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Bits ‘n Pieces A FREE Community Newsletter for the Upper Ross September/October 2013 Upper Ross Community Centre 1143 Riverway Drive, Rasmussen, 4815 Ph: 4774 0144 Fax: 4774 0909 Email: A division of NQ Community Services


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Volume 8, Issue 5

Financial Info Session for Families Upper Ross Community Centre 10.00am Tuesday 1st October

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These ladies attended the financial info session for Seniors that was held recently at the centre. They received advice and information from a Centrelink Financial Information Services Officer and a professional Financial Planner, both of whom will be at the session on the 1st October.

NO INTEREST LOANS DO YOU NEED HOUSEHOLD GOODS BUT JUST DON’T HAVE THE CASH UP FRONT? No Interest Loans are now available to Upper Ross residents on low incomes to assist with the purchase of household items such as; fridges, washing machines, essential furniture and other items that will make life easier. Loans of up to $1,200 are available with no interest on repayments. This is a revolving community fund - as repayments are made on loans more loans are made available for others.

To find out more information and apply for a NILS loan phone the Upper Ross NILS program on 4774 0144.

FIRST AID COURSE You just can’t afford NOT to have a First Aid Certificate these days. This one day course will provide you with all the skills necessary to perhaps save a life - maybe a family member or friend. Renew your CPR certificate for only $50 or take the full course for $100. The next course is being held at the Upper Ross Community Centre on Saturday 9th November 2013 from 8am. Places are strictly limited so book now by calling the office on 4774 0144

UPPER ROSS MECHANICAL Repairs and Tyres (Next to BP Servo) Guaranteed Mechanical & Auto Electrical Repairs to all vehicles By highly qualified technicians Unit 2, 1231Riverway Drive Rasmussen

Ph: 4789 1299 Fax: 4774 0980

Meet the Walking Group The Upper Ross Walking Group meet in front of the Headspace building in the car park at the Riverway Complex on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the winter months they meet at 4.30pm and in summer they meet at 5.00pm. Do not be deceived by their maturity, this mixed group of men and women do a challenging circuit around Riverway but combined with taking in all the beauty that nature has to offer. Like the many different plants and species of bird life. They talk animatedly about seeing caterpillars crawling in a line up a tree and a family of magpie geese with 7 chicks that they have observed grow. When the group first noticed the magpie geese they observed 4-6 adults circling and protecting the chicks whenever the family were on the move. The group also talked about seeing the progress of construction around Riverway, such as the apartments and

bridge. They now know a lot about construction and said they could probably build a bridge. But all agreed the greatest benefit of all apart from health was the friendships they have made and how they share things like news from holidays, recipes and information in general. If you are interested in improving your fitness and developing new friendships you are welcome to join the group at the Riverway Complex or phone the centre for more information on 4774 0144.

Morning tea with the walking group: Helen, Kathy, Tina, Susan, Lyn, Lillian & Ray.

Riverway Snack Bar Only the best @ The Gumvale Shops Burgers, Large Mackerel, Family Packs, Sea Food, Tasty Snacks Great Range of Drinks Hours: Tuesday 4.00pm - 8.00pm Wed/Thur 11.00am - 2.00pm, 4.00pm - 8.00pm Fri-Sat-Sun 11.00am - 8.00pm os le

tp b Ef aila Av

See you There

One Day Wonders Trip to Magnetic Is On an idyllic NQ winters day we ventured to Magnetic Island and enjoyed being outside in the sun and taking in the magnificent water views. We had a picnic morning tea at Horseshoe Bay, thanks to Marie and Susan for their wonderful home cooking. Stopped in at Arcadia for some sightseeing and the ladies appreciated the view at the beach. After all the sun and sand we were ready for some retail therapy and headed for the shops at Nellie Bay. Then it was on to Picnic Bay for lunch where we enjoyed good food, good company and

Having lunch at Picnic Bay: Natasha, Shirley, Merle, Marie, Joyce, Betty, Noel, Vi, Elsie, June & Sid.

some bawdy jokes. It was a great day with lots of laughing and singing, unfortunately the bus driver was a bit of a party pooper and we didn’t get an ice-cream on the way home. Marie was the winner of the trivia competition because she answered all the questions correctly and handed her form in. Well done! The next trip is planned for October to the Museum of Tropical Queensland.

Upper Ross Child Health

FREE Counselling At Upper Ross Community Centre on Thursday from 9.30am with Callie-Anne A Qualified Counsellor and member of the Australian Counselling Association Inc. Qualified in providing counselling for Individual and Family Therapy on coping with life’s concerns.

From 9am on Thursdays at the Upper Ross Community Centre qualified community health nurses are on hand to answer questions and offer support on: new baby health checks breastfeeding new mum’s support

Bookings essential - please phone 4774 0144

No appointment needed

TAX HELP IS BACK Need Help Preparing Your Tax Return? The Upper Ross Community Centre is once again offering free assistance for those needing to lodge a tax return. Tax Help is available for individuals and appointments can be made ONLY when all group certificates have been received. Phone 4774 0144 to make an appointment. CHEAP 2ND HAND BOOKS NOW ON SALE AT THE UPPER ROSS COMMUNITY CENTRE PRICES START FROM 50c

At the Upper Ross Community Centre..... FREE LEGAL ADVICE Do you need to speak to someone about a legal concern? Free Legal Advice Clinic every Tuesday from 4pm. Bookings are essential. Phone 4774 0144

Aboriginal Building Connections Seminar

Free Computer Support & Access Are you aged 50+? Want to learn about computers and the internet? Need access to a computer or the internet? FREE one-on-one support is available to residents aged over 50 who are interested in learning more about computers and the internet, but at their own pace. Don’t have your own computer but would still like to access the internet? FREE access to modern, internet ready computers is also available to those who do not have their own equipment. Bookings are essential on 4774 0144.

What’s it about? Aboriginal Building Connections is a 3 hr seminar that has been developed to support Aboriginal parents practice positive ways of parenting after breaking up. It aims to encourage parents and family members to gain an awareness of the importance of giving up conflict to support kids and grow them healthy, safe and strong. What will happen in the Seminar? We will talk about how to communicate with the other parent; setting goals; where to get support through other services; and looking after yourself. If you are interested in attending a seminar please contact the Family Relationship Centre on 4772 9000 or this centre on 4774 0144.

FAMILY PORTRAITS BOOK NOW Upper Ross Community Centre will once again be fundraising with NQ Family Portraits offering family portrait sittings on Saturday 2nd November. Sittings cost just $15 and include a FREE 11 x 14" portrait of your family. With Christmas fast approaching, this is a great opportunity to have a professional photographic sitting with the whole family. If you have not had a family portrait taken recently then this is a great, low-cost option to capture a memory . Bookings are essential and can be made by phoning the Upper Ross Community Centre on 4774 0144.

· F a s t F r ie n d ly s e r v ic e · W e b s t e r P a c k in g · N D SS Sub Agent

O PEN 7 DAYS · 8 – 8 w eekdays C n r R iv e r w a y D r iv e a n d G o llo g ly L a n e , R a s m u s s e n Phone: 4755 4654

Centre Activities TIME OUT Tuesdays from 9.30am 12.30pm Lonely? Bored? Nothing to do? Feeling isolated? Try Time Out - a friendly, social morning for men and women who just want to get out of the house, catch up with friends or make new ones and enjoy a cuppa. Everyone welcome! Ladies enjoying doing various craft activities at the community CARDS centre. Thursdays from 9am 12noon CRAFT Looking for something Mondays from 9.30am to 12.30pm different to do? Enjoy a good If you love your craft, like to have a chat, enjoy game of cards? Want to sharing ideas, want to learn new skills and make make new friends? Come new friends, then our Craft Group is just what you along and join our social card are looking for. Come along and join other craftgroup. lovers and share ideas and friendship.

SENIORS WEEK 2013 On 21st August Ian and I attended the RSL Stadium and enjoyed the venue where we were able to walk around in comfort and visit all the service providers. There was free tea, coffee and biscuits plus tables and chairs which were most welcome when rest was needed. Also, when we drove to the stadium we found parking easy. On 23rd August the Community Centre organised a bus and we were taken to the Reid Park venue for the luncheon. We were able to get off the bus in the pit area and walk through to were we were seated, plus it was convenient to have tickets which

showed the table and seat number. When walking around it was under cover and not as crowded as previous years even though there were more people. The entertainment and speeches were easily heard although drowned out by conversations at the table. Cold water was in plentiful supply and the young people were very good at replacing the water when they saw the bottle nearly empty. Both venues receive my tick of approval and if you didn’t go this year, remember 2014 Seniors Week is only 11 months away. Jeanette Eadie

Quick Crossword

Across 1. Evolve 5. Windstorm 6. One more 7. Proposition

Down 1. Diminish 2. Wordy 3. Tanned animal skin 4. Computer instructions

Brain Teaser John, his wife and their daughter wish to cross a river. The row boat can only hold 100 kilos. John weighs 80 kilos. His wife and daughter weigh 40 kilos each. Question: How do all three cross the river? Answers on the next page.

Colouring In

JP Service Available Wednesday 9am to 11am Upper Ross Community Centre

Cranbrook State School Fete Alice St, Cranbrook

Friday 20th September 5pm to 9pm Heaps of fun * BeatBox Comp * Graffiti Display * Cent Sale * Raffles * Stalls * Rides * Slides

* Laser Skirmish * Friday Night Football on the Big Screen * Yummy Food and Drinks

Contact Fete Coordinator, Jacqui Bawden on 0400 416 514 or for more information.

Benefits of Belonging The advantage of belonging to a group in which people help each other is that the group is often better equipped to deal with outside threats. People intuitively realise there is strength in numbers and take comfort in the company of others. It’s all good and well that we can unite against an external foe but what is more interesting is the result of recent studies that people who are part of a group are also far better to conquer an internal foe the threat of bad health. To appreciate the impact of social connection on the state of your body, you need only consider what happens when it’s abruptly cut off. Consider the expression, “hurt feelings” that compares the pain of social rejection to the pain of physical injury. In these studies on the health benefits of social relationships there was evidence that social ties and increased contact with family and friends are associated with a lower risk of death in treating breast cancer and a similar conclusion with respect to surviving heart surgery. So the moral of this story is, join a group! Solutions to puzzles from previous page.

“ Specialising in the Upper Ross”

9 Connemara Course, Kelso

Mum and daughter cross first. Daughter gets out of boat, mum returns. Mum gets out of boat, dad crosses. Dad gets out and daughter goes back to get mum.

Change underway in Upper Ross DHA Development Upper Ross residents will be welcoming new neighbours as the Defence Housing Australia (DHA) development gets underway between Beck Drive and Riverway Drive at Rasmussen. Civil works for the first 126 lots have begun on the site, which is expected to contain over 1,100 new homes at completion. I’m sure the friendly people of the Upper Ross will make any new residents welcome when they start to arrive. Riverway Roadworks Roadworks are underway adjacent to the DHA development site to improve access, including a new set of traffic lights. This new access point will connect with Pinnacle Drive which, once complete, will continue to Allambie Lane. I know roadworks can be frustrating so please be courteous and watch out for the safety of the workers trying to get the job done. Community Hub Planning Plans for relocation of the Upper Ross Community Centre to adjoin PCYC on Allambie Lane are well underway. All parties are excited about the upcoming move and are working closely to design a Youth and Community Hub that will meet everyone’s needs and I know it’s long overdue for the people of the Upper Ross. Watch this space....

MEN’S SHED Behind PCYC Allambie Lane We welcome men who like to come together to apply their skills (or learn new ones) for the good of the Townsville community. Current projects: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Construction and selling of Mynar bird traps Wooden toys Decorative boxes Making Chess figures for Rasmussen School

Opening Times:

8am - 12.30pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

NQ Community Services Inc (Upper Ross Community Centre) AGM Monday 16th September 7pm

WHAT’S ON AT THE UPPER ROSS COMMUNITY CENTRE September/October Activities 8:30-10:30am Community Garden Mondays 9:30am Craft Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ 9:30-12:30pm Free Computer Access

Tuesdays Wednesdays



9:00am 9:30-11:00am 9:30-11:30am 4.00pm 5.00pm 5.30pm

Gentle Exercise Playgroup Timeout Legal Advice Walking Group Fit Camp


8:30-10:30am 9.00-11:00am 9.30am 10.30-12.30

Community Garden JP Service Seniors Computer Kiosk Computer Classes


9:00am 9.00am 9:00am 9:30am 5:00pm 5:30pm 6.30pm

Child Health Clinic Social Cards Counselling Seniors Computer Kiosk Walking Group Fit Camp Tai Chi

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