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The Early Jurassic sphenodontian (tuatara) Clevosaurus. Illustration for Tracks in Deep Time.

. . .explore the thrill of scientific discovery and the enchantment of Utah’s prehistoric life.

On the Cover: the “protomammal” Kayentatherium from Tracks in Deep Time.

the University of Utah press is a member of the association of american University presses.

Our Mission the University of Utah press is an agency of the J. Willard Marriott library of the University of Utah. in accordance with the mission of the University, the press publishes and disseminates scholarly books in selected fields and other printed and recorded materials of significance to Utah, the region, the country, and the world.

new books


The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm Jerald D. Harris and Andrew R. C. Milner


n February 2000, while excavating his property in St. George, Utah, Sheldon Johnson turned over a piece of

ground and discovered a fully preserved dinosaur footprint. That track was the first of many fossils to be uncovered. Five years later, the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site (SGDS) at Johnson Farm was established to preserve one of the richest and oldest dinosaur-age fossil sites in Utah. Tracks in Deep Time presents, for the first time, an engaging, thoroughly readable account of the history, geology, and paleontology of this important site. Two hundred million years ago, Lake Dixie covered this area. Within its waters and along its shores, a diverse ecosystem of organisms thrived, leaving behind thousands of footprints and other fossils preserved in layers of rock. Unusual fossils found here include the world’s largest collection of tracks left by swimming dinosaurs, and one of only six traces known to have been made by a sitting,

An engaging account of the history, geology, and paleontology of the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm meat-eating ­dinosaur. With approachable text and lavish, full-color photographs and illustrations, Jerald Harris and Andrew Milner describe how geologists and paleontologists Also of Interest

have painstakingly reconstructed a vivid snapshot of life from the Early Jurassic.

“This book will enhance the experience of anyone visiting the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site. It provides an exceptional opportunity for readers to explore the thrill of scientific discovery and the enchantment of Utah’s prehistoric life.” Dinosaurs of Utah Second Edition Frank DeCourten Paper 978-1-60781-264-7 $34.95 A Natural History of the Intermountain West Its Ecological and Evolutionary Story Gwendolyn L. Waring Paper 978-1-60781-028-5 $29.95

—Frank L. Decourten, author of Dinosaurs of Utah and The Broken Land: Adventures in Great Basin Geology

Jerald D. Harris is the director of paleontology at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, and is an advisor to the Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. Andrew R. C. Milner is the site paleontologist and curator at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. He has been at the site since its inception and now runs the museum’s preparation laboratory and conducts field work in southern Utah.

November 2015 • 96 pp., 8 1/2 x 10 • 33 full-color illustrations | Paper 978-1-60781-437-5 $10.95 • eBook 978-1-60781-438-2

Orders: 800-621-2736

Tracks in Deep Time


new books

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015


guidebooks and outdoors New Edition

Hiking the Escalante

In the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Rudi Lambrechtse


he Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument ­covers 1.7 million acres in southern Utah, offering the

hiker an experience of deep solitude surrounded by a wealth of geological, biological, and archaeological treasures. H ­ iking the Escalante opens the door to exploration of this highly scenic area of meandering canyons with relatively few marked trails. It lists fifty hikes by degree of difficulty and includes directions to trailheads, instructions for how to ­follow particular routes, choices of side canyons along the way, suggestions for loop hikes, and occasional alternative destinations. Along with hike descriptions, the book provides information on the geology, natural history, and

An updated and comprehensive guide to fifty hikes in the canyons of the Escalante River human history of the area. This new edition contains seven Also of Interest

new hikes, new photographs, and updated information about hike terrain.

“An invaluable resource to anyone traversing the Escalante.” —Escalante

“The classic Escalante guide book. First published in 1985, Lambrechtse’s book describes most of the side canyon drainages that feed into the Escalante River. From day hikes to backcountry adventures this is one of the most used books in the canyons.” Hiking the Wasatch Third Edition John Veranth Paper 978-1-60781-325-5 $16.95 Canyoneering the Northern San Rafael Swell Steve Allen and Joe Mitchell Paper 978-1-60781-238-8 $19.95


Rudi Lambrechtse has been hiking in the Escalante canyons for more than forty years, logging over 1,500 miles. He worked in the Grand Canyon for eight years as a trail and river guide. Recently retired from teaching elementary school, he’s still actively hiking and river running. Arizona has been his home for the past thirty-eight years.

January 2016 • 248 pp., 5.5 x 8.5 •130 illustrations, 5 maps | Paper 978-1-60781-463-4 $16.95 • eBook 978-1-60781-464-1

new books

nature and environment/literature

Edited by James H. Pickering


riter Wallace Stegner once wrote that “No place is a place until things that have happened in it are

remembered.” This collection celebrates one of America’s most loved places, Rocky Mountain National Park, which marks its 100th birthday in 2015. Engagement with place and the events that loom large in park history are the underlying themes that connect the thirty-three selections that make up this anthology. Representative both in subject and approach, the selections reach back to Arapaho and pioneer times, before the park was established, and move forward to span its entire first century. The voices that speak to us are distinctive: some tell us about the past, recalling moments of personal triumph and tragedy; some are quieter, others

A rich literary and historical compendium of the best that has been written about Rocky Mountain National Park more polemic. All capture and share a part of the national treasure that is Rocky Mountain National Park.

Also of Interest

This original collection is a rich literary and historical compendium that provides an indispensable introduction to the nation’s twelfth national park.

“A latter-day Enos Mills, Jim Pickering has emerged as the foremost and most prolific historian-champion of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. In this crackerjack anthology, Jim celebrates the park’s centennial with a rich selection of reflections.” Canyon of Dreams Stories from Grand Canyon History Don Lago Paper 978-1-60781-314-9 $19.95 A Zion Canyon Reader Edited by Nathan N. Waite and Reid L. Neilson Foreword by Lyman Hafen Published in partnership with Zion Natural History Association Paper 978-1-60781-347-7 $14.95

—Tom “Dr. Colorado” Noel, University of Colorado Denver

James H. Pickering is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Houston, where he served as dean, provost, and president. He has written or edited 30 books on Estes Park, Colorado, and the American West. Since 2006 he has served as Historian Laureate of Estes Park. His book, Joe Mills of Estes Park (2013), was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award.

The Rocky Mountain National Park Reader is the first book of the National Park Readers series edited by Lance Newman and David Stanley. August 2015 • 328 pp., 6 x 9 | Paper 978-1-60781-451-1 $17.95 • eBook 978-1-60781-452-8

Orders: 800-621-2736

The Rocky Mountain National Park Reader


new books

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015


western history

Last Chance Byway The History of Nine Mile Canyon

Jerry D. Spangler and Donna Kemp Spangler


ine Mile Canyon is famous the world over for its prehistoric rock art and remnants of ancient Fremont

habitation. But it also teems with Old West history that is salted with iconic figures of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Last Chance Byway tells the stories of human endeavor and folly in a place historians have too long ignored. The history of Nine Mile Canyon is often the story of those who came with dreams and left broke and disillusioned, although there were exceptions. Some who left their mark include famed outlaw hunter Joe Bush, infamous bounty hunter Jack Watson, the larger-than-life cattle baron Preston Nutter, and Robert Leroy Parker, better known as Butch Cassidy.

Explores Nine Mile Canyon’s role in Old West stories of fur trappers and miners, ranchers and homesteaders, cattle barons and barkeeps, outlaws and bounty hunters “A first of its kind, this book clarifies aspects of the folk history surrounding Nine Mile Canyon. The Spanglers have documented Also of Interest

and backed up their writing, giving it weight beyond just story, moving the lore into the field of history.” —H. Bert Jenson, Utah State University

“An original and valuable synthesis that brings together widely separated threads and fills a real need for a longer treatment not only of the area, but of many of the canyon’s fascinating characters.” Nine Mile Canyon The Archaeological History of an American Treasure Jerry D. Spangler Paper 978-1-60781-226-5 $34.95 Wrecks of Human Ambition A History of Utah’s Canyon Country to 1936 Paul T. Nelson Paper 978-1-60781-333-0 $19.95

—Roy Webb, author of Lost Canyons of the Green River: The Story before Flaming Gorge Dam

Jerry D. Spangler is an archaeologist and a recognized expert on the prehistoric peoples of eastern Utah, and is the executive director of the nonprofit Colorado Plateau Archaeological Alliance, which is dedicated to preserving the past. Donna Kemp Spangler is an award-winning writer, a former journalist, and currently the communications director for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

October 2015 • 352 pp., 8 1/2 x 10 • 188 illustrations, 13 maps | Paper 978-1-60781-442-9 $34.95 •eBook 978-1-60781-443-6

new books

folklore studies

Folklore, the Hypermodern, and the Ethereal Edited by Jeannie Banks Thomas


ust exactly where do we find the supernatural in the contemporary world? It’s both pervasive—everywhere—

and specific—a particular somewhere. Otherworldly traditions and stories still spread through oral narration. They pervade mass media and the digital world and often form the stuff of hypermodern folklore—the stew of folk, popular, consumer, and digital culture that constitutes much of contemporary life. People also imbue specific places—from the local haunted house or cemetery to whole towns or cities—with supernatural manifestations or significance. Putting the Supernatural in Its Place explores zombies, vampires, witches, demented nuns, mediums, and ghosts in their natural (and unnatural) habitats while making

Grounds the supernatural in particular places, both geographical and virtual sense of the current ubiquity of the supernatural on the Internet, in movies, tourism, and in places like New Orleans. This unique study of how we locate the supernatural sheds light on why certain sites and their stories captivate us. It demonstrates how pondering the supernatural can bring a Also of Interest

better understanding of the places we create and inhabit.

“A fine collection of articles exploring the tension between the ethereal and the firmly local in supernatural folklore. The scholarship is up to the minute, and the approach is engaging enough to invite any reader fascinated by the allure of the inexplicably spooky.” ­—Erika Brady, editor-in-chief of the Journal of American Folklore Latter-day Lore Mormon Folklore Studies Edited and with introductions by Eric A. Eliason and Tom Mould Paper 978-1-60781-284-5 $34.95 Animal Myths and Metaphors in South America Edited and with an introduction by Gary Urton Paper 978-0-87480-205-4 $27.00s

Jeannie Banks Thomas is a professor at Utah State University, where she is head of the Department of English. Her many publications include ­Featherless Chickens, Laughing Women, and Serious Stories, which received the Elli Köngäs-Maranda Prize, and Haunting Experiences: Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore (2007), coauthored with Diane Goldstein and Sylvia Grider, which won the Brian McConnell Book Award in legend studies.

September 2015 • 240 pp., 6 x 9 • 56 Illustrations | Paper 978-1-60781-449-8 $24.95 • eBook 978-1-60781-450-4

Orders: 800-621-2736

Putting the Supernatural in Its Place


new books

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015


regional studies Published in Cooperation with the Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University

Bridging the Distance Common Issues of the Rural West

Edited by David B. Danbom  Foreword by David Kennedy


s David Kennedy points out in his foreword, the West was   once seen as a beacon of opportunity, and it is still a

place where many ways of life can flourish. But it is also a region that leaves some people isolated both culturally and geographically. The essays collected here, the results of a 2012 conference, consider the problems and prospects of the rural West and its residents. The issues are considered in four sections—Defining the Rural West, Community, Economy, and Land Use— each with an introduction by editor David Danbom. They highlight factors that set the region apart from the rest of the country and provide varied perspectives on challenges faced by those living in often remote areas, including the shortcomings of rural health care, disagreements about the

Examines the challenges confronting those living in today’s rural West use of natural resources, conflicts over water, and cultural divides within communities. Also of Interest

Providing fresh, informative, and insightful examinations of the complex problems facing the rural West, these essays will spur conversations and the search for solutions.

“These essays are pertinent, offering valuable perspectives and insights.” —William D. Rowley, author of Reclaiming the Arid West: The Career of Francis G. Newlands Roads in the Wilderness Conflict in Canyon Country Jedediah S. Rogers Cloth 978-1-60781-311-8 $39.95 Paper 978-1-60781-313-2 $24.95 Desert Water The Future of Utah’s Water Resources Edited by Hal Crimmel Paper 978-1-60781-375-0 $24.95

“This book represents current thinking across a variety of disciplines regarding the rural West. It is up to date and offers a fresh look at current challenges facing the region.” —Brian Q. Cannon, coeditor of Immigrants in the Far West and coauthor of The Awkward State of Utah: Coming of Age in the Nation, 1896–1945 (both University of Utah Press)

David B. Danbom is the Fargo Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Professor Emeritus at North Dakota State University, where he taught for 36 years. He has authored six books, most recently Born in the Country: A History of Rural America and Sod Busting: How Families Made Farms on the 19th-Century Plains.

October 2015 • 312 pp., 6 x 9 • 17 Illustrations, 4 maps | Paper 978-1-60781-455-9 $30.00s • ebook 978-1-60781-456-6

new books

american indian studies/western history

The Impact of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe on the Pueblos of the Rio Grande, 1880–1930 Richard H. Frost


ichard Frost examines the profound effects that the coming of trains had on Pueblo Indians in New

Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley, where their arrival was a social and cultural tsunami. It affected community autonomy, privacy, and well-being and destroyed or damaged crops, livestock, and irrigation ditches. The trains brought lawyers, speculators, politicians, missionaries, anthropologists, timber thieves, health seekers, and government servants. While the trains also brought farm tools, clothing for children, and customers for Pueblo pottery, these were comparatively marginal benefits. The pueblos responded variously, though mostly conservatively, to sustain their communities, and this book spotlights two very different responses. Santo Domingo Pueblo was defensive, while Laguna Pueblo chose

Explores the social, cultural, and economic consequences of the railroad for the Pueblo Indians accommodation. Overlooked aspects of these pueblos’ histories provide compelling reasons behind their varying Also of Interest

responses and the fateful consequences.

“The author’s experience with and deep understanding of Indian history and law, combined with detailed research, create a compelling picture of the impact of western railroad development on the pueblos. The paired case studies of Laguna/Acoma and Santo Domingo illuminate the range of pueblo choices.” —Laura Bayer, coauthor of Santa Ana: The People, the Pueblo, and the History of Tamaya Troubled Trails The Meeker Affair and the Expulsion of Utes from Colorado Robert Silbernagel Foreword by Floyd A. O’Neil Paper 978-1-60781-129-9 $24.95 American Indian Treaties A Guide to Ratified and Unratified Colonial, U.S., State, Foreign, and Intertribal Treaties and Agreements, 1607–1911 David H. DeJong Paper 978-1-60781-425-2 $40.00s

“Frost consistently impresses the reader with his articulate prose and good choices of illustrative detail. He is a seasoned historian who knows intuitively how to engage his readership.” —Martin Padget, author of Indian Country: Travels in the American Southwest, 1840–1935

Richard Frost is Professor Emeritus of American history and Native American studies at Colgate University. He founded Colgate’s Native American Studies program in Santa Fe, where he now resides. He has served as an expert historical witness for eight of the nineteen pueblos in naturalresource lawsuits.

October 2015 • 280 pp., 6 x 9 • 23 Illustrations, 2 maps | Cloth 978-1-60781-440-5 $34.95 •eBook 978-1-60781-441-2

Orders: 800-621-2736

The Railroad and the Pueblo Indians


new books

mormon studies

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015


Second Edition

A Kingdom Transformed

Early Mormonism and the Modern LDS Church Gordon Shepherd and Gary Shepherd


o survive in an often disapproving society, the LDS Church has made adaptive changes in belief, practice,

and organization over time. Gordon and Gary Shepherd elucidate these changes through statistical analyses of the rhetoric found in proceedings of the church’s semiannual General Conference. The first edition of A Kingdom Transformed covered the years 1830 to 1979. This new edition revises that work and adds to it by examining the subsequent thirty years of conference talks, revealing what new trends have emerged. Every chapter has been rewritten and updated with theoretical and empirical support from contemporary sources and a new conceptual framework for interpreting findings. Early twentieth-century LDS leaders mainstreamed church doctrines, but by the mid-twentieth century, church

The evolution of LDS doctrinal emphases explored through content analysis of General Conference rhetoric authorities began emphasizing a more conservative theology that coincided with an increasingly conservative political Also of Interest

orientation. This new edition adds such current issues as the roles of women in the church and of international growth versus member retention.

“A valuable addition, both substantively and methodologically, to the study of the transformations that have occurred in institutional Mormonism across time . . . It will be an interesting read.” —Armand L. Mauss, author of Shifting Borders and a Tattered Passport: Intellectual Journeys of a Mormon Academic Saints Observed Studies of Mormon Village Life, 1850–2005 Howard M. Bahr Cloth 978-1-60781-320-0 $37.95 Shifting Borders and a Tattered Passport Intellectual Journeys of a Mormon Academic Armand L. Mauss Foreword by Richard L. Bushman Cloth 978-1-60781-204-3 $25.00s

“The book is already an essential work on Mormonism in the twentieth century; this new edition, expanding its reach into the twenty-first century, is quite welcome.” —Matthew Bowman, author of The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith

Gordon Shepherd is a professor of Sociology at the University of Central Arkansas. Gary Shepherd is Professor Emeritus of sociology at Oakland University in Michigan. The Shepherds (identical twins) have collaborated on a number of scholarly projects over many years, including six books.

October 2015 • 368 pp., 6 x 9 • 7 Illustrations | Paper 978-1-60781-444-3 $35.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-445-0

new books

mormon studies/women’s studies

Amy Brown Lyman and Mormon Women’s Activism, 1872–1959 Dave Hall


my Brown Lyman was a leader once admired for her   dynamic personality, her inspiring public addresses,

and for her remarkable vision of what Mormon women in the Relief Society could achieve. Yet today her name is barely known. This volume introduces her to a new generation, showing how the accomplishments of Lyman and her peers benefitted subsequent generations. Dave Hall examines the roots and trajectory of Mormon women’s activism. Lyman entered public life at a time when the practice of polygamy was ending and Mormonism was assimilating mainstream trends. The book recounts her involvement in the Relief Society, the Mormon women’s charity group that she led for many years and sought to transform into a force for social welfare. Lyman’s later life, after she resigned from the Relief Society amidst personal

Social worker, progressive, and activist Amy Brown Lyman's fight for welfare issues and Mormon women’s lives and concerns tragedy, offers insight into the reasons Mormon women abandoned an activist heritage for a more conservative role, that is again evolving.

“The book is particularly valuable in its exploration of the tensions between the Mormon experience and the American tendency of Also of Interest

requiring women to strike a balance between home and the wider world.” —John Sillito, coeditor of Mormon Mavericks: Essays on Dissenters

“We need this book. There has been so much talk for so long about how scholars need to look at Mormonism in the twentieth century. Hall gets down in the trenches and actually does this—and does this well. It’s very strong work.” Helen Andelin and the Fascinating Womanhood Movement Julie Debra Neuffer Paper 978-1-60781-327-9 $19.95 Juanita Brooks The Life Story of a Courageous Historian of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Levi S. Peterson Paper 978-1-60781-151-0 $24.95

—Susanna Morrill, author of White Rose on the Floor of Heaven: Mormon Women's Popular Theology

Dave Hall lectures in history at California State University Fullerton and Cerritos Community College. His “A Crossroads for Mormon Women: Amy Brown Lyman, J. Reuben Clark, and the Decline of Organized Women’s Activism in the Relief Society,” won the T. Edgar Lyon Award for best article in Mormon history and the Western History Association’s Arrington-­ Prucha Award for Best Article of the Year for Western Religious History.

October 2015 • 300 pp., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 • 34 Illustrations | Cloth 978-1-60781-453-5 $29.95 • eBook 978-1-60781-454-2

Orders: 800-621-2736

A Faded Legacy


new books

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015


archaeology/anthropology Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry Series Jim Skibo, Series Editor

Tracing the Relational

The Archaeology of Worlds, Spirits, and Temporalities Edited by Meghan E. Buchanan and B. Jacob Skousen


 racing the Relational examines the recent emergence of relational ontologies in archaeological interpretation and

explores how using this perspective can help archaeologists better understand the past. Traditional representational approaches reflect modern or Western perspectives, which focus on the individual and see the world in terms of dichotomies that separate culture and nature, human and object, sacred and secular. In contrast, ancient societies saw themselves as connected to and entangled with other human and nonhuman entities. Contributors argue that in order to gain deeper insight into how people in the ancient world lived, experienced, and negotiated their lives archaeologists must explore the myriad relationships and entanglements between humans and other beings, places,

Explores the connections between humans and other beings, places, and things

and things. As contributors unravel these relationships, they demonstrate that movement is an inherent feature of these relational webs and is the driving force behind a continually

Also of Interest

shifting reality. Chapters focus on various regions and time periods throughout the Americas, tracing how movements between other-worldly dimensions, spirits and deities, and temporalities were integral to everyday life.

“This is an excellent collection of essays that are timely, empirically rich, well written, and that engage with current theoretical debates within archaeology, as well as a range of other humanities disciplines. This volume will offer a significant contribution to The Archaeology of Meaningful Places Edited by Brenda J. Bowser and María Nieves Zedeño Paper 978-0-87480-882-7 $35.00s Power and Identity in Archaeological Theory and Practice Case Studies from Ancient Mesoamerica Edited by Eleanor Harrison-Buck Paper 978-1-60781-174-9 $35.00s

archaeological research and anthropological scholarship more broadly, aligning itself with current theoretical trends while also pushing such scholarship in new and productive directions.” —Darryl Wilkinson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Meghan E. Buchanan is a research scientist for the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology at Indiana University Bloomington. She received an MA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a PhD from Indiana University. B. Jacob Skousen is a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign. He specializes in Midwestern archaeology, with an emphasis on Mississippian societies and the Cahokia site in southern Illinois. His research interests include religion, pilgrimage, movement, and relational ontologies.

August 2015 • 200 pp., 7 x 10 • 28 illustrations, 14 maps | Paper 978-1-60781-435-1 $45.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-436-8

new books


Sending the Spirits Home

The Archaeology of Hohokam Mortuary Practices Glen E. Rice


his data-rich monograph provides new and stimulating perspectives on the Hohokam people and their mortuary

practices. It breaks new ground by using the knowledge of descendent peoples to generate archaeologically testable hypotheses; demonstrating the need for mortuary analyses conducted at a regional scale; and synthesizing the interaction of beliefs, ideology, social organization, and ecology in determining Hohokam mortuary practices. Various chapters discuss body treatment, mortuary furniture and goods, mortuary architecture, and cemeteries. Numerous figures help document the variability of Hohokam practices. Sending the Spirits Home synthesizes data from various excavations, applied archaeology, and cultural resource management projects. This study combines archaeological

Examines 1200 years of mortuary practices of the ancient Hohokam and their modern descendants in southern Arizona and ethnographic sources and provides tools for the adoption of standardized protocols needed to facilitate cross-project comparisons on which future regional Also of Interest

syntheses can be based.

“The coding protocols are a major contribution to the study of Hohokam mortuary patterns, the compilation of the data is impressive and informative, the conclusions are interesting—and some even surprising.” —Todd W. Bostwick, Director of Archaeology, Verde Valley Archaeology Center, Camp Verde, Arizona

Children in the Prehistoric Puebloan Southwest Edited by Kathryn A. Kamp Paper 978-1-60781-361-3 $20.00s

“The book stands alone as the first detailed summary and analysis

Environmental Change and Human Adaptation in the American Southwest Edited by David E. Doyel and Jeffrey S. Dean Cloth 978-0-87480-853-7 $45.00s


of Hohokam mortuary practice. It brings together over three decades of work and greatly advances our understanding of the Hohokam, with useful analyses that get well beyond the old —Randall H. McGuire, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Binghamton

Glen E. Rice has more than thirty-five years of experience directing Cultural Resource Management research projects in the arid Southwest, the majority focused on Hohokam archaeology. He was head of the Office of Cultural Resource Management at Arizona State University and for ten years has run his own consulting firm, Rio Salado Archaeology.

November 2015 • 240 pp., 7 x 10 • 89 Illustrations, 11 maps | Cloth 978-1-60781-459-7 $60.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-460-3

Orders: 800-621-2736

Winner of the 2014 Don D. and Catherine S. Fowler Prize


new books

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015



Late Holocene Research on Foragers and Farmers in the Desert West Edited by Barbara J. Roth and Maxine E. McBrinn


his book brings together the work of archaeologists investigating prehistoric hunter-gatherers (foragers) and

early farmers in both the Southwest and the Great Basin. Most previous work on this topic has been regionally specific, with researchers from each area favoring a different theoretical approach and little shared dialogue. Here the studies of archaeologists working in both the Southwest and the Great Basin are presented side by side to illustrate the similarities in environmental challenges and cultural practices of the prehistoric peoples who lived in these areas and to explore common research questions addressed by both regions. Three main themes link these papers: the role of the environment in shaping prehistoric behavior, flexibility

Observes parallels across time between prehistoric foragers and farmers in the Southwest and Great Basin in foraging and farming adaptations, and diversity in settlement strategies. Contributors cover a range of topics including the varied ways hunter-gatherers adapted to arid environments, the transition to farming and the reasons Also of Interest

for it, the variation in early farming across the Southwest and Great Basin, and the differing paths followed as they developed settled villages.

“The authors provide an array of articles that highlight parallels in Southwestern and Great Basin research and show how theoretical approaches commonly used in one region may be usefully applied to the other. The papers illustrate through example, rather than by being prescriptive.” Archaeology in the Great Basin and Southwest Papers in Honor of Don D. Fowler Edited by Nancy J. Parezo and Joel C. Janetski Paper 978-1-60781-307-1 $50.00s Cloth 978-1-60781-282-1 $75.00s Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology Applications to Problems in Human Evolution and Prehistory Edited by Jack M. Broughton and Michael D. Cannon Paper 978-0-87480-935-0 $50.00s

—Andrew Ugan, Far West Anthropology Reseach Group

Barbara J. Roth is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has studied hunter-gatherer adaptations in the southern Southwest and the transition from hunting and gathering to farming for much of her career. Maxine E. McBrinn is curator of archaeology at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is also a research associate at the Field Museum in Chicago and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She has studied hunter-gatherers primarily in the Mogollon region and the northern Southwest.

November 2015 • 216 pp., 6 x 9 • 19 Illustrations, 13 maps | Cloth 978-1-60781-446-7 $50.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-447-4

new books


An Anthropology of Social Investment

Edited by Laura L. Scheiber and María Nieves Zedeño


umans have occupied mountain environments and relied on mountain resources since the terminal

Pleistocene. Their continuous interaction with the land from generation to generation has left material imprints ranging from anthropogenic fires to vision quest sites. The diverse case studies presented in this collection explore the material record of North American mountain dwellers and habitual users of high-elevation resources in terms of social investment—the intergenerational commitment of a group to a particular landscape. Contributors look creatively at the significance of social investment and its material and nonmaterial consequences, addressing landscape engineering at different times using diverse, theoretical standpoints and archaeological, historical, and ethnographic data from varied mountain environments. Engineering Mountain Landscapes offers substantive ideas of broad

Explores how humans transformed mountains and other elevated areas through time into culturally rich places intellectual interest, specific case studies with state-of-theart methodology, and a wealth of comparative data. Also of Interest

“This volume elucidates important archaeological and ethnographic cases in which mountains transform, and become transformed by, human agency. The multidisciplinary contributions document sophisticated landscape modification strategies that range from construction of facilities and features, to innovative high altitude settlements, to alteration of the very rhythms of mountain ecosystems. Only through the synthesis of science and Native domains of knowledge could a book like this bear witness to human resiliency, adaptation, and innovation in From Mountain Top to Valley Bottom Understanding Past Land Use in the Northern Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico Edited by Bradley J. Vierra Cloth 978-1-60781-266-1 $60.00s The First Rocky Mountaineers Coloradans before Colorado Marcel Kornfeld eBook 978-1-60781-263-0 Cloth 978-1-60781-262-3 $65.00s

mountain cultures.” —Pei-Lin Yu, author of Rivers, Fish, and the People

Laura L. Scheiber is an associate professor of anthropology and director of the William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory at Indiana University, and coeditor of two books. Her research interests include huntergatherer identities, zooarchaeology, ethnohistory, and culture contact and colonialism. María Nieves Zedeño is a research anthropologist and professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona, Tucson. She has authored one monograph and coedited three books. Her research focuses on contemporary archaeological theory and North America’s hunter-gatherer societies, past and present.

September 2015 • 264 pp., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 • 33 Illustrations, 24 maps | Paper 978-1-60781-433-7 $45.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-434-4

Orders: 800-621-2736

Engineering Mountain Landscapes


new books

The University of Utah Press Fall/winter 2015



The Archaeology and Rock Art of Swordfish Cave University of Utah Anthropological Paper No. 129

Clayton G. Lebow, Douglas R. Harro, and Rebecca L. McKim With contributions by Carole Denardo, Jill Onken, Ann M. Munns, and Rick Bury


wordfish Cave is a well-known rock art site located on Vandenberg Air Force Base in south-central California.

Named for the swordfish painted on its wall, the cave is a sacred Chumash site. When it was under threat and required measures to conserve it, nearly all of the cave’s interior was excavated to create a rock art viewing area. That effort revealed previously unknown rock art and made it possible to closely examine how early occupants used the space inside the cave. Archaeologists identified three periods of human use, including an initial occupation around 3,550 years ago, an occupation about 660 years later, and a final

Links rock art and archaeology while examining the usage patterns of the cave’s early occupants Native American occupation that occurred much later, between A.D. 1787 and 1804. Well illustrated with photographs, maps, and drawings of the rock art, the excavations, and the artifacts revealed Also of Interest

therein, the book presents a rare opportunity to directly link archaeology and rock art and to examine the spatial organization of prehistoric human habitation.

“Well written and meticulous, the book will be of interest to broad audiences for its unusual combination of protection, conservation, and mitigation efforts focused simultaneously on both cave art and cave deposits. A tremendously important contribution.” The Prehistory of Gold Butte A Virgin River Hinterland, Clark County, Nevada Kelly McGuire, William Hildebrandt, Amy Gilreath, Jerome King, and John Berg Paper 978-1-60781-305-7 $50.00s

—Terry L. Jones, professor of Anthropology, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Clay Lebow, Doug Harro, and Rebecca McKim are all registered professional archaeologists and employee-owners of Applied EarthWorks, Inc. They spent eighteen years working on numerous studies for Vandenberg Air Force Base, with Lebow serving as principal investigator, Harro as lithic analyst, and McKim as faunal analyst.

The Paleoarchaic Occupation of the Old River Bed Delta Edited by David B. Madsen, Dave N. Schmitt, and David Page Paper 978-1-60781-393-4 $55.00s

November 2015 • 224 pp., 8 1/2 x 11 • 58 Illustrations, 51 maps | Paper 978-1-60781-457-3 $50.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-458-0

new books

middle east studies

World War I and the Ottoman State Edited by M. Hakan Yavuz with Feroz Ahmad


  ar and Collapse is the third volume in a series that covers the last years of the Ottoman Empire. It stems

from a three-day international conference at which scholars examined the causes and consequences of World War I, with a focus on how these events pertained to the Ottoman state and society. Fifty-three scholars—both new and established—contributed to this collection, explaining what happened within the Ottoman Empire before and during WWI and how ethnic and national groups constructed these events to enhance their identities and promote their interests. The chapters provide insight into the mindsets of Ottoman peoples, showing how earlier events and circumstances set in motion Ottoman responses to the war and how continued conflict had devastating, irreversible effects on Ottoman society. What emerges is a comprehensive picture of the events, encompassing a wide variety of perspectives.

An unprecedented scholarly effort surveys the important but neglected role and consequences of World War I for the Ottoman state “In a field of growing interest, this volume will be useful for those wishing to learn more. It is by far the most compendious assemblage of relevant material.” Also of Interest

—Norman Stone, author of The Eastern Front 1914–1917

“This collection of new and old approaches reveals that there is still much to be said about World War I that requires an Ottoman angle. The field is richer because of this valuable addition to the scholarship.” —Isa Blumi, author of Reinstating the Ottoman Empire

War and Diplomacy The Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878 and the Treaty of Berlin Edited by M. Hakan Yavuz with Peter Sluglett Cloth 978-1-60781-150-3 $40.00s War and Nationalism The Balkan Wars, 1912–1913, and Their Sociopolitical Implications Edited by M. Hakan Yavuz and Isa Blumi Cloth 978-1-60781-240-1 $48.00s

M. Hakan Yavuz is a professor of political science at the University of Utah. He is the coeditor of War and Diplomacy: The Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878 and the Treaty of Berlin and of War and Nationalism: The Balkan Wars, 1912–1913, and Their Sociopolitical Implications. Feroz Ahmad is chair of the Department of International Relations and Political Science at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. He is the author of several books, including The Young Turks and the Ottoman Nationalities: Armenians, Greeks, Albanians, Jews, and Arabs, 1908–1918.

November 2015 • 1500 pp., 6 x 9 • 3 Illustrations, 9 maps | Cloth 978-1-60781-461-0 $75.00s • eBook 978-1-60781-462-7

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War and Collapse


new in paperback

tHe UniveRSitY OF UtaH pReSS fALL/WiNTEr 



Grave Goods

Essays of a Peculiar Nature John P. O’Grady


ust because this is a collection of essays about psychics, murderers, strange disappearances, and occult

phenomena doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. With wit, wry curiosity, and redemptive irony, John P. O’Grady peels back the surface of the seemingly normal to reveal the dubious, the inexplicable, and the outlandish. Grave Goods includes ghost stories, macabre modern legends, and metaphysical investigations, all informed by the natural sciences, history, philosophy, literature, and mythology. From laugh-out-loud funny to eerily thoughtful, these essays reveal the natural world as a place of unnatural surprises and strange beauty, a place where Rip Van Winkle, O’Grady’s college buddies, and ragtag psychics rub shoulders with Buddha, Socrates, and Stephen King—and it all makes perfect sense.

Essays filled with unnatural surprises and strange beauty “Reading this book is like walking through the world with a highly knowledgable naturalist-poet-philosopher. I don’t know your taste in journeys, but this book is mine.” —Peter Coyote, poet and actor Also of Interst

“Grave Goods is a first-rate collection, revealing not only the surprising connections between ordinary things, but their metaphysical and philosophical implications as well. His stories, though rooted in everyday reality, stretch our imaginations toward the fantastic and the supernatural.” —John Algeo, editor of The Quest

Gravity Hill A Memoir Maximillian Werner eBook 978-1-60781-243-2 Paper 978-1-60781-242-5 $15.95

John P. "Sean" O’Grady has taught American literature and environmental writing at the University of Alaska Anchorage and at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. He currently lives and writes in the Catskill Mountains of New York. He is a coeditor of Literature and the Environment: A Reader on Nature and Culture and the author of Pilgrims to the Wild (University of Utah Press, 1993).

The Way Home Essays on the Outside West James McVey eBook 978-1-60781-969-1 Paper 978-1-60781-033-9 $19.95

Available Now • 160 pp., 6 x 9 • Paper 978-1-60781-432-0 $21.95


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Narrated by Ali MacGraw


ild horses are romantic symbols of the Old West, an era that is fading from memory. From being one of

the most recognizable icons of the western landscape to playing essential roles in therapy programs, two thing are clear: the role of wild horses in America is multifaceted, and they need to be protected. But there are ecological issues that surround the wild mustang and, like the animal, they’re complex. Wild horses are part of the American story and a staple of our history, having helped Native Americans hunt buffalo and cowboys herd cattle. However, wild horses have encountered adversity when confronted with modernity, since they compete with livestock for range resources, including watering holes and grazing. Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has noted that, while beautiful, wild horses pose significant problems for public lands.

Explore the beauty and controversy of wild horses in a new KUED documentary When the horse population is determined to be too high, the Bureau of Land Management is tasked with removing surplus horses, a process that often runs into logistical snags. Also from KUED

When helicopters are used to round up the herds, wild horse advocates see it as inhumane. Once rounded up, there are additional problems of what should be done with the animals, especially when the horse population outpaces adoption demand. The discussion includes detainment in taxpayer-funded holding facilities, sterilization, even euthanasia. With passionate, vocal voices on all sides, these complex issues require multipronged solutions. The film visits various therapy programs, including

Horses of the West America’s Love Story Narrated by Ali MacGraw KUED Productions DVD 978-1-60781-176-3 $19.95 Return of the Wolves The Next Chapter Narrated by Peter Coyote KUED Productions DVD 978-1-60781-360-6 $19.95

the one offered by the National Ability Center in Park City, which has found that veterans and others benefit from friendships with horses. Mustangs are also used in prison and young adult rehabilitation programs, and can teach valuable lessons in bonding and patience. Wild Horses of the West is the latest production by KUED’s John Howe, and is narrated by Ali MacGraw of Love Story and The Getaway fame.

Available Now • DVD 978-1-60781-439-9 $19.95

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Wild Horses of the West


great books


Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp A Nisei Youth behind a World War II Fence Lily Yuriko Nakai Havey Foreword by Cherstin Lyon

This creative memoir tells a coming-of-age story in a WWII Japanese American internment camp, illustrated with Havey’s watercolor paintings and black and white photos. 224 pp., 7 x 10 • 69 color images and b/w illustrations eBook 978-1-60781-345-3 Cloth 978-1-60781-343-9 $29.95

Ballet West

A Fifty-Year Celebration Edited by Adam Sklute A tribute to Utah’s world-renowned ballet company, fully and beautifully illustrated. 200 pp., 11 x 10 • 226 b/w and color photos. Cloth 978-1-60781-376-7 $39.95

Requiem for the Living A Memoir Jeff Metcalf

When the drugs cease to keep his cancer at bay, Jeff Metcalf begins writing weekly essays, resulting in this delightful memoir in which he explores what his life has been, who he has become, and what he has learned along the way. 248 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 eBook 978-1-60781-387-3 Paper 978-1-60781-386-6 $21.95

Joseph’s Temples

The Dynamic Relationship between Freemasonry and Mormonism Michael W. Homer Explores Freemasonry’s significant place in the early history of Mormonism. 480 pp., 6 1/4 x 9 • 35 Illustrations eBook 978-1-60781-346-0 Cloth 978-1-60781-344-6 $34.95

19 ORDeRS: -- WWW.UOfUPrESS.COM

The Mapmakers of New Zion


of Mormonism

Charles S. Peterson and Brian Q. Cannon

Richard Francaviglia

Rediscovering National Parks in the Spirit of John Muir

For Mormons, maps had—and

Michael Frome

Coming of Age in the Nation,

Copublished with the Utah State Historical Society

A Cartographic History

continue to have—both practical

featured backlist

The Awkward State of Utah

and spiritual significance. In

As a journalist, advocate, and

The half century between

addition to using maps to help

professor, Michael Frome has

statehood in 1896 and the end

build their new Zion and to

spent decades engaged with

of World War II in 1945 was a

explore the Intermountain West,

conservation topics and has taken

period of transformation and

Latter-day Saint mapmakers

particular interest in America’s

transition for Utah. This book

used them to depict locations

national parks. He draws on

interprets those profound

and events described in the

this experience and knowledge

changes, revealing sweeping

Book of Mormon. Featuring over

to address what remains to be

impacts on both institutions and

one hundred historical maps

done in order to truly value and

ordinary people. Drawing upon

reproduced in full color—many

preserve these special places.

expertise honed over decades

never before published—The

Part memoir, part history, and

of teaching, researching, and

Mapmakers of New Zion sheds new

part broadside against those who

writing about Utah’s history, the

light on Mormonism and takes

would diminish this heritage,

authors incorporate fresh archival

readers on a fascinating journey

Rediscovering National Parks in

sources, new oral histories, and

using maps as both historical

the Spirit of John Muir, through

hundreds of scholarly articles

documents and touchstones of

thoughtful reflections and

and books as they narrate the


ruminations, bears witness to

little-known story of the crucial formative years when Utah came of age. 344 pp., 7 x 10

30 illustrations

eBook 978-1-60781-422-1

Paper 978-1-60781-421-4 $29.95

264 pp., 8 1/2 x 11

122 maps and illustrations eBook 978-1-60781-409-2

Cloth 978-1-60781-408-5 $34.95

the grandeur of our parks and to the need for a renewed sense of appreciation and individual responsibility for their care. 272 pp., 6 x 9

eBook 978-1-60781-419-1

Paper 978-1-60781-418-4 $24.95

The University of Utah Press Spring/Summer 2015


The Electric Edge of Academe

American Indian Treaties

in the Northern Rockies

and Deep Springs College

Colonial, U.S., State, Foreign,

Frederick H. Swanson

L. Jackson Newell

and Intertribal Treaties and

The Rocky Mountains of Idaho

A look at the life and legacy of an

David H. DeJong

and Montana are home to some

irrepressible innovator. Pushing

of the most important remaining

against both social convention

This volume examines intertribal

American wilderness areas,

and technological boundaries,

treaties and treaty-making and

preserved because of citizens

L.L. Nunn left enduring marks on

explains both the agreements

who stood against massive

economic and social history, labor

and the diplomatic protocols in

development schemes that would

development, and educational

which they were enmeshed. It

have diminished both important

reform. The Electric Edge of

summarizes colonial Indian treaty

wildlife habitat and the abiding

Academe is a bold portrayal of this

discourse, intertribal treaties

sense of remoteness found in

progressive-era hydroelectric

and diplomacy, the different eras

such places. Where Roads Will

power magnate who, driven by

of ratified and unratified U.S.

Never Reach tells the stories of

a dynamic conscience, became

treaties, foreign and state treaties

hunters, anglers, outfitters,

a force for social change and

with Indian nations, and the

scientists, and other concerned

educational experimentation. In

Indian agreements that followed

citizens who devoted themselves

1917, Nunn founded Deep Springs

the cessation of official treaty-

to protecting remnant wild lands

College in eastern California. The

making. It provides extensive

and ecosystems in the Northern

school remains one of the most

lists of over 1,500 Indian treaties

Rockies. Environmental historian

daring, progressive, and selective

from all tribal diplomatic eras

Frederick Swanson argues that

institutions of higher learning

and includes dates, participants,

their heartfelt, dedicated work

in America. Newell examines

purposes, and references.

helped boost the American

how Nunn’s radical educational

wilderness movement to its

ideas have survived internal and

current prominence.

external challenges for nearly a

featured backlist

Where Roads Will Never Reach

Wilderness and Its Visionaries

376 pp., 6 x 9

33 illustrations, 9 maps

eBook 978-1-60781-405-4

Paper 978-1-60781-404-7 $24.95

The Saga of Lucien L. Nunn

century. 460 pp., 6 x 9

93 illustrations

eBook 978-1-60781-407-8

Cloth 978-1-60781-406-1 $39.95

A Guide to Ratified and Unratified

Agreements, 1607–1911

272 pp., 8 1/2 x 11

eBook 978-1-60781-426-9

Paper 978-1-60781-425-2 $40.oos

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Kenneth R. Beesley and Dirk Elzinga In 1859 Brigham Young sent two Mormon missionaries to live among the Hopi and instructed the men to teach the Hopi the Deseret Alphabet. While the alphabet faded out of use in just over twenty years, the manuscript penned by one of the missionaries has remained in existence. For decades it sat unidentified in the archives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—a mystery document having no title, author, or date. But authors Beesley and Elzinga have now traced the manuscript’s origin to those missionaries of 1859 and decoded its Hopi-English vocabulary written in the shortlived Deseret Alphabet. The resulting book offers a fascinating mix of linguistics, Mormon history, and Native American studies. 176 pp., 6 x 9

14 b/w Illustrations, 5 tables, 1 map eBook 978-1-60781-354-5

Paper 978-1-60781-353-8 $19.95

Sushi in Cortez Interdisciplinary

Essays on Mesa Verde Edited by David Taylor and Steve Wolverton The Mesa Verde region is one

Rivers, Fish, and the People

featured backlist

An 1860 EnglishHopi Vocabulary Written in the Deseret Alphabet

Tradition, Science, and Historical Ecology of Fisheries in the American West Edited by Pei-Lin Yu

of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is

America’s western rivers are

an area fraught with complexities,

under assault from development,

anomalies, and layers of histories.

pollution, invasive species,

Sushi in Cortez is a collection of

and climate change. Returning

essays by an interdisciplinary

these ecosystems to the time of

group of academics, artists,

European contact is often the

and cultural observers that

stated goal for restoration efforts,

explores this diverse landscape

yet neither the influence of

and heritage through various

indigenous societies on rivers at

disciplines. The authors share

the time of contact nor the deeper

personal stories about the

evolutionary relationships are

difficulties, joys, confusions, and

yet understood by the scientific

epiphanies they experienced as

world. This volume presents a

they crossed the boundaries of

unique synthesis of scientific

their professional lives, coming to

discoveries and traditional

understand how incomplete any

knowledge about the ecology

single rendition of place can be.

of iconic river species in the

144 pp., 6 x 9

American West.

53 illustrations

160 pp., 6 x 9

Paper 978-1-60781-412-2 $19.95

eBook 978-1-60781-400-9

eBook 978-1-60781-413-9

20 illustrations, 11 maps

Paper 978-1-60781-399-6 $40.00s

25th Street Confidential Drama, Decadence, and Dissipation along Ogden’s Rowdiest Road Val Holley eBook 978-1-60781-270-8 978-1-60781-268-5 Cloth $44.95 978-1-60781-269-2 Paper $24.95

Nels Anderson’s World War I Diary Edited by Allan Kent Powell Foreword by Charles S. Peterson eBook 978-1-60781-256-2 978-1-60781-255-5 Cloth $34.95

True Valor Barney Clark and the Utah Artificial Heart Don B. Olsen 978-1-60781-391-0 Cloth $44.95

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe / Recuerdo, Celebración, y Esperanza Latinos in Utah Armando Solórzano eBook 978-1-60781-359-0 978-1-60781-358-3 Paper $19.95

Final Light The Life and Art of Doug Snow Edited by Frank McEntire eBook 978-1-60781-253-1 978-1-60781-252-4 Cloth $26.95

The Hayduke Trail A Guide to the Backcountry Hiking Trail on the Colorado Plateau Joe Mitchel and Mike Coronella 978-0-87480-813-1 Paper $19.95

Opening Zion A Scrapbook of the National Park’s First Official Tourists John Clark and Melissa Clark 978-1-60781-006-3 Paper $15.95

Five Old Men of Yellowstone The Rise of Interpretation in the First National Park Stephen G. Biddulph eBook 978-1-60781-247-0 978-1-60781-257-9 Cloth $39.95 978-1-60781-246-3 Paper $24.95

Lost in the Yellowstone New Edition “Thirty-seven Days of Peril” and a Handwritten Account of Being Lost Truman Everts Edited by Lee H. Whittlesey 978-1-60781-429-0 Paper $14.95

Tony Hillerman’s Navajoland Hideouts, Haunts, and Havens in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Mysteries Expanded Third 
Edition Laurance D. Linford 978-1-60781-137-4 Paper $21.95

Dave Rust A Life in the Canyons Frederick H. Swanson Foreword by Michael F. Anderson eBook 978-1-60781-295-1 978-0-87480-944-2 Paper $15.95

Life’s Journey–Zuya Oral Teachings from Rosebud Albert White Hat Sr. Compiled and edited 
by John Cunningham eBook 978-1-60781-216-6 978-1-60781-184-8 Paper $24.95

Ghosts of Glen Canyon History beneath Lake Powell Revised Edition C. Gregory Crampton Foreword by Edward Abbey 978-0-87480-946-6 Paper $29.95

Lost Canyons of the Green River The Story before Flaming Gorge Dam Roy Webb eBook 978-1-60781-214-2 978-1-60781-179-4 Paper $21.95

Ballet West A Fifty-Year Celebration Edited by Adam Sklute eBook 978-1-60781-378-1 978-1-60781-376-7 Cloth $39.95

essential backlist

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A Frontier Life Jacob Hamblin, Explorer and Indian Missionary Todd M. Compton Juanita Brooks Prize eBook 978-1-60781-235-7 978-1-60781-234-0 Cloth $44.95

Orrin Porter Rockwell Man of God, Son of Thunder Harold Schlindler 978-0-87480-440-9 Paper $21.95

Immigrants in the Far West Historical Identities and Experiences Edited by Jessie L. Embry and Brian Q. Cannon eBook 978-1-60781-381-1 978-1-60781-380-4 Paper $29.00s

Sasun The History of an 1890s Armenian Revolt Justin McCarthy, Ömer Turan, Cemalettin Taşkıran eBook 978-1-60781-385-9 978-1-60781-384-2 Cloth $32.00s

Outlawing Genocide Denial The Dilemmas of Official Historical Truth Guenter Lewy eBook 978-1-60781-374-3 978-1-60781-372-9 Paper $24.95

The Turk in America The Creation of an Enduring Prejudice Justin A. McCarthy eBook 978-1-60781-966-0 978-1-60781-013-1 Paper $39.95

Religious Knowledge, Authority, and Charisma Islamic and Jewish Perspectives Edited by Daphna Ephrat and Meir Hatina eBook 978-1-60781-279-1 978-1-60781-278-4 Cloth $45.00s

The Young Turks and the Ottoman Nationalities Armenians, Greeks, Albanians, Jews, and Arabs, 1908-1918 Feroz Ahmad eBook 978-1-60781-338-5 978-1-60781-339-2 Paper $25.00

Becoming White Clay A History and Archaeology of Jicarilla Apache Enclavement B. Sunday Eiselt eBook 978-1-60781-202-9 978-1-60781-193-0 Cloth $45.00s

Native Wills from the Americas Dead Giveaways in a New World Edited by Mark Christensen and Jonathan Truitt eBook 978-1-60781-417-7 978-1-60781-416-0 Cloth $55.00s

Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together Sobaipuri-O’odham Contexts of Contact and Colonialism Deni J. Seymour eBook 978-1-60781-213-5 978-1-60781-067-4 Cloth $60.00s

Supplying Custer The Powder River Supply Depot, 1876 Gerald R. Clark eBook 978-1-60781-356-9 978-1-60781-355-2 Paper $24.95

Lacandon Maya-SpanishEnglish Dictionary Charles Andrew Hofling eBook 978-1-60781-342-2 978-1-60781-341-5 Cloth $70.00s

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Plain but Wholesome Foodways of the Mormon Pioneers Brock Cheney eBook 978-1-60781-209-8 978-1-60781-208-1 Paper $19.95

essential backlist

David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism Gregory A. Prince and Wm. Robert Wright eBook 978-1-60781-396-5 978-0-87480-822-3 Cloth $29.95

The Glen Canyon Country A Personal Memoir Don D. Fowler Foreword by W. L. “Bud” Rusho eBook 978-1-60781-985-1 978-1-60781-127-5 Cloth $75.00s 978-1-60781-134-3 Paper $39.95

Religion on the Rocks Hohokam Rock Art, Ritual Practice, and Social Transformation Aaron M. Wright Don D. and Catherine S. Fowler Prize eBook 978-1-60781-365-1 978-1-60781-364-4 Cloth $65.00s

Traces of Fremont Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah Text by Steven R. Simms Photographs by François Gohier 978-1-60781-011-7 Paper $24.95

The Rock Art of Utah Polly Schaafsma 978-0-87480-435-5 Paper $22.95

When the White House Calls From Immigrant Entrepreneur to U.S. Ambassador John Price eBook 978-1-60781-395-8 978-1-60781-143-5 Cloth $30.00

Dance with the Bear The Joe Rosenblatt Story Norman Rosenblatt Foreword by Robert A. Goldberg eBook 978-1-60781-237-1 978-1-60781-236-4 Cloth $44.95

Tracks in the Amazon The Day-to-Day Life of the Workers on the MaideraMamoré Railroad Gary and Rose Neeleman eBook 978-1-60781-276-0 978-1-60781-275-3 Paper $29.95

The Utah Prairie Dog Life among the Red Rocks Theodore G. Manno Photographs by Elaine Miller Bond Foreword by John L. Hoogland eBook 978-1-60781-367-5 978-1-60781-366-8 Paper $24.95

Ice, Fire, and Nutcrackers A Rocky Mountain Ecology George Constantz eBook 978-1-60781-363-7 978-1-60781-362-0 Paper $24.95

Home Waters A Year of Recompenses on the Provo River George B. Handley eBook 978-1-60781-967-7 978-1-60781-023-0 Paper $24.95

Seven Summers A Naturalist Homesteads in the Modern West Julia Corbett eBook 978-1-60781-250-0 978-1-60781-249-4 Paper $19.95

Wildbranch An Anthology of Nature, Environmental, and Placebased Writing Edited by Florence Caplow and Susan A. Cohen 978-1-60781-124-4 Paper $14.95

Spectator Kara Candito Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize eBook 978-1-60781-352-1 978-1-60781-351-4 Paper $12.95

The Rival Sara Wallace Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize eBook 978-1-60781-424-5 978-1-60781-423-8 Paper $14.95

Rancher Archaeologist A Career in Two Different Worlds George C. Frison eBook 978-1-60781-330-9 978-1-60781-329-3 Cloth $45.00s

essential backlist

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tion. Please submit requests on department letterhead, indicating academic rank, department, course name, expected enrollment, and term or semester of course. Submit request with $5 payment for shipping to: The University of Utah Press c/o Chicago Distribution Center 11030 South Langley Avenue Chicago, IL 60628 Hardcover editions may be requested by submitting a similar request with payment in the amount of 40% of retail price. Returns Policy Permission is not required to return overstock titles purchased from the University of Utah Press, but invoice must be included or credit will be issued at 50% discount. Returned copies must be in clean and saleable condition, with no pricing residue. Old editions and out­-of­-print titles are not accepted. Returns are not accepted before 90 days or after 18 months from date of invoice. Chicago Distribution Center retains the right of final decision to determine saleability of returned books. Credit for short shipments and damaged copies will be issued only if a claim is placed within 30 days of receipt of order. Send returns to: Returns Department The University of Utah Press c/o Chicago Distribution Center 11030 South Langley Avenue Chicago, IL 60628





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The University of Utah Press Fall 2015 Catalog  

The University of Utah Press Fall 2015 Catalog

The University of Utah Press Fall 2015 Catalog  

The University of Utah Press Fall 2015 Catalog