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The Untitled Magazine celebrates its global launch with an issue dedicated to Cinema. We looked for the most exciting up-and-coming and established talent from the silver screen and beyond that inspired us and will be talked about at home and abroad. We invited international journalists, artists, photographers and directors to explore the most iconic references in cinema to create our fashion and beauty stories, portraits and features. What are the influences shaping the film world today? Everything from the inspiration, the costume designers, the directors, and of course the talent on the screen is explored in over fifty productions in our Cinema issue. We went to Los Angeles, London and New York to photograph and interview some of the most exciting talent in the industry. We asked them not only about their recent projects, but also their paths to success, and what shaped them along the way. We profiled legendary filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick as well as some of the most influential female directors. We interviewed artists who are inspired by Cinema, and explored the works they create. We examined new directions in the medium, such as fashion films, video art, set and costume design, as well as how these elements are progressing. Most importantly we celebrated one of the most talked about and creative expressions to evolve in the last century, Cinema, which from the early days of silent films to the modern era of streaming continues to enthrall audiences globally and impact society more than almost any other artistic medium. Take a journey with The Untitled Magazine’s “Cinema� issue, from the printed page to our online edition at, which features behind the scenes videos, in depth interviews, fashion films, documentary shorts as well as the latest international news in cutting-edge art, fashion and film.

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Exposed by Bryan Adams Kubrick - The Legacy Realisatrices Gina Gershon Iconic Film Fashion Artistry and the Reel Life Cinematic




Hollywood Hit List A nnabelle W allis, S coot M c N airy, J osh Henderson, Brit Robertson, Katherine Lanasa, Peter Vack, John Cho, Gillian Jacobs, Derek Luke, Shawn Roberts, Josh Peck, Kathleen Robertson, Nick Krause, Jordan Belfi, Freddie Stroma, Aaron Yoo, Grey Damon,


New York Stories J oanna K ulig , I sabelle M c N ally , A lexia R asmussen , E lvy Y ost , E va A murri M artino , N oah B ean , J oseph S ikora , G ina R odriguez , A lexia L andeau , V incent K artheiser


London Calling L ily C ole , J ack D erges , T aser H assan , J ack G uinness , J ack F ox , L uke B randon


F eild , S ophie K ennedy C lark .

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Starsick The Ride Escape Candyland


Vanessa Hudgens Blow Up Dial M for Melissa Gatsby Girl Lost Two for the Road 9 1/2 Weeks Dangerous Liasons Second Circle The Butterfly Collector Pret A Paris

Screen Siren Red Carpet Drama


La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

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Dom Perignon & David Lynch Chanel: Little Black Jacket Olympic Events by Lady V Cannes 65th Film Festival Stockists



Sir Ben Kingsley Photographed by Bryan Adams

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To most, the name Bryan Adams conjures 80’s rock, songs like “Cuts Like a Knife” and “Summer of ‘69” reminiscent of an era of stonewashed jeans and feathered hair. The native Canadian rocker quit school when he was a teenager to hit the road as a musician-for-hire, and over the years has been awarded 18 Juno Awards, a Grammy, and multiple Oscar nominations. What most of us do not know about Bryan Adams, however, is that over the past decade, he has quietly established himself as a brilliant photographer.

EXPOSED BRYAN ADAMS IC: If you could be anyone in your book “Exposed” who would it be? BA: Perhaps Sean Penn, we got on very well. He’s intense and mischievous - a good combo.

Starting in the late ‘90s Adams began shooting self-portraits for album artwork. Shortly thereafter he widened his range to include friends, other musicians, actors and models. Eventually he had a portfolio so substantial that a retrospective was born. Exposed is its title, implying both the function of camera film as well as what it is that a portrait reveals about its subject. The book also ‘exposes’ the secret that Adams is a remarkably accomplished photographer. It’s no surprise that he’s accumulated reams of accolades for his work, including two Lead Awards.

IC: Why the title “Exposed”? BA: This is my first book of photographs, and aside from presenting myself to the world as a photographer, I’m also revealing my subjects. Not to mention it is a synonym in photography.

The book, whose pages contain stunning portraits of celebrities like the ever-brooding Sir Ben Kingsley, a pouty Lindsay Lohan and Mick Jagger in mid-leap, is due out September 15th. The Untitled Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Indira Cesarine, sat down with Adams in London for a one-on-one chat about this momentous new body of work and what it all means to him. Here’s what he had to say.

IC: Do you prefer shooting actors, musicians or models? BA: I don’t mind, I love people. At the moment I’m doing a book on injured soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. IC: Do unusual things ever happen on set? BA: Well if there were really unusual things going on on set, it could only be a good thing. Who wants normal?

IC: How did you get into photography? BA: Experimenting and documenting my work on the road. Ultimately doing portraits of friends.

IC: Have you ever fallen in love while taking a photo? BA: Wow, yes, but I’ve never done anything about it.

IC: How long have you been shooting? BA: I started seriously going for it at the end of the 90’s but there was lots of messing around before that. In the late 80’s I bought a Rolleiflex camera which sort of changed everything about photos for me. However, even then it never really occurred to me that I could manage both things. I’ve worked it out now…

IC: If you could only take one more photo for the rest of your life who would it be of? BA: Probably of Bunny, my daughter. IC: How do you cast your subjects? BA: I just keep an eye open, and I’ve got lots of ideas to work with other artists, but creating shoots takes time to put together as I was saying. So much about fashion and art has to do with good styling.

IC: How do you manage your music career with your busy shooting schedule? BA: I only tour for a week a month, the rest of the time is creative time or at home. I feel like I spend more time prepping my shoots than actually working on them.

I prefer to let the photos speak for themselves, only because I think the moments with your subjects are private. I will tell you that it’s a privilege to have had to chance to work with such brilliant people, they made it easy.

IC: What inspires you on set? BA: Usually my team, and I’m normally quite prepared for my shoots and have a fairly good idea what I want to do. After that it’s up to the inspiration of the moment and what is in front of you.

Published by Steidl, Exposed is available for purchase online and at bookstores globally from September 2012.

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Annabelle Wallis | Scoot McNairy | Josh Henderson | Britt Robertson | Katherine LaNasa Peter Vack | John Cho | Gillian Jacobs | Derek Luke | Shawn Roberts | Josh Peck Kathleen Robertson | Nick Krause | Jordan Belfi | Freddie Stroma | Aaron Yoo | Grey Damon

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Annabelle Wallis Age: 27 From Oxford, England Lives in Los Angeles Photographed by Tony Duran

ANNABELLE WALLIS If Annabelle Wallis is a familiar face, it’s no surprise. The multilingual beauty has been making rounds in big name titles like X-Men: First Class, and the Showtime drama series The Tudors alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers. She also had a role in the 1963 throw-back series Pan Am with Christina Ricci and Kelly Garner, and a part in Madonna’s 2011 film W.E.

commercials, small films... all of those lit the way down the path to bigger things.” Unapologetic for her intense love of the craft, she confessed that if she weren’t an actress, she’d seclude herself “on a hill somewhere” and write all day long. “I love that all the nicks and grazes I get along the way add to a well of knowledge and experience I can draw from and make my work better and better.”

The 27-year-old speaks Portuguese, French, and Spanish in addition to English, and feels that acting has been part of her core since day one. “I feel that I can now say acting was in my blood. I’ve always acted, be it way back in my school plays, TV

Catch her now as “Sara”, Chris Hemsworth’s wife in Snow White & the Huntsman. Black Jacket by Dior, Hair and Make Up by Kela Wong.

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John Cho Age: 40 From Seoul, South Korea Lives in Los Angeles Photographed by Indira Cesarine


film acquisition for MTV Films. But it was another comedy role in 2004 would be his most famous to date: Harold Lee in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. The stoner film has become a cult classic and spawned an entire series of films including a 3-D Christmas installment. More recently, John appeared as Sulu in J.J. Abram’s Star Trek and will reprise his role as the USS Enterprise’s helmsman in the untitled sequel, which will be released next May. Until then, we can see John wiping the memories of the masses as a “Rekall representative” in the remake of the action flick Total Recall.

Even if you haven’t heard of John Cho, you’re carrying on his legacy if you’ve ever uttered the phrase “MILF”, or gone on a quest for a White Castle. After attending school at Berkeley, John started acting with an Asian American theatre company in Los Angeles. He appeared in a handful of plays and films including a small role in American Beauty. But it wasn’t until his iconic, albeit small, role in 1999’s American Pie that he gained recognition. After gifting the world with the phrase “MILF”, John went on to have supporting roles in Evolution, Down to Earth, and Bowfinger. John garnered critical acclaim for his role in the 2002 Sundance crime drama Better Luck Tomorrow, which became the first ever

Fashion Editor: Cannon Grooming by Patricia Morales @ Jet Root

This page: John wears a jacket by Dolce & Gabbana, shirt by Boglioli, trousers and tie by Robert James, & Bracelet by Charriol. Opposite page: He wears a jacket by Burberry available at Saks 5th Avenue, Beverly Hills, shirt by Vivienne Westwood, trousers by Paul Smith Jeans, and sunglasses by Gucci

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Josh Henderson Age: 30 From Dallas, Texas Lives in Los Angeles Photographed by Bell Soto


role on TNT’s remake of Dallas, and his resume includes Desperate Housewives, 90210, and the 2006 film Step Up. When asked what his most difficult scene was, Josh describes the ending scene from the first episode of the FX war drama Over There, where he played a young soldier whose convoy truck hits a roadside bomb. “In the scene my character’s leg comes off when the medic lifts me onto the stretcher. It was a very intense day on set and I knew how real of a moment it was for so many of our wounded veterans. I was emotional and overwhelmed that day.” Catch Josh Henderson in his upcoming films Rushlights and Swelter. Fashion Stylist: Christian Classen

Josh Henderson does not believe he “found acting”, but rather vice versa. “I feel that this business, in a way, found me. And I’m forever grateful because I truly believe this is what I was born to do.” Josh got his break when he was cast on the WB series Popstars 2. He emerged from the show as a member of the winning group, but soon received calls from agents who had other plans for his boyish good looks and on-screen enthusiasm. “A few agents saw me on the show and wanted to talk to me about potentially acting. I met with them and they sent me out on an audition that same day. Three weeks later I had booked a pilot and a movie. That’s when it all started!” Having worked in the industry for ten years, he’s secured a lead

Grooming by Stella Kae

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STORIES J oanna K ulig | I sabelle M c N ally | A lexia R asmussen E lvy Y ost | E va A murri M artino | N oah B ean | J oseph S ikora G ina R odriguez | A lexia L andeau | V incent K artheiser

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JOANNA KULIG Joanna Kulig Age: 30 From Poland Photographed by Indira Cesarine in New York City

director, in that exact scenario. As for her love affair with cinema? “In the movie theatre you get transferred to a totally different world, and that allows you to forget the real one. Unfortunately since I became an actress and know all of the technical details… some of this magic is lost for me forever.” The Untitled Magazine caught up with her while she was in New York for the premiere of Elles at The Tribeca film Festival. Her highly charged performance in the controversial fillm also starring Juliette Binoche is not to be missed. Also catch her alongside Ethan Hawke in The Woman in the Fifth, which premiers this September. In 2013 you’ll spot her in Hansel & Gretel: The Witch Hunters.

Polish actress Joanna Kulig knows that a little language barrier isn’t enough to keep her from executing a brilliant role. She learned to speak fluent French in just a few months for her roles in both Elles and The Woman in the Fifth—movies she was offered parts in when Małgośka Szumowska and Paweł Pawlikowski spotted her at a prestigious film festival in Poland. Joanna was being recognized at the event for her role in Grzegorz Pacek’s Wednesday, Thursday Morning. For this reason, it’s Pacek’s film that she notes as her big break. No stranger to intensity in front of the camera, Joanna’s debut on the big screen revealed some the hardest scenes in her career thus far. “I performed the part of a terminally ill teenager who wants to experience different aspects of love before she dies… including the physical. It was also hard because it contained my first nude scene ever.” When asked about falling in love on the job, she explained that she fell for her now-husband, a script-writer and

Joanna wears a lace dress by Temperley, cape as skirt by Jac Langheim, tights by Wolford, necklace by Chrishabana, & snake skin belt by YSL. Fashion Editor: Jackie Astier Hair by Anja Grassegger @ Factory Downtown, Make up by Carolina Dali.

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Vincent wears a biker jacket & shirt by Sons of Heroes & jeans by Dior Homme.

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Isabelle McNally From New York & Paris, France Lives in New York City Photographed by Indira Cesarine

at her Upper East Side high school. Regarding those times, she recites Mark Twain’s infamous quote, “Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” This year she’s revving up for a future on the silver screen with upcoming releases Not Waving But Drowning and Greetings from Tim Buckley this year, followed by Indigo Children in 2013, which is slated to be her most intense performance yet. Catch her as she ascends from party princess to indie film icon.

Isabelle McNally is the daughter of downtown-defining restaurateur Keith McNally—the man responsible for the famed Balthazar and Pastis among others. She’s also a staple in New York’s party circuit, though when Nylon Magazine dubbed her an “It-Girl” in 2008, she remarked, “Isn’t It a character from The Addams Family?” Fluent in French and possessed with a love for cinema, the aspiring actress has appeared in 2009’s Passing Strangers and 2010’s Struck. Isabelle did some modeling for retailer Urban Outfitters and clothing line Obesity & Speed, and she served as a muse and campaign face to Earnest Sewn’s denim diffusion line in 2008. Isabelle grew up between Paris and New York due to her father’s traveling and was something of a self-proclaimed problem child

This page: Isabelle wears a dress by Lauren Bagliore & hat by Victor Osborne. Opposite page: Dress by Lako Bukia. Makeup by Bobbi Bujisic @ Judy Casey & Hair by Shawn Mount

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LONDON CALLING L ily C ole | J ack D erges | T aser H assan | J ack G uinness J ack F ox | L uke B randon F eild | S ophie K ennedy C lark

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LILY COLE Lily Cole Age: 24 From Devon, England Lives in London, England Photographed by Eitan Lee

When she’s not shooting a major campaign, studying up a storm, or researching the business ethics of a potential brand to work with, being an avid champion of fair practices by retail companies, the model, Cambridge student and gorgeous redhead Lily Cole is racking up credibility in the acting world. She made waves in both the cinema and fashion industries when news hit that she would be cast as Valentina in 2009’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus alongside Jude Law, Heath Ledger, and Johnny Depp. It wasn’t a bad deal for her first major big screen appearance, and, incidentally, she would be the last actress to appear on screen with Heath Ledger.

After seeing the film in its entirety, Lily explained that she felt emotional upon viewing her scenes with Heath. “I hadn’t seen him in over a year, and I’d been so hurt by what had happened. Though it was really nice to see him on screen... and see him playing a character that was so familiar to me.” Since the release of Imaginarium her projects have included films There Be Dragons, The Mother Diaries, and 2012 Cannes Film Festival entrant Confession of a Child of the Century. Catch her now in Snow White and the Huntsman, alongside Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.

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Jack Fox Age: 26 Lives in London, England Photographed by Indira Cesarine


Fourth son of renowned British actor James Fox, Jack Fox is carrying the Fox family torch down the same trail they’ve been blazing for generations. His Grandfather, Robin Fox, was a theatrical agent, while his uncles are actor Edward Fox and producer Robert Fox. An avid twitter-user, Jack lists himself as “Son of Actor James Fox and Nurse Mary Fox. Actor and healer?” He appeared in the British TV series Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant in 2009 and Inspector Lewis in 2010 before scoring a recurring role in the 2011 series Fresh Meat. He recently appeared in a short entitled Beast in 2011. Look out for him this year as Private White-Bowne in the BBC mini-series Privates, which he recently wrapped in Ireland.


Jack wears a suit by Burberry Prorsum, shirt & coat by J Lindeberg. Fashion Editor: Charles Adesanya Grooming by Elliot Bssila @ DWM

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Luke Brandon Feild Age: 23 From Paddington, England Lives in Hampstead, England Photographed by Indira Cesarine

LUKE BRANDON FEILD He’s no stranger to emotions on-camera, but Luke Brandon Field knows the value of separating work from personal affairs. Even in the midst of what he described as a “taxing” break up he kept a self-proclaimed razor focus on acting. “It made me realize how important it is to leave your problems aside when working, to really give a true performance. Being clouded by your issues isn’t beneficial to any party.” After being awarded a scholarship to UCLA for Drama and Film, Brandon jumped into the industry and scored a lead role in the indie film Where The Road Meets The Sun. His poetic visage lends itself well to dramas, but his resume boasts a diverse list of roles. “I love cinema,” he told us, “It’s a great tool for educating and entertaining people. As an actor you play roles that can really expand your mind and challenge you.” But if he wasn’t acting? “I joke that I’d be a doctor, but I’d like to have worked in music management.” Look out for him alongside Vinnie Jones and Michael Madson in Magic Boys, and the upcoming drama Be Okay. Luke wears leather motorcycle jacket, knit jumper & hat by Asher Levine Grooming by Elliot Bssila @ DWM

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Screen Siren Red Carpet Drama

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RED CARPET DRAMA Beauty Editor: Bernadine Bibiano Fashion Editor: Indira Cesarine Make up by Bernadine Bibiano @ Judy Casey Hair by Miok @ Judy Casey From the days of vintage Hollywood to the late 1980s, there was an accepted standard for photogenic red carpet jewels: bigger was better. The massive iceberg diamonds on the necks, wrists, and ear lobes of starlets were in direct correlation with the barrage of camera flashes, rampant editorial admiration, and most importantly, a sharp spike in credibility for the top tier jewelers post-event. But as old world Hollywood’s elitist guidelines are cross-bred with the indie fashion culture, artistic innovation and an emphasis on individuality, ‘creativity’ has become the new code for A-list appearances. From bangles in the shape of amphibians to hand rings that resemble lethal weapons, jewelers are adopting the use of more diverse materials and conceptual designs. While remaining timeless, heritage jeweler Garrard’s red carpet offerings now include interwoven deer antlers and black diamondencrusted flame motifs inspired by the “Great Fire of London”. Cartier’s Sortilege de Cartier, launched in 2011, embodies color and movement with the dynamic inclusion of tassels and beads, while hues of cabochon yellow and fresh aquamarine amp up the impact. Stephen Webster conceptualized cuff bracelets modeled after shark jaws that clamp elegantly to the arm, and a series of extravagant jeweled pendants that represent the seven deadly sins. A recent addition to the red carpet jewelry It-crowd, bespoke goldsmith Sabine Roemer took the concept one step further with a diamond and emerald iteration of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 prison bracelet, which Morgan Freeman wore to the Oscars for his Invictus nod. A new age of red carpet jewelry has arrived, and while the eye catching drama is alive and well, the generic diamond rush has been overhauled in favor of individuality and artistry. Photographer Warwick Saint captured a stunning selection of some of our favorites, worn by model Bekah Jenkins on the following pages.

^^^ 22

Fire of London diamond earrings by Garrard. Makeup by YSL. Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in Beige Rose Blush Radiance in #1 Vernis A Levres Lipstain in Rouge Laque Ombres Duolumieres in Silver Moire/Black Flannel Shocking Effet Faux Cils Eyeliner Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking in Noir Profond La Laque Couture Nails Polish in #1 Rouge Pop Art

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shadow a film by Willy Vanderperre for


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Vanessa Hudgens Blow Up Dial M for Melissa Gatsby Girl Lost Two for the Road 9 1/2 Weeks Dangerous Liasons Second Circle The Butterfly Collector Pret A Paris

^^^ 25

A S S S E N E N A G V UD H Fashion Editor Cannon Make up by Stephen Dimmick @ Aim Artists Hair by Patricia Morales @ Jed Root When you hear the name Vanessa Hudgens, what comes to mind? All American sweetheart, the actress “Gabiella Montez” from Disney’s High School Musical, the ex-girlfriend of Zac Effron, singer, cover girl, yoga enthusiast, winner of countless teen choice awards.... Your perception of Vanessa is about to change with back-to-back challenging roles in some extremely dynamic films. The Untitled Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Indira Cesarine, met up with the actress to talk about her daring new roles, and what it took to transition from a Disney darling to a serious character actress with a very certain future. Born in 1988 in Salinas, California, the Irish, Native American and Filipino beauty is the daughter of a fire fighter. Acting from the age of three, she has been honing her craft her entire life - singing, dancing and acting along the way from one success to the next. “I started when I was really, really young… I did my first play when I was three in my pre-school production of the Nativity story. I played Mother Mary holding a baby Jesus and he’s sitting away in the manger. Ever since then my parents allowed me the freedom to take classes. I started taking dance lessons, and singing lessons, and piano lessons, and getting into community theater and I always loved it. I kept on doing plays and one thing just led to the other.” Despite critically acclaimed performances in movies like Bandslam, the 24 year old actress is most well known from her Disney High School Musical series. She has found transitioning from her image as “Gabriela Montez” to be one of the most challenging achievements of her career thus far. “High School Musical was incredible and it was so fun and it gave me so many fans which

Vanessa wears a dress by Rafael Cenamo, shoes by Pedro Garcia, necklace by Sethi Couture, right by Baccarat & ring by Judith Ripka.

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Vincent wears Pants by Boglioli, Shirt by Oliver Spencer From left to right: Natalya wears Chadwick Bell Silk Organza gown with Collar by Chromat. Darla wears vintage dress Megan wears coat, skirt and tights by GANT by Michael Bastian with hat by Leah C. Millinery & shoes by DSquared2.

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BLOW UP Fashion Editor Jackie Astier Make up by Jessica Tarazi Hair by Shawn Mount

^^^ 29

Melissa wears a coat by IRFE, Wolford stockings, and a fur hat by Dennis Basso.

^^^ 30

Lace gown by Tadashi Shoji.

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Olympic saber fencers Tim Morehouse and Race Imboden know the key to perfecting their difficult sport: sprints. They both also train Mondays through Fridays 9 to 5, which probably helps. Some of this time is dedicated to video and mental training preparation to keep their minds sharp, too. No wonder these native New Yorkers have both finished at various world championships. Morehouse’s success includes a silver medal in Beijing, making him the first US men’s fencer to medal, while Imboden is considered the next rising star. They both recently competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

USA Olympians Tim Morehouse and Race Imboden wear Olympic fencing whites and Nike footwear.

Dress By My Asho

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GATSBY GIRL Fashion Editor: Brendan Cannon Make up by Hector Simancas Hair by Felix Fischer Photographed at Capitale in New York City. Actress Gretchen Mol becomes a Gatsby Girl for our fashion story featuring the flapper-chic 20’s looks that became renowned from the original film, The Great Gatsby, 1974, starring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. Connecticut native Gretchen Mol was working at Michael’s Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen when she was scouted by a talent agent right out of her hat check booth. Seemingly destined for the film and theater industry, she worked as an usher at Angelika Film Center and performed in high school musicals next to future Broadway star Peter Lockyer. Photographer Davis Powell approached her in 1994, offering a portfolio revamp. Immediately after, her visage appeared on the cover of W Magazine. Gretchen’s look became iconic quickly, but ultimately she put modeling on the back burner in favor of her acting career. The late ‘90s saw her on the cover of Vanity Fair while acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. In 2006 she made waves as the lead role in The Notorious Bettie Page. “I got a chance to feel like I knew something about Bettie, so by the time the role was mine I was pretty confident,” she said of the experience. “I felt like I really worked for it.” Since her debut, Gretchen has showcased in over 30 films and countless theater productions, including a solid year cast as Roxie in a Broadway production of Chicago. Look out for her these days in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

^^^ 34

Gretchen wears a beaded dress by Bibhu Mohapatra, Pearl necklace by David Webb, Earrings and ring by de Grisogono and Leah C Couture Millinery headpiece.

^^^ 35

Alex wears a shirt by Zaynep Twosun, top and trousers by Molly Goddard, Arckiv collarpiece and Charkviani shoes.

^^^ 36

Alex wears a bra and underwear by Made by Niki, shirt by Charlie May and Jewelry by Imogen Belfield.

^^^ 37

Backstage at Alexandre Vaulthier Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2012



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Starsick The ride Escape CandyLand

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La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Dom Perignon & David Lynch Chanel: Little Black Jacket Olympic Events Cannes



Lady V



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From left: Katherine Keating, Indira Cesarine, Laura Comfort at Hotel du Cap

The 65th annual Cannes Film Festival was held from May 16th to May 27th, 2012. Italian film director Nanni Moretti The Jury of Competition, while French actress Bérénice Bejo hosted the opening and closing ceremonies. The Jury of Competition welcomed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier to its ranks, who was the first designer invited in the festival’s history. Other members included British actor Ewan McGregor, Palestinian actress and director Hiam Abbass, French actress Emmanuelle Devos, British director and scriptwriter Andrea Arnold, and German actress Diane Kruger. The festival opened with served as president of


US film Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson, and closed with the late Claude Miller‘s final film Thérèse Desqueyroux. Elkelv, Iris Brosch, Indira Cesarine, Dominique Palombo, Patrik Andersson, Michael Williams, Konstantinos Menelaou, and Dimitri Hyacinthe were featured at the event, which began at midnight and ran into the morning hours.

The esteemed Palme d’Or was awarded to Austrian director Michael Haneke’s Amour—a film that centered on the bond between an elderly couple, one of whom suffers a stroke that paralyses one side of her body. Best Actress was awarded to Romanian actresses Cosmina Stratan and Cristina Flutur for their performances in Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills, which also won Best Screenplay for its dramatic interpretation of a case of exorcism that ultimately killed a young member of a monastery in Moldova in 2005. Other films of note included The Paperboy starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman, Killing Them Softly starring Brad Pitt, Lawless starring Natalie Portman, and Moonrise Kingdom starring Bruce Willis.

Other exclusive events during Cannes 65th festival included The Armani / Chopard Haiti Fundraiser hosted by Sean Penn, Denise Rich and Paul Allen’s private boat soirreés, and the Belvedere Vodka event with special concert performances by 80s pop star Cyndi Lauper and the legendary Ronnie Woods from the Rolling Stones. Also on the A-list radar was a sunset boat party hosted by Petra Nemcova and Michele Gonzalez, who DJ’d while guests were served champagne and canapes. The party was held in celebration of a forthcoming film, currently in production, although no one seemed to have many details.

This year Cannes was hit by torrential rain, seemingly unending for days. Many of the outdoor events and screenings were canceled during a four day downpour that put a damper on normally sunsoaked festival. Directors and starlets may have had to hit the red carpet under umbrellas, but there were still a lineup of stellar parties and events, including The Untitled Magazine’s event at the sought-after VIP Rooms, co-hosted with The Double Seven from New York.

Le Baron’s Cannes pop-up was one of the hottest venues in Cannes this year, hosting the CAA party among others. The outdoor terrace and indoor dance club were packed with the French film scene on a nightly basis. The sun came out just in time for the annual Replay party on the 22nd, which featured a brilliant performance by Scottish rock legends Simple Minds. Immediately following was an exclusive star-studded bash on P Diddy’s private boat in the port, boasting a guest list of stars and supermodels including Adrian Brody, Kelly Brook, Lady Victoria Hervey, Nellee Hooper, Ulf Ekberg, Benicio del Toro, Ana Beatriz Barros, Ozwald Boateng, and many more.

The VIP Rooms hosted back-to-back events during the festival, including concert performances by P Diddy, Ronnie Woods and Cyndi Lauper. Mark Baker and Jeffrey Jah of The Double Seven teamed up with The Untitled Magazine for a blow-out event on the 21st, which featured an installation of fashion films from the magazine on large video screens throughout the venue while DJ Ruckus spun the decks. Videos by directors including: Jordan Doner, Zaiba Jabbar, Christian Witkin, Michael Daks, Monika

The following evening the event everyone was talking about was the annual De Grisogono party at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, one

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THE UNTITLED MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 PREVIEW The "Cinema" Issue 5 - Vanessa Hudgens Cover Issue featuring exclusives with: Aaron Yoo, Alexia Landea...


THE UNTITLED MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 PREVIEW The "Cinema" Issue 5 - Vanessa Hudgens Cover Issue featuring exclusives with: Aaron Yoo, Alexia Landea...