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| issue 2 | MOVEMBER 2012

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So another month has passed and it’s almost time to start whipping out the old Christmas jumpers! This also means were getting closer to having our German Market back, one of the best things about Bournemouth in winter – drinking mulled wine outside in the cold and eating the big hot dogs with cheese in the middle! We have not stopped this month, bringing you some more of the amazing people that have left an imprint on this town, showing you how they make a real difference and how they have gone on to do some crazy, wicked things. Our photographers, Toby and Jake went to Italy and brought back some super cool imagery for the next issue that we can not wait to show you, which gave me a chance to hang out with Sam Davidson, as we went off and fell in love with Benjamin Francis Leftwhich who performed live at The Old Firestation. We found out that Leftwich likes tomato, mozzarella and honey sandwiches – we probably wont be trying this any time soon but we never say never! Lastly, a big thank you goes to Robin for creating some amazing imagery in this issue, this guys is pretty awesome, it is no wonder he won the last secret Wars live art competition. Make sure you check out the video of him drawing on our office wall. Until next time, Peace, Love and German Market.



Quillotine Bournemouth Style Beau - How To Hair

Framptons The Crows Nest


Kissy Sell Out Kitsch Mondays Simon Hulton Lianne La Havas Benjamin Francis Leftwich UPRAW Event Highlights

Robbin Clark - Bird Shoes 9 Things to do before you die Jimmys Iced Coffee The Gallery Tattoo - Vicky Tried and Tested - Female Viagra


Credits: Publishing – Platinum Media Publishing //: Print - IT Media //: Editor – Sacha Anastasia Lys //: Design: //: Video & Photography – Toby Lewis Thomas - Ollie Robbins //: Photography – Gita Buga (front & back cover) - Charlie Raven - Ben Hooper (Kitsch) // Front Cover Model - Sofi Adams //: Journalists - Emma Saunders - Errol Anderson - James Embiricos - Lizzie Warner Contact: - For all enquires.




win a crate of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee – pretty neat.

TASH BOMBING The name of the game this month is #TASHBOMBING. So we went and visited Jimmy’s this month as you will see over a few pages, and we decided that we want to get involved with tash bombing because its pretty funny - especially this month being Movember so its not just the guys that can get their tashes out this month. Okay so what you do, is get the back of a Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Carton, put the picture of the tash up to your face as shown in the picture. Then we need you to take a picture put it on instagram and comment below: ‘@upraw_magazine #tashbomb #upraw #jimmysicedcoffee’ and then pretty much any hashtag you can think of. You can always put them our facebook too: Pick up a carton of Jimmy’s in your local Waitrose (Winton/Christchurch) and then our favorite pictures sent over will be published in next months magazine. Plus win a crate of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee – pretty neat.

IntImAte cHIc BOutIqueS Stanwells have been dressing the stylish women on the south coast for the last sixteen years and now with boutiques in Lymington and Westbourne plus an exciting online site the brand mix is an ever growing one. Contemporary and luxe designer collections sit alongside premium jeans brands, footwear and sought after ‘niche fragrances’. Stanwells buying team source collections from London, New York, Paris and Milan with a keen instinct for the next new trend or brand. We offer an up to the minute online shopping experience with next day delivery, pay us a visit at Lymington 13 High Street, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9AA T: 01590 610074 Westbourne 21/23 Westbourne Arcade, Poole Road, Bournemouth BH4 9AY T: 01202 759944 E:

FASHION* illustration by

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Club Guillotine AN




We catch up with Max Kemp and find whats behind the brand and how it came about...


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“I started Club Guillotine back in 2009, doing bits and pieces like screen prints and tote bags using prints of my art. And I still put out my ‘zines and stuff through CG now, so I guess Club Guillotine isn’t strictly a ‘clothing brand’ per se. It’s pretty much an extension of who I am, as tacky as that sounds. I don’t think ‘Oh what might sell?’ I just design what I want to wear, and then get a bunch printed and people seem to dig. It’s selfish, which is what it should be, surely. I’ve always had a big interest in clothes and art. Back when I was 13-14 I used to sell customised jackets, shirts, ties and things online and to friends, and a few years later I started making screen printed shirts and jumpers to sell on a bigger scale. After working in a screen printers for a while after I finished studying advertising at UNI, I loosely planned Club Guillotine but didn’t have a logo or name yet, I just knew what I wanted to do with it. I knew that I wanted to use ‘club’, ‘gang’ or ‘team’ in the name as I wanted to make something that’s kinda a collective effort and embodies community & friendship, something that’s real important to me and what I do. I basically just looked at a bunch of books to try and find something that worked, and came across Guillotine one day and it was just obvious to me. The logo however came about a few years in after hanging out on the beach with my friends, chatting about the brand and how I wanted to make clothes again and do CG properly. I went home that night, and got the logo done. cheers guys! At the moment I’m waiting on my biggest order of stuff yet. I’ve got new Crewnecks, T-shirts, Baseball T’s, Hats and stickers coming in which should be online early November over at -

I put on DIY Art fairs around Cornwall every so often called ‘BABY TEETH’, and haven’t done one for a while due to losers booking the days I want though. With ‘BABY TEETH’ I invite people to come along and sell/show what they do and I don’t charge people for table space or anything. I usually put it on at Live Bar, Truro. They are super nice people and are always down with the events and letting people use the venue for shows, I owe a lot to those guys! Hopefully I’m going to be putting a ‘Baby teeth’ on in either Falmouth or Truro within the next few months, and it will be bigger and better than any of the previous events. There are videos of the events on the CG blog if anyone wants to check’em out. Club Guillotine is only stocked in one shop, ‘ROOTS’ ( rootscbn) a friends skate shop in Camborne. And I should be doing some collabs with them as well as a few other friends right at the start of 2012, which I’m pretty excited about.

11 | upraw

Oh yeh, actually, with CG I like to do collabs every so often with friends. It’s pretty integral about what the brand is about, as like I mentioned before the community & friendship kinda vibe is real important. That being said, CG is essentially a one man operation. But the people that surround me are just as vital to the brand; as they share ideas constantly, give me inspiration, screen Print my shirts/prints, talk about CG and generally get involved and help me in every way with the brand. I have good friends. Club Guillotine is an honest brand.�

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This month we bumped into Kimberly, Livvy and Racheal. We decided that we liked their style and brought them into our studio to get some photos of what the people of Bournemouths wearing this Autumn.

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Kimberley Adam

BA top up Fashion Design and Technology @ AUCB Favourite places to shop: Vintage stores, ASOS, Urban Outfitters Where are you jeans from: “My jeans are from Primark and I got this jacket from a cool army shop in Charminster.�

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Livvy knox, 20

Customer Service rep @ Liverpool Victoria Favourite place to shop: “Mainly online stores and hope for the best! Ebays one of my favourites.” Where’s your shirt from: “It’s from ‘monki’, I got it in Amsterdam, they have some really cool shops there!”

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Rachael Ainsworth, 18

Tattoo Apprentice @ Forever & Ever Favourite places to shop: “I mostly like to shop in boutiques and places like Urban outfitters.” Where’s your jumper dress from: “Topshop”

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Becki from BEAU salon showed our model how to put her hair up in a ‘hotcross bun’ so you guys can copy this and do it yourself at home!







LIFESTYLE* illustration by

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Robin Clark has illustrated for the likes of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Eau De Vie and now Upraw. As you will have seen, we have been lucky enough to get this new hot talent to draw each of our dividers to each section of the magazine as well as the free style art we got him to do on our office wall. This guy is definitely the one to watch, so we caught up with him to see what exactly inspired his talent.


Swipe to watch Robin free style on the Upraw office wall Check out Robins stuff @

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“Well I go by the name of bird shoes, those who know me personally will just have to work that one out. I grew up watching my dad paint traditional pub signs, hand painted unlike today. that was where a lot of my inspiration and technique came from. I’ve been doing street art since I was about 14 but have only just started pushing it in some sort of direction in the last 3 years or so. I first started getting my name out there when I Met the Editor of ART-BOX magazine on a night out in Bournemouth. He kindly gave me a double page spread in the magazine and I’ve just taken any bit of work that came my way ever since. My most proud moment so far would be when I won the last Secret Walls in Bournemouth. Secret Walls is a Live art battle where two artists battle it out on stage with only 90 minutes on the clock and only black pen on a white board canvas. Through this I met some amazing artists and great friends. I plan to carry on building my portfolio and produce a diverse range of work. at the moment I’m still experimenting and enjoying the freedom of street art. so who knows what’s in store for the future.”

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Here is the second instalment of life affirming, heart pound activities to try before you die. Last month we showed you volcano boarding, the death drop and wing walking. Well here are a few more to see if you would ever brave.

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H ere a r e t h e s e c o n d t hr e e of t he se in st al m e n t s o f li f e affi r m i ng , he a r t p oun ding a c t i v i t i e s t o t r y be for e y ou di e . From the death drop in Zambia, walking on flying planes to swimming with crocodiles, there is no excuse for being bored in this day and age with the vast amount of adrenaline pumping adventures available to you.


Cage of Death Aust r a l i a

Ever thought about staring into the faces of Australia’s biggest saltwater crocodiles? Well you can, for what could be the 15 longest minutes of your life where you are seperated by only a couple of inches of clear perspex. Cages can hold two people so it is not one you have to brave on your own, unless you want to. For more info:


Dine in the sky worldwide

“Pull up a seat” takes on a new and literal meaning. You can now dine with 21 others while eating 50 metres in the air, eating dinner whilst hanging from a crane. You will be in the air for an hour whilst taking in some incredible views, creating some amazing memories with your friends. For more info: From meals in the sky, kite surfing the most dangerous seas to lion wresting, there is no excuse for being bored in this day and age with the vast amount of adrenaline pumping adventures available to you.

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Wingsuit Fly S w it z e r l a n d

This is the closest thing to natural human flight as physically possible. The United States Parachute Association requires any jumper flying a wingsuit for the first time have a minimum of 200 freefall skydives. As if skydives weren’t enough. A Wingsuit school to look up once you’re ready: Flock University

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tattoos I LIKE


“Tattoos are awesome. I can’t remember what exactly got me into them as an adult, but I know as a teenager I did a fair few tattoos on my friends with a compass and a glittery gel pen. I have blotchy messes all over my feet to prove it, and when I think about it now, I cringe at the thought of all my teenage peers explaining their ‘prison style’ Victoria Rose tattoo to employers, friends and lovers!

So here I am

drawing silly birds, doing silly stuff, and being very grateful that people allow me to permanently etch my drawings onto them! I never wanted to be a tattoo artist. I wanted to be a marine biologist, then a scuba instructor, then I went on to do a Law degree, then I ran a nightclub with a group of my best friends, then I became a graphic designer, then I became a tattoo artist. I suppose what I am saying is that I have done loads of shit, and loved it, but none of it really stuck, the shoe never really fitted. Tattooing came into my life when I met a tattooist and fell in love with him. I had never known a person have so much passion about their ‘job’. We would sit for hours talking about art, what it meant to us, how it made us feel. I loved that he did it for himself and his customer, it was so perfect, personal, I wanted a piece of that pie. Two and a half years later I am full time at the Gallery Tattoo Studio! I love tattooing, it has become a passion. I love making vintage style quirky birds riding bikes, roses with cool

stuff hanging out of them and animals donning monocles tattoos. There are so many amazing tattooists to look up to locally and around the globe. Close to home, I look up to Gino, my mentor, who is the most creative person I know who is never short of an idea and has the ability to do the most beautiful drawings and paintings, and Ana, a local lady tattooer who is so ridiculously neat and makes the most solid and brightly coloured tattoos ever! I was lucky enough to attend the London Tattoo Convention last month and got to meet the Leu family, a tattooing family from Switzerland. They overwhelmed me with their attitude and their talent. They inflamed my passion and put the nail in the coffin of my mind that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So here I am, drawing silly birds, doing silly stuff, and being very grateful that people allow me to permanently etch my drawings onto them!�

A few weeks back I bought a carton of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, when a friend mentioned that ‘Jimmy’ was from Bournemouth. well we had to go meet the guy that made this carton of tastiness, if anything I just wanted to high five him for it.

34 | upraw

What is the story behind Jimmy’s Iced coffee?

We asked him a few questions about the ‘behind the scenes’ of Jimmy’s, and Toby took some photo’s, but we just ended up having a rad time and laughing the whole afternoon. We giggled over strait arming vodka, and then I taught him how to do the swan as you can see above. He tells us about the making of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and describes it as ‘me in a carton’. He’s hit the nail on the head. Jimmy is a vibrant, good time, and just an all round fun guy that you can’t help but want to be around. We could have hang out with him all day, but I’m sure we can think of an excuse to go and see him again!

“So, I found that when I went to Oz a few years with my wife Soph, we came across iced coffee which is massive over there, and everyone drinks it, for so many different reasons. Whether its driving for four hours in their car, surviving a hangover, to go surfing, used as a pre sport drink, I just fell in love with it there. Its amazingly tasty, and iced coffee out there is just a lifestyle. After four months into drinking it, I was having one or two a day of the extra strong version and absolutely loving it. Then I thought, okay I’m going to go back to England and there is going to be nothing there for me, practically like going cold turkey. I was quite afraid I was going to go home and get the shakes and die haha. So I spoke to the guys that do it out in OZ and said ‘Look your products are amazing can we just franchise them in England? Let me take your name and your ingredients, produce it over here and we will make you loads of money and take a small cut’. We wanted to help them grow a business but they kept saying ‘no’ and ‘no’ which was really annoying. So then I came back and worked with a friend of mine for a year, but the whole time I was working, I had this thing knocking on my brain, like wheres the ice coffee? So I went to look at the offerings, and they were just basically shit compared to this stuff out in Oz. The branding, the packaging, the idea’s, the taste, the ingredients, I mean there as so many unnecessary ingredients in these products. Im not slating them, they’re all okay and they are all doing well because they have been around for a few years. And so I just thought we would make our own.”

You said that other offerings have lots of unnecessary ingredients, what goes in Jimmy’s Iced Coffee? “We only have 5 ingredients. We have; milk, sugar, water, coffee (obviously, this has to be the main ingredient!) and then there is a red seaweed called carrageenan which is found in heaps of products.

Make sure you check out the new

35 | upraw

This is a white powder that almost turns to gum if you put it in your mouth. I have tried it raw and it tastes really weird haha but this basically stabilises the product! So yeah, only those things – you don’t need all the silly things that most of these iced coffees have inside them!”

So your distributing in some of the best UK outlets Waitrose and Selfridges. This is pretty big, how long has Jimmy’s been around for? “We launched Jimmy’s in November 2010 so only two years ago and we have been selling since last April 7th in Waitrose and Selfridges. We had four months of, ‘okay let’s do this full time’ and my sister who is part of Jimmy’s still had a cafe at the time and working on selling that, getting the recipes organised, designing the product, and then five months later we got into Selfridges which was really cool!”

And lastly... what is next for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee? Jimmy elaborates a lot of exciting things going on, but we can’t tell you them just yet, but let’s just say we are very excited for him! But here is what he can reveal) “We need to get into Sainsbury’s for the major next step, which will lead us onto working with MTV which is really exciting for us. There is also a potential new carton on the cards, which will allow for ease of distribution to new countries and things like that. Me and Suze (Jimmy’s sister) grew up in Dubai so we have great connections over there, so that will be the one we hit first even though it’s a lot further than other potential sites. Exciting times ahead!“ Jimmy also tells us of a very special somebody that wants to invest into the brand which will put this iced coffee into a whole new ball game. But we will catch up with him soon when we can tell more of the going’s on with Jimmy’s!

Gingerbread flavour Iced Coffee




Student Discount

10%off with a valid NUS Card

or online enter ‘UPRAW’


only ONE

L P E A C for fancy


k u . o c . s k e e .p w w w reet

t Reid S

3 2BT t BH2 9489 e s r o h, D 01202 48 tchurc t: s i r h C ,

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Tried & Tested

I took female Viagra for a week Chloe Cross from VicE

39 | upraw

Chloe has created quite a storm on the interweb with her nefarious journalism, writing the cheeky article ‘I took female Viagra for a week’ published on Vice this month. We caught up with Chloe to ask her all about it and her quest to find out if Viagra really works on girls. After a break up with her long term boyfriend of four years, she, like many others had lost the desire to have sex. Chloe decided that after her loss of libido, she wanted to see if there was an alternative out there to see if there was a way to boost the love. She tried nine different types of female Viagra to see if this stuff really worked...

So you rated ‘Gold Max’ as your winner for the best of all the Viagra you found, will you be using it again, what were the effects and would you recommend it to the mass? Yeah, Gold Max was the most effective. It made me really, really want to have sex but I can’t tell if that’s kind of a placebo effect or not. Physically, it’s really lubricating. It was pretty extreme - if I knew what it was going to do I would have tried being better prepared, especially as I took it at the end of the day at work and then we all went out for work drinks. However it made sex good and the guy I got with liked it. I’d use it again but not any time soon. I know that if I’m having regular sex I sometimes find it hard to get wet, so I’d take it again if I knew I was going to find it hard but wanted it to be good.

some “ s e x obsessed slut” - as one person commented on my Vice article, and that I’m actually really cute. I don’t think some people realise that I’ve written it for entertainment purposes - it’s supposed to be funny and disgusting. So some people are taking the piss and slagging me off, but some people actually seem grateful for what I’ve done, which is also funny.

Viagra can be seen as quite a taboo subject, what’s your view now that you have tried it? Should it be more socially acceptable for a gal in need? I don’t see why Viagra should be taboo at all. It’s fine just so long as they don’t end up relying on it. For a girl needing it, I think it could be seen as embarrassing. Boys are always wanting girls to naturally always be up for it so girls might feel embarrassed that they’ve had to take viagra and that they didn’t feel like that naturally. For the record, my sex drive is fine! I just did it for the purposes of the article.

What’s the next thing your thinking of trying? You have had quite a large amount of responses to your article, what kind of stuff have people been asking you -Do you feel like the Viagra agony aunt now?Yeah, I’ve had people tweet me and message me on LinkedIn asking “can I be your viagra?” and things. Other people genuinely seem interested and have asked me where to get certain ones for their wives and girlfriends. I feel like such an agony aunt! I took them for my article, it’s not something I do regularly and it shouldn’t define me. But for some people eg. most people on twitter, it’s all they know me as. If people get to know me they’ll obviously realise that I’m not

I’ve found a book called “Make Your Own Sex Toys” so I’m in the middle of making those. Then I’ll do some kind of report on them. It will be in the same kind of style as the viagra piece, so it’ll be very sarcastic/ d i s g u s t i n g /o v e r exaggerated.



W E E K DAY LU N C H T I M E 2 courses £10.50 3 courses £12.50 Monday to Friday only. Available from

5th November 2012



WEDNESDAY 2 for 1 EVENING !"##$%&%!$'($%)%*%+,-%. Cheapest priced pizza or pasta will be deducted from the bill* Available from

7th November 2012



T H U R S DAY JA Z Z E V E N I N G * / 0 % , + % 1 , 2 - % + , , 3 % 4 " 5 5 6% $73%8$##%9"(:%;:$-!%< * Excluding drinks. Available from 8th November 2012



CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR’S EVE =>%$->%7,9%($?"7@%4,,?"7@'% +,-%A:-"'(B$'%C27D:%&%E"77>-% $73%F>9%G>$-H'%IJ>% Please see our website for more details. *All offers exclude special priced menus and any other promotional offer. The management reserve the right to remove at anytime.

Se a f ront, A lu m C h i ne, Wes tbou r ne, Bou r ne mout h BH4 8A N

!" # $ % &'( & ( % )*+'& & % , % - - -./" 0 1 / 2 3.4 3.1 5

FOOD & DRINK* illustration by

FRAMPTONS The Site of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Framptons and Sonsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; in the High Street has been run as a country store selling seeds and horticultural supplies (the old signage can be seen on the restaurant walls) for over 150 years.

44 | upraw

The Frampton name has always been synonymous with Ringwood, with the family trading as seed merchants since the early 20th century. The Site of ‘Framptons and Sons’ in the High Street has been run as a country store selling seeds and horticultural supplies (the old signage can be seen on the restaurant walls) for over 150 years. Opening as an eatery on Good Friday this year, Framptons kept their design to the original 1900’s shop fittings and decoration. Creating a unique feel not seen this side of London’s Islington, Framptons is an exceptional establishment with a scenic atmosphere, which at night is filled by bronzed crowns of candle light, leaving you in sight of a mesmerising bygone era. Our waiter Kashi, whom was clearly a man of his trade and extremely passionate about what he does, recommended all of our courses as well as the drinks to accompany them. I personally like to dine this way to test a restaurants passion and knowledge of their offerings. This was no difficulty for Kashi, and you could see he took great pleasure from this. Firstly we started with a charcuterie board of Parma ham, salami and chorizo with a side of fresh homemade piccalilli chutney. The meat was so delicate and tender, you could recognise that this was freshly cut and prepared. We were also presented with warm french bread served upon a wooden rustic board, with three different oils to dip; rosemary oil, balsamic and olive oil and green pesto oil. Each delicious, leaving you wanting more. And lastly they brought large chilli oil marinated olives, with feta stuffed sweet peppers to complete the selection of starters. A lovely starter to begin the meal, served with a delicious Bellini, complete with a peach foam to top the drink, as well as a sharp, fresh, homemade lemonade, which was drizzled with lemon shavings upon ice. The attention to detail is one to be inspired by in this establishment. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing, with the quality of the food and service following suit.

Onto our main course, Kashi served us with the pork belly, upon a bed of soft cabbage surrounded with chorizo and crayfish, as well as the mussels in a white wine sauce. Both dishes were absolutely exquisite. It was hard to choose which mouthful to go to next. Especially with the pork belly, this can be so hard to perfect, however the chefs at Framptons do not have this trouble. The meat was succulent and tender and the crackling was crisp to perfection. Our meals were accompanied by a recommended red wine. Ramon Bilbao rioja for the pork and a white Pino Gris Sauvignon for the mussels. Both such beautiful rich wines, which matched our meals perfectly making the collection truly indulgent. For the dessert, we were brought over the cheese board and the chocolate brownie. The cheeses were a selection of locally produced Dorset cheddar, mix of brie and camembert and the stilton, sided by quince jelly and a ramekin of frozen grapes. The frozen grapes were such a unique serve, and worked amazing with the dish. Quenching your thirst for that

perfect blend of fruit and cheese, making you wonder why the grapes with cheese were not served like this as standard everywhere. The hot brownie with a creamy vanilla ice cream was just as sumptuous, leaving a sense of warmth and down right content. A great end to a great meal, we could have stayed until the staff turned the lights off. So if you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what to choose for dinner, leave it to these guys. A place that I cannot wait to visit again, which will be much sooner rather than later. My compliments go out to the chef, and to the extremely skilled and dedicated service that follows.

Framptons 48 - 50 High Street, Ringwood Tel: 01425473114

Levant lebanese restaurant


















152 Old Christchurch Road | Bournemouth | BH1 1NL Tel. 01202 316633 Web:




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THE CROWS NEST With a view of the harbour from every table, The Crows Nest is a truly beautiful place to dine. Positioned on the edge of Poole Harbour in the heart of Poole Park, this restaurant offers uninterrupted views which you can take in whilst enjoying lunch or dinner. Newly refurbished, fitting in around 40 heads, the décor boasts a modern, fine dining experience with the food to match. Our waiter, James, chose our meals, starting with the Terrine of free range chicken, white pudding, cornichon and sweet pickle which was wrapped in a thinly sliced Parma ham along with the speckled white haricot bean soup served with an avocado cream all gently laid on a bed of watercress. Both elaborated an explosion of flavours, and were served beautifully on wooden boards and white china. For our main, we were served the cut of salmon. The salmon was succulent and meaty with a salty crisp skin, served with beetroot poached, melt in the mouth scallops upon a bed of petit pois and buttered Parisian potatoes. To accompany the meal, James recommended the Pinot Grigio, a dry white wine to match the fish dish and the rose lemonade as a nonalcoholic alternative. A great size portion and at an extremely reasonable price, with main courses starting from £10.95, considering the quality of the food and

the spectacular view that comes with it. To end the evening, James brought out a rich intense chocolate marquis with raspberry sorbet and a delicious crisp but creamy crème brule. These two desserts looked divine and it was very difficult to choose which to devour first, but my eyes were set on the chocolate and what a treat it was. The food was truly delicious and is definitely somewhere I take pleasure in recommending, with the scenery, ambiance, beautiful food and great service, this place certainly has the whole package.


CIDER FROM ÖSTERLEN Discover Sweden’s Craft Cider in Bournemouth’s best bars •

briska is a 4.5% Premium Imported Swedish Cider

Available in draught Pear and packaged Apple, Pear and Pomegranate.



Pomegranate @briskacider Please contact Proof Drinks on [020 7737 7995] or at for more information on stocking briska Swedish Cider






*AC Nielsen ScanTrack: Total Coverage Value Sales MAT to 24/12/2011. **Mediacom 2012. LUCOZADE, LUCOZADE REVIVE and the Arc Device are registered trade marks of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.

1812 are currently celebrating the buildings 200th Anniversary, so where better to hold your Christmas festivities than in Bournemouth’s historic first residence? From large office groups with a buffet or an intimate sit down meal,1812 is the perfect place for your Christmas Party. Enjoy mouth watering festive food in the restaurant and relax in the bar area afterwards and sample our Christmas cocktail menu. We have live music later on from Wednesday - Saturday so sit back, relax and sup up the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Buffet Menu from £9.50 per person 3 Course Christmas Menu £28.95 per person 4 Course Christmas Menu £36.95 per person Open for Christmas Lunches from 12pm throughout December.

For more information & bookings please call us on: (01202) 20 30 50 The Royal Exeter Hotel

Exeter Road





Danny Francis + Special Guest DJs @ Bar So. Free Entry. Open til late. To reserve a private booth area call: 01202 20 30 50

Bar So, Exeter Road, Bournemouth. design by




PLUG & PLAY BOURNEMOUTH’S MOST DIVERSE JAM NIGHT Drums, Bass & Guitar are all provided so you simply turn up, put your name down & jam with whoever is on stage.





The cream of local live music talent graces our stage plus DJ’s taking you through to the early hours.

DJ Roast Beatz brings his mash�up of Hip hop, Reggae, Party breaks, Funk, Ghetto Funk & Turntablism. If it bumps, he’ll bring it.







A unique night of live music � female performers & two for one female vocal playlists COCKTAILS all night long. 5pm - 8pm








Bournemouth’s premier rock night, The Storefront residents are joined by guest DJ's from rock bands & key members of the music scene to drop their favourite bands & artists.





L AST Live












Party tunes to get you moving, from one half of this London based DJ duo. Expect Soul, Groove, Dance, Hip Hop, Disco & everything inbetween.



Dj Kevcox, takes you on a journey of eclectic madness with an underlying retro feel, expect to hear northern soul, reggae, r&b, rock n roll, loud guitar & loads more.




BLOCK PARTY BEATS CLASSIC FUNK, SOUL & HIPHOP DJ Leeroy spins a selection of old school classics � Sweet�Ass Soul, Super Heavy Funk & Head�nod Hip Hop.



OPENING HOURS Sun 7pm�1am Mon�Thurs 5pm�1am Fri & Sat 5pm�2am


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An eclectic & heady blend of Hip Hop, Breaks & Beats, Funk, Soul, Bass, Rock, Drum & Bass plus whatever else comes to hand � all mixed up & driven along by heavy, heavy live drums. BAM!

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sell out KISSY


Simon Hulton is part of the collaboration ‘BITCOOL’, of which Simon and Drew caught Up with him & MC COBRA Suckling joined musical talent forces just before Christmas last year. The great thing about these two is that they play really different styles, Simon plays more bass orientated whereas Drew plays more big room music which gives you a fresh mix of the two. After a cheeky summer in Ibiza and a dirty weekend at Bestival, we catch up with Mr Hulton to ask him a bit more about his music and what he’s really been up to this summer.


Kissy Sell Out’s happy chappy demeanor and control of everything worth lending an ear to in the electro world has brought him much warranted success. Following a stint on Radio 1, the Essex native has turned attentions to his own label, San City High, as well as some fruitful collaborations. We caught up with him and MC Cobra before he disturbed the peace at Bournemouth’s V.

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Now you’re down here in V, you ever partied in a church before? I think I probably have, you know. I’ve ended up at a lot of random parties but perhaps not as beautiful as this one. This is epic tonight, so I’m real excited to see how things go.

What’s the weirdest venue you’ve ever played in? I’ve done a few boats and also a few random places where you think the roof is gonna come down, but not that many churches though.

How’d you meet up with your partner-in-crime, Cobra? Cobra: Basically, I heard a tune kicking about called ‘Birmingham Town’ from Kissy’s Radio One show that had just started at the time. I got in touch with him and asked him if he wanted to do some stuff together so I did some drops for the show and it just went on from there. Kissy: We’re like an old couple now and we’ve been going on for a while (laughs). Our first gig together was quite awkward because I was mixing stuff too quickly and Cobra couldn’t cope with it. Previously on sets, Cobra only does a 10 minute set with me, but now he tends to come into it a bit more. I like it though and the fans like it so we’re cool with that. I’ve got myself a legendary garage MC, I’m well happy about it.

People know you most recognisably from the Radio 1 show; do you still get the radio bug from time to time? Something that’s quite nice about not being tied down to one show is that I get to travel all the time, which is cool, and I also get to go on lots of other people’s shows. Even last week, I was on Hatcha’s show on Kiss and I did the International Radio Festival the week before that so it’s great fun. I’ve always been a tunes man though really so even though people are fond of my silly, Essex accent as long as I’m doing the tunes then I’m happy.

Your Badlands mixes come from the far away moon of Enceladus, why so far away? Didn’t fancy our moon? (laughs) We have to hang out somewhere and if things aren’t rocking down on the surface and it’s been raining then we’ll jump in the steam train and go to Saturn’s moon. The thing is some of the human race has already been to the normal moon, so we go to Enceladus instead.

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What’s the link between you and astrophysics? I’m actually, bizarrely, going to start a part time degree in astrophysics and quantum mechanics soon; fingers crossed because I might fail to be honest with you. It’s just something that I found out a lot about and I love space, don’t think I’d want to go into space because it’s pretty uncomfortable but I’m just happy making tunes and then sending Cobra off to various other moons.

What can people expect from the next mix? Last one, there wasn’t any storytelling so I think we have to go back to that but there’s a lot more bassline stuff. We have the San City High album coming out soon and that’s in December, but I think we’ll get out another Badlands mix before then. ‘San City High Allstars’ is the album we’ve been spending the whole year making and that’s just full of exclusive tracks from Hatcha, Saint Saviour and others.

You’ve worked with Queen of Hearts, but what other collaborations have you got lined up? It’s fun making stuff with other people, I’ve never really had time and I’m a bit of a control freak and end up taking over the studio. I’ve done a new record with Hervé, after the one we did a couple of years back, but this is the follow up called ‘Ready For the World’ and that’s coming out next year. 2013 is just chocka with tunes and I just wish you could hear them now.

What other bits are you working on then? Think we’ll focus on getting some records out by other people on the label and if you’re a bedroom producer with some sick tunes, keep them coming because I look forward to getting some more tunes out by others. It should be fun. ERROL ANDERSON

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whether it be an art movement, lifestyle, literature, film genre or event, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Kitschâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is pleasingly distasteful. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s melodramatic, overdone but ultimately by definition it is the better than the original because its KITSCH.

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Kitsch; founded by comeplay Shwe Voller introduces us to Kitsch Bournemouth propaganda: Shwe Explains to us that he started out on the ‘Kitsch’ movement to demonstrate how the nightlife of Bournemouth has become ‘samey’. He started with an age-old formula – Take a premier venue, add a premier DJ (Maxwell) and open to the masses… add to that, the element of Kitsch and the movement starts to unravel.

‘I want every Monday night at Kitsch to be an actual ‘event’

65 | upraw

‘I want every Monday night at Kitsch to be an actual ‘event’, something that will be talked about in the days leading up to it and that will be remembered by pictures, friends, memories and bruises for days after’. Monday nights no longer need to be just ‘a night you go out on the lash with friends’, when you add the element of Kitsch then you are looking forward to a night with a twist, a night with a Jaeger pistol in hand, a glamour model serving you and your friends on a table or the simple fact you’re in a premium venue with dirty student prices Some of the land mark events introduced to Mondays at Lola Lo have included appearances from Made In Chelsea’s Proudlock and Geordie Shore’s Joel Corry . However, having celebs alone is not what makes Kitsch the unforgettable event Shwe has set out to create. Now, add Jaeger pistol parties, champagne spray nights, full moon parties, acoustic sessions, live performers and you start to see what is being achieved.

Photo: | Ben Hooper

For bookings and/or queries contact: Shwe: 07805739888 or

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I N B O U R N E M O U T H D J ’ s W E T RU S T

MR HULTON Simon Hulton is part of the collaboration ‘BITCOOL’, of which Simon and Drew Suckling joined musical talent forces just before Christmas last year. The great thing about these two is that they play really different styles, Simon plays more bass orientated whereas Drew plays more big room music which gives you a fresh mix of the two. After a cheeky summer in Ibiza and a dirty weekend at Bestival, we catch up with Mr Hulton to ask him a bit more about his music and what he’s really been up to this summer.

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What music genre are you into at the moment / what are you playing? My personal genre would be a range of deep to tech house, up to drum and bass, dub step and trap music. The music I play is everything from RnB and Hip Hop to House, I can cater for whatever I need. It’s really important to be versatile, plus I enjoy changing up the music, it’s good to see what skill’s I can put to the test.

Now that technology has moved from vinyl’s, to CDJ to having using laptops, do you think these advances have made DJing easier? A lot of people criticize DJ’s for using their laptops to play, many have come up and called it cheating. If you use Traktor, you can sync a tune with 120bmp to 140bmp which in my eyes is cheating. This program makes it a lot easier for anyone to DJ, but there are other programs that you can use that teach you to really mix and mastering the art of mixing one song into another perfectly. I use Serato S13, I’ve taught myself to jump from a 100bmp to 130bmp track on this program, however the main advantage of using a laptop is that I have access to over twenty thousand songs. It’s such a quick way to access any tune and not have to carry a massive CD wallet around with you.

What aspects of Djing do you love the most/ perks? The best thing about DJing is the fact that I like playing the music I enjoy to play. And from the music I choose it’s the reaction from the crowd that makes everything about being a DJ come to reality. When you get a crowd jumping and screaming, theres no other feeling like it.

Steve Aoki’s rider when he plays includes a fresh pair of pants, if you had a rider for each set, what would you demand to have when you arrived for a gig? Haha! No one has ever asked me this before. I don’t know, I guess a few bottles of Goose for the boys, then a super soaker for the crowd – it’s all about having some fun!”

What have you been up to this summer? I’ve played in Ibiza for Cocoloco’s Fabulush at Es Paradis over July. I even stayed an extra day so I could see Seth Troxla at Circoloco in DC10. Three weeks later we just had to come back and have some time with the boys. We did DC10, Space, Usisha, Amnesia, Sankeys – you have to go to Sankeys it is incredible it definitely has to be on your stop list when going to Ibiza.

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“Drew had a got himself into an absolute mess and and at the end of the night, I sat next to him in Cafe Mambo’s, the next thing I know, Drew is using is his beer bottle as a mobile phone.”

What’s the funniest thing to happen to you this summer?

What are your top ten tunes at the moment ?

Two words – Beer Phone. When we went to Ibiza the first night was definitely one to remember. Drew had a got himself into an absolute mess and and at the end of the night, I sat next to Drew in Cafe Mambo’s and the next thing I know, Drew is using is his beer bottle as a mobile phone. He actually thought the bottle was a phone... “I’ll be in Clapham Junction in 5 minutes” and the next thing he does is pull the bottle down and press the ‘end’ button on the beer bottle. A memory I will never forget – the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!”

1. Adam F, Eats Everything remix - Circles 2. Huxley - Box Clever 3. Mosca – Eva Mendez 4. Red Light – Lost in your love 5. Red Light - Basscone 6. Major Lazer - Orginal Don (Flosstradamuss remix) 7. Azelia Banks – Esta Noche 8. Julio Bashmore - Au Seve 9. Netsky - Drawings 10. Jack Beats - Careless Takura



It’s been just over a year since Lianne La Havas’ captivating performance on ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ and having returned from a recent illness she is back wooing crowds with a show at Bournemouth’s Old Firestation. As soon as the London songstress began her foray into tales of lost love, the venue stood in awe, enchanted by an artist with the prowess to fill stadiums and the charm to serenade the more intimate Firestation. We caught up with Lianne after the show to talk about sweets, touring with Bon Iver and a voicemail from Stevie Wonder.

72 | upraw

Hi Lianne, how did you find your first show in Bournemouth? I loved it! Excuse me… (Chewing on a mega drumstick) Is that your tour sweet? I’m just really into sweets at the moment. When I was in hospital recently, I stopped drinking and smoking, and even drinking coffee. So it’s kind of my new vice now. Anyway, back to the music questions. How does playing more intimate venues like tonight compare to touring with the likes of Bon Iver and Erykah Badu? They are very different, because back then I didn’t have my own band and it was my first time actually touring parts of America and Canada. I do have a thing for more intimate venues. I like the fact that they are cosy and you have to clamber on top of each other to see things, but equally it’s just so crazy to be looking out at a massive audience like I was with Bon Iver, with an average of 3,000 faces a night. They are just as enjoyable and I tried to connect with the audience in the same way as I would if it was a smaller one.

How did they respond to you in the US? I think Bon Iver have such eclectic fans, their taste is very broad and so I felt very welcomed and I think they liked my English accent. It does go down a treat when you are over there. So yeah, it wasn’t too bad.

You were recently nominated for the Mercury Prize, how does that feel? Amazing! I’m so proud; it’s a really good thing. I don’t even have to win now.

It has been a pretty huge year since you were listed in the BBC Sound of 2012. What would you pinpoint as the best moment? When Stevie Wonder came to one of my shows, that was the craziest thing that could of possibly ever happened. Also, meeting and playing guitar with Prince, they are both living legends. I’m so proud to say that they are into my music and I have met them, shared music with them and spent time chatting about life with them. I will never ever forget this year because of a lot of other reasons but mainly those two.

73 | upraw

I heard that Stevie Wonder left you a voicemail singing one of your songs… Yeah he did! We were all sitting next to each other, just chatting and when I had to go he was like ‘oh give me your number’. And then he called and my phone was in the basement, so it went straight to voicemail and he said ‘it was really nice meeting you, I look When Stevie Wonder came to one of my forward to hearing your music again’ and then he sang shows, that was the craziest thing that ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ could of possibly ever happened. Also, meeting and playing guitar with Prince, So do you think there might be a collaboration they are both living legends.

coming up with one of these artists?

I would love to, you know, it would just be a dream come true and there is time to be recording as well. I will be on tour pretty solidly for the next few months but after that and maybe during, I am looking to start work on the next record. So, watch this space. JAMES EMBIRICOS

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich New, up and coming male singer-songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich, has recently captured both the media and the public attention – and his live gig’s show full justification. The crowd excitably meandered around the stage of The Old Firestation as Ben walks on.“I’m gonna have fun, your gonna have fun, then we’re all gonna get pissed after!” He says to a warm welcoming crowd as he opened his set with ‘…..’. Green lights flooded the stage and the crowd fell silent as all eyes focused upon him. In awe of this Yorkshire lad, a sea of lights from phones and cameras appeared as he began to play his wooden guitar and a smoke mist began to fall upon him. Here is a voice that simply gives you goose bumps. Tracks such as ‘Shine’, ‘1904’ and new song ‘Manchester snow’ saw him joined by his three band mates. This addition added a more encompassing sound which only enhanced Ben’s simple melodies and rich vocals. You can see these lads are having fun on the stage as they dance around to the beat, reciprocated by a crowd in sheer fondness. An admirable feature about this song-writer, is his striking lyrics of issues and interests, that many others wouldn’t dare approach. ‘Hole in my hand’ is one inspired by war, as well as ‘Manchester Snow’........ It is great to see such raw talent going against the grain and writing the music that he wants to play, opposed to staying within the picket fence that other popular artists tend to stick to. At the end it would have appeared that Ben was going to leave the stage with ‘…sky...’. Beer in hand, he saluted then thanked everyone for coming. You could feel the whole rooms atmosphere leave with him as he walked off the stage, but that was not the last of Ben. We all love a bit of tom-foolery, and after a few seconds Ben and his fellow band members ran back on the stage ready to perform another three song from the album.

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Having wooed his audience with his raspy voice and storytelling, his set leaves you feeling like you have had an insight into his life and emotion.



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House boudoir Paul Moss Jon Langford Mark rush Palmer Craig X-Cite

FridAY 23 noVember 2012 parental advisory

explicit content


bournemouth... it's time to uP the Anti !

Taking you To anoTher level... wiTh pure musical genius, from an urban underground myTh... lTJ bukem.... presenTed in The flesh. up The anti is the new word on the street....a vast and diverse music culture born from raw talent, alongside some of the biggest names in underground dance music. it’s the vision of local dJ paul moss, resident dJ of former nightclub ‘The manor’, known fondly by the 1000’s of locals, and folk club law in their masses, as one of The besT nightclubs that ever was!!! Taking to anotheryet level... with pure musical Takinghis youaim to is another level... you with with pure the musical now, to provide best night out you experienced - bringing back the passion thatan once the best dJing talent alongside the fromlocal an urban genius, from urban lived, and re-storing some of genius, world’s greatest seatbelts is going myth... to beLTJa BUKEM... party like no other! underground presented in the underground myth...dJ’s!Fasten LTJ BUKEM... your presented in the - this No gimmicks…. No fancy dresses...just the best of the best in music. flesh. flesh. Up The Anti is the new word on the street.. a vast Up The Anti is the new word on the street.. a vast and diverse music culture born from raw and diverse music culture born from raw talent, alongside some of the biggest names in talent, alongside some of the biggest names in There are few DJ’s / Producer’s in the world that can claim to have created and defined a musical underground dance music. It’s the vision of underground dance music. It’s the vision of genre of their own… local DJand Paul Moss, Resident DJmusic of Former Nightclub local DJ Paul Moss, Resident DJ of Former Nightclub LTJ Bukem is one of them. His style of ambient atmospheric known as ‘The Manor’, by the techno 1000’s as well ‘The Manor’,drum known nfondly the 1000’s intelligent bassbypays homage to the Detroit based known soundfondly of early as the mellow, melodic fusion from the ofmasses, Roy Ayres of locals, and folk club lawlikes in their as oneor of of locals, and folk club law insonorities their masses,ofas1970’s one of era jazz Lonnie Liston Smith. Later influences include acid jazz and rare groove. Alongside his record THE BEST nightclubs that EVER WAS !!! THE BEST nightclubs that EVER WAS !!! label Good Looking Records, ‘Danny’ (as he is known to his friends) defined a generation his aim is to provide with the best night out Now, his aim is to provide you with the best night out of clubbers who sought a more mature sound Now, to hardcores speedy,you assaultive energies. experienced yet bringing back the experienced yet bringing back the DJ Dream & Dance needs no introduction to Bournemouth, in a sense they have done it all. Known for lived, their and legendary the that 90’sonce their free mix of drum passion lived, andflowing re-storing some of the passion most that once re-storingsets someatofRemix the during nbest bass made them household names across the South Coast. Tonight we turn the Main Room best local DJing talent alongside the local DJing talent alongside the over to the pioneers of intelligent drum n bass for an education in the art of mixing and music. World’s greatest DJ’s! Fasten your seatbelts - this is World’s greatest DJ’s! Fasten your seatbelts - this is going to be a party like no other! going to be a party like no other! No gimmicks…. No fancy dresses...just the best of the No gimmicks…. No fancy dresses...just the best of the let the Progression commence ... r.o.a.r. best in music. best in music.

the dJ’s

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as well or ord ion es. all. um om sic.


ltJ buKem

adVanCe TiCKeTs Line 07528 576918 nus £5 on ProduCTion of Card AT BonsAi Lounge | 20 exeTer roAd | BournemouTh | Bh2 5AQ doors oPen 10PM-6aM

ltJ buKem LTJ Bukem - Just who is LTJ Bukem? Ground breaking DJ? Inspirational musician? Record label entrepreneur? Club visionary, perhaps? When the man behind those wire rimmed glasses and that disarming smile writes his job description just what does he put? The man who took the drum and bass concept from a small venue off London’s Charing Cross Road to the nation’s superclubs and then onto the international stage? The guy whose records launched breakbeat into a brand new galaxy of sound? Or maybe he just writes ‘Renaissance man for a digital age’. In truth LTJ Bukem is all of the above. LTJ Bukem is the living embodiment of the post-acid house entrepreneurial creative spirit. He is a mild mannered energy flash whose panoramic musical vision has found success in every area he has explored. From running sound systems to cutting up breaks at raves, from relocating the heart of breakbeat culture to redefining the spirit of drum and bass, the man known to his friends as ‘Danny’ has sat at the forefront of breakbeat evolution, lighting the way with little more than a zest for life and a love of music. In other words, LTJ Bukem is a man on a mission! Bukem has produced and mixed some of the World’s best Drum & Bass and cross-over compilations that have ever been produced. Titles such as ‘Progression Sessions’, the ‘Earth’ volumes and further instalments of the ‘Logical Progression’ series have become notorious for the new and exciting directions that Bukem has always strived to take, but without losing sight of his original musical roots and all the things that inspired him in the beginning - the music.

And now... we bring this musicAl mAstermind to bournemouth.

see You on the dAnceFloor... earLy bird TiCKeTs aVaiLabLe by ConTaCTing TiCKeT Line

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U pr a w s N O V E M B E R / & DECEMBER h i g h li g h t s

BLOC PARTY @ The Old Firestation - Sat 10th Nov We Are Your Friends presents the autumn leg of it’s epic multivenue festival The Block Party. Spread across six venues expect a marathon 12 hour spectacular of over fifty of the best cutting edge DJs & live acts, big surprises, after parties and festival fun. Rumble in Jumble @ 60 Million Postcards / 12 – 5pm - Sunday 11th Nov The Postcards now legendary jumble sale, expect to see stalls a plenty, selling everything from cupcakes,vintage clothing, and vinyl records. So plenty of chances to grab yourself a sunday afternoon bargain. 5:00pm Film: City Of Lost Children - A scientist in a surrealist

Up The Anti @ Bonsai - Fri 23rd November LTJ Bukem is coming down to take over Bonsai for the best in Drum and Bass this side of the south coast

society kidnaps children to steal their dreams, hoping that they slow his ageing process

Lower than Atlantis @ Winchester – Sun 11th Nov Their biggest headline show in Bournemouth is still one of the most intimate shows you are likely to catch them at. Do not miss out. Nick Tatham @ Camden - Thurs 15th Nov Open mic regular will be back at Canden playing another intimate live session brightening up Thursdays once again.

DJ Fresh @ V – Fri 16th Nov DJ Fresh is one of the hottest producers in UK music right now having had to number 1 records in the past 12 months with Hot Right Now ft Rita Ora and Louder ft Sian Evans (Kosheen) which was the first ever Drum and bass record to hit the top of the charts. Mark Ronson @ The Old Firestation – Sat 17th Nov Producer and DJ to the stars, Mark Ronson will be hosting at The Old Firstation a set you won’t want to miss.

SHAKE > Craig Richards //Fabric // Tyrant @ The Winchester – Fri 23rd Nov The monumental Shake crew return with yet another huge booking to astound the Winchester! Expect the usual; by which we mean the finest dance music this town has to offer. Ben Howard @ O2 Academy – Sun 25th Nov Ben Howard will play his biggest headline tour to date when he plays some winter dates later this year as part of his ‘Every Kingdom’ tour.

TRC ft Prowler @ Sound Circus – Wed 28th Nov Having played HEVY to SONISPHERE to DOWNLOAD and more. Racking up hundreds of thousands of hits on their videos and amassing a considerable fan base in the following. TRC have done all the leg work, and it’s paying off.

The View @ The Old Firestation - Fri 30th Nov The Scottish quartet play a full UK tour for autumn, following an intimate tour back in June and July which coincided with the release of their fourth album, Cheeky For A Reason.

The Vaccines @ O2 Academy – Friday 30th Nov With the release of new singleTeenage Icon taken from forthcoming album The Vaccines Come Of Age, the band play some live dates this autumn.

Get Satisfied @ Firestation – Sat 1st Dec After a breakthrough year for House music on the South Coast, GET SATISFIED returns to the Old Fire Station for another series of events to finish up 2012 in style. Annie Mac PRESENTS ft Redlight & Rudimental @ O2 Academy – Sat 1st Dec Annie Mac comes to O2 Academy Bournemouth featuring Magnetic Man, Redlight, Rudimental Live and Disclosure DJ set.


79 | upraw

Laurel Collective @ 60 Million Postcards – Sat 1st Dec Signed to Domino Records, Experimental pop outfit Laurel Collective have supported the likes of The Maccabees, NYPC and Villagers. They hit up Postcards with support from Peter & Kerry and Dogtanion for a serious gig.

Foals @ 60 Million Postcards – Fri 7th Dec The one and only Foals will be playing an intimate gig at Sixty Million Postcards, and if that isn’t enough Trophy Wife return to support them. We need not say more.

80 | upraw


Journalists and Photographers come forward! We are looking for some hot talent to contribute to the next copy of UPRAW Magazine. Send in your articles and photos to our editor for the chance to have your work published in the next issue. Were looking for funny, cool and controversial stuff to put in and if you have any ideaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s or want us to arrange some rad people for you to meet, then get in touch. You could have the opportunity to interview some great new music artists, photograph the hottest fashion to hit Bournemouth or even just find something that you think everyone needs to know about. Send your stuff to: Call: 01202 762 674


Remember when you were a kid? Tamagotchis Furbies Scalextric Yo Yos Game boys Pogs Slinkies Pokemon Walkman Playstation Bum bags Dungarees Space invaders

Fundraise for Barnardo’s this Christmas. Check out our website for some big ideas email:

Barnardo’s adheres to the Fundraising Promise and Fundraising Standards Board guidelines. Barnardo’s Registered Charity Nos. 216250 and SC037605 15107 xmas advert3.indd 1

26/10/2012 1


Thurs 4th Oct • £16 adv

Sat 17th Nov • £10 adv

Sat 6th Oct • £17.50 adv

Fri 23rd Nov • £32.50 adv

The I Kicked A Tour In The Face Tour

+ Paul Heaton

Maverick Sabre

The Midnight Beast Thurs 18th Oct • £15 adv

Labrinth + D’Banj

Fri 19th Oct • £17.50 adv

Complete Stone Roses Squeeze

Sun 25th Nov

Ben Howard

Newton Faulkner

Thurs 29th Nov • £26 adv

Sat 20th Oct • £20 adv

Thin Lizzy

Bedlam In Bournemouth

Fri 30th Nov • £18.50 adv

10pm-5am • over 18s only

ft. Chase & Status (DJ Set), Koan Sound, Opiuo + More

Tues 2nd Oct • £12 adv

+ Willy Mason

Benjamin Francis Leftwich Weds 10th Oct • £8 adv

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Rescheduled show • original tickets valid

Fri 12th Oct • £12.50 adv

Mayday Parade

+ The Summer Set + Natives

The Vaccines

Sun 14th Oct • £10 adv

+ Diiv + Deap Valley + Pale

Blood Red Shoes Weds 17th Oct • £13 adv

Fri 26th Oct • £13 adv

Sat 1st Dec • £20 adv

Performing ‘Seamonsters’ in full

ft. Magnetic Man, Annie Mac, Redlight, Rudimental LIVE and more

The Wedding Present Sat 27th Oct • £15 adv 10pm-5am • over 18s only

Slinky - The Saints and Sinners Ball Thurs 1st Nov • £20 adv

Heaven 17

Annie Mac Presents Tues 4th Dec • £18 adv

Alabama 3

Tues 11th Dec • £20 adv

Rancid + Las Resort

The Luxury Gap Tour

Weds 12th Dec • £24 adv

Fri 2nd Nov • £17.50 adv

+ Nathan Fake

Conor Maynard Sat 10th Nov • £12 adv 10pm • over 18s only

Mr. Scruff Keep It Unreal Sun 11th Nov • £25 adv

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad and The Lovely Posse


Fri 14th Dec • £18 adv

The Damned

Sat 15th Dec • £23.50 adv

Stone Sour

Tues 18th Dec • £15 adv

Rescheduled show • original tickets valid


Lianne La Havas Thurs 18th Oct • £15 adv

The Selector (ft. Pauline Black) Fri 19th Oct • £10 adv

NME Next Generation Tour ft. Howler, Cast Of Cheers, Gross Magic

Tues 23rd Oct • £17.50 adv


Thurs 25th Oct • £13 adv

Rick Astley

Fri 26th Oct • £11 adv • 6pm

Whole Lotta Led Thurs 8th Nov • £14 adv

Mystery Jets

Fri 9th Nov • £10 adv

The Smyths

Thurs 12th Dec • £12.50 adv

Electric Six

10th Anniversary - Performing ‘FIRE’ in its Entirety

Fri 14th Dec • £10 adv

The Doors Alive Facebook: Twitter: The Old Fire Station, Students’ Union at Bournemouth University 36 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth BH8 8AD NUS tickets available from Talbot Campus SU Shop

570 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH1 4BH • Doors 7pm unless stated Venue box office opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm. No booking fee on cash transactions from venue box office. Bournemouth ticket outlet: Bournemouth International Centre • • •

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