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Hospitality Trends for 2024

With the hospitality industry getting ready for 2024 we at Alliance have taken the opportunity to research the top emerging trends set to take hold this year. We have identified four trends so far which are beginning to permeate the current hospitality scenery:

Mediterranean Romantic

To make this trend work you need to embrace bright, light spaces and pair them with natural tones and textures such as wooden furniture and areas of bare, undecorated walls. When trying to achieve an “Old World” Mediterranean charm we’d suggest looking to employ neutral crockery and glassware to help allow your establishment to be the main focus. Great options include Artis’ Nara Rose or the Utopia Santo ranges (both the taupe and light grey colourways) where crockery is concerned, and RCR by Steelite Essential glassware range is perfect for serving drinks.

Invitingly Glamourous

For this theme the key is employing a refined colour palette but doing so in a sensible and stylish capacity. The idea is for dining spaces to not appear overwhelmingly expensive whilst still maintaining an inviting and glamourous aesthetic. Churchill’s Kintsugi Reverse is brilliant for adding a subtle hint of glamour to any table setting and works as a brilliant canvas to showcase your food. The Villeroy & Boch Rock range is also fantastic for serving a refined menu on to your customers, especially when paired with the Artis Speakeasy Swing.

Organic Brutalism

Organic brutalism is a theme which is becoming popular in developed urban areas and requires the restaurant / hotel to fully embrace the notion of opposites attract. The best way to visually capture this theme is by twinning the brutally linear nature of city architecture with the softness of organic elements. When tying in your tableware with this style of décor we’d suggest Churchill Stonecast Sorrel of this Fusion range or opt for the stark contrast of the Artis Elements collection.

Nuovo Caffè

The term “Let’s grab a drink” is slowly shifting from referring to have an alcoholic beverage and becoming more synonymous with having a coffee. If you serve coffee and want to attract the discerning coffee drinker, then give your social areas are more relaxed and contemporary.

At Alliance we are always up to date with the latest hospitality trends and products so call your nearest Alliance Local to see how we can help you with all your needs.
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The International BarLady Competition competition will take place in Athens this March.

THE UK Bartenders Guild will be sending one of its top UK female bartenders to compete against the best in the world in the International BarLady competition this March.

The competitor will be selected to represent the nation in the competition, which is held in Athens on March 8th-9th.

The International Barlady competition is held on International Women’s Day and highlights the talent and professionalism of female bartenders across the continent.

Competitors will be tested across two categories to showcase their skills, creating two original creations including a Classic Cocktail from a selection of International BarLady Competition Sponsor products and then a National Cocktail, including local elements or inspirations from their home country.

Other key talents including professionalism and technical expertise will also be measured, and successful competitors will need to be multilingual, allowing them to have conversations with the foreign guests, as in the world’s most exclusive bars.

As education is one of the key goals for the competition, there will also be training and upskilling opportunities across the event. These include a selection of lectures from trailblazing women across Europe in the Food & Beverage industry, who will be breaking down the progress of women in the sector and what more can be done to heighten their profile further.

This focus on education is carried through to the prize, which will include both the prestigious title of ‘Barlady Of The Year’ and entry to elite bartending courses for bartenders and bar managers from the IBA.

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Supported by the International Bartending Association, the competition is known as the reference event for professional female bartenders and will test the contestants on their mixology skills.

Again, original creations will be key to success, with each competitor being matched with a sponsor that they’re required to utilise in their entry, making quick thinking, and true understanding of what makes a good cocktail essential to success.

Claudia Carrozi, Guild President for the UK Bartenders Guild, said: “Competitions such as these are crucial to raising the status of the incredible women in our industry across Europe, so it’s thrilling to be able to get involved and enter some of our amazing talent.

“Our country has great talent, working at some of the world’s most exclusive and respected establishments, so being able to demonstrate the strength of our sector is always exciting.

“The events as a whole are also a great showcase for why female talent is essential to the success of our industry. Female bartenders and other women across the Food & Beverage sector play a vital role in a multibillion dollar industry, and events that champion the profile of the top women in our profession are an exciting thing to be a part of.”

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École Ducasse, a network of schools dedicated to the transmission of outstanding French expertise and excellence in culinary and pastry arts, has announced a partnership with Hectar, a pioneer in the development of new sustainable agricultural models and firmly committed to regenerative agriculture that prioritises soil conservation.

In June 2024, École Ducasse and Hectar will launch a professional training course on the theme of “Bringing Biodiversity and Sustainable Food to the Plate”. The two-day course scheduled for 20-21 June will enable chefs to better

Sustainable Food to the Plate

Bringing Biodiversity and

identify the role they need to play in the transition to healthier, more sustainable food, and will cover key topics such as soil regeneration, climate issues and the importance of the chef-producer relationship. It will also include an immersive visit to the Hectar pilot farm, as well as conversations with renowned chefs who have initiated new forms of collaboration with producers and implemented self-production “kitchen-gardenchef” approaches.

All École Ducasse Bachelors and career conversion programs will also be enriched with a two-day module on sustainable food. This addition will form an integral part of the healthy and natural cooking module from this year onwards and focus on plant-based cuisine as well as territorial diversity, also with a visit to the Hectar pilot farm, and talks by experts on the themes of soil regeneration, permaculture and fermentation.

Through this collaboration, École Ducasse aims to play a pioneering role in the integration of sustainable nutrition into culinary education. Hectar, meanwhile, is dedicated to accelerating the agricultural transition and supporting start-ups in this field across Europe. It also creates initiatives backed by major groups such as Parfums Christian Dior. Both organisations are committed to training chefs who are not only talented but also involved in a responsible transition towards more sustainable food, keenly aware of their environmental impact as part of their professional practice.

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The vision nurtured by Alain Ducasse – Founder of École Ducasse, Michelin-starred chef and emblematic figure in the world gastronomy – inspires the spirit of this partnership: “Wellsourced produce is at once good to eat, economically good and good for the planet.”

Elise Masurel, Managing Director of École Ducasse, commented: “We are delighted that this long-term partnership with Hectar has come to fruition, as it aligns perfectly with our desire to train civic-minded chefs who must be fully involved in the transition to a sustainable and healthy diet. This partnership is a major step towards a form of gastronomy that respects, celebrates and preserves our planet.”

Hectar Founder, Audrey Bourolleau, added: “Hectar is delighted to be involved in the training of future chefs, as it is important for us to be able to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in order to foster links between those who work the land and those who enhance its produce.”

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NESCAFÉ® B2B by Nestlé Professional is giving small hospitality and food and drink businesses across the UK a unique opportunity to win face-to-face business advice from DEBORAH MEADEN*

In an exciting new partnership for 2024 – NESCAFÉ® B2B by Nestlé Professional – is giving small and medium hospitality and food and drink businesses a unique opportunity to win bespoke insight and advice from serial entrepreneur and business guru Deborah Meaden

Open to SMEs*, across all industries, the new business programme, Let’s Partner up for Good, will see six lucky businesses win a seat at the table to discuss their business challenges relating to their sustainability journey, workplace wellbeing and business growth with Deborah Meaden and NESCAFÉ® B2B business experts.

Nadia Roberts, Brand Manager at NESCAFÉ B2B, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Deborah Meaden to help and support six small businesses, and to share insight and tips with the wider small business community.

“We know that every business is different but there are common themes that all small businesses face. For example, we know that 76% of SMEs believe that having an environmental strategy is good for business and 25% would like their business to be more environmentally friendly. Over a third (35%) of small business owners’ want to learn how to improve their mental health while running a business but don’t feel they have access to the correct resources. And, shockingly, around 7,000 UK businesses are predicted to fail every quarter in 2024.

“Whether it’s understanding what sustainability means for individual SMEs, improving employee wellbeing or boosting growth in the current climate, our aim with this partnership is not only to provide bespoke insight for the six selected businesses, but to create a platform with longevity for learning and sharing for the small business community.”

Deborah Meaden said: “As people know, I’m passionate about running ‘good’ businesses and good will mean different things to different people. There’s no one size fits all. Running a business is a constant stream of challenges to navigate and it can be difficult to know where to turn for support and advice. I’m delighted to work with NESCAFÉ® B2B to share my knowledge and experiences with SMEs across the UK.”

The live discussion with Deborah will take place Spring/ Summer 2024.

SMEs also have the chance to win a place in the audience to listen as the conversations unfolds and pose their own questions in a live Q&A session with Deborah.


For a chance to win a seat at the table with Deborah Meaden or a place in the audience; small businesses need to visit, complete the application, including detail on their business challenge and upload a short video clip. Entries close 31 March. T&Cs apply.

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It’s no secret! American craft beer is recognised the world over for pioneering the global craft beer revolution we see today due to an unswerving commitment to quality, relentless innovation and the highest levels of brewing skill and creativity. Beer styles include easy-drinking lagers, ever-popular IPAs and hazy IPAs in their many iterations, fruited sours, wheat beers, brown ales, porters and big barrel-aged stouts, to name but a few. There is a beer style to suit every customer’s palate regardless of age, gender or nationality.

This Mother’s Day try something new by offering an American craft beer paired menu that will surprise and delight your customers. Beer is the ideal partner for food due to its wide flavour spectrum and unrivalled versatility. The high level of carbonation in beer will help scrub the palate clean of fatty foods and leave the mouth refreshed and ready for the next bite. Beer is lower in alcohol than wine allowing customers to enjoy more than one per meal and helping to add incremental sales to your bottom line. Here’s a guide to creating a different type of culinary experience for Mother’s Day with typical dishes that pair well with beer:

Fish and chips – fish has a light, delicate flavour and shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the beer. Choose something crisp and clean with a high level of carbonation that will refresh the palate and compliment the fish, eg. Helles lager

Sunday roast – offer a beer that mimics the flavours of red wine such as porter or stout. The roasty, toasty, full-bodied flavours of porters or stouts will pair well with foods rich in deep, intense flavours such as meat, gravy and all the trimmings. These styles are

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a good alternative to foods normally paired with wine, such as steak, casserole, burgers, ribs etc.

Vegetarian dishes/vegetables – hops add a herbal, citrus note to earthy vegetable dishes so IPAs are the go-to pairing solution for these foods. Add a touch of zing to your menu with a classic American IPA bursting with resin, spruce, citrus or tropical fruit notes. For a less bitter combination offer a hazy/juicy IPA with its restrained bitterness and soft, velvety mouthfeel which may appeal more to those mums new to the world of IPAs.

Desserts - a barrel-aged imperial stout or barley wine is a classic accompaniment to a decadent and indulgent dessert and pairs beautifully with chocolate, coffee, nuts or dried fruit-based desserts. Beers can be aged in a variety of used spirits’ barrels to give a rich depth of flavour and intriguing levels of complexity with bourbon being a classic example.

Cheese – flavour combinations between beer and cheese are endless – mild, creamy brie

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or goat’s cheese goes with an easy-drinking pilsner, mature cheddar is perfect with a hop-forward IPA and stilton or blue cheese pairs well with a smooth, mellow stout with a hint of sweetness to match the intensity of the cheese.

American craft beer is widely perceived to be bigger, bolder and more complex in flavour than many other nation’s making it sought out the world over. It regularly wins top honours at international beer competitions judged by some of the best palates in the industry.

American craft beer is available through national wholesalers or on line Athletic Brewing, or Sierra Nevada UK The UK remains an important export market for American craft beer with 7.3% of all global exports, the second largest market behind Canada.

Free resources for chefs and restauranteurs are available on or

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In a year marked by the cost of living crisis and escalating business rates, hospitality vendors in the North have demonstrated growth and resilience over the past year, averaging 7.2% sales growth.

New research conducted by Northern Restaurant & Bar in partnership with CGA by NielsenIQ reveals all northern England cities saw a growth in sales in managed pubs, bars and restaurants, with an average of 7.2% growth. Newcastle (12.7%) and York (9.2%) lead the uptrend, followed by Sheffield (7.1%), Liverpool (6.8%), Chester (5.6%), Manchester (4.8%), and Leeds (4.4%).

Despite a 2.5% decline in total venue numbers across the British pub, bar, and restaurant sector in the latest year to October, the industry remains dynamic, witnessing an average of 48 new openings per week. This ongoing activity signals a significant level of renewal. Business leaders are also generally optimistic about the prospects of their own business in the next 12 months. This sentiment is stronger in the north, where 59% of leaders expressed confidence in the sector, compared to 51% in the south.

Notably, northern cities such as Liverpool (-0.8%), Newcastle (-1.2%), and Chester (-1.0%) have proven more resilient than London (-2.2%) and the national average, in terms of the number of outlets. With over a quarter (26%) of new openings in the North, this resilience is particularly noteworthy against a backdrop of rising energy prices, food and drink inflation, and increased National Living Wages.

Consumer sentiment across the country is also positive, with 4 in 5 stating that they are satisfied with the quality of the overall experience during recent visits to pubs, bars and restaurants. A higher percentage of customers in the north are ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of food, service, drinks and overall experience, than the south. This is a likely contributing factor to the ongoing resilience in the North – a content and satisfied customer base.

The research also found how experience-led concepts are well positioned to thrive in the next 12 months. Northern businesses like Mission Mars, Roxy Leisure and Graffiti Spirits Group are not only shaping a dynamic hospitality landscape in the north but also rapidly expanding to other regions. Their success underscores a broader trend within the industry, where unique and immersive experiences are becoming key drivers of customer engagement and business expansion.

Siobhan Thompson, Event Manager for NRB24, commented: “The results underscore the strength, resilience, and ambition of Northern hospitality establishments. Despite shared challenges in the sector, operators in cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, and Newcastle have demonstrated innovation and optimism in the face of issues such as rising utility prices, food inflation, and staffing concerns. While challenges persist, it’s heartening to witness the industry’s adaptability and positivity. The surge in new concepts, site launches, and the enthusiastic influx of customers through the doors offer a much-needed burst of positivity,”

“NRB plays a crucial role as the first opportunity of the year for the industry to unite, offering support and a platform to celebrate Northern hospitality. It serves as an invaluable space for forward-thinking operators to share stories, exchange advice, and connect with suppliers, fostering innovation and inspiration. With brilliant operators, hopefully fuelled by ideas and inspiration from NRB, I know Northern hospitality can continue to thrive.”

Northern Restaurant & Bar, the first major hospitality event of the year, returns to Manchester Central on 12th-13th March 2024. An unmissable date in the diary for everyone in the northern hospitality industry, NRB24 will bring together over 8,500 visitors and 300+ exhibitors for two days of business, networking, and education.

For more information on NRB and to secure tickets, click here

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In the ever-evolving world of TikTok trends, there’s a delightful new sensation making waves among food enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike – the wine and crisp pairing trend.

According to Google search data, “wine and crisp pairing” is trending again with it reaching a new popularity height in December 2023. With many people wanting to take on the trend themselves, what wine and crisp are a winning combination?

Baxters of Scotland, a luxury food hamper brand, pair with

artisan sommelier Rory Anderson to explore how you can do the wine and crisp trend at home.

Rory said: “The wine and crisp pairing is a more accessible version of the classic cheese and wine combo. Although both are unequivocally palatable, the first one highlights the wine’s undertones in a different way and is more versatile in terms

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of pairing options. This makes it perfect for many occasions, whether it’s a get-together with friends, a classy social event, or an easy but delectable way to gather your close ones around the festivities.”

What is behind the wine and crisp pairing trend?

The trend began when TikToker Eli Rallo started tasting various wine and crisp pairings inspired by an infographic that was posted on Instagram by sommelier experts. Other TikTokers followed her in their endeavours to try the pairings and even invent their own. It wasn’t long before the trend went viral on TikTok and other social media channels.

“The reason this combination works is because the salty taste and satisfyingly crunchy texture of crisps help bring out the fruity flavours that are hinted in the wine. At the same time, the fat in the crisps softens the wine’s acidity while the potato amplifies the yeast complexity of the wine, catering to a more pleasant experience for the taste buds,” commented Rory.

White wines

Riesling and salt & vinegar

Salt and vinegar crisps are not to everyone’s taste, as the vinegar flavour is quite poignant, but they certainly pair well with Riesling. The high acidity and lemony taste of Riesling soften the vinegar taste, and it’s one of the few wines that can do that, so save your salt and vinegar crisps for when you open a bottle of Riesling.

Chardonnay and sour cream & onion

Sour cream and onion crisps have a nice zing to them, and they perfectly bring out the creamy and buttery taste of a Chardonnay white wine. The tropical fruit notes and the sharpness of the wine’s acidity provide a delightful contrast to the saltiness of these crisps.

Red wines

Malbec and smoky BBQ

Malbec, often featuring dark fruit notes like blackberry and plum, along with hints of chocolate and spice, and even a smoky, meaty flavour, complements and enhances the spice elements present in BBQ seasoning. The wine’s balanced tannins and acidity complement the indulgent flavours present in these crisps.

Pinot Noir and sweet potato crisps

When pairing sweet potato crisps with wine, striking the right balance is key. You need a wine that complements the crisps’ sweetness without overpowering them, and Pinot Noir is an excellent choice. With a delightful blend of fruity and earthy notes, Pinot Noir enhances the sweetness of the crisps, creating a well-balanced flavour symphony. Moreover, Pinot Noir’s lower tannin levels, compared to some other red wines, eliminate any astringent or bitter sensations that might clash with the sweetness of the crisps. Together, they make for a healthier and enriching wine and crisps pairing.

Rosé wines

Provence Rosé and prawn cocktail

Prawn cocktail crisps boast a nuanced blend of sweetness, tanginess, and creaminess in their flavour profile. Opting for Provence Rosé makes for a delightful pairing, as this wine is renowned for its dry, crisp, and light-bodied nature, harmonising seamlessly with the subtle and refined taste of prawn cocktail. With its aromatic medley of red berries, citrus fruits, and floral notes, Provence Rosé perfectly enhances the inherent sweetness of the prawns.

Grenache Rosé and Thai Chilli Sensations

Pairing Thai Chilli Sensation crisps with a fruity rosé wine such as Grenache Rosé can be a delightful culinary experience. The fruity notes in the rose wine, such as strawberry, raspberry, or watermelon, can provide a pleasant contrast to the heat and spiciness of the Thai Chilli Sensation crisps, while the sweetness in the wine helps balance the heat, creating a harmonious flavour balance. Moreover, the inherent refreshing quality of a fruity rose, especially one with good acidity, can act as a palate cleanser between bites, enhancing the overall experience.

Champagne and ready-salted

For those who love a bit of sparkle, Champagne undoubtedly pairs well with ready-salted crisps. In fact, it’s a match made in heaven. Simplicity and sophistication meet in this classic combo, where the salty and savoury crisp refreshes your palate as you enjoy sips of Champagne’s effervescent radiance.


As the wine and crisp pairing trend continues to gain popularity on TikTok, it’s clear that people are seeking simple yet enjoyable ways to elevate their snacking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual wine lover, this trend provides a unique opportunity to explore the world of flavours in an elevated and accessible manner.

So, unwrap your hamper boxes full of premium wines perfect for the season and embark on a refined culinary adventure.

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Grazing boards have been gaining a lot of popularity within the past few years as a great way to spend time and share great flavours with loved ones. In fact, the grazing board, charcuterie, and deli foods industry is growing rapidly, with a projected compound growth rate of 5.3% between 2023 and 2030 – with the industry boasting £177.55 billion in revenue in 2022.

Whether presented at dinner parties, social events, or enjoying a “girl dinner” with your friends, these visually appealing platters are inducing an irresistibly creative fusion of flavours that is both Instagram-worthy and tasty.

Katy Baxter, Corporate Affairs Director at Baxters of Scotland commented: “Grazing boards are an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to assemble staple food items, such as cheese, wine and chutneys, and offer a platter that is to everyone’s taste. This presents hosts with the opportunity to astonish their guests with a memorable dining experience without spending too much time in the kitchen, ensuring your guests are getting both the best food and quality time with you.”

Baxters of Scotland, a luxury food hampers brand, delves deeper into the trend elevating our social gatherings and what drives it to inspire you to assemble your own during the festivities.

What is a grazing platter?

If you’ve been scrolling through your social feeds, especially around the festivities, you’ve likely encountered the trend in question – the grazing board

A grazing board is much more than a platter of food, and it is not to be mistaken with a charcuterie board, which is a medley of deli meats and cheeses with a few other accompaniments. Instead, a grazing board is a meticulously curated arrangement of various cheeses, charcuterie, fruits, nuts, crackers, chutneys, veggies and more, designed to entice the eyes and satisfy the taste buds in a communal and shareable dining experience. It is an art form of its own.

The art of grazing boards

The surge in popularity of grazing boards owes much to the allure of aesthetics. A recent study found that participants perceived food presented on more beautiful plates as tastier and healthier.

Grazing boards are more than a culinary delight – they’re a celebration of flavours and aesthetics, assembled in an artistic and visually stunning way. These boards transform ordinary ingredients into visually stunning masterpieces and are the epitome of food presentation.

“When curating a grazing board, don’t be afraid to play with textures, colours, and symmetry to create a wellbalanced experience. Coordinating the platter with the theme of the event or the season can add an extra flavour of aesthetics to your table. Taste-wise, you can experiment with mixing flavours you otherwise wouldn’t put together, such as a sweet blackcurrant and cassis conserve alongside spicy jalapeno chilli jelly,” commented Katy.

The social media phenomenon: a feast for the eyes

In the age of Instagram and TikTok, aesthetics matter. Grazing boards, with their colourful and artfully arranged assortments, are a visual feast that is Instagram-worthy. Social media platforms have become virtual stages for culinary creativity, and grazing boards have found their spotlight.

A remarkable 69% of millennials capture a photo or video of their food before indulging, and many of these images find their way onto Instagram. Having an aesthetic experience that they can share with friends and family on social media is paramount. In fact, #food has been tagged over 516 million times on Instagram, and #grazingboard alone has over 676,000 posts.

22 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Shared social experiences

Recently, we’ve been prompted to cherish more intimate, meaningful experiences instead of extravagant gatherings. Grazing boards align with this newfound emphasis on shared moments, as they encourage communal enjoyment and foster a sense of togetherness.

With grazing platters, the whole experience becomes not only about the food but also about the sharing through interaction and heartfelt conversations being sparked around the board. It serves as a bonding element at any party.

Versatility and customisation

Grazing boards stand out as versatile canvases, easily customised to accommodate a myriad of themes or dietary preferences.

“When you craft a grazing board, you have the flexibility to cater to a spectrum of tastes at the same time: to those with a penchant for sweetness and to those who like savoury delights. Much like with a hamper box, which is the foundation for a grazing board and can be a great addition to one, grazing platters are easily customised to suit those who experience it,” said Katy.

Your guests have the freedom to select the elements they desire to enjoy, eliminating any discomfort associated with not favouring set menu options. This only makes the social dining experience more enjoyable. Try encouraging your guests to bring their own unique item to the board for an unforgettable dining experience, mixing everyone’s favourites for a special combination of food and drink.

Grazing platters can also be tailored to the theme of the event or the season. By selecting a variety of food items and decorations, you can cater to a romantic night or a festive holiday gathering. You can also align it with seasonality, choosing fruits that are in season and introducing vibrant colours and diverse textures to enhance your tablescape.

Local and traditional

According to the latest YouGov research, 60% of consumers worldwide prefer to buy local products. This gives an opportunity to support local producers and choose artisanal products that elevate the taste buds and feel like a more personal and authentic experience.

Grazing boards are also a great way to introduce different cultures and experience them through their cuisine. Consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, who are the most ethnically diverse generations, are increasingly favouring multicultural products in their culinary adventures.

Katy commented: “With a thoughtful selection of food items, you can highlight any culture and pay homage to its culinary heritage. If you’re hosting a dinner party with a lot of international guests, you can present your traditional flavours or give praise to someone else’s heritage. Multiculturalthemed parties are also very popular, and grazing boards provide you with the opportunity to shine as a host.

“A well-curated grazing board narrates a story through its assortment and visual experience; it takes you on a journey.”


As we navigate the evolving landscape of social trends and cultural preferences, the resurgence of grazing boards speaks volumes about our desire for shared experiences, culinary creativity, and the joy found in diverse flavours.

But grazing boards are not just a trend; they are a celebration of togetherness and the love of good food. So, as the holiday season approaches, unleash your culinary creativity and welcome the love and togetherness uniting your family members through an unforgettable grazing board.

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ABDA Design drives innovation through new creativity programme

24 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Hospitality interior design company, ABDA Design has been putting creativity at the heart of its business to support and develop its team. This forward-thinking business is celebrating this success as part of International Creativity Month which takes place throughout January. Following an extensive company review, the business launched some innovative and fun initiatives throughout last year that would help nurture creativity including personalised Creativity Days for every team member.

ABDA Design works with a range of hospitality businesses on interior design and brand development, commercial kitchens and build and interior fit out. The knowledge and creativity of the team allows them to design and build stunning hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, workplace restaurants and leisure venues that help operators and caterers to drive sales and allow consumers to make memories.

There is a strong link between wellbeing and creativity and so the new ideas have all been designed to support the team in more ways than one. New schemes have included companywide training with Laughology and an extensive programme of ‘lunch and learns’ where suppliers are invited in to talk about the latest products and industry trends. The annual ‘Creativity Day’ allows employees to take time away from their day job and experience a fully funded activity that increases creativity.

These new days for creativity have included visits to a pottery studio, the David Hockney exhibition at Lightroom Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross London, a foodie experience in Jersey, and tours of several London galleries including the Tate Modern and

National Portrait Gallery. During the visits, the ABDA team has also been exploring hospitality and retail venues such as the Oxo Tower, Fortnum and Mason and Harrods.

Manager director, David Summers said: “At the end of 2022, we did a lot of work on our company vision where we put a real focus on creativity, education and teamwork for 2023. Being creative is so important when you are a designer and we wanted to ensure that we are striving to support every single member of staff to cultivate their creativity in whatever way worked for them. Investing in creativity is an effective way for us to ensure our designs are stunning, eye-catching and meeting the operational needs of our clients. Now we plan to build on this work throughout 2024 and International Creativity Month is the ideal time for us to both reflect and plan ahead.”

Senior designer, Michael Hall who has worked for the business for the last 22 years told us: “I think this was a really good idea for the business as the Creativity Day allows myself and the rest of the team the opportunity to do something we would rarely find the time to do. For anyone who is struggling with creativity, my advice is to put aside some time to switch off from day-to-day life, even something as simple as finding a different space to be in can really help with new ideas.”

To learn more about each of the Creativity Days head over to the website to read the blogs at

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The Signet Collection Acquires 4th Property The Deans Place Hotel, East Sussex

Opening in December 2024, the Grade II listed hotel will offer a luxurious, laid-back escape.

Visionary British hospitality brand, The Signet Collection is excited to announce that they have purchased The Deans Place Hotel, a Grade II listed four star hotel dating back to the 14th century. The property will open in December 2024 joining the collections award-winning portfolio which includes The Barnsdale in Rutland (launched May 2023), The Retreat at Elcot Park near Newbury (launched June 2022) and The Mitre in Hampton Court, London (launched September 2020).

The hotel will comprise 35 individually styled bedrooms, a restaurant that champions local, independent growers and suppliers,

inviting public lounges, a large function room, a heated outdoor swimming pool and stunning grounds. Surrounded by rolling countryside and endless local attractions, it will be the perfect base for an idyllic escape to the English countryside.

Hector Ross, Managing Partner of The Signet Collection commenting on the expansion, “We are thrilled to welcome Deans Place Hotel into our portfolio. This historic property aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our guests with a sense of fun and laid-back affordable luxury. The hotel gives us the opportunity to create an environment that pays tribute to the property’s history while creating a new and memorable experience for our guests. We look forward to relaunching the ‘new’ Deans Place Hotel in December 2024.”

Situated in the beautiful little village of Alfriston, The Deans Place Hotel is surrounded by a bustling community famed for throwing fetes and fayres on the ‘Tye’ (the village green), the sweeping South Downs National Park and chocolate-box-pretty pubs. Hidden gems along The Sussex Heritage Coast are just moments away too.The community is atmospherically rich and authentically British and the hotel will offer a luxurious, laid-back escape for all.

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The Signet Collection is a vibrant hotel company created by seasoned hotelier and restaurateur Hector Ross and team, whose vision is to create meaningful stays in time-honoured places throughout the UK. Founded with a mission to create extraordinary boutique hotels in curated destinations for the most discerning travellers, The Signet Collection launched in September 2020 alongside the first hotel in the portfolio, The Mitre Hampton Court. In 2022, The Retreat at Elcot Park near Newbury launched onto the scene followed by The Barnsdale in Rutland in May 2023. The Signet Collection is a homegrown and hands-on brand, resolute in its dedication to crafting stunning designs in historically significant properties, preserving authenticity, and delivering unparalleled F&B,

service and experiences. The Signet Collection is made up of several destination-defining properties which will continue to launch over the next few years in the UK.

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27 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
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