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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Wynyard Axis, Sydney The Multi-Dimensional City

Michele Apricia + Filbert Benedictus + Stephanie Griffiths + Navdeep Shergill The future of Central Sydney looks towards greater pedestrian linkages along streets and interchanges. Space allocation and movement throughout the CBD will change as employment districts such as Martin Place evolve into an IT precinct. The constantly changing competitive nature of the Central Sydney economy requires buildings in the public domain to be adaptable and flexible for a range of uses. A sustainably-minded strategy is implemented through the provision of bicycle lanes, energy efficient streetlights, strategic tree planting and allocation of suitable roofs for solar energy capture. A number of the streets around Wynyard Station are to become shared zones and footpaths are to be widened. An integral part of the design is the creation of a subterranean network that links into the existing ground-level network.

Finally, digital wayfinding interventions, cultural, food, fashion and tech start-ups are proposed at a number of key sites to activate building and public domain edges. The proposed program for the One Carrington development was initially a majority of office space as well as provisions for residential, retail and tech startup uses. However, after initial feasibility studies showed limited profitability, the program was amended to predominately residential and office with minor retail and tech startup provisions. The second site, located at St James Centre, was similar in that it has an office development as well as space for residential, retail and tech startup uses. Like One Carrington, space usages were re-allocated to provide an optimal mix and profitability for the client.

Landscape structure plan

Existing underground system Openings


Proposed undergound system New openings


New pedestrian routes

Pedestrian routes

Basements used as Tech-centres

Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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