturdays, it’s open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

August 15, 2017



Scantrons Dean of Students Office Student Services Building (SS-8) Room 226 (561) 297-3542 Blue books and green and blue scantrons are offered in this office located on the second floor above the Breezeway food court, across from the Student Health Services clinic. Students can only receive two scantrons a week. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. It’s closed on weekends.

Student Government Student Union (UN-31) Room 215 (561) 297-3740 Found on the second floor of the Student Union, the Student Government office has green and blue scantrons, as well as blue books. Students can only receive two scantrons a week. The Student Government office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on weekends.

ON-CAMPUS FREE STUFF (cont.) FREE FOOD FRIDAYS Free food ranging from donuts to brownies to make-your-own cake pops are available every Friday from noon to 1 p.m. on the first floor of the Student Union.




Microsoft Students are eligible to receive Office 365 Education for free. It includes PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. They also receive 10 percent off select Windows devices like PCs, Surface Book and the new Surface Pro.

Amazon Prime Student

TUTORING Tutoring in engineering, math, writing, general courses and classes that have Supplemental Instruction (tutoring that’s tailored to specific classes and teachers) are offered on the second floor of General South at the Center for Teaching and Learning.

SPORTING EVENTS Baseball, softball, men and women’s basketball, football, volleyball and men and women’s soccer games are available to students with a valid Owl ID.

By becoming a Prime Student member, students are given a six-month trial that includes unlimited streaming of Prime TV shows and movies, free two-day shipping, 20 percent off newly released and pre-ordered video games and unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. After the trial ends, student membership makes them eligible to receive 50 percent off Amazon Prime, as well as free Kindle e-books and access to all Prime benefits.

An online discount of 10 percent is offered to students at this jean, jacket and clothing company.

J. Crew Located in the Town Center mall on Glades Road, this men and women’s clothing chain offers an in-store only 15 percent discount to students with a valid college ID.

Forever 21 The chain that features indie men and women’s clothing offers an online 10 percent discount to college students.

TopShop While this British retailer’s women’s clothes are offered at Nordstrom at the Boca Town Center, its 10 percent student discount is only available online.

MUSIC Spotify Premium


A premium subscription is offered to students for $4.99 a month compared to the usual $9.99. The premium service is free of ads, has unlimited skips and lets users download songs.

An Apple Music subscription is normally $9.99 a month, but it’s offered to students for $4.99 a month.

August 15, 2017



BEaCHin’ It

The Boca campus’ proximity to the ocean allows for outdoor recreation unmatched by most universities. Ross Mellman | Contributing Writer Photos by Alex Rodriguez


ocated only 3.8 miles from the beach, FAU’s Boca campus offers an unparalleled experience into all that South Florida’s natural beauty has to offer. In only a 15-minute drive, students can be on the sand of some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. Make the most of your freshman year by visiting these four hotspots to get your fill of sun and surf.

Spanish River Beach This is the closest in proximity to our school, located less than 12 minutes away. With a small amount of roadside parking, this beach has an exclusive feel to it, as it’s rarely crowded at certain times of the day. But that comes at the price of taking care when trying to find a spot. Thus I recommend that busy afternoon hours are avoided and that you try to come slightly earlier in the day. Oftentimes students will park at the CVS on Federal Highway (located right before crossing the bridge over to A1A) and walk over to the beach side. This beach is quick and easy to go to, and while beautiful, lacks restaurants and sufficient parking. But, it does have outdoor showers so you can rinse your feet off before heading back to class.

A lifeguard station at the north end of Spanish River Beach.

August 15, 2017



Delray Beach If a plethora of great restaurants, easy access and a ton of beach space is what you’re interested in, then definitely head over to Delray Beach located all the way east on Atlantic Avenue, 19 minutes from campus. Atlantic Avenue, or “The Ave,” is an ideal spot for college kids with tons of pizza parlors, bars, restaurants and ice cream shops. This beach is massive and finding a parking spot is relatively easy, except for on the weekends. Avoid Delray Saturday and Sunday as struggling to find a spot isn’t always worth the time in the sun.

The Delray Beach downtown, featuring restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, and retail stores.

The east end of Delray Beach’s downtown, closest to the beach, offers public bathrooms, parking, beachwear shops and restaurants. However, parking costs $1.50 an hour, so it’s best to park downtown free of charge and walk.

August 15, 2017



Deerfield Beach This beach recently gained notoriety for being the main site of filming for summer 2017’s reboot of “Baywatch,” featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron and model Kelly Rohrbach. While you may be disappointed that you didn’t get to see Rohrbach running slow-mo on the beach in person, I can assure you that this spot located 15 minutes from campus is a popular hangout for college students and offers a great combination of restaurants and easy parking. Deerfield Beach is most iconic for its 976-foot pier that is popular with amateur fishers. Beachgoers can rent fishing poles and bait for less than $20 and are free to test their luck at catching some of the many varieties of fish that frequent the water below. Cons for this beach would have to be that the surrounding restaurants and walking area is not nearly as extensive as that of Atlantic Avenue in Delray. It also should be noted that this beach is unique in that it’s the only beach I’ve ever consistently seen people surf at.

The Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier near Deerfield’s downtown.

Palmetto Beach

The south end of Palmetto Beach.

One of the best beaches for college students would have to be Palmetto Beach (located all the way east on Palmetto Park Road and 13 minutes away from campus). While the beach itself is small, it’s packed with people throwing footballs, drinking, tanning, socializing and having a good time. Parking directly at the beach is sparse, but located just north of the beach on the east side of A1A is a lot to pull into for paid parking. This entrance is very shrouded with dense foliage so be on the lookout so you don’t miss it. It also has a few restaurants in walking distance and is fairly close to Mizner Park, which is only a short drive away. (But be aware: This outdoor shopping mall is expensive. You’re better off bringing a picnic and walking around the downtown area instead of getting lunch and breaking the bank.)

August 15, 2017



Palm Beach Gardens North Palm Beach 811

786 BE













West Palm Beach





Palm Beach







Getting Around Campus 1







Singer Island





Palm Beach International Airport





Lake Worth

802 809



















Deerfield Beach 95



Butterfly World

Boca Raton



Coconut Creek

al ngs





a lades


MAP ON NEXT PAGE Hillsboro Beach






AU’s South Florida campuses are, for the most part, known as commuter colleges. such, driving to school is the most Delraypopular As form of transport. However, just because Beachyou may not have a car, doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Here’s our rundown of the different methods for getting around the Boca campus as well as transportation between the Boca, Davie and Jupiter campuses



Thomas Chiles | Features Editor

Gulf Stream



mi Museum & ese Gardens

Boynton Beach






From The TrOWLey to the Tri-Rail, check out our picks for the best methods of transportation on and around FAU’s campuses.

Pompano Beach



August 15, 2017




One of the worst feelings when you first get to college is not having a clue where you are on campus. A simple solution is downloading the FAU Mobile App, which is available for iOS and Android users. The app includes a useful map with GPS, so you can see exactly where you are on campus and what direction you’re facing. Another mobile app, FAU Owl Guides, features an event calendar as well as a New Student Orientation program designed to help introduce new students to the campus. The New Student Orientation section of the app includes orientation schedules, maps, and services for transfer students. It is available for iOS and Android users as well.


OWL EXPRESS SHUTTLE This is a free bus shuttle provided by the university for transportation around the Boca campus. If you use the busses in between classes, you can park in the morning and then not have to worry about finding parking a second time. The FAU Mobile App provides a live GPS feed of each bus and how far away it is from the bus stop you’re waiting at. There is also a map of the shuttle routes on the FAU Parking and Transportation Services website.


Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 7:15 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Stops: Innovation Village Apartments North (IV-98) Engineering East (EE-96) Administration Building (AD-10) University Village Apartments (southbound) (SA-56-61) Culture and Society Building (CU-97) Glades Park Towers (westbound) (GP-92) Student Union (northbound) (UN-31) Oxley Athletic Center (AC-67) College of Education (ED-47) Breezeway College of Engineering (EE-96)

THE TROWLEY The Trowley is a nighttime and weekend bus service for students provided by the university. The bus runs to nearby off campus hotspots, including Fifth Avenue Shoppes, shopping center Mizner Park, Royal Palm Place, as well as Palmetto Park and Deerfield Beach. An Owl ID is required.


Nighttime Thursday - Saturday | 8 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. Stops: Innovation Village Apartments North (IVA-98) University Village Apartments (SA-56-61) Glades Park Towers (westbound) (GP-92) Student Union (northbound) Fifth Avenue Shoppes Mizner Park Royal Palm Place Weekend Saturday and Sunday | 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Stops: Innovation Village Apartments North (IVA-98) University Village Apartments (SA-56-61) Glades Park Towers (westbound) (GP-92) Student Union (northbound) Town Center Mall Fifth Avenue Shoppes Palmetto Park Beach Deerfield Beach

Getting Around Campus





Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Stops: Innovation Village Apartments South (IV-99) Lot 5 (south) Breezeway The Burrow (inside Student Union) Oxley Athletic Center (AC-67) Student Union (southbound) Glades Park Towers (eastbound) (GP-92) Culture and Society Building (CU-97) Parliament Hall (PH-102) University Village Apartments (northbound) (SA-56-61)


Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Stops: Lot 5 (north) Lot 5 (south) College of Business (BU-86) Breezeway




Palm Tran is the public bus system operated by Palm Beach County. The bus has five routes in Boca Raton, including one (Route 94) that serves FAU directly. Students are eligible for a discounted Palm Tran Quick Pass. Palm Tran route schedules are also available at Student Support Services (SU-80) located on campus. Route 94 has one stop in the parking lot behind the Administration Building (AD-10) and runs all over Boca Raton. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 6:45 a.m. to 9 p.m.

August 15, 2017






Zipcar is a rental car service that provides 24/7 access to students’ cars that are parked on campus. You can reserve a car on the website and then unlock the car door with the Zipcar app. Fees include an hourly rate of $7.50 and a rental fee of $69 per day that includes gas, insurance, and 180 miles of driving. Zipcar’s website and app provides locations of the cars that are available around campus.

NIGHT OWLS FAU Night Owls is a student-run service that provides free transportation around campus late at night. If you’re ever in need of a ride home from a friend’s dorm or the library after a late night study session, you can call Night Owls for a quick ride back to your dorm. Night Owls operates Monday through Friday from 7-11 p.m. Call (561) 297-6695 for a ride to and from anywhere on campus.

The Tri-Rail train is the perfect option for students without a car who need to get from the Boca to the Davie campus. Students receive 50 percent off their ride with proof of an Owl Card or class schedule. BOCA TO DAVIE: Use the Palm Tran (Route 94) to get from the Administration Building (AD-10) parking lot to the Yamato Tri-Rail station. Take the Tri-Rail southbound to the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport Tri-Rail Station at Dania Beach found on Griffin Road in the Outdoor World Complex. Then take the South Florida Education Center Tri-Rail Express. This stops at the Liberal Arts Building on the Davie campus. DAVIE TO BOCA: Take the South Florida Education Center Tri-Rail Express from the Liberal Arts Building to the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport Tri-Rail Station at Dania Beach found on Griffin Road in the Outdoor World Complex. Then take the Tri-Rail northbound to the Yamato Tri-Rail Station. Use the Palm Tran (Route 94) to travel from the Yamato station to the Boca campus Administration Building parking lot.

Legend RED Shuttle Stops BLUE Shuttle Stops P

SILVER Shuttle Stops P



INTERCAMPUS SHUTTLE BUS This bus service is free for students, faculty and staff and provides free transportation between the Boca Raton and Jupiter campuses. The service departs and returns daily from the Boca Raton campus to the Jupiter campus.



Parking Lots to Check Out


Parking Lots to Avoid Parking Lots

August 15, 2017



Monday - Friday Boca Raton to Jupiter - 9 a.m. Jupiter to Boca Raton - 10:45 a.m. Boca Raton to Jupiter - 2 p.m. Jupiter to Boca Raton - 3:15 p.m. Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations: Boca Raton - Administration Building (AD-10) Jupiter - Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College (MC-01)

BREWS, JAVA & GRUB The UP gives our rundown of where to find the best food off campus. Nicole Pujazon | Contributing Writer Kerri-Marie Covington | Managing Editor Photos by Alex Rodriguez


f you’re new to FAU and don’t yet know where to eat or drink yet — check out this guide that includes our favorite coffee shops, bars and breakfast, lunch and dinner spots off campus.

August 15, 2017



COFFEE R1 Coffee Company 3200 North Federal Highway, Ste. 106 Boca Raton FL, 33431 (561) 303-5595 r1coffee.com This simple, yet sophisticated coffee shop integrates minimalist decor that includes white marble and stainless steel, giving a “Europeanstyle” vibe according to Southflorida.com. Founded in 2016, owners Anna and Slava Golik, a Russian couple who moved to the states in 2013, really did their research before opening up their doors. The couple spent nearly two decades traveling to five continents in search of ideas for coffee and food, and it paid off. From their extensive selection of pour overs and lattes to their homemade pastries, this place is perfect to get some studying done or just take a break with a cup of joe.

The Seed 199 West Palmetto Park Road, Ste. E Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 430-5640 theseedboca.com There’s a reason we include The Seed in nearly every New Student Edition: It boasts some of the best and most inexpensive coffee and juices in Boca Raton. Featuring freshly ground speciality coffee and locally sourced, organic and cold-pressed juices, this spot is often frequented by FAU students — and for good reason. Not only is their latte art too impressive to drink, the Seed offers espressos, macchiatos, hot cocoa, teas and cold brews for under $6, with most items costing around $3. Try their smooth and creamy Japanese Green Matcha Latte for only $4.50. Or check out their smoothies, specifically the Pink Dragon. But be aware, this dragon fruit, mango, banana, and apple juice smoothie is going to cost you a hefty $11. (As opposed to $6-$7 for a smoothie from Kiva or Jamba juice.) They also have deconstructed smoothie bowls that are perfect for your Instagram story.

August 15, 2017



BEER Beer Trade Co. 2151 N Federal Hwy Boca Raton, FL 33431 (561) 409-2569 facebook.com/beertradeboca A craft beer place, the name speaks for itself. Located less than 10 minutes by car from campus, you can walk in, go up to any of the many beer coolers, grab a bottle of your pick and crack it open. While it’s a little bit pricier, it’s worth shelling out for. Their gastro-pub-type food tastes fresh and has a savory flavor that fits stronger beers.

The Irishmen 1745 NW Boca Raton Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 368-1129 irishmenpub.com A dive bar located less than five minutes by car from FAU, the Irishmen is a charming Irish pub with great prices. On Mondays you can order a $5 burger and Yuengling drafts for only $2.50. You can leave the Irishmen with your fill and have spent less than $10. If you enjoy older 1990s alternative rock music and a quiet bar where you and your closest friends can split a few orders of fried foods and ice cold beers for cheap, this is definitely the place to check out.

August 15, 2017



BREAKFAST Tom Sawyer Restaurant & Pastry 1759 NW Boca Raton Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 368-4634 tomsawyerrestaurant.com Found right next to the Irishmen in the same plaza, this is a small, comfortable place with home-cooked style food and a cozy cabin feel. By far the best item on the menu is their Breakfast in a Pot: It comes with two buttermilk pancakes topped with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and your choice of meat and/or veggies.

Saquella Cafe 410 Via De Palmas Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 338-8840 saquellacafe.com An Italian bistro, espresso bar and bakery located 10 minutes from campus, Saquella Cafe without a doubt has the best quality and most affordable breakfast food in Boca. They make their locallysourced food fresh every morning and offer a menu that has gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and allergen-free (like shellfish) options. If you’re looking for something filling but inexpensive, try their Tuscan Omelet sandwich with a challah bun (a sweet, braided Jewish bread), pesto, brie cheese and caramelized onions for $6.99 Or, you can have breakfast potatoes, choice of toast and a build-your-own omelet for the same price.

August 15, 2017



LUNCH Fran’s Chicken Haven 1925 N Federal Hwy Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 395-0781 franschickenhaven.com This is a small hole-in-the-wall fried chicken joint located about seven minutes by car from FAU. Like FAU, Fran’s has been around since the 1960s and serves the best fried chicken in the area. There’s just something about the spices on the breading and whole pieces of chicken that sets them far apart from Popeyes and Kentucky Fried Chicken. A family owned and operated small business located right off 20th Street and Federal Highway, this can’t be recommended enough. And good news, FAU students get a 10 percent discount.

Ramen Lab Eatery 100 NE 2nd St. Boca Raton, 33432 (561) 750-4448 ramenlabeatery.com Located in Mizner Park 10 minutes away from campus, this Asian fusion eatery features handmade ramen noodles, tapas and craft beer and wine. With a casual setting made up of high-top tables and a sit-down bar, the Ramen Lab Eatery is one of the newest hotspots in Boca, having opened its doors in March 2017. Its entrees consist of donburi (meat, fish and vegetables served over rice), poke (raw fish salad that’s typically a staple of Hawaiian food) and spicy ramen stews. Check out its Soba Noodles, made of green tea buckwheat noodles, bonito (fish) broth, wasabi, scallion, vegetables and tempura shrimp. Or try its pan-seared Gyoza — Japanese dumplings made fresh daily that can be filled with vegetables, pork (both for $6) or lobster (for $9).

August 15, 2017



DINNER Senor Burrito 513 NE 20th St. Boca Raton, FL 33431 (561) 347-6600 senorburrito.com This is one of the best, inexpensive and authentic Tex-Mex places in Boca, with the most expensive entree (Carne Asadas, which is a grilled and sliced beef dish) costing only $13.50. If you’re sick of knock-offs like Taco Bell and Chipotle, this is the place to go. Right around the corner from the Boca campus, located less than eight minutes away by car, it definitely caters to those on a college budget.

Mizner Pizzeria: A Slice of New York 134 NE 2nd St. Boca Raton, FL 33432 (561) 826-7123 miznerpizzeria.com Located on the same street in Mizner Park as the Ramen Lab Eatery, this pizza joint is a mustvisit. With their dough that’s made fresh daily, they offer authentic New York-style pizza and subs and a small, friendly wait staff. From their $8 garlic knot sliders to their $10 Philly steak and cheese sub, both your stomach and your wallet will leave full thanks to their large portions and affordable prices. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try their 10-inch chocolate pizzas that range in type from Oreo to s’mores to Reeses to nutella with fresh strawberries. For a $1 each, you can add (all in one breath now) Snickers, Butterfingers, Kit-Kats, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Heath Bars, Oreos, marshmallows, M&Ms, chocolate chips, sprinkles, cookie dough, peanuts, brownie pieces, pecans, walnuts, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter drizzle, caramel drizzle and whipped cream.

August 15, 2017




FRESH MEAT The UP’s senior staff members offer some insight into the college experience for new students.


reshman year is a weird time. You’re flooded with a new schedule, living arrangements, food, people and an entirely different education. Fortunately, we’ve been there. As college journalists, we’ve seen it all: From famed comedian Hannibal Buress doing stand-up at the Boca campus to cockroaches in mini-fridges and piss in the stairwells, there’s a reason why people say college is the best of times and the worst of times.

Without getting too cliche, you only get one college experience and one freshman year, so make the most of it. While a lot of it will be jarring and stressful as hell, trust us — it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Ivan Benavides • Senior Designer I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone to come to FAU unless they already know what they want to do in their life since FAU works like a business and is mostly interested in your money. My advice in that would be to ASK your professors to guide you, if you don’t have parents who can do this for you. Some of our professors actually give us job opportunities if you show them that you’re worth spending time on. If all else fails, come to the University Press. It’s free and we’re the only chance you have to attempt to create a REAL newspaper. You’ll probably fail at it at first, but from your failure you’ll know what you want to do with your life.

August 15, 2017



If you take one thing away from this issue, let it be the University Press’ advice on the importance of making mistakes, learning a new skill and finding your niche.


Have fun: Between killing yourself over that one homework assignment you forgot to do, or the test you have tomorrow, stress will be a common theme during your time here. So in between those days, have some fun. Make some friends, get together on the weekend for a drink or two (or a smoke, whatever) and have fun. Don’t be afraid: Get that number, date that guy/girl and/or send that hateful email to your professor. College is a wonderful experience so don’t be afraid to take risks and take them far. Get involved: To make the best out of your college experience, you should get involved. There are a lot of different organizations on campus, and one of those are bound to be in your interest. It’s also a great way to meet new people, as well as build connections that will last a lifetime.

Kerri-Marie Covington • Managing Editor OK yeah so maybe FAU wasn’t my first option. But instead of kicking myself for not attending somewhere like UF, I embraced it. College is what you make of it. Just because you may attend a crappy university doesn’t mean your degree is worth any less or the lessons you learn here aren’t applicable in the real world. You’ll hear this a dozen times throughout your four years, but join a student organization. The experience you gain and the friends you make are the only things that make three-hour lectures bearable. Right now, focus on getting as much sleep as possible, eating healthy and exercising. Trust me, your body and mind longterm will thank you for it. There are only so many days you can get three hours of sleep before you get tired (heh) of being exhausted all day.

August 15, 2017



Alexander Rodriguez • Photo Editor My advice for you newcomers is to not freak out. It may be a big college but bring a skateboard or a bike and make your life easier. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to people on campus, almost everyone is friendly and it’s a good way to start making connections. And if you’re commuting to campus instead of living on campus, always try to arrive 30-40 minutes before your class starts because parking can be a hassle.

Thomas Chiles • Features Editor A huge key to having a positive college experience is pursuing an extracurricular activity. When getting to campus you should look for some kind of club or organization that peaks your interest and try to get involved. Most organizations are constantly looking for new members and it is an easy way to begin making new friends. Another reason to join an organization is that it looks great on your resume. In today’s job market, having just a bachelor’s degree unfortunately isn’t enough to obtain your dream job. Showing employers your initiative and drive outside of the classroom is another leg up you have on other job applicants once you finally graduate.

August 15, 2017



Joe Pye • Editor in Chief

There are three major things I would recommend to an incoming freshman. The first — and I feel the most important is — for the love of God, apply for as many scholarships as possible. It’s free money. Take advantage of it, you’ll kick yourself when you leave here over $30,000 in the hole before you’ve started your first job. The next thing: Get involved with student organizations as soon as possible. Classes are important, and will give you basic skills in the field of work you want to pursue, but they won’t give you the practical experience. Finally, take advantage of career help on campus. Colleges all over the country — including yours — provide resume support, jobs fairs and career advisers, but the majority of college seniors admit to never using these resources. You have a short amount of time here, make the most out of it, and don’t spend any money you don’t have to.

August 15, 2017





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