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My keen interest in living spaces led me to pursue an education in architecture from the BMS College of Engineering in Bangalore, India. It was during the fast paced learning experience of the undergraduate program that my curiosity led me to explore different avenues related to architectural design. An interest in urban design began during my participation in the prestigious annual design convention conducted by the National Association of Student Architects (NASA India).

MUDD21 Jyothsna Dhileepan Chennai, INDIA

In 2014, I was fortunate to be accepted into an apprenticeship program with KSM Architecture, one of the leading architecture firms in India, based out of Chennai. Upon completion of the program, I was accepted into the firm where I grew as a professional and learned a great deal from KSM’s fervent commitment to climatically relevant and intelligent design. The challenging yet highly gratifying experience of working with the Corporation of Chennai and the worldwide Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) through KSM, to redesign selected roads and footpaths and revitalise the spaces below arterial fly overs across the city only strengthened my decision to undertake formal studies in Urban Design. The experience was unlike any other and truly helped me understand the multitude of challenges involved in designing for density in a rapidly growing metropolitan city. The transformation of my interests from living spaces to living cities led me to enrol in the MUDD Program at UNSW.

research extension of the program has been an amazing opportunity to embark in a fully immersive and focused study on an area of urban design of one’s own choosing under the guidance of vastly experienced and encouraging mentors. The 2015 International Design Studio provided us with an opportunity to truly engage with the city of Berlin and critically analyse the city and its evolution while drawing from its history. It was challenging to design within the European context along with fellow European students from the Technical University of Berlin; however, it was essential to the holistic moulding of an urban designer to learn and live in the city while doing so. The atmosphere of the MUDD Program makes this a global learning experience. The exchange of knowledge through fellow students with different educational disciplines, culture and thought processes not only transforms one’s approach to design, but transcends from the classroom into valuable experiences in life through friendship. Most importantly the course has taught me to analyse and accept constant evolution much like living cities do and has been invaluable to my growth on a personal and professional level.

The MUDD Program in all its intensity has been extremely rewarding and provides valued insights into the theory and analysis that form the foundation of urban design which is tested through our explorations in the design studio. The combination of core subjects and of electives is essential in creating a cohesive understanding of the many practical issues that impact cities today and the pragmatic real-word solutions to mitigate them. Being part of the

Master of Urban Development

Design 2015-2016


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