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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Wynyard Axis, Sydney Vibrant & Walkable Corridor Huang Hanlin + Li Liling + Wang Yuyang In order to provide a vibrant and walkable east-west axis, the structure plan proposes to include three regulated Special Character Areas, encourage active street uses, improve the public domain around transport interchanges, increase green areas and create positive public spaces at a number of sites along the axis. Three strategies were created in order to achieve the objectives: (1) a new integrated public transport strategy, (2) a green strategy that provides a green corridor, green space nodes, a green footpath in Martin Place and seasonal green open spaces, and (3) a lighting strategy that focuses on streetlights, decorative lights in key sites and commercial shopfront lighting. The final strategy relates to public space which includes the pedestrianisation of George Street, the

division of Martin Place into four activity nodes, improved access to Wynyard Park and activating the spaces between buildings with uses such as cafes and pocket spaces. For the one Carrington Street development, the building program will be made up predominately of residential with supporting retail and hotel uses. This was chosen based upon the contextual surrounding of the site and the needs of future anticipated demographics. The second site had two testing scenarios – the first was a tower program consisting of luxury office space and retail floor space. However, due to anticipated changes in economic conditions in the CBD’s property market, this was amended to have a majority residential program with provisions for retail and hotel uses.  

Landscape structure plan

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'Walkable' strategy

Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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