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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Alumni Profiles I enrolled in the 2007/8 MUDD program after having already completed undergraduate studies in Architecture. At the time I was looking to broaden my skill set in order to open up a wider range of opportunities in the built environment sector.

MUDD13 Jillian Bywater Sydney, AUSTRALIA

I chose MUDD after careful consideration of postgraduate courses. I felt that the MUDD program provided me with the flexibility I was looking for with its condensed course structure and international summer studio. In my case, this studio took place in Tokyo, Japan hosted by Professor Hidetoshi Ohno, and focused on urban precinct regeneration around the campus of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at Kashiwanoha on the Tsukuba Science City express line. The studio experience was the highlight of the program and a key part of my professional development as it provided me with initial exposure to large-scale projects in an international context. Indeed, the MUDD program was crucial in both preparing and inspiring me to move further into an international planning career. Beyond post-graduate studies, I had the opportunity to work as an urban technical consultant with UN-HABITAT’s “Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme” in Kosovo in the Balkans. In this fascinating role I was able to work in a challenging environment on a wide variety of projects ranging from public space urban design improvements, to disaster risk reduction capital investments, to city-level cultural heritage design guidelines. I also got to lead policy development through drafting the first strategic development plan for a recently established municipality and made policy recommendations to government on the post-conflict transitional planning system.


Later, I took up a position with the Australian Government as an infrastructure specialist with the Aid Program. I again was able to participate in a number of interesting and challenging urban programs, with highlights including working in the Philippines on the flagship $20 million disaster risk management ‘BRACE Program’ to provide safer social housing for informal communities living in Manila’s waterways; and managing a climate-resilient infrastructure project in the Pacific. In this role I also had the opportunity to promote sustainable urban development as a key infrastructure pillar within the Aid Program; and contribute to Australia’s Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals negotiations on sustainable cities and human settlements. Through these varied professional experiences to date I have developed a particular interest in climate change and urban resilience; issues which are becoming critical to urban development. I have recently joined the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, based at UNSW, where industry-led innovation and research in these areas is being fostered. I believe Australia has a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of best practice in the built environment; and can share these lessons globally. My MUDD qualifications have led me on an extremely interesting and rewarding career path to date, and I look forward to many more challenging opportunities in the future.

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