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FROM THE EDITORS 5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF! Your shuttle rips through the stratosphere cutting an arc across the horizon. Outside, the world you knew dwindles to a speck. You’ve entered a new world, the view that awaits you is stunning. The lamps of UNSW’s main walkway dance like stars lighting the night. The leaves sing in the wind like comets racing across the galaxy. Skyscrapers stand before you offering new opportunities. Get ready to launch into your university experience! A thrilling, out of this world experience awaits you and we want you to make the most of your First Year! To equip you with the best skills and abilities, BSOC Publications has compiled the best information and tips into a travel-friendly handbook: The First Years Guide! Whether you need tips about launching into uni, mapping your course trajectory, discovering life outside the classroom or shooting for the stars with your career aspirations, this guide has you covered for every step of your trip. The UNSW Business Society (BSOC) is the constituent society of the UNSW Business School. It’s the gateway for all business-related students to develop personally and professionally. We are a society run by students for the students, and we’re here to help your university experience be as rewarding as possible. BSOC hosts a range of academic, social, sporting and career-oriented events, and much more throughout the year, so keep updated by following our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Stay connected, determine your own adventure, but most importantly, enjoy the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

UNSW Business Society


UNSW Business Society

Love, Varun Amin and Kiara Warner Publications Directors UNSW Business Society 2020

This Student Club publication is proudly supported by Arc



Whether you have freshly escaped from the shackles of high school, reluctantly returned from a gap year, or even travelled thousands of kilometres away from home to be here, we would like to extend a warm welcome to UNSW Business for 2020. Here at UNSW you have a golden ticket to achieve whatever it is you want, so get ready to work hard (… and play even harder) with your old, and undoubtedly, new friends alike! All this talk of opportunity and change can seem overwhelming for a fresh faced first-year Business Student – or at least it was for us! We still remember being those dewy-eyed first year students helplessly trying to find the Sir John Clancy Auditorium, our nervous attempts to try to introduce ourselves to strangers in our microeconomics tutorials, and most significantly, awkwardly wondering how to address our tutors (do I say Sir? Miss?!). But it’s important to not stay trapped in your own bubble and recognise that you are not alone! This is where the UNSW Business Society (BSOC) comes in. Backed by the UNSW Business School as its constituent society, we are a not-for-profit that helps our 10,000 students through all facets of university life by offering support, opportunities and a sense of community. We aim to inspire you to be the best you possibly can, engage you with other likeminded individuals and empower you professionally, personally and academically not only for your first year, but for many years to come. It would be remiss for us say ignore the realities of university; like anything, it has ups and downs. While for some there is a seemingly smooth transition into university and later into the workface, for many this will not be the case. That said, BSOC will always be there to guide and support you wherever your golden ticket ends up taking you. But all this talk of the future is for later: for now, get ready to blast off in your first year at university! Meet new people, engage in new and perhaps intimidating opportunities (we know those networking events may seem scary!) and leave no stone unturned, because after all, good minds ask “why?” but great minds ask, “why not?”.

Michael Kim and Karrie Chen Co-Presidents UNSW Business Society 2020



Introductions Getting to University Study Spots Health and Services Words of Wisdom Campus Eats

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Inspire tomorrow’s difference makers

Through academic study, business and professional skills training and mentored practical experience, Chartered Accountants are trained to help drive business growth and approach complex business challenges in an effective and ethical way.


© 2019 Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ABN 50 084 642 571. All rights reserved. 1550-SEPT-19

We have updated some of the Programs entry requirements to make studying more flexible for candidates. The changes offer candidates more options to enter and study the CA Program. Find out more at youunlimitedanz.com

Making a positive impact on the world and in the lives of others

Rebecca Glover CA is a Chartered Accountant and Chief Financial Officer at World Vision Australia – the world’s largest private humanitarian development organisation, operating in over 90 countries across the world. As a Chief Financial Officer, I’m responsible for 50 staff and a number of departments. The traditional markets in which we operate are fundamentally changing. And given this environment, it’s people with strong analytical, problem solving and forecasting skills that stand out when I’m hiring business professionals. For that reason, I always prize candidates with a Chartered Accountant designation. Quite simply, they’re the people who will most quickly adapt to these changing markets. As a Chartered Accountant I understand how challenging it was to get that accreditation – the process, the rigour and the training. Seeing that designation immediately gives me a sense of the capability and calibre of that person.

youunlimitedanz.com © 2019 Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ABN 50 084 642 571. All rights reserved. 1550-SEPT-19

Whether it’s in business or not-for-profit or otherwise, a Chartered Accountant is someone who can bring a breadth of skills to particularly challenging business problems. It also represents a level of professionalism, drive and perseverance they’ll bring to their work and conduct. Being a CA has been the key stepping stone in my career. It’s a designation that’s respected around the world. Whether I’m dealing with a local business or with a global organisation, when people ask me what my background is, they understand what it means when I say I’m a Chartered Accountant.

GETTING STARTED Course enrolment • All your basic information about your enrolment can be found under the Student Services section in the 'My Student Profile' page on MyUNSW. • Enrolment Appointments show the dates on which class enrolment opens. Get in quick to perfect your timetable! • You must enrol each year for your courses and every term for your class time tables. • Update Your Enrolment allows you to pick up, drop and swap courses of your choice.

Course outlINES Found on moodle, these contain vital information for your course, including: 1. Assessment information such as passing requirements, assessment weighting, due dates and other key details. 2. Course Resources such as required textbooks. 3. Course Schedule: includes topics covered in lectures each week, readings, and tutorial work.


Here are some tools to help you navigate around UNSW like a pro! • UNSW Kensington Map • Lost on Campus App • Google Maps App • UNSW Virtual Tour • Opal Travel for topping up your opal card



Second-hand options will save you money! UNSW Textbook Exchange (FB): This is a Facebook group with UNSW students. Search for 'UNSW Textbook Exchange' or 'UNSW Textbook Exchange (Commerce)'. Zookal: Lends and sells second-hand textbooks at discounted prices. Visit zookal.com for more info. Student VIP: online marketplace featuring a Textbook Exchange Service. Visit studentvip.com.au for more info. For new textbooks Zookal: also sells affordable, brand new textbooks. UNSW Bookshop: Conveniently located on campus adjacent to ASB, you're guaranteed to find any textbook you might need here or at bookshop.unsw.edu.au.

ARC AND BSOC This should be near the top of your list of priorities at O-week. Find the Arc Stall to become a member and get your sticker. This will allow you to receive awesome discounts, free merchandise and other great perks for the rest of your degree! During the trimester you can sign up by visiting Arc Reception, just off the Rainbow Basser Steps. You must be an Arc member to join societies. If you study a Business School degree, you're already a part of the BSOC family! Make sure to grab a BSOC sticker at our O-week stall for access to exclusive discounts. To get more involved with our events : • Like our FB page • Check out unswbsoc.com • Sign up to our mailing list on our website • Follow us on instagram at @unswbsoc


TRANSPORT The Opal Travel App is free for Android and iOS. You can plan your travel, top-up and manage your opal card, receive upcoming stop alerts, get fare estimates and find out about service disruptions. Express bus services are the most convenient way to get to UNSW from Central Station (891, 893 and 898). These buses pick up students from Eddy Avenue every 2-6 minutes during the 7:00am to 10:30am peak period! CENTRAL STATION TO UNSW - 891 (Stand D), stopping at lower (High Street Gate 3) and upper campus (High Street Gate 8) UNSW TO CENTRAL - 893 (High Street Gate 3) - 898 (High Street Gate 8) PUBLIC BUSES - From Eddy Avenue Stand C: 391 / 393 / 395 / M10 - From Elizabeth Street Stand E: M50 / 393 TOWN HALL/MUSEUM TO KENSINGTON - M10 / M50 / 392 / 394 / 397 / 399 / L94 OTHER KEY BUS SERVICES - 370: Leichardt to Coogee via Anzac Parade and High Street - 400: Burwood to Bondi Junction via High Street LIGHT RAIL SERVICES - The L2 Randwick branch line heads down Alison Road and connects to UNSW’s High Street entrance (near upper campus). Services run every eight to ten minutes between Central and Randwick, during the 7:00am to 7:00pm peak period. - The L3 Kingsford branch line is due to open in March 2020 and will travel from Moore Park to the Lower Campus entrance to UNSW


STUDY LOCATIONS ON CAMPUS MAIN LIBRARY T h e m o s t re c o gn is e d s tu dy l o c a t i o n o n c a m pu s h a s ro o ms a n d b o o t h s a v ailable fo r b o o k i n g o n l i ne fo r gro u p s t u d y s es s i o n s . Th e re ’s a ls o a 2 4 / 7 s t ud y s p o t o n le v e l 2 fo r a l l of y o u r l as t min u te c r a m m i n g n ee ds .


No t l imi t e d t o j u st Law st u d e n t s, th e L a w Li b r ar y i s c l ose r t o t h e B u s in e ss S c h ool w h i c h m a k e s i t a co n ve n i e n t st u d y l oc a t i on . R o o ms are av a i l a b l e f or b ook i n g o n line so y ou c an se c u re a room to s tu d y i n , b u t m a k e su re t o bo o k ah e a d , as re se r v at i on s a re n o rmal l y b ook e d ou t w e e k s i n advance.


“The Place” is a flipped classroom facility with study booths and 24/7 I D c ard s w i p e a c ce s s fo r B u s ine s s S c h o o l s t u de nts . Th e re are m i c ro w av e s a n d h o t w a te r o n l ev el s 1 a n d 2 f o r fo o d bre aks , w h i c h i s a b i g pl us , bu t de s pite a l o t o f op e n s e a t i ng o ptio n s , y o u c a n’t b o o k ro o m s h e re , s o gro u p s t u d y s es s i o n s a re d ifficu l t du rin g c ro w d e d p e a k u n i h o u rs .


Could the career you seek be something that you build, not find? Student opportunities in 2020 ey.com/au/careers #FutureOfWork

The future is an exciting place. Could you answer the questions of tomorrow, today?

The exceptional EY experience. It’s yours to build. Which program is right for you?

Graduating As technology transforms the way we all live and work, your success will be defined by your mindset as well as your skillset. When you have the right mindset, you are better able to adapt, lead and manage through change. The right mindset puts you in control of your growth, career path and future as you continue to learn and acquire new skills. Your curiosity, open-mindedness and enthusiasm will help to shape your future and ours.

We bring extraordinary people, like you, together to build a better working world.


Vacationer Program

Cadet Program Game Changers Club Career Compass Program




Graduate Program


The Cadet Program offers you an experience that will help you accelerate your development as you combine work with study to get the best of both worlds.

Applications open in February

The Game Changers Club explores how your skills could build into your future career. You’ll network with business leaders and EY professionals as you attend events throughout the year.

Applications open in February

The EY Career Compass Program allows you to explore the endless career opportunities within the EY organisation and will help you make smart decisions about your professional career.

Applications open in July

The EY Vacationer Program is a great way to experience the working world gaining valuable skills and networks. Start building your career and secure your graduate role early.

Applications open in February and July (in select locations only)

The EY Graduate Program will propel your career forward, providing you with ongoing training and support to help build the future you want.

Applications open in February and July (in select locations only)

Connect with us For more information on our application process, life with us, competitions and to get the inside scoop on EY, follow us on: ey.com/au/careers





© 2020 Ernst & Young Australia. All Rights Reserved. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. SCORE No. AU00003690. ED None. PH10142019.

HEALTH+ WELLBEING The transition into university is one of immense change, and you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed at times. But don’t worry, no matter the nature of your problem, there are a range of tailored services at UNSW to help you out.

LGBTQI+ UNSW COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (CAPS): Location: Ground Floor East in Quadrangle Building, opposite Arc Office. The CAPS team consist of professional counsellors and psychologists who provide psychological services, motivational support, assist with mood management and general transition into university. Consultations can be either booked beforehand or provided through “on the day” face-to-face or phone consultations. Visit counselling.unsw.edu.au for more info


Ally @ UNSW: The Ally training program aims to make UNSW a great place for everybody by reducing barriers of fear and ignorance that lead to prejudice and discrimination. The training sessions provide in-depth discussions of diverse gender, sex and sexuality, and explore the issues facing the LGBTIQ community.

Location: Ground Floor East of the Quadrangle Building University Health Services is staffed by GPs who can Queer collective @ ARC: provide you with comprehensive health services and The Queer Collective is a body within the SRC which a referral to one of the specialists on staff. represent the LGBTIQ+ students on campus. They DISABILITY SERVICES: Visit student.unsw.edu.au/disability for more infor- meet twice a week and host a range of activities throughmation Disability services is staffed by a team of Disability out the year at Queerspace; Advisers dedicated to providing assistance regard- room 9.21 in the Chemical ing health conditions, learning disabilities or other Sciences building. personal circumstances that may affect your studies. Support provided may include: - Educational adjustments to classwork and exams - Assistive technology and notetaking services - Special consideration for assessments


WORDS OF WISDOM “Don't let a fear of failure stop you from trying for things! There's always a lesson to be learnt and it's better than the regret of not trying in the first place” - Wilson Lin, Vice President Operations

“Uni is all about the people you meet". Make sure you meet new people at uni whether that's through class, societies or extracurriculars. UNSW has a very friendly and active student community and the maximum value you can derive from uni “Find out what you're passionate is forming friendships and expandabout and don't be afraid to change ing your network.” - Travis Wu, courses. What you start off studying Treasurer doesn't have to be what you graduate with.” - Alan Vien, IT Director “Get involved with university life. The culture I’ve experienced at UNSW is “Order hot chips with a teh tarik at entirely different from high school and Mamak and thank me later.” - Abie I highly recommend keeping an eye Lau, Sponsorships Director out for promotions of UNSW's events on FaceBook or Instagram. However, “Be open-minded!” - Judy Choi, these events do take time and money Education Director as you would like to bond with your peers or newly made friends over “Be open to any opportunities that lunch or dinner after an event. So UNSW has to offer, when I was a first another tip I would give to a first year year I made sure to jump head first student is finding a stable job that into anything that would push me allows you to have a balanced lifestyle out of my comfort zone, I'm so - around 15 hours a week.”- Steven Li, happy I did since it has let me to Social Director where I am now!“ - Ava Lim, Careers Director “Form study groups with friends or peers undertaking the same course as “1. Have fun - yes university is you. This is a great way to share about working hard, but its equally resources. For content-heavy subjects, important to meet new friends and delegate note-taking amongst the along the way create long lasting group to consistently make study memories! notes throughout the term. Study 2. Figure out your priorities - this groups are a fun way to make friends, will help you get everything YOU as well as studying effectively and want out of university! 3. Involve yourself in what university efficiently for upcoming assessments.” - Siqi Yang, Social Director has to offer - there are a multitude of opportunities to engage in outside the classroom and they will “Take chances and opportunities that definitely enhance your university come, don’t be afraid to change for experience!” - Michael Kim, the better..” - Bryan Herijanto, Co-President Education Director


HUNGRY? THIRSTY? STellini pasta bar Situated at Lower Campus, UNSW Village is home to various popular culinary powerhouses. Starting with Stellini’s, every UNSW students go-to for fast and delicious pasta. As a dedicated regular, my go-to order is the Amatriciana Spaghetti with Pink Sauce which I highly recommend to all.




Whether you’re at the end of a long day, you want to listen to live performers in the beer garden, or just want to take advantage of the great value on their daily food deals, the Roundhouse is a hotspot for students looking to kick back, have a drink and play some pool. A must for all first years! Situated at Lower Campus.

Moving up the Campus towards the Quadrangle, we have Q-Lounge. It's perhaps the most popular food court on campus, with a variety of delicious, fresh food and affordability. For $11 you can steal a chicken schnitzel with chips and gravy, guaranteed to satisfy any hunger pangs you experience while you’re studying at uni.


atomic press

convenience stores

Looking for something to fill that bubble tea craving? Try 10.14 for some of the best pearl milk teas and fruity teas in Kingsford! 10.14 also has an amazing ‘buy one, get one free’ deal this means with $7, it’s the perfect place to bring a mate or a date! It’s located off campus down Anzac Parade.

For the most important drink whilst at university, you can go to Atomic Press for your morning and afternoon coffees! Not only is this coffee extremely tasty and convenient given that it’s located next to ASB. BSOC has partnership deals and offers to make it that much better for your new budgeting needs!

Throughout campus, there are cheap alternative convenience stores that offer a wide variety of products to accommodate for your tight budget. This includes the pharmacy, IGA and the WHSmith, where there are cheap drinks, confectionery, snacks and pies, located at mid-campus.

Written by Jeremy Chea & Lachlan Kim


WAYWARD THINKERS WANTED ATTENTION: dabblers, browsers and lateralists of every ilk. The wandering minds. And the riled up souls.

WE ARE WPP AUNZ, THE REGION’S LEADING CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION COMPANY AND WE WANT YOU! YOU! YEAH REALLY, YOU! We are experts in media and advertising, PR and technology. We are designers, brand champions, curators of the customer experience and data insight hunters. We weave our peerless local market knowledge into the best of communications, commerce, experience and technology, for our clients. If you’ve built a resume on an unrelenting burning desire to master the art of being a fascinating travel companion, or a chemistry champion - to that we say welcome! Join our creative force of the open, the optimistic and the extraordinary. Because we want you. Yeah really, you. wppaunz.com/Careers

TIPS TO HELP YOU STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME At WPP AUNZ we believe it’s important to thrive, not just survive! Here are a few tips from our Wellbeing Ambassadors to help you set up some great habits for your first year and beyond.


We are designed to move. Stand, walk, or get a training session in before class. Aim to be moving for half your day, it will help you think more clearly, feel better and give you the energy you need to get the most out of study and play! Troy Nicoll, Senior UX Designer, VMLY&R


Recognising how stress effects your mind, body and emotions enables you to take action early. During intensive study or exams, take the time to gain a healthier perspective through activities that work for you yoga, meditation, walking in nature, or exercise. Even 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. Remember, the only person who can truly look after you, is you. Carla Bradshaw, Group Client Director, MediaCom


A good daily routine is the foundation for being the best version of yourself. I get 7-8 hours sleep most nights, workout early in the morning, always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and have a cheat day each weekend. Find a healthy routine that works for you, stick to it, you’ll be firing on all cylinders! Jennifer Gledhill, Group Account Director, Ogilvy Australia

Set up some great habits now and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you start your career. Being your best means taking good care of you!



Degree Survival Kit Dual Degree Experiences Core Subjects Majors Trimesters

21 26 27 32 34


Study Load:

A subject that you study for an entire trimester. Courses are usually worth 6 Units of Credit (UoC). E.g. ECON1101 – Microeconomics. Some have prerequisite courses. Remember to check the UNSW Handbook before you enrol.

Prescribed Electives: Courses you can choose from a specific set list. Free Electives: Possible courses you can choose that are not specified by UNSW, but may have certain restrictions.

Number of courses/UoC taken per trimester. Full-time load (per year): Studying at least 36 UoC over trimesters 1, 2 and 3 and taking at least one course per trimester. Full-time load (per trimester): Studying less than 36 UoC a year but studying at least 2 courses worth 6 UoC within a certain trimester. Part-time load/underloading: Studying less than 36 UoC over trimesters 1, 2 and 3; and less than two courses worth 6 UoC in each trimester. Normal Load: The recommended load of 48 UoC (8 courses) per year. However, 54 UoC (9 courses) per year is still considered as a normal load. Overloading: Studying more than 54 UoC over the three trimesters, requiring a 65+ WAM and an application for authorisation within your program.


Census Date:

Gen Ed: General Education courses a required for most degrees. Some have course codes beginning with GEN. Check your specific Gen Ed requirements in the UNSW Handbook.


Selecting which courses you will study in each trimester of the upcoming year.

Registration: Selecting your classes and timetable for each course in the upcoming trimester. Occurs just before the conclusion of the previous trimester.

The deadline to change class registration and course enrolment for the upcoming trimester without financial or academic penalty. Deadline to drop: The deadline to drop a course is any time up until your final exam. You can drop a course with financial penalty but no academic penalty will incur. Written by Martin Ngo



The UNSW Handbook provides information regarding your degree including program structures, required courses, majors, potential career options and more. Always consult the version of the handbook for the year you started your degree (i.e. the 2020 version).


Crossangles is a website that you can use to plan your timetables before registration opens. This allows you to quickly register before clases fill up. Crossangles: https://crossangles.app/

uni-verse app

Uni-verse is a mobile app you can use to see maps, key dates, moodle activity deadlines, library loans and fees, upcoming arc events and more. You can also access updated info about your timetable and exam timetable, which is useful when there are sudden room changes.


Written by Susanna Yao

assessment overview Online quizzes

in-tutorial quizzes

The purpose of online quizzes is to to test your understanding of the topics covered in the previous lecture. Cumulatively, the marks you receive in multiple online quizzes throughout the term will account for a large portion of your overall mark.

In tutorial quizzes aim to regularly stimulate the final exam experience through testing concepts recently covered in class. Students who consistently revise content will excel in these quizzes.


class participation

The content written in reports are homogenous across the cohort, using key frameworks and theories to delineate a solution to a specific case study. However, significant marks can be deducted for not routinely checking for spelling and grammatical errors.

These are marks attainable for dedicated students who regularly attend tutorials, complete assigned work as preparation and contribute verbally to class discussion. These marks must be treated seriously to ensure success with your Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

final exams

group presentations Regardless of your major, group presentations are a recurring theme of university life. They assist students to develop key skills like public speaking, whilst synthesising course content. Ensure that you understand your section of the presentation thoroughly and routinely check in with other members.

The format of these will vary between courses. Ensure to be consistently revising key concepts and utilising any available past exams or challenge questions. This will consolidate your understanding of course content over the course of the trimester.

Written by Ryan Van


STUDY TIPS 1. Organisation is key

The newfound freedom of university is great until you realise you have three assignments in one week and you’ve spent all your time not studying. Save yourself the additional stress and plan your term. Note down when your assignments/exams are and plan accordingly. Catching up in university is a lot harder than high school, so save yourself the trouble and stay organised.

2. Don’t forget to make notes Don’t underestimate the value of making your own notes! Not only will it cut down the time needed to memorise, tailoring the information to the way you think will help you move from simply memorising content to actually understanding it.

3. Utilise the resources available Make sure to keep a copy of your course outlines accessible. Need to know what homework is due this week? Check the course outline! Freaking out and wanting to know how much you’ll need in the final to pass? Check the assessment weighting in the course outline!


Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) offers the opportunity to ask questions you were too scared to ask in tutorials, access to more resources and the chance to meet new people. If PASS classes are offered, attend! Meet other people studying your course by joining societies and attending BSOC Peer Mentoring! Building a network of like-minded people can make studying more enjoyable.

4. Keep up healthy habits This means reducing caffeine binges and minimising the number of all-nighters pulled! Remember, if you look after your body and mind, they will look after you. At the end of the day, studying is only part of your university experience. Remember to leave time to meet up with friends, work out and put yourself out there through joining different societies. A well-rounded university experience is something that you will be able to look back fondly on and be proud of.

Written by Lisa Gunawan

ÂŽ2017 Citi, Citi and Arc Design and other marks used herein are service marks of Citigroup Inc. or its affiliates, used and registered throughout the world.

Last year, we helped more than 200 million customers all over the world make their own kind of progress. What progress will you make?

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES We will give you access to valuable intelligence, decades of experience, and a wealth of perspectives on the future of the financial industry. Join Citi and develop skills for global leadership, with training and experential learning opportunities in an innovative and inclusive working culture.

oncampus.citi.com /citicareers







This four-year dual degree offers you the unique opportunity to triple major! Generally, students can choose two Commerce majors and one of Economics, Financial Economics or Econometrics. Keep up with the compulsory cores! This will give insight into which three majors to pick in 2nd year!

This four-year degree allows you to develop strong mathematical skills across the business spectrum that you get to apply to various real-world tasks. It is a content-heavy degree where falling behind will make uni-life balance difficult. Prioritise course materials each week to stay ahead.

Written by Varun Amin

Written by Naditha Jayanetti



This five and a half year degree offers you the opportunity to choose a major in Commerce and Engineering. I suggest studying both every year to maintain a balance. With this double degree, the overlap is in consulting. Otherwise, you will end up choosing employment in either industry. .

This four-year double degree is extremely versatile, allowing you to combine your commerce degree with one of thirty-five arts majors. It’s best to decide on your arts major as early as possible, but if you’re not sure, there are twelve free arts UOC.

Written by Lachlan Siu

Written by Kiara Warner



This four-year dual degree program equips you with a unique skill set, preparing you for the online global economy. I recommend coding outside of class working on personal projects to practice the concepts that you have learnt in class whilst also building a strong portfolio.

This five year degree develops the legal skills required to navigate the heavily regulated business world. Ensure you attain class participation marks by completing readings and attending law lectures. Ensure you make your own concise summaries for final’s rather than blindly printing other’s notes.


Written by Alan Vien

Written by Siqi Yang

acing core subjects ACCT1501: Accounting 1A

- Undertake constant revision through tutorial questions and past papers to ensure an accurate approach to understanding accounting principles. - Learn through practice! - Having the ability to accurately name the required journal entries or draw up financial statements allows students the confidence to complete their mid-sems and finals efficiently and within the time limit. - It is wise to make the most out of the resources put on Moodle by your Accounting tutors. Written by James Li

ECON1203: Business Stats

- ECON1203 requires consistent diligence throughout the term. - The group work component is a significant part of the course, make sure you organise regular meetings and a system of accountability. - Take advantage of PASS classes to help consolidate your knowledge if you’re still confused after weekly tutorials, and make sure to utilise moodle resources, including staying up-to-date with questions on the forum; chances are someone else has already asked the same question you’re confused about! Written by Kiara Warner

ECON1101: Microeconomics

- ECON1101 has an efficient and concise textbook. The best way to gain grasp the concepts explored in this course is to study the textbook and to understand the examples rather than memorising. - Utilise your tutors: Come to tutorials prepared. Tutors can answer your questions and help you when ideas become a bit confusing! - ECON1101 doesn’t offer many past papers, but if you systematically complete all tutorial and playconomics questions you will set yourself up well for tests. Written by Varun Amin

MGMT1001: Management

- Try to ensure that you have at least one week to write up each of the reports! Within the reports, make sure to continually refer to course concepts and integrate them to your argument. - Always ask your tutor how they prefer you structure and write your report. It’s their opinion which matters most! - Being a team player in group work is crucial, ensure you are open-minded and responsive to your team. - Adhere to course requirements such as Harvard Referencing. Written by Monica Qin


Be part of a global success story. Visit www.nestle.com.au/careers

Choose extraordinary.

We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary, and we want you to join us. As an Associate Consultant, you’ll make an impact from day one, continually building new skills and solving challenging problems. The training and support you’ll receive will be second to none, and you'll embark on a global career path that will help you maximise your potential in any industry. We’re looking for talented individuals who like to work within a culturally diverse, intellectually stimulating, fast-paced and highly collaborative environment. If that describes you, reach out and connect with us. We look forward to meeting you.


“As a global firm with a broad range of services, the possibilities are endless for somebody looking to begin their career in professional services.”

#BDOCareers www.bdo.com.au/careers

BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO member firms. © 2018 BDO. All rights reserved.

MAJORS ACCOUNTING Analysis of financial information to manage business resources and investment decisions effectively.

actuarial studies (b. ACTuarial studies ONLY)

actuarial risk mgmt + analytics (b. ACTuarial studies ONLY)

Analyse and manage a range of risks in the context of a global financial environment.

business analytics

Evaluate and manage risk by applying mathematical, statistical and financial analyses.

Analysing and applying data to make informed decisions within the business environment.

Business straT + Economic mgmt

business economics

Study of economic behaviour Using economic theory and to make informed strategic analysing economic drivers to decisions inform business decisions.

Business Strat + Economic MGMT


Strategic decision- making informed by economic behaviour.

Using maths and statistics to describe and analyse economic hypotheses.

economics (B. ECONOMICS ONLY)

finance Technology

The study of the production, allocation, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

Exploring how the use of big data and technology is able to enhance financial services.




financial economics

The study of investment decisions, financial markets, valuations of financial assets, and financial risk.

(b. economics ONLY)

An economy-wide analysis of how individuals, firms, and markets manage financial risk.



Managing employee recruitment, orientation and treatment as well as the workplace environment and culture.

Organising and analysing data to inform good business decisions and solve digital problems.



Development, strategy. and management of multinational organisations.

Guiding and organising people, relationships and organisations; developing goals and regulating resources.


quantitative data science

Using market research and analysis to communicate value to stakeholders e.g. customers and clients.

(b. ACTuarial studies ONLY)

The study of methods to organise, model, and analyse data relevant to businesses.

real estate studies


Management and research of real estate investment in both public and private sectors.

The study of taxation legislation, regulations, and policies to inform business conduct and decision-making.

Written by Clinton So


TRIMESTERS key dates

Term 1:

Term 2:

Term 3:

17th Feb - 15th May O-Week 10th Feb - 13th Feb Teaching Period 17th Feb - 28th April Study Period 29th April - 1st May Exam Block 2nd May - 15th May Term Holidays 16th May - 31st May

1st June - 27th Aug Registration Opens 6th April Teaching Period 1st Jun - 10th Aug Study Period 11th Aug - 13th Aug Exam Block 14th Aug - 27th Aug Term Holidays 28th Aug - 13th Sep

14th Sep - 10th Dec Registration Opens 20th July O-Week 9th Sep - 10th Sep Teaching Period 14th Sep - 23rd Nov Study Period 24th Nov - 26th Nov Exam Block 27th Nov - 10th Dec

TRimester opportunities for you

Course Flexibility

UNSW3+ Academic Trimesters provides students with greater flexibility and options to tailor each degree to their needs. Having the option to complete up to 9 subject courses per year, students are able to create opportunities for work, internships and exchange without extending the overall length of their degree.


Arc Sports

Take advantage of UNSW3+ to try as many social sports as you can! Shorter terms means shorter and more social sports seasons, meaning that you can try a new Arc social sport (or more than 1) each term. From dodgeball to volleyball to oztag, social sport is a great opportunity to get active and meet new friends along the way.

Trimesters Tips and Tricks Balancing Workload

With faculties condensing 12 weeks of content into 10 weeks, it is important to distribute varying levels of course difficulties accordingly. Pair more difficult courses such as ECON1203 or FINS1613 with more manageable subjects such as ECON1101 or MGMT1001, to best balance the academic workload with your other commitments. Alternatively, take advantage of UNSW3+ in order to schedule your course progression so as to create room in the future to accommodate underloading your study. Complete only 1 or 2 difficult courses during underloaded terms, as opposed to choosing 3 subjects, to create more time to study and prepare for exams.

Midterm Exams

For most courses midterms fall early around week 5/ 6. Make sure to prepare in advance by obtaining notes and resources prior to the start of the term either from your peers or course resources. Use this mini-teaching break to work ahead and learn future content before normal lectures and classes resume, to get a head start on more difficult, late-term course concepts.

Study Load

Your full-time status is relevant to Centrelink, Youth Allowance, and Opal Concession status. You must study at least 18 UoC over T1, T2 and T3, AND at least one course per term to attain full-time student status for a whole year. You can be full-time in specfic terms by studying at least 2 courses

Written by Bryan Herijanto & Judy Choi


ARE YOU A HIGH ACHIEVER? JO IN A U S T R A L IA 'S F A S T E S T G R O W IN G S T A R T - U P Checkbox is a 13x global award winning start-up with the mission of enabling anyone to build software. Currently, we help tier one enterprises across Big 4 professional services, law firms, ASX20 corporates, global insurance and banks transform their businesses by building automation and workflow software without the need to code. As an intern or grad at Checkbox, you'll be working directly with these giants at the forefront of corporate innovation, learning from the Founders, and working with Australia's brightest team in a fast-paced, high growth environment.

LIFE OUTSIDE UNI The Uni Experience Creating a Balance Exchange From an Intl. Student Sports at Uni Case Competitions Applying for societies BSOC Deals Getting Involved

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The best university experience isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. Ultimately, your life at university over the next few years depends on what you make out of it. If you actively put yourself out there to try new things, I can guarantee that you will have one of the best times of your life! “How would I be able to do so?” you ask. At UNSW there are many different ways you can maximise your experience as we are blessed with a thriving social life here on campus. As a kickstarter, here are some things you can look out for in your first year of university: SOCIETIES: There are thousands of UNSW societies who run regular events such as free food, camps, social events and more. This is a definitely an easy way to make new friends, as it is usually free to sign up and is a hub for people with similar hobbies, cultures and interests! ARC EVENTS: A great way to step out of your comfort zone is to go to start-of-session parties held by ARC at the beginning of each trimester, as you can get groovy with fellow first years and fully dive into the social life offered here on campus. Keep an eye out for official posts from the ARC Facebook page about upcoming events! VOLUNTEERING: There are multiple volunteering programs on offer throughout the year, which is a perfect way to build your interpersonal skills and gets you in touch with the local community. This is always a great way to meet a variety of new people and to actively contribute towards a good cause. It’s a win-win situation! These are merely starting points as you venture out into your first year here at UNSW; there is so much more to discover, and it’s all up to you on how to take your first step towards maximising your next few years of uni! Written by Anna Liu


CRE AT IN G A BALANCE The quintessential Business student: maintaining outstanding grades on the weekdays, being socially present on the weekends, all while grinding for that corporate bread in between - how many of us can really say we've mastered the delicate art of work-life balance? While there are no secret formulae or game-changing hacks, keep these three things in mind to maximise both your chances of success and satisfaction in whatever your endeavours may be. PRIORITISING IS KEY Discipline and pragmatism are the two things that will make or break your success in any walk of life - when you're tempted to go out instead of studying for that midsem, take a step back and carefully consider the implications of any rash decisions you make because the only person you’re accountable to is yourself. Friday drinks will happen again next week so commit yourself to the hustle on hand. WORK HARD, PLAY HARD That being said, your university experience is what you make out of it - the students who have the best experiences are the ones who weren't afraid step out of their comfort zone and grab hold of spontaneous opportunities. University is one of the most exciting times of your lives and a high WAM alone isn't enough to set you up forever. Immerse yourself in university culture and don't be scared of saying 'yes' - your network, soft skills and personal development are equally as important as high grades. HERE’S TO THE REAL ONES In the pandemonium of meeting new friends, settling into your degree and keeping up with society commitments, it can be easy to grow distant from those closest to you. It's incredibly important to make sure you take the time to wind down and catch up with your family regularly.


Written by Abie Lau

All Minds Wanted. For us, finance is much more than spreadsheets and statistics. Across our businesses and around the world, we’re looking for students from all majors to join our diverse and inclusive teams and play an important role in our global economy. With more than 100 years of history in Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to creating new and unexpected solutions for our clients while leaving a positive impact on our communities. Here, you’ll have opportunities to innovate and learn through our strong commitment to technology to deliver smarter products and services to our clients. Discover your potential and join our team today at J.P. Morgan.

Š2019 JPMorgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved. J.P. Morgan is an equal opportunities employer.

& OTHER INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Going on an international exchange could be one of the best decisions you ever make during your University life. With over 300 partner institutions around the world an exchange opportunity will introduce you to new cultures, languages, ways of living while ultimately making you more independent and employable! HOW DOES IT FIT IN WITH MY DEGREE? At UNSW you can go on an overseas exchange for up to one year, this can be done through terms 1-3 as well as the summer term. Whilst at a partner institution you will be studying full time and all course credits gained overseas can be transferred back to your degree at UNSW. A credit average is required for most exchange opportunities although this can vary between institutions. It is recommended that you check WAM entry requirements prior to selecting exchange options. For all undergraduate exchange opportunities you will need to have completed at least 24 units of credit and have 18 units of credit remaining in your degree prior to the start of your exchange.

ALTERNATIVE OVERSEAS OPPORTUNITIES: COMM3020 Global Business Practicum is an experiential for credit course allowing students to study and work overseas in locations such as Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Bangkok and more. Business Immersion China is a course that blends business and Chinese cultural activities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Open to first year business students, the course starts in July and runs for 3 weeks during term 2. There are also a plethora of overseas work, study and research opportunities listed every week on the UNSW Global Education Notices board open to all students. Written by Victor Ikeda




Studying abroad can be very overwhelming, however it’s also one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. Having to adjust to the different culture, live independently and find a group of friends is definitely a challenging experience, but it’s also completely worth it! As the saying goes,“nothing good ever comes easy”. Studying abroad allows you to be more open-minded and well-rounded as you’re exposed to bigger and better opportunities. Here’s some advice to help you adjust easily and maximise your opportunities! HOW DO I ADJUST TO AUSTRALIA IN GENERAL?

In your home country you spent years learning about its culture, environment and people. However, study abroad forces you to adapt quickly. It’s important to adjust yourself to Australia so that you may better interact with its people and know your way around. Australians can be very friendly and hospitable. They’re always ready to spark up a conversation from which you may learn a thing or two. Try speaking to locals such as retail assistants in stores, Uber drivers or even the person next to you at a lecture. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask! NOTE: If you find yourself having any trouble during your experience as an international student, your first point of contact is the International Student Experience Unit (ISEU) in the John Goodsell Building, where there are advisors to help will all of your problems.


There’s so much more to university life than just staying ahead of your studies. UNSW is known for its active student life and communities on campus. With over 300 societies to choose from, you are destined to find one that suits your unique interests. Follow the societies’ social media pages and stay updated so that you can sign up and attend their events. BSOC holds an annual camp for first year students as well as other events like cruises and peer mentoring to give you the opportunity to socialise and transition well into university. Furthermore, most societies offer subcommittee positions which are an opportunity to meet new people and get more involved in bonding and planning events.! The more immersed you are in the uni’s student life,the more you learn about the opportunities it has to offer.


Socialising can be very intimidating for first years, but finding the right group of friends is what makes your university experience memorable. UNSW is very diverse, with students of different cultures from different parts of Australia and around the world, so you’re bound to find a group of friends you will fit right into. Make the effort to get to know people, introduce yourself, ask about their lives and constantly reach out to them. Remember, you are not the only first year student in UNSW, so if you’re second guessing introducing yourself, others probably are too. Make the first move and increase your chances of meeting new people!

Written by Radine Brito


SPORTS AT U N I Sport plays an integral role in shaping our wellbeing, so unsurprisingly there are a plethora of sporting opportunities available to students on campus. Social sports are a great way of getting yourself involved whilst making new friends in a casual environment. Many societies offer a diverse range of casual events ranging from social basketball, soccer, touch football to underwater rugby and quidditch. The Business Society offers annual events such as social basketball and tournaments (oztag, basketball and netball) which serve as a way to get active and have fun. Furthermore, collaborative inter-society events such as Interfaculty and Interbusiness Tournament are a great way to compete in various sports and meet new people studying similar or different degrees at uni. For those with a competitive side to them, options include sporting events run by Arc Sports (e.g. regular season sports, Day of Play) and trials for university representative teams at the state and national level. Students may also trial for a spot in the annual University Games, where representative teams from different universities travel interstate and go head to head over a week long period. Finally, sports related excursions such as BSOC’s annual Ski Trip are fun getaway options which allow you to be active and also spend quality time with friends.


Written by Travis Wu

brighter futures

& HOW TO ACE THEM W H AT A R E C A S E C O M P E T I T I O N S ? A few weeks into university you may find yourself surrounded by talks of case competitions particularly amongst older students. So what are they exactly? Case Competitions are opportunities for students to experience how a business may strategise a solution for business problems, particularly within the consulting field. Teams of 3-4 members are presented with a problem to research and depict their findings and proposed solution visually in a slide deck presentation within a one week period. From submission, different rounds are held to allow teams to present their solution with the top teams advancing to Grand Finals. The structure may differ depending on the scale of the competition, from local (UNSW), intervarsity (Sydney Universities), national or international. Sounds scary... but at the end of the day a case competition is all about your ability to problem solve which is a core skill employees look for. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THEM? At times a case competition may feel like you have signed yourself up to complete another assignment but there are various benefits you can gain from participating. Opportunity to win prizes - each case competition will offer different prizes for the top performing teams or individuals ranging from fast-tracked interviews, coffee with senior management or even a free meal! Bond with others - as cheesy as it sounds, staying up till 3am frantically completing your slide deck before submission alongside your teammates builds a camaraderie not easily replicated elsewhere. Learning and development - there is no end to learning when it comes to a case competition. From developing insights into different industries, presentation or Powerpoint skills and creativity in solutions, there is a little something for everyone!


HOW DO YOU ACE THEM? Simplicity is key - Don’t try and solve all the problems in the world. What I mean is that you will have a limited number of slides in the presentation and time to present so you need to be selective on what you choose to show. Think about the capacity of a company in implementing multiple solutions or address various problems at once, focus on the issues most prevalent. Don’t undermine the importance of practice - If you make it to the heats round, make sure to set some time aside with your team to practise your speech as well as brainstorm answers to potential questions that may be asked at the end of your presentation. Perseverance - The people you see who have won many case competitions didn’t all start at the top, often they may have failed to even make it to the heats round. What makes them different is their effort in continually trying despite the results so don’t give up! What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and sign up for a case competition! Lucky for you BSOC has got your back with our various competitions throughout the year with the first one being the annual Google Case Competition. Feel free to message the page with any questions you may have! Written by Karrie Chen


THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS WHATEVER MAKES YOU, YOU. We’re on the hunt for strategic, curious, and unique individuals – people like you. Want to work for an organisation that solves problems for some of Australia’s most iconic brands? Want to think outside the box, and develop and deliver scalable solutions? No matter what you studied or where you are in life, we’ve got programs for you. Find yourself tested in a Hackathon, a case study competition or a technology bootcamp. Or step into the shoes of our consultants with the Accenture Discovery Program, an internship or graduate role. You’ll be supported; learning new skills, innovative ways of working and how to approach real-world problems. So when opportunity knocks, you’ll kick down the door. Want to know more? Explore what’s on offer today at accenture.com.au/campus

Realise your ambitions Flexible. Connected. Unique. The AMP Graduate Rotational Program provides the pathway to realise your ambitions.

I chose the AMP program because graduates get the opportunity to rotate through a wide variety of business areas, from Banking to Advice, to AMP Capital Investments. This means you get exposure to a broad range of technologies including Cloud, Wed/Mobile App Development, Digital, Cyber Security and Investment Management technologies.

The AMP graduate program offers you a personalised development opportunity like no other. As a graduate you will complete a two-year rotational program, rotating within the business area of your choice. Taking on meaningful work from day one, you’ll be guided through a tailored training program which aims to accelerate your personal and professional development.

This has enabled me to develop an understanding of what area of Tech I am truly passionate about. AMP has provided me a great opportunity to work with the latest technologies and develop innovative solutions to business and client problems.

AMP welcomes diverse thinkers with entrepreneurial ambitions. We encourage applications from all undergraduate degrees.

Daniel, Technology Graduate UNSW, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Graduate streams Explore our website for more information about each graduate business stream, including a full role profile. – AMP Accounting & Finance – AMP Financial Services – AMP Technology – AMP Legal – AMP Capital Public Markets – AMP Capital Global Distribution & Business Management – AMP Capital Real Estate – AMP Capital Accounting & Finance

Graduate applications 25 Feb – 21 March 2020 How to apply: amp.com.au/graduates Contact us: graduates@amp.com.au

-- HOW TO --


The beginning of university can be a daunting time where you often ask yourself: how can I make friends and meet new people? One of the best ways is to get involved in societies and apply for subcommittees. Many societies, particularly business-related ones often have an application process; below are some tips to stand out and enrich your university experience! GET TO KNOW THE SOCIETY Firstly, it’s integral that you research and become aware of what the society you are applying for does! There are a range of societies at UNSW ranging from cultural and food societies to business major-specific societies. For us here at the UNSW Business Society we are looking for individuals who are driven, hard-working and open to personal and professional development! SAY HI AT THE O-WEEK STALL/EVENTS Attending the O-week stall will acquaint you with some of the directors in the 2020 BSOC Board, putting yourself out there and letting you meet new people! Here at the UNSW Business Society we run a few events before/during subcommittee recruitment including Director Meet & Greet, some career based events and our annual camp. While attending these is not necessary for subcommittee it can help with standing out and making yourself known!


SPEND TIME ON YOUR WRITTEN APPLICATION Ensure you take the written application seriously and answer logically with succinct answers. Tailor your responses to each society/role you are applying for to demonstrate your interest! INTERVIEW STAGE If you’ve made the interview stage make sure to remain calm and be confident in your own abilities! Make sure to be yourself in the interview and answer honestly. Ensure you are prepared as well by knowing the society’s values and understanding your own motivations for applying for subcommittee. Good Luck! Written by Susanna Lau

BSOC DEALS As an official BSOC member, make sure to take advantage of these exciting offers we have with our partners. Just show your BSOC sticker!

ATOMIC PRESS As one of the trendiest coffee shops on campus, Atomic Press is offering $2 coffee until the 23rd of February. Look out for more exciting deals throughout the year!

METICULO To prepare for that next interview or for upcoming formals, all BSOC students get a 15% discount on tailored made-to-measure Meticulo suits.

FORCAST For formal occasions and a classy night out, Forcast offers a 15% discount for BSOC members to enjoy.

SOHO MANDARIN Access quality online Chinese tutoring with 2 hour free lesson credits upon signing up with Soho Mandarin.

PENNY LANE Get 10% off Penny Lane Bar & Cafe’s tasty meny for your next breakfast or lunch on campus.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

   

BSOC is the constituent society of the UNSW Business school, and is UNSW’s largest and longest running student society. We cater to the needs and interests of all types of students across the Business School by directly supporting their growth and offering avenues for social interaction and engagement. Our core value is supporting student development both professionally and socially. To achieve this we run over 60 events throughout the year. BSOC welcomes students across all years and degrees to get involved with our range of flagship social and sporting events like our Orientation Camp, Careers Fair, Ski Trip and Cruise. B S O C E V E N T S TO LO O K S U B CO M M I T T E E F O R WA R D TO : The most direct way of being involved with BSOC is to apply Orientation Camp: for a subcommittee position in 21 - 23 February one of our many portfolios. Subcommittee Recruitment: We aim to make a difference on the wellbeing on Business StuMid March dents, whether that be socially BSOC Cruise: through the Social or Sports Early April portfolio, or professionally Find out about BSOC’s upcoming events through the Education or by signing up to our BSOC Times Careers portfolio. If you have the newsletter and following our Facebook and Instagram platforms! slightest desire to help out at university and get involved in Written by your first year, don’t hesitate to Nirvan Chand & Steven Li apply to join BSOC!


Philanthropy portfolio collecting donations for their Vinnie’s clothes drive

BSOC Aloha! Sunset Tropicana Cruise 2019

BSOC Ski Trip 2019


The future is now Consider a career at Grant Thornton

grantthornton.com.au/graduates Grant Thornton Australia Limited is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL). GTIL and the member firms are not a worldwide partnership. Services are delivered by the member firms. GTIL and its member firms are not agents of, and do not obligate one another and are not liable for one another’s acts or omissions. Please see www.grantthornton.com.au for further details. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Your future starts with us. From digital forensics, experience design, and data visualisation, through to accounting, tax and financial advisory, we’re looking ahead and building the industries of our future. As one of the largest professional services firms in the world, our work is as diverse as the graduates we hire. Our student programs Graduate Program The most innovative graduate program in Australia. A full-time role involving meaningful projects, networking, and dedicated learning opportunities. Summer Vacation Program A 3-8 week paid internship, giving you the chance to land a full-time role with us before you even graduate! Applications close 16 March Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see www.deloitte.com/au/ about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Š 2020 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

What impact will you make? deloitte.com/au/students-careers


Career Accelerator How To: Interviews Networking Careers Fair

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CAREER ACCELERATOR What Is Career Accelerator Career Accelerator is a suite of opportunities available to all UNSW Business School students to help build career skills.

Career EssentIals The first step is completing CA: Essentials online modules which will help you develop skills in: • Teamwork • Communication • Planning and Organising • Self-Management • How to be a good mentee (Mentee Toolkit) Once you have completed these modules, you can claim your CA: Essentials badge. This badge is your ticket to further career development opportunities at the UNSW Business School including mentoring, internships, overseas practicums, and social entrepreneurship. You can also display your CA: Essentials digital badge on your LinkedIn profile!

InternshIps and ConsultIng ProJects

MentorIng and AlumnI Take advantage of our mentoring programs such as Career Mentoring Program and Alumni Leaders Mentoring designed to help prepare you for a successful career in business.

NetworkIng and Events Access workshops such as Business Connect and Industry Insights on campus and exclusive networking opportunities hosted by employers at their premises or compete in highly regarded international business case competitions.

Global OpportunItIes Spending time overseas can be an invaluable part of your degree. As a student at the Business School you have a world of opportunity available to you, including for credit (6UOC) short-term courses during winter and summer semester break, study tours, Student Exchange and more

Written by Hui Xian Lim

Getting industry experience such as in our industry Experience Program while studying will greatly improve your chances of getting that job you want when you graduate.


INTERVIEW TIPS Interviews can be stressful and nerve-wracking. Interviews are, however, an inevitable part of life. Here are some of my best practices for preparing for an interview to make them less daunting!

1. Preparation

Group Interviews It is important to think about common courtesy, listen to other interviewees while they’re speaking, show engagement and be respectful. If you find yourself disagreeing with someone, be polite in your response. Almost every role requires some element of teamwork, and being respectful is a great way to show collaborative skills. Values It is likely you will be asked a question about how you fit in with the ethos, i.e. their values, of the company. It is a good idea to research what their values are beforehandand to understand the signficance of the role.

2. Presentation

STAR method Outline the Situation; Task: Action; and Result. This is a good foundational way to structure your responses: be Prepared to provide anecdotal examples to questions regarding how you've demonstrated certain skills and behaviours. Take Your Time If you cannot answer a question immediately, it is okay to ask for a moment to think before responding!

3. Personality

It is crucial to undertake some self-reflection before the interview, or even before you write your application. Think about what initially attracted you to the role. Think about your own values, skills and qualities that make you the best fit for the role. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through, give the interviewers a chance to get to know the real you!

Written by Sophia Jia


WHAT’S IT LIKE BEING A GRADUATE TRADER WITH US? As a Graduate Trader, you will undergo an intensive 4 to 6 months in-house training program at our headquarters in Amsterdam where you will learn all the intricacies of our trading processes. Upon successful completion, you will start in our Hong Kong office where you will be given the opportunity to manage a desk with a Senior Trader. Soon enough, you will get to manage your own desk where you will then have to formuate your own strategies to both trade and monitor markets, focusing on a wide range of financial products.

WHO WE LOOK FOR • Fresh graduates / final year students with a specialisation in Finance, Science, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Engineering or a related field • A demonstrable interest in global financial markets, and a keen interest in technology • Excellent communication skills

• A distinct ability to spot arising opportunities and assertiveness to seize them • The ability to decide and deliver under pressure • Excellent numerical, analytical, and logical reasoning skills

WHAT WE OFFER • 4 to 6 months of fully paid hands-on training • Excellent performance-based rewards: We reserve a high percentage of our business results in our bonus pool • Direct implementation of training ideas

For further queries, please contact Nikki Reen: careers.hongkong@hk.flowtraders.com

• Broad market scope: Different asset classes and instruments • Great perks: Medical insurance, catered meals, company trips, subsidised gym memberships and much much more!

DEVELOPING YOUR PROFESSIONAL SELF “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young aspiring university student in possession of a degree, must be in want of work experience.” If you look past the fact that this quote was completely ripped off from Pride and Prejudice, you will see a grain of truth. That is, university is the time for discovering your interests, and it is often then that you will land your first career-related job. Of course, every other uni student is probably thinking the same thing which makes job hunting a very competitive process, so here are three useful tips to help you get started.

2. Networking

The goal of networking is to make yourself known to firm representatives by showing them your interest in their industry and expertise. In reality, successful networking would take the form of exchanging contact details with the rep, followed by reaching out over email/LinkedIn for a referral once a position opens up at their firm. Apart from traditional methods such as coffee meetups and 1. LinkedIn uni career events, networking doesn’t Having an updated LinkedIn profile is have to be a one-off occurrence: essential since recruiters often establishing good relationships with cross-reference your profile with the your current peers and colleagues details on your CV. Moreover, LinkedIn can also open up future opportuniis an extremely useful tool for expandties later down the track. ing your professional network . (Pro tip: if you don’t want people to know that you’ve viewed their profile, 3. Persistence You miss 100% of the shots you don’t make sure you go to settings and take, and this is especially true for change your own profile to private jobs. Landing your first career-related mode.) job with no prior experience is always a huge task, but once you get your . foot in the door it only gets easier. Make sure you apply to job openings as earliest as possible since most firms review applications on a rolling basis.

Written by Travis Wu



Picking a degree major, industry and career path can be daunting when coming into university. How do you decide what major you’ll pick? What role you’ll aspire to be? As a first-year, the most helpful thing you can do is speak to as many graduates and employees as possible and gain as much experience as possible across all fields. The perfect place to get an understanding of industry has to offer is at BSOC’sCareers Fair!

What is Careers Fair?

BSOC’s Careers Fair is the largest business-oriented event of the year and is an opportunity for you to speak to recruiters and employees from the firm of your dreams. Companies such as Google, Citibank and EY will be there to answer YOUR questions on what it’s like to work as a graduate and how to gain a competitive edge in your application. It is the perfect way to make a lasting impression on recruiters and be inspired by what your future could entail!


Of course, there will be free coffee, muffins, sandwiches and merch up for grabs, but get in quick... these goodies are in high demand!

Where: Leighton Hall, John Niland Scientia Building When: February 27th 9am-12pm How do I get a step ahead?

Get involved! You miss all the shots you don’t take right? There are plenty of events that you can get involved with to learn about industries that interest you. Events such as firm presentations and networking events will expose you to new opportunities and people, interviewing workshops . Case competitions will hone the skills that employers look for, and, joining one of BSOC’s many subcommittees will connect you with like-minded peers who will help drive you forward!

Written by Elizabeth Williamson


“One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is to be myself”

Megan Mackay Graduate ShineWing Australia is a different kind of accounting firm. For graduates and students, ShineWing Australia represents a chance to be part of a new era in accounting. Here you’ll enjoy a whole new world of thinking, culture and experience, matched with total support and guidance.

Amazing careers start here. Visit shinewing.com.au/graduates to discover the opportunities.

Outsmart impossible. At Quantium, we combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to break new ground. Working at the cutting edge of data science and Al, reach your full potential and re-shape the world around you by harnessing the transformative power of data. It's real work from day one, in a learning environment of endless possibilities. Join us to be amongst the brightest minds and outsmart impossible.

Winner 2019

Top internship employer <5,000 employees

Winner 2019

Top technology employer <5,000 employees

“ I didn’t know my chemistry degree could be so transferable. Westpac did.”

We support the talent of the future, no matter what you study. It’s not often that a chemistry degree can lead to a rewarding career in business transformation. But at Westpac Group, we embrace diversity of thought. Our Graduate Program is full of passionate, dynamic people such as innovators, tech enthusiasts, math masters, relationship builders and even historians! So if you’re looking to take your degree to new heights, join Westpac Group’s Graduate Program. Find out more at graduates.westpacgroup.com.au

Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714


BSOC BOARD 2020 Michael Kim: President Degree: Comm/Law Likes: Conan O’Brien and his entire staff - especially Jordan and Sona! Favourite Place on Campus: Guzman y Gomez Favourite Music Artists: Rufus Du Sol Secret Obsession: Uber Eats

Karrie Chen: President Degree: Commerce Likes: Rollercoasters, sleep Favourite Place on Campus: The Terrace Spirit Animal: Panda Secret Obsession: A slightly concerning growing dependency on coffee

Illian Yuan: Vice President Activities Degree: Comm/Infs Likes: Coffee, Puppies, Twitter Dislikes: Coriander Secret Obsession: Claw Machines Favourite Place on Campus: Hilmer/Material Science Building

Travis Wu: Treasurer Degree: Comm/Law Likes: Good coffee Dislikes: The toilet trip after drinking coffee Hobbies: Basketball Favourite Place on Campus: Science and Engineering Building, bottom floor Monica Qin: Vice President Internal Degree: Comm/Law Likes: Baking banana cake and biking Spirit Animal: Dory from Finding Nemo Favourite Music Artists: James Arthur, Halsey, Taylor X Swift X Secret Obsession: X True crime TV X X X

Elizabeth Williamson: Vice President External Degree: Comm/Law Likes: Banana Bread, audiobooks, a Challenge Dislikes: Coriander, slow walkers Hobbies: Baking Favourite Place on Campus: Lawn outside of MCIC


Wilson Lin: Vice President Operations Degree: Comm/Law Hobbies: Excessive eating, binging shows, photography Spirit Animal: Snorlax is my mood all the time Talents: I can hit the WOAH with my feet Secret Obsession: TiKtOKS !

James Li: Careers Director Degree: Comm/Actl Likes: Coming to uni just to hang out with friends Hobbies: Anything sports related. Talent: Not going to a single lecture since the first week of T1 Favourite Place on Campus: Roundhouse

Ava Hui Xuan Lim: Careers Director Degree: Comm/Law Likes: Rom-coms, Case Comps Dislikes: When the owner of the Netflix account I leech off changes the password Favourite Food: Sushi Favourite Music Artists:Daniel Caesar, SZA, Tame Impala

Anna Liu: Partnerships Director Degree: Comm/Infs Favourite Music Artists: 88rising, Daniel Caesar, Jay Park Favourite Food: Malatang Spirit Animal: Hedgehog Favourite Place on Campus: SEB and Hilmer lawn

Naditha Jayanetti: Competitions Director Degree: Comm/Actl Favourite Music Artist: The Weeknd Hobbies: Games, Pool, Netflix Favourite Food: Pho (all day every day) Favourite Place on Campus: Quadrangle Lawn

Clinton So: Competitions Director Degree: Comm/Infs Disikes: Slow walkers Favourite Music Artist: Taylor Swift Favourite Food: Steak Favourite Place on Campus: Quad

Victor Ikeda: Sponsorships Director Degree: Commerce Likes: All things Sci-Fi Dislikes: High intensity cardio Favourite Food: Shrimp and Grits Favourite Music Artists: Martin Garrix, 7 lions, KSHMR

Abie Lau: Sponsorships Director Degree: Commerce Hobbies: Oztag, eating steak Dislikes: Vegetables Talents: Can name the model of train you are on Favourite Music Artists: keshi, Carti, Young Thug, Sik-k, DBSTF

Susanna Lau: Sports Director Degree: Comm/Infs Favourite Music Artist: Lewis Capaldi Dislikes: Condiments Favourite Food: Sushi Favourite Place on Campus: SEB

Lachlan Siu: Sports Director Degree: Comm/Comp Sci Likes: Tennis Dislikes: Durian Favourite Food: HSP Favourite Music Artists: Conan Gray, Ed Sheeran, BTS, Day6



Steven Li: Social Director Degree: Comm/Infs Likes: Basketball Dislikes: Mushrooms Secret Obsession: Cleaning Favourite Music Artists: Eminem, Post Malone

Ryan Van: Social Director Degree: Commerce Likes: Sports, Chatting, Trying New Things Dislikes: $1.99 People Favourite Food: Malatang Secret Obsession: Crime Documentaries

Siqi Yang: Social Director Degree: Comm/Law Hobbies: Cooking, hiking and dancing Party Trick: Twisting my arms 360 degrees on a table and other gruesome hypermobile joint tricks Favourite Music Artists: Sia, Billie Eilish Post Malone, BTS Favourite Place on Campus: Hilmer couches for a quick nap

Nirvan Chand: IT Director Degree: Info Sys Spirit Animal: Sloth Favourite Food: KFC Favourite Music Artists: Keshi, Radiohead, Frank Ocean Secret Obsession: K-Drama

Alan Vien: IT Director Degree: Comm/Comp Sci Favourite Music Artists: Kanye, Kendrick, ZHU, ODESZA Favourite Place on Campus: Q-lounge Favourite Food: Rib eye steak Secret Obsession: Browsing OzBargain

Radine Brito: Marketing Director Degree: Commerce Likes: Food, sleep and SLOTHS Dislikes: Seafood and snapchat Favourite Music Artists: Mac Miller, Coldplay, John Mayer, Honne Favourite Food: Nutella crepe

Martin Ngo: Marketing Director Degree: InfoSys Music Artists: Slander, Illenium, Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, Ed Sheeran Favourite Food: Large Roasted Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly from Coco Favourite Place on Campus: University Terraces Secret Obsession: One Direction

Susanna Yao: Marketing Director Degree: Comm/Infs Likes: Any and all food Hobbies: Puzzles, baking, board games Favourite Place on Campus: Gate 8 Secret Obsession: History Documentaries

Varun Amin: Publications Director Degree: Comm/Eco Dislikes: Pineapple on Pizza Hobbies: Muay Thai, BJJ and Photography Favourite Place on Campus: SEB Lawn Favourite Music Artists: Drake, Kendrick, Tyler the Creator

Kiara Warner: Publications Director Degree: Comm/Arts Likes: Skincare, Youtube, Fashion Spirit Animal: a VSCO girl sksksk Talent: Procrastinating Favourite Music Artists: BTS, Years & years, Charli XCX, Lauv

Judy Choi: Education Director Degree: Comm/Infs Likes: Sleep, travelling, getting driven Dislikes: Birds, rain, bushfires, horror movies Favourite Food: Laksa Secret Obsession: Watching bad cringey Netflix romcoms

Bryan Herijanto: Education Director Degree: Comm/Infs Likes: The Office, decades music, football Dislikes: Cardio, ginger, people who don’t watch the office Favourite Place on Campus: Hilmer lvl 7 toilets Secret Obsession: Binge watching Jelle’s Marble Runs on YouTube

Jeremy Chea: HR Director Degree: Comm/ Engi (Software Spirit Animal: Appa the Sky Bison Hobbies: Fishing, Drawing, Hiking Favourite Food: Pho Favourite Music Artists: Kris Wu, Above and Beyond, Hans Zimmer

Sophia Jia: HR Director Degree: Comm/Adv. Science (Hons) Dislikes: Slow walkers Hobbies: Ice skating Favourite Place on Campus: Built Environment building Favourite Food: Dumplings

Lisa Gunawan: Philanthropy Director Degree: Comm/Law Likes: Cold weather, Law and Order SVU Dislikes: Soup, horror movies Favourite Food: Royal Gala apples Talents: Pulling all nighters

Lachlan Kim: Philanthropy Director Degree: Comm/Infs Spirit Animal: Llama. Cause I look like one. Favourite Food: My mums fried chicken or any 찌개 (Soup). Party Trick: I can handstand for a period of time. (Ranges from 1 sec to 1 minute) Secret Obsession: Karaoke. Catch me belting Shawn Mendes.


UNSW Business Society

UNSW Business Society