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(architectureinberlin blog); Ludger Kaemereit (Capital City Unit, Berlin Senate); Manfred Kühne (Head of Section Urban Design and Projects , Berlin Senate); Sigmar Gude (Topos Planning); Werner Jockeit (heritage consultant), Harald Marpe (Kiezbündnis Klausenerplatz); Dr. Benedikt Goebel (Planungsgruppe Mitte); Dagmar Weidemueller (Centre of Competence for Major Housing Estates); and for important advice in the background to Gerald Blomeyer (architect & communicator); Dr. Bernd Hunger (GdW); and Dipl.-Ing. Florian Hutterer (Scientific Staff, TU Berlin). We thank University of Kassel, Department of Urban Regeneration and Professor Dr. Uwe Altrock for providing us with the microphone and headphones for the walking tours of Berlin. A special thank you for Professor Karl Fischer (Visiting Professional Fellow, UNSW) for organising and running the in-depth fieldtrips to numerous locations in Berlin and the interesting lectures he provided. Additionally, thanks to Kevin Hoffman (retired Commissioner of the NSW Land & Environment Court), who throughout the studio gave valuable advice, information and critiques on the concept urban design framework. For sitting in on the final presentations in Berlin, we would like to thank towards Professor Dr.-Ing. Angela Million (Head of the Urban Design & Urban Development Chair of the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning, TU Berlin); Felix Bentlin MSc (Scientific Staff, TU Berlin); Kevin Hoffman (retired Commissioner of the NSW Land & Environment Court); Dr. Izabela Mironowicz and Derrick Martin (AESOP); and Professor Karl Fischer (Visiting Professional Fellow, UNSW) for their insightful critiques and comments on how the urban design frameworks can be developed further. Our gratitude is extended towards Professor Karl Fischer (Visiting Professional Fellow, UNSW) and Linden Crane (Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture) for joining the design juries during the final presentations of the urban design frameworks in Sydney. Finally, for the Berlin studio we would like to thank the students from TU Berlin with whom we worked with for the group submissions. By being accommodating and helping us with the necessary translations in German as well as working effectively and enjoyably in a team setting with the UNSW students, a profound thank you is necessary.

For their contribution to UDES0008 Planning and Urban Development, Jeremy Dawkins would like to thank Kevin Alker (Corporate Advisor Hill PDA & Lecturer UNSW), Audrey Vila (Director of Implementation & Advisory Services, Estate Master) and Phillip Bartlett (P&J projects) for their engaging and knowledgeable lectures on the planning and development context in Sydney. For contributions towards UDES0009 Urban Landscape and Heritage, Dr. Scott Hawken would like to gratefully thank Anne Warr (Director, Anne Warr Heritage Consulting) for her lectures on urban heritage and her assistance during the tutorials. For her valuable assistance during the class tutorials, we would like to extend our gratitude towards Carla Mamaril for her assistance. Additionally, we would like to thank Bob Perry (Director, Scott Carver) for his great Agoradynamics lecture on people and public space and Arlene Segal (Visiting Lecturer Faculty of Built Environment) for her lecture on Chicago. For critical assistance during UDES0010 Communications in Urban Design, guest workshops and during the final deliverables of each of the studios and for being a delight to work with, a sincere thank you to Jodi Lawton for the countless hours of her professional and personal time that is dedicated to this program. Finally, an important thank you to Professor Alec Tzannes and Professor Helen Lochhead (our Faculty of Built Environment Deans, 2015-2016); Professor Alan Peters (Director of the Australian Graduate School of Urbanism); Professor Bruce Judd (Director Australian School of Architecture & Design); Monica McNamara, Julia Wibowo and their colleagues in the BE Student Centre; Graham Hannah and the BECU team; the Marketing & Communications team led by Marie Caccamo; Catherine Brown, Faculty Development Manager; and Julia Karlsen and her fellow Administrative Assistants in the Discipline Directors Unit for their dedicated support and goodwill towards the MUDD program.  

For UDES0004 Professor James Weirick would like to thank Professor Karl Fischer (Visiting Professional Fellow, UNSW) for his fascinating lecture on the evolution of the European city; Anne Warr (Director, Anne Warr Heritage Consulting) for her insightful lecture on the development of Shanghai and Barrie Shelton (Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney) for his detailed presentations on Hong Kong and the Japanese city. For his in-depth and expansive lectures on urban design and the role of the spatial political economy, a profound thank you to Emeritus Professor Alexander Cuthbert. For their valuable assistance and knowledgeable instruction throughout the weekly tutorials, we would like to thank Marika Hahn and Kathleen McDowell. Professor James Weirick would like to thank the following professionals and BE Colleagues for their Urban Development Design Case Study Presentations in UDES0006; Michael Heenan (CEO, Allen Jack + Cottier); Graham Jahn (Director, Planning, Development & Transport, City of Sydney); Emeritus Professor Jon Lang; Arlene Segal (Visiting Lecturer Faculty of the Built Environment); Darlene van der Breggan (Sydney Olympic Park Authority); Colin Stewart (Director, Stewart Architects); Michael Harrison (Director, Architectus); Oscar Stanish (Urban Designer, Architectus) and Philip Thalis (founding principal, Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects).

Master of Urban Development

Design 2015-2016


Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  
Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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