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2014 – 2015 Parent & Student Housing Guide

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Dr. Glenn Gittings, Director - Special Programs/Parents Association University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky 40292 (502) 852-6933

About this Guide UniversityParent has published this guide in partnership with the University of Louisville with the mission of helping you easily navigate your student’s university with the most timely and relevant information available. Discover more articles, tips and local business information by visiting the online guide at: The presence of university/college logos and marks in this guide does not mean the school endorses the products or services offered by advertisers in this guide. 2995 Wilderness Place, Suite 205 Boulder, CO 80301

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Housing guide Must-have knowledge for on-campus housing Welcome from On-Campus Housing First Year Live-On Requirement Housing Check-In Dates and Times Important Dates to Remember 2014-2015 It’s Your Community…LIVE IT UP! Student Engagment Opportunities Resident Student Association (RSA) Your Roommates What Do I Bring? Here’s What You Need to Know Dining Information


louisville GUIDE

Welcome from the VP of Student Affairs

Parents Association

Dear UofL Parents & Family members:

Welcome to the University of Louisville community! This is a fantastic time to be a part of the Cardinal family. Student involvement is extremely high. Services for your student are rapidly improving, recreational activities have never been more popular, and ideas to create a vibrant and exciting campus experience for your student are being enacted daily. Academic excellence and superb cocurricular opportunities go hand-in-hand, allowing your student to think critically about their place in the greater world – thus, exploring ways to contribute globally. We strive to define the University 4

louisville GUIDE

of Louisville as a place where academic excellence is matched by an unwavering commitment to student discovery. We are delighted that your family has decided to become members of the University of Louisville community. In addition we are excited about the special events and information included in this Parent & Student Housing Guide. We hope you find this guide helpful and please use this publication as our welcome to you.

The UofL Parents Association offers programs and services, regular communication, and outreach to parents and families to assist students in continuing their academic success throughout their college experience.

General complimentary membership includes: •

Monthly E-newsletters

Copy of the UofL Parent Guide


Parent hotline/E-mail

Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs

Parent Association website with resource guides and links (louisville. edu/studentaffairs/families)

University of Louisville

How can you stay connected? We communicate with parents and families through the Parent Newsletter and through our Facebook page. To join the Parents Association go to form/parentsnewsletterrequest Daily information is updated on the UofL Parents Association Facebook page and monthly emails are sent out to parents and families who have signed up. Once you sign up, you will receive information that will help you stay informed. 5

louisville GUIDE

louisville GUIDE

Cardinal Traditions Popular Tunes You can also show your UofL pride by singing along with the classic “All Hail UofL!” or with “Fight! UofL!” When they break out at UofL games and other university functions they drive Cards fans wild. So, take a few minutes and visit html to learn them--and the next time you hear them played, don’t be shy!

Facts About the University

The Thinker

Established in 1798, the University of Louisville is Kentucky’s premier, nationally recognized metropolitan research university. Total Enrollment for the Fall 2013 semester was 22,529 students, which includes 16,151 undergraduates, 5,620 graduate students, and 1,505 professional students studying medicine, law, and dentistry. UofL has a 16:1 student/instructor ratio. The University has three campuses. The main Belknap campus spans over 287 acres and is situated three miles from downtown Louisville. The Health Sciences campus is situated downtown and houses medical and health related programs and includes the University of Louisville Hospital. The 243-acre Shelby campus is located in eastern Jefferson County.


The University of Louisville has all 50 states, 116 of the 120 Kentucky counties, and 95 countries represented in its student population. More than 500 Registered Student Organizations are active on campus including Student Government (SGA), Greek, international & cultural, professional, religious, honorary and service, sports clubs, and special interest groups. The University of Louisville offers over 200 areas of study and 50% of the Fall 2013 incoming freshmen had already earned college credit before starting at UofL. University of Louisville

The Thinker statue sits in front of Grawemeyer Hall and is the first large-scale bronze cast of The Thinker and claims priority as the most original. French sculptor Auguste Rodin personally supervised the casting in Paris. It came out of the mold Dec. 25, 1903, and was completed in early 1904. The city decided to put The Thinker at UofL and it has sat in front of Grawemeyer Hall since 1949. To learn more on the UofL icon visit

The CARDS Cheer The CARDS Cheer is one of the first things new students and their families learn when they come on campus. A trademark at athletic games and campus events, the cheer also is the universal (and loudest) way to show your UofL pride.

Give Me An “L” To show our school pride and connect with the Cardinal family worldwide, we’ve got one move: Flashing an “L.” You’ll do this when you pose for photos, when a UofL team is successful, or really any time the moment grabs you. Using your right hand, stick out your thumb to the side while raising your index and middle fingers and bending the ring and pinky. That’s it, now you’re part of the tradition. Try it! 7

louisville GUIDE

louisville GUIDE

It’s A Barnburner By the time your student graduates, some of their fondest UofL memories will have been made at the famous George J. Howe Red Barn. The Red Barn hosts a variety of events from orientation to graduation fairs and everything in between. Founded by two UofL students in 1969, the building has been a gracious host for everything from guest speakers to punk concerts.

Athletic Conference Dominance

White Squirrels A few albino (white) squirrels roam campus. When you spot one, it’s a sign of a good day. Or, well, at least you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something special for the day.

The Year of the Cardinal. The greatest athletic accomplishment from the year was Louisville becoming the first university to win a BCS bowl game, place both its men’s and women’s basketball teams in the NCAA Final Four, and reach the baseball College World Series in the same season. There is no doubt Cardinal Athletics will continue their success as we move forward into the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)!

Student Life/ Student Services RSOs

Religious Life

There are more than 500 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus whose focuses include academics, athletics, social, political, ethnic, professional, religious and other topics. They all offer students a way to connect and have some fun!

More than 30 religious organizations can be found on campus, representing a variety of beliefs and denominations. Over 20 religious life advisors and ministers are available to help students explore and support their spiritual and religious needs.

Let the Dean Help Greek Life

Clues That You’re A Cardinal 1. You never step on the Cardinal Bird…you try not to drive on it either! 2. Any slow clap means one thing; it’s time for a CARDS cheer! 3. You used to like the color Blue, but now you’re disgusted by it! 8

University of Louisville Joining a fraternity or sorority is one of the best ways for your student to get involved, to network and especially make new friends on campus. UofL offers a diverse list of over 31 Greek organizations and each has a positive impact on the campus and community. No clue where to go for your question? No matter the question, if you don’t have the answer, stop at the Dean of Students’ Office in the SAC. The entire staff is ready to help. It’s their job to promote a positive learning experience and give your student the opportunities they need to succeed not just academically, but personally, too. 9

louisville GUIDE

louisville GUIDE

LGBT Services

Writing Center

Academic Advising The University of Louisville’s Office for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Services is a walking, talking positive force focused on one thing—helping students have a great experience, no matter who they are! The University Writing Center helps students work on their writing by providing individual sessions, writing resources and a comfortable place to write. Academic advisors can help your student investigate degree programs and careers, and be of assistance if your student experiences academic difficulty. The university has created an exciting initiative, Flight Plan, which allows your student to stay on course to graduate in four years or in the timeframe of their choice

First Year Initiatives

The Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service

The office of First Year Initiatives (FYI) is comprised of a network of great people who are committed to making sure your student has a successful and fun first year at the University of Louisville from the moment Summer Orientation is over until Finals Week in the spring semester! This office provides service and leadership opportunities throughout the year. It offers structured programming like Freshman LEAD and the Engage Lead Serve Board. Some of the offices programming includes monthly programs for students to serve at an array of local non-profit organizations, called SOUL (Service Outreach Uniting Louisville) events and Alternative Spring Breaks where students have the opportunity to help other national and international communities.

A few of the programs you’ll want to get your student involved in that this office provides are: • Welcome Week is an essential experience for every new student and helps students make the transition to being a UofL student! Welcome Week 2014 is Aug. 2024. There are over 50 activities for parents and families happening during those 5 days full of fun and excitement that you and your student won’t want to miss. Check welcome for the full schedule. • CAPS (Civic, Academic, Personal, and Social) Leader Summer Mentor Program. This is where each new first-year student gets an upper-class student mentor who checks in with them online during the summer. • Book-in-Common is also a great way for incoming students to get involved before the semester starts. Every year UofL selects a book for the incoming class that relates to the experiences they’ll have making the transition to college. 10

International Service Learning The University of Louisville International Service Learning Program (ISLP) is an interdisciplinary program that allows your student to experience international travel and gain course credit while doing so. The students and faculty collaborate to create educational programs that address human and community needs, then go to one of the following countries: Belize, Botswana, Croatia, the Philippines, or Trinidad and Tobago; and present their programs.

Counseling Center Juggling academics and a personal life can be hectic. If you find your student is frustrated or confused and unsure of where to turn, the on campus Counseling Center can help. UofL has professionally licensed psychologist and counselors to assist your student.

Cultural Center The Cultural Center is a hub for students of all backgrounds looking for a place to connect. The center itself offers programming for events like roundtable talks and lectures, and advises student groups. No matter your students’ background, the staff at the center can point your student to various student groups that may interest them.

Exploring the World Your student can easily enhance the value of their degree while studying abroad by taking courses in various academic disciplines or picking up a minor in a language. The University of Louisville Study Abroad website allows your student to find the program perfect for them by giving them the choice of searching for programs based on destination or by choosing the semester they would like to travel abroad.

University of Louisville

Intramurals UofL’s Intramural and Recreational Sports program offers more than 50 activities each year—including kickball, tennis, dodgeball, and flag football. If your student is interested they can form their own team to participate or join as a “free agent”. Something that is sure to make an immediate impact on the quality of life for your student is our new, 128,000 square-foot Student Recreation Center.


louisville GUIDE

louisville GUIDE

REACH Resources for Academic Achievement (REACH) provides FREE academic services and specific support programs to help your student better prepare and adapt to college life and to enhance their academic skills and performance in college courses. REACH tutors students in numerous undergraduate courses, offers peer mentoring and advice, provides seminars on study skills and student success, and much more.

DRC UofL is committed to equal opportunity for all academically qualified students, and does not discriminate based on disability. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) coordinates services to ensure that anyone with disabilities has equal access to take full advantage of UofL’s educational, social and cultural opportunities.

Career Center The University Career Center offers comprehensive services and programs to help students clarify their academic and career goals, gain practical experience through mock interviews, internships and cooperative education experiences, and identify employment opportunities and options. The Career Center also hosts fairs throughout the school year and provides every student with a Career connection. 12


University of Louisville

The University Police is a campus service organization responsible for law enforcement, crime prevention, emergency services and parking management for the University of Louisville. Services are provided on a 24-hour basis to students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors to the University of Louisville. University Police takes great pride in its advancing community policing efforts and works closely with the Louisville Metro Police Department.

In addition to 24-hour police campus patrol and response services, the University Police provides: •

Campus Safety Escort Program. This is a free service offered to any member of the University from dusk to dawn, any day of

the year. Call (502) 852-6111 to request an escort anywhere within on campus boundaries and up to four blocks off campus. •

Emergency Blue Light Phones located throughout campus provide 24/7 response. The caller’s location is provided directly to the dispatcher for 9-1-1 and all Blue Light calls.

UofL Alerts RAVE Alert Text Messaging and emergency notification system. One of UofL’s emergency communication modes. These text messaging alerts give you the most up-todate emergency information. Students and Families are strongly encouraged to sign up for UofL Alerts at


louisville GUIDE

louisville GUIDE

Campus Health Two locations: Belknap Campus 215 Central Ave, Suite 110 (502) 852-6120 Health Science Center Campus 401 East Chestnut Street, Suite 110 (502) 852-7256 We provide both preventative and acute care for students, plus: •

Women’s health services

Psychiatric services; including medication management

Specialist referrals & coordination of care with off-site specialists

Free flu shots

Pharmacy services & links to pharmaceutical assistance


Laboratory services

Allergy shots

Student health insurance program

Keeping Up with Technology & Social Media Lots of UofL departments are on Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few pages you might want to ‘like’ or follow soon: • UofLParentsAssociation

in a photo on Facebook, make sure to tag yourself. We love connecting with our fans. •

The UofL Parents Association provides helpful information on various programs, services, activities and general UofL happenings around campus. •

Alcohol Policy Alcohol Policies applicable to University Students may be found in the University of Louisville Code of Student Conduct. Visit students/codeofconduct to learn more about UofL’s alcohol policy.


University of Louisville and Want to keep tabs on everything going on at UofL? Check here to see the roundup of all of the big news on campus from medical breakthroughs and stories, photos and videos about students and employees. If you see yourself and Student Affairs uses these pages for a daily roundup of activities. You might find something to encourage them.

For a full round of social media links (including YouTube and Flickr) visit studentaffairs/followthebird

For a student resource page of university links that may be useful to you and your student, visit


louisville GUIDE

louisville GUIDE Card with the MasterCard logo provides students with two options on how to receive their refunds. The options are Easy Refund to the OneAccount or ACH transfer (direct deposit) to the student’s bank account. Students will receive their UofL HigherOne Card shortly after they register for classes in their first semester at the University of Louisville. The card will be mailed to the current address on file with the university.

Bursar Office The Bursar’s Office handles all Billing and Payment information. For information on tuition and fees visit the Bursar’s Office website at finance/bursar. Your Account (listed under the section Tuition, Fees, and Payment Options) on Ulink will list the student’s charges, disbursed financial aid, residual funds, and anticipated aid.

FERPA The University of Louisville is required by law to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This law establishes guidelines to protect the privacy of student records and to provide students access to these records. This means that students have the right to keep their records private and that the university is prohibited from sharing a student’s FERPA-protected information with anyone without a written release

Financial Aid The University of Louisville Financial Aid office provides walk-in counseling Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and the Call Center (502) 8525511 is also open during those times.

FAFSA Information The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the application for federal grants, work-study, and loans as well as some state and institutional aid programs. File the FAFSA online at We recommend students to file the FAFSA as soon as possible each year after January 1.


Award Notification & Aid Disbursement Award notifications are sent via email. First-year students will also receive a paper award letter in the mail. The award notification will direct students to their Ulink account. On Ulink, you can accept, reduce, or decline loan offers. Scholarships and grants are automatically listed on Ulink as accepted. Starting the week prior to the start of fall classes, funds will be disbursed. The Bursar’s Office will then post that aid to your student’s account. Disbursed financial aid that exceeds a University of Louisville

student’s balance is considered excess or residual funds. Residual funds will be distributed through HigherOne.

HigherOne Card University of Louisville has partnered with HigherOne, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to offer faster delivery of refunds to students. All refunds are processed by HigherOne. The University will NOT issue refund checks, so your student MUST use their card to access the HigherOne Website and choose an option for receiving any refund due to them. The UofL HigherOne

This does not mean that information is not available to you as parents. Students may share information with parents by setting up a PIN on their student portal Ulink, Have your student share their PIN with you and then please provide the student ID number and PIN when you request information for your student. However, due to FERPA, even as the parent or legal guardian who has the students’ ID and PIN some offices may still require that the student is the direct person speaking in order to release information. At any point, students can change their ULink PIN and these steps do not guarantee that student information can be shared. 17



Campus Map


University of Louisville




Campus Contacts Academic Calendar Fall 2014

(502) 852-5555


(502) 852-6531


(502) 852-5732

Athletic Tickets

(502) 852-5863


(502) 852-6679

BRICC Alcohol & Substance Resiliency

(502) 852-3442


(502) 852-5503

Campus Medical Services

(502) 852-6479

Cardinal Card

(502) 852-7520

Computer Resource Center

(502) 852-8096

Classes start

Aug. 25 (Mon)

Last day of initial registration

Aug. 25 (Mon)

Last day to drop/add

Aug. 29 (Fri)

Labor Day holiday

Sept. 1 (Mon)

Last day to apply for degree

Sept. 17 (Wed)

Counseling Center

(502) 852-6585

Mid-term break

Oct. 6-7 (Mon-Tues)

Cultural Center

(502) 852-7520

Last day to withdraw

Oct. 23 (Thurs)

Dean of Students

(502) 852-5785

Thanksgiving break

Nov. 26-30 (Wed-Sun)


(502) 852-6715

Last day of classes

Dec. 8 (Mon)

Disability Resource Center

(502) 852-6938

Reading day

Dec. 9 (Tues)

Financial Aid

(502) 852-5511

Final examinations

Dec. 10-16 (Wed-Tues)

Health Insurance

(502) 852-6519

Degree date

Dec. 16 (Tues)

Health Promotion

(502) 852-5429

Dec. 18 (Thurs)

Heath Science Center

(502) 852-6446

Housing Office

(502) 852-6636/854-9011

IT Help Desk

(502) 852-7997

Learning Resource Center

(502) 852-7516

Math Resource Center

(502) 852-7434

Metropolitan College

(502) 852-2749

December commencement

Spring 2015 Classes start

Jan. 7 (Wed)

Last day of registration

Jan. 7 (Wed)

Last day to drop/add

Jan. 13 (Tues)

Martin Luther King holiday

Jan. 19 (Mon)

Military and Veteran Services

(502) 852-6442

Last day to apply for degree

Feb. 2 (Mon)


(502) 852-7275

Last day to withdraw

March 9 (Mon)


(502) 852-2663

Spring break

March 16-22 (Mon-Sun)

Post Office

(502) 852-6699

Last day of classes

April 22 (Wed)

Public Safety

(502) 852-6111

Reading day

April 23 (Thurs)


(502) 852-6706

Final examinations

April 24-30 (Fri-Thurs)


(502) 852-6522

Commencement/degree date

May 9 (Sat)

Student Involvement

(502) 852-6691

Testing Services

(502) 852-6606

Transfer Center

(502) 852-4538

Events Calendar To keep up with the many university events going on, be sure to also check out 20

UofL Information

University of Louisville


housing GUIDE

First Year Live-On Requirement

Welcome from On-Campus Housing Welcome to On-Campus Housing! Living on campus will help you adjust to college life with the help of upper division staff and leaders who have learned the ropes! 70% of the first-year class live on campus and participate in our strong educational communities within the halls. The staff provides opportunities for students to connect and learn from each other as well as living the Cardinal experience! Those students who choose to live at home and commute to campus are welcome to join in our programs and events as well. This section will answer many questions you may have as you prepare to move onto campus in the fall. While here for Orientation, you will be able to tour a

room in the hall you have been assigned and both housing offices will be available to answer your questions. Feel free to explore our website at housing or to contact us at oncampus@ if you have questions.

We will see you at Orientation and look forward to welcoming you to your new home in the fall! The On-Campus Housing Team

What is more important than having a great experience at college? Graduating, of course! Living on campus will give you the advantage to complete your education. Students who live on campus are more likely to continue their education and have a higher G.P.A. than those who do not. Log on to the University of Louisville Housing website for more information about our residential policy for firstyear students:

EXEMPTION PROCESS Still think you can do well without living on campus? You will need an approval to do so. Please fill out the exemption form located under the Forms link at Students who can demonstrate that they meet one of the following conditions may petition for an exemption from the policy: •

Residing with a custodial parent or guardian for the academic year

21 years of age or older

Veteran of the U.S. Armed Services


Custodial parent or guardian of a child

Students with other extenuating circumstances may also petition for a waiver. Students will not be required to pay the application charge when requesting an exemption. Notice of exemption decisions will be sent within three weeks to the e-mail address the student listed on the exemption request. 22

University of Louisville


housing GUIDE

housing GUIDE

Housing Check-In Dates and Times Wednesday, August 20


Thursday, August 21


Friday, August 22


Saturday, August 23


Sunday, August 24


Important Contact Information On Campus Housing Office (West Hall)…(502) 852-6636/FAX (502) 852-5427 (Including, Center Hall, Miller Hall, Louisville Hall, Medical/Dental Apartments, Threlkeld Hall, Unitas Tower, University Tower Apartments and Wellness House) On Campus Housing Office (Kurz Hall)...(502) 854-9011/FAX (502) 854-8217 (Including Bettie Johnson Hall, Billy Minardi Hall, Community Park and Kurz Hall)

Important Dates to Remember 2014-2015


Anytime before May 2

Cancel housing with no cancellation charge

May 2-June 30

Cancel housing with $200 cancellation charge

July 1

Student bills are posted by Bursar Office

July 1-July 30

Cancel housing with $700 cancellation charge

August 1-August 29

Cancel housing with $1,500 cancellation charge

August 30 through the fall semester

Cancel housing with full amount of fall license fee due +$1,500 cancellation charge

December 17

Center Hall, Miller Hall, Wellness House, Threlkeld Hall and Unitas Tower close for holiday break at NOON

December 31

Spring 2015 Housing assignment cancelled before January 1 will incur a $1,500 cancellation penalty

January 1, 2015

Spring 2015 Housing assignment cancelled on or after January 1 will incur a $2,300 cancellation charge for community bath halls and a $2700 cancellation charge for suite or apartment halls

January 6

Miller Hall, Unitas Tower, Center Hall, Wellness House and Threlkeld Hall open at NOON for the spring semester

March TBD

Summer application process begins

May 1

Last day to cancel for Fall 2015 without penalty/Spring move out day

University of Louisville

It’s Your Community… LIVE IT UP! Traditional-Community Bath CENTER HALL* First Year Only Engineering/Speed School Living Learning Community 2108 Unity Place Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-0283

MILLER HALL* First Year Only 2001 S. 1st Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-5966

THRELKELD HALL* Honors Living Learning Community 120 E. Barbee Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-0945

UNITAS TOWER* First Year Only 108 Cardinal Blvd. Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-3162

WELLNESS HOUSE First Year Only 2108 Unity Place Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-6846 25

housing GUIDE

Suite Style COMMUNITY PARK First Year Only 2033 South 4th Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-0011

LOUISVILLE HALL* First Year Only 370 W. Brandies Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-7119

housing GUIDE *The above listed with this notation is the physical address but not the mailing address. All mail for Center Hall, Louisville Hall, Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall, Unitas Tower, and Wellness House needs to be sent to the PO Box that each student should arrange at the local campus post office. All other halls receive mail at the physical address. To learn more, visit All Billy Minardi Hall mail will go to the Community Park. Residents will be notified by a staff member.

Student Engagement Opportunities First Year Guides (FYG) The First-Year Guide is an upper division mentor assigned to assist first-year students with the transition to college during the first eight weeks of each semester.

HERMAN AND HEDDY KURZ HALL First-Year Guides serve as a role model, resource and university ambassador within the Housing and Residence Life support network. Individual attention is given regarding academic success, campus involvement, community building, living with a roommate, etc. First-Year Guides maintain a high level of communication and interaction with students in the residence halls and at campus activities.

Pre-Dental Hygiene Living Learning Community 1900 S. 4th Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-9011

BILLY MINARDI HALL All Male Initiative Themed Community 2040 S. 4th Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-0011

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)-Cardinal Chapter •

Apartment Style BETTIE JOHNSON 401 W. Cardinal Blvd. Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-2417

Focuses on the four pillars of Recognition, Leadership, Scholastics and Service.

Supports and encourages activities which develop leadership qualities in residents and coordinates the year-end recognition ceremony.

Induction occurs at special ceremonies in the fall and spring semester.

Members are involved in fund raising and community service and are encouraged to attend annual student housing conferences.

Check out what the NRHH-Cardinal Chapter has been up to through their Facebook page. facebook. com/NRHHCardinalChapter

Resident Student Association (RSA)

UNIVERSITY TOWER APARTMENTS Rustin Social Justice Theme Community Metropolitan College Themed Community 2000 Unity Place Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-4632

The goal of RSA is to make residence life an unforgettable experience, ensure that residents’ voices are heard and give consideration to students’ suggestions. RSA is a liaison among the residence hall students, Housing and Residence Life and the university community.

MED/DENT APARTMENTS 627 S. Preston Street Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 852-1448


Recognizes those students living in university housing who have exhibited outstanding

service and important leadership in the advancement of residence life at UofL.

University of Louisville


housing GUIDE

housing GUIDE

What Do I Bring? Recommended Items

Your Roommates Things to think about: The ability to communicate effectively with a roommate is perhaps the single most important factor in avoiding conflicts. Before you contact your roommate this summer, take time to consider how you would respond to these points. Consider some of your personal preferences, habits and characteristics:


What are your study habits?

What kinds of extracurricular activities do you want to get involved with at UofL?

How much sleep do you need to function?

How important is it for you to have a neat and clean room?

How do you feel about your possessions? What shouldn’t be borrowed?

What kinds of music do you like?

What do you do in your spare time?

How do you handle your emotions?

How do you deal with pressure?

When do you need to be alone?

What annoys you?

Get prepared today for a better tomorrow. Before summer ends find out the following:

Desk lights for studying & convenience

TV, radio, stereo

Carpet (some of our locations do not include carpeted rooms)

Alarm clock


Pets (other than fish)

Microwave and cooking utensils (microwaves are not permitted in Threlkeld Hall)

Open-coil devices

Air conditioners

ENERGY STAR® preferred brands

Weapons of any kind


Halogen light bulbs


Torchiere lamps (upwardfacing bowls)

Extension cords

Who is bringing what?

Are you going to share food?

How clean are the two of you?

Sleeping habits?

Study habits?

How you would like to set up the room?

How are you going to resolve conflicts?

Shower shoes/towels

Linens/pillow/extra-long twin sheets

What are the rules about guests in the room?

Something to carry toiletries to community baths

Reusable bags for carrying groceries and making shopping trips

Power strips with surge protector

Cancellation: Dear Parents and Students; If you do not plan to live on campus, you will need to fill out the First-Year Exemption Request Form immediately. If you have an assignment and are no longer attending UofL, please fill out the cancellation request form immediately to minimize your charge. Visit to learn more. University of Louisville

Refrigerator •

No larger than 4 cu. ft.

Some residence halls provide combination refrigerators and microwaves in the suites.

All apartments contain refrigerators

What Not To Bring •

Hot plates

Electric frying pans

Loft beds

Toaster ovens


Phones: All rooms have a Voice over IP phone. These phones only work with an Internet connection, so regular phones will not operate on these lines. Please do not connect regular phones to residence hall phone lines. The VoIP phones are costly and you will be charged for damages. The VoIP phones also serve as emergency broadcast notification for the University.

Early Arrival Information We understand that some residents may have school-related reasons that require a move to campus before the check-in date. We will do our best to accommodate special requests based on the availability of rooms. The cost for early check-in is $25 per day in addition to the regular semester rate and will be added to the student account. The early arrival request form goes live on July 1st. Visit to submit an early check-in request. 29

housing GUIDE

housing GUIDE

Dining Information The Plan

Here’s What You Need to Know What is an RA?

What is my CardMail Password?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who are trained to listen to problems, assist in emergencies, and serve as a liaison to Housing and Residence Life. They can answer questions you may have about Housing or campus life.

Your CardMail password is the same as your ULink.

What Is ULink? You can find ULink by going to the University of Louisville home page and clicking on ULink under popular sites. Using your ULink user ID, you can view your housing assignment and discover who your roommate will be, you can register for classes, print off your class schedule, pay your school bills, receive up-to-date information regarding the school and connect with several other departments on campus.

What is my E-Mail Address? Your e-mail address is your ULink user (for example:

How do I Start Using my CardMail? Log in to your account at cardmail. Your log-in ID for CardMail is your ULink userID@ (for example: 30

Visit to learn more about Cardmail.

How Do I Get My Mail? In order to receive mail and packages, residents living in traditional halls must have a campus post office box. You will have an opportunity to sign up for a post office box during orientation. The cost of a mailbox is $5.00. You may also visit the post office after move-in to receive a box. Proof of housing is required. Please print your confirmation e-mail. With regard to package delivery, the postal service will receive the package and place notification in the student’s PO Box letting him/her know there is a package that needs to be picked up. Residents in Bettie Johnson Hall, Billy Minardi Hall, Community Park, Kurz Hall, Medical Dental Apartments and University Tower Apartments will find mailboxes in the buildings where they live, and may receive packages there as well. *Residents of Billy Minardi Hall will receive packages at Community Park.

University of Louisville

Dining on campus is so easy and convenient we’ve put it on autopilot. Each fall and spring semester, all students in university housing, and any full-time commuting student taking at least 9 credit hours on the Belknap campus, are automatically assigned a meal plan. Visit to view the meal plans specific to your residence and options to upgrade or customize. The meal plan is accepted at all campus dining venues and Flavours Catering: ( html) which tailors its service to student tastes and budgets.

Market (breakfast and lunch combos) and Cardinal Burger Company. Meals expire at the end of each semester. NOTE: If you have a specific issue, don’t be afraid to chat with the staff at the Ville Grill. Online: feedback.html, in person, or over the phone (502) 852-7261

The “Flex” Meal plan flex points are decliningbalance-type dollars accepted at all campus dining locations. Flex points earn an automatic 6% discount with each purchase. Flex points roll over from fall to spring semester. All flex points expire after spring finals.

The Card The Cardinal Card, your student ID, is your pass to dining on campus. Your plan is pre-loaded on your Cardinal Card ID, charged to your tuition account and becomes active on move-in day. Easily manage your account with Cardinal Card Online ( login.php). View your account balance, view recent transactions, report a lost or stolen card, and deposit funds. All flex deposits more than $100 get a 10% bonus. Example: $150 deposit = $165 flex points

The “Meal” Meal plan meals may be used at the all-you-care-to-eat dining hall, Ville Grill, or across campus at Global


University of Louisville Parent Programs Louisville, Kentucky 40292 (502) 852-6933


2014 –2015 University of Louisville

UofL Parents and Student Housing Guide 2014  
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