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sheaths off-site solution for new Orkney care home

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Keepmoat invests £11.3 million into brownfield land in Scotland

Top 10 UK housebuilder, Keepmoat, has invested more than £11.3 million into the regeneration of former brownfield land at its The Castings development, located near Ravenscraig.

The second phase of the scheme will provide 59 two and three-bedroom homes, replacing a disused field and adding to the 111 new homes already delivered in Phase One of the development, that included multitenure properties in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council.

During this phase of the transformation, the housebuilder has created additional new,

environmentally-friendly and sustainable homes to add to the vibrant community now flourishing. The project has also created a raft of new local jobs, training and apprenticeship opportunities, further boosting the local economy across both phases.

Tim Metcalfe, Regional Managing Director at Keepmoat, Scotland, said: “We’re thrilled to be continuing our regeneration work at The

Construction Update 4

into regeneration project at former

Castings after all properties available in the first phase were successfully sold.

“It’s extremely rewarding to hear positive feedback from residents and breathe new life into Ravenscraig. The development has created accessible linkages to the wider Ravenscraig area and a green open space with play area for residents.”

The homes at The Castings are due to be completed by 2025 as it recently launched the showhome

for the development, opened by Scottish property influencer, Ashley Gray, who has more than 450,000 followers on Instagram.

Keepmoat is a top 10 UK partnership homebuilder with a track-record of delivering quality new homes across the UK at prices people can afford. To date, almost 70 percent of its current developments are on brownfield sites.

To find out more about The Castings visit: www.

Construction Update 5
^ The Castings Ribbon Cutting ^ The Castings Phase Two

With accessibility to the site of the new Kirkwall Care Facility on Orkney being almost as challenging as the weather the island’s inhabitants endure, a rapid assembly panelised timber frame presented itself as an ideal build solution for the project, with the main contractor’s own joinery workshops utilising West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero as the sheathing to the roof, walls and floors.

R. Clouston Ltd. was established by Bob Clouston 34 years ago and has been involved in constructing many of the island’s major buildings, as well as being one of its biggest employers. In fact, the highly skilled craftsmen in its Kirkwall workshops are normally kept busy producing fitted furniture and other joinery items, as well as fabricating timber frame panels for customers and its own projects.

The 40-bed facility, which will replace the ageing St Rognvald’s House, is on a sloping green field site on the outskirts of Kirkwall, with the topography having required thousands of tonnes of hardcore to be brought in and compacted over an eight-week period, prior to the casting of a heavily reinforced concrete raft foundation. The project team then hired a crane to install the panels, which were brought to site in a carefully scheduled sequence to avoid unnecessary site storage.

The Contracts Manager for R. Clouston, Andy Smith, comments: “We currently employ some 50 people on the books as well as having a lot of regular subcontractors working for the company, with our workshops producing most of the windows and doors we fit, along with staircases and other commissions. The machinists and joiners produced all the roof and floor cassettes as well as the wall panels for the care home; with 9mm

SterlingOSB sheaths solution for new

Construction Update 6

sheaths off-site new Orkney care home

Construction Update 7

SterlingOSB Zero on the top and underside of factory insulated, warm roof cassettes, while the floor cassettes have an upper layer of 18mm SterlingOSB Zero. The material in multiple thicknesses was supplied to us by Jewson Builders Merchant.”

Each of the roof trusses comprises four of the 4.8 x 2.4m cassettes, which then form a monopitch structure with a 25-degree slope, supported by the exterior walls and intermediate steel stanchions. Then to withstand the high wind speeds common in Orkney, the build-up is being completed with the installation of zinc standing seam profiles.

Andy Smith concludes: “The home is being built to very high energy standards, with the Sterling board contributing to an airtightness design figure of 5, though we are expecting the tests to give us a score nearer to 2. We’ve used the SterlingOSB product for many years, with the quality and durability of the boards being a main factor, while from the sustainability point of view we try and buy locally wherever we can, so the Inverness factory is the nearest of the big manufacturers to us.”

SterlingOSB Zero is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses up to 22mm as well as a T&G version ideal for flooring and decking applications. The high performance panel product, free of added formaldehyde, has also earned BBA approval and meets other industry technical standards.

Construction Update 8
For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

Innovative Base Screens speeding up construction programmes across the country

Base Structures are announcing a new offering from its tensile fabric experts, Temporary Weatherproof Screening, promising to speed up building programmes and mitigate against weather delays on site.

Base Screens are a new product that provide a unique and efficient solution for weatherproofing requirements on construction sites. Quick to install and demount, they are customisable to meet specific site conditions, which presents contractors with the chance to remove conventional cladding from a programme’s critical path. This accelerates the construction schedule and allow teams to progress with fit out works, staying ahead of any delays that the changing climate may bring.

Andy Traynor, Director at Base Structures and Head of Installations and Health & Safety, said: “Our in-house expertise and engineering capabilities mean that we can design, manufacture and erect temporary weatherproof screens very quickly and to fit an existing structure, safeguarding construction works from external elements.

By installing screens early in a project, we can provide a bespoke solution to ease the installation, movement and removal of the screens at various points in the building programme at specific fixing points. This means that there’s no requirement for scaffolding, minimising any potential for damage to works that have already been completed.

We’re delighted to have been able to offer this innovative solution to several happy clients across the country, and with an increase in this kind of work, Base Structures are well placed to help teams find solutions to keep building

programmes on track despite the rainfall and weather challenges we’ve seen this springtime.”

Base Screens are made of PVC fabric that can cover large areas. They’re durable, easy to clean, fire retardant and a low-risk option, offering a less labour-intensive and safer solution than other more traditional weatherproofing options.

Base Structures have produced case studies of their work in this area, which can be found via the links below:

Project Resilience - Base Structures

Engineered Temporary Weather Screens Dublin Terminal 2 Temporary Works Screens

They have also produced a blog post detailing some of the benefits of adding weatherproof temporary screens to your next building project.

For more information, case studies, images or quotes, please contact or visit the contact us page.

Construction Update 9

West Fraser’s CaberShieldPlus


questions answered

What is CaberShieldPlus?

It’s a chipboard flooring panel, in 18mm or 22mm thickness, with a useful permanent waterproof, protective layer on the top and bottom of the panel.

Is 60 days exposure proven? And what does it mean?

Yes, previously boasting 42 days, this panel is now BBA-certified for 60 days exposure to the elements. BBA certification means that the product has undergone extensive testing, so it is safe and proven and meets a top-quality standard.

Once CaberShieldPlus is fixed and sealed, as long as installation instructions were followed, the boards can be left exposed for up to 60 days. The floor will remain strong and secure and be protected from water, mess from other trades, foot traffic and bad weather; the builder has 60 days to get the building watertight!

How does a contractor get BBA approval?

The panel must be installed as per West Fraser’s installation guides and CaberFix D4 adhesive needs to be used. The panel board has not been tested with any other adhesive and, therefore, using anything else will void the guarantee. CaberFix D4 is a one-bottle solution foaming adhesive that fixes the board to joists, T&G joints, seals the edges and any cutouts.

Construction Update 10

From August 2024, training is required for the use of substances containing diisocyanates. Free training for the use of PU adhesives in accordance with REACH regulations can be access here: https://

Where can the builder buy CaberShieldPlus and CaberFix D4?

You’ll find both in most builders’ merchants across the UK. Stockists of West Fraser products can be found at and installation guides are downloadable at installation-instructions/

What are the benefits of using a product like CaberShieldPlus?

The system has been specifically designed for buildings where the roof still has not been installed or before the building is watertight. With a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides, the flooring is BBAcertified for exposure to construction work and the elements for 60 days when fixed with CaberFix D4 adhesive. After work is complete, the floor is easily cleaned.

How does CaberFix D4 glue stack up against cheaper alternatives?

CaberFix D4 glue is of high quality and fully tested and approved by the BBA.  It is important to remember that users will only receive the BBA guarantee when using CaberShieldPlus and CaberFix D4 together.

What percentage of the boards are made from recycled material?

The CaberFloor range of flooring is approximately 70% recycled wood. 30% fresh wood is used to give the board its stability and structural properties.

Samples of all West Fraser construction panels, which are manufactured in Scotland, can be ordered on the website  Head to the  housebuilder page on the website to download a selection of tools including a fully-interactive guide to all West Fraser products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your build.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

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CompAir has launched the new e-Portable Elec50 mobile compressor, its first electric-driven portable compressor, which offers up to 50 per cent energy savings compared to conventional diesel

The Elec50 has an electric motor and is designed to be used in noise protected and low emission zone city centre locations and urban construction projects. It is designed for a broad range of applications and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including tunnelling and excavations to name a few. The innovative Flexible Power Management module enables operators to simply plug the compressor into the site’s static electrical point, selecting from the built-in 63 Amp, 32 Amp or 16 Amp options, without the need to switch cabling or connections.

At less than 750 Kg in weight the new portable compressor can be towed easily with a standard braked road vehicle with a straight towbar (subject to each driver’s licence restrictions and the permissible towing weight of the vehicle).1

Construction Update 12
Operators should check that their driving licence allows them to tow up to 750 Kg in weight and should also check the vehicle’s user manual for the maximum towing weight.
launches new high-efficiency Elec50 electric-driven compressor with up to 50 per cent energy savings CompAir
Construction Update 13

The Elec50 is based on CompAir’s popular C50 portable compressor design. The chassis, air end and cooling system have already proven their robust performance in mobile diesel applications across the globe. Now, with the addition of an IE3 energy efficient motor, or IE4 as an option, CompAir is offering an electric alternative, for emissions-free air delivery.

A variable speed drive ensures compressed air availability is matched to demand, helping to reduce electricity consumption further still. With the addition of a newly designed air filter, after cooler and controller, the result is a highly efficient machine delivering zero emission performance.

Additionally, the new Delcos Controller with optional iConn data feed allows operators to monitor and alter performance parameters and includes GPS tracking.

CompAir engineers have also considered the compressor’s maintenance at each stage of the design, delivering a machine that can reduce

service costs by up to 36 per cent compared to a diesel equivalent. These savings are achieved because the filtration demands are reduced significantly. With no engine, there is no need for a fuel or lubricating oil filter, helping to reduce both the cost and time associated with routine service.

CompAir’s ‘Mobile 5’ warranty offers up to five years protection and operators can also purchase service kits, for cost-efficient maintenance.

Vince Blower, Sales Development Leader & Portable Product Manager EMEIA concludes:

“Urban construction projects are being driven to reduce emissions in line with Net Zero targets - and using our new Elec50 mobile compressor can help significantly with carbon and energy savings from on-site compressed air generation. Lightweight and easy to tow, the machine offers all the benefits customers expect from compressors in the CompAir portable range, now with up to 50 per cent energy and 36 per cent service cost savings.” Click here to view our video. Construction Update 14

Construction Bosses Under Pressure to Provide Personal Guarantees

46% year-on-year rise in construction firms seeking protection from personal guarantees

Loans for working capital on the up as investment in growth falls.

As the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) calls for a more comprehensive investigation into the use of personal guarantees for small business loans, the number of small business owners becoming personal guarantors continues to rise. According to new analysis of applications for personal guarantee insurance in Q1 2024, by Purbeck Personal Guarantee Insurance, the UK’s sole provider of insurance protection for personal guarantees, there has been a 49% rise in business owners seeking Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) for a small business loan. And most of these were for loans to simply keep their business running.

• The highest proportion of applications for PGI (15.8%) were from construction firms

• In construction, just over half (54%) of firms sought PGI in respect of a loan for working capital in Q1. This is a jump on 46% in Q1 2023.

• 13% of applications were for loans of £125£150,000. This is the highest proportion recorded.

• The average personal guarantee commitment in construction is now £162,076 from £131,944 in Q1 2023

Key Facts:

• The average personal guarantee commitment required by a lender from a small business owner rose by 11% to £157,285 in Q1 2024 from £141,264 in Q1 2023.

• 37% of applications were for loans for working capital - this is the highest proportion recorded to date.

• Loans for investment in growth initiatives took a slight dip compared to the previous two quarters - 15% in Q1 compared to 16% in Q4 2023 and 17% in Q3 2023.

• 46% of personal guarantee insurance applications were for unsecured loans - this remains the most common form of loan where PGI is used and 46%

is the highest proportion recorded to date.

• Looking at young versus established businesses, the number of PGI applications from businesses under 2 years old shrank by 29% in Q1 2024. The average loan for these young businesses was £118k.

• In contrast the number of applications from more established businesses trading for more than two years, rose by 21%

• March 2024 was a record month for business owners applying for Personal Guarantee Insurance.

Todd Davison, MD of Purbeck Personal Guarantee Insurance said: “Our latest data should make interesting reading for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) following the FSB’s Super Complaint regarding personal guarantee requirements for small business loans[i].

It is clear that personal guarantees have become part and parcel of small business lending and with the average personal guarantee at over £157k, (£162K in construction) based on our figures, the requirement for security from lenders is significant.

The key issue is whether a personal guarantee is appropriate and proportionate to the loan being offered. Additionally, business owners need to know what they are getting into so greater education on the risks and how to mitigate them is vital. We look forward to seeing the outcome of the FCA’s investigations and what further actions are taken to help make personal guarantee requirements fair and legitimate.”

Construction Update 15 [i]


The AR75 is physically larger at 730 x 730 x 300h and provides over 4kW of sensible cooling. Both products use the same industry-leading low energy design revolutionised by Artus Air, enabled by a fully variable speed fan with specific fan powers as low as 0.05 W/l/s. All of this is achieved under the same noise conditions as the existing AR60 units.

The AR75 is available in two and four pipe variants and can provide heating and cooling separately, or heating and cooling with electric heating optional, if required. Like the smaller AR60, the AR75 is fitted with a coil, air filters, condensate pump, BMS controller and Pressure Independent Control (PICV) valves which are pre-wired for a plug-and-play ease of use. BMS connections are by BACnet MSTP or BACnet IP, with standard and enhanced controller options.

Artus Air, the company revolutionising heating and cooling air conditioning, has today added its AR75 model to its range. The new larger unit has been launched to meet customer demand and represents a significant milestone in Artus’ strategic development strategy. Together with the AR60, the AR75 is being targeted at the commercial office, retail, industrial and hotel development and retrofit markets. They offer a significant reduction in operational energy consumption and carbon emissions when compared to industry standards. The AR60 has already delivered 1000tCO2e carbon saving and 4.7ys installation saving. With the greater flexbility afforded by the two products these savings will accelerate.

Construction Update 16
Installation photographs of Artusair at Arup 80 Charlotte Street 14th February 2024 Photo by Phil Hutchinson.

The two products give building designers the choice of two sizes to best meet the needs of CAT A to B fit outs. The AR60 is perfect for small cellular offices, and projects with restricted head heights. The larger AR75 can serve typically 40 sqm or more of open plan office.

The system has the option of internally mounted isolation valves, a flushing bypass, flow measuring device and drain and air vents on the majority of models. This will reduce programme time and costs. Artus believes that incorporating these features inside its products is an industry first.

Ed Sayce, Sales Director of Artus Air comments:

“This is a hugely exciting milestone delivered by our strategic development program. Demand from the construction industry for a system of this size and capacity has been significant since we brought the AR60 to market and we already have a strong pipeline of interest.

“If the construction and development industries are to meet 2050 net zero targets innovation in design is essential – the AR75 hand in hand with the AR60 unit can support this and we are excited to see the impact it will have.”

Roger Olsen, CTO and inventor of Artus Air comments:

“Our development strategy is based on carefully thought out, highly refined and innovative products in two main product families. They are tailored to meet customer requests, and factor in the growing requirements of heat pumps and low energy cooling sources.

The units minimise both operational and embodied carbon to meet needs of our customers while remaining committed to our core business purpose of addressing sustainability necessities in our industry.”

Construction Update 17
Artusair Team Roger Olsen


Hokodo, the B2B eCommerce Association, OroCommerce and Greenwood Consulting have released a joint report that explores the habits and e-commerce expectations of business buyers.

Out of the 500 surveyed B2B buyers, 53% of respondents who work in construction building materials noted that they make daily purchases. Over 50% of all those surveyed make purchases a few times per week. This valuable insight reveals that B2B buyers are making highly frequent purchases, often ordering daily from the same websites, making features such as repeat purchase options and one-click checkouts essential for a good user experience.

The report found that the biggest issues facing construction and building materials buyers are a poor user experience (53%), no realtime product availability (33%) and a lack of payment terms (33%). 70% of respondents in this sector even said that they would abandon an e-commerce purchase if no payment terms were offered at checkout, meaning that B2B sellers failing to offer payment terms are missing out on capturing new business and revenue growth.

The majority of respondents to Hokodo’s survey (73%) said that payment challenges at checkout are causing them issues. These include unsuitable settlement methods, or a lack of payment terms on offer. With 79% of construction and building materials buyers agreeing that payment terms are critical for the success of their business in 2024, those that experience payment issues at checkout are far more likely to abandon their cart. An overwhelming majority of respondents in this sector (90%) said that having access to payment terms is either important or very important when choosing a new B2B supplier. For construction companies and other businesses buying building materials, the verdict is clear: payment terms aren’t just ‘nice to have’, but essential for survival.

However, a lack of payment terms is not the only issue that B2B buyers are facing at checkout. In fact, only 2% of all survey respondents said that they face no issues at checkout whatsoever. This suggests that buyers generally have very low expectations of what their suppliers are able to deliver. In turn, low customer expectations can lead to a reduced sense of loyalty, meaning that many merchants risk losing customers to a more reliable supplier.

As well as highlighting the challenges facing sellers of construction supplies and building materials, the new report also makes tangible recommendations that merchants can implement to improve their customer experience.

To tackle the dissatisfaction amongst B2B buyers, the report recommends that sellers request feedback from the customers that use their checkout in order to find out where it can be improved. In doing so, sellers can pinpoint exactly where they’re going wrong and apply new measures to improve the experience – from bettering customer support, limiting checkout complexity or introducing

Construction Update 18

transparency around additional fees, there are several measures suggested in the report that B2B sellers can use to impress and win customers.

Louis Carbonnier, Co-founder and President of Hokodo said:

“The findings of this survey reinforce what we at Hokodo have always known: payment terms are a must-have for construction and building materials B2B e-commerce transactions. We’ve spent the past six years developing and refining solutions that address this critical need, empowering merchants to offer flexible payment terms, instantly, at the point of need, even on a customer’s first purchase.”

Christopher Gee, UK Chapter Lead of the B2B eCommerce Association said:

“This report is packed with insights and data that B2B merchants can incorporate into their e-commerce strategies. To retain customers, B2B merchants need to build and maintain trust at the point of purchase.”

Aaron Sheehan, Director of Product Marketing, OroCommerce said:

“Hokodo’s research is a must-read; it pinpoints exactly where your B2B payments and checkout process need improvement and offers hands-on tips to help you enhance those areas.”

Construction Update 19
Visit Hokodo to download the full report.



Hamworthy Heating, technical experts in commercial heating and hot water products is pleased to announce it has expanded its market leading CIBSE approved Continuous Professional Development (CPD) portfolio with the launch of 3 new learning modules, as part of its latest hot water series on Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Best Practise.

Designed for anyone involved in the management of domestic hot water in commercial buildings, the new series of CIBSE approved CPD modules enables consultants, contractors and specifiers alike to continue to grow their knowledge and keep their CPD records up to date.

‘Module 1: DHW Design and Practical Solutions’ looks at different project types and discusses the key considerations for both refurb and new build commercial projects. Participants will gain valuable insight into various design priorities and

constraints, before exploring the different practical DHW systems and solutions available.

In ‘Module 2: DHW Safety, Legislation and Incentives’ participants expand their knowledge of DHW safety and water treatment. Discussing the risks and effects of scale (limescale) and legionella (Legionnaires Disease), this CPD seminar looks at water composition and the most suitable methods available when it comes to the performance of domestic hot water products in commercial applications. Market drivers such as legislation, flue regulations and financial incentives are also addressed.

The highly topical ‘DHW sizing’ CPD is the third module available in the latest hot water CPD series from Hamworthy Heating. Covering what to consider when sizing hot water usage, this module discusses how to estimate the demand profile of a building (with illustrated examples) and calculate DHW peak demand. It also looks at how to calculate the capability of various solutions to meet these demands.

Construction Update 20

More than just a manufacturer, Hamworthy is a company committed to providing high levels of service and aftercare to its customers. To help customers get the best out of their products and stay up to date with the latest industry developments, this latest series of free CPD training modules can be completed either individually, or as a group. Delivered by HVAC professionals from the Groupe Atlantic technical expert team, courses can be completed online or in person at a customer’s premises. Alternatively, they can be completed at one of Groupe Atlantic’s Expert Academy training facilities. Designed to fit around busy work schedules, each new CPD course can be completed in 60 minutes.

Hamworthy Heating – a long-term member of the CIBSE Patrons Programme –offers a range of wide range of CPD seminars and product training courses.

For more information, please visit click here or call 01202 662 552.

Construction Update 21



Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) is delivering lifting equipment and services to BAM Nuttall for the Cross Tay Link Road infrastructure project in Perth, Scotland.

RSS, which has a depot at nearby Grangemouth, celebrated its involvement, and met local residents that will benefit from the new three-span bridge over the River Tay, at a community open day last Thursday (11 April).

The Cross Tay Link Road is the central element of the Perth Transport Futures Project, a programme of major upgrades to improve the road network around the city. It will address the area’s long-term transport needs and promote economic growth, while tackling congestion and pollution. It is the biggest infrastructure job ever undertaken by Perth & Kinross Council. It is being delivered by engineering and construction group BAM Nuttall.

RSS is providing a variety of lifting and rigging equipment, including branded chain blocks, in addition to periodic Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) inspections and other

services. The offering, totalling approximately 1,500 assets, is all supported by Motion Software’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Gordon Orr, regional manager – Scotland, at RSS, said: “As a preferred supplier, we have to ensure that BAM has all the lifting and rigging gear it needs, when they need it, and that it is fully compliant in line with LOLER. We often have staff on site, but when we’re not there in-person, we’re at the end of the phone; our responsiveness is frequently remarked upon.

“The whole thing is bound together by an RFID system that is changing the way that blocks, shackles, hooks, slings, and harnesses are inspected and monitored on such sites.”

RSS chain blocks

RSS-branded chain blocks up to 25t capacity have been used for a variety of lifting operations. Most recently, they have been utilised for bridge formwork, where, as Orr explained, BAM created a temporary structure that supported the weight of wet concrete during construction of the bridge deck. Lever hoists and shackles are also in daily use.

BAM Nuttall invited RSS and other suppliers to participate in a tabletop-style exhibition — part of an event advertised as a day packed full of family fun, community updates, and opportunities to learn more about the Cross Tay Link Road project.

Residents have been engaged with the works from the outset, given that new infrastructure will improve the local transport network and traffic flow, and reduce journey

Construction Update 22



times. It will also enhance pedestrian and cycle safety, increase network capacity, as well as significantly reduce traffic congestion and related pollution in Perth city centre.

Orr was joined at the community day by RSS colleagues, Sean Maslen, director of sales and business development; and Lauren Green, office manager.

Maslen said: “BAM did a great job of using the event to connect with the community. It was especially uplifting to meet people taking their first steps into industry. Amy, of BAM; and Jacob, of Flannery Plant Hire, for example, both 19, were overseeing the Boston Dynamics robot dogs and digger demo units respectively. Everybody took something away from the day and we might have encouraged some younger people into the lifting sector.”

Orr added: “There was genuine interest in what RSS do and how we play a part in such a landmark project. For many, it was the first time they had seen a shackle, chain block, or lever hoist. We gave residents branded giveaways and they went home knowing more about the lifting and rigging industry than they did that morning. I thought of GLAD [Global Lifting Awareness Day] and how important it is to take these opportunities to celebrate our industry.”

Construction Update 23
Sean Maslen (right), of RSS, with Martin Wood, of BAM Nuttall, at the recent open day.


Centimeter-accurate navigation works on most commonly used survey devices — with intelligent assignment of local datums.

Point One Navigation — a precision localization and navigation leader — has officially launched support for GIS product creators, surveyors, and construction professionals on the Polaris RTK Network. Polaris provides cm-accurate positioning at scale across the United States, Europe, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea and is easily integrated into any dual-band GNSS receiver with RTK support.

Historically, achieving precision for the survey use case has required either setting up a base station

at every location — resulting in countless hours of lost time and productivity — or integrating with legacy RTK networks. For the surveyor, these legacy networks force the user to plan for every job in advance, with specific connection instructions for each specific location.

For product creators, integration with legacy networks is difficult or impossible. These networks don’t contain critical security features like provisioning or management of device credentials. And the APIs for these networks are often complicated and poorly managed, with a slew of endpoints for developers to parse through. Because of these obstacles, product creators in the survey space generally just allow the user to pick their

Construction Update 24


network. Supporting a myriad of legacy networks — each with its own degree of accuracy — creates untold numbers of support tickets, explanation requests, and lost time for valuable sales and distribution partners.

To solve this, Point One is releasing automatic assignment of datums and base stations. Users need only connect to a single mount point one time, and their devices consistently reference the closest base stations and the appropriate local datum – every time.

This eliminates the hassle of setting up, configuring, and connecting the most common survey devices. At launch, Point One is officially supporting all commonly used survey devices (full list below).

By integrating with Point One Navigation’s GraphQL API, product creators can provision, manage, and observe devices in real time through a single API endpoint. With this new release, product creators can deliver a complete solution that gives customers cm-accurate location with zero setup — one that “just works” right out of the box. This allows companies to differentiate their products with unparalleled ease of use and create new recurring revenue streams for their devices.

“I can create accounts on the spot,” said Liav Muler, CEO of Civ Robotics. “With our previous vendor, I would have to do a PO and then it would take like 48 hours before the account would be activated.”

Whether you have a fleet of customers or want to connect a single device, here’s what you can expect with Point One’s Polaris for Survey:

• Survey-grade precision (cm-accurate) across the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, and Korea (and growing)

• Single-setup connection of RTK-compatible and dual-band receiver survey devices to Polaris in minutes

• Intelligent assignment of devices to the closest mount point and results in the relevant datum for your continent/country

• Support and automatic assignment of either ITRF2014 or local datums (including NAD83, ETRS89, NZGD2000, GDA2020, JGD2011, and KGD2002)

• Integration of survey devices in an afternoon through the Polaris GraphQL API

• Ability to manage, observe, and troubleshoot devices remotely at scale

• A fully managed network built entirely on industry-leading Septentrio receivers, with 99.99% uptime

• One transparent monthly or yearly price — $150/month or $1,500/year

• Significant pricing incentives for large fleets

Click here to read the article in full >

Learn more about the Polaris Launch.

Construction Update 25


Strengthening business relations can be done in many ways, with some people exploring quality communications or even experiences to bring people together. Some businesses even look to gift giving to help further their connection.

In fact, data shows that 42% of corporations say they give gifts for relationship management purposes.

Katy Baxter, Corporate Affairs Director at food hamper business: Baxters of Scotland, says: “Building and strengthening relationships in business doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easy to get lost in the business identity, but at the end of the day, there’s someone on the other end helping build this relationship, too. Keeping good connection and communication between businesses can be achieved through a simple email or small gift to show your appreciation.”

Corporate gifting


for gifting

Gift giving is a powerful tool for fostering connections and nurturing relationships. In fact, it has been used for centuries to establish stronger bonds in many different aspects of our lives. One area not untouched by this is corporate life.

Whether you’re onboarding a client or simply thanking them for a year of partnership, gifting is a great way to build those external relationships. In fact, over half (52%) of businesses claim to do work with another company after receiving a corporate gift. This isn’t about forcing their hand but instead catching their attention and proving your passion and understanding for their business through tailored gifts.

Katy says: “It is important to remember the reasons behind your gifting. It isn’t to force business but

to encourage and strengthen your relationships. Corporate relationships can be beneficial for more than just work contracts; they can also be a great way of improving networking and partnerships with like-minded businesses.”

What to gift

Katy continues: “Finding the right gift means truly understanding who you’re working, or want to work, with. Personalisation can go a long way when strengthening relationships and representing your company.

One thing that can go down well for both clients and employees is food hampers. Depending on your chosen hamper, you can personalise them to make them specific for your receiver and add that extra special touch to highlight your relationship.

In fact, 76% of employees said they prefer gifts they can share with their family or teams, which makes hampers a perfect solution. This works across businesses, too. Being able to share the gift means you are treating a whole team of people rather than the one connection point you have. This also helps you strengthen your connection with the business, even if the person you’re in communication with leaves.

Be responsible

When building your business relationships, it’s important to avoid forcing gifts on a business. This is an approach that should be considered carefully and used for building those close relationships, rather than enforcing anything. There are plenty of legal rules around corporate gift giving, including avoiding bribery.

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It is best to consult with your legal team before giving or receiving gifts to ensure it complies with your business policies. It is also important to note that business gifts cannot be deducted from business expenditures as they’re seen in the same way as entertainment experiences. Your business cannot claim fewer taxes by discounting your business gifts on your books. It is best to run these expenses past your in-house finance team first. Invest in shared experiences.

Another excellent corporate gifting idea could be an experience day to help strengthen your bond and truly get to know the people you’re working with – after all, there’s no better way to get to know someone than an escape room or a day at the golf course.

Katy says: “You’ll want to know the people behind the company. So, spending time outside of formal meetings can be a great way to strengthen your professional relationships.”

In fact, these shared experiences open up communication and make a great speaking point besides the work itself. While the work is important, knowing your partners on a human level is essential within the corporate working world.

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Silen, leaders in sustainable, silent pods and privacy rooms, will be showcasing its three UK rental products through the brand new Silen Rent service, at London’s Watercooler exhibition from 23th-24th April. Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of award-winning moveable and portable office pods that bring silent, uninterrupted spaces to those working in open plan offices. Silen pods boost creativity, whilst increasing concentration times and aid focus through the means of privacy and noise control, overall improving the wellbeing of the user. Silen recognise that office spaces now must cater for a diverse range of employees, and therefore ensure that all products are flexible, yet functional.

Showcased in the VIP area will be Space 1, an innovative range that through carefully engineered sound absorbing materials will provide an enclosed space where users can completely withdraw from the surrounding noise at the show.

Brand new to the UK is the Silen Rent service, a flexible option, perfect for short term commitments. This service allows users to rent instead of purchasing a pod space, a much more cost effective, sustainable solution which supports the principles of the circular economy. Through this scheme, businesses can rent 3 different pods, the Silen Space 1, Space 1.5 and Space 2 in various colours – all of which will be on display at the Watercooler exhibition at stand W235.

Through pioneered design, all Silen products, including those showcased at Watercooler this year, have been independently certified. Silen only use materials that conform and comply with the strictest regulations available. Since May 2022 all Silen products are CarbonNeutral® certified. From June 2023, Silen uses SEAQUAL® YARN marine plastic fabric across its entire product range.

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It’s no secret that recycling is crucial for the future of our planet – it reduces the need for the exploitation of new raw materials, helps to conserve energy and lessen waste and pollution.

While this is a widely accepted fact, it is less well known that only 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled. In recent years, plastic has become the mainstay material used in almost all sectors – from packaging, to building and construction, electricals and manufacturing. This is an increasing concern for our environment, with plastic continuing to have an adverse effect on our planet as a major polluter.

Therefore, the importance of using different materials for construction, manufacturing and day to day life has never been greater. As a highly versatile material that has many different uses, copper is a good alternative to plastics as an infinitely recyclable material. In this article, the Copper Sustainability Partnership (CuSP) explores why copper’s recyclable properties make it an essential resource for our future.

The recyclability of copper

What makes copper so special? Firstly, it is infinitely more durable than plastic, making it far better for pipes, not just in homes but in manufacturing, medicine and much more. It is also a great conductor and can be used for wiring in most electrical components and circuits, and is a lot more fire resistant than plastic and as such is less likely to be wasted.

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Embarking on your dream housing project? Your builder is the key to turning those dreams into a reality. Whether you are renovating, rebuilding or embarking on a new build project, your home is a substantial financial commitment, making the journey to choosing your builder all the more important.

Damian Barker, founder and CEO of luxury building specialist, Verus Construction, shares his top tips and go-to questions to ask your builder to guarantee a smooth renovation or new build project.

1. Nail down multiple quotes

One quote isn’t enough, do your research and gather multiple quotes from recommended and well researched builders. Ensure that each quote is all encompassing and covers every aspect of the project, including material costs, labour expenses and any additional tasks required to create your dream home.

2. Reviewing the financial viability of the builder

Before breaking ground, it’s crucial to ensure that your builder is robust enough to complete your project. Make sure to check their financial background, accreditation and portfolio thoroughly to ensure they have the solid foundations necessary to successfully see your project through to completion.

3. Cheap isn’t necessarily the best

Remember, the lowest price isn’t always the best and may not reflect the true quality or the

correct budget. Scrutinise the costs and ask for a breakdown, a builder who can articulate and explain the reasoning behind each aspect understands the true scope of the project.

4. Do your research

Review all the work in your potential builder’s portfolio. Confirm and view at least three projects that have been successfully completed from beginning to end. Visit these projects, and chat with the architects and homeowners to find out more about their experience before signing on the dotted line.

5. Don’t just focus on the bricks and mortar –do you and your builder fit together?

It’s about more than just the build, this is a partnership and an effective working relationship between all parties is essential to a successful build. It’s important to establish strong communication channels, schedule regular meetings, and finalise payment plans to ensure the smooth running and completion of your project.

For more information and to see further projects from Verus Construction, please visit:

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