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Showcasing organisations’ achievement in training and development: The prestigious Princess Royal Training Awards [click here]

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2023 – Continuous investment resulting in major milestones




Showcasing organisations’ achievement in training and development: The prestigious Princess Royal Training Awards

R E Thompson Unveils Exciting Growth Plans and Local Investments

ECI Training and Development Awards celebrate brightest and best from industry at Cutty Sark

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December 2023 ENGINEERING


Teams can now work even smarter and faster than ever before with Snap-on’s newly enhanced tool management system When every second makes a difference, the need for a streamlined tool management system that works seamlessly, while also saving time and money, is more urgent than ever. In a fast-moving workplace with multiple technicians checking multiple tools in and out of your stores, having automated safeguards in place can improve efficiency, minimise loss and damage, and provide complete peace of mind. That’s where Snap-on Industrial’s newly upgraded and expanded integrated tool management portfolio comes into play. Launched at the prestigious Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes, with invited guests from the power generation, aerospace, and rail industries amongst others, Snap-on’s enhanced product range now offers a completely connected experience driven by state-of-the-art software to help teams work faster and smarter than ever before. The expanded range now includes the transformative ATC Portal and True-Crib™ software, as well as the next generation of the ATC Box and Locker, all powered by its advanced L5 Connect software. Think of Snap-on’s upgraded L5 Connect software as the command centre of your operation: a single platform and single source of truth tracking every touchpoint that managers, supervisors, and technicians need to know. Offering completely customisable dashboards, the technology is even easier to use, more secure, and can now be tailored to meet each organisation’s specific requirements. With L5 Connect uniting every Snap-on tool and management system, all users can track every tool, log damage, monitor withdrawals and returns, and generate insightful reporting. An entirely automated system, Snap-on newest generation of ATCs, used in parallel with L5 Connect, minimise the risk of human error, save time, and improve security. Richard Packham, Director UK & Europe for Snap-on Industrial says: “Snap-on’s updated Level 5 offering is now more connected to our customers’ needs than ever before. The range, powered by L5 Connect, combines speed with control at all user levels, supporting companies of every size and complexity.” L5 Connect A configurable, expandable, and uniquely powerful programme, the new L5 Connect is the most important part of the puzzle. Managers, supervisors, and technicians can now access a local and global view of their tool management, quickly and easily tracking tools, identifying those in need of repair, and pulling bespoke and built-in reporting. The result is an intuitive control centre that provides unrivalled accountability, enhances user productivity, and offers an exceptional level of security.

ATC Portal A self-service environment working in tandem with the True Crib, the unique ATC Portal is the ideal solution for large tool storage spaces or designated tool rooms. With two cameras, an RFID scanner on each side, and a touchscreen PC, managers can always have a complete digital and visual log of all users and tools. Completely customisable to fit any gate dimension, the ATC Portal is secure, easy-to-use, and can be effortlessly integrated with your existing tool management protocols via L5 Connect. Key features of the new ATC Portal include: •

24/7 access for authorised employees

User-specific audio prompts in their preferred language

Advanced RFID-based serialised inventory management

Powered by L5 Connect

ATC Box An innovative point-of-use solution, Snap-on Industrial’s ATC Box has already revolutionised the way tools are managed. The new and improved Generation 4 model is even more powerful, providing an improved image of tools inside the box, processing those images even faster, and offering an interface driven by colour so that teams can now identify tool status at a glance. If an organisation has multiples of individual tools, the ATC Box also allows for seamless pocket-swaps. Improvements from the Generation 3 ATC Box include: •

Expanded 13.3” monitor

Faster computer with increased memory

Latest Wi-Fi Dual stream

Improved illumination for enhanced tool detection

Powered by L5 Connect

ATC Locker The ATC Locker is the perfect point-of-use product for oversized and unusually shaped tools that would not naturally fit within the drawers of an ATC Box. Operating on the same platform and monitored with RFID scanners, the ATC Locker offers compliance at the speed of work. There’s no limit to the number of tools that can be stored, a charging point is included inside, and it’s even possible to set up dual verification to monitor smaller tools such as individual drill bits in a box.

The new L5 Connect software builds on its previous iteration by offering: •

Filter screens and reporting by individual toolbox

Access a live feed of all Level 5 ATC devices and software across the facility or multiple locations

View a comprehensive image-enhanced audit log, filtered by tool or user

Customise reports, alerts, and notifications to suit your needs

Benefit from upgraded security enhancements

Interface with existing systems via an enhanced API


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Fluid Carrying

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Innovative Liquid Flow Measurement Solutions

Turbine Flowmeters

Titan is a leading design and manufacturer of innovative end user and OEM high-performance flow meters, used within a wide range of environments and applications.

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses

• Compact, robust, reliable • Excellent accuracy and repeatability

Oval Gear Flowmeters

Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production.

• Measure low to high flow ranges

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life.

• High chemical resistance

ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

• OEM bespoke design capability



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December 2023 ENGINEERING


R E Thompson Unveils Exciting Growth Plans and Local Investments R E Thompson Precision Engineering, an integral part of Hampshire’s fabric for over 75 years, proudly shares its vision for the future with expansive growth plans and a substantial £2.6 million investment in cutting-edge machining equipment and software. This isn’t just about advancements in precision engineering; it’s a commitment to Hampshire’s growth and prosperity. R E Thompson’s strategic investments position the company as a local leader, producing large components swiftly, consistently, and with unmatched accuracy, not only fortifying its capabilities but also contributing to the economic development of our community. At the core of R E Thompson is a skilled and experienced workforce, the driving force behind the supply of high- quality, intricate machined components to diverse customers. These recent investments showcase the company’s dedication to keeping Hampshire at the forefront of technological advancements in precision engineering. “We take pride in our role as a longstanding local employer and contributor to the Hampshire community,” shared Rachel Baker, Marketing Manager at R E Thompson. “Our commitment to the local community is reinforced by our expansion strategies and recent investments, actively generating job opportunities and driving economic development.” R E Thompson actively invites individuals from all career stages, from aspiring graduates to seasoned machinists, to join their team. The company’s dynamic and innovative work environment provides a platform for career growth and development, right here in Hampshire. As a living wage employer, R E Thompson ensures that every member of its staff earns a real Living Wage. This commitment goes beyond the government’s minimum or National Living Wage, demonstrating the



company’s dedication to fair compensation and ethical employment practices. R E Thompson not only values its workforce but also champions collaboration with local suppliers whenever possible. This approach not only strengthens regional partnerships but also contributes to the overall growth and sustainability of our local business ecosystem. About R E Thompson R E Thompson Precision Engineering, deeply rooted in Hampshire, has been delivering highquality, complex, machined components for over 75 years. Recent investments in stateof-the-art machining equipment and software reflect the company’s dedication to innovation and growth, contributing to the success of our local community. Operating from two state-of-the-art facilities in Whitchurch and Andover, recent investments in state-of-theart machining equipment and software reflect the company’s dedication to innovation and growth, contributing to the success of our local community.


December 2023 ENGINEERING


Space-saving with flange connection It could hardly be thinner: the HSM14F Hall-effect single-turn encoder from MEGATRON has an extremely compact design, with a housing depth of just 6.2 mm. Other outstanding features are its high resolution and long bearing life. With the optional redundant electronics, the encoder is also suitable for use in applications with increased requirements for operational reliability. The HSM14F has a very small housing depth and diameter of just 14 mm. Its compact dimensions make it the ideal angle sensor for all applications with limited installation space. The HSM14F offers a resolution of 12 bits (4096 steps) and an electrically effective angle of rotation of 360°. Angles of 90°, 180° and 270° as well as customized values are also possible. The HSM14F Hall-effect encoder is flange-mounted. With a wide operating temperature range of -40...+105 °C and IP65 protection, the encoder is suitable for applications with increased environmental requirements. The integral sleeve bearing has a life of 100 million revolutions and the maximum operating speed is 400 min-1. MEGATRON also modifies the HSM14F for series production according to customer requirements. For example, PWM outputs, customized output signals, different shaft geometries, shaft flattening or cable assemblies are possible. For more information, please click here


MEGATRON's HSM14F Hall-effect encoder is ideal for applications with limited installation space. Image: MEGATRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG


Point One Navigation Expands its Polaris Precise Positioning Network to Great Britain Brings the Most Accurate, Reliable, and DeveloperFriendly RTK Network to the Great Britain for Automotive, Robotics, and Infrastructure Inspection Applications Point One Navigation, a provider of precision location for advanced driver assistance (ADAS), robots, delivery, and infrastructure inspection has expanded its precision location solutions to cover all of Great Britain. This marks another significant milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to bring precise location everywhere. Point One has integrated Ordnance Survey (OS net)’s base stations into the Polaris Network to bring a new level of accuracy, precision, reliability and interoperability to the UK. Point One’s affordable, accurate and reliable precise location are now available within this region, creating a huge potential waiting to be unlocked by application developers in ADAS, robotics and mapping, among others. “Ordnance Survey was a perfect partner on Point One’s quest to bring reliable, precise positioning to the globe. The addition of OS net’s base stations to the Polaris network will bring the advanced positioning capabilities that our industries and innovators need,” said James Mactavish, Partner Channel Manager from Ordnance Survey. Polaris: an ever-expanding network that brings cmaccurate GNSS everywhere Point One’s Polaris™ is an innovative RTK corrections network that enables cm-level accurate GNSS positioning. Polaris has recently extended coverage to now include the UK, further expanding the reach of its global RTK network which includes the entire United States, EU, Australia, Canada and now the UK. This global service works seamlessly across all major markets. Existing Polaris customers are able to utilize the UK integration immediately, at no additional cost. Point One offers a complete, integrated location platform for accurate cost-effective drones, robotics, and ADAS applications This technology is complemented by Point One’s

FusionEngine software, which further integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry, and additional sensors to achieve the desired level of precision, even in the complete absence of satellite signals. Point One’s FusionEngine software and Polaris RTK is the ultimate combination for safe, cost-effective autonomy and robotics applications. Polaris supports all major GNSS constellations and has an extremely dense global network of base stations, increasing precision and providing fast acquisition time in more places. The network supports all modern navigation signals, maximizing compatibility and performance with all devices. Application development made easy with GraphQLbased API Point One is the first localization service with a modern, robust GraphQL-based API. It now takes only a few minutes to integrate Polaris RTK into developer-built applications. Point One is making it easy for software developers to integrate RTK into demanding applications, including Industrial Autonomy, Precision Agriculture, Logistics and Delivery, Robots and ADAS. Even in the absence of cellular networks or in bandwidth constrained applications, Point One will be supporting State Space Representation (SSR) corrections delivered by L-band satellite in Q1 of next year. “Point One Navigation wants precise location to be available everywhere. We are committed to bringing our Polaris RTK network to new markets and sectors, to enable existing and new applications that demand the most accurate, reliable and current location data possible. The expansion to the UK is another significant step in realizing this goal”, says Aaron Nathan, CEO and co-founder of Point One Navigation. For more information about the Polaris Product visit


December 2023 ENGINEERING


2023 – Continuous investment resulting in major milestones As 2023 draws to a close, John Emptage, Sales & Marketing Manager at DK Holdings Limited, a specialist manufacturer and worldwide supplier of diamond tooling solutions and precision-engineered components reflects on the past year and how continuous investment saw the achievement of many impressive milestones and why the team is very excited to ring in 2024. “It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2023, but what a year it has been for the team”, John tells us. “The company continued its drive to improve its green credentials by installing additional solar panels in early 2023. By doing so and through another number of measures, we were incredibly proud to be awarded EcoVadis Silver Medal status, an accolade only 18% of companies undertaking the survey in 2022/23 achieved”, John explains. “We take Quality and Health & Safety very seriously which resulted in the team gaining ISO9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO45001:2015 Health & Safety Management UKAS accreditations in Spring 2023 with the British Assessment Bureau. All of us continuously strive for improvement and transparency and this is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff”, John informs us. “DK Holdings continued investment throughout the year with additional apprentices joining the engineering team as well as acquiring additional machinery, enabling us to satisfy increased customer demand for our range of Diamond Tooling and expanding the company’s precision-engineered component manufacturing capabilities”, John continues. “2024 is fast approaching and an extremely exciting one at that for the company as we are celebrating our 65th Anniversary, a milestone the whole team is incredibly proud of and which we could not have done without our trusted partners across 120 countries worldwide. We are planning a number of activities, make sure to follow our social media pages for announcements. It will be a sparkling year”, John concludes.


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HRS Heat Exchangers operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products worldwide, focusing on managing energy efficiently.

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Wastewater Sludge Digestate Waste streams from: Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical and other industries |

December 2023 ENGINEERING


Large diameter meniscus, cylindrical and aspheric lenses Optical Surfaces Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high precision custom and prototype lenses for the most demanding camera, collimator, and optical imaging system applications. The company has extensive experience of producing high precision singlets, doublets, meniscus, cylindrical and aspheric lenses up to 600mm (24-inches) in diameter. From decades of producing large diameter custom lenses for leading research establishments, government institutions and industrial organisation worldwide – Optical Surfaces has built up an extensive range of test plates and tools to cover many lens sizes and radii. Customer specified noncircular lenses and air spaced lens assemblies are available on request. Benefiting from a unique thermally stable manufacturing environment and working with highstability materials such as Zerodur and Fused Silica, Optical Surfaces can routinely achieve a surface accuracy of better than lambda/20 p.v., surface roughness of less than 1nm rms and smoothness of 10/5 scratch/ dig on large diameter lenses. Combining this world class surface quality with a range of low reflectivity AR coatings on supplied large diameter lenses enables researchers


to achieve the leading-edge optical performance and efficiency required by even the most demanding experiments. Optical Surfaces Ltd has produced high precision optics and optical systems from its ISO 9001-2015 approved manufacturing facility for more than 50 years and today is accepted as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diameter lenses. The company’s manufacturing workshops, and test facilities are deep underground in a series of tunnels excavated in solid chalk where temperature remains constant, and vibration is practically non-existent. With such stable conditions testing of large diameter, high precision lenses, particularly those with long path lengths, becomes quantifiable and reliable.

For further information on large diameter high precision lenses please visit or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126 /


CombiTac direqt – plug into simplicity Click & connect simply clever CombiTac direqt: the new modular connector generation that can be assembled in a snap and without tools. Try it out and configure your own modular connector system with our 3D configurator and experience the longlasting performance and easy handling of CombiTac direqt.

December 2023 ENGINEERING


The effects of combustion process emissions on air quality and climate change With the COP-28 climate conference about to start in Dubai, political and media attention will focus on greenhouse gas emissions, and as a specialist manufacturer of methane and carbon dioxide emissions analysers, Signal Group is well-positioned to comment on the role of industrial process emissions on air quality and climate change. Signal’s Managing Director James Clements explains… First, it is important to be clear about the difference between air quality and the pollutants that exacerbate climate change. Basically air quality is affected by pollutants that can have a harmful effect, above certain concentrations, on living organisms, whereas climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Air Quality Most process emissions regulations focus on limiting the release of gases and particulates that can be deleterious to the health of humans and other organisms. Nitrogen dioxide for example, is known to be particularly harmful to human health, and sulphur dioxide can cause acid rain which harms trees and vegetation. Many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are hazardous to health, but they also have environmental effects, which include the formation of ozone, a constituent of photochemical smog. At ground level, ozone is generated when VOCs react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the presence of sunlight. Ozone can have both acute and chronic effects on humans; affecting the respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous system, as well as reproductive health. Ground level ozone can also have harmful effects on vegetation and sensitive ecosystems. Process emissions are tightly controlled by regulations, forcing businesses to implement abatement measures and to monitor emissions and demonstrate regulatory compliance. However, diesel and petrol vehicles are also combustion processes, and whilst their emissions are also tightly regulated, the potential problem with vehicle emissions is that they often take place in poorly ventilated urban areas where pollution can accumulate and affect large numbers of citizens. As a consequence, governments and local authorities around the world are looking for ways to lower pollution exposure on busy streets and near schools for example. One of the ways in which urban areas can be protected from the most polluting vehicles is to implement ‘Low Emission Zones’ (LEZs) such as London’s ULEZ (Ultra LEZ). Under this scheme, the owners of older, more polluting vehicles have to pay a daily penalty if they wish to travel within the zone. This is naturally a politically sensitive issue, because many people rely on such vehicles and may not be able to afford a newer ULEZ compliant vehicle. However, there is no doubt that LEZs do improve air quality.


The manufacturers of industrial and vehicle engines and boilers are therefore constantly seeking to develop equipment which is both efficient and produces low levels of pollutants. Increasingly, however, there is a need to also reduce GHG emissions. Greenhouse Gases GHGs are so-called because they absorb some of the heat that the Earth radiates after it warms from sunlight, and thereby trap this heat in the Earth’s lower atmosphere, causing global warming – the greenhouse effect. The gases which behave in this way include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3). CO2 is responsible for about three quarters of global warming and can persist for thousands of years. Methane causes most of the remaining warming but only persists in the atmosphere for about 12 years. Importantly, methane emission reduction initiatives therefore offer faster improvements in the fight against climate change. The combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal has increased atmospheric methane concentrations by over 150% and carbon dioxide by over 50% since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Urgent initiatives are therefore underway to reduce CO2 emissions with many countries committing to significant reductions in GHG emissions as they strive to meet their Net Zero targets. The old adage goes: ‘you can’t manage what you don’t monitor’ and this is a major driver for analyser sales at Signal, with increasingly large numbers of customers looking to develop engines and processes that offer improved efficiency as well as lower emissions of both air quality pollutants and GHGs. See more of the latest news here


BEDEO LAUNCHES •RE-100 electrification solution helps fleet managers maximise RETROFIT TECH their investment in vans by extending the life of the vehicle. THAT MAKES A • New solution creates a new sustainable business model for fleet operators DIESEL VAN ELECTRIC AT THE • Ability to switch from diesel to electric ideal for ‘Last Mile’ journeys PRESS OF A BUTTON An advanced retrofit solution which fits to existing diesel vans to make them both electric (first) and/ or diesel at the touch of a button using innovative in-wheel motor (IWM) technology has been launched by BEDEO, an electric vehicle supplier and manufacturer based in Farnham. The new RE-100 Range Extender, part of its Reborn Electric range, enables organisations with large fleets of vans, often with major conversions (e.g refrigeration units, bespoke fitouts, minibuses etc), to retain those vehicles for longer while still transitioning to an electric future. A vehicle fitted with a RE-100 Range Extender is electric first, with 117km of electric range, making it ideal for ‘Last Mile’ deliveries. Its existing diesel mode can be used when needed for longer trips, switching to electric when entering a low-emission zone and densely populated areas to eliminate The ability to retrofit BEDEO’s IWM into an existing vehicle is an entirely new proposition: “BEDEO has leveraged this advanced emissions and accelerate decarbonisation. IWM technology to develop the next generation of retrofit vehicles, At the heart of RE-100 are two in-wheel motors and unlimited by the constraints of a standard e-axle,” Osman adds. a battery designed, engineered and manufactured by BEDEO. The in-wheel motors are fitted to Commercial fleet operators face a number of significant the rear axle of the vehicle. The motors are more challenges in the next few years, not least the uncertainty of compact, lighter, efficient and easier to install than a moving government deadline for an all-electric future which an equivalent e-axle and powered by a 37kWh makes the RE-100 launch even more important. Osman believes battery. No suspension modifications are required that while switching to an all-electric fleet is desirable, it is also to the front or rear, which means there is no loss very expensive and wasteful, requiring investment not only in the of ground clearance and no loss of load space or vehicles themselves, but also the infrastructure to support them. height. “While sustainability is, of course, a key driver, the end-to-end BEDEO came to national attention in 2019 sustainability (whole lifecycle) of the vehicle also needs to be taken manufacturing electric vans for significant players into account,” he continues. “It cannot be sustainable to replace in the ‘Last Mile delivery’ market such as OCADO, a vehicle that has not reached the end of its useful working life, DHL and TNT. Founder Osman Boyner says that neither is it sustainable to replace not only the vehicle, but also the with the concept of Reborn Electric he is providing refrigeration units or bespoke fit-out that many of these vehicles a new business model for an industry caught have. between the twin goals of cost and sustainability. “The traditional model of fleet owners is to invest in “Retrofitting with electric overcomes these challenges and more, satisfying the need to reduce emissions in our city centres where new vans,” he explains. the majority of the ‘Last Mile’ journeys are required, breathing new “But electric vans today don’t meet the needs of life into older vehicles.” the market and even Euro VI diesel vans are still responsible for a disproportionate amount of Today BEDEO can fit Reborn Electric solutions to a wide range carbon emissions. With the RE-100 we have created of large commercial vans including the Peugeot Boxer, Citroen a new category of hybrid that not only meets the Jumper, the Fiat Ducato and Vauxhall Movano, with the intention to needs of the market but also accelerates transport be a solution provider for all large vans. BEDEO has the capacity to convert hundreds of vehicles at any one time at its sites in Europe. decarbonisation.” The RE-100 is a hybrid in as much as it can have two Reborn Electric is a range of retrofit solutions that includes the REmodes of power – electric and diesel – but with the 100 range extended option and the BE-100, BE-250 and BE-350 BEDEO technology the vehicle cannot be operated full electric options. as diesel within controlled low emissions zones, unless in an emergency. Outside of controlled zones the driver is in control and can determine when to stay in electric for a more pleasant driving experience, or switch to diesel for longer distances.


December 2023 ENGINEERING




ECI Training and Development Awards celebrate brightest and best from industry at Cutty Sark The engineering construction industry’s (ECI) brightest and best were celebrated at a prestigious awards ceremony at the start of November at the Cutty Sark in London. The 11th ECI Training and Development Awards, organised by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), brought together industry leaders, influencers and policymakers, as well as the rising stars of tomorrow, at a ceremony hosted by engineer, broadcaster, teacher and STEM advocate, Kate Bellingham. Inspired by the rich maritime history of the Cutty Sark and with the ceremony taking place beneath its world-famous hull, the theme of this year’s event was about embarking on journeys. Speaking at his first ECI Awards since joining the ECITB, Chief Executive Andrew Hockey stressed that industry’s most valuable assets are its people, both those at the start of their journeys like the scholars, apprentices and graduates honoured at the event and those present “whose journeys have paved the way for those that follow”. He said: “I would like to congratulate all the winners and finalists who are great examples of the success stories from across industry over the past year. They exemplify the talent, innovation, resilience and endeavour that our industry holds in such high regard, setting standards to which we all aspire. “The quality of nominations this year reflects the strength of talent in the industry and the breadth of attendees last night shows that these awards are one of the biggest events in the engineering construction calendar. “It was wonderful to be in the same room to celebrate all that is great about training and development in our industry with so many partners and friends representing organisations from across the length and breadth of the UK and internationally. “I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all our judges, who had the monumental task of choosing a winner in each category.”


December 2023 ENGINEERING

Making significant contributions to industry The judging panel for the awards was made up of John Simpson from the ECIA, Tracey Shelley from BCECA and Zainab Adigun from AFBE, who whittled down a shortlist in each category to pick the overall winners based on the significant contributions they have made both to the ECI and their own organisations.

development team and we’re always punching above our weight, so it’s amazing to be recognised among our peers, we’re so delighted.” STATS Group, meanwhile, was named SME Employer of the Year for how it “fosters competency across the organisation and instils a culture of improvement”.

Among the winners on the night was Bilfinger UK Executive President Sandy Bonner, who was honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to Industry award.

Andy Buckworth, Training and Competence Manager at STATS Group, said: “I’m ecstatic for the whole company. We put a platform in place and people have responded by committing to training and development.”

ECITB Chief Operating Officer Andy Brown, who handed the award to Sandy, highlighted the work he has done advocating for the Connected Competence programme.

Lynda Armstrong, Chair of the ECITB Board, added: “I would like to congratulate everyone honoured and thank our generous sponsors who made the event possible.

In accepting the award, Sandy said: “I’m taken aback, it’s amazing to be standing here. But it’s not about me, it’s a team effort. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the ECITB and I want to say a special thank you to the team with its work on Connected Competence.”

“The Cutty Sark has an incredibly storied history which I think reflects the ambition, tenacity and bold endeavour that often defines engineering construction, and which was evident in the success stories of all our finalists this year.

Two Scottish employers also took home awards on the night. Dounreay, a division of Magnox, picked up the Large Employer of the Year award in recognition of its “exceptional commitment to learning and development” and how that aligns with its people strategy. Rhona Gill, Learning Development Specialist at Dounreay, said: “We’re a very small learning and


“The organisations and individuals in the room have the capacity to influence positive change through innovation, knowledge, skills and collaboration. In essence, the world needs you to do what engineers have always done best, which is to build something better than what came before.” To see the full list of winners and finalists, please click here.




December 2023 ENGINEERING


Showcasing organis achievement in train and development: The prestigious Princess Royal Training Awards

Investment in learning and development is crucial to every successful business and the Princess Royal Training Awards not only recognise this but royally celebrate employers committed to providing outstanding training and skills development programmes.



sations’ ning


December 2023 ENGINEERING Open to all private, public or not-for-profit organisations operating in the UK and Ireland regardless of size or sector, and completely free from start to finish, the Awards offer a high-profile platform for organisations to showcase their training achievements. As precision engineering organisation and Award recipient EDM Zone Ltd explained: “We have won lots of awards in the apprenticeship realm, but we believe this one to be the pinnacle of apprenticeship awards. It’s the best you can get.” Commendably, as a standard of excellence, organisations do not compete against one another, they simply need to meet the Awards’ criteria through their training programmes. Applicants receive unrivalled support at every stage of the process, through one-to-one calls, virtual and in-person workshops and ‘tea and chat’ sessions. There is even an opportunity to get feedback from Assessors on draft applications! Successful applicants not only get to attend a high-profile ceremony where they receive their Award from HRH The Princess Royal, they also join an active Alumni network of 600+ members and benefit significantly from the ongoing recognition and honour that the Awards provide. What’s more, in a recent survey with Award recipients on the impact of achieving the Award, 99% of respondents highlighted the increased confidence in their organisation’s approach to culture and training, 90% cited the positive impact on their organisation’s ability to demonstrate the role of L&D in their commitment to Social Value and 88% reported increased investment in L&D programmes. Previous recipients from the engineering sector have included 3P Innovation Ltd, Barlows UK Ltd, Bouygues Energies and Services Solutions, EDM Zone Ltd and the Electrical Distributors Association and in the 2023 Awards, with a surge in applications from engineering organisations, Amey Plc, Stainless Metalcraft and MKC Training Services Ltd joined the prestigious Alumni. If your organisation is committed to learning and development and is keen to be recognised for a training programme which has positively impacted your organisation, you can register now. When applications open on 4 December 2023, you’ll be sent a unique link to the application form. Applications close on 28 March 2024. Any questions? Contact the Team.





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How To Create A Brochure For Your Business That Stands Out Discover the secrets to creating a brochure that looks good, captivates your target audience, and inspires action. In today’s cut-throat business landscape, having a brochure that stands out isn’t just an advantage – it’s a necessity. Stay with us as we unveil how you can design a brochure that truly resonates with your audience and helps set your brand apart. Identify Your Audience Kick-start your brochure-making journey by identifying your target audience. Understanding who you’re speaking to is vital in creating a brochure that hits the mark. Conduct market research to gain insight into your audience’s demographics, psychographics, needs, and desires. By grasping these critical aspects, you can create a brochure that speaks directly to them and meets their expectations. Define Your Message Next, establish a clear and compelling message. Ask yourself, “What is the one thing I want my audience to take away from this brochure?” Whether it’s to inform about a new product, announce a sale, or simply reinforce your brand, ensure your message aligns with your business goals and resonates with your audience. Clarity and conciseness are your best friends when it comes to messaging. Your audience should be able to understand your message at a glance. Use compelling narratives, powerful headlines, and persuasive subheadings to convey your message effectively. Your message should be a golden thread throughout your brochure, tying everything together. Embrace Purposeful Design Embark on your design journey by planning a layout that guides your audience through the brochure. Your layout should be intuitive, seamlessly directing the eye from one point to another. Use design elements like colours and fonts strategically, ensuring they align with your brand identity and appeal to your target audience. Use a tool like Adobe Express to help you create your brochure, and ensure the design is visually attractive and clearly captures your message. Undertake Thorough Proofreading And Review Before sending your brochure for printing, ensure you undertake a comprehensive proofreading and review process. Check for spelling or grammatical errors and ensure your message comes across as intended. A single typo can damage the professionalism of your brochure and negatively impact your brand image. The


extra time spent reviewing could save you from costly errors in the long run. Decide On High-Quality Printing After thoroughly reviewing your brochure, it’s time to bring it to life through printing. This is not a stage to cut corners – the quality of your printing can significantly impact how your audience perceives your brand. Choose a print type and quality that aligns with your brand image and enhances your brochure’s overall look. Also, consider the type of paper and finish you use. Glossy finishes may make your images pop, while matte finishes can give a more sophisticated feel. All these decisions should be made with your target audience and brand image in mind. Track Your Success And Iterate Finally, always measure the success of your brochure. This can be done by tracking the responses to your call to action, such as the number of queries received, website visits, or an increase in sales. Remember, the true measure of your brochure’s effectiveness lies in whether it inspired your audience to take the desired action. Don’t be disheartened if your first brochure doesn’t yield the results you were hoping for. Use it as a learning opportunity. Gather feedback, learn from any shortcomings, and apply these learnings to your next brochure. With every iteration, you’ll get better at creating brochures that truly stand out and resonate with your audience.



POWER MEETS CONTROL INDUSTRIAL POWERISE® – THE NEW CLASS OF ELECTROMECHANICAL DRIVES • Streamlined design and maintenance-free operation • Unique combination with gas springs possible • Application engineering for custom adaptation • Extensive, proven experience in the automotive industry SCAN HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION:


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The importance of corrosion protection for electrical systems Protection from corrosion is vital for safeguarding infrastructure and equipment, reducing costs, ensuring safety, and maintaining the reliability and longevity of critical electrical and electronic systems across various industries. Corrosion protection is critically important for many reasons. Safety: Corrosion can compromise the integrity of electrical components, leading to potential safety hazards. Damaged or corroded components can result in electrical short circuits, fires, or other dangerous situations. Reliability: Electrical systems are expected to function reliably over extended periods. Corrosion can lead to unexpected failures and downtime, disrupting operations and causing financial losses. Performance: Corrosion can degrade the performance of electrical connections, leading to increased resistance and reduced efficiency. This can result in wasted energy, increased operating costs, and reduced system performance. Longevity: Proper corrosion protection measures can extend the lifespan of electrical components and systems. By preventing or mitigating corrosion, you can reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, saving both time and money.


Energy Efficiency: Corrosion can increase energy consumption. For example, in HVAC systems, corroded heat exchangers are less efficient, leading to higher energy bills. Health and Safety: Corrosion can compromise the safety of equipment and systems, leading to accidents and injuries. For instance, corrosion in the aviation industry can pose a significant risk to flight safety. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Dealing with the corrosion related issues listed above can be costly. Preventing corrosion through protective measures is always more cost-effective in the long run than repairing or replacing damaged components. Corrosion protection measures, such as coatings and inhibitors, can reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repair, saving both time and money. Environmental Impact: Corrosion can lead to the release of hazardous materials, such as lead, into the environment. Proper corrosion protection measures can reduce the environmental impact of electrical systems.

ENGINEERING PDATE December 2023 Economic Impact: Corrosion costs industries billions of dollars each year in repair, maintenance, and replacement of corroded equipment. Effective corrosion protection measures can significantly reduce these costs. Maintaining Signal Integrity: In sensitive electronic systems, corrosion can affect the quality of signals and data transmission. For example, in telecommunications or data centres, corrosion-induced signal degradation can lead to communication errors, false signals or even data loss.

The use of SuperCORR A for corrosion control can not only bring financial savings in reduced maintenance and replacement costs but more importantly greater safety. It is much simpler and a lot less costly to prevent corrosion than to repair or replace the damaged equipment or component that failed because of corrosion.

Aesthetic Considerations: In some cases, electrical systems are visible to the public or customers. Corrosion can be unsightly and negatively impact the image and reputation of an organization. Preventive Maintenance: Implementing corrosion protection measures as part of a preventive maintenance program can help identify and address potential corrosion issues before they escalate, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures. Corrosion can cause equipment failures and operational disruptions. Corrosion protection measures ensure the reliable operation of critical electrical systems. Regulatory Compliance: In many industries, regulations and standards are in place that require the use of corrosion protection methods to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems. This is why SuperCORR A is specified in the maintenance manuals for many aircraft manufacturers. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid legal and financial consequences. Overall, corrosion protection is vital for safeguarding electrical and electronic equipment, reducing costs, ensuring safety, and maintaining the reliability and longevity of critical systems across various industries.

SuperCORR A is packaged in aerosol cans making access to component parts easy for engineering crews in difficult locations and conditions. Unpainted mild steel will not rust on exterior surfaces directly exposed to sea water environments for at least 6 months, protecting electrical connectors, switches, chains, drive shafts from corrosion while maintaining lubrication on moving surfaces. EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL • • •

Common methods of corrosion protection for electrical systems include the use of corrosion-resistant materials, coatings, sealants, periodic inspections, and maintenance, as well as environmental controls to reduce exposure to corrosive elements. Overall, prioritizing corrosion protection is essential for ensuring the safety, reliability, and longevity of electrical systems.

Extremely long-lasting, specially formulated and proprietary anti-corrosive inhibitor. Eliminates premature failure of components created by moisture, general or fretting corrosion. Prevents deterioration and contamination on all surfaces of electronic and electrical equipment and mechanical close tolerance moving components. Reliability increased, maintenance intervals increased and costs reduced, manufacturers save costly warranty service calls or product re-call.

APPROVED Specialist Barrier Film Corrosion Protection • EnviroTech Europe supplies advanced corrosion protection products, based on approved synthetic materials, to provide quality solutions to a range of lubrication and corrosion problems. SuperCORR A is a unique and proprietary formulation with longlasting, anti-corrosion inhibitors providing a superior lubrication coefficient and protection against moisture, wear, general and fretting corrosion, static electricity, corona, and other electro migration problems. The non-flammable film is only 7 microns (0.007mm) in thickness, is not a wax or oil-based product and is formulated without sulphates, chlorides, petroleum-based material, or halogens, to meet the EU RoHS directive.

• •

Industry approval from: NASA, Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier, Embraer, Lear, Gulfstream, Hawker-Beechcraft, Cessna, Raytheon, Polish Airforce, Northrop-Grumman, Royal Navy and Royal Norwegian Air Force. Exceeds Mil C 81309 Corrosion Prevention Compounds. Approved in US Tri-Service Corrosion Manuals. FURTHER INFORMATION Please visit our website for information about other uses and applications for SuperCORR A.

SuperCORR A is unexcelled in preventing failures of electrical systems and electronic equipment caused by corrosion as well as preventing the corrosion of metal components surfaces. Use SuperCORR A to protect connectors, electrical systems and switches and mechanical controls during servicing. It’s ability to displace water from exposed contacts can ensure reliable operation in extreme conditions, all from one small aerosol can.


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An artificial helping hand Improving prosthetic design and manufacture with electronic drive systems Upper limb prosthetics are abandoned by some 18 per cent of patients, though some studies cite this figure as high as almost one in two. Evidently, replicating the complexity of human design in a comfortable, easy-to-use prosthetic is no easy feat. But developments in manufacturing and robotics technologies are offering patients a prosthetic experience like never before as Dave Walsha, sales manager at DC motor supplier EMS explains. Crutches, walkers and wheelchairs offer some leg amputees additional support for movement. But these types of aids do not grant the same freedom as two working limbs, and the problem is amplified for those also missing hands or arms. Simple tasks such as opening a jar or tying a pair of shoelaces become difficult and time-consuming, leading to frustration and a decreased quality of life.

Prosthetic problems Despite the benefits prosthetics can offer, the technology still faces problems. Poor fit is a common problem reported by users, which can lead to discomfort, skin irritation and even causing some patients to abandon their prosthetic altogether.

The highly individualised nature of humans, whether it’s their body proportions or the nature of the amputation means that no two users are the same — and therefore, As a result, extensive efforts have neither should their prosthetics be. This makes component manufacturing hard to been made over the years to standardize, while also increasing the cost per prosthetic. create prosthetic limbs that grant amputees more freedom and Another common concern is the lack of functionality. The human hand is able to independence. grip objects of a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. This includes fragile items, which can be held tight enough to keep them secure but without damaging or breaking the object. Most commercially available bionic hands struggle to offer a There are two main types of comparable level of movement or sensory feedback and can therefore be a source prosthetic: passive and active. of frustration more than an aid. Passive devices are simply for Prosthetic problems aesthetic purposes, offering no additional movement. Active or Despite the benefits prosthetics can offer, the technology still faces problems. powered devices are those that Poor fit is a common problem reported by users, which can lead to discomfort, skin provide functionality to the limb. irritation and even causing some patients to abandon their prosthetic altogether. Prosthetic principles

Electrically powered prosthetics, or ‘myoelectric’ prosthetics contain electrodes to receive electromyographic (EMG) signals from the muscles or nerves above the amputation. It’s these electrical signals that are transmitted to the prosthetic’s control electronics, where the signals are amplified and used to direct the motors to move accordingly.


The highly individualised nature of humans, whether it’s their body proportions or the nature of the amputation means that no two users are the same — and therefore, neither should their prosthetics be. This makes component manufacturing hard to standardize, while also increasing the cost per prosthetic. Another common concern is the lack of functionality. The human hand is able to grip objects of a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. This includes fragile items, which can be held tight enough to keep them secure but without damaging or breaking the object. Most commercially available bionic hands struggle to offer a comparable level of movement or sensory feedback and can therefore be a source of frustration more than an aid.

ENGINEERING PDATE December 2023 Improving design These issues represent a major challenge for designers, but there are ways to address them. Tackling fit and customisation issues, for instance, is possible by making use of 3D printing technologies. In recent years, advancements in 3D printing have made it more commercially viable to produce highly customisable products. With no minimum order or the need to create specific moulds, prosthetics can be prototyped and developed on an individual basis for an improved fit. This also allows for aesthetic personalisation for a less obtrusive prosthetic. To address functionality concerns, miniaturisation of the electronics within the prosthetic is essential. The DC motors that facilitate the movement of artificial joints must be small enough to fit within a housing built to replicate human limbs. However, these size restrictions should not come as a detriment to the rest of the specification. It’s important that these motors still offer a high torque, with the ability to quickly change direction to account for quick or sudden movements.

Other considerations to make include the choice of commutation. Graphite and precious metal commutation types are available, though the latter is best suited to compact, battery-powered applications. Implementing more sophisticated technology unlocks further benefits, such as prosthetics that can adapt to the individual’s gait. High-power microprocessors and miniature precision sensors working alongside these motors allows for a system that can respond in real-time to patient movement. These offer a more natural walking experience and mean that the prosthetic can react quickly in the case of a stumble or loss of footing. The design and manufacture of prosthetics maintains a challenge, but with the continued need for artificial limbs, it’s an area that’s important to develop further. By making use of improved prototyping technologies, materials and electronics, manufacturers can offer amputees with a prosthetic experience a touch above the rest. See more of the latest news here

Opting for a coreless or ironless DC motor is preferable for many medical applications, and prosthetics is no exception. Eliminating the iron contained in traditional DC motors significantly reduces the minimum moment of inertia, allowing for rapid acceleration and deceleration rates and cogging-free running. Additional benefits include low noise, a compact design, and low power consumption, particularly at no-load conditions.


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TR Fastenings provid time-critical solution to The London EV Co The world’s most instantly recognisable vehicle, the trusted London black cab, has been on an exciting journey, transforming into a zero carbon mobility technology company. TR Fastenings is delighted to play its part in the story, helping this icon of London heritage evolve its production for a greener future.

fasteners for automotive applications was a key deciding factor. Additionally, TR also supplies other companies within the Geely Holding Group, including Proton in Malaysia, Lotus cars in the UK and the major Tier1’s supplying into Volvo.

The demand for electric vehicles has been rapidly growing across the world, putting pressures on the traditional automotive supply chain. This has driven providers to find new ways of working and be more committed than ever to the changing needs of their customers – a trend that was brought into sharp focus when TR was approached by the London EV Company (LEVC) with a time-critical problem.

As a global fastener specialist, TR’s design and engineering teams were involved from the outset. An internal review was conducted to understand LEVC’s exact needs and project teams from both TR and LEVC were immediately assigned to work together. It was critical that there was a constant on site presence at LEVC during this time working across the different disciplines. This was important in instilling confidence and working to a very tight timeline.

The requirement LEVC is part of the Geely Holding Group and is on a challenging but ambitious journey with its innovative and marketleading electric TX taxi. Working in a justin-time environment, it needed a reliable automotive components provider that was able to supply a consistent and seamless service. When that was suddenly no longer possible, LEVC had to find a new provider that could step in and help keep production moving. The company needed to enhance and secure its supply chain, embrace operational changes and focus on technical and engineering support coupled with a robust logistics service. During this intense transition period it gave TR and LEVC an opportunity to review each part in tandem. Rationalisation of the number of parts used, the types of fasteners and eliminating bespoke special parts where feasible. TR was selected as the supplier of choice as its years of experience of designing and manufacturing


The solution

TR was quickly able to establish a stable full-service provision for LEVC, especially important for a new product launch. TR now provides some 350 components used in the vehicles, and to the Tier 1’s that supply the drive train, brakes, lighting clusters, car seats, IP console and battery pack. Dan Pereira, Engineering Manager, UK & Ireland, TR Fastenings said: “This was a challenging project where time was a critical factor. We needed to act fast to understand the customer’s exact needs and put in place a system that worked. Thankfully, we understand the pressures automotive manufacturers are under and this project was a great example of how TR Fastenings can step up to any situation, working with the client to be that safe pair of hands they need. It showcases our commitment to fulfilling the needs of our customers, no matter the size or complexity of operation.”


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Project Challenges LEVC needed support quickly to meet demand, and TR was able to step in, providing additional on-site customer support. It set about reviewing stock quantities to understand any gaps in the system, it established working relationships, collaborated with the engineers on the ground to understand their needs and ensure a seamless transition. TR as the supplier shared data sheets with engineers and purchasing, agreeing specifications and this sped up the process of producing product and gaining PPAP approvals. Additionally, TR was asked to manage other bespoke parts on LEVC’s behalf and these too were added to the bill of materials. Supply of critical stock resumed, and production suffered no disruption. Project Conclusion TR’s complete, full-service approach, prevented manufacturing disruption and enabled a lasting relationship with a new customer. This could not have been done without the close collaboration with LEVC and its key managed suppliers. To celebrate a successful transition, TR was delighted to showcase the electric TX taxi on its stand at the recent Automechanika Show in Birmingham and there was great interest shown by many of the attendees over the threeday event. Sven Brehler, Global Director of Engineering at TR Fastenings, said: “The TX was a great talking point which opened up conversations about our capabilities and vast product range. As the EV market continues to expand, TR is well placed to lead on fastening solutions for this sector.” TR is leading the way in design engineering and manufacturing with more than 55,000 products across its portfolio. It supplies components to more than 5,000 companies globally across a wide range of industries from its global facilities in 18 countries encompassing 7 manufacturing sites. 32|



Igniting innovation at CWIEME Berlin 2024 ~ Secure your exhibition space at CWIEME Berlin today ~ The leading global event for the electrical engineering community, CWIEME Berlin, will return on May 14 to 16, 2024. The highly anticipated event will take place at Messe Berlin, Germany, bringing together industry professionals, suppliers and innovators for three days of unparalleled networking and exploration of cutting-edge technologies. CWIEME Berlin proudly holds the title of the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to coil winding, transformers, generators, electric motor manufacturing and e-mobility. With a remarkable 26-year history, this event has solidified its position as the ultimate global hub for the industry and the primary touchpoint for industry leaders. In 2023, CWIEME Berlin saw over 5,000 unique visitors, an impressive 24 per cent increase on 2022. With an increased content programme and new features, it’s expected that 2024 will be even bigger. This year’s event saw more than 600 exhibitors book a stand to showcase their innovations and already over 450 companies have secured a stand for the 2024 show. Registered exhibitors include Beckhoff Automation, Electrom Instruments, Alliance Newtech Joyal and Brockhaus Measurements. Renowned industry experts and thought leaders will take the stage to share insights, trends and strategies. At the 2023 event there was over 50 speakers sharing their expertise and insights to a knowledgeable and international audience. This included Prof. Thomas Norrby, the Technical Manager and Senior Specialist -Lubricants and Electrical Industry for Nynas AB, who presented Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: Power Transformer Oils. Adding an extra layer to the exhibitor and attendee experience, CWIEME Berlin will run Connect @ CWIEME, a game-changing connections programme that has been improved for 2024. This programme continues to transform the way that

CWIEME Berlin’s community connects and collaborates by using data and technology to make critical connections between engineering, procurement and R&D professionals and companies supplying the electrical engineering industry. Connect @ CWIEME empowers buyers within the industry to discover the right products and services for their projects, in a fraction of the time. It also allows suppliers to target specific buyers with aligned product requirements to meet project needs. “CWIEME Berlin has always been a hub for professionals to connect and build lasting relationships,” explained Alex Oxley, senior marketing manager at CWIEME Berlin. “The 2024 show will be no different, offering extensive networking opportunities for engineers, designers and decision-makers. Exhibiting provides a unique platform to showcase your products and services to a highly engaged, international audience and become an integral part of a knowledgeable community that drives innovation and collaboration.” Ten themes have been announced by CWIEME Berlin for 2024’s show, including: transformers market trends and innovations, climate change: environmental concerns regarding emissions, diversity and inclusion in the industry and e- mobility: economic trends, strategies and industry overview. There is no better place to showcase innovation in the electrical engineering community, than CWIEME Berlin. To book your stand for May 14 to 16 2024, visit the exhibition’s website and enquire:


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HARTING improve their range of termination technologies HARTING solutions are characterised by an efficient plug & play system, which eliminates errors by ensuring plug-in security with the help of coding. They offer the largest variety of termination technologies on the market and have now expanded this portfolio with the new Han® Push-In range. The connection technology behind the Han® Push-In represents a refinement of the cage connection method. It also expands the flexibility of Han® industrial connectors by providing an additional field connection method, allowing fast and uncomplicated assembly of connectors whilst ensuring consistent quality and robustness. As a result, assembly times in the field are reduced by up to 30%. The connection technology behind the Han® Push-In is particularly well suited to field termination thanks to its speed and ease of use. As part of the Han-Modular® range, it allows users to configure customised connectors which are exactly tailored to their design requirements. The new technology simplifies the handling of components during maintenance work in environments with limited room for manoeuvre, such as wind turbines. It is also well suited to applications where a high degree of flexibility is required, such as changing tools on machines. If you’d like to learn more about termination technologies or discover the latest in connectivity and cabling, why not request a HARTING Tech Day. Available digitally or in-person, our field engineers will demonstrate and explain the latest technology, helping you plan out current or future projects. In addition, HARTING have also launched the newly updated User’s Guide Termination Technologies manual.

To request your Tech Day, please visit

It contains a wealth of information to help you select components, install connectors and choose the To download your FREE copy of the right termination techniques for your Termination Technologies Guide, please visit application. You’ll also learn more about the latest technical innovations and standards.


Up to 30% less assembly time during onsite installation enables efficient equipment changes. Han® Push-In expands the largest variety of termination technologies for industrial connectors.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Up to 30% less assembly time with direct insertion of the conductor into the contact chamber Easy handling due to toolless termination Cost savings compared to alternative termination technologies Maximum flexibility - suitable for ferrules, stranded wires and solid conductors Compatible with identical products with other termination technologies

One Range. No Limits:

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Titan Enterprises’

NSF-Approved Flow Meter Best Value for Beverage Industry Titan Enterprises maintains certification for their Beverage flow meters and 800 Series turbine flowmeters under NSF/ANSI 169 as equipment for food products. This accreditation is especially important for food and drink manufacturers, food production and handling machinery, and processing and dispensing, as these flow meters can be installed securely in the knowledge that they meet NSF standards. These NSF-Approved flowmeters, constructed from food-safe PVDF, are also used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries where end products are consumed. Titan’s Beverage flowmeters are widely used to monitor the accurate delivery of beer, cider and spirits in distilleries, to automated batching and dispense systems, bar taps in mobile bars and your local pub.

The beverage industry is evolving fast. The alcoholic drinks market is expected to see continuous growth between 2023 and 2027, and the demand for soft drinks, including fruit juices, is at an all-time high. To meet this rising demand, major beverage producers face challenges related to waste reduction, increased throughput, inventory minimization, and improved quality. Accurate measurement of ingredients is crucial, especially for high-value constituents used in small quantities. A ’freshly-blended evolution’ where flavours and CO2 are added at the point of dispense rather than at the bottling plant, is also being seen by drink producers as translating into big environmental and financial savings.

Collaborating with OEMs in today’s modern food and beverage industry, Titan is enhancing production processes such as fast batching, and developing technology capable of differentiating between liquids in the production line, e.g. beer and The accuracy and reliability of Titan’s NSF-Approved cleaning solutions. Beverage flowmeters contribute to efficient and consistent beverage production and dispensing solutions, and with Having been in production for 26 over 24,000 sold each year, are industry proven worldwide. years, Titan’s liquid flow Beverage meter is a low-cost measurement sensor used for multiple applications in the food and drink sector. It is an exceptionally effective, economical and reliable method for direct beverage dispensing – beer, coffee, spirits – and dosing additives and colourants, transferring and dispensing accurate and repeatable liquids such as syrups or flavourings into beverages, cider and beer for example. Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises, says: “Our expertise in beverage applications translate robust and compact design into long-term performance. We offer liquid flow measurement solutions to ensure beverage dispense systems operate consistently every time a glass or bottle is filled!”


Visit Titan Enterprises’ website for full technical information on Titan’s NSF-Approved turbine flowmeters. To discuss your specific OEM application, please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email


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Benefits of Exhibiting for Fastener Distribution As a customer focused, value driven distributor and manufacturer of fastening solutions Optimas must find a way of delivering our services led proposition to the market, we are not simply a distributor and that there are many layers to what we can do and offer. Industry exhibitions provide us with that opportunity. There are a number of benefits to exhibiting that have supported our business’ presence in the fastener distribution industry. Exhibiting at trade shows provided us with a great platform to meet new and existing customers, as well as building our brand to become more established within the industry. Optimas has exhibited at numerous trade shows across the globe, and we have compiled four key reasons why we exhibit. Develop Our Business’ Brand A huge aspect of a business’ success can be down to its branding, especially in an industry such as fastener and small parts distribution which relies heavily on reliability and reputation. Exhibiting at a trade show is a commitment to show why our business is serious about working in the fastener and small parts distribution industry. An exhibition is the chance to show everyone what our business is all about. Using eye-catching stand displays


and in-hand marketing material has helped to make it as easy as possible for our stand to be noticed. Furthermore, it is imperative to activate the opportunity to maximise the impact. We have found it vital to share information about our presence at the exhibition before, during and after, this can be through a combination of social, advertising and email marketing campaigns, ensuring we can attract attendees online and in advance of the event.

ENGINEERING PDATE December 2023 Following the exhibition, customers or fellow businesses within the industry will learn and understand more about what benefits our business can bring around supply of fasteners & small parts requirements, the full suite of services we can offer and the benefit of partnering with us to reduce the costs of purchasing this commodity and as a result our brand will continue to grow. Research and Industry Trends Exhibitions has provided us with a great opportunity to find out what direction the fastener distribution industry is going in. Hundreds of exhibitors attend many of these trade shows, so it is the perfect time to look around the halls and see what we think our competitors are doing and learn from them. At exhibitions, certain booths and displays will attract more attendees than others, but why is that? Through our numerous experiences at exhibitions, we have found using props, competitions, games and using creative eyecatching designs, as well as thoughtful give aways for attendees helps attract people at the exhibition. Another key aspect we have found from attending exhibitions has been to obtain data during the event. Each year we are moving further towards obtaining contact details of attendees through more sustainable methods such as apps and QR codes, rather than the more traditional pen and paper. There is a clear link that the more data collected from the event, the more success we secure from our experience exhibiting there. Many businesses showcase new technologies or messaging for the first time at exhibitions. This provides us with the opportunity to have our industry at our fingertips, we also find it is the ideal scenario to unveil the latest products and services we have to offer. Generate Business Leads One reason why we began to increase our presence at exhibitions was to find new, profitable business leads to further expand our customer reach. In attendance at industry relevant exhibitions are people who will be motivated and interested in similar products and services we can provide, hence their presence. As a result, participation at these events has provided us with many opportunities to generate new business leads. An important point to take into consideration is to not limit what data we collect from these events. Scanning QR codes from attendees such as students who are still learning their trade at university or college is key because they may not be ready right now to utilise our services, however in future years once they have begun their working career, that contact could be an important one who already knows our name, capabilities and offering. In addition, communicating to attendees enables us to understand more about how our services and products are seen by our own fastener distribution industry as well

as multiple customer vertical industries, providing us with extremely useful competitor and customer research. Post exhibition, it is important to analyse the feedback and information gained from our research and use it to stay competitive within the industry. Advanced Engineering 2023 We have found Advanced Engineering to be a great event for us as a business in the fastener and small parts distribution industry, and we recently experienced this again at this year’s event. Advanced Engineering is the UK’s largest annual gathering of engineering and manufacturing professionals – an ideal client base for business’ involved in fastener and small parts distribution, including up and coming talent for the industry. The exhibition was free to attend and with over 400 exhibitors it provides us with a great platform to exhibit to our target audience and utilise the benefits of exhibiting for fastener and small parts distribution. We used the opportunity to speak to attendees around the services we provide whilst collecting new business leads in the process. As mentioned, exhibitions provide you with a fantastic platform to engage with your target audience, and we used the opportunity to launch our latest innovation, OptiSpec, which is a bill of materials management solution and engineering tool for our customers, helping to prevent part proliferation and maximise volume efficiencies. Seeing the success of launching new technology at an exhibition has certainly provided us with a great insight into how best we plan for revealing our latest innovations. We created a bright, open space to make our stand look inviting to attendees, as well as featuring a Racing Superbike from our partners TAS Racing to further draw interest from those attending. Appealing to the interests of those attending will certainly help bring more people to your stand, and motor vehicles are perfect for exhibitions full of engineering and manufacturing professionals. For more information, please visit:


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ABB launches IRB 930 SCARA robot to transform pick-and-place and assembly operations •

Designed to meet growth opportunities in key markets including electronics, automotive and renewable energy production Delivers 10% increase in throughput compared to other SCARA robots in its class by handling more and heavier workpieces at once Offers 200% stronger push-down capability for force-intensive operations – improving productivity and product quality

ABB Robotics is expanding its industrial SCARA robot portfolio with the addition of the IRB 930. The new robot, compromising three variants capable of handling 12 kg and 22 kg payloads, has been designed to meet the demands of new growth opportunities in traditional and new markets. handling more and heavier workpieces at once. The IRB 930 also provides an exceptional 200% increase in stronger push-down strength (with a maximum “Our latest SCARA addition broadens downward force of 250N) making it ideal for force-intensive operations such our portfolio, offering our customers as screw-driving and assembly tasks required when working with components even more automation choices” such as battery cells, display panels and solar modules. said Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics. “Whether 3C, automotive ABB’s OmniCoreTM controller will power the new IRB 930. The OmniCore electronics, electric vehicle battery controller offers best-in-class motion control through TrueMove and cells or solar panels, our new IRB QuickMove alongside built-in digital connectivity and scalable functions. 930’s higher payload and longer reach The motion control delivers an impressive cycle time of 0.38 seconds, with a brings the performance advantages repeatability deviation position of only 0.01 mm. This performance empowers of our wider SCARA range to new the IRB 930 to enhance hourly production rates while upholding high-quality and traditional segments alike. With manufacturing standards. the global SCARA market predicted to grow to $15.54 billion by 20271 at a The new IRB 930, along with the IRB 910INV, IRB 920 and IRB 920T, completes compound annual growth rate of 14.4%, ABB’s range of SCARA robots to customers with a three kg to 22 kg payload the IRB 930 positions ABB well for requirement. These high-performance SCARA robots are designed for use in growth.” various industries such as packaging and manufacturing where high speed and high repeatability pick-and-place and assembly operations are required. Engineered for fast point-to-point tasks that demand high payloads and For further information, visit our IRB 930 SCARA robot webpage. large work areas, the IRB 930 has three variants capable of providing the highest payload of any SCARA robot in its class. In addition, the 22kg variant delivers a 10% increase in throughput by



WEG unveils W23 Sync+ motor at SPS Germany W23 Sync+ combines permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance technologies WEG, a leading global manufacturer of motors and drive technology, is launching its W23 Sync+ motor line at the SPS - Smart Production Solutions exhibition that will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, from November 14 to 16, 2023. The W23 Sync+, a hybrid innovation that combines permanent magnet (PM), ferrite or neodymium magnets and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor technologies, provides higher efficiency across all speeds when compared with conventional induction motors. The W23 Sync+ motor line will be unveiled by WEG in hall 3A, stand 465. As a completely new hybrid technology from WEG, the W23 Sync+ is set to shake up the industry and SPS Germany is the perfect launchpad to demonstrate the product’s technical attributes. The permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor (PMSynRM) line is suitable for applications including compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors and more. Advantages of the W23 Sync+ motor line’s include a higher level of efficiency for the entire speed range compared with conventional induction motors, and a higher power factor than synchronous reluctance motors. This results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for plant managers. “We’re looking to the future with the W23 Sync+,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, European and Middle East marketing manager at WEG. “The IE5 and IE6 models far surpass the current European Ecodesign regulation, which are currently required to meet IE3 or IE4 standard. Available in IE5 and IE6 efficiency ratings, WEG offers the largest range of motors meeting IE5 and IE6 efficiency levels on the market.”

In addition, while a conventional induction motor loses over 20 per cent efficiency across its varying speed and load ranges, the W23 Sync+ maintains its higher efficiency decreasing less than.2 per cent when the load and speed are reduced for 25%. Another key advantage of the W23 Sync+ is its compact nature with the same power per frame ratio as induction motors. For example, the IE5 variety is available in the same frame size as an IE3 motor, which makes interchangeability with existing installations smooth and hassle free. WEG invested over €122 million in R&D in 2022. During the development phase for the W23 Sync+, WEG’s R&D team wanted to ensure its customers could benefit from the best technical characteristics of both PM and SynRM motor technologies, including ferrite and neodymium magnets possibilities. “WEG strives to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the raw materials used in products,” continued Lukaszczyk. “The ferrite magnet used in the W23 Sync+ is constructed from a ceramic material and has a local supplier and producer. This avoids global supply chain issues and results in material price stability.” WEG invites attendees of SPS Germany to be among the first to see the innovative new W23 Sync+ motor technology in person. Visit the company in hall 3A, stand 465 at SPS Germany, or visit WEG’s website for further information about its impressive range of energy efficient electric motors.

The W23 Sync+ is available in frame sizes from IEC 80 to 450 (NEMA 140 to 7000). Able to operate over a wide speed range at constant torque, without the use of forced ventilation, this multi-platform solution is available inspeed ranges from 750 up to 6000 rpm. . The motor’s output rating ranges from 0.75 to 1250 kW, while it’s compatible with 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V and 400/690 V power supply. Efficiency gains The W23 Sync+ motor line unlocks energy savings that directly impact on facilities’ CO2 reductions. In fact, the WEG team has calculated that replacing an IE3 induction 75kW 4 pole with an IE6 W23 Sync+ motor variety, may result in a reduction of 126 tons of CO2 during its expected lifetime of 25 years. Taking into account an operation time of 6500h per year.


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3D Inspection in a “Snapshot” with SICK Visionary T Mini AP Configuring machine vision inspections in 3D is now possible in a “snapshot”, thanks to the combination of SICK’s powerful and compact Visionary-T Mini AP camera with the new easy-to-use SICK Nova 3D Presence Inspection sensorApp. The SICK Visionary-T Mini AP uses best-in-class time-of-flight snapshot technology to set new standards of data accuracy for detailed environmental perception at rapid production speeds. It captures both the 3D depth and 2D intensity values of every pixel at an exceptional (512 × 424 px) resolution in a single shot of light, at up to 30 3D frames per second. Common 3D Vision Tasks Common 3D inspection tasks in factory automation and logistics, such as completeness, fill level monitoring, or robot palletising, can be set up rapidly and cost-effectively to run onboard the Visionary-T Mini AP camera using the SICK Nova 3D Presence Inspection sensorApp. Users simply select the 3D machine vision tools they need via an easy graphic user interface and the Visionary-T Mini AP camera is soon delivering reliable inspection results via I/O to the machine controller or over TCP/IP. No Programming Skills “Thanks to SICK’s Nova foundation software, you don’t need programming skills to run a readymade sensorApp directly onboard our smart devices,” explains Nathaniel Hofmann, SICK’s Market Product Manager for Machine Vision and Measurement. “With the SICK Nova Presence Inspection toolset, you can easily configure a 3D machine vision solution that exactly matches your application.

As a programmable device, the SICK Visionary-T Mini AP is easy to configure and commission. A multicam mode is available to process image data from more than one Visionary-T Mini. With rapid 3D data transmission, the Visionary-T Mini is suitable for integration into most industrial applications. 3D Vision Toolset With a toolset of commonly used 3D vision tools, the SICK Nova Presence Inspection App easily masters tasks like emptiness checks in bins, Dimensioning and positioning with the SICK Visionary-T Mini totes and crates, presence with Presence Inspection Toolset detection of objects in 3D scenes, as well as simple measurements and quality tolerance checks. “3D quality checks for completeness often need several, more advanced, machine vision software tools and programming skillset to identify the quality inspection issue, but with SICK Nova Presence Inspection, they are easy to configure,” Hofmann adds. “The camera outputs results, such as confirming all parts are present and at the right locations or verifying a set of measurements.” Using the SICK Nova Presence Inspection on Visionary T Mini, the position, height and volume of any package can be determined, for example for a robot to pick it and place it in a container or pallet. The Visionary-T Mini’s 3D snapshot technology can also be used for continuous 3D Fill Level monitoring, for example to determine if totes are empty, filled, full or overfull, or it can measure the presence of parts in a bin or presence of ingredients in a vessel, for example. Visionary-T Mini

With a low-weight and no moving parts, the Visionary-T Mini’s IP65/67 housing measures just 80 mm x 70 mm x 77 mm, ideal for installation in compact robotics and automation solutions. It performs reliably despite the shocks and vibrations of applications such as robot palletising and depalletising. The automatic High Dynamic Range of the Visionary-T Mini ensures even widely-varying contrasts “Just select the tools you need from and lighting conditions across a scene are captured in each frame without the App to run directly on board complex set up, or expert knowledge of time-of-flight settings. The high-density the Visionary-T Mini AP. It’s simple 512 x 424 px resolution is complemented by a 70° x 60° field of view. to use the graphical user interface, The SICK Visionary-T Mini CX provides an alternative option for customers wishing from where you also can also access to use the power of the Visionary-T Mini’s snapshot technology to stream 3D data other industry-standard vision tools. for their own software applications. Or you can install one of the readymade, application-specific solutions should you need them.”


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ULMA supplies Eurilait with the perfect cheese packaging solution Leading packaging machinery manufacturer, ULMA Packaging, has recently supplied Eurilait, a speciality dairy provider, with the ideal packaging solution. The FM305C, ULMA’s latest flow wrapping machine, proved to be the ideal fit for Eurilait’s diverse range of French and British cheeses. For over a decade, ULMA has been a pivotal part of Eurilait’s growth, which started with the installation of a NEVADA flow wrapping machine in 2006. As Eurilait’s business expanded, so did their need for a more advanced packaging solution to replace their ageing NEVADA; ULMA’s FM305C emerged as the superior choice, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency. “Our previous machine served us well for nearly two decades, but natural wear and tear began to impact its performance, prompting us to upgrade,” explained Damian Wills, engineering manager at Eurilait. “We have a longstanding relationship with the ULMA team, having purchased multiple machines in the past. So, I simply contacted our dedicated contact and shared our specific criteria.”

Designed for fresh food products, the stainless-steel FM305C offers remarkable flexibility, thanks to its box motion sealing head powered by two independent motors. While accommodating different product shapes and sizes, the FM305C ensures high-quality hermetic seals, thereby preserving the freshness of Eurilait’s cheeses. Nick Ghent, sales manager at ULMA Packaging, said: “Given that many fresh food businesses offer multiple products, having a packaging line that can adapt accordingly is essential. When Damian explained Eurilait’s needs, it became clear that the FM305C was the perfect fit.” After determining that the FM305C fully met Eurilait’s requirements, the team promptly placed the order. Subsequently, several of Eurilait’s key team members visited ULMA’s headquarters in Spain for a pre-delivery inspection of the packaging solution. This crucial step in the ULMA process allowed Eurilait to assess the machine and identify any necessary customisations. This proactive approach facilitated a seamless transition and installation at Eurilait’s Somerset facility. Following installation, Eurilait renewed its servicing contract with ULMA, further solidifying the trust and reliance on ULMA’s extensive network of expert engineers and their prompt, effective maintenance services. This ongoing support underlines ULMA’s exceptional post-installation care and commitment to longterm client relationships.

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Efficient corrosion surveys without the need to remove coatings Cygnus 4+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge The Best Affordable All-Rounder • Extremely robust and simple to use • Multi-measuring modes for accurate through-coat measurements - even for heavily corroded metals • Sunlight readable display with Live A-Scan for visual verification • Data logging with Auto-Log • Deep Coat function ignores coatings up to 20mm thick •


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SMD FUSES FROM SCHURTER Miniaturisation of electronics involves a high risk of component failure due to electrical overload. Interestingly, fuses still remain one of the most effective means of protecting mobile devices and modern circuits. SMD fuses are commonly used in precision electronic circuits. Their popularity can be attributed to e.g. high electric currents supplied by battery cells, which are also required for charging. However, high current can easily overheat the PCB, bringing about a number of possible dangers. Using regulators to protect circuits is not enough, as such components may blow, and ultimately cause a short-circuit. As a result, miniature electronic devices require “standard” means of protection. Below, we present one of such solutions – fuses offered by Schurter. SMD FUSES In this article, we will focus on the UST and the USI series from Schurter, which include time delay and quick blow fuses, respectively. Products from both of these groups are housed in SMD 1206 packages and are intended for voltages up to 32 V AC or 63 V DC. Depending on the model, the current rating ranges from 500 mA to 25 A. The components have been manufactured according to the international IEC60068 standard regarding operating temperature (from -55°C to 90°C) and soldering temperature (245°C or 250°C during up to 3s). This simple specification shows that the products have been prepared for a wide range of applications. They can successfully protect charging and power supply circuits in electronic mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles – however, Schurter’s offer is also addressed to manufacturers of control units and converters for industrial and home automation, LED drivers and electro-mechanical devices (including home appliances).

The quick blow fuses are available with rated currents ranging from 0.5 A to 6.3 A (with breaking capacity of 63 A). It is also vital to note that the USI series is compliant with several global standards such as the American UL248, the Canadian CSA C22.2 (248.14) and the international IEC60127. Such components are suitable for providing additional AC and DC circuit protection in power supply modules.

Quick blow fuses

Time delay fuses

While the time delay fuses (UST) are also compliant with the American UL248-14 standard, they boast higher rated current values (7…25 A) and, above all, a higher breaking capacity reaching even up to 600 A. The products from this series are suitable for work in devices experiencing high inrush currents attributed to handling inductive loads (such as motor control units and servomechanisms) as well as in consumer electronics (protection of inverters used for LCD illumination).


Features Include:        

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