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1 QS World University Rankings 2017/18 2QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 Excellence in Research Australia 2015 4Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2017 (


CONGRATULATIONS Dear Graduates Congratulations on your achievement. I am delighted to share with you this defining moment in your academic journey. Today’s celebration is a result of your remarkable determination to succeed. It is an opportunity to reflect on your great achievement with your family and friends, and to pay tribute to all of the hard work and commitment that has led to this important milestone. As a UON graduate you carry with you the University’s reputation for excellence. UON is ranked among the top 1% of the world’s universities by the QS World University Rankings 2018. We have six subjects ranked in the world’s top 100 and 15 subjects ranked in the world’s top 200. Our standing in the global rankings reflects the University’s strong focus on delivering education programs that carry the hallmarks of innovation and quality. From today, you join a growing UON alumni network of more than 142,000 members, which spans 145 countries. Every day, we celebrate the contributions and achievements of our alumni who are making their mark locally and globally. With a degree from UON, you also have the skills and attributes to make a positive impact as a leader and innovator both in your chosen field and your community. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement. Wherever your professional journey takes you, I hope that you carry with you many fond memories of your time at the University of Newcastle, as well as a lifelong passion for learning. I wish you every success for the future.

Best wishes

Professor Caroline McMillen Vice-Chancellor and President The University of Newcastle

A BRIEF HISTORY OF GRADUATION The graduation ceremony is one of great antiquity. Its essential features have been the same since the 12th century when the first universities came into existence. It is necessary constituents are the Chancellor or his or her Deputy, the academic staff, the graduates, and the public.

underneath. The hood was the normal medieval headwear, but it soon acquired a coloured lining. By the 17th century, if not earlier, these colours were strictly controlled so that anyone could identify from the colour of a graduate’s hood, the university and the degree.

The church had a monopoly of education, partly because it was the guardian of true doctrine, and partly because clerics were almost the only people who could read and write. As a result, the only person who could license a teacher was the bishop of a diocese until, under pressure of other business, he deputed the task to his chief secretary or chancellor.

The public is the fourth participant. It has an important function because the whole point of the proceedings is that they should be seen and heard by valid witnesses. The public hears the words of the Dean and the Chancellor and sees the new graduates dressed in their respective gowns or robes.

The second group participating in the ceremony is the academic staff. In the 12th century they would all have been called “masters” or MAs. At that date they were paid no salaries, but hired their own lecture rooms and charged their own fees. But they also formed themselves into a guild or union, which is what universitas originally meant. In the 13th century they won a great victory when they persuaded the Pope to decree that chancellors were obliged to confer degrees on all those nominated by the masters. That is why the masters examine the candidates, why the Dean, acting as their spokesperson, reads out the names of those who are to receive degrees, and why the masters at this ceremony watch to see that the Chancellor or his Deputy does what is required of him.

The foregoing is an adaptation of an address given at a graduation ceremony at the University of Birmingham by Emeritus Professor R H C Davis and reprinted in his book ‘From Alfred the Great to Stephen’ (Hambledon Press, 1991), pp. 307-309. It is reproduced with kind permission of the author’s widow.

Thirdly, the graduates. The word “degree” comes from the Latin gradus, which means “a step”. When students are admitted to a bachelor degree they move one step up towards the mastership. When they are admitted to a master’s degree they climb another step and come up on a level with the masters, who then receive them into their guild or universitas. The academic gowns are derived from the everyday dress of the medieval clergy. In the Middle Ages they were not open in front, but closed like a clergyman’s cassock. It was in about 1500 that academics had the front opened up so as to display the fine clothes which they were wearing 2 | The University of Newcastle

ABORIGINAL STOLE The red, yellow and black stoles are worn by Aboriginal students and staff during graduation and relate to the colours of the Aboriginal flag. The colours of the Aboriginal flag represent the land (red), the sun (yellow) and the people (black).

TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER STOLE The green, blue and black stoles are worn by Torres Strait Islander students during graduation and relate to the colours of the Torres Strait Island flag. The colours of the Torres Strait Island flag represent the land (green), the sea (blue) and the people (black). The University of Newcastle is a national leader in the attraction and success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The wearing of the stoles celebrates culture and identity in a significant ceremony that also celebrates success.

RECONCILIATION STATEMENT The University of Newcastle declares its commitment to Aboriginal reconciliation: developing a strong community and fostering mutual respect, social justice and a united voice between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal Australians. The University of Newcastle respects and acknowledges the Aboriginal land on which the Australian campuses of the University are located. We acknowledge the Aboriginal nations on whose traditional lands the University has a presence, respecting and acknowledging the traditional peoples and the cultural significance and history of the land. The University is aware of the impact of the alienation and other forms of injustices including the removal of children, the loss of land, the destruction of languages and culture, and the ongoing struggle for social and restorative justice. Through acknowledging and understanding past losses and injustices and through committing to redressing the social and economic challenges and ongoing racism, we will continue to move forward together to a better future. The University recognises that education plays an integral role in providing a foundation and platform for the exercise of self-determination and the empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Through collaboration and the provision of culturally responsive education the University seeks to educate and contribute to the development of a harmonious community.

4 | The University of Newcastle

The University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have supported the University in ensuring an Aboriginal presence at the University and appropriate and effective levels of consultation and collaboration through the sharing of Aboriginal voices, cultural wisdom and knowledge. These attributes are essential to moving forward to a future of equality and respect in teaching and learning, research, cultural inclusion, celebrating diverse cultures and success. The University acknowledges and appreciates the contribution and support by all communities. We will continue to build on existing partnerships and wherever possible forge respectful relationships designed to contribute to the ongoing endeavour of redressing the circumstance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, health, cultures, languages, social justice, employment and empowerment. The University is committed to providing an environment that is free from racism and discrimination, developing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to access and succeed in higher education. The University embraces the unique and diverse cultures of Aboriginal – the oldest continuing culture in the world – and Torres Strait Island peoples and to ensure the growth of knowledge for all Australians. With respect and collaboration, the University of Newcastle embraces a united approach to equality and inclusiveness for all Australian peoples.



The Mace is the symbol of formal authority. The Mace used today belongs to the University of Newcastle and was designed by gold and silversmith, Gerald Benney. It is made of Australian walnut and silver and its head represents an open book – the traditional symbol of learning. The Mace was a gift from the University of New South Wales to commemorate the establishment of the University of Newcastle as an autonomous institution on 1 January 1965. It is always borne ahead of the Chancellor in the academic procession during formal ceremonies such as today’s presentation of academic awards.

The award of Honours is given to students who complete an additional year of study after the completion of a bachelor’s degree. Some bachelor’s degrees, such as Engineering or Education, have Honours embedded in the four year degree program. Honours generally consists of part coursework and part research requiring submission of a thesis. Honours can be awarded as Class I, Class II Division 1, Class II Division 2, or Class III.

THE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE FANFARE The Fanfare is played at all ceremonial functions to herald the entry and departure of the Chancellor and other members of the Council. It was composed by Professor Robert Constable and first performed in 1994.

THE UNIVERSITY MEDAL The award of a University Medal is an honour made only when there is a candidate of sufficient merit. To be considered for this award, a graduate must have a consistent record of exceptional academic achievement at all levels of their degree program, and qualify with the highest level of that degree.

WITH DISTINCTION A bachelor’s or master’s degree is conferred with distinction in cases where a candidate has achieved a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or above in the degree, out of a maximum of 7.0.

COMBINED DEGREE A combined degree is one where a student studies for two separate degrees at the same time. It is possible for the student to complete the degree requirements for one degree ahead of the other. The student receives a testamur for each degree. Places for combined degrees are very competitive and offered to the highest performing students who apply.

MUSICAL INTERLUDE During graduation ceremonies, students, graduates and staff from the University of Newcastle’s Conservatorium of Music entertain and demonstrate their skills and passion for music.

Graduation – April 2018 | 5

6 | The University of Newcastle



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Ms Sophie Aked The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Dr Murray Height Degree recipients from the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment will be presented by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brett Ninness The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Sophie Aked and Mr Terence Koo The Chancellor will invite Dr Shannon Rios to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

Dr Murray Height is the co-founder of the global company, HeiQ, and currently the CEO of HeiQ Australia Pty Ltd and Chief Science Officer of the HeiQ Materials group. This organisation is widely recognised as a global leader in the creation of effective, durable and high performance textile effects. With more than 100 products on the market and providing services to more than 150 international textile and apparel brands, HeiQ’s core business remains focused on achieving market differentiation through innovation. New products such as Oilguard – an oil-absorbing, water-repelling, nonwoven fabric used for oil relief efforts – have been realised through collaboration with customers and universities around the world. Beyond his work with HeiQ, Dr Height remains connected to his field through a strong program of research and mentoring. His contributions to his field have been recognised through numerous awards including winner of the Swiss Technology Award in 2010 and winner of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation entrepreneurship prize in 2006.
 Dr Height holds a PhD and a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; a Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne; and a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Newcastle.

Graduation – April 2018 | 7


HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Ya Gao BE(Dalian U.T.) Thesis Title: Computer Simulation of Particle-Bubble Interactions Using Discrete Element Method Kaiqi Jiang MEnvEng(CSU) Thesis Title: Fast Flotation in a Reflux Flotation Cell Md Shakhaoath Khan BSc(Hons), MSc(Khulna) Thesis Title: Dispersion Behaviour in Binary Solid-Liquid Fluidised Beds Omid Mowla BAgrEng, ME(Shiraz) Thesis Title: Study on the Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydroesterification of Varying Oil Types to Develop an Understanding of FAME Formation Syed Naveed Ul Hasan MScChemEng(N-WFP Eng.) Thesis Title: A Continuous, Dynamic and Steady State Segregation-Dispersion Model of the Reflux Classifier

8 | The University of Newcastle

Mohammad Ramezani MSc(Teheran) Thesis Title: Application of Calcium Looping for Heat Generation and CO2 Enrichment in Greenhouses

Hongliang Ding BE(ZJU), ME(ZJUT) Thesis Title: Development of Design Models for Air-gravity Fine Powder Transport

Fengkui Yin BE(SXAU), ME(USTL) Thesis Title: A Novel Ex-Situ Calcium Looping Process for Removal and Conversion of Tars Formed During Biomass Gasification

Samuel Evans BEng(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Aeroelastic Measurements, Simulations, and Fatigue Predictions for Small Wind Turbines Operating in Highly Turbulent Flow

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Matthew James Grant BEng(Hons), MEngSc(UNSW), MSc(Cran.) Thesis Title: Systems and Reliability Modelling for Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Improvised Explosive Device Attacks

Ognjen Orozovic BEng(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Observations and Modelling of Flow Parameters: Reflected Insights into the Flow Mechanisms of Horizontal Granular Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Jingjing Meng BE(HPU), ME(CSU) Thesis Title: Mathematical Programming-Based Discrete Element Method in Geomechanics Zhiyu Wang BEng(Shenyang), MEng(Harbin) Thesis Title: Experimental and Numerical Study of Structural Frames with SemiInterlocking Masonry (SIM) Infill Panels Shengyang Yuan ME(SWJTU) Thesis Title: Multi-scale Study of the Hydro-mechanical Behaviour of Maryland Clay DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tanvir Ahmed MSc(Khulna) Thesis Title: Interdiffusion and Thermotransport in Engineering Materials David Robert Bradney BEng(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Measured and Predicted Performance of a Small Wind Turbine Operating in Unsteady Flow

Tumpa Rani Paul BSc(Hons), MSc(Khulna) Thesis Title: Diffusion Kinetics in Crystals DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN SURVEYING Zahra Gharineiat BCE(Tabriz), MEngMgmt(Melbourne) Thesis Title: Coastal Altimetry for Sea Level Changes in Northern Australian Coastal Oceans

SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTING DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Wan Norsyafizan W.Muhamad MEng(UM) Thesis Title: Enhanced Energy Efficiency Techniques for Packet Transmission in IEEE 802.11 Networks DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Amer Saber Sabri Abed Abu Zaher BCompSc(Irbid), MCompSc(Yarmouk) Thesis Title: A New Feature Selection Approach Based on Proximity Graphs and Evolutionary Computation

Mingze Xi BE(Qingdao) Thesis Title: PREVENT - A Pipeline Approach to Prototype Realistic Virtual Environments via the Reuse of Expert Domain Knowledge

Dongxiao Wang BE(NCEPU) Thesis Title: Smart Distribution Network Management by Energy Storage Technologies with High Intermittent Renewables

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Xiaodan Gao BE(NCEPU) Thesis Title: Advanced Doubly Fed Induction Generator Variable Speed Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Control Method for Grid Connection

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Samar Medawi Alqhtani BSc/BEd(Jeddah), MIT(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Multiple Kernel Fusion for Event Detection from Multimedia Data in Twitter

Lok Man Ho BSc, BEng(Hons)(UNSW) Thesis Title: Model-Based Fault Detection and Isolation for a Novel X-by-Wire Road Vehicle Architecture

Nuseiba Mustafa Altarawneh BSc(CompSc)(Mutah), MSc(CompSc)(Jordan) Thesis Title: 3D Liver Segmentation from Abdominal Computed Tomography Scans Based on a Novel Level Set Model

Mohd Noor Islam BScEng(Electrical & Electronic)(KUET), MSc(Electronics)(Kookmin) Thesis Title: Real Time Endoscope Capsule Localization Using the Electromagnetic Field Method

Xin Gu BInfoSc(Hons)(Massey), BCompSys(UNITEC IT) Thesis Title: Modelling the Academic Publishing System: A Data-Driven Agent-Based Approach

Gaoqi Liang BE(Automation)(NCEPU) Thesis Title: False Data Injection Attacks against Modern Power Systems: Modelling and measures

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT Rafiu Olugbenga Salami PGDipArch, MTechArch(Akure) Thesis Title: Determinants of Urban Settlements’ Vulnerability to Flood Hazard in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria

Haofei Meng BE(Wuhan), ME(USTC) Thesis Title: Robust Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Network Constraints Shannon Andrew Rios BEng(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Miniature Ambulatory Robots Driven by Piezoelectric Bimorph Benders: Design, Drive and Control Methods Michael Guenter Ruppert Dipl-Ing (Stuttgart) Thesis Title: Self-Sensing, Estimation and Control in Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy Yik Ren Teo BEng(Hons), MPhil(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Damping and Tracking Controllers for Nanopositioning Systems: Applications for High-Speed Scanning Probe Microscopy

UNIVERSITY MEDALLISTS James David Cobon-Kerr Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Joshua Neville Crompton Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) with Honours Class I and University Medal Emily Charlotte Heldt Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Chemical) with Honours Class I and University Medal Timothy John Kuzyk Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil) with Honours Class I and University Medal

Siqi Pan Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical) with Honours Class I and University Medal Zoe Dawn Scott Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical) with Honours Class I and University Medal

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT WITH DISTINCTION Marius Patrick Krabiell Avelino Tabalba Molina Jr Jonas Ramspott Dimitri Zwermann MASTER OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT Bandar Ibrahim A Alhusel Abdulbari Mohammad N Alqarni Iris Fernanda Arguedas Salgado Nona Grace Bermejo Alfredo Cervantes Gutierrez Maria Teresita Del Rosario Ibrahim Adedayo Farinoye Nnamdi Elochukwu Izuchukwu Yang Chris Liu Burmaa Lkhagvasuren Chika Theresa Onyeogaziri Zijun Shao Atjimanant Wipada MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Daniela Rocio Gaete-Muller Eric Papas Geoffrey Paul Stevenson MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Ronnie Siaosi Aiolupotea Zitian Fang Guangxue Lin Elijah Matepo Babatomiwa Ayodeji Sokoya Maninder Kaur Virk Surya Prabha Visvanathan Ting Yu MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (PROFESSIONAL) Selcuk Savas

Graduation – April 2018 | 9


UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Egan Angus Meek BACHELOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE James Jefferson Arthur Jacob Ivan Batkovic Jacob John Clulow Keiran Dawson Alex Dempsey Thomas Kent Fuller Trent Anthony Jones Robert Bruce Logan Matthew Wayne Muller Rhys Ogle Matthew Peter Retford Brendan Anthony Rogers William Ross Scobell Adam Schofield Matthew Gordon Sikkema Thomas Thorne William Joseph Thorne Travis Toomey Kiet Tran Joshua Waddington Joshua Michael Wilson BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CHEMICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Jordan Cody Bentley Rahul Chhillar Joshua Aiden Clifton Matthew James Cole Jacob Paul Dibley Liam Fraser Eyre Thomas Charles Henshaw Shin Rui How Liam Brett Kingsley Huybers Lauren Ashlee King Beth Irene Van Vliet Joshua David Williams

10 | The University of Newcastle

BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CHEMICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Gabrielle De Iuliis Jacob Loader Henry Olgers Huon James Vardanega BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CHEMICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Spencer David Brien Jonathon Henry Chapman Samantha Clark Mandy Griesberg Caitlin Ella Hogan Dhanish Arasu Kalayarasu BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CHEMICAL) Fahad A S S Alawadh Mohammad M M A H A Almowail Carter Jace Lawrence Joshua Oliveira BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CIVIL) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Hayden George Baldacchino Miles Thomas Baldacchino Merrick Jones Justin Lanz Angus James McLeod Hayley Rose Ovenden Lachlan Scotcher Jackson Thompson BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CIVIL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Joshua Bagus Nicholas George Beness Bradley Edwards Peter Christopher Gray-Thompson Harrison Mark Oakley Jaxson Robert Ryner Luke Shafren Stuart Alun Steinle-Davies Fletcher Lawrence Taylor Alex Thompson BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CIVIL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Benjamin Luke Bartlett Jessica Louise Cassidy Jemma Anne Ehsman Michael William Handley Jack Alexander Kotris Elodie Nona O’sullivan Luke Robins

BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CIVIL) Zachariah Arneil Peter Anthony Bartolacci Jack Stroyan Donnan Bradley Dow Jack William Ernest Gearing Lukas Grace William Zachary Guelen Nicholas Guinane Brooke Erin Harvey Maddelon Holt-Smith Christopher Wayne Johnston Samuel Ladmore Charles Robert Mathers Mitchell George McClelland Karlee Maree Mercuri Tyler James Neve Andrew Petar Nikolic Luke Patchett Constantin Ovidiu Pruteanu Joshua Lawrence Raines Robert James Scott Christopher David Shakespeare Brent Alexander Todd Waleeja Zahoor BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Brendan James Somerville BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ELECTRICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Ethan Manning Callaghan Christopher George Martinu James Sidney Rudd Caleb Edwin Sayers BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ELECTRICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Luke Barkley Jacob Thomas Brown Daniel John Haslop Tan Yi Kiat Eddie BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ELECTRICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 George Graham Dunn Nicholas John Hall Kyaw Soe Hein Timothy Matthews Pagharoth Yon BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ELECTRICAL) Ang Siew Kim

Daniel Biltris Chew Wan Yu Nikolas Cooper Daniel James Frew Heng Hui Jay Hsu Myat Noe Chang Min Kim Wenrong Vincent Neo Todd William Nichols Alex Pavlic Selwyn Timothy S Athanasious Amelia Mary Sharah Soe Pyae Aung Adam Brian Stutchbury Su Sye Pyae Sone Thae Eain San Theint Myatnoe Aung Thet Htoo Zaw William Sean Tom Ben Ernest Villanueva Hongyi Wu BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ENVIRONMENTAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Georgia Elizabeth Austin- Holt Declan Philip Clausen Jake Matthew Hunter Nathan Bradley McGuire Benjamin Oakley Harrison Mark Oakley Jennifer Madellen Passfield Kasey Lee Williams BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ENVIRONMENTAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Jemma Anne Ehsman Wade Hazell BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ENVIRONMENTAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Georgia Anne Carniel Nathan Willis Dick BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (ENVIRONMENTAL) Alton Edwin Dick Darby Richard O’sullivan BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHANICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Benjamin Joel Bourne Paul Ronald Donkin Elyse Louise Hudson Wei Sheng Jeremy Lim Gianluca Naldi

Shaun Reid Peter John Richardson Angus Shorter Mitchell Stokes Yong Lee Tan Ryan Von Rosen Colin Watts BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHANICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Mitchell Wayne Blanch Hayden Ryan Buchanan Jack Matthew Gibson Alexander Bryan Lynch Benjamin Alexander Mackiewicz Timothy Douglas Schultz Yong Wei Jie BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHANICAL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Samuel Davidson Benjamin Furniss Nicholas John Hannaford Shusheng He Ethan Keough Lim Shan Wei John Mitchell Lumby Leonard Ng Chong Yew Timothy Maslen Nicholas Jordan Patrick Pascoe Wei Qing Daniel Phua Nicholas Dylan Ryan Shabarie Bin Sapingi Benjamin Schaeffer Malcolm Rhys Sidney Jerald Stefen Skuta Vincent Stewart Sanvic Billeca Tan Joshua Trickett Brodie Kyle Waterford Jock Thomas Willoughby BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHANICAL) Jenn Suan Ang Bryce James Bower Luke Gerard Brand Choy Ren Yu Jesse Crawford Lachlan James Leonard Earle Goh Si Kai Douglas Grosser Hein Tay Zar Lin Craig Robert Hill Nafees Hussain

Kaung Myat Hein Kearns Lewis Lee Lew Kim Leng Dicky Lie Lin Huijun Malcolm Ng Zhengyao Peter Sarmad Noor Nur Muhammad Bin Hassan Kevin Rusli Savitha Suresh Anthony Setiawan Darren Paul Strano Wei Leong Tan Sutanto The Thet Myat Noe Aung Thu Ya Lin Htet Shion Yoshioka Zhu Yibing BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHATRONICS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Benjamin Joel Bourne Mitchell Stokes Colin Watts BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHATRONICS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Allister John Grady Chan Hao Ung BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHATRONICS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Malcolm Rhys Sidney BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (SOFTWARE) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Brendan John Baxter Jordan Collins Adam John Courts Luke Kenneth Farrawell Benjamin Hudson Ty Michael Lange-Smith Matthew John Leane BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (SOFTWARE) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Timothy William Blackstone Donovan Carthew Andrew John Thursby BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (SURVEYING) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Ryan Henry Clark Graduation – April 2018 | 11

Robert Francis Lyon Jason Peter Sheldrake BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (SURVEYING) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Darryl Christopher Willing BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (SURVEYING) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Kendall William Hough Louis Jones Scott John Mackedie Luke Timperley BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (SURVEYING) Christopher Rhys Doherty Mitchell Henry Eckford Jason Matthew Gray Mark Stephen Hoare Kate Elise Johnson Ben Nicholas McCartney Adam Stewart Blake Young BACHELOR OF SURVEYING WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Stewart Alexander Lang May BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Connor Thomas Dodd BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION David Stanley Alexander Dion Jarrod Lee Fordham Charles Samuel Frank Tyrone Anthony Johnston Brenda Lee Yi Xi Jon Voorby BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Ahmad Alsadeeqi Sachin Antony Edwin Earayil Igor Antunovic Tannishtha Arora Patrick Joshua Baker Alexander Jack Berriman Katie Boorer Blake William Brazier Chng Si Hao Kyung Won Cho 12 | The University of Newcastle

Kendal Charles Clausen Mathew Couch Ryan Andrew Fletcher Andrew George Jordan Alexander Grant Chantelle Green Nayan Rajendra Hathiwala Heng Liang Peng Matthew Nicholas Jones Merdan Jumanov Kaung Htet Wint Kyu Daejun Kim Taekyoung Kim Nathan Jon King Kyi Soe Paing Dominic Lacey Steven James Lane Lu Tao Jia-Chen Ma Mitchell McMaugh Cooper John Merryweather Wing Keet Daniel Ng Alan Nguyen Ryan John O’sullivan Phua Kok Lip Ranganai Purazeni Andrew James Rae Benjamin James Riley Simbarashe Riva Richie Ryan Nithin Sampath Paul Andrew Schneider Isaac James Smith Sofyan Shwetha Srinivasa Sekaran Su Ze Peng Shane Hamilton Sweeney Jamie Ann Sy Eden Tan Jia Ler Tan Zi En Vu Tuan Tran Wai Yan Maung Oo Adam Wardle Adam Waugh Chun Yat Jonathan Yip Yuan Han Wenpei Wayne Zhang SELCUK SAVAS


UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF BUSINESS WITH DISTINCTION Elyse Louise Hudson Lauren Ashlee King BACHELOR OF BUSINESS Jacob Paul Dibley Douglas Grosser Michael William Handley Nathan Jon King Steven James Lane Timothy Maslen Henry Olgers Jamie Ann Sy Adam Wardle SELCUK SAVAS


FACULTY OF SCIENCE UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS WITH DISTINCTION Jordan Cody Bentley Egan Angus Meek Joshua David Williams BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS George Graham Dunn BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Emily Charlotte Heldt Benjamin Oakley Angus Shorter BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Samantha Clark Peter John Richardson



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Ms Sophie Aked The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Professor Carey Lyon Degree recipients from the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment will be presented by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brett Ninness The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Sophie Aked and Mr Terence Koo Degree recipients from the Faculty of Health and Medicine will be presented by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Laureate Professor John Aitken The Chancellor will invite Ms Angela Rees to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded

Professor Carey Lyon is one of the founding directors of the globally-recognised Australian architectural design practice, Lyons. He is also a Professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT University in Melbourne. Professor Lyon specialises in the design of learning, research and workplace environments, as well as urban design and sustainability. His work ranges from regional TAFE colleges to tertiary education infrastructure and major public buildings and has been influential both nationally and internationally. In the last decade, Professor Lyon’s work and the work of his practice has been recognised through more than 40 awards from the Australian Institute of Architects, the Property Council of Australia, the World Architects Awards and others. Individually he has been awarded a Life Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Architects and the Presidential Medal from the American Institute of Architects. Professor Lyon was elected as National President of the Australian Institute of Architects in 2006/2007 and has also been a Board Member of the Green Building Council of Australia. He is a current member of the Victorian Design Review Panel. Professor Lyon holds a Master of Architecture from RMIT University and a Bachelor of Architecture (with Honours) from the University of Melbourne.

The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

Graduation – April 2018 | 13


HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES AND PHARMACY DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ANATOMY Kimberley Jones BSc(BiomedicalSc), BSc(Hons)(UNE) Thesis Title: Key Mechanisms Underlying Damage and Repair Processes in Sites of Secondary Neurodegeneration after Ischemic Stroke Zidan Zhao MPM(Queensland) Thesis Title: Environmental Determinants of Neurovascular Remodelling and Strategies to Enhance Recovery After Stroke DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN EXPERIMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY Julia Shaw BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Effect of Pre and Postnatal Neurosteroid Therapy on Neurodevelopment and Behaviour DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY Sonia Marlene Rodrigues Oliveira BSc(Hons), MSc(Aveiro) Thesis Title: The Nerve-Cancer Connection in Ovarian Cancer

14 | The University of Newcastle

Kelly Megan Smith BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: The Role of Calretinin Positive Interneurons in Spinal Sensory Coding DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN IMMUNOLOGY AND MICROBIOLOGY Kamal Dua BPharm(MDU), MPharm (RGUHS), PhD (GBTU) Thesis Title: Investigation of the Pathogenesis of Influenza Infection in Asthma and COPD; Potential Therapeutic Interventions Sara Hadjigol BBiol(Tehran), MS(Tasmania) Thesis Title: Understanding the Mechanisms of Bacterial-Induced Exacerbation of Allergic Airways Disease in a Mouse Model James Walter Pinkerton BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Elucidating the Mechanisms of Steroid-Resistant Asthma DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY Sam Faulkner BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: ProNGF, NGF and their Receptors in Tumour Innervation and Progression: a Study in Breast and Thyroid Cancers Chunyan Wang MB(SXU), MMed(Fudan) Thesis Title: Therapeutic Targeting of Heat Shock Protein 90 in Human Colon Cancer Cells

UNIVERSITY MEDALLIST Jessica Kirstin Bruce Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

FACULTY OF SCIENCE HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Adelle Anelta Camelita Blair BSc(Hons)(Jamaica UT), MSc(E.Anglia), MSc(S’ton) Thesis Title: Climate Change Threats and Adaptation Responses in Small Island Developing States: A Comparative Analysis of Antigua & Barbuda and Vanuatu

FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT HIGHER DEGREE BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ARCHITECTURE Josephine Louise Vaughan BScArch(Sydney), BArch(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Measuring Fallingwater: A Computational Fractal Analysis of Wright’s Kaufman House in the Context of His Theories and Domestic Architecture

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE WITH HONOURS CLASS I Joseph Charters Belford Scott Finlayson MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Kieran Douglass Smith MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE WITH DISTINCTION Andrew Milton Alley Dashiel Gerard Carty Beau John De Belle Nicole Elizabeth Eadie Jenny Johnstone Janai Kim Lemar Patrick James Love Tri Nghia Phan Kalyna Mary Sparks Wan Sabrina Wan Muhammad Kamal Sarah Young MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Nur Farahin Binti Abdul Jalil Fatin Aminah Binti Aminuddin Man Ting Au Mia Bella Bacigalupo Kah Leong Leon Chan Kar Ho Gary Chan Victor Fung Vui Chin Ryleigh Dean Iyesomi Yvonne Ebuetse Hannah Fitzgerald Candace Laraine Garraway Christopher Goodwin Jessica Hopkin Ahsan Fathi Bin Jalaluddin Owen Kelly Ka Ming Leung Kirby May Licence Yen Yin Lim Yan Yan Ma Swapnil Madiwale Fahimeh Mazloumi Gavgani Man Wai Ng Shin Tze Ooi Negar Rahimieiman Natalia Antonieta Reyes Castillo Elkie Jay Slater Stephanie Souter Kasamaporn Sripundon

Tan Say Kiat Clarence Yee Lim Tham Chryssi Triantafyllou Kyle Van Asten Ang Weddy Oliver Gerrie Faulkner Wisden Jia Xin Wong Kien Hou Wong Yunqing Zheng MASTER OF DISASTER PREPAREDNESS AND RECONSTRUCTION WITH DISTINCTION Meagan Joyce Kanaley Susan Michelle Laitala MASTER OF DISASTER RESILIENCE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITH DISTINCTION Paul Wilks MASTER OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT WITH DISTINCTION Deepak Shahani MASTER OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Matthew John Aldrick Jok Matiok Alor Perry Le Brocque MASTER OF PROPERTY WITH DISTINCTION Lila Mae Malmberg MASTER OF PROPERTY Julius Odhiambo Arato Gilead Chi Li Chen Blake Hedley Catherine Juskowski Michael David Orr Alex Lee Platt Robyn Louise Taveira GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Michael Brett Flood Damien Peter Grace Katharine Emma Kachur Ryan Vogelzang

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (BUILDING) (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Joshua Elijah Bruce Anna Cartaar Brendan Cole Anthony Rohr Fuller Katherine Elizabeth Garay Jarrod Maurice Heaney Emrys Thomas Jones Coles Alexander Tyr Kristjansson Nathan Laurence Law Amy Jean Lovell Michael Connor Nielson Melanie Anne Odendaal Miranda Ellie Osgood Mark Joseph Palin Martin Smith Christopher Charles Spiteri Jonathon Charles Wuth BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (BUILDING) (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Nicholas Joseph Bannister Nicholas Michael Carlyle Rhoebee Clemente Marcel Eggers De Mink Justin Paul Fallins Rory Frame Mitchell Terrence Friend Donald Tonderayi Gonzo Shannon Michelle Jones Tom Keirl Christopher James Knight Amir Maglajlic Jake McIllhatton George James Murdoch Lauren Marie Piper Rebecca Ricardo Zachariah Tobin Jason Uptin Gabrielle Jane Wrightson BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (BUILDING) (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Jared Alexander Cameron Bishop Max Ron Faulkner Camden Sean Cleary Kevin Barry Crompton

Graduation – April 2018 | 15

Simon John Dixon Thomas Quentin Gough Clinton Hadenham Lachlan Ray Hanlon Thomas Hardy Jeffrey Limb Mark Daniel Little Scott Llewellyn William Holcombe Mackay Josh Douglas McGufficke Ashley William Mills Darby Murphy Alexandra Johanna Qvint Ryan Smyth Gareth Robert Stephens Benjamin Styles Jason Matthew Torchia BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (BUILDING) (HONOURS) Bradley Michael Aldous Matthew Banks Jordan Neil Collis Jordan Richmond Griffiths Colin Hyland Luke Giuseppe Ingaliso Jack Allan Loy Christopher John McCredie Ian George James Parkinson Corey Rumbel Jessie Eve Ryan Brett Anthony Smith Angus James Tayler Benjamin William Van Nierop BACHELOR OF DESIGN (ARCHITECTURE) WITH DISTINCTION Michael Allanson Arhem Ashton Kurt Egan Diane Margaret Gardoll Eliza Maartensz Courtenay Jayde Mace Amber Monique Penn Samantha Cathryn Watt Christopher Aaron Zietsch BACHELOR OF DESIGN (ARCHITECTURE) Mitchell William Baldock Rory Betts-McCrae Muhammad Zulhady Bin Zulkifli Christopher Conway Bourke Alahna Maree Burrell Jessica Carson Jun Qiang Chong

16 | The University of Newcastle

Yifan Ding Anita Eckstein Daniel Frith Tobias Hans Fuzi Jordan Hampton Isabel Selena Hilder Luca Hudson Daniel Jagger Tanya Jolly Elysha Rose Jordan Ee Jung Lo Zachary Jacob Lochrin Ting Fang Low Aaron Jacob Martin Aemelia Grace Ramsay McComb Matthew McKendry Nikolina Milinkovic Spencer Murdoch Valerie Qi Hui Ng Yilei Pan Qiu Yu Quah Filip Ristic Shekar Seldon Robert Phillip James Sinclair Kai Lon Tam Ho Yan Tang Le Minh Thuc Truong Mathew Turner Robert Stuart Turner Anthony Nicholas Ursino Daniel Robert West Ming Ho Horace Yue BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (CIVIL) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Nathan Andrew Broadbent Stuart Alun Steinle-Davies BACHELOR OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN WITH DISTINCTION Sandra Elliott Luke Andrew Watson BACHELOR OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Olivia Caitlin Borri Amelia Kate Harvey Emma Lee Tweedie Douglas John Willard .

FACULTY OF HEALTH AND MEDICINE POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF MIDWIFERY STUDIES WITH DISTINCTION Laura Rebecca Fitzgerald Jenna Monro-Argent MASTER OF MIDWIFERY STUDIES Melissa Anne Gallimore Julie Anne Young MASTER OF PHARMACY Chun Ho Eric Kwok Yuhang Li Daniel Kelechi Moneke Richard Tichaona Muronda Christian Sternbeck-Carney Obieze Ugo Jue Wang Jane Frances Wild GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Somlok Chai Michael Holt

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Guy Cameron Ethan Thomas Cresswell Emily Rose Frost Huw McCarthy Rachel Neal Christopher Gregory Owen William Robert Reay Diana Rose Schuhmacher Connor Pilkie Sherwood BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Melody Coutman Zacary Germon Irem Haskara Rohan Mate Goran Taleski Denise Tang

BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Kimberly Anne Barrass Jessica Emily Coles Azrael Jade Cosgrove Katie Ann Daly Maria Estelle Du Plooy Neil William Forrester Sam Hesam Gerami Kyne Braedon Hanlon Amy Anna Oosthuizen Alexandra Peters Michael Forbes Procter Sean Andrew Roberts Clifford John Tebay BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE Adriano Ferruccio Alarcon Melissa Lee-Anne Baldwin Cassandra Drucilla Bower Sandra Canas Sam Warren Clarence Melody Coutman Elodie Jayne Dagg Jerome Thomas Dargue Kateleen Eva Hedley Kooper Hunt Jemara Imrie Dane Kenneth Jamieson Yuwen Tan Jeffries Coady Jay Kelly Samuel Peter Kelsey Xin Yi Koh Jack Lean Thomas William Lowe Connor McCrindle Rebecca May McKerrow Siti Munishah Binti Mohd Yunos Grace Sarah Marie Mulder Rebecca Anne Mullen Amelia Qi Shu Ng Antoni Pazeski Samuel John Reedy Natalie Louise Regan David William Slater Daniel Graham Stutchbury Elise Michelle Todd Ari Tusek Justin Jeffery Tuynman Mary Huong Vo Adam Thomas Raymond Webster BACHELOR OF MIDWIFERY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Angela Louise Rees

BACHELOR OF MIDWIFERY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Melinda Jane Barnett BACHELOR OF MIDWIFERY WITH DISTINCTION Patricia Anne Berghout Eva-Patrice Booth Hayley Jade Carlon Bronwen Peggy Ella Dyer Sonia Minette Ellis Kristy Maree Gore Angela Marie Hayes Elleke Louise Hoogland Kate Elizabeth Howitt Alexandra Elizabeth Jones Bethany Ann Lanham Laura Kate Lavis Lynette Marie Northey Katherine Anne Obrien Nicole Schasser Rose Emslie Smith BACHELOR OF MIDWIFERY Katie Renee Cameron Ena Elizabeth Creevey Tahlee Kai Golledge Aleisha Grant Jordan Harper Mahnea Lea Hughes Allison Jane Love Mariah Toneyah Maiava Tameeka Julie Martyn Brooke McCallum Jordi May Nordsvan Courtney Pearson Sarah Ruth Penfold Rebecca Emma Robinson Haylie Louise Shaw

BACHELOR OF PHARMACY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Emma Louise Gauci Tommy Metcalfe Janelle Lea Murphy BACHELOR OF PHARMACY (HONOURS) Sophie Kate Anderson April Docherty Russell Alan Raymond Gardner Lara-Lea Josie Hadfield Swati Joshi Zachariah Khodary Ryan Lacy Sam Richardson Moss David Lindsay Muddle Abigail Lois Palibino Brittney Elle Parish Kirsti Sheree Rickard Georgia Clare Smith Laura Michelle Stokes Michael Andrew Stokes Lachlan Walter Clare Elizabeth Wilson Ellyn Ann Witchard


BACHELOR OF PHARMACY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Batoul Al-Mudafer Shannon Michelle Boschuetz Jaimie Leigh Dicks Jemima Selorm Akosua Dzator Sophie Gordon Madison Kate Groves Michael Keegan Emily Lorraine King Alison Elizabeth Priestley Annie-Louise Robson Charmaine Maree Roper Annie Jane Smith Sharni Jade Young

Graduation – April 2018 | 17



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Ms Gabrielle Newland The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Professor Mary Chiarella Degree recipients from the Faculty of Health and Medicine will be presented by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Laureate Professor John Aitken The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Gabrielle Newland, Ms Eden Dennis and Miss Alexandra Cuthbert-Freese The Chancellor will invite Ms Alicja Lojszczyk to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

18 | The University of Newcastle

An internationally recognised leader in the field of nursing, Professor Mary Chiarella’s career spans more than four decades in clinical practice, education, nursing leadership and research. Professor Chiarella started her professional life as a clinical nurse before dedicating herself to education and research. She has held senior roles in universities and health education facilities in Australia and the United Kingdom, including at the University of Technology, Sydney where she established the world’s first professional doctorate in midwifery. As Chief Nursing Officer for NSW Health (2003-2004), Professor Chiarella was instrumental in significantly increasing the number of nurse practitioners and was also responsible for initiating the framework development for the first publicly-funded home-birth midwifery program in NSW. Currently the Professor of Nursing at the University of Sydney, Professor Chiarella is recognised for her significant research contribution. She has led an international review of nursing regulation; an examination of the legal and professional status of nurses; and an international review of policy in end-of-life care. Professor Chiarella holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales, a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) from Liverpool Polytechnic in the United Kingdom, and an Associate Diploma in Nursing Education from the Armidale College of Advanced Education. She also holds certificates in midwifery, anaesthetic nursing and general nursing.

THURSDAY 5 APRIL 2018 6PM CEREMONY FACULTY OF HEALTH AND MEDICINE HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF NURSING AND MIDWIFERY DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN NURSING Thitaporn Keinwong BNSc(Hons)(Mahidol), MSc(Srinakharinwirot) Thesis Title: Health Promotion for Thai Elders With Hypertension: A Mixed Methods Study Stephen Leslie Spencer BNurs(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Nursing Responses and Interventions for Episodes of Adolescent Distress in an Acute Child and Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit: An Interpretive Descriptive Study Nuttaya Sritakaew BNS(TU), MNS(CU) Thesis Title: Developing a Theoretical Perspective about Thai Pregnant Teenagers and their Families - A Grounded Theory Nursing Study

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF APPLIED MANAGEMENT (NURSING) WITH DISTINCTION Emma Rose Masinello MASTER OF APPLIED MANAGEMENT (NURSING) Joanne Bruton Anne Grace Chitenderu Donna Maree Colwill Kyle Farrell Andrew John Hall Susan Kitto

Ottilia Kudzurunga Pardon Kutadzaushe Ma Charina Lazo Ann Rebecca McAlister Byron Martin O’Neill Michelle Helen Stirrat Shannon Stuart Wendy Tsang Chow Chang MASTER OF MENTAL HEALTH NURSING WITH DISTINCTION Laura Bechaz Fran Fisher Samantha Rebecca Geraghty Georgina Louise Grigg Jasmin Bree Hunter Rebecca Sue Inggs Anupriya John Robyn Frances McFeeters Melissa McIntosh Paula Sexton MASTER OF MENTAL HEALTH NURSING Sarita Bista Bhattarai Chamunorwa Chirambaguwa Pios Chiro Rachael Downie Letwin Dune Lynne Brenda Gilligan-Black Jennifer Margarete Guillard Alana Kelly Subhakamana Khadka Fadzai Lisa Kundishora Philip Andrew Lee Emma Lloraine Uy Lorenzo Billy-Jo Main Erinell Makopa Emmanuel Makuwerere Norest Mashonganyika Christin Mathew Tobias Takura Mukandi Mercy Mutambi Salome Marvelous Mzambi Artwell Ezra Ndlovu Menu Nepali Dylan Sullivan Masako Tanino Annaloice Tapera

Yukun Wang Marie Helen Young Gwyneth Huiwen Yu MASTER OF MENTAL HEALTH NURSING (NURSE PRACTITIONER) Kaye Crawford Linda Lorraine Pye Tony James Quarrell Brian Tyrrell MASTER OF NURSING (ADVANCED PRACTICE) WITH DISTINCTION Jennifer Ann Farmer Elise Kate Lane Julie Christine O’Brien MASTER OF NURSING (ADVANCED PRACTICE) Aastha Baral Indira Dhungyel Michelle Louise Drinkwater Lucy Rebecca Eade Vanessa Georgiana Fernandez Chole Aimee Gage Ella Caspe Helle Cincy Jacob Biji Joseph Sarbjeet Kaur Clare Louise Kiely Michelle Joy Kulupach Kanaga Durga Reddy Lagma Katherine Emily Louwen Gladys Maseko Elise Rochelle McCarthy Pamela Muchengi Lizzy Tendai Nyamhotsi Helen Petrovic Natalie Anne Sanderson Rachel Mary Emma Shirt Aathira Suvi Rukhaya Olaide Taomu Oscar Tshuma Rosmy Varghese Gina Louise Wilks Jasmine Louise Williams Karen Rose Encarnacion Hinlo Zayco Yanxin Zhao Graduation – April 2018 | 19

MASTER OF NURSING (NURSE PRACTITIONER) WITH DISTINCTION Emma Jane Bavage Amy Elizabeth Beavan Amie Louise Gallagher Linda Geale Madeleine Anne Jacques MASTER OF NURSING (NURSE PRACTITIONER) Nicole Louise Gee Sarah Jayne Pearson Stacey Lee Towns GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN CLINICAL NURSING Arianne Vergel Alcantara Paula Lorraine Baker Niki Michelle Donaldson Maree Ellen Korhecz Ashley-Jade Lee Edna Mudariki Alice Nzara Greg Patrick Wurth

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Alicja Kathryn Lojszczyk BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Olubanke Anuoluwapo Amaefula BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) Chibueze George Amaefula BACHELOR OF NURSING WITH DISTINCTION Jamie Badger Jasmine Barker Rachel Bates Madeleine Brooks Kristen Jade Cadman Ashleigh Mae Caine Natasha Joanne Cairns Siena Cook Jessica Crompton Melinda Jane Degotardi Leiah Audrey Diggins Jacqueline Dorby Caleb Fellowes Tyler Fraser

20 | The University of Newcastle

Kylie Lee Gilbert Libby Adele Godfrey Amanda Lori Gregory Eleshia Gay Howell Alex Katrina Humphreys Ellen James Eleanor Frances Jones Laura Anne Jones Savannah Jones Amy Elizabeth Lee Nakeeta Leverton Elizabeth Ling Jade Ellen McConnell Josephine Ellen McElduff Mitchell Edward McIntosh Mitchell Patrick McLennan Alexandra Meldrum Hayley Margaret Menzies Stevie Mills-Thom Linda Gaye Mobbs Belinda Jeanette Morrison Abigail Rose Murcott Shane Christopher Murray Amanda Christine Pound Tamara Schier Georgia Elizabeth Sharkey Jessica Tate Sherring Loren Elizabeth Shultz Tara Kym Skinner Jennifer Anne Slater Jordan Lee Smart Lucy Tabrett Kate Irene Trypas Jack Vanags Kathryn Eve Walsham Liberty Louise Watters BACHELOR OF NURSING Mikayla Ahern Chelsey Amm Taylah Anderson Courtney Archer Sophie Louise Arnold Kaitlin Marie Paige Arvidson Josephine Ann Bailey Hayley Maree Baker Kenneth Joshua Damalerio Balaba Kirsty Battishill Jack Satwa Beaven Erin Lyndsey Bennetts Sarah Anne Betts Tara Bliim Katie Maree Boyd Chloe Ann Brady Michael Thomas Brennan

Roxanne May Bridge Renae Britt Denielle Louise Britton Melissa Carol Brooks Katelyn Brown Mareesa Brunsdon Zulema Gae Buchanan Stephanie Maree Burgin Cassandra Christina Burgmann Jane Louise Burrage Abbie-Lee Cannings Xiaoyu Cao Rachael Louise Cappiello Lisa Kathleen Carroll Olivia Kate Carter Taisia Brae Carter Alanah Casey Elizabeth Florence Cesare Wing Sze Chan Jordan Chapman Nuo Chen Selisa Ann Clarke Sarah Jane Comerford Tamika Commins Tayla Renee Connors Joanne Maree Cooper Shannon Louise Cooper Jaide Margo Coulam Brittaney Craft Jordan Creighton Lynda-Maree Currey April Leanne Dale Abimbola Olajumoke Daodu Tahnee Davey Ricki Maree Day Heidi-Rose de Koeyer Chloe Melissa Dirs Yvonne Joy Donaldson Kersty Maree Duncan Tate Kelly Dunkley Georgina Lea Dunlop Grace Lauren Elias Tahlia Erdmann James Eze Callen Farmer Kristy Ann Fayle Jasmin Jade Fletcher Aidan Foster-Graves Andrew Fraser Maddison Maree Gageler Jarrad Peter Giles Neroli Lisa Giudes Lauren Jayne Goninan Emma Jean Gorton Sophie Janette Graham

Brittany Gray Cassandra Gray Emily Jane Greene Beirong Gu Ellen Louise Guest Ellen Patricia Hadden Angela Hall Emily May Halpin Mark Andrew Ham Ruobing Han Jalayne Minett Harris Lachlan Todd Harris Wendy Ruth Harris Phillipa Clare Hart Isabella Bree Hayden Kimberley Gayle Henderson Katie Louise Hepworth Anyela Herrera Quitian Dakota-Mae Lillian Hickey Sum Chee Ho Sally Hogan Bronte Alyce Holland Laura Jassmine Holt Nicola Anne Houston Shin Lei How Sarah Howell Carly Hurtz Stephanie Louise Ireland Trudi Janse Van Vuuren Sarah Anne Jeffrey Chaemin Jeon Sijing Jian Elizabeth Johnson Kristy Eva Johnson Kirra Johnston Xanthe Johnstone Emily Therese Jones Brittany Clare Jury Jacinta Mary Kasprzak Aimee Louise Kerr Susan Margaret Kinsella Payal Kumar Katrina Lambert Tingting Li Jessica Mary Longmore Bevelyn Lopez Shaye Lozoraitis-Jones Moris Alva Derivat Mage Luhi Yu Luo Samantha Jade Maher Emily Maier Knowell Mapanga Damien Lee Martin Chelsea Emily Massey Libby Jane McAneney

Sarah Anne McDowell Rebecca Anne McGilvray Sarah Allyce McLuckie Aliza Clare McNamara Georgia Anne Meighan Sarah Merhulik Elly Frances Miles Maddeleyne Lee Milligan Emily Sarah Mills Kaija Maree Mitcheson Melanie Mitrevski Roxanne Isabelle Morgan Hannah Louise Morrissey Emily Mowbray Ashley Maree Ninness Kate Elizabeth Nolan Ashleigh Irene O’Neall Keely Parkes Rachael Parriott Elise Cynthea Passmore Natelie Ann Pearce Simone Clare Pennell Serena Louise Pesterey Mathew Gregory Picone Clare Louise Pidoux Kylie Maree Pinney Carol Ann Poley Lisa Brooke Pollard Sarah Pollard Morgan Lavina Preston Brydie Price Brittany Jade Punton-Hardes Josephine Kay Pye Ashlea Randall Kendyll Kaitlyn Reed Julian Alexander Chua Remo Matthew Gregory Renshaw Kirby Reynolds Melanie Riger Brooke Cara Jane Riley Henry Roberts-Thomson Kellie Anne Robertson Tara May Robertson Cathy Louise Ross Bronte Davies Russell Roishene Eleanor Russell Sandy Sacmaroski Rebecca Nerine Sadler Andrew Sambell Daniel Patrick Savic Jiyeon Seo Eliza-Jane Shirsat Joel Andrew Simpson Ashlea Louise Smith Benjamin Jack Smith

Shauna Janaye Smith Layoung Song Paige Michelle Starkey Ashleigh Joy Stephenson Veronica Stewart Andie Inglis Street Lauren Taylor Nyree Terry Emma Thompson Mitchell Andrew Thompson Maddison Kate Tickner Tavimba Tom Jowana Buna Tuisuva Tremain Jennifer Margaret Trusler Imogen Ilana Tusek Breony May Urwin Chelsea Jade Urwin Dana Louise Van Vegchel Montana Celeste Varley Shariff Robin Villagracia Jedlan-Lee Abram Vizer Michaela Jane Wallis Molly Walker Miranda Ward Keerly-Ann Louise Wardle Catherine Diane Waters Sheridan Joy Weber Samantha Emily Welbourne Amanda Joy Whitby Lucinda Maree White Holly Kay Whitton Samantha Wilkinson Katie Jordan Wilson Nicole Louise Witt Alice Jeanette Wright Bronwyn Ashley Yarnold Seth Matthew Young-Martin Ya Ning Zhang

Graduation – April 2018 | 21



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Ms Eden Dennis The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Professor Jennifer May AM Degree recipients from the Faculty of Health and Medicine will be presented by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Laureate Professor John Aitken The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Gabrielle Newland, Ms Eden Dennis and Miss Alexandra Cuthbert-Freese The Chancellor will invite Ms Jemma Coffee to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

22 | The University of Newcastle

Professor Jennifer May is one of Australia’s most dedicated advocates for building a strong and sustainable rural health workforce. She started her career as a GP and visiting medical officer in rural and remote Australia, commencing work with the University of Newcastle, Department of Rural Health (UONDRH) in 2004. The UONDRH is funded by the Australian Government Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program, and encourages students of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health professions to pursue a career in rural practice. As Director, Professor May guides placements and learning, supports continuing professional education and research opportunities for local health professionals, and leads an active research program focused on strengthening the rural workforce, and improving education, Indigenous health and clinical evidence. Professor May holds fellowships of both the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and is a current member of two Commonwealth Government advisory groups for medical training and safety and quality in health care. Professor May was named Telstra Rural Doctors Association of Australia Rural Doctor of the Year in 2014; and she was awarded the Australia Medal for services to rural and regional health, education and professional groups in 2016. Professor May holds a PhD from Monash University and a Bachelor of Medicine (Honours) from the University of Newcastle.

FRIDAY 6 APRIL 2018 10AM CEREMONY FACULTY OF HEALTH AND MEDICINE HIGHER DEGREE BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ORAL HEALTH Linda Gail Wallace GCPH(QUT), GCertPTT(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Longitudinal Cohort Study of Bachelor of Oral Health Students from the University of Newcastle: Investigating Social Demographics, Career Choice Influences, Employment Opportunities and Experiences, and Job Satisfaction DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PHYSIOTHERAPY Michael Keith Drew BPhysio(Hons), GCertClinEpid (Newcastle) Thesis Title: Beyond the Pathoanatomical Explanation of Longstanding Groin Pain in Athletes Ashlee Kate Dunn BExSportSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: The Measurement and Improvement of Fitness Post Stroke Jodie Marquez BAppSc(Physiotherapy)(Sydney), GCertHProm, GCertPTT, MAppMgt(Hlth) (Newcastle) Thesis Title: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: A Potential Modality for Stroke Rehabilitation

UNIVERSITY MEDALLIST Jemma Kathleen Coffee Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY Michael Keith Drew MASTER OF FAMILY STUDIES WITH DISTINCTION Comfort Olutoyin Ajayi Laura Elizabeth Anne Bachman Bornali Borah Angela Henry Michelle Hughes Kimberley Lamb Brooke Shea Lumsdaine China-Francesca Deniz McInnes Natalie Anne Pierssene MASTER OF FAMILY STUDIES Karina Feldmann Cindy Lesley Leslee Jane Nurse Sonia Ann Varney MASTER OF HEALTH SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Louise Adderley Shelley Kathleen Brown Marianne Kontos Michelle Sussan Loustau Simon Metchette Matthews Erica Rachel Sullivan Shannon Lisa van den Bosch MASTER OF HEALTH SCIENCE Jessica Rose Ammendolia Mandipeyi Denhere Ambe Harleyson

Patience Hwara Alhaji Abdulai Jalloh Christine Koeff Sarah Kate McNeill Collins Jenesio Oku-Oleng Susan Mary Scholtz MASTER OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY WITH DISTINCTION Darren Francis Chapman MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH WITH DISTINCTION Michelle Chan Genevieve Mary Gabb Kristy Gray Charlene Harrison Kiranjit Kaur Kate Stacey Lichkus Alison Louise Lockart Sara Elizabeth Sedgley MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH Adilah Amil Fangzhou Bao Leah Bett Caitlyn Brennan Daniel Stephen Brown Raelene Anne Dojcinovic Ge Gao Tina Hoang Brydie Jameson John Garang Kon Shing Chung Kwok Yuanying Li Jessica Maistry Charity Makurumure Jennifer Melsness Zewdu Abebe Muleta Rabia Nadeem Qutaibah Mohammad Metlak Oudat Gimhani Kumari Paris Shaun Robert Parsons Tanya Marie Piper Jennifer Rice Pratishtha Sachan Biraj Sharma Simranjit Kaur Graduation – April 2018 | 23

Suthanthira Kumar Sorathur Duraisamy Yining Sun Audrey Williams Zhiyu Zhao MASTER OF WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY WITH DISTINCTION Julie Louise Anderson Casey Gabrielle Balind Veronica Anne Black Michelle Carla Gillman Peta Mercieca Lima MASTER OF WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY Michael John Blackeby Fadzai Noreen Gonga Laura Janet Rossi Steven William Williams GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY James Harold Slattery GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY Rachel Louise Ahyong Dean John Andrews Daniel John-Joseph Braham Melissa Giovanna Colonna Brett Andrew Dixon Michele Ghassemi Marc Charles Grayson Michael Hall Tovah Grace Hollis Michelle Anne Horning Luke Miller 24 | The University of Newcastle

Chantel Reif Allen Saunders Brian Tuckey Sandra Veli Danica Vertsonis Khy Whitford Michelle Louise Williams

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY WITH DISTINCTION Neoh Mei Wei Shen Nan BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Ahmad Ridzwan Bin Ahmad Azali Ang Jun Jie Ang Huey Fen Ang Ming Yuan Ang Qi Yin Arul Selvamony Arockiam Aw Beng Hui Aye Linn Htut Mohamad Marican Bin Mohd Ali Akbar Muhammad Fadhirul Bin Mohd Hairi Muhamad Shah Bin Yusope Sahib Marican Chan Kwok Chung Bjorn Chan Poh Scott Nicholas Chee Zhen Yang Jowell Chen Jun Long Cheong Joon Siong

Chew Chun Kee Chiong Jianhui Chng Jia Zhen Chow Jia Jun Farah Hanani Binte Mokhri Patricia Elaida Labay Gacad Goh Jun Xuan Han Rong Kwang Harridas S/O Supramaniam Heng Chee Wee Ho Tee Yong Gilbert Sherilyn Gariando Igoy Md Monarul Islam S M Rashidul Islam Ilamparithy Karuppiah Khoo Zhi Rong Ko Minghong Koh Soon Chuang Kong Kah Fai Eugene Lee Kam Mun Lim Boon Wong Josh Lim Zi Yan Lim Chee Koon Lin Shaoting Livinthiran Jayapalan Meerasha S/O Sahul Hameed Mohamad Sofian Bin Md Yusop Muhammad Afiq Muhammad Hafis Bin Haris Muhammad Nur Dzaki Bin Roslie Nahid Ahmed Ng Chew Eng Sean Andrew Ng Boon Poh Ng Teck Guan Ng Yilin Nura Ashikin Binte Safri

Md Abdul Oahab Ong Heng Huat Pwint Kay Khine Ranjit Singh Dannah Fermo Reyes Vincent Bongbong Fiesta Reyes Shaik Abdullah Samsudeen Seah Li Chin See Siew Geok Sindhusha Selvakumar Shafiq Bin Sanip Shah Pahlawan Yusof Bin Samat Sim Han Wei Uriah Suhaimi Bin Ramli Sukumar Karmaker Tan Bing Quan Caric Tan Xiang Jian Tan Yin Hong Eugene Thet Moe Ting Tze Ren Leon Vinoth Vengamedu Sakthivel Venggadesan Narayanasamy Ashley Wong Kin Lup Wong Say Chin Yap Hong Hai Yung Keng Cheong BACHELOR OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE IN DIAGNOSTIC RADIOGRAPHY WITH DISTINCTION Bianca Alcevski Madeleine Jia Ruey Bailey-Liew Ahren Geoffrey Baxter Mitchell John Burnes Daniel Cave Elise Fiona Conolly Jessica Anne Dietrich Yulia Alekseyevna Doolah Madeleine Rose Faigen Monique Gant Mischala Harrison Shane Hayes Tyrone David Henderson Lara Nicole Holterhoff Sukriti Jetley Matthew James Johnson Alicia Maree Johnstone Sage Joske Alicia Te Mara Kelley Joulia Klintoukh Celine Siok Chin Lee Jessica Lee Ethan Litchfield Kaitlyn Little Jemma Lusted Justin Luke Maddalena

Maxwell John Magann Sarah Katina Magri Kristy Catherine Marquett Chelsea Patricia McCann Luke McShane Emily Jayne Mills Kaitlin Elizabeth Mills Sophie Louise Muxlow Sarah Marie Oliver Alexander John Davenport Senior Alan James Sturm Emma May Tomlinson Rigby Alexander Henry Vane-Wood Ann Phan Tu Vu Amy Wong Sarah Therese Woodward BACHELOR OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE IN DIAGNOSTIC RADIOGRAPHY Samantha Bergin Renee Blake Rebecca Coleman Tegan Allara Conway Natalie Dalgleish Lauren Dove Trent Robert Eather Jane Farnworth Mitchell James Gamack Tori Gibson Neisha Lilly Sienna Gorring Emily Patricia Harris Panha Heng Tehani Hettiarachchi Rebecca Hopkins Lili Beth Hoskins Stephen Jung Alanna Brittany Kelley Kolby Dane Kemmett Nathan Roy Kenyon Emily Rose Lanfranchi John Langley Alicia Macdonald Jihan Majid Bethany Jane McGrath Matilda Rose Meikle Tamika Mepham Chantelle Katie Moffatt Nikki Lee Mortlock Raechel Muller Lewis Murphy Jemma O’Carroll Kate Packer Sarina Patel Frances Jane Paterson Annie Rogers Aaron David Sales

Sally Saunders Ali-Jade Searle Eliza Josephine Sharpe Martha Clare Sloane Madeline Kate Smith Rebecca Dawn Spong Christopher Allan Tabas Brett Andrew Tang Michael David Taylor Georgia Tester Luke William Van Breugel Shani Van Gestel Adam Wiedemann BACHELOR OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE IN NUCLEAR MEDICINE WITH DISTINCTION Sean Alexander Baker Rosemary Jeannine Dallen Sheridan Desbrow Mary Elliott Isha Jalpota Madalene King Ashleigh Jane Lown Arjun Raju Chloe Dianne Riley Joylin Anne Sam Mikki Marita Wignell BACHELOR OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE IN NUCLEAR MEDICINE Khaled R R R H Almutairi Jay Thomas Barry Nicola Jayne Bennett Alison Jean Lee Bradshaw-New Thomas Henry Bray Ashleigh Brindley Alexander Brown Holly Cairncross Jarrod Andrew Clift Samual William Clinton Kirra Lee Davey Christopher David Ferguson Laura Freeman Reilly John Goodfellow Nickolas James Harvey Daniel Stephen Hogg Alexander Hosken Josephat Huni Alexander Ihlow Donna Beryl Johnson Shajeeah Kaleer Scott Kilmurray Aidan Matthews Caitlin Neville Angus Lawrence Jasper Niven Graduation – April 2018 | 25

Caitlyn Jessica Nunn Jesse Parker Alexander Paton Joseph Peter George Pearman Stephanie Perkins Marco Nicholas Petruccelli Zara Jane Pilarski Amy Porter Jordan Reynolds Montana Jane Smith Nicholas Sumner Nguyen Nguyen Khanh Tran Allison Heather Wallace Julia Waters Jacqui Watts BACHELOR OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE IN RADIATION THERAPY WITH DISTINCTION Jessica Marie Adams Jack Bowman Jarrod Michael Hallinan Rianna Ham Lok Hang Lam Laura May Mahoney Stacey Louise McCallum Danielle Maree Parkes Katie Clare Sadler Alexandra Grace Summers Aimee May Walker BACHELOR OF MEDICAL RADIATION SCIENCE IN RADIATION THERAPY Savannah Jade Brown Leia Mary Buxton Manning Carey Tamsin Jayne Charman Kevin Christian Connell Teegan Louise Cooper Jesse Da Silva Rebekah Di Rico Kendell Loretta Dowton Emily May Emmerton Zoe Christine Fitzgerald Danica Jolanda Flood Kyra Lea Glendenning Jorja Connie Gow Taylor Anne Kurtz Tzee Ying Miranda Lam Maeve Locker Toby Lowe Cassidy Lee Magin Isabella Manning Sharisse Sarah Grace Matthews Georgia Beth McPherson

26 | The University of Newcastle

Luke Robert Moore Marissa Rose Morey Lauren Newman Emma-Rae Lilian Parker Madeline Grace Powell Mariam Phelomina Sater Tayla Strachan Ebony Rose Tarry Kacey Taylor Anita Maree Whibley Madelyn Kate Wuth BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Nicholas John Geldens Ella Jillian Hanna Courtney Lea McConnell Sarah Parker Marissa Tara Patel Caitlin May Reid Stephanie Sylvia Spartalis Jake Curtis Wilson Georgia Emily Wrench Sam Alexander Zelinski BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY (HONOURS) Nathaniel Abrahamse Courtney Renae Bell Rhyannon Bowles James Curtis Bowman Alexander William Parker Bunting Leah Marie Callaghan Lauren Belinda Castelijn Nicole Elise Cook Juliet Emily Creanor Harriet Crowley Steven James Davis Emma Davison Dylan De Wit Jonathan Grant Durrheim Bree Jane Edgar Jessica Rose Ford Jake Forsythe Michael Fuary Mikhaila Gray Sarah Jane Ann Hanna Craig Anthony Harcombe Nicholas John Hardy Emma Hieke Scott Howard Grace Louise Jamieson Paul Michael Jones Chris Jin Won Kang Johanna Barbara Kennard

Sungjun Kim Emily Knowles Rebecca Le Shannon Lea Seyed-Faraz Majlessi Giles Harry Manley Paul McDonald Timothy James McDonald Alison Maree McPhee Anna Louise Mills Rosalie Mary Moore Jacob William Murphy Samantha Kim Nguyen Jinho Park Ryan Parker Rebecca Phillips Ash-Lee Phillpotts Tiana Sky Pitman Kim Clarice Ravier Elizabeth Mary Reed Maddison Rigg Kaitlin Jade Roberts Sarah Julia Russell Cody Alexander Searl Alicia Seery Jack Shaw Caitlin Simm Tasmyne Mary Spurway Jordan Russell Stockham Dean Paul Taylor Joshua Taylor Christopher Walker Kate Charmaine Wauchope Megan Wigham Elizabeth Wonders Andrew Yang Lingxiao Yun



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Miss Alexandra Cuthbert-Freese The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Professor Sandra Eades Degree recipients from the Faculty of Health and Medicine will be presented by the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Laureate Professor John Aitken The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Amanda Hovenden and Ms Anthea Wikstrom The Chancellor will invite Ms Grena Sancho to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

Professor Sandra Eades is a Noongar woman and one of Australia’s foremost Indigenous health researchers. She is currently an Associate Dean (Indigenous) in the Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Melbourne. Professor Eades was among the first cohort of the University of Newcastle’s Indigenous medical graduates and the first Aboriginal medical doctor to be awarded a PhD (University of Western Australia). Her early career was spent in hospitals and general practice before undertaking medical research into Aboriginal adolescent health, studies of smoking during pregnancy, multi-generational studies of foetal growth, and a trial of primary care intervention for Type 2 Diabetes. Professor Eades has worked closely with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and she is currently recognised as the Council member with expertise for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health; Chair of the Principal Committee Indigenous Caucus; and leader of a new NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence focused on Aboriginal child and adolescent health. Professor Eades is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Science and has received numerous career accolades including NSW Woman of the Year in 2006 and recognition as a community change leader by the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance in 2011.

Graduation – April 2018 | 27

FRIDAY 6 APRIL 2018 2PM CEREMONY FACULTY OF HEALTH AND MEDICINE HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH HIGHER DOCTORATE DOCTOR OF MEDICINE Patricia Crock MBBS(Melbourne) Thesis Title: Autoimmune Hypophysitis: Identifying the Molecular Mechanisms DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE Jannah Zoe Jones BND(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Creating Childcare Environments Supportive of Child Obesity Prevention Natasha Esmi Noble BPsych(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Health Risk Factors in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services: An Exploration of Prevalence, Clustering, Screening Options and Intervention Preferences Kerry Jane Peek BSc(Phys)(Hons)(Herts.), PGCertProfSt(SpPhys)(Manc.Met.), MClinSci(Adelaide) Thesis Title: Patient Adherence to Physiotherapist-Prescribed SelfManagement Strategies DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMMUNITY MEDICINE AND CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY Daniel Barker BMath, GDipMedStats(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Design and Analysis of Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomised Trials 28 | The University of Newcastle

Luke Thomas Wakely BAppSc, MHlthSc(Sydney) Thesis Title: Experience of Parenting a Premature Infant in Rural Area DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN GENDER AND HEALTH Maha Obaid Alsalami BScEd(Jeddah), MPH(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Medication Use and Mental Health Outcome Lucy Leigh BMath, BMedRadSc(RT)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Trajectories of Health in the 1921-26 Cohort of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MEDICINE Julie Margaret Weigner BAppSc(NSWIT) Thesis Title: The True Nature of Atypical Breast Cytology DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PAEDIATRICS Matthew Morten BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Novel Approaches for the Management of Lung Disease in Children Leon Anthony Sokulsky BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: A Novel Role for the TRAIL Signalling Pathway in the Pathogenesis of Eosinophilic Oesophagitis DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PSYCHIATRY Brooke Sinderberry BTeach/BA, BPsychSc, BSc(Hons), MHRM&IR(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Meeting the Needs of Children with Medical Complexity and their Families: An Investigation into Health Care Service Delivery for Children with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome and their Families

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE Marina Ilicic BBiomedSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Regulation of Expression of Key Genes in Uterine Myocytes MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY IN MEDICINE Jian Gao MB(BMU), MMed(Soochow) Thesis Title: Visibility of CT Early Ischemic Change Significantly Associates with Time from Stroke Onset to Baseline Scan

SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Janet Lynnette T Frith BOccThy(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Shifting Gears: Returning to Driving after Stroke DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Caroline Mary Rebecca Hills BSc(Hons)(Anglia PU), GCertPTT(Newcastle), MSc(Hons)(Dublin) Thesis Title: Are Contemporary Practice Environments Conducive to the Learning Needs and Preferences of Generation Y Occupational Therapy Students? MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Kelsey Rose Philpott-Robinson BOccThy(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Characteristics and Moderators of Sensory Modulation in Infants, in the First Year of Life

UNIVERSITY MEDALLISTS Laura Margaret Dryburgh Bachelor of Medicine with Distinction and University Medal Erin Jane Locke Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Grena Sancho Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Ee Li Jeremy Tan Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Rachael Nicola Zuzek Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF APPLIED MANAGEMENT (HEALTH) Andrea Kay Earle Joan Olivier MASTER OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Abdullah Mohammed Khamis Al Alawi Alvaro Andres Berg Soto Stephen Colin Brienesse Fiona Eyers Madeleine Hinwood Briohny Joanna Humphreys Gabriela Minigo Yeshika Naidoo Angus John Neal Sang Woo Park Leonie Picton Jessica Stabler Carmen Ka-Wing Wong MASTER OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY Jun Dai Peter Gregory Knott Peter Michail Clyson Mutatiri James Tang

MASTER OF CLINICAL MEDICINE (LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT) WITH DISTINCTION Shiaw Sze Gan Muoi Khou MASTER OF CLINICAL MEDICINE (LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT) Katherine Cruz Samual Benjamin Marshall MASTER OF MEDICAL STATISTICS WITH DISTINCTION Scott Bryan Campbell Randall Stuart Jones MASTER OF MEDICAL STATISTICS Peter James Goldthorpe Blair Johnson Suppanut Pongthavornpinyo MASTER OF TRAUMATOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Joshua Graeme Baker Lauren Dawes Lincoln Dinh Tiffany Leigh Gould Roseanna Louise Hoswell Narelle Jay Timothy James Karbowiak Renishka Nadine Sellayah Hazel Serrao-Brown Sean Christopher Stephens Yuan Tian Jason Wong Benjamin James Woods MASTER OF TRAUMATOLOGY Ali Baalbaki Jeremy Bellemore Davina Brooke Coulton Katherine Donaldson Rachel Farrelly Alexis Ford Sam Lourdesan Francis Ada Jin John Kandiah Myles Phillip Knapman Joanna Lane Jauncy Robert Hakwa Natukokona Pourya Pouryahya Taimoor Ali Babar Sehgol Michael George Stone Prasanthan Thaveenthiran Ashraf Mohammed Tokhi Lawrence Vincent Nicholas Jared Whitworth


UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF HEALTH WITH DISTINCTION Anne-Marie Aubin BACHELOR OF HEALTH Jonathan Chung Tin Sin Chung Pin Yong Charlotte Ella Jones Maslin Lombe Musonda Rachel Tess Stephen Gary Leon Walther Cherub Antoinette Wayne BACHELOR OF HEALTH SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Yannis Abraham BACHELOR OF HEALTH SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS III Baden Asher Hunter BACHELOR OF MEDICAL SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Mark Stephen Bowes Benjamin Challis Stephanie Claire Hopkins Chu Wen Lo Georgia Nancy Ross Joshua Stanford Starr BACHELOR OF MEDICAL SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Vivak Bhavitheren Ravindran BACHELOR OF MEDICINE WITH DISTINCTION Emma Grace Anderson Douglas Alexander Bartley Hugo Christopher Voo Benness Katrina Maree Bennett Maria Rimsha Bilal Schalk Botes Jordan Ellis Cohen Graduation – April 2018 | 29

Sophie Madison Collins Jazmin Karlie Daniells Gabrielle Emily Hays David Rhianna Fitzpatrick Andrew William French Jordan Fuzi Lachlan James Gan Oliver Gibson Hannah Louise Hall David Charles Heath Nicholas John Hewett Kate Jacqueline Jenkins Jennifer Jingyi Jiang Jemmima Rose Jones James Lee Kovacic Matthew Alexander Krzywicki Zoe Rose Lambert Kate Lynn McCulloch Joshua Cian McClelland McLarty Matthew Laurence Middleton Maddison Grace Norton Rhiannon Louise Potter Arupam Raman Andrew Thomas Shannon Daniel Shipman Anita Shirwaiker Stephanie Claire Smith Tania Sulaksana Rebecca Wei-Zhen Tee Kavya Venkatesh Nicole Ella Whitson BACHELOR OF MEDICINE Amirah Wasilah Binte Abdul Wahid Sanhajutha Amnajhankij Japna Kaur Bajaj Mitchell Bien Vladimir Bondarenko Alexandra Burns Hoi Yan Cheng Pearl Lynn Chong Priscila Colembergue Mantovani Joshua Michael Darlow Rachael Elizabeth Davis Onesh Charles De Silva Ivan Joshua Diamoy Emily Jo-Anne Ditchfield Jim Chun-Yu Fan Patrick Tyler Fitzgerald Buffie Jane Franklin Raam Gangisetty Troy James Gersbach Rebecca Euronne Gough Han Hui Chuen Rachel Clare Lloyd Hansford Ross Hayhurst 30 | The University of Newcastle

Isabelle Marie Hodge Joab Hull Camille Kathleen Jeffreys Gajana Shangkari Jeyaram Justin Saul Karpas Soo Yeon Kim Earl Wei Ern Koh Sean Tat Shien Koh India Rose Latimore Jackson Chee Chea Lee Rachel Ruth Ping Lee Shih-Hung Lee Siobhan Lee Grace Si Hui Lim Steven Charles Lindsay Mark Man Gia Ly Leo Manny Jack Martin McDonogh Kassandra Lesley McGregor Benjamin Thomas McMahon Aditi Medhavy Daniel Matthew Mills Su Myat Moe Nur Atikah Mohammad Mahfud Amirah Hanis Mohd Noor Hugh Moriarty Christine Hui Ke Ng Nico Ng Tzu Shun Rachel Weng Yue Ng Joanna Elizabeth Noakes Tat Cheng Ooi Alexander John Payne Harry James Pearce Gabrielle Kara Perry Luke Edward Peters Ashleigh Lee Phillips Dean Jordan Pike Shivani Sanjay Pulpa Nithiya Saraswathi Rajasekaran Zarza Rashidi Nicholas James Raymond Tess Roser Muhammad Zulkarnaim Bin Salleh Daneish Selvakumar Lauren Maree Shephard Raymond Shi Lauren Anne Stone An-Chi Su Hannah Marie Sycamore Jia Jing Dione Tan Karan Taneja Weng Kit Wincoln Tham Ellen Lee Wall Brianna Jane Wright Karl Yan Yong Yun Ming

Siti Aisyah Binte Yusoff Muhammad Fariz Zaidi Wenyang Zhou BACHELOR OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Alison Lyndal Brown Qiu Le Goh Yan Yee Ho Annabelle Su-Shyan Johnson Lucy Kocanda Si Xian Jasmine Lee Clara Yuk Ling Mah Rebecca Enid Muddle Madeline Yi Ling Ng Min Ern Ng Isobel Louise Stoodley Sarah Tew BACHELOR OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Caitlin Rebecca Baines BACHELOR OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS (HONOURS) Niklas Steven Adamson Chelsea Grace Ayton Jessica Ann Beerwald Aaron Bezzina Ashley Sabrina Blyth Nicole Amelia Bonnefin Greta Anne Brown Lucy Constance Carpenter Jessie Castle Kathryn Margaret Cochrane Clare Elizabeth Cummings Aleisha Lawren Deane Rachel Lee Denzel Elin Agnes Fransson Laura Caitlin Frost Amanda Kate Gaukroger Farran Gordon Sarah Jane Greenwood Morgan Sue Hafey Tia Lee Maria Hay Tess Hitch Kar Yin Karen Ho Kelsey Clare Julie Hutton Allyce Marie Kepreotes Leif Lagesen Sharon Liang Sasha Jayne Lorien Nicole Marie Lucas Sophie Martin Sarah Miller

Kimberley Theresa Mulheron Phoebe Grace Nelson Madeline Grace Palmer Madeleine Ann Pearce Grace Elizabeth Perrot Hannah Rosemary Porter Terez Amelia Presutti Pesterey Katie Jayne Rae Alison Kate Redman Emily Louise Ross Stephanie Erin Russell Laura Elizabeth See Ka Hei Siu Ellie Rose Starkey Leena Stewart Mitchell Scott Williams Sarah Jane Williams Louise Alexandra Wilson Anna Louise Winter BACHELOR OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Caitlin Tess Argent-Schutz Madeline Grace Chewings Luke Robert Fulwood Ryley John Gauci Jessica Mary Harper Nicola Robyn Jarman Roger Bruce Lee Meagan Van Aswegen Katrina Louise Watkins BACHELOR OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY (HONOURS) Camilla Atkins Samantha Lea Atkins Jayde Noelle Avery

Renu Reshika Balak Katherine Jane Barter Evie Adriana Boven Sarah Elizabeth Boyle Sarah Rose Bugbird Benjamin Ross Burton Tsz Hang Chan Domenic Matthew Chila Tomieka Clark Todd Anthony Clarke Abbey Louise Coburn Kaitlan Jane Collison Brooklyn Simone Cooper Tatum Rose Dann Liam Eugene Domenici Jessica Emma Douglass Sarah Kate Evans David Thomas Farrar Breannen Foster Maryanne Gately Cristal Kirra Gregory Laura Isabelle Grennall Anastasia Hagistefanis Derek Michael Harley Gabrielle Ilyene Hatherly Deanne Louise Herbig Ellen Josephine Hextell Cody Sandford Higgs Michaela Rechelle Hobden Aimee Holt Evelyn Holt Benjamin Kemp Sendi Dini Kolina Mathew Lindsay Hannah Jaffray Lipscomb Molly Lorimer Phoebe Margaret Lovell

Emma Rochelle Lukaszewicz Elliott James Mate Laura McGavin Keara McGovern Lacey Richelle McWhirter Jessica Brooke Meredith Amy Merhulik Grace Elizabeth Muldoon Ally Elisabeth Mundey Caleb Maxwell Munro Brodie Anne Murray Esther Norfolk Meaghan Sarah O’Brien Gabriella Elizabeth O’Heir Natalie Elizabeth O’Leary Rowan Patrick O’Mahony Narrel Paget Stacey Maree Palmer Rebecca Jane Pattey Maeve Elisabeth Platt Breanna Saetta Katherine Ainsley Scriven Nicole Maree Short Emma Stirling Leone Enid Stock Jessica Maree Tobin Jacquelyn Vella Clare Angela Welsh Mitchell James Westley Liam Johnathon White Benjamin William Willis ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN HEALTH Jed Richard Davis

Graduation – April 2018 | 31



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Ms Gabrielle Newland The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Professor Miles Hewstone Degree recipients from the Faculty of Science will be presented by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Lee Smith The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Amanda Hovenden The Chancellor will invite Ms Phoebe Ward to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

32 | The University of Newcastle

Professor Miles Hewstone is the Global Innovation Chair in Social Conflict and Cohesion at the University of Newcastle. He is also Professor of Social Psychology in the Department of Experimental Psychology and Fellow of New College at the University of Oxford; and Professor of Social Psychology and Public Policy in the Blavatnik School of Government. Professor Hewstone’s seminal work in 1994 looked at Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and he has subsequently built an international reputation for research into social conflict and cohesion. He has held prestigious positions with leading institutions including the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in France, the Universities of Tübingen and Mannhiem in Germany, and the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff in the United Kingdom. He has also twice been a Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study in the Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University. Professor Hewstone is a former editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology and co-founding editor of the European Review of Social Psychology. In 2002, he was elected Fellow of the British Academy, an honour bestowed by the UK’s National Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Hewstone holds a PhD in social psychology, a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Science from the University of Oxford as well as a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bristol.


HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH GLOBAL CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION Shofiqul Islam BScAg(Hons), MS(BAU) Thesis Title: Arsenic in Rice: Genotypic Variation and its Bioavailability with Respect to Human Health Risk Assessment Mohammed Abdul Kader MSc(Microbiol)(Dhaka) Thesis Title: Predicting Phytotoxicity of Metal(loid)s and Their Mixtures in Soil using Pore-Water Based Transfer Functions Rajasekar Karunanithi BSc(Agri)(Annam), MS(Agri)(TN Ag) Thesis Title: Phosphorus Recovery From Waste Streams Using Absorbents Md Nuruzzaman BScAg(Hons), MS(Horticulture)(Sher-eBangla Ag.) Thesis Title: Nanoencapsulated Pesticide: Insights of Pesticide Loading to Enhance the Sustainability of Nanocarriers Fangjie Qi BSc(Shaanxi), ME(HUST) Thesis Title: Pyrogenic Carbon and its Interaction with Heavy Metals

SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND LIFE SCIENCES DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Darren Peter Cullerne BAppSc(Human Biol)(Canberra), BIT(Canberra), MBiotech(Res)(ANU) Thesis Title: The Molecular Characterisation of the Vernalisation Response in Safflower via the Development of Genomic and Transcriptomic Resources

Carla Jean Pollard BSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Developing Effective Habitat Restoration Strategies for the Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria Aurea) Through Adaptive Management Yuzhou Wu BBiotech(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Investigating Transcriptional Regulation of Transfer Cell Development in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Brendan James Houston BBiotech(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Investigating the Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation and Heating on Spermatogenesis and Sperm Function

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CHEMISTRY Peter James Cossar BSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Inhibiting the NusB-NusE Protein-Protein Interaction - A Novel Target for Antibiotic Drug Development

Matthew James Jordan BBiotech(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Transcription Factors and Complementation Strategies in Bacteria

Michael James Glenn BSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: An Investigation into Alkali Metal Carbonate Mixtures for Application in Direct Carbon Fuel Cells

Yonggang Lu BBiotech(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Study the Male Reproductive Biology of a Marine Invertebrate Galeolaria Caespitosa and Investigate its Potential as a Bioindicator Species of Coastal Marine Pollution Heloisa Helena Zaccaron Milioli BBiolSc(UFSC), MSc(UFPR) Thesis Title: Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtypes: A Critical Conception in Bioinformatics William Moreau Palmer BBiotech(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Clarifying Assimilate Transport and Storage in Monocot Stems

Lichun Li BE(HUEB), ME(ZJUT) Thesis Title: Equilibria and Kinetics of the Interactions of CO2 with Aqueous Ammonia and other Amine Solutions Kosta Fremielle Lim BSc, MSc (De La Salle) Thesis Title: Mechanistic Aspects of Molecular Imprinting by Precipitation Polymerisation DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN FOOD SCIENCE Sonnthida Sambath BSc(RUA), MBA(PUC) Thesis Title: Effect of 1-MCP and Modified Atmosphere on the Storage Life of Tomato, Pak Choy, and Choy Sum Held at an Ambient Tropical Temperature

Graduation – April 2018 | 33

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN GEOLOGY Nadezda Priyatkina MGeol(StPbSU) MSc(Geol)(Tromsø) Thesis Title: The Proterozoic History of the Northern And Western Siberian Cratonic Margins Based on Results of U-Pb-Hf Detrital Zircon Analysis DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Phoebe Everingham BA(Hons), MEdStud(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Embodying Hope: Intercultural Encounters in the (B) orderlands of Volunteer Tourism MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY IN GEOLOGY Deepika Venkataramani BSc(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Subsurface Modelling of the Gilmore Fault Zone: Implications for Lachlan Tectonic Reconstructions

SCHOOL OF MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MATHEMATICS Fabian Rigterink BSc, MSc(KIT) Thesis Title: Pooling Problems: Advances in Theory and Applications Sudeep Stephen BSc(B’lore), MSc(Madr.) Thesis Title: Zero Forcing and Power Domination in Graphs Dushyant Kiritbhai Tanna MSc, MPhil(Saur.) Thesis Title: Graph Labeling Techniques DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PHYSICS Julie Louise Currie BMath, BSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Dynamics of HF Radar Backscatter in the Middle and High Latitude Ionospheres Kimberley Alison Elke Legge BSc(Hons), LLB(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Hypofractionated Prostate Treatments: Dose, Motion Monitoring and Credentialling

34 | The University of Newcastle

Asif Shah MSc(Pesh.), MPhil(PIEAS) Thesis Title: The Interaction of StormTime ULF Waves with Earth’s Radiation Belts in the Presence of a Realistic Ionosphere Boundary

DOCTOR OF CLINICAL AND HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Amanda Jane Jefferys Thesis Title: Exploring the Use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Within a Clinical Eating Disorder Group Program for Adults

SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Ahmed Ali A Alhomidi B.Ed(Psychology)(Riyadh), MSocSc(NAUSS) Thesis Title: Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioural Consequences of Child Abuse in Saudi Arabia Kristen McCarter BPsych(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Increasing the Implementation of Evidence Based Care for Head and Neck Cancer Patients Dearne Sanday BPsych(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Task Switching Performance in Childhood and Early Adolescence: Contribution of Working Memory and Interference Lachlan Charles Tiffen BPsych(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Individual Differences in Substance Use and Emotion DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PSYCHOLOGY - SCIENCE Dane Michael Poboka BSci(Psych)(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Preparation, Interference and Task Switching: Using Distributional Analysis and Cognitive Modelling Estimates to Extend the FTE Theory Paul Arthur Strutt BSocSc, GDipPsych(PG)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Empathising and Systemising in High Anxiety States: An Investigation of Anxiety as a Mechanism for Divergence in Cognitive Performance Xiaoying Zhu MB, MMed(Capital Med.) Thesis Title: Factors Other Than Defocus that Influence Emmetropization and Eye Growth in Chicks

UNIVERSITY MEDALLISTS Taylah Lea Armstrong Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Alexander John Bishop Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Kasimir Phennah Gregory Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Laura Mason Bachelor of Development Studies (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF AVIATION MANAGEMENT WITH DISTINCTION Scott Douglas Maclaughlan Leonard Andrew Winkler MASTER OF AVIATION MANAGEMENT Michael Davies Joseph Michael Hain Rhianna Leigh Hudson Peerapat Prakongtham MASTER OF BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Louise Royle Cooper Claire Kathryn Copland Penelope Jane Miranda Millgate MASTER OF BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY Ebon Baxter Menzies James Burchmore Jonathan Daquinag Teigan Flynn Natalie Maree Schultz Kati Taylor

MASTER OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Helen Armstrong Guy Thornton Dobson Madeleine Valerie Drew Georgia Garr Catherine King Rebecca Anne Murray Nur Ashikin Noor Hizam Holly Rice Brigitta Joy Everest Tapp Bree Tebbutt Lisette Hendrika Van Der Leden Karen Ann Watson MASTER OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Marissa Lee Black Racquel Mason MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT WITH DISTINCTION Dianne Jennifer Claffey David Stuart Morton MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Ryelen Conrad Fernandes MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY WITH DISTINCTION Scott Frazer Viktoria Petra Rother MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY Chloe Christensen GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOLOGY Jayde Noble GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN AVIATION MANAGEMENT Sam Gladman Tony Hacking Oscar Alas Kasuto Scott Alexander LaMont Simone Louise Storey GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN ENVIRONMENTAL AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Brendan Williams

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY David Bhana Christine Davis Sophie Hill Bernadette Janse Van Rensburg Beverley Jane Job Emily Messer Robert Francis Woods GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN STUDIES Belinda Anne Downes Vanessa Wiebford

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Shenae Louise Cafe Danielle Sykes BACHELOR OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Brandan Allen Holt Amy June Marks Jason Ward Stephanie Waugh BACHELOR OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Samara Marie Bray Allan Nicholson-Gray BACHELOR OF BIOTECHNOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Phillip Balalovski Sarah Jean Edwards Jillian Hammond Claire Louise Maher Prathama Mukherjee Alexandra Rose Nesbitt Cottrell Tangella Tamessar Melanie Ann Ware Mengmeng Zhu BACHELOR OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Jake Thomas Chesher Steven Thomas Cox Joshua Stephen Crowe Devi Maree Edmunds Ye Gong Siv Hogberg Iversen

Iain Gregory Mayo Siobhann Niamh McCluskey Jake Thomas McNaught Nhit San Oo Khin Sophie Anne Payne Daniel David Reid Zachariah Schmakeit Yu-Ting Tai Kaitlin Mary Withers BACHELOR OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Jean-Louise Olivier Rebecca Scott BACHELOR OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES WITH DISTINCTION Ellen Isabella Ledger Jessica Jeanne Lemire Janis Lee Lentjes Shannon Maree Reedy Phoebe Ward Ellie Petrisse Wearne BACHELOR OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES Shaam Ahmed Nicholas Browne Clint William Forrester Sarah Elizabeth Hales Caitlin Mountford Courtney Beverly Sargent Laura Sullivan Allison Renae Taylor Stephanie Claire Wood BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Lauren Margaret Bradney Nicholas James Brennan Sean Robert Brennan Kristofer Thompson BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Tanya Ruhan BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT WITH DISTINCTION Emily Clements Zoe Louise Cox Trent Donald Holloway Alana Jade Mitchell Scott Monro Nicholas Simon Ramsey Graduation – April 2018 | 35

Patrick Sidney Russell Ruvimbo Jesline Timba Jenna Colby Voigt BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT Lachlan David Bartrop Julia Maria Bayada Madelaine Broadfoot Julian Carson Alexander Jonathan Coleman Brock Collinson Tenille Lynette Cook Stephanie Cullen Ewan Giles Cummins Alexander Dalley Maddison Grace Firth Louis John Fleming James Anthony Gleeson Jessie Louise Gray Andrew Robert Harker Rebecca Jane Hayward Ryan Wade Herbert Olivia Lane Brendan Livingstone Kylie Melissa Lyons Jessica Lauren Merrick Angela Gail Metcalfe Shena Monique Newman Heidi Prichard Lance William Purvis Chloe May Redman Samuel William Schubert Teagan-Lee Shepherd Christian William Skerda Billy Snow Alessandra Louise Suzzi Allan Wilkinson Kimberley Jayne Withers BACHELOR OF EXERCISE AND SPORT SCIENCE Jacob Andrew Gilbert BACHELOR OF FOOD SCIENCE AND HUMAN NUTRITION (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Eileen Frances Chijoff BACHELOR OF FOOD SCIENCE AND HUMAN NUTRITION Ryan Tyrrell

36 | The University of Newcastle

BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Joshua Hartigan Thomas John Taylor BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Jack Cale Faulkner BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS WITH DISTINCTION Jordan Cody Bentley Garry James Coates Gareth Robert Elliott Jake Noah Fitzsimmons Benjamin Andrew Ganim Harry Thomas Geraghty Elizabeth Harris Hanah May Hart Thomas William Murray Mitchell Pearson Chun Ki Keith Sing Jordan Ambrose Shaw - Carmody BACHELOR OF MATHEMATICS Luke Ian Hart Ashley Eva Coleman Thomas Dowdell Thomas Fay Jonjo Kaye Elliot Christopher Lee Aedan William Maguire Katelyn Nolan Miller Richey Matthew James Stanmore Jack Wivell BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Natalie Kate Ferris Erika Grace Macpherson BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE Joseph Bourke Courtney Louise Boxall Cameron Chia Zoe Cutts Kelly Leona Fletcher Georgia Guthrey Alexandra Taylor Hill Alexandra Beryl Holt Rene Peter Macarthur Emily Maria Matthews Rachael Elizabeth Millen Abbie Owen

Jake Page Amy Maree Rafter Vicki Louise Scott Emma Trotter Stephen Robert Walkom Lachlan Anthony Young BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Aimee Bennett Alexandra Louise Bradney Dana Rhiannon Buxton Payton Selina Demellweek-Dodds Ellen Erskine Madison Fuge Lauren K Gibson Gabrielle Roi Monique Gribbin Katherine Jane Haasnoot Kaylene Anne Kilham Madison Lindfield Abbey Lee Mateer Samuel McLellan-Hall Kylie Jennette Monro Megan Emily O’Riordan Alison Rasmussen Christine Deborah Torrance Kelsey Lee Vandermey BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Megan Sarah Baker Nicolas Kallen Bignall Rebekah Bolton Ellen Jane Browning Ryan Capiron Annalisa Amelia Cuskelly Alex Jonathon Deere Albion Matthew James George Samantha Harvey Jessie Alysse Herbert Matthew Michael Hogan Justyn James Hyde Genevieve Alys James Kristee Lee Jobson Jessica Jones Charlotte Kennedy Kurt William Lancaster Nicholas Ryan Marriott Shay Oscar Eccleston O’Reilly Brooke Sainsbury Kellie Lee Snelson Richard Turner Christopher Keith Unwin Rachael Vince Laura Anne Waters

BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Cinthia Daniela Galvez Morales BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS III Lloyd Jarrett BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY (HONOURS) Nicola Buus Trier Jeffers Winona Kaufman Muir BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY Rachel Louise Mullard BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Matthew Armstrong Rosanne Margaret Hart Murray James Kendall Benjamin Tzui Lobel Connor O’Sullivan Jason John Palozzi Brett Pollard BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Megan Lucy Cook Grace Evelyn Hanly Bryce Thomas Neville Michelle Clair Ovenden James Anthony Parslow Jonathan G Perry Jodie Rutledge BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Elsa Nina Marie Berger Bryce Cramp Gareth Robert Elliott Jake Noah Fitzsimmons Benjamin Andrew Ganim Harry Thomas Geraghty Hanah May Hart Alexandra Rose Hodge Anthony James Katselas Sebastian David John Meredith Terry Edward Perkins Angus Edward Rae Stephanie Simm Cooper William Walters Tanya Margaret Wells

Thomas Andrew Bourke Hollie Jane Brunette Nathan Burke Alana Lee Burton Connor Lee Cason Eleanor Ruby Creed Daniel Phillip D’Acquisto Dakota Jon Dib Evan Charlton Gibbs Alexandra Rae Gibson Brandon James Govan Kade James Hancock Christopher James Hatchwell Erin Sarah Holswich Nathan James Lake Jordan John Kent Lawes Minh Son Le Thomas Emerson Levick Andrew John Masters Julien McCarthy Adrian Peter Moakes Lucas Leslie Motum Bradley Phillips Belinda Anne Kay Pilton Evan Alexander Post Bianca Pritchard Kerryn Proctor Miller Richey Dylan Mathew Ross Daniel Patrick Seaton Hannah-Carina Shearman Zachary Smith Wesley Alexander Stockings Liam Kiel Sutton Josephine Lillien Thompson Murray Francis Thompson Thomas Mark Vallone Ethan James Wisemantel Adam Wood






BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Thomas Anthony Baines Leilani Banerjee Elma Barnes Graduation – April 2018 | 37



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Miss Joanna Poole The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Mr Greg Budworth Degree recipients from the Faculty of Education and Arts will be presented by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor John Germov The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Joanna Poole and Mr Terence Koo The Chancellor will invite Ms Kelly Peihopa to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

38 | The University of Newcastle

Mr Greg Budworth is the Group Managing Director of Compass Housing Services, a not-for-profit organisation working to alleviate the hardship of housing stress for low and moderate income earning households. Compass Housing is the largest provider of community housing in Australia with 4,300 managed properties and net assets of $335 million. Mr Budworth’s early experience was diverse: he joined the NSW Police Force; studied to become a Christian Minister; and took on roles related to youth refuges, emergency accommodation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and disability support. Since joining Compass Housing in 2004, Mr Budworth has served as Chair of the External Relations Committee of the International Housing Partnership for PowerHousing Australia; Director of Community Housing Industry Association; and with the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and the Australasian Housing Institute. He is currently Vice-President of the General Assembly of Partners, part of the United Nations Habitat initiative. Mr Budworth was recently recognised by the Australasian Housing Institute’s NSW and Australasian Awards for Outstanding Achievement. In 2017, he was awarded the NSW Hunter Regional Chamber of Commerce Award Business Leader of the Year. Mr Budworth holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Newcastle; and he is currently undertaking a Doctor of Business Administration also at the University of Newcastle.

THURSDAY 12 APRIL 2018 10AM CEREMONY FACULTY OF EDUCATION AND ARTS HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN EDUCATION Sonia Irene Anderson BA/LLB(Macquarie) Thesis Title: The Interface Between Moral and Legal Education: Towards a New Paradigm of an Inclusive Understanding for Dispute Resolution DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ENGLISH Annika Josephine Herb BA(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: All the Voices in Our Head: Exploring Female Identity by Reimagining the Fairy Tale and the Young Adult Novel Helen Francesca Hopcroft BFineArts(Tasmania), MA(RCA) Thesis Title: Animals, Sex and the Orient: A Feminist Retelling of the Arabian Nights DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HISTORY Peta Ellen Belic BTeach(Hons)/BA, BA(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: When the Grass Roots Died: Finding and Understanding an Australian Coal Mining Community in the 1980s DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN RELIGIOUS STUDIES Yazhi Li PhB(Fudan) Thesis Title: Marxism and Homeland: Ernst Bloch’s Dialectics of Utopia

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN SOCIAL WORK Jacob Mugumbate BSocWk(Hons), MSocWk(Zimbabwe) Thesis Title: Disability, Employment, and Social Justice; Employment Experiences of People with Epilepsy in Harare, Zimbabwe Raj Kumar Yadav BA(KU), MSocWk(Christ) Thesis Title: Decolonised, Developmental Nepali Social Work: Making it Matter DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Jawad A A Y Y B Alqallaf BSociology(Kuniv), MA(City(London) MEd(SpEd)(AGU)), PhD(Ain Shams) Thesis Title: Exploring the Influence of the Background Factors on Wellbeing of Single Parents in Kuwait: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach Graham John Lucas BBus(Hons)(UTS) Thesis Title: When Power Networks Collide: An Actor-Network Theory Analysis of State-Led Community Consultation for the Siting of a High Voltage Electricity Powerline Megan Lee Sharp BSocSc(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Women in Punk Creating Queer Identity Spaces: Strategies of Resistance Revisited DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN THEOLOGY Dianne Patrice Rayson BN(Flinders), PGDipPH, MPH(Curtin), GCertTheo, MTheo (Newcastle) Thesis Title: Bonhoeffer’s Theology and Anthropogenic Climate Change: In Search of an Ecoethic

WOLLOTUKA INSTITUTE DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ABORIGINAL STUDIES James Arthur Charles MPod(South Australia) Thesis Title: An Investigation into Ankle Joint Dorsiflexion, Musculoskeletal Injury, Arch Height, Foot Pressure and Diabetes in Association with Poor Foot Health Outcomes in an Aboriginal Population

UNIVERSITY MEDALLISTS Amy Elizabeth Dewar Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Sheree Carolyn Fricker Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Ebony Grace Hutchin Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Kelly Ann Peihopa Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal Jake Matthew Ryan Williams Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medall

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF APPLIED LINGUISTICS WITH DISTINCTION Lynette Grant Bell Kimberley Louise Keast Jean Susan McDonald Siti Nazeera Omar

Graduation – April 2018 | 39

MASTER OF APPLIED LINGUISTICS Ayman Eid Jaber Abaidallah Taneal Elise Proctor MASTER OF DISABILITY STUDIES WITH DISTINCTION Suzanne Jane Donnelly Ashley James Moyle Deborah Joanne Veness MASTER OF DISABILITY STUDIES Samantha Trajanovska MASTER OF SOCIAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT WITH DISTINCTION Grace Abore Burua Shari Olivia Blanch Dominic Leo Bourke Madeleine Alexandra Day Kylie Anne Devine-Hewitt Donna Maree Evans Miriam Chantelle Lumb Jodie McGregor Elizabeth Margaret Palmer Timothy Read Linda Rossow Abel Trindade MASTER OF SOCIAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT Hale Adasal Ramon Rey Emmanuel Apilado Brendan Cooper Nge Nge Aye Maung MASTER OF THEOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Charmaine Therese Aston Jocelyne Benoit Maria Boulatsakos Leanne Michelle Broadley Anthony Roy Caddy Steven Mark Callow Bianca Melissa Cousins Anita Jane Cunningham Maria Debrincat Maria Frances Gill Nicole Graham Nanette Jean Hanna Amanda Jane Henderson Alanna Maree Jacoby Katrina Kreis Stephen John Lowe John Alan Malcolm Leanne Therese O’Brien Christopher James Paget

40 | The University of Newcastle

Robyn Mae Parisi Helen Louise Randall Amy Sammut Lucy Joan Thornley Maree Cathrine Timpano Christina Clare Trimble Richard Tuckwell Jacinta Maria Worthington Xavier Thomas Young MASTER OF THEOLOGY Brendon Edward David Alsop Doug Anthony Ashleigh Kate Marie Bawden Emily Elizabeth Bell Margaret Therese Bertalli James Paul Blowes Lilian Bong Frances Booth April Lea Bott Sheereen Brunetta Andrew Joseph Burke Lindsay Andrew Burns Dale Lee Cain Sarah-Jane Canham Gerard Carey Sonia Anne Cary Andrew Casey Karly Janice Winifred Castellas John Desmond Cavenagh Nicholas Alexander Christie Elizabeth Maree Clark Robyn Ann Clarke Laura Claire Connor Roberto Tse Corpuz Vicky Davidson Emma Jane Dawson Nikki Delrennie Carmel Jessie Donnelly Alice Jane Dunlop David Keith Eyles Naomi Lee Edgar Mark Matthew Fleming Theresa Jean Fong Jacqueline Gardner Catherine Mary Gaudry Helen Maree Gillam Jill Maree Greenwood Emma Laura Groves Catherine Therese Hailstone Jason Matthew Hanrahan Lisa Marie Harrison-Williams Alexis Hemsworth Kate Marguerite Hinton Nicholas James Hughes Aidan Paul Johnson

Victoria Frances Jones Sam Joseph King Brigid Mary Rebecca Knight Charlotte Lang Maria Lawrence Julie Leonard Linda Jane Littler Ashlee Kate Macourt Ian John Margetts Ellen Catherine Mary Marlow Gavan Francis Martyn Megan Louise Masterson Lachlan Raymond McNicol Leanda Maree Meares Rebecca Lea Mitchell Janice Maree Moore Anita Margaret Paganoni Brooke Perry Julian Pettinari Stephanie Frances Phillips Amanda Rose Polsen Gary Pomplun Kerry Power Christopher Craig Price Nicole Prior Diane Kim Gay Quade Gary Glenn Recklies Tracey Lee Roberts Kevin Philip Robinson Carol Royce Seagar Claire Joanne Shefford Margaret Patricia Sheridan Suzanne Cecilia Simpkins Kirsty Leanne Simpson Belinda Gay Sketchley Caroline Patricia Smith Vanessa Jane Squirrell Rachel Leanne Stephen Kim Siew Tan Snezana Tanevska Jessica Jane Trayhurn Anne Maria Tutton Therese Anne Welsh Kia-May Wilson Dennis Wolbers Benjamin Woods GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS Christine Elizabeth Brown Madalyn Rose Clare Alannah Clark Steven Jared Cook Bernadette Maree Irvin Timothy Francis Quirk Mary Elizabeth Johanna Royal

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATIONAL STUDIES Sasipim Arttayakul Priya Bawa Christopher Stuart Botfield Jennifer Anne Crockett Eliza Dyson Griffiths Michelle Louise Rouse Harvey Kandathil Sunil Jayadevan Nicole Jihye Kim Neha Rajbir Kaur Holly Lee Ross Justin Rylewski GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN SOCIAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT Murray David Amos Chioma Mirabel Dike Alatina Ioelu Anjana Manandhar GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN THEOLOGY Rochelle Claire Bailey Elise Battin Michelle Louise Baxter Charlotte Rose Berridge Lisa Bourke Sarah Buckle Kelly Leigh Carmody Gabriele Robin Carney Melissa Janet Clarke Dominique Clementi Joanne Louise Cooper Stacey Cooper Fiona de St germain Darian Scott Di Stefano-Johns David Milos Dobric Jacqueline Doherty Jacklyn Draper Jessica May Dunn Paul James Enever Melanie Ferguson Judith Ann Finan Belinda Anne Forbes Zara Louise Francisco Rachel Catherine Gavin Constance Georgiou Chloe Ann Good Adrienne Grimes Linda Maree Hanley Alexandra Jane Hingston Jasmine Faith Hutchinson Benjamin Jarvis Jasmin Joyce

Michelle Komadina Adam Christopher Lapolla Ann-Marie Joan Lesca Jacqueline Lojszczyk Sharon Claire London Monique Louise Maat James Mahony Terri Jill Martin Linda Jean McKenzie Daniel James Meers Vicki Louise Menzies Emily Morrissey Natasha Anna Pace Cathryn Helen Paholski Berardino Parente Renee Pearson Melissa Ann Pyers Carmel Ann Rafter Mathew Rattenbury Matthew James Read Nicholas Edwin Redgrove Jennifer Leslie Roff Brendan John Rose Melissa Scherwitzel Charlene Audrey Sim John Gregory Maxwell Sullivan Kellie Ann Walker Luke Anthony Warby Matthew John Ward Megan Elizabeth Watts Therese von Drehnen.

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF ABORIGINAL PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE WITH DISTINCTION Shelly Kim McGrath BACHELOR OF ABORIGINAL PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Lucas William Nickerson Lakkari Pitt BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Justine Celeste Ackroyd Jordan Charles Beavis Brendan Luke Dennerley James Thomas Garlick Matthew Mcteigue Alexandra Clare Travers

BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Aesha Awan Maria Clarke Liam Dawson Kaitlin Fenwick BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH DISTINCTION Josephine Isobel Adamson Jessica Alex Birch-Critchley Cathryn Joy Brett Gerard James Bush Vivien Cadungog Ashleigh Pearl Draper Timothy Raymond Eckersley Kate Falkenmire Patrick Fisher Sophie Louise Hinds Joanne Frances Howlett Christopher David John Roman Karen Elana Mary Kilpatrick-Coles Ellanda Grace Leeke Heather Lyle Jack Lyndon Madden Jarrod Thomas Moore Amy Leah Morris Myles Norris Gabrielle Adele Payne Anne Robertson Brooke Ellen Sargent Jessica Kate Smith Jacqueline Ann Vial Alexander Webb Timothy Mark Worrad Shantika Wright Charlotte Kate Wylie Robert Wyse BACHELOR OF ARTS Malik Anne Ariana Anne Beach Kaitlin Jayne Brenton Angelique Carr Joshua Alan Cromarty John Michael Davis Amelia Drinkwater Alison Louise Edginton Jordan Leah Elliott Elizabeth Sarah Evans Susannah Rona Fuller Serena Alison Godwin Maddyson Lyn Tahlea Grew Brendan Hall Eric Sidney Hill

Graduation – April 2018 | 41

Patrick Hossack Samara Ellen Jayne Sonia Lee Jeffkins Mitchell Ryan John Dilan Charaka Kasturiarachchi Amanda Jane Keast Eliza Kelly Laure-Elise Dorothea Kenworthy Benjamin Kidd Benjamin John King Bret Kneller Peter Langton Morgan Jaymie Lee Joni Evonne Letson Matthew Liston Gillian Fay Elisabeth Matthews Katie McCosker Mickala Blossom McMahon Emma-Louise McVie Edward William Merrell Nicole Aleis Molyneux Sophie Jordin Mundey Emily June Murray Jennifer Murray Tenea Rhiannon Myers Melissa Jane Niblock Thomas James Nicholson Courtney Leigh Noble Maer Jane O’Donoghue Ronald Leonard Gregory Perkins Ruby Lee Porter Jasmine Elise Pryor Lucinda Evelyn Regan Allan Enoc Reyes Charlotte Roberts Alexandra Rowe Selina Sunshine Ryan Elisha Jane Sams Liam Noel Scully Erin Ann Shearman Holly Street Katia Supe Michelle Julia Szukalski Hana Isabella Tamplin Andrew Laurence Tarry Madeleine Bridget Unger Michelle Vernon Victor Walker BACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Jason Mark Hinton Bronte Rose Eliza Lyford

42 | The University of Newcastle

BACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Violet Maeve Hastings BACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCE WITH DISTINCTION Larissa Anne Carthew Olivia Rose Cook Jarrah Cummings Claire Dudgeon Sophie Rose Freeman Tully Barbara Hambridge Rebecca Jeannette Manning Kristi Marie Mulholland Tyr Geoffrey James Quinlivan-Scurr Debra Lorraine Rumbel Rebecca Nicole Winder Kaitlyn Grace Winter BACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Alexandra Frances Bailey Cara Bloomfield Amy Rose Brady-Goodwin Cody Brassington Emma Louise Broadfoot Jye Bull Breanna Ruby Burgess Claire Coelho Emily Degenhardt Isabella Pearl Elsworthy Gabrielle Louise Fanning Mikella Frost Brooke Katherine Groizard Whitney Rene Hainey Laura Horton Jane Hunter Flavia Anca Ignat Angela Ingabire Prathesvaran Jayabalan Sophie Louise Jones Teagen-Ryleigh Jones Tamika Karin Jowett Keiarnee-Sky Maree Matheson Lachlan John McQualter Eiley Louise McRae Ashlee Lea Muddle Anna Therese O’shea Paige Papageorgiou Ella Reed Rubylea Ruth Sellers Alexandra Lee Stallard Sarah Patricia Thurgood Alana Elizabeth Vodopianoff Imogen Waters

Elle Kate Waugh Sarah Ruby Xenos BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Catherine Irene Burns Nicole Irene Doley Sarah Fergus Bianca Jade Manning Elise Patterson Rebecca Lee Plain Kirby Louise Queenan Zara Ann Smith Katelyn Tamara Waite Hannah Rose Wells BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Meg Aumuller Anne Beness Jaden Coralie Bigelow Gwen Alice Bolch Alison Lea Crowe Sarah Grace Dawes Leah Franks Sarah Patricia Robertson Samantha Jean Rosewarne Georgia Kate Strutt Carly Welsh Kate Rella Wright BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Mitchell Arron Thomas Burns Abby Taylor Cable Ariana Deveron Forbes Riana Lea Horsey Grace Louise Orford Jessica Emily Roth Natasha Jade Van Gorp Madison Rose Watts BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK (HONOURS) Bridie Claire Anderton Sophie Barnett Greer Davis Kirsten Tamara Elliott Serena Alison Godwin Elisabeth Claire Hulin Sarah Anne Jankovic Sarah Louis Georgia Elizabeth McBride Sally Anne Morgan Brooke Ashlee O’Brien Danielle Alison Rennie

Amy Maree Shumack Olivia Ann Taylor Tayla Watson Paige Keran Williams BACHELOR OF SPEECH PATHOLOGY (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Tinghui Chia Erin Cranney Imogen Helena Dean Prudence Cecilia Dorn Febiya Felix BACHELOR OF SPEECH PATHOLOGY (HONOURS) Frances Ammann Sangeerthana Anandakumar Tamara Wayan Barr Rebecca Amanda Bell Amie Lee Bennett Ruby Patrice Coia Shae Maree Cotterell Clare Louise Crockford Diane Maree Crossley Emma Louise Croxon Jamie Louise Cullen Jessica Anne Dyball Sarah Fanayan Veronica Gray Grace Eloise Handsaker Annabelle Jean Hayes Elizabeth Haynes Melanie Kate Holbrook Brianna Therese Keenan

Alison Grace Kershaw Sophie Kate Lannigan Kiarna Lewis Trisha Tien Lin Lim Ella Louise Lord Marks Phoebe Emily Martin Scarlett Ygraine Mason Simone Mary Owen Ashley Jane Pippen Kate Louise Porter Lucinda Maree Power Rhyann Dawn Roberts India May Rose Tamarin Ryan Frater Emilia May Sedgwick Naomi Sherley Nadja Kathleen Squires Ashwini Thirukumaran Christine Mary Tivan Kristy Ley Townsend Frank Tuke Emily Winter

DIPLOMA IN LANGUAGES Martin Bartholomeusz Bryce Callcott Brendan Michael Cunningham Jack Andrew Drake Dianne Fisher Beau Fleming Martine Elizabeth Fogg Matthew George Giakoumatos Clement Joseph Gordon Josephine Mary Killmister Heather Lyle Morgan Jaymie Lee Hannah Kate Watson


Graduation – April 2018 | 43



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Miss Joanna Poole The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Dr Fiona Walsh Degree recipients from the Faculty of Education and Arts will be presented by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor John Germov The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Joanna Poole and Mr Terence Koo The Chancellor will invite Ms Ashleigh Poole to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

44 | The University of Newcastle

Dr Fiona Walsh is one of the Hunter’s most inspiring educational leaders. She is currently the Principal of West Wallsend High School. Starting her teaching career at Gorokan High School in 1994, Dr Walsh took up the role of Head Teacher, Technological and Applied Studies at Morisset High School in 1999, before moving into the senior role of Deputy Principal, Callaghan College Wallsend Campus in 2009. For more than 20 years, Dr Walsh has worked with her students to help them reach their potential. Since arriving at West Wallsend High School in 2014, she has transformed the teaching and learning environment to deliver remarkable improvements: NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) and Higher School Certificate results have improved; and female participation in STEM subjects is above the state’s average. Dr Walsh is the President of the Newcastle/Hunter Secondary Principals’ Council and provides advice to the Quality Initiatives and Promotion of Public Education Directorate. Her professional excellence has been recognised through national awards for inspirational and outstanding teaching. Dr Walsh holds a Doctor of Philosophy as well as a Master of Leadership and Management in Education, a Master of Educational Studies, and a Bachelor of Education, all from the University of Newcastle.


HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH SCHOOL OF EDUCATION DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN EDUCATION Saleh Mohammed Alqarni BA(KSU), MAppLing(Newcastle) Thesis Title: The Application of Communicative Language Teaching Approach within English as Foreign Language Context: Saudi Arabia Private Education Case Study

Alexandra Helen Jones BTeach/BMus(Hons), MEdStud(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Grounding Globalities in the Cosmopolitan Practices of Youth Lam Thi Lan Huong BA(TESOL), MA(TESOL)(ULIS-VNU, Hanoi) Thesis Title: The Representations of Life Outside Vietnam in First-Year Technical University Textbooks in Hanoi and their Influence on Students Intercultural Communicative Competence in English Learning Nhung Thi Thuy Le MA(TESOL)(ULIS-VNU, Hanoi) Thesis Title: Exploring Students’ Experiences of English Medium Instruction in Vietnamese Universities Phillipa Parsons BTeach(Hons)/BA(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Thinking Outside Borders: Exploring how the History Classroom can be a Space to Foster Ideas of Critical, Post-National Citizenship

Bui Thi Nhung BELT, MENL(VNU-Hanoi) Thesis Title: Investigating University Lecturers’ Attitudes Towards Learner Autonomy in the EFL Context in Vietnam

Joseph John Scott BTeach(Secondary)/BHPE(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Assessment of Physical Activity in Adolescents: Protocols, Compliance and Participants’ Perceptions

Garrick Russell Everett BSc(UNSW), GDipEd(Adelaide), MEd(Western Sydney), MBA(UNE) Thesis Title: An Exploration of Factors which Affect the Christian Ethos of Christian Schools: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of Two Christian Schools

Emma Louise Shaw BTeach(Hons)/BA(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Life in the ‘Past Lane’: An Exploration of the Motives and Metahistorical Understanding of Family History Researchers

Steven Richard Grose BTheol(Aust.Coll.Theol.) Thesis Title: The National School Chaplaincy Program in NSW: A Philosophical Defence

Matthew Martin Wilson-Wheeler MA(Otago) Thesis Title: ‘She Doesn’t Choose To Do Well’: An Examination of the Discursive Constitution of Academic Underachievement

MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY IN EDUCATION Amanda Lee Tocci BA(Newcastle), GradDipEd(Charles Sturt), MEdSt(Queensland) Thesis Title: The Impact Strategy Instruction has on Children with a Deficit in the Phonological Loop of Working Memory and a Reading Disability

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF TEACHING WITH DISTINCTION Caitlin Maree Anderson Joseph Ralph Asquith Susan Aung Alycia Maree Anne Baker Lauren Amy Barnett Morgan Leanne Bates Rae Linda Chambers Jordan Ella Draper Kirsty Maree Every Hayley Feenstra Reece Fellas Thomas Vincent Gaffney Paul Kenneth George Savannah Jen Gomboso Sarah Nicole Goodman Sophie Hirst Daniel Hunter Daniel Robert Isaac Steven Anthony Jackson Lachlan Lloyd Selwyn Jones Kerrie Ann Korsman Joshua Ka Ki Lam Stephanie Luxford Sasha Louise Maher Lewis McGeoch Leah Joy McGovern Laura Jane McKay Lindsay Anne O’Donoghue Caroline Louise Reay Ashley Ruddy Druin Thompson Kandis Lee Tindall Graduation – April 2018 | 45

Georgia Kate Townsend Erin Lorraine Turriff Jodie Vandermeer Mikaela Jayne Wright MASTER OF TEACHING Katherine Bennett-Young Matthew Peter Heitmeyer John Percival Hilliam Matthew Jessop Rowan John Kmetyk Stephen James Logan Alisha Morgan Madsen Mitchell McDonald Kristy Maree Nott Bo Ouyang Jessica Ellen Page Matthew John Princehorn Jordyn Purches Christie Lee Robbs Shane Robert Shanks Jared Wayne Smith Abbie Storey Lorretta Lee Swindale Jarrod Wilton GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN THEOLOGY Laura Jane McKay

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF EDUCATION STUDIES Andia Aslandis William Mark Brooker Melissa Anne Bubb Brett Hoitink Caleb Scott Thomas John Taylor Wenjuan Wang BACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Simon Robinson BACHELOR OF TEACHING (EARLY CHILDHOOD AND PRIMARY) (HONOURS) Sarah Rose Arnott Natasha Lee Bailey Emma Grace Blakemore Xinhui Chen Amelia Jane Christensen Morgan Louise Cox Emma Anne Crofts Georgina Margaret Dawson Jessica Louise Eveleigh Sarah Louise-Heriot Finlayson 46 | The University of Newcastle

Hayley Clare Follett Elizabeth Jean Gigengack Casey Lea Gooch Haleigh Marree Gould Kate Ellen Harvey Jessie Ann Hicks Amber Rai Houston Olivia Alexandra Hunt Rebecca Iliffe Kathryn England Jones Kate Emilee Jordan Brodie Shenai Kaminski Eun Jung Kim Tamika Louise Luly Amber Hope Martin Rebecca Ellen McPhan Cody McTaggart Ashley Jayne Meagher Sarah Milton Jessika Lauren Murphy Karina Murphy Rebecca Murphy Rhiannon Jade Petersen Ashleigh Margaret Ross Sally Joy Rumball Brooke Maree Shepherd Julie Anne Skinner Lisa Ellen Steane Emma-Jayne Anne Thompson Sarah Turner Phoebe Vincent Cassandra Jane Watson Sophie Amanda Wishart Tasheena Yarnold Caitlin Zell BACHELOR OF TEACHING (FINE ART) (HONOURS) Hannah Louise Belton Breanna Burnes Nina Evangeline Dell’Amico Cathlin Duggan Sherrin Dunlevie Lani-Rae Grey Emily Caterina Hudson Georgia Clare Lindsay Georgia Moir Daynah Cheyenne Ots Melanie-Kate Ransom Sienna Roxby Madeleine Louise Simpson Erika Elizabeth Sorby Nikki Anne Standen

BACHELOR OF TEACHING (HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION) (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Ashleigh Maree Poole Veronica Smith BACHELOR OF TEACHING (HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION) (HONOURS) James Amos Aaron Thomas Argent Adrian Barry Cody James Beresford Jacob James Milson Black Brittany Maree Coe Emily Jeanette Davis Heath Vincent Dowling Sean Glachan Matthew James Goodlet Kirsti Louise Graham Kurt Andrew Hartmann Ryan Helou Jezebel Hitchins Oscar Hamish Hunt Nigel Kippers Dallas Reed Koen Kassandra Renee O’Gorman Ellie Jayne Parker Rowan Joseph Pfeiffer Kayla Jane Steele Jessica Rachael Terry Maddison Grace Thornton Tyson Daniel Willoughby Samuel Andrew Mathews Woods BACHELOR OF TEACHING (HUMANITIES) (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Sarah Kimberlee Gurr BACHELOR OF TEACHING (HUMANITIES) (HONOURS) Gabrielle Nicole Borrelli Elescia Brogan Jasmin Alessandra Byrne Rebecca Anne Calder Sophie Elizabeth Camilleri Tiarna Lee Crichton Erin Sheree Dowse Alicia Dunne Rebecka Fenwick Billie-Jo Louise Fisher Emilia Caroline Forrest Benjamin Paul Forsyth Karen Anne Fouracre Benjamin Graham Jazlyn Rose Hawthorne Gilbert Holliday

Mikahlia Kathryn Holmes Lewis Scott Horne Eliza Eleanore Louise Jackson Erin Elizabeth Kenny Jackie Lee Kummeling Ellen Mary Macdonald Jonathan Francis McCallum Emily McGrath Emily McInnes Samantha Kate McMellon Katie Eileen Merrett Adelle Micallef Madeleine Jane Mitchell Jordan Maria Newbery Brooke Renee Nicholson-Lake Emily Rose Owen Emily Cathryn Perrin Mitchell Robert Read Kenisha Lea Redman Alexandra Rolfe Merryana Linda Salem Sam Saunders Sam Christopher Shearer Olivia May Sullivan Stephanie Alice Thornton Rebekah Hannah Waters Maddison Whan Airlie Renee White April Wilk BACHELOR OF TEACHING (MATHEMATICS) (HONOURS) Kimberley Armstrong Rachel Louise Eastcott Rachel Michelle Foster Chandani Bianca Hasthanayake Carly Anne Johnstone Nathan Jory Thomas Hains Lovell Zoe Mizrachi Jake Osborne Lauren Kate Stacey Mitchell Summerville BACHELOR OF TEACHING (PRIMARY) (HONOURS) Jessica Rae Allan Tyler J Anderson Jayde Deleste Baker Samuel John Beacroft Georgia Kate Beikoff Signe Bladt-Woicek Carissa Borrow Aidan Joseph Bourke Sheba Samoa Boyd Edward James Birch Brooker

Tanisha Maree Brown Chloe Lorraine Buhler Jack William Burnett Emily Carr Amy Carter Jenna Maree Coleman Bethany Cook Emily Louise Coppins Cameron Cowan Jack Anthony Crich Taylah May Josephine Edwards Tiasha Rae Edwards Antonia Jane Gage Joshua Garnsey Jake Alexander Gelfius Alice Grace Gerty Cherie Ann Hua Fern Goh Cassie Gould Georgia Rose Gracie Holly Ann Gralton Fiona Sophie-Berenice Harrison Sarah Jade Hatherell Jessica Anne Haworth Benjamin Graham Hjort Jemma Nicole Holten Samantha Jessica Howard Gabrielle Lily Innes Madeline Grace James Yasmin Hannah Javaid Debra Linda Johnson Courtney Jones Emma Louise Kelly Paige Kendall Fiona Jane Lanser Taylah Simone Lobley Kathryn Magill Brittany Maree McLean April Lynne McLennan Bronte May McPherson Shelby Ann McPherson Dara Ann Mitchell Nikola Victoria Moore Julia Mulligan Abbie Jean Newell Mitchell Timothy Nugent Phoebe Parker Naomi Peat Stephanie Peters Ashlee Taylor Piper Amy Kate Poole Kate Maree Radford Sarah Rhymes Ashleigh Robinson Renee Leigh Rooimans Tegan Louise Sakoff Timothy Neil Shaw

Liam John Shoesmith Emma Maree Simmons Aimee Hannah Slade Jenna Paige Smith Remy Belle Spillane Natalie Louise Squires Abby Stewart Alex Stewart Rebeka May Stokes Joshua Cleve Swain Hannah Therese Thomas Stephanie Turner Harry Alexander Vallance Siobhan Kodie Van-Der-Ley Rhearn Vassallo Nicola Maree Walmsley Thomas James Walsh Joshua Mitchell West Prue Erin Wheeler Zachary Wilcox Olivia Clare Willoughby Bridget May Wilson Jack Wilson BACHELOR OF TEACHING (SCIENCE) (HONOURS) Kirralee Andrea Denise Agius Jennifer Susan Bunch Jarred Casley Emily Jane Davies Lauren Grace Furner Madelon Sue Gillham Timothy Joseph Raymond Hall Jai Brody Hancock Jacob Leon Ludwig Elise Mercieca Laura Neale Byron Robert Richards Jack Townsend BACHELOR OF TEACHING (TECHNOLOGY) (HONOURS) Joshua Crofts Lloyd Doyle Aden Fryer Emma Rose Johnstone Sofie Lipshus Aaron Thomas Madritsch Sophie Eileen Maher Tayla Maloney Michael Mifsud Samantha Lesley Nisbet Wesley Ring Kayla Lee Schleinzer Jonathan Schwager Josie Ann Stone Graduation – April 2018 | 47

Josiah Robert Trad Luke Leonard Warwick Justin Philip Webb Taylar Ann Wood Casey Lea Wrightson BACHELOR OF TEACHING (PRIMARY) / BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH HONOURS CLASS I Bradley Wayne Jones BACHELOR OF TEACHING (PRIMARY) / BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH DISTINCTION Bella Barbarella Beryllium Konrad Herman Hense Fiona Margaret Thomson Kate Victoria Worthington BACHELOR OF TEACHING (PRIMARY) / BACHELOR OF ARTS Rebecca Jane Bear Martyn John Brand Jacqueline Christian Chamberlain Jayden Timothy Eneliko Tess Lyla Flynn Kiralee Fuller Alan Christopher Grouse Laura Maree Harrison Hannah Lowe Nicole Janine Maher Sarah Vivie Mainey Heather Felicia May Tegan McDonald Lauren Medcalf Bryce Eric Medcalf-Pommer

48 | The University of Newcastle

Jessie Lina-Anne Meehan Bianca Murphy Jodie Leigh Nelmes Rebecca Parker Brea Jane Phillips Mitchell Alexander Player Layne Grace Ross Joel Matthew Stacey Kendall Thornton Mitchell Watterson Philippa Helene Woodley


BACHELOR OF TEACHING (PRIMARY) /BACHELOR OF EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDIES Jennifer Lofranco Baker Elizabeth Rachel Curran Jessica Rae Elliott



BACHELOR OF TEACHING (SECONDARY) / BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Alanna Jane Bohatko Jamieson Sale Joanne Mary Wilkinson




The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Miss Joanna Poole The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Ms Kim McKay AO Degree recipients from the Faculty of Education and Arts will be presented by the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor John Germov The Musical Interlude will be performed by Ms Sarah Monk, Ms Ruth Crosby and Ms Sarah Mepham The Chancellor will invite Mr Robert Crosby to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

Ms Kim McKay is the Director and CEO of the Australian Museum with responsibility for leading the country’s first museum. She is also known as an environmentalist, author and consultant on international marketing, communication and sustainability. Since her appointment in 2014, Ms McKay has led the Museum’s transformation into one of the world’s preeminent natural history and cultural institutions. She has initiated free general admission for children, established the Australian Museum Centre for Citizen Science, and led an extensive infrastructure investment program which included the restoration of the Westpac Long Gallery (Australia’s first museum gallery). Ms McKay’s passion for the environment is demonstrated by her role in national and international projects. She co-founded the environmental volunteer program, Clean Up Australia and subsequently, Clean Up the World, which operates in over 100 countries. She also collaborated with population geneticist Dr Spencer Wells to establish The Genographic Project – an initiative that has raised funds for cultural preservation and education projects in Indigenous communities around the world. In 2008, she was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in recognition of her distinguished service to the environment and the community. She is a board member of not-for-profit organisations such as the One Million Women campaign and Sydney Institute of Marine Science. Ms McKay holds a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Technology in Sydney.

Graduation – April 2018 | 49


Catherine Anne Barham Bachelor of Natural History Illustration (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal


Robert Jeffrey Crosby Bachelor of Communication (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA ARTS Leicha Maree Stewart BComn(Hons)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Television News Discourse: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of How Coverage of the 2013 Australian Federal Election Shaped Narratives about Asylum Seekers

Christopher Pantelidis Bachelor of Music (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN DESIGN Ari Chand BTeach(Secondary)/BFA, BNHI(Hons) (Newcastle) Thesis Title: Habitus, Tacit Knowledge and Design Practice: The Context of the Designer as Illustrator Stuart James McBratney BVA(Griffith) Thesis Title: Shoestring Theory: Pragmatism and Bricolage in Microbudget Feature Filmmaking DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN FINE ART Penelope Heather Dunstan GDipEd(Sydney Teachers’ College), MAg(Sydney) Thesis Title: Wayfinding through Shadowlands: Making Minescapes Matter MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY IN FINE ART Benjamin Phillips BCreatTech(JMC), BMusic(Hons) (Adelaide), MMusTech(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Where Sound Meets Vision: Art and the Convergence of Sound and Vision 50 | The University of Newcastle

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF DIGITAL MEDIA WITH DISTINCTION Jessica Louise Alexander David Eyo Andrews Debra Lilian Collison Anna Fitzgerald Rafe Marr Sholer Michael James Tomkinson Catherine Margaret Woodard MASTER OF DIGITAL MEDIA Steven Charles Fokes Edward Charles Andrew Michie MASTER OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION WITH DISTINCTION Lorraine Ruth Eldred MASTER OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Yasmin Tertia McPherson James Robert Petrovic MASTER OF EDUCATIONAL STUDIES WITH DISTINCTION Nurjia H Abdulmajid Andrew Baden Barber Kelly Anne Bedford Lyzette Chislett Philippa Lynne Coleman Erin Renae Connors Brenden Robert Davidson

Christoper Jay Delaney Elisa Joy Dingle Alice Elizabeth Elwell Aimee Georgina Fitton Joel Fleming Andrew Robert Gibson Chris Michael Glennan Andrew Hawtin Andrea Maree Huxley Maria Maryanne Kalianiotis William Mark Laverance Tahnae Jordon Luke Kadi Anne Martin Ellen McGeoch Terence Anthony Quain Leanne Selby Malini Stephen James Vriesinga James Arthur Weeks MASTER OF EDUCATIONAL STUDIES Stuart James Byrnes Amii Louise Davis Emma Louise Gallagher Graham Robert Geddes Kuldip Kaur Gill Joshua Jetson Delsie Maulangi Jamie Scott McSpadden Gicu Lucian Oprea Matthew John Richards Kabelo Semata Jake Shearer Bryan Andrew Taylor Megan Jane Thompson MASTER OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IN EDUCATION WITH DISTINCTION Alice Elizabeth Aitcheson Thomas William Blackburn Carly-Marie Clark Anne Katherine Duquemin Shifaza Fathimath Magdalini Maggie Fountoulis Stephen Patrick Heanly Tania Kolomitsev Darrell John McCaughey Benjamin Lee McCulloch

Anita Maree Purves Adam Richter Penelope May Ryder Susan Linda Xenos MASTER OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IN EDUCATION Mitchell James Bailey Letisha Lesley Finlay Adewale Kolapo Kareem Teagan King Kevin Patrick O’Connor Agnes Lira Rodrigues Melissa Paige Royal MASTER OF MUSIC TECHNOLOGY WITH DISTINCTION Vicktor James Petroff MASTER OF SPECIAL EDUCATION WITH DISTINCTION Madison Emily Alley Suzanne Armstrong Deidre Lynnor Balderston Damon Michael Barry Mark Bergamo Ebony Jade Birch-Hanger Rhonda Bowden Kimberley Brady Renee Kate Cadman Samuel Thomas Crawley Erin Danielle Cross Isabel Louise Crutch Alana Jayne Daley Kerri Louise Daly Cheryl Margaret Dimmock Luke Durney Vicki Lee Ferrier Catriona Rose Fleet Kira-Bonnie Gleeson Clare Monique Green Kate Louise Handley Michelle Harkom Megan Jayne Harlick John Harmsen Huda Hassan Maree Louise Hendry Tegan Howell Michael Hughes Kristy Hunter Simone Laurelle Hurst Ziuna Hussain Ranggeeta Kaur Jekanda Singh Nicole Skye Jones Simone Jane Lampard Silvana Lennon Toby Benjamin Lord Yuen Sun Clara Lowe

Ruhi Malhotra Rebecca Krysia Manley Tamson Heather Mayo Tamara Lee McLaurin Aanika Louise Milne Kate Isabella Mitchell Sharishna Narayan Nora Pieterse Christina Elena Piontek Karen Joy Price Jacinta Purcell-Hancock Alana Elizabeth Ragan-Johnstone Alana Ragen-Harrison Donna Ellen Reardon Jenny Rees Chloe Roberts Theresa Anne Sanderson Kim-Maree Smith Petra Elouise Squires Janeece Steele Amanda Kathleen Sullivan Anu Thakur Abigail Anne Spinks Turner Jensen Anne-Marie Van Duinen Bronwyn Gail Walker Rebekah Jane Dennison Zwies MASTER OF SPECIAL EDUCATION Kate Frances Azzopardi Sonia Megan Bertram Kobie Yvonne Binkins Claire Elizabeth Blackwell Catharine Anne Carlin Roz Casey Tan Nan Nanny Chen Jennifer Louise Cotham Kylie Anne Downey Leigh Maree Farmer Csaba Felkai Sterrin Irene Francis Sarah Jane Garland Jeanette Louise Gaylard Christine Gail Gibbs Fiona Jane Gillham Shelley Goldsmith Kathryn Louise Hines Jodie Kelly Damian James Kelso Hannah Louise King Vanessa Sarah MacDonald Brown Tess Leanne McCaw Duncan Alec McKinlay Kirsty Lea Mobbs Chaiwat Moonuan Krystal Michelle Morris Leah Moschetti Nada Pantle Tamzin Margaret Pulsford

Matthew John Richards Cassandra Jayne Ross Melanie Kate Ross Alison Liew Stewart Katrina Anne Stobie Elizabeth Jane Walgers Keira Elinor Wiedermann Tracie Woolford Cheryl Hui Yi Yeo Natalie Lousie Zelesski MASTER OF THEOLOGY Daniel Eamon Lynch Katherine Alexandra Lynch GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MEDIA Saul Alexander Whitton GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATIONAL STUDIES Amanda Mhairi Street

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Tiffiny Hollenberg-Kay Ryan James McGrath Michaela Wagland Sarah Louise Webb BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION WITH DISTINCTION Loren Ang Hui Min Nicholas James Audet Lani Ann Beaven Thomas Birch Nicola Mavis Blatchford Jacob Booth Kate Bullen Laura Elise Carroll Isaac Steven Chute Nicola Dalby Maddison Sarah Devoy Luke Thomas Donnelly Jarrod Epere Bridget Louise Gunn Brooke Tarni Heinz Abhinay Lakshman Gary-Jon Lysaght Amy Ellen McKenna Max William McKinney Catherine Alexandra McQueen Jack Alexander Moran Caitlin Julia Muddle Gregory William O’Regan Ellen Maria Parker Graduation – April 2018 | 51

Elise Nadine Pfeiffer Emily Rokobauer Daniel John Sahyoun Emma Siffleet Hannah-Louise Stretton Edward Halpin Tebay Katrina Tierney Ting Wen Hwee Felicia Olivia Karin Tohi Courtney Ann White BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION Aginaya Mae Juguiad Abbugao Kallan Andre Baita Sharon Baldemor Sarah Baronowski Kate Maree Booth Charlotte Bowcock Daniel Ewen Braithwaite Georgia Lee Braye Minh Triet Bui Brittany Leigh Butterworth Nathan Stewart Buyers Chen Ningxin Nigel Chin Zhang Xiang Chong Shengjie Thomas Christie Matthew Clarke Milly Louise Colding Palmqvist Michael Cook Ma Enszoe Jesika Coquia Cusi Laurise Mary Dickson Alexandria Evans Daniel Evers Eilish Rose Fitzgibbon Mollie Ellen Flynn Nicholas Brendan Franklin Bridget Helena Gourlay Paul William Graham Joshua Gresham Erin Hakopa Chelsea Harrison Nikita Christine Haynes Joseph William Healey Jenayah Frances Heath Georgia Hicks - Jones Jordan Samuel Hoddinett Shui Hin Hon Matt Norman Johnston Claire Evelyn Jones Nicole Susanne Klaer Jesse Stephen Lackey Jackson Samuel Lana Rhianna Jane Lantry Lee Kai Ling Charis William Lentell Jenaya Rose Little Holly Margaret Livingstone 52 | The University of Newcastle

Loo Lee Hsien Francesca Ann Renee Elizabeth Mackay Rebecca Anne Mackinnon Grace Rose Manton Jason Martin Kassidy Martin-Scully Bradley John Mayall Emma Clare McDonald Mary-Louise McInerney Jasmin McKenna Georgia Amelia Metcalfe Kyle John Minors Jessica Moog Hannah Moore Maddison Grace Moulton Stephen John Mount Katrina Nash Ng Lai Ting Cassandra Sinclair Nichols Madeleine O’Heir Priyanga D/O Panner Selvam Allanah Thyne Regan Kaitlynd Elizabeth Reiher-Smith Amy Relf Danielle Kayla Ries Callum James Roberts Janaye Robertson Olivia Grace Rodgers Charlotte Ross Ethan Sharkey Amritpal Singh Khaira Kyah Louise Catherine Skawinski Emily Smith Grace Ann Smith Jessica Smith Justin Smith Annabelle Grace Sneddon Jesse Harrison Spencer Jayden Stirling Rachel Elise Storer Elizabeth Traynor Brooke Tunbridge Maurie Allan Waters Wong Germaine BACHELOR OF FINE ART (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Nicholas Shane Barlow Brigitte Rose Beyer Alisha Joan Fewster Rosemary Anne Reynolds BACHELOR OF FINE ART (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Kalithea Sunshine Barcala Shannon Maree Cadman Momo Lily Rose Hatley-Couper Chloe Lillian Hey

Elizabeth Kathleen Mackenzie Danielle Elizabeth Minett BACHELOR OF FINE ART (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Deborah Elena White BACHELOR OF FINE ART (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS III Brooke Edwards BACHELOR OF FINE ART WITH DISTINCTION Judith Bee Melissa Leigh Bull Gael Robin Connop Claire Jean Kemp BACHELOR OF FINE ART Lolita Ahmed Kaine Micheal Anderson Carol Ann Baker Matthew Baldwin Lynette Anne Bridge Kiasmin Betina Burrell Ashleigh Campbell Sharon Lee Crumblin David Bailey Cunningham Eleanor Dean Christine Rebecca Freedom Natalee Katarina Geurts Thomas Allan Harris Ileigh Hellier Katrina Louise Holden Christina Kemp Holly McArthur Mandy Jane Muir Jessica Mukadana John Price Jeni Prickett Louise Maree Rea Patrick James Torley Nicole Trujillo Hayley Jane Tymmons Hannah Lee Zaidan BACHELOR OF MUSIC (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Sophie Elizabeth Aked Lachlan William Cohen Jordan Jane Eyb Elly Langford BACHELOR OF MUSIC (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Joshua Adha Pratama Ingle BACHELOR OF MUSIC (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Kurt Joseph Taylor

BACHELOR OF MUSIC WITH DISTINCTION Julian Lee Grant Ashley Jones Timothy John Ward BACHELOR OF MUSIC Michael Peter Baistow Alex David Bell Jake Birrell Naomi Blanch Tayla Anne Choice Charity Mu-Tzu Chuang Amy Beth Cowley Lauren Crawford Jake Cronin Cassandra Danckert Natasha Mary-Jean Dyason Amy Harris Daniel Myles Huish Justin Leonard Kane Lachlan Albert Kelly Benjamin Alister Levick Hannah Mae Lonergan Brendan Mari Tavis Lloyd McLennan Kenneth Meisel Jonathan James Murphy Gerard Patrick Nicholls Hamish Nugent Alexander Jaxon Quayle Adam Radwan Gillian Maire Redmond Mitchell Richards Katherine Emily Smith Victoria Bethel Stanmore Emma Louise Stretton Max Tuckerman Maddison Watts Amanda Louise Willey BACHELOR OF NATURAL HISTORY ILLUSTRATION (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Laura Arnull Iliana Hunun Athaide Oakes BACHELOR OF NATURAL HISTORY ILLUSTRATION (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Eloise Jane Gordon BACHELOR OF NATURAL HISTORY ILLUSTRATION (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Davina Pellatt

BACHELOR OF NATURAL HISTORY ILLUSTRATION WITH DISTINCTION Philippa Kirsten Abraham Alexander Patrick Barnes-Keoghan Samantha Bayly Shannon Bellamy Teresa Frances Byrne Rosemary Kate Coates Daniel Graham Cox Gina Louise Cranson Alison Mary Ellis Gillian Isabel Hewitt Natasha Jade Mansfield Sharon Anne Salmi BACHELOR OF NATURAL HISTORY ILLUSTRATION Sally Booth Joyous Michelle Colley Zoe Elizabeth Colson Isabelle Legg Steffi Michalski Elena Rose Savovski BACHELOR OF TEACHING (MATHEMATICS) (HONOURS) Tiffany Brooke White BACHELOR OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Katharine Cross Brooklyn Pilarski Andrew William White BACHELOR OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Zoe Hannah Mallett BACHELOR OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Jackson Heath April Patricia Linacre BACHELOR OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN WITH DISTINCTION Jackie Emmalee Brock Hannah Burwood Virginia Anne Clark Erinn Conroy Sophie Elliott Callum John Foot Wauwe Domonic Freestone Lauren Rachael Hannaway Rebecca Jauhiainen Emma Catherine Lovelock

Ellie Jane Macor Richard James O’Regan Isabella Grace Raschke Tanika Sorridimi BACHELOR OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN Toni-Joanne Alford Jacinda Ellen Avery-Flack Angus Mark Rhodes Bowen Lauren Jessica Brooker-Hipwell Grace Ellen Buxton Soldal Tessa Lee Corrigan Cristy-Louise Croker Meghan Elizabeth Donnelly Rebecca Fitzgerald Sean Kenneth Fitzpatrick James Hadfield May Myat Hane Phoebe Rose Nyman Hicks Milan Jakov Ivancevic Ellen Laurie Isobel Lawrence Annie Lu Trent Anthony Luke Katie Jean Maclean Emily McCallum Jordan Elizabeth Monteith Craig Graham Munzenberger Amy Ruth Nash Abby Lee Newell Luke O’Donnell Belinda O’Hara Young Joseph Palmer Joanne Elizabeth Ritchie Hayden John Sawczuk James Scott Cheree Smith Tayla Maree Smith Lauren Steel Joshua Andrew Stewart Claire Lea Taylor Skye Elaine Tennant Molly Anne Toby DIPLOMA IN LANGUAGES Matt Norman Johnston


Graduation – April 2018 | 53



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Miss Alexandra Cuthbert-Freese The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Mr Tim Steele Degree recipients from the Faculty of Business and Law will be presented by the Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Morris Altman The Musical Interlude will be performed by Mr Terence Koo The Chancellor will invite Mr Alexander Austin to speak on behalf of the graduates The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall

54 | The University of Newcastle

With an international career in financial services that spans two decades, Mr Tim Steele holds a reputation as a leader who is known for his vision, innovation and focus. He is currently the General Manager of NAB Financial Planning and NAB Direct Advice at the National Australia Bank, a position he has held since 2016. In his role at NAB, Mr Steele is responsible for the growth and compliance of NAB’s financial planning business. To future-proof the business in a climate of constant innovation and change, he has transformed NAB’s financial planning services by inspiring more than 700 staff across the country to deliver a consistently high quality customer experience. Mr Steele is deeply committed to building the pipeline of talented and skilled professionals – demonstrated by his collaboration with five universities to establish an annual university scholarship program that increases diversity in the industry. He has also forged a partnership with the Financial Planning Association and the Financial Planning Education Council to support industry-based academic research that particularly focuses on customer experience. Prior to joining NAB, Mr Steele was the managing director of AMP-aligned wealth businesses, ipac and Genesys, and he has also worked for global financial advising firms in the United States. In all roles he has proven himself as a dynamic and outcome-focused change leader. Mr Steele holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Newcastle.


HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Khalid Imtiaz Saad BSc(BUET) Thesis Title: Condition Monitoring of Induction Motors Based on Measurement and Analysis of Air Gap Flux Spatial Harmonics

FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH NEWCASTLE BUSINESS SCHOOL DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Ashraf Mohammadsaleh A Alsahafi BSc(King Abdulaziz), BCom(Hons) (Newcastle), MCom(Macquarie) Thesis Title: Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Saudi Arabia

Afsaneh Bahrami BAppMath(IUT), MEcon(IAU) Thesis Title: Return Predictability of Emerging Stock Markets Using Combination Forecast and Regime Switching Models DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ECONOMICS Chaoying Qi BSc, MEcon(HENU) Thesis Title: An Analysis of Local Government Debt and Shadow Banking in China from A Minskyan Perspective DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MANAGEMENT Dorothea Lorrainne Betts BA(Hons), MOHS (Newcastle), MBA(UNE) Thesis Title: From Premise to Practice: Strategic Decision-making in Riskbased Regulatory Agencies Sarah Eyaa BCom(Hons)(Mak.), MBA(UM) Thesis Title: Opportunism in Exchange Relationships in Supply Chains: Theory Development and Empirical Evidence Sheila Namagembe BBA, MSc(MAK.) Thesis Title: Green Supply Chain Practice Adoption: Theory Development and Empirical Evidence Banafsheh Peyrovian BBusMan,MEM(Teheran) Thesis Title: Relationship between New Product Development Activities, Product Advantage, Product Newness and New Product Performance in Independent New Firms Sorush Sepehr MBA(FUM) Thesis Title: Iranian Immigrant Consumer Acculturation in Australia: A Foucauldian Perspective

Andi Sumange GCertBusResearch(Newcastle) Thesis Title: The Regulation and Adoption of Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures in Indonesia DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN POLITICS Eileen Cecilia Hanrahan BA(Melbourne), MAppLing(La Trobe) Thesis Title: An Analysis of the Failed West Papuan Decolonisation Process: National Narrative vs the Rights of a Non-Self-Governing Territory MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY IN LEISURE AND TOURISM Sinead Evelyn Francis-Coan BSocSc(RecTour)(Newcastle) Thesis Title: Exploring Land Use Conflict: Representations of Rural Landscapes from Influential Land Use Stakeholders in the Upper Hunter Valley DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Wing Yiu Chow Thesis Title: A Study of Consumers’ Upgrade Intention of High-technology Products Man Lut Ko Thesis Title: The Association of Characteristics of Hong Kong Listed Companies to the Extent of Voluntary Environmental and Social Disclosures Zamina Lalji Thesis Title: Understanding the Relationship between Organisational Change, Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance Leung Tak Ling Betty Thesis Title: The Impacts of System Quality and Information Quality on Mobile Users Behavioral Intentions to use Trade Show Application Systems in Hong Kong: The Mediating Effects of Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness

Graduation – April 2018 | 55

Wai King Leung Thesis Title: A Study of Brand Experiences on Hong Kong Customers’ Repurchase Intention and Word-of-Mouth Referrals for Online Group Buying Cheong Fai Li Thesis Title: An Empirical Study of Profitability, Investment and Momentum Factors in the Hong Kong Stock Market Mehrzad Nabavieh Thesis Title: The Impact of Investing in Gold for the US Investors Tsz Kin Ng Thesis Title: Third-Party Logistics Providers as Supply Chain Orchestrators: An Evaluation in Hong Kong Tina Wong Thesis Title: A Study of Partner Selection in the Internationalization of Higher Education Programmes Guolin Glen Xia Thesis Title: Cloud Computing Adoption and Utilization Drivers and Inhibitors - Case Studies from Large Financial Institutions in Australia Fazluz Zaman Thesis Title: Assessing Employee Work Health and Safety in the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Industry

UNIVERSITY MEDALLIST Joshua Steven Blatchford Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) with Honours Class I and University Medal

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF APPLIED FINANCE WITH DISTINCTION Edgar Basilio Yaaqub Ibraahiim Mohamad Christian Pynsent MASTER OF APPLIED FINANCE Wehad Hamad M Alodhaibi Julius Bulamu Yee Man Chan Peng Dou Tian Jiang 56 | The University of Newcastle

Di Mu Yun Xi Siow Frances Regina Spilborghs Guimaraes Yizhao Tang Xiao Rong Yan Zhihui Yuhong Zheng Chenyu Zhou MASTER OF BUSINESS WITH DISTINCTION Martin Fuljahn Annalese Sarah Johnson MASTER OF BUSINESS Kang Liu Timothy John Oliphant Pete Rujikajorndej James Michael Yates MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WITH DISTINCTION Barbara Katharina Brehm Ryan Fraser Dowling Amanda Leanne Herrald Roberts Jason Philip Marsh Natalie Mitchell Simon Pallavicini Amanda Pilley Oliver George Whalley Claudia Sutanto Wijaya MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tetsuhito Abraham Akashi Ammar Mohammed H Al-Fiar Natalie Anne Aldous Salah Hadal B Alharbi Abdullah Fahad A Alkridess Abdulrahman Mohammed H Alziyad Amandeep Erick Andershen Alina Arshad Kaustubh Rajesh Baldawa Bao Tingting Michael Vaiongo Barrett Matthew Graham Bet Poonam Mahesh Bhalerao Nawaf Abdulaziz H Bin Zaydan Jennifer Brabender Jonathon Ross Cantwell Yilong Cao Supawan Chaitaweewutikul Yee Man Chan Rayna Chee Wan Ting Lu Chen Nan Chen Shuping Cheng

Zhe Cong Vigneswary D/O Remesh Kumar Pillai Geoffrey Daniel My Viet Nhat Dao Tunamal Davaadorj Paul Steven Davies Zhewei Deng Duan Hanyi Hanna Daphne Rico Ediza Ei Ei Thant Zuhair M M Elhenday Leah Michelle Emmett Sarnai Enkhtur Robert Scott Fenwick Millicent Edwina Pomfret Fox Jinwei Fu Pan Gao Gurmeet Kaur Gill Simon Andrew Habgood Tanaka Hambira Renee Hardley Alannah Blair Haron Paul Anthony Head John Kenneth Hooper Khalid Bin Hossain Htun Htun Lin Hossein Jahanbakhsh Jar Seng Pan Ricky Javaid Tian Jiang Xu Jing Atishay Manish Kedia Katherine Louise Kennedy Avinash Ravichandar Krishnan Hrushikesh Girish Kulkarni Jessica Saraya Lalli Leung Wai Yan Wei Li Yingzi Li Jing Lin Mingyan Liu Xinyu Liu Rhea Trisha Lobo Catherine Lois Ma Lisha Michael McDermott Suhan Mohammed Kabeer Sundar Pandian Mohan Kumar Sassan Moradi Vanessa Mukwesha Michael John Murdoch Levy Mwanza Timothy Patrick Neary Sumit Surendra Nijsure Michael Muriithi Njoroge Rebecca Rose O’brien

Christopher Peter Ogg Samson Omolo Owaka Li Pan Sudhanshu Vivek Gangeya Pandey Andrew Barrington Pearce Justin John Peterkin John Piter Emily Margaret Princehorn Mahbub Rashid Patrick Redmond Joshua Stephen Robinson Chamika Praveen Samarasinha Sharad Suresh Sanghvi Graeme Sheekey Yun Xi Siow Roy Tuhenua Soaika Aaron Stortenbeker Fenglu Sun Sun Tingting Sugandha Taneja Lin Tang Yizhao Tang Wanwipa Thanapipatsakul Adam James Tumes Ngatamaine Uka-Maae Samarth Manohar Ullal Jay Bipinkumar Umaria Varun Vasudeva Brenda Vien Vineet Wang Daozhong Wang Di Yingnuo Wang Wang Yue Samantha Kay Williams

Tammy Wong Hong Ching Di Wu Wut Yee Kyaw Fangjie Xia Xin Yanyan Zhuoqin Xiong Rumin Xu Xia Xu Yadanar Ohn Ka Yee Yap Xida Ye Silin Yin Jafar Zanganeh Fan Zhang Feiyang Zhang Han Zhang Huiling Zhang Guanqing Zhao Zhou Jingfei Zhuang Yan MASTER OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT WITH DISTINCTION Samantha Kay Williams MASTER OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Alina Arshad Nan Chen Paul Anthony Head Xu Jing Katherine Louise Kennedy Michael McDermott Vanessa Mukwesha Vineet

MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS WITH DISTINCTION Barbara Katharina Brehm MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Amandeep Zhuoqin Xiong Silin Yin Dongrui Bi Zhenteng Cai Kai Chang Jinwei Fu Warakorn Keowka Huiting Kong Xudanyang Li Shanshan Nie Suppanut Taengsuan Haoxiang Tan Waniwipa Thanapipatsakul Samarth Manohar Ullal Di Wue Yuan Tong Xin Zhuoqin Xiong Silin Yin Wang Yue Yuanhao Zhang Qi Zhou MASTER OF MARKETING WITH DISTINCTION Fan Zhang MASTER OF MARKETING Yilong Cao Supawan Chaitaweewutikul

Graduation – April 2018 | 57

Sarnai Enkhtur Fenglu Sun Wang Di Xin Yanyan Zhou Jingfei

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN APPLIED FINANCE Shamima Ahmed Mazen Mohammed T Almohaidly Huang Li

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING Tanaka Hambira Samson Omolo Owaka Chao Chu He Songjia Piaopiao Hu Thi Thanh Truc Huynh Lixue Jia Chaohua Jiang Meng Li Kang Liu Liu Jiali Na Liu Xu Lyu Tao Ma Munkh- Orgil Narantsogt Qin Yifan Yu Qiu Shen Zeyuan Hao Teng Yaning Wang Yuan Wei Yue Wu Kaiyue Xiao Ye Xiaozhou Peirong Zhang Tianjiao Zhang Li Ye Zhao Jiaxun Zhou Jing Zhou

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Peter Alexander Bell Krystal Lee Burns Junkai Cao Chunyang Chen Ming Chen Xi Chen Shannon Maxwell Compton Lei Da Michael John Duck Paul Jerome Elliott Oyungerel Erdenetsogt Omodolapo Daniel Fatunmbi David Timothy Girvan Matthew Otto Groch Cecilia Hanlon Tammy Leigh Hodges Laura-Anne Hodgson Shanjida Hoque Htet Wai Yan Kyaw Tariq Khaleel Hasan Hussein Dolgorkhand Khuubish Terry Marie King Kyaw Zin Oo Stephen Gordon Langley Chao Liang Jianfeng Liang Lihua Liang Meng Liu James Michael Mather Ben McInnes Marlon Murray Benjamin Marc Neppl Thi Quynh Trang Nguyen Nilar Win Swe Peipei Ning Ling Pei Prabhjot Kaur Aditya Wiratama Putra Chang Qu James Michael Ian Scott Gopinath Selvaraju Shun Lae Yee Bhavna Sood Michael Eric Steel Lintao Sun Thi Thien Trang Tran Tun Tun Min

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING (ADVANCED) WITH DISTINCTION Siddharth Jain MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING (ADVANCED) Amardeep Kaur Munyaradzi Charles Chimombe Hamza Emran Faisal Ilyas Farooqi Mandeep Kaur Gill Jaspreet Kaur Amanpreet Kaur Pritpal Kaur Matharoo Sanju Ojha Thi Thu Hoan Pham

58 | The University of Newcastle

Samarth Manohar Ullal Vysakh Jayakumar Benjamin William Wagener Wang Mengzhen Katherine Anne Watson Yingzi Xu Ruyan Yang Yu Yang Wei Yin Zin Lin Myat GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS RESEARCH Wai Nung Ian Chu Sandhy Patrick Massie GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Cecilia Hanlon GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING Balmeet Kaur Piyal Barua Lu Chi Siyin Ding Xiaoquan Fan Xin Fan Sandeep Kaur Gill Yilin Hong Yanyujun Hu Narayani Khadka Shiyu Li Xinye Li Yang Li Bing Lian Yukai Meng Olutoyin Busayo Okere Muna Raut Junhao Ren Kiranjit Kaur Sahota Rupesh Shilpakar Palija Shrestha Xiaoyue Sun Hao Wang Taolin Wu Yutong Wu Hui Yao Darisuren Yavuu-Erdene Zhenyang Yuan Xuetong Zhou GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN PROFESSIONAL ECONOMICS Zita Susanna Torok

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF BUSINESS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Stephanie Jane Beslic Katie Ellen Lee Wang Jingqi BACHELOR OF BUSINESS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Matthew John Shepherd BACHELOR OF BUSINESS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Karinda Thomson BACHELOR OF BUSINESS WITH DISTINCTION Alexander Austin Matthew Bennett Jessica Belle Berryman Paige Kathleen Berthold Isabella Marguerite Boyer Tyler Coleman Megan Rebeca Davies Courtney Avril Edstein-Boyes Lauren Kate Faulkner Ainslie Gill Melinda Jade Goldman Rhiannon Herbert Angela Louise Kelly Katie Ellen Lee Emily Scott Emily Scott Louise Slowey Hazel Kaitlyn Tan Shi Ying Tieu Tu Y Emily Victoria Velich Brooke Wicks Debby Jing Wen Wong Natalie Rose Young BACHELOR OF BUSINESS Kyle Liam Abourizk Melissa-Sue Ah-See Jennifer Anne Allen Aneesha Kaur Sachdev Karley Elizabeth Barnett Emma Bell Ryan David Bews Usman Aziz Bhatti Jordan Carole Bisby Kirsten Anne Boad Boey Jun Heng Roy Boo Kuok Wei

Madison Lea Boyd Blake John Brown Nicholas James Burgess Kasei John Robert Burns Megan Jane Buttsworth Tamara Cameron Katelyn Lee Cant Monique Renai Carruthers Matt Joel Chamberlain Ying Kwan O’Keeffe Chan Yushan Chen Chua Shu Yi Cori-Laine Maree Clark Liam Collingwood Joseph Paul Connors Wanting Cui Tegan Rose Del Moro Reno William Delaney Brittany Nicole Dorney Mikayla Elizabeth Dunn Mia Kate Edwards Sarah Elizabeth Mary Etherington Emma Evans Jessica Leigh Flint Thomas James Fowler Scott Anthony Freeman James Alexander Fuller Luke Mitchell Fuller Hou Wai Brandon Fung Lun Gao Zane Byron Giles Matthew Googh Erin Grob Dylan James Hallaways Jade Emmalene Hanthorn Qiying He Zackary Hearn Anne Esther Hinga Ho Zi Yi Winona Wesley James Hodgson Caitlin Ella Hogan Lienis Alexandra Hoo Qun Yu Tahlia Jade Howard Huang Jinglan Lawrence Huang Isabel Anne Hurley Emma Kaye Hurn J Kenneth Edward Chloe Joy Maree Jackson Elizabeth Clare James Heidi Kelly Megan Kennewell Khin Wah Wah Soe Myint Youngtak Kim Jordan Alexander Kirk Wing Yu Lai

Charlotte Elizabeth Laird Jordan Lanham Brandon John Laverty Claire Lawlor Darren Lee Zhi Yong Hu Young Lee Lee Seung Whyun Laura Claire Levick Sam Thomas William Lewis Laura Lewis-Minogue Chong Li Jiayin Li Ziqing Liang John Allan Lodge Miaoquan Lu Zhenhua Luo Siqi Ma Jacinta Paige Mantle Dominic May Lydia McCann Joshua Gregory McGinniskin Andrew McPherson Neeyati Mittal Ramesha Ediriwanna Mohotti Dogeon Moon Elise Newling Ng Li Min Priscilla Sara Margareta Nylen Lauren Marie O’Brien Ong Jun Da Ferronne Amy Rose Palmer Pang Su Ting Pang Yuting Lynna Madeline Paver Shannon Jeanne-Roselyne Perney Courtney Perry Suphaphit Phuathepnimit Poh Mao Lun Michelle Pomeroy Benjamin Peter Pomplun Kate Maree Pratt Zeljka Prentice Jordan Rachel Priest Emily Jordan Pulbrook Tong Qi Yuxi Qiu Nicholas Laurence Quinn Bronwyn Lea Radford Emma Susan Redgrove Louise Jayne Reid Jessica Beth Robards Haley May Roberts Allen Schofield Amy Rose Schofield Courtney Marlee Schrader Tayla Smith Graduation – April 2018 | 59

Travis William Smith Soo Hui Xin Callan Andrew Stammer Isaac Edward Steel Russell James Stuart William Summerell Jie Sun Sunny Thin Aung Andrew Suttor Dianne Lee Swain Tan Chee Cheng Tamara Belle Tancred Simran Tantia Gemma Renee Thompson Adam Stephen Thomson Ting Janet Jacey Tjhai Christopher James Vitsitsanis Rebecca Grace Walters Wang Hansen Lily Wang Xudong Wang Yanghanxiao Wang Yudi Wang Yuqian Wang Daniel Wardle Amy Janice Warner Sha Wei Tiani Kate Wilcox Cameron James Williams Jarrod Garth Williams Olivia Williams Kailah Jayne Wilson Maddison Ann Wilson Samantha Ward Wilson 60 | The University of Newcastle

Kam Fai Wong Emily Kate Wood Zhen Min Woon Angus Wright Matthew Wright Wu Shangrong Xingyi Wu Rui Xu Xiaofan Xu Jiaxin Yan Enke Yang Yapp Sim Fui Lachlan Peter Young Yidi Yu Duanduan Zhang Huangbing Zhang Lingyue Zhang Yan Ni Zhang Yuanhao Zhang Luyuan Zhao Zhong Yanying Jia Zhu BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Cameron Dunk Brooke Ashley Peel BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Liam Joseph Fitzgerald BACHELOR OF COMMERCE WITH DISTINCTION Luke Benson Ethan Boyd

Jessie Ann Cameron Tyler Coleman John Charles Digby Bonnie Anne Elliott Joshua Luke Fellowes Joseph Foster Emily Gagliardi Di Hu Ngoc Anh Thu Huynh India Stuart Monaghan Madeline Louise Muddle Nurhanisah Safiah Simatupang Abby Peters Mark Andrew Peters Frazer Brad Robinson Megan Rooney Elijh Roxby Luke Jordan Sammons Saila Helena Seppala Emily Scott Brooke Jasmine Stephens Clare Grace Thompson Emily Victoria Velich Zhuoran Wang BACHELOR OF COMMERCE Melissa-Sue Ah-See Yohan Ahn Stella Anastasia Melbourne Malate Bales Karley Elizabeth Barnett James Begbie Nafila Begum Binte Mohamed Moosa Ryan David Bews Boo Chun Ping

Vanessa Terese Brennan Ricky Scott Bush Chengyou Cai Qianyu Cao Nicola Carney Monique Renai Carruthers Jacob Paul Cavill Matt Joel Chamberlain Zhao Feng Chan Shi Jing Chen Xiaomeng Chen Zhongwen Chen Ex Chhay Chhiv Jongmin Choi Chua Ming Hui Tyler Joel Clarke Lachlan Peter Corinth Lei Dang Tegan Rose Del Moro Reno William Delaney Samuel Patrick Donohoe Mia Kate Edwards Jingxiang Fang Jessica Leigh Flint Simon Andrew French Jesse Friend Ardilla Novia Gandirja Xiaoqi Ge Joseph Gilbert Ethan Kevin Griffiths Matthew Googh Jiayue Guan Sherrin Audrey Gunawan Haorunmo Han Emma Kaye Hurn Rebekah Lea Hutchison Petrus Jacobus Janse Van Vuuren Xue Jiang Michael Matthew Johnsen Daniel Nicholas Juratowitch Chang Dae Kang Jag Kang Luke James Kaprilian Pei Yao Khoo Kim Jinbok Jordan Alexander Kirk Ling Kong Stuart Kovacs Emily Joy Lasky Sonia Lee Latter Claire Lawlor Xiyun Lei Victoria Lewis Fan Li Hui Li

Jingda Li Li Li Li Li Lingzhe Chris Li Minghao Li Qian Li Shu Yi Li Shuang Li Xinying Li Lim Yee Yi Lin Xiaheng Ryan Micheal Lippiatt Liao Ming Liu Mengru Liu Luke Loughnan Mengyu Lu Di Ma Jabulani Magidivani Rose Maguire Dean James Maher I Ketut Alit Manawa Georgia McBeath Michael McEvoy Jack Steven Meek Ran Mo Steven John Moore Annaclare Mosiun Ndabezinhle Nyathi Anna Violet Pace Matthew Alexander Peate Megan Rachel Peel Kristy Ann Polglase Ivinni Pratiwi Emily Jordan Pulbrook Kate Maree Pratt Yue Qiu Qu Sichen Aziz Ahmed Rana Nestor Enrique Restrepo Herrera Nilam Mustika Rusdi Rhaedyn Jean Salvestrin Liliani Saputri Jack Thomas Saunders Anthony Savage Annika Schultz Goodger Murray Scott Yang Shao Ethan Shaw Shen Shuishui Alison Louise Shepherd Sukhwinder Singh Callan Andrew Stammer Cherie Nicole Stauffer Elizabeth May Subasevski Sapanna Subpaiboon

Dylan James Sullivan Xiaoqing Sun Andrew Sunol Teh Lit Wei Michelle Teo Wei Ling Lisa Mei Thompson Adam Stephen Thomson Jesse Norman Thomson Tran Duy Khanh Carissa Anne Valentine Joseph Verschelden Caitlin Leigh Wakefield Peter David Walsh Rebecca Grace Walters Chunhui Wang Mingxin Wang Zhi Hao Wang Gabriel Chanel Clive Waterford Tiani Kate Wilcox Zhiqing Xian Naida Xu Xiaomei Xu Ying Yang Zixiang Yao Hua Qing Yin Yiming Ying Yun Moonsoo Muhammad Jazib Athar Zaki Xiaodan Zhang Junfei Zhao Zihao Zou BACHELOR OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH DISTINCTION Alexander Austin BACHELOR OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Dominic May


Graduation – April 2018 | 61



The Master of Ceremonies will announce the imminent commencement of the ceremony


The University Fanfare will herald the entry of the Dais Party The assembly will rise and remain standing until the conclusion of the National Anthem, performed by Ms Eden Dennis The Chancellor, Mr Paul Jeans will declare the proceedings open The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen will address the assembly and introduce the Occasional Speaker The Occasional Address will be delivered by Dr Gaye Hart AM Degree recipients from the Faculty of Business and Law will be presented by the Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Tania Sourdin The Chancellor will invite Mr Jackson Clarence to speak on behalf of the Faculty of Business and Law graduates The Musical Interlude will be performed by Mr Terence Koo Yapug Award Recipients from the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre will be presented by the Program Convenor, Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer The Chancellor will invite Miss Katelin Smith to speak on behalf of the the Yapug graduates Newstep Award Recipients from the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre will be presented by the Deputy Program Convenor, Mr Paul Chojenta The Chancellor will invite Miss Claire Jones to speak on behalf of the the Newstep graduates Open Foundation Award Recipients from the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre will be presented by the Program Convenor, Ms Michelle Mansfield The Chancellor will invite Miss Emma Myers to speak on behalf of the the Open Foundation graduates Award Recipients from the Newcastle International College will be presented by Emeritus Professor Gary Prosser The Chancellor will declare the proceedings concluded The Dais Party and assembly will rise as the University Fanfare is sounded and the Dais Party process from the stage The Procession of Graduates will follow the Dais Party out of the Great Hall 62 | The University of Newcastle

Dr Gaye Hart is one of the Hunter’s greatest champions. She came to the region as Director and CEO of Hunter TAFE in 1995 and since then has forged a career that has positively impacted regional, national and international communities. Dr Hart has held directorships with some of the Hunter’s leading organisations: the Newcastle Port Corporation, the Hunter Medical Research Institute and Hunter New England Area Health Service. Until recently she was Chair of the NSW Regional Development Advisory Council and, concurrently, inaugural Chair of Hunter Regional Development Committee – RDA Hunter. Her commitment to service has led to positions such as Chief Executive of UNICEF Australia; non-executive director positions with the Australian National Maritime Museum, the State Bank of NSW and ChildFund Australia; and membership of the Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee in 2000. In 1989, Dr Hart was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for her contribution to the community through Australia’s Bicentenary; and in 2003 she was awarded a Centenary of Federation medal for her contribution to Australia’s overseas aid program. Dr Hart holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Economics from the University of Sydney, a Master of Education from the Canberra College of Advanced Education, and an honorary doctorate in Education from the University of Newcastle.

FRIDAY 13 APRIL 2018 2PM CEREMONY FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH NEWCASTLE LAW SCHOOL DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN LAW Eliezer Eugenio Sanchez-Lasaballett LLB(UCAB), LLM(Manchester) Thesis Title: Commonalities between the ‘Australian Law of Contract’ and the General Law of Contract of the ‘Brazilian Civil Code’: A Rule-Based Study Towards a Global Law of Contract

MEDALLISTS Alexander George Winn Bachelor of Laws with Honours Class I and University Medal Mark Russell Gauntlett Bachelor of Laws (Honours) with Honours Class I and Evatt Medal

POSTGRADUATE MASTER OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT WITH DISTINCTION Marianne Andrade Marie-Therese Boell Alison Leah Davis Reilee Jill Renee Villanueva MASTER OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Aileen Afunggol Abdulnasser Ales Hussam Saad S Alzahrani Maria Teresa Arana Susan Maree Blanch Rocelyn Braza Yujia Liu Tessie Pasahe Qiyang Ran

Matthew Luke Smart Xiaochun Wei Sheryl Yap Zhang Lei Ni Zhao MASTER OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS WITH DISTINCTION Nicki Tunbridge MASTER OF LAWS WITH DISTINCTION Ndinawe Eliday Ruppert MASTER OF MARKETING WITH DISTINCTION Michelle Slack-Smith MASTER OF MARKETING Yu Bai Amy Nicole Carahalios Angus Stow Johnston Angela Claire Lanser Tianjiao Li Maia Murray Chunyu Niu Jinying Peng Gavin George Rae Haoyu Ren Tory Robert Smith Kittima Thoroughgood Siyu Wang Shengnan Xiao Yanteng Zhang Zitong Zhao MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING (ADVANCED) Amarjargal Batmunkh JURIS DOCTOR WITH DISTINCTION Shanna Rachel Beeton Sonia Louise Ellem Benjamin Anthony Gunter Rebekah Outteridge JURIS DOCTOR / GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PRACTICE Brendon Paul Amos Iolanta Artyukhovskaya Jodi-Ann Natalie Beckles

Isabelle Dorothee Buckendorf Tayla Cunning Andrew Neil Dunn James Dainton Gough David Joshua Hemsworth Phil Jackson Nena Janssens Sidney Raymond Landis Callum Thomas Maher Luke William Makaritis Emma Kate Martin Monica James Mathews Quoc Phuc Nguyen Lola Mary Owen Cassandra Alicia Cruz Santos Harjit Kaur Singh Samantha Ashleigh Suckling Michael Volschenk Soeng Ken Wong Sean Wright Stefa Yuwiko GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Olaitan Olusesan Akande Sarah Gray Carrucan Samantha Kate Clift Heidi Renee Cummings Jade Dendle Guida Isabel Dickson Toree Diver Tianxiong Gan Sa Li Yujia Liu Scott Douglas Mitcherson Frank Abua Nduka Damilare Olawale Shodiya Philippe Charles Von Brandis-Martini Jianshu Wang Yeze Yang An Zhu GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING Mona Askari Carol Anne Chapman Helen Elizabeth Griffith Jiayi Huang Zongju Li Sihui Liu Jane Alice Luttrell Graduation – April 2018 | 63

Alyssa Claire Newton Ying Ru Peng Benjamin Andrew Price Elliot Russell Yueming Wang Yingyu Xian Nan Xu Hu Zhang Xiaoliang Zhang

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF BUSINESS Emily Kate Barclay Amber Joy Cairney Jason Campbell - Atkinson Jia Chen Kathleen Feeney Grace Lucille Fowles Hayden Jones Zhixi Liu Leighton Maynard Joshua McLeay Naw Jasmine Ba Tin Benjamin O’Brien Anna Oum Lyu Qian Shanayah Slade Potts Kirsten Slattery Tianxin Sun Terrie Jade Thompson Anthony White Shuo Yan Lu Zhao BACHELOR OF COMMERCE Emily Kate Barclay Zoe Dawn Butler Chao Fang Blake Andrew Grierson Shupeng Gu Hayden Jones Kristina Sophie Kiriakidis Hyunjoon Kwon Yatao Liu Di Lu Zhen Ma Rachel Muhawenimana Niu Niu Anna Oum Pinhan Peng Jackson Rampant Christopher Treloar Junxin Wang Anthony White Mengmeng Xie Jingqiu Xu

64 | The University of Newcastle

BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE WITH HONOURS CLASS I Olivia Barfield Carly Louise Berrigan Jackson Mark Clarence Laura Frances Groombridge David Thomas Gunter Mickaela Ethnee Mate Stephanie Anne McLuckie Andrew O’Beid Joseph Michael Petry Hayden Rudd Liliana Rose Schultz Alice Clare Wilk Alexander James Williams BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Claire Louise Aumuller Zoe Kyranne Booth Samuel David Wesley Cooper Taylor Corcoran Eleanor Alice Dean Jane Katherine Fowler David Joseph Sholto Gleadhill Tara Margaret Hamilton Brent John Ingham Scott Mackenzie Prue Elizabeth McDonald Andrew John Morello Blake Paul Pepper Daniel Richards Emily Louise Strachan Stuart Ryan Thomson BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Nicholas Robert Achurch Bridget Megan Bennett Kaitlyn Maree Cox Samantha Curry Sapphire Ngahvia Dawson Sean Michael Duce Alexandra Clare Garnham Lauren Rosalie Gross Victoria Elizabeth Harrison Matilda Grace Jackson-Fowler Bonnie Isobeau James Joshua David McCormack Kali Shannon McCoy Emma Maree Morris Abbey Rose Norman Grace Adrienne Ormsby Tamara Parker Josephine Marie Plumsted Scott Sharpe Mary Ann Wen

BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE Caitlin Louise Brennan Aimee Elizabeth Burns Peita Nicole Court Bradley John Godson Rhys James Love Sophie Alexandra Mathieson Angela Grace Mitchell Adele Emma Newcombe BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS I Camilla Mary Barton BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Callan Philip Austin Bronte-Le Crittenden Jordan Lombardelli BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Robert Michael Baird Taylor Clare Brady Kate-Eliza David Ariel Aidan Gore-Lenskyj Patrick John Ireland Krystal Lea Johnson Alana Kerrie McKinnon Sarah-Louise McMillan Anthony Pirillo BACHELOR OF LAWS (HONOURS) Stacey Leanne Cowell Joshua Hayes Katie Alyce Jones Abby Nicole Thorne Pierre-Alain Robert Luc Viguier BACHELOR OF LAWS / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE WITH HONOURS CLASS I Alice Wendy Gilbert Shannon Mary O’Hara-Smith BACHELOR OF LAWS / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Huw Thomas Calford Rachel Kimberly Endacott Kaitlin Lee Gray Indigo Molly Ryan BACHELOR OF LAWS / DIPLOMA OF LEGAL PRACTICE WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 2 Laura Jane Falkner BACHELOR OF LAWS WITH HONOURS CLASS II DIVISION 1 Katie Louise Jolliffe-Carmona

BACHELOR OF LAWS Jacob Paul Etherington James Rory Mitchell Gornall Jordan Rothwell

Taylor Grunsell Delilah Morris Georgia May O’Brien Katelin Louise Smith Jackie Watson


NEWSTEP PROGRAM Layla Saeed Mercado Abdulla Paulo Rouise Ogabang Acnam Jordan Anastasia Paige Agius Jackson Reeves Andrews Leinaala Alice Anslow Efrem Ayelew Connor Khan Ball Clayton Albert Beck William John Bishenden Mitchell William Bradley Maxi Lee Briton Zachary John Brown Jack Burgman Shannon Taylah Butler Summer Courtney Carroll Huiting Chen Oliver Clinch Caroline Coleman Chloe Collits Steven Luke Colmer Mikey Cominos Bradley Cook Taylah Jane Corling Jarrod Oliver Court Ashley Cox Alan Crombie Dylan Davis Cullen Vanessa Cullen Taylah Maree Daniel-Richardson Eliza Darwin Harry Davies Ella Davis Nathan Davy Corey Dixon Brooke Doherty Jakob Dorricott Bethany Doyle Aidan James Drenkhahn Jordan Alexander Duck Jasmine Eade Stephanie Ann Eades Helena Louise Ecimovic Elizabeth Eileen Edwards Jannaya Eisen Andrea Elliott Alexander John Evans Daniel Joseph Eyeington Rachel Matilda Fahey Blake Farnsworth Muhammad Ariff Fauzi Erin Kate Ferry Jorja Jane Field

UNDERGRADUATE BACHELOR OF ARTS Katie Louise Jolliffe-Carmona Sarah-Louise McMillan Jordan Rothwell




ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND FOUNDATION STUDIES CENTRE YAPUG CERTIFICATE Brittany Ayres Tiarna Baker Jason Connor Liam Crump Gallagher Spencer Evans Emma Gifford

Railey Fishburn Matilda Anne Formston Jackson Thomas Forrester Zoe Francis Thomas Freeman Hunter Frost Alexander Edward Fry Payton Gaffney Jeoles Gleeson-Richards Brooke Glendenning Santo Sergio Gomboso Benjamin Gradwell Monica Graham Alyssa Louise Gray Emily Louise Gray Sara Ann Gray Jasmine Rose Green Alyssa Michelle Gregory Brendan Ha Leigh Hammond Danielle Jane Hancock Sarah Ruth Handley Chiara Celeste Harris William Harrison Eleanor Hart Geordan Hart Christopher Owen Hartnett Lily Hawke Tynan Riley Haynes Bailey Hefren Mia Lili Heggs Daniel Henson Hudson Wyatt Hicks Daniel William Hiscox Erin Leigh Holland Carly Maree Hooper Dylan Andrew Horton Paige Olivia Horton Kate Hoslin Ben Howard Brittany Jane Hunt Shifaan Tohfeez Hussain Ashley Deanne Hvass Tyson Jay Ingold Nicole Jagoszewski Emilie Jamieson Timothy Johnston Zachary Allan Jay Johnstone Teodora Jokanovic Claire Maree Jones D’arcy Ellen Jones Ben Mark Juratowitch Robert James Karathanassis Tyler John Kearsey Adam Keating Thomas Keegan Emily Kernick Damon Brody Kinkade Emma Jane Kneipp Graduation – April 2018 | 65

Mitchell John Kroehnert Mackenzie Jane Lambert Nickayla Landkauf Stephenson David Laws James John Lawson Chloe Rose Leeman Jordyn Leschinkohl Toby Richard Leslie Alex Lewis Jordan Mark Lewis Taylah Samantha Lloyd Stewart Lloyd-Jones Ashley Robert Lord Jeffrey Robert Lord Braeden Lucke Flynn Marye Stedman Lutkie Kate MacClure Lachlan MacPherson Mitchell Mainey Bryony Malloy Julia Louise Maroulis Angela Matla Matia Christine Rose Mayers Samantha Mayo Aaron McCool Brandylee Vera McGrath Riley Winton McInnes Tate McLean Montannah McLeish Matthew James McNeil Mitchell McVey Zoe Meehan John Paolo Melhuish Joseph Melmeth Chantelle Methven Nicholas Milford Brodi Thomas Millington Ryan Milton Callum Craig Mitchell Damian Brian Moore Kurtis Rae Mumford Ellen Muras Matilda Murton Emmanuel Mathew Nalus Amany Nasser Dakota Louise Newton Mathew Peter Newton Te Karioi Rose Nikora Ryan Nyakudya Daniel O’Donnell William Russell Iv Oakes Reuben Hendrik Johan Op’t Land John Pallar William Thomas Paterson Asher Pearce Shay-Alison Perry Amy Louise Pryor Amelia Randall Isabelle Ray 66 | The University of Newcastle

Alex Rayment Alexandra Grace Rees Caleb Richards Clay William Bede Ritchie Amanda Jane Ritzau Courtney Leigh Robertson Alyssa Robson Jayden Christopher Rolston Jack M Ryan Danielle May Ryner Georgia Salter Jacob Stephen Saunders Kahlia Schmidt Luke Kevin Schofield Issabella Rose Scott Nicole Scott Lydia Scotti McKelty-Ray Searle Caitland Annie Sharkey Logan Shea Michael David Sheedy Katie Leigh Shiels Angie Simpson Emerson Dieter Sims Maddison Sinclair Andrew James Smith Brianna Maree Smith Danielle Jane Smith Murray Smith Samuel Snape Jayden Squires Zachary Kevin Stokes Riley Bess Sturgess Samantha Ivy Gladys Sutton Abigail Sydor Periklis Tagaroulias Isabel Anne Tate Aleisha Bernadette Taylor Ashley Taylor Caitlyn Grace Thomas Liam Thompson Sheydin Thompson Tome Tomev Oscar Torpey Tamara Jade Van Aardt Kaelyn Walker Alana Wall Ayden Ross Wallace Tara Walsh Jack Thomas Watsford Isis-Lily Weir Molly Elizabeth Wheatley Breanna Louise Wheeler Jordan James Wilks Andrew Williams Lucy Ann Williams Chloe Jade Wilson Jamie-Lee Wilson Paris Claudia Fetoai Leitu Wilson

Kate Witenden Katelyn Woods Leah Wormleaton Timothy Yang Dela Yusnita Sayed Zaker Zafarzade OPEN FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Jessica Caitlin Aartsen Brianna Jane Abdoo Nadia Abdul Latif Eliza Jane Acorn Nicolette Adam Tegan Monique Adkins Sarah Aggett Mario Aguilera Macias Ahmad Al-Kanini Ahmed Al-Khazraji Omar Aldulaimi Jason J Alley Isobel Alice Anderson Liam James Anderson Sarah Kathleen Andronicus Halina Brooke Anthony Jasmin Aranas Benjamin Arkley Ashley Atkin Kyle Avery Marina Azizi Madeline Ivy Badham Christopher Bailey Sasha Louise Baker Stevie-Tylah Baker MaFe Balaba Joyce Balderrama Pinto Rosalinda Balfour Christopher John Ball Kristy Jane Ball Brock Ballard Casey Jaye Balliana Kane Edward Bamford Claudia Kate Bampton Jessica Ena Banks Mustafa Barati Kymberly Barnes Maighan Louise Barnes Louis Anthony Barry Autard Phoebe Louise Barsi Gianpaolo Basile Hannah Baxter Rebecca Bayley Haylee Beck Matthew Ryan Bee Hannah Jane Beed Leslie Erin Begg Jeanette Behrmann Rebecca Jane Bendle Heidi Benn

Sebastian Adam Christopher Benson Jesse Berlese-Tisdell Christian Cedric Berroya Leanne Joy Berry William Bertram Amy Bevitt Travis Billingsley Maddison Rose Blacktop Emma Blair Olivia Margaret Blair Robert Blair Samantha Blair Emily Bolch Heidi Lee Bonney Omid Bonyadi Taghavi Aaron Bool Emily Bourke Adam Maxwell Marks Bowler Kayla Maree Bowness Madeline Anne Boyce Rebecca Anne Boyce Danielle Boyd Johnathon Thomas Boyd Vanessa Bozinovski Jack Bradley Jake Mathew Brayshaw Kelvin Neil Brenton Michael Brien Belinda Bright Kern Brincat Hudson Rory Brooker Kate Renee Brown Kristy Lee Brown Laura Eleanor Brown Christine Bruderlin Cassandra Jayne Budgeon Aaron Bullis David Reginald Burns Samuel Burton Morgan Butler Morgan Cafe Suzanne Cairns Dana Kim Cameron Ben Campbell Blake Jay Cant Christie- Lee Carberry Sharmanie Carne-Jordan Alyce Maree Carr Gillian Irene Carter Lachlan Carter Zoe Gwen Carter Harley Zane Cartwright Brent Cassidy James Castles Hannah Rose Centra Yoo Jung Cha Sarah Chambers Katelyn Lee Chapman Matthew Chapman

Samantha Louise Chapman Scott Chaseling Tristan Chatfield Tara Lee Checkley Brandon Heath Chilcott Sylvia Angelica Christen Kelsea Rose Christensen Chandley Nadine Maree Chudyk Emily Grace Churchill Samuel Clarke Niomi Cleal Molloy Jordan Coates Lachlan James Alan Coates Tahnee Cockburn Jennifer Anne Coetzee Sophie Cole Joshua Coles Kaylee Ann Collier Carlie Collins Tyler Collins Andrew Ross Collinson Craig Samuel Comi Jarred Leslie Connolly Sean Angus Constant Laura Conway Jennifer Corbett Veronika Corcoran Melinda Jane Corrigan Alex Coster Tyson James Cottam Stephen Richard Couper Penelope Cowell Jenna’lee Cox Kelly Leanne Cox Shelby Craig Krystal Crane Michael John Cranney Taylor Crellin Erin Ann Croce Luke Crompton Douglas David Neville Cropper Jessica Crozier Alice Sarah Cruickshank Jordan Thomas Curran Tory Madison Curran Matthew Curtis Carissa Frances Cutts Ashleigh Kate D’arcy Emily da Fonte Mangesh Dagwar Asaad Ugla Daham Shabnam Dal Nathan Darr Aniella Brooke Davidson Gabrielle Davies Bronte Davis Jackson Davis Brendan Dawson Brooke Louise Day

Thui De Alwis Candice De Vries Connor Luke Delany Keerin Delardes Cameron Delva Kiani Denham Amy Lee Dennis Andra Fleur Derrick Ashley Dexter Monika Dillow Marice Dimla Chloe Dipietro Mason Dixon Prudence Louise Docherty Meagan Dodds Kelly Domandl Mark Domotor Tung Dong Tayliah Rose Doran Jordan Donald Dorey Logan Doughty Ryan Doyle Jillian Elizabeth Drew Anna Drozd Samantha Jade Dudfield Kiana Leigh Duncan Nicholas John Dunningham Luke Charles Dyas Sally Mae Dyett Jade Cathryn Earl Kiara Earle Gemma Anne Eather Lesila Ebere Jessica Maree Eccles Patrick Yumpaji Edgar Michelle Louise Edwards Stephanie Edwards Timothy Paul Edwards Trudy Maree Edwards Emily Jane Marie Elias Leanne Elliott Jammie-Lee Ellis Andrew Evans Daniel James Evans Shea Jarrah Evans Georgia Eves Taylor Christine Laura Fahey Ashley Lauren Fairlie Daniel Ross Amand Fanthorpe Bryanna Farmer Aiden Farrell Luke Farrell Olivia Louise Favos Kim Feeney Rebecca Jane Fellows Liam Ferguson Riley Ferguson Emma Fewell Katerina Nikolija Filipovski Graduation – April 2018 | 67

Cameron Filmer Grace Lee Finlayson Danielle Mia Firle Janelle Maree Fitzgerald Cheyenne Fitzsimmons Emily Fitzsimmons Joseph Fleischer Jeremy Fletcher Hannah Ford Hayley Ford Jordan Foster Rachelle Fowler Daniel Frappell Blake Leslie Fraser Isobel Fraser Danielle Frech Nicole Maree French Braden Noel Frohloff Emma Frost Margaret Nucy Lesley Koli Fukofuka Penny Lee Fuller Hayden Joseph Fulmer Daniel Leslie Gallen Kelly Lisa Gambrill Courtney Lee Garbutt Ryan Alexander Gaut Gabrielle Catherine Frances Gee Lucas Gentle Connor Joseph Getley Reza Ghulami Samuel James Gibson Jayden Matthew Gilbert Alana Gilchrist Joel Michael Gillan Christielee Gillespie Alexandra Glasson Daniel Robert Goff Claire Michelle Golding Ashlee Goldsworthy Naomi Gonzalez Moira Good Lauren Isabella Goodwin Ruby Goodwin Jake Gouw Jasmin Graczyk Chloe Jade Graham Christopher Graham Rachel Louise Grainger Tayla Grant Toni Anne Tiana Gray Kc Grealy Paige Green Todd Andrew Griffin Thea Grogan Abigaile Charlotte Groth Nicholas Konrad Grott Diane Kerry Grover Nathan Daniel Grugeon Rocio Angelica Guerra Leiva 68 | The University of Newcastle

Joshua Benjamin Gutmann Darcy James Guy Duncan Haigh Rachael Haire Clint Hall Lauren Amy Hall Liam Joakim Hallin Simone Halsted Alexander David Hamilton Luke William Hamilton Mitchell Allan Hamilton Noah Hamilton Ashley Hancock Jessica Hancock Megan Anne Hancock Ryan Hanna Bethany Anna-Lise Hanrahan Alasdair Harden Samuel Eric Walter Harman James Harris Rebecca Harris Bethany Ann Harrison Angus Benjamin Hart Kate Marie Harvey-Trappel Liam Hassen Adel Hawashem Kelly Louise Hawker Dylan Marc Hawkins Jenna Hawkins Anne Marie Hay Susan Hayes Kerrie Louise Haynes Tegan May Heath Melissa Hedger Amie Heeley Atefeh Hematnia Todd Alexander Henderson Chiara Herbert Cordelia Marie Hibbert Brendon Hicks Samuel Raymond Hill Jeremiah Paul Hillier Madison Hillier Amy Hiscox Samara Hnaien Joshua Ho Ross Ian Hodge Courtney Hogden Jessie Ann Hollier Liam Holt Adrian David Hooper Brandon David Hopkins Joseph Hostler Georgina Emily Houghton Brooke Howard Damon John Howard Ashleigh Howarth Craig Jarrah Howell-Newman Chad Howlett

Alexandra Hudson Patrick James Hudson Sophie Huggett Ellice Maree Hughes Katherine Humberstone Malcolm John Hurley Ben Hutchin Shannon Scott Hutton Samuel Hynds Michelle Lee I’anson Roisin Marie Ible Benjamin Ihlow Bennett Iles Alexandra Leslie Ingham Jessica Marie Veronica Ingold Eloise Kate Ingram Gemma Inkston Meg Ironfield Jacqueline Irving Caasi Isaac Slater Isenbert Milica Ivic Julie Eda Jackson Ali Jafari Ashleigh James Katey Louise James Mathew James Rochelle Abbey James Jayrupan Jayasilan Ainslie Jerrett Phoebe Jessup Jesse Johns Minnette Bridget Johns Katie Maree Johnson Andrew Justyn Jones Jasmin Pearl Jones Rachel Jones Bonita Deanne Josevski Thomas John Judge Eda Dilara Kecelioglu Isaac John Keeler Angela Kelly Rachel Kelly Brianna Leigh Kelsh Gabbriel Nicole Kendall Tracey Kenyon Andrew Keown Rochelle Leigh Kettle Brett Anderson Kiely Miyoung Kim Soon Won Kim Tae Gu Kim Kassy Jay King Patrick Vincent King Mathew Kinslow Alexander Daniel Knee Grace Knezevic Brenton James Knight Mitchell Knowles

Truman Kopa Thea Ronja Krause Jeniveve Kruger Justin Kumar Sushmitha Kumar Benjamin Kuter Nadine Landstrom Jessica Langan Kira-Lee Rosina Larcombe Karen Lau Colin Laupama Emily Laupama David Lawless Melissa Maree Lawrence Rachelle Lawrence Mary Laws Stephanie Lawton Deborah Anne Leach Maryanne Lean Grace Leask Kate Amy Leatherbarrow Evan Lee Rebecca Lee Tracee Lee Sam Leighton Sandra Leonard Elanor Lewis Haley Jade Lewis Amy Jingyin Li Zonghao Li Elicia Lee Liddell Dannielle Lilleyman Sheridan Ling Joshua Linkert Christopher John Lloyd Hayden King Lloyd Karl Lobegeier Caitlin Lobston Andrew James Logan Emma Lowe Anna Louise Lucas Emma Maree Lucas Alexis Lynch Sarah Mackaway Scott Robert Mackenzie Jaiden Kearne Magallanes Lisa Malone Emily Manning Larissa Manning Diana Mary Manuel Logan Markovich Jennifer Margaret Marlow Arnja Martin Seejay Martin Therese Martin Jessica Martinez Kylie Cordene Matthews Braeley Grant Maunder Teagan Maunder

Travis Mavin Jake May Joanne McBean Zane Edward McCall Jordan McCarthy-Saw Angie McCormack Phoebe Lee McDade Angus McFadyen Paige Jane McGowan Maddison Ainsley McGrath Jessica McGregor Tomas McInnes Paul John McIntyre Connor Darcy McKellar Jason McKeon Chelsea McNamara Emma McNelis Taylor Grace McSwan Sinead Ann Medland Olivia Maree Mehan Matthew Mensforth Annie Jayne Micallef Lisa Maree Miller Keira Lee Millington Kellie Mitchell Rebecca Mitchell Alexander Mitcheson Ahmed Mohamed Puteri Nurul Shamimi Binti Mohd Fauzi Angie Moore Ashley James Moore Emma Elizabeth Moore Katie Moore Isaac Trenholme Mordue Sophie Teise Mordue Laura-Louanne Morgan Tessa Moroney Alison Laura Morris Evan Craig Morris Hugh Morris Melissa Morris Kirralee Jade Morrison Kirrilee Morrow Lara Morrow Corinna-Lee Mostyn Katherine Moten Caitlin Grace Mudd Jarrod Mueller Shanee Marie Mundy Jake Andrew Muney Leslie Marie Murphy Fabiola Mwamikazi Emma Jane Myers Jeren Myers Sarah Anita Myers Shifna Najeeb Rogel Christian Dimalanta Nalus Beau Adam Newell Sophie Lee Newell

Adam Neylon Dang Trinh Nguyen Simon Nguyen Y Nhi Angel Nguyen Stephen John Nicholas Taylor Michelle Nicholson Matthew Nicol Isaac James Nolan Alice Marie Nolland Katambweni Nyirongo Joanna O’Brien Brennan O’Donnell Mathew Keith O’Donnell Jason Scott O’Neill Hanna Rae O’Reilly James Brett O’Sullivan Jaclyn Oakes Jack Ogilvy Erica Jayne Orchard Caitlin Pallister Jacob Adam Pani Kurt Pardey Annaliese Park Gabrielle Grace Parmele Emily Parson Nikolas Patch Sarah Gabrielle Paulauskas Lisa Pawley Hayden Payne Jessica Payne Mark Nicholas Peacock Reese Mary Peacock Caitlin Pearce Ellen Kirstie Pearce Brendan Anthony Pearcey Tiahn Pesterey Sarah Jane Peters Ethan Phillipp Danielle Maree Phillips Heather Phillips Kaylah Leigh Phillips Celeste Phllips Michael Picken Brock Picton Anthony Pike Robert Pitt Mikayla Pittock Matthew Plain Hina Tepola Pocock Shane Anthony Pomfrett Tobias Porter Hayley Price Madeline Grace Price Trevor Price Rhianon Joy Priestley Madeline Prietto Hanelyn Pritchard Holly Maree Purdy Arieta Qorovakarua Graduation – April 2018 | 69

Sharon Rainey Sarah Rampling Jessie Rataj Denojan Ravi Robert Michael John Read Fiona Jillian Redman Terri-Anne Margaret Redman Christine Reed Tahlee Reid Melissa Ann Rendall Ashley George Reynolds Hannah Richards Joshua Liam Richardson Kelsey Richardson Cody Roy Robbins Douglas Nigel Roberts Stephen Barry Rodd Sara Rodriguez Trudie Rofe Siiri Rohtla Vladislav Romanov Grace Rosser Luke Rossington Benjamin Matthew Roughley Emily Kate Rowley Brittany Ann-Lee Rowsell James Rozzoli Ebony-Rose Rudder Christopher Rufus Julia Rose Russell Madeline Ryan Fatemeh Safarirad Mikenzie Sager Emily Gayle Sampford Luke Schaefer Coupar Scott Daniel Patrick Searls Ayrton Pierre Sementchenkoff Sally Shakespeare Monica Lee Shanks Kylie Frances Shannon Alisha Jane Shaw Paul Fwambo Sichalwe Thomas Alexander Sidonio Maria Simarro Garcia Emily Simmonds Laura Jayne Sims Sharankan Sivaranjan Melissa Anne Skinner Bonni Rose Smith Corey Charles Smith Danielle Rondon Smith Ebony Sharon Smith Georgia Smith Jessica Anma Smith Jock Patrick Smith Jody Anne Smith Kylie Jane Moyle Smith Robert James Smith 70 | The University of Newcastle

Jayde Smithers Henry Samuel Solomons Whittney Anne Somerville Daniel Staader Katrina Stanbury Mandy Standing Roxanne Starr Ian Stendell Catharine Mary Stenmark Paige Stephenson Nicholas Stewart Tori Jenna Stinson Jessica Anne Stocker Kate Maree Stocker Sarah Ann Storey Joshua Sulter Eliza Melise Sutton Reanna Suvaal Rebecca Sweeney Alex Talty Emmaline Tangye Amber Lorelei Tattersall Simon Rhys Tattersall Selina Taulapapa Ashleigh Taylor Christopher John Taylor Cameron James Thom Courtney Lee Thomas Laura Thomas Connor Thompson Jasmine Rain Thompson Corinne Trajanovski Kyle Tregidgo Dylan Daniel Trevor Anastasia Stamatia Tudor Anthony Tumia Jamie Turner Jarrod Turner Ryan Turner Sienna Jade Tynski Courtney Alison Unicomb Ivan Vajak Douglas Van Hoffen Keertana Vijaya Janet Vincer Alice Vogel Abbie Waite Dylan Walker Joy Walker Tristan Walker Emily Kate Wallace Emma Walsh Katie Rose Walsh Isabel Yasmin Walter Brian Ward Juliet Isabella Ward Donald John Warden Katrina Warner John Warrington

Timothy Watkins Jacinda Watson Natalie Maree Watson Nicholas Watson David Watt Alexandra Watts Emma Louise Watts Krystal Michelle Webb Kyle Webb Max Welsh Joseph Michael Whitbread Sarah Anne Hastings White Jack Ethan Whitehead Leesa Wholohan Jake Wiggan Brittany Wilkes Kenneth Wilkinson Briony Ellen Williams Elisabeth Williams James Williams Jaycob Thomas Williams Darren Thomas Wills Alicia Louise Wilson Kristy Wilson Michael Wilson Nichole Wilson Chloe Winner Kartiar Ashlee Winowiecki Lachlan Wishart Liam Withey Casey Elaine Wood Katherine Woodhouse-Adolphus Nikitta Irene Woolfe Emily Scarlett Wright Samantha Wright Haley Eve Kathleen Wynne Ebony Young Stacey Maree Young Dominic Zambelli

NEWCASTLE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE DIPLOMA OF BUSINESS AND COMMERCE Tahsin Ahmed Aun Ali Ricardo Boschung Shahzaib Bukhari Cong Chen Wai Chun Chun Kumbirai Arnold Dongo Hanrui Gao Ruobing Han Lihan Huang Nguyen Minh Ngoc Huynh Navdeep Kaur Jinghong Ke

Hoi Ching Lau Kwok Ho Leung Sengkim Lim Qiang Nan Liu Chun Sing Jerry Lo Hong Michael Lui Thi Phuong Anh Mac Chaba Josias Molele Matthew Jason Murphy Shehroz Mustafa Winnie Njuguna Tinorarama Nyokanhete Guozhi Peng Thi Hang Tran Thi Hoang Yen Vo Xiaoyu Wu Beijing Xu Xu Yang Yingxin Ye Hiu Ching Yip Saad Nasim Yousuf Hao Zheng Zhen Zhou Nyasha Hillary Zinyuku DIPLOMA OF ENGINEERING Mir Omais Ali Zaryab Ali Sattam Alqahtani Faisal Dhafer M Alqarni Ayman Ghurmullah F Alzahrani Kazi Arman Muhammad Zain Ashraf Mohammad Osman Baig Mohammed Hamza Baig King Tai Chung Saheem Abbas Haider Wo Hing Ho Amos Hon Zi Ming Hwang Umer Zahid Latif Chin Fai Lau Cheuk Yiu Lee Kwak Nok Mak Syed Muhammad Musa Panashe Muvingi Fitrisani Nadhira Augustine Oduware Tariq Reza Rupom Saha Cheng-Wei She Quanhui Shu Emil Yuxue Tan Yiren Wu Guanminghe Zhao DIPLOMA OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Xin Dai Fuzheng Jiang

Muhammad Faraz Khan Fadzayi Manyena DIPLOMA OF MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION Wai Tou Cheang FOUNDATION PROGRAM Ahmed Essam Yehla Abdelsalam Diana Ainembabazi Samiyah Hamed Albarnawi Abdulaziz N S A A Almansour Murhib Qaed Alshaibani Faisal Hasan M Alwadei Abdulrahman Saeed Alyami Cheuk Nam Au Joana Awuku Abdulgafar Wale Ayansina David Biegert Le Ngoc Khanh Bui Hoi Yan Raphaela Chan Xingyu Chen Ka Yuet Cheung Ka Kit Cheung Wai Sze Tracy Chui Wai Ting Chun Minh Hoang Duong Anand Muruqesan Durairaja Sharmili Dutta Yunfei Gao Miza Farzana Hajimarzuk Juweria Khalif Hassan My Huong Hoang Thanh Tam Huynh Sangmin Jeon Daihyun Kim Wai Ying Vivian Lai Yuk Sing Lai Hoi Ching Lam Wing Sin Vincy Lau Hoi Ching Brenda Leung Gengcheng Li Zituo Li Bing-Hung Lin Cho Yee Joey Lui Mohamed Magdi Abdelaziez Mohamed Tariq Imran Dost M Noor Ahmed Mohammad Juliet Mureyi Thi Thanh Loan Ngo Hoan Vu Nguyen Yuki Oishi Hui Lyn Pearlyn Ong Sukhmandeep Singh Padda Karen Patricia Ferreira Palolite Theng Khang Phang Shree Krishna Raya Haotian Sun Noor Ul Hasnain Bokhari Syed Kirisha Nanthine Tinakararajan Wai Chi Isla To

Teng Fong Vong Chun Man Anson Wong Guancheng Wu Zhanglin Wu Siqi Xiang Hanlun Yang Tsz Tsun Yim Zecong Yuan Sze Ki Yuen Jinguo Zheng EXTENDED FOUNDATION PROGRAM Wejdan Yousef M Alabdulrahman Faisal Rashed H Aldawsari Saud Ahmed A Alhossan Abdulaziz Ahmed A Aljllal Abdulaziz Alkhalaf Mohammed Abdulrahman Alrowais Yunting Chen Kai Chun Cheung Sin Tung Cho Hui Hui Summer Chu Shing Yan Fan Bao Tram Hoang Ka Lai Iu Pak Chuen Lee Genglin Li Anita Gyankoma Osei Esther Park Thi Minh Ngoc Pham Minh Chau Vu Wei-Chien Weng Jinyeong Won Zhenbo Wu Xiping Xiang Yiming Yan Tsz Huen Yau Tsz Ming Yuen Wenwen Zhu FOUNDATION PROGRAM FOR MEDICINE Alfarouq Omar Farouq Al-Mayoof Leandra Macy Charles Yingbin Chui Kevin Devlal Hemashree Devi Gopal Huiqi Hau Yong-Ng Amal Abdulrazaaq Khalif Ryan Tat Renn Koh Wayne Yan Lau Jaryl Da En Lee Hsin-Ping Liang Jane Jie Ying Mak Mohammad Moobeen Mudhawo Shevante Suppiah Eunice Si Yu Tan Hui Kang Tan Melissa Mary Sheila Tosland Jenewa Utainratu Graduation – April 2018 | 71


Ms Michelle McPherson BBus(Accounting)(UTS), CA, GAICD

Mr Paul Jeans BE(UNSW), FRSN, FIEAust, FAICD

Ms Julie Phillips BPharm, DHP, MSc(Sydney), MBA(Macquarie)


Ms Deborah Wright MBA(SCU), DipTeach(Newcastle), FAMI, CPM, AIMM, MAICD



Professor Caroline McMillen MA, DPhil(Oxon), MB, BChir(Cantab), FAHMS

Professor Mark Jones BSc(Hons), PhD(CNAA, UK), FIMechE, CEng, FIEAust, CPEng

MINISTERIAL APPOINTEES Conjoint Professor Geoff Lilliss BE(Hons), MBA(Merit)(Newcastle), Hon FIEAust, MAICD Mr Robert Kennedy BEc(ANU), FCPA


Ms Dianne Allen BCom(Newcastle), FCA, GAICD, AMICDA

Mr John Bowers BCom(Hons), MCom(Newcastle), AM(Harvard), CFA Mr Doug Dean AM BCom(Newcastle), FCPA, FAIM, FAICD Ms Jann Gardner BA/LLB(Sydney), MBA(Newcastle), GAICD

72 | The University of Newcastle

Professor Pablo Moscato BSc(La Plata, Argentina), PhD(UNICAMP, Brazil) Dr Roslyn Larkin BBus(Hons), PhD(Newcastle)

MEMBER ELECTED BY THE PROFESSIONAL STAFF Mr Michael Robertson MTEM(Melbourne), BEd(Music)(Hons)(Newcastle), Dip Mgmt, Adv Dip Mgmt

MEMBER ELECTED BY THE STUDENTS Mr Vivak Bhavitheren Ravindran BMedSc(Hons)(Newcastle)


Professor Caroline McMillen MA, DPhil(Oxon), MB, BChir(Cantab), FAHMS






Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley AC MD(NSW), PhD(Sydney), MMedSci(Clin Epi)(Newcastle), FAHMS, FRACP, FAFPHM, FRCP




PRO VICE-CHANCELLOR (BUSINESS AND LAW) Professor Tony Travaglione BBus(Curtin), MIR, PhD(UWA)



PRO VICE-CHANCELLOR (SCIENCE) Professor Lee Smith BSc(Hons)(Leicester), PhD(Warwick), FRSB

DEAN, UON CENTRAL COAST Dr Brok Glenn BSc(Hons), PhD(London)

DEAN, UON SYDNEY Professor Ann Brewer BA(Macquarie), MComs(Hons), PhD(UNSW)

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Mr Nat McGregor BCom(Newcastle), MBA(Deakin), DipFinancial Services(ANZIF), GAICD, CPA, ANZIF Fellow


Graduation – April 2018 | 73



Associate Professor Seamus Fagan BA, HigherDipEd(UCD), MA(Durham)

Ms Michelle Mansfield BEc, BSocSci (Hons)(Newcastle)



Associate Professor Michelle Picard BA (Hons), HigherDipEd(Pretoria), GradCert Higher Ed(Adelaide); GradDip ABET(UNISA, South Africa); MA/MED (ESL), PhD(Rhodes)

FOUNDATION STUDIES PROGRAM CONVENOR (CENTRAL COAST CAMPUS) Dr Joyleen Christensen BEc, BA(Hons), GradCert PTT(Newcastle), GradDip Theatre Stud(UNSW), PhD(Newcastle)

Dr Emma Hamilton BA(Hons), PhD (Newcastle)

YAPUG PROGRAM CONVENOR (ACTING) Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer BBus(Hons)(Newcastle), GradCert Indig R&L(Melbourne), PhD (Newcastle)



Ms Catherine Burgess BSc, DipEd, GradCert PTT(Newcastle)

Mr Ben Doran MA Ling TESOL (Macquarie), GradDip Arts(Melbourne), BA(UQ)


NEWSTEP PROGRAM CONVENOR Ms Beverley Wilson BSc, DipEd(Newcastle)

74 | The University of Newcastle

Ms Jenny Williams BA, MEdStud(Newcastle)

Graduation – April 2018 | 75

76 | The University of Newcastle

Graduation – April 2018 | 77

2018 1051 | CRICOS Provider Code 00109J

Callaghan Graduation Ceremonies - April 2018  

April 2018 Callaghan Graduation Ceremonies Book

Callaghan Graduation Ceremonies - April 2018  

April 2018 Callaghan Graduation Ceremonies Book